Consumption Crashes In December: “The Country Has Clearly Entered Recession”

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Headline News | 170 comments

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    Editor’s Note: If you watch the mainstream media on a daily basis and consume the “official” assessments of the health of our economy you’re likely thinking that all is well and good. President Obama’s recovery has taken hold and prosperity is sure to return. But what if the narrative being disseminated to the general public is nothing but conjecture? In the following analysis from the always informative and entertaining James Quinn of The Burning Platform you’ll get an understanding of what’s really going on under the hood. What you’ll notice is that, while the media has picked and chosen specific talking points to create a perception of economic health, they have purposefully failed to provide a complete picture to the American people. Frankly, the information being spewed by official sources simply doesn’t mesh with the actual data. Jim Quinn explains…



    Consumption Crashes In December
    By James Quinn

    Let the spin begin. The country has clearly entered recession, but the government bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, criminal Wall Street bankers, and their corporate media mouthpieces refuse to acknowledge the truth. They have too much wealth at stake to report the facts. They need to exit the markets before the muppets.

    Consumer spending in December collapsed at the greatest rate in five years. Remember 2009? It wasn’t a great year for the economy.


    That always happens when the economy is growing at 4%. Right? That always happens when the unemployment rate has plunged to 5.6%. Right? That always happens when the weather was downright balmy compared to the Polar Vortex December last year. Right? That always happens when consumer confidence is supposedly at 7 year highs. Right?

    I thought the massive savings from the collapse in gasoline prices was supposed to translate into huge spending gains and boost the economy to new heights. That was the MSM storyline, and they are sticking to it.

    Despite the absolutely dreadful data, the spin started immediately. They grasped onto the 0.3% increase in personal income as a straw of positivity. One problem. The increase wasn’t driven by people with jobs getting higher wages. And the increase was actually only 0.28%. The press release reveals the truth you won’t get from CNBC or any of the other corporate shill networks.

    Here are my observations, which you won’t hear elsewhere:


    • Personal income rose by $41 billion in December. Sounds impressive. I guess all those jobs are finally generating wages for the masses. Not quite. Wages only went up $7 billion. They increased by a staggering .09%. Goods-producing wages actually declined by 0.2% in December, driven by a drop in Manufacturing sector wages. Thank you strong dollar.
    • So if personal income grew so strongly, but wages were in the toilet, where did all the growth come from? You guessed it. The government doled out $13 billion of your taxes to the 102 million non-working Americans and called it personal income. Isn’t that precious. They got almost double what working stiffs got in December. Time to go on the dole.
    • Another $13 billion was generated by something called Proprietors’ income with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments. WTF that means is anyone’s guess. It jumps around wildly from month to month and smells like another government model created figure used to mislead the sheep.
    • Senior citizens around the country will be thrilled to know they earned $3 billion less in interest income than last month, with the amount hitting a new post 2008 low. Kibble and Bits never tasted so good. At least the titans of Wall Street got an extra $4 billion of dividends. I’m sure they are sleeping well at night.
    • Not all spending collapsed in December. It seems spending on services rocketed up by $11 billion in one month. Obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure the $7 billion increase in wages that was used to pay for Obamacare premiums and copays are doing wonders for the economy.
    • The $50 billion collapse in spending on goods, led by autos, surely doesn’t portend recession. It surely doesn’t mean the debt fueled fake recovery is falling apart as the Federal Reserve QE heroine injections have been withdrawn.

    Obama said the shadow of crisis had passed. He’s always truthful and accurate in his assessment. Right?

    Shit is hitting the fan all over the world. I hope you are ready to withstand the shitstorm of the century.


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      1. It hasn’t happened yet. My dad still gets his Social Security check EVERY single month and my sister gets her EBT card refilled like clockwork. Lotta scare tactics out there but it will be okay, it always has been, and its never crashed here before. Smoke some weed and chill. The gov will just get more money and keep giving it to us.

        • Surely this is sarcasm.

          • “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”
            –Mark Twain

            The Baltic Dry Index is an indicator of which way the global economy is headed.

            It has (again) dropped in the past few days and currently is 590. (It was 632 last Friday.)

            This is not a good sign for the global economy.

            For comparison…
            May 20, 2008 – The Baltic Dry Index reached 11,793 points.

            The index that timed the 2008 crash perfectly just slumped to a three-decade low

            “It plunged by more than 90% in just a few months in 2008 as the global crisis unrolled.”
            “It has now dropped by more than 50% in less than three months.”

            The index is down 95% since 2008. The Baltic Dry Index NEVER recovered to anywhere close to the levels reached in 2008.


            I remember articles last June with concerns at how low the index had fallen. (It was 867 then.)

            To me the index points to orders that have been placed and (potential) sales for the next few months or quarter.

            Keep prepping everyone. Spend your money wisely.

            • KY Mom, don’t worry, my prepping will continue until there’s nothing left to get. Everyone else keep doing the same.

                • I would own stock in Federal Ammunition, Remington Ammunition, Ruger, S&W, Springfield Armory, Savage Arms, Beretta, Sig, FN, DPMS, RRA, Taurus, CZ, Century Arms, and Kahr Arms. I think you’re just being negative. ;-}

              • Maverick,

                This is good. I wish more people were also preparing.

                What really concerns me is the over 95% of Americans that don’t realize that difficult times are ahead and have not made any preprations.

            • EXACTLY CORRECT!
              People are being intentionally distracted from this super serious and incredible huge red flag…
              And hardly anyone is talking about how serious this is right now.

              Most people think we still make stuff here in the US to make other stuff.. HOW FREAKING FUNNY IS THAT DELUSION?

              Baltic Dry fell again today 2/3/15
              Baltic Dry Index falls down 13 points to 577 points
              You can watch this every day for free!

              When those ships are not filled with cargo container, those ships are will not be showing up at our ports. When the ships don’t show up at the ports an whole bunch of people lose their jobs.. on the scale of 10’s of 1000’s!

              GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

          • Yeh, its sarcasm. Just having fun with some of the more serious and somber minds here.

            • Same shit, new day.

              • Grab Me A Fuckin Beer

                • I’ll take one as well while the getting is good. And the POS President wants to raise our taxes at a time like this. Just to save the banksters and continue to give money away to other countries as well as the lazy shits who refuse to work. Meanwhile here in Sacramento Ca. area we have a school that spent the day last week teaching the children how to wear scarfs in accordance with Sharia law.

                  All I got to say, once again, is fuck me running and blind.


                  • I’d admire one too. Stella draft if you’re close to it…..Been out in the shop shucking oysters. Had a bushel dropped off to me Sunday and shucked out a few( OK, Ok it was more than a few) to put on the cookie sheet with some sharp cheese, a small piece of bacon and Pete hot sauce at the ready when they came out. If the good Lord made anything better he’d of kept it for himself. The remaining I’m shucking out will go to oyster stew or oyster pie. I’m about drooling right now…..

                    • A local restaurant serves something they call SOBs. An SOB is a Shrimp and an Oyster wrapped in Bacon and light batter and then deep-fried. I’ve had them once, but the restaurant is too expensive for me to go back any time soon.

                    • Anybody had a Atomic Buffalo Turd? Good stuff. Google it.


                  • BigB, if I’d been a student in that school and a teacher told me I had to learn about Islamic culture or any other ‘diversity’ crap, I would’ve told her where to go with it. If they expelled me for it, they would’ve been doing me a big favor.


                    • Sadly enough Maverick either no one has the spine to have done it or the media did not have the balls to cover it.


                    • Any parent that sends their kids to a gov school is stuck in stupid and a total loser. There are more people I run into home schooling. Public schools are brainwashing centers and common core craziness.

                  • I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. While I was In the mental institution a lady asked If I was interested in social security I said yes. I also get dizzy easy I have neurocardogenic syncope. I beat myself up a lot because I don’t work. I’ve worked on farms, delivered meat, factory work etc I went to college etc. Should I hate myself or hang myself because Im not working? Am I a leech or parasite because I dont serve the Beast system 666? F/K auf.

                    • gonAdz won oF MY wiEfs Is a LooN , HOpE YU GiT TO BE fixed buy thE medISEN MAN. BEE sEEIN Ya

                  • Yeah I just read, Obama just submitted his $4 Trillion dollar Budget. Of course more increases for the Military and the Free Shit Army. More Reward for failure. Both are welfare queens that receive mass handouts with little to zero return. I’m tired of paying for that shit. Any way possible avoid or delay paying any kind of taxes. Put all your assets into a Trust. Nobody can attach liens to assets in a Trust. Land Trust or Family Trust. Be smart.

              • GMAFB, same shit, new month.

          • Sarcasm my A$$, over half the country is doing it. When you can get something for free, you go for it

          • Oil Stock Price is being heavily Manipulated. There is a massive Stock purchase Buy back program going on right now to try and prop up their stocks. They all keep pumping oil and they have run out of places to store it. It will take years to tighten up supplies.

            The Idiots out there think oil has hit bottom and getting sucked into buying this right now. Too bad cause Oil is going to go into the Mid $35 a barrel soon. Saudi will continue to punish foreign producers. until they are crushed. so all this is right now is manipulation for the holders to escape the upcoming carnage.

        • Yeah, but when the crash happen. It will certainly will soon. Your free handouts will be a thing in the past. I won’t have any pity because you need to work for your own share. A lot of people will be in for a rude awakening soon, including government leeches.

          • Anon, I agree. When the freeloaders’ checks stop coming and the EBT cards stop working, the do-do will hit the air circulation machine.

            • Maine is about to make mandatory.. for about 6000 welfare recipients..they’s gonna have to dance for their meal…booooooooooooooo whoooooooo….

              You cant get ready for ferguson part duex shortly.

          • With a over supply of labour you would soon be without a job or need to take a pay-cut if all these people returned to work.

            if the government makes more non-jobs then it will cost more to keep these people in job and the bill will be passed to you.

            We are sheep and are being fleeced by the banksters

        • Good luck with that, i hear theres unicorn burger for sale at safeway, .20 a pound and that the TSA is easy on people when they yell BOMB in an airport!

        • Funny, very funny!!! You have a sharp mind!

        • smoke some meth u mean

          • ? smoke meth?

            Hell, u is crazy.

            smoke da stuff, you won’t have any teeth left to eat them tasty and cheep “unicorn” burgers!

        • Conversely my wife broke her back at work. Chrysler went bankrupt. They were self insured with workmen’s comp. The state does not back it up. Fiat the new owner is not responsible for Chryslers workmen’s comp. The result? No workmen’s compensation and no medical payments either. They can’t be sued in civil court either.

          Everything a working person gets is not unjustified and workers do get shafted too.

        • That, plus his amnesty make the actual numbers even higher…

          “If Congress wants to take back control of our immigration system, it needs to control the issuance of work permits, which have been the vehicle for Obama to get around the [legal] limits on immigration and work visas imposed by Congress…”

          “But Obama’s quiet award of five million work permits, plus his November amnesty, will have added roughly 10 million foreign workers to the economy by the end of 2015. The influx adds to the normal inflow of 1 million immigrants per year and the standing population of 2 million white-collar and blue-collar guest workers.

          So 18 million foreign students and workers — including many university-trained workers — have jumped into the U.S. economy since Obama was inaugurated in 2009.

          The 18 million is almost level with the roughly 24 million young Americans who have turned 18 and joined the work force in the six years since 2009.

          In effect, Obama has given employers the option to hire a government subsidized foreigner in place of roughly one-in-two Americans who have graduated since 2009.”

          • If you put a real working man in charge, he will take care of his own. He will lean towards advocating for the working people.

