Congress proposes new law prohibiting body armor in the Land of the Free

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Headline News | 322 comments

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    By the late 1920s, Joseph Stalin became the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union after having eliminated his opposition.

    He topped it off in 1929 by serving a decisive blow to anyone that would dare to oppose him by outlawing private gun ownership in the country.

    From that year on until 1953 when Stalin died, it’s estimated that more than 20 million Soviet citizens that were seen as a threat to the country’s leadership.

    People were rounded up and either murdered outright, or sent to infamous gulag labor camps.

    Stalin is an extreme case. But history is ripe with examples of governments which disarm their citizens, only to engage in serious oppression afterwards.

    Communist China. Nazi Germany. Cambodia. Guatemala. Uganda. The list goes on and on. Pacification of the citizens is almost always a prerequisite to totalitarianism.

    There have been a lot of attempts to disarm, or at least partially disarm, people in the US throughout history as well.

    Each time there’s a major shooting somewhere, the chant to ban firearms grows louder.

    But the latest proposal is especially telling.

    H.R. 5344 is a bill currently going through Congress that would ban the purchase of body armor.

    Violation would carry CRIMINAL penalties, including up to ten years in prison.

    Many bullet-resistant items on the market now, such as bulletproof backpacks for school children, would be banned by this legislation.

    This is incredible given that the legislation is all about banning something that is purely defensive.

    Whatever your stance on firearms, I hope we can agree that it’s pretty damn difficult to hurt another human being with body armor.

    People buy body armor for protection. That’s the point. Duh.

    So why in the world would they want to ban it?

    The government claims that “criminals and rampaging madmen” can “wreck havoc” while wearing body armor, and it’s important to shield police from these nefarious individuals.

    Uh, wait a sec– you mean the same police that go around terrorizing ordinary citizens who aren’t breaking any laws whatsoever?

    The same police who beat homeless people to death?

    The same police who shoot and kill innocent animals in broad daylight in the middle of the street?

    The same police who scream “I will f***ing kill you!” with their weapons trained on crowds of protestors exercising their constitutional rights?

    Right. Those guys.

    This is such a disgusting, yet unfortunately predictable, turn of events in the Land of the Free.

    It’s enraging. It’s infuriating. And it’s so obvious: the country has become a giant police state. And the trend is not getting any better.

    It’s time to set aside emotion. It’s time to set aside a lifetime of propaganda and programming telling you that you live in a free country.

    It’s time to look at the objective evidence all around you.

    They spy. They steal. They wage illegal wars. They authorize military detention of civilians. They assassinate citizens.

    They intimidate. They terrorize. They torture. They suspend due process when it suits. They destroy anyone who challenges them.

    And now they want to take away a non-violent means of protecting yourself.

    This is our reality. And at a minimum, it’s time for rational, thinking people to come up with a Plan B. What’s yours?

    This article has been contributed by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: They’ve already begun putting restrictions on the purchase of ammunition and have attempted to ban online sales. Why would the government be looking to ban body armor? Is it because a handful of people a year wear it during the commission of a crime? Or is something more sinister in the works? What next? Will they be outlawing gun powder, brass casings, rifle scopes, night vision, crossbows and anything else related to personal defense?

    This is the new America. And it’s only going to get worse.

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      1. Egg

        Same s..t, different day, WTF?!?

        • SterlingSilver

          They’re just trying to piss us off enough to start a war now. The overlords are getting impatient.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Remember when General Eisenhower while taking inspection tours of the Concentration Camps in Germany and all of the corpse of the Jews that were tortured and killed, said take pictures, take lots of pictures, because one day there will be Idiots on SHTFplan. that will say it never happened. Trekker Out. Never Again. Not In Israel Not In America!

            • What?

              You mean Eisenhower knew about the internet?

              And about this forum?

              Why didn’t he warn us about TPTB?

              Oh, wait, he did.

              Silly me.


              • John Q. Public

                On your knees, slaves… in front of the ditch… NOW!

                • JustMe

                  They started working on this one in the 80’s, wanting to ban the possession of web gear.

                  If people cannot see what is coming by now, there is no hope for them.

                  The America we knew is gone. It is not coming back. If you think “elections” will solve anything, you are fooling yourself.

                  Another day, another right lost, by just one more compromise…

                  • JustMe

                    Here is a link to a 35 min vid, of a lawyer giving a speech about the current state of America, slow at first, but much of what he says will upset you, if you like your Freedom…


                  • Cara

                    “Congress proposes new law…”

                    People of the land of the free propose new laws on Congress and the administration. Any 3 states that can agree on charges should be able to try for treason, any federal official who commits treasonous acts. It should not require a federal court or federal agency. (Perhaps Texas, Arizona and New Mexico or Cali would like to discuss federal refusal to secure the border?)

                    Also all voteing must be done by hand and counted by hand with cameras overseeing.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              I don’t think y’all really understand how bad the situation really is. Body armor kills thousands of people every year!

              The humanity!

              • Spudweb

                Won’t someone think of the Children!!……LMAO

                • EH

                  the poor, poor childurn.

                • Libertarianmajority

                  I do think of the children,,,the ones who’ve been killed by lack of armor. …Try getting your school to just hang up bullet-resistant shields–even inexpensive home-made ones that have been tested for effectiveness– in every hallway and room (much less try to tell them your child will have bullet-resistant armor on THEM) and see how far you get with the statist prison wardens we call “school administrators”. They’d be much more interested in using the violence of their truant officers to kill a parent for keeping his or her child home from such a death trap as an unarmored school. The statists don’t want armor to be available for our children’s safety, just as are fire extinguishers. They show by their actions that they want our children to be sitting ducks for their shootings that are instigated to raise the clamor for more vulnerability of the people to government’s inherent violence when they “enFORCE” their “laws” on us–and that of their stooges like “ISIS” and all the other mysteriously well-equipped and highly-trained school, shopping mall, military base, theater, church and other public shooters who just happen to know how to even shoot a modern military weapon.

                • Mr. T

                  Yeah those children with body armor enhanced backpacks can really wreak havoc on the swat teams responding to school shootings once they arrive on site and don’t enter the buildings for hours waiting for the psychos to run out of ammo.

              • Be informed

                The same as the tyrannical government will made it against the “law” to store and have a certain amount of food and supplies. The anti-hording laws are also coming. They already have on the books how much ammunition someone is “allowed” to store. The anti-thought police are next.

                • Ray

                  “Anti-hording” laws are already in effect in about 15 states. 8 states now have laws restricting how much ammunition you can possess. Both the feds and about half the states make it a felony to “fortify” your home. It MUST meet minimum standards for “ease of entry” by LEO/FLEA’s.

                  • To the Right of Attila the Hun

                    Do you have a link for that?

                  • Ghost Rider

                    Hey Ray, just curious if you could list the states that you mention, and where I could find that info.

                    A brief search found no states that have anti-hoarding laws in effect. There is a federal statute that could be implemented during Martial Law.

                    Also can’t find anything on the ammo limits. I’m in NJ, which has some of the worse gun laws in the US and we have no limits on purchases or how much we can own.

                    As for fortifying your home, the only “felony” you could commit happens if you booby trap your home. No regulations preventing you from securing your home.


                  • Smokey

                    Not an anti-hoarding law, but many counties and states limit how much gunpowder or gasoline in containers can be stored in a residence. That’s about the only restrictions I’ve ever heard of.

                • Seen2013

                  Be Informed, there are already executive orders set up under the guise of hoarding such commodities to enable seizure of those commodities in addition to both civilian and military drafts. In fact, the civilian draft is already in progress under the guise of welfare.

                  Banning anything isn’t going to prevent or deter criminal enterprises, heck it increases the value of those items in criminal markets…

                • the renegade braveheart

                  BI, good day my friend. I believe such things are coming. I will already say they can take such a policy and stuff it. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my own home. I don’t need government’s permission for anything.

                  • Unreconstructed Southron

                    Yeah, BH, what do they not understand about the “my home is my castle” doctrine.

                  • burdenofknowing

                    If our “government” made any sense at all, it would be handing out AK’s and AR’s to anyone and everyone that wanted them + 10,000 rounds per rifle of course. Nah, that would make to much sense. Instead, they try to disarm all Americans every chance they get.

                  • Cara

                    Burden… “If our government made any sense…”

                    It depends on the goal.
                    If the people in DC were OUR government then they would not be making sense. But if they are running a different government and want to rid themselves of the US laws and people who want to live under the Constitution, then their actions make sense. And that actually makes most US citizens their enemy. That would mean we have a rogue group in DC who have usurped the federal seats of power and are running a communist government and working to get rid of what is left of the US.
                    If you have a weed in your garden you do what you have to do to get it gone.
                    Just an out of the box thought on why DC is doing what they are doing.

                • talon1776

                  I guess if it’s a law it must be legal….right……? Because no law can be illegal if it’s law…..right……?

                  • YAWN

                    FEARMONGERING………EX POST FACTO………..YAWN.

                  • Hard Justice

                    “Everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was Legal.” ~ Martin Luther King

                • Mike Travis

                  Be Informed, the thought police are already here and in action. A man in TN was arrested and CONVICTED for THINKING about taking over a court house. Yes, the criminals in government in TN claimed they knew what he was thinking so they charged him with planning crimes. The problem is they did not produce a single witness who could present any evidence that Darren was in fact planning a violent takeover of the court house.

                  What makes this case bad is that there is now a case on record that gives LE the ability to arrest ANYONE for a crime they CLAIM we are THINKING about committing, which of course is absurd. Nevertheless, it is on the books as it has not been overturned on appeal.

