Congresswoman Maxine Waters Promises Cheering Crowd That She Will “Go And Take Out Trump” As DNC Chairman Calls Him The Most “Dangerous President Ever”

by | Oct 22, 2017 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    During an appearance at the Ali Forney Center gal in New York City, Congresswoman and “impeachment minstrel” Maxine Waters promised a roaring crowd that she would “take out” the president that very night – a statement that has left many wondering if this was a direct threat on President Trump’s life or whether it was some sort of sick joke. (especially in the wake of Rep. Steve Scalise being shot by a liberal).

    Waters made the promise to the group, which benefits homeless LGBTQ youth, amid the backdrop of violence against conservatives and the mainstream media literally picking apart every single thing Trump says or does for any hint of something to attack him over. Its safe to assume they won’t be doing the same after Waters disgusting remarks.

    “I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight,” Waters stunningly said.

    Amazingly, according to a report in The American Mirror, YouTube quickly deleted the original video showing Waters remarks. The above video was uploaded as a replacement and could be deleted by the left-wing company at any time.

    At the same time that a high-profile Democratic Congresswoman is openly joking(?) about taking out the president, the head of the Democratic Party is ramping up the rhetoric against him as well, telling a DNC committee gathering that Trump was the most dangerous president ever while urging his fractured party to unite against all things Donald Trump.

    “We have the most dangerous president in American history and one of the most reactionary Congresses in American history,” Democratic Chairman Tom Perez said during his speech.

    Perez also labeled Trump an “existential threat” with no apparent worry that his words could be taken, along with those by Waters and other liberals in the media, as ammunition for a crazy leftist to once again attack Congress or even the White House.

    Perez’s comments come as he reorganizes the DNC to better serve establishment candidates, pushing out several prominent Bernie Sanders supporters while pretending the shuffle was about diversity when in reality it was a transparent move to make sure he can control who the party supports for president in 2020.

    Going back to liberals seemingly embracing violent rhetoric against the president, it is important to keep in mind that the mainstream media themselves are also directly complicit in this move towards violence as they have either contributed to the vicious rhetoric or refused to call out those that have.

    One can only hope that another attack doesn’t actually happen. If it does, we know who to blame.


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      1. If you don’t agree with her , your a racist? We all need to realize the majority of her kind are genetically flawed. IQ tests have proven this , like it or not.

        • I see this as a sign that there is “something big” planned in the near future.

          Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order

          “The order, which Trump signed Friday … temporarily removes that cap for ALL BRANCHES OF THE MILITARY.”

          A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross, said in a statement that the Air Force is currently “short approximately 1,500 pilots of its requirements.”

          “We anticipate that the Secretary of Defense will delegate the authority to the Secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up to 3 years,” Ross said.

          “The pilot supply shortage is a national level challenge that could have adverse effects on all aspects of both the government and commercial aviation sectors for years to come.”

          ht tp://

      2. Just when I think this Aunt Ester lookalike in the James Brown wig couldn’t possibly be more asinine, she outdoes herself.

        • Aunt Ester returns you heathens!

          Still I’d like to hanger her by her feet over a blazing BBQ pit and then just walk off. With all that Dixie Peach hair grease it wouldn’t be long……

        • Very good. Best description I’ve heard. Well, guess who now holds all the power plus the purse strings?
          No, wrong answer. Keep guessing, but, it’s very costly. Matter fact, you will run out of dollars before you ever get the answer. Will give all a hint. Who are the Cooper Colored People known as Americans the Europeans found living on their land when they arrived by boats with Columbus and others?
          Try those 1876 american dictionaries for a little help if you need it. Surprise, we know who we are!!!! Maxine Waters and the others are still pretending to be a decesendant of the European. Yes, they are very confused. That’s why they talk nonsense like the Maxine Waters’. Only two groups of people in America and on the planet. Righteous or Unrighteous period. The family of righteous MUST index themselves, ASAP. Here’s the website. Get the info. Gather your docs. Watch the site and listen to update calls for next indexing session. No cost to get indexed. Just pay own RT costs, period. Then, you are identified in Righteous family of nations. Yes, you get protection plus your equal share in inheritance. Yes, new financial system, you then O.K. All Unrighteous are left out, period.
          SOVCPR.ORG (and/or) SOVCPR.COM. Now, gather your docs!!

      3. Seems the majority of the domestic enemy has one thing in common? A dark complexion.

        • Her head would look appropriate on a pike.

      4. Rantngs of a idiot. The planet is in need of a great culling. Too many parasites.

        • glad you said the planet and not just America as Parasites are all over the world.