            If you put a globalist in charge, he will inevitably take care of other globalists. He will bend the rules in their favor every time.

            When we put a minority in charge, we’re getting exactly what we should’ve expected — a HNIC who only takes care of his own…

            • Sixpack, diversity is ruining this nation.

              • So is good old fashioned down home cornpone southern fried stupidity.

            • There are no working men or women in government. That is what you call an oxymoron. 🙂

          • Stop welfare payments

            • Approx $5 Billion a year in Gubberment Grants goes mostly to Congress’s Relatives.

        • We have had enough for a longtime, just cannot seem to get enough people to DO SOMETHING !!!!

          • Because there is nothing the people can do. The game is rigged and it is rigged in favor of the 1%. They will never go hungry, they will never be homeless. If the SHTF they will be the ones to benefit as they will be the ones able to afford what others have lost and at a premium. They see us as a impediment to what they can gain. We are nothing but chattel to them. Royalty has never changed in anything but the name. They control the elections, the monies and the people.

            People can revolt all they want but who are they revolting against? Themselves? If it were not so sad it would be laughable.


          • Apache54.

            Can’t get enough people to do something? Not at this time, for there is no driving force. Nonetheless we do something by prepping. We have no command post nor any leaders. We only have unwilling participants at this time. To many objections between us. Nothing overtly and immediately threatening.
            Another side is that the word survivalist tends to
            paint us as rebels. Not as it was many years back. We use the word prepper for it is not as offensive to some.
            Call it what you want, we are all preparing for war in some degree or another. And you can call war by others names like riots, Martial Law, revolution or civil upheaval. It is all a mind game.

            Maybe we all should take a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot and look at the materials that are there. Material to hide/store in plain site now, to be used later.

      2. Yup…money will just keep on printing…that’s the problem. Every dollar that’s printed its a promise we (the american people will pay it). Hey…here’s an idea, lets create a movement to be paid in gold instead. Wonder what would happen then.

        • Even better idea. Let’s create a movement to force THE GLOBALIST ELITES who run this place to pay for it out of their own pockets, not ours. How about if we stop allowing people to be signed into debt slavery, simply by being born.

          • Exactly, If folks STOPPED paying taxes, just went Exempt, for one month as a stand, it would get noticed in a big way.

      3. Since it is clear that the ZIonist Bankers Agenda is the reason that we, those of us in the prepping community are prepping in the first place, why is it, why does one suppose, since the inception of this site; the SHTFPlan, that this topic has NEVER been addressed?

        Why has not the publisher of the SHTF site, in its long running history here (which I have been witness to almost from the beginning), ever brought the Z factor into the equation, since it is obvious they OWN all US politicians? Why is that word avoided like the plague in all articles? Doesn’t that seem odd, downright suspicious even to any of the chronic “thumbs down to anyone who brings up Zionists” crowd? One of the largest elephants in the SHTFPlan living room continues to smear the walls of this site with it’s own shit in the form of denial running rampant here and it would seem, for anyone willing to seek out the truth, that the denial excuse is a stenchful justification to hide behind.

        Could it be there is a distorted bias here, by one particular religious cult following, that believes, with such religious fervor, that these Zionist Bankers are somehow not really responsible for the chaos and mayhem infecting every region on the planet right now? That somehow, if this obvious demonic form is exposed, their faith in their religiously dogmatic world would “collapse” their false pride, exposing the cold and hard truth that they’ve been duped their whole life?

        That day is coming and it will shatter many peoples religious beliefs at their false core, thank God!

          • European, America would mostly be like that “Island Paradise” if we did not have any Blacks or Jews. Blacks commit 75% of Americas crime and shootings, and Jews… well,… wreck this country from their socialist Hollywood pollution to the supreme court bogus laws, to the financial debt enslaving the masses. Want to fight for paradise, eliminate those 2 segments of our society.

        • @European American — I don’t think that the failure to openly address the Zionist issue is one of denial as much as it is merely picking which hills to fight on in the game of timing. Surely any informed individual knows that it is the Zionists that comprise the majority of the elites that are banking, media, and politics that control the flow of influence and information in shaping the world view endorsed by the slave masses.

          However, any serious exposure of such an “extreme” is laughed at with scorn, perpetuated by the very elites that it addresses. Light will shine in the darkness, but it is so powerful right now that it is hard to have a small voice when the PTB are so crushing. Their time is coming, but its about timing.

          • Sterling:

            “Surely most informed persons know its the Zionists”…..

            Guess that leaves Free/Slave out of the informed category, right?

        • European American: “these Zionist Bankers are somehow not really responsible for the chaos and mayhem infecting every region on the planet right now?”

          Chaos and mayhem has infected the Northwest Region of America right now!! The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th man are still reeling over the worst play call they’ve ever seen, costing them a repeat Super Bowl Championship.

          The Jew Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots, accused of intentionally deflating balls in the AFC championship game against the Colts.

          Now the ZOG can initiate brain farts at will, causing total collapse of neural activity in just a matter of seconds. In the last minute of the Super Bowl, the ZOG machine whispered, “Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass” to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Offensive Coordinator Bevell. Simultaneously, the nefarious and insidious ZOG machine whispered to the New England Defense, “Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass.”

          KA – BOOM!!

          Malcolm Butler intercepts the ZOG-initiated pass attempt to WR Lockette and Jew Owner Robert Kraft does the ZOG happy dance!

          It’s the ZOG, people!! Beware the ZOG!!

          • Alex Jones show reporting TEOTWAKI no later than March 1st, Gary North reports Revelations began during the Katy Perry super bowl halftime show, prep NOW or all is lost!

            • Well shit the bed. You got it all down pat don’t ya son. Careful, too much Alex Jones will land you in the ’round room’ where they tell you to “go piss in the corner”.

