Constitutional Work Around: New Jersey Legislators Move to Ban Ammunition

by | Jan 30, 2012 | Headline News | 201 comments

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    While the second amendment protects our right to bear arms, some anti-gun advocates think they may have found a loophole. This afternoon the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is set to consider two bills (Assembly Bill 588 and Assembly Bill 1013) that would essentially ban all handgun ammunition in the state, as well as some (or potentially all) rifle ammunition.

    Sponsored by Assemblyman L. Grace Spencer (D-29), A588 is cleverly disguised as police safety legislation aimed at armor piercing ammunition (which is already prohibited under federal and state law).  The measure actually opens the door to a sweeping ammunition ban by an unelected public official by executive fiat. Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets, if the Attorney General decides that they pose a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement.

    Although the bill only mentions handgun ammunition, it is in fact not limited to handgun ammunition, and would apply to all rifle ammunition for which a handgun is ever made. As an increasing number of gun manufacturers make handgun models that shoot rifle caliber ammunition, the line between “handgun” vs. “rifle” ammunition has become blurred, and the New Jersey State Police have already begun treating rifle ammunition in this category as if it were handgun ammunition for regulatory purposes. As long as a handgun exists that shoots a particular caliber of rifle ammunition, New Jersey treats that ammunition as if it were handgun ammunition.

    Source: NRA Institute For Legislative Action

    As Aaron Dykes of Infowars points out, the bills themselves would not outlaw the ammunition, but they “would enable the state’s Attorney General to instate a de facto restriction of the Second Amendment via executive fiat.

    In essence, if the Attorney General determines that a particular type of ammunition poses a threat to the police or government officials, that ammunition could be completely banned under this new legislation.

    The goal, of course, is to render the Second Amendment impotent – the ultimate endgame of those who would brink the darkness of tyranny over our great nation.

    By all accounts, as SGT Report highlights in their latest micro-documentary (available below), the government has rebelled against the people, and they are working feverishly to eliminate, one by one, each of the Constitutional protections that have ensured the peoples’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for over two centuries.

    I want to make the case that there has been a rebellion.

    This government has rebelled against the Constitution and against the citizens of the United States. The invasion of the public safety has been made by the representatives of the people.

    the public safety could not be more at risk now, that the NDAA containing S1867, is law. The signing of NDAA was the crossing of the Rubicon. The government has now pushed farther than could have been imagined even 12 or 18 short months ago.

    I have long believed that the final straw will come when this government attempts to ban guns or ammunition, or declare a confiscation of precious metals.

    They will keep pushing, as all tyrants do, until the people push back. This latest transgression of our freedoms may be limited to a single state, but if approved, would open the door to similar bans across the entire country.

    As Alex Jones warns in a recent  update, those who would make us slaves and strip us of our natural rights are doing so at an accelerated rate.

    It’s really simple. We’re getting down to the wire here. Tyranny is out in the open. The destruction of our basic liberties, the overthrow of our republic and basic protections, and basic checks and balances, is in overdrive right now.

    Four years ago, had someone told you that the government would take over major financial institutions, manufacturers, and insurance companies, or that they would legislate universal health mandates or indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, or that they would grope your children at public venues and transportation hubs, would you have believed them?

    Most Americans would have balked at the very thought of such things.

    Yet here we are. And the scary thing? They’re not finished yet. They won’t be; not until the Constitution of the United States is relegated to nothing more than a historical text in some museum rather than what it was meant to be – the fundamental law of the land.

    Video: First NDAA “Indefinite Detention”, Now Our Right to Bear Arms (Via SGT Report)

    Hat tip SGT Report, NRA-ILA, Infowars, Ammoland


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      1. What a bunch of idiots! Now I gotta go to Gander Mountain and buy more ammo.

        • Frack that! Start making your own and stock up on supplies. Reloading is cheaper and it’s fun.

          • Roger that! …and you can make ’em like you want ’em.

            Let them pass it! I feel sorry for the citizens, however, let the City Of The East (the eastern seaboard that is pretty much one big city cesspool). Some states still belong in America, some do not. Its OK. With the policies that they are setting, they’ll simply weed themselves out. Move out of them. John Galt there asses!

            Were my state to do that, I’d leave. I’d sell it all and leave. Fortunately, my state is VERY gun friendly. Its not the best but one of them.

            • Net Ranger–that was THE FIRST thing that came to my mind…are they trying to run their state in the ground even further??
              Where are the lobbyist FOR arms and ammunition manufacturing standing on this??

          • BigHog: Well said, and besides, when a ban comes you’ll be one of the most valuable people around. Selling and trading ammo will put you and other reloaders at the top of the food chain.

        • Gander,too expensive.

          • It sure can be at times. Your 100% correct. Not much to choose from up here..

        • Except for my cash cushion, I stopped saving dollars and buy ammo on payday instead. “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.” – Proverbs 13:22

          • I agree and think this is a totally wise move.

            The Lord will watch over your life no matter where you go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:8

        • Just a jobs program. They’re creating a black market for ammunition.

        • Go to PENNSYLVANIA for your shopping!

      2. This is why we cling to our guns and our bibles, it is garbage laws like this. Start stocking up as everyone else will be and the price of ammo will be going up, up and away.

      3. The thugs, marxists and communists are lobbing small bombs in every state – in NJ it’s ammunition – in Wisconsin it’s the recall of an anti-union elected official. I’m sure all 50 states have some hideous form of anti-freedom, pro-marxist movement in the works.

        They are doing these things to “test the waters” and if they stick, they’ll go nationwide with them.

        We live in dangerous, radical times here in the USA. Most sheeple don’t even see it coming – as they take away our freedoms one by one. Each one seems small or unimportant, but you add them up and BAM! You are no longer free. Shackled by the govt. Most of the useful idiots won’t even know what hit them.

        Time to buy some more ammo. Darn them.

        • We live in dangerous, radical times here in the USA. Most sheeple don’t even see it coming – as they take away our freedoms one by one.

          You betcha’ and that’s why this proposed piece of crap makes me sick inside. If the good folks of NJ won’t stand up and say NO firmly then the other b@stards in the other states will try the same garbage.