        • Old Guy, I could not agree with you more – I suspect the culling will take less than a year if it’s ‘activated’ by a grid-down situation.
          We all know by now that the DHS and FEMA both suggest that 90% of the U.S. population would be dead within a year, and apparently Congress was just recently told the same thing. Rawls (at suggests a much more rapid pace.
          When you read about Selco and his situation here at SHTHplan and then you read about what’s happening in Puerto Rico, it doesn’t take much to realize that the civilization we ‘exist’ in has just a thin veneer of superficial civility….
          The shallow end of the gene pool which 90% is made of the likes of Maxine Waters will not know how to survive without the government being there for them and in short order they will simply tear each other apart once they realize “they’re on their own” – all we have to do is get out of the way and let them take care of each other – if you catch my drift.
          If one is to give any validity to the Deagel Report for 2025, seeing that the population of the US is suggested to be reduced from approximately 323 million to less than 54 million, you have to wonder if the feds have their own plans for a massive ‘culling’ – I highly suspect so. The possibilities are endless…. Should be fun for the whole family…. If they’re prepared in all the essential categories…

          • Take a look at other countries population levels in that same report. Russia, China, Iran….no change. Deagel is on to the fact that the world has had enough.

          • I too am a old guy … and I believe Trump will take them all to jail..and confiscate all their ill gotten gains …each and every one who supported HRC and that farce she calls a charity ..that keeps 95 % of the money raised …

            here is my scenario …

            Here is what every one(demorat) is so afraid of… this HRC driven major fuck up …by some one (Hillary) … endangered the Money laundering thru HBSC … and drug lords… and CF /CGI …all involved in money laundering… the SAP is Pay… back the SAP is the DEA …info about undercover ops in Colombian…right back to CF and CGI …it all ran through the off site server …they are shitting themselves …

            Everyone who gave CF money (which is probably every known democrat in DC … all those ass holes are just … two steps from RICO/Big Time IRS trouble … violations …and severe IRS claw backs ( this could be 100% of all their property) …and back tax …anyone and everyone who gave money and cliamed it …is guilty …of some serious crime … is guilty of aiding in this fraud and espionage against the USA …and each and everyone of them could lose their security clearance … let that sink in …
            everyone period …here and overseas … Ignorance will not save them …


            they do not come forward.. they are all guilty of RICO/Fraud /Espionage
            and big time IRS violations …just by giving the CF the money to commit the acts …they in fact accomplices in the crime …ignorance will not save you against the IRS …

            JUST …same as the Clinton s … seeing the same …drugs …stolen Intel …the Afghan connection ..they steal this Intel …to sell it or… protect the organization/operations . will soon hear all… the compromise in DEA ops one has talked about the source of SAP yet NSA has it all now …Trump has it all he is just biding his time … IMHO

        • Agree 100%

      5. Maxine Waters is an “IDIOT”.
        How does a “FOOL” like her make into office?
        Our country is being destroyed by “Libtards” like her!
        Time to vote this treasonous bitch out of office.
        Get a real job and stop living of the taxpayers you subhuman piece of shit.

        • Waters needs to be impeached

      6. Isn’t it bad enough that the country has to contend with one despot — Maxine Waters? “Take down the president?” That sounds like Kim Jung-In. What is the matter with the people of Calfornia?

        What is it with these nut-job black women politicians? Fredrica Wilson — what is the matter with the people of Florida? And Maxine Waters. Both of these women are freaking insane. Being that they are both democrats that should explain everything. But really.

        Funny too, about how youtube’s algos love direct threats made against the president by some people, but censors everybody else.

        • blame-e, it’s got to the California air – something deadly is in the air out there… it really gets scary when you realize these women are a reflection of the people who voted them into office in the first place…. it’s in the air I tell yua….

          • Jerry C, they’re both part of that affirmative action crowd.

        • Blame-e, Waters’ remark could be interpreted as a threat against POTUS and bring on an investigation by the Secret Service. will that happen? I doubt it. All of the Congressional Black Criminals will stand up for her and raise all kinds of hell. Frederica Wilson is Waters’ sister. Both of them got to where they’re at only because of affirmative action.

      7. America needs to take out all its Trash, Lord that would be a big job.

      8. Hm, she may be the one taken out by the revealing of her private activities. Should be careful, she may be the one to fall by legal means.

        • if the CIA can take out breightbart, and even kennedy(s), why not mad maxine?….she DOES look like james brown, doesn’t she?

