Congress, Are You Listening? – ‘We’ve Come to Take Our Government Back’

by | May 18, 2010 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Rand Paul’s Kentucky primary win should be front page news across the USA tomorrow morning. Though the media will assuredly put an adverse spin on Dr. Paul’s platform as they did his father’s in the 2008 Presidential election, it will not change the fact that Americans are waking up to what’s going on.

    It is time we put a stop to the train wreck we call the 111th Congress.

    The American people will be heard, one way or another.

    You can ignore our calls, emails and letters. But you won’t ignore the ballot box.

    Rand Paul pretty much covers it in his victory speech:

    I have a message, a message from the Tea Party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We’ve come to take our government back.

    We’ve come to take our government back from the special interests who think that the Federal government is their own personal ATM, from the politicians who bring us over sized fake checks emblazoned with their signature as if it was their money to give.

    Washington is horribly broken.

    The Tea Party movement is about saving the country from a mountain of debt that is devouring our country and I think could lead to chaos.

    Rand Paul, like his father, understands that if we do not change our government, if we do not instill representatives who care more about the people and this country than they do about accumulating power and personal wealth, then we are headed for disaster.

    There is no way for us to avoid economic pain going forward, but with common sense representatives like Rand and Ron Paul, we may still be able to restore the rule of law for which our Founders fought.

    Watch Video of Rand Paul’s Victory Speech:


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      1. God Bless Rand Paul and God Bless Tea Party Patriots.

      2. Thank god the people appear to finally be waking up.  Let’s hope it isn’t too late.

      3. The main problem is that the leadership has a deaf ear and blind eyes to what is going on around them .   Tea Party is a dirty word to them and nothing will change their thinking , even losing an election .  The Liberal democrats won’t change the way they think . Oh they will mouth platitudes and sound like ” we get the message ” but in reality its a waste of time to discuss anything with them .  Even as a minority they will have great influence over how this country will be run .  Thats because the GOP has no idea how to properly put the liberals in to a box and shut them down . That and the MSM will always be on the side of the Dems.  For some stupid reason the GOP always wants the press to like them and will bend over back wards to try to appease them .  It has NEVER worked and NEVER will .  It will be the same as the last time the GOP was the majority , the libs still ran the show .  Having said all of this it is still a time to be of good cheer , the path way back to democracy has been taken and the good guys win one . we will see how far it takes us .

      4. Obama’s traitorous power base in Congress is crumbling.   Throw the bastards out.   

        Obama is the worst and most corrupt president this country has ever had.


        If and when elections threaten the domination of America by Zionism (aka the “Israel Lobby” – ISRAEL), we can be sure that those Zionists and Israel’s foreign agents (Katsas an Sayanim) will spring into action to ensure their uninterrupted DOMINATION of the Federal government – and selected state governments. Until the truth about 911 (Israel did it) hits American mass consciousness, don’t expect any positive CHANGE from any election – or the Zionist-controlled Democratic and Republican parties!

        Can you think of ANY political candidate who promises a FULL, IMPARTIAL and PUBLIC re-investigation of 911 from ANY party?

        Until that happens, elections are “much ado about nothing”!

        “We, the Jewish people, (he meant Zionists) control America, and the Americans know it.” (Ariel Sharon)

        The people are not “waking up” until they DEMAND full disclosure that Israel did 911!

        A state of WAR must be declared between America and the CRIMINAL and ROGUE state of Zionist Israel!

        America must STRIKE the Root of Evil (Zionism). “Zionism = Nazism = Satanism” (Neturei Karta Torah Jews)

        Come out, come out – wherever you are! (Zionist Shills – THEY are everywhere!)

      6. Looks like someone’s had a BIG bowl of Crazy Puffs this morning……….

      7. Godsend… if you have an opinion, fine… posting 5 comments in a row is really annoying.

      8. His writings make him look like a nut. But worse, when new people come to the site and see the hate they leave regardless of the good content on the site. I must say though the chatter is up and there have been some very good decussions and debates.


        As prophesied, the Zionist Shills have arrived. I wonder if 20smoney is only slightly annoyed, so far?!

        Sorry to have annoyed you – but you know how it goes: one thing (thought) leads to another (thought) until we have a whole bunch of connected thoughts – or collection of connected dots.

        I have been known to string more than 5 thoughts together. 😉
        Patriot One:

        This site is somewhat off the beaten path – can’t even remember how I got here! On the other hand, my website has a large and consistent group of followers who visit it regularly from over 100 countries every month – and have done so since 1996! 🙂

        I don’t usually hang around places like this for very long, though, so you have something to look forward to.

      10. Patriot, 20sMoney, et al;  this guy (godsend) runs a hate website that no one comments on.  His main goal seems to be the immediate re-starting of the Holocaust.  The idea that SHTF is just some piddling little site he “stumbled across” while taking a break from his “large and consistent” website is a bunch of hooey.  There are more posts on SHTF in one week than there are on his racist extravaganza in it’s entire history.

        He’s here posting up his little link hoping to get fellow SS wannabes to go join up to his “cause”.

