Congresswoman Urges Welfare Name Change: “Transitional Living Fund”

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Headline News | 311 comments

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    (Pictured: Sheila Jackson Lee with President Obama)

    The Texas Congresswoman who once urged a Congressional oversight panel to study how Christian militants and other radicals might bring down the country has some new progressive ideas she’d like House members to begin implementing.

    In a brief speech on the House floor about safety nets that touches on all manner of government assistance, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggested that the term “welfare” is no longer politically correct, and like all masters of doublespeak, wants Congress to change its name to a “transitional living fund.”

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) hailed the war on poverty, endorsed government welfare programs, and said the “safety net has to be something for all of us.”

    “Maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live,” she said.

    She urged Congress to pass emergency unemployment insurance — “a transitional outreach to individuals who are chronically unemployed,” as she put it.

    “Quite frankly, of all the wealthy nations, we have the lowest safety net and the highest poverty, because we’re not willing to accept the fact that sometimes an American needs help. Even a veteran — even a soldier.

    Source: CNS News

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Following the financial crisis of 2008 when millions lost their jobs, homes and life savings, it is certainly understandable that emergency programs were established to help people transition and get back on their feet.

    The operative term here is “transition” – a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Normally, when we think of a transition, especially as it relates to emergency funds from the government, we think short-term assistance. That could mean several months, or as is the case with unemployment benefits, 99 weeks.

    However, no matter how Ms. Lee tries to spin this, welfare is no longer a short-term program for the majority of people on it. The “transition” the Congresswoman refers to is one in which a person simply stops working and starts collecting a monthly check from the government for producing absolutely nothing in return.

    As we highlighted in a recent interview, and though it’s not necessarily descriptive of everyone who receives welfare assistance, the program itself is being abused on a massive scale. In the case of this particular caller, the “transitional living” involved going from working a job to sitting at home, smoking weed and still getting paid.

    Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

    Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

    Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

    Sometimes our best laid plans fall apart. People hit hard times. That’s inevitable. Providing those people with transitional living assistance with food, health care or housing makes sense.

    What doesn’t make sense is the confiscation of earnings from hard working Americans to the tune of $500 billion per year only to distribute those funds to apathetic leeches who contribute absolutely nothing to society. For many on government assistance you are a joke if you struggle at a 40-hour job for a weekly paycheck.

    Transitional living? Hogwash.

    People like the esteemed Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee would like to see nothing less than cradle-to-grave long term government dependents.



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      1. Be careful what you say in your comments or someone might call you racist, or sexist, or both.
        Houston, we have a problem, and it’s with YOUR Congresscritter.

        • She needs to change her title from ‘congresswoman’ to Vision-impaired leader of the vision-impaired.”

          • “Transitional Living Fund”?
            What are the recipients transitioning from or to?

            • From one model Obamaphone to the next. From daytime TV to primetime TV and back. From drinking to drugs.

              • There are 2 types of people in our society who think they are “owed” the good and services the society makes. Wellfare recipients and politicians. Both of them take freely but give NOTHING in return.

                I want the collapse to happen, so that we can remove these two types of leaches from society.

                • To paraphrase Shakespeare:
                  “A turd by any other name, still smells as putrid.”

                  To translate for the Obama voters:
                  “Calling something a different name doesn’t change one damned property of that thing. It only exposes a property of those who would change the name.”

                  • She is a perfect example of what is wrong with this country: instead of solving unemployment they’d rather redefine terms. Leech=transitional; patriotic=terrorists; vet=potential terrorists; christian=militant. How about the only thing needed to be redifined: politican=liar/scum/thief/criminal? So during the elections it should read which criminal you vote for.

                  • “””What doesn’t make sense is the confiscation of earnings from hard working Americans to the tune of $500 billion per year only to distribute those funds to apathetic leeches who contribute absolutely nothing to society. “””

                    What doesn’t make sense is those who still believe the hard earned “money” confiscated from hard working Americans pays for government handouts.

                    100% of what you “pay” in “taxes” goes to pay interest to the Federal Reserve stockholders. The programs in question are paid for with the printing press.

                    In order to kill the programs and restore this country to what it is supposed to be, the printing press must be killed. An those who profit from it.

                    Until then, if you think your taxes pay for anything the government provides you are an idiot. You are still under the corp spell and believe it exists for reasons other than it does.

                  • Amerika the squater’s camp
                    Someone dumped their filth on thee
                    And crowned thy good
                    With gangbangers in yer hood
                    Your demise is what you see…

                    Was’nt it fun while it lasted?

                  • In my state there used to be a 60 month life time limit to Welfare. And the law still states that, but the state just ignores it since 2008. No push to get them back to work but lots of info to them so they can get more free services at taxpayer expanse.
                    Did you guess I live in a Domocrat dominated state.

                    Why don’t people understand that they are putting themselves in a cage when they get onto these programs?

                • I’m with you 100% JD. Lets get the culling underway. With statements like this from this bitch I hope more people will see the light and climb aboard the reset train. Enough of this shit already.

                  • The inmates are in control of the asylum.

                    Who said this Aunt Jamima could speak for us?

                  • No shit Mad Dog. Enough is enough of this bull shit and enough of these f’n politicians.

                    Some one name me one of these pukes in the White House, The Senate or The Congress who is not a lying sniveling, I am sorry so don’t hold it against me MF.. Name just 1 that has not lied or gone back on what they promised when the ran for the office they hold. F’ers!!!!!


                  • I’m absolutely sick of this shit, too.

                    Bring on the collapse already, let’s have some needed correction.


                  • Watch the video “AK47monkey” on YouTube. its only 50 seconds long. Reminds me of Jackson and her fellow congress critters. warning. it is NOT PC.

                • Instead of Welfare, it should be called Farewell, the regime will not take care of them when the SHTF and I doubt many will be prepared or even comprehend what is coming our way.

                  • That would be fun to watch… put out a sign that says free food.
                    Then tape up a big box and then put more boxes inside it and when they open it it will say… Welcome to the land of Obama…. you can eat the wrapping.

                  • BI, there is a reason the “The right to not be offended” is not included in the Constitution. Because nobody has that right, and only the weak who deserve no rights can really be offended. A mature adult will just dismiss the offender.

                    Call ’em what they are. If they can’t stand the truth about themselves, it is they that need to change.

                • Sad but true. I would rather have it happen now while I can help my family and friends than in 20 years when I’d be to old to be contributing to our renewed Constitutional form of gov’t.

                  • That’s one of my concerns… that they’re patiently postponing a full takeover until those of us who actually know our God-given and constitutional rights will die off.


                  • Hey right,no worries,a good bipod and you can still do your share to contribute!

                • They should call them what they are “useless eaters”

                  • Shooter…you are too kind.

                    They are nothing but a waste of a human life.

                • When the collapse happens Id love to be states executioner, working with the sanction of the state and under color of law. Career useless eaters should be terminated, they are a cancerous drain on the productive.

                • AMEN !!!! Preach it !!!! I am 100% in YOUR corner.

              • And you wonder why the US has NO hope surviving an economic collapse. As Gerald Celente likes to say.

                “We have leaders who have never worked a day in the lives, who go to Washington, to work the rest of their lives”.

                It couldn’t be said any better Mr. Celente !

                • Yesterday’s report shows what the Federal Reserve is “thinking” now

                  from the minutes of the December FOMC Meeting…

                  “Most participants judged the marginal costs of asset purchases as unlikely to be sufficient, relative to their marginal benefits, to justify ending the purchases now or relatively soon; a few participants identified some possible costs as being more substantial, indicating that the costs could justify ending purchases now or relatively soon even if the Committee’s macroeconomic goals for the purchase program had not yet been achieved.”

                  “It was noted that the risks to financial stability could be somewhat larger in the case of asset purchases than in the case of interest rate policy because purchases work in part by affecting term premiums and policymakers have less experience with term premium effects than with more conventional interest rate policy. Participants also expressed some concern that additional asset purchases increase the likelihood that the Federal Reserve might at some point suffer capital losses…”

                  The Daily Crux

                • Most of us like to condemn low-information voters—the stupid are picking our leaders.
                  But, the real problem is the low-information leaders. They have so little experience of life–hands-on experiences–that they are incompetent.
                  We have leaders who saw the movie, but didn’t read the book.

                  • JJ

                    Isn’t she still supposed to be looking for the flag that the astronauts planted on Mars? Why on earth does the media give this dumbshit the time of day?

                  • And the political process of electing our leaders has devolved into the political equivalent of………

                    “American Idol”

                  • Not just incompetent, criminal.


                  • JayJay,
                    Who is more the fool?
                    The fool who leads or the fool who follows?
                    If they are a low information leader, why vote them into office to begin with??
                    It makes zero sense to put a blind man behind the wheel and then complain that he is a terrible driver.
                    Texas has picked some real winners with Bush,Perry, and Jackson Lee. God knows who else lurks in the shadows of that state waiting to make a fool of themselves.

              • Transitional from what? Cradle to grave? Another liberal ass bite. Didn’t need the picture of Ms. Jackson, it was a given what she was and who she represented.


              • And people can move into Obamas promise “zones”? I just saw that on Hannity. Obamazones??? Enough already!!

                • Atleast they will be easy to find, Fish in a barrel!

                • The following is an example of an Obama promise zone . Obama says,” If you are willing to enter into an area that’s so far gone even a blind man wouldn’t go there, risk your hard earned capital you’ve saved your entire life to open a business there, then I promise you the following”

                  1} I promise you’ll lose every fuckin’ cent you invest

                  2} I promise the odds are overwhelming that you’ll be ripped apart if you ever go there personally

                  3} I promise you’ll never get close enough to even smell a tax break, and finally

                  4} I promise to tell you that ” YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT! I NEVER PROMISED ANY TAX CUTS TO ANYBODY!”