          We the people have been “licensed”, “taxed”, “restricted”, “fee’d”. “legistated”, and “lawed” to death over the years -that’s how each of those “small” things got us to where we are now.

          It is obscene.

          • well said Fed up, you said it exactly how i feel. tax,restriced,need this to buy that, not this but only that, its fucking nuts anymore and this is the end and it will have major blowblack unless this is what they are planning, to divert attention of attacking iran and this, something is going to happen, we are not dumb, we know when a diversion is comming and history repeats itself with these idiot liberals.

            • if you’ve got the term ‘idiot liberals’ in your head, then you’re still not getting it. this goes well beyond liberals/conservatives. in fact it really has nothing to do with it.

          • Yes, very well said!! “We the people have been “licensed”, “taxed”, “restricted”, “fee’d”. “legistated”, and “lawed” to death over the years -that’s how each of those “small” things got us to where we are now. It is obscene.” May I quote this??? Anonymously of course! 😉

      4. The AG in NJ is not elected?

        • My mistake there — error corrected. Thanks Egore.

          • No mistake. The Attorney General of NJ is Appointed by the Governor.

        • Will Christy sign such bills?

          • Of course he will. The media has made Christy into a “conservative”, but he certainly is not.

            • It’s a boiling a frog bill.

              It gets signed into law with the “Promise” that it’s purpose is to have a law in place for future developments in ammo that could “Pose an unnecessary threat to our brave police officers” (of course with the back round of uniformed officers behind the governor). There will be no mention in the bill regarding anything regarding “future developments”. The law will sit idle until one day when ammo is banned.

              It’s similar to President Obama signing a law that he says “I will not use”.

              Boiling A Frog……….

            • What’s coming next, are amnesty boxes. For turning in all the illegal ammo, then when they enact a law to ban certain guns, an amnesty box for banned guns. They are following a blueprint, which many here see, to remove us from the constitution.

            • When they come out with the amnesty boxes, I will break out the oxyacetylene torch and help myself to free weapons. Great place to hide an IED to kill the police thug coming to take your freedoms.

              A good backup plan for everyone would be at least one weapon that uses blackpowder, cast lead bullets, and maybe even flint ignition. Some of the post Civil War weapons used blackpowder cartridges and these can be reloaded. I have several blackpowder guns and while I have never personally done it, the powder can be made fairly easily from items purchased at any gardening store. Foxfire Volume Five is a great source of information on this as well as the home manufacture from simple tools of a blackpowder rifle. For gunpowder, you need three ingredients – charcoal from a fine pore wood; willow is ideal, sulfur; which can be bought in bulk for dusting roses in order to protect against mites, and saltpetre, which is potassium nitrate and can be bought for enriching soil or something like that. It can be made from stale urine too, but that is a long process.

      5. I cannot conceive of the U.S. government (or any foreign government) ever actually being able to disarm the American people. There are tens of millions of gunowners in this country. If even 10% of them were of the “from my cold, dead hands” mindset, there’d be a whole lotta dead jackboots laying on the front lawns of Suburbia. Try as they might, this is one battle I don’t think “they” are ever going to win.

        • They don’t have to take the guns, they just have to make the ammo impossible to get. That was the whole point of the article. I am sure that the elites know an overt attemot at confiscation would result in their hand being called; this is a means to slowly disarm the populace. “Sure you can buy all the guns you want, we will just control the availability of ammo for the public good”. And in a few generations gunowners will be holding useless relics.

          But the joke is on them because the system will collapse well before a few generations have passed. Maybe they should start banning rope too because when the system has collapsed there will be no more protection for quite a few government necks begging to be stretched…

          • They better ban pickup trucks too so no one drags their useless dead carcass’ through the streets.

          • gives a good heads up on machinists capable of making shells.. everyone should tag some manufacturing specialty , Go big

        • Kenneth, yeah boy!!!
          “dead jackboots laying on the lawns”,,and weapons,and ammo,and communication devices,and food even,,,and mom and dad,and wifey and a child,burned down house,,the shit will hit the hurricane,wahoo!!!!
          Remember stealth,,don’t ever forget stealth,we want the family alive and well as can be.Can I get an Amen for that!!!!!

          • I never meant to imply that the “come and take it” crowd wouldn’t pay a dear price. Of course they would. All I am saying is that I think that there are enough folks who would pay the ultimate price, in order to take a stand against tyranny, so that an all out gun confiscation would prove very costly for the other side. I myself have a wife and five children. As such, I would do just about anything to NOT engage a group of heavily armed goons in a firefight. And that includes bugging out before I ever found myself in that situation.

            One thing I will say, though. There is NO way that I will EVER set foot in a FEMA camp (if it ever comes to that).

            • If it comess to that I will show up for the hangings; them or me

            • If it ever comes to that, there are those who say through clenched teeth, “I will hunt them.” The jackboots will find sleep a deadly disease. The general public will find where they sleep and terrible things will happen to them. Traitors to America: justice will be done.

            • “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
              — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

        • Actually, by the latest NRA count, there is now 100 Million gun owners in America! Largest Army on Earth!

          • Sounds like we all need to make another donation to the NRA….we do so on a regular bases but it is seems that donations are needed more than ever before.

        • When, not if the Senate ratifies the UN treaty that Hillarybitch has agreed to, you will be very surprised when they come for your guns.

          • maybe it will be them that will be surprised when they come for them

            • they can hav’em after i empty them one round at a time!

            • Just keep saying “NO!” until it’s empty.

          • What will surprise them is when your neighbors gun them down. When the word gets around, so will the ammo.


        • that is not going to prevent them from trying.

      6. Yep prices will rise and I dont know if this is just a way to make extra money for the states I dont know, what do you guys think. I know I have my special rounds of .338 laupa and reload them so better stock up more because pretty soon they are going to reach a point when we dont just sit and dilly/dally around and let them tromp all over us. This is starting to get out of hand quickly. Just be alert and don’t always believe what you see and thanks to articles like this, it keeps us informed about what is really going on around us.

        • which model

          • savage 110 with a nightforce scope nsx 5.5-22 or 25 its hidden at parents.

