Confiscation Is Coming: Obama To Issue Executive Order Targeting 4.2 Million Retirees With Massive Gun Ban

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Headline News | 397 comments

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    Just when you thought they’ve tried every trick up their sleeves to disarm American citizens, the creative minds within the Obama administration have come up with a new idea.

    Because seizing firearms from veterans has been so successful, they figure they can give it a shot on a much more massive scale, and they’ll be using a Presidential Executive Order to make it happen.

    This time the President will be targeting 4.2 million Americans who are receiving Social Security benefits for disarmament:

    Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others.

    The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally and others.

    A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.”

    But critics — including gun rights activists, mental health experts and advocates for the disabled — say that expanding the list of prohibited gun owners based on financial competence is wrongheaded.

    Though such a ban would keep at least some people who pose a danger to themselves or others from owning guns, the strategy undoubtedly would also include numerous people who may just have a bad memory or difficulty balancing a checkbook, the critics argue.

    “Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe,” said Dr. Marc Rosen, a Yale psychiatrist who has studied how veterans with mental health problems manage their money. “They are very different determinations.”

    Source: LA Times via Bearing Arms

    This attack on America’s Seniors is unprecedented and speaks volumes about what anti-gun fanatics in America want to do to the rest of us.

    As Bearing Arms notes, the move is a tyrannical declaration by executive fiat and is a “broad brush” approach that will strip Second Amendment rights from Americans who have committed no crime and pose no danger to society.

    Karl Denninger highlights the absolute insanity of what implementation of such an order means:

    If your grandmother has a gun for personal protection (and is not a frail older person the exact sort of person for whom that equalizer is most important) but has someone else (like you) run her bank account for her Obama wants to confiscate her gun.

    Where is your limit of tolerance for this crap America?

    You don’t need any damn permit to write a blog or start and operate a newspaper.

    You don’t need any damn permit to worship as you see fit.

    If anyone tried to tell you that needed a permit to write either in print or online, or before you could pray, you’d stick up the middle finger.

    A right is not conditioned on any damn permit and the Second Amendment is clear in its language just as is the First Amendment — so why is your middle finger notin the air right here and now?

    If the President’s efforts are successful then it’s not difficult to see where mental health assessments go next. With Obamacare’s preventative care mandates it should be clear that the next phase in the disarmament of America will target adults between the ages of 18 and 62.

    In fact, it’s already happening. California, the petri dish for a wide variety of socialist viruses, has already implemented statutes that allow the police to enter a person’s home and confiscate their weapons based on accusations of mental illness alone. Keep in mind that they have given themselves the legal authority to do this before any tests on the gunowner have been performed. They seize your gun first, then you have to prove your innocence.

    And while you can dismiss this as California being typical California, anyone who thinks their state will be any different is kidding themselves. They’ll simply pass this on the Federal level, just like Obamacare and scores of other legislative actions, and it will be enforced directly by the Executive Branch.

    Moreover, it is also important to note that the government has recently released new guidelines on mental illness and it turns out that if you are even reading this web site you have a diagnoseable condition:

    The Obama administration has a new partner in crime and it is the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  The APA created the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) which was recently adopted. DSM 5 is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners. As many of these practitioners point out, the new DSM-V makes a pathology out simple and normal behaviors such as grieving for the loss of a loved one.

    This constitutes a new subjective approach in diagnosing of mental illness that promises to end free speech and any form of political dissent. The federal government has already declared anyone who oppose its unconstitutional policies as having “political paranoia,”  which is now diagnosed as a type of mental illness.

    Essentially, with the new DSM-V, a psychiatrist has the means with which to diagnose pretty much every single American with some type of mental illness.

    And the second that diagnosis hits the national Obamacare database you will red-flagged for disarmament.

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      1. “Shall not be infringed.”

        • Pretty straight forward right there, Guero.



          • Wait for the other shoe to drop.
            If a person is deemed unfit and wishes to continue recieveing benefits,SS office will have to inspect the home.

            This will put the elderly on social security in the same boat as children stalked by CPS .

            • I hadn’t thought about home inspections, hmmmmm.
              But don’t think his Majesty will stop with SS benefits for those with some type of disability, or those who need help managing their funds. This is a test run. If it works the process will be expanded to anyone receiving a federal payment. I’ve read obscene estimates of the percentage of Americans who receive some type of government payment (50%). Maybe it won’t stop with people who need help, it’ll eventually be anyone receiving a payment. Retired military, retired federal employees, retired……, welfare and food stamp recipients, etc., and etc., and etc. Something like this was done years ago with federal highway funds. Lower your state speed limit or you get no federal highway funds. Not much objection to taking firearms from vets, so lets just keep going, nobody is paying attention. We know where AARP stood on Obamacare. Wanna bet where they stand on this issue?

              • “This attack on America’s Seniors”

                This is not an attack on seniors, it is an attack on anyone getting a disability check which can be any age. It is an attack on the US Constitution.

                • This has been all over the web for several days now…catch up much?

                • “Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.

                  So Obola is banning liberals from owning guns?

                  • Reading this article reminded me of this…

                    “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
                    – Edmund Burke

                    Sobering steps from freedom to fascism

                    “Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!”
                    By Kitty Werthmann

                    1938 Austria – history you probably never read about

                    An Austrian witness of Nazi tyranny and transformation

                    The Final Steps…

                    “Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms.

                    Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.”

                    “No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.”

                    “Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria . Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism.

                    Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.”

                  • It sounds more like the ones making all these ridiculous rules are the ones with the mental problems.

                  • Sounds like the ones making these ridiculous rules are the ones with mental problems.

                • he won’t get my guns

              • I know a few seniors that will shoot and kill the enforcers, and rightfully so.

                • zero

                  Let’s hope so, but not only just the seniors. This will target many people including people who do have some sort of mental issues, and yes also the lazy asses who draw crazy checks just so they don’t have to work. Although I do not agree with that, I agree less with the fact of stripping people of their rights, without a trial deeming them to be so mentally deficient as to be a danger. Now the question is?? if confiscations do happen will we (friends, family, neighbors, nobodys) stand and shoot back with them. Will we risk our lives and shoot back for the lazy 28 year old piece of white trash who draws a crazy check for A.D.D. ?? Unfortunately I don’t know that we will, and if not they will eventually do it to all of us. This is why everyone should oppose “universal background checks”, for one it can’t truly be done without a registration, it is only a tax on the law abiding, and combine that with digitalized medical records and Obamacare it will be used to dig up everyones past and deny folks their rights just because they were on Prozac or Adderall in the past. I hate the thoughts of what is coming down the pike, and what will have to be done, worse than that though I’m more scared of what will happen if/when we do nothing.

                  I must say though, it gives me hope to see this article have over 300 comments in one day. It is good to see people still get fired up over this.

                  Get ready to make your gun’s talk people…

              • Inspectors that come here will never be seen again.

                  • Thanks for sharing Six!

                  • excellent

              • You forgot income tax refunds…

                • WHO would be stupid enough to PAY TAXES after this UNCONSTITUTIONAL ILLEGAL EXTORTION ATTEMPT?

            • That’s why they want the guns. ‘Cause quite a few older Americans will shoot any busybody that comes to “inspect their home”.

              • I believe a large part of this move is intended to interfere with the inheritance of firearms.

                Your children and grandchildren can’t inherit a closet full of untraceable weapons if the government has already come and cleared them out. Look to home health aids to be required by law to turn into government spies and provide the names of people whose homes they find guns in.

                Obama knows that under martial law he can open the sales records at every gun store in America and find out the name of every gun purchaser. The guns that are pre 1968 scare the crap out of him. They want them under government control.

                • Plan,while this needs to be taken seriously they start searching homes some will get shot,then martial law/then lots of shooting.They can have all the records they want,they will just be denied when taking folks guns!I would also say,remember, a100 bucks and a big box store makes all sorts of stuff.

                  • Forget the guns, mix chlorine with ammonia with a timing device.. throw away cell phones work wonders. Add a bit of gun powder.. bang,, all kinds of dead people. The number one mass murderer in the US used, guess what? Gasoline. WTF needs a gun to murder people?

                    • Yup, I’d chuckle if some old fart was burning down the police station while the police were off searching his home for guns. It could happen somewhere in Amerikanska!

                • Plan,while this needs to be taken seriously they start searching homes some will get shot,then martial law/then lots of shooting.They can have all the records they want,they will just be denied when taking folks guns!I would also say,remember, a100 bucks and a big box store makes all sorts of interesting items.

                • “The guns that are pre 1968 scare the crap out of him. They want them under government control.”

                  Absolutely, and exactly WHO is most likely to have pre-1968 guns?

                  Older folks, of course.

                  This govt doesn’t even hide it’s contempt anymore.

                  • Actually as I understand the law it is any firearm over 20 years old. That paperwork you fill out to buy a gun is maintained and required by government to be stored by the store that sold it to you for 20 years. After 20 years, these records may be destroyed. True, the government does have records of the National Instant Background Checks done when you purchase a gun, but don’t know what you have bought. When/if a gun is found at a crime scene they trace the serial # back to the manufacturer, then the store sold it, then the form you filled out at the store. If that gun is more than 20 years old, the store MAY not have the records anymore as they aren’t required to keep them more than 20 years. The government has tried to make the dealers hold records indefinitely and has intimidated some of them into doing that but they have not been able to successfully change the law because gun rights groups have successfully argued that would in fact be gun registration. Over the last 100 years, the government has slowly infringed on our second amendment rights and by that slow creep, they have all but taken that right away. THIS INFRINGEMENT OF OUR RIGHTS MUST STOP. WE MUST TAKE A STAND BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

                    • Any gun at all if it was made 1898 or later, with a few exceptions for guns specifically listed as “Curios or Relics”, if it goes through an FFL’s inventory. And I once had to do a 4473 on an 1886 Ballard, because some FFLs are so pussywhipped at this point that they’ll inventory a obvious antique to be “on the safe side”.

                      4473 forms have to be stored indefinitely, as I understood it. Even if it is only 20 years, how many FFLs actually stay in business that long? If an FFL dies, retires, or otherwise gives up his FFL, his bound book must be turned over to ATF. How many bound books do they have transcribed into their database?

                    • With all the pressure to reduce the numbers of FFLs, many home FFLs have surrendered their licenses to avoid the abusive audits. Such out-of-business FFLs are required to also surrender their records, records that BATFE then OCR scans into permanent files.

                      From 1994-2007 almost 200,000 FFLs went out of business, approximately 80% of FFLs.

                • I think New Yawk state already seizes guns whithin days of the owner’s death.