              • They just want to change the name to something a little more PC. And when I say PC I don’t mean “Politically Correct” I mean “POLITICALLY CONTROLLED” just like everything else!! Control your money, your food, your health, your children, your life. They want control of what you say, what you think, who you interact with, where you go. They want you guns, they want your rights. They want you on your knees.
                “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” that title no longer applies to the United States. It belongs to deserving countries who actually ARE free!!!!!

            • Maybe from ‘DeadBeats’ to ‘Gimme Dats’ ?? And why wouldn’t she want to call it ‘The United Negro Fund’?? This “I can be more PC than YOU ” , is getting FUNNIER all the time !! And I thought most Texans were independent and huge self-made people !! HAha! What’s next , ‘The Intelligently Shallow end of the Gene POOL’ !!??….mm

              • OH LAWWDS HAVE MUSSY! Sheila “Silverback” Jaxzun is at it again. I also see it appears she just had her hair processed.
                @MM6/1. Just like the rest of the politicians get voted in….cause they keep on giving to those who think they’re entitled.

              • “And I thought most Texans were independent and huge self-made people.”

                They are. Her district demography is indistinguishable from Burundi.

            • They are evolving into a better monkey. You know becoming smarter about moving from the front porch to the back porch to get out of the sun.

            • From “living” to… pretty much the opposite of that.

              Some people can scam welfare but I’ve seen the applications… if they go by the book pretty much you’re eating Alpo out of a can and you can’t even own a car that fricking remotely works. Makes you wonder how you get to a job interview… oh yeah you don’t.

              • What is even crazier is the robotics are replacing 30 cents an hour 3rd world-ers. They are just about to implement robotics into fast food preparations; there goes that sector. Robotics are taking over the check out stands, soon the walmart greeter will be a robot, and the police them selves are being replaced (bomb squad) just for starters. Remember Total Recall with the robotic taxis? It is coming..actually they have cars like that now. The operated a road grader in Florida from a heads up display in California and with GPS the farmers can sit in the shade and watch the tractor go in circles. Same as the open pit mining, that too will be replaced by GPS auto bots. The only jobs left in the near future is going to be robotic maintenance.

                • Which will be the total ruin of the world.
                  Robots don’t buy stuff.

                  • other than a few spare parts Jay

                  • made by robots

                  • Sex robots?

            • They are transitioning your money into their pockets

              • pissed off white guy—sex robots–you are the king

            • Did you mean “ROTFLMAO”? Cuz’ that’s what I am doing. I cannot BELIEVE the $hit that comes out of the miggers in congress !!!! Do they REALLY expect everybody else to pay for their constituents’ expenses for the rest of their lives???? Why not … been doing it for 60 years already …

              If congress Actually put a hard timeline/work requirement on all of these loafers I would not be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed. But it seems that the congress believes that it is their job to STEAL my MONEY in the form of taxation, and give it to somebody else in the form of WELFARE (I don’t give a $hit what you call welfare, … it’s welfare).

              Have a great day … I need to get ready to go to work on Monday so the f’ing feds can steal from my pay.

              Query if you want to know how I “really” feel.

          • If we not be in ignorance of the inside information these people are exposed to, being they know something we don’t, we are all destined for welfare. This is why they want it more PC. Remember Soviet Union where they lived in gov houses, went to gov job and got paid in gov check. They all agreed it was pretend.. They pretended to work and the gov paid them. I think we are going to fast track right past the pretend part and we will all just get paid to sit on our asses because the 3rd world and robotics are taking over anything that needs to be done.

            • The banks & govt. have been working hand in hand to achieve their goals.

              Govt. goal – Cloward and Piven – overwhelm the economy. Then, replace it with the govt. ‘structure’ you want, after it crashes.

              In recent years, JP Morgan Chase Bank has made LOTS of money with the EBT card program. Think of the funds with the food stamp program that flow through the bank every month and the numerous fees they receive for this.

              Now, JP Morgan Chase wants OUT of the program. I believe they KNOW difficult times are ahead. They don’t want angry EBT card holders showing up at the bank, when their cards get decreased or won’t work.

              JPMorgan to Exit Foodstamp, Other Prepaid Cards Business

              Why?…”had become a headache of RISKS in operations and regulations”

              JP Morgan’s Food Stamp Empire
              How the welfare state became a profit center.

              EBT card holders in 24 states KNOW that Chase Bank handles their funds.

              How to Check Food Stamp Accounts Online (at Chase Bank)
              “Visit Chase’s EBT Account website to access your online food stamp account.”

          • WHO: Does Her Hair doo? Lawnboy? or TORO?

          • Amen. I’m from Houston. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a joke here. She’s not even a Texan!

        • Be careful what you say. Law Enforcement can use your statements as probable cause for a search warrant on your home. Your local police have now been militarized and this will give their SWAT a practical application.

          • she puts the CUNT in country…..hope that was politically correct enough for Y’ALL!

            • Naw that’s giving her way too much credit….

              • Hey Cuz:
                You are right that would give her way to much credit.
                Us’m country folks might not all have a collage education, but we are smart enough to know you don’t suck our living out of our nieghbors pocket. and stand there and say I deserve it. Like my free food stamps, my free phone, my free health insureance, my free housing, my free what ever else I can get free.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • Good cause I could make it worth their while.

          • @cyberrifles

            Bring it on bitches, bring it on.


            • BigB, I’m with you on that one. If those people want to go home alive at the end of their shift, they better forget about raiding anyone’s home.

          • Not everyone is afraid of the gubment….lol. Obama can kiss my ass and the NSA is a joke, I hope both die very soon!

        • The “racist” tag is a communist smear tactic designed for the sole purpose of strangling truth.

          • I’m quite sure the “racist” tag started when the good ole boys down south traded their Confederate uniforms for KKK garb.

            Some people scream reverse racism, but i think there should be another term created. “reverse, reverse, racism”

            I’m amazed that some people actually think that blacks are the one who started this race hate. If you want to say that blacks were angry for being enslaved, ok, that’s fine. But how did blacks get the bad label when it started with the slave masters????

            For some of the smart people on this forum, there are a lot of people who have selective memory when addressing the root cause of the violence that started. This is cause and effect ladies and gentlemen.

            Slave masters should not have enslaved blacks, and Blacks need to pull up their bootstraps and stop making excuses.

            The TRUTH is always in the middle, but the RACISTS ON BOTH SIDES, prefer to stick on one side or the other.

            Reverse, reverse racism is the new term today i guess…

            • You should really bone up on the reconstruction period following the war against northern aggression. Therein lies the seeds of today’s racial problems. Racial harmony is most prevalent in the rural South than in any other part of the country.

          • OG, +1!

        • Wilson, the comments don’t make you a racist. It’s your actions and whether or not you stereotype or think that all people in said race are the same. I have a sneaky suspicion which side of the fence you’re on though.

        • anyone who tells me to be careful with my comments had better just take their ass somewhere else with that crap. No PC for me and everyone here knows that. Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the biggest crooks in the Congressional Black Criminal Caucus. And she expects people to stop calling the program welfare and start calling it a “transitional living fund”? I’ll say NEGRO PLEASE to that one. Welfare is still welfare. A freeloader is still a freeloader. A crackwhore is still a crackwhore…..well you get the idea. Some of the programs are already undergoing budget cuts. There’s already been a small increase in theft, robbery, burglary, etc. in my area. Going to a gun show this weekend to stock up on ‘food’ for Bertha and the rest of my ‘ventilation team’. Things will only get worse from here on out. The situation with the programs is unsustainable and we’re already seeing the first little bit of evidence to support my statement. the number of producers,i.e. people who still work and pay taxes into the system is still shrinking and will continue to do so until the host [producers] dies. the number of takers still goes up every month. Add to it the fact that all foreigners coming to this nation get straight onto these programs too. None of the people on these programs are supporting them. they don’t pay income tax or social security tax; just a sales tax when they buy something. When the host finally dies, there won’t be another host to replace it. The gravy train will be dead in the water and won’t operate anymore. can you say MEGA-SHTF?

          • Yea BH, We are in the death spiral and have passed minimum altitude needed for recovery.
            Hang on, the ride hasn’t even BEGUN to get rough.
            Get your heart right with God and stock up on popcorn.

          • I hope you starve to death you old bastard and then tell us how all welfare recipients are scum. You heartless asshole. Shove it in your urethra.

            • You are still here?

              I hope you had a Great Christmas!

            • You must be one of those worthless parasites as well?

            • Big E. Cutting off their food would force them to step up. And after some research I found out a body which starved would not gum up a industrial tree chipper. So another problem solved.

            • You are SCUM you fking freeloader, eat out of dumpster like all the other RATS!

            • Eisenpuke, go f#$% yourself!

          • Braveheart,

            I could so imagine you putting your hand on your hip and swinging your head around while you were saying “NEGRO PLEASE”…it made me chuckle 🙂

            Sorry, I have to find humor where I can…otherwise I would just be crying all the time about how far this country has fallen.

            • Southern gal, thank you for that. I’m not afraid to say it, either. If anybody thinks I’m wrong to say it, that’s their problem, not mine. I never go around looking for trouble with anyone, but I will not have other people dictating to me how they think I should live. Plus, I do have a problem with any black people trying to lecture white people about anything. The black people are the ones with a problem and don’t have a leg to stand on. I’m glad I was able to help you get thru what I suspect was a bad day for you. I just refuse to live in fear of political correctness.