            • I reload it with approx 93.5 grains of retumbo with a 250 grain bullet (sierra match king)

        • I guess you know the ammunition factories are being bought up by ONE so it will be a MONOPOLY to even get primers! We need a new bunch in Washington!

          • We do and I agree with you on that. I wish I could have enough starting money to open up a business that we could compete with the biggest companies and we the owners only make maybe 80,000 a year and the rest is to the employess and keeping costs down and at this store we only sell stuff that is made in america,. Would love to see a business that benefits us all and takes away the giants that have the monopolys on business these days

          • no one needs a new bunch anywhere. if you’re still thinking about voting in a new batch of psychopaths, you very obviously don’t get it yet.

      7. So in the end NJ will still have smugglers, smugglers who will bring in banned ammo, i guess it’s true when they outlaw guns, or in this case ammo, only outlaws will have guns/ammo.

        • Looks like a new business opportunity.

          Many of the founding fathers of this country were smugglers.

          • they were also slave owners. and they also grew hemp.

      8. WOHOOO! I’m gonna be a black market millionaire!

        • The government will crush you and send you to prison.

          • Gee, Red Leader, you sure have a way of sucking all the fun from impending wealth! 😆

            • Yeah, what a dick 🙂

            • Sorry about spoiling all the fun. I would not want to see our friend Beefcake behind bars with Bubba the soap bar king.

            • Oh I know what you mean and understand your concerns, I was merely trying to be humorous. If it ever came down to this ammo ban it would never work, people would just have friends or relatives ship them ammo from states that still allow the sale of such items or even go there themselves to stock up. As everyone knows, Government bans and regulations don’t work- that is unless we are in a Rawlesian situation where possession of such items will bring about immediate execution. But even that still doesn’t seem to work.

          • yeah @ beefcake ;0p , what @ redleader says ;0) …

            “DON’T STEAL!”
            “THE nwo.zionist.cfr.oligarchy.fascist GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION!”

            ;0p pssszzt

          • Redleader…..Their going to crush us just like they do the drug and body smugglers on the southern border right?

          • I was trying to be funny as well. I have been told that I have a twisted sense of humor. I have no idea what they are talking about.

      9. On October 1, 2011, an Obama stooge signed the ACTA treaty which essentially allows total government shutdown and take over (confiscation) of any US website which another signer of that treaty CLAIMS infringed intellectual property. It replaces SOPA/PIPA, making them irrelevant. Obama claims he doesn’t even need to get this treaty ratified by the senate because he could take “executive action”. Right after the election, expect this same result with the UN Small Arms Treaty. Bye, bye, Second Amendment.

        • Creasy: Do you think God’ll forgive them for what they’ve done?
          Rayburn: No.

          • Old man: The Church says to forgive.

            Creasy: Forgiveness is between them and God. It’s up to me to arrange the meeting.

            • Fuentes: You know, I-I’m a politician.
              Creasy: That’s what everybody keeps saying. “I’m just a politician”. Everybody keeps saying that to me. “I’m just a politician”, “I’m just a politician”. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing that.

              Rayburn: A man can be an artist at anything, food or whatever if you’re good enough at it. Creasy’s art is death, and he’s about to paint his masterpiece!

      10. So..,If I understand this correctly., rifle ammo is just like hand gun ammo… I am getting blurry here.

        So that means that Assemblyman L.Grace Spencer is just like a COMMUNIST / SOCIALIST !!!

        Am I seeing this clearly, or is this just a blur? 😉

        • 20/20

          • With a Thompson Contender…

      11. AND THE LORD SAID:

        And the LORD SAID: “BUY MORE AMMO: And the sinner said: BUT But; I already have hundrds of Lbs of Cannon balls for a cannon I don’t own, 10’s of thousands of rounds for guns I rarely shoot, an amount I have to store on a cement slab of what I do shoot, and my wife thinks I’ nuts: AND THE LORD SAID: SO? 22’s always good

        • Buy it cheap and stack it deep!!

          life is full of choices!! : )

          22; 9; 45; 5.56; 7.62; 380; 30.06; 30-30; 12; 20; 4-10

      12. spend every spare penny on ammo and prepps,,, and dont forget your pets!!!!!!!

        • we dont and good point!

        • Unless your “pet” is a guard dog, livestock, pulling a plow, or something similar… I might be tempted to eat your pet for dinner in a SHTF situation.

        • HELL YEAH!!! We just have a little daschund, but at least she lets us know if Nazi’s are anywhere near our property.

      13. Creasy: The gunshot holds no fear, say it.
        Pita: The gunshot holds no fear.
        Creasy: You welcome the sound. In fact it’s the sound that sets you free. You are a prisoner on this block until that sound sets you free.

        Rayburn: Well, you know what they say. A bullet always tells the truth.

      14. Well if Chris Christy is such a good Conservative he should veto it. Luckily I don’t live in NJ so at this point I am not to worried.

        • TEXAS………

          KEEP PREPPIN’

      15. Freakin NJ,Place sucks except for tomatoes,ill give em that.One good source for ammo is AMMOMAN.Com out of Berlin,NJ.Wonder how that will hurt their buisness.

      16. Isnt the whole point of the second ammendment to have the ability to shoot government officials??

        • No. The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to deter suicide by Gov’t officials.

          • ~Iowa~

            LoL!!! Now that’s funny!

            Thanks much! I needed that!

        • Yes, many bullets, so little time.

      17. And don’t look now but the Assault weapons ban has reared its ugly head here in Illinois. Shitcago, again, is trying to run the show for the whole state. If I read the Bill from NJ right, it includes banning ammunition that was sold up to 15 years + unless you have the reciept showing it is exempt. Good luck stockpiling ammo if that assanine Bill passes. We either stand up or get to like getting bitch slapped all the time. I REFUSE TO LET MY PUBLIC SERVANTS RUN MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!!

        • Too late!!

        • Hey! That’s *MY* term, buddy! (Shitcago). Use it with gusto!


        • If they come after ammo do you think anyone will be allowed to keep ANY?

