Latest From the Hill: Congress Criminalizes the Right to Free Assembly; Strips Basic Protections of First Amendment

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Headline News | 285 comments

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    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Amendment I
    The Constitution of the United States of America
    September 17, 1787 

    It seems like every day brings us one step closer to a totalitarian police state, and today is no exception.

    The Daily Crux and Economic Policy Journal have reported on a little known bill that was overwhelmingly approved by the House of Representatives (H.R. 347 vote tally 388-3) and the Senate (S.1794 passed with unanimous consent, no voting records were kept of which Senators approved).

    The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 essentially strips Americans of their right to protest and assemble in government buildings or on public or private grounds where events of “national significance” are taking place.

    The summary of the bill clearly outlines the direct attack on our First Amendment protections which allow for peaceable assembly and public redress of grievances against our government or elected officials within it:

    Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 – Amends the federal criminal code to revise the prohibition against entering restricted federal buildings or grounds to impose criminal penalties on anyone who knowingly enters any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority. Defines “restricted buildings or grounds” as a posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area of: (1) the White House or its grounds or the Vice President’s official residence or its grounds, (2) a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting, or (3) a building or grounds so restricted due to a special event of national significance. 

    Bill sponsor Tom Rooney (R-FL) claimed in a tweet responding to grievances on the internet, that “HR 347 does not effect your right to protest in any way whatsoever. It deals with fence jumpers, not protestors.”

    As it turns out, the two page bill deals not just with ‘fence jumpers,’ but also lays the groundwork for all protests, gatherings and politic dissent in any facility or grounds in the United States of America that has been identified as a place of ‘national significance’ or where the Secret Service is charged with the protection of an individual – ANY individual, whether it’s the President, a congressional member or anyone else of national interest.

    This is serious business, and you can be assured that, while Tom Rooney may have meant for the bill to stop fence jumpers, it can and will be used for far more than that:

    The new legislation allows prosecutors to charge anyone who enters a building without permission or with the intent to disrupt a government function with a federal offense if Secret Service is on the scene, but the law stretches to include not just the president’s palatial Pennsylvania Avenue home. Under the law, any building or grounds where the president is visiting — even temporarily — is covered, as is any building or grounds “restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance.”

    It’s not just the president who would be spared from protesters, either.

    Covered under the bill is any person protected by the Secret Service. Although such protection isn’t extended to just everybody, making it a federal offense to even accidently disrupt an event attended by a person with such status essentially crushes whatever currently remains of the right to assemble and peacefully protest.

    Hours after the act passed, presidential candidate Rick Santorum was granted Secret Service protection…

    In the text of the act, the law is allowed to be used against anyone who knowingly enters or remains in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so, but those grounds are considered any area where someone — whether it’s President Obama, Senator Santorum or Governor Romney — will be temporarily visiting, whether or not the public is even made aware. Entering such a facility is thus outlawed, as is disrupting the orderly conduct of “official functions,” engaging in disorderly conduct “within such proximity to” the event or acting violent to anyone, anywhere near the premises. Under that verbiage, that means a peaceful protest outside a candidate’s concession speech would be a federal offense…

    Source: RT

    For those who will undoubtedly be charged under the new legislation, the penalties will be severe.

    If you are found to possess a weapon deemed as dangerous (not necessarily a gun) when you knowingly enter an event of national significance you can be imprisoned for up to ten years.

    If you are a peaceful, unarmed protester and you disrupt an event you’ll be treated with a bit more mercy by our benevolent leaders and be given up to one (1) year in prison.

    With what we’ve seen over the last few year in Greece, greater Europe, Syria, and even the United States, the legislation makes complete sense from a government standpoint. What better way to keep dissenters and protesters quiet than to imprison them for months or years? It will take only a few public examples the next time a Tea Party or Occupy style protest take place and millions of Americans will understand that staying home and staying silent is their new Patriotic duty.

    And, if it so happens that protests turn to violent rioting and civil unrest, the government will have the pretext to arrest, detain and imprison anyone and everyone in those ‘restricted areas of national significance.’

    Housing these criminals should not be a problem, as our government, the Pentagon and DHS have been planning for just this scenario for quite some time, going so far as to build largescale detention facilities where those identified as subversive to our government can be re-educated.


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      1. Do we have any amendments left? ALL OF CONGRESS NEEDS TO BE OUT ON THEIR ASSES. This is the setup for the collapse…watch and see.

        • This is just another way to egg people on to violence so the PTB can crack down. Doesn’t matter if it is the OWS or the Tea Party crowd, they don’t give a crap as long as they can get someone to react violently. They start arresting people for something that we are constitutionally guaranteed and then folks start fighting back. The next step is more suppressive legislation and police state bullies. They want us to lash out and do something that they can use. If and when we get to the point of push back, at least at first, think French Resistance in WW2.

          • I agree. I do believe that Obama and his minions are pushing us towards a violent reaction to their new Constitutionally limiting laws. Their pushing for Martial Law. It’s the only way Obama can stay in office past November. With that said, I really don’t believe there are enough LEO’s and Military personnel who are willing to go against their families and friends. You will always have a few, but there are millions of law abiding citizens out here willing to throw down for the Constitution!!!

            • Knot, bet the German, Russian and Chinese people thought there weren’t enough LEOs/military personnel who’d go against families and friends also. Many on this site call, those lost, sheeple. I don’t think there’s any shortage of personnel that’ll do the gov’s bidding. This nation has been destroying the family structure for years. There are more sheeple than patriots.
              This article just shows us all that we aren’t the only preppers. We all have seen how the govt has been prepping by abolishing the constitution, our freedoms.

            • Note: Tom Rooney is a REPUBLICAN from Florida… Obama now has Republican minions??? If so, we really are skewered and dangling over the fire. Both parties are interested only in feathering their own nests and blocking any third parties from emerging.

            • Did ya notice it was a republican that introduced this bill (Tom Rooney R Fla.) Get it through your thick head it is ALL POLITICIANS that are the enemy there is no difference. They want us all to fight with the other party so they can keep us occupied while they pull this crap. If you think the GOP or The DEMS got your back you are a fool.

            • Knot,

              Did you read the article? Do you understand our government? The Senate and the House passed their respective bills. President Obama had nothing to do with that. All he can is sign it into law or veto it. So, this is not about Obama and his minions, unless you include the Tea Bag packed House in those you consider his minions.

              So, the question is why would those “patriotic” Tea Baggers pass this? I thought that they supported the constitution from an originalist point of view. Ironic, isn’t it?

            • I’m replying to DRD5508 who apparently believes that we should all put our heads where he has his. DRD5508 says “There are more sheeple than patriots” there for it’s a lost cause. Only thirty percent of the colonial population participated in the Revolutionary War. I just can’t stand spineless liberal pukes!!

          • Troll!

            • Where?

            • Mac,

              I am the real “The Moon is a Harsh Mistresss” and I resent these assholes hijacking our handles. I have seen this happen to several other posters over the last couple days; is there any way that those hijacking and posting crap under an established user name can be stopped? I would be willing to have to identify myself through my email address every time I posted to ensure that I am not being fraudently represented.

              And to the asshole that posted under my name and under other established posters names – you are a despicable piece of shit who proves the value of contraception and validates the continued need for inexpensive access to abortion. At least you will not be the proximate cause of any abortions since you are most likely some pimply-faced geek who will never get laid as long as you are living in your mother’s basement. Go take your troll ass somewhere else!

          • I prefer to think of it as the French Revolution of 1789. That one didn’t go so well for TPTB.

            • The second American rev won’t go well for them either.

            • The French Revolution didn’t go well for anyone in France except the banksters.

          • Many decades ago my grandfather pointed out to us kids that there is No protection for the government in the constitution. However there are provisions for protection of the people. This whole protection of the government is a recent event. Mainly since JFK. However I havent seen any constitutional amendments that allow for it.

          • “If you are found to possess a weapon …” Or one is planted on you…

          • ///////////////rainyday, you are
            singing to the ….

        • If anyone hasn’t noticed yet, many of the post are being written using our screen names. Most of you can tell the difference between what the usual writing style would be and the bogus ones showing up now.
          Mac, I believe it is time to register our user names and have a password to post on this site. I know this is not the direction you wish to go as this is an open, public forum, but being hijacked everyday does this site, nor it’s posters any good.

          • Hey AZ, yental here. So you know its the real yental, I’m going way back. IRA. That’s how you know its me. All the people I thought were friends below are talking bad about eachother. I don’t know what to make of it.

          • Totally concur with your assessment regarding Irrationalized individuals from using and becoming (even a moment) another individual with ludicrous information just spouting from their so called brain stems. If individuals with low moral character rise thru valid individuals, they are usually the first to go….

          • Yeppers you know it is the REAL me when there is a ton of typos (usually a toddler hangin on a limb or I can not find my reading glasses) LOL On a seriuose note, it saddens me to see what has become of our country. My family was very heavy into politics serving in one form or another and I know two left because of local corruption. My family did not play into it they backed out gracefully. UP til the time my grandfather passes old timers would tell me what an honest good man he was. I saw that in him too. He was honest and put up with no bullsh**. I miss him dearly now that things are getting so bad but I am glas he and my grandmom will not bear witness to what may come to be. I pray that our children will be ok and that is what scares me the most. If the MP state happens they will force us into submission by threats (or worse) to our children. You KNOW we would drop if somebody was about to rape our sons or daughters. We may be outnembered. It is going to get really ugly and I fear for us all. To say you can hide, well some will pull it off most will not. Those who have a BOL may make it but land is still registered, it better be WAYYYY out in the boonnies I tell ya. Sorry for the rambling I just get a lil worried sometimes Thanx for letting me babble though 🙂 God Bless

        • BRW, I think you are correct! They are positioning.

          “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK

          …which is to say, if they won’t change when we protest, they’ll end up being removed by torches, pitchforks and bullets and then we’ll just change it ourselves.

          Why is it that they won’t cooperate? Why is it that when the fictions protest they don’t listen?