          • @Braveheart…..reposting this from last year.

            “When 1/2 the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other 1/2 is going to take care of them…BUT when the other 1/2 get the idea that it does NO GOOD to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the END of any Nation” Take Care, CC.

            • Canada Canuck, I couldn’t agree more. Sad, but true.

            • Begin surgical sterilizations, implantation of Norplant in female ghetto welfare moochers, or liqudation of career welfare moochers….than watch how many of them cant wait to find work. Termination of career moochers or forced sterilization is a viable solution.

          • astounding how many in america can’t do the MATH(did no one graduate from the fifth grade?) good luck at the gunshow BH….may you be blessed with full magazines and no reason to use them!

        • Wilson you are absolutely correct, that was my first thought, I can’t make a comment or it will be racist. Although there are enough deadbeat whites on welfare also. Remember when they use to be food stamps, now they look so much more patriotic with an Eagle on the EBT cards. Use to be shameful to be on the dole, so good people got off of it as soon as possible. But now it’s an honorable thing to live without working, or so it seems. The Good Book says if you don’t work, you don’t eat, think we need to get back to that. Trekker Out.

          • Howdy, MT, yes we need to go back to that. when I was a kid, if you didn’t work, you definitely didn’t eat. some of the programs are already experiencing budget cuts. Things will become ‘interesting’ sometime this year.

            • BREAVEHEART:
              I wish it would go back to those day when I was a kid and you would be ashamed of yourself if you had to live on handouts from Uncle Sam, and you were able bodied.
              Im looking forward to this summer when the government runs out of money again. Lets see what happens if there is another cut to those program. Can you say, Cities Burning??????
              Even the Bible say if you don’t work you don’t eat.
              I lost 2 jobs in my life and I was raising a family at the time. I drew unemployment for about 3 weeks only the 1st. time and 4 weeks the 2nd time. I took several part time job at minimum wage both times. I picked up garbage, I flipped burgers, I remolded a couple houses, I was a janitor at a school, I drove tractors and hauled grain. I hauled and cleaned portable outhouses.
              I did landscaping, And sold all my goodies to make sure that my wife and boys had what they needed. I’m not bragging it is my duty to take care of my family not the governments.
              This welfair CRAP should have a shelf life of 1 year. If you are able to work, Dammit you WORK. and don’t stand there PISSING ON MY SHOES AND TELL ME IT IS RAINING. GET A JOB YOU LAZY BUMB.
              S S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

              • Northern Reb, like I said to MT earlier, when I was a kid back in the 60s, if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. That’s just the way it was. I’ve always managed to find work. for a short time back in the 80s, I worked 2 jobs to settle a lawsuit out of court, but that’s another story for another time. I lost out to a scammer in a legal dispute and found it would’ve been much cheaper to settle out of court than to fight it, or so I was told by my attorney at the time. I found out only much later after I paid off the debt that the whole thing could’ve been avoided. Anyway, just give it time and there’s still a chance an EMP/CME or cyberattack can bring down the grid which means no more checks of any kind, no EBT, or credit/debit cards, etc. This year is going to be ‘interesting’.

                • Breavheart:
                  We are having a CME right now 1-9-14. Just seen it on the news. I will not get to see the northern light we have over cast and some warmer temperatures it is actully 31 deg’s right now at 10:30pm.
                  We are having a heat wave after going thru -18 deg’s Sunday night and Monday night.

                  • Northern Reb, in my area it’s going back into the 50s for the weekend. About time. I was tired of bundling up like an eskimo.

                • When the EBT system goes down will police use dogs battons and fire hoses to break up the ghetto rioters like in the 1960’s?

          • In my life, I’ve never came across someone who wasn’t racist whom had to question if they would be called a racist if they said something in particular.

            Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and let people assume you’re a racist, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt….

            • I’m of mind if you “don’t like my gate, then don’t swing on it.”

            • If speaking the truth about anything even if its simply just a personal opinion makes me a racist/bigot/homophobe/what-ever…then Ill wear those labels with pride cause Im fed up to here with being told I have freedom of speech but Im only allowed to use it if I don’t offend someone….to hell with that!…Racism…nothing but a big hammer used to silence those who think differently and have the balls to say so…sorry to be so crass but that dog wont hunt no more!

              • PO’d Patriot and REB, I’m with both of you. I’ll wear the labels with pride. The PC crowd doesn’t tell what the f#$% to say, to think, etc. That dog never hunts with me anyway.

            • @Maybe so,

              Why keep my mouth shut? I am a racist. Everyone is, anyone who claims to not be is a liar or a fool.

              I do have very few races, no religions I can think of, and come to think about it only one race that I have a beef with. That race would be the one of people of any color who refuses to conform to the America I want to live in. That would be against anyone of any color who wants to live on my dime(s). That would be against anyone of any color who is so ignorant as to vote for a man of Obama’s integrity, knowledge, morals, ethics and experience.


            • maybe so…you must’ve said sumthin’ STUPID….thanks to mac for covering up the stupid comments so we don’t have to waste our time reading them….and maybe you should look around where you ARE before showing your ASS in public?

        • transitional living fund…can most welfare mamas even spell it?? 😉

          • The real question is….can most of them even pronounce it. If not, axe me again.

            • They don’t even give a shit what the program is called.

              As long as the card, check or wtf acknowledgement of funds is and shows up on time each month.

          • JayJay, the welfare mamas can’t even read, never mind spell anything.

        • I remember, back when Sheila Jackson Lee was on the Houston City Council. Back then, she was one of the most loud-mouthed, ignorant, racist, power hungry, arrogant, authoritarian boot lickers you could ever have the misfortune of meeting……And, I see nothing has changed.

          I have an idea though, why don’t we call Welfare recipients what they are actually about to be……The New Middle Class!!!

          • ALWAYS when i go to the market i can spot a baby-mama using the welfare card and usually there’s a guy right BEHIND her buying a case of BEER….their significant OTHER(wink, wink)….used to be they worried about getting arrested or at LEAST thrown out of the program for fraud, back when i still had one chin…but nowadays, they aint a BIT worried. it has me wondering lately …we have 8 big grocery stores in the high desert california….how many of those stores wouldn’t even EXIST if it wasn’t for food stamps/EBT?

        • Naw Wilson, don’t include me in your coffee klatch. If they can’t handle the truth, best they can do is get on up out of here.

        • I’m late to this party, but I propose we change the name to what it is;

          ” FREE SHIT”

          There Shiela, fixed it for ya.

          • And with their free shit should come free abortions and surgical sterilizations, ALSO FOR FREE! 🙂

        • Don’t have to be racist. Does anyone remember some of the consistently STUPID things that have come out of her mouth? The Mars rover thing took the cake for me. Look it up and be amazed. Why hasn’t she been shamed? Would that really be racist? Don’t think so, just as long as it was about her stupidity.

        • Sure you get welfare for decades..but you first have to donate a kidney. Nice idea huh?

          The govt should just open up brothels….then we can go fuck them up the ass for a change.

          I’m so hiding all my wealth from the socialist fuck in the “white” house.

          It will be real entertaining watching all the fights over empty shelves when the dollar is sent to zero.

          Keep stacking silver. they will nationalize gold.

          At retirement… I’ll cast my silver into a bumper. paint it..then drive to Mexico..then remelt it and sell it off…tax free. ha

          • What if they also donate their brains? After all, they’ve barely been used.

        • Great new article at Storm Clouds Gathering, which tells about the elite. Voting will do nothing to change things because all top politicians, corporations are all members of a secret group, called by various names– Council on Foreign Affairs, the Trilateral Commission etc.

          Mike Ruppert wrote about this also in his book, “Crossing the Rubiconl”. He said the very same thing! He wrote about how all these politicians are members of a group who’s goal is to take us down a very frightening road to fascism.

        • A lot (535) villages are missing their idiots. Also Kenya is missing theirs.

          • Include the Supreme Court in that figure, bump it up to 545, plus the zero and bite-me.

        • Obviously she’s a PIG with lipstick.

        • “Don’t call it welfare, call it Transitional Living Fund.” Don’t call her “congress-being”, call her (and the other 534) a thief, leech, or liar. A skunk by any other name…

        • “Transitional” Living Fund might make more sense if it were called “Transgenerational” Living Fund.
          What is needed is that the living become more aware of our own sense of community and stop trying to get our social needs met through the zombie culture – rebuilding the living culture from the ground up, out of the scraps of the dead culture where possible, even as the zombie culture has built up its society by feeding off of and destroying the former more living culture to build the violent one we now live in.

        • Wilson – I do not subscribe to your “be careful what you say” warning. I will say what I want to say … just like all the outrageous black leadership in and out of congress.

          You want to call me a racist — OK, a sexist — OK, I will call you – “coward” for cowering to the pressures of “name-calling” name-callers. Sounds just like KINDERGARTEN doesn’t it? That is OUR political landscape, OUR congress, OUR president … KINDERGARTEN.

          I am just ecstatic that this is the last black president.

      2. Why i believe Obama and Sheila are holding hands a singing kumbya! Maybe Michelle should get between them like she did at Mandella’s funeral during the selfie taking session.

        • We’re still allowing them to redirect the focus from the REAL issues…

          1. The govt is quickly out-sourcing all of our jobs and steadily shuttering our small businesses, putting millions of decent people out of work—and keeping us out of work.

