Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October

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    Last year the American Truckers Association prepared a report for Congress highlighting the susceptibility of the nation’s just-in-time delivery system, the majority of which is made possible by the transport and delivery of freight. In the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a war that drives fuel prices through the roof or even a natural disaster such as a solar flare that renders electronic trucks inoperable, there would be a “a swift and devastating impact on the food, healthcare, transportation, waste removal, retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors,” according to the report.

    The backbone of commerce in the United States are the truck drivers who spend long hours on the road ensuring our very survival as a modern society.

    But with fuel prices continuing to rise, wages dropping, jobs becoming harder to find, and rampant corruption in Washington D.C. furthering the country’s economic death spiral, America’s truck drivers, like the majority of our fellow citizens, are fed up.

    Between October 11th and 13th they have called for a general strike, asking truck drivers around the country to refuse to haul freight, a move that could carry with it a significant impact on the American economy.

    The protest calls for truckers to make their way to Washington D.C. in a massive convoy in an effort to call attention to, among other things, the Benghazi cover-up, the recent attack which killed 25 members of Seal Team 6, ever rising fuel prices, and claims that President Obama has engaged in treasonous crimes.

    Moreover, they’ve requested that the American people join them in solidarity by not shopping or engaging in any economic activity that benefits the government or their corporate interests.

    The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!

    Breaker 1 9 calling on all Trucker to shut America down for three days October 11-13. The American people are bleeding out with no relief in sight, It is time to change the NEWS. Let us show our elected officials that we are 100% fed up with corruption and the blatant disregard of the Constitution that they swore to defend.

    Bob tail it hammer down to the bull$hit city with flags flying high.

    My fellow Patriot this effort is to support the truckers in a major shut down of America ion a 3 day strike October 11th thru 13th.

    Obamacare will be in effect and most people will be ready to take action. No commerce on those days stock up on items that you will need. No banking no shopping no money transactions. It does not matter If a million or 50 roll through DC in this effort. Congress will listen to We The People. Which is remove Obama from office for crimes of treason and misdemeanors. We want Congressional hearing on Benghazi and Seal Team 6. Louis Learner put in jail. No amnesty, remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution. Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. Last but not least is Fuel prices.

    Via: The Truckers to Shutdown America Facebook Page

    The protest comes on the heels of a massive biker rally held in Washington D.C., and other grass roots efforts to hold the government to account for various Constitutional transgressions including everything from stripping Americans of their right to bear arms, to forced health care mandates soon to be implemented across the country (with exemptions for members of Congress and corporations with insider access, of course).

    Calls of accountability have grown louder over the years from all political sides, starting most notably with the Tea Party movement and progressing to Occupy Wall Street.

    The corruption and need for real change in America’s government has transcended political lines.

    If the hundreds of thousands of truckers across America who keep our delivery systems running efficiently were to join together and stop hauling freight for even a week, the impact would be devastating and could not be ignored.

    There’d be no food on the shelves, no fuel at our gas stations, and no medical supplies at our pharmacies and hospitals.

    Congress and the President, who would like nothing more than to be perceived as our saviors and benefactors, would have no choice but to address the concerns of freight haulers, because the American people would feel the effects of the protest directly. And, chances are they’d be in the streets protesting themselves because of lack of access to essential goods they can’t live without.

    We may often feel as if we, as individuals, have no power against the mighty United States government, but as Karl Denninger points out, we have much more power than we think.

    If we get just 10% of America on board the entire game changes.

    Especially when the business world — and government — realize that the next one is Black Friday weekend.

    Just 10% of Americans can change the course of history, much like they did during the Revolutionary War.

    Whether it happens in October, during Black Friday sales this November, or at some point in the future, this seemingly untenable situation is coming to a head.

    Robert Kennedy may have said it best:

    A revolution is coming — a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough — But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.

    Robert Kennedy
    Senate Floor
    May 9, 1966

    The snowball in America continues to roll down the hill, gaining speed and mass.


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      1. That is awesome!! Need some help with fuel?

        • I hope the truckers do this!!!! What a great idea!

          • A truck strike, ain’t going to work and it isn’t going to happen to any significance. The government has nothing to do transportIon with other than to strip money out of it.
            If transport moguls like Swift, Schneider, JBHunt, got involved they might have something then, but not in its present makeup.
            The only people that are pushing this thing is Owner/Operators and for good reasons. Buying a rig is like buying a home and paying it off in 5years, that’s no shit either.
            Operators have been decimated in the last ten years. Freight rates haven’t moved up any. Freight brokers need to be castrated. (Leaches in the industry) CH Robinson being the biggest of all.
            The last time I heard of an impending strike there was a really good idea of really how to get one going. STOP THE FUEL TRUCKS!!

            • Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out!

              Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order! 🙂

              • Speaking of truckers…

                …here is a secret that they don’t teach in truck driving school:

                To pass a vehicle, you actually have to go faster than that vehicle.

                • Unfortunately some drivers are idiots, and try to pass another truck when they can only go one to two mph faster. Also John Q Public doesn’t realize that most fleet trucks are governed (speed limiter), for insurance reasons, companies receive a lower insurance rate, and try to get better miles per gallon by not allowing their drivers to be able to put there foot in it.

                  • I am quite aware of engine governors.

                    It is both moronic and inconsiderate to attempt to pass a rig when your own rig can’t go faster than the one you are trying to pass.

                    Spread the word to truckers:

                    To pass a vehicle, you actually have to go faster than that vehicle.

                    [laughing uproariously]

                • LOL – Nothing ticks me off more than a fellow trucker who whips out in front of you from the granny lane to pass another truck – THEN, stays at the same speed as the truck he is supposed to be passing. He’ll sit neck and neck for a few miles, then slowly pass – THEN, when he makes the pass HE HAMMERS DOWN. Yep, they do it all the time to me as well. It’s intentionally done to make you angry. Just cowards in trucks trying to intimidate and bully fellow truckers from behind the big rig – ’cause they wouldn’t dare do it to your face…
                  As far as the strike/convoy – hope it pans out. I can’t make it – but all the drivers who do – will be in my Prayers.
                  ALL Glory to God the Creator – Praise Jesus the Christ Lord and Savior

                  • MAKE way the King of Kings!!!


                    He’s going to change everything.

                    Blink, of an eye.

                    Get ready.

                    You’re going to hear Him ROAR.

                    And then America,

                    All of America, diversity, young, old, established, poor,

                    RAISE up OUR COUNTRY

                    and fight the New World Dis Order!!!

                    FIGHT! RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY!!!

                    WE ARE AN AWOL PLANET.


                    GOT THE MEMO?


                    AND THEN WE WILL ROAR!!!

                    AND TAKE BACK OUR PLANET!


                    YOU DO NOT COMMAND A DAMN THING.

                    MAKE WAY.

                    MAKE WAY.

                    THE KING OF ALL KINGS!!!

                    AND AMERICA,



                • @Johnie Boy Outhouse, Your smart butted comment has nothing to do with this article. It’s losers like you that always spit on those that do yet where’s your comment on those that don’t like the 47%. You have no idea what it’s like trying to make a living with a company truck that goes 62 mph and a 100 mph dispatcher or all the mega companies that expect their drivers to be creative with their log books at the drivers expense or else you sit in a dirt parking lot for 4 days with no pay. What a Truck Driver actually goes through every day when people like you cut them off & pass them on the right. Maybe if you drove safe Americas Truck Drivers would show you some respect in return but that’s common sense and they don’t teach common sense, you either have or You don’t.

                  • It’s sad that you feel that way. Company driver or independent, your all in the same profession and that driving a truck. You should be ashamed to put down another truck driver. Company driver or independent ,there’s pro’s and con’s either way but your still truck drivers and the shut down will benefit the company drivers just as much. Mostly it will benefit the nation. So it seems it would be best if you just kept quiet and just kept driving. He already told you that they didn’t expect you to join them , knowing you would lose your job. Think about it FIRE.

                • Here is something you have not learned obviously:

                  1. Trucks are governed to only go so fast

                  2. Generally a “slow” truck may only be governed to go 5 Mph faster than the trucks it’s passing.

                  3. A trucks speed can be compromised by the slightest of inclines.

                  4. Thank a trucker– Everything you have was transported at one time or another by a truck!

              • Ann, come forth out of the van.

                Time to lead!

              • DAMN RIGHT.

                DEATH TO THE NEW WURLD

                PISS ORDER!

              • Choice of a Friday-Sunday seems odd. Why not shut down the entire week? Also, post the home address of some of the worst of the worst such as Eric Holder, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Hugh Grant of Monsanto…Diane Feinstein, Jerkoff Lee, Chucky Schumer…and where does M. Bloomberg live?

                The worst villains should be constantly feeling afraid that a lone wolf sniper is about to pull the trigger and send them to hell.

                Look at how aipac intimidates everyone. Don’t tow the line and they drum up dirt and disseminate such on msm. If that doesn’t work, they arrange an “accident.”

                Truck driving should have the same glamor as flying a 747. Pay should be equitable as well. How to shut down the fed?

              • DK: Who do we vote for: DK Troll, donkeys tail, horses ass or pigs butt? Org. family and close like minded friends and donate to your prepping expenses.

            • I personally recommend rather than trying to get drivers to shut down for one day ( they have tried it many times and it never works ) that we try (think about it after you finish laughing ) NOT HAULING TOILET PAPER, TISSUE PAPER , DIAPERS, OR TAMPONS FOR ONE –TWO WEEKS. anyplace in the country.

              • Ron –

                LMAO! All we really need to do is stop the supply of PMS drugs. The enraged ladies would tear Obama & his Liberal Socialist administration apart.

                I remember reading a joke some years ago that said if we really wanted to stop terrorists in Afghanistan we could do it one day. Just send 1,000 American women & take away their PMS drugs for 1 day.

                I wouldn’t want to face them. They’d take away Al Qaida’s rockets & shove them up their… well, you know.

          • Off Topic…

            The imperial president disregards law.

            Obama Waives Ban on Arming Terrorists to Aid al-Qaida

            “President Obama has made it official: He, as commander in chief of the United States military, is publicly aiding al-Qaida, and he has now waived U.S. law to do it.

            On Monday, Obama officially waived prohibitions in Sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act so that he can give military assistance to “vetted” terrorist-linked opposition groups in Syria.”


            • At the same time he is giving fully Automatic weapons and missiles to jihadists, he is actively proposing taking away semi-auto weapons from Americans….

              This guy in the WH is actively providing aide to Islamic Extremists while trying to disarm us. He has committed TREASON, and the idiot repub leadership supports him…


              • You are absolutely right, thank God for our intrepid news media, they’ll be able to sniff this out!! snarc.

            • Obama is a loathsome, despicable, vile piece of excrement. There, I said it, and I’m not retracting it. Using our taxes to aid a demonstrated threat to our national security while at the same time pushing more gun control.

              Thanks KY Mom.

              • This is what all my teenagers said to do in response to the call for SHUT THE F-ING COUNTRY DOWN, UNTIL THE WHITE HOUSE agrees to abide by the constitution! You GO, GOD Love You TRUCKERS!

                SAIL!, SAIL! SAIL!

                “Let’s ALL go AWOL”.

                Everyone, Please.


                AS, A NATION, AS A COUNTRY, AS A PLANET.


                AWOL NATION!



                  SEND THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

                  BLAME IT ON THE CRIMINAL ELITE!!!





                  AS IN NOT LISTENING.

                  NOT DOING.

                  NOT UH,

                  BELIEVING THE LIES.


              • YH,
                Stop beating around the bush, how do you REALLY feel? I know you are being polite and I laud you for that, however, in the interest of clarity, he is SHIT, pure SHIT, nothing but SHIT, so help us GOD!
                good post.

                • cjmartel,

                  Well said & thanks!

              • YH,

                I agree!

                Keep praying and prepping.
                KY Mom

            • Just amazing.Are you bipolar or what??
              “Hey, guys ‘n’ gals, Ima frum ‘tucky an’ I’n dun give a crap ’bout what chew is tawkin ’bout.”

              • a typical a**hole you are doc. you get all your food from these folks you think are stupid hicks. when that pile of trash you voted for president takes awayr your freedom to be stupid we will laugh at your silly ass

              • DocLLRP,

                Go play in the sandbox…-

                • TxSF,

                  DocLLRP WAS playing in the sand box, then an incredibly intelligent cat vacated its bowels on him and buried both them and its feces, deeply, I guess the stench was too much for the poor cat. snarc.

                • Will two tours in Viet Nam do??

                  There is no way for me to prove what I am writing is true but, here it goes.
                  I am a midwestern resident originally from the east coast.
                  My family has been prepping for over 10 years now and I have been on this blog for a few years now.

                  My major disagreement with KY Mom is that she has no opinions of her own, just links that, more often than not, detract from the discussion and the articles.

                  BTW, I am not from the ‘hood’ nor did I vote for the current resident. In fact, since I returned from SE Asia, I have never voted for a Democrat.
                  If you are going to pile on, please get your diatribes correct.
                  I hope the info above has helped you all to denigrate me in a more accurate manner.

                  • DocLLRP, Ky Mom DOES have opinions of her own and she makes some valuable contributions to this site. I haven’t seen anything valuable from you as of this time.

              • “Hey, guys ‘n’ gals, Ima frum ‘tucky an’ I’n dun give a crap ’bout what chew is tawkin ’bout.”

                Who do you think you’re fooling?
                Truth is – You’re really from “The Hood”, you can’t read, so you don”t “Know what we’re talk’n bout”!!!


              • DocLRRP,

                There is no need to denigrate the good people of Kentucky. Due to my husband’s job, I have lived in many different places and in several other countries. I was not born and raised here, but gladly adopt this state.

                Rest assured. As a former teacher, I can read and spell very well.

                I have learned a lot from the articles posted and from the comments and links that others have shared. Thank you Mac and to all who contribute information. I will continue to share links that others might find useful or of interest.

                Maybe YOU should focus on contributing something useful or of interest, instead of just INSULTING others.

                • Howdy, KY Mom. I just made a response to DocLLRP in your defense and said basically the same thing. BTW, keep those great articles coming. braveheart

            • You have to wonder just WHAT this anti-American jackwagon has to do to get arrested for TREASON? How many laws must he break, how many ways can he demonstrate that he is the enemy of America and American citizens?

            • KY Mom,

              Keep up the great work! Thanks.

              • YH,

                You too! Thank you!

            • Hmm. I do believe we are way pass ‘impeach’ and clearly moving towards ‘imprison’.

              The U.S. Marshall Service is obligated at this point to arrest, without warrant, I might add for high crimes and treason against the United States of America.

              And I quote:

              (d) Each United States marshal, deputy marshal, and any other official of the Service as may be designated by the Director may carry firearms and make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in his or her presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such felony.

              Ahem. TREASON = FELONY

              Sounds pretty clear cut to me. When Congress fails to act, it becomes the DUTY of the Marshalls to uphold the LAW and make warrantless arrests of the villain in chief and several others.

              • Wait until the SOB is out of office to arrest or imprison him, or he will be pardoned by Biden. Frankly I expect the SOB to resign after the next election and receive a blanket pardon from Biden for all of his crimes.

                That would piss off the Clintons too because it would give Biden two years to cement the Democratic nomination.

                Death to the NWO. 🙂

                • Awesome response…also…did you see that little tidbit in the news about Biden running in 2016..I mean really..Biden??? the “insurance” policy for Obama chosen because he is a fool and no one wants him actually seriously thinking about being president…what a joke =)

                • It would be wonderful if Obama would resign, under any conditions, JUST DO IT! Surely the country isn’t so far gone that it would vote for Biden. He’ll have blown everything up by then, including himself, it’s to be hoped. Don’t want the Hildebeast, so it’s tricky. I also see a problem with Kerry, in zombie form, staggering back into the mix, claiming that he saved the US from the Middle East and smoothed out our relationship with Russia. He may award himself the Nobel Peace Price, that tarnished piece of crap, and will impress a lot of loony college kids. Hooray for the truckers and bikers and if you get a chance, throw a monkey wrench into whatever piece of the government you can manage, without breaking the law or causing problems for yourself. The objective is to waste their time and money, not your life.