              • Libertarianmajority

                …The LACK of it sure does!

            • Anonymous

              MT, My grand father lived for 96 years and until his last day asked for real proof Vs fabricated pictures and imaginary numbers. but nothing ever discovered. So it was a lie as it is today and will remain a lie until the lie tellers no longer exist.

              • vincent

                The concentration camps were a lie? As were the gas chambers? That would explain the Anonymous posts from the bigots and ass clowns on Infowars and SHTF. That moon landing was staged in Hollywood basement, too…

                • Anonymous

                  Vincent. YES.

                  • sideshow

                    ignorant fool

                    I am only 2nd gen American from my dads side

                    My grandmother escaped the holocost …not her family.

                    dont speak what bullshit u know nothing about. I grew up hearing FIRST HAND accounts

                  • padre

                    I’ve been there (so was my Grandfather who though Catholic nearly died in one of those camps). The ovens are still there and in the same underground bunkers with the showers…and no the ovens did not heat the water…sort of a weird pairing don’t you think creatorium style ovens and underground showers with gas proof doors…

                    There are plenty of pictures of dead bodies, horribly underfed, murdered and buried in mass graves, and yes turned to ash.

              • Smokey

                Both you and your grandfather are or were jew-hating fools.

                I’ve met several survivors of the camps, they are real, and it did happen.

              • Anon7

                Anonymous: Right; tens of thousands of GIs from a dozen nations, including the Soviet Union, took the time after fighting the biggest war in history to then construct dozens of ‘fake’ concentration camps over half of Europe, fabricate millions of ‘official looking’ documents in German, and then ‘fake’ tens of thousands of photos and thousands of hours of film footage that would rival today’s Hollywood, all in an attempt to do what exactly? I’d say you were the brain-damaged child of a deranged crack-whore, but this goes back to at least your grandfather. So the only possible explanation is that your entire family obviously suffers from a form brain rot probably brought on by generations of syphilitic inbreeding.

            • Anonymous

              MT, you made me very emotional. Get a job at FOX news.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Wrong MT… The so called Holocaust of the Joos did not happen in Israel MT. That was well before the Joos Invaded Palestine and started their Squatting carving out their temples, and committing their Genocide rampage. If we let Hitler have his way back in the 30’s exterminating the Joos we would not be fighting Middle East wars today trying to defend them. Bottom Line: Why does the US protect a land thief?

            • The Universe

              But it happening in Gaza is OK? 🙂

            • Guess Who?

              The numbers the Jews have invented are way out of line with historical records though. They milk the “holocaust”, even though many other people groups have gone through worse in history (including Ukrainians under Stalin).

            • Nathan Cline

              Did he also take pictures of the German troops starving in the American concentration camps afterward, or is that too politically incorrect for the average American to know about?

              • Anonymous

                Nathan, and no one ever mentioned what they did in Germany. That was the biggest pain for the elder Germans who witnessed the crimes committed by these criminals.

            • Matt

              Sooo, what does your comment have to do with body armor? I suspect that the Jews would have possibly fared much better had they possessed body armor and firearms en-masse. Unfortunately many had their heads in the sand in respect to what their government was willing to do to them for “the greater good”.

          • charlie2dogs

            i would rather think at this point that your overlords know that you are ball less and are cowards and they can and or doing what they want to.

            • Mike Travis

              charlie2, the traitors in government can think whatever they want. If they decide to steal our guns and our rights with them, they are going to be in for a big surprise!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Good, this will make our job easier to kill all the Bankers and politicians when SHTF.

            Seriously, this is an attempt to kill us with less or little effort.

            Many states already have laws in place to make it an additional crime to commit a felony while using body armor. This new law just solidifies their wish to see even innocent citizens much easier to kill with little or no effort. And disallowing body armor will make their 1.5 Billion Hollow Point Bullets lethal again.

            Folks our country is being run by Psychopaths.

            • jerrytbg

              This was and still is my point about the 40cal AR platforms.

              These “people” are used to using the basic weapon and will easily transition to the 40 cal…

              Oh, and btw…
              Will be able to carry twice as many mags in the same carriers…

              • Hillbilly

                40 cal AR platforms? Why would anybody want one..9MM I could see because of urban use, but the ,40 is just a over gassed cut down 10mm. Again what for?

            • the renegade braveheart

              WWTI, good points. Body armor has actually been way overrated as a useful item, but just the very idea that any government would try to ban us from having any particular item is infuriating. I make my own decisions on what I’ll have or not have.

            • vincent

              Agent provocateur from the FBI? Incitement to murder is a crime, unless you are an agent who spreads his deranged germs on the forums…you and Anonymous should get a room!

              • jerrytbg

                My My vinnie…

                did you just get zapped to spew that crap or are you of the willing?

                You guys are so transparent…

            • Mike Travis

              Psychopaths? Maybe. Traitors? Definitely!

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Can any one here even begin to comprehend what is befalling our American Republic; and the speed in which it is happening is almost mindboggling.

            When you read subject after subject here at SHTF it is almost too much for my mind to sift out…. and now, in America we are talking about needing “body armour” to survive what we are being told is coming at us from our own government?

            Have we waited too late to turn the tide? Does history repeat itself?

            Ever heard of the Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the 1970 Nobel prize winner in literature?

            Want to see how history is about to repeat itself in America?

            Go to the Barnes Review, “a National Thought and History”, there you will find Solzhenitsyns’ banned book on RUSSIA AND THE CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST.

            Dont know much about what happened there? As Solzhenitsyn himself put it “After 1917 life and people in Russia changed greatly. But literature produced a very poor reflection of these changes. The truth was suppressed and lies encouraged. Thus we arrived in the 1900’s knowing next to nothing about that country”.

            As you contemplate the insanity of all the laws coming out of congress, the Patriot Act, the executive orders waiting in the wings to stifle our very existence, read this story.

            You will soon begin to see what is happening in America is a blueprint of what took place in Russia. We are almost to the ‘tipping point’ where that ‘body armour’ is a moot point.

            No one, I mean no one, can read this and think this is NOT going to happen here.

            • Justice

              Thank you for posting this information!

            • Anonymous

              PissedOffGranny– so glad to hear someone refer to our country as the “republic”!! Old Bush started the phrase, “the Homeland” in place of the republic and politicians have been repeating his phrase ever since!

              What’s so sickening about that phrase (“the Homeland”) is that its the very same phrase Hitler used when he came to power in Germany!

              • Winston Smith

                Well, Fatherland and Motherland were already taken by other despots so…

              • Mike Travis

                Anon, yes and if one pays attention now, one can regularly hear politicians and media call America a democracy which is an intentional lie. As stated, a Constitutional Republic is the accurate description. We should not allow the criminals in government and media use words they know to be untrue as it leads the zombies, who believe anything on TV, to think we are a democracy.

            • jerrytbg

              Like Justice, I thank you for that post…

              In the future a somewhat similar account will be made…

              However, it will be based on how we defeated our oppressors…

              As God is my witness…I pledge my life to that endeavor…

              Any…mock me if you choose…but at your peril…

            • sixpack

              Interesting now, that Russia has publicly tried to WARN US of what is to come. Russia has publicly suggested that we NOT give up our guns. I guess experience IS the best teacher.

            • Hillbilly

              Granny, I would not argue your point as I know it to be true, especially the history repeating it self. Yet now in Russia gun ownership is vary common.I think it’s actually encouraged, I don’t know that for a fact. Any Russians out there to set the record straight?

          • akvalmet30

            Those dumb bastards never seem to quit do they!? They forget one very important factor if this happens though, it will force us to become even more accurate and start gaining proficiency with head shots. No armor made for the head that can take a rifle bullet. We will win.

          • TPSnodgrass

            This is nothing new. If you see an armed adversary who is armored up, do as the military has taught you. Go for head shots, groin shots, etc. Not a problem.
            Use sufficient caliber to penetrate soft body armor,know your enemy’s capabilities.
            There is a great deal of rather effective sporting/hunting ammunition out there for those who by geography have to hunt their game animals through heavy brush. Use your common sense, the Proglodytes, don’t have any, you do.

            • sixpack

              Maybe they want to outlaw civilians to have body armor, to discourage us scavenging it after, well, their soldiers get “ventilated”…in other words, they see it coming.

          • charlie2dogs

            no danger in pissing off americans, if americans were going to do anything they would have done it before now.

          • charlie2dogs

            at this point in time, if i was a politician, i would want to take your guns, body armor, crossbows, bows, bb guns, gravel shooters and your knives, you unruly americans you

        • Walt Kowalski

          They can have my body armor when they come to take my guns.

          • Miss DeeDee

            I already thought that they have a law that prohibits the wearing of body armor while commiting a felony. Shouldn’t that serve their intent enough because we all know how felons love to obey the law.
            — Misss Dee Dee

            • Smokey

              They do have such a law, in fact, it is a felony for any convicted felon to possess body armor, let alone commit additional crimes while wearing it.

              • sixpack

                Somehow I don’t think it’s the “felons” they’re worried about. This article just makes me want to go out and get some if I could afford it.

                • Smokey

                  It isn’t the felons, it’s the rest of us. Same with their gun control. Felons can’t have guns, that’s already the law. They want us disarmed and helpless.

              • InalienableWrights

                This is just the completion of Neimeullers poem. You allowed this to happen to others now it is going to happen to you!

        • FuckingPissed

          If I know they will try to put me in prison, guess how many of them I will kill when they come to do that? Answer; Every damn one of them I can while wearing my prohibited body armor. This is not the USA anymore and it will be my duty to kill traitors even at the cost of my life.

          • the renegade braveheart

            FP, I’m right there with you.