              • PO’d Patriot, I agree about Alex Jones I used to listen to him on occasion at first, but after Bill Cooper was killed in Nov. 2001, Jones started bashing Bill Cooper so I stopped listening to him. I used to listen to Bill’s show “The Hour Of The Time” on shortwave every night in my “pre-internet days”. Bill Cooper was always a straight shooter.

            • Revelations during half-time? Hmmmm. I THOUGHT there was something fishy about that giant lion and missy e’s lyrics “can ya work it, flip it upside down and reverse it”. It’s all becomeing clear now…

          • Free Slave, that is the best commentary on the superbowl yet. Nothing Fox or ESPN or Yahoo sports could throw out even compares. The Zionists lost the superbowl for Seattle. Thats epic!

            • Silver,

              I’m tellin’ ya, man: It’s always the ZOG. Never, never, never, never, ever forget that.

              I’ll give you a suppositional example using you.

              ZOG brain: “It’s the effin’ ZOG behind all ills! They own every politician in the United States!”

              Silver: “Is President Obama ZOG?”

              ZOG brain: “Are effin’ stupid? Of course, Obama is ZOG!!”

              Silver: “Is Israel PM Netanyahu a ZOG?”

              ZOG brain: “Damn, you’re an effin’ sheeple! Of course, Netanyahu is a ZOG! What a stupid azz question!”

              Silver: “Uh, both Obama and Netanyahu are working against each other. Obama is working with the Muslims and has been helping out the Islamic terrorists against Israel. Netanyahu is doing the exact opposite.

              So ZOG brain, how can they both be ZOG and ZOG owned?

              ZOG brain: “Bu, bu, bah, … but you’re a dumb azz! Never doubt that all world and moral evil and all social ills are the direct result of the Jews and Zionist Banker NWO elites!!

              I don’t care what you say! Fight the ZOG bee-atch!”

              Silver: “A sterling example of logic and reason at its finest.”

              • I know that most all of people’s problems are caused by ZOG.

                As you seem to understand this great evil conspiracy best, beside knots in the laces of my shoes and really smelly farts in an elevator, what else is ZOG not responsible for?

                • “I know that most all of people’s problems are caused by ZOG.”

                  Exactly!! Da ZOG Monstah is the reason for all manner of universal human suffering and misery!

                  “As you seem to understand this great evil conspiracy best, beside knots in the laces of my shoes and really smelly farts in an elevator, what else is ZOG not responsible for?”

                  Da Evil ZOG can never be responsible for peace, joy, love, faith, hope, and the fruits of the Spirit!

              • I understand the next evil ZOG plan is to infiltrate boxes of corn flakes! Good God, WHAT’S NEXT?

                • Canon, They already infiltrated the box of Cornflakes with their Corporate Monsanto GMO seed corn. Hell the cardboard box probably has more nutrition than any breakfast cereal.

              • …and FreeSlave, an oxyMoron, knowingly or unknowingly, is a zionist bitch whore, doing exactly what it’s been subconsciously programmed to do, from birth, spewing its infectious self unrighteous, holier than thou propaganda, as an obedient “free” slave for them, on anyone stooping to its level. The only cure for infections like this is to cut it out before it spreads. Otherwise, if left on it’s own it, like the blood sucking demonic parasite that it is, methodically it will bleed its host to death (just as it’s pimp parent has designed it to do).

                • Silver: “Uh, both Obama and Netanyahu are working against each other. Obama is working with the Muslims and has been helping out the Islamic terrorists against Israel. Netanyahu is doing the exact opposite.

                  So ZOG brain, how can they both be ZOG and ZOG owned?

                  ZOG brain: “Bu, bu, bah, … but you’re a dumb azz! Never doubt that all world and moral evil and all social ills are the direct result of the Jews and Zionist Banker NWO elites!!

                  I don’t care what you say! Fight the ZOG bee-atch!”

                  Silver: “A sterling example of logic and reason at its finest.”

                  Peanut Gallery: “Why you so sarcastic Silver?”


                • WOW F-slave!!!

                  I knew you’d have an ‘epiphany/wake-up experience’ one day!
                  Simply incredible…and such awakenings are spreading everywhere, nowadays! Thank GOD!

                  For example, just two weeks ago & was standing in a lunch-line, at a downtown deli/restaurant/pub, in Raleigh NC..when a female-customer in front of me, asked the waitperson if Baklava, was jewish.

                  ..”Oh, heavens no ma’am” -I commented- “…its a Greek pastry..but if it were genuine kosher & you ate some…you’d develop an irresistible urge to steal the change cup from a blind beggar, on some street corner!”

                  There was a moment of silence as those assembled digested my opinion….then from the back of the line, someone said:

                  “..or raid a pension fund!” -(laughter/chuckles ensured)-

                  Then a well dressed middle-aged Grandma type behind me, piped up and replied..

                  “..or pimp-out underage girls, to the British Monarchy.”

                  —(even those behind the counter grinned/nodded their heads, in understanding)—

                  It was AWESOME!!!!
                  Ordinary people are waking up, bigtime.

                  ..there were a few additional comments by other patrons that were truthful..none in defense of the accused/guilty!!!


                  During lunch, after being seated..I ended up exchanging e-mail addresses w/ 3 people who commented/laughed thru the episode.

                  Ditto, I also recommended this site, per honest news, commentary & entertaining debates…

              • Hope Sterling liked being used as a PATSY by our resident Zog Whore.

                You know, the one who cant get past “it’s the libs folks”.

                It surely was the “libs” fault at the Superbowl, now wasn’t it free/slave?

                • Obviously they hit him with their evil ZOG mind control device! We’re DOOMED I tell ya!

          • freeslave…… are dumb fuck.

            • No, Anonymous,

              Free/Slave is NOT an idiot. He is a very smart whore for the Zog.

              With all the information he has ask for and has been given most here that have really paid attention know from FreeSlaves posts that he blames everything on the liberals….heaven forbid if you dig any further and find there is a lot more to the downfall of the world than the “lib”.