            • Edwin Veiria Const Expert lawyer at newswithviews website says the Prez is ONLY “Comander in Chief” When hes acting as such AFTER Congress Officially okays declared War. Last that happened was WWII if I recall right.

              Hobammys NOT 24/7 comander in chief as he and msm always love to spew. He is elected as a Prez, comander in chief is like a side job only when necessary per us const clauses. Acording to Edwin who knows what he speaks of.

            • Screw the imperial president and whatever he’ll do or not do. Molon Labe, my friends.

            • So i just have to ask is this strike about making things better for drivers or just a place for people to complain about the black man in the whitehouse. Because if its that go to the polls this strike has to have a focus on driver issues and if you think our issues come from Oboma alone then you are badly misguided. most of the companies we work for today are the reason for the rules the way they are and the drivers accociations are no better. The rules have to change feul costs have to go down. But this is where the focus needs to be all the wing nuts have to be kept in line or this strike is doomed to failer.

              • Great response. I don’t understand why so many people focus on such negative energy when that same energy can be used constructively to do something more than blame President Obama.

          • I know I won’t be shopping or doing anything but sit home on that weekend, in full support. I may even make up a sign and sit outside for a while.

            • I wish they would do it on Monday through Thursday when they could snarl traffic in DC. On the Friday through Sunday scheduled Obummer will be golfing, elected officials will be gone for the weekend to their home districts or a taxpayer funded junket, and their staff will be concluding their insider trading deals for the week before heading off to some resort.

              However, I fully support the call for a strike. This is beginning to sound like Greece and other European countries.

              • I wish the drivers well. I also believe this is a trap for them (the drivers). The gov’t has allowed Mexican drivers a broader area to drive, they are paid less and can be easily subsidized by the fed as are the rails. I just hope this isn’t an action that’ll trigger Obama and company to counter react against the truckers.

                Keep the drivers in prayer and pray for good to come from their actions.

                • Watch the intensity and insanity needle go through the roof about the time the administration starts arresting truckers for obstruction. And then replace them with cheaper more cost effective Mexican drivers and rigs.

                  If this comes to pass, you could see atrocities on a daily/weekly basis. I pray it does not come to this, but you keep on ignoring the will of the AMERICAN people, and aiding and supporting our enemies at our expense and see where that leads. Think the family unit is devasted now, just waste.

                  • Maybe this is what that whole FEMA Zone III alert is about for October.

                  • I could see that. Since that no good pos jerry brown in kalifornia is gonna sign into law drivers license for illegal scum bags so they can now take over our trucking jobs and take part in the voting process too. Until truckers and bikers and all the other Americans get together and physically remove all who squat in the white house and all other state house’s and hang them in public or stone them with rocks, bottles, bricks , blocks, car parts, and whatever else they have on hand to pummel at the lying trader treasonous scumbags, only then will WE THE PEOPLE be able to right the wrongs. They have to much of a foot hold for any demands by strikes or protest to have any effect. They are not gonna throw in the towel and no one in office is gonna rescue WE THE PEOPLE. Only WE THE PEOPLE can save us ……. Maybe……

                  • Are you stating that the Gov’t will hire workers to replace the imprisoned drivers?? How does that happen??

                  • I’ll send the name and address of our Ohio Lib senator and you can write to him, also. You haven’t been ignored or patronized to the highest degree until you’ve been dismissed by him and his staff of tone-deaf baby libs. I, having a family, don’t want it to descend to “atrocities on a daily/ weekly basis” but am afraid it may come to that. One of the posters mentioned yesterday that we better do something within six months, or all will be lost. I think he is right, but am unsure what to do. Our country needs a “real” leader, and so do I. A trucker strike is a good place to begin and I’ll be happy to cheer lead or donate. Just don’t want these people to suffer job loss, imprisonment, or other nasty things an embarrassed government might do to punish them.

                  • DocLRRP do you think The illegals have a problem with taking jobs that Americans refuse to do out of protest? I do not understand your Comment I guess.

          • Sounds like a winner to me

          • i dont think its going to go down ,the reason is ,you cant tell where the teamsters face ends and obama’s ass begins ,and they are the one’s that whole heartedly ,not only put him in office ,but also were instumental in pushing obama care

          • DMLdaily
            about an hour ago
            — I continue to receive emails and FB messages about the latest gathering of patriotic Americans… the Truckers. Sure, I will help them. Have the leader contact me. We’ll get the cameras rolling — I’ll reach out to my TV and radio contacts. Just like last time we’ll get those LIKES flying.

            I’m here to help if they need it. Do your magic my friends.

          • You have my full support!! Remember. We the People are much stronger together than an handfull. We as an group can cause much sorrow or happiness. Take as you will, My support is there 100%……..

          • The trucker strike is just a pimple on their asses.. we need a full on general strike to effect real change!

            • I recall when Truckers Really did it big back in early 1970’s. I think when Jimmy Carter was Pres(?) due to high priced fuel and tons of bad regs against truckers and Especially Indep truckers.

              That last time was Massive nationwide. Truckers did it for at Least Two weeks straight! They had entire freeways shut down. Parked huge semis in all lanes acorss freeway and flat out Refused to move an inch.

              On TV news it showed fed fbi and us marshals climbing up truck steps to drivers doors to warn truckers move it or get arrested etc.

              Them truckers also had guns and told the feds Fuck You! This IS My HOME as I Live in My Truck and anybody that enters My home gets shot. The feds cops Backed off and Fast.

              But this on a weekend when congress is all gone etc probobly aint worth doing. Truckers a few yrs ago did same thing. Drove past capitol and whitehouse blasting horns etc…So what changed? Nothing.

              Back in 70’s when it was Two weeks long and really affected store good delivery etc now That did get good actions done. Not certain of details since I was way younger then and did alot More harley riding and “Partying” and those yrs I sort of spent in a semi haze at times. Didn’t pay such close atten to issues back then.

              I do think thats when indep drivers got fuel surcharge paymnts, and a few other deamands were met.

              Bottom line then was after Two weeks, maybe even longer(?) All them unions and polititions listened better to trucker demands!..This weekend ordeal will be forgoten of in two weeks afterwards.

              A Full nationwide 30 Day shutdown! Now yer talkin!

              Then if all americans refuse to go to work etc they All can join in a massive HUNT down of and RICO-Act Arrests of ALL the Major Culprits.

              Then as JQP always posts…”Nurenberg II” trials time!

              Punish the Guilty, leave the innocent alone.

              I take it that is akin to “Its that Evil 99% that makes it look so bad for the Rest” eh.

          • I personally recommend rather than trying to get drivers to shut down for one day ( they have tried it many times and it never works ) that we try (think about it after you finish laughing ) NOT HAULING TOILET PAPER, TISSUE PAPER , DIAPERS, OR TAMPONS FOR ONE –TWO WEEKS. anyplace in the country.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble folks but this “strike” ain’t gonna happen. It’s just that simple. Down vote me all you like it won’t change anything. I’ve been in the trucking business in one capacity or another since 1971 with the last two decades as an independent owner/operator (O/O) so I know a thing or two about trucking and truckers.

            For starters the vast majority of long haul truckers work for one of the larger trucking companies and they aren’t about to lose their jobs over this. They have mortgages to pay, families to provide for and can’t afford to put their jobs on the line. And they won’t. Just like you there at your computer terminal they won’t be going to DC or anywhere else to protest.

            Through the years I’ve seen literally hundreds of calls to strike and none of them pan out. (the exception being the 73 (I think it was 73) truck strike) Everyday I hear from people who think they know everything there is to know about truckers and trucking after watching Smoky and the Bandit over and over. Got news for you people… Smoky and the bandit is a movie. Trucking wasn’t the they portrayed in the 70’s and damn sure is way off now a days.

            I wish you could get a million truckers to jam the beltway. I wish we could get a million computer programmers or a million motel maids, or a million of any profession you care to mention to get up off their butts and protest the Progressive/Socialist/Democratic take over of our once great country but we the people are just too comfortable with our big screen TV’s, unlimited internet entertainment, junk food coming out our ears… on and on and on.

            I’ll be surprised if 100 people show up for this. Most likely the whole thing will just go away. I’ll gladly eat my words if this were to pan out but knowing trucking as I do I can 99.99% guarantee there will be no million trucker strike.

            • As a retired truck driver; I agree with your comments RT.

              The vast majority of independent truckers have a right to be pissed off. Company drivers just get what they knew, or should have known, from the minute they signed on. When i started, in 1993 I was earning .28 cents per mile with benefits. In between then and my retirement I made as much as .42 cents per mile and while I worked as a teamster local, I made as much as $24.00 an hour. My last gig, I worked OTR for .27 cents per mile with “NO” benefits. Piss poor for a driver with about 2 million accident free miles, but I don’t blame the company because i had other choices; just not choices within my hometown.

              The system is still screwy and the independents put their profits into the fuel tanks.

              What few drivers do make a showing in DC, won’t make a difference. There are drivers waiting in line to haul the freight they don’t carry while being shut down. The system is set up now to deal with any strikes in trucking. There are thousands of non-english speaking drivers out there, ready to take the wheel. Are they qualified? Doubtful; but, the Trucking companies and financing companies of the older trucks don’t really give a shit. That is what insurance is for.

              • Your right about the foreign drivers. At my last job for 5 years loading/unloading trucks, I came across many drivers. Noticed many foreign drivers with new trucks and many American owners with old trucks. The foreign drivers for the most part were especially rude, trashed restroom, truck lot and hated to wait. Always at the shipping office window raising their voices, most were Bosnian.
                I have also noticed that many of the truck accidents involve a foreign driver, just read about one who closed i-75 last week. I worry about sharing the road with them. Most can barely speak English, it well known many get others to take tests for them.
                Many American drivers complained to me about the foreign drivers working for less. Met a team from the middle east, had new truck, they cut a hole in the floor to use as a restroom , told me they didnt have to stop that way.
                I don’t think these foreign drivers would participate in any strike, just try to earn from it.
                We need less foreigners, America can’t provide jobs , health care, free business grants, etc. for everyone.
                Btw, did talk to a lot of Walmart drivers, said they were paid pretty good with new trucks, they would NEver strike either.

                • Davis66 –

                  Another reason for everyone to call their legislators & tell them “NO” to Immigration Reform!

                  Most Americans have no clue how devastating the bill is to our country. Allowing 33+ Million Illegals to become American Citizens within the next 10 years will be a real blow to American jobs & our economy.

                  They are here illegally now & they and their kids are in American classrooms, getting American educations from American teachers…paid for by American Taxpayers.

                  Our braindead politicians like to infer that once legalized they will be landscapers, fruit pickers & housekeepers. PURE BS! Educated exactly the same as little Johnny & little Suzy, they will be competing for their jobs.

                  Their kids will compete with our kids.

                  Their grandkids will compete with our grandkids.

                  The results of this monstrous anti-American bill will last our country eternally.

                  EVERYONE! Call your Legislators & tell them NO! to Amnesty / Immigration Reform!

                  (202) 224-3121 LEAVE A MESSAGE!

            • Looks like you are wrong. Hope your hungry!

          • Has anyone heard of a specific day & time that Americans can stand in solidarity by stopping on the road or highway for an hour like we did in the ’70s?

            It was an unbelievable display & sent a message to Washington. Anybody notice that the fuel prices stopped rising & the faux “gas shortage” disappeared!?!

            America unite! Support the truckers and America to remove this pathetic administration from our government we can return our country to prosperity.

            If anyone finds out the day & time for all Americans to stop on the road, start getting the info to us.

            Thanks & God’s speed.

            • October 12th is when our area is showing up to wave signs and flags on roadsides and overpasses, to show support to all those who are able to go to Washington DC. We aren’t all able to travel but, most of us can wave a flag or make a sign to let our country know we are willing and ready to fight when push comes to shove. They use to call us the “silent majority”, Now were the Tea Party, the Patriots, the right wingers, and the sons of Liberty. So Don’t Tread On Me! (US)

        • Trucks are the backbone of the country, trains could not begin to make up the difference lost if trucks were “garaged” for any reason. During the shutdown of air traffic after 9/11, trucks hauled much and saved the country for that week. Few people realize what this country would be like if the trucks did not roll. California, WHEN the San Andreas breaks, will see just what a total nightmare it will be getting anything. I don’t even want to talk about the New Madrid fault going because of all the bridges that would be gone and NO truck could get more than a few miles in many directions. Now, to imagine the San Andreas and the New Madrid BOTH breaking like back in 1812.

          Okay, now imagine a panademic. Those trucks are travelling from point A to B to C…………to Z. A person very sick CANNOT drive a truck. It could be weeks or months before everyone is well enough to function. By then most of the country would have been pretty much lost. People just automatically assume the trucks will come in. Just look at Colorado, there will NOT be very many trucks coming to many locations there for months. Road repair will be delayed there when winter hits.

          Definitely an article that shows the frailness of yet another segment of the U.S. infrastructure that is so dependent on a consistant flow of a service no matter what.

          • A friend that has evacuated the flood in Colorado said that local officials think Estes Park may be closed for 2 years. They lost roads, bridges, and many homes. The water has made it to Sterling, CO 150 miles east and flooded their town.

            When will man learn that he is not God?

            • Shootit,

              “When will man learn that he is not God?”

              It is the sad state of our country. This administration wants people to thank and praise THEM instead. The gov’t hands out free food, housing, medical care, Obama phone, etc. …

              Florida Official: “Abandon Jesus if You Want to Feed the Poor.”

              A Florida ministry that has been feeding the poor (for 31 years) said a state agriculture department official told them they would not be allowed to receive USDA food unless they removed portraits of Christ, the Ten Commandments, a banner that read “Jesus is Lord” and stopping giving Bibles to the needy.”

              The ministry would NOT compromise. It went out and found other sources of food to give away.

              The director of the Christian Service Center responded, “We are a Christian ministry. Our purpose is to help people in need and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are going to pray with them. We are going to offer them a Bible. We are going to counsel them in Christian help. We are going to use our chapel.”

              Churches across Lake City have stepped up to the challenge.


              • Amen. KY Mom

                We try to expose them to God, but do they listen, do they care? Not me to judge, just make it known.

              • Saw that BS too..glad those ladies stood up for Christ and their beliefs. The FDA is such a POS to be sure..don;t eat this and that because if you do…..when in fact, it is the FDA that just approved changes that will allow chicken slaughtered here, to be sent to China and “processed” and then, shipped back here…WTF?? Like China is the N Star of health and respite! What a joke. Anyhow, I was elated when the women in the story you mentioned/cited handed the gov its small, shriveled balls back with a no thanks =)

              • KY MOM: Check This FLA Info out!

                By Karen Schoen
                August 24, 2013
                NewsWithViews dot com

                Councils of Government (COGs) are giving the orders not Elected Officials (Council in Russian= Soviets)

                COG-ICLEI – NGO (Non Government Agencies unelected bureaucrats make up regulations to restrict human activity – These are unconstitutional regulations but rarely challenged. The people are needed to scream.) These unelected agencies train local governments how to get grants which eventually equates to loss of private property and higher taxes but makes them part of the COG as part of a region by erasing county boundaries eliminating borders. According to Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution these regional councils are unconstitutional.

                Who is running the state?

                Here are a few of the more well known NGO’s that are actually a shadow government. League of Mayors, Regional Councils, NACO, FAC, DEP, Water Management, Parks and Recreation, FL Fish and Wild Life, Nature Conservancy, 1000 Friends, Sierra, Audubon, Enterprise Fl, World Heritage, etc. all get funded by taxpayers and then become part of the COG in order to get additional funding of any kind.

                If Governor Scott is on record as against UN Agenda 21, then why is he funding their projects?