            • FuckingPissed

              I’m glad there are people like you left, brother. 99% of the people I meet actually trust the government! Heartbreaking because they are going to die without a fight and never really know the truth of their lives. It shouldn’t be too long now.

          • Anonymous

            Yep! And what happens to traitorous leaders? They are often times beheaded, if I remember correctly– or at least hung!

            Who are the traitors in the US, who have turned our country into a police state? Who are the leaders who have destroyed our Constitutional rights? set up FEMA camps, allowed the most sophisticated surveillance system ever created, promised to kill us with drones, created the blatantly UnConstitutional Patriot Act, etc.?

            No need to name names; we all know who they are.

          • Mike Travis

            FP, just remember what Patton said. Don’t die for your country, make the other SOB die for his, or in this case his Fuhrer. Molon Labe.

        • Justice

          People should REALLY think about buying some hard and soft body armor NOW as a barter item. Fer Fal said people were desperate for it down in Argentina during the collapse.

          It is good to have barter items that rich people will want at any price!

          • talon1776

            Nah..they’ll be plenty of it all around. Maybe I’ll stock up on it from the dead zombies and sell it to you..Food Water Guns and Ammo ..are what has value for without it, you can’t even think about a business venture…people will be merciless and just shoot you and take it

          • sideshow

            just take it off the first Op4 you shoot when SHTF. plenty for free then…

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, except it seems to be getting worse. I was watching TV this morning at a friend’s house– It seems the US is about to start a war with China, Russia, ISSIS and also is talking of “Sleeper cells” here in the US…exact same damn words Hitler and Mousillini used before they turned their countries into police state!

        • Andrew

          Hello – what is a solid basic body armor plan that a prepper should have? I find it slightly confusing. I found a level 3 kavlar helm for $300 dollars. but outside of that I am not sure what I should look for. Any advice appreciated.

          • slingshot

            Hello Andrew.

            First look up how they grade the different levels of protection in body armor, There are many manufactures of BA. Different types of vests/carriers. Some with pockets. Others can use MOLLE pouches. If you have a store nearby that sells gear go down and put some on and see what fits you for comfort. Read manufactures specs on the gear and how to care for the material.
            On google type in, pictures of body armor. Lots of gear to look at to give you an idea on what is out there.

        • Tom T

          Get it while you can and by all means pay for it in cash!!!

        • Libertarianmajority

          When they come to attack people for defending themselves, they’re likely to have their war. When squads, platoons, or larger units of them are wiped out by the people, they’ll know they were wrong and have had the “Mandate of Heaven” to rule removed from them (or, that they never had it to begin with and are being punished for usurping it).

      2. Socrates

        The ‘logic’ the bill creators have used…is FLAWED just like every other bill they have ever created.

        Supposedly, by prohibiting EVERY civilian (with exceptions)from having Level III or above armor, they can ‘prevent’ (LOL) criminals from engaging police and being a persistent threat. What an effin JOKE.

        Take not of the morons who wrote and co-sponsored this piece of trash. And go get your plates and carriers NOW!

        I can only speak of the ones I have used personally and shot at with every thing I have. Patriot Plates are HHS (High Hardened Steel) and are the best bang for your buck right now.

        • Breathial

          This has been on my shopping list for a while… time to ‘pull the trigger,’ I guess. (Pun intended.)

          OTOH, now that I think about it… Why not let .gov provide me with body armpr? Given the piss-poor training our .gov thugs are so happy to display, it’ll be child’s play to “acquire” what I need… heh.

        • Thomas

          Democrat Mike Honda California I believe

          • Thomas

            Wrote the bill

        • Thomas

          California Democrat Mike Honda I believe

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          We need to make a clause, that Only Politicians and Bankers cannot own body armor.

        • tayronachan

          If you like your body armor, you can keep your body armor. 😉

          • the renegade braveheart

            Tayronachan, and I’ll expand on that with, “If you like everything you own, you can keep everything you own.”

        • IMPCALGI

          This has NOTHING to do with preventing crime. In fact, the criminal underclass is a valuable tool of those who burn to be our masters: the average citizen is so beset by fear of being robbed and beaten in their own homes that they forget about the super criminals who are robbing and assaulting us on a daily basis. Moreover, those who are trying to tear down our Republic and establish a fascist police state use the fear of the common street criminals as a pretext for digging their claws into our necks ever more fiercely. They want the people to beg for “protection” from muggers and rapists by giving in to the Gestapo

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      3. PrepShepherd

        I don’t see how they could ban them, Vest sold with kelvar and plates maybe but…just sell the vest without the plates. Without the armor its just a vest, Then sell the plates as bullet resistant tarets and the steal plates could be sold as something else too. Also unless they ban Kevlar all together, you can just buy it online and make your own! Far as that goes you don’t need Kevlar, you can make a vest with other cloth/nylon materials and long as you have the tools you can make your own metal plates.

        • Kulafarmer

          You can make your own,,,

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Easier to just buy them here: Then get the plate carrier later on. The side plates are good too.

            • sixpack

              The AR500 Armor Backpack Armor plating is within my financial reach. It would be better than nothing. At least it would be harder to shoot me in the back.

          • tayronachan

            But it would be hard to make the DKX plates that weigh 3lbs., and actually float. And that is what older guys need, if you know what I mean.

          • PA farmer

            I’ve been thinking about a vest for couple years, I just keep telling myself I’ll just get it off the dead. Lately I’ve been looking at vest while I have a couple bucks, better to have one, even for hunting. Now the decision is made. I’m buying one just because tptb dont want me too..

            • sixpack

              I wasn’t even considering body armor, until this bill came to light.

        • stanley

          Didn’t you know American ingenuity has been outlawed?

        • apache54

          the people who wrote up this law need to be tried for treason!

        • Sgt. Dale

          You make a good point. Remember when the had a bunch of school shootings what did they come out with Kevlar back packs for kids. Are they going to band them too.
          I thought that the Libtards were all for the kids. That is why they want to ban guns is it not? I guess they will have to put little Johnnie in jail for having a Kevlar back pack. Libtard Bastards!

          • Hillbilly

            So the only way to obtain a plate carrier will be to jack it from a face or neck shot victim? And only LEOs have the amour? A 12ga slug to a helmet is what is called a dead ringer? Too many questions not enough answers before a decision can be made. I don’t know, just guessing.

        • MC

          Jeez, if they ban kelvar, I’m really up the creek with no paddle. Every piece of goalie equipment I wear is kevlar reinforced, including my mask. Every goalie from the NHL down to people like me would be felons, haha.

          • sixpack

            Makes you wonder what adding more films, or a thin steel plate would do. Maybe use the films as sort of an upgrade to an inferior plate. You have to get creative.

      4. rockelle

        So, they’re gonna stick me in the can for a decade for having some of their little toys, while releasing hardened criminals to make room for my ass? Par. Wu couldn’t they have a retired Leo recycling center for said body armor? We all know Damned good and well they aren’t going to give those up upon retirement.

      5. Cede

        They don’t want you to have body armor. When some big fat sweaty cop, unloads half a mag into your chest, he doesn’t want you to have a chance of surviving his illegal shooting.

        Remember, cops who play dress up, in wanna be military fatigues ….. Aren’t military!!! Don’t be intimidated by these chunky, lard ass pussies. They might look tough in urban environments, so let’s see how these POS play in the woods when poo jams fan!!

      6. buttcrackofdoom

        time for the pitchforks and torches! if not now, then WHEN?

        • PO'd Patriot

          LMAO, that’ll never happen.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Yeah, an amendment to the bill outlaws pitchforks and torches.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Cops in Ferguson don’t like Moltov cocktails or bottle filled with piss for some reason. Their body armor doesn’t stop that. Remember Body armor is heavy depending on what you buy. Sometimes being lighter on foot keeps you more agile and easier to scramble in a zig zag position dodging bullets. Most of these Fat Cops got to be having heart attacks all loaded down in their heavy gear. They won’t be running too far chasing you. And will die of heat exhaustion especially in the summer time. Try that in Florida with 92 degs and 30%+ humidity in full sun. So just wear them down and they will be dropping, as time dragging it out is your friend.

            • tayronachan

              If you like your pitchforks and torches, you can keep your pitchforks and torches.

        • BigB

          @ buttcrackofdoom,

          I don’t think it ever will be the time. At least not by the common white American. Just not in him or her anymore. Years of generations of passive living and allowing the politicians to take control of every facet of our lives has resulted in the situation we are in now.

          Example: Who you going to protest against? Start with the mailman, the school teacher, the local cop, the mayor, the state legislature, your govenor?

          There is no one entity to direct your anger against. That is the sytem we have allowed to be by once again passive noncholance.

          I hate it but like most Americans deserve it.


          • SolitaryMan

            Very well said, BigB.

      7. TXRNGR

        First your selfdefense rights are being revoked, now your right to life. Time to decide your place in this issue. If TPTB want your rights violated by prohibiting body armor, then its only right the this law includes all entities for the the US GOVT., LEO, HLS, and the rest of the alphabet soup, up to and including the POTUS. Time to stand up and take notice around you. When will it STOP ??????????????????????????

      8. Townsaver

        A great way to drum up business for an advertiser on this site. Just Sayin…

        I actually checked it out, price is reasonable. But, I have already decided, I am not going to do an armed response. I will turtle. I have a wife and 4 kids. I am not Rambo, but I prep better then her ever did.

        If it comes to that, I’ll take the gear off the first thug that I kill at 300 yards. I call bullshit on anyone who thinks they can stand up to an organized military force, period.