          • They do not allow me to keep ammo. liberty is a RIGHT, I allow them to keep their jobs. When they try to take it (IF) I will not allow them to keep their jobs. Or if need be their lives

        • BRW
          Don’t sweat the assault rifle bill. That asshat Dem former LEO ASS-cevedo has been pushing that same bill for ten years. We southern Illini have made it quite clear to all the reps down our way, you want to keep your job, vote no!

      18. Jesus’s disciples carried swords. So shall I.


        • And with good reason: “…and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Luke 22:36 KJV

          • Now that’s really disturbing. Some Naked guy waving 2 “Swords” at me!! LOL!

      19. Wouldn’t the find it just as easy to leave these great states. It’s called Europe. Just go over there and live a nice socialist life and
        LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!!!!! It’s enough to make you want to start shooting now!

      20. Si Vis Pacum Parabellum

        you cant dis arm a nation thats founded on the liberty, a gun affords a man.

        all shit like this is going to start, is a war.
        or underground

        still after all these years the fuck sticks still dont understand history?

        what happened when they out lawed alcohol?..did it stop?
        Hell no, and this wont stop us from excercising our rights to be armed, complete with the bullets

        ths is all from some politicians that are afraid of what they have caused..its too late

        • Ding, ding, ding

        • “Si vis pacem, para bellum” The “bellum” has already begun, but the sheeple are focused on the “Super Bowl”, as if it matters.

      21. These socialist/commie pig fuckers will never quit.
        So they must be reminded that we know what they are and what their doing.
        In the end they would take from you everything and leave you nothing, for your own good of course. It ended so well for Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, ethnic Turks, ETC….
        Filthy animals.

        • Slick. They may be able to outrun their bad deeds in their physical lives, but they will never outrun their KARMA. Mans inhumanity to man has some serious implications.

          • Blackriflewarrior,
            Your right, but it sucks that these precursors to the Mau’s, Stalin’s, and Pol Pots,
            Get away with attacking our rights without fear of reprisal in this life.

      22. …a precursor to enslavement, control, and rape. The banning of ammo….self-defense. I just can’t allow this to happen in my immediate world…a battle will ensue and you’ll read about me.

        • your tale will be read like the tales of christs apostles,,and my family will scream,,”we knew him!” you will be ten times greater than a martyr

      23. Its the bullshit run around that makes you sick.

      24. another reason to vote ron paul.

        • voting will get you more of the same. ron paul isn’t going to fix anything.

          doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity. voting = insanity.

          it has done nothing. look at history. 230+ years of voting has brought tyranny and naked fascism , all out in the open now.

          they’re coming to take everything from you, to include your life, if necessary. this is what voting has done.

          NDAA, patriot act, sopa, pipa, acta, blah blah blah. this is what voting has done.

          look at the clowns running this country. this is what voting has done.

          where are all the jobs? this is what voting has done.

          are you so eager to see what else can be fucked up by voting? go right ahead, you’re very welcome to exercise your endeavor in insanity. the globalist agenda trundles along unhindered. if you choose to play their game every four years, they have trained you well.

          every four years it’s the same BS shuffled around. you refuse to see your own folly.

      25. Shit hole always I believe New Jersey will be.


        • Yoda! Wise you are. Speak your mind you do.

      26. Try these sites for the best deals on ammo.
        2. Ammunition to
        3. Cheaper than dirt

        • Look into AMMOMAN.COM.Free Delivery.

        • also target sports Best prices I’ve found and FREE SHIPPING

          • Never bought ammo on line. Make me nervous having something like this delivered to my home. Just don’t seem right….

        • Buy it loically and pay cash — stay off their Fusion Center lists. This crap is getting out of hand!

        • free shipping

      27. Always been a shit hole, that’s why I moved in 1980 out of there.
        I CCW and have all my munitions needs met here in the Gunshine state.

      28. … soon only the criminals will be armed.

        the u.n. nwo.amerikan.fascist.zionist government , their zionist.goyim.soldier.slaves and the criminal element in every town usa , local street thugs robbin and stealin preyin upon old n frail , young n nieve , the meek and clueless to survive…

        And then there’s me… AND 100’s of 1000’s veterans just like me… ;0) The pissed off veteran , american patriots , FREEMEN , stocking ammo , explosives and diesel … just waitin’ for the right time too EXPLODE!

        Sounds like THE PERFECT freemen revolution STORM , Forming the ULTIMATE all times BLOODY SOCIAL 99% FREEDOM REVOLUTION and slaughter of the 1%!

        ;0) tee hee this is gonna be fun…

        note to self: BUY a hecka alot MORE… AMMO!


        arm up stock up predator or prey… the choice is yours!

        • fuck you nina

        • Hhaahah love that man, and his IN YOUR FACE reality

      29. Anonymous,
        I will never forget hand loading 308 rounds and later shooting them in a Thompson Contender. It was at dusk and the flame that came out of that muzzle was so long and what an awesome sight. Like looking in an old GI comic book! Such fun.

        And now a brief moment from the schools of NJ:

        The Candy With The Little Hole

        The children began to identify the flavors by their color:
        Orange …………..Orange
        Finally the teacher gave them all HONEY lifesavers.
        None of the children could identify the taste.
        The teacher said, ‘I will give you all a clue.
        It’s what your mother may sometimes call your father.’
        One little girl looked up in horror, spit her lifesaver out and yelled,
        ‘Oh my God! They’re ass-holes!

        Y’all Beware! Save your brass.

        • They made a .45-70 also…

        • That is funny! 😉

      30. The right to bear arms is not just about guns. It is arms of any kind, and that includes the bullets the guns fire and cannons pointed at the state capitol.

        It is only when the politicians fear the arms that they act in the interest of those bearing them. A few hundred armed Men and Women outside the legislature should deter passage of such stupid bills.

        In the end, we do not need to use the guns, but they must be pointed at the those in power until they fear them enough to do the right thing.

        • You know, GC..100 pissed off citizens with just one knife holding one communist/socialist congressman in a dark alley can do a lot of damage.

      31. pickersnifferlicker,

        Shouldn’t you try
        sniffer picker licker before you
        picker sniffer licker?