                Restore Act is the perfect example of how these land grabs work. The money from the BP Restore Act is being used for land grabs, not economic development.

                Example: Washington Co, FL is broke. Economic damage due to a variety of reasons with future business put on hold, suffering as a result of the BP spill.

                Commissioners are scratching to find $100,000 to close the budget without raising taxes or firing people.

                Instead of using Restore Act money to improve business, industry and farming over $5million will be used to purchase private property at an inflated price and manage same. The property will be now owned by Water Management paying little or no taxes. Washington County will lose approximately $10,000 per year in lost tax revenue. Does that make any sense?

                ATTEN!! FLORIDA!!

                Listen to one of the planners describe the Seven/50 regional plan for SE Florida – same plan different name.

                Planner Andres’ high points are:

                • “Only Mega-Regions are important.”
                • “We need to transcend local control.”
                • “We need to stop having public meetings. Just get on with the plan.”
                • “We only need 4 people to make the decisions.”
                • “Top-down Federal government is best. Bottom up: local officials?everybody talks about nothing forever. We (Seven 50), decides who makes what decision and when, and then download to others later.”
                • “Those who seceded from us the EPA, HUD, DOT -we will crush you.”

                • “Miami and Cuba should become a sister-state.”

                • “We are passing Code Pink. It allows people to act, to reduce red tape. To be in a “free zone.”

                • “Miami needs to become South America. This is the one area where we will dominate. We could throw an election.”

                • “Everything must be planned, NOT TO THE CONVENIENCE OF LAND OWNERSHIP.”
                • “Say what you will about Fascism.. .it is efficient.”

                Seven/50 is on the march with many Regional meetings planned. If you do not understand the danger of regionalism…

                “Regional government is promulgated through Councils of Governments (COGs) and serves to neuter local government through a federalized system of carrots and sticks. COGs are designed to be the primary engine in the United States to advance Agenda 21 at the local level. Example: The Plan for the SF Bay Area is the prototype of what COGs throughout the country will commit to if the Plan is implemented in the SFBay Area. Although residents of the SF Bay area went to meeting after meeting, commissioners trained by COGs refused to listen and this $250 Billion plan to turn the SF Bay area into Hong Kong is underway. Over time the Plan abolishes private property as a system of public private partnerships assume control of our economic future. Knowing CA is broke, who is paying for this plan? Who benefits? Follow the money.” —Michael Shaw

                “Regionalism must precede globalism. We foresee a seamless system of governance from local communities, individual states, regional unions and up through to the United Nations itself.” – UN Commission on Global Governance

                MARCO RUBIO=Traitor! Do NOT Be Fooled by this “smooth” talker Traitor! atten: Tea Party folks!

                “Individual property rights will have to take a back seat for the good of the collective.” Harvey Ruvin Miami Dade Clerk of Courts, appointed by globalist Marco Rubio graduate of Aspen Institute.

                Aspen Inst. IS where All the Globalists, anti-american, types Like MARCO RUBIO are Taught with Actual Class’s Teaching Globalist Traitorizim.

                This article at the above named website and writers name has Tons of Links embedded into the article for massive info sources, Proof galore, yutube vids etc.

                Any folks here that Still Doubt AGENDA21 is Real? READ it and those Links and videos.

                While daily we get distracted by tons of official swindles, and doom and gloom…Agenda 21 Marches Fwd to Destroy america and Patriotic Americans, Especially them what Owns Property! Wake Up if not already wise to it.

            • Never, I hope. It is likely the only thing that makes him worthwhile. Even God does not need a bunch of weak sissies. Strive, win/lose, bleed, strive some more. Admit you aren’t perfect, YET. If god wanted some weak belly crawlers, he would have made more of your kind. Someday we will meet God as an equal and he will say: “Glad you made it. What took you so long?”

              • Paranoid:

                We will NEVER meet my God/Jesus as an equal. Whose god are you talking about? Where did you come up with that brilliant thought?

                • Mormons believe they will become Gods of their own rite, if they meet all of the covenants.

                  • Sixpack:

                    Your e-mail does not work.

                  • once you got the ‘t’ right, does it?

                  • Does the Cult of Joseph Smith (mormons) truly believe, like the Cult of Jim Jones that they can even become better people (much more gods) than even Job – whom even the Spirit in scripture admits was “Blameless and Upright” (Job 1:1) before the Lord G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?! And to whom, when G-d was correcting him before his “Intellectual” peers (his self-righteous, accusatory friends – Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar) – G-d said “Brace yourself like a MAN” (Job 38:3 AND AGAIN in 40:7)???
                    Do they truly believe that they (as meer sinful, unworthy heaps of clay) could ever ascend to even the greatness of the likes of Moses or Isaiah or Jeremiah or Ezekiel or Daniel (Whom an Angel of G-d called “Highly Esteemed” [Dan 10:11], and again “a MAN highly esteemed” [Dan 10:19]). And yet even these Great Mortals (MEN of G-d) were but meer MEN – being called “Great” and “Highly Esteemed” only because of their Faith and true Obedience to the G-d of the Universe!!!

                  • Ezekiel especially makes it clear that NO CREATED BEING will EVER atain G-DHOOD or even a G-D likeness when G-d Himself declares to the King of Tyre (Ithbaal), “WILL YOU THEN CALL YOURSELF A
                    god, in the presence of THOSE WHO KILL YOU? YOU WILL BE BUT A MAN, NOT A gOD, in the HANDS of those WHO SLAY YOU.” (Ez 28:9)

                    Those who believe and live the lie of “APOTHEOSIS” will in the end realize that what they have been DECEIVED into is SATANISM – who himself said (thought) —
                    Isaiah 14:13-14
                    “I will ascend to the heavens;
                    I will raise my throne
                        above the stars of God;
                    I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
                        on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.
                    14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
                        I will make myself like the Most High.”

                    G-d says concerning this:
                    1. But you are brought down to the realm of the dead,
                        to the depths of the pit. (Is 14:15)

                    And …..

                  • 2. “‘In the pride of your heart
                        you say, “I am a god;
                    I sit on the throne of a god
                        in the heart of the seas.”
                    But you are a mere man and not a god,
                        though you THINK you are as wise as a god.

                    Those who know and understand this scripture (Is 14 and Ez 28) also understand that these messages weren’t only being given to “The King of Babylon” (As in the case of Is 14) and/or “The King of Tyre” (As in the case of Ez 28) – but also the the Fallen One, Lucifer himself. The Bible makes clear that at one time, Lucifer was one of the GREATEST amoung that of ALL created beings. And so – if G-d has such HARSH promises of Judgement for him – whom thought he could be like G-d. What thinkest thou will be the verdict for meer mortal men (whom were created “LOWER than the Angels” [Ps 8:5 and Hebrews 2:7]) —- who “imagine a vain thing”, that they “could be like G-d”???!!!!!

                    NO MAN (Or Angel for that matter) will ever “Be like G-d”!!!
                    He is ONE and will 4-Ever be!!!
                    In Jesus precious name!!!

                • True paranoid will never meet your god. Neither will you because he is nothing more than a figment or your imagination and a product of your brainwashed and deluded mind.

                  • ncjoe, if you don’t want to believe in the existence of a supreme being, that is your choice, but other people here do believe in it. None of us are deluded or brainwashed, so don’t start attacking people again. braveheart

                  • So that is what the NC stands for:

                    No Christian Joe.

                  • For those who respond to NC joe,

                    2 Corinthians 6:14 ESV

                    Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

                  • Another bigot, eh?

                  • The “Missing Link” rears his ugly head!!!

                    Hey, “Neanderthal Caveman Joe” — the scientific community has been searching for you!!!

                    Go call your mother down out of the tree, shave her, give her a banana and take some pics!!! Send em in to the Journal of Modern Evolution! You’re the PROOF they’ve been looking for!!!

                  • Howdy, Pissed Off Granny. ncjoe is one of our regular trolls, FYI. braveheart

                  • “You can lead an Athiest to knowledge, but you can’t make them THINK!!!”

                  • Proverbs 26:4
                    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.


                • You won’t, that’s for sure, you don’t even follow your own commandments; judge not. But if you read a little beyond your little circle, you might become familiar with some modern thoughts, only about 3000 years old. Start with Omega Point. Good hunting.


              • Right….. give them a reason to jack up the price of goods using this as an excuse. Just remember. They have us by the nuts; not the other way around.

                Many drivers are like all of us. They won’t take a chance of getting fired to help our movement and we shouldn’t ask them to. Lets come up with something more effective.

                • Indy, there are a lot of owner/operators.

                • They’re going to “jack up the prices” anyway, and already have, so that might be an excuse but we all know better. At least we can make a statement by not shopping and giving our support publicly to the truckers. All the government understands, on federal, state and local levels, is money, so that’s where we hit them. Empty store shelves aren’t going to affect us since we’ve prepared for that and I assume that you have, as well. A New Madrid earthquake is to be feared, and a trucker’s strike would be minor compared to that. What will make the strike successful is our vocal support and writing to our congressmen, pointing out how fed-up we are with them and with the administration.

              • Paranoid,

                You may find this helpful.

                1 Corinthians

                For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness.

                • Do you really think God is interested in a bunch of sycophants standing around worshiping him forever? That’s sick. Consider how lonely it would be, being the only God and start thinking what you would do to get someone to play cards with? Then you might start to figure out his plans; you think he gave you a brain. use it.

                  • Paranoid,

                    You need help, guidance, something that you are intent on not getting. What you have written makes no sense whatsoever. Good luck.

              • God did make and equal, called Paranoid.

              • If you think you’re going be “an equal to GOD”, you’re a damn fool.

            • It has made it to Julesburg and is on the way out of the state.

              • Boulder got the brunt of the rain. God’s judgement for the libs there working so hard for civil unions?

                • Natures response to the fires that laid bare the land. It could not absorbe the water so it ran off.
                  One reporter has a theory: the fires were set to move people out so they could build underground bases to house foreign troops.

                  I don’t know how that would work but it did move thousands of people out of the areas.

                  • So how do they build these underground bases with no roads or bridges?

                    That reporter needs to quit thinking, he’s not good at it.

                    There is evidence that Jihadis have been instructed to set fires to destroy our environment, but no one has caught them doing it yet.

                • I don’t think G-d likes their Murals (Denver IAP).
                  Probably not happy with them playing host to obama-nation (“we are no longer a christian nation”) either. Might want to move out of Colon-ar-ado!!!

                  Isaiah 49:25
                  But this is what the Lord says: “Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you (Israel), and your children I will save.




            • Just a sample of what is coming…

              ‘don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • What did the flood have to do with man thinking he is god? This was a five hundred year flood and building in marginal areas as to water runoff will get you evn in a normal flood. God no. stupid yes.

          • A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.
            Trucking is probably second only to the power
            grid in importance and commercial value.

            • One of the reasons I’m always good to these har working men and women. When I was a hotel desk agent I would always find the right rate and space for them and their rigs to rest. When I’m on the road now..I watch their signals trying to get over or merge and give em the space and respect they deserve and you know..these people give it back to you. Call it courtesy (and their is a lot of that ) but these people make my family’s ability to eat fresh food bought at the store along with thousands of other items possible..thanks to them!!

          • It seems unfair to put this burden on others, but PLEASE, please, please do it! When I was little, my heroes were cowboys, farmers and nurses. Now, they’re truckers and bikers. This action might actually effect a change and I’m so tired of feeling that you just can’t fight Washington. If there’s a fund to contribute to the welfare of truckers, I’ll donate all that I can, and they will certainly have my eternal gratitude. Of course, Obama may just pass another “executive” order of some kind, but it might make him back off a little. Wouldn’t that be sweet!!!

            • Why just the truckers? Why not EVERYBODY go on strike?

              GENERAL STRIKE.

              Works in other socialist countries. Why not here?

              • Who the hell has a job to strike from? Who can take the risk of being fired and never getting another one?

          • dont forget there is lots of places in this country where they have pulled up the RR tracks and have given up the easments ,big parts of SWFL ,and ive been in parts of alabama that have done it also

        • Truck drivers are the life blood of the country, most people don’t recognize it. I think most of the participants will be the independent, owner operators. Drivers that work for a company will fear for they’re jobs. I can easily stop shopping for a few days (or weeks) and help them out. OK here’s your prep tip for today… For an expedient underground shelter bury an empty septic tank with a riser from one of the manholes for an entrance. Airshafts (one on each end) can be made with 4 inch pvc drainpipe. Use a computer cooling fan (12volt) to force ventilation. Pack some charcoal impregnated material (air filter pre filter material) behind the fan inside the intake pipe. Run the vent pipes to an out of the way location then 90 degree them to the surface and cover them with screen and camoflauge them (rocks, bushes, etc.) Get some 5 gallon buckets for use as toilets so you can close off and seal them also some porta potty chems. Use a small solar panel on the surface in an inconspicuos place and run the wire underground to the tank. Use a small 12 volt sealed battery to store power for the fan and led light, radio, etc. Also you can mount a small spy camera outside in a hidden place and have a 12 volt small monitor in the tank (available cheap on ebay). Disguise the entry with a plastic birdbath or anything that blends in. Stock it with food and water and you have your own DIY bunker. This would be good for those that choose to hunker down in place or for a nuke incident, tornado, etc. One reason I like this is there is no concrete work, it’s waterproof, sealed, fast, and looks like your just installing a new septic tank. Just make sure your not too claustrophobic LOL.

          • A good idea for stocking food is the mainstay 3600 calorie emergency packs. A 30 day supply fits in a shoebox and has a 5 year shelf life. Also only costs about 2 fed notes a day! They are great to have in your BOB, and vehicles as they can withstand high temps. Compact and cheap and non thirst provoking they are a great choice!

            • 1 more thing, if your planning on building a shed or house you can install it under the foundation and conceal it very well. This would be ideal for protection and opsec. Use it as a cellar for your preps.

            • …and they taste good!

            • I can’t say I agree with the use of these food bars for anything more than the really short term stuff.

              Don’t get me wrong, my BOB, my get-home bag and a small “life-bag” for every member of my family contains a 3-day supply of these emergency rations. However, these little tasteless bars hardly make for satisfying eating. They are little more than fuel for the furnace. That’s why they are supplemented with energy-efficient and tastier things if only to help with morale and make feeding ourselves less of a chore.

              • PEMMICAN!

                Not sure if you guys have even heard of it, but I love it. I do about 40% jerky, 40% suet, 12% honey, and 8% powdered blueberries (which I dry and then “pulverize” in my ninja blender). Many different ways to make it, that’s just what I have found I like so far. In 1lb of it, it packs approx 3,100 calories. I vaccum seal the package and it will last 10years or more without refrigeration. It’s a “complete” food if you use grass fed meat and grass fed suet (US wellness meats sells 36lb tub for $110 delivered). People have literally eat this stuff for over a year and been perfectly healthy. Not recommending that, just saying it’s good healthy stuff. The grass fed suet has same omega 3:6 ratio as salmon…

                • Hows does blended ninja taste? Do ninjas come in more than one flavor? Do they need salt?

                  • Soy sauce

                • Thing is eating the same stuff over and over again will eventually wear down on you and destroy your morale, make eating a necessar chore instead of taking this chance for a small celebration that can improve your morale. Hell, I should know. I had a detachment commander who insisted all the good rations were his and his buddies and I was stuck eating the same 2 or 3 shit ones at every damned meal for 6 weeks. And that wasn’t in training, it was in Afghanistan of all places. He even tried to bring me up on insubordination when I told him where to go and how to get there when I just had enough and grabbed something I actually wanted to eat instead of what I’d be otherwise reduced to eating.

                  No wonder he got demoted not long after we got home.

                  • Its a wonder he made it…lots of Lt types with an ego in nam didn’t.. 😉

                  • He was just a Master Corporal (somewhere around E-5/E-6) at the time and it was before I got made. Haven’t seen him in a couple of years but last time I did, I outranked his ass.

