Cop Draws Gun on Man for Filming: “You Some Kind of Constitutionalist Crazy Guy?”

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 250 comments

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    The APB has been put out. So-called constitutionalists, sovereign citizens, patriots and anyone else lumped into the ‘dissident’ category are under watch and preemptive suspicion. Even speaking back or mouthing off shows the kind of anti-authoritarian spirit that is being targeted.

    Such was the case in a tense stand off in an a neighborhood that was deceivingly quiet and tranquil.

    What seemingly began with an officer driving to the end of a cul-de-sac ended up in an incident with a resident there by chance, in what the public safety officer from Rohnert Parkin, in California’s Bay Area, said started with the man filming him with an iPhone:

    ‘You taking a picture of me. I am taking a picture of you.’

    The officer has now been put on administration leave, pending further investigation.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    The footage shows a Rohnert Park public safety officer driving toward Don McComas and stopping outside his home as he is filming.

    The officer looks like he jokingly starts to film him back before getting out of the police vehicle and telling McComas to take his hand out of his pocket.

    A tense stand-off, lasting several minutes begins as McComas refuses, saying ‘I’ve done nothing’.

    The officer can then be seen removing his gun from his holster and speaking into his radio as McComas says, ‘Put your gun down, really?’


    The exchange goes on for a while with the officer asking McComas: Why are you doing this?’ to which McComas responds: ‘Why are you sitting here with your gun on me? This is why I am doing this. To protect myself from you.’

    Will we soon hear about how the police officer “feared for his life” and felt compelled to pull his weapon?

    He was walking into a dangerous situation with a man in an upscale neighbor was filming from his driveway with a cellphone… after all.

    …And the citizen copped an attitude… and said stuff. At that point he became suspicious that the man could be a constitutionalist crazy guy. You know, a would be mass shooter assassin in the making, just like on TV.

    Luckily, there was no real action. But the entire incident is a bad charade in an already overblown drama about police abuses of all kinds that have claimed lives, ruined families and trampled rights.

    Black, white, old, young, etc., the American people have been unfairly targeted with suspicion.

    Never forget – in the foggy era of ‘no hesitation’ police shooting – that Homeland Security was caught purchasing law enforcement training targets that included pregnant women, young children and senior citizens – all of whom are armed or appear armed, presumably facing off with police invading into their homes.

    Outrageous. But really happening.

    How did the decade and a half long War on Terror, led domestically by Homeland Security, become transformed into a War on Americans, with suspected lone wolf patriots and political extremists of all stripes, put under watch? How did things get so divided and so tense so quickly?

    You only have to read the headlines and logged their buzz terms to know why.


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      1. here piggy piggy!

        a scared lil’ piggy is a danger to himself, the public and his fellow officers who depend on him for their survival.

        time for this lil’ piggy to retire.

        • At the very least he should tuck his tail between his legs then run off to the nearest donut shop “safehouse” where he can be out of harm’s way until reinforcements arrive!

          • Hey y’all….how come we aren’t hearing a peep anymore about jade helm??

            I am sure Hodges and his ilk will squirm through their loop hole of “see, we got the word out and that stopped anything bad from happening” to save credibility. Kind of reminds me of the fbi saying all their unconstitutional crap has saved all the boogey men from their attack attempts.

            Just sayin……………

            • Hey Mac…….instead of fixing it so the ip I post from mon through frid 7am to 3pm works….same one I have used for over a year now……whatever you did now screwed up the home ip so now it gets stuck in moderation land, where as before it did not.


              • BJ, I havent touched anything on the IP side of things here… If things are posting sometimes and not at other times I have no idea what could be causing it. The moderation algorithm is completely automated and neither AKISMET or WordPress give us any control over “white listing” a specific IP or email address.

                Really sorry about this, but it is totally out of my control.



            • I am no fan of rabbis, but he has a great point on the christian church idolatry thing. The christian church is almost ALL idolatry.

              • BJ,

                The rabbis claim that Christianity is “idolatry” (avodah zorah) because Christians worship Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. The rabbis insist that Jesus was only a man, a wicked and perverted man, and so they consider worshipping Jesus to be idolatry.

                In hypocritical self-vindicating illogic, they don’t consider themselves idolators for worshipping the “goddess” Shekinah or for engaging in sun (Birkat ha-Hammah) and moon worship (kiddush levanah) or for believing in reincarnation (gilgul neshamot), or any of the rest of the Babylonian and Egyptian pagan accretions.

              • “The christian church is almost ALL idolatry.”

                If, in fact you believe that, it would validate the concept that either; a) you’ve never stepped foot in a church. Or, B) you simply have some axe to grind.

                Either way, you’re wrong. Why not stick to topics you do know about or as a minimum speak truth, your statement might be believed by someone and THAT would be sad.

          • Obama will not finish his second term! Banned independent documentary
            reveals the truth. Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

        • Me hopes this lil piggy gets fired and goes weeee weeee all the way home’

          (Bacon, bacon, bacon)


          Emergency Calls for Help: Baltimore Police abandoned as the Black Mobs Attack.

          * something all preppers should think about getting or making is some type of hand held shield. you can take a childs aluminum saucer sled line it with 1/2 inch or 3/5 inch plywood attach a handle and a arm band brace yourselves to make one. even attach a few used bullet proof vests to the interior to stop small arms fire and shrapnel.

          • HEADS UP TO ALL GUN OWNERS HERE: No way I’ll ever comply with something like this.

            • Shit like this would never happen to me, sarcasm. Story of my life.

              • Iowa, You’re back!! Still living in your truck?

          • When you need to shoot, Shoot to Kill. 2 in the Chest and One in the head, just like Cops are taught. If the are wearing body armor, 2 shots to their balls and one in the head. Dead men cant talk and the only version of the story will be yours. JUST LIKE THE COPS ARE TAUGHT.

          • Bruin, Forget the kids shed, just carry extra High Capacity Magazines to mow the SOB’s down. Glock owners, get yourself a few extra 30 round magazines, pack them and put them in your car’s glove box. Also keep a few 30’s by your bed nightstand. I carry 2 semi autos in my vehicle and practice at the range both right and left handed. I shoot pretty accurate with my non- dominate hand. Practice changing magazines with one hand. Use your belt edge to cock the slide back. Practice practice. Thank me later. Ha. Yep Shoot, Shovel and Shut-Up!!

        • Note officer’s badge with mourning tape on it. Cop is probably temporarily disabled from PTSD. Obviously he has no supervisor who cares for and keeps an eye on his troops. Just get that quota and get that paycheck and hide out in the office as much as possible.

      2. this cocksucker deserves to die screaming

        • Die screaming? Nah. He just needs to be stripped of his gun and the backing of the state (fake authority) and then turned loose amonst the people.

          How many times will you hear people on here and other sites say, “Oh, they’re not all bad apples, just this one.” Really? How many times to we have to see the murders, the theft of rights and the beatings before we realize that there are very, very few “good ones”. Very few of “them” have your rights or the public and your safety in mind. They have the ticket money, their safety and their ego in mind. Stop pussy footing around: they are agents of the state. They are the state’s SS troops.

          …and, believe it or not, they are the sworn enemies of “The People” and, as such, their “oath” is a lie. The Constitution protects the people and these beastly bastards hate it because they can’t just do what they want. It “slows us down” and causes “a lot of headaches”. Yes, those are cop quotes.

          This kind of thing doesn’t happen in my state? Why, you may ask? Here is why: about 2 years ago there was a judge that said that it was not in the public interest for people to resist unconstitutional in actions by cops. It pissed off the legislature and they codified that you can “shoot the bastards” (my words, not the law) without repercussions if they pulled shit like this. If you reasonably believe that this copper bastard was a danger to the guy filming you could pull your personal weapon and use deadly force to stop the threat.

          • Wont be long before Anonymous posts the internal documents from some of the police depts that prove patriots and conservatives are the targets.
            Arm up. Man up. Settle the score.

          • Wont be long before Anonymous posts the internal documents from some of the police depts that prove patriots and conservatives are the targets.
            Arm up. Man up. Settle the score.

            Our place is almost full code red. No errands alone now, we partner up. No travel outside the state, no travel into a city.

      3. When the terms “Constitutionalist” and “crazy guy” are used to refer to the same person, you know the country’s gone full retard.

        Jawol, mein oberfuhrehr.

        • When exactly did it become “crazy” to want the government at all levels, to follow the constitution? To spend only the revenues they collect, or less, and to honor the Bill of Rights? The founders must be redlining the RPMs in their crypts.

        • Unfortunately, we’ve been on “full retard” for many, many years. I love our country, but we’ve let the crazies take over the asylum way too long ago. Our country is COMPLETELY unsustainable the way it is. 10 generations from now couldn’t pay off the hole we’ve let the .gov dig for the rest of us, all the while telling us everything is A-OK. What the future holds is anyones guess, but to say I’m worried is an understatement. I try not to dwell on it because I along with my family still have a life to live, but the stark reality of things is bleak, just to put it nicely. It pisses me off due to the fact that so many have sacrificed life and limb to preserve our “freedom” (well, might as well use that term loosely) just to have our once great nation flushed down the toilet by the elites. I would prefer to not be all gloom and doom, but the stark reality of things is bad. Really, really bad.

        • Re: Strategic BOL. Another reason to chose a remote location out if the City and Crimimal Chaos. To get to my BOL, private road to a locked gate, dirt road to my property line and fence / 2nd locked gate. Nobody is doing any drive-bys harassing me whatsoever. Even the closest neighbors say they rarely even see me or hear me. They say I make a great neighbor. Ha. I doubt many zombies would make it back this far back, to my Location. Im ready anyway with a few more coils of barbed wire to string between the trees as tanglefoot. WW1 barbed wire was referred to as devils rope.

          • WWTI- I’ve almost completed my flight school training for helo. Cant keep helos out! lol =)

      4. Another Mental Midget with a gun and a badge to augment his inferiority complex.

        • These days so many police thrive off intimidation, and their appetite for authority has become insatiable. If you so much as question them, they are beginning to treat that as a immediately punishable offense. This is why so many people are getting killed (unarmed). This is why Sandra bland was arrested and kept in jail for days, simply because she dared to ask a cop why in her car she had to put out a cigarette, this is why a campus cop blew an unarmed mans brains out point blank because he dared to not listen to him, this is why an unarmed man was shot in the back eight times because he dared to run away and not listen to the cops ORDERS. There are countless more examples, but unfortunately the media these days only focuses on the ones involving blacks. But hey at least it’s getting attention. And more power to the black lives matter crowd because they are beginning to get things done. Do you really think any of these cops that are now being charged with crimes, would have been so before? Before ferguson? Before Baltimore? Before all the protests? I know many of you will disagree with me, and that is fine. But it is no matter, one day soon when that boot heel comes down on your neck, or those bullets slice through your back….well then you will begin to understand.