              FreeSlave does not want a true answer to European American’s post about the Zog elephant in the room nor are we ever going to get a “subject” here at SHTF covering the truth.

              You can see by all the ignorant name calling that happens to posters here that know and post the truth, what do you think would happen to this site if Mac would post an expose of the role the Zog has in destroying the world. Think what posters who deny the truth would have to say to him; to say nothing about the potential loss of advertisers.

              Did it ever occur to any here that we have witnessed terrible attacks even threatening death to Muslims, cops, useless EBT people, POTUS, Christians, the Bible…etc. All seem to pass with flying colors…the only posts and posters that have been threatened are posts about the Zog and their religion. Have any of you ever stopped to wonder why?

              Thanks European American for having the guts to bring the “elephant in the room” to the forefront. It certainly has been a question in a lot of our minds; you just happen to have the guts to bring it into the light.

              • Brilliant Observation(s), POG, regarding the underlying deception taking place here at the SHTFPlan by many commenters, not just new ones, but some of the so called, old timers.

                Take heed, seekers of the truth, the darkness is being exposed like never before. Keep track of the posts by those who joke about ZOG, and the various biased and skewed themes for articles here, for they are knowingly or unknowingly supporters of THAT which wants to control your mind. They are flaunting it now, right in your face, and that will be their eventual downfall. A great time is ahead of us. Stay Present, in the Moment!

              • Excellent analysis, Granny!

                ..your description of “jew-Slave” …is most accurate, indeed!

            • ANoNymous… i’ll mAke you squeal like a howg bwoy.

        • European American:

          Thanks for your post. I posted a comment to it but it is hung up in moderation. I made a mistake on my email address. Last time in moderation my post was not posted for 4 hours. Please look for it.

            • EA:

              Still in moderation. For how long?

              • There are Forces, even here, that know how to “subtly” spin their web of deception, holding the weak-minded in their Spell.

        • All media is controlled by no more than 6 companion cooperating corporations. EA, do you honestly think alternative(s) does not have buttons, levers, dials and knobs …………..Does the host of any site do it purely out of the goodness of heart and pocketbook too enlighten his brother to the harm of our living contaminated vulgar political environment? Does wanton fear and hopelessness have a role, possibly.

          Answer your own question.

        • EA, The bible, in the New Testament, say that even the Disciples “spoke in a whisper for fear of the Jews”! Combine that with the fact Jesus said the Jews were of there father Satan ant the picture is clear.

      4. You cannot believe a single word this disgusting,lying,pschopathic “President” says. Satan must be proud. For those who will do a “thumbs down”, screw you too. Have a nice day.

        • I gave you a thumbs up!

          • Thank you.

            • Looks like the “red thumb trolls” are out in force today.

          • Ditto

        • I gave you a thumbs up cause you’re a Confederate. I don’t think we’ll be home for the fall harvest this time neither…but that’s ok. Pickin’ off the commies may take some time but’ll be very rewarding.

          • Your right about the fall harvest,but the spring planting is just around the corner, we can plant commies, socialist, liberals, trolls, guess it depends on personal preference.

            • Yeah,yeah,yeah grandpa, more big talk. You sound like the kind who’s never shot or been shot back at by a real live human being. How am I able to figure that you wonder? Easy, people who actually have been in that situation don’t run at mouth about it all the time, if ever.

              • Troll alert

              • Hey Robbie, who are you to judge me? You know nothing about me. You don’t know about my military experience, my educational level, how I think or what’s in my heart. So BOY I offer this advise, sit down, shut-up and listen for a change. There are some knowledgeable people on this site, people like you are “legends in your own mind” as Eastwood would say. Guess your Rambo and John Wayne rolled into one. Have you read every post I’ve submitted? The only one running off his (it’s) mouth is you big BOY.

                • Confederate,

                  Not only am I free to judge you, I’m free to say whatever I choose to on an open forum. This includes commentary about your big sofa warrior talk that never comes to anything more than a waste of everybody’s time. If your ego is so fragile that it can’t withstand a little honest critiquing, than you need to find yourself a nice old ladies sewing circle website. And no, I’m really tired of listening to old blowhards like you, that’s why I took the liberty to post my comments.

                  • I am totally impressed with your keyboard commando rhetoric. Your day will come big BOY and when it does, I hope it hurts alot.

                    • Spoken like somebody who has nothing left in the tank but hot air, and all this idiotic thumbs nonsense means jack shit.

        • Confederate, how do you get a red thumb for that comment on this site? At least it’s 5 to 1 green.

          • Ask the trolls.

      5. We never LEFT the recession!!! Continuation of the greater depression

      6. Now you’ll see CEOs getting canned all over the place because sales are down. People don’t have the money to prop them up anymore. things are going to get real tight. look at Venezuela and Brazil and others that the press aren’t telling you about. SHTF is rumbling.

        • Massive groups of workers will get the dreaded Pink Slip before the CEO is touched. Hell the Board of Directors may give them a bonus for leadership in cost cutting.

          Simply put, “Sh$t rolls down hill”.

          • And splatters at the bottom…

      7. OH MY did ever one just feel the RUG we’re standing on MOVE! Folks the rug is about to be pulled out from under us soon and that will be TEOTWAWKI. BRACE-BRACE the crash is coming. Some of us will live through it, but so many need to bend over and kiss their ASS GOOD BYE.

        • My choices are pretty clear. Since I don’t ‘kiss ass’, not even my own, I guess I’ll just have to make it through to the other side any way that I can. I’ve been beefing up my long-term food storage, and I’ve got the disposition of a rattlesnake, so, I’ll see y’all on the other side.

          • Sixpack, I don’t even trust anyone who thinks other people should ‘kiss ass’, bow down to them, etc. History has shown that such people always have bad intentions toward other people. “Pleasing other people” has never been a part of my DNA and never will be. I’ll be struggling to get to the other side myself.

      8. “Obama said the shadow of crisis had passed. He’s always truthful and accurate in his assessment. Right?”