                  • Lets put this in perspective. The US threw everything it had Militarily except for nukes at Iraq which has a population of 32.2 Million people. More than half are woman and children. So basically the US lost against 16 million people. Smaller than the population in the State of FL. So what does that tell you? They rule on fear and compliance with shitty laws. People in CT told the Gov to F-off to gun registration and there were some fearful suckasses who complied. No Fricken way the US Govnt can go nationwide on any gun confiscation with out getting very bloody. Any suckass puppet traitor who works for a Grabberment agency taking guns needs to be shot on the spot and his family. Yellow paint on the curb in front of this yellow belly traitor suckass’s house is the marking for slaughter in SHTF. Btw/ Everybody needs to place No Trespassing signs up by the city road easement on your side of the property line. Any fool who trespasses gets a bullet.

                • Oooooh, VERY good point. How many old folks become incapacitated in the last couple of months of life?

                • Charging Sales Tax on 2nd Amendment Gun purchases is “Infringement”and needs to be banned. It would be like charging Tax on 1st Amendment Speech or the right to vote. The Poll Tax was outlawed and so shouls gun and ammo purchases. I think most of us would agree.

                • I agree with you.

                  Although I receive ZERO benefits from any agency, I anticipate the SS nazis contacting my dead father about his guns. It’s been almost 3 years since he passed, but the VA still acts like he is alive, and send him mail all the time.

                  Had anyone contacted him regarding his firearms connected to his meager SS and VA benefits, he would have told them to stop all benefits, and go fuck themselves.

              • An 80 year old with cancer may just figure they have nothing to lose.

                • If I know of anyone that`s deemed by the goverment as * disabled/defective, they will have more then someone who is 80 to deal with.
                  I`ll be the neighbor that gets involved. I may need to go on an extended camping and fishing trip afterwards. Just think, no more waiting for the shoe to time to tear the laces right out.

            • hammerhead says:

              “If a person is deemed unfit and wishes to continue receiving benefits, SS office will have to inspect the home.”

              LOL… This is what happens when you get into bed with government!

              Social Security… like “bridge cards,” is a trap… It’s for chumps and suckers!!!

              • SS Direct deposited into a Panama City, Panama numbered bank account.. Why not? Come confiscate that.

            • The definition of “unfit” will expand to include just about everyone. Disarmament is the goal , period.

              • AS ALWAYS, one small step for govt, means several overreaches shortly after.

            • interesting you say that…Last week received a call with caller ID saying Blue Cross, they wanted to set up a “free” in home evaluation Hubby who is medicare/blue cross, told them not interested and they insisted on talking to Hubby who was out playing on his tractor, when was a good time to call back.
              Turns out, they were not calling from Blue Cross, but Matrix! What can they possibly do other than SNOOP AROUND, take Blood pressure, check respirations, listen to heart?

              • It’s the SNOOPING part that gets my hackles up.

            • Well, time to suck it up people! Stop declaring disabilities. Tough it out. And steer clear of Social Security. If you already have it, get off it. And while you’re at it tell the Bummer to go crawl back under his rock and stuff his executive order where the sun don’t shine. It means deciding what you truly value…this idea we call the Constitution and your natural rights or financial security. If you don’t have natural rights and they can take whatever they want from you when ever they want to, then all the financial security in the world won’t keep you off a chopping block eventuality. Doing nothing in the face of tyranny landed us in this situation. Doing nothing in the face of tyranny will ensure it only gets worse.

            • A permit to protect yourself…

              It was FINE when veterans protected the interests of the elites– by going to war and perhaps ending up with missing limbs or traumatic stress…

              However, in order for these SAME VETERANS to protect themselves- the government says, “no way, Jose”!

              F… bas—ds!

          • from one of our brethren here on SHTFPLAN a while back

            When Shooting Starts:
            1. First and foremost, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD! Think.
            2. When the shooting starts it is too late to go buy a weapon and/or ammunition.
            Have what you feel you need NOW.
            3. It is too late to go to the range to site in your weapon. Keep weapons zeroed at all times.
            4. Know where you stand. Your cause must be moral and it must be just.
            5. A shot fired in haste is a shot fired in waste.
            6. Before you squeeze the trigger make sure that you are prepared for the consequences and the repercussions.
            7. Your family and loved ones should already know what to do. Training and more training, what to do should become second nature.
            8. When you squeeze the trigger you are taking a human life, no matter who it is, prepare for that event.
            9. Be willing to die for your cause but try not to. You must survive.
            10. Be reluctant to start the shooting but be ready to end it. Start only if you must, but end it quickly.

            • “10. Be reluctant to start the shooting but be ready to end it. Start only if you must, but end it quickly.”

              Lets send this to congress .

              • “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” –Capt. John Parker, Lexington Common, April 19, 1775–

                • USA is at that awkward stage. Too late to work for change from within the system, but a little too early to shoot the bastards on sight.

            • BCOD, spot on. I couldn’t have said it any better. I’m almost a senior citizen myself but my mind is still as sharp as ever and I’m not on any programs either. If they want my guns they’ll have to kill me for them.

              • Same here…period.

                Ranges are known and we hold the high ground. They are too stupid to know what that means.

                It’s about to be a bad day for some puke who thinks he is a god.

                As Sarge says: Aim small, Miss small.

              • Like we say in Texas , Come an take it ! I’ll let them try but they won’t get far

              • My answer in base 64 – c2FtZSBoZXJlIGJ1dCBJJ20gNjk= but I’m 69 and a senior citizen. See Obama, my mind still works fine… up yours Obama

            • Both of my grand parents have guns and are not really worried about living much longer. I feel sorry for the person who try to take their guns.
              My grandfather used to tell stories about my great great grand father. When the germans invaded Poland the family excaped to Romania. My great, great grandfather had no legs due to ww1 and had to be left behind. He still had his BAR he carried and used it against the germans as they tried to take the house. My grandfather told me they could hear him laughing and counting for each german he shot. This went on for hours while the family hid waiting for dark so they could escape. He was well over 100 when the shooting stopped.

            • #1 you will not “think”. At that point your training, (assuming you have any), will take over. Your last rational “thought” will be to surrender yourself to your training.

              • I’ve been trained to think under pressure. The ability to keep your head under pressure, when everyone else is losing theirs, is priceless. Training is very important too, and if it’s good training it will get you through most of the time, but it’s no substitute for being able to think clearly under pressure.

                • Reb in ID. Yep I too being trained as a Firefighter Paramedic, to think fast and ability to adapt to ever changing situation is crucial for survival. I have seen lots of death, shootings knifings, beatings, etc. That .22 can do a lot if damage as it rolls around in the skull like a ping pong ball, shreading the brain. Getting it into the skull through the ear, eye or mouth is usually a winner.


            • “Sight in” your weapon. “Site” is a place, like a work site or web site. “Sight in” is a verb meaning to “aim” your weapon. Do get it right. Please.

              • Im going to sight in my new crossbow & scope using a .30 cal laser bore sight. I will lay the laser in the arrow bolt grove and point down range. Should get me pretty accurate adjusting the scope. Then fire off a few bolts checking for accuracy. Laser bore sights are only about $17 and come in all calibers. Get one for every caliber you own. Allows you to sight in your gun and scope without firing a shot or wasting a bunch of ammo bringing it to center. Of course firing a few shot to check for accuracy is always recommended. Hard to do that in a city area unless at a gun range.

                • Who,no need for crossbow,trust me,been shooting em for years,enjoy the new toy!

            • I do agree, practice, practice, practice! A slow miss is, well, a slow miss! A fast miss is exactly the same as a slow miss, though it takes up less time. A hit is the desired response. Be Well.

          • Anybody dependent on the Grabberment is pretty F*cked. Hide an gun, shoot shovel and shut-up, as one poster wrote.

          • Wait until psychiatrists become the NEW target of American gun owners.
            They, as a group, had better grow eyes in the back of their heads. If they plan on becoming the point people for an illegal disarmament of the American populace, I hope they’re not dumb enough to think this won’t come without a price…. Any idiot could see it.
            They won’t be able to barbeque outside, mow their lawns, or leave their houses without a target on their backs…

          • “A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.”

            These are people on disability who have mental and physical handicaps, such that, they cannot manage their own affairs.

            If they cannot manage their own affairs and have a fiduciary who manages their money or affairs, they have no business “managing” a gun.

            Weed the crazies and the druggies out!!! Pun intended. 🙂

            • Beyond that, naturalized citizens should not be allowed to buy, own, or possess guns either. That would keep guns out of the hands of millions of muslim jihadists, as muslim immigration has DOUBLED since 9/11.

              A little common sense IS needed. 🙂

              • No ‘common sense’ is needed to allow people to defend themselves. Ridiculous to think all naturalized citizens should not be allowed to buy, own, or possess guns.

                Sounds like many of the so-called ‘Common Sense’ gun laws the anti-gunners propose.

                • NCClyde: I agree, everyone should have the ability to defend themselves; however those who are incapacitated to a point where a family member or even a stranger “manages” their affairs, likely do not have that capacity.

                  In that case, the fiduciary or family member who manages their affairs has the duty and responsibility to defend the incapacitated individual, because the DEPENDENT, subject individual does not have that capacity.

                  Someone with Alzheimer’s for example might not recognize a loving family member, consider that person a threat, and shoot them.

                  Lets get real. There ARE people who, based upon their mental capacity or instability, or immigration status, should not have guns. 🙂

                  • FAMILY can make that decision. Not g-men.

                    Anyone who is that far gone w/ Alz has someone watching him or her. Let that caregiver decide. Aint no need for DC g-men.

                    Your line of thinking is part of why this county is so fucked up with a nanny state.

              • I’m a perm resident,from Europe, living here for 30 plus years. I,m a gun owner and would stand beside you to defend this country from the tyranny of this Goverment.

            • I dunno. Folks who have a mental defect that allows them to get a Social Security Disability (crazy Check) maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. Some old fart with Altizmers or dementia maybe shouldn’t have a gun. I took my parents guns away from them. I also took away their car keys. and it was the responsible thing to do.

              • Old guy,that’s a pretty “progressive liberal”stance your taking,exceptions to the bill of rights.I say take it a step further,anyone old may have dementia/alzheimers ect.,why take the risk?!Of course,anyone with moniker Warchild,well enuff said,they obviously support violence,take em away!I guess you see my point,if you forget due to alzheimers will repost!

                • excellent post, warchild!

                • SOMEbody will have guns…will it be the PEOPLE…..or the gubmint?

              • I took mama’s gun, sisters were scared to stay with her. She then slept with a butcher knife, hatchet, ax, took them all. Found another 22 revolver we didn’t know existed. I loaded some ammo without power, problem solved. Mama slept with it until we finally had to move her to a care facility.