          Always question authority.

          • RH, good post except for one thing. The group that calls itself ‘black lives matter’ is just as bogus as the day is long. These all-black organizations, especially the NAACP, are nothing more than criminal enterprises that really serve a different purpose other than what they say. If the ‘black lives matter’ crowd REALLY cared about black lives, then why the hell don’t they focus their efforts on the crime in their own neighborhoods? Black-on-black crime is the WORST crime of all categories in the US and not one black organization out there will touch on it BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE. Say what you will but there are still some good cops out there and there are times when they’re justified on getting hard on people with bad attitudes. In the Sandra Bland case, the video showed she had that sorry attitude that too many black people have and she had it coming to her. She was lucky she didn’t get anything worse. The coroner’s report on her death verified that she had marijuana in the blood system so she committed suicide under the influence. In this particular case, both parties made mistakes and it could have been handled differently. Thankfully no one was hurt or killed.

          • I totally agree netranger. Frankly I’m amazed that your comments get posted here. I’m not one of those who comes here and attacks people, although I have reciprocated in kind a few times. I don’t rant long rants about ‘jews’ or anything totally offensive like that. I don’t believe I post much that is inappropriate for public reading, although I’m definitely not PC.

            I frequently go back and check to see if anyone directed a comment to me, as a habit, so that I may respond to questions or offer rebuttal where appropriate. I consider that a courtesy to others, so that they know that their comments matter…at least to me.

            But what I’ve found, is that a number of my comments have been removed from this site’s comment sections. At first, I thought I was having an alzheimer’s moment. So I have been taking screen shots of these pages after I’d finished commenting.

            After going back to look, I found in fact, that there is nothing wrong with my memory, is there, Mac?

            Now I have to wonder…did the several people who used to post here stop posting on their own—or did you just wipe them off the pages? At least Yahoo deposits a “COMMENT DELETED” message when it deletes a comment, and then you can view the comment anyway.

            You don’t even give people here that much courtesy. Of course, you can run your site the way you want to, but it isn’t very honorable to deceive people into thinking you truly value free speech…especially when it doesn’t meet your agenda.

            Don’t bother to rebut me, my screen shots told me everything I needed to know.

            • Six, I dont give a rats ass ragging on the Joos and calling them out when I see their coruption and grip on out country and what they have done to pollute our society and trashed our foreign policy. I just hope to wake up the sheep and thwy too take a stand. Every parasite thief will have his day.

          • Black lives do matter, cause where the heck could we bury all the Fat Thieven SOB’s? Not enough space. Ever look at Blacks in photos from the 1950’s or 60’s, they were fit and trim. And photos of blacks today, they are 3 times the size and fatter with asses the size if a car trunk. Amazing what the Free Shit Army Food Stamp Program did to their Race.

      5. The Local Nuez is already painting the Victim as a : “Man with a criminal past!” Heard this, this am on channel 5. While reporting this incident and the now filed LAWSUIT. So much for “Police Abuse” being the issue.

        • The oligarchy toy soldier are never wrong.

      6. Those bad cops continue to destroy the reputation of good cops.. welcome to the new America..moat cops are good people but that particular not very smart.

        • Houst,respectfully disagree,until cops all break the blue wall of silence they are as guilty as the psycho cops and thus the enemy.You live in the sticks the fire dept. is the hose after just common sense and the police dept. the dog and dogs companion with a firearm.

          • No doubt, one of the best home defense weapons is a 12 g Shotgun. With a wide aray of specialty shot. Get a pistol grip shorty like a Mossberg 500. You want a short shotgun in case you have to turn around in a hallway. Add Hogue grips for better traction and shot absorbant. Add a laser light on the front so you can toggle it on and off, laser and light or either. Add a side saddle for another 5 or 6 rounds. Practice going through your house clearing rooms. Learn to slice the pie. Many vids on that. Shoot Shovel and Shut-Up!!
            ~WWTI. Let er’ Rip!!

            • @WWTI

              if you are able, read carefully: “And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul…And the Lord God built the rib which he took from Adam into a woman: and brought her to Adam. ” Genesis 2:7-22

              So, God breathed life into the first man, a man that was not born from the womb. No mention of breath, just being built from a rib, no womb, for the first woman.

              Then those born from the womb followed. Notice what God said: “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations.” Jeremias 1:5

              • Darwin is still laughing at you Religious folks.

                • When you meet him, I am sure that Darwin will tell you that he didn’t get the last laugh. After all, 2 centuries later and the only evidence of one species evolving into another species is still just hand-drawn fantasies of imagined transitional species.

                  YOU were the one who attempted to pervert Genesis 2:7 to your abortionist talking points.

                  YOU were the one who chided Mac for posting on the Planned Parenthood revelation because YOU insisted that the mass murder is merely a “distraction,” that harvesting organs is merely a “distraction.”

                  Since Roe v. Wade organ harvesting has become a profitable business. Search “organs” (plural) here:


            • WWTI, you must have been reading my mind. I’m rebuilding my piggy bank to get another Mossberg and I’m looking at either the 500 or 590.

          • Ive got to agree with Warchild on this one, there are no good cops left, the theoretical good cops may seem ok because you know them but they maintain the same mentality as the rest. My line of work brings me in contact with lots of cops and even in off duty form they all share the mentality that not only do they enforce the laws they are the law, and you must submit to their will.

            Hell last week i had a fender bender at the gas station, when the cops showed up he asked for our DL, so i figured ill test a theory and handed him my CHL with my drivers license, he looked at it and said,” are you carrying now” i said yes, he said ” if you dont go for your gun, i wont go for mine” i looked at him and laughed and said its very telling of your attitude to even say something like that too me.

            But you have to realize that they all share the mentality that common freedom loving folks are now the enemy, this is not an anomalous situation, this cop is an accurate representation of all cops, this is how they are trained now, what i find truly disturbing as how he uses constitutionalist ( a term refering to someone who admires the supreme law of the land) as a derogatory term…

            Get it through your head, good cops are ancient history, they are guilty of treason, and those who dont commit treason are guilty by association, for letting it go on….
            But as we all know this is so the feds can easily take over departments, and most people will beg for it…


        • destroy the reputation of good cops

          Show me a “good cop” and I’ll show you all that believe in no knock raids. Any “good” cop would speak out, how many have you seen speak out? One on one with you maybe, but add another person or cop and their words will change! OK will give you benefit of the doubt, in their own mind they maybe up-set with what is happening, but then loss of job for speaking up, paycheck, and power trip will win over! So therefore only good cops don’t work for the police dept!
          Simple logic in today’s world.
          “Government workers make their living off of other peoples TAXES!”

        • Where precisely are these good cops you “claim” exist?? Are they the ones that turn a blind eye, when the bad cops are beating someone to death, like happened in Las Vegas? Are those the good cops you insist exist?
          Are they the ones that shoot unarmed people? are those the good cops you insist exist?
          Your delusional!

          • Oh come on! The law of averages dictates that one or two surely exist!

          • Several Philadelphia Special Narcotics Squads composed if detectives have been disbanded over the years with virtually all of the officers arrested and convicted of crimes ranging from bribery, dealing narcotics, theft, tampering with evidence and murder for hire. Amazingly their peers in the Philadelphia never caught them but rather it was the FBI.They had homes in Stone Harbor NJ which is very expensive inviting their cop friends over for weekends at the “Jersey Shore”. Not an eyebrow was raised. Internal Affairs? Laughable. The cops shown in the movie “American Gangster” had nothing over on them.

            One lies, one swears by it.

            • if there were GOOD cops, there wouldn’t BE any BAD cops!

              • It’s not the individual cops, it’s their leadership. When good cops get slapped down for exposing corruption, why would they continue to speak up? When bad cops are allowed to get away with murder, why should they stop?

                Best L.E.O.s in this country are county sheriffs. They are ELECTED, not selected by crooked politicians.

                BTW I note that this particular cop got suspended, so at least somebody has a conscience in his dept.

                • Common sense dictates that you do the bidding of your employer be it the political machine or “We The People”.

      7. Get out of the Cities. Seems Cops are around when you sont nees them and a donut shop away when you do need them. I wave to the County Deps when I pass them on the back country roads. They wave back and hopefully they know my vehicle as friendly. Most City Cops? ….Naw.. Im just as armed as they are, that they have no clue about. And I don’t put NRA Stickers on my vehicle blabbing about it. Why be a target. What gets these Cops so Edgy an Amped Up Anyway? Sgt chime in….

      8. It would be great to find the prego lady in the target photo and ask her if the copies her photo for resale and reproduction into a target had permission or compenaated her Sounds like a great lawsuit..


        • Yea, I bet you would want to find her so you could pay her to let you use her and abuse her like you do all those women that you brag about meeting on the internet and flying them into your town for sex for a weekend.

          You are a sickening excuse for a boy that calls himself a man. You must be so ugly and fat that you can’t have a normal relationship with any woman. You are what is wrong with the world, you and all your atheist, baby killer friends.

          As a woman that has a good husband and enjoys our relationship, I hope I never come across you in FL. You would need more than that shotgun and a hole in the swamp to keep you safe from me.
          You are a piece of dog crap, wwti. Go crawl into your little b. o. hole, and die, like the stinking worm that you are.

      9. This coward Zombie robot is the poster child for a fascist boot licking piece of garbage, who correctly understands there is no more US Constitution, the NWO Corporatist controlled Orwellian Fascist Police State destroyed it a long time ago.

      10. Know where your local Officer Friendly lives! Follow them home if you have to! OPSEC demands that we know where they live just in case one needs to pay a friendly visit to them!
        I know from experience that it isn’t difficult to follow them when they’re off duty and on the way home.
        Their arrogance and comparatively low IQs make it easy.

      11. Let’s get one thing perfectly straight.

        This was not “A bad apple making all cops look bad.”

        This was not “an isolated example that was unrepresentative.”

        This was instead a textbook example of “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

        What most people fail to realize, is that the USA is a FAILED STATE. It no longer works. It is a runaway train.