          Maybe we need to start claiming our true birthright as citizens. You are either a citizen or a person. You can’t be both according to the law.

          • BRW, you’re bang on. In fact I believe it is, as in all past examples worldwide, the natural result of allowing tyrants to take over. Collapse the economy (or other such event takes place) and as the masses suddenly realize they’re getting f#cked, crack down on those who are awake.

            Same story all over again. And it is just that, THE SAME STORY; THE GAME WE ARE MEANT TO STAY IN. WE CAN THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, BUT AREN’T PERMITTED TO QUESTION THE BOX ITSELF. Last time I checked, WE OWN those buildings at which they no longer want us protesting. If TPTB can treat the Constitution like a$$wipe, then we shall do the same to their written laws…. Occupy all government buildings. They’re OURS, and FREE SPEECH is OURS and not up for debate. Period.

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

            • Gold Member here, I am Gold Leaders brother. I agree with everything he says. If we combine forces, we can be known as Leading Gold Member. We will also team up with LoadMaster and we will have an unstoppable force.

              Gold Member Standing By. In and Out.

          • Ranger, you should know a citizen and a person are one and the same to the corp.

            All you can be is a Man. That is all God creates. Citizenship is an earthly choice and that choice redefines the rights God gave you.

            You can only be protected from the government by refusing the protection of the government.

            Silence is your best protection, not a plea to be recognized as a citizen by a fiction.

        • Now you know why I got the hell out of the city.

          I figure that things will get ugly there first, and society is already straining at the seams.

          Even the tolerant-as-hell city of Portland (OR) eventually ousted the Occupy folks, in spite of going way the hell out of their way to accommodate them (I suspect that the reason the Mayor’s office was so nice to them about it was because their politics and his mesh pretty well together).

          All it will take at this point is for shortages to start cropping up. Fuel, electricity, you-name-it… if something goes ‘pop’, all hell will break loose.

          I don’t think that the idiots drafting all of these rights-eroding bills are foreseeing collapse. I think they’re doing it because they want to exert ever more control over the populace. They need obedient sheep with open wallets, and not people who debate, think… and worst of all, disagree with them. Problem is, you can’t do it overnight, so you gotta do it in small steps:

          – The Patriot Act and Homeland Security (sort of speaks for itself).

          – Warrantless wiretaps.

          – The stupid HHS mandate and certain gay marriage provisions (both of which provide inroads towards suppressing religion).

          – “Free Speech Zones”, which allow government to restrict where you can protest – watch and wait, for it will follow that soon there will be restrictions on when, how, and eventually, what.

          …and lots of other examples, which I’m sure you can fill in.

          Personally, I’ve reached a point where fighting back outside of the soapbox and ballot box would be stupid. Once those two boxes fail completely, odds are good that this decade will have passed, and collapse will be well underway. By then it will be way too late to clean up the mess, even if common sense and/or morality does win.

          I suggest that one and all read a small set of books – among them the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov. This is basically what I’m looking to do. I want to set up shop in a place where it is far enough out of reach from the masses (and away from the attentions of any government), and at the same time has enough like-minded folks around to help rebuild once things finally go ‘splat’.

          This isn’t some “OMG we’re gonna collapse next week/month/year!!!” thing. We’re talking 20 years or more before it finally grinds to a complete and utter halt, and it won’t even be noticeable to world+dog for the first five to ten. However, once the train gets rolling, it will start to roll hard and fast. If you’re not sufficiently isolated or organized by then? Well, you’ll be screwed.

          For those with dreams of a remote BOL, the government will have restricted travel long before you can get there. For those with dreams of fortifying their suburban or urban home? Without lots of similarly-prepped neighbors, you’re gonna be surrounded by a lot of hungry people, and I guarantee that you won’t have enough bullets to take care of it.

          Long story short, start prepping, but do it intelligently. Look at your environment and plan accordingly. Most of all, think and plan for the long time, as well as the short.

          • This is some “good stuff” OQ. I don’t agree with the timeline, but the substance is still grade A. Time will tell, in the mean time I am Thumbing Up.

          • Kinda think what location do you want your Grandkids to grow up? Todays 20 somethings will be starting families during the transistion, when there are still tools etc available to scavange. Our Grandkids will only have shoes on their feet & a plough to till the fields if they know how to tan hides themselves and use a forge.

            • @lonelonmum:
              A forge requires fuel. You even need that fuel to make the tools needed to forge iron. Blacksmithing coal is already expensive and a niche item you must travel to and pick up yourself. You could learn to make charcoal, but how long will the hardwoods last in a subsistence environment, even for those lucky enough to have access to them? That’s assuming we aren’t totally restricted as to use of wood, which, given the present inclinations of idiots, might be here sooner than we realize.

              I don’t know. We could be reduced to using digging sticks, like they do in other subsistence-level societies. We will be lucky to raise kitchen gardens, not fields of row crops.

              All those piles of junked tires could make sandals, I suppose. OTOH, they do burn hot……

              Frankly, considering that sort of existence gives me a huge headache and sleepless nights.

            • This is part of it, yes. Other things to look for?

              * Natural resources. Do you have enough of the basics (water, forage-able food, fuel, raw materials, etc)

              * Ready access to alternate forms and means of transportation. This can include waterways, large tracts of pasture for horses, and the like. This increases your chances for trade post-collapse.

              * A population that is no stranger to rural ingenuity. Generally, this means folks who are able to build things from scratch, to maintain things with a minimum of wastage or materials, and to make things stretch longer than they otherwise would. It also means folks who aren’t utterly dependent on government largess (The noble rural independent country boy is often just a myth – there are, sadly, too many rural areas out there whose population will happily depend on the government just as much as the typical inner city welfare queen.)

              * A strong sense of religion, but in a friendly and diverse way. For instance, out here Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and the like all happily do projects together and get along just fine in spite of ideological differences. In an area of religious monoculture (e.g. many parts of Utah), there is the risk of cultism and exclusion based on how one prays. Similarly, in an area with a weak sense of religion, ‘the right thing’ tends to fall by the wayside as people compete with each other to the point of losing community.

              There’s lots more, but I’m mostly rattling these off mentally.

            • Sounds like it’s back to the pioneer days. But maybe the younger generation that has to grow up in that will be used to it and then when gramps tells them of ” the good ol days” they won’t believe him. They would be accustomed and adapted to the hard ship of their lifestyle, sad to say. Unlike most of us who will probably die fighting for our God given rights. DOWN WITH THE GOV. and their BULLSH#t

          • yes, they most certainly are foreseeing collapse. it’s nothing new.

          • OQ – Great points indeed. IMO, as a nation we are on inertial deceleration from the shear mass of a once vibrant economy. No real productive energy is coming in. Thus our “roll” is about over.

            I fully expect the societal straining will unravel in the cities at first. It will be this year. No doubt we will all smell the smoke no matter where we live.

          • Can an unborn baby fart and burp?

            • no. but they get the hiccups.

            • Ah, the basement-dweller has returned to fake more names.

              Mac… we seriously need some sort of login.

          • Oddy this is why Rawles says, live in your BOL location fulltime. Live the prep.

        • Indubitably we all dip our proverbial noodles into the paradigm shift. Plato and Aristotle did. Those among us of the intellectual pursuit understand the silent farts are often the deadliest.

        • Hey DPS, I have another joke with you. What does it take for American to change lightbulb?

          Answer: 15 Americans, Ten to attack the lighbulb company, two to create press releases about why you are there, and two to sneak the bulb to the installer.

          You Americans are lazy too. Haha i kid with you brother. Where are you from again? Manos forgets.

          • I think you are a fake Manos, not the real one.

          • yes it is a fake manos… government troll… who are you? would you like to be sued.leave us alone you simple minded over paid troll

        • I am really confused by the conversation right now. I am new to the site and it seems like nobody is who they say they are. I noticed several idiots going back and forth, arguing about themselves. This really turned me off to prepping. You people clearly aren’t in the psychological state needed to be giving advice.

          • @New Guy:

            I lurked here for quite a while before joining in. There are a lot of old hands who have a running argument going, sort of like a large extended family. And I believe there are trolls here who pick up a user name from the posts and appropriate it to cause friction.

            I am relatively new, as well, so I just advise waiting until you have something to contribute before joining in and getting the lay of the land, so to speak, first. The posters run the gamut as to value of their advice and we all have enough discernment to figure out what is valuable and what is just venting. There is a lot of venting.

          • Welcome, New Guy.
            Don’t allow “several idiots” to turn you off of what you think needs to be done.

            I will admit that this site is great for getting the news first or the news that MSM (main stream media) will never bring you; but as far as having a civil discussion or giving advice, yes, you can do better as this is not really a forum, but a comments section, thus, the format is not very user-friendly (same can be said for SOME people).

            If you considered some comments and some people to be offensive here, I’ll advise you to stay away from “survivalist” forums as you’re likely to encounter similar/same people, and go for self-sufficiency forums, folks there are less aggressive.

            I cannot give you specific forum sites, it would be considered “advertisement” and will get deleted (I think), just google “self-sufficiency and preparedness” 😉

          • New guy, you can get alot of good advise (and bad) from the people here,BUT all comments can help your mind go in other directions. There are alot of gubmint trolls here now(If you do not believe in them, all I can say is GROW UP) Please continue to post your thoughts. Thanks.

            • Thanks one and only Kevin. I really appreciate the support. Too bad you spelled advice wrong, or maybe I would potentially make the mistake of taking you seriously. I now believe in trolls thanks to you, only kevin. thanks to you…

            • hahahahaha. I am typing in the dark. I miss-type all the time, does not mean my iq is under 110!! Is yours? Please continue posting your thoughts. Thank you!! I am the 1 and ONLY kevin. WAKE UP SHEAPLE!

          • New Guy: Click SHTF America on the left. It will provide you with HUNDREDS of good prepping links for your edification.

            Its intended as a resource to help you find what you want and need to know.