                    But I was the bigger man and stayed professional. Not saying it was easy though.

            • And the Mainstay ones taste the best, in my opinion. Pretty yummy even.

            • where do you get those at?? I saw something a while back online that was called an “SOS” ration?? Was in a White wrapper …is that what your speaking of is??? Any help is always greatly appreciated!!!!!!

          • Truck drivers are not only the lifeblood of our country, but they also have to drive unbelievably long hours, getting very little sleep!! Very, very dangerous driving conditions!

            • We have strict hours of service laws which keep us limited to only being able to drive 11 hours before we have to take a 10 hour break.

          • The post I made a while ago didn’t appear, anyway… If your building a shed or house you can install this under the foundation for extra opsec and protection. Carry on!

              • That was freaking hilarious!!!


              • HAhaha! Now that’s is what you call ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’!! Thanks! ……

        • Imagine if the farmers would strike along with the truckers? Farmers and truckers would drive the “unappreciative” outside their minds…what am I saying? Progressives have to be outside their minds to be progressives…

        • This is great!!!! Along with the other demands should be something addressing the Monsanto issue. I just read the other day that Obummaer signed bill (forgotten exact wording) but basically its for protection of Monsanto–if people find out their foodstuffs (from GMO’s) is harmful, no one can sue them. NO bill protecting our health, and the president and rich people can eat all organic– just a bill protecting Monsanto.

          • Monsanto and its buddies wont be getting a free pass when TSHTF…if folks are fighting/shooting invaders and terrorists…why would Monsanto think it gets a pass?

            • Monsanto recently Bought Blackwater merc’s org. Wonder why they need 100,000 armed mercenary soldiers?

              They already are tribally conected to Mossad.

              • Only 100,000?…we kin take em!… 🙂

        • Why don’t they do it for a week to 10 days???

          • In responds to Chip. My husband is an owner/operator, he pretty much just drives the west coast area. A week to 10 days for theses drivers is pretty long and if they don’t run they don’t make any money and they do, believe it or not, have families to help take care of. When it cost $500.00 to fill his tank to drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco, you Chip are asking way to much. Some of the drivers will not run that week-end, their plan is to pull off the road into truck stops and rest areas for those 3 days. Please don’t expect more than they can give. My question to you is this, what are you going to be doing while this is going on ? Are you one of those people who sits around telling others how to do things while you do nothing ?

            • Babs i was otr o/o for 27 years, with these people you are preaching to the choir. now i run my ranch, deal with cancer on a daily basis but never give up.

            • I will not run that time period. And I think That company Driver are ready to take long weekend, Over Sleep on Monday or battery down. Drivers Know All The EXCUSES.

        • Do you know there is another event on Nov 11th, called 1 Million Truckers to DC….would be good to coordinate….

        • Corruption in Washington? no way Why would anyone think that????why those poor people in public service need raises more bennies more vacations and we should be thankful we have them,,,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


        • October 11 to October 13? Ominous!!

          A TIME and a PLACE for CELEBRATION

          • A TIME and a PLACE for CELEBRATION

        • Overpass banner hangs would be a good way to spread the word.

        • I’m in! Let’s do it! How about taxi drivers, bus drivers, chauffers and non emergency ambulances.

        • Great! I’m in !!!!


          Remember carmageddon 2 years ago in California? If there are enough truckers interested in different parts of the country, you could have truckmageddon. Freeways filled with stopped trucks.

        • I’m in agreement of a shutdown, but it didn’t work in the late 60’s and early 70’s and I don’t think it will work now. you can’t take a handful of trucks and expect to shut down the country, you have to stop ALL trucks, ,and anyone with half a brain knows what that gets you otherwise your pissing into the wind, and everyone with half a brain knows what that gets you. good luck drivers


          So that everyone can participate, have it in every city clogging all the highways and expressways. Designate one highway for those who cant do the whole 3 days, with enough room to get out when they have to.

        • Has anyone heard of a specific day & time that Americans can stand in solidarity by stopping on the road or highway for an hour like we did in the ’70s?

          It was an unbelievable display & sent a message to Washington. Anybody notice that the fuel prices stopped rising & the faux “gas shortage” disappeared!?!

          America unite! Support the truckers and America to remove this pathetic administration from our government we can return our country to prosperity.

          If anyone finds out the day & time for all Americans to stop on the road, start getting the info to us.

          Thanks & God’s speed.

      2. Everyone is supposed to have the right to peaceful assembly, but I imagine if this amounts to anything Obama will put the hammer down on them like Regan did to air traffic controllers.

        • It would take time for any response from Obama and in the mean time the impact would be felt by everyone. The store shelves would be empty and could cause alot of panic.

          • Dee in NC,

            Re: “The store shelves would be empty and could cause alot of panic.”

            If panic should develop…I am sure the government will think of something.

            “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
            – Rahm Emanuel

        • Not unless they are all in the same union.

        • Trust me… this will amount to NOTHING !!

          • Just_Sayin, I wouldn’t say that so soon. I believe it CAN amount to SOMETHING. time will tell. braveheart

          • second that.

            truckers, bikers, tea party congressmen amount to pinpricks now.

            world govts have shown they’ll do anything to keep in charge(cyprus,syria,obamacare).

            be it taxes or death panels, the US will right itself enough to keep those in charge currently.

            • More and more people are beginning to speak out against the current administration’s policies. A trucker strike for even 3 days would be noticed; but the large companies fear retribution from the govt (IRS, FBI, etc). The super trucker owner/operators could cause problems in DC, but not enough of them to impact cities across the USA. I would support a trucker strike by not buying anything during their strike.

          • Yep, even if the truckers did cause a huge uproar they lack focus. What specifically do they want to happen? Do they want some law enacted? do they want some law repealed? Focus on one or two things or you have no focus, no real voice. Like occupy wall street, they wanted change, reform of wall street. Something I think most of us would actually agree with. But they could not state or agree on what specifically their demands were, so they just dissipated into nothing.

            Many of us don’t like the direction we are headed, but we can’t agree on which way to steer away, so there is no voice to be heard.

            If this happens I will not be cheering them on, I will see them as the sort of rabble you hear about in France orchestrating a general strike to protest having to work past 60. A child’s tantrum.

            Luckily like Just_Sayin says, nothing will actually happen.

            • Wow, after re-reading this, I almost want to give myself a thumbs down. It just came out wrong. Protest for change – shake things up – but be specific: if its about obamacare them make it about ONLY obamacare not holder etc.etc. Get one thing accomplished and then the suits will take notice and make it more likely that you will succeed on the next attempt. But shoot for the moon and fail and you’ll only be laughed at and ignored.

          • Well considering they gave illegals here in Cali drivers licenses I bet they will just give them trucks and a couple bucks and its business as usual.

        • Air traffic controllers worked for the govt. Truckers don’t. All in favor of a general strike.

        • Prepared Pastor: Only problem with your assessment is that ATCs were all federal employees working for the FAA which is part of the Dept. Of Transportation and it’s illegal for federal workers to go on strike, punishable by immediate dismissal (firing). Almost all truckers work for private firms or are independents (self-employed). The president could invoke EO 10999 and technically seize all transportation, but then what? There are millions of trucks and truck drivers, over 2 million are the big-rigs (tractor-trailer). If even 10% go on strike as anticipated, that’s 200,000 trucks and drivers idol for three days. The ripple effect of such a number would be felt for months in the form of all kinds of shortages and higher prices. Not a pleasant prospect. Time to stock up on other short term/everyday items. Johnny Carson made a joke about a toilet paper shortage on the Tonight Show in Dec. 1973. This caused a run on TP that created a shortage/backlog for one month, and it was all a joke. Think what this will do if it happens.

          • On March 16, 2012 President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order entitled the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, which effectively gives the President and members of his cabinet the power to confiscate ‘civil transportation,’ even in peacetime, under the guise of national security.

            I know a lot of soldiers who can drive a truck.

            • Ever hear of road jacks, very Effective.

              • Road jack; Two eight penny nails with the heads cut off an sharped to a point, bend nails into L Shape Interlink them together and weld, it looks like jack. nomatter how you throw it, it will land pount up, tires dont like them. The coalminers would use them when they would go on strike and the trucker thought they would still haul coal.

                • Simplex nails with metal base. If the nail don’t get them the metal base shreds tires.

                • A dollar’s worth of nuts and bolts in the gas tank will disable a $150,000 truck. The “Executive Order” crowd will run out of trucks before the “make our day” folks run out of nuts and bolts.

              • Also known as caltrops.

              • Like that idea! Glass, nails, old schoolbuses…

            • It would be interesting entertainment to see a novice climb in a horse in Yuma Az with a load of lettuce and get it to Hunts point NY in two and half days.
              Salad loads are temp and time sensitive. All produce is. Once you slam the back doors and set the refer on constant 38 degrees, you had better get your ass rocking. Most school trained truck drivers that drive RED freightliners can’t do it. Everybody thinks truck driving is like a paid vacation and just lolly gagging across town. There is a stat that you get only 3drivers that last a year or better out of the hundred you train. Hmm kinda makes you wonder why. I could write a book on this shit! I haven’t got a thing against soldiers but to sit there and say they could just hop in and go over the road is highly uninformed on your part. Long range over the road driving is a whole different caliber of driving. Back when I was driving, I drove a set of 70s. That’s seventy hours of driving a week. Isn’t that 30 hours overtime? Normally. But not in a truck. There is no such thing as overtime in a truck, that’s a fact.
              Obama signed that bill, so fucking what. Obamas and those around him are a bunch of fucking educated idiots. Give them a Peterbilt and they would be lucky to get in the door let alone drive it. I would love to see one of them back a 102 trailer on a 96 dock without without scraping the sides off. Here’s a better one. Try making a right hand turn with a pole on the corner in New York City.
              Pure entertainment!
              There is so many Pitt falls to truck driving you have to wonder how they get people to do it. Let alone maintaining a career in it. That might be why every time you pick up a news paper, in the classifieds anywhere in the country there’s always jobs for truck drivers. If you can call them jobs.
              Hammer Run

              • Back in the ’30s FDR fired all the civilian contractor carrying air mail, and had the Army step in. They had crash after crash and lost something like 14 pilots in the first 2 months. Reckon that’s an object lesson for the types who think the Army could step in and drive OTR trucks on the Hunt’s Point Express line.

                BTW the reason FDR fired the civilian airmail contractors was the his son wanted to get the all contracts for himself. Sound familiar?

              • Don’t know about the US military but the Canadian Forces have a trade called Mobile Support Equipment Operator. In English, they are truck and heavy equipment drivers and they run everything from staff cars to up-armoured bulldozers and everything in between including big rigs.

                The only limits are the vehicles each soldier is trained and uplifted on at the unit.

                Now, I’m not saying they would be able to replace every trucker by your equivalent National Guard (or God forbids actual “federal” military) overnight but probably enough, likely in 2 man crews, so the elites don’t have to feel the crunch, unlike the little people.

            • Prepared Pastor: There are over 2 million tractor trailers in this country, not to mention all the millions of other cargo hauling trucks, and if just 10% strike, does the military have more than 200,000+ folks who can drive these rigs? I seriously doubt they could even scratch the surface. Besides, the strike would be over in 3 days (Oct. 11-13), long before the military could even begin to mobilize and get personnel where they needed to be, figure out what goes where and who’s doing it. Besides, as I said before, the backlog/ripple effect would cause massive shortages and serious price hikes.

        • You can’t fire an independent trucker, duh!

        • He can’t do anything about it, they’re not his employees.

        • The Air Traffic Controllers were in a gov union, they could be shut down. I worked with a couple of guys in the oil field, who had been ATCs, they thought the strike was the right thing to do, but regretted it.

        • The difference if I recall correctly would be that the air controllers worked for the govt and had no right to strike…these truckers would be private persons with every right to strike…

          • …that’s not to say barry cares he’ll do what he wants…

        • Prepared Pastor

          If they come down on the truckers, then the bikers come back. Many cops are bikers. They said they couldn’t come to DC but they came anyway and actually had police escorts. Many bikers groups do fund raisers for local police. Put the hammer down and the government will be sorry they did, and then the rest of us will come. God bless the bikers! God bless the truckers! My love to all you fine people!


        • Air traffic controllers are fed govt. employees. You agree when you sign on not to strike. They also did it right after the baseball strike and that was real dumb as they got no sympathy. In addition Reagan told them what would happen. They did not listen. I knew a postal employee who had been one of those fired air traffic controllers. He really regretted losing the best job he ever had. retire at fifty with ninety percent of full pay and health benefits. Talk about stupid.

      3. Great idea but goods will still flow. That’s the paradox of this move; if you don’t show up to work for two days you could very well lose your job and in this economy where are you going to get another one?

        Also, many goods, i.e. Wal-Mart, are moved via company owned trucks and drivers. HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubtful all those boys are going to step down from the cab for two days, nor will the UPS or FEDEX guys (if they left that WOULD hurt).

        They’ll get some guys to do it but didn’t we do this a number of years ago when gas hit $2 or so? Yeah, I don’t remember starving then either. Nice gesture but diesel will not go down or wages increase because of it.

        • There are always jobs for truck drivers. That’s one job that cannot be outsourced to China.

          • Do they haul C4 and Detcord by truck. NSA can you hear me now? Trekker Out.

            • C4 and detcord the word of the week?

              • Wonder how much C4 and detcord you could haul by truck? =-)

                • PREPPED IN CT and PenCRNA-

                  I have my email set up. Lets talk some!

                  • I have mine set up too.

                  • OK lemme have it and ill email… or tell me what ya wanna do?

                  • in moderation in post below where you state “or tell me what you wanna do”

          • Evident on the back of most trailers with that # to call, Archivist.

          • No, they INSOURCE the jobs to less-qualified Mexican, and other foriegn national truckers…

          • Think they cannot be outsourced? You better check into the former Long Beach Shipyard and COSCO which now runs the shipyard. They bring them here.

      4. pigpen and rubberduck need to watch out for bears in the air…that goes for the long-haired friends of Jesus in the vw miro-bus too

      5. If we don’t stop this incremental degradation of our rights and country within the next 6 months , I believe it will be too late !!!!
        At some point people have to rise up and say enough ….will it be because of obamacare or the next staged event to usher in the UN small arms treaty …..Dianne FRANKENSTEIN ” turn em in mr. And Mrs. America “

        • Howdy, Rich99. I believe revolution is coming, one way or another, and it will be over a variety of issues. Feinstein and the rest of the gun grabbers can go f#$% themselves! I’m not giving up s#$%! braveheart

          • It won’t be the trucker way brave. Telling the date and time of a protest? Everyone in dc will just take the day off. Paid of course. Nothing lasts forever and a revolution is coming. Just not soon. The far right is far out numbered by the occupy dicks. The world may not be how you picture it. I almost forgot my salutation. Blow it out your ass.

            • Urban, how do you know the protest won’t take place? they just had 2,000,000 bikers protesting in DC to challenge the planned Million Muslim March. And how many Muslims showed up? only a few hundred at most from what I could tell. I agree that revolution is coming; only a question of when. However, the far right is NOT outnumbered by the Occupy crowd. Maybe you need to do some research and re-examine YOUR view of the world. I live in the REAL world. Not sure WHOSE world you’re talking about or even from. braveheart

              • Um… no, they called it the 2 million biker whatever to make fun of the million muslim march. They “only” several thousand bikers. Granted the muslims only had about 8 people… haha

                • As a follower of the 2 million bikers, there was over one million bikers – not trying to step on toes, just thought it was an impressive number.

                  • Most however were older Americans. That generation and mindset are disappearing due to age. Most people under fifty have no memory of when this country was not a nanny state fascist enterprise where the govt. pretty much left you alone..

                • As long as the bikers outnumbered the ragheads, that still speaks volumes. braveheart

                • There were 1.2 million bikes or better, and a whopping 27 muslims in DC. And as an ex-trucker you bet your boots I’ll support in any way I can!