      11. Say GodSend, it is clear that you are a racist.  I am a WASP male and would like to remind you that every country that has persecuted the Jewish people ended up on the trash pile of the dead.  I find it amusing that everytime there is a issue someone has to go and blame the Jews.  To blame a entire race for the actions of a few is a foolish mental process at best.  Hitler did it, Rome did it and look what happened to them.
        Jesus Christ is a Jew you going to blame him too?
        Pull your head out and look around.  Perhaps  it is just the natural evil in man that likes to hate.  Beware, your hatred will eat you alive!

      12. zionist shills? labeling anyone who doesn’t agree with your conspiracy theories? that really does make you look like a nut, GodSend (and what a screenname!) I don’t believe anything will stop the decline in our currency values, and our overall quality of life.  I think and hope it will be long, slow descent…  if the circuses shut down and the bread disappears, thousands will end up dying,  looking under the fridge for bits of stale food, and wondering why the TV don’t work.

      13. GodSend,  we understand your concern regarding Zionists, but posting a comment about this 2 or 3 times on every article is slightly annoying and doesn’t really add a whole lot of value to the overall discussion…

        Even though we are off the beaten path, we like to keep the path clear of as much clutter as possible. I’ve combined your post strings together to clear it up in here a little.

        I realize we get off topic in these comments from time to time, but the less clutter the better.



      14. on another note…. not a whole lot about Paul’s win out there today…. Maybe we should give the MSM a pass since it was just a primary…..

        But in my view, it’s big news.

        Airborne71 is right when he says:

        • Thats because the GOP has no idea how to properly put the liberals in to a box and shut them down . That and the MSM will always be on the side of the Dems.  For some stupid reason the GOP always wants the press to like them and will bend over back wards to try to appease them .  It has NEVER worked and NEVER will .  It will be the same as the last time the GOP was the majority , the libs still ran the show .

        Is it just me or are the GOP establishment candidates afraid to step outside of the Political Correctness box?

        It is for this reason that most of those GOP candidates need to go home – they talk a big game, but never carry through when it’s go time. Insofar as the democrats go, I’d say probably all of them need to go. We do need a little balance in Congress, but this can be better achieved with multiple parties as opposed to two….

      15. How to identify a Zionist Shill:

        They NEVER address the issue. They prefer name-calling and using emotive words like: racist, hate, nut, etc. Of course, there is also a smattering of the clueless who live under rocks.

      16. How to identify an Idiot:

        They claim the highest moral authority possible, then spew hate and advocate for genocide as a solution to their (misperceived) problems and personal failures.

      17. Mac:

        You sound like a reasonable man. 🙂 I will keep the clutter to a minimum and not persist in beating a dead horse. I’ve made my point and intend to move on. Just to be clear, Karl D and Knish-Mish Shedlock are VERY astute observers of America’s financial predicament. I read their Blogs every day. Like I said before, they (and other Zionist Shills) just have this aversion to naming the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) of America’s horrendous predicaments.

      18. Jonny V et al:

        I have a website AND a Blog. Everything I stated about my website is true. My Blog has a link to my website (“Sons of Light”). My website has been called “The Illustrated Guide to the Universe”.

      19. Should I comment?……. Naaa……………………….. Oh why not.
        The basic premise of GodSend’s message is correct. Zionism is our #1 problem. The truth of 911 has been hidden for too long. If you understand who pulled off the controlled demolition of the twins AND building 7, you can understand everything that has happened sense then. Does anyone possibly think that Homeland Security and The Patriot Act are for our protection??? How about these “Wars on Terrorism” where we have murdered MILLIONS. Everything that is bringing this country down can be attributed to ONE group and the traitors that lick their boots. Please, turn OFF the Jew controlled media. Do your research. The truth is not hard to see.   

      20. Well said, MDF.

        So how come you and I and LOTS of others SEE! the truth (about 911 and other Zionist crimes) but others here don’t see it – or don’t want to see it? Those others must be either (1) preoccupied and ignorant of the facts (ostrich syndrome) or (2) they are AFRAID for their VERY LIVES of what is guaranteed to happen, once the cat is out of the bag – and rightfully so!

        Zionist Israel has been attacking America for a long time and if our government (and society) was not under Zionist control, there would have been a “state of war” between America and Israel long ago – in which case Israel would be HISTORY by now!

        America is under FOREIGN DOMINATION and our “elected” government (leadership) is our worst enemy. Recent and future elections will not change any of that. The operative word here is TREASON – though hardly any dare call it that!

        It will take SEVEN DAYS IN MAY or American Revolution II to set things right. Of course, Yahweh has already declared how He will deal with America’s (and humanity’s) MORTAL ENEMY. As they used to say on TV: “Father Knows Best!”

      21. I have nominated this site to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watchlist of  websites that promote and espouse hate,bigotry and racism.

      22. It’s a great idea to take back our Washington government.  I wish you luck, sir!  Because unseating the devil from his throne, is a pretty tall order.  Mr. Paul, you may be one healthy cell entering into a completely cancerous body.   What are the chances of survival?    

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