        • Why in the world anyone goes near a U.S. Federal building or U.S. landmark is beyond me. They are and have always been monuments to tyranny. Just ask any Native American. Go instead to those monuments of the Confederacy, your own state, or native lands. These are the places individual liberty was fought for and paid for in blood. Honor them.

        • Mac, the site has gone to shit because of trolls. Need to go to a user name and password sign-in format to post. That will help get rid of some of these morons and allow you to moderate more effectivley. I don’t mean censor, but have the ability to know which posts are legitimate and which ones are simply trolls and aggitators.

          • remember, there are more “governments” besides ours… the trolls do NOT necessarily need to be from the USSA. www. means the world wide web! What better way to harness a society than misinformation? These trolls could possibly be members of another faction attempting to discredit us on this site. I’m not in favor of using my email addy, but a password only would be acceptable. Mine is IMPOSSIBLE to replicate. Only I have the inside info to remember it… and impossible without a supercomputer to decipher it. I also realize that EVERY keystroke I make is recorded by my IP addy, so I keep certain info or THOUGHTS to myself. OPSEC!!!!!!! Once you are connected by that little yellow cord to your IP, or even wifi, you’re marked! wifi used near a library is fairly safe, but no guarantee. Thanks to those OWO nut jobs Billy Gates and Steve Jobs, we stand little chance– we’re marked! And outgunned by the FEDS with their superior computer systems.

          • Many sites get destroyed by what can only be paid disruptors. Surprising that anyone would even go to the trouble since this is a small site with just a bunch of regular people posting to each other. Strange.

        • I think it is a setup for a collapse, I think they have an idea from their “experts for say”, when the time is and they are getting all their cards lined up to be ready to play on us, go ahead government spy people, there are more of us than you and many miltiary/police will not do this to the people, if you are trying to change us slowly so we don’t notice it will not work, the people will fight back physically when you keep pushing, so dems and GOP, id be careful what laws your trying to pass because this will effect you as well. Where are you going to go? a underground facility with your family and idiot king obama, believe me the people will protect their own and I would hope you think about us before you start thinking with your buddies to get sweet deals. Its going to bite you and we are ready………….. any response please add on to this. Im not afraid and ready!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Most police will go along with oppression as long as they keep getting paid. When THEIR families suffer because of the chaos, some will have second thoughts, and some will double down.

        • they all need to be arrested for treason and made subject to the very laws they expect to use against the people who voted them into office

        • So does this mean if a president is campaigning this can come into effect ?
          Bummer dudes. You all are screwed. I stay home anyway, but I know all you tough guys like to go out and cause trouble.

        • Don’t forget that prior to 1781 It was The Constitution FOR The United States, not OF The United States. It was called the Act of the District of Columbia. A Corporation. Look it up.

      2. Where is the supreme court when you need it? Oh, that’s right,they’ve been bought and sold a million time over. Can we just change our country name while we’re at it? Perhaps the Socialist States of America. Land of the oppressed and home of the cowards.

          • Is it true the jewish bible refers to Mary (mother of jesus) as a whore?? Is it true the jewish bible has a code name for jesus and says he had sex with animals, so gentiles do not get outraged about scriptures in said book?? I am just an ignorant goyim so I would not know these things. Please let me know. Israel is our ONLY friend in the middle east we have to attack iran NOW!! ATTACK! ATTACK!!

            • Ugh I researched it ….. believe me that Mary was a prostitute is the least of it. Gentiles have no souls, they’re animals, yadda yadda yadda …. it’s awful.

              Keep in mind Jesus stood against all of that stuff, he may have been a Jew, but he was the (drumroll please) antijew.

            • He also got violent against the “monet changers”??!! Didn’t he??

            • YO- Kevin– you mean to say Jesus didn’t like fine art? what about Rembrandt? Monet was a bit off my tastes also.

        • I’ve always favored a change to the “Orwellian States of America.” We’re getting more like “1984” every day.

      3. Have been reading about this from various sites. It seems the elites are making themselves publicly untouchable. There is something in the legislation that says things of national interest, well what happens when banking, big business and everything else they view important becomes something nobody is allowed to protest. They are insulating themselves from the public so they think.
        Things will be reaching a boiling point at some time in the near future.

        • Another article? Great, now VRF is gonna jump in bragging about how he likes skinny jeans again.

          Little riddle for you…

          Whats red haired and smelly, and silent like a fart in church? That’s right, you know the name.

          • Hahhaha..
            But I do, when their on the right frame.
            with her white tank top and pearls

            • shit,.. i forgot the bow in her hair

          • What? An orangutan’s ass? Hell, I don’t know….

            • Ha I get it, it’s QuietFox! Must be the troll again.

          • Not me. Sorry Mac, but the others are correct. Registration of user names is becoming a necessity in order to protect the integrity of and the validity of comments posted vs. deliberate attempts to destabilize.

            • This is the real QuietFox. If we have logins, TPTB can get too much info on us. Its better if we have to fart, to be silent.

              QuietFox Out.

        • *click*clack* Lock-n-load!

          • Today I began to load mags and to prepare to disperse them in underground containers. My decision to do this is based upon a plan whereby the necessity is determined by the amount of government intrusion into my life. I was hoping this day would never come.

            • I would advise against that since keeping mags loaded for extended periods of time will cause the springs to set in some of them and cause malfunctions later on. Just get yourself a stripper clip adapter or a speedloader and that will get them loaded quickly.

            • Keep the ammo separate! You will ruin the mag springs!!!
              Remember, no oil or solvents in the presence of ammo & primers

        • OUR Constitutional rights can only be restored and OUR personal liberties assured by NEW political structures that elect patriots to office:

          America First!, the Constitution Party, or the Patriot Party, and GOOOH are organizations that can make a difference for US. You must participate through them to stop the loss of liberty.

          The Patriot Act, NDAA, and this legislation evidences the fact that the PTB are afraid of US. But without Patriots in Congress and in the Senate, the PTB will shred OUR freedoms one by one.

          You cannot kill the beast by dropping out. You must engage the beast; and you must do it now.

          Muster after church on Sunday, and saddle up. America must be won again. If not US who? If not now, when? Join. Enlist in a new political party.

          Pass it on, everywhere.

          • DK,

            Your constitutional rights(???)

            Your rights come from God, the Law is only supposed to protect them. They will be restored as soon as you exercise them without seeking permission, license or privilege.

            America will be won again when the people stop asking for permission to be free, and fight those who try to get in the way of their freedom.

            • GC: I know damn well where my rights come from, but the US Constitution annotates them for US.

              You can hide from the PTB if you want too, and live out your life in seclusion and fear of discovery in near poverty if you want too; its your life, that’s your right.

              You can start with the Act of 1871 Bullshit again, but the reality is, that it is the law of the land and if WE want it repealed, that isn’t gonna happen by not paying your fucking parking tickets!

              You cannot ‘kill the beast” by dropping out. To slay the beast, to defeat the beast, you must beat it at it’s own game. That’s a political game. A new political game.

              Violence is an option but it will just bring more repression and justification for eroding OUR liberties even further.

              Fight fire with fire.

              90 million gun owners in America have the power to change the direction of this country, and REPEAL the Act of 1871, without firing a single shot!

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

            • yes dk, i had this argument in real life yesterday. they said starve the beast.. i said no i will beat the beast at their own game. you are correct about many things dk

          • DK,

            They are NOT afraid of US. That is why they do these things; they are only entrenching and insuring thier positions.

            And to all the “Republicans” (anybody but Obama?) out there, did you notice who “authored” the “legislation”? More than likely, it was ghost-written by the Owners, probably long ago like so much of the “model legislation” that comes out, and pushed by one of thier shills.

            “The illegal we can do right away, the un-Constituional takes a little longer.”-Henry Kisinger

            • JM: Why WOULD they be afraid of US? They command OUR military. It is the largest, most powerful collection of armament ever assembled.

              They are afraid of losing their POLITICAL POWER from which their financial power flows. They fear an aroused and engaged citizen actively involved in the organized political process. After all, that is how THEY came to power; then manipulated the system to serve themselves.

              WE know the current system has been co-opted by Globalists and Dual Citizens. That is why WE must change the current system. They are few. WE are many.

              Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

            • did you notice who one of the 3 who opposed it was

            • DK,

              You CAN NOT change the current system. In order to change it from within, you must hold allegiance to it and thus be bound by its corrupted influence and force.

              The founders did not change their system. They started a new one by declaring independence from the old one. They did it first as individuals, then came together as a group and declared the independence of their new system from the old.

              Change will occur when enough individuals withhold allegiance and claim freedom for themselves as Men. Only then does a Man have anything to protect.

              The idiots passing these so called laws are only able to do so because people like yourself recognize them as true laws that must be adhered to or changed.

              Here is something you can try on a smaller scale to test your theory of changing the system from within.

              Go to Vegas and move into a casino. The casino, like the fed, controls the “currency” and everything that happens within the building.

              In this casino, everybody who walks in the door is under contract to follow the casino rules. Failure to do so will result in the violator being taken into the back room, regardless of any law in effect outside the casino door. It even claims a right to take your life.

              How can you effect change in this casino? You have no chips to bargain with, because the casino can just bring out an unlimited number of chips for every one you can win. The casino pays its enforcers well and trains them to be vicious.

              Let’s say you are a card counter at the Blackjack table. You spent years learning to do it and getting good at it, so you win almost every night doing nothing but applying your brain power to a game of chance.

              The casino can not allow it, so they make a rule against your skill (advantage) and ban you from using it. That places you right back in a losing situation with everyone else there. And the casino will do whatever it takes to make sure you stay there.

              Any advantage you find will be quickly outlawed. If you recruit others to assist you from within the casino, you will all be punished.

              There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the casino when it makes the rules, controls the money, and has the ability to violently enforce those rules.

              The system you seek to change is no different from that imaginary casino. How would you change that kind of system?

              You can’t. All you can do is teach as many people as possible to count cards, and encourage them to do so until there are so many the casino can not stop it without shutting down the Blackjack tables.