              • @braveheart…the count for the million muslim march was actually 21

                • ONLY 21? That’s VERY interesting. Only 21 ragheads would show up for an event intended for ALL of the Muslims in the US.

            • PS, forgot to add, go blow something out of your own ass! I know what I’m talking about, @hole!

          • Well I hope so because if it doesn’t we are really screwed.
            I hate to have to get rid of that crossman 760…….I really liked it ….oh well here ya go FRANKENSTEIN

        • Feinsteinless has gotten even more ugly as IT continues to try to destroy people’s freedoms to protect themselves from the criminals. I know this has nothing to do with trucks moving in this country, but the orgress no one should stare too much. Medusa has been know to turn people to stone. I tell you whenever I see a picture of that female harpy, I have to turn my head away. How can anyone get that ugly?

          • Oppressing the common man is a tough, thankless job and takes a toll on your health.

            In the end her masters will hang her out to dry. Shouldn’t take too long for her by the looks of it.

          • I think Feinswine and sKerry
            are brother and sister. Eeekk.

            • Brother and Brother.

          • It’s her basic character showing in her face. What about the “she beast” Michelle or Hillary?

          • I know Informed, she reminds me of a female version of Hitler! Just look at her stern, unfeeling, ugly face. She doesn’t look feminine at all!

            (and, unfortunately, her actions are as ugly as her face).

            • Hillary, Pilosi and Diane Feinswine are evil commie witches.

          • I would like to see the troll fetch her own water.

            • She is so ugly she would have to sneak up on it.

          • Fineswine and Bloxer. Harpies from hell.

        • Rich, your on a roll. I agree with you for two days in a row.

          • Well don’t get too comfy…..JK

          • Prepped in CT: You are being “setup” along with any “others” here that believe what you think you see.

            • I’m starting to see that. No way is that the real Rich.

              But it sure is entertaining. LOL

              I think we should keep this one. He’s much nicer.

            • Well if its NOT me then let me REMIND you that you have 71 days left and you know what that means , so I guesss IT is me…….don’t ever ASSume things ……not too smart !!!!!

              • September 1: SIXPACK that IS a promise !!! by days end I will be gone . enjoy

                September 1: I said when I was finished with my comments on this article….I will no longer look at any new articles on this site….after im finished on this article answering comments …then you will no longer see me posting.

                Rich99, the obvious one with no HONOR or MEANING to your frivolous rhetoric….you can stick your “count down clock” up your LYING ASS!

        • Seriously Rich99, you need to get a life.(LMAO)

          • I know !!!

            • I don’t know “who” is using this “site handle”(Rich99)…but I do know who-it-isn’t!

              • Wasn’t the other one Rich98?

              • There was a RICH98 who popped up when I criticized the war with Syria that NEVER HAPPENED !!!!
                I AM the RICH99 …..I disagree with the economic collapse and I disagree with us going to war with Syria 3 weeks ago and oh yea ….we didn’t go to war

        • Six months might be stretching it. The UN Small Arms Treaty was defeated. Our far left Lib senator voted for it, but the RINO didn’t. I wrote to Mr. Lib and told him not to plan on becoming a career politician. One of his more illiterate aides wrote back and told me that he was as concerned about gun violence as I was (WTH! I’m concerned about him, not firearms.) and that he would continue to work to serve our interests. He also asked for money. When they’re that damn clueless, you don’t really know what to do about them.

          • Lib with a gun is dangerous. Time to run for the hills.

          • So they think you are part of the 90% OB Is talking about?

        • RICH99 are you by any chance related to Eisenkraut. You seem to be an artist at playing “good poster, bad poster” You are really good at it. Trekker Out. Detcord.

        • @ Rich99, First, we don’t have six months, I wish we did. Only a week or two ago, you were here to “gloat” about a very temporary and subjective “victory”. Additionally, you made a “promise” to never return or even read this site again.

          Second, a leopard can’t change it’s spots overnight nor a zebra it’s stripes. You have either had an epiphany, or you are baiting a trap. I hope for the first…but know the latter scenario would be “more historically” possible/probable.

          You say: “Within six months it will be too late.” You are projecting the “doomer’s profile” you have consistently berated.

          Care to explain your apparent “change of heart”? I welcome all “awakenings”, but deal primarily in trends, facts, and historical activity/commentary.

          MUCH doesn’t fit your historical profile. “The dollar and dollar based economy will live another 5-10+ years. No war in the Middle East (Syria/Iran) because of the Russia/China factor.” Whats-up-doc?

          I would like to be wrong, but I believe you are about to drop a “hammer” on the “want to believe grazers” here. “Epiphany and/or Awakening” are the two possible “OUTS” provided.

          I am not at all interested in where the “thumbs” fall on this. I am however interested in your explanation.

          • Come into my parlor
            said the spider to the fly

            • Yental:

              Are you holding your breath for Rich99’s explanation?

              I’m turning blue. Or maybe I missed it further on down the page?

              • This is NOT the original Rich99…I am simply “baiting” my own trap. Stay tuned, bound to get interesting.

                I know trends, logistics, analysis, and I know people. Even “internet projections” of supposed known entities.

                I am a very long time student of syntax, articulation patterns, and “illusions” that appear in the “matrix”. ;)!

                This will be fun, or a “dead end” due to “discovery”.

                • If its not me then read my post 12 boxes up posted at 5:09pm

          • OK …I will explain this ONCE and only ONCE …….I disagree with an economic collapse which has been the majority of my conflict on this site UNTIL the pending war with Syria that NEVER transpired even though someone told me I should wait until September 12 because of the darkness of night that once again never happened .
            I agree with lots of things here but some I disagree and I have been correct in my contradictions so far

          • Why do you take anything you read on a site like this posted by someone of unknown mental stability or acumen seriously?

            • I simply pick and choose and decifer what info I think is pertinent to me as anybody on here should

      6. Why over the weekend?

        • Probably so that actual working people don’t get screwed.

      7. Let them truckers stop 10-4 good buddy!

      8. I hate to say this, but while this is a wonderful news and a brilliant idea, one can’t help it but think how this government will refuge to anything to cripple this to fruition….I just hope that doesn’t happen.

      9. They sound like a bunch of idiots. They’re going to cause economic disruption to the economy at a time when it’s already bad. Companies that need parts to repair equipment or merchandise to sell won’t get it. Or even just people like me who buy stuff on eBay to resell will get it late if it’s sent UPS.

        • BC, I just erased a rant on you in hopes that your post is truly sarcasm. The hammer was back and I had taken all the slack up in the trigger.

        • BC, left you a reply but it’ll come in as anonymous I’m sure.

        • barn cat, the point is to show what happens when the trucks stop…it won’t be pretty…i guess you should have prepped a little harder when you had the chance…stock up on tidy cat, perhaps?

          • Bought gas before returning the rental car this morning in Chapel Hill, N.C. for $3.48 a gallon. Tonight in San Diego it was $3.95. Jerry Brown sitting on the biggest oil deposit in the world and he and the rest of the left wing douche bags in Calif. will not let it be touched.

        • So you’re saying we should just sit back and do nothing, while Big Nanny Government shreds the Constitution?
          Or maybe you’re saying we should bend over and spread our cheeks to help Big Nanny Government rape us?

        • BC, a sacrifice now, will be easier than the total loss that is coming if we sit around and do nothing.

          NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

          • The only way to move a pile of dirt is one Shovel full at a time. obummer care rally today, a biker rally tomorrow, a trucker strike next day, ect. keep ringing the bell maybe the sheeple will start waking up an join in.

      10. wtf? this will flop. i dont suppose anyone realizes how expensive this would be to the individuals involved. everyone will thumbs down me, and when it flops, you guys will totally forget about about how wrong you were. groupthink at its best.

        • Panda, I understand it remains to be seen how many truckers will really take part, but I believe it can be done and can have a substantial impact. Even if it’s only, say 5000-50000, it will send a message that DC cannot possibly ignore. If 2,000,000 bikers can show up in DC to protest, why not any number of truckers? braveheart

          • braveheart
            Right! Also truckers are WAY more useful and important than bikers.

        • RME

          Better to do SOMETHING than to keep doing NOTHING.

          I didn’t realize that we had so many “Dancing with the Stars” type people here.

          This country is in a BAD way when people who post on prepper sites can’t even go along with an act of nonviolent civil disobedience.


          • We’ve just entered Gulliver’s Travels. “Glum” is out in full force. We’re doomed……it’ll never work…..uuuhhh….ooohhh……

        • Panda, my dad has been an over the road truck driver for 45 years, when I was growing up, I remember them strikin at least 2 times, and it worked both times, I don’t remember why, but it worked, he always carried a 16 ga. shotgun, and a 38 revolver when on strike, a lot of people lost their lives, lots of trucks were burned for not strikin

      11. Are you sure the Teamsters are going along with this action?

        • Hmmm, I reckon it depends on who the Teamsters management is more afraid of, the Administration, or their membership.

      12. Howdy, PP. The only thing I can see that could stop the planned protest from taking place would be an EMP, but that would fry everything else as well and would be totally counterproductive. Revolution is definitely coming, one way or another. braveheart

        • …or lack of any organizational skills !!

          I work for a large trucking company on the east coast (3 hours from DC) and I can tell you this is the first I have heard of this. So, if I am only 3 hours away and have no idea it is occurring do you really think a trucker from 5,8,12 hours away is going to drive to DC and waste 3 days pay for a protest that the criminals in DC are laughing at you for. If this is the best we have then it is time to pack it in !!

      13. I still want to know what who ordered the Seal Team 6 onto the Chinook.

        • ME too! Those EVIL BASTARDS would look lovely on the end of a hangman’s noose.

        • With no cover.

        • Same ones who were sweating the fact that Chris Kyle was back on US soil and was outspoken about the 2nd Amendment…

          It is not hard to guess…and most-likey be right.

      14. I’m up with it. Shit or get off the pot.

        Play “Revolution” by the Beatles.

      15. I was watching a video about the shear force of nature with the tsunami in Japan. This video is of ONLY a 25-30 foot tsunami. This could be double or triple the size along the Cascadia fault zone in the Pacific Northwest, OR along the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf regions that have very shallow waters that tend to build up the size of tsunamis from the Caribbean plate breaking. The last time this broke was about 600 years ago, it is overdue. Water will destroy roads quicker than anything you can imagine and inhibit any truck traffic like in Colorado. This can also occur to almost ANY area in this country from excessive rainfall that will cut off any area from the outside world. Yes, my hometown can be an island, or underwater.

        This is a good video, only 7 and 1/2 minutes long, that shows what water can do in a few minutes to an area fully functioning. Just look at how almost everything, even well anchored structures are pushed away. This is kind of freaky to watch as Mother Nature is so much more powerful than most realize.

        • We spend a lot of time in Vermont, and there were a lot of roads, bridges, etc. washed away about four or five years ago. A tropical storm stalled over the state and it just rained buckets for about a week. We drove around when we went up there in the fall of that year, and were shocked at the damage. There are still places that haven’t been rebuilt to this day. My heart broke for those people.

          But they were determined to rebuild their lives. I have so much respect for them for that.

        • Be informed, I have had a strong feeling for some time that a tsunami would occur along the eastern coast of America but nothng to back up my feeling. Then I read about Antarctica. If (when)it breaks up (or partly breaks up), it could very well create a tsunami that effects the east coast. Antarctica is ice that is miles thick. According to experts, it could create a tsunami that would cause devastation along the east coast of US.

          • Actually, it’s not Antarctica that should worry the east coast in regards to Tsunamis, it is the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. They’ve already started to wedge off…if they go, there will be a MEGA-Tsunami hitting the entire east coast (and other parts of the world along the Atlantic.) History Channel has a nice demonstration of it…probably on

      16. “40 hour week for a living, just to bring it on down the line”… pretty sure every trucker will tell you working for a living ain’t no way to make a living. It’ll be mighty ironic for Americans who make $55K/year to try to influence the lilly butts in Washington who make “average American” $250k PLUS get retirement. In case they – and you – haven’t figured it out, they’ve been O-W-N-E-D by the politico class and are servants. “Do your job and shut up!”
        — BTW, I’ll definitely not support the Rulers on Oct 11-13th. In fact, I already work hard to spend my money locally.

      17. If you go to Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker site, he describes more that will be going on with this. It doesn’t just involve truckers.

        He recently asked his subscribers and anyone that reads his site to shut down everything on 9/11, make no purchases, pay no bills. In other words, for producers to do nothing to feed the machine.

        If the truckers do their strike on those days, and we have no one purchasing on those days, the thought is that it would make an impression on TPTB, that we are tired of being trod on, spied on, and having our money used to further erode our way of life and our liberties.

        They are also planning another similar action on Black Friday weekend.

        I know…not everyone will participate. I plan on doing so for the reason that we are running out of viable options to speak for us that do not involve violence. If we can make a difference or show displeasure simply by not buying stuff on certain dates, to me, that is much better than the alternative.

        I am going to provide links to Karl Denninger’s page, plus the facebook page for the truckers in the link below this post for anyone needing more information.

        • Prepped in CT
          “He recently asked his subscribers and anyone that reads his site to shut down everything on 9/11, make no purchases, pay no bills. In other words, for producers to do nothing to feed the machine.”

          How did that work out ??

        • I would send $100 to help make up their pay. If enough of us would donate the driver wouldn’t lose anything. Bikers are standing up, truckers are standing up, when will the rest of us stand up.

          Do we have to wait until we are as beaten down as
          some of the countries in the world before we go to Washington to say enough? We need to get together with the bikers, truckers, patriots so that we number in the thousands and thousands before the egotistical PTB will ever take note.

          If someone involved in this can guarantee me that my money will go to the truckers; game on.

          • I don’t think that the truckers who are participating are even asking for that Granny.

            All they are asking us to do is show support by not buying anything for three days.

            In other posts, I have seen people ask if this is sanctioned by the teamsters. From what I have read, it is going to be a group of truckers doing this on a volunteer basis. There have never been any numbers saying that “we have this many truckers definitely committed to doing this”.

            But it IS SOMETHING. A FEW truckers…a FEW of us supporting them by not making purchases. What you have there is a start. Some people are starting to stand up and DO something. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and it gives me a little hope that we are more than just a dead nation walking.

            There are people saying that it won’t work. Well, in the beginning, it might not…but all it takes is someone else with another idea…then another…

            I don’t honestly expect this to be some enormous huge thing. Barn Cat (from an above post) won’t have to worry that he won’t receive that new gasoline tank for his 1974 Pinto that he bought on e-bay. But it’s a start, and thats what excites me.

            • All here can participate–it’s not like we aren’t stored and ready with foods and supplies for much worse.

      18. “No amnesty, remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution.”
        Name 3 Americans in Washington that are upholding it!

        • Stuff it up, idiot.

          • Tom Wilkins: I agree, it is what caught my eye as I read the article. They want islamics dealt with that are In our govnt? So thats ONE admited muslim I can recall. That Black african muslim convert from Minnasota US rep guy.

            Which others????? While zero trucker article mentions of tons and tons of Dual israel citizens along with tons of non dual citizen zio jews all throughout fed govnt.

            Most Every senate and house commitee head, most every fed agencys head, 75-90% of All who surround hobammy in official capacities and advisors etc etc…

            Seems america is swamped so deep with zionist jewish infiltrations in every capacity that matters in govnt and MSM’s, that the Last issue we need worry of is Muslims doing a takeover!…Old coach refuses to admit america has already been overtaken..By Zio Bolshevik jewish Kommies since 1913 if not longer!

      19. There’s a great title for the convoy in there somewhere, but I can’t think of what rhymes with “truckers” and “hucksters.” Can some one help?

        • Truckers against F@#kers!

          • Bingo!

        • Suckers? LOL

          • I know, I know…but modesty forbids me saying the actual word I’m thinking. LOL

            • That o.k. Everybody on here knows what resides in D.C.

        • Earl Fudpucker
          Mutherfuckin’ Truckin’ Summa Bitch!

