Conservatives Banned From Social Media? Here’s What They Can Do About It

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    The past two years have seen a rather aggressive change in corporate policies toward the very customers they used to covet. Not long ago, CEOs tended to keep their political views mostly in the closet. Companies remained publicly neutral because their goal was first and foremost to make money. When they wanted to influence politics or social norms, they bought politicians — you know, the good old-fashioned way. The big banks still do this by funneling cash to both Republicans and Democrats alike

    However, in the wake of the social justice cult frenzy some companies have decided that ideology is more important than profit, and most of these companies are deeply involved in various forms of media.

    Some people will argue that the media has always been leftist in its orientation and that this trend is nothing new. But, I think it is clear to anyone who has worked in countering mainstream media disinformation that something is very different today. Conservatives are being “cleansed” from participation in these communications platforms, and conservative ideals are being erased or misrepresented on a massive scale. Not long ago, media companies at least pretended to be “fair and balanced” by tolerating a certain level of participation by conservatives. No longer.

    With the advent of the internet and social media, participation in political discussion has become more open to the common citizen than ever before. This is apparently an intolerable side effect that corporate elites would like to do away with.

    It is a slightly complex problem, so I’ll try to break it down point by point:

    First, companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter are not honest in the presentation of their own image. They initially depicted themselves as bastions of social commerce without any interest in ideological battles. If they had come right out in the open from the beginning and admitted they are running their platforms based on social justice lunacy, then perhaps conservatives would not have bothered to join in the first place. Then Facebook and others could keep their forums “ideologically pure” without misleading people.

    Second, while these companies do have standards of behavior and rules for participants, the rules are deliberately broad and vaporous. They claim their rules focus on more abhorrent behaviors like overt racism, but then go on to define almost EVERYTHING that they disagree with as “racist.” This includes most conservative viewpoints and arguments. Therefore, it appears that social media corporations want to fool as many people as possible into joining their platforms, getting them addicted to participation, and then these companies want to have the option of controlling those people’s behavior through the fear of losing access.

    Third, while this is clearly ideological zealotry, social media websites are also private property.  They are not “free speech zones”. They can invite people in, and they can demand people leave anytime they wish. If conservatives are going to argue in favor of private property rights and voluntary participation rights, then they must include private websites in this.

    So then, what is the solution?

    Some will claim that social media giants represent a public utility rather than private property and that they should be subjected to regulation by government in terms of political discrimination. I disagree.

    Giving government EVEN MORE intrusive powers into how businesses function from day to day is not the answer. Allowing government to indiscriminately label a business or website a “public utility” is essentially nationalization of private property; something very common in communist countries but a habit that should be avoided in America. We need less government and less bureaucracy, not more, and conservatives need to remember that while leftists present a constant annoyance, it is big government that remains the ultimate threat to individual freedom.

    They may start with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., but where does it stop? How long before government is enforcing participation rules on all websites? How long before conservative websites are required to allow leftist trolls and disinformation agents of every stripe the freedom to rampage through their forums without any recourse to remove them? How long before government shifts over to the other side of the aisle and conservatives start kicking themselves for passing laws that are then used against them?

    That said, there are some issues with corporations in general that need to be addressed when considering this conundrum. For example, many corporations are not normal businesses in the free market sense. Corporations only exist because of government charter and protections like limited liability. This is where many hardcore Anarcho-capitalists I have dealt with in the past tend to go wrong in their rabid defense of corporations and monopolies. The reality is that corporations are a product of government and are not a natural function of free markets.

    Facebook has received considerable government aid. For years Facebook has been offered special tax breaks to the extent that in some cases they have avoided taxes to the IRS altogether. Show me how many small-business owners get that kind of treatment from the government!

    Facebook has also allowed intrusive data mining operations including government operations and corporate operations to spy on its users and has so far suffered little consequences beyond a slap on the wrist. Facebook has even maintained partnerships with foreign entities considered national security threats to the U.S.

    This does not mean that companies like Facebook should be nationalized and turned into public utilities in a socialist free-for-all. But it does mean that corporations should not exist in the form they do today if we are to ever find balance.

    I would first advocate for the end of the legal protections afforded under “corporate personhood.” When a company like Facebook is sued or prosecuted for its trespasses and criminality, the company itself is treated as if it is a legal person. Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk are not punished: the company is punished. This usually ends in fines which amount to nothing more than pocket change.

    Under Adam Smith’s model of free markets, corporations (or joint stock companies as they were called in his day), were not acceptable. As mentioned, they are not a function of free markets. Partnerships are, though. Reducing corporations down to partnerships and removing corporate welfare and government protections would go a long way in solving the dangers of business elites and their control of entire swaths of public communication (among many other sectors).