        That is because the alleged “checks and balances” no longer check and balance anything. Those in power are utterly unrestrained. Thy have carte blanche to do whatever they damn well please to us, and we have no way to seek redress and justice.

        Let that sink in.

        • Well said.

          Police will reap what the have collectively sown. I feel bad for the small amount of decent cops out there, but they never spoke out against their brothers in blue violating everyone’s rights and committing more crimes than those they go after.

        • yup, it appears this is the rule now and not the exception. black ghetto, white suburbia, doesn’t really matter. although in the ghetto he probably would have been cracked over the head with a baton, cell phone smashed, and given a rough ride. just saying

          • Well said and so true. But lets not forget Boston the pulled out of their homes at gunpoint middle class and well to do white sheep that though they where above reproach.

            • Actually it was Watertown, not Boston, but I take your point. The worst part of it all was the fact that the sheeple cheered and clapped for them, as Queen Padmé Amidala said “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

          • Avoid having the video ‘lost’ by automatic upload. Surely such an app exists. If possible, upload to more than one site.

        • We do have the authority to do something about it. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution says the Militia of the Several States can be called out to “…execute the Laws of the Union;” ie: enforce the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment makes clear that the ONE thing necessary for the security of a free state is the well regulated militia. Just because your state government fails to recognize its duty to administer the Militia doesn’t mean that you have been relieved of your duty to serve and to execute the laws of the union.

        • absolutely spot on Bevin;

          these arseholes are idf trained to shoot then fix it in the report. we are all suspects


            OK, Here you go – “3 Fat Guys in the Woods” -How to build the Ultimate Survival Shelter. Winter climate folks should read this.

            I will say if you want to loose that gut, spare tire, go live in the woods. Almost 6 mts at the BOL and I lost mine. At least 10 Lbs. Working and moving all day long burns calories. Im lean mean and feel great. Fresh air and sunshine.

            • By your posts you also seem much happier WWTI:)

              • anyone without Jesus Christ in their lives can never be happy, especially when they have called Him and His apostles, homosexuals.

      12. To be fair….
        When I was in college and making a very long drive three days a week to go from home to school and then back home again, I developed quite the lead foot. Aaaand I got caught for it.
        I can’t remember why anymore, but I had tossed my backpack into the trunk of my car on my way to school. So when the officer that pulled me over asked me where my supplies for school was and asked to see them (they were in my trunk which I explained), I rather quickly hopped out of my vehicle (trying to remember I had to keep my hands in sight), made my way to the back of my vehicle, and threw open the trunk before the officer could even finish yelling, “Slowly!”
        When I turned around to happily display my backpack I found, to my obvious confusion, that he had drawn his weapon.
        The officer was perfectly nice about it and apologized when it was done with, explaining that he had to be cautious and could not have been sure what I’d had in my trunk.
        I can understand that and no hard feelings. He didn’t know me, and I could have been lying. After all, I had been FLYING down the highway and how often do people put their backpack in the TRUNK??? I could have been anyone and could have had anything in there.
        From what I could tell, it seems initially like the officer was CALLED to that address. And the guy is video taping it like he was already expecting him. The cop even says, “I’m at THAT address.” So I can’t really say the cop just stopped randomly, got out of the vehicle to harass just any person that was present. Maybe he didn’t and maybe he did. Maybe a neighbor called because they thought the guy was video taping other neighbors or something.
        But all the cop asked was that the man (who was insanely defensive from the very start) take his hand out of his pocket. How does the cop know he doesn’t have a knife in his pocket?? It isn’t any different than the officer not knowing what I had when I just threw my trunk wide open. And no doubt he is concerned about what might be in the guys pocket because of how high strung the guy was from the very start.
        Maybe he shouldn’t have been throwing around labels, but if the officer was concerned the guy might have a weapon in his pocket, he wasn’t wrong to be concerned or cautious. They ALWAYS watch your hands. And the officer didn’t have his weapon trained on the guy, just pulled in case he needed it.

        • …what you seem to have learned is how to get on your knees for any authority figure…and then figure out some way to mentally justify it in your cowardly head.

          • You nailed it right there! We, are the problem! We just keep backing up, backing up, avoiding confrontation and making excuses for their bad behavior.

            I for one am no longer able to justify in my own mind the need for police. They don’t provide any protection against real danger. That job falls on our own shoulders. All they do is show up after the fact, harass the victims then shoot the family dog!

            Let’s get rid of the police altogether. The biggest criminals in this world are white-collar banksters and the police have never been effective against that brand of crime anyway. In fact, it is the so-called elite that the police are hired to protect, not us!

        • DUDE , He had NO right !!!!!!
          Rethink your actions , please !

          You should have told him politely to get a warrant and then you can see my backpack.
          Why do you need to prove anything to this man(cop) ?
          He is nothing more than a public servant who collects his pay from YOU !
          HE shoulda been on his knees thankin you for paying for his ugly wifes boob job.

        • The video does seem to be a setup, I also got a feeling that he new or had heard of this guy. To me the cop been a person just got pissed at the guy and if he wanted to could have taken it way over the top as they have done before by calling backup and owning this guy. I guess the next question is what do we really know of the guy with the camera?

        • Suck up much?

        • The cop drew his gun as soon as he got out of his car. I don’t buy into the whole ‘lawful order’ bit. Who decides what is a lawful order? Is there a list we can all refer to?

        • You are wrong. I do not know where you received your education in relation to police training. I was a police officer for 12 years. I left because of the corruption and insane political climate.
          I can tell you flat out:

          1. You do not have to open your car trunk because some cop asked you anything. He had no right or reason to ask you about your “supplies for school.”

          2. The only reason for an officer to pull a weapon from his holster is when he fears for his life in some way. This would need to be a very real instance of a mortal threat to an officer’s safety, a gun drawn, a knife out etc. This does NOT include someone who is voluntarily opening their car trunk. The force continuum training does not allow for this at all. I would suspect that this officer was an overly paranoid wack job, (not unlike the nutburger cop in the video.)

          3.There is NO EXCUSE for what happened in this video. This cop has no business caring about a video taping or a “look” someone gives him. If a citizen drove around like this a prosecutor might make the case for stalking. This so called cop also asks this man if he is a Constitutionalist? Hey Barney! You are supposed to be too! You took an OATH to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION remember back?!

          4. A cop who is “high strung” needs to be relieved from his weapon and badge in that order.

          We need to all step back and call this what it is and stop making excuses for cops that are in the wrong. I do not hesitate to do this and neither should you.

        • so you had a forced search at gunpoint, all for a speeding violation……

          All for the officers safety of course, they just want to go home to their family right? F**k our families I guess….who wants to see them, right??

          But none of this bothers you???

        • I have been stopped many times by LE, many times! Most have been for speeding and mostly by the Missourah Highway Patrol and a few times a gun was in view in my vehicle, and they have always been very professional, and once by a city cop and I had a longgun leaning against the passenger seat and he only asked if it was an AK, and I said no it was a Mac90 and he proceeded to write me a speeding ticket, which I deserved. I believe I have seen more attempted intimidation on this site by commenters than by any law enforcement. Trekker Out. You Really May Not Enjoy Anarchy!

      13. Other than shaking down a citizen for no apparent reason, once he did so, for what ever reason, justified or not, he acted in a reasonable manner.

        The cop asked the man to remove his hand from his pocket, and the “Perp” refused, and got a little snotty. The cop then removed his gun from it’s holster, and made no further threatening gestures with it.

        Let’s face it…There are some very small guns out in the world, and a lot a love for the police.

        This entire fiasco could have been avoided had the cop simply waved at the “citizen” as he drove by.

        This falls into the remedial sensitivity training arena along with a good sit in the corner for being a dumb ass.

        • you ignorantly identify the cops victim as “the perp” your brainwashing is complete, please stop passing along your indoctrination and polluting the planet with your stupidity!

      14. perhaps from now on when a policeman is being aggressive, every person present should whip out his/her cell phone and start recording. In this case the drawn gun did not result is a cowering citizen, but the man filming could have been killed for “failure to cower”.
        Where is this country going ?

        • This man is clearly guilty of the worst crime you can commit–contempt of cop.

          I saw one video where a cop was harassing some guys catching the cop on video 9on the sidewalk). The cop demanded to know why they were recording, and the guy replied “I have a right to”. The cop responded that “you must be guilty of something if you are invoking your rights”. The guy asked “did you seriously just SAY THAT?”

          Don’t cops always shout the mantra “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide”? Sorry, I forgot. That doesn’t apply to the “heros in blue”.

        • sarahinconn

          “failure to cower”


          That’s exactly why MANY people are getting killed these days. The police thrive off intimidation with the gun and if you question that or resist it in any way UNARMED, well then you are subject to execution. And it just amazes how many people can justify these actions!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……..

      15. i was on the side of the guy doing the filming right up until the point at which the officer asked him to take his hand out of his pocket which i dont think is an unreasonable request

        it doesnt matter where you stand on the “all cops are good vs all cops are bad” argument…when he asks to see your hands and you dont comply…youre asking for trouble…especially this day and age…cops are getting capped all over the place now…

        yes the cop couldve just put his hand on his sidearm instead of drawing it…but also the guy could have just pulled his hand out of his pocket when asked to…regardless of if the action of the officer stopping to investigate was legitimate or not…

        both actors in this case did things to provoke the other

        • cops are getting capped all over the place now

          REALLY????? 71 Dead cops this year, seems 19 killed by gunfire, compared to over 111 people killed by cops JUST in July 2015! read the officers memorial page and see how most killed themselves.
          So you really need to check your facts!

        • He was pointing with one hand and filming with the other hand. Your blind and stupid.

        • As the guy pulled his hand out of his pocket, he would have aquired a gunshot wound or ten.

          “I thought he was drawing a gun!”

        • awake

          If he would have removed his hand the cop probably would have instantly shot him dead, then claimed he thought he saw a weapon and was in fear for his life. Then after a couple weeks of paid vacation he would be promoted and free to do it all over again. Thank about them apples…. And if you don’t believe that could, would, and has happened…..well I’ve got a bridge for sale

      16. If the police officer shot the guy and there was no recorded evidence whatever the officer said would be assumed to be the truth. Even with the addition of video evidence to the contrary its damn difficult to get the police officer charged criminally.

        Feeling threatened as opposed to truly being threatened has become the legal justification for law enforcement to use lethal force. How can the bar be so low to govern an action that is so high and potentially irreversible? The only explanation is that a presumption of guilt is inherent in the government v citizen relationship contrary to the juris prudence of the presumption of innocence that we were taught to believe exists.