                • playing in mud

                  Although I do understand peoples concerns with elderly parents and such, and I had my family do the same thing to my pappy, and I think it is the family’s responsibility to discuss what route they should take. But my point is, often I think people worry too much I don’t know your situation but it seems as though your mom felt safer with her gun, kept one with her anyway, and nothing bad (I hope) ever transpired. Same with my pap. But just saying, elderly aren’t as crazy as people think they are gonna be sometimes. Most all humans maintain the trait of self preservation.

              • There is a huge difference between you deciding to take away your parent’s guns and car keys, and the gunvernment deciding who it will take guns from.

              • old guy

                exactly, you took your parents guns and keys for safe keeping and their safety. My aunts and parents did the same thing to my pappy, although unnecessary in my opinion. But my opinion is it is not the gov’t place to just start taking rights because someone gets a check for some reason. If there is some cause, well then let a judge and jury adjudicate them defective. But this is much more than just a slippery slope, this is a friggin slip and slide blanket to be thrown over a whole group of people without any regard for their rights.

              • If YOU were my son…….I would shoot you !

                • nam marine

                  are you saying you would shoot me?? If so I want to make sure you understand I took no ones guns from them. My aunts and parents took some of my grandfathers guns out of his house during a period of concern, which I made known I disagreed with and thought was unnecessary . Like I said in above post, children worry too much and all the doom and gloom scenarios never seem to happen. Older folks aren’t dangerous…..unless you f**k with em of course;) Anyways, just making sure you understood what I was trying to say

              • If YOU were my son…….I would shoot you !

            • Just talked to a co-worker who’s grandfather was ‘legally blind’ and my co-worker’s father managed his father’s affairs.

              This grandfather, though ‘legally blind’ could see well enough to shoot the intruder who had kicked in his door.

              The dead victim would thank you, dk, for disarming this WWII veteran grandfather.

          • Mac,
            I am torn on this one. I agree that the second amendment shall not be infringed on. I think all citizens, minus violent (and I mean violent, not just any) felons and the mentally ill should be able to bear and carry arms without a permit.

            Now, that being said, mentally ill folks should not. As a cop for over 20 years in LA, I have seen my fair share of mentally ill folks. They do not think rationally, lash out on impulse, and people who try and understand them using rational thought almost always get hurt. However, grandma who gets help with her checkbook or social security should be left alone.

            If the law banned paranoid schizophrenia patients and other violent mental patients, then I would agree. And before I hear people yelling at this, remember that the last mass shootings were done by people on psych meds and were mental patients and everytime we always say that the psycho was irresponsible and should not have had access to a firearm.

            Leave people alone, don’t infringe on their rights, shrink government and let the free market be free and don’t steer it for you political donors……. But thinking like that is probably better for never land instead of reality anymore.

            Keep your powder dry,

            • JJ,you made a exception to the 2nd,how liberally progressive of you.

              • War child,

                I figured I would get some hate. Far from liberal and progressive, libertarian yes, but not liberal. I know the gun grabbers want to grab everything and I am all up for a fight. But even folks who don’t want to ban guns don’t want mentally ill folks to have access to guns. Case in point last nights shooting in LA at another movie theater. It is coming out that he was unstable. Unstabilty and firearms are a recipe for disaster.

            • “Now, that being said, mentally ill folks should not. As a cop for over 20 years in LA, I have seen my fair share of mentally ill folks. They do not think rationally, lash out on impulse, and people who try and understand them using rational thought almost always get hurt. However, grandma who gets help with her checkbook or social security should be left alone.”

              Question is, why are those mentally ill folks out on the streets in the first place?

              It aint a question of changing the 2nd amendment. It is a question of protecting WE THE PEOPLE. Put the nutjobs in the nut house where they used to be before all the libtard commies decided to turn them loose on society.

              Every one of those shooters who went after a group of innocent people turned out to have serious mental problems. They should have been in a mental ward.

              But no, its the guns.

              • Calgagus,


          • Simple enough… Form a Gun Trust…

        • Come and take ’em assholes.

        • The Facts

          Based on consolidated information from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there are about 300 millions guns in the United States.

          “There’s no perfect estimate of firearms in the U.S. because creating a national registry of firearms is prohibited by federal law,” noted Alex Katz, a spokesman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “But academics and interest groups across the political spectrum broadly agree on the 300 million figure.”
          Others Agree

          New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition also quotes the figure, as does the National Rifle Association (NRA).

          “The number of privately owned guns in the U.S. is at an all-time high, upwards of 300 million, and now rises by about 10 million per year,” said the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action in a firearms safety fact sheet released Jan. 17, 2013.

          A November 2012 report titled “Gun Control Legislation” from the Congressional Research Service also supports that number, though ranks it a bit higher.

          As of 2009, the report states, “the estimated total number of firearms available to civilians in the United States had increased to approximately 310 million: 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns.”

          Now, is there anyway on God’s Green Earth that our bumbling .gov that cant whip sand niggers in sandals shooting home made AK 47s with home made ammo, can disarm 150 million Americans with 300 million guns?
          P l e a s e. OMG hide the guns hide the guns.. SHIT

          THE ONLY way that it can happen is for voluntary disarmament and that is not going to happen and all this talk of foreign troops is yet to be determined as fact. No, people of the paranoia, do not hide anything, they are not coming for the guns, it is not even a remote possibility. It is a death sentence handed out.

          What happened to Jade Helm? Where is the disappearing patriots? Where is the Texas war?

          If you are a chess player, which I can assure you these so called leaders are not, except for Putin, then you use the old tried and true starvation method, not face to face frontal attack on a stronger opponent.

          Get a grip, no one is coming for the guns.

          • @ .02…

            Jade Helm isn’t over yet. But aside from that, the main concern is for the type of training they are doing and WHERE they are doing it.

            You don’t train for what you aren’t planning to do.

            I would imagine that relatively speaking, there were probably about as many guns per person in the colonies as there are now. Maybe a little less. And that certainly didn’t stop the British from “trying” to disarm the colonists.

            Don’t think for a minute that if they begin to think they “can” disarm us that they won’t give it a go.

            • Of course they would love all of us disarmed and millions of us know that and that is why they cant do it. Take New York for example. Shumer says all Mags and EBR’s (evil black rifles) must be registered. The people said “fuck you, come take them”. the police told Shumer fvk you, YOU go take them.. The gov is becoming a moot point. We don’t listen to them any longer and the more of this shit they try the more we resist and the more guns we buy. Someday soon it is a matter of time, some one like Shumer will pass an illegal law banning guns and wind up with a neat little hole in his anatomy and that should damn well be a hard lesson to the next idiot that follows.

              • I have not seen any recent estimates, but in 1992 the estimated compliance rate for California’s “assault weapon” ban was in the neighborhood of 13%.

            • I suspect that there might be some “natural disaster” right about the time JH15 ends. We just saw the HAARP earthquake, at HAARP depth, in California. ?bETA test.
              We have already seen the “asteroid” strike in Russia several years ago.
              Recent video by the guberment re. All the coasts, including the great lakes, being vulnerable to these types of catastrophies……the GREAT LAKES?????
              They will have massive equip. In place already so to trigger some of these events will send the gutless rats scurrying to FEMA camps……..the ones that do not drown after the quake tsunami, like in Japan. A few well placed newks in the sea bed should help them accomplish that.

          • I agree with you, especially about Putin. History will look favorably upon him.

            • R U just fucking stupid? Putin is pig shit. Fuck you.

              • Putin plays Chess, our bootlicker to the ZOG plays checkers all excited yelling “King Me.” Putin laughs at the US selecting a Negroid to be the US’s spokesperson. Btw/ Putin is fighting against the ZOG and NWO Tyrants. I support his efforts. Our embarasaing cowards bootlick.

              • Your rhetorical whit is astounding.

        • the only way it ” won’t be infringed” is Joe citizen has to take a stand – do really think that will happen ?
          These days i don’t think so…. so much has already happened and you can’t get enough patriots to show up to make a good circle jerk !
          If we don’t find a way to stir the soul of citizens to unite, we’re goin down 1×1 ….. just singlular 6 oclock news stuff.

          • aint jack shit gonna git done as long as they still hold their “smart”phone.

        • Let me get this straight, a person who is so mentally incapacitated that someone else has to handle their financial affairs is still o.k. to own a gun? That’s called “Incapacity”, the same as child, criminal, or someone adjudicated/certified a mental defective; they don’t get to handle financial affairs, the can’t drive a car: so why is it that they can still have a gun?

          • Incapacity to handle financial affairs may mean a lack of concentration skills, compulsive buying, gullibility with telemarketers, or loss of writing skills.

            None of those should preclude your right to defend yourself with a firearm.

            If they’re incapacitated to the level you suggest, then yes, adjudicate them as such. But not 4.2 million people at the stroke of a pen.

          • so greg, you would probly keep a guy who spent a couple years in prison for having a couple ounces of mary-j back 20some years ago from having a gun too…am i right?

        • It all started with people convicted of non-violent felonies, then certain misdemeanors. See how we screwed up by not saying NO to any gun ownership ban! Felons were picked because who cares about a felon protecting himself or his family. But we went for the unconstitutional ban for self protection for one group and now look where we are! When you let the government restrict the rights of any group it will not be long before your rights are at risk. Funny thing about the felons being the first to get their gun rights taken is the ones who are real criminals don’t give a sh*t about the laws. All the “GOOD” people did was restrict their own right to self protection. You get the government you allow!

        • agreed

        • Cicero said:

          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. BUT IT CANNOT SURVIVE TREASON FROM WITHIN. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But THE TRAITOR MOVES AMONGST THOSE WITHIN THE GATE FREELY, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of GOVERNMENT itself. FOR THE TRAITOR APPEARS NOT A TRAITOR; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, HE APPEALS TO THE BASENESS THAT LIES DEEP IN THE HEARTS OF ALL MEN. HE ROTS THE SOUL OF A NATION, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A MURDERER IS LESS TO FEAR. THE TRAITOR IS THE PLAGUE.

      2. Better to have a few hidden…

        • EXCUSE ME?!?! WHEN YOU HAVE TO HIDE THEM ITS TO LATE TO USE THEM, is the saying. So you go ahead and hide eppe, while some of us will fight, you chicken shit!!!!

          • I agree with eppe. So eat chicken scat and die PISSEDOFF.


            • X2!

            • I agree with pissedoff, wtf is enough , ENOUGH? Fvkin nation of keyboard warriors. cowards

              • hey all!! hiding a few guns and ammo is VERY smart!!! it IS NOT a coward thing, it IS because when you think with a COOL head you would realize that for ALL scenarios you could get caught up and loose your current guns and then would need some back-up,ALWAYS be prepared for ANYTHING, so smart people would hide some for many reasons. DON’T jump to conclusions and start calling people cowards!! use your HEAD, THINK,
                GOT IT BOYS!!!! and of course girls

                • Apache54, spot on about hiding a certain amount. On some of my trips to the BOL, I’ve already taken a certain amount of ammo to store there. Never have ALL your eggs in one basket.