        I laugh when peeps are like OP-SEC, while posting to this forum. I admit I was scared to leave my real email address… then I realized that the pros already had me catalogued, inventoried and rated long before that.

        If you fear the truth, if you hide, you have lost. Stand up and speak your mind. As I now do.

        • Breathial

          Amen, brother. Amen.

        • Kulafarmer

          Amen, 300yards ++++++++

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Ain’t that the truth, Townie.

        • OathKeeper209

          For good measure, make sure it’s above 308 ap. I thought about 300 win mag for this reason

        • TEST

          And, as Roman satirist Juvenal asked 2000 years ago – and still hasn’t been answered – WHO CONTROLS THE CONTROLLERS? (Lit., “who will watch the guards). These leftists truly are the most ignorant people around. And what they don’t get is that when they are done being used, they, TOO, are turned into Solyent Green. Google what happened to Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s NKVD henchman, or Robespierre. And the NSA/police state types reading this post – you, too, will be left out to dry with hyperinflation, a renunciation of your retirement package, etc. once you are done. I am 101% non-violent, so you have no reason other than being against free speech and pursuing whatever the political fashion du jour is for reading this. And your grandfather, who fought in WWII for FREEDOM, would be DISGUSTED by what you are doing now by, for all practical purposes, joining the National Socialists (google the Nazi planks, adopted Feb. 1920 in Munich – reads right out of a fascist Nancy Pelosi or Dirty Harry Reid playbook). Santayana was right – people don’t learn history, and repeat it. And the “controllers” here will just end up like Dr. Waldemar Hoven, chief doctor at Buchenwald orDr. Sigmund Rascher, in charge of the evil National SOCIALIST human experiments. Once they were no longer needed, or fell afoul of the Nazi hierarchy for (fill in the blank reason – in Rascher’s case, he innocently published something in a Swiss journal) they BOTH went to the concentration camp. The USSR is also FULL of stories like this.

          Sad, really, that people are once again simply repeating the ignorance we JUST finished fighting in WWII

          • hubert rehm

            Dear Test,

            Your comments on Sigmund Rascher are not quite correct. Rascher was in charge of some human experiments performed in the Third Reich not of all of them. Furthermore, he never published his results in a Swiss Journal, although he told this to the British spy Payne Best. Rascher published in the Münchner Medizinische Wochenschrift which is a German journal.
            Source: “The fall of the house of Rascher”, English edition, 2014, Ebook at Amazon.

            Best regards
            Hubdert Rehm

        • Acid Etch


          • the renegade braveheart

            Acid, the point here is not so much banning civilian ownership of body armor in particular, but the very idea that govt. is trying to ban us from having any particular item for any reason. I say the govt. can take such a policy and stuff it. Body armor has been way overrated. there’s a dirty little secret about the armor. It will only save your life from ONE bullet, ONE time only. If more than one bullet strikes the it, then the plates inside are destroyed and the vest is no longer useful. BODY ARMOR IS MADE FOR ONE-TIME USE ONLY. ONCE IT’S BEEN HIT BY ONE BULLET, THE PLATES ARE RUINED, THEN YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS FOR ANOTHER VEST. I can’t see doing that for myself. That few hundred bucks is better spent on ammo, food, etc.

            • Anonymous

              Renegade, don’t you recognize your old “friend”, Eisencrap?!! That had to be him posting above… sounds EXACTLY like him!!

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, it sounds like him, but I cannot verify that it’s him. I’ve been baiting him previously, but he played it real smart by not taking the bait. Have to give him credit for that. But the all caps and calling us old people are the 2 dead giveaways. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll slip up…..

            • slingshot

              There are various levels of body armor made of Kevlar Layers augmented by plates of Metal, ceramic and more layered Kevlar in solid coating. Metal plates can take more than one hit. Ceramics maybe two. Depends on what type of round and how far away. Kevlar Layered plate, not much more than Ceramics provided it does not hit you in the same hole/small area. The Kevlar vest/carrier might not have penetration damage and is still good. Even if you are hit in the front the back section of the vest still provides protection.

              • slingshot

                To clarify.

                Once a ceramic is hit. Get a new one. If you drop it , it can break or crack rendering it unusable.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              MY life’s WORTH a few hundys…..just sayin’. hope y’all aint pinning yer hopes on ONE vest/set of plates! and to those of you that don’t have ’em yet? you KNOW when the shootin’ starts, they will be PRICELESS….maybe even MORE expensive!

            • Gregory8

              The Renegade: Asshole Etch is oblivious to these facts because a tender little Nancy boy like him has never been around manly things like guns and other self defense items. Hell, he couldn’t even get into the Boy Scouts, let alone the military, or he’d already know this about body armor.

          • Jim in Va.

            Acid…you are an ass!

      9. Kulafarmer

        It dont matter, we just gotta buy the biggest baddest hardest hitting guns on the market,
        That way the armor they wear doesnt matter either, for all else theres thermite

        • Gregory8

          Rep. Honda’s (D) Calif. (minority member) proposal has about as much chance of passing as us having a snow storm here in Florida in late August (H90-L72). Thanks to the stunningly piss-poor job of Obummer and the Democraps, many polls show that Republicans will keep the House with no changes 235:201, the Senate could likely see a +6 gain 51:49, and +1 gain in governors 30:20 GOP. Now I know many are RINOs, but like all politicians, they’re whores who want the positions and it means leaving gun owners alone. at least for awhile, they’ll do it to get elected.

          • Anonymous

            I am Rep. Toyota from the United States Of America. I am neither Dem. nor Rep. I am only an American. I’ll introduce a new bill to make make it mandatory for all law abiding Americans to have any weapons that our police and military has. Do you vote for me?

            • Winston Smith

              I would, but I’m a Nissan man and I gotta vote with my brand.

        • 82nd Airborne

          Hips and heads. You know what I’m saying.

          • Kulafarmer

            Hips n heads n 338LM
            hips n heads n 338
            Sing it

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Technically Thermite is not an explosive, and why the public can still back up the truck on that product.

        • Sgt. Dale

          When the SHTF and all the bad guys that have on Kevlar, you can think about this.

          12ga. slug at 75 yards will knock you on your A$$. At 15 yards a damn little 9mm or the big old 45ACP will hurt so bad you will pull yourself out of the fight until it stops stinging.
          223 FMJ at 100 yards will go thru some Kevlar, and hurt like hell in others. 308/7.62X54R will more than likely go thru or take you out of the fight with broke ribs.
          The answer 00 or 000 BUCK! Close range.

          Remember when TSHTF, It is them or you.


          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Why would you wear pussy Cop level II or III when you can get level IV Plates and defeat it all.

          • Kulafarmer

            10/4 Sarge
            Hope all is good in your neighborhood,
            Its been so nice lately its easy to see why people get normalcy bias.

      10. Nathan Cline

        I already acquired my government-issue body armor long ago and stashed it away in a secure location. These laws become more and more irrelevant to me by the day. Some people are stocking up on weapons and armor, but I’m stocking up on books that tell you how to make weapons and armor. Best of luck to all in the Apocalypse.

        • Winston Smith

          Knowledge is perhaps the greatest weapon of them all…well except for Tsar Bomba.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            And weaponized Ebola.

          • TEST

            Tsar bomba will be the next “tool” they use with their “no knock” entries.

            For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is the largest atomic weapon ever tested. It was a HUUUUGE exlosion

            • Winston Smith

              Yup. It’s estimated that it had a yield of 57 megatons! However, it is not practical as a weapon due to it’s huge size and the size of the fireball that almost engulfed the aircraft (Soviet TU-4?) that delivered it. After that, it was determined that such large weapons were not practical because so much of the yield was reflected back into space. It’s called the inverse square law, where you reach a point of diminishing returns the larger you make a nuclear weapon. Thus, it was decided that a multiple warhead strategy was a better way to destroy a large target than a single, giant bomb as it gives a much larger radius of total destruction in a much more practical weapons system.

              The interesting thing about Tsar bomba (Kusuka’s Mat) is that it was one of the cleanest weapons ever deployed in terms of fallout. Why? Well, in order to decrease the yield of the weapon, the Soviets (led by Andrei Sakharov) replaced the uranium tamper with a lead one. The uranium would have taken part in the reaction while lead, which is at the bottom of the Neptunium decay chain, would not. This reduced the yield from Sakharov’s original design of 100 megatons by almost half. It is also thought that it was a three stage thermonuclear weapon (fission primary compressing two or even three fusion secondaries). Thus, most of the yield was clean fusion, not the dirty fission and it developed relatively little radioacative fallout relative to it’s yield. BTW… Sakharov was so disgusted with this weapon that he became an anti-nuclear activist and a dissident. This is no small thing as it was Sakharov who developed the thermonuclear bomb for the Soviets (Sakharov’s third idea). Contrast that to the somewhat nutty American Edward Teller who, along with Stanislaw Ulam (Teller-Ulam design) developed it for the Americans and was always for building bigger and bigger bombs. I tend to think he had Asperger’s Syndrome as nuclear weapons became his “special interest” and he lost focus on the morality of it (he also had other autistic personality traits that support this conclusion).

        • Sierra Dave

          There are a lot of useful videos on youtube on making body armor. Save em.

          Standard tile wrapped with duct tape will stop small arms.

          • Thomas


          • Nathan Cline

            I just so happen to have a few boxes of tile from the old rental place stacked up in the trunk of my car, from when I moved across country. It was just about dragging the ground but we made it. Looks like that stuff will come in handy. Thanks for the tip!