      20. i dont believe obama or anyone else could stop drivers from working without first declaring marshal law. then overpasses would grow falling bricks and stones like the strike in 70’s did, if the govt or military started running freight. that being said, i dont think you can get three drivers to agree to anything at the same time, i was going to say except they all hate obama but then i remembered there are still drivers defending him out there not too many but still some do. and you have to remember we now have foreigners driving here who dont understand strikes. they would just run harder to make some extra money.

      21. I’ll wait for smoke’s take on this. He has his ear to the road.

      22. I drove truck for 40 years. I even owns a few trucks at different times. There wont be any shutdown. Most of the trucks are company trucks. very few owner operators. fewer yet owner operators who have their own DOT authority. If they don’t work they will lose their contract. It will be a non event.I guarantee the freight will be hauled. In searcy ar there is a Wal Mart Distribution Center. There is a train spur track into it. And thousands of Wal Mart owned trucks & trailers haul the goods to the stores continually. That wont change unless their isn’t any goods to haul.

        • I’ve been at it 35 years, and agree with you 100%. It will amount to just about as much as all of the rest of the strikes did over the years……….. nothing !!!!
          Back in the 70’s there was 3 times as many OO”s as there is now and even then they couldn’t get it done……….

          We are in a overloaded truck headed off the mountain with the low air buzzer on, and the run off ramp is frozen over….. the end ain’t goin to be very pretty.


      23. “We’re gonna roll this truckin’ convoy across the U S A.”

        If it wasn’t for the truckers holding this fragile merchandise transportation system together, the system wouldn’t exist. I’ve been waiting for something like this to finally happen. This is about to open a lot of eyes for sure. I just this happens. A real statement that needs to be made dammit!

      24. Truckers will be called, “Home Grown Terrorist”.

        • Hell I’m a cop and they call me a terrorist. The reason? Because I don’t trust the government, the Obamantion, the Congress, and main stream media. Oh I’m also a white Tea Party member!!!!!

          • I love my country…it’s the GOVERNMENT that I don’t trust.

            I don’t trust any of those above mentioned things either.

            Nice post, Sgt.

          • You could’ve gotten away with everything, except for being white…

          • Sgt. Dale, i’m right there with you. I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care how they look at me. I don’t trust any of them, either. braveheart

      25. I notice the Joos are at the gun control crap again. The fact that Israel wont allow private citizens to posess guns proves that those fucking dickless assholes learned absolutely nothing from the Holocaust. Fine. But dont expect me to feel sorry for the Holocaust victims if theyre going to act this way.

        • Eisenkreuz: Israeli Citizens All have Guns! It may be state owned guns I aint sure if any are Private owned? But all israeli jews who wants a gun Gets it and carry it. Plus they have full auto uzzies and auto AR’s and state supplied ammo I believe.

          And USA Taxpayers Pays for all jew israel guns. While dual citizen and us citizen zio jews in congress and senate etc constantly try to totally Disarm Us americans!

          By Now it should be quite Obvious they Foam at their mouths to disarm Us so next they can Exterminate Us same as They, or should I say Their Grandparents and Parents, did in Russia and over a dozen other eastern european nations since 1918 to 1990. And then tried to do to Germany.

          Yes any normal sane logical person would think if the holyhoax was 1/2 as bad as jews say it was, then how do we have tons of Schumers and Finestiens and Bloombergs in america today all being so antigun?

          Its just not kosher, I smell a judenratzen.

      26. As good as it sounds it will never happen.

      27. What I want to know, is there something that is going to amount to anything one of these days?

        • Yeah and we’ve been grown and nurtured by the best of them. From 1913 ’til present day. I consider it “Patriot”.

          • Ah slingshot, it was suppose to go to the one above it.

      28. Trucker strike or Obamacare. Trucker Strike or Obamacare


      29. I am in favor of taking our country back using any form of peaceful protest available.

        The reason so many Jewish prisoners were taken in WWII was because they didn’t believe that they would be taken prisoner until it happened. Then most of them did nothing to escape their predicament. They felt they were powerless.

        Now, if you want a change to take place in American Politics, we have to take charge of our countrys’ direction. We have to show our elected officials that we are their bosses.

        This strike will make our grievences known in a peaceful way while allowing the government the opportunity to respond.

        If the Congress can shut down the Government over the budget, we can shut down the Country for FREEDOM.

        I will be looking futher into this protest.

      30. Get ready boys it time to show these here d.c. folk and obubba what it means to run a constitutional republic that we run the country,their just the hired help! praise you all in Colorado ,your where the first shot has been fired to re-take our government’s time to send obubba back where he ain’t over his head,running a local neighborhood watch in Illinois

      31. Alright now were talking..Can I drive my M35A2C with you guys?

        I do have a Peterbilt 359, but it doesn’t have the same impact as a 6×6

        • VRF: U have a 1984-Pete 359 for Sale cheep if anybodys interested. Runs swell, 400 Cat, 13 double over, 1 new rear end, 1 rebuilt read end. All New Brakes and Drums with 40,000 mi on em. All 10 alum wheels. Tires at aprox 50%….Was going to use as 5th wheel hauler after modifying it. Then changed mind so its all still Stock truck. Want to see it to buy a Medium size truck instead.

          • TYPO! That should say “I have for sale” not “U” but “I”

      32. This may be more effective if there were simultaneous protests on both the left and right coasts. Maybe one in Chicago too. People have to drive a long expensive way to get to this as planned. Fuel for a truck is not like fuel for a bike. Trucks have fewer options logistically than a bike for nearly everything, hotels, where to eat, sleep, etc. Make this happen in a number of spots across the country, and there will likely be more trucks participating, and more coverage, or at least a good argument for coverage.

      33. I’m on board. No economic activity October 11 – 13! Let’s make it huge!

      34. Do it truckers!!!!! You have all my support and prayers. Spread the word and have the Canadians join as well.
        God Bless

        • A widespread strike would most likely also alienate the grassroots that are just as pissed at the corrupt government as the truckers. If anything, perhaps more targeted work stoppages would be more effective.

          Say, stopping deliveries to D.C., New York, L.A., Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other centres of government corruption while leaving the more right-wing minded types alone?

          • Don’t know about that — conservatives tend to be p-r-e-p-p-e-r-s

      35. The whole system will eventually revert back to it’s natural state. That being where those that produce tangible goods and services needed for survival will be the only ones left.

        No more actors, pundits, FIRE agents or politicians. They produce no value and are parasites on those who do. Self employed “professionals”, “talented MBAs”, and “successful bankers” produce NOTHING but paper and extract rentier income from the rest.

        The whole system is a scam that is enabled by cheap fossil fuels.

        Better learn to be a producer of actual things needed to survive. The rest of the non-producers are going to be fucked in the near future.

        Sustainable food, water and shelter will be the new values of life…not gold or FRNs or even fancy weapons. Sure, they’ll be good for hunting or self defense for a time, but eventually they will become fancy clubs.

        Small local groups of 3 to 5…”card game” get togethers, and OPSEC as far as electronic media is essential. DO NOT broadcast your weapons or intentions on electronic media. You are putting a target on your back.


        • JRS,

          A self-employed physician, occupational or physical therapist is a parasite and produces nothing? You are full of shit too. Self-employed professionals are the antithesis of the wage slave and debt serfs upon whom the entire corporate fascist edifice rests.

          Twenty million people at all levels of government can’t afford to give economic and political liberty an honest hearing because they are bought and paid for. They are tax fed parasites working for government. Does that include .mil and .LE?

          Yes, it does. if I don’t have the right to knock someone to the ground and steal his wallet i don’t acquire that right from ten thousand people saying “Oh yes, please, do it for us.”

          You can’t delegate rights you don’t have no matter how many people are in on the illegitimate use of force.

          Government exists from coercion, theft and murder. If you want to describe people as parasites take an honest look at government.

          Search the flash video: Philosophy of Liberty.

          • Exactly. If whatever you do does not use the planets natural resources to make build or grow something that adds to the GNP. You are a parasite. You may believe your job is necessary but your a taking parasite just the same. If all the health care professionals and facilities disappeared overnite life would still continue. Granted many sickly non producing parasite takers would expire. However if all the makers growers & producer,s & facilities disappeared everyone would soon expire. The farms can survive without the city,s & town.s But the citys & towns cant survive without the citys! ep If your money comes from a government check your indeed a parasite. In order for your parasite taking check to be paid some producing maker must be robbed (taxed) on in the case of the borrowed money some future producer is robbed. We have far too many relatively high paid & benifited parasite takers and way too few relatively low paid & benifited producers. many folks thin they don’t have to produce they think someone else will produce for them. Now the producers are asking themselves why? Why produce when The fruits of my production are robbed (taxed) excessively and what im allowed to keep has to compete against the same money that was robbed from me and redistributed? I resent the fact that my hard earned cash has to compete against food stamps at the grocery store. I resent the fact that my hard earned cash has to compete with the so called free government subsided health care at the doctors & dentist ect. Too many takers and too few makers is not sustainable.

      36. Russia Puts Some 20,000 Internal Troops on Training Alert

        MOSCOW REGION, September 17 (RIA Novosti) – More than 20,000 of the Russian Interior Ministry’s internal troops have been put on alert in preparation for upcoming Russian-Belarusian drills, a senior ministry official said Tuesday.
        The troops will conduct a series of territorial defense exercises in several Russian regions in preparation for the Zapad-2013 (West-2013) drills, said Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Rogozhkin, who is also chief of the internal troops.
        The missions will include counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations as well as the reinforcement of sensitive installations in emergency situations, the official added.
        On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, supreme commander-in-chief of the nation’s armed forces, ordered a new series of snap checks of the military as well as civil services, to be conducted at the Interior Ministry’s internal troops, as well as in a number of civilian structures: the Transportation Ministry, the Energy Ministry and the Novgorod Region administration.
        The Zapad-2013 two-stage strategic military drills, involving rapid-reaction units from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), will take place in Belarus and Russia from Friday to September 26.
        Vyacheslav Usik, a spokesman for the Russian General Staff, said earlier that Belarus would send 10,400 servicemen to the drills, which will also involve some 60 aircraft and helicopters and up to 250 combat vehicles. Moscow and Minsk held similar large-scale military exercises in September 2009.
        July this year saw unprecedented drills in the Russian Far East testing the Far East and Central Military Districts’ combat readiness. The drills involved more than 160,000 servicemen, 130 aircraft, 5,000 tanks and armored vehicles, 70 Pacific Fleet warships, five Russian armies, the Third Air Force, Air Defense Command and strategic aviation. The Defense Ministry has said that such snap inspections will be conducted regularly.

      37. Netanyahu’s new red lines for Iran

        DEBKAfile September 17, 2013, 6:15 PM (GMT+02:00)
        Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the weekly cabinet session Tuesday that he would meet President Barack Obama in Washington at the end of September to discuss means of stopping a nuclear Iran. His new red lines for Iran were: 1) Complete halt of uranium enrichment; 2) Removal of enriched fissile materials from Iran; 3) Closure of the Fordo enrichment plant; 4) Termination of plutonium production at Arak.
        It is now proved, said Netanyahu, that a rogue state developing or acquiring unconventional weapons will eventually use them, in the absence of diplomacy backed by a credible military threat.

        • Netanyahoo is a Hypocrite! Whens He and israel going to finally Sign On to that Nuke Non proliferation Treaty they have so far Refused to do? Israel is the ONLY nation to do so, refuse.

          Then he says “Will eventually Use them”!!! Yeah like the Samson option perhaps Bibi?

          What a True swindlering Shyster typical two faced ziojew he is. A Rabid self chozen talmudic Master race desireing Lunatic who is likly the entire worlds Worst danger.

      38. Hey everyone, sorry off topic, but wanted to bring to attention an article I saw over on

        Says last week China and Russia openly advertised their offer of trading crude oil outside the dollar. First time in the history of crude.

        Irag went off the dollar for oil in 2000 and we went after them. Iran is doing it and we’re inching towards them with Syria. All of those dollars not being used in oil will fly back to the U.S. in the form of inflation.

        I’m hoping SHTFPLAN will do something in depth on this.

        Keep stocking and stacking..

      39. This will solve nothing. Those in power do not care. They’re in charge, not you! How dare you think you’re in charge! All of their non-caring and arrogance will wither when there is a rope around their neck or a muzzle of a gun pointed at their face and they know that all the “kings men” will not be around to protect them.

        When they are put into a position that their power has been revoked, only then will they listen.

      40. Great Idea! A “GENERAL STRIKE”, not just truckers, “EVERYONE”. No one go to work or shop for 3 days, instead spend some good quality time with your family and friends.

      41. I think I’ll be staying home those days. I’ll stock up on perishables just before then. I’ll need to work out in the yard anyway, reworking raised beds, picking grapes, planting collards, etc.

        • ***I’ll stock up on perishables just before then***

          What did you just type??
          You’re not a real prepper, are you???

          • I said perishables, like some extra Little Debbie cakes. I have everything else.

          • I said perishables, such as extra Little Debbie cakes. I have everything else I need.

      42. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP!! This is a great way to let D.C. know that we are PISSED and aren’t going to take it anymore. GOD BLESS YOU TRUCKERS!!!!!!

        • I own several Trucks and will shut them down and pay my drivers their normal wage. This may not amount to much but we have to start somewhere, any other owners out there willing to join in?

          • I’m just a Cop but if you boys come thru my town I would be honored to buy you a Cup Coffee. Rt#6 & 170 Seneca Il.

            • I forgot there are a lot of great Gal drivers too. I’ll buy you one also.

      43. Great Idea and yet so LAME! DO NOT get me wrong I am all for it and I hope they do it! Just I have heard of stuff like this before and it either never gets done or is only done by a few people. Having said that I am not a truck driver, but that weekend we should get everyone we can (if possible) to not purchase gas that same weekend. Fill up all you need the day before. No Shopping either… I mean NONE. If the truckers wanna refuse to ship stuff for three days…Why stop there? Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

        • You got the right idea, Shane. Everybody, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, could simply bring commerce and daily routines to a halt. It wouldn’t solve all the problems, but it certainly would send a message. And it would show the millions of us little people that we CAN stand together. Sooner we unite, the better.

      44. A very small portion of our society wants to make changes to our society as a whole because they do not like the way things have become. They complain and bitch and say we all need to do something. EX: A general strike, a protest, a rally, a petition and so on. The truth is that no one is going to do anything about anything. People have to be MAD and I mean really MAD before they will set out to create change. And people in this country just aren’t there. Higher gas and food prices, lack of a good job, people becoming homeless, loss of liberties and freedoms and the lack of morals and personal responsibility etc… Just isn’t enough to make people MAD or motivate them to get off their asses from watching the newest tv reality show. People won’t be MAD until the food stamp cards quit working and the Obama phones quit dialing out and the SSI and SS checks quit coming and MEDICAID-MEDICARE-SECTION 8 and every other government entitlement ceases to exist. Then and only then will people be MAD enough to take it to the streets and demand change. Unfortunately the change they will be demanding is for it to go back to the way it was, being taken care of by the government and the rest of us paying the bill. So if changes ever come by way of civil unrest, mass rioting in the streets etc… the people participating in this will feel no remorse in taking everything you have to extend their existence on this planet. After all they’ve been taking it from you for years in the taxes you paid. So there you have it, the spark, the one little incident the one person that will stand up and shout and the world hears and responds to and that we have all been waiting for that will set in motion a chain of events that will motivate people in this country to say enough is enough and were taking back our country will not come from the people who place God and Country above ones own personal interests, it will come from the those that believe the world has an obligation to take care of them even if it is at the expense of another and they want it to continue.

      45. Yea? we,ll see how big the turn out will be. Truckers have tried to do this several times before and very few did it. We,ll see how big of an impact or how much influence it will have on any Govermental figures.

        • X-TRUCK DRIVER,
          You’re right in all you say. But we absolutely must keep trying. See comment below.