              • Ditto Apache. Have a couple they can ‘fins’ and be on their way. Have the rest cached!

          • PISSEDOFF!!!
            Can you not read? I said to hide a few, not all.

            Do you know what the white stuff is in chicken shit???

            Chicken shit…

            It is posters like you that ruin a site like this.

            • Fvk you eppe, keep your opinions about ruined boards to yourself. Who died and left you the fvkin board Nazi?

              • .02, YOU DRUNK AGAIN???

                • Off your meds? Having a bad day? Your sister quit sucking your cock? STFU

                  • .02, I normally enjoy your posts, but you’ve crossed a line with Eppe.

                    • This is why Be Informed ,is gone ,time to move on

                  • .02, who climbed up your ass and died??
                    For the few years here, all you ever do is stir up shit.
                    Who pulled your minature PENIS cord?

                    Mac’s readers have dropped off, and most of the posters have left because of fucks like you and pissedoff and others.

                    Time for me to leave for a while, will read, but no comments, so I will STFU…

                    • Eppe, I know .02 was wrong, but don’t let him drive you away. I get attacked very frequently here as everyone knows but I still come here. No one is going to drive me away from this site. BTW, MAC and everyone, my 3rd anniversary with this site was last week on the 17th. I’ve had so much going on the past week I forgot it. It hurts to get old.

                    • If that is all it takes to run your sorry ass off, oh well.. If you cant handle a small flame war on a board, you sure as hell going to be a world of hurt when the hurt gets real. Grow a pair and lets see some FIRE boy!

                    • now now, you boys just tone it down!…pissedoff comes on here without the slightest ability to read OR write, and with the help of his mommy, has completed a complete post…my, my, what an accomplishment….didja get a blue star for that one?…’s a shame he won’t ever see these replies, as he’s out fighting the war he’s talkin’ bout! i guess we will probly never hear from him again….i just hope he’s WINNING that war he spoke of. GO, PISSEDOFF! be well my friend…and thanks for your service! aim small, miss small!……i wonder if we’ll ever hear of his exploits out there fighting this war?

                    • Come on Eppe,you know there is a joke in ya’s just dying to get out!Crack a beer/have a smoke,then come on back!

                    • @ eppe : We have not all left. I would assume that most are still here. Just don’t post to much. To much bickering and not enough meaningful conversation. Their will be plenty of time to fight, in the near future. Every time, like minded people, cuss, bitch, scream and hollar, complain, argue, and fight with each other, THE OTHER SIDE WINS. Why on earth, would anybody, any real patriot, give them the satisfaction of watching us, tear ourselves apart. Save your energy. You will need it.

              • How about we agree to disagree,nobody is perfect on here,we are not the enemy…Obama eats this stuff up!

              • 02

                Is mad because he is one of those mentally disabled on social security Eppe. He forgot to take his meds and is scared the government is coming to take his cap pistol. So don’t let him bother you.

                O2 you can always use your super soaker when they come.

            • Eppe, I agree with you. Pissedoff is another useless troll. I’ve had a shitty day. That dildo set me off with his post.

              • @Braveheart…..Happy 3rd anniversary to you!! I don’t post much any more,as so many posters that I used to know have left the site……but still try to read a couple times a week. Take care all, CC.

                • Canada Canuck, good to hear from you and thanks. Hope all is well with you and yours.

            • Epe,
              I’m with you. It may not be “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” that you are hiding your weapons from! Or they may not be acting legally.

              You could step out for a short time and a lucky thief stumbles on your gun safe, who watched the YouTube video that shows how to open it in five minutes flat.

              Now your in the middle of the crisis and have lost all your weapons? The thief now has the tools to return in force, kill you, and take everything else at the time of his choosing. You’re especially in deep trouble if the weapons are not replaceable in the current environment!

              Serious preppers will have multiple stashes in the event one is compromised. A wise soldier does not die for his cause, he makes his enemy die for his cause on your terms, on the battlefield you choose.

            • Epe,
              I’m with you. It may not be “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” that you are hiding your weapons from! Or they may not be acting legally.

              You could step out for a short time and a lucky thief stumbles on your gun safe, who watched the YouTube video that shows how to open it in five minutes flat.

              Now your in the middle of the crisis and have lost all your weapons? The thief now has the tools to return in force, kill you, and take everything else at the time of his choosing. You’re especially in deep trouble if the weapons are not replaceable in the current environment!

              Serious preppers will have multiple stashes in the event one is compromised. A wise soldier does not die for his cause, he makes his enemy die for his cause on your terms, on the battlefield you choose.

            • Well said.


            • If you have to hide them, it is past time to use them.


              Hiding is for cowards, that is what they do. They hide. You want this country to be a Republic again or are you so naive to think that things will be better if you just wait some more until a Replicon, or another Demonrat gets into office?

              Get a clue. Either we do something, or just sit here talk tough and hide .. THAT is the options. Pissedoff has it right.. sorry

              • How can I put this in words simple enough for you?

                Plant a lot of guns. Leave one in sight. They take one, you dig up one.

                • Nope, Not going to bury them. From my cold dead hands. The way i see it, when this shit goes down there will be guns laying in the streets. We the people have more guns than China and India combined including their military. Some estimates say there are 300 million guns in the USA. That is a few truck loads. It is obvious that ammo is the weakness. See any .22 lately?

                  • When the shit goes down, the LAST thing i’ll be doing is picking up ANYTHING from the fallen off a recent battlefield.
                    Reason…. Technology. We outnumber govt forces by an embarrassing degree. That said, they will have to compensate for that by bringing serious technology to the fight.
                    GPS chips can be made about half the size of a grain of rice nowadays, perhaps even smaller. How easy would it be to mold those directly into an AR-15 pistol grip?
                    How about small chips in ammo? Say, every 20th round receives a small chip in it in case ammo is confiscated by patriots scavenging a recent battlefield?
                    You take your new prizes back with you to your command post, your home, or your marshaling location, and BOOM! You’re zeroed….
                    As 21st centuriers, we need to think a little smarter and a little more devious-minded when it comes to our opponents.
                    Don’t think it would happen? If I were in charge of cleaning up local militias and dissidents in a given area, devious usage of madern GPS is THE FIRST THING I’d do…..
                    I understand from a good friend that was former SF, many rigs that are used today via “govt employees” are all bio-metrically mated to their users. I shit you not. How creepy is THAT?

                    • If you get some tinfoil and fashion a hat out of it, those chips are disabled.

                    • Good thinking AKJ

                    • AK Johnny, a little paranoia is actually a healthy practice. You might be a little over the line in practice but not in theory. There is a bit of wisdom here. Dont assume there is no reason the ammo was left behind.

                      The us used to plant overloads in enemy ammo dumps. Think about the demoralizing factor there.

                    • Good thinking!

                      But a true GPS transponder would require a battery. Maybe built into that red-dot sight? Where else can they hide a battery in an AR platform?

                      RFID chips are now so small you can’t hardly see ’em.

                      A 5.56 cartridge is a perfect example of a Faraday cage. Nothing inside could send out, nothing could get in. Would a micro-RFID survive discharge, to be detected later?

                      Carry aluminized mylar bags with you to contain your loot?

                      Pick one up, toss it somewhere that they’ll try to retrieve it, and set an ambush?

                      The plotlines are endless.

                    • AK Johnny1, my plan is to take only arms, ammo, and other gear from dead FOREIGN troops. None of them will have the same technology as US military. To me ARs are junk anyway. AKs for me.

                  • The pawn shop around the corner, has it all day long, any day you want it, for $50 bucks a brick. To much for me, but it is for sale. By the pallet, if you want it.

                  • While I agree with your spirit .02 I think eppe has this one right. What if my house catches on fire? Or what if . . .?

                    Having a few hidden in a separate location (with some food, photocopies of important documents, a lifestraw, or whatnot) is simply a good idea.

                    I won’t surrender any of them but I still have a few hidden.

                    • Well, ok then.. but now I have to rent a storage unit or go out into the woods with a shovel? Shit, I have 3 vehicles with g n a in all of them, guns/ammo in the garage, under the bed, in the bed, beside the bed, in the corner, in the closet, in the basement and now I have to take to the fvkin woods? SHIT

                • Yea, if they find one, they’ll beleive you when you say that’s all…

              • Well pissed, I say it’s been passed time to hide them , yet you are still keyboarding in your arm chair. Who’s ghe p¥ssy now? Why aren’t you fighting?

                • Pass time? I haven’t seen any storm troopers dragging granny out into the drive way and disarming her. Have you? Again, it is either offense or defense. YOUR choice, but I think you know my game plan and imo defending the castle is a losers bet in the days of howitzers.

                  • Here .02. Here’s your video of them dragging granny out into the street and disarming her. It HAS happened…you were just too busy blustering to notice.


                    • I know it has happened in Katrina, do you know the rest of the story? Look what happened to the mayor that ordered it. This should serve as a “lesson”.

                      Under the terms of the injunction, Mayor Ray Nagin, Police Chief Warren Riley and any agents or employees of the City of New Orleans shall:

                      · cease and desist confiscating lawfully-possessed firearms from all citizens;
                      · make an aggressive attempt to return any and all firearms which may have been confiscated during the period August 29 to December 31, 2005;

                      · within one month of the settlement, post on the City website the procedure for the return of confiscated firearms. This notice must include an interactive form for those claiming firearms to fill out, resulting in timely transmission of the information to the appropriate official. All other information on claiming a firearm will also be included on the site.

                      · within one month of the settlement, the City must mail notices to all individuals who are identified on the property tags of firearms in the City’s possession which were confiscated during the aftermath of Katrina.

                      And now…

                      Ex-New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years.

                      Nagin, 58, was ordered to report to federal prison Sept. 8.

                      The guy was a douche.

                    • @.02….

                      It’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

                      In the case of Katrina, they closed the barn door after the horse got out.

                      And there are countless cases in this country where, despite court rulings, law enforcement agencies have continued to trample on the rights of Americans, frequently violating the very court orders that were supposed to keep them in check. Typically, these acts are committed by one of the many “alphabet agecies” of the Federal Government (FBI, ATF, IRS, DEA et. al.)

                      Despite their promise that they won’t do it again, you can’t trust these tyrants any further than you can throw them. The only thing you can do is determine in your mind and heart beforehand, that when it happens again, those trying to do the confiscation will be met with violent resistance.

                      Because that is the only thing a tyrant understands.

                      “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
                      — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

                      “If we are ready to violate the Constitution, will the people submit to our unauthorized acts? Sir, they ought not to submit; they would deserve the chains that our measures are forging for them, if they did not resist.”
                      — Edward Livingston

                    • .02, you asked: “I haven’t seen any storm troopers dragging granny out into the drive way and disarming her. Have you?”