        • Kevin

          very well said, I lose any semblance of eloquence when debating this issue. This has always been a topic that provokes a lot of emotion in me.

      17. The problem here is the language the officer used in calling him a “crazy constitutionalist”. This stems from terrorism training that the local PD’s receive from the feds. they are told this is actually the big threat facing the U.S. so the are looking for the “sovereign citizen” guy behind every rock. Anyway here is the result of all that good training.

      18. As soon as that cop came onto private property he should have been dropped in his tracks, with a coup de gras shot to the head.
        This is a police state; we are far far past the point of no return.

      19. The only good cop, is a dead cop.

      20. Good or bad, I’ll back the cop every time. If the son of a bitch had just kept his cell phone in his pocket then none of this would have ever happened. Those cops are our employees and they shouldn’t have to be concerned with outside interference of any nature whatsoever. Some of you think blue lights are an invitation to gather ’round. All blue lights are not at walmart, some of them are law enforcement. Looking at the ‘problem cop’ is not the answer, looking at the source of the problem, the bastard with the cell phone is where the solution lies. If the cop had laid that malcontent out with one shot to the gut, maybe while bleeding out on the pavement, he would have had a come to Jesus meeting. Thanks and God bless.

        • You sir are a boot licking idiot.

        • So when a cop shoots you, you’ll back the cop? How about they shoot your parents?? your kids? brothers/sisters? still back them?
          Get off your knees boot licker!

        • The cell phone was out before the cop ever got out of his car.

          Be advised: The fact that you are an obedient bootlicker will not protect you from their abuse. It will just make you an easier victim.

        • Thank you for the clarification, officer…

        • Lick it, lick it good, get up all in there Mr Fascist Boot licking trash, and lick the boots of your oppressive fascist masters you coward slave Zombie. It is Zombie coward trash like you who will gladly allow control of your dumbed down ass and your children by the NWO Corporatist Fascist filth. Go line up and get your RFID chip as soon as you can and be a good little boot licking slave.

      21. Yes, this video is disturbing. The cop stopped just to intimidate the resident. When asked “what crime have committed”? The refused to answer. “Am I being detained”? No answer. The most dumb ass things the citizen did was refuse to take his hand out of his pocket! As a former cop, if I asked you to take your hand out your pocket so I can see your hands and you refused, it would not make me a happy camper.

        It seems from the narrative that this citizen and his city cops have some history.

        There are plenty of highly concealable hand guns on the market that be hidden in the palm of ones hand.

        My guess is, the dept will find the cop did nothing wrong, except perhaps the entire reason for the stop, where it looks to me there was no reason.

        • He was pointing with one hand and filming with the other hand. Your blind and stupid

        • So a cop can just walk around ordering people to “show their hands”?

      22. All I can say is, expect more of the same. Get used to it before the fall. Lawless days are among us.

      23. So now we are considered evil Constitutionalists? I think they need to be schooled in the Constitution during training since they don’t teach it in school and the politicians don’t practice it in their jobs. They will be taking down the flag next.

      24. I thought the guy stood his ground and handled himself pretty well, and the cop was definitely out of line.

        Wonder what will come of it?

        • Feds want to federalize all cops. Their claim is local cops aint trained well and cant handle small riots and such. Feds been giving away military equipment, giving fed money too. They buy their way in. All done in steps not a single big sweep.
          Sheriffs have too much power and they cant overthrow ’em but once the Feds are grounded in local, they can eliminate departments through Fed replacements.

      25. Lots of haters here as usual. Cop haters. Logic haters. By the way, Rohnert Park is not upscale. I lived there. Used to be a bedroom community for San Francisco and a college town. Now just part of the Santa Rosa urban sprawl. Mile after mile of mini-malls and cheap apartments.
        BTW, damn stupid to be out recording cops these days. Just mind your own business. If they come to your house illegally, give me the business. Just saying …

        • “Damn stupid to be out recording cops these days. Just mind your own business.” You really like the taste of jackboot leather, don’t you? I suggest you offer the ‘heros in blue’ your wife or daughter as a token of your esteem.

      26. That’s one “STUPID” Barney Fife Cop.
        Brain washed by the political left.
        He swore an oath to the Constitution, then he breaks his Oath.
        Fire this FOOL!!!

        • Do You Know What ‘De-policing’ Is???

          Be very afraid as it becomes the norm in Ethnic controlled cities across Amerika.

          This is what cops and their superiors are calling it as they systematically withdraw from stopping, checking, investigating, frisking, pulling over, interrogating, and arresting black people.

          The cops don’t want the grief. Or the day-in, day-out physical confrontation. The police chiefs don’t want the complaints.

          So now they have a word for it. De-policing.


          “Expect crime ridden “NO GO ZONES for WHITE GOY” to explode across now Zionist Liberalized Diversified Amerika!”

          “All preppers should stock up on extra mags and hollow point rounds.”

          • Why don’t you take your Nazi anti Jewish bullshit and heat it, put it on a plate, and eat it. You stupidity is so low I doubt there’s even a number low enough to measure it. A jerk-bait like you conveniently forgets that it was Einstein. Oppenheimer, and for the most part, a bunch of Jews who figured out how t build the atomic and hydrogen bombs. You jagoffs are always trying to blame other people for your problems. OK, so you didn’t have a great home life, and life has been rougher on you that others. Some of us, including me, are the ones that got those breaks. I do hold some blame against others for my troubles–you don’t have control over everything that happens in life. But I don’t blame any specific group for them. Bubba, just be aware of this: Hitler was about six months away from having a working A Bomb. Now maybe you get up every morning and say :Heil Hitler while you give the Nazi salute. The rest of us see it for what it was one of the more evil schemes of a madman to control the world. And if that’s the side you’re on, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of my .30-06 if and it it comes to that.

          • Bruin, that’s already starting to happen where I live and I know damned well it originates from the new black female attorney-general and all of the criminal black organizations out there.

        • STUPID SONG.
          NO TALENT Rapper.
          This guy has an IQ of about 52.

          I PAY TAXES.

          TIRED OF THIS SHIT………………



      27. As a matter of fact I hate cops. I hate that they exist. I hate that we as a society feel the need for them. Having said that, I acknowledge that they have a difficult job and 90% of them are honorable people, that truly want to help people that have some very real problems. The other 10% of cops belong in a mass grave. This anti “constitution ” guy has probably ruined many lives, and then gone home, had a beer, and bragged about it. He will retire with a nice pension. I hope his “life time pension” city runs out of money at his age of 50, so can compete at dumpster diving with the kids of the guys he put in jail.

        • I agree rellik. they are out of hand and the purpose what they are supposed to be doing has turned into snooping thru peoples stuff. they are always looking for drugs and if they know your alone they try to find any excuse to go thru your car just hoping to see something. They look to see if you have a phone to record to all sorts of tactics. That is sad. Most of them don’t but many of them get a power trip with an arrest and their stats. Its never a break for anything big. They want that promotion.

      28. You may not like this video. You may think that cops are trigger happy. You may think cops routinely violate Constitutional rights. You may think that your right to privacy is being violated. You are correct. You already know that voting makes no difference. You suspect that the government will suppress any organized resistance. Welcome to America – 2015! Sure, you could try to fight the government, but you cannot win, and you will likely lose your life, your home, and your possessions. The government cannot be defeated – but it will collapse from its own weight and from extreme debt. Rather than confronting cops, and giving them a hard time, the best short term strategy is to ‘go grey’, stay out of their way, become as self sufficient as possible without broadcasting it, and wait. Your time will come.

        • NorseMan: You’ve got that last part exactly right, especially going gray, avoid them, do the full-house survival thing as best as possible and let nobody know. I donate my gun magazines to our local police, and they eat it up. I’ve read them, and am done with them, so the logical thing to do is something a little out of the ordinary that you know most of them will appreciate. I’m not say give them head, just outdoors type and whatever gun rags you read. Our cops are all college grads, so they are smarter than the average village idiot. I don’t expect anything from them, and they know it. On the other hand, when I have had to call them, it was like “Scotty, beam me up”. You don’t gotta be their buddy-they’d suspect you of something if you tried, naturally.
          But it doesn’t hurt to go a step or two out of your way to make a “this is who I am” type of connection either.

      29. YOU GO NOW!!!!

        That always works,smh. What a strange time to live.

      30. Let us see.

        With the shootings of several cops in the last few month. And the way I was trained if someone has there hand in their pocket, and I ask them to take their hand out of their pocket and they don’t, or say they won’t.


        When they pull their hand out of their pocket, and there is no weapon. I will put my USP45 back into the holster, but not until then. I’m not getting shot or stabbed because I let my guard down.

        With some of the Thugs out there I’m not going to take the chance. I’m not going to let any THUG get the drop on me PERIOD!!!!!


        • And you can bet your ass I’ll be drawing my Colt .357 PYTHON!!!

        • Sgt. Dale, having never stood where you stood I can’t judge anything, but I can honestly say that there is not enough money in any city budget to pay me to be a cop. People talk about their rights. Well, rights should only pertain to law abiding folk, not criminals. Combating crime will never win the war against criminals. Executing criminals for any felony, especially violent felonies would straighten this country out in 90 days. If I were president we would have a purge. Only the cops would be armed since they know who the bad people are. It would start on Friday sunset the first weekend of each month. The Police could only have vodka and orange juice to drink and no food to eat until sunrise Monday morning. You think I’m kid’n, then tell me, “How much crime would we have by the end of the first three months?” Just exactly none, that’s how much. No crime, no judges, no prisons, and no parole officers, because there wouldn’t be any damned criminals. Wouldn’t that be a hellofalot better than shelling out billions and billions of dollars of the taxpayers money each year to combat a losing battle against crime and living in fear every night we go to bed. And the congregation said :AMEN

          • Taxedn2poverty, I like your idea except for one part, saying only police would be armed. I call BS on that part. Forget about disarming law-abiding people; that will never fly. The ones who need to be disarmed are the gangbangers and such. Only then would I say AMEN. I won’t say AMEN to disarming good people.

        • so you would stalk some guy in his own driveway, park in the street and watch him for how long and then get a hair up your ass because you have a costume and piece of tin on your shirt, and feel a desperate need to intimidate someone WHO DID NOTHING WRONG!

          • SGT Dale is an ass, as usual. He is obviously one of the 95% of cops who give the rest a bad name.