      46. To further rub salt in the wound, the rest of us should take a day off, without pay. I wonder what kind of impact that lack of payroll taxes not paid would be…

        • @extexan…

          Excellent idea! We need to stand with these boys and girls and do our part! I say Shut ‘er Down!!!

          I pray they find their resolve, stick to their guns and make all those that rode before them look like child’s play. These guys could make a huge impact…visually, emotionally and monetarily.

          SHOW YOUR TEETH!!!!

      47. Thinkgs are getting worse and worse all the time. I think God is upset with all the corruption too– Mother Nature is really kicking our behinds lately. Don’t know how much longer we have to prepare but time is running out for sure.

      48. freedom
        ask the bikers to escort you, go for it

      49. “This is a battle, not the entire war. I do not go into battle expecting any particular outcome. I am prepared to win. I am prepared in the event of a loss. I go into battle, expecting only to FIGHT. What I EXPECT is to eventually win this war.”

        I’m in. All in. Mrs okie is on board as well. No purchases. No bill paying. NO business conducted from Oct 11 to 13th. And my truck will NOT roll on those days. Wherever I’m at on those days, home or DC or in between, it will STOP. If it has a new driver come Oct 14th…. so be it.
        And, I’ve been on the phone for 2 hours to more than a dozen friends and associates in the industry. That’s why I cultivate and maintain as many good relationships as possible. Some are in. Some aren’t. A couple are still on the fence…

        Now, a little perspective on this whole matter-
        This strike, successful or not, will NOT bring immediate change. Truckers, even though we transport a big percentage of all the goods, are still just a small part of the overall picture. We need cops, teachers, office workers, vets, farmers, you name it, to stand with us.
        And if we lose this battle, or gain nothing from it, we will fight again on another day. And again… and again…
        This is a war. If you haven’t yet understood that, please get it through your head. This is a war against our nation. Our economic system, our culture, our religious views and values. It’s a war against our very way of life. The only way we can win is to stand together and keep fighting.
        The only way we will lose is to not show up for the battles. Now, just one question- what are YOU planning on doing Oct 11th, 12th and 13th?

        • I love you Okie!

          Just to be fair…you can tell Mrs. Okie that I love her too.

          If you are wondering why, read my posts above. LOL

        • If Okie is in then so am i. We have to start somewhere. No bills paid, no banking or purchases, we will stay home too. Let’s DO THIS!

        • Okie…this farmer is in…wont do a bit of business with anyone on those days…to be fair I don’t go to town but twice a month but Ill make sure not to go on those days…some may not think it amounts to anything and some may mock but we gotta start somewhere…termites don’t bring an oak ot a building down in a day but if we each start gnawing away this thing can be stopped… 🙂

        • SmokinOkie, count me in. It won’t kill me to go 3 days without doing any prep shopping. braveheart

        • God bless you and mrs. okie! we won’t be doing any commerce oct 11-13, and will donate our time if we are needed medically.

      50. personally speaking I would be very surprised if truckers pull
        this off
        I just dont think AmuRIkAnS have it in them anymore
        especially not after seeing the “cowering in place in Boston”

        if the truckers were Greeks
        thats a different story entirely

        • We only need about 300, right? 🙂
          I know what you’re saying, Satori, but if the people would only see the power they have within themselves, when they stand together… then we really could effect change.

          • But in order to do that, they’ll have to overcome the FEAR of going against authority. You can’t very well have any power, if you’re afraid to stand up and use it.

          • It’s a beginning.

            Everything has to start somewhere.

      51. I’m eastbound just watch ol’ Bandit run!

      52. Apart from the importance of the political planned protest raised by the Truckers, a more important issue will be raised, which is the weakness of the freight infrastructure and dependence on freight to bring in goods. Farmers Markets and local small growers/farmers (hopefully you still have this in USA) need to be supported. Buy only fresh produce that is in season, support your own farmers by only buying meat from USA. Reliance on imports, or even from other regions is not sustainable when the SHTF.
        Christchurch (New Zealand) earthquake 7.1, 4th Sept 2010, was my first experience of a damaging earthquake. What happened was that all rail was stopped, rail lines bent, tracks needed to be checked. Roads closed due to rockfalls, sinkholes, liquification, Airports closed – runways damaged, – city food manufacturing factories closed due to damage, on going significant tremors kept factories closed until they could be checked by structural engineers. Petrol rationed, and actually started to run out, no fuel tankers could get into the city. Me, my husband and two young children were prepared, except for beer, never thought I would need a good supply in a civil defence emergency. Local breweries damaged, with no stock able to be freighted in until rockfalls cleared etc. As soon as the SHTF people went to the supermarket and hoarded staple items (toilet paper, bottled water went first) including beer. No power, no flushing toilets, no communications – as the networks immediately overloaded. Emergency services overloaded so people had to fend for themselves.

        I live in a small university town – pop. 3500, 15km’s from ChCh pop. 350,000. As the tremors continued after the main quake, some significant, city malls closed, as did my local supermarket, garage and butcher – couldn’t open due to no power and the need for public buildings to be checked for structural damage. Local Farmers Markets still able to operate as they were outside venues. Once shops started to re-open I noticed that people did not like being inside public buildings, malls, picture theatres etc., and it was common for people to have panic attacks whilst shopping, a lot of people did not want to go out and get supplies until they really had to, due to the fear of being trapped inside a building, or that something would fall on them in the event of a tremor whilst out shopping. Some people even had a fear of driving, due to sinkholes, or having something fall on their car and crush them – fear, lack of sleep, constant unknowns – unbalanced people, any significant tremor will still send people to the supermarket, petrol stations, to hoard and stock up. Seemed to be a reflex action to try and buy up as much as you can and not worry about anyone else.

        Moving on, three years from the 7.1 quake, local small growers and boutique foodstuff suppliers, butchers etc., have came into their own, people now understand the need for alternatives to the major food supply chains. Local small business are doing well, Farmers Markets also very well supported. Community gardens have sprung up in the city – project is called ‘Greening the Rubble’.

        Things happened that I never thought would happen here – looting in the city, burglary of damaged homes. After the quake, people could not secure their homes as doors did not close properly, windows smashed in quake etc. Most frightening was the suburban night raids by scumbags sneaking into people’s houses whilst they were sleeping and stealing whatever they wanted, food, medicines, clothes … damaged doors could not be locked, people did not want to barricade themselves in their homes at night in case of a tremor, instead of staying inside, most people preferred to be outside whilst a tremor was in progress.

        So I hope the Truckers really cause havoc and interrupt peoples daily life. The inconvenience of not being able to purchase food/goods due to the Truckers planned protest could wake more people up to flaws in cities infrastructures.

        • @ Joyzy Girl. Everything you say is so true, as natural disasters can cut off everyone from the outside world. That 7.1 was actually small in comparison to what can and has hit the area before. One precursor fact that I have found is whenever the African plate gets active, look out Australian plate. North Island rides on the Australian plate, and most of South Island is on the Pacific plate. I don’t know if you are new to the site or not, but I have a means of forecasting earthquakes that has proven accurate about 90% of the time.

          I look for earthquakes along the plate boundaries, especially towards the Antarctica and Arctic regions. When these happen, you can go back and key in their latitudes and longitudes and see what major earthquakes followed years or decades before. For example, the recent 4.8 earthquake on the eastern African plate at the exact spot lead to major earthquakes within 15 days in Fiji, Aleutian Islands, Kuril Islands, Chile/Argentina, Venezeula, eastern Russia, New Guinea/Soloman Islands, northern California, and before the 7 pointer in Haiti that killed 300,000. When coupled with other precursor plate boundary earthquakes a pattern develops.

          Where a distant foreshock appears before, it is likely that the same place that caused this stress and strain is going to hit the same place(s) again with a major earthquake. Plates have moved very little in decades. For example, the earthquake in New Zealand a few weeks ago towards Wellington in the Cook Strait had a precursor earthquake at the SW Indian Ridge, the SAME area that was hit before the Christchurch earthquake back in 2010. YES, the same area. Watch for any earthquake at about 28.1 south by 62.9 east, this means New Zealand is in the target zone. Other areas included the Philippines, Pakistan, New Guinea, central California, Fiji, and Chile in the past.

          Yes earthquakes follow this type of pattern. Think about one weak spot in a highway that continues to crack in the same spot that leads to other fractures. Same principle, major earthquakes release their stress and strain AWAY from the main source of the break, because the area that is ready to break is too locked to usually have any large enough foreshocks. Just watch that area of the Indian Ridge that is east of Madagascar, when an earthquake of over 4.5 hits here, it means the Australian plate is ready to move, sometimes in New Zealand.

        • The only havoc they will cause is their own incomes! You underestimate the elites’ agenda and high tech that can basically wipe out whole communities. In order for any change to take place, (all) americans would have to be on board with changing things around. Most folks are just to pre-occupied with non-sense, hollywood, sports, porn, etc. Did the bikers riding to DC accomplish anything? Not even alternative media wanted to cover that – FAIL!

      53. JRS,
        Good advice I think this whole situation is about to turn real serious, TPTB cannot hide what is happening much longer. OPSEC will be the rule of the day they do not have the numbers or the power to enforce their will on us .

        A long time ago a small Baltic country held off the might of the Red Army in a winter war fought by groups of 3 to 5 Riflemen in teams using superior field craft and determination, ultimately they prevailed.

        In the end if WE have the will and determination




        Semper Fi 8541

      54. This is awesome. I’ve been hoping for this for a long time. I can just image what even 20,000 18 wheelers can do to shut down DC. I think we the people could effect very positive change if 1 million trucks and several more million patriots showed up demanding a halt to this Unconstitutional out of control Government.

      55. 10-4 good buddies get er done

      56. STRIKE Income Tax Next!!!!! That will wake them up!

      57. I’m in! No commerce October 11-13! Not one penny of sales or gas tax paid to the Corruptocrats!

      58. They’ll just rally all the mexicans/illegals to drive. And they just might want to get them on permanently. Americans quit shopping for a couple of days? Not in this lifetime!

      59. Sounds like a plan. I’m in. Let’s git ‘er done.

      60. @ Anonyomous above. There is a misconception about any type of avalanche driven tsunami from a massive ice dump or the Canary Islands collapsing. The Soviets toyed with the idea of setting off a glacial collapse of Antarctica ice back in the 1950’s, but it was determined that in open ocean that ANY wave from such a collapse rapidly loses energy. There is for one thing no speed behind something like this. Kinetic energy = 1/2(m)(velocity2). The myths about the Canary Island collapse is all over the scientific and other sites, and does not hold any truth about it.

        Much of the misinformation about this comes from what is called tidal bores, or from the nearly 2 thousand foot tsunami generated in a CLOSED bay in Alaska from an avalanche. The larger a body of water is, the more kinetic energy has to be generated to form these super tall mega waves. In a narrow channel this is possible, because the energy is not divereted away in open waves. Think of the way a canyon works to channel water or wind. The more open something is the less channelled something is and the more dispersed it becomes.

        JustOneGuy brought up what is called solitons in reference to an avalanche of the Canary Islands. Which is a concentration of waves energy, such a tidal bore, or out in space from energy plasma. The ocean though has mass and much friction and resistance that will pull energy away from the orginal source. The longer the distance the more this “drags” at the orginal energy. Rouge waves on a rare occasion can bypass this on a very limited scale, again on a very small isolated scale. A directed tsunami would have to be from something with huge mass or a lot of speed behind it.

        As calculated from those that do asteroid impacts and tsunami size at the University of Purdue, it would take basically something the size of the Canary Islands going at over 39000 miles per hour to impact the Atlantic Ocean to generate the mythical 160 foot monster tsunami that would hit the east coast 3500 miles away. For even a tsunami 50 foot to hit the east coast from the far and away Antarctica you would need a small moon to impact the ocean there at about 11 miles per second, something bigger than the dinosaur killer asteroid.

        What can cause an Atlantic tsunami is of course an asteroid, but a major plate uplifting suddenly like in Japan and Indonesia. That would be the north and eastern side of the Caribbean plate that is almost equal to the size of the Juan de Fuca plate, or Cascadia fault. This plate last went off over 600 years ago, and will go off again. Much the tsunami evidence along the fossils along the Atlantic seaboard from monster tsunamis are from the Caribbean plate going off, and from the massive comet or asteroid that has impact the ocean. NOT from the Canary Islands going into the ocean. Earthquake faults are hundreds of miles long and the upthrusts of these sudden slips are even faster than the common avalanche.

        The speed of these collapses are tiny. There are going just about as fast as how fast a baseball pitcher throws a slider, about 90mph. To put this into how speed influences an impact imagine a .22 caliber round being thrown at 90 mph at someone, a slight bruise. Then at 1200 ft per second, cause some real probelms to any internal organ. Jack that speed up to 3500 ft per second which is really what the common .223 or 5.56mm in the AR-15 goes and you start to see some real tissue destruction. Speed that up, assuming it doesn’t burn it, to 55000 ft per second and you will literally explode a body on impact. This is the differnce in speed between an avalanche and a meteorite impacting the ocean. There is just not any velocity with any avalanche.

        Don’t worry about ice causing any tsunami at any distance. It would take an ice shelf the size of Alaska to cause any sort of sizable tsunami. I would worry about the Caribbean plate because of the long duration at which it has taken from the last time it went off. There has been a lot of recent, past 2 years, earthquake activity on the western portion of it. Nearby avalanches can cause very LOCALIZED massive tsunamis as underwater mountain collases demostrate. In open water, this energy is rapidly depleted, the further the distance the more so.

        I have a link about the myths of the Canary Islands collaspe if you would like to read more about this.

      61. Hope the truckers run over the Kenyan born communist Muslim Brotherhood homosexual in the White House.

        • Shoot these SOB’s on site, and save us all the court crap and them being let back out 6 months later!

      62. They should do it during the week. That would really shut things down. If they did it Wednesday Thursday Friday, take Saturday off, THEN the people would see what would really happen if fuel prices shot up drastically suddenly. Thats a long time for nothing to be shipped to walmart!!

      63. The Bakken oil field, among others, need to get involved. The total shut down of all natural gas and oil would defiantly get the point across and help convince congress to make a change. Something defiantly needs to happen with the rising prices of fuel, oil, and bi products. I know for a fact i spend over 150$ in fuel alone driving back and forth to work in the 4 weeks i have on (I live a little over 4 miles from my shop in Williston, Nd).

        ….:) THEN WE ALL GO FISHING!!!!!

      65. You Americans should do everything in your powers to remove that African from the White House.
        You children’s future depends on it. By the time Husein let’s in the 100 million Muslims he promised to do, America will be a sh!t pit just like the Middle East is now. Not worth the effort!

        • Agreed he should go/ But what are you gonna replace him with? He is just a puppet. There isn’t now and never will be a viable political or ballot box fix. Until the producers quit producing anything in excess of their own needs the parasites will continue to suck the life out of everything. Too Many parasites have severly weakened and will eventually kill the host!

      66. Instead of going to DC, ALL truckers should just stop in place and remain, until it’s over.

        ALL truckers should not call in to dispatch and just “disappear” for those three days.

      67. The World never ceases to Amaze me!

        It appears that I still have the potential to be AMAZED,

        …I DO declare.

        “Upon A Great Mountain,”

        “Snow-covered And White,”

        “Sleeps A Terrible Giant,”

        “Upon Those White Slopes,”

        “Falls a single, Final Snowlake,”

        “Then, The Motion of ONE,”

        “Becomes, The MOTION of MANY.”

        “…And The Giant Wakes!”

        “The Dreams Of The Mighty Are troubled…”

        —MayBeSo, 2013

        Not clasiically a true ‘koan’ but certainly it contains the spirit of,

        Deep beneath your feet…Do you feel it beginning? I do.

        Soon there will be chioces to be made,

        To either Stand ON YOUR FEET…or Die on your knees,

        The Choice is YOURS….Ever has it been so.