      11. anonymous

        Anything banned by the Federal government is unconstitutional. The Tenth Amendment makes the Constitution a whitelist document. Nothing grants them the authority to ban anything. Only the states may ban something if its in accordance with the Constitution. The Federal government has only banned two things constitutionally which are slavery and alcohol. The banning of these were constitutional because an amendment to the Constitution was made specifically listing what was to be banned. Now they just ban things without an amendment. All such bans are unconstitutional and is in violation of the Tenth Amendment.

        • Winston Smith

          True, but the Interstate Commerce Clause has been interpreted in such a way as to give the government authority over anything that may ever cross state lines. Thus, since body armor can cross state lines, it can be legislated by the government. Unfortunately, the framers didn’t think far enough ahead and limit this power and no one in government would dare do so today. so we are stuck with it.

      12. Mountain Trekker

        Question? I know how stripper clips work on guns such as a SKS but I see 223 ammo advertised on stripper clips and I was wondering how they work loading them directly into a magazine such as a 30 rounder. Anyone use this method? Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          I know men that only buy it that way MT because mags can be loaded so quickly that way. Buy some and try them out.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            There are Stripper clip feeders guides that clip on the magazine edge, and helps align and feed the strip of rounds down into the magazine. There is usually one feeder guide included with each ammo box of ammo on stripper clips. You can also buy real stripper clip feeders and unloaders. Check Ytube for vids. Then carry a few bandoleers of strips.

            I think when the real SHTF many Cops will bale out and collect their pensions. The dumb ripe ones will stick around and obey their orders from their masters. Many Cops too will see the light, take off their uniforms and join the Revolution. You won’t want to be on the wrong side of History on this one.

            • the renegade braveheart

              WWTI, that is correct. I have some stripper clip feeders for my M1 Carbine mags and they really work.

        • Gonetoolong

          I second that question. I bought 1000 a couple of weeks ago on the metal strippers. I guess I am just ignorant because I could not figure out how they would help anything with an AR mag. I got them because they were actually cheaper than the non-stripped.

        • Anonymous

          they work damn good if yer in a hurry to load, but you should have those mags loaded YEARS ago…just sayin’.

        • Navy Vet

          Having made this mistake myself, make sure that the loading spoon is properly seated in the grooves on plastic mags when using stripper clips. It doesn’t take much of an improper seat to require using almost excessive force to strip rounds from the clip. Other wise stripper clips work very well.

        • Steady Steve

          You need a stripper clip guide to load the magazines. The issue ones work on the GI mags fine and can be bought cheaply by the dozen. Not so much on Magpul products.

        • Mountain Trekker

          I too have seen ammo for sale cheaper on stripper clips than loose ammo. That was the reason for my question. Thanks to all for the info! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

        • Smokey

          All you need is a GI mag loader, a tin housing that drops over the top of the magazine. You insert the stripper in the housing, it is held in place, and thumb the cartridges down into the magazine in a group.

      13. Tyler

        now watch body armor sales skyrocket just like the guns did. Just being devils advocate here but all these laws seem to end up being extremely profitable for the gun and prep industries. Also the more military gear the cops get the more aggressive they get wich in turn means they need more military gear.would be logical for a profit driven company to use that proven strategy keep the $$$ rolling in. This is a golden age for weapons manufacturers. Its the scarcity principle. Just my theory, Just to be clear im not suggesting that people dont prep or arm i just think the military industrial complex has us all by the balls

        • NCClyde


          Talked with the Patriot Plates guy on Saturday at the gun show, and he mentioned that some of his competitors might raise their prices, but that he had no intention of raising his.

          They now offer the solid color carrier with curved front & rear plates and straight side plates for $175.

      14. SCTV

        You use the ten round plastic strippers in conjunction with your mag charger. They used to include one mag charger per case of stripped ammo. Now you should be able to buy one for a few bucks separately.
        Drop the strip in, push down, pull empty strip replace with new one and repeat.
        It is only a guide. Personally, with rimless cartridges and a little practice you can load 30 rounds almost as fast singley as with strippers. NC Star makes ok ones.

      15. Winston Smith

        I guess I’ll just have to add “how to make body armor” to my list of forbidden knowledge I need to acquire. Now where can I get some Kevlar…

        I also wonder if this will apply to up armoring a passenger car. I have thought about doing it to one of my beaters just so I could say that I drive an up armored Suzuki Swift. It probably wouldn’t do me any good but it would be fun to experiment! ( I couldn’t do the glass because the 993cc 3 cylinder would likely not be able to handle the extra mass. Oh yes…I have actually thought it through…)

      16. ruleofthumb

        home made body shield , if you want a quick bullet proof shield , just buy a standard aluminum metal briefcase and fill it with at min. double 2 layer thick phone books and some sheet metal skin in on the outer and in between inner layers.

        “walla” a carryall bullet proof shield.


        • PO'd Patriot

          very 007………..

          • ruleofthumb

            “the greatest weapon in your prepper armory arsenal is your own mind.”

            “like your physical body it must be properly fed , trained , educated and rested to reach full analysis output potential.”


        • ChrisA


          • Ghost Rider

            LoL, I was thinking the same thing

          • ruleofthumb

            ;0p pssszzt ya’ all!

          • Smokey

            Are those briefcases legal in Walla Walla?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Sand Bags stop most Bullets up to .50 Cal Here is the Sandbag ballistics test video.
          I am sold on sandbags. Of course if you are holding a stationary position of bugging out. You can empty the bags move on and refill them in your new BOL location while on the move.

          • Ghost Rider

            I agree…Sand bags are a must have item. super cheap and so many uses.


      17. ruleofthumb

        if you look online deep enough you can find a guy who created his own body armor from fiberglass ceramic in his garage .

        he teaches you to build your own ceramic body armor , a full suit.

        it’s been tested and proved to work stopping small arms fire , add a steel plate with a homemade carrier from your local welding shop and you have your battle armor.

        his neighbor got so freaked out thought he was gonna go rambo on the neighbors they called the cops on him.

        pretty amazing what a properly motivated guy can do in his garage.


        • TEST

          OK, so what are the URLs for this?????

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          @rule of thumb. You are referring to the Apex Predator fat Slob.

      18. ruleofthumb

        if you do it right, you wont need to use the body armor to begin with.


        “SHOOT AND SCOOT!”

        “one shoot, one kill”


        • talon1776

          Shoot scoot boogie… Love that song!

      19. Mic68

        3 no weight Dem in the house….yea right.

      20. y99

        This makes absolutely no sense! Additionally even body armor (Kevlar) has a shelf life, more so if it’s taken any hits.

        Like with guns this will only affect the already law abiding citizen, criminals and those with a desire will just get it on the black market and still wreak havoc.

        It changes nothing except governments’ ability to over whelm with a little less fuss, strange if cops would just learn how to shoot this would be less of an issue.

        • od nam vet

          Wasn’t it withing the last year that several NYPD cops shot a man on the street and several pedestrians were wounded but they were wounded by bullets fired from the cops guns not from the perp’s

        • Anonymous

          don’t concern yerseff with those expiration dates, body armor works WAAAAY beyond those dates, just like those expiration dates on food or drugs….just a guarantee by the manufacturer to be fresh up to that date. search survivalblog for some excellent articles on body armor. BTW, a backpack with the kevlar stripped from body armor makes a great shield to put on your back to run away from a shooter, or as a shield in front of you to rush him. and i plan to rely on mine at home or if i have to go out for short trips like finding water or bartering food, if it comes down to that….i don’t see myself roaming around for hours with it on.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Concerning body armor. The point being, not whether we need it or not, and what rounds will it stop and not stop. But does the Government have the right to tell me what I can or cannot have. Just like helmet laws and seatbelt laws, if it doesn’t endanger others it’s none of TPTB business what I have or don’t. Trekker Out. Free Men own Body Armor, Dead Men Don’t!

      21. Thad swift

        Those in favor can suck a wet fart out of my a– after a night of beer and deviled eggs.

      22. Sgt. Dale

        Folks body heavy armor like the guys in the picture are wearing, doesn’t work when wet. It also will not stop and arrow. If there is a strike plate in them it will. Body armor is good for shrapnel just like the Kevlar helmet. It is heavy, and makes you sweat. This causes dehydration. Restricts movement. Close up hand to hand is almost out of the question.

        You are better off knowing the difference between cove and concealment. Like I have always said you can’t take on a tank head on. When you are is this stuff, you are like a tank.

        If it all goes to hell and the SHTF, and we can’t tell who the bad guy are from the good guys, and it is survival time. Well a blind man can see where to aim at someone wearing body armor.

        Don’t get me wrong I wear mine all the time. I’m in an air condition squad most of the time and if it dose get sweaty when I go into the station it comes of. These things are great for weight lose in the summer and help keep you warm in the winter.


        • slingshot

          SGT Dale.

          Too bad they do not make body armor that provides sound protection and is lite weight and cools. Restrictive movement and add over that you web gear/tactical vest. If you have a few pounds on you and you do not train with it on it can become a burden.
          Hell I am not going to run very far in 90 degree heat and humidity over 100 degrees with a 20 pounds of heavy gear. Think Level4.
          There are times you can used a little protection and you can buy body armor to partially cover the vital spots. Shoot and scoot. When you really gonna have to fight it out in place you can cover up in armor. Think being, alone, stationary, need to have more body exposed in the fight of a last stand effort.
          Used body armor life depends on if it was well kept. No oil or grease stains. No sun exposure. Sweat stains/dirt may be there but not excessive. The Kevlar should be flat and NOT BUNCHED UP. Somewhat flexible and the carrier not torn or excessive wear. There is a difference between a flack vest and body armor. The flack may provide some protection (some better than none at all). Riccochet bullets?

          • slingshot

            What is so hard about understanding the use of body armor?