          • d
            You are dumber than a box of rocks. Stalk someone? Nope! Don’t need to. Too many people braking the law already. If he is doing something suspicious, Yes I’m going to confront him. It might be your house he is looking at. You don’t know what he has in mind. Now do you? Did nothing wrong? All you or I have to have is Reasonable Suspicion to check someone out.

            When you grow up and learn a little bit about life come back to the site. Until then you have no clue as to what you are talking about!

            By the way the next time you need help. Call a THUG! don’t bother the Good Cops doing their jobs.

            Go away TROLL! Oh FU comment. If you are a women I guess
            you can say that to me, but if you are a guy. I’m straight and you must be gay.


            • So hooking up a boat in your own driveway is suspicious activity these days? It’s this attitude that is getting cops killed, douchebag. If some silly ass addled old man pulled his fkn gun on me for no reason he’d better fire it right now because mines coming out too and I don’t hesitate…..

            • The word “break” is a second grade spelling word.

              • Jay, you have to understand he took English lessons from hcks, ’nuff said there.

            • Me home secured just fine,will happily live without cops and dumb laws and willing to enforce common sense personally,i.e. rapists/muggers/murderers as am sure are millions of citizens.

            • To many ppl breaking the law already,
              What law, unjust corperate laws, surely you know most the BS laws are unconstitutional, i dont care how you rationalize it most the crap people get arrested for is just that crap, actually city cops are not even supposed to do traffic stops, but now they do, you get fines for no insurance but its actually unlawful to force someone to buy any product or service, DLs are unconstitutional, drug Prohibition is unlawful, how can you justify this, enforcing unconstitutional laws are more criminal then the supposed crime being commited…just because some beaurocrat says its illegal to do something now and a law is on the books, does not make that binding, you are either for the constitution or not.
              Sorry sarge but your blue is showing in that last comment, and its verry telling wher you stand, and thats ok if it works for you, but as for me i will exercise my rights even if it means my death, i wont put my handas over my head, i wont kneel on the ground, so go ahead and shoot, i will meet my maker with my honor intact.


              • Got a couple of questions for ya sarge,

                When it becomeas law to force vaccines on people, will you enforce that law?
                When gun conviscation goes into effect, will you enforce that law?
                When they start arresting constitutionalists, will you arrest them?
                When they start arresting ppl for political speach, will you join in?

                I guess what im getting at. Is at what point will these theoretical good cops say ok enough is enough, when will they enforce thre real law. Ok we get it bad ppl out there, yada yada, but its hard to deny real criminals are no longer the target, we the people are. And it wont be long before you will be confronted with these very questions in real life, i wanna know, do they even think anyone will trust them SHTF, if we cant trust them now…


                • I see you’ve been waiting quite a while for a response from the “good” sargent. I hope you aren’t holding your breath.

                  As someone else has already pointed out, there can’t be any good cops because, if there were, there wouldn’t be any bad cops.

                  What they (all police) would like every one of us to ignore/forget about is that we the people granted them the power to self police, self regulate. That means that it is their responsibility to clean themselves up and act right! If they don’t then they have violated our trust and they need to be punished.

                  Listen-up “good” cops — the clock is ticking. Clean-up your shit or we’ll do it for you!

                  • Yup, im actually disappointed, i thought they were all legitimate questions, im not trying to be an ass, i just want to understand, understand why i should have any faith in police, i know lots of LEOs, all nice guys i guess, would nevwr trust them to have my 6, why you say, well lets see,
                    Now police forces are armed with combat equipment to use on us, they are now told, and comply with the idea constitutional minded people are a threat, vets, christians, all a threat to national security and police, no hesitation training, shooting dogs for no real reason, when protests are peaceful they send in agitators so they can play, roadside strip searches, unlawful roadblocks swat raids on small charges, enforcing laws that unconstitutional, and a few personal experiences ( nothing bad, just encounters lets say) that enlightened me to the fact that if you dont know and exerscise your rights, you have none, and will be bullied into submition…


                    • Secret, and everyone else!!
                      Why is that if you look at all the people on this site, it looks like I’m thinly one being questioned about my Patriotism?

                      Is it because I’m a Cop? I’ve been a Cop for 30 years. That’s right OLD SCHOOL 1980’s version. The type that walked Main St. Stopped and played a little Basket B., and Baseball, and Football (real football) with the kids.

                      I would like some of you to look into the mirror at your self before questioning others about their Patriotism!


                  • Secret, and Jaw
                    I’ve been out of town this week end and just got back home. Forgive me for not answering your questions sooner.
                    #1 Vaccines. No only no but HELL NO!. Have an Ofc. friend that gave two of his kids the shots and well you know the rest of the story. #2 You guys must be newbies here because I have answered this question many times. NO, NO, NO, They will have to take mine first before they take yours. #3 Why would I arrest a Constitutionalist? I would have to arrest myself first.
                    #4 Political speech Why would I do that you can say what ever you want. Political speech is what we need right now, and no Politically correct B.S. please.

                    You know I have answered these questions too many times. I’m here on this site to try and help people through the coming HELL. Not to be questioned on what kind of a PATRIOT I’m. Damn it man! If you cut me I BLEED RED, WHITE AND BLUE. I FLY MY STARTS AND BARS, AND MY GADSEN FLAG EVERY FRIGTGING DAY.

                    I hate some of the laws they have passed down, and I don’t enforce them. I only arrest people if someone signs a complaint. Or like the drunk idiot the other day that crashed his motor cycle and left the scene. Why he was drunk. I know I saw his great looking Harley setting at the bar from 1000hrs till 1900hrs when he crashed it. Not great looking any more. One ticket for leave the scene of an accident and the other for failure to give information after an accident. If he would have stayed he would have packed up in an ambulance and taken to the hospital and that would have been the end of that. I figured he just killed his baby (Harley) he paid enough.

                    I hope I answered your questions.


            • Probable cause sgt dale…u need probable cause…a little more than reasonable suspicion.

            • Sarge, it sounds like d and hj have been on the crackpipe way too long. You went easy on them compared to what I would’ve done.

          • desertspeaks

            sounds like he answered your question. YES he would. Thin blue line always reigns supreme.

        • Power

        • Sgt.

          Someone in their own yard has the right to video tape you, or in a public place for that matter but especially on their own property.

          The man had broken no law and done nothing to warrant the cop stopping, observing him, getting out of his car and drawing a gun on him, or trying to intimidate him and provoke him into doing something to warrant his actions.

          Rethink your position, you are not viewing the situation clearly. The cop here initiated an unwarranted aggressive action against a law abiding citizen.

      31. If your gonna be stupid, you better be tough. Bullet proof too. ;0)

      32. Knives are one thing.

        Screwdrivers and Ice Picks are another. The time to close in on the target with a hand held weapon can be quicker than him drawing his handgun for protection.

        • proven fact: a knife beats a gun within 10feet.

          • Knife does not always win.

            Cop’s ego overruled his tiny little brain. Cop sees man filming, Cop gets out of cruiser and pulls his gun, cop labels civilian a constitutionalists crazy, cop bullies the civilian at the point of a gun, cop gets back in his cruiser and drives away.

            Cops are the most dangerous members of our society. That was not a drug addict, mobster or gang banger threatening that man. It was a uniformed officer with a badge driving around in an official vehicle that pulled a gun on that guy. Anytime you can walk away from a police encounter without being beaten, jailed or killed is a good day. That civilian is lucky to be alive. He was just one false move or itchy trigger pull away from death.

          • Unless the gun is already drawn and pointed.

          • Try 25 feet. I have a video, bullet proof self defense, and they demonstrate this over and over. Even when trainees knew the guy was going to pull a knife in them not one could get his weapon into a firing position before the attacker was upon him. This is a DVDs to own, so that if you ever do have to defend yourself, your attorney can have a starting point for facts to defend you.

          • Slingshot and Bruin, if the intended victim already has a gun drawn out, the attacker with the knife can forget it. Like Sean Connery said in that scene from “The Untouchables”, “Just like a wop. Brings a knife to a gunfight.”

            • Braveheart.

              Although I like the discussion about bringing a knife to a gun fight. There are more important subjects. Product dependability, edged weapons, hide in plain sight tactics and so on. Don’t get me wrong I like to bitch about things like anyone else. But time is short. Urgency fills the air. Too much “Why” and not enough, “How To”. For example, Can you plug a tire? Change a tire safely?
              In a few minutes I am headed to the Flea Market to buy some Bandana’s. Multiple use item and a dollar a piece.

              The store sells the same item for $2.00.


              • slingshot, your point is well-taken by me. My prepping is still ongoing also.

      33. Full retard. The cops are hated and they want it this way. They work for our oppressors and don’t believe in serving their community as a whole fuck them they are douche bags. I avoid the cops like the plague. I won’t help them when the shit goes down and anyone that does will be just as hated. I’m glad this guy filmed this if people didn’t do this cops power would go unchecked. Cops are the Gestapo.

      34. Caused by too much sugar from the donuts?

        • Too much flouride in that nor cal water

          • Too much power.

      35. Shaking your fist on a public forum at a gang with hundreds of armed and trained members, who know who and where you are, who can sic dozens of them on, may be satisfying but it isn’t smart.

        Smile a becoming smile when you interact with them. Pretend respect and deference.
        When they say jump, jump and ask how high. Ask good questions. Listen carefully.
        They’re more inclined to converse with you if you appear to be no threat.

        But bide your time. On your terms, at the time and place of your choosing, decide how you are going to take them out one at a time.

        Because making a frontal Picket’s Charge against them is exactly what they want you to do. They will take you out with little or no loss to themselves.

        Your objective isn’t just to fire off a few shots. Your objective is to do them the maximum possible harm while surviving to help shape the free society that will follow the onrushing turmoil.

        The race does not always go to the stronger or faster man. Sooner or later, the fellow who wins is the fellow who thinks he can. The fellow who thinks more clearly than the adversary.

      36. Why wouldn’t he just take his hand out of his pocket? Because he is a piece of shit scumbag that doesn’t think he has to listen to anybody or follow any rules of an orderly society. Assholes like him dominate society and that is why the police pull out their weapon. They don’t want to get shot by some scum bag that clearly has a chip on his shoulder about something.

        • So exactly which rules was he disobeying, and where are they codified?

          It seems the cop was the one disobeying rules of civilized society by aggressively approaching this man with a drawn gun without legal reason to do so.