          2. The govt’s Obamacare is destroying us all.

          3. The govt is rubber-stamping billions of our dollars, right off of our dinner plates, to their terrorists overseas.


          5. The govt is exempting all of their buddies from the theft of our income, leaving only US to pay for it all.

          6. Through “regulations” the govt is feeding us all to the big banksters.

          7. The govt is spying an all of us, with the help of their corporate buddies.

          8. The govt is slowly disarming us, so we’ll never be able to stand up to this theft of our wealth and freedom.

          THE BOTTOM LINE HERE, is that it is NOT the fault of the people who are trapped in this mess, IT IS THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS DOING THIS TO US ALL.

          DIVIDED WE FALL.

        • They damn sure ain’t singin’ “Ebony and Ivory”.

      3. The saddest thing is that she probably believes her own hype. The amount of people on the government teat has increased significantly during this so called recovery. Candy coat it any way you like it still welfare.

        There is no safety about this net, its just a net to catch more of the populous. I read that Congress extended unemployment benefits again for at least 1.3 million.

        I have no issue with temporary help to individuals that need it but it has to be just that, temporary. A little stigma attached to the public purse strings is a good thing.

        • Yeah you notice something?

          More people got on it in this administration… hell… they were aggressively advertising it. They were practically begging you to join up with the FSA.

          And look what just happened!

          They cut ALL the bennies WAAAAY back to bake the unemployment numbers, and all those poeple are SCREWED.

          You get on that sh*t… pretty much you’re a pawn for their political PR, whatever they want it to be that particular week. To hell with if you survive it or not. Talk about “useful idiot”…

          Heh and they say abusers are bad? This is about as abusive as it gets…

        • Obviously, she doesn’t have the guts to stand up and tell it like it is and, put the blame where it belongs.

          • Sixpack, she’s one of those POS politicians who promote keeping black people on the US government plantation. the entire democrat party has a vested interest in keeping as many black people as possible on Uncle Sam’s plantation. The more they can get on the plantation, the stronger they are.

            • …and if she stood up there and told it like it really is, she would’ve missed her chance at the photo op with the HNIC!

          • @sixpack,
            EXACTLY! Afterall she’s from Texas, How hard would it be for her to repeat the mantra of blaming Bush???? sarcasm

            • “How hard would it be for her to repeat the mantra of blaming Bush?”

              I dunno how that would translate into ebonics…

              • “Bush done dids it “

        • Welfare is still welfare. Crackwhores are still crackwhores. Freeloaders are still freeloaders…..well you get the idea. Most people don’t even mention the foreigners brought into this nation by the Catholic Church every month who go straight onto the public dole and they are tax-exempt. Just like you, I believe anyone who needs some temporary help should receive it and it has to be temporary only. No career, cradle-to-grave takers on our tax dollars. There’s nothing wrong with some stigma attached to the public dole.

      4. Bite the big apple —don’t mind the maggots [Rolling Stones]

      5. Do these people give nothing in return? I assume they will vote for those who support and distribute government handouts.

        • 49er,you bet these people give something in return.These people give us more police,more prisons,more jobs for the fire arms industry among many returns.Yet, the most important return they give is jobs to the faceless SOCIAL WORKER,,you know that bleeding heart liberal whom happens to believe all crime is rooted in good and decent people and any exposure of the truth is considered racist.Ah that newspeak will make a racist of us all.AMEN !!!!


            • Sixpack, I’m right there with you. I won’t live in fear of political correctness. That’s not true living.

            • There is no such thing as a racist. The word is a Marxist perjorative for argument thru intimidation.

              • …I always thought a “racist” was somebody who just can’t drive 55…LOL.

      6. No matter what you call it welfare is still welfare. we have too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. It is simply not sustainable. Political correctness wont change that fact.

        • Someone should pitch a show to MTV and the a&e networks called “My Welfare Life. Crap that won’t fly, not PC enough. It would have to be titled “My Transitional Living Fund Life(20 years and counting).

          It would never fly though unless the participants worked pro bono but as soon as they accepted an endorsement deal for cash they would come off the public teat. Wait a sec, that could work out after all./*sarc/

          • The next ‘reality’ show???

      7. Boy she is bighearted. She is willing to allow help for “even a veteran.”

        Off topic:

        American Falls (the American side of Niagara Falls) is frozen. The falls were frozen in 1859. The Carrington Event also happened in 1859. Coincidence?

        • Wow, that’s a cool tidbit of information. . . . . .

        • The world is spherical.

          On average, most spherical bodies in the universe are uninhabited.



          • Your head is spherical,its uninhabital and it ain’t no co-inkydink.

            • I’ve been outed!

              I’m actually Charlie Brown. Good greif…

      8. At some point in time I hope we will see that f@#$#@g ole COMMUNIST hanging from a tree with one of her $1,000 scarfs tied around her anti-American neck.

        • make that a double…

      9. ” Give it away, give it away, give it away now!”

        Red Hot Chile Peppers.

        Print more money.
        Raise Min. wage to $25.
        Everyone on Obama Care.

      10. “chronically unemployed” you mean scumbags who can’t look for a job?

        How do Texans put up with this cunt?

        • I’m a Texan but I don’t claim her – surely she snuck in here from California or something.

          • Texas is just smart enough to round up all their stupid people and put them in one district. You end up electing a moron year after year, but hey, what do you expect from morons.

            • At least most of the rest of the state isn’t suffering.

          • You have Rick Perry as a governor…stfu.

            Bilderberg, CFR, neocon…wtfu.

        • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it atleast twice. When many say go to Texas, just lookout, cause sooner than you think Texas will be a blue state. True Texans may be Conservative but Libs are pouring in there like water through a breach in a levee. WetBacks come to mind! To many large cities in Texas, and large cities always turn liberal sooner or later. Trekker Out.

          • The reason why big cities turn into “liberal” – well it isn’t really liberal – it is just getting to blame someone else for their problems, getting to feel they deserve to be given rather than give, in short, it gets filled with people that don’t want to help themselves, and at the same time also with people who somehow and stupidly enough feel guilty for being well off and try to atone to their imaginary sins by consenting to pay to the leeches with their sweat. In doing so they force those that refuse to do so – to abide and shut up.

        • Chilton-

          Its termed “affirmative-action district gerrymandering” English

          In ebonics its..”bundlin’ dem hoods fo de famblies power”

      11. All I want to know is..

        when the hell did we stop hanging traitors to our nation, and start electing them to political offices?

        • The hanging thing is coming soon to communities US wide.

      12. Withdraw consent noncompliance best option
        We are all POW’S act accordingly
        Speaking of AO I’m in the SUR
        If u know what that means u know we’re I iz

      13. This is the same dumber than dogcr@p person that asked (on national television) NASA to send the MARS rover over to where the astronauts planted the flag in ’69 (on the MOON)
        I’m NOT kidding.
        Her district in Houston Texas is 90 something % black and she runs effectively unopposed.

        I think we have long passed the tipping point and are on the long slide into the abyss.
        Note to self, stock up on popcorn for the ride.

        • Oh, you mean the Nancy Pelosi of Texas.


      14. The Prez. in on the tube.

        50 years of LBJ and the Great Society and the War on Poverty.

        • Stroking his own ego and lying to whoever will listen?

          • You mean stroking his own pecker because he’s to stupid to do anything else.

            • I thought it was some other guy. Well, that is what his dead boyfriends said.

      15. I’s just a sleek, transitional
        From da transportation bureau
        Trans-formin’ our traditional gubbermint!

      16. Wait until summer when the bigger companies start to inform their employees they’re going to put them into the insurance exchanges for health care or better yet, cut the hours down to 29.5 for everybody. I wonder at what percentage of confiscation will a working man simply refuse to show up at his job any longer. 60%,70%,who can say for sure, but when it reaches the point when working becomes a fools errand, the games can commence in earnest.

      17. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Also, the CDC says 40.7% of all babies born in the US are to unwed mothers. Uncle Sugar is the Daddy. We are Uncle Sugars’ wallet.

        • Id rather 10,000 career welfare moochers,(baby daddy and baby momma),be sterilized,and 10,000 bastard ghetto children aborted, than to have one thin dime of my hard earned money used to support them. I am not working 7 days a week with a day off every two or three months to support useless eaters. I need my money for me and mine.

      18. Are you kidding me? This is what elected “officials” deliberate while they are supposed to be fixing the nations woes? We would be far better served sending all these worthless sob’s to Disneyland for the rest of their terms, and let the private sector give it a go. Really…. I’m sorry about the mortgage payments being late. I’m in transition…… only from the government……..

      19. Lets not confuse unemployment benefifs with free handouts. If you work, then you (and/or your employer) are paying into a fund that will be paid out to you if you become unemployed. I don’t see how anyone can get free stuff without ever working. I guess because I am not one of them. I agree that we need to help people but this system is going to crash hard if we stay on the same path.

        • What the employer pays in, does not cover this program for a very long time. It was set up for a couple of months, not forever. I guess it doesn’t really matter because if they do go back to work, it will only be for 6 months. They will be back at the beginning for a new 99 weeks. We have a business and we would never hire someone that has been unemployed for more then 6 months.
          Sometimes I’m not sure how other states work but the employer pays into the unemployment fund not the employee. If you get rid of someone and they collect, the employers rates goes up. Makes you not want to hire anyone but family. The money does not come from your paycheck.

          • Actually,dee,one could argue that it comes from my paycheck,employers could pay folks more without ui,of course,then the govt. would just steal that bit more in a paycheck.

        • The EMPLOYEE does not pay . Anything . Period. I guess it makes folks think better about 99 weeks + of benefits if they think they paid into some ” insurance” .
          I have been the employer . The costs borne by an employer for an employee never stop. Wonder why automation wherever possible?