          • Two, maybe three 40-MT nukes dropped on Washington, DC would do the job nicely. Nobody would miss it. There is nothing of value there. The place was built by slaves. All monuments reflect a history that has been completely fabricated and made-up. The place is all one big lie.

            As for the rest of the trash, state by state, the people could take that out.

      9. These mental-midgets on the Left really, really need to be dealt with once and for all. I am so sick and tired of all of their garbage talk!! Those that should be taken out per that coon running its mouth are the likes of Crooked Killary and Barry Hussein the fucking coon Muslim to name a few.

      10. Waters saying “I will go and take Trump out tonight” is comical, where is the laugh track? Oh yeah the crowd reaction. If she said that at the beginning of the speech it could be taken as she would go after him in her speech. Much ado about nothing. Someone told me blacks have smaller brains than whites, enough so that they kill and maim each other at an alarming rate.

        • well if they do not take him out …he will soon take them all down and here is how …Clinton Foundation is the method let me explain …

          by Nov there must be a legal accounting …there must be an professional audit ..of CF and CGI … this will expose the illegal actions and lead directly to the big story …That of drug money laundering … and the selling of SAP DEA intel ( names of deep cover agents ) to same… Drug Lords …that is what they did !!! …IMHO

          all the rest of this … is smoke for the real crime …that will involve all of the…KEY DNC and perhaps every single major democrat in the USA …and that is BIG !!! …each and every major and minor donation are illegal as well as the people who gave . are as guilty as Clintons unless they come forward now and profess their innocence if they do not they to are … guilty of laundering drug money ..and can have 100% of their property and cash confiscated by DEA …

          They every one of them could lose all their property for donating and supporting an US and International … criminal enterprise …if I were the AG I could take all their property and put each and every one them… in jail for 10 Years…IRS came come after them too …it could be the absolute end of Democratic party …IMHO

          Trump my wait to pull the trigger on this until the middle of his reelection ..insuring a complete victory for his guys …a complete sweep …just imagine that …Imagine the power of Trump to say vote my way or …we will put all in jail ..and take all of your stuff …with out a trial..or due process … that is what Clinton has tone to the DNC …and all Democrats in the USA …sooner or later you all will understand this …IMHO

      11. I believe what goes around, comes back to them. People see her for what she is. Its the ones who are just like her who stand up for her.

        • GP, there’s a whole page on youtube with her making a fool out of herself. She doesn’t have the brains to realize it.

      12. 1) this is pure racist. 2) this is pure “hate speech”. 3) this is a direct lethal threat on The President Of The United States.

        You can bet that if any Republican lawmaker said the same things there would be an overwhelming and overt tidalwave of condemnation by Dem lawmakers, & all the Bolsheviks in the Press and in the “Educational establishment.

        Calls for resignation would have been staggering….and in fact resignation would have been the result.

      13. Whiskey, if anyone threatened Obama, they would be under a federal prison right now. That’s affirmative action for you.

        • Exactly. That’s my point.

      14. So Waters thinks she can ‘take out POTUS’? IN HER DREAMS! And Tom Perez calls Trump the most dangerous POTUS we ever had? THAT label clearly belongs to Barack Obama. What if I considered all Democrats to be an ‘existential threat’ to America? They need to be careful what they wish for. What goes around will easily come back around.

      15. Sarah said it best “All hat, no cattle”.

      16. The last time I checked, it is illegal to threaten to kill someone, especially POTUS. To light a match is a question of physics. Angry and threatening rhetoric against a group of people brings forth an angry, threatening response. When the left does it, it is “free speech”, the response they call racist, fascist, and white supremacist. Maxine Waters is enjoying the spotlight and using rhetoric. When you light matches, fires ensue!

      17. Members of congress that behave like Waters and threaten violence to a sitting president should lose at a minimum all taxpayer funded pensions and perks. It’s insane that we the people, the taxpayers funding this charade, would be locked away for saying anything close to what this woman says on a daily basis. Yet here we are.

        • dim o crats AND repugnantcans….

        • That Missouri state representative who said just about the same thing this summer is still in office.

      18. Maxine is a clown pure and simple Seen in that light she is meaningless and can be ignored Anything to get attention but the worst part is she has power in our govt. How can any rational person take her seriously on anything. Just a Saloon buffoon to warm up the crowed for Hillary or who ever A token nothing more

      19. Waters is an incredibly stupid person. She doesn’t even realize she’s a side show for the democrats that no one takes seriously. No other democrat official publicly supports and statement she makes and she only makes tv interviews on cnn and msnbc, which have become sideshow tv networks given public statements by their show hosts.

        unfortunately stupid can still become rich and powerful as evidenced by most any local, state or federal govt that is now making 6 figures with million dollar pensions that will bankrupt their citizens.