        • is it against the law to have your hand in your pocket? in your yard? BAN THE POCKETS. what a bunch of Bootlicken cop slurping suckasses here. Mountain Trekker, Bravesheep, Stayin alive, you cocksukers will kiss Dales copbutt until the power goes off.

          • It must suck having to post under ‘anonymous’ because someone couldn’t think of a better moniker than that and also had too low of an IQ to understand the scenario which took place.

      37. It must suck to be a cop and be so fucking paranoid that you gotta be a dick all the time. But hey that’s what they signed up for . Can’t join the marines and say you don’t feel like fighting. Cops are on the losing side for sure. The psychological fear game on them is working.

      38. The flagrant boot licking here is pathetic and sickening!

        • Shaking the bush boss…

        • Agreed desertspeaks. You are failing to take into account that many posters here are law enforcement (some retired ) or are the family members of cops. They are blinded to reality.

          There will be a day of reckoning soon, and many cops will have to answer for their actions.

      39. Badge, gun, and easy bake oven brain. What could possibly go wrong……
        By the way pork, you swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, so if you were actually a man of your word, you would be one of those “crazy Constitutionalists”.
        But instead, you’re just a scared little man.

      40. I felt my life was threaten, any time the cop gets out of their car I feel that my life is threaten. One of these days people are going to draw their carry weapon for protection now who makes the call, its going to be shoot first and see who is still standing. This SH~T is getting deeper by the day. I carry for my self protection from no matter who it is, they pull a weapon on me expect the same from me. If I’m doing nothing wrong why should they stick their nose in my business. Blood is going to start flowing in the streets.

      41. There are two sides. We have to understand the cops side and the citizen side.. cops run into some really crazy crap out there. With the roaming criminal dred lock thugs all over this city especially in Houston, I know of areas that cops are literally afraid to go into. Areas that gangs literally own the frickin town.. these days it’s dog eat dog. The felons and potential felons are armed, carrying guns on them all the time. These thugs are shooting people in Houston on the freeways, because people are driving too slow, or other nonsensical the time a cop has someone asking him things and being non cooperative, what does a cop do.. if 3 cop is not careful be could wind up with a problem..i have learned to see it from a cops perspective. Besides I am friends with a cop and you people would not believe the crap going on in Houston. Women driving without insurance and no registration get pulled over and ticketed, then go and accused the cops of sexual harassment, assault and other lies and crap to get of out of the Ticket. Yes, this has happened many times. So what must the cops do. 60% of drivers in Houston in our booming city drive without insurance. Can you believe this crap. And people complaining about being pulled over by cops. What are they to do, ever get the sh…t knocked out of your ass by and uninsured driver?.. f…k people who drive without insurance. When a cop is taking to someone they don’t know what they are dealing with, so if you talk crap to them, they will act up, it’s just how it works, but we know that bad cops are literally acting like they are God, these are just the lower intelligence types. Their is good and bad in every walk of life. Like cops tell me it’s literally up their discretion to decide what is a threat and what’s not a threat. What I recommend is to cooperate and save your self the trouble. We know that they violate the 4th, the 2 nd, etc but it’s the f..ked environment that we are living in now. We have to be intelligent and look at it from their perspective. Go on YouTube and watch cops outrageous videos and see the crap they are dealing with in the streets..cops are necessary balance needed to keep criminals at bay..if cops were not aggressive then the crime wave in our major cities would literally be out of control. Our cities would be run out by criminals. People don’t seem to get this fact. Who do we need to see in the streets the UN in tanks, or cops. I prefer the cops, f…..k. the United nations.


        A different perspective.

      42. That silly old man is too addled to be carrying a gun or enforce anything. He keeps that shit up and someone’s going to kill him one of these days……

      43. HCKS.
        All this talk about bad cops and I will bet very few has here has had an encounter with Police in another country. The jails there are another subject. I have seen what happens to people when they smart off to over seas police.
        One thing for sure you can not prep if you are sitting in Jail.
        So if you have a broken light on your car. Run a red light. Speeding or doing a California stop. You set the stage when contact is made by police.
        You know if you don’t have insurance or driving without a good license or registration.
        Crime is on the rise and you can imagine if there was no police patrolling. How thin is the line between order and chaos? Getting thinner for sure.
        It is nice to have a person settle disputes in the neighborhood and put the bad guys in jail.

        But I’ll tell you, if the Police said I am on my own.

        “Game On!”

        Are You Ready!!!!!!!!!

      44. This cop will really freak out when he sees my army of zombie goldfish!

        • Or my zombie pet rats,

      45. Race War is coming: All non-white vs. All whites look no further than a few months down the road if that. Prepare for it now not when. Now where will the badges be; on the side of the Government and against everyone. The race war will lead into Martial Law sure as shoot’n. Good luck to you friends in this battle that we are facing.

        • FWIW, the local and state badges will be at home protecting their families. I do expect the FEDERAL badges with foreign troops will be confronting us and they’re going to lose.

          • BH: I agree that’s where you separate the wheat from the chaff good badges will be home and the bad badges will be out roaming the streets. I see where you are looking to buy another shotgun I like one that will handle 2 3/4–3 1/2 that way you cover all the bases. My favorite is the Mossberg 835 with a tactical stock.

      46. Rohnert Park public safety officer

        Is he a real policeman???

      47. When you think about it, actually this fascist boot licking trash is right-You would have to be crazy to be a Constitutionalist, because their is NO MORE US Constitution in this Corporatist NWO controlled Orwellian Fascist Police State nightmare full of coward Zombies scared shitless of the TRUTH. Just because some raggedy old piece of paper sits in a vault somewhere, and fascist boot licking coward Zombies get to view it during certain hours, that does not mean the raggedy piece of paper actually means anything or has any POWER, especially when it has been spit on, shit on, and torn up by the Corporatist Fascist Globalist NWO monsters, and their boot lickers in the NSA and other criminal treasonous alphabet government agencies controlling this collapsing Police State nightmare.

      48. He had it coming! Crazy constitutionalists!

        @NSA: +10,000 bonus points!

      49. Why are people sympathizing with the police. Sure they see and deal with fucked up shit . This is called nature of the work . It has nothing to do with working conditions. Poor working conditions for cops would be worn out equipment and cruisers. Don’t feel bad for them people they do not care about your nature of work. They are not forced to be cops against their will. They are free to quit and do something else for a living. If they were smart they would. I don’t call the police ever even if it gets real ugly .

        • Nice one Ass… Me likes your style… Fit for the little piggy wiggies.

      50. Sgt, good comment. That s what I call another perspective. People don’t read crime stats. With all the veterans and patriots in my area, and severe armament, I am still supposed at the crime in my area. Armed robbery, burglary, theft, sexual assault, rape, murder, vandalism, shootings in the freeway. Mt mechanic had a fire blowout 5 month ago on 45, and a car pulls up to him. My mechanic is black, and good citizen, and one damn good mechanic.. the next thing he sees is a group of black thugs pointing a gun in his face trying to rob him, so he pulled. They extracted and decided to avoid the fire fight, he called the cops and reported it. That’s how bad crime is in Houston. Our city is over run with crime..its really bad in Houston. One lady was pumping gas. You name it, it’s happening. For all the cop haters on this site, good luck to you. When we get the crap EMP out of our will wish cops were reachable to save you sorry asses..let the thugs do the police work for your neighbourhoods..I have read One Second After and Failure of Civility and Selcos course.. for you new posters, who are not Agency azz clowns, but you are here talking crap to police, you have no earthy lyrics idea what a calapse is about… if your talk crap to cops and end up in jail, like slingshot says, you prep when your behind bars.. and you don’t want to be there in a post shtf event..I remenber one local sheriff pulled me over in the middle of shtf even that was localized to me being homeless during the last 7 year schematah, cycle that I ended loosing my house and my Car. .my stickers were expired and things were bad, but I was working and running my business. I do not drive without insurance..i get pulled over and I was pissed, so I explained to the cop that I was in a jam, that I do not drive without insurance. What does be do, he wrote me a ticket for $165.00. And the tickets was going to be over $500. He said I am going to give you a break because your policy is in force and because I see you in this area all the time and know where you work..that I need to take care of it asap.. what was I supposed to do lecture him on the constitution, and talk crap in his face, and accuse him of watching me then get , my car towed, arrested. No, I listen to the cop and play the game, this is what smart people do. He has his job to do..I paid the ticket. $165.00, cheap lesson..the following year, the same cop spotted me again, I was expired, what does be do, pulled me over said hi, and said that he not writing me a ticket..then let me go. Gee, what a evil guy..People pull your head out of your asses, not all cops are bad, sheesh. If cops were not on the streets no one and I mean no one would have insurance on their cars and speeding would be put of control.

        If you want to call a thug, go ahead.. I don’t call that law enforcement.

        Next time when you get your ass Injured by and uninsured motorist then you will understand that it’s a good thing for cops to ticket the crap out of people.



        My life is based on reality not fantasy.

        • Your life is all one big fantasy and lie, because you actually believe you live in the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”, and even worse you actually believe the fascist boot licking brain dead dumbed down coward Zombie Police are going to be on the right side against the evil monsters controlling this collapsing Orwellian Police State nightmare. The boot licking police and military have sold their souls to the Corporatist fascist NWO filthy evil monsters controlling you and your collapsing shithole “land of the Free, Home of the Brave” complete insanity. They have sold their souls to this fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM for a paycheck and a empty promise of a pension it is that simple. The sooner you understand that TRUTH coward Zombie boot licker the better off you and your children’s future will be.

        • You’ve been financially raped by a crooked cop and you still praise them? If he had a shred of decency he’d have given you a warning and let you go on your way. The guy is a first class a$$hole; the proof is that he stops you again a year later, looking for the same same thing. He needs a railroad flare rammed up his butt and then have it ignited. I’ll make any book you want he is what we call “predatory by nature”. Delusions of grandeur, bloated ego, narcissistic, prone to outbursts of loudmouthism and anger–all the characteristics of a rotten cop. Perhaps a sociopath that slipped through–many sociopaths know almost instinctively how to be the tests, and do so. If you call what happened to you an acceptable reality, you are several bricks short of a load. That he pulled you over and wasted your time when he had no reason to do so, is evidence enough that he is a predator. Period!!

        • If there is a EMP,the cop cars won’t be running so they won’t make it to you anyway. Have a Go bag and a weapon because you’ll be on your own. Good luck!

      51. This site,

        Don’t like the cops.
        Don’t like the military.
        Don’t like the government.
        Don’t like different colored skin people.

        We need a race war. Or an all out world war. A civil war or something.