            No body armor provides 100% protection. Your legs and arms, under your arms and maybe your groin are open areas. How about your ass? You can have a Kevlar mask and helmet but a 50 caliber BMG will pop your head off.

            Buying body armor is like buying precious metals. If you think you might need it, then buy it.

          • slingshot


            Good Video Betcha SWAT teams are not thinking about arrows. Silent and deadly.

            • Kulafarmer

              That PSE crossbow is amazing, a friend got one, uses it for deer, im looking at getting one, they are heavy but the most accurate cross bow i have ever seen

              • sixpack

                My Barnett Quad 400 produces about 346 fps.

                • sixpack

                  Why would 3 people red thumb this? Do they not know what “fps” means?

      23. Old Guy

        There Is no body armor that will stop a 7.62X 54. If your wearing body armor and I shoot you dead center with my 44 even if the vest stopped the bullet. It would still kill you be like laying on the ground and letting someone hit the middle of your chest with a ten pound sledge hammer. A 12 guage 000 buck at close range body armor aint gonna help much.

        • talon1776

          Dad what I’m talking ’bout!
          Besides I won’t be bothered much by taking the body armor as I will be taking the side arms, M4, night vision scopes, additional ammo, their ID’s (because dead scum doesn’t need to be identified) and whatever comm devices for some major fuck with them transmission games..all this and more…From Their Cold Dead Hands!

          Live Free or Die..a little shake…a little tingle

          • talon1776

            Das what I’m talking ’bout…dammit!

          • talon1776

            Das what I’m talking ’bout…dammit!

            • PO'd Patriot

              heard ya the first time……

              • Warchild Dammit!

                The dreaded double post,another poster who shall remain hidden was also struck with the dreaded double post syndrome(hell,even happens to me on occasion)that seemed to happen regularly,not just a lack of coffee mishap.Perhaps,like obola,the dreaded double post is contagious and spreading!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Talon1776, I have a similar plan in mind.

        • Anonymous

          and if i get shot with a 9mm….or a 45….or a 12guage from 20 yards away?…..i’ll be BETTER OFF with my armor in MOST cases, so i’ll take my chances WITH the armor….you are welcome to go at it without the armor. good luck to ALL here on SHTFP!…oh, and happy 1984!

        • Sebastion T.

          I think you’re all missing something here.

          Energy per Gram (Rules of Thumb)

          Bullet (at sound speed) 0.01 Calorie
          Battery (auto) = 0.03 Calories
          Modern high explosive (PETN) 1 Cal
          Chocolate chip cookies = 5 Calories
          Coal, Alcohol (ethanol) = 6 Calories
          Butter = 7 Calories
          Gasoline = 10 Calories
          Natural gas (methane) = 13 Calories
          Hydrogen gas (H) = 26 Calories

          Molotov cocktails, anyone?

        • YH

          Old Guy,

          Take a look at the AR500 Spartan Body Armor with Rhino lining from The Target Man. There are some very impressive video demos of the armor being tested on their website and You Tube while taking multiple hits with little or no fragmentation. It can stop 7.62×51 NATO at 25 yards, I’d be willing to bet it would stop 7.62x54R at distance.

          • VRF

            It might be able to stop a 7.62 at 25 yards..but can your chest take the impact?
            or your heart for that matter

            so you die of blunt force trauma ,, but hey, no holes.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Great minds think alike! You post wasn’t up when I put up mine. Have a great week end my FRIEND!

            • slingshot


              You should never pull body armor tight against your body. Like you said it may not penetrate the vest but the force of the impact of the bullet to your chest can do you in. Allows for ventilation and extra mobility too.

              Careful when using metal plate. Spaulding may occur and rip carriers.

              • VRF

                very true

            • YH


              Great point. I wasn’t thinking about the hydrostatic shock of the impact. That alone would be enough to take a person out of the fight. Hopefully the plate carrier padding with an optional ballistic pad behind the plate will lessen the hydrostatic shock and the person could live to fight another day. Thanks.

            • Winston Smith

              Yup. I saw what happens when an idiot decides to use himself as a teat subject for body armor on the Nat Geo show “The Science of Stupid”. No penetration but man, that certainly didn’t tickle! What’s even worse is that there were several people dumb enough to make videos of it and post it to the web. Needless to say, not everyone who shot their friend with the body armor on was a good shot…

              • sixpack

                NEVER volunteer.

          • Sgt. Dale

            It might stop them, but the trauma from the bullet striking the vest will break ribs. and hit in center mass might stop the heart.

            • YH

              Sgt. Dale,

              Thanks for the feedback. While I own AR500 armor and have practiced with it during training sessions, my familiarity with body armor is limited to book knowledge at best. I always use body armor with ballistic padding behind the armor for extra protection. Thanks Sgt.

          • Old Guy

            Was that lead or steel ammo.

        • Old Guy

          I surprised my posst got so many thumbs down. In the Gordon Call incident near Smithville Ar. Lawrence county sherriff Gene Matthews Was wearing his body armor. He was killed by a 12 guage buckshot. Get your bullet proof vest strap it to a tree and shoot it.

        • Sgt. Dale

          We are on the same page for I think the first time.
          A man with wisdom. I knew I could find something I liked about you.

        • Socrates


          Your age is showing: 😉

          They have body armor on the market since 2009 that’s stops multiple hits from .300 Win Mag and even .338 Lapua. Invented by a 9th grade Canadian kid no less.

          It’s a great product BTW.
          h t tp://

          As far as you getting knocked on your butt by taking a hit, it’s all about physics. Take a look:
          h t tp://

        • Wade

          Old Guy, there`s quite a few plates that stop the 7.62x 54. A quick web search will show you the various gear testers that shoot the plates with it.

          • Old Guy

            my 7.62 X54 with steel ammo drilled holes through a 1/2 thick bulldozer blade. and its made of T1 steel.

      24. wncmountainboy

        My nagant m44 will punch perfect holes through 1/4″ I-beam steel at 75 yards using the steel core 180 gr. fmj’s. And like Old Guy said, even with no penetration the sheer kinetic energy transfer would flat knock you on your ass. Even if someone survived the hit they wouldn’t be getting up immediately for more confrontation.

      25. watching and waiting

        When in doubt, the head shot is always a good choice.

        The gangs have body Armor. Perhaps not all of them, but you can bet if they break your door, they have it on.

        • talon1776

          Welcome to the Brotherhood of the 54…we are growing

      26. Patriot2014

        Body armor not required when engaging long range targets.

        • Winston Smith

          Perhaps, but if the S truly H’s T F, then you may not get to choose your battles.

          • sixpack

            ain’t that the truth…

      27. bodyguard

        body armor is nothing but fabric and steel. so it’s illegal to own fabric and steel? alright you heard the government everyone stop driving cars and walk around butt naked or else you face 10 years in prison!

      28. Grafique

        All the plate armor I’ve ever seen leaves gaps exposed in vital areas. And like Sgt. Dale said, it’s heavy and limits your movement. So for hand-to-hand or a running battle maybe it’s not the best thing. Still, I’d rather have it on if I was in a fixed position that was being assaulted, or if I was traversing an area where snipers were a problem, like Selco’s urban experience.

        • VRF

          the high caliber of a sniper rifle, and the speed of that projectile will smoke right thru any body armor out there, and if it doesnt get thru the energy transmitted will take you out

          plus the good snipers go for the head anyways

          • Socrates


            See my post above to Old Guy. You guys need to research/invent more. It’s what I do for a living, BTW.

            Headshot for the win, always!

        • Sgt. Dale

          It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it! There is a place and time for it. I agree.

      29. ubiquitous

        Congress and all the rest are useless..

        They spend their time creating nothing of value except to restrict and strip our supposed rights from the Constitution et al..(and extract every last dime from the few of us who still actually work and create something for a living)..meanwhile fattening their coffers for a prefect lucrative retirement..

        These few asshats probably have never seen,nor worn body armor in the first place..

        How about we as the so called citizenry propose a law banning scotus, potus and congress form existing..period!


        • sixpack

          I’d be happy with term limits for ALL ELECTED/APPOINTED GOVT.

          Without exception.

      30. TEST

        What’s next? Having police stop 10 yr old girls from selling lemonade on the street?

        Oh wait… they already ARE doing that. See

      31. VRF

        so can they also try to regulate AR500 plate?

        • YH

          Exactly VRF. Are they going to ban shooting AR500 steel targets as well? This crap started in California and they’re trying to impose it on the rest of the nation. Pure crap.

          • the renegade braveheart

            YH, have you ever heard the old saying, “As Commiefornia goes, so does the rest of the nation?”

            • YH

              the renegade braveheart,

              Re: >>”“As Commiefornia goes, so does the rest of the nation?””<<

              I have heard that expression on several occasions. Having lived in California for about 7 years I understand exactly how the phrase came about. California has the most insane politicians in the nation. How they keep getting re-elected is a mystery to me, which is one the many reasons why I left in 2002.

              • the renegade braveheart

                YH, I don’t blame you. You did the one of the best things anyone could do. That’s one asylum the inmates will keep running until it’s destroyed.

      32. TEST

        You know what is sick and disgusting? I spoke with a senior mgr at ComEd yesterday, telling him I refused to put an Agenda 21 smart meter in my home. The worst part was when he told me he “slept well” doing this kind of work.