        I often think that all politicians should be thrown in the ocean, but the people voted them in and kept them in all the while they were screwing their citizens harder and harder each year.

        so maybe waters is a reflection of the stupidity of the people. seems like the stupid like be ruled by the stupid.

      20. wore out -out dated piece of farm equipment needs to go to the bone yard..

      21. Bring it ON!
        Make the Democrat party the party of Blacks, Moslems,
        perversion, and Liberals only.
        Stick with the identity politics!
        It will win in every large city
        in America!

      22. not the homeless – not the “yoots” – not the gays – it’s the homeless gay yoots …. ??????????? – let’s get really specific and exclude anyone that isn’t from Harlem ….

      23. The government budget has yet to be cut a single penny to the welfare entitlement whores. The left thinks Trump will make cuts, Wall Street and all other smart people know there are no cuts coming, need to keep on the annual course of doubling the national debt by 2023 or else the GDP goes negative/deflationary. No spending cuts — THEY CAN’T, nothing but 5% to 10% compounded spending increases each and every year until the Sun atomizes the Earth. The entitlement whores will always be the fattest morbidly obese ‘human-pigs’ in the history of the universe, therefor, they should fear not any Republican ever again as they must keep the doubling spending of the nat debt in less than eight years or else. … the S&P hit my line of 2575 Friday! We expect a violent up-gassing to S&P 2650 by Nov 3rd. Also, 2750 by xmas. Enjoy the fruit of debt spending and bet with the Fed Reserve/Wall Street, as they will never run out of fidgets. Recall I predicted this back when the S&P was falling around 2200 and all the guests here were writing stories of collapse imminent. Hint: there will be no collapse so start eating your tasteless preps before they go rancid.

      24. I do not care who the president is. Her speech is a clear threat against the POTUS. Arrest her plain and simple. If you or I would do something like that, we would get a visit. Those like her should be held, AT A MINIMUM, to the same standards as the rest of us. This is just disgusting!

      25. Being that Halloween is so close, I wonder how much Maxine would charge me to haunt a house?

      26. She would make a good wind chime.

      27. Bernie Sanders is another fraud politician. He is in on the scam to deceive voters. Have you ever heard him say anything about the military budget and the crimes against humanity of the continual welfare for warfare trillions? You don’t stick around for that long in the political sewer without serving an evil suck up agenda.

      28. Let’s all say we have so called minority friends. Whites are 8% of the world population. Whites are the minority. And if it wasn’t for our technical superiority we would be dead or slaves. Isn’t it obvious. You stupid white women who think you will get more sex. Will get what you diserve. And whithout the white mans protection guess what. You are a slab of meat to the highest bidder.And Mabey that’s the way it should be. The stupid ones need to go.

      29. Soon her kind will be the majority. We all see it coming? Watch and wait? Lock and load? Regardless of the hardships? Even so lord come soon.

      30. That woman (if she is) is the first one that should be rounded up and sent back to Africa. Make America white again.

        • MAHA- Make America Human Again

      31. Although I was not in attendance, I’m sure the flatulence was breathtaking.

      32. People just need to publically call these types of people out at every chance loud and proud about removing the traitors in our country

        Wonder how she would like to hear someone say the exact same thing live and to an audience
        About her , or worse

        This idiot some how became a person
        It’s mind blowing

      33. Traitor Hater,
        So…you think a white woman needs a man to protect her from being a “piece
        of meat”? And that is how it should be?

        Well…jerk off….you are no better than the perp. That kind of thinking is what
        is wrong with this world. Like Mooslimes love Sharia Law… want women
        to stay home, barefoot and pregnant, serve her master (BF or husband), and
        let only men decide in what kind of world she must live.

        Women should ALLOW only a loving, caring, intelligent, organized,
        responsible, faithful, addiction free, clean, happy, spiritual, of good character,
        respectable, as well as, respectful husband to be the head of her household.
        Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer men with those qualities.
        I’m not a woman-libber, as I believe women need those same qualities.
        That is what EQUALITY means.

      34. Poor baby boy. America has only been ‘white’ in the delusional minds of the thieves and their decendents. Please pay attention over next few years when America is returned to the original Cooper Colored Peoples’ decendents. At which time, your kind may wish to return? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any nation to return to, do you? Guess, your turn to be homeless. Those who are first shall be LAST.

      35. Waters is a racist congress woman and should be impeached

      36. Racist oid Bitch

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