    This is why I am also a proponent of the breakup of corporate monopolies. If a corporation, unfairly aided by government in numerous ways, becomes so large and influential that free market competition with that company is impossible, then it should be broken up into separate competing companies so that there is more incentive to keep customers rather than discriminate against them. This is just one solution to the problem of social media outlets that are attempting to cut out one-half of the American public.

    If the breakup of monopolies is not possible, or if one company is separated into competing parts and these parts STILL cling to ideological zealotry rather than pursuing sound business practices, then it is up to conservatives themselves to create an alternative.

    That’s right — I’m saying it’s time for a conservative (or truly neutral) Facebook, a conservative Twitter, a conservative YouTube, etc.

    More government domination of business is not an option, and it’s certainly not conservative in spirit. What is conservative in spirit is industry and self-reliance. I see no reason why a conservative or neutral social media outlet would not be financially successful, as long as it is not interfered with by government.

    If the system is not offering a necessity or service, or it is restricting a necessity or service, then it is up to free people to provide that necessity or service for themselves instead of relying on others to do it for them.

    I do fear that that the social justice aggression within corporations against conservatives is part of a larger and more subversive plan. If one studies the leftist tactics of socialist gatekeeper Saul Alinsky, one would discover that they often use the strategy of harassing their enemies to illicit a vicious overreaction. Meaning, it may be the goal of the leftists or globalists (who have no loyalty to either side) to manipulate conservatives through their own anger.

    Conservatives are portrayed as evil and monstrous tyrants, or as dumb bumbling bigots in most current media. The social justice ideology is placed on a pedestal as unassailable and untouchable in movies, television shows and even commercials. It is treated as absolute truth that cannot be questioned or debated. In the meantime, social media companies seek to gain vast market share of communications spaces and then reduce conservative presence there so that we cannot argue our side of the issues.

    I get it. There is every reason for conservatives to be pissed off. But, we need to look at the bigger picture.

    It is possible that the goal on the part of these companies is not necessarily to merely silence conservative voices on their forums or to slander us in ridiculous misrepresentations. It could be that they hope we will become enraged, and that we will respond by abandoning our own principles to attack them back. They want us to become the monsters that they are portraying us as. Even if we win, we lose.

    I have already outlined examples of how we can fight back without breaking our own ideals and morals; moving to expand government power in this area is completely unnecessary.  The fight is not just over modes of communication, it is over conscience and identity. The latter must not be sacrificed to obtain the former.


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      1. I am about to give it up anyway. Just lets me see my grandbabies pictures as they are growing. If it gets to the point of you can’t say how you feel’ its not worth being there.

        • Anyone know of a Peaceful/Calm place to relocate?
          We wish to live in Peace and be Left alone to raise our children.
          -My area has been Overrun by entitled class young dark, armed, savages. (Look up “Oak Cliff Dallas Texas Couple mugged.”)
          -Mexican drug cartels are now in the suburbs.
          Obama let them in. Politicians take thier bribes and allow them to operate.
          -Constant Threatening letters from city code enforcement or HOA, and violent cops that murder unarmed people on a seemingly weekly basis. ALL are Out of control.

          We are voting with our Ass. We are Leaving. Where to?
          Nope. I don’t trust Elon Musk. Musk can’t even run a car company! So Mars is out. Anywhere else? Ideas?

          • Anon: Choose very wisely and stay the hell out of the various “Liberal Paradises” as they are truly hell-holes in a lil thing called reality. And you are so correct about the “darkies” my God, they literally ruin and destroy every single damn thing the apes touch of steal or rob or rape or murder and on and on. Wake your asses the hell up people. the U.S. is on a very, very fast-track at becoming a 3rd world hole. Look around, the roads are falling apart and have huge holes all over the place. Bridges are literally extremely dangerous and falling on top of people’s heads, airports remind you of those lovely 3rd world holes and on and on and on. Noticing a bit of a common theme here folks??

        • Here’s what I’m gonna do about it:
          Absofuckinlutely nothing. Don’t use nor care at all about Fartbook, Twatter, or any other social media sites. Like drugs, some need them but I don’t.

          • Infidel, same here. I don’t need nor desire any social media either.

        • “This is why I am also a proponent of the breakup of corporate monopolies.”

          The real great advantage that corporations have (in addition to many others) is their infinite life span; which allows them to build a monolithic organization over time and push their corporate goals and ideology generation after generation with new, young blood upon an unsuspecting public.