        • wery well declared!! hope u dont mind me reposting that with your name:)

      68. At one time it took a lot of skill to drive a truck. now with computerized auto transmissions and engine brakes and better roads almost anyone who is half bright can drive a freight truck. I remember when all we had where 220 cummins & 238 Detroit and ten speed roadranger trans. Going down a steep grade loaded to 80,000 GVW and not overheating the brakes took skill. Nowadays even Techatchapie(the Grapevine) is a breeze. It also took skill to juggle three log books! A truck strike Just like voting will accomplish nothing. Its broke beyond fixing. There are no viable solutions. Its as good as it ever will be. The decline will continue. For Many Its already SHTF eventually it will be SHTF for almost everyone. Just do the best you can with what you have to work with. If you are dependent of the actions or inactions of other people things or conditions for your success or well being your in trouble.

        • If the A.T.A. really wanted to accomplish this goal, why did they disclose their intentions?

          Every alphabet federal and state law enforcement agency will be waiting for the truckers on every road, bridge, highway and interstate entering D.C., plus the jackboots will be armed to the teeth.

          Take into account that law enforcers around the country have devolved into nervous, trigger-happy killers just itching to shoot their weapons, and we might be looking at a potential national blood bath.

          Add to that, creating a ginormous traffic jam of major proportion, while people desperately wait for the products the trucks deliver.

          Finally, the faux President and his cabinet will be secretly tucked away in some underground base or bunker waiting out the fiasco.

          At the end of the day, what will be accomplished?

          I’m not saying don’t try to impliment change, just make sure that the enemy doesn’t see you coming.

        • are the truckers still using 99, or have they switched over to Hwy 5

        • Sorry Old Guy but you got it wrong. The Tehachapi grade is on CA 58 between Bakersfield and Mojave. The “Grapevine” is a section of I5 South of LA that drops down into the valley.

          But you are correct about running 3 log books. It is a lost skill (not to mention illegal) that has gone by the wayside with the computerization of the logbook.

      69. October 11th and 13th , that’s just one weekend,
        if they want to shut down, they have to do it during the week and for at least 15 days.

      70. i remember when truckers were part of a close knit family. Looking out for each other, talkin on the cb’s and taking part in what was happening on the roads. Pulling your horn for little kids in the window and helping to block lanes for the Aholes tryin to speed around everyone in construction zones! I am no trucker and as such, i want you all to know, we do appreciate what yall do for us and respect the truckdriver culture. I hope everyone considers taking part in this protest best they can. I know i will not be shopping on this weekend to support you guys best i can without a truck. Lets show our Strength and Unity!!

      71. October 11 to October 13? Ominous!!

        A TIME and a PLACE for CELEBRATION

      72. What is the point of having a strike with demands when you tell them the strike is over in 3 days?

        I hate to tell you this but that is a demonstration not a Strike.
        A Strike is when you stop the strike after your demands have been met or an agreement is worked out after neogations.

        • I don’t think they really called it a strike..its more of a demonstration if you will

          don’t get too hung up on semantics, its a good point they are trying to make without fucking us all too hard so they don’t piss off the people they are trying to represent

      73. “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

        — Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

        Time for those of us who are fed up with this corrupt system to commit acts of civil disobedience. Our government has truly become an oligarchy. We are slaves, serfs, useless eaters, etc. That is how they see us! Why? Because we put up with it!

        Every day on alternative media sites we get articles about: the coming economic collapse, another government overreach, erosion of our rights, etc. etc. ad nauseum. We’re becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy! All these things are happening BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT!!! Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired.

        For a lot of you, preparing has always been a way of life – especially those who grew up in rural areas. But there are a lot, like me, who are late to the game. I’ve prepared as much as I can, but I feel that what’s to come for ALL of us if we don’t act, well, NO amount of physical preparation will be able to prevent. I read fantasies of movie-like shootouts with the feds, Mad Max-esque apocalypse scenarios & the like, but I really don’t think most have even the slightest idea what such events would do to your psyche.

        I love what this country represented at one time: ABSOLUTE FREEDOM!!! The founders gave humankind a way out of it’s own extinction: a government formed BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. A constitutional republic. Short of anarchy, I feel it’s the best we got.

        NOW IS THE TIME. The internet has become a sort of mass consciousness. Posting, reading on forums is educational, sometimes therapeutic, but ACTIONWe must band together, overcome petty differences. FREEDOM, LOVE, UNITY. I feel revolution in the air. Not by violent means, but we must reserve the right to defend ourselves if need be. Will anyone else take this stand?

      74. I am going to shut it all DOWN. starting with WASHINGTON DC. and then all the state capitols.
        I am wanting to organize a MILLION TRUCKERS PROTEST!
        That’s right. TRUCKERS i don’t want to just ride through DC i want to shut the damn place down with as many trucks as possible.
        and i want it to stay shut off until congress agrees to meet with me and others ON LIVE TV! I want the BLAZE to cover this first.
        and this can only be done with YOUR HELP. get the word out. you do not have to be a trucker to join this Protest.. in fact i want the TEAPARTYS AND THE 9/12’ERS to join us.. the truckers have that power to shut off the economy without truckers and their trucks NOTHING IS MOVED from farm to market NOTHING!!! So everyone knows a trucker or has a trucker neighbors. or family member.
        This PROTEST is not just about fuel and Rates. it is about protesting Obama care, Wars, Taxes, foreign OIL , Socialist Government. and the DEMAND of Obama and all Politicians who have VIOLATED THEIR OATH TO OFFICE… I want to DEMAND HIS AND EVERYONE ELSES ARREST for TREASON!!! I and i’m sure many of you feel the same. well here it is people a WAR WITHOUT GUNS….HIT THEM IN THEIR POCKET BOOKS,.!!!!!!! WILL YOU HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN?
        Nov. 1st 2013 is when this Protest will be held!

      75. I beleive you fellows are doing a good thing, but it wot mean anything to these WHORES in the senate and the Congress, the majority of them have committed treason time and time again, and they dont give a crap as to what the american people are demading, these are evil Whores waxing worse and worse, the only way out of this mess, is to remove these evil bastards from their lofty seats by force, thats the only way now. they only listen to terrorist groups and the Ashkenazi Khazar Jews which are all anti christian. all Khazars must be kicked out of the U.S. and returned to Israel, and that includes all congressman, senators and every judge unless they can prove where there fore fathers came from. the majority of Jews in the U.S. are khazars and these are false Jews, and they know there false. this is the same bunch of pigs that herded there own people onto the cattle cars and sent them to there death. and they worked in conjunction with Hitler.

      76. I am on board with any plan to get the lying criminals out of govt-PERIOD! However, I agree with others that say it should be carried out during the week-not when the jerks are gone for the weekend. I apologize in advance to my brother & niece that live in area & will be most affected by it, but it must be done. Bottom line is-all of us need to turn back to God-repent-and ask God to heal our land & give us another chance-not that we deserve one. 2Chronicles7:14

      77. The Repy left on My FB page by a 20 something -idiot- high school- drop -out -living -in -his -mother’s -basement after I posted a link referencing the truckers protest:”a trucking strike is an incredibly bad idea. first of all i dont see any defined goal, other than “stopping the tyranny”. which is an insult to anyone who has ever lived under an actual tyrant. second, the only things this will accomplish is putting small businesses out of business.(Walmart will be just fine[speaking of tryranny..]) and creating panic. yeah great idea. i’m getting really tired of these tea-party type people. more and more they show themselves to be deluded and childish. and i’m quite certain that 85% of all anti-Obama bullshit is just veiled racism. for the most part the tea-party is just a bunch of hicks getting whipped into a frenzy over nonsense and propaganda(Foxaganda), so that people like the Koch brothers and High-King Murdoch can squeeze more money from the U.S. and the rest of the planet via loopholes and schemes. back to my original point, BAD IDEA. who knows whats in those trucks? vital medication, perhaps? so some old lady might DIE because a bunch of nitwits don’t like the color of the president.”

        My reponse to said Idiot:”That’s the gist of free speech . You get to voice your opinion . Occupy Wall Street did it. E.l.f. Does it, so does: La Raza ,black panthers, the SP-USA and the list goes on and on . It seems to me the only time anyone has a problem with a protest is when it’s by ” racist ” white people . I actually wanted Herman Cain for prez. The point being: free speech is for everyone, not just who you approve of. As for people dying because there will be a 72 hour delay in deliveries : if you don’t have at least 72 hours worth of food water gas and essentials you better hope to god you never get caught in a tornado snow storm hurricane flood or break a leg . Hugs!”
        So far: crickets on a logical retort. sigh.
        The sad part ? This doofus is my nephew. The silver lining? He lives over 1k miles away from me.

      78. These candy ass truckers always make empty threats. Type into Google Europe trucker strike and see what a real truck strike looks like. They even kill people during the strikes over there. They walk the talk. Not like here.

      79. This is the best general action of dissent I’ve heard in my life. It may not be perfect, enough may not get involved, it may not work out as planned – still it’s a huge statement to our criminal government and puts a break on WW3. Truckers are a big back-bone of the economy. Many, many people will get behind you. Wish every decent person in gov and military would lie down, slow down too. Impeachment? An ineffective joke. Look who we’d get-the same! Arrests need to happen. “We the people” need to reclaim our country! The war machine and its lies must be stopped. The planned economic destruction of the US must be overturned. The elite are very afraid of the masses and are tightening their controls over us super fast to where we can’t move or speak. Please do it “convoy”! Please, citizens, support this to the max. If not, we’re all cattle to the slaughter. God bless you!

      80. This is a mistake !!!!! I, as most patriots are in solidarity, however, this could actually start a process by which the President has been waiting for to declare Martial Law, and institute his dictatorship. If the “No Delivery” solidarity causes catistrophic results in the fuel, grocery, Etc., industries, the reverse of what is being fought for could result. Think about it… tipping the balance into their hands is a mistake.

        • … oh no…don’t do anything to make the tyrant angry he might do something scary…sheesh man… grow a pair.. 🙁

      81. So you attempt to get the administration out, Then what? Anarchy in the streets, people getting killed like Egypt, Libya or worse like Syria. It may start with peaceful intentions, but without violence nothing happens. No clear direction will solve nothing. A better way is needed. Absolute balanced budget be the number one priority. There is a way to pay off the national debt, but it would take everyone’s participation, however the administration must be held accountable. Ross Parot had the right idea, run the country like a business. But the problem is far too much corruption even at low levels. Suppose a toll was enacted. Every vehicle entering onto the interstate system paid a lousy little quarter, every cent of which went to pay down the national debt. It wouldn’t hurt us as individuals. Likely we all keep a change jar, so we use that. The problem is how to collect it by honest people and get it to where it needs to go, 100% of it. Good luck with that. Being politically neutral, be it known that all governments are corrupt in one way or another and many people are as well. The one who is returned too much change at the grocery store. Does he point out the cashiers error and give it back, or does he pocket it for themselves. That one is corrupt on the lower level.
        It’s coming down to the wheat and the chaff. Look around you, its’ everywhere and it won’t be solved by man or their so called peaceful demonstrations that turn violent. Best of luck to all the honest ones. Good day

      82. Isn’t the government doing some testing on the 13th of October? Also I just read somewhere on the net, I forget where, a while back some guy was saying he woke up with a dream of some kind or vision where God was telling him that the 13th of October was dooms day. To many coincidences. For me, I think I will go hunting way out in the middle of nowhere that week.

      83. I understand there are major problems in the US today and I am not in denial of this. I don’t however think this trucker strike is a good idea – I worry that it may break out in violence or shootings of some kind with unneeded deaths and without ObamaCare in effect, if the said participants don’t have insurance and are taken to hospitals in an effort to retain life – they will be slaves to debt forever. And if any actual deaths occur, I tremble to think of what might happen..stock market plunges, martial law, all kinds of nasty. Great that folks want to do something to protest but I see it as also quite dangerous, too.

      84. They’ll make about as much impact as the bikes did in DC – FAIL!

      85. Why single out the Muslims who’s in office it should be all members of congress doesn’t matter what party out of office, Three Days a weekend that’s (BS) do it for whole week and see what will happen.

      86. Breaker Breaker One Nine, Gotcher ears on? Ya’ll need to step away from the internet, the Alex Jones, the Daily Paul, the Glenn Beck, the Lush Rimjob, the Faux Noose and get sum exercise! Let the blood rush up to yer head and help feed the starved parts of yer brains. Throw that tinfoil hat into the trash and scratch yer ass & git happy, Dad Gummit!! Come on back!
        “Ten four, Good buddy! Paranoia will destroy ya!”

      87. Back in 1989 or so, I worked on the Names Project quilt displayed on the mall. It came in from San Francisco on truck trailers loaded on trailer trains and were eventually trucked to the Pentagon Parking lots because trucks that size were not permitted at the National Mall. We had to transfer the entire quilt to trucks around 17 foot size to be legal, so I’m wandering if these limitations still exist and what effect it might have on this alleged protest.

      88. Hey, Hear me out on this one….
        Why aren’t we, as the common sense preppers and Americans we are, taking a page from the playbook of the communist-fascists taking over our country? Here’s my idea to use their own plays against them–
        1. We (preppers, patriots, libertarians, constitutionalists, oath-keepers, all like mindeds are invited) Pick two or three good states from our standpoint.
        2. relocate as many of us to those states as are willing and capable of moving.
        3. infiltrate local, county and state governments in those states and put in place laws to protect and follow our constitution.
        4. Infiltrate the schools with OUR teachers, principals, superintendants and school books which reflect our freedom loving constitutional values.
        5. show stories form OUR viewpoints on the local news channels.ETC,ETC,ETC…..
        6. Shape public perception in OUR favor just as they are shaping it in “their” favor.
        Follow me so far. I mean it seems to me that we are all running around trying to stop “them” (fascist governement and NWO hacks) instead of using the methods that seem to have worked for them. Let’s organize and get this done!!!
        I nominate the states of Utah, Idaho and Montana as the states we start in for reasons that will be obvious to all full or part time preppers.
        Thoughts, comments or expressions of optimism???
        Sorry that it is off topic for the article, It just seems that all this protesting leaves us on the DEFENSIVE when we should be on the OFFENSE rooting these people out, firing or arresting them and protecting OUR values.…

      89. We would like to do a free concert at a truckstop to show sup[port for this effort. someone who knows someone inthe organization of this please contact me. [email protected]

      90. you should collaborate with the anon’s for the Million mask march!

      91. We honk our horns in honor of you ALL!!!! Way to go Truckers!!!
        Constitutional Americans are with you!!!!!
        Make it happen!!!!!

      92. I applaud this effort and sincerely hope it goes forward. Our government is corrupt and must be taught that the power resides in the people. The clueless dolts in Washington have not heard us. A truck strike would hurt, but hurt them more. I’m all for it. Actually, I think it should be accompanied by pitchforks and axe handles!

      93. This is probably one of the dumbest strike ideas in recent history! Who strikes on the weekend? No congress in session no senate nobody will be their to hear you! No real Agenda! Stick to the real issues! Lower fuel prices better freight rates retirement benefits Mandatory detention for drivers At the shippermore than 2 hours! Stop restricting the drivers with so many frivolous log book changes! Stay on topic and be sane! Your logical agenda won’t get it done! If you generate enough people to be heard do it during the week when the city is busiest!

      94. Wish I were still driving! Roll On! GOD SPEED and KEEP THE RUBBER ON THE ROAD!

      95. If you want to make people take notice you should have a day where all semi drivers drive at the speed limit. Nothing is more infuriating than a semi passing you while you are doing 65 in a 55. Do any of you guys care about safety. Also, good luck with road rage on Oct 11th. Better keep your doors locked.

      96. I am glad to see the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA come and pull together. Its hard for some citizens to make it from payday to payday, and then with gas prices being so high.I feel that alot of our people government that was elected to represent us needs to be made to leave office and that the so called president needs to be impeached. I wish all the truckers good luck on this strike…..

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