              Now since the casino will not allow you to teach others to count cards (be free), you must encourage them to learn and point them to where information is they can use without actually teaching them anything yourself. Once you have planted a few seeds and have a couple of people starting to learn, you have initiated change. They will do the same, and the number of counters will grow.

              You can not change the casino, but you can change your relationship to it and encourage others to do the same thing. You can walk out the door.

              When enough of you have walked out the casino and are standing by the door, you assemble as a group and either decide to go take over the casino or start a new one in the building next door.

              You can not disband the system that is in place, nor can you change it.

              The best you can hope for is that you can influence a few people to leave the casino and learn to count cards (be free). Or in the case of your politics, quit asking permission and submitting to what you know is wrong and unlawful.

              The more you try to change the system from within, the tighter its grip will become. Or, you can pretend to drop dead (legally) until the system releases you and you can escape to freedom. At least then you actually have something to protect if they system comes knocking at your BOL.

              Keep preaching your government solutions to the problem of government. It does not recognize you for who you are, nor do you recognize it for what it is.

              If you really think the system can be changed from within, you are kidding yourself and all you encourage to try.

              The only way to freedom is to walk away from the fraudulent and corrupted system and build a new one that gets it power from the builders.

              The only ones who can build a new system are those who have already left the old system.

              Perhaps one day we will meet outside of the casino. I wait there for those wanting to leave and find a better way. When I ask for your drivers license and you do not have one, I will know you have left the system and are eligible for admittance into the free state formed by those with the courage to leave before you.

            • GC: I am not suggesting that the system can be changed from within. Those are YOUR words. I said WE must change the system by NEW political structures.

              I didn’t say use the old structure.

              I said create a new one. Change the system. Join a party of patriots who support a constitutional approach to government.

              Your fantasy of enough individuals dropping out is just that: a fantasy. If 90% of US dropped out, the other 10% of the population, which is the Uber Rich and their minions in government, would run the country the way they want. Just like they do now.

              Your adherence to that fantasy is EXACTLY what the Globalists in government want you to do. It is propaganda.

              Check it out GC; YOU are the sheeple! 🙂

      4. Start protesting- because I’m first!!!!!

      5. I Farted just now.

        • Thats nothing gwtw, i just shit in my pants. Luckily i was wearing the new wrangler shitless jeans that unzip in the back allowing me to empty the mess before i sit down.

        • When in doubt, let it out! I say thumb up!

          • AZ Ready is not kidding. The above post is not mine!!!!

            • You have a “problem” here Mac. Dead serious, this is not a joke!!!!!

            • Got ya. The above post was actually mine. No problem here. Everything is peachy.

      6. Hey, we all do it. I been eating my stash of beans from 5 years ago, It’s not uncommon to grease em now and then.

        • Mac, Yental,

          It seems we have a problem here. The above post is not mine either. I say if we find the SOB who is screwing with posts we should break every fucking bone in his fingers before we break his skull. You know the IP address, how about banning it from further posts?

      7. So the .gov will use this to incarcerate the Occupy protesters as a start, but I have no doubt that DC is looking at Greece as a reference for coming events.

        More blatant examples of tyranny.

        • Whatever mirbach, save it for the tin foil sites. You suck.

          • Evidence A. Mike has been posting negative, ill informed crap on this site every chance he gets. This has been going on for months now. It needs to stop. Mike, you must have been bred too close. Give it up.

      8. The more I think about it, the more I realize what wack jobs everyone is on this site. Paranoid Wackjobs.

        • Not my post!

          • Hey AZ, I have been putting up with your messing around for way too long. I think its time you quit treating the site like a big joke. This is really serious stuff going on here. On a side note team, any chance we can get some stickers made? I want stickers to put on my things. I really love stickers, they make stuff so much cooler. Like we are in a club but for real life. So cool.

            • just ignore all the “first” crap and off-topic stuff, there’s still good post’s on here, you just have to scroll more…and good call on the stickers…..

        • Mac, can you get these idiots off of the site. I am tired of these morons coming on here with their stupid little insulting comments. AZ, if you dont like what is going on here, get the frack off of this website. Go play around with your buddy odrama and leave us alone. This is some serious stuff here. Just the fact that there is no record of the vote should make you wonder.

          • Oh, and another thing Mike, you cut the shit too. I am tired of you idiots always posting off topic. Isn’t there a way to ban these morons? The Moon, European, Gone, and Durango all come to mind. This site is for democrats, that’s how it is and how it should stay.

          • Jim, not my posts! Trolls on here hijacking our screen names.
            Mac, got to do something about this.

            • AZ Ready, if your claim is serious, then it is both a potentially good/bad sign. It would appear TPTB are running scared and using every trick in the book. Until proven otherwise, you have my support with respect to having “your handle” hijacked. Keep us informed.

            • OK AZ, this is kind of funny but I didn’t write that comment, that was an imposter. Something must be done? How do I even know that was you posting about the trolls? How do we know who we are talking to?

            • Thanks yental. I believe you can see others posting the same as I, “not my post”.
              We all have our own unique writing style and opinions here. For me, it is obvious that durango kidd, DPS and others have been hijacked also. It’s a pain in the a.. as there are those here that donot realize we did not write some of the idiotic comments attributed to us. We’ll deal with it or maybe Mac can do something about it.

            • Mac, until you FIX THIS PROBLEM, this site is compromised beyond any useful purpose.

            • AZ Ready, I am a “hacked” believer. To prove it I will leave a “long ago” reminder. IRA. This is me, and I am gone till this shit gets fixed. Reply Mac.

            • AZ Ready– I tried for an hour yesterday to get on this site and all I got was an error message…. and I don’t use Microsoft products. NEVER had a problem with ANY attempt at ANY site before — in 7 years!. Not even a popup has contaminated my computer!! Sooo, my conclusion is that a “gov’t goon attacked this site as a control issue. Evidenced by the trolls on this LATEST article! Obviously, we present a problem to TPTB!

              • CG, my apologies for the down time…

                The site being downed yesterday is still a mystery, but it looked like thousands of requests were flooding our database every second for a solid 3 – 4 hours. The admins had no idea where it was coming from. Not sure how exactly they fixed it, but I am glad they got it up and running.

                We are going to be upgrading to a more powerful server in coming days that will hopefully provide a higher level of protection against attacks such as this.

                Thanks all.


            • Mac, you got logs? Secure-it-tee is my middle name. Investigations, intrusion detection, honey pots, backtracking, etc. Send me a log fragment at the height of the hammerage and I’ll analyze it and tell you exactly what was up.

              …sounds like a pissed off script kiddie to me. But, never the less, if there is a log we can tell where it came from.

        • Maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself then moron.


          • Ok, well your name is possee, and you are clearly one person. Singular. Possee? Pretty lame…Pretty lame.

      9. not sure i understand everything but i get the idea that it ain’t good…

      10. gonna see blood shed soon in the streets,,,,, don’t 4 get your pets,, up to 300 cans,,

        • Hey K9: Amen to your concerns. Been laying in the food poundage for our German Shepherd as well. At 130 lbs he is our radar and constant companion. Had shepherds since my Viet-Nam days sleeping in hooches. No better companion.

          IMO, I would rather be with several German Shepherds, beer, wife, music, and the hell with relatives. Oops, should have placed the wife at he front.

          • Well, not so fast there @Cntct 71M…maybe try this experiment first to see who your real best friend is in a tense situation:

            Put your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car – close it and leave the area for 2 hours. Return and open the trunk…which one is truly happy to see you?

            BTW-no offense meant @Mrs Cntct 71M…just playin’ a bit 😉

      11. So this is how they will begin filling all those FEMA camps.

      12. I recon if things go bad I still have my sheep. Sheep fill pretty much any need a man has. I really love sheep. I mean really… know what I’m saying?

        • I have to admit, I do too. I totally know what you mean.

          • Well I see somebody is still posting under everyones name now.. What a bunch of BS, this person needs to grow the f–k up..


            • DPS: How is life down there? I understand you guys have had a fair amount of wind as well as some moisture. Would like to talk offline about some things. Could you get my address from NINA? Hope he still has it. I don’t want to put it out here with all the “Activity” going on.

            • mike,

              Daisy also has my addy, the winds have been really bad brother today it 25 to 30 with 45 mph gust. tuesday we had 40 to 50 mph with gust to almost 70 mph. Sure does make it hell to work outside. We also got a small amount of rain but it still looks bad for winter wheat. If you can stock up on Beef its going to go sky high brother.


            • DPS: Thanks I have her site marked and will zip her an email and just have her forward it to you.
              Right on about beef prices, people will have one more chance to get it reasonably priced before it gets really expensive. I think this summer prices will come down marginally, then it will get high and stay there for a while.

            • mike,

              Yes sir stock them freezers, you live in Tx right? I managed to bags a few deer this yr and I have to be down in S.A. Tx in the next few weeks. The man I’m doing work for told me he’s getting alot of hogs right now so YEHHHHH get to do some shooting.


        • Ba-a-a-a-a-ahk that ass up?

        • I spent three months in Montana and sheep were my only companions. It’s crazy how close you can get with those little buggers. I quit buying dogs and now own nothing but sheep!

        • Your sheep will be confiscated. The guys in D.C. will need something else to screw around with after we all “processed” in the FEMA camps.

          • Nope, they’ll have to process me on to my maker. I don’t do their brand of camping.

      13. Until people start to shoot these fucks NOTHING will change

        • What was it Joseph Stack said? “Nothing will be done until there is a body count?”

          I don’t think TPTB understand what they are doing. They could have kept their positions, but, like any self-righteous bunch, they allocate themselves enough rope to hang themselves. They even help tie the knot.

          • NetRanger, thanks for the opportunity to not only respond to your post, but one that Gunsmith posted several articles back.

            Joe Stack shortchanged himself and us by not carefully planning his “checkout”. The appropriate “party favors” on board the aircraft would have resulted in a more profound and lasting “impression” on those WE MUST IMPRESS.