                      I answered you.

                    • Did any of those folks who had guns taken during during Katrina get them back? Well, yes, after numerous lawsuits which took years. And the thugs had left them piled in barrels in a humid warehouse. All anybody got back was balls of rust.

                  • .02, I dunno, they were grabbing grannys guns after Katrina hit. I do hide away a few guns in fear of them getting stolen, if I am away. The safest place for a gun is in your waistline belt loaded and ready. Everybody needs to get their concealed carry permit. Try bugging out carrying a loaded gun without a permit and you are the Govt target and wasting a year trying to beat a felony charge. I know its all BS, and their rules, but play it safe anyway. Yeah a few spacewasting posters here think they own the board. Many are all talk.. You just keep posting as you please.

              • O2& Pissed,nothing wrong with having extras stashed in another locale with a few basic survival goods.I would first make sure friends/neighbors who are good but can’t say afford a rifle have a little practice and have that extra when time needed.I will unless completely off his rocker always back Eppe,so as Brave so succinctly put it,”Fuck Off!”Hmmm….,uh…..,was that a disparaging comment to a few posters?!

                • .02, NOT everyone who had guns taken ever got them back. The City Of New Orleans is still violating the federal court order to this day. That only reinforces my decision to shoot anyone who comes to take anything from me and I don’t care what they’re wearing.

              • 02

                That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard on here. Take your meds. IT is called being prepared. If you have several guns then it makes perfect sense. If your house burns down you still have guns. If the feds come you can use the guns your currently have. IF thieves come ditto.
                If thieves come and you are not there you don’t lose them all.

                Don’t worry they are not concerned about your cap pistol or super soaker.

            • They are too stupid to know what a contigincy plan is. Don’t waste your time.
              You can’t fix stupid…it takes care of itself. In this case they will be dead in the first wave and the herd will be properly thinned.

              But I do like the way you say “Go fuck yourself” even though I’m sure it doesn’t register on a brain dead ass hole.

              • GC, you make some good points, but that POS made something snap inside me plus I already had a lousy day, but at least I was able to let off some steam.

              • Let you in on a little secret about planes there Camping. Everyone has a great plan until you get hit in the face.
                First casualty in war, after the truth, is the plan.

                • Wish I had a plane…you must be some kind of super soldier!! With no contingency…hmm.

                • “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy”.

                  Supposedly said by von Clausewitz. Was a watchword through my whole career as an engineering project manager.

            • I think he already has. He appears to be the result of what really happens when someone actually goes and f’s themself.

            • Hey .02. I have 2 to three buried with enough ammo to go for a While. All weapons have rebuild kits for longevity. I can afford it and I guarantee I’m not the only one. If I can’t win a firefight against the Nazis, I’ll capitulate and rearm before they are out of the county. Then its game on. Sun Tzu said “never fight a more powerful enemy on their terms”. Remember that all men sleep. Just saying. A guerilla war in the U.S. would be a slaughter, but the morons in Washington won’t be on the front lines so they may just try it. I don’t want to fight and I will avoid it, but I have two young sons I am willing to die for.

          • At least you’ll have a couple to go to when they confiscate the rest. You can’t always be awake or aware at all times. I don’t keep all mine together either…spread them around and outside the domicile area. Hang in eppe!

          • “pissed on”
            You attacked a guy here I would walk through fire for. A Man I would want with me WTSHTF. We may not always agree, but we tell our side to each other with respect. To me that is what makes him the guy I would want by my side WTSHTF.
            So “pissed on” take a hike you troll we don’t need you here.

            • Sarge. way to go. I had my own words with that POS earlier.

          • Having a few hidden isn’t cowardly, it’s a back-up plan. Eppe is right.

            • If you are going to hide the guns, you have to also hide the same ammo calibers. A closet full of 5.56 and you claim you lost the gun canoeing? Uh huh…right.. better get those rubber sealed .50 ammo cans and start packing them with moisture and O2 absorbers.

          • I have to agree with pissed off, although I think I understand what eppe is saying, and while pissed may have not said it all too eloquently. The point is if you are having to hide them, you instead should be making them talk because you would be way past the point where we should have been using them. Unless you are hiding them so you can get to them and use them, then I just cant agree with that type of thinking. That’s why I always get a little upset everytime people are making cute little jokes about losing them when their canoe flipped or yada yada. Unfortunately, I think their are very many that will not know when it’s time to shoot. I know none of us want to have to do it, I just hope and pray we will know when and have the strength to do what must be done, if we have not waited too long already.

            I just pray The Good Lord gives us strength guidance protection and good aim and lots of fresh ammunition. Of course it would be nice if they would just leave the 2nd amendment alone. Although so many even those who think they believe in Liberty, don’t really even themselves know what that means. It’s amazing to me how many people think background checks and permits do any good and are totally necessary and ok.

        • I am using hollow points.

          • Not I, says the fat guy. Hollow points are great for executions, shooting people out in the open, or plugging the unsuspecting, such as hunting applications.
            Where the exclusive use of hollow points becomes a liability? In environments where opposing shooters are hiding and firing from behind hard cover. Think cars, brick buildings, trees, dumpsters, etc.
            High powered FMJ will penetrate most of that easily. Hollow points on the other hand, will mushroom as soon as they contact hard targets.
            For penetrating hard targets? They AIN’T the optimal choice. And during a SHTF scenario, folks AIN’T gonna be shooting while walking down the middle of the street, or walking down an open field.
            Save the hollow points for hunting, or apartment home defense…. Just my humble….

            • @AK Johnny1…..

              I agree.

              In 5.56X45 a good round is the XM855 62gr. Probably as close to armor pierce as you’re going to find. It will also be the round that will defeat at least some body armor. But definitely superior for windshields, car doors and even cinder block walls if the range is not too far.

            • I agree. It’s prudent to have mags loaded with each and multiple firearm options to suit the circumstances.

              • I also agree. Each loaded mag has color coded tags on them. Red is ballistic tip, yellow is hollow point, blue is soft point, and green is green tip FMJ’s.

                • Nice, I’ll be color coding mine shortly. Great tip, thanks.

        • EPPE
          It is better to hide a few. I agree.
          Hell I have a few hidden now. If you don’t have a couple hidden you are fool!

          • SGT only a fool hides their weapons. What good is a hidden weapon.

            • “T”
              Let me explain.

              You get two of everything. You put one where the bad guys can’t find it. The other one you have ready to ROCK & ROLL!!!

              You should always have a cache of guns, ammo, food, water, and medical supplies. hidden some where.

              You do what you want, but as for me I will have some hidden.

            • Really? Are you asking what good is a concealed weapon? Sounds different when I say concealed instead of hidden but the meaning is the same.

              Seems to me the government is so worried about hidden weapons they are trying to make people apply for permission (permits) to carry them. We of course routinely carry hidden weapons in places the government says we can’t.

            • How can I put this in words simple enough for you?

              Plant a lot of guns. Leave one in sight. They take one, you dig up one.

      3. 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01001111 01100010 01100001 01101101 01100001

        • How many cops will lose their lives trying to confiscate guns from senior citizens? How many Social Security offices will be blown up by senior citizens? You want a revolution? Try doing this. There are many senior citizens collecting social security that have relatives who they live with or trusts that manage their finances plus a whole host of other reasons why they do not get there “BENIFITS” (NOT ENTITLEMENTS) sent directly to them.


          • When you get our age believe me, we are just hoping and praying this shit goes down so we can kill these statis assholes that truly deserve it. Go ahead, try to disarm some old fvk that hes been diagnosed terminal and has 4 months left. Brilliant plan there chief.

            • Use your walker to beat them off!

              • Easy to convert the wheel chair into a shooting bench.

                • You should leave a few old rusty guns in plain sight, as decoys.

          • The attack of the walker Zombies?

          • BigB, those senior citizens that go that route are playing it smart. NEVER trust fedgov on anything if you can avoid it.

          • Have you been in a social security office lately? They are freaking fortresses!

        • Sorry old Nam Vet I am not up on my Binary , been working on a few things a lightweight E and E pack containing only essentials and life support gear . Think of it as a cross between an Airmans survival kit crossed with a Jungle pack . Super light LBE type set up , Pistol centric with the essentials , Shelter 5×7 Bushcraft OutFitters mest Tarp , BCB mesh hammock , ammo , Freeze Dried Food (2) days , mini water bladder (1 liter) attached to the harness back , Kifaru Woobie , possibles kit containing fire kit , knife , sawyer water filter ( every one should have at least one ) ,
          Small amount of ammo for my .357 and my PVS 14 on a Crye Night cap . light and fast is life .
          The Object is as Eppe has illustrated , keep some of your gear separate from your main stash as a live to fight another day kit . Keep it as small , concealable and light as possible . Think outside the box What is coming is going to require unconventional thinking and actions be one step ahead of the leviathan, only fight on your own terms , learn your capabilities before you have to rely on them in an emergency situation . As an example I took my model 27 to the range and know where my points of impact are for 25, 75, and 100 yards are, I was making hits on the plates out to 100 yards prone using Iron Sights using the pack as a support ! Experiment and learn . Do the unexpected and know your equipment . Do just the opposite the TPTB expect you to do. Be unpredictable .
          Things are rapidly accelerating do not waste time and energy arguing almost yourselves , Train , learn , try new things.but in all practice!
          Time is short .

          Plan , execute , vanish .

          When the time comes NO ONE IS GOING TO HELP US BUT OURSELVES.

          Hips and heads guys .

          Semper Fi

          • NB there are only 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.

            • Hilarious!

        • the binary says
          Fuck you Obama

        • There is a binary translator online for free. I copied and pasted this and chose binary to text….Good one, ONV…..

      4. Oh good, take the guns away from those that would need them in a crisis the most.

      5. No guns here.

      6. Time to hit: CTRL ALT DELETE on TPTB!!!!


      7. I think it’s a wonderful idea. If the feds say you’re too crazy to own the gun, and you shoot whoever tries to take it…then any lawyer with half a brain could get you off the hook for “mental illness”…sounds more like a license to kill officers, which is probably exactly what the mighty mooslim wants in the first place

      8. This administration has been very consistent at arming criminals and terrorists and trying to diss arm law-abiding Americans
        It will be sad to see the young enforcement officer ( just following orders ) get hurt or die by the senior citizen that just doesn’t feel like laying down yet

        • All of this Gun Confiscation and control is by design, a planed scheme by the One Eyed ZOG. The bloomberg, schumer, polosi, rothchild cabal tribe. So either Kill or be killed. They would love to see helpless Americans that pose no threat or resistance as they continue their rape, pillage and plunder of our great country.