          I’m not impugning someone for collecting enemployment bennies, but it doesn’t take long before it feels better than working. Humans do what humans do. If it’s so bad, how come I don’t have people banging on my door offering to mow my lawn? I’ll tell you why. They are being fed, without having to work. Politicians growing the FSA . Who you gonna vote for, when your next meal depends on it. How’s it feel to be their little pets? Just like a farm animal waiting to be fed.

      20. Earthquake 5.0 Hits Crippled Fukushima Japan”

        just breaking

        • VRF, you got a link? Ain’t found anything on it.

        • Found a story on ” from the trenches ”
          There is a video , and a link in the comments
          I hope it’s not bullshit
          I’ll link it hope it passes mod

        • iT IS not anywhere near Fukushima or even on the Same Island.

      21. Still sounds harsh……

        I suggest Government “Transformational Investment Trust”

        or simply Gov-TIT for easy internet access on ones


        Obama likes “transformation”, he likes to call giveaways “investments”

        and like the Social Security Trust G-TIT will soon be broke…..

        • Then it will be B TIT

        • How’s about a “hand out”. Its damn sure not a “hand up” cause you’re still without employment so your not ascending. Look here folks I’m not condemning those who have had to take unemployment and I personally know of those who try and try to find gainful employment to make it. But I got members of extended family that I know for a fact, out of their own mouths, play the game. Some are working and getting cash while still collecting. I’ve made it known to them how I feel and they don’t come around anymore which is fine by me. I got no use for sloths, of any color and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on far(fire). If my business which is doing OK at the moment, fell apart, I would gear up and go cash only on another venture and probably make a living on what skills I have. There’s some who think by my posts that I might be prejudiced. I don’t really care what you think, nor feel. I really don’t give a shit. When things fall down, ‘less your near me and I don’t know you, you are totally on your own. As far as the debate of a year’s worth of supplies is enough, I don’t know. I got enough for me and mine. Don’t expect anything else from me.

          • Obozo gave a speech the other day. How he kept a straight face when he said ” I don’t know anybody who would rather collect unemployment , than have a job ” .

            He’s right. He don’t know anybody.

            Proven fact; just before the bennies end, most miraculously find work. Imagine that.

      22. Lets call the US what it really is,,,
        A welfare police state!
        These stupid people trying to rename shit so it doesnt sound so bad are getting ridiculous,,,

        • Perfect!

      23. Transitional Living Fund…

        preowned cars…

        you say tomato…

        It’s progress I say… PROGRESS!

      24. “No, officer, I wasn’t speeding when you clocked me at 75 at the end of the ramp. That’s just my Transitional Merging Speed.”

        NO, I didn’t rob that bank. It was just a Transitional Redistribution of the money.

        I don’t have a shiny head and hairy back. Just a transitional placement of my hair.

        He’s not a raving madman. He simply has anger management issues.

        I’m not a stinky-assed ugly truck driver. I’m practicing alternative grooming techniques. (shower every Tuesday whether I need it or not)

        Sheila is not a simple minded Marxist idiot. She’s… Darwin’s missing link!

        And finally, let’s not hang the rascals in DC and pitch a revolution. Let’s demonstrate an application of justice and practice a Constitutional Realignment of Government.

        • Constitutional Realignment of Government

          I love it!!!!!!!!

        • SmokinOkie, keep it coming. Humorous and witty to boot.

        • SmokinOkie:
          Great stuff. after seeing that commie and hearing the trash that came out of her mouth (Ithink that was the end it came from?). I needed a good laugh. Thanks.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      25. “Transition” to dog food pretty much.

      26. Well, these “apathetic leeches” need a job. There’s jobs for all levels of pathetic losers out there. No money left, sorry. Leading up to all the sequester BS, pentagon cuts were being discussed in the media, they instead raked in plus 20 billion on the record. They want to stay in Afghanistan beyond another decade. A done deal. The American people oppose the Afghani occupation at 85 percent. IMO, unlike the u.s., why has Russia and China not helped to aid Afghanistan? Because all three countries are in cahoots in this far advanced nwo communistic agenda. The same bankers own them all, u.s. russia and china. That means war because they are our “enemies”.

        • We need to create a environment that encourages job growth,neither party is for that.

          • We need to create a enviroment that discourages welfare mooching as a career choice.

      27. I will laugh my ass off when Mac Slavo is out of work and unemployable and asking for online donations (or is he already doing that?) Somehow I don’t think that most folks who got laid off from the mass fraud of 2008 are smoking weed with the pittance they receive while the same financial institutions which cause Kontraktion 2008 are getting $85 billion a month in “quantitative easing.”

        • who is @mac salvo … the mystery continues ;0p

          Que twilight zone theme

        • @Doug Diggler,

          Aren’t you just the most ignorant of ignorant troll’s yet to raise it’s head on this site. Joe in NC, meet your sister Doug. Eisen, meet your dumbass brother/sister.


        • Doug Diggler, f@#$ you! Back off from the chairman of our community now. Mac, do whatever you like with this troll. We’ll support you on it.

      28. lmao ;0) bwaaahashaha ;0) rofl ;0)


      29. I am embarrassed to be an American. When I think about what people in the rest of world must think of us when they see the idiots in Washington who lead us. However truth be told many Americans are actually just as stupid and often times dumber than our leaders. How far we have fallen and its daily now that we see just how much of a toilet our country has become.

        • maddog, the rest of the world is run by idiots as well. Show me any leader that is not going along to get along and I will show you a dead leader.

          • Can’t argue too much .02 on that, however Putin appears to have a plan. I would add he is smarter than this bitch, but my dog is so that isn’t saying much. Wow this is bad, I fought in the cold war for years and here I am implying a KGB agent has more cahonees than our leaders. How fucked the world as become.

            • maddog,

              You are so correct…sad isn’t it?

        • In the other blog, I quoted–

          No Species can live on its own Feces….

          (that is an old term in microbiology that referred to bacterial growth in a petri dish. Once a species dominated itself on the food in the petri dish, it began to die off because the main food became its own feces).


          No Species can live on its own Feces and all this junk of USA has spread even into the Dioeces….

          (Yes, I am practicing poetry)

          • What a beautiful piece of literature, ugly!!

          • Ugly, there’s no question you have some talent, but can you find a better subject for your ‘poetic efforts’?

      30. More lipstick on the pig.

      31. Caucasians need not apply.

      32. I will now refer to Sheila as ” That Giant Piece of Shit Skank” Sorry if she was already re named. didn’t have time to read comments. So tired of seeing her stupid face.

      33. She has no clue! There is more poverty and welfare now than before the poverty program was created. Welfare is now politically incorrect? To hell with her. Who made her judge and jury? Call it what it is and but you still see hands out looking for a freebie.

      34. She’s got to be kidding.

        >>“Quite frankly, of all the wealthy nations, we have the lowest safety net and the highest poverty, because we’re not willing to accept the fact that sometimes an American needs help. Even a veteran — even a soldier.”<<

        How insulting comparing a veteran who has served his/her country with an aimless welfare mother who's spawned 6 kids with 6 fathers of unknown origins for the sole purpose of fleecing taxpayers. Jackson is just a worthless stinking P.O.S.!

        • No kidding. What a crock.

          Wonder what response you would get if you told her no one in her district who is not a veteran should get assistance.

          She’d definitely talk out of the other side of her mouth.

          • Smokey,

            All I know is, I am sick and tired of mental midgets like Jackson being given center stage to cause more damage to our country and our way of life. She is a toxic festering cancerous scab on this nation.

            I just read that for the first time in centuries, China has just overtaken the U.S. in terms of overall trade…by a huge margin. Why should the U.S. dollar remain the world reserve currency now? China is racing around the world building airports, bridges, hospitals, buying precious metal mines, and what are we doing? Watching the fool Dennis Rodman fly to North Korea to sip tea with the Dear Leader and bad mouth other Americans while he’s there? He’s a traitorous pig and should not have been allowed back in the U.S.

            With all the political discourse and infighting, the U.S. is completely paralyzed. We have no foreign policy beyond drone strikes and assisting tyrannical governments being backed by Al-Qaeda who are also vocally calling for Americans to be disarmed.

            I’m sick of it, and I’m ready for change.

        • the audience she is seeking is equally as ignorant as she is…remember that this is an election year and her kind of people would re-elect a crack-smoking philanderer that looks like they do over someone who might actually be able to do something in their best interests.

          This fat ape is the reason rich, educated and successful blacks move up, out, into white neighborhoods and congressional districts (and we’re glad to have them and their votes and property taxes with us too)

          • Just keep em under, say , 15% of the total group, neighborhood, town, state, business, city hall, school, school board, etc ( you get the picture) and things should be fine. Most, er, eh, minorities who have moved up and out will agree.

            Start getting over 20-25%, it’s done. Fubar. Pooched. Screwed. No going back.

            Prove me wrong. Anywhere. In the whole world. At any period in history. Go.

          • Risky Whiskey,

            >>”…rich, educated and successful blacks…”<<

            This segment of the American population is becoming few and far between. The society is experiencing a vertical compression downward like nothing I've ever seen in my lifetime. We are seeing this massive middle class collapse accelerate, and crap has not yet hit the fan in earnest.

            Give it another 18-24 months, and when the massive bubbles in the stock and especially the bond markets implode, Americans will be begging for the 'good old days' from 2008-2009.