            For those that still believe this “thought process” is extreme and “over-the-top”…check back in a couple of months. Reality, especially for those paying attention, has a way of modifying opinions and self denial beliefs.

            We are already at war with the criminals, foriegn and domestic, that have seized this government in a now obvious, but undeclared coup d’état!

        • Who, the above posters or the sheep?

      14. Sounds like they have taken another page out of the book, “How to Piss Off All of the People All of the Time”.

        Blind people keep asking how we will know when swhtf, they ask will there be any signs, well, Heeeeer’s your sign dummy. Even La’mont could see the writing on this wall.

      15. Sometimes ones roots have to reach the depths of Hell, before ones leaves can attain the lofty heights of Heaven.

        Whatever it takes to wake up the masses.

        We haven’t gone nearly as deep yet, to disturb their slumber.

      16. Of couse this is just getting ready for the Occupy springtime actions. Occupy people I am sure you know that this is just the tip of the sneaky iceberg. The Man is scared shitless about Occupy and is afraid that many more may join in one form or another and crash the happy party!

        • Never know what’s cooking in granny’s kitchen.

        • If only it were so. I lost faith in the sheeple about 2 hours into the first march, when I noticed there were 1500 of us, and 150 million of them…

      17. Mike,

        sometime i wonder where you think from, some thoughts you make are just plain dumb. I guess you americans all are the same in the head. Hehe. Manos kidding, I just might have whiff of quiet fox’s fart and make brain run slow.

        • Fake Manos again.

          • Hey RL, why you call Manos fake. Manos was friend to you. You hurt Manos feelings inside. You not Manos friend no more.

        • Ok guy…troll here. way to take things way too far. There is a line you know…

          • This is not me! BUT I have to agree with the troll that has tooken my name kevin. OUT OF LINE!!!!!

      18. I hate commies!

        • Democracy is the road to socialism.
          Karl Marx

      19. i drive a dodge durango and i am a baby goat.

        • That is not my post. Imposters should be shot after waterboarding. Mac, please determine who is impersonating me and terminate their priviledges here at SHTF Plan.

          Thank you.

          • Real durango kidd here. I did not post the post about not posting the post. As you can see, whoever did is clearly an imposter because they are stupid enough to believe they have pull around here.

            Real durango kidd

          • DK, the trolls are out in force today dude. I can tell the difference between troll posts and legit ones. I believe you can too. Frustating though.

            • I know dude. I saw that idiot Jim blowing up on you earlier. What a moron. Trolls everywhere!

          • I wouldn’t waste the ammo on shooting trolls. I would burn the bastards at the stake after pushing bamboo splinters under their finger and toe nails. And I’m not a violent person by nature.

      20. Obviously the congress doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, or the principles our country was founded upon!
        The courts no longer understand either, so I say it’s time the people arrest, judge and punish any and all government officials who have failed to abide by their oaths.
        I’ll even volunteer to build the first gallows, if necessary.

        • They understand just fine countryboy…they just don’t care!!!

      21. I suppose what we need now is a law prohibiting politicians from speaking or giving speeches in public buildings or on public property.

      22. Large scale detention facilities to re-educate people like me? Nah, if I don’t already know it, it probably isn’t worth knowing. And,,,don’t screw with my neighbors either.

      23. TPTB are building walls to protect themselves and fences to keep us out. They are afraid of something.

        My new patriotic duty is to stay silent.

        Silent HELL !!!!

        Give me a big Hell YES !!! ( Thumbs Up ) If you are going to Shout it out and raise some Hell !!!


      24. Ron Paul – 2012!!!

        • Please get over ron paul. He ain’t gonna win. We are stuck with bitt vomity.

      25. Surely our Presedent elect will VETO this .

      26. I keep hoping the President will go on television to address US citizens informing them they’re all on candid camera.

        • Arpaio is no friend of freedom.

      27. what a bunch of players.
        It dont matter, they can punk out all they want..when it all falls, they wont have a say in anything

        • Troll again!

          • No Az Ready, its me.
            My sentiments were that TPAB can think they will get away with all this freedom grabbing, but they are just pokeing the Bear..and if there is anything to be built back up of this country, they wont be, or have anything to say with where it goes.

            Guess I shoulda just said it that way

            • Listen troll, I know VRF and he would not say things like this. Find somewhere else to troll.

            • Mac, this is getting old!
              OK AZ Ready, There are a couple of people on this site that know what area of the country I live, my politcal views and where my prefered BOL will be. So tell me and the others here, if you are the “real” AZ Ready, what are the answers to those questions?
              Otherwise, shut the F… up.

            • As several of you know, the above post is very true. Myself and many of you know the above. Now AZ Ready, if you are who you say you are, then prove it. What country do I live in, what are my political views, and where is my BOL? Being the real AZ, obviously I don’t want to answer the above questions. He can’t answer them because he is the troll.

      28. “without lawful authority”. Well, seems like this law don’t apply to us as the Constitution, which by the way is what empowers congress, says we can go on federal grounds and enter federal buildings. What higher law would they possibly need? If the courts ruled against a citizen exercising a right so clearly defined, wouldn’t that mean the whole enterprise of the federal govt is illegitimate and could be disregarded hence forth by citizens?

      29. We just need to cram Ron Paul down their throats.

        Is there anyone that doubts Ron Paul would make a difference? If you do doubt it, I suggest you click on the NetRanger above and do some reading.

        He has supported all we talk about for 40 years.

        Ron Paul 2012 – Vote for the same or vote for Ron Paul.

        You’ve got 4 candidates running for the same party of Big Government and then you’ve got the people’s candidate, Ron Paul. What are you going to do?

        • We might as well face it, the choice is Ovomit or Gritt Hominy. Gritt is better tham O-boy, but i just don’t get too excited over him….

          • Will it really be better? A more skilled politician with anti-gun and tax and spend leanings, just like Obama?

            No, it won’t be better because, if elected, the sheople will then go back to grazing and stop watching for the prowling wolves.

            No, you’re seeing 4 Obama-esque (Socialism, High Taxes, Government Expansionist) candidates. Oh, sure, they have different METHODS but the GOALS are *THE* *SAME*! Don’t fall for it. Its a trap.

            Ron Paul can’t fix it either, but at least he can make it less painful. He WILL get the government off our backs and, to some degree, THAT will fix things. Its kind of like falling off a cliff with a boulder. Do you want to be UNDER the boulder (Obama/Romney/Santorum/Gingrich) or ON TOP of the boulder (Ron Paul) when it lands?

            Just make up your mind. You all know its true. You may not like what Ron Paul says but YOU KNOW IT IS THE TRUTH.

            A vote for Ron Paul is a Vote For America and its eventual success. A vote for anyone else is a vote for higher taxes and bigger government and more jackboots to more throats.

            Even in stage three, we can turn it around. We’re just now entering it. Won’t you help me turn it around?

      30. Net, voted yesterday in the Arizona primary for Ron Paul as I did in 1980. Unfortunatly the masses voted for the white Obama, Romney.

      31. And there is the Republican party. The same party that gave us this gave us Bob Dole, Shrub and John McCain. Remember to vote…..Anyone but Obama because we need to.

      32. This is but an other page in the play book.All what we see has been planed out year’s ago. I truely feel in the deepest part’s of my heart something so bad is going to happen it will even shock us.Are we ready really? I can only hope.

      33. There’s already a law for fence jumpers. It’s called trespassing or, depending on the circumstances, burglary.

      34. It would appear that at the federal level the government of the people by the people and for the people(in a republican sense) has indeed perished from the earth!

        One day soon these goons are going to meet up with an crowd not comprised of socialist college kids but armed Americans who wont back down,who are going to “occupy”(and vacate) the space between their goon eyeballs with 180 grains of lead….the pressure is on…something somewheres gotta give…..

        Ive got news for the SS youre not going to do even as well as your nazi namesakes did…Im(we’re) the one with the “lawful” right to be anywhere…paticularly when it comes to public property and buildings…YOU are the trespassing bass-turds who forgot you work for US!!!

      35. All I can say is tomorrow I am packing up and heading to the bug out location for the rest of the year. I may take the advice of a few of the above posters and pick up some sheep for company. Life can get a little lonely in the woods. Wish me luck everybody.

        Durango Kidd Out!

        • The real DK lives in the desert, not the woods dumbshit!! Oh yeah, he doesn’t spell his screen name or sign off with caps either. You’ve been had troll, now go back to the bathroom and finish rinsing behind your ears.

          • No AZ, its the real DK. My BOL is in the woods. I live in the desert now but I’m outta here. Things are changing quick. Gotta run now. Ya’ll take care.

            Durango Kidd Out!

        • Hope you got “net” out there “DK” my BOL has no “net.” I don’t want to get a satellite thing either. Its more fun to go for the BOL when you have too….come on wait a bit and lets see how hard it is to get there after SHTF.

        • I am getting tired of a$$holes hyjacking names around here, has happened to me many times. This is NOT DK!! Get the hell out of here troll!! Go watch fox,cnn,pbs,cnbc,cbs,nbc,abc to get your info!!!

          • I am sick and tired of assholes jacking my name. This has happened several times. Don’t go telling me there are other people with the name Kevin on this site. I’m not buying that conspiracy bullshit. The real Kevin wants answers. How could anyone have the nerve to hack the site and say they are Kevin too. Two Kevins? I’ll believe that when pigs fly. By the way, the Kevin above “Real Kevin” officially takes the cake as the stupidest idiot on this site. Good job Kevin. Thumbs up for you, and only you.

            • ok “real kevin” is incorrect. But I am the FIRST kevin. Some on this site will think your comments are mine. Box of rocks or you? I would say the box of rocks(although I have said some really STUPID things on this site I have to admit that) You obviously have an iq of 20. Please f^ck off. thank you.

            • stupid? I can take that, thats ok. Like I said, a box of rocks!!

      36. At what point do we identify this government and the tyrants running it as illegitimate?

        Our founding fathers broke off with England for less.