      9. And herein lies the reason why even the conservatives crying out for more government involvement in screening gun buyers for mental health issues are going to get far more than they realize. Once you give the government the right to determine gun ownership based on mental health, you also give them the power to define mental health. Grease up and bend over, fools.

        • steve r

          amen brother, you hit the nail on the head. When fox news and all these so called conservatives talk about oh how we need to focus on the mental health…..well this is what you’re gonna get. Me personally I don’t really care who has a gun, as long as I don’t have to hear it, and if I do….well..i have ne too;) Glad to see there are still people like you who get it too. Few and far between these days. These conservs need to stop pandering to the media and just tell people leave the damn 2nd alone. Murder is already illegal and that’s about all you need everything else is just legislative bs

      10. disarm the seniors so the niggers can help themselves without resistance….

        • DING DING DING…

        • risky Whisky. damn good point.

        • R.W.

        • All those newly minted citizens recently arrived from the Third World will need places to live and money to spend and we sure cannot be mean and expect them to actually work. Since the seniors will not need assets much longer they will be robbed of them killed if necessary. After all according to numb nuts#3 Jeb they our new immigrant saviors are even more fertile than pesky regular Americans. I predict that there will be no resistance from Americans no matter what outrage is committed. People are just too afraid. That’s what happens when you have a volunteer military where very few ever serve. A population of chicken shits. Personally I will be making a big white flag and learning how to surrender in three languages. I know a lost cause when I see one.

        • So much truth in one sentence.

        • Thugs will come a running..


          • And no one can see the outcome of the idea of disarming the crazies? Who is the real crazies in this situation?

            • I have less to fear from armed crazies than I do from a government that can disarm people it considers crazy.

          • Don’t forget, depression can ALREADY be used as a reason to have your weapons taken away.

        • The joke’s on you tandalayo…

          Here’s how it works…

          Your aging parent goes to the doctor for a routine medical appointment. Because of his/her declining health, your parent now lives with you. During the course of the doctor’s conversation, he asks how your parent is feeling. Your parent responds that he/she feels a little “down” from time to time. Doctor prescribes Xanax to help improve your parent’s mood. Note goes in chart about your parent being depressed. Next Dr. appointment, the doctor asks casually if there are any guns in the house. (Note…I said “in the house”…not “do you own any guns?”) Your parent responds in the affirmative, even though they don’t even own a gun. Dr. makes additional note in chart.

          Now you have a house where a gun exists with a depressed individual on mood altering drugs.

          You think they won’t use that as an opportunity to disarm the house if opportunity presents itself?

          Remember…..whenever tyrants do something like this, it is always “for your own good”…or…”for the public good”.

          I will guarantee you that when they went around confiscating guns from law abiding citizens in New Orleans, they had a whole list of why those people giving up their guns was not only the wisest and safest thing to do…by golly it was the most patriotic. Those people were giving up their guns so innocent people wouldn’t get killed.

          And when they come for your guns, it won’t be because they want to violate your rights….it will be so you won’t have to worry about mom or dad getting hold of that gun and hurting themselves or someone else.

      12. The country is in the toilet…

        The reset (flush) is unavoidable, it’s biblical, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to witness our demise…

        • As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright mor

          • on

      13. Just another increment towards the goal, chip, chip, chip away at freedom and rights .

      14. GIVE ME A BREAK!! This is a complete joke… What caregiver in their right mind would admit to this..and then expect their guns to be picked up at the door???

      15. Prepare the Laser

        • Laser sites reveals your location to others, applying a Suppressor does not.

      16. And just how do they figure out who has what and where? They can’t. None of the guns are registered and most of those people haven’t even bought a hunting license in years. There is NO WAY they know who has WWII stuff at home. They are bluffing just to get a rise out of people.

        Obama is an idiot who has no power over us and he damn well knows it. They are scared to death.

        My Grandma lost her guns in a tragic boating accident in 1963. Prove she didn’t…they can’t.

        Puny little god.

        • The whole plan is to get more gov bloat in the form of The Granny Gun Enforcement Agency. Or the GGEA for short. More alphabet agents with badges for we the people. One of these days…

          • Bullets will do wonders on even GGEA.

            • When? This is the problem BH.

              We sit here talking smack and watch the systematic destruction of this once great nation and we threaten and wail and kick sand, but never DO a fvking thing.

              If any of us had one ounce of courage we would have bulldozed the District of Criminals into the Potomac when that useless bag of shit George jr set up free speech zones.. but no, we all just shake our heads, complain to the wife/gf/anyone that listens and say “one of these days..”

              • .02, if any of us fires the first shots, then any legitimacy we can claim is lost. I still expect the other side will fire the first shots and draw first blood. The day is still coming when they’ll make their move and it WILL BE GAME ON. You speak of going ahead and doing something; stop and think first. What you’re talking about is more serious than you think. Once you’ve ‘crossed the Rubicon’, you’ve stepped into a world of trouble and there will be NO TURNING BACK. I’m not starting anything but I can damn sure finish it. When they come for me I’ll be acting in my own self-defense. We’re all going to be forced into ‘crossing the rubicon’ at some point, but at least we can pick and choose the circumstances and timing of that move. I’ve already made my choice and hope you choose wisely for yourself.

                • First blood.. Ruby Ridge, Waco Tx, TWA 800, Ok City, 9-11, TWICE! Boston, and about a dozen MKUltra mass shootings and how many other false flags going back PAST the Lavon affair and the USS Liberty. First blood indeed.

                  • Well, then, .02, what are you waiting for?

                    • My wife to die

                  • I disagree. I think first of all they have already fired the first shot. And emptied the whole mag. They do it in the shadows though. You are correct though when we fire back we lose legitimacy. The line had already been crossed and we (including myself) all just sit and read and complain about it but never do anything. We can prep all we want but I for one think it’s damn time we take our country back. I want to do it now so that my children don’t have too.

                    Our enemy is not stupid they know exactly what they are doing. If they start actually shooting they know that too many people will stand up. So instead they are going to keep slowly turning the heat up so that we won’t notice until it’s too late to jump out of the pot. The bad news is that we are already in the pot and bubbles are starting to form at the bottom.
                    I’m in Fort Worth Texas and looking for like minded people. Is anyone else not aware of the fact that it’s past time for action. Peaceful protest has not worked. We tried it in the 60s and 70s and into current time. Bitching is not working. Prepping is not working. When is everyone going to fucking grow a pair and do what needs to be done? This is out world and we let .000000001% rule all if us. I’m done with it. The only reason I’m not doing anything is because I’m only one man. We all need to stand up. We need to have coms. We need a plan and we need to act on that plan in an organized manner. Shock and awe baby. They expect us to keep keep waiting for the line line to be crossed to do anything and they know that in today’s busy world all they have to do is keep inching forward little by little and they can cross the line by a hundred feet before we realize it’s been crossed.

                    This isn’t a personal attack on anyone here and I have loved reading the past few years. I rarely comment but I need a team guys. And not a team of preppers. I need a team of doers. World changers.

                    This is our world.

                    Let’s fucking take it back.

                    I know we are all on a list. And I know they will see what I’m saying here and I don’t care anymore. I don’t want my daughter to have to clean this mess up. I want to shoulder the ugly face of war so that she doesn’t have to. She deserves so much better than this world and I’m going to give it to her. I just need a team.

                  • Think of the scene in “the Patriot” with Mel Gibson where he says we should ask them again instead of war. I admire your spirit .02 and agree in principle, but like Mel Gibson’s character I have (ahem) more than 5 children and wish war can be postponed.

                    This doesn’t mean I’m not angry. I hope though that there are still alternatives to war, such as a protracted siege or negotiation, instead of war. I’ve prepared for war though, just in case.

                • BH ,
                  Could not have said it better myself .
                  This is not a decision to be taken lightly .
                  Most have no idea of what this entitles , no going back no surrender, till cessation of hostilities .
                  That first shot I predict will not be fired by patriots , but the pump is primed , What happened to that poor woman in Cali with that Illegal shooting her and now with Obomba emptying the prisons is going to lead to a further escalation in unrest . With this commander and thief it all boils down to race . The breaking point is not very far off , when it happens confusion will reign , the fog of war is something to be experienced it all boils down to what is happening In your local AO , you could very well have little or no information on what is occurring on a wider scale. This is going to be a situation that very few of us can predict how it’s going to unfold , we are in uncharted terrority , the event is guaranteed to be fluid and Dynamic and possibably kinetic.
                  All I can say is to be adaptive to the the situation and be VIGILANT to your surroundings take nothing for granted . The WH is going out of its way to provoke an incident , do not give them what they want . When the North American Festivities begin there will be no question what is happening . At that point there will be little alternative but to fight hard and give no quarter .
                  There is no such thing as a fair fight you fight to win , there is no alternative to losing its all or nothing . This fight will be against an existential threat to our lives , fortunes and family honor .
                  Make peace with God , no one lives forever make your life count , we are each ambassadors to the patriot cause , be honorable and just , maintain the moral high ground . Help those of like mind.

                  Semper Fi

                  • And I sure as hell dont want to be shot dead when out trying to dig up my guns. Fvkthat. No, folks listen, keep them locked and cocked, in the trunk of your car, in the bathroom, under the bed, in the bed, in the garage and when you leave the house, carry a shit load with you. My OP is to have more than the bastards can carry off.

                  • Night Breaker, I couldn’t have said it any better. As I said, once a person ‘crosses the rubicon’, there is no turning back. When I’m forced to take a life in self-defense for the first time ever, that’s it. I’ll be changed and scarred for life, but it’s something I’ll have to live with. So be it. Surrender to the NWO is not an option.

        • I have an elderly neighbor i help out once in awhile.
          He asked me why his doctor wanted to know about his hunting guns .
          He told his doctor the truth about his hunting guns , he had no reason to think that it was not just a private conversation.
          This is how they ensnare the elderly.

          • That’s the scary part. Complicit libtards who want the “I feel safer now” do gooder “ataboy” from their fearless leaders.
            My wife insists on being present at every one of my grandmas doctor visits just to make sure they aren’t buffaloing her into something like this.

            When they start going house to house it’s past time to make a statement. “I will not comply” is a good start but ultimately it’s going to take a war.

            • GC, if/when they start going house-to-house, that’s when it has to be GAME ON. When they start taking an unacceptable amount of casualties is when it will stop.

              • I’ve said that for a while. When 10 go out and only 5-6 come back it changes their whole attitude and perspective.
                Then there is the thought of who’s having their way with their homes while they’re out. It will weigh heavily on their minds. This is why I believe there are foreign troops here. No home front to worry about per se.

                • GC, those foreign troops will automatically be targets in my mind because they were NOT invited here by we the people. They’re not here with GOOD intentions toward us, either. I will target them regardless of where they come from.