      35. Do Not Feed the Beast….

      36. Survival is the name of the game, buy food, water, water filters etc. A great site to check out for survival info and living off the grid is:

      37. Damn son I’d love to give you more than the paltry one thumb up than I was allowed.

      38. Shes just working to insure her own nest/pen is lined…working for government is in many cases “welfare” of a sort…they take a paycheck and produce nothing(unless you count the misery they cause)…now if you work for the govt in any capacity and you are a producer of some needed goods or services then Im not talking about you so keep your undies on…Im referring to people like this congress woman in particular…

        • Yep, most politicians will start their campaign ‘I work for you to give you free stuff’ meme, but what is gonna come back to bite them in their ass is ….

          The videos are running now…’If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance’…’if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’.

          These video statements are already running.

      39. Too bad her parents weren’t pro abortion.

      40. That’s why they can now correctly be referred to as “The White Man’s Burden.”

      41. It is welfare,whether personal leeches or crony capitalism give aways to banks/corporations/mic ect.Actually,let me rephrase that,it is outright theft!I am a firm believer in charity of time and money(do both),that said,tis voluntary.Oh,you folks getting a tax break by having children,that is also welfare/theft,hell,the list is endless.

      42. When you look a the picture of the president with this moron congress woman you see the face of an imbecile that got caught in a situation he knows nada about. This destructive team of people that want to redistribute wealth doesn’t stop at anything. One aspect no one speaks about when people get “transitional” living funds for almost indefinite time is the following:

        Welfare or unemployment compensation isn’t really sufficient to satisfy a large majority of the recipients. Most people want to live better than they can on welfare – so what they do is to find all kinds of jobs that are off the record – all in cash, no official employment so they can continue to collect the government funds. This creates bigger and bigger black market economy. The trouble with black market economy is double fold:
        1. It takes jobs from eligible people that would like to do it legally and forces them into getting government support – increasing the circles of unemployment.
        2. By doing that they don’t contribute anything into the treasury or the social security funds. Therefore, the government has less revenues with which to support the leeches. So, they print more money.

        The US now has more enemies inside the country than it ever had in all its wars. These enemies are encouraged to keep on destroying the country by corrupt, reckless, hypocrite politicians.
        The issue isn’t communism, it isn’t socialism, it isn’t capitalism, it is simply an issue of honesty, integrity, loyalty to the country and your fellow citizen, people lost the sense of shame for living off the sweat of other people. The president has no shame when he exempts certain groups from the need to obey the laws that he pushes only because he doesn’t want to piss them off politically.
        I get sick even talking about it.

        • I am all for the underground/barter/black market economy,will be the economy of the future as the current ponzi scheme and all it’s programs end.

      43. I for one, am sick and tired of people saying the ballot box will fix the problem, give the ballot box a chance to work, BULL SHIT it’s broken in the politicos way (Look at who keep getting reelected over and over), and there is only one box that’s is going to fix this. You all know what box that is; THE BULLET BOX, because absolutely nothing else is going to work. The longer this fix is put off the harder it’s going to be to use it as a fix. Am I scared about the use of this box you damn right I am, but all I have to do is look at my children, grand- children, and great-grand- children to see what it is all about. We’re lucky enough to have been born in the freest, greatest nation on the face of this earth and we all have truly dropped the ball for our kindred to live free. We can sit at the keyboards, stand on the soap box’s till we are blue in the face, will it change anything NO WAY. It is time to get over our apprehensions and do what needs to be done. If it means to die to keep our freedoms and to be able to pass them on, I for one say so be. It’s time to take it to them in a way that they will truly understand; that we have had ENOUGH. May we all have the fortitude to do what is right! Let us say we fought the good fight.

      44. if the democratic party was a pussy…then Sheila Jackson Lee is the tampon string.

        I can think of no better example of how the demon-cratic party keeps it’s ignorant garbage coming back to D.C. every two years than this ignorant, racist, pandering bitch’s congressional district of black-skinned welfare parasites.

        • Risky Whisky, I choked on a snack reading your post, but that’s OK. That’s a damned good one!

      45. right… most of the money spent at the moment in the world is spent on military… and welfare is the problem.

        what a load of horse sht.

        what where the numbers, 1 new fighter jet = 1 new hospital = or how many people fed and housed…

        but yea, those fking poor ppl, there the problem… they all want to live like sub humans and mooch off of everyone else right? *sarcasm

        not like those banks that print money out of thin air…

        cant understand how people get there sht in a knot over poor people receiving a checks that wont even cover their bills, and start screaming about how they should get a job and work for it like everyone else… then march down to the god damn b ank and support the parasite class by paying there taxes…

        NEWS FLASH, your taxes do not DO NOT pay for ANYTHING but the interest on the debt YOU ALL OWE AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL OWE FOREVER…

        oh but where do the roads and sub standard schools come from??? your tax dollars right???


        the gov, borrow the money at interest… and that’s where your money goes…

        not to roads, not to schools, and certainly not to the military hardware… to the DEBT.

        you don’t pay for sht…

        they are not YOUR STREETS… YOU as a tax payer DID NOT PAY FOR THEM…

        you and every slave like you will pay for it forever…

        hell… you don’t even own your houses when your done your mortgages… miss a tax payment citizen? POOF house is gone…

        gov with their exec order can just take whatever they want whenever they want…

        but yea… those poor ppl, they sure are the problem aren’t they…

        look at them… just livin the dream… collecting there checks and living the dream…

        what a load of sht.

        sooner or later ppl are gonna have to deal with reality…

        the reality is you don’t own jack sht.
        your taxes don’t pay for anything but the debt…

        the reality is… we are all dirt poor…

        and one day… when TSHTF people are going to wake up, en mass… and realize just how into poverty they really are… that you cannot eat gold… and silver…

        and that’s the day the boot comes down… because if any of you actually think that the bunch of control freaks who run the freak show are at any point gonna just “let things go” you need your heads examined…

        and any Christian among this msg board who dares to say they follow Christ and has the audacity to sit there and bitch and moan about poor people or welfare, all ive to say to you is to re read that book… because it seems you’ve missed a few paragraphs…

        pffft… makes me so angry that its so easy to make victims turn on each other instead of going for what makes us ALLLLLLLL Victims….

        wake up ppl… the problem isn’t poor people DUH

        • It’s not about poor people. It’s about worthless people.

        • if you think accusing someone of not being racist is an insult your a bout as mentally fked as sarah palin on a good day.

          you think blacks are the only ones who receive social assistance? you think blacks are the only ones who car jack?

          id take 1 million blacks car jacking over 100 rich white men raping every soul and environment on this planet in the ass for their land and time on this earth.

          go pay your taxes you bank worshiping nob sucker.

          FACT: there would be a lot less crime and HOODS if there wasn’t such poverty created out of a debt system.

          FACT: there wouldn’t be a hood at all if ignorant supremicst mthr fkrs like you hadn’t engaged in slavery in the first place.

          and to your comment below… EVERYONES GOT A USE you ignorant trash…

          take for example ppl like you… best human shields in event of SHTF you will ever find…

          • Nun sense. Your a moron. You might as well bury your head in the sand. You must be drinking too much obummer cool aid with your bro’s in the hood. The best thing about when tshtf and your ebt card stops working is that u and your bros won’t make it 3 days. Then when we reset only the productive will be around.

          • Nunsense, your a pussy who when tshtf fan will hide behind your ghetto whites and kids before having the balls to face real men.

      46. What do you bet that this fat tard also has a different name for a future nationwide gun grab (confiscation). Something like some deceptively “appealing” term like “child safety gun lock up”. Someone like this you almost are certain that they just know what is right for all of us. That us “savages” are not responsible enough with firearms. Just wait until the next mass shooting somewhere, she will get right in back of BO and the other anti-self defense warts and come out with some more “clever” ways of making the attack on the 2nd. Amendment seem all too politically correct and “friendly”.

        • Be Informed-


          Would you quit f^cking worrying about what the “ENEMY” is gonna do to yer ass..& our asses..per a false flag & any resulting weapons/guns/ammo confiscation etc..etc!!!!!!!
          …or a given martial law declaration and DHS or US Northcom/military domestic operation furthering such!!!

          Damnit…WFT is up with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          Jeezus man…we’re all (every one of us)..
          ..are only here on earth for a miniscule period of time…much emphasis on the operative word.. “MINISCULE”……got it?????

          ****MINISCULE**** (i.e…a short/finite period of time).

          ..all ya gotta do is “IGNORE THEIR DICTATES / DEMANDS” a huge percentage of real Americans will do/adopt……….

          ..when the balloon goes up.


          Case in point:..

          Do you really think guys like:
          Sgt. Dale*
          Old Vet*
          Riskey Whiskey*
          Bad(assed)American* -(THE LP GUY)-…salute dude!!
          Snake* (in SC)
          Them Guys*
          John Q*
          6-pak* -(hope yer a dude, if’re fearless still)-
          & even Canadian Vet*

          …and a whole f^cking shit-load/slew of other real men/real Americans..posting here.

          ..are gonna hide/run/surrender when (not if, but when..), your worst posted fears(per this thread & manifold others) materialize!!!


          ..ain’t gonna happen B.I….rest assured.


          ..FYI, not a Gawddamn chance, sonny!!!!!
          ..I watch..I read..I learn..and I pay attention to “CONSISTENCY”!!!

          ..& every damn name on the above list—-(plus those I’ve forgot……-(*{apologies sirs,’tis late/near time to hit the sack}*)-……..are solid/consistent men, equipped with a set of cast iron balls and the skill-sets/weaponry that would scare the living shit-out-of any potential adversary who possessed common sense!

          ..and they’re but a microcosm of what is/are arrayed across the width-breadth of real America.


          ..I would be honored to fight & (if necessary)die beside such honorable company.
          ..our personal differences set aside & not withstanding.