        When it starts, I’m gonna LOVE IT!!!!

        Are You Ready!

        P.S. Almost left out the Bible Thumper’s :0)

        • Do we really know how this started? Maybe I missed something, I did hear the cop in the video say “I’m at this address”. Did he recieve a call to respond to an incident at this address or did he just happen to drive by and see the guy with his hand in his pocket taking a picture. One or the other, could call for a different response. Trekker Out. Just A Thought!

        • Sling, don’t leave us out 🙂

          • Grandee.

            In the late 1950’s to early 1960’s I remember we were never afraid of the cops. The Military was respected and looked up to. Our government seem to be doing the right things. Was not into the race problem. Was going to church every Sunday. Low crime and lots of jobs

            • “Low crime and lots of jobs”

              Add GOOD in front of jobs and “bingo”; thats the fulcrum to the up and down of society.

      52. Seems like both over reacted a little bit.

      53. Dhconner..dude I understand your opinion.. I see things differently..i am open minded to a lot of things. Gays, faggotry..not my thing. My mind is closed off.

        My office is less than one mile from a fricking police station guys, why would the cop not pull me over again while people are driving by the police station speeding doing over 55 in 35, and he caught me. I was spending past him, so he didn’t t know it was me for certain and pulled me over. I don’t the ticket for speeding not did he give me the ticket for the expired registration. That makes him a first class asshole? Wtf?

        Cop- hey what’s up, oh its you.

        Me- what’s up man.. Yea I gotta get my thing paid up.

        Cop- gotta slow down a little. I will see you later.

        Me- ah, thanks man.

        No ticket no bul….i…t.. I then drive off and go on about my business. Oh is it the fact that I am ripping 55 mpg in 30 and drop I’ve past his ass and got caught?.

        I have my own business..y
        Lets discuss financial azz rape?

        Financial azz rape is when you get you ass hit by and uninsured motorist and get injured, broke your forearm and your ass is in a hospital, you have no insurance the other driver has none.. illegals are getting a fee ride, I an not and then they cut you a ticket for $15,000.file a lien against your azz with the city because the insurance carrier won’t pay the hospital bill because it’s Farmers insurance that specializes in daily and month financial azz rape of its clients.

        How do I know, been there done I must argue with the cop and. Start sh..t with him, lecture him about the constitution tell he is a prick, etc. This is how I solve my problems?

        He is bad because he is pulling me over?..what the hell is wrong with you azz clowns..

        My problem is with the term cops do this cops do that. It’s sounds like all cops the way you talk. That’s just wrong.. like what Sgt Dale said, call the thug Dred Locks next time when something happens, let them handle it for you. A Lot of cops are secretly prepping for calapse, did you now that. They are human too. It’s not us that they are worried about, it’s the thug, dred lock gangster contingency.



        Tickets versus finacial azz rape.

        • HCKS, I love your posts. The retired cops in my family also prep. I also never trust anyone in dredlocks.

      54. Name, badge number, address,
        Kill the mother fucker,

        • I share your sentiment Kula, but be careful of making such comments as bluntly and openly as you did. There are feds on this site (they frequent ALL alternative media sites). Not worth getting caught up over some stupid internet comment.

          • Never said i would do that,,,
            What about that race baiter Farracon calling for 100k blacks to kill cops?
            That they need to be concerned about

        • KILL KILL KILL

        • 100 Heads…it’s not just an idea, it’s a reality. I hear that they will answer for their abuses to be sure.

          They all live somewhere that’s not too hard to find.Someone could stake out a doughnut shop to get a positive ID with a long lens, then watch them at shift change when they leave the “office” in their car. I doubt that many of them are smart enough to not go straight home. Most are on an ego trip and think they are above the laws of unintended consequences.


          They should really learn that they are a minority. Some day the worm will turn. Probably…

          • 100 heads and 4G WF

      55. I think all this commentary on good or bad cops don’t mean too much until the balloon goes up. I am sure by that time whomever we encounter will be subject to becoming the enemy in a split second decision with preconceived notions. Race, apparel, speech, dialect, and body movement may determine if you pull the trigger or not. I am way past who is good or not. It is all about the Threat Level. Can be one person or a Hundred. Man, Woman or Child. All the same to me.

        • I couldn’t waist a child. No way… EVER.

          • We are teaching children to shoot guns and giving military training to them. If he has a weapon in his hand. He may be toast.

        • Smart, very smart. Target discrimination is going to be easy at some point. If you’re not a local you are dead.

        • We’ve had game cameras on the dirt roads nearby to monitor traffic for a while now. No new vehicles.

      56. In the end society creates more and more laws requiring a greater Law Enforcement presence. The idea that personal behavior should be controlled by government created the war on drugs and a professional privileged class to somewhat enforce it. The end result can accurately be described as a war on the Bill Of Rights.

        More laws, more law enforcement; its that simple.

        A couple of thousand years ago a question was raised, “Who protects us from our protectors”? We’re still waiting for an acceptable answer to that question.

      57. Moved the youngest to college today. Picked up some chick feed, deer corn and mineral block. Took a ride over in the back forty to scope out a place to plant a green patch and beets for the deer. Jumped a good sized doe on One side, when I made it around the place, jumped a coyote. I have a plan for the coyotes. They won’t be here long. .22 mag through the hips, and the whole pack runs to the rescue. Pick them off one at a time.

        We have a mink getting into the chickens, we’ve lost 3 now. Got the live traps set and all the birds,into 1 coop, until we can run a layer of chicken wire over the weld wire on the upper half of the coops.

        I wish I could get my husband to under stand the importance of hoeing a garden before it grows up. The tomatoes have been swamped. For ten years we’ve had gardens, mine and his, and he lets his stuff grow up and it makes it much harder. I’m working my ass off and he’s at home doing half ass. I know a lot of you guys have probs with women. I love my husband, he’s smart and handy. But he likes to do little for 6-8 weeks then tries to do everything in one week. When SHTF that won’t cut it.

        • No Pity, Just tell your Hubby from now on, you are only going to cook and do his laundry ever 6 to 8 weeks. He’ll get the message. Almost 6 Mths at my BOL and all I do is jump from one project to the next, till the place is dialed in like I want it. And Im doing this full time. Being self employed 20+ yrs, I can pick up business when Im ready to go back and do that. No doubt, dont put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. He could be come disabled or hurt, guess whos workload will double then?

      58. NPPH, my female cousin who owns the BOL I’m going to has been known to take out coyotes with 00 buck. Sounds extreme. I didn’t know a coyote could be taken out with a .22. I’ve tried telling her save the buckshot for something else, but she’s hard-headed. You may want to look at getting a good 12-ga. shotgun for home defense. I’m building my piggy bank back up to get another shotgun myself. I agree your husband really needs to get on the ball and really do his part. It’s not right for everything to fall on you.

        • I have my dads .22 Magnum, he had it zeroed in and killed many deer with it. .22 Mag has been a lot easier to find than .22 LR the last couple years around here.

      59. Should have replied “no… I’m a leavemethefu*kalonealist”.

      60. Why to people like to play games with cops and then cry about how things turned out ?

      61. “There’s a man with a gun over there telling me I got to beware.” Too, many a badge, gun and power makes them GODs in their own eyes. One of these days Alice one of these days zip, boom, pow, one of these days.

      62. Gonna have a lot of sweet potatoes this year. When the shtf people will be working to get shit done they will not be living off the fruits of my labor. I’m not working all day to share my earnings with people while they sit on their ass. Fitness to work is something people on this site do not talk about . It’s like they think they will be able to do things with their overweight high cholesterol and blood pressure. Good luck most fat people complain I’m not attacking fat people just saying get in shape if you wanna be able to take care of yourself. Get of prescription meds too. The stuff is garbage chemicals not good for you has tons of side affects. Do you really thing your overweight out of shape body is gonna be able to fight off potential attackers. If you do get real. Blah blah you have a gun so your now equal ya right . Not saying you gotta be in peak shape but some folks are nowhere near ready in is area. If your serious about surviving the coming shit storm get your prioritys in order. You don’t need another piece of gear.


        ‘Rescued’ Muslim Juveniles Destroy Welcome Center, Gang Attack the Immigrant Housing Center Director and Gang Rape Their 48yr old Care Worker. And all the Italian government does is move them to a new facility.


        there is a huge trend here around the world , including in even Amerika where illegal immigrants are Terrorizing, Raping, Robbing, Rioting, Murdering with immunity from prosecution the legal natural born citizens and getting paid $30,000+ a year each in free benefits to do it by their host country.


          • Hey nina, do you spend all your time looking at internet stories about fear and doom porn? I’m sure all on this site know you’ll NEVER do anything but talk bullshit and post your fear porn viddy’s, why don’t you actually lead the uprising you’re always bitching for, maybe it’s not as safe as computer warfare huh?

            • Anon, Nina posts the truth. I’ve also investigated for myself the things he posts about and they are true. this thing called ‘diversity’ is nothing short of a nightmare for any countries that practice it. do some research yourself before you pass judgment.

              • Braveheart, I don’t need any further research to call nina what he is, he’ll never do anything but piss and moan and never get past cyber war on the net.

      64. How the HELL did we let the country get to this point? Well I’ll tell you; all of our laziness of sitting on our ASS’S and saying I’ll let someone else do it or take care of it, just down right LAZYNESS on all our parts and yes all of us. We are reaping what has been sown we truly have no grip coming. Can it be fixed IMHO NO WAY. Are you prepared to die?

      65. Look who rises to power in America. In 1932, the WW1 vets, the bonus army and their families and backers protested in Washington D.C. for pay they were owed. Smedley Butler was part of that protest. They were violently removed backed by Douglas MacArthur, George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower who then went on to a meteoric rise in power and position. Same in 1963, an obscure Representative from Michigan, Gerald Ford was appointed to the Warren Commission, then ratting to the fbi about two non compliant members of that commission. Promotions came fast, House minority leader 1965-73, U.S. vice president when Agnew was forced out, then U.S. president when Nixon was forced to resign, Ford having never been elected beyond a Rep., was the fix in the JFK murder coverup. The people lose again. Oswald was the patsy.

      66. All cops are nothing but parasite revenue generators. they do have a quota of tickets they must write. Paid vigilantie enforcers of unjust laws. most are assholes. The cant even keep a wife most are divorced. When SHTF the only good cop will be a dead one. Cops love crime. The more crime the better. More crime equals more revenue. They wont and cant protect you . YOYO Your on your own. Erect a fence around your property and keep a locked gate. Have a yappy dog. Those two things will make you safer than the police ever could. You can buy a nice metal sign that states If you can read this your In range.