                  • Brave
                    I couldn’t agree more.

                    • So you fools honestly think if you start shooting .gov they’ll just go away?

                      Is that REALLY what you think?

                      HAHAHahahahahajajajajalololol. No.

                      They’ll come down on you like Raid on a cockroach. Dumbshits. (Although not as much of a dumbshit as oasis denied, LMFAO!)

                    • Ditto gentlemen.

              • Exactly Braveheart, but I do not think the concept of going house to house for gun confiscation will ever occur. The loss of life (on the gov’t side) will simply make it a moot point.

                People will refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws if they know if there is a solid chance of not coming home again.

            • Good point, go to herd of turtles blog and read the letter written to the editor of the local newspaper in Buford, N.C. and everyone will see the mentality that is driving this kind of nonsense.

        • Old folks have memory problems, they lose their guns all the time.

          • I’m 70. Own guns. And have a better memory than punks half my age. My brain is that of a 30 year old. I am just stuck with a 70 year old body. Don’t confuse mental capacity with physical capacity!!

        • My parents could have lost their guns in a boating accident too, but gee I don’t recall that they had any firearms that needed background checks or waiting periods.

        • If she got her gun(s) before the 1968 GC bill, they have no idea that she even has any. If she bought privately, (in most states) they don’t know either.

        • Uh Sarge,where did you put em again?!

          • W.D.
            They fell into a hole when we had our last earth quake we had.

        • Camping,not another boating accident!Dammit!I lost mine kayaking years back on ocean,why I had em,well,that’s a whole nother issue!

        • All they have to have is “probable cause”.

          If you have an individual in your home that meets the criteria of someone not capable of taking care of themselves, then all they have to have is a reasonable suspicion that there is a gun in the home and they will use it as justification.

          Most elderly people have an inherent and unreasonable trust for authority. This is very common in those who are in the “Greatest Generation” in particular. Additionally, their minds don’t work too quickly, and it’s easy for them to get tripped up and answer the wrong questions in the wrong way. That’s why they get victimized so much by scammers. They are too trusting and get confused.

          Do not underestimate the cleverness of our enemy.

      17. Just so they know.. Patriots are starting to band together and if you come for a neighbor’s LEGALLY owned firearm it will be like you coming for mine.. and we WILL Resist and Assist!

        • So true my friend. I will stand by you!

        • Amen!

      18. Going after the guns owned by seniors is a way of preventing guns, which were purchased before sales records were kept, from being passed down to children.
        Pass them down NOW.

        • No. Unless you are in the same state with your kids, they will have to go thru an FFL. A bequest doesn’t, even across state lines.

          • Coach long ago time to stop obeying unconstitutional laws and asking permission,things getting serious.

      19. So he wants to ban grandma and granpa from owning guns because……they’ve done all the mass shootings, they have higher rates of homicide,suicide why target this group…..why not the kids on legal meds who flip out and do all the killing
        because of the LEGAL drugs they are taking………WTF!

      20. There will be no outright confiscation until the very last minute.

        Progressives are more than happy to regulate rights into nothing over decades and on THIS issue, they’ll surely opt for that which is less likely to cause shootin.

      21. Have you had enough yet? It amazes me how stupid and lazy we are.

        Hey, here is a thought, lets all go vote for the same pack of retards that have stolen every right we ever had!

        If you still believe in Democrats and republicans, you are fucking retarded. WAKE UP!

      22. Have you had enough yet? It amazes me how stupid and lazy we are.

        Hey, here is a thought, lets all go vote for the same pack of retards that have stolen every right we ever had!

        If you still believe in Democrats and republicans, you are fucking retarded. WAKE UP!

      23. Us old folks have bad memories, we forget where we put our guns all the time.

      24. Gaaaaad damming, Jesazz Koverist.. what the hell did I come on her now for. I an going to meet with my master to practice beating the crap out of thugs, zombies, invading soldiers etc, starving thug derelict, russians, Chinese jihadist soldiers massing with Jade helm and I come on here to see ligitimate poster, .02, eppe, Pissed off at each others throats. Damn guys I am a tough guy and even I am sure if I will do exactly what I brag be about doing when shtf commenses with Jade Helm, etc. Let me give you guys some wise words of advice. I know a veteran who killed 40 north vietnamese during nam. I told him that a lot patriots can’t wait till Jade Helm attacks so that they can kick off the revolutionary war.. he told me that from his personal experience that once it’s starts you will side melt realize that this was not a good thing and that know you will be wishing that it didn’t commense..o think he is right. If it does happen, me like most will fight but I must admit I an just as scared sh…..t leisure most people, I will not bow, I will respond with all lethal force on and invading army, but I am still scared out my drawers. Trust me guys I am not a p……sy. A Lot us tough guys are going to die including me.

        • Remember this HCKS, no one lives forever. Today is a good day to die. A bullet is better than cancer.

          • .02, you deserve a bullet in the head more than anyone else.

            • And I have prepared myself for that exact end. I truly believe I will die at the hands of some alphabet agent.

          • O2,having lost a aunt to cancer along with a slew of other relatives,a good friend who recently died and her husband another dear friend who couldn’t live without her(or chose not to and drank himself to death),another friend hit by it and died a month ago realise how much it sucks as a disease.Passing had a friend who instead of dying in hospital with huge bills got a 2nd opinion,was not good,went home and stayed drunk on old #7 till he died.In a world of bad choices,would say a good choice in a bad situation.

            • Both parents a brother aunts and uncles cousins and friends ate alive by that mutherfvker. Life is short, things need to be done.

          • Well it looks like Monsanto Owns Congress. The House votes down GMO labeling, ao they will keep feeding us poison until we all die of cancer. And those Drug Co’s keep destroying our livers. Yep today is a good day to die for a just cause. Bring it biotches!!!

        • Bingo HCKshtf. I’ll be there shaking along side ya. Too much hot air on here from people that aren’t leading but bloviating. they talk a big game and call everybody pussies but will be the first to go down…don’t think eppe will be one of them.

          • Jim
            I would have EPPE stand be my side any day. Like me he might shake some because it is normal. I know that he wont run.

            • Anyone who is willing to lay their life down for liberty is welcome and if you are not somewhat frightened at that prospect, then you simply are not human.

              Jim-I do agree a lot of posturing on the internet is complete garbage (tough guy talk), but there really are folks out there itching to get payback. They are just apprehensive as to whether or not others will stand up too.

              I’m sure when the time comes we will all be scared shitless, however how you respond after that “oh shit” moment proves who you really are. Given the people on this website, I would bet most are willing to do what is necessary.

              • I know frowned upon but why will run solo,am not positive how I will react,that said,others won’t die if I fail,plus,see wrong will go at it despite odds,tis just me and choices comfortable with.I also solo ca’t even under torture give away others plans/locations/you get the idea.

                That said,see it now,the gods/norns having a laugh at me expense will stick me with orphans and thus have to cool me jets awhile and postpone the trip to rock in hell Dammit!

      25. I’m on SSA but in charge of my own affairs & I have just four words: molon labe, baby boy.

      26. I know a bunch of people on SS
        Unfortunately most are die hard LIBTARDS
        So most likely will bend over and take it

      27. If any of dear senior citizens are facing mental or physical limitations they need to have couple of these toys on their balconies / roofs and be very efficient with their remote control and the firing mechanism.

        p.s. Using AT pistols with 30 round M855 is highly recommended.

      28. Thanks to the Constitution, more specifically thanks to to the Second Amendment.

        “What?,” I’m sure you asking.

        Let me explain. The Second Amendment is one of the few components in the Constitution close to being biblical. However, when the 18th-century founders replaced the non-optional, God-expected biblical responsibility to bear arms in defense of ourselves, families, and others (Psalm 149:6-9, 1 Timothy 5:8, etc.) for the optional alleged God-given Enlightenment right to do so, they robbed bearing arms of its potency.

        Think about it: The Amendment WITH the wording “shall not be infringed” is the MOST infringed, licensed, and limited of Amendment of the entire twenty seven. Furthermore, a future generation of our posterity are likely to see the Second Amendment whittled away entirely or repealed altogether. This is the inherent nature and danger of optional Enlightenment rights as compared to non-optional Biblical responsibilities, such as the following:

        “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house [beginning with spiritual and physical protection], he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (1 Timothy 5:8)

        For more, listen to “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight” at

        If you prefer to read, see our blog article “The Second Amendment is Doomed” at

      29. Obama cant get squat because the second amendment gives americans the right to be armed and it cannot be abridged. Obama is the scourge of the underworld, he is afraid of the light, he cringes when the word “God” is mentioned because he is a being, (I wont say Man) of darkness). He apparently had a dismal, unhappy childhood to be so bitter, angry and obsessed with taking down the greatest nation in the world. He better leave the united states when his term is over because he is not going to be welcome in the United States no matter where he lives and is always going to be looking back over his shoulder. He will have alot to account for when he dies, and he will die, and I do not think he will enjoy the conversation he has either with God or a representative of God. I think he is a utter DISGRACE TO HIMSELF AND THE WORLD EXCEPT for the group he identifies with and I doubt they even trust him. He lives in his own little bubble and I think will ALWAYS be unhappy because he has a problem that he has had since probably early high school. Shame on Pelosi for never vetting him and she has alot to account for too. I think we should throw the whole Congress out and never let them serve in any national capacity as they have shown, except tea party and a few others, they are all utterly inept and are not qualified to be a dog catcher. I;m disgusted with all of them. If obama thinks he is going to get the guns, he is still living in dreamland and not reality!!! He reminds me of Dennis the menace who never grew up.

        • Shit, and George and Darth Dick were SOOO much better? Please. All this HNIC is doing is keeping the ball in the court that George sr and jr built. Clinton is/was one of their lackeys as well.

      30. On drudge, not earth shattering, but I sure miss Be Informed…

        sanfrancisco.cbslocal (.) com/2015/07/21/major-quake-on-hayward-fault-expected-any-day-now-fremont-earthquake/

        • One can only hope…

      31. This is absolute BS. The Second Amendment is an unalienable right that CANNOT be infringed upon. I hope these old timers have some family around them willing to assert their rights.

        Also, I took 4 months off from this site (I know I said I was done forever). I hope all you folks I conversed with in the past are doing well and to all the new folks, welcome.

        • Unless you’re a felon or drug user or mentally unstable and have an involuntary committed for psychiatric reasons or are below a certain age and on and on and on.

          We gave away that “unalienable” part starting way back in the 30’s. It’s now more of a permission than an unalienable right.

        • Smooth,needed a mental health break?!Welcome back!

          • Yes Warchild, just had to detach myself as the negativity was eating me alive. Honestly, I missed this site a lot, mostly for the comments by dedicated folks that post here. Thanks for the kind words!