        Must be some real strong perfume up there around Montana (must be fresh air). Just a thought. . .

        Take care,

        Y’all Beware!

        • they are by american law… ALL CRIMINALS in the white whore house… murderous criminals… why are they still free? there is no longer LAW in the USSA the NWO UNITED SOCIALISTIC STATES of AMERIKA.

      32. Iran wants to block oil and the commies here want to play the gun game …. where will the War start first? the side that has balls..

      33. Is it just me or are things are getting kinda scary?

        • damn right they are! all the more reason to buy some more ammo.

        • LOL

      34. @ y’all beware , one shall not “sniffer picker licker” the “purdy purple green aromatic crunchy buds”, till it tis’ TIME! sniff sniff ahhhhh nope… still not ready… NEEDS TO MATURE ;0p… so one must then “picker sniffer licker” alternative sources for da’ pleasure of bein’ a certified “snifferpickerlicker”!

        got slimy green hairy crunchy booger? ;0P slurp pssszzt

      35. also… lets not forget… the u.n. small arms treaty signed and delivered by killery clinton herself with cia puppet illegal prez obummers endorsement. and then eric holders an barry obummers FAST AND FURIOUS illegal arms to mexico by the feds and ATF DEA!

        they the NWO>ZIONIST>FEDS are gonna TAKE YOUR GUNS! it’s only a matter of time…

        URGENT: While we’re all watching the gulf: Hillary signs UN Small Arms Treaty

        all too trick you all into giving up your guns and 2nd amendment rights!

        … don’t be a nwo sucker!

        arm up stock up prepare.

      36. New Jersey has gone from being the “Garden State” and crossroads of the American Revolution to being a fetid cesspool of crime, squalor, taxation, regulation, tyranny and diversity.

        There are virtually NO Amerikans left in the stricken cities of Paterson (it’s a dusky Muslim-Hispanic “community” with puddles of piss in the streets and sporadic gunfire on an average weeknight), Newark (another “Chocolate City” in Ex-NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin’s terminology with large sections that look as if they were hit with an atom bomb), Elizabeth (a combination of San Juan, Calcutta and Bogota where STOPPING at a red light or stop sign at night or the early A.M. can cost you your life) and Jersey City (where black and brown rule and the “Blind Sheikh” of the WTC Bombing of 1993-fame chose to set up his “Mosque”).

        The various corrupt authorities in “urban” NJ stopped enforcing the law against non-white criminals who selected white victims sometime in the 1970’s. NJ is a class-A shit hole that is governed from suburban Essex County and Bergen County, whose lists of residents read like a Tel Aviv Phone Book (and yes, unlike the unfortunate Irish, Polish, German and Italian former inhabitants of Paterson or Newark, Elizabeth or Jersey City, upon whom it was perpetual open season since 1965, THESE “dahlinks” do indeed have police protection).

        NJ, a squalid Third World Police State with an income tax, statewide sales tax, sky-high property taxes, legalized gambling and highway rest stops infested with chattering and reeking “female” creatures in Burkhas is no longer part of the WESTERN world. Amerika sees NJ as a SUCCESS STORY and prototype for what it plans to do the the rest of the former USA.

        Anybody who asks why “the people” of NJ don’t rise up against this latest legislative outrage has NO clue — there is NO longer a “people” in NJ in any cohesive sense, as many of the rightful inhabitants have been driven OUT of large parts of that state and replaced with the Third World hordes — or, if they remain, they live a miserable existence of a slow death, daily watching “cultural enrichment” seep in and turn them into strangers in their own homes.

        Phucque New Jersey and its “leaders”!

        • I see you been there.

          Actually there are a lot of good places to live in NJ but damn it’s costly. The cities are trashed and Camden is a glimpse into the past and unfortunately the future.

          Political corruption is institutionalized in NJ and pretty much accepted as “normal”. Legislators are expected to pad the state payroll with friends and family. Conflicts of interest are just another part of accepted politics. Hell a previous governor had a same gender lover hired on as a security department head that was unable to obtain a security clearance to do his job. No problem, it’s NJ.

          It’s a laughingstock but believe it or not many residents like it and think it’s normal and the rest of the country is nuts.

        • Another multiculturalism success story.

        • I’m sure there is big money in trucking black market guns and ammo into New Jersey. In this economy, enterprising, freedom-minded people will line up to smuggle the goods anywhere they are needed. Problem solved.

        • If South Jersey could secede from the rest of State it would be good.Not gonna happen.

          • North Jersey needs to bleed money from South Jersey Casinos and the Nuke Power plants.

      37. Someone go up to DC and flush the big toilet so we can start over again with real people with common sence and not full of BS.

      38. Oh my…they think theyre Soooo clever dont they….its coming…getting closer…easy fellas…hold it steady…dont fire till you see the fear in their piggish commie eyes!
        Keep getting ready!

      39. I’ve got enough stuff to field a platoon with a long arm and side arm for each. Problem is i have only found 5 men I can trust. Hope there’s volunteers when the time comes.
        Hell, if the politicians back down without a shot being fired my great grandkids will be shooting my ammo.

        • I doubt the politicians will back down. I suppose you have a bit of a logistical problem of carrying all that ammo in case you need to keep moving, right?

          • Nope.It will be cached or distributed to the growing underground.

        • ONLY 5 that’s 3 more than BO HAS

        • This may be a dumb question, but I’m gunless in Canada, don’t know these things: Do bullets have a shelf life?

          I ask because several people have mentioned leaving them to their grandkids, but I thought someone, somewhere had implied that they didn’t last forever. Just wondering.

          • I still fire US 30 caliber military ammo dated 1944 and it works fine. It’s I believe still in specifications for acceptable accuracy.

            Think about the amount of ammo they made when I bought it surplus in 1990. 1944 had maybe a year to go before the war ended. Then came Korea and all the ammo given to NATO and SEATO forces including Vietnam.

          • I recently loaded some 30-06 ammo using 4831 from the late 40s and large rifle primers from the same period. Not a single misfire.

            I have shot 9mm rounds from the 30s and black powder 22 shorts made when they still started the years with “18”.