          Corporations should have a specific time frame in which to operate: say, 50 to 100 years; at which time they must be liquidated and profits disseminated to existing shareholders. Any sale of the corporation assets should not be allowed to include current management, directors or shareholders.

          It’s an idea whose time has come. 🙂

          • BTW, rumor has it that POTUS is going to move his commentary to “GAB”; which will give this online competitor a big advantage as people move from Twitter and FB to follow POTUS. 🙂

        • (((Social Media)))??? Like what moron puts his personal info of such a hack data base. Puttung kids photos with GEO Tags, GPS COORDINATES ATTACHED ARE JUST ASKING FOR A PEDOPHILE TO KIDNAP THE CHILD. FREAKEN MORONS. EVER HEARD OF PERSONAL EMAIL YOU DOPE? I swear the low IQ mentality of this country is at an all time low.

          Saw a guy in court get a year in jail for harasding some lady via FaceBook. Like WTF?? Stupid is.

          • Email is really no better. There’s nothing designed in it to keep your contents safe from anyone. Even encryption is not guaranteed..

          • TSB, damn right. Social media is totally useless to me. There’s no telling what people are thinking when they use it.

          • BlowIt: Wow, damn, pretty hard core!! I almost feel bad about it
            All of that garbage reminds me of floating feces

      2. The problem is not liberal and conservative. That is the trick here. By pinning blue against red, or vice versa, the red white and blue stays under Rothschild and Company. Israel was and is nothing but a Rothschild crime network. Twitter, Facebook (CIA), Google, even the internet itself is one big web to trap us like flies for the ultimate consumption of the Rothschild spider’s sting.


        • Do Not Connect to 5G.. 4G brought on GPS Tracking. 5G is like Windows 10. Massive surveillance of your every move click and key logger hacks. Your passwords everything will be hacked. Never connect to WiFi for anything, besides the RFI RADIATION is a slow death march. Just like putting your head in a microwave oven. You get what you deserve.

      3. I’m a retired software and electronics engineer.
        I’m more or less a Libertarian. In the software
        world I don’t think I ever met a Conservative
        software critter, outside the Aerospace industry.
        My specialty, Real time software systems is far
        more interesting than the junk Facebook and Twitter
        el al put out.
        You’d have a problem getting together a conservative
        group of system developers to build a “conservative”
        Facebook. Quite frankly you don’t bust your
        butt to get a Computer science degree just to write
        mindless user interfaces.

        • I’m conservative and I have written software and created websites. Most of those websites are mine, and the software was written for corporate clients.

          You don’t need a conservative “group of system developers” to put together a conservative website similar to Facebook. One person can create a website, and they don’t have to be conservative. I’m pretty sure a programmer of any political persuasion will create a website for a paycheck. And you don’t even have to tell him that the website is conservative. Buying the final domain and adding mastheads, logos, etc. can be done after the programmer is through.

          I would do it myself, but I don’t have the time. I’m writing a book, which will take all my time for the foreseeable future.

          • Arch,
            You can create a web site, but when you have a lot of traffic, your desktop isn’t going to handle it. Which of course you know.
            I’ll bet it costs well over $300,000 for the SHTFplan site alone.
            I doubt Mac is the only guy doing the work. Good employees cost money.

            • Who said my websites operate from my desktop? I use a worldwide major hosting company.

              And since FB doesn’t create content, a clone of it wouldn’t need a bunch of employees. I do create content for my websites, but it doesn’t cost me a penny since I do it all myself.

              I spend much less than $100 per month on all my websites together. I have unlimited storage, unlimited emails, and unlimited bandwidth for the price I spend.

              • I had not thought about using a hosting company. My assumption was you’d want to keep everything in-house so you would not be subject to arbitrary censorship.

          • WARNING THIS SAT MAJOR FALSE FLAGS ON AMERICA’s Streets. Mike Adams the Health Ranger warns.
            This Saturday, Aug. 4, is shaping up to be a “perfect storm” of staged events consisting of violence and bloodshed.

            Nefarious anti-American forces are attempting to engineer a political coup that’s justified by violent, staged action on the streets of America.

            Go to Real.Video for the info.

            • I have tried numerous times to get a to work and have been unsuccessful. It always comes up: This video is unavailable or not supported in your browser. Not that computer savvy so I am upset with this result and don’t know the remedy.