      67. Its a shame none of the cops on this thread would answejoke questions but thats ok i pretty much know the answers already,

        Its sad but cops should be trying to stop this lawlessness, not enforcing it
        No matter how they try and justify it they are out of control, we have the largeat prison population in the world, full of petty drug offenders, while importing hard criminals to run free, an illegal gets pulled over they go free, yet i get a string of tickets for sliding thru a stop sign,

        We have criminal behaviour in all branches and levels of government, they walk free, violent gangs running rampant, authority figures involved in rape and pediphellia, they run free, illegals everywhere they dont go to jail, they get free food and housing, i know there are some cops who think they are doing good, but tha fact is police are now corperate enforcers, and their main function is to supply slave labor to the prison industrial complex, and they will play their part in taking this country down, and you can take that to the bank.

        I dont hate cops, but i do hate Hippocrates and find it hard to understand howyou can prep for shtf while being part of the process of bringing shtf to its end game, and prepping cops do not impress me, not only are thry betraying the american ppl by enforcing unconstitutional laws on them, they will betray their corperate masters once shtf, does not sound like someone i would trust.

        Just makes me realize how well divide and conquer works.

        Ive had many cops reaffirm that their job is not to protect me its about trying to figure out a way to put me in jail, so i dont wanna hear you good cop BS, its obvious at this point, we are guilty till proven innocent.
        So why are cops not horing their oath to the constitution, why are the prepping instead of helping stop this fucking train wreck, good cop what a fucking joke

        My question s still stand,
        Will you enforce mandated vaccines?
        Will you enforce mandated chipping?
        Will you enforce gun conviscation?
        Will you enforce manditory relocation?

        If the answwr to any of these are yes, then you are just another corperate goon.


        • Did not catch you reply above sgt dale, sorry for the repost, and no im not a newbie, ive
          Frequented this site 5 or 6 years, and have seen your posts and generaly agree
          With most, but my points still remain valid, yes old school law enforcement was much better, but we are not in kansas anymore. I am not trying to personally attack you but you have to admit things are out of control. When will the good cops spoken of do something. going along to get along is how we got here.
          As i said above the police are the front line troops to repress and control
          Americans as they take down our country, why, tell me why they are willing participants in their own destruction, i dont fucking get it.

          Sorry if i seem like an ass but things are getting serious and this powder keg could blow any minute, and as a people we have no cohesion and we are all screwed, you, me, cops all of us…..


      68. Another Unarmed Black Male shot in Arlington, Texas by Police.

        On Drudge.

      69. Video on Utube.

      70. I don’t see the pig’s name mentioned anywhere, anyone else?

        What ever happened, is this douche still roaming the streets stalking people and brandishing his weapon in a threatening manner?

      71. Why do people get so upset when a person sets in motion a set of actions that gets him killed. Dumb Mother Fucker!
        Oh he is a football player with a rap sheet a mile long. Doesn’t want to obey commands. The POLICE HAVE GUNS you stupid bastards. Can you out run the radio or Helo? If you rob a store or a person do you think it was the right thing to do? High on drugs or alcohol, See you on the six o’clock news.

        Avoid the police by not breaking the law or doing stupid things.

        You will get enough action when they come knocking at your door.

        Get rid of the police and let’s see how the WILD WEST works out. The three “S’s” comes to mind.

        • Thank you exposing my point exactly,

          “Avoid the police by not breaking the law or doing stupid things.”
          Conform and comply, its the law because we say its the law, obey orders regardless like good little sheeple, have no independent thought, the constitution is an illusion, freewill is a farce.

          “You will get enough action when they come knocking at your door.”
          We acknowledge they are coming for you, until then be a good little sheeple and consume your GMO, follow all orders and comply.

          What a joke,
          I can see why we will never be able to save this country..


          • Secret Squirrel.

            Conform and comply. There are Laws to be followed in order to live in peace with your neighbor. Our Constitutional rights to be followed too. My point was when do we affirm our Constitutional rights and when do we become stupid. At this time, where do you pick your fight? In the street or in a courtroom. Cop with gun and camera or no camera. No good if you end up dead. Martial Law is not in force.

            As I said before. This all becomes bullshit and since we are headed for tyranny if not already there. Why escalate and get put in jail. If you want to jump in their face. Have at it. I gave up on saving this country awhile back. The people in this country do not want to be saved or they would have done something long ago. I am done with young people telling me to shut the fuck up old man because I do not know what I am talking about. How many young people know what is in the Constitution or will say it is an outdated document.

            Why worry about it. How many tell us here at this site we are crazy and nothing is going to happen.

            • Slingshot,
              I hear ya, and your point is well taken, i guess i just havnt been able to give up on us yet, i guess im still in hopes that many will do the right thing, but it is wasted effort, thats obvious. Im not about getting in authority’s face but i will stand my ground when confronted…

              Ya know im not really looking foreward to this post SHTF nightmare we all face, but everyone’s attitude seems to be stay quiet till they come, then fight, that didnt work for the jews in 39 and it wont work now. This could be stopped, but its almost too late, and when they unleash the final wave of tyranny on us its over, and no BOL will save your ass, thats one of the first groups they will target, they will find your heat signature in the woods, drop a hellfire on your ass and you will never know what got ya. Anyone who thinks they are gonna avoid the wrath of the global takeover by hiding in the woods is delusional, if we dont find common ground enough to stop this crap its over.


          • You are too right! It’s getting so’s I can’t stand the smell of their irrational fear.

            The irony is that when the shit finally does hit the fan, it will be these “good little bootlickers” that will turn on you in their desperate attempt to appease the “authorities.”

      72. How about this?

        No police for one month out of the year. Transfer them over to the Fire Dept. or Road crew. But no Police Action at all. 911 for medical that’s all. No police for traffic accidents or bar fights or riots. Zip, Zero, Nada.

        • In Randolph county ark. Where I used to live. The police are the criminals. one was caught stealing fuel. the police chiefs wife was convicted of dealing drugs from the judges office . she was his secetairy. The prosicuter was convicted of mailing a poison snake to a adversary. Then showed up in federal court on cocaine. Yes I would love a month without any law enforcement. sounds good to me!

          • Hey Gramps… If I ruled the world… Imagine that!

        • Purge mean anything to you?

      73. Imo many of us are missing the big picture,

        I dont fault the guy for drawing his gun for feeling threatened, i would do the same,

        The fault lies in the fact he percieved this guy a threat because the guy had a camera and was filming, and therefore must be a constitutionalist.

        In what crazy mixed up world is that ok, i mean he said it, what are you a constitutionalist, that shows he has a preconceived notion that constitutional minded ppl are a threat… How can that be denied, the issue isnt if the stop was justified, or if there is lots of crime, or if cops are good or bad, its if his minset is justified, that guy flat out said he percieves every one of us on this site a threat, yet folks still defend his actions,

        Talk about mass Stockholm!


        • Secret Squirrel.

          In this country there is no unity. Only a façade of unity that is fractured into so many ideas of what this country should be and how it should be governed.

          • Slingshot,
            Sadly that was a well pointed and articulate statement that cannot be denied and I 100% agree.


          • This “fact-of-life” is an engineered situation. All the while we are fight amongst our selves, the PTB are robbing us blind; bleeding us white! They have maneuvered us into a trap of our own making.

            What needs to happen is to stop fighting each other, but, instead declare open season on ALL artificial forms of authority: politicians, banksters, and the police (assuming they are unwilling to see themselves as 99%ers too.)

            Then we might have a chance to survive.

      74. Keep those video cameras hot and recording, don’t forget to bring a back up camara, extra batteries, and or a battery charger.

        The documentation of the communist fascist occupation of this republic must be widely distributed and publicized. Everytime an agent of government steps over the line whether it is feral swine, district attornys, judges, politicians, political groups or anyone who has influence over agents of government. The public needs to see it and know about it.

      75. It’s all the propaganda that’s got them all trigger happy
        We’ve been under constant threat , and we’ve been speaking out about it
        They are scared , these are actions of scared cops
        Very unprofessional too I might add

      76. I agree with this article regarding the police,please note,current or former cops the point made about changing your own crews behaviour if you want folks to feel you are a part of their society,great article ands should be run here Mac,just a thought. ht tp:// ,agree or disagree this is the truth for what seems to be a majority of the country.

        • Warchild,
          That was a great article, thanks for posting, i added that site to my favs.
          And is an acurate representation of what i was trying to get at.

          • Secret am going to print up and hand out,including if(after I get the ticket)pulled over or for any other non legitimate reason cross paths with cops.I know,about as frustrating as getting folks to see the need to prep,that said,get one to see the light a start in either case.

      77. The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops. ~Robert Higgs

      78. Eessshhh. Once again, we’re being shown where our police forces have failed us; i.e., proper psychological testing of any law enforcement prospect. Just because you WANT to become a cop doesn’t mean you “HAVE” what it takes. It seems that many of the hiree’s these days are “POWER” junkies with some kind of Napolean complex to boot; i.e., no matter how tall they are. I hate to take anything away from the officers who do care and do their job BUT, there are just TOO MANY of these psycho “POWER” junkies with badgs and that’s not going to end well at all.

      79. Yes, the cop was way out of line pulling his weapon. But serious, if a cop gives you an instruction that is reasonable and rational, like pull your hand out of your fucking pocket, you comply and calmly ask what’s going on.

        The guy behind the phone was being an asshat. There was no cause whatsoever for his reaction of ‘I don’t have to pull my hand out of my pocket’. Again, the cop was out of line in drawing his weapon but the jackass with the phone should have just removed his hand from his pocket. The cop had a reasonable concern, if that’s what it was, to suspect that there may have been a weapon in the guy’s pocket.

        The first thing I do when I get pulled over is identify myself as a CCW permit holder and the location of my weapon so the officer is aware and can feel safe. I don’t have problems with cops because I treat them like human fucking beings. You seem to have forgotten that in all of your ‘cops are insane power mongers’ rhetoric. Yes, there are a-hole cops, just like there are a-hole people who give them endless grief. This guy went way off the track as soon as the starting horn went off.

        You want to know why so many cops think that we’re all ‘constitutional crazies’? Fuckheads like you who make an enemy of everyone around you. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Own up. Take some responsibility for the way the world is because you’ve either caused it or allowed it to happen.

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