            Pretty much, ammo, if kept dry and at reasonably stable temperatures has an FFE rating.

            The FFE rating means “For Fucking-Ever”. The guy that bought the powder and the primers told me that. He’s 87 now and I was a twinkle in his eye in 1961.

            As far as shelf life goes, the ammo will last longer than the shelves!

          • a civil war buff, in the richmond va area, was cleaning a civil war era cannonball when it exploded killing him and sending shrapnell a 1/4 mile away. that was 2 or 3 yrs. ago so that cannonball was at least 140+ years old. you tell me how long the shelf life is on ammo if stored properly, or improperly for that matter.

      40. This better not be a trend. I do not think this will fly in Kentucky.

        • delphmr

          NJ is in a class by itself even among like states (Mass, Calif). They are the only state that I’m aware of that authorized the confiscation of legally purchased rifles from owners that have went through a fingerprint back round check to purchase the firearms in question. This was back in 1991 with their assault gun ban that included the dreaded and very threatening Marlin Model 60 tube feed .22 semi auto rifle.

          The place is nuts and when it comes to firearms they don’t even follow their own laws.

        • Or in Texas.

      41. In the blue box above it says: “armor piercing ammunition (which is already prohibited under federal and state law)”. Interesting, I saw some for sale in Denver last weekend at the Tanner gun show, along with tracer and incendeary ammunition in .30 cal. Anyone need 5.56 LAP (light armor piercing) there’s plenty available via the internet. Something is wrong, or VERY misleading with this statement. Please elaborate on this.

      42. Armor piercing handgun ammunition is banned by federal law.

        It gets tricky with the BATFE when otherwise rifle calibers are chambered in one handgun like the Thompson Contender.

      43. This was known to be coming 20 years ago, and people who tried to wake everyone up were laughed at, and shut down.

        Just wait till you see what else they are going to ban…

      44. Amazing this is happening in NJ of all places.

      45. When are you people going to realize that Alex Jones is not someone who is to be taken seriously. This would be a good website if you didn’t keep bringing this nut job up in every other article. Check this guy out, he is nothing but a rabble rousing self promoting jackass.

      46. Funny how the Geneva convention prohibits the use of Expanding or hollow point ammo on enemy soldiers because that would be cruel and uncivilized, but it is perfectly acceptable and the most common type used by our own government against the citizens.
        I believe NJ already has a hollow point ban for non LEOs.

        • USMC

          Their HP ban is confusing in NJ.

          You can buy HP handgun ammo and transport it directly home, directly to a place of business, directly to the target range. Do not stop for gasoline or eat.

          A friend there with Carry Permit (FFL Dealer) does not have them in his carry gun.

          Many cops don’t know the law and arrest people that fall under the exemptions. The FFL Dealer was transporting HP ammo to a police station and was brought in and detained for hours. The cop was angry that he was so damn close to an arrest he could almost taste it. Funny thing is my friend is also an Attorney being a Marine Reserve Major (now retired). He told the cop that the he was breaking the law searching without consent and the cop said, “You think your above the law:”. My friend said no a different law applies to me. The cop said, “What, your a lawyer now”? My buddy said “Yes I am”. My friend asked them to contact some SP Sargent that dealt with firearms. The cop said, “I don’t care who you know”. (First Class Ignorant Asshole). Eventually in the police station he talked to a more senior officer and explained that you don’t manufacture ammo. How does your ammo get to you? Duh….

          Finally they checked with the SP and let him go. He did not raise any official complaints because police are his main bread and butter.

          The place is a zoo and not a very well run one.

          • He showed them the Bill Of Lading showing that it was going to a PD.

            You would think anyone with an IQ above 100 might just pick up the phone and call. Actually a carry permit in NJ, ammo with a bill of lading to a PD address, papers showing he has a FFL, NJ wholesale firearms license, NJ retail firearms license and it would be, “Have a nice day buddy, sorry to bother you”.

            This is what happens when you have too many cops with nothing to do. They should ship them to Camden NJ where felonies are going on everywhere. They can’t afford sufficient police where needed and Barney Fife looks for trouble where none exists.

            Your tax dollars at work in NJ.

      47. New Jersey Gun Owners Beat Back Ammo Ban

        Via: AMMOLAND.COM

        Hit topic dropdown for gunrights news

      48. I’ll admit it….
        I fear for the futures of our kids and their kids. No way we can let this happen.
        He signs this while were all asleep again!
        Wasn’t the 2nd Amendment created to protect ourselves from shyt like this?? Go figure.

      49. When in the course of human events it becomes nessesary….Id say its become nessesary…what say y’all?

      50. This would be an unconstitutional “law”.

        “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law,but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it… No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.” — 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

        The last time they came for your guns it resulted in the battle of Lexington. That’s right folks, the Brits tried to disarm the militia and that resulted in the shot heard around the world.

        Willing to have some low life politician pull it off today without a shot fired?

      51. Does that mean it would be best to have ammo that is rarely ever chambered for handguns like the .45-70?

        • I was at the NRA show. They had a 45-70 revolver, If you miss the flash gets them at under 20 ft.

      52. Mac

        Again..dead on..especially looking back 4 years ago and imagining any of this being possible..

        Just imagine what you’ll find every week..or every day.. now as it progresses into becomes almost absurd as we react almost daily to the insanity..

        comfortably numb..

        Thanks for keeping us awake!

      53. I moved out of NJ three years ago. One of the last straws was when I needed a box of 38 cartridges and was told that I had to have a state issued firearms ID card to purchase. I had run out; usually I buy on the internet. In NJ you can order unlimited ammo and have it delivered to your door, no ID needed.One of the biggest ammo dealers in the US is located in Berlin, NJ, and the guy cannot sell to residents. The legislature passed a law a few years back under the direction of thieving Gov. McGreevy that mandates any new firearm must be sold with so called smart technology, when the technology comes available. It is all a smoke and mirrors game. NJ, a police state that pays cops hundreds of thousands, and has the highest property tax rates in the nation, has made itself too economically vulnerable. It is a corrupt, nasty place.