        What I almost told him, but didn’t want to start a shouting argument, is that the freaking NAZIS also went to the opera, theatre, etc. after murdering Jews all day. These leftists truly are the most ignorant people around. And what they don’t get is that when they are done being used, they, too, are turned into Solyent Green. Google what happened to Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s NKVD henchman, or Robespierre. And the NSA/police state types reading this post – you, too, will be left out to dry with hyperinflation, a renunciation of your retirement package, etc. once you are done. I am 101% non-violent, so you have no reason other than being against free speech and pursuing whatever the political fashion du jour is for reading this. And your grandfather, who fought in WWII for FREEDOM, would be DISGUSTED by what you are doing now by, for all practical purposes, joining the National Socialists (google the Nazi planks, adopted Feb. 1920 in Munich – reads right out of a fascist Nancy Pelosi or Dirty Harry Reid playbook)

        • Kulafarmer

          I honestly cant wait for the $ to become worthless,
          Cant wait for all these arrogant self satisfied government employees paychecks, retirements and benefits to be worth less than 0
          Its us against them,
          Govt no longer is for the people,
          It represses and robs from those who produce.
          But hey, keep thinking your jobs and bennies are permanent, when you come here looking for a handout you will get exactly what you deserve

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Lots and lots of Governments out there are stealing the Pension from the people. So all these dumb Gubberment employees will have no retirement. They were dumb slaving away all these years and get nothing in the end. Too funny. All these dumb Cops who think they have a pension? Poof gone. That will be the day, these idiots finally wake up and realize they been on the wrong side of the equation most of their lives serving their Masters.

            Read this article:
            Russia is not the first country to confiscate pension assets to pay its bills, and it probably won’t be the last. Argentina, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, and Bulgaria have all done the same in the last six years…..

      33. VRF

        there will be so much of this laying around it wont matter

        and they never think this crap thru

        I already have what im going to have and if they keep regulating against what was already legally sold , they can KMA!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yeah, when real SHTF, there will be plenty of body armor for the taking off of dead corpses. Just aim for their knee caps or balls, drop them and finish it off, then help yourself to their goodies. But Remember wounding is better than killing, like the Vietnamese figured out, cause it ties up 2 more enemy combatants just dragging the single wounded off the field of battle.

      34. PO'd Patriot

        Go out and buy your body armor, I’ve got better places to place my cash. This is just another message to us peasants that the elites are getting nervous. Take that money you want to spend and invest it in a three gun course or even a basic rifle course. Or get yourself a good 1000 yard gun and ammo and hit the range.

        • Kulafarmer

          borrow someones armor before you drop 300-400-500-600???
          on a setup,
          if its cheap it aint light, the level IV ceramics are around 400 each, they are brittle, generally only absorb 1 shot, the multi hit ceramics IF you can buy them are expensive, if you find some that are cheap, they most likely are not what they are advertized as,
          anyway, borrow a PC with the plates in it and wear it around doing your dayly tasks for a few hours, if you can stand them that long, now imagine you need to be real mobile and also be carrying a pack for some reason,
          just how mobile will you be???
          Still think your a gunfighter? some may be, most? not so much, armor is nice, its a tacticool piece of gear that May, or may not save your life, if you take a tube full of 12 gauge buckshot to center mass you wont get up anyway, if you take a full mag from an M4 center mass you wont get up anyway, if you take 2 30-06 to the center of the plate,,,,,,, you most likely wont get up anyway, even armor doesnt make you invincible,

          • sixpack

            I’m not a “gun fighter”, but I AM A FIGHTER. I will fight as long and hard as I am able to. After that, it’s in God’s hands.

        • the renegade braveheart

          PO’d Patriot, I agree. I still need more ammo, food, water, etc., so that’s where my money is going. If I want body armor, I’ll take it from a dead thug. Otherwise, I’m not wasting money on it.

          • sixpack

            I sure wouldn’t turn anything down if the opportunity arose.

      35. Anonymous

        ZOG fabricates story: ISIL suddenly becomes a major danger to the world while the parasitic tribe along with their parasitic Saudi Cousins and their paid professional Al CIA and Mossad killers have created these monsters .

        Now the same ZOG is moving for the final kill and they don’t want multiple shots to save on their billion rounds ammo.

        Boys and girls we are reaching the final steps of the ZOG plan. Be ready to win or follow your fear instead of logic and truth to lose.

      36. Warchild Dammit!

        Well,since congress is not subject to the laws it passes they can still have their body armor,they believe they will need it but it won’t help if citizens start getting slaughtered on a large scale.That said,like ammo and firearms,that horse left the barn long ago in regards to those who want it have it,just more daily bs from the feds.As another poster pointed out things go horribly wrong in this country there will be plenty lying about,just clean off the blood/meat and don.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Honestly this Bill has no hope of passing, cause there are just too many Corrupt Politicians taking bribes from the MICM (Military Industrial Complex Mafia) keeping them in office. It does stir up a nice debate though. Watch though as the prices of Body armor will now skyrocket like Guns and Ammo did. Get the Armor now if you are going to get it. Just wearing it when driving down the road may become beneficial like during a BugOut. You can also buy Armor curtains for your side doors of your cars, as doors are paper thin and most bullets will travel through car doors like a hot knife through butter.

      37. ruleofthumb

        BEWARE there are CONTINUOUSLY ON AVERAGE 20 ACTIVE SERIAL KILLERS at any one time in zog amerika.


        ‘My mission is vengeance’

        Man says he killed four gay men in response to US foreign policy

        … link

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Want a good read on serial killers?

          You aint seen nothing yet…..

          The Bernes Review dot com
          Russia and the Christian Holocaust

          Coming very soon to America

      38. Jim in Va.

        They’ll oulaw jock straps and cups next. totally unprotected! I’m puckering up just thinking about it.

      39. ImJustaBill

        Why doesn’t congress work on things we really need instead of dreaming up more laws/restricting our rights?
        The Economy
        Securing our Borders
        Revisiting Bank Regulations
        .. on and on

      40. VRF

        not sure if it was posted..
        and its O/T the subject is passed , but it keeps coming up again so here is this

        ht tp://

      41. tayronachan

        “Whatever your stance on firearms, I hope we can agree that it’s pretty damn difficult to hurt another human being with body armor.”

        That is an utterly false statement! If a person was sitting down, and I snuck up behind him with a 10lb plate of steel, and started beating said person over the head with said 10lb plate of steel, you could really hurt that person! What happens if someone goes crazy, and runs down a city street with said 10lb steel plate, smacking people with it?!?! How many people die a year by being hit with body armor!! Something must be done!! I am beside myself with fear!!

      42. truth is evil

        How is this going to curb rampant black crime?
        Call your senators and representatives and demand they address the overwhelming black on white rapes and murders or they will be replaced with someone who will!

        • vincent

          Our elected “reprehensibles” –er, I mean “representatives”, are on vacation!! Notice the silence of the lambs in the face of black mob riots, knockout games, hate crimes committed by black Muslims, ad nauseum.

          The “law and order” wing of the Republican Party has been funding the regulatory agencies for years, and they spend it on–military weaponry!! The War on Drugs guaranteed the re-election of many senators, especially the GOP and the Feinstein wing of the DNC.

      43. ponomo

        may God chit on Obama.

      44. 21Bravo

        How far does one think the body armored cops in the above pic abovem could chase you especially when it is 90oF + out.
        80% of the battlefield casualities are caused by shrapenal not bullets. One can run alot faster when not being weighed down with that….

      45. De Oppresso Liber

        You mean we are worried about criminals that historically have been let off easy, or in prison previously – that our elected officials continue to let out of prison . . . we are worried about those folks having body armor?

        DOL – we are the oppressed

      46. RickInOregon

        I can see it now, some little kid puts a piece of paper on his chest and then gets suspended from school for having that evil body armor.

        • sixpack

          …Superman would be in a world of trouble…


        mmmmmmmmmmmmm ?


        Police are buying all this equipment for ALLLL FENCE? or for DEFENSE?.

        Of course if they are so worried about us citizens having it, or bad guys having it.

        I have this question ?.

        Have you ever heard of a HEAD SHOT or BEING SHOT IN THE LEGS ?

        I fear now its going to be on folks.

        Next thing is going to be GAS MASKS you watch.

        Then we are going to know its going to be GAME ON.

        GOD HELP US !

      48. River Rat

        Another example of how the Ballet Box is the answer to all our problems NOT! How did our country get to this point, which caused it to happen, but whom aloud it too? Get up from the keyboards, set the lap top aside and get out of the recliner, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror that person caused and aloud it too happen no one else. Oh we can gripe, complain, stomp, and yes bitch all we want, but that won’t fix the problem. Until we get the back-bone too stand up face to face with these A$$ CLOWNS and get physical more will happen to us. It’s to the point that yes; it will take BLOOD and GUTS now to fix it. So if we are not willing to give it our all; we will still be bumping our gums all the way up the cattle car ramps.
        Yes, I include myself in everything I just said. It’s getting old reading about, talking about where to bug out, how to fix your bug out vehicle, what it will look like if this happens or that happens, what to put back etc. etc. these are only our opinions and guess what their like A-holes everyone has one, that’s not fixing the problem only prolonging it. To start with if we just shut it down buy nothing, go nowhere just stay home live off your prep’s (good practice), but R Rat I’ve got bills, I need to work to make FRN’s, I can’t stay home, well do I need to say more, it’s got to start somewhere. You’re crazy the brain dead won’t do that, yes this is very true, but 3 to 4 million people to start, the lost in revenue will and cannot be over looked. Folks it must start somewhere if not with us, BY WHO THEN? The bullet box is the last straw, start using it and there will be absolutely no turning back. Just think about it, but we all know time is running out.
        Ranting on the river bank, thanks are to all for allowing me this opportunity.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      49. Ugly


        What Would Bush Do?

      50. ORANGE PEACH

        I think Sen. Honda needs to sit back and stop smoking Crack
        and switch over to WEED.