        Obola is a puppet asshole communist and an screw himself!

        The politicians are all the same, a bunch of fast talking bullshit artists who are sucking at the teat of the government sow,

        • Kulafarmer, those politicians are sucking something, but it ain’t the teat of the government sow. No, they sold their birthright for a dinner of chocolate cock and cash.

        • “Obama said the shadow of crisis had passed. He’s always truthful and accurate in his assessment. Right?”

          The shadow has passed. Now we’re dealing with the actual crisis. Not just a shadow of it.

      9. Look on the positive side, a crash in the consumer economy will mean people will have to do other things with their time. Hang out with friends/family, enjoy the pleasures of sexual exploration/experimentation, etc.

        I am done with caring about the housing bubble etc. and the shitty pursuit of materialism. Let it come down, the whole house of cards. Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing some soccer mommy having to peddle her wares from the back of her minivan. Things like that make the arrogant humble real fast.

        • Jim’ll Fix it! You’re nicked.

      10. Want to see where a good portion of the QE’s went? Take a look at the rentals listed on – As long as these Fed loans can be serviced that owudl be OK, right? I wonder though, how they are being serviced when I counted over 900 houses currently for rent on this site. And these are only one of roughly 8 like this I am aware of. Just wondering…..

        • Well Mensa you almost have it right. The banks made the loan, loan goes bad, Feds pay off bank for loan made, Feds then hire Bank to service defaulted loan / property. Bank is in a win – win situation. Houses almost never go up for sale because banks get paid for servicing them. That and I they did home equities would crash devaluing everyone’s homes including the ones the bank are servicing which in term would make the feds interest be devalued. And that my friends can’t happen because that is what T-Bills are secured by.

          Don’t believe it? Look it up. Every word I wrote is true.


        • @JC75
          I think I got more stupid reading that.

        • Mensa, the site appeared very interesting so I bookmarked it. Thanks for the link.

      11. This teetering between inflation and deflation that is going on will continue for the next 10 years. The economy we have in 10 years will not even resemble anything we have now. It will not happen fast, but a slow lingering decline is expected as this ratchets down. Housing will collapse again soon enough. This is a slow burn….

      12. What we’re really looking at is a perfect storm. A combo of economic stress/recession, political destabilization (Ferguson), Islamic terror attacks, and a new Cold (soon to become hot) War with China/Russia/Iran.

        NATO has troops in the Ukraine, so does Russia, doesn’t anyone remember the Spanish Civil War/Pissing Contest of the 1930’s, between Hitler and Stalin, which set up WWII?

        Meanwhile our Emperor plays Golf and does a slow burn over the Elections in Israel?

        The Guy is about as useful as a President as tits on a Rattle Snake!

        Watch out fur them Hogs!

        • How very dare you mention mooslems. You’ll upset “Just me” and all piece luvin’ jihadists!

      13. I hate these generic names.

        You need to call it what it is instead of sugar coating it so bad it makes you a diabetic.


      14. So wtf does this mean ….all it means is that we are in the beginning stages ……first recession then depression the god knows what ……we have years and years and years more to put up with ….it’s FAR FROM.OVER

        • A recession is when someone you know loses their job. A depression is when you lose your job.

          • Not necessarily ….. so your saying during the first great depression ….everyone lost their job ????? That saying is RETARDED!!8

        • Something of interest.

          The gov. is confiscating land in Alaska and making it FED. Parks.

          So you can not mine gold.

          During war time the country can not mine gold.

          Are we on the verge of WW3 ?

      15. One of the most blatant and in our face criminal activity which continues on a daily basis is the chemtrail spraying program. We know it is happening, yet the federal government and military continue to lie and say that there is no such thing taking place.

        These traitors feel that if they can get away with such things as lying about chemtrail spraying, 911, Kennedy assassination, etc, then they can surely keep lying about the economy getting better while we all know it is in the process of collapsing.

        Prepare yourselves and don’t be swayed by those who have sold out. God Bless you all.

      16. Why work let the illegals support us… All of the “real” Americans should go on welfare…. The system would collapse and we could put this crap to an end….

      17. Weeeellll….after reading just ’bout all of these comments, it’s the most depressing bunch I’ve ever been around (LMAO) Try, I mean really try to get out and enjoy yourselves some and yes I have to even remind myself. What’s coming is coming. There’ll be enough sorrow later to go around I’m sure. Cheers everyone!

        • Funny stuff PoDP!

        • Po’d if you think this is depressing, I just found out that only 99% of all lawyers give all the rest a bad name. Trekker Out.

      18. LOL ;0) BWAAAHAHAHA ;0)


        the zog cia puppet prez barry the fairy obola , just signed a new 2015 budget bill for 4 trillion MORE dollars.



      19. The only solution is obviously to give the banks a few trillion dollars more free cash, and import a couple dozen more million illegal aliens.