      54. New Jersey is a first class A#1 shithole! Everything I learned about jersey came from watching the sopranos.

        • Grew up across river from NJ.Have spent my money there as a salt water fisherman,spent money in lodgeing,spent money in resturants and bars,tackle shops,toll roads etc.NO MORE.Ill give it to Delaware from here on in.Ive had the shits of NJ.

      55. Somebody with less to lose than I needs to lop off a few of these bureapunks heads with a steak knife and plaster the video all over the web. Maybe then their communitarian buddies will get the message that there actually is a price to pay for governing against the will of the people.

        But instead they would probably just try to ban steak knives too…

      56. Well, this was fast …..


        After a massive outcry from the Second Amendment community against A588 (backdoor ammo ban) and A1013 (defacing firearms – unintended consequences), the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee “held” A588 and amended A1013 in response to gun owner concerns.

        The effect of holding A588 is to send it back to the drawing board for further review and amendment, and this legislation that would have opened the door to a sweeping ammunition ban will not advance in its present form.

        The amendments to A1013 are still under review, but it is very apparent from the actions of the Committee and the on-the-record statements made by its members that the Committee has heard honest gun owners loud and clear.

        We will continue to monitor these bills and dozens of others that we are watching and provide early warning of threats to our Second Amendment rights.

        And thank you for your calls, faxes and emails to the Committee members!

        • You know i think it takes more work for them to get all the paperwork rolling and time spent trying to do what is un-american and they know it leave idiots if you dont like our laws. But as long as all of us just make a call and continue to make sure we never lose this battle it only takes a small bit of work for each of us while there are millions of us who are for the 2nd.

      57. Think it is time to learn how to reload my own ammuniton then, isn’t it?

        • You should definitely learn how to reload ammunition if you are a shooter and practice routinely. I keep at least 4x the amount of 38/357 ammo in components as I do live ammo and have a “hand” reloader available should the bug out ever have to happen – carrying the components and just say 80/100 live rounds makes it possible to carry a long time supply.

      58. i’M ALWAYS READY TO DROP BETWEEN $5k AND $10k ON AMMUNITION if an ammunition ban were to become a reality…I have both online and local sources to spread out the purchases….

        I don’t think Texas will roll over on a federal ban (at least not right away)

        • wish i could do that, i would honestly probably go with a grand to 2 grand and about a grand to 2 grand on food.

      59. Ahab’s assessment of New Jersey is an absolute must read. NJ is totally Balkanized… a few small islands of wealth in a sea of garbage, and ethnic enclaves with hordes of unassimilated, unamerican human waste.

        On the ammo front, what happened to the whole tungsten/nylon “green bullet” thing? I believe China owns 90% of the world’s tungsten and years back, the story was that the enviro-facists were attempting to make the U.S. military dependent on this stuff.

        I like anything that is military surplus, be it guns or ammo. My favorite, 8mm Mauser, is available in very cheap in huge quantities, generally as 198-gr FMJ. I believe it is the single most produced rifle cartridge of all time. Granted, not a lot of modern or semi-auto firearms are chambered for it, but you can pick up a 60 or 70 year old Mauser bolt-action rifle for $300 or $400 and shoot it all day for cheap. Somebody is importing a new Yugo-made belt-fed semi-auto MG42 copy in 8mm for $2,000. Imagine the possibilities…

      60. Not to play the race or gender card or anything, but how about a show of hands: how many here are surprised that L. Grace Spencer (D-29), the sponsor of the bill, is a minority female liberal Democrat?

      61. Hell i have seen armor piercing ammo all over the place, they sell 50 cal armor piercing rounds at a place called ace guns in Washington Pa near pittsburgh. I got a 20 round 12 gauge drum for 90 bucks there 6 months ago. they sell all those rounds. Just google it something like ace guns washington Pa. Kind of high price but not too high.

      62. Under their own great piece of work (and I mean that, truly), the military Commander of the NJ National Guard should declare any governing body in the state of NJ that votes in favor of this, an enemy of the State and order the arrest and indefinite detention of the lot.

        Works both ways, doesn’t it?

      63. I wonder how many people are willing to stand up to this tyranny? This country is still, by and large, not awake. I’ve read a lot of bravado here about slinging bullets into the tyrants but what happens when they show up at your front door? Are you going to give up your life? Maybe some are. Most won’t. Maybe it would take a few government raids to galvanize the “militia” into action. I don’t know.

        What I know is that I am terrified that my freedom and liberty is going away. And nothing is stopping it. It’s all bread and circuses to keep the herd satisfied while the evil, pure evil, is set on destroying this country.

        Where is the outrage? How can people sit by so passively while the leftists dismantle the country? Why is no one calling for impeachment proceedings against Obama?

        This election won’t matter. Hell, it may not even happen.

        • The outrage is in Oakland, CA in case you haven’t been following the news and videos. This will inevitably spread, but currently, Occupy Oakland makes OWS and all the other occupy groups look like a bunch of pussies.

        • I Agree 100% its time to shyte or get off the Pot..We are seeing Treason on a daily Basis, wheres the So Called Silent Majority? Had it up to HERE! LETS ROLL!!!

      64. Wars usually flare up in the Spring when the weather is better. SF winters are mild.

        Just saying.

        Love them or hate them, ya’ gotta admire the moxie of Occupy DC.

      65. Oakland CA, home of Van Jones of white house fame, declared communist and general pain in the butt! He’s cranking up problems so they can postpone the election or just let dumbass declare himself dictator. Interesting summer ahead everybody

      66. I see here some blaming “leftists, socialsts”, so on and so forth. Let us NOT forget, it was BUSH SR. that implemented the first AWB. I guess he was a leftist? I think not. More of a GLOBALIST. NJ is run by East European/London based zionists. It is no wonder it is in the shape it is in.

      67. As everyone already knows, a rifle without ammunition
        makes a great club!

        As Netranger mentioned, anyone who would stand and shoot
        pepper spray into the face of a peaceful, protesting
        American student is a traitor. Anyone who would stand
        in a line to block, shoot, beat, or intimidate peaceful
        assemblies of Americans exercising their constitutional
        rights should be tried for TREASON!

        There should be no remorse.