        • At what point? How about a rump congress in 1861? How about The Act of 1871 that created the United States Federal Corporation and unlawfully gave it the responsibility of “governing” the “United States of America” (a 10 sq/mi section of land plus a little more here and there) that is mistakenly thought of as the entire landmass of the union states? Or maybe Federal Reserve act that gave control of our money to a private corporation? Or how about the social security act? Maybe the Federal Firearms act of 1968 that is so incredibly non-constitutional as to be laughable?

          Need I go on? Some are probably starting to cry now. The bankers have killed this country. They should get treason’s punishment.

          This has to stop. This has to crash. The evil and misdeeds of the criminal bastard class are too many to count. It should be made to crush them.

      37. This is totally and completely f’d up……

      38. To all you dumb a$$es who thought that with the rebublicans in charge, all would change— YOU DUMB FUCKS-WAKE THE FUCK UP!

      39. ASSHOLES!

      40. Who cares. How many of you wussies are going to follow this. Screw it, we can assemble where ever we want. If we have a huge crowd, they can’t place all of us in jail. And if they try, well, good luck to them!

      41. The people in power the last couple decades seem to be determined to “remake” America the way they want it. They don’t get it. What you are making isn’t American. More than anything else, we are a country with certain ideals and freedoms. Take those away and what’s left isn’t America anymore.

        At some tipping point, possibly very soon, so many of our constitutional rights will be gone that this can no longer be called the “United States of America.” That is when TPTB need to worry: When the citizens of this country gather together in groups and say the Pledge — and they ain’t talking about the folks in DC anymore. We know what the Republic stands for. A lot of good people have given their lives to defend it. We don’t buy your cheap imitation. You can’t just appropriate our flag and slap it on a dictatorship.

      42. Am I the only thinking that your home could easily be claimed as a place of Federal or National significance, and therefore by your occupancy, be deemed that your are being disruptive of said place? Bills such as this, though seemingly brief in content, have powerful word usage that may be construed to the nth power of ridiculous in a court of lawlessness. That any kangaroo courtroom with a bought judge could have you fucked out of your own home.

        Think about it. Combine the Patriot Act, Trading with the Enemy Act, National Defense Authorization Act Sections; 1031 and 1032, and now this, and you are left with not a square inch of sanctity nor vestige. None of this is an accident! We’ve been getting set-up for more than 140 years for this moment when the final tyranny could be installed.

        Finally, consider all the old rat bastards that dreamed up this plan as younger men are now eager to deal the death blow to us all before they cash in their fucking chips.

        • But, the one saving grace is that it all applies to persons and proper persons, not natural persons. If you forget who you are, you are destined to be taken.

        • My exact point. Thank you. Plus, folks need to stop the 3rd grade b.s. and stay focussed.

      43. I guess we need to dump Gas in protest instead of tea this time around!

        United we will conquer !

      44. I have read no prior posts related to this article…IMHO the out-of -touch federal “elected” assembly is only sppeding the evental clash between the citizens and the uber wealthy…

        we’ll see soon which group the USG really favors.

      45. For “them” to be hacking in here at this site, we must be hitting some sensitive areas for THEM. I don’t think this is just “somebody” who got too many thumbs down, trying to randomly get back at anyone. No, this is someone connected to our “friends” in congress.

        Did anyone have trouble bringing this site up today? I did.

        Can we expect more of this behavior trickling down to any site/blog where posters speak their mind when it comes exposing (the obvious) our fascist government?

        • Roger that

        • EU me too, couldn’t get the site up all day. I also haven’t been able to access barenakidislam for 2 days.

        • EA, tried to log into many times today with no success. Wondered the same thing.

        • EA, It took me several hours and several tries to get back on. Its kinda strange, what with all of these fake posts, we haven’t heard a peep from Mac.

      46. Mac, Please help eliminate the recent influx of imposters and trolls. the imposter of the real Durango Kidd needs wading boots.

        • Folks, we are working on making this happen soon. I’ve received the many recommendations from the SHTFplan community for setting up user controlled forums and a networking interface so that we can all interact on a more personal basis. My apologies with the delays on these features, but we hope to have them operational – perhaps in a Beta version at first – within a few weeks.

          ‘Imposters’ – we ask that you please refrain from impersonating other contributors. While no enforceable laws or official guidelines exist for this, we can all agree that the right to property, and hence intellectual property (such as the creation of a username and the characteristics of that user), is something most people on these forums hold dear. As idealistic as it may sound, we ask that each individual here respect others’ basic rights to free speech, free expression and creativity without the necessity of forced moderation, regulation and intervention from a higher authority.

          Thanks all!


          • It really sucks that a few bad apples, like ninaorkett, go off their meds and and trash the blog like has happened on this thread.

            What sucks is these jerks (or this jerk) are messing with the integrity of this blog. What sucks about user registration is that the records can be subpoenaed.

            I fully support free speech, but more so I support intelligent expression of ideas.

            The hijackers in this thread are vandals and their posts are graffiti. It sucks that these hijinks are forcing you, Mac, to put more resources into this blog to keep the punks from ruining it.

            I know I’m not the only one that would gladly volunteer to teach the vandals some manners. Post the IP addresses of the perps and we’ll take care of it for you!

            • ~mirbach~

              I have followed your posts…..they’ve been thought provoking, intelligently composed & worthy of contemplation/additional analysis (a definite plus +)…& I have learned from you, sir!!!

              ….yet, maybe I’m the “designated one” to provide a minor adjustment to your thought process…. & please!!! Take no offense!!!

              ….but, relative to Nina-O & a few others….I am obligated to step up to the plate & defend them——-“verbatim”——- & w/o regards to my….sorry-assed reputation here!!!!!!!


              Mirbach….I give you credit, sir……you’re smart & articulate & your posts spurn I & others to research the truth/facts….due to your ability to coach data within your presentation of factual info w/ regards to a given posting subject !!!!

              I know what, of whence I speak………because… have forced me….to do “RESEARCH”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks much.

              ….I have increased my knowledge/data foundation/information base, because YOU & damn near everybody here has written/posted ‘SOMETHING’….which, I decided to substantiate/proof/validate!!!!!!
              Kudos to you & most everyone here for the manifold mental exercises I’ve been forced to chase…….huff-puff-pant (if only y’all knew)……..


              Know this….Nina-Oh is “NOT STUPID”…
              …his “HEART” is in the right place!!!

              …perhaps he lacks “diplomacy & articulate prose” when attempting to verbalize TRUTH & various factoids” w/ regards to his written posts/beliefs/posted info-links…..

              ….that does not make him wrong/incorrect/misguided/crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Call it style or fashion or whatever….I don’t care!!!

              …if I were in a full on fire-fight…I’d want Nina-Oh beside me vs 99% of the so called American citizenry/voting public.

              …at least I’d know who’d have my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              —–Review of his posting record = pure & 100% consistency—–

              ….fakes & liars cannot maintain such!!! NINA-OH is legit, IMO!!!!!!!!!!!

            • ~NINA-Oh~

              Ohhhh…horse shit……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Damn it Nina-Oh…..why ya gotta piss in my cornflakes at close to midnight??? I’m 1/2 way through a 1/5th of good bourbon & you insist upon shitting on Mirbach’s porch at 11:30pm!!!???!!!
              …he wasn’t being a hard-ass…he had an opinion!!??!!!

              …don’t y’all realize we’re on the same team???
              …we want the same results/end game!!!


              ****FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!! ****

              Herein…… lesson learned on my end folks!!!

              Bourbon + individual opinion + website bravado = “HORSESHIT / squared”……………………………

              ………………..Goodnight all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Thanks Mac for blocking the IP address of our little friend. We will have to wait and see if he/she reappears from another address. If all of us here remain diligent and report to you any future problems, you can continue to block them while working on the new login system.
            Thanks again

            • AZ Ready

              Perhaps a prerequisite would be having our respective e mail REQUIRED before posting..

              right now email is (Not Required)
              I always include it..sort of a verisign for Mac

              manos has been hijacked as well as myself..


            • possee, the only problem I see with an email requirement is anyone can go to yahoo, google etc. and get dozens of addresses. Then we are in the same boat as before. Requiring a user ID and password would keep most of the trolls away and your user ID would be yours alone.
              Mac is working on it but this take time, meanwhile the rest of us have to tolerate the abuse. I believe most of us that have posted many times read through the BS and can tell who is legit and who is not.

            • POST THIS :

              @mirbach ummmm i haven’t posted here in the last 4 days… penis head and the stuff i post is the real deal… the facts… ya ignorant invertebrate… find some other target for your fluoride laced inbred ignorance phuck wad… AND ANY TIME YOU WANNA TEACH “ME” A LESSON … YOU JUST GIVE ME THE GPS COORDINATES DATE AND TIME ya cross dressin’ chum lapper… any time phuck stick! I’ll french kiss you with my little toothpick and love you to death , for the slimy fish you are puss bag!

              yur nuthin but a cfr.nwo.bilderboybugger.fascist.irs.debt.slave!

              its game over the lights are being turned out and you don’t have a clue do you dimwit!

              And don’t you erase this mac slavo… i gotta right too defend myself as much as the ignorant morons here got a right to post their fux news brainwashed ignorance an talk shit about folks who aren’t even here posting to defend themselves…

              the time for talking is OVER FOLKS!



              The time for talkin is over…

              and none of you has the balls to stand up and stop it!

              ITS GAME OVER! and here’s a hint ya’ll lost!

              Enjoy your One World Government Tax Debt Slavery and Medical Eugenics Death Panels!

              n i n a o r k e t

          • Mac, We know who the retard trolls are on this site, and we are all grateful to you for allowing freespeech!

        • ponomo,

          I entered this morning and saw the whole thing.

          Some people should find a life.

          There is no need to pay attention to them.

          be safe guys

          • manos..

            Well stated ..

            catch you on the flip side.

            and you be safe as well..


      47. Took me a half hour going many directions to have post comments come up. Came here through smart page a while back mac, and it did not show newest article. Everytime web sites act like this the hackers are on the attack. The enemies of the constitution are on the move!!