          ..’cuz in the end, its not about “YOU or I, or the listed Warriors above”..its about our CREATOR & what he envisioned for us, its also about our progeny & what we wish bequeathed to them, its about a set of divinely inspired documents we call the CONSTITUTION/B.O.R….and its about Truth, Courage & Honor..

          ..and FREEDOM / LIBERTY!!!

          ..versus the UNIVERSAL EVIL that seeks to deny/destroy..everything that is good!


 quit worrying B.I.

          Focus instead, upon becoming a very “EXPENSIVE” proposition…for the enemies of our CREATOR & his henchmen/followers/TPTB.

          ..attack/destroy the root(s)..& let the misguided/ignorant…worry about the branches.


          Hopefully, I’ll meet you in the life..& we’ll swap war stories!


          ..hope they have a VFW-DAV meeting place up there…

          ..some here will understand.

          • oops!!!

            …should read…meet you in the “AFTERLIFE”…& we’ll swap war stories!!!

            ..Egads! –proof reading/prior to post…is NOT infallible, especially long after reveille–

            ** “SLAP” **(mega face-palm)**

            • Hunter,am not the warrior portrayed in your post(don’t even play one on tv!),that said,I believe there are at least a few million citizens as you state with the balls to fight back by whatever means necc.,believe there are even more that would support such a fight with aid in any way they can but more importantly there will be folks trying to rebuild something as the country emerges from the ashes of it’s self immolation like the mighty Phoenix.

        • No bets Be Informed, you took the words right out of that orangutangs mouth……..

          Welcoming the NRA to its 142nd meeting in DC May 1, 2013,
          Jackson said she would “introduce HR65; CHILD GUN SAFETY AND GUN ACCESS PREVENTION ACT”.


        I don’t mean to say we should all join hands and sing songs…

        but do you think we could stop having victims, attack victims… long enough to realize who the god damn problem is…

        • Nunbiz, every time you comment you display your ignorance to the masses.

          • since when is it ignorant to point out that poor people, fighting poor people is how the rich get away with all the goods.

            your so blinded by racist hatred you label entire ethnicity’s as all the same… and you think I am ignorant? read a fkin dictionary.

      48. A lot of states are missing their village idiots. As long as the apathetic, indifference, brain dead and ignorant voter keeps returning THEIR local Congressional rep. back to Washington, District of Corruption, nothing will change with politics in America.

      49. why isnt she going to obama why there is no jobs instead


        • Legalize all drugs,end the drug dealer/cop/court/prison industry cartels,your life,your body.You say dui ect. then be charged,then your risking others lives,till then,freedom if on your own.

          • WD if what I saw on opening day holds up, where an oz. of MJ was selling for $500 I think you will see a true drug war going on in Colorado. In my youth they use to have gas wars in town, sometime gas would get down to 17 or 18 cents a gallon. So a true drug war is coming on the streets of Colorado, don’t know if those legal stores that have to pay taxes to the state can compete with street vendors. And the state can’t even control drunk drivers! Trekker Out.

            • MT,give me a break!I visit Boulder area a lot(including Tull shows @ Red Rocks),only a fool would buy store bought weed,a boatload of growers,met many and was actually amazed at product variety and quality,plenty of pot there.I would rather US growers make the money on small/low key in home growing the foreign grown with all the violence attached.The stores make it,great,they can’t they need to lower prices as the initial impact of law change wears off,same with liqueur stores,if moonshiners can(?)make a decent product have no problem with the state losing out on revenue,hell believe this for all products,a capitalist,not a crony capitalist say I!On a side note,have not smoked pot in decades excepting once hash with a bud who brought it back from Afghan war games,just believe in freedom!

        • You are already living in a haze.

        • Eisenkraut, why waste money on marijuana, when you already spend your days in a daze for free. You lucky dog! Trekker Out. Can’t Beat Free!

        • Eisenpuke, you already live in a fantasy world, so you don’t have to spend money on weed. This is one case where I won’t object to the NAACP or a gangbanger or whoever taking out your sorry ass, especially after what you just said about black women. You’re nothing but a troll and a waste. you ought to just go kill yourself.

          • Renegade, I enjoy your comments and your advice as I am new to prepping. As far as wise pike goes, when you read his comments and think of his stupidity, just remember, that’s why they call it dope. Every time I used to arrest one of those stoners they couldn’t understand how they got caught. I would then explain to them, that’s why they call it dope. You don’t get any smarter fir smoking it. Lol!
            Keep up the fight and the comments sir.

            • Renegade. Damn autocorrect. I meant eisenpuke.

        • Eisenkreuz, your brain is already screwed up beyond repair,grass won’t help it. here is one old fart that would love to meet you in a dark alley and kick your ass/head…they both look the same. Get off the old people rant,its getting old. You aren’t old enough to have an intelligent opinion on anything,wisdom is something you’ll never have.

      51. i cant live in this “PARVITY”


        • Eisenpuke troll, you’re the one who will end up in hell.

        • Careful of that blade little boy….you’ll just poke your eye out.

      53. Might as well call her “Intelligent, attractive and wise” while we’re at it! So many Ugly Sticks and Stupid Sticks were worn out in the creation of this beast they had to open up new factories for them in China! You could put that growth she calls a hairdo on a gorilla…and it would be far more attractive than that hairy beast!

      54. Transitional living fund equals welfare. Affirmative action equals state sponsored discrimination against white males. See the pattern? Marxists like to use euphamisms to hide what they really mean.

      55. very real american historical fact –

        the first ever american slave owner / slave master was …

        a black man .


        • nice job! FAR too few Americans know that little tidbit! Just like too few also know that it was blacks who sold blacks into slavery to the European and American slave merchants. Literally, without all the hard work of blacks in Africa- the slave trade as we know it would never have happened. But don’t EVEN get me started on the fact that people of every single ethnicity have at one point in their history been slaves. But somehow, the only ones who keep blaming that as the cause of all their misery and failure are Black Americans. Yup. They were the only ones that suffered, and continue to suffer from the unbearable injustice (that every other race endured and then got over) of slavery.

      56. Every time a hear a white man call himself a racist, I just cringe. The commies invented the word in the early 1930’s to intimidate white people out of the political process. He who controls the lexicon controls the debate. Racial motivation is not racist. If it were, the NAACP and La Raza would be out of business.

      57. What I want to know is… How many Gov officials does it take to to come up with the phrase “Promise Zone “? Just axin

        • They might have the answer at the Lyeberry. But you might have to take an amblance to get there.

      58. Thanks a lot, Mac, I just lost a mouthful of soup on my keyboard! I cannot resist from asking: transition to what? With third generation families having never worked a day and on the dole, this phrase is as much an oxymoron as calling the U.S. and Israel “democracies”.

      59. I want to call the Damn thing the LEACH/ZOMBIE fund. Transition my ass the only thing it is a rape of the middle class, stealing more money from us.
        I Just got a better name. NO MORE FREE RIDE FUND!
        If they want to get money form the government they should be drug tested, work at food bank, clean the road sides. Only given money for 2 kids. Any more your are shit out of luck.

        • And end all corporate welfare/mic ect.,taxpayer break welfare,and all the bullshit laws and regulations that make it hard today for folks to start a business and give jobs to those who want to work.I would also end the war on drugs that only enables the drug/cop/prison/court cartels along with a war on our rights.I would also end all overseas funding excepting emergency aid.We need a safety trampoline,not a net,nets are for trapping people,we need to get em back in business of working/making a living,doing well and perhaps down the road helping others,good luck with that,too many special interests.

        • Sgt. Dale, good evening to you, sir, and AMEN to your comments. give them fire and brimstone.

        • Sgt. Dale. You are correct as usual sir. I enjoy reading your comments. I was an officer also for over 10 years. North burbs of Chicago. I was injured in the line of duty at a burglary scene. They retired me. But I always knew God had a plan. He relocated me to the wonderful state of Texas. Hiuston to be exact. Love it here. Since being down here it was also revealed to me that I was married to a cheating nutty whore. I divorced her, and married a wonderful east Texas gal and we are happy as ever. God has a plan and he made sure that I retained sole custody of my daughters so that my ex would have little influence on their lives.
          I encourage you to consider Texas as your next residence when you finally hang up your holster. Thank you for your service and God bless you and keep you safe.

          • Son
            I just went back to read a couple of the old sites.
            I want to say Thanks.
            I have thought about Texas. But the great wife I have now wants to live in Tenn. near her family. That is OK by me they are great folks.
            God Bless and keep You and Yours.

      60. Awesome

      61. Whew; She is UGLY; and I just don’t mean appearance wise.

        • Dave, she’ll do for target practice. If anyone misses that heffer, they need to hang it up.

          • Am sure Sarge and Hunter would have some site in tips!You need to practice,don’t give up!

      62. WHEW! I have not been able to get into this site for a while! So glad it came up!
        I am ashamed and embarrassed to be from the same state as that &^%$# Lee person!

        • Tex…states are like big families…we all have that proverbial sis/bro-in-law…aint your fault 🙂

      63. WHEW! I have not been able to get into this site for a while! So glad it came up!
        I am ashamed and embarrassed to be from the same state as that &^%$# Lee person!

        • Tex,every state has their share of idiots/fools/bullies ect.

      64. Just when you thought you’d heard it all…they let another one rip! Idiocracy IS alive and well, apparently. This is almost as ludicrous as the time Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr. (a U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 4th congressional district), asked an Admiral if adding more marines to the island of Guam would ‘capsize it’. TRUE story! THESE are our elected? Elected by WHOM? Scary thought there. They have to have a combined I.Q. of maybe 50.