      4. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon…. I don’t disagree that a private corporation can do whatever the heck they want to within the law. But…. what on God’s green earth makes you think for even a second that Facebook and places on the ‘net are a private enterprise? The sharing of data to/for the government, the dumbing down of the populace to ‘share’ every damned feature or incident in a person’s life was the original intent …. of the government. Those site were created by the government, again…. for the government and within the government. Honestly you poor addled soul, do you really think that moron Zuckerberg could’ve created such a vast creation due to his ‘brilliance’? Give me a break. Asking the government to control what it already controls (moreover created) is a ludicrous request. Facebook and all the rest are working great – exactly as designed.

      5. Just three ideas will solve this problem.
        1. Every man needs to be the authority over his own life.
        2. Every man needs to believe only what is true.
        3. Every man needs to take care of his own enlightened self interest.
        It will take time, and we should have started long ago, but we still need to start, and now is better than never.

        • Amen. This would checkmate Communism and socialism, MSM, CNN, etc..

          Our nation, indeed world, is being inundated with thinking that believes anything the state sez, waits for the state to step in, and is willing to give their freedom away for security. Truth is anything the state/MSM/CNN sez it is.

          There will come a time in the soon present where people will be so sorry for this attitude. Soon, very soon they will be just like a herd of cattle, led to the slaughter, the slaughter will nbe the coming “Great Purge” led by Marxists.

      6. What can you do if a CONSERVATIVE is banned here? Huh?

      7. Witness the hypocrasy of the leftist who insist upon fining Christians who refuse to accept a contractual arrangement with homosexuals, just as anyone can refuse to repair your plumbing, but then insist that it is legal to refuse 50+ million conservative Americans!

        Oh the irony.

      8. Brandon’s conclusions don’t logically follow from the statements he made.

        “The reality is that corporations are a product of government and are not a natural function of free markets.”

        He seems to think that a corporation wouldn’t exist unless the government caused it. A corporation is really nothing more than a big ass partnership with a few different rules. All businesses are under the government’s thumb in one way or another, but the government didn’t cause the existence of all of them.

        There are exceptions. For example, DARPA’s LifeLog program was ended the very same day that Facebook was founded. Coincidence? Probably not.

      9. Conservatives Banned From Social Media? Here’s What They Can Do About It.
        Put on your big boy pants and stand your ground and fight back. We turned the other cheek too many times. Time to fight back.

      10. We’ve lost our right to free speech in regards to the second amendment. A judge stopped the plans to 3D print guns. They say that plastic guns can’t be detected in metal detectors but isn’t the barrel metal. Even if some how it is plastic isn’t ammunition in brass and steel cases. Without ammo a gun is harmless. So it’s not about public safety it’s about freedom of information. Information they want protected for profit. Just like marijuana is a controlled substance till the gov gets in on the profits now it’s an enterprise. What a joke. the NRA supported a 1980 ruling that made all plastic guns illegal. The NRAs gun industry cronies want to protect future profits. If that’s the case just fuckin say so. The NRA isn’t on the side of gun owners. Glad I’m not a member. NRA only wants to protect profits of the gun industry they really don’t care about the right to keep and bear arms but without it they would be finished. Follow the $ people.

        • The only part of the gun that has to be metal is the firing pin.

          The judge hasn’t really stopped anything. I downloaded the available files a long time ago, same as over 100,000 other people.

        • NRA sucks and can blow my rectum after a nice case of her Hershey-squirts!! I will never again give those fake clowns a damn dirty penny.

        • What the dues pay for is the fear they induce in people who hate guns. I’m a proud member, albeit I know they haven’t done everything right, They’ve caved here and there. But without them we would have had an unblocked path for the gun banners. Only $30 a month gets you the right to say ya did something for gun rights. When I see CNN demonize NRA, I smile and am glad I’m a NRA member.

      11. Yeah Sgt Dale will fight back by UnFriending people on FB. Bwhahahaha. is the Alt-Right’s answer. And to boycott You-Tube.

      12. Myspace still exists, it’s pretty much a ghost town now so I bet they would love to have all the clients they could get. I must admit I don’t know how they make money so they probably sell your information too and nothing is safe on the internet but if all you want is to connect with like minded people it might be a worthy place. At least until (((they))) figure it out ruin it.

      13. Where are the lawsuits? Where is the Justice Dept.? If you denied access to the preferred demographics, you would be in court by now. Sue, sue, sue!

      14. One person’s opinion is another person’s “hate speech”. Josef Goebbels would have loved the media resources available to the political left.

      15. Gov’t sucks and also messes up about every single thing it also touches. So think about it, you have the idiots in Gov’t and then all the savage coons they love to hire, my God, no wonder it is all a massive cluster mess

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