      48. America is starting to really suck…..

        • America is still the same….it’s the govt that sucks..big time.

      49. I am kevin, hear me roar!

        • I am kevin hear me tell you to STFU(shut the f^ck up for you mentally chalenged)

          • yeah, tell me I cannot spell and type, you win. I will add 100 points to your iq, because I cannot type!! Love you man!!

      50. The trolls have had no problems posting, like I said earlier, ASSHOLES! They are paying you money to post here, BUT just like the stazi in east germany, the truth WILL eventually win. The truth WILL win the sheaple over, and eventually most of the government trolls will turn to liberty also. The truth is out about your monopoly money system, and the fake elections. You WILL lose. It does not matter WHAT you do, YOU and your children will starve to death when you cannot buy food, and this government you work for, will let you starve, then they WILL execute you AND your children, just as they will me. WAKE THE F^CK UP!! YOU ARE A DEN OF ASSHOLES, and we will route you out! By almighty gods grace, we will route you out!!

      51. I honestly wish and hope that the USA and as many countries that can be written on this list get rid of this organized ”anti-people movement” now worldly known as governing entities.

        Sounds cliché but is the root of the solution, not done by one but by all in unison, may we heed the calling together and do what must be done, in time and place.

      52. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      53. Whose coming with me?

        Gold Member standing by.

      54. I keep thinking this nightmare will end, and instead it keeps getting more and more frightening.

        I have never lived in a country headed for civil war, but I imagine that this is what it looks like. People become restless, angry, more desperate, divided, and unbending, while government resorts to more and more control and plunder.

        If we don’t see an eruption of violence within a decade, I will be very surprised. And civil war is not just people against government; it is people who support the government against those who don’t. There are factions like what happened in Russia back in the early 20th century where the Czar controlled and ruined the country, and then there was a three way fight among the White Russians, the Reds, and the Czarists to eliminate one another, and then look at the purges that followed when the Reds prevailed.

        What a screwed up mess that human nature is.

      55. The crap we see coming from DC has lost it’s ability to shock me. Hasn’t lost the ability to piss me off, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore. Like most of you here, I keep one ear to the ground (because you never know when that train wreck is gonna happen) but it seems good to unplug, as much as possible, sometimes and just enjoy life.
        I’ve noticed that whenever the news of the day gets really depressing, ammo therapy always works for me! Go buy some more. Or shoot some more. Waste a few dollars making loud noises. Seriously, just spent a couple days at the homestead trying out a new(to me) model 94 30-30. Maybe it isn’t everybody’s idea of the best zombie repellant but…man! What a SWEET noise it makes! It just seems to soothe the tension right out of me.
        Now, if only them pesky wild hogs would show themselves, we’d have bacon for a year! And if the okie compound is ever attacked by the broad side of a barn, that sucker doesn’t stand a chance!

        • Off topic, but I ate at the dutch pantry many times(mininites, around muskogee)bout 10 years ago(I hear it sucks now) man, good food,I’m talkin fried chicken just like grandmas, WOW could they cook!!(missed slicks cause it was closed at the time) On topic, nice gun!!

          • How can ANYBODY thumbs down grandmas fried chicken??

            • WOW! Thumbs down to grandmas chicken AGAIN!! WOW! I have to admit, I did red thumb daisy ONCE to mess with her(I did laugh) but come on, grandmas chicken??

        • Right On SmokinOkie…that too is my method of stress management … a few mags thru the ole AR-15 and a few rounds thru the ole 12 ga. and a few mags thru the sidearm (pratice makes perfect???)… then I’m good for a few days

        • The news pushed me to buy another 700 rounds yesterday. Stock up while you can! Purchased some food buckets too. This spring will mmove to the bol above Del RIo, Tn full time. I get all warm and fuzzy getting more ammo.

        • smokinoakie..

          Couldn’t agree more..nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the morning..or anytime of the day!

          Takes the mind of all the bs and forces you to focus focus focus.especially with a new scope sighting her in at 100 yards and zero in on that bulls eye..


        • 30-30 Mod 94’s are sweet, took my first white tail with one, open sights, no scope

          • ~Anon~

            Ditto brother…..likewise & the same…..many years ago!

            Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!!!!

        • I’ve got an old (1950s) Winchester 94. Its in 32 Winchester Special. Basically its a slightly larger bullet (.321 as opposed to .308 in the 30-30) but with essentially the same ballistics.

          Not long ago I found a 94 in 30-30 and purchased it. I could not BELIEVE how cheaply it was made. It was, maybe, a late 90s model. It was sloppy and, well, I traded it off. I still like the old 32 Special (Lots of memories around that gun) but I’m not a fan of the new 94s. However, I’ve got two (one scoped, one not) Marlin 336’s in 30-30. As far as modern leverguns go, they’re a little heavier but, in my opinion, much better than the modern 94s.

          I guess the one I got could have been made on a friday afternoon or a monday morning (as the myth goes) but I sure wasn’t crazy about it.

          Now, about the 30-30. There are a bunch of mods you can do with loading ammo. You can turn it in to a very effective squirrel gun with 30 cal round balls and 2 or 3 grains of Bullseye (a fast burning pistol powder). Of course, the 150gr and 170gr flat nosed bullets are OK for deer and those bacon-bearing animals you so salivate over. Pretty good out to 100 yards. But, you can put 125gr spitzers (very pointy bullets) in it and single shot them and you’re good to about 200 yards with certain loads. 35gr or so of 4895 or 3031 for that. 110gr carbine bullets (round nosed) will vaporize inside of coyotes and 4 legged bacon storage units at 100yds.

          You can also use 90gr Hornady XTP hollow points if you want some really hot rod ammo. You’ll need to use something a little faster like 4198 or maybe even 2400. But, you shoudl be able to get them up over 3000 FPS. Wow! TGB loads. (They Go BOOM!) Wouldn’t be much good past 100yd but, wow, up until then they would be devastating.

          Have fun!

          • ~Load Master~

            Haven’t tried the 110gr/30 cal(M1 carbine stuff) in a 30-30 yet….I load primarily 125gr.HP Sierra backed w/ Re-7 to the tune of +2400fps(in a 336 Marlin & near 2270 in a ’94)….deer/hogs & damn near anything else…..drop instantly!!! I’d like to try your recipe………….!!!!

            Where did you find 90gr/30 cal projectiles? I don’t care if they’re FMJ, HP or JSP….I’m interested!!! Please post some supporting data (mfgr/type etc…etc).

            Thanks much beforehand!!!

        • ~Smokin’ Oh~

          Dude…we both travel for bucks!

          You…haulin’ the shit that keeps civilization fed & humming!!!!!

          Me…I keep the machines that no-one else can fix humping & producing the stuff that we buy/use/consume/rely upon etc…….

          If ever (GOD willing),…we happen to cross paths & the balloon goes up…

          ….I have your back, sir!

          ….at least 1/2 way to my place!!!!!!!!!!!

          Take care & GOD Bless you & yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      56. mac

        The site has become a playground for newborn infants responding..muddying up the waters of the ever so faithful commenters.
        What the hell has happened in the last few days?

        The entire discourse by commentators on this particular post has been relegated to sheer nonsense..

        what gives?


        • possee,

          Don’t worry, as soon as they discover their winnies they will find another job to do; at least for some years 🙂

      57. Can everyone see how important I am yet? This is like post number 10. Only two were the troll!

        • go away troll!

        • Allready a thumbs down from the troll. Come on, you get $1200 a week, you can thumbs down quiker then that!!

          • I guess this troll is really start to piss everyone off.
            Anyway …. Message for Troll ….. Who ever you are …… Who ever you’re pretending to be. Your not cool. Your quite boring and pathetic. Its really sounding like you’re desperate for human company! Obviously mommy won’t let you play with your pet sheep. But why? Doesn’t your mommy like you bringing your pet sheep to bed? Is she jealous? Maybe she should give you a little more attention ….. Or maybe that’s the problem!!!!! Mommy gave you TOO much attention!! Or was it your dad? Anyway looser troll dude …… It’s illegal to screw sheep and your mom. Go out and get yourself laid for real. I’m sure someone like you could find some crack head chutney puncher that’d screw you in the butt for $5.00
            Oh, maybe you ARE the Chutney puncher???!!! Maybe your a giver not a taker. Anyway one question for you. Are your father and grandfather sniveling spineless cock suckers like you? It runs in the family you know??
            OK this IS Watch and Wait!!! I shall await a reply comment to appear soon ya sniveling piece of shite. I won’t reply again on anything for a while so any stupid halfwit thing written after this post is probably from that little incestuous spoon.
            WW OUT!!!

          • 1200 a week, probaly a day.

      58. Somehow, the following quote just seems appropriate….

        “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
        — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

        • ~Walt K~

          Mega thumbs up, sir! I apologize/regret, that I can award you “only one green”!!!!

          Hold fast to that quote as I do…(you beat me in the race to post it…kudos!!!)

          If everyone here endeavored to make it “expensive” for the “jack-booted-thug-agencies”, when they came for us…the meek ones would have nothing to fear……

          …..’cuz the employees of said agencies would/will have sought “less hazardous employment opportunities”.

          Resistance to tyranny/wickedness…is a significant part of the foundation of TRUTH & HONOR!!!!

          GREAT POST, Walt!!!!!!!!!!

        • Thanks Walt!

          This is what we must remember when things get to that point. WTSHTF, make sure its yours and they’re getting it on them.

          Like Gunsmith, I regret that I can only give you a single green.

          By the time they come for most of us, if they ever do, it will be all or nothing. They won’t find us home. But, they’ll figure out where the guns have gone when they try to leave. Neighbors! They can’t shoot all that well, but, well enough.

          • ~NR~

            You sir….are amongst the 1-3% here who possess “REAL IQ”…I would be honored to fight beside you!!!