      20. We are in a recession now? I didn’t think we got out of the Damn thing from 2007!

      21. Why the hell is everyone complaining let the immigrants take the jobs .you go on the dole let them earn their amnesty. Who the fuck cares really do you want to clean toilets how about pick veggies all day in the hot sun how about mow lawns and rake leaves or maybe be a garbage man and smell trash juices all day. If you want to work that bad have at it. I’m gonna go on the dole I got three kids I’m gonna have three more Socialism is gonna work for me. I work all the time I’m sick of it. Working is for schlepps face it all your doing is making greedy corporate elites richer while you wear your body out they don’t care when you can’t do the job anymore they will get another sucker. Are you working to make yourself feel better than others. I’m serious I’m sick of working. I make squat who the hell cares I have all the things I need to live I’m established why the hell not go on the dole. I wanna sit back and roll a Dutch and puff like a dragon. No more back aches no more headaches and stress do what I want when I feel like it. Spend my winters in florida. Working is much better than this ya right. I don’t even need to make the kind of $ that I do to survive really my bills are very low and I could trim them more too. If you like to go to the store and consume junk then pay for it. What I see is on the first of the month the welfares are cleaning out Wally’s the middle to the end of the month no one is in there. The have spent all their food $ and cash assistance. This means everybody is on some form of assistance . If your on it no big deal really it’s your business. It doesn’t mean you are a dirty pauper . The only people who don’t like it are the schlepps the folks on the dole out number the workers this is how the democratic process works majority rules. I never liked the process myself but the people have spoken so be it. Good thing we can’t live forever I’ve seen old ladies so unhappy they say things like I wish I would just die. After 90 years on this earth who wants to put up with all the headaches . 60 is good enough for me. I don’t want to be pissin myself wearing pampers. I’m gonna retire early I save as much $ as possible by going without wife says don’t be cheap. Damn right I’m cheap I want out of the workforce it’s a joke. I’m willing to not have nice new vehicles fancy clothes eat at the best restaurants. I get my clothes at Wally’s anyway I should be on that show extreme cheapskates I’m gonna get a big thermos and fill it with coffee from home no more $2 coffees at dunkies. I don’t eat fast food at all it tastes like shit to me. I’d rather starve. There just is no reason for me to consume really. I bring lunch with me and eat at home. I don’t feel like I’m missing out one bit . When I do buy something i research it extensively to make sure it is not cheap consumer junk it’s very hard to find nowadays. Buy top shelf stuff it’s always better take car tires if you buy cheap ass no name they will not last 30000 miles buy pirellis or michelins they will last 60000 easy. Only costs a little more and lasts twice as long. Not telling anyone how to buy if you pay more you get more every time. Buy a cheap hi point pistol it’s shit malfunctions. $99 junk I have a glock and to me it’s shit too $500. Buy a 1911 Wilson combat $1100 its awesome. All metal nickel plated wood grips. cheap guns have their place if you like throw away stuff not knocking it. Some folks do. You get what you pay for . I have some cheap things but the things that matter to me are not cheap.

      22. Why rent a house you are paying the owners mortgage and it will never be yours just buy a house.

        • my younger son married a low life wigger. She grew up milking the sytem. He has a low paying part time job. They now live in the housing project. They pay $200 per month rent and that includes utiliies. They get food stamps & wic also. And the first baby was paid for by the government. The one due this spring will be paid for also. They are exempt from Obama care And they got a $3000 EIC check My older son & his wife have good job,s and they have to pay their own way. They have to pay taxes every year. And pay for their own healthcare. They struggle and the younger one lives on easy street. Reward sloth and punish the folks doing the correct things?

          • You just described the economic model of the UK for the past 40 years. It has not been worth it to work for the majority of the population since about 1975. Just as the good-paying jobs disappeared in the industrial economy, the welfare state expanded and expanded until it now comprises the majority income source for much of the population.

            You should tell your other son and his wife to do what I did: I switched to working for a high-level government agency involved in clandestine activities and basically said f#ck-it to any rhyme or reason to the economy. Now I earn very good cake and my days can often be spent waking up in the arms of some hottie in Thailand or Africa etc. All the tattooed freaks on ECB cards and welfare are very long from my mind and my life.

      23. just my 2 coppers on Zionist crap / why do the jews want diversity everywhere except for them? where they so pissed off after ww2 and the master plan of a blue eyed blond hair white Aryan race that they directed their efforts to dilute the bloodlines of all except themselves? I don’t think the world will get better until a certain Talmudic religion gets off their high horse about being the chosen ones and everyone else is goyim , to serve them ? give me a friggen break .Down vote me if you must but read their damn books and see , if you dare

      24. Well, I’m still consuming. Packin’ away the preps.

      25. No Future, Just Hope

        Otherwise, No omment

      26. Have to tell you all that it doesn’t take long before we get a religious point of view on any subject. I agree there is plenty coming our way which may expose multiple causes of pain in our lives.
        Anyhow when it all goes down would you all wear a bandana with a religious mark on it.
        The Christians with a cross.
        The Muslims with a Crescent.
        The Jews with their Blue six sided star.
        Those that practice voodoo and that stuff, a skull.
        Atheist can put an “X”.
        Hindu an elephant.
        Buddhist a small Buddha.

        I just want to know who the hell I am shooting at when it all goes down.

        • Patriots should wear the American Flag and a Gadsden Patch. Saw a 4×4 Pickup cruising the Super Bowl with a Gadsden Flag. 🙂

          • The Pat’s coach was wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt when he left the stadium.


        • LOL. It’s true, what side you’re on may be determined by how you look at 300 yards over iron sights. Please feel free to argue now but post SHTF I would caution you to consider that many armed people don’t feel as you do.

          • You bring up a great point Rebel. Buy yourself a Gadsden Flag for SHTF. Then find like minded to create your force multiplier. Hit and move, hit and move. No military force has ever won a war with out the support of the local pheasants.

            • WWTI… Bird brain!

        • My religious mark is my boonie in open country camo!

      27. I said the same thing gm about the Jews they want to preach multiculturism crap and destroy whites my momma told to stay with my own kind I’m glad she did I have 3 pure white children and I’m prepared to fight for their future if need be. The Jew keeps his lines so am I. When I see race mixing it’s sad to me. I have read the books and they always put the Jew as the middle man and this is what I see in reality too. They are the merchants mostly. I’ve never seen a black Jew have you. Thumb me down if want too I don’t care there are others who agree with me I don’t need everyone’s support I’m not trying to be popular. A guy I work with wears his Indian regalia to work sometimes. This is ok by society his free speech rights. Why can’t I wear nazi patches and stuff. It’s not acceptable I might offend the Indian. This is bullshit totally. If I can’t neither should he this is fair.i can support what I want me and another brother at work were saying this one morning. Anyone else can do what they want with their free speech rights as long as they are not white folks. No swastikas no kkk stuff. This is fact people not bull. What about whites culture it’s deemed as hate. This is not what I see. Black people have the biggest distrust and hate of white folks that I see. I personally have never kept them down. I don’t have the power to if I wanted anyway. They have this belief that whites are privileged. I’d like to know what the hell that is. Nobody gave me shit I busted my ass that’s why I have options. It’s not priveledge it was earned. Anybody can do what they want regardless of race. If they have the ability ,skills and can prove it they can make it this is America. It’s your own fault if you don’t get educated.