        Is it not legal there in California.

        The land of Fruits and Nuts ????????

      51. B-17

        Who wants to where that stuff anyway ?

        Is someone trying to make a fashion statement ?

        • vincent

          You mean who would want to *wear* that stuff?

          I dunno, people that want to protect their heart and lungs from bullets!

      52. Anonymous

        You can always get ammo and now vest from their dead.

        • Kulafarmer

          Screw the vest, just take the MRAP after they all exit!

          • talon1776

            That’s my plan…but the mestizos will beat me to it and make it a low rider

      53. Jay in UK

        So, they want the odds in their favour increased even more for when it comes to the big round-up / lock down… They clearly envisage many gun battles with civilians.

      54. ATX

        More laws for the “law-abiding”

      55. Happy Wonderer

        Oh Look……………..and there are Mike Honda’s stupid constituents getting ready to vote him back into office….

        We must have term limits. Life would be a lot simpler!

        • vincent

          HW, the SF Gay Area is infested with illegal immigrants, government unions, homeless, SEIU, LGBT deviants, drugged up college students, medicinal pot users, black welfare parasites, and other ignorant voters. In Kali, vote early and often!!!

          This is the same area that cast 200,000 votes for an indicted state rep, Leland Ye! This hardcore Commie was one of the most vociferous opponents of gun ownership, voting for every foul gun registration and restriction. And he was indicted for allegedly participating in gun running operations to the Muslims in the Philippines.

          • sixpack

            Well, now we had an idea of how many muslims were in his district…200,000…

      56. Ol' Grey Ghost

        You can hurt someone with your body armor – if you slap them upside the head with your vest…



        If this bill is pasted HR 5344

        Does that mean the President is going to JAIL for 10 years?

        He wares BODY ARMOR and rides in a Armored Limo.

        So does a lot of elected officials they ware it.
        Are they going to go to jail too.

        So do a lot of high profile people they ware it
        like Mayors. of cities and the elites.
        Are they going to go to jail too?

        Will everyone that wares Body Armor have to get finger printed and pay a $200.00 TAX STAMP ?

        Boy that would really TAX the system.

        • sixpack

          ALL of those people will be EXEMPT. Bet on it.

      58. NewVegasBadger

        Once again, there is no idea so stupid, so out of touch with reality that some congress critter will thing that it is a great idea, and will propose legislation to make law.
        Remember these are the very same people, who have voted on bills, passing them into, who NEVER read the bill they voted on.

      59. Mr.West

        What I am curious about is what constituents are demanding this legislation? None! This is a Republic right? Legislators are supposed to represent us or be removed. This law, if ever actually enacted, would be illegitimate for this reason only. I will just add this to the very long list of laws that i do not obey today, and continue to prepare for the day they decide they are going to force me to comply.

        • Kulafarmer

          Almost ALL the laws these POS so called “representatives” have passed are bullshit

      60. slingshot

        If you are going to invest in body armor you should also have some eye protection. Military grade goggles with ballistic plastic lenses. Clear or Dark Sun Shade. Light Green are laser protection.

        There are attachments of Body Armor that cover the groin, neck and throat areas. Military material.

        • talon1776

          Body Armor on your Wang is still gonna make you speak in tongues if you get hit with a 54 there.

      61. ORANGE PEACH

        SEN Honda,

        Are you on Crack ?? or CRACKED ????

        If so try WEED for medical reasons.

        Its legal in the land of fruits and nuts California.

        • talon1776

          Not a Senator…will never be a Senator…just another bleeding heart from a district of bleeding hearts…Lotta Japanese in that district so they always vote for the Japanese…just like Hawaii. I know..cause I was born in Hawaii.

      62. Ebola Soup

        Hard to believe that this bill is authored by a 7th term democrat for the state of California?

        Must be an anomaly.

      63. Bubba-J

        Think People, their logic is flawed. Let’s see, they say this is for the bacon’s “SAFETY”, right? OK let’s look at this, let’s see in 2013 there was 105 cops killed in the line of “duty” 105, see there is a place for the cops that die to be listed, BUT not a data base for the INNOCENT killed by cops. Check out officer down memorial page, ODMP dot org. See the reason they died. This site list deaths back to 1840 (1), of course getting back into years past it may not be correct numbers, but the newer one are.
        SO the idea of cop safety is a farce! Look at the causes listed for deaths. Looks like cops are killed less than unarmed civies. Remember a BAD COP is not just a killer, he/she can be very arrogant, abusive, and down right power hungry MEAN. There is NO DATA BASE for people, either innocent or criminal killed by cops. Any that “seem” to be wrongful killing are investigated by “One of the OWN” Cops have a get out of jail FREE card, it is a sentence or two “I was in fear of my life/safety” OR “He/She was RESISTING ARREST” Kill a cop in a No-Knock Raid, and innocent, you will be charged with a CAPITAL CRIME, not just 1st degree murder.

        SO who needs the PROTECTION? Cops or Civilians?

        • sixpack


      64. Anonymous

        I think our Fed should act and show some good faith to the American public to regain the public trust. They have given free military weapons of all sort to the police agencies and para military killers of ex backwater etc..

        How about free buddy armor to all Americans?

        • sixpack

          I found this interesting:

          “anti-fraud system” like the fingerprint scan the country uses for voting.”

      65. Burt Gummer

        H.R.5344X is a secret law being proposed to ban mutant citizens. Having special powers could pose a problem for the police if they break the law. Days of future past never looked so rosy…

        • Kulafarmer

          I want to go live on Waltons mountain back in the 30s

      66. Burt Gummer

        Soon the govt will want to install a heart plug in everyone like the House Harkonnen in the movie Dune. Disobey or screw up, and your Overlord will pull your plug, literally.

      67. incognito

        But.. but… I use my plates and carrier strictly while I’m on the treadmill!! Why don’t those nimrods try to ban barbells next.

      68. Mongo Pissed

        Check out the ad for C.A.T.I. Armor on the right side of this page. They offer 10% discount to SHTFPlan readers. A friend has their product, which will stop a 9 mm or .45 cal. at 20 feet – we tested it (on a dummy)! It made skinny me look like robocop.

        • talon1776

          Why is Infidel Armor not discussed?

      69. Barbara

        TPTB can go f&$k themselves! I know a totalitarian “law” when I hear it, and I will ignore it if it comes to be the “law of the land”. First and foremost, I am an American, which means that I expect to live my life with my God-given freedoms intact, and I will not allow any Marxist, commie ruler or lawmakers to tell me what I can and can’t buy! If I want to buy body armor, I will. Try and stop me, ass&@$/s!!!

      70. Anonymous

        HR 5344 specifically bans Type III or higher. Aren’t most common armor type II and IIA?

        It seems like this bill was meant to keep military armor from civilians.

        • incognito

          Yes, but type III weighs more and is better for exercising on the treadmill. Enjoy your freedom buddy. What does a sheep say?

        • sixpack

          Of course it was! Can’t have us peons at an equal level now, can we?

      71. bam

        What is all this ruck-ass now about civilians having body armor ?

        It does not shoot anything.

        The class 3 TYPE only stops 7.62 about 3 times

        WHATS UP ??????

      72. Survivormann99

        The author of this article is an outright charlatan.

        Because one congressman has introduced a bill and held a press conference does not mean that “Congress” is proposing anything. This bill has a snowball’s chance in hell of being passed.

        Beware of fear merchants who will go to such lengths to deceive the uninformed. “If he’ll lie to you a little, he will lie to you a lot.”

      73. InalienableWrights

        These psychopathic bastards are supposed to be protecting our rights not fuking trampling them!

        Many in congress need to be tried for treason, and hung from the neck until dead! Do you agree of not?

      74. Libertarianmajority

        They’ve made it illegal to be a free individual. That’s their declaration of war against free individuals–and therefore, against individuals, for there’s no way to be an individual without being free. Therefore, the free will just be illegal and at war with the authoritarians. Sure, we can tell “our” “representatives” to NOT ban armor. That will just be an attempt by us to be diplomatic. War, however, is the very reason to have armor so, them banning it makes it imperative to have it.

      75. George Washington

        My LIII plates are coming in tomorrow! Fuck any government agency at any level telling me how I can defend myself. This would be like a king outlawing peasants from owning shields. Although Obama’s thinks that we are his peasants so maybe that makes sense. Why should any man have a greater right than any other man to defend himself?

        • Mr. T

          Remember he’s got a phone and a pen!!! I would wager that the person introducing the ban is a person who’s just purchased a fair amount of stock in a body armor company so he can collect on the many individuals who will rush out to get it now. Just my 3 cents worth. If they ban it and I need it, I’ll make my own!!!

      76. DaveM

        This headline is misleading – it should state, “Democrat congressman proposes new law”. These idiots come up with this garbage every day, it’s really no big deal.

      77. Dave

        Naturally, this was proposed by a democrat (not that I’m a republican, I’m a Libertarian)
        Think how creepy they are getting; body armor is strictly defensive…
        This is similar to that other democrat who wanted to prevent homeowners from reinforcing THEIR OWN FRONT DOORS! In case the police wanted to break them down someday…
        Most of this group are control freaks with a little Stalin in their blood.

      78. Choctaw Warrior

        LETS SEE–George Washington warned us–Pres. Rosevelt warned us–Pres. Eisenhower warned us —Pres. Kennedy warned us that tyranny was coming to the USA by the secret societies. We are so damned stupid that after all of these Presidents warning us we have not done a damn thing to stop it. Honey Dancing with the stars is on. SORRY GUYS GOT TO GO WE WILL GIT BACK TO THIS LATTER.


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