      59. Looks to me the Feral Gov’mt paid sh*t stirrers have hit here today, too. Several other open sites are getting “poser trolls”. Interesting, but old tactic, inflame the posters, start quarrels and use up bandwidth.

        Still, they might take everything I got, but they won’t get my soul. Freedom is expensive & it doesn’t take PayPal or Credit Cards for payment

      60. no one in the US of A has any rights, yu volunteered to give up yur god given rights when yu were issued a birth certificate and voluntered to get a ssn, therefore yu have no freedoms guaranteed by the constitution or bill of rights. they can pass any law they want and yu cant do sh!t. legally yu cant question or protest the national debt. hahahaha its one hell of a mind f@ck

        • Blah, blah, blah, blah. It might be a good idea if you studied a little common law before you start spewing fiction.

          Those things are true, to a certain extent, because people hold to them and don’t realize that the BC and the SSN are not YOU. They apply to your person, not the you, you, the natural person.

          All one has to do to get back their common law (constitutional) right is claim them. But! Watch out! They’ll try to verbally contract you into under standing their authority. Your best bet is to simply say, “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.” Answer no questions. Under common law you do not have to “plead” anything like the 5th or something. You never have to answer ANY QUESTION. You cannot be made to testify against yourself IN ANY WAY. They either have to arrest you or your are free to go. If they have probably cause for a real crime, they’ll cuff you and stuff you. If they don’t, they’ll “have a nice day” you out of there.

          …and you are right about one thing: It is one hell of a mind fuck. The sheople have swallowed it hook line and stinker.


        • eeder

          I am sure Mac is on it as we speak as it compromises those of us who take this site seriously..

          Love your rant though..

          but leave out the discuss it..

          there is No discussion with these trolls.

          could think of other ways to solve the problem face to face..hmm..ideas?

          fmj’s come to mind..


          • yes possee… the discussion would be short though.. they dont have the guts to face me down… bloody cowards they are… i dont discuss things too long with aipac types.. i do all of the talking.

            • amen to that

            • ~eeder~

              Get some, brother! Your heart is in the right place!!!

      62. A joke:

        There are some men in the sauna talking about stocks and bonds.

        Suddenly a cell phone rings:

        – Hey baby,

        – Hi

        – Listen i passed from the tourist agent today, and they told me that our little trip to Mauricious costs only 5,000 dollars per person. Should i book?

        – Yes dear

        – Then i was in front of the Guzzi shop and i saw this beautiful handbag, which costs only $15,000. What do you suggest?

        – Buy it

        – Then i stuck in frotn of the Mercedes and they were promoting the new G class, with full extra. It costs only $185,000. I want it baby.

        – Ok, buy it.

        – Finally, i passed from the real estate, and saw this house we were talking about. It is built in a property of 15 acres, and the price is friendly; for us only. Just 5,850,000. Tell me baby; you know how i want it.

        – Buy it baby.

        As soon as the discussion finishes, the guy says:

        Whose is this damn cell?

        • Funny stuff!

          The punchline on the one I heard was after the guy hung up, he said:

          “Who was that chick, anyways?”

      63. It’s been downhill since, “Yelling fire in a movie theater” has been used as the excuse to limit free speech. Gradualism comes in here and there slowly and tirelessly eroding the intent of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights. If you can’t assemble and protest in direct view of the public what’s the point? If you can’t protest on public property where can you protest?

        It’s been said that no rights are absolute. The more pressing question is are the regulations upon rights in conflict with the intent of the right. Obviously political speech was meant to be the most highly protected form of speech. It’s also obvious that political speech seeks to effect political change. It stands to reason for the above to be accomplished the masses must hear what is being said. Allowing the letter of the law while violating the spirit of the law circumvents the purpose of the law.

        • Sounds right to me Kevin2

      64. This is great . so far ive let go of everything this admin has touched.. now its time to empty the credit union too.. turning in licence plates nationwide and collecting what money left would be a good kick in their c sucker too i think… get your posted signs . Eye for an eye

      65. They don’t care about “We the people” anymore. Anyone who is heard by the masses with a message that is disruptive will be punished in one form of censorship or another. The fence jumpers are few and far-but the legal protesters are many and loud. – Preserving the future for white children everywhere

        • I checked your link. Found it too difficult to read in all of those dark colors and grey print.

          You might want to “whiten” your page if you want anyone to read it.

      66. I know this is real tin foil hat stuff, but just something to keep in the back of your mind in case a pattern emerges.
        Andrew Brietbart died last night in L.A of natural causes at age 43.

        • The rumor mill has it that he’d said a few months ago: Just wait and see what happens March 1st.

          What the heck?

          I’m wondering if he was “Heart Attacked”…

          He had a lot of enemies, as you can imagine. The wicked hate truth and, he was about truth.

      67. The troll fuckface that is hijacking our names is a fuckin dumbass and he can’t spell so we should be able to sniff them out!!

      68. The government is chipping away at the First Amendment and most of the people in this country don’t even realize it. They’re all too busy looking down at their cell phones, LOLing, sending messages, playing games and tweeting (or twitting, whatever the hell it is.) The mainstream media, controlled as it is by government and huge corporations, gets by with reporting that things are getting better (there’s a big LOL) and speculations about pseudo-celebrities being pregnant, divorcing or marrying. I wonder how many people actually know what the Bill of Rights is? Keep prepping – no matter what the government or media or mouthpiece economists say, the hardest days are coming.

      69. To all the fine minds sharing their thoughts on this site. We know each other. Many have been hijacked. But the posts don’t in any way match your previous thoughts. Those of us who have (known) your ideas take the trolls for what they are. Febrile infants.

      70. Well, Mac, it looks like it might be time to get some logins.

        I guess we knew it would come some day. In the age of the internet, immaturity can be worldwide.

        I once built a chat system that when you put in your username and e-mail, it held onto it. It used it as somewhat of a matched pair. Is there anyway you could do something like that? Unless someone figured out our unpublished e-mail (or you could a password field in there) it would be locked in.

        Anyways, I know your working on stuff. We’re patient but some of these morans are just not very convincing.

      71. We dont have a 2 party system, it’s a one party system with 2 branches. Both are working towards the same goal. So, now we’ve lost yet another basic freedom. What’s next?

      72. Beefcake and Dude.
        I have done research on springs in general and found that springs only deteriorate with constant compression and release. I also load only to 27 rounds on a 30. The heavy duty Ak mag springs do real well but AR and Mini 14 may give you a problem. I did do a test with Ak mags which were loaded for over a year and the gun ate the ammo up with no jams. Three mags. I agree with no oil cover, especially WD-40 which is a water displacement penetrant and will kill primers. On the other hand I do not think they will be in the ground long enough to make a difference, as the way things are headed.
        It is a God Damn shame that I have to do this type of thing.

        Thank you both for your input.

      73. That sound you heard was the door of Freedom slamming
        shut! This Government needs to be replaced before we are
        all placed in the “Camps”.

      74. From the Mel Gibson movie “We were Soldiers”
        “Gentlemen……prepare to defend yourselves” !

      75. From Paul Newman’s “Cool Hand Luke”

        What we have here……is a failure…to communicate!

      76. As they remove all avenues for us to address what is going on,they leave us with only one workable solution,that is a full on REVOLT.Only a fool would think that there is going to be real change made at the voting booth anymore.And If you think the LEO,s running around with SWAT toys to play with are going to help us you are insane!They have been brainwashed and bought by the feds!The Patriot Act is a misleading document.It is made to control the sheep,in other words us.What few rights we have left are being vacuumed up by the tyrants in DC and they could care less what we think.Prepare for the coming storm!

      77. Tyrant. Rope. Lamppost. Some assembly required.

      78. I’m glad to see that most comments here are reasonable. The bombastic comments and in fighting of recent years on nfoe warz etc. have been counterproductive. I mean, between the NDAA, this bill, eschilon (sp. deliberate)- why would anyone use violent or suggestive language? About 15 years ago an OLD oldtimer told me “Anytime a person advocates violence they are almost certainly a provacateur”.

      79. Ezek. 16:49ff. “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food, and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I removed them when I saw it.”

        Is. 10:1-3. “Woe to those who enact evil statutes, and to those who continually record unjust decisions, so as to deprive the needy of justice, and rob the poor of My people of their rights… Now what will you do in the day of punishment, and in the devastation which will come from afar?”

        Luke 1:52ff. [Mary’s Magnificat.] “He has brought down rulers from their thrones, and has exalted those who were hungry. He has filled the hungry with good things; and sent away the rich empty-handed.”

        Ezek. 22:29,31. “The people of the land have practiced oppression and committed robbery, and they have wronged the poor and needy and have oppressed the sojourner without justice… Thus I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; their way I have brought upon their heads,” declares the Lord GOD.

        Jer. 5:28f. “[The wicked] do not plead the cause, the cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; and they do not defend the rights of the poor. Shall I not punish these people?” declares the LORD. “On such a nation as this, shall I not avenge myself?”

        James 5:1-6. Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. …Behold, the pay of the laborers who mowed your fields, and with you have withheld, cries out against you; and the outcry of the harvesters has reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.

        Luke 6:24. “But woe to you who are rich, for you are receiving your comfort in full.”

        Luke 16:19-25. “Now there was a certain rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, gaily living in splendor every day. And a certain poor man named Lazarus was laid at his gate, covered with sores, and longing to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table; besides, even the dogs would come and lick his sores.
        Now it came about that the poor man died and he was carried away by the angels to Abraham’s bosom; and the rich man also died and was buried. And in Hades, being in torment, he lifted up his eyes, and saw Abraham far away, and Lazarus in his bosom.
        And he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue; for I am in agony in this flame.’
        But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony…’”

      80. this needs to go in front of the supreme court so they can be thrown out.

      81. WOW!!!!!!

        Keep our nation in your petitions to Jesus, the Lord of Lords.

      82. time for Florida voters to take out the garbage,as in Tom Rooney (R-FL) ….vote the bum out..this bill violates the Constitution as most do today..and he is the sponsor..easy choice for voters…out the door…

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