        During a House Armed Services Committee meeting held on 25 March 2010, Representative Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Lithonia, Georgia, questioned Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, about a proposal to move 8,000 Marines from the Japanese island of Okinawa to the U.S. Pacific island territory of Guam. In the course of that questioning, Rep. Johnson expressed concern that adding thousands of Marines and their families to Guam might cause that small island to “tip over and capsize”:
        Johnson: This is a[n] island that at its widest level is what … twelve miles from shore to shore? And at its smallest level … uh, smallest location … it’s seven miles between one shore and the other? Is that correct?

        Willard: I don’t have the exact dimensions, but to your point, sir, I think Guam is a small island.

        Johnson: Very small island, about twenty-four miles, if I recall, long, twenty-four miles long, about seven miles wide at the least widest place on the island and about twelve miles wide on the widest part of the island, and I don’t know how many square miles that is. Do you happen to know?

        Willard: I don’t have that figure with me, sir, I can certainly supply it to you if you like.

        Johnson: Yeah, my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.

        Willard: We don’t anticipate that … the Guam population I think currently about 175,000 and again with 8,000 Marines and their families it’s an addition of about 25,000 more into the population.

        Johnson: And also things like the environment, the sensitive areas of the environment, coral reefs and those kinds of things, and I know that lots of people don’t like to think about that but … you know, we don’t think about global warming either, and now we do have to think about it, and so I’m concerned from an environmental standpoint whether or not Guam is the best place to do this relocation. but it’s actually the only place, is that correct?

        Willard: This is the best place, this is the farthest west U.S. territory that we own and this is part of our nation, and in readdressing the forward presence and posture importance to Pacific Command, Guam is vital to this decision.

        • This came to mind instantly as I read the headline here.

      65. Well Mac I hope you are happy with yourself tonight. I don’t think I have seen more anger from more posters about one article. You need to keep in mind that some of us are on blood pressure meds.

        GOOD JOB. as always thank you for all you do. 🙂


        • Blood pressure meds?Is that slang for beer?!When folks ask why I smoke,tell em Drs. orders,am under a lot of stress!I am not sure he is a very good Dr.!

          • I do the same thing with the smoking Warchild. As a matter of fact, 2 heart attacks and a triple bypass I was never asked to quit smoking as they did not want my blood pressure to go up. lol


      66. Queen Sheila is a total embarrassment for Houston & the State of Texas. If she had her way…
        Houston would be just like Detroit. 16 + plus years as a poverty pimp in Houston…..& nothing she has done has made her district any better. But…they keep electing her cause she’s Black……& she continues to spew her division….class warfare…..race bating vitriol . It’s kind of like having a female Obama in your back yard. You don’t know whether yo make apologies to the neighbors….or just call the dog catcher. Forest Gump had it right when he said ” Stupid is a Stupid does ! ”
        Standing by in
        Montgomery County Texas

      67. Queen Sheila is a total embarrassment for Houston & the State of Texas. If she had her way…
        Houston would be just like Detroit. 16 + plus years as a poverty pimp in Houston…..& nothing she has done has made her district any better. But…they keep electing her cause she’s Black……& she continues to spew her division….class warfare…..race bating vitriol . It’s kind of like having a female Obama in your back yard. You don’t know whether yo make apologies to the neighbors….or just call the dog catcher. Forest Gump had it right when he said ” Stupid is a Stupid does ! ”
        Standing by in
        Montgomery County Texas

      68. What if this nation’s productive people stopped producing for general consumption and decided to take care of their own families and the “local folk?’

        Where is the food, clean water, petroleum, minerals, medical care and a plethora of valuable services going to come from?

        The government has no infrastructure from which to supply those wants. Except by coercion and theft. Needless to say, to much lower quality and less availability.

        I feel blessed that I am a retired puke. Because if I were a small business owner, farmer, independent physician, skilled tradesman etc. I could conceivably decide,

        “F it … I am not going to participate in this economy in any way that allows the parasites to get the better of me, while it allows an out of control government to hem me in further while it loots me.”

        Deep respect for you who work hard every day being the productive people.

        Have you given a thought about chucking it all and letting a slothful, parasitical greater society seek its own level … without you to loot anymore?

        I haven’t read it in decades but I think a woman named Ayn Rand wrote a novel along these lines.


        • Theres a few of us here who have gone “Galt” as they call it…as a farmer Ive cut way back and no longer sell anything off the farm…haven’t for quite a while…wont either till I either have to or they quit extorting the few nickels I manage to get…long story but suffice to say there are some of us who have done that…just grow what I need myself for now…all for me…none for thee(the man) 🙂

          • Reb,join underground economy/barter ect.I used to get all the free eggs I wanted,about twice a year would stop by folks little poultry joint right down the road and make sure they were eating well/locked in at night.Unfortunetly that couple moved and new folks who bought place not interested in chickens,the chickens on a side note wen to another egg laying farm/free run/free bug lifestyle excepting winter with feed.Someone makes you produce for say the govt.,well,that’s one of many things folks get ready for.

            • War…Ive been involved in it some but lately Ive pulled out of most all of it…not much value there for me right now…so for now Im doing just for me and mine…

        • My favorites…..
          “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.” Ayn Rand

          We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force. Ayn Rand

          • All very true!…the few who think to rule the many by brute force need to be educated by the many as to the foolishness of their ways…BY STOMPING THE CRAP OUTTA THEM!! 🙂

      69. What a crock of shit

      70. How about calling it “freeloader slush fund”?

      71. How do we let someone like this woman be in a position of power?

      72. I’m sure she has no education whatsoever; such people should not be allowed to speak.

      73. Who are the MORONS in Texas that keep electing this twat?? I expected better from you Texans!!! (as he shakes his head in shame)

      74. @John-Allen says–“Have you given a thought about chucking it all and letting a slothful, parasitical greater society seek its own level … without you to loot anymore?”
        YES, YES and YES I have thought about it. Still haven’t done it though. Maybe one day I’ll get the better of my pride and work ethic..

      75. There’s an annual contest at the Griffiths University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

        This year’s term was…… ‘political correctness’.

        The winning student wrote:

        ‘Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

      76. lets change her name to marxist racist shithead commie.

      77. Got to ask the question transitional to what? New career as a homeless person, bank robber, drug dealer. I know… grand theft auto….. There’s no real jobs out there. Transitioning to being a poor boy cause nobody has the stones to do the hardcore things that need to be done to set our country back on track.
        Lefty fruits like the “esteemed” congresswoman like to name the things their doing to us.

      78. That “woman” is a fucking imbecile.

      79. While we’re at it: Let’s stop pretending that any stupid motherfucker’s opinion is valid. Idiots should be ignored….at best. Morons should be recognized for what they are.

      80. I don’t like the name-calling in some of the posts nor trying to make it a race issue. So please don’t read this post that way.
        However, this is intolerable socially, culturally, and economically. I assure you it will not last much longer. The well is absolutely dry. The debt at the local, state, and federal level is mathematically unsustainable.
        The gigantic “social safety net” is only maintained by forced income distribution. However,the amount required to maintain all the variety of welfare benefits is greatly increasing at a rate faster than the supply of taxed income or money borrowed to feed that system. When the various levels of government cannot maintain the present staus quo. Government will resort to repressive tyranny to get what they need. That will work only briefly. The laws of economics is just as real and powerful as the laws of physics. Not only will this situation not last, it cannot last and not much longer.
        The only question is what happens when it fails as it is destined to do. The first problem is that the vast majority of people supported by these social programs have no skills to support themselves or to contribute productively to society. Secondly, they have been inculcated with a sense of entitlement. They will quickly become desperate and resort to intense violence and criminal activity. And I can tell you that will not last for long either. You can speculate why.
        I work hard and productively but do not work overtime. My time is more precious, besides the more I earn the more is taken from me in income taxes. My income is very good however I do not buy many things I do not need. The less I spend the more I save and the less I pay in sales taxes, prepared meal taxes, gas taxes, tolls, fees, etc. I do not feed the system where I can avoid it. Buy only those items you need, or retain value (land, precious metals, etc.) or bring you enjoyment, and contribute to charity for more tax breaks.

      81. Congresswoman Urges Welfare Name Change: “Transitional Living Fund”

        Whatever you call it, Y’all need to get off your lazy butts before the crack of noon and start being productive because I’m tired of supporting you worthless people.

      82. Just call it what it is; kneegrow gibbs from YT…

      83. this is a HUGE important message here so read it people!

        when it comes to this topic of conversation it is very frustrating for me because people don’t understand that there is a system that surrounds us all now that is NOT supposed to be here, and should NOT be allowed to replace OLD fashion methods and life.. and this where the argument begins.. some idiots think that the life within the system can go on .. but it can’t.. so let’s understand that and go from there..

        now.. when someone is getting a welfare check, sometimes they are doing things on the side to make more money illegally or whatever and that is one thing.. but there are many that just don’t want to play the game of life, which is a social ladder of silly assets and crap to say the least, there are still essentials in life, and some people just want those and nothing extra.. and those essentials were at one time abundant resources, and because of the system have no become a product that must be ‘worked’ for.. instead of being able to sleep on a rock all day and pick fruit for free, we are all enslaved by a system of giving to get something back, and idiots out there think that this is the way it is supposed to be.. and that is the problem.. there are IDIOTS IN THIS WORLD THAT FORGET THAT THIS SYSTEM IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.. THE INDUSTRIAL PATH IS NOT SUSTAINABLE! MUST RETURN TO NATURE, OR FOCUS ALL ATTENTION ON COLONIZING MARS IF THERE IS A WAY TO GET THROUGH THE VAN ALLEN BELTS THAT IS … SOMEHOW..



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