        As far as ammunition, we all know it’s just a matter
        of time before Obummer outlaws it. Haven’t we been
        saying that all along since he was elected?

        Sadly, my guns and ammo were lost in a tragic boating
        accident last summer, as I was preparing to go duck

        Call me ‘SNAKE’.

      68. Another prohibition…….

        Enjoy your drinks and smokes….

        Oh, by the way…all you who use the word “socialist” or “socialism”.

        Do you mean egalitarian socialism or the other end of the spectrum national socialism ( fascism) or something in the wide middle ground?

        A word to the wise. – straighten up your vocabulary. Just to use the naked noun “socialism” is more than kinda stupid ! !

      69. Think these criminals in the Jersey legislature would have the decency to remove thimerosal from the non-working and hazardous waste level mercury laden flu vaccine that they legislated to be mandated to 6 month olds. So, the assholes can force injecting hazardous solutions into babies which you’re lucky as a parent if they don’t give the kid the flu while poisoning the kid and giving the kid autism, diabetes, ADD and numerous other chronic conditions.

        Don’t believe it?

        One might guess they must be trying to avoid the wrath of the parents who figured out what these criminals did to their precious children, although one would think that they would realize that a pitchfork would be far worse.

      70. Why thanks gub’ner:

        You’re a helluva guy.
        Wait until you run for President.

      71. All you people who comment here just talk talk talk talk and more talk.

        Please check inside your underwear to see if you have penis and a pair of balls.

        If you do, time for talking is almost over. Politicians who betrayed their oaths should be pulled by their hair along with their staffers and bayoneted right at the foot of the Capital building of the State of New Jersey along with their immediate family members including spouses and children.

        • That’s so 1776.

      72. This is appalling, one more way the government is chipping away at our liberties. Thank god that I live in AZ. where gun laws are much liberal. This is why the populace has to be vigilant. To many rights have already been given up. We are in a fear based society and everyone (especially the govt.) knows what is best for us without anyone every asking us that are impacted.
        Buy more guns and ammo and be prepared to use them in times of civil unrest. Thoreau said it best “the government that governs best, governs least”

      73. The SGT Report is really the most important part of this whole piece because it accurately states that government is moving from covert to overt subversion of the Constitution. It is no longer being squirreled away in some 1000 page bill, it is out in the open. TSA stops are out in the open…there is NO REASON to believe it is anything but a confirmed policy to squeeze the life out of Constitutional protections now.

        The upshot? You have no need to feel allegiance to the laws of the United States that attempt this; they are fictions. Governments that do not serve to protect and support the God-given rights of citizens are nothing more than criminal syndicates and deserve no loyalty, but only resistance in whatever way possible.

        Decide now what your bright line is for resistance and think of it every day. When the times comes to act, you cannot just begin to ponder these issues. You must know:

        1) If you are acting in a way consistent with the Constitution and associated founding documents.

        2) In a way the Founders would understand to be a legitimate response to the denial of our God-given freedoms.

        3) If living as a slave is more important than risking your own death to see that the Underworld that rules this and all governments is ultimately destroyed.

        Americans have a unique advantage, if and when that time comes. Unlike the very brave but helpless Syrians and Egyptians, we will not be returning stones for bullets. We must NEVER, EVER get to the point that we compromise that away. Once it is gone, we and the generations after WILL live on our knees to these dark lords.

        Read what the model of conduct is for a knight. It is surprisingly apt for our time. Protection for the innocent and vulnerable, honor…and NO MERCY for the tyrant.

      74. Remember that in every instance historically when governments eventually engaged in genocide, the first thing they came for were the people’s guns. Every single time.
        Whether it is Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc., the first they do is grab the guns.
        Beware, New Jersey, beware. Your legislature is selling you out like Stalin did the Kulaks.
        Remember your history.

        • yes my friend (history repeated) you are correct. Historically in every instance the guns and ammo were rounded up prior to a planned genocide. I don’t think they will attempt to do it here; too many to to get. It is however, now at the point that guns and so forth may mean nothing once a few nukes go off. The power of the nukes used on Japan are but a fraction of what they have today. 25 megatons, no its more like 250 megaton bombs that can take out entire states (small ones). By all means keep the guns and the ammo but we have bigger problems than just an attempt to round up firearms. These fuckers want us to be blasted with nukes and then have the nuclear plants melt down which will burn for 30,000 years or so. They will just hide under ground the whole time. Afterwards they will round folks up that survive for slaves, getting mad doesn’t help either it only rents space in your brain for free. Do all that you can to get ready and then some and then just stay alert. Might just see a flash one day and then…………………………… the show Jerico a few years back.

      75. If ya’ll didn’t stock up on ammo and weaponry prior to Pesident Erkel’s run for office in 2008, then I pitty ya fools! The writing was on the wall in ’08 as clear as day!

      76. Well as some are abdicating, “sell their house and move from the state infringing upon their rights”, the government is one or two moves ahead of you. These sneaky bastards are soon to be taxing you an extra 3.8% when you sell your house; the tax revenue generated is going to fund…yep you guessed it the ObamaCare health take over. We are slowly being left little choice as to what action “we the people” can take, in order to get our country back! They are forcing us to a position of armed revolt! I’m just wondering when enough will be enough for a majority of the sheeple out there!

      77. This article is slightly wrong. There are few firearms that share ammo commonality between pistol and rifle platforms. .45 Colt is probably the most notorious. Outside this small group, NO pistol fires rifle calibers. There is no .223 pistol that didn’t begin life as a rifle action/receiver.

        • In my limited exp I have seen with my own eyes and held in my hands a single shot
          hand gun that fired .30-06
          I have seen a listing for one that fired 7.62×39 and another that did in fact fire .223
          your wrong.
          these are not cut/modified rifles.

      78. I understand that the government is looking at passing some type of legislation that limits the amount of ammunition the private citizen can possess. Example 20 or 40 rounds…period, so if you have 100 round box of .22 LR rounds you are already illegal and are going to be in a crap load of trouble. Word is you will have one month after the legislation passes to turn in your ammunition and after that it’s open season on you. When are these sons-a-bitches going to understand that little phrase “shall not be infringed”!!!!????

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