        • Interesting thoughts! I recommend going to India on a holiday and buying the many products you can find there with swastikas all over them (bed sheets, shawls, scarfs etc.). Then tell your employer you are a Hindu now and show them a cheesy picture of you with some Indian guys getting sandalwood rubbed on your forehead beside the Ganges. Your boss won’t be able to do a thing, and if he/she tries, take them to the Supreme Court: you will win.

          Fun fact: the most popular book in India is Mein Kampf by A. Hitler. Hindus are also the original Aryans: look it up.

          • Jolly good Sahib, yes very good indeed.

        • Asshat

          Sammy Davis Jr.

          Black Jew.

      28. I think by now we have learned not to trust the govt. spin doctors. Back to prepping.

      29. Shit rolls down hill at a lot of company’s not mine it’s almost impossible to get fired the union protects your job for you they give me lawyers if I need them. I’ve seen 2 managers in the last 2 years the management is incompetent they get fired this is the way it should be anyway IMHO it’s the managements job to manage the workload and the employees efforts. They fail to so I do what the hell I want they don’t as a word to me. I make decisions on my own. Because they fail to. Ive been told it was ok. I don’t care really the caring starts in the office first if they don’t care they are the supervisors and manager. Why the hell should i I’m just the horse. This is what happens when wages don’t equal the workload. They should just shut the place down it’s hardly worth coming in anymore. The dole is looking better everyday. Too much work not enough $ who wants to put up with that. One guy told me he makes the same $ as he did in 1989 how fuckin sad that is. No raises 15percent pay equity cut oh ya I’m happy to bust my ass I’ll get right on it boss. We all laugh at what a joke it is. Rude customers give us shit we say have a nice day . Just waiting for the economic recovery then I’m jumping ship. If that ever happens. Obummer says it is I’m not seeing it.

      30. If there is one thing I have learned over the last few years it is this. If Obama points to the right you better look to the left.

      31. buh bye middle class

        the local hospital gutted the employee pension plan by 50%

        a large hospital not to far away just announced that they are getting rid of their employee pension plan entirely
        they say they can’t afford it
        but they were 50 million dollars to the good last year

      32. Off Topic!
        Got a call last night from the City Clerk. Telling me that I have to go on the computer and make out a form so the City can look for other insurance. I was told that it if we keep the old Company that the insurance is going up 22%. Every ear I get a raise on my pension of around $15.00 a month. If they get their 22% raise that means that they are taking another $25.00 out of my pay check.
        The first thing pisses me off. I’m on no type of meds, or have any thing wrong with me I haven’t even use the damn insurance in around 4 years, for nothing, or anything WTF!!!
        The second thing is I had to put all my info S.S. number, Info on my family, all kinds of BULL SHIT that I don’t want on the computer. I was told it can’t be hacked, Ya right!

      33. You know it, one day the party will end and it will end badly for most of us. So Just because you never got on the DOLE out band wagon and you got money in the bank. One day your government will take that too, then we will ALL be in the SH_T, rich and poor except for the super rich and those with connections in high places. (You know who you are) The rest of us will loose everything.
        I got a cardboard box waiting for you down by the river, it has your name on it and I will keep your serving of rat meat on a stick warm for you.
        And IF you think just because it hasn’t happened YET don’t think that has NOTHING to do with the future.
        See you down by the river.

      34. Well,your problem is easily solved, just drop out of the insurance plan and save the money, or if you want the insurance, pay the premium. what’s so hard to figure out here?

      35. The Baltic Dry Index has collapsed down to 590. I’ve never seen it this low. Nothing is moving. Coal and iron ore shipments are collapsing worldwide. The end is near. Not really. But it sounds good. Lock and load.

      36. something I’ve never seen before are empty shelves at the local dollar stores

        this has been going on for about 2 months now

        • I have not bought anything apart from food for the past 4 months. Nothing else – no new clothes, electronics etc. I am sure I am not alone. It is my little strike against the system. By the way, I eat very well: vintage wine, the best of everything: I am not suffering but the sad sacks who work/own the shops are.

      37. FLASH FLASH !



        F–KING BASTARD??????????

      38. CORRECTION

        F–KING BASTARDS…….

        • I don’t give a shit if I get all thumbs down! Very Simple way to handle this Neutron bomb the shit out of them. Kill everything and anything that is related to ISIS! Do it today or they will burn us just like they did the Pilot or cut off our heads. They will at least try.
          If they do this to any of MINE My war will start. Like they said in Nam. “Killem all and let God sort them out.”



          • Jesus Christ, not more of this useless old man windbag crap please, if bullshit could fly this place would be an airport.

            • Rob

              You sound like a guy that can not get laid.

              • Why is that old man, because I spoke the truth? You can always tell old people get frustrated and resort to personal attack because of the hardened arteries no longer allow for logical thought. Look at yourselves, playing your stupid thumbs up/thumbs down game, like some tweener girls on Facebook. The facts are you old guys are all done except for computer warfare with thumbs as your weapons, I know it’s true now when they talk about the second childhood, I’m seeing it here.



      40. That is why God has given us Napalm. Use it on ISIS until they are gone. Apparently Napalm has gone through an upgrade since ‘Nam and is easier to target and localize. Burn them up good and crispy. We have a whole raft of new weapons that could remove them from Planet Earth very quickly. As just an example, we could cook them with microwaves, laser them, make them nauseous/dizzy, or just subject them to a few killer robots and let them rip (good target practice). Lots of options.

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