            • Well, welcome back. It’s a little better since Mac put the brakes in the Jew-bashing. Many of those trolls seem to have disappeared. Not all, but most.

            • Smooth Criminal, welcome back. the site is slowly getting better.

      32. Love to see you try and take them away from our elderly Vets who have been through Hell and Back. It’t like a piss ant trying to bite an elephant. Remember one thing – Vets Stick Together. We would love to have 10 minutes along with him in a dark room.
        Go Airborne !!!

        • We have pictures of gooks heads on pikes… Good luck with your confiscation. You are going to need it.

      33. NPP,
        They had a 4.0′ last night at 02:00 looks like every thing is going to happen all at once!

        Semper Fi

      34. I’m going to get SS in January. If for one second they are coming to my house and ask me questions that they want me to answer the will get one answer. I plead the fifth. Or talk to my Attorney. If they as if they can search, or look around my house I will tell them to get a warrant.

        “Smooth” good to see you back. Most of the trolls are gone but not all.


        • Sarge,your naivety and innocence is so cute! You actually think there will be ss checks coming in January,that’s so adorable!

          • W.D.
            Good lord I hope so. If not no big deal I’ll get my money out of them some how!

            I started paying into it back in 1970, and still paying into today. Even when I start collecting it I’ll still pay into it. I’ll just have to cut my hours at the PD to around 725, and not work 1100 to 1200 hours a year.

            War I’m happy you think I Cute and innocent. My Wife tells me this all the time and so does my Mom. (LOL)

            • Argh,this didn’t work out as planned!I was hoping for a disparagement time out and instead get….Dammit!

      35. So the government declares you mentally incompetent and decides to seize your guns because of it.

        You kill a few of them before you surrender.

        The government tries to prosecute you for it but your lawyer pleads mental incompetence and calls the government agents that declared you mentally incompetent in the first place to testify that you are (or admit it was an illegal and unwarranted attack which would support a plea of self defense).

        • Yep, just another thing they haven’t thought through. Really people, how can you fear these bumbling idiots? Hiding weapons from the thieving hordes is one thing, but the gov is not coming for the guns. It is a mathematical impossibility.

          • I fear them for the same reason I fear wolverines. They may not be smart, but they’ll rip your face off just the same.

      36. Shit gov don’t even want their own military personnel to have guns. The gov must be really afraid of the people. I said before they would try to put in mental illness as a reason to take guns. I wouldn’t get prescribed any meds for this or seek a diagnosis either. Just live with it. The second amendment is a constitutional right when Obummer declares martial law it will suspend the constitution therefore we will all be deemed criminal combatants and be taken to the gulag. Anyone that resists will be killed. Folks better get right with god and be prepared to meet their maker. Nobody is gonna do shit they will take the guns away by force and people will cower and give up just to keep living on social security.

        • Lol, I have my doubts about that. But I do think these asshats (no offense) running the gov are stupid enough to try. This country might be full of dumbass rednecks and apathetic old folks, but try to disarm us and that will be the end of the “go along to get along” mentality. I have been a traveling construction bum from Texas to Canada and most states in between and there is very few people Ive met that is not completely fed up with this shit sandwich from DC. Go on to the streets and ask around.

      37. On a side note,Acid mentioned folks he was coming across on hiking trip seemed more wound up,with the posts here seems he was right(broken clock right twice a day!),sorry acid!That said,lets keep our heads in the game/keep prepping and enjoy the day.The shit hits will be goodbye sobriety,one final run with #7 and some Tull,and Warchild off to the races and then the rest on the rock in hell!Till then,as Rodney said”Can’t we all just get along”?!

      38. ”Can’t we all just get along”?!

        Name a time when humans ever did. If anything we are now more barbaric then Genghis Khan. I doubt he would have ever used depleted uranium munitions on his worse enemies.

        • Sure he would have,poisoned wells in razed villages just to keep the death rolling.

          • True,, they salted the earth much like we just did.. see we will never get along. Humans.. dontcha just lovem?

            • Eh, a few,loved 9 that have lost in last year,so the #’s I love are a thinning herd,across the board,no common denominator,really freaked me out but also in a weird way am happier then have been in a long time,perhaps living more in the day(while stilol prepping).

              • Ad then there comes the time in your life, if you live long enough, that you know more dead people than alive. I have passed the Rubicon on that one.

      39. Apathy of Americans will be their undoing. How much more will it take?

        look over hear, while we take everything right out from under your nose.

        They will continue unabated.
        America slides a little more into the abyss of tyranny…

        • Soapdish, the answer to your very valid inquiry? Americans will get off their asses when they are made to feel REAL pain and fear. Thus far, they have not.
          When the lights no longer come on, when the water taps are dry, when the grocery stores are empty, and the gas stations are shut down, then…. and ONLY THEN will you see Americans take to the streets.
          Right now, the constitutional usurpations and encroachments we are being subjected to are not deemed serious enough for folks to risk their jobs, their homes, and their way of life yet.
          Liberals are assholes, but they’re SMART assholes…. This is why they take only small bites of our freedoms at a time. Enough to make a difference and move the agenda, but not big enough to provoke or justify rebellion on OUR part…
          It’s who we are as a nation I’m afraid…. We never get serious until we get a bloody nose.
          And understand…. A large-scale nationwide rebellion? What’s left of our anemic economy will be destroyed. It will be finished. For my money, I don’t GIVE a fuck. It’s already in ruins, and irretrievable. It needs a reset, just like the whole country does. It could collapse tomorrow, doesn’t matter…. If it does NOT falter by our OWN hands, it will falter at the hands of govt. Either way, it’s finished. Doesn’t really matter WHO pulls the drainplug…. It is destined to become a casualty.

          • Hear you on that one AK Johnny!

            It’s always good to know that there are others awake to what is coming.
            Who knows, everyone might get a healthy dose of what’s to come in the next couple of months, if IMF debuts their 2nd reserve currency in Oct?

          • AK Johnny I also wouldn’t give a fuck. Except I have grandchildren. So I have to think about them. And so far Im still trying to decide what I can do to make their future brighter.

      40. Not gonna be getting ss I’m gonna work until the shtf then die in the fight I’ve got it all figured out. I see putting a piece back just incase a smart idea. You never know if they gonna cum to your place and shake you down for your guns. I will fight on my terms not theirs. I’d rather let them think they took my shit away and have them deem me as not a threat. Then go retrieve a gun from a stash spot. Folks cooler heads always prevail. Don’t get all fired up it’s stupid your not a coward until the bullets fly an you run away. I don’t care what anyone calls me. It don’t hurt my feelings I’m secure in myself and know my capabilities.

      41. As to #2… Have what you FEEL you need… I need the Cabela’s master warehouse and several dozen 10 ton HEMMIT’s to move it.
        I have enough, is not feasible.. Some is good, need a forklift to move it is better..

      42. This could be a big problem with many military retired and disabled people.
        If you have been to the doctor/hospital lately I’m sure you have filled out a form or been asked the following questions.
        Have you thought about suicide?
        Are you or family having problems adjusting?
        Are you worried about anything?
        Do you have very bad headaches?
        Have you been treated for PTSD?
        And several others on forms and asked by medical personnel.
        Yes to any of the questions, gives you a chance of being on a list for not receiving a CHL in several states now.
        So this was thought out some time ago and we are already being monitored by the medical establishment.
        Buy off the grid.

      43. I use a shotgun that my mother-in-law won in a raffle back in the 1970s. My grandson used it a few yrs back to shoot trap and now I have it 🙂 I doubt any could trace it to me. And I buy the shells w cash.

        Use it to shoot varmints.

        • Come get my guns. Make sure to bring a S.W.A.T. Team and body bags. By the time you put your hands on my guns, I won’t need them anymore.

      44. The FED LEVEL has become so big and heavy that the supports for it are starting to bow and will soon break. Anything on that level will surely die.


      45. Come get my guns. Bring a swat team and body bags. I promise, by the time you can put your hands on my guns, I won’t need them anymore.

      46. 470,000 Vehicles At Risk After Hackers “Take Control & Crash” Jeep Cherokee From A Sofa 10 Miles Away

        h ttp://

        fun with the internet !!!!

        • NOW THAT is no bullshit there. The new cars are hackable and I will never own a car with a fvkin screen in it.

      47. Lets do the math. If every patriot fights and they take out say three of the clowns before they water the Liberty Tree. So that is a three to one ratio= for every 100,000 patriots that go to the other side they lose 300,000 well for all that’s a lot of boots to lose on either side but the numbers add up quickly against them.


        • The idea of the attackers is to gang up on a single target then take it out, not to engage in widespread confrontations with groups of people.

          An example, it’s 3 am and you are awakened by a loud bang that temporarily stuns you. As you recover you find 15 people with machine guns surrounding your bed and another 15 surrounding your residence. You politely sat to them “hold on a minute while I get my gun and kill some of you” -what do you think their response to that question will be? They say OK and wait on you or all those 15 with machine guns pointed at you simply pull their triggers?

          The ratio, of both kills and captures, will be vastly in their favor not yours. They may lose one or two here and there (as in the black guy that killed the two cops execution style as they sat in their car) but you will not stand a chance. Every victory they have will reduce the desire of everyone else to present any resistance, almost all will comply or simply stay as hidden as they can and hope to avoid discovery.

          FWIW, you will be considered a terrorist and those agents considered hero’s by the general public. You won’t have anymore general support than the Klan or the Aryan Nations do among the overall population.

        • If they’re taking 5% casualties on a consistent basis, they’re going to have manpower problems very soon.

      48. Anywhere they live will be trash soon, because they live like animals, are trash, non hygenic, and dont know how to take care of anything. All they know how to do is have sex, with unwilling women, because I guess they cant get a woman, kill and destroy things and pray to have 12 virigns when they die. What positive things are they doing? I havent noticed anything in the last 100 years. OUr country will never be what we know it as, because they arent americans, arent positive, doubt they want to work or improve anything, so they wont have it, because they dont know how to take care of things. It will soon look like most people say, the hell hole they come from!!!

      49. My 95 Lexus will do just under 190 miles per hour. Take out the delimiter chip.

        • Your Lexus may go that fast, but unless you’ve installed Y or Z rated tires your tires won’t.

          Brakes probably aren’t safe at that speed either.

          • Not to mention that the driver is completely out of control at that speed, unless he’s a professional race driver.

            Nor was it built to drive that speed, say goodbye to your car now.

      50. Problem is people went down to the va to get diagnosed with PTSD or whatever just to get ss. Now they are having to play by the gov rules. So in essence getting a free living destroyed these people’s gun rights . I’d rather be broke and live by the grace of god than take anything from the gov. There is no free shit with the gov you give something up. Don’t get me wrong there are folks that need to be on ss. But there are a lot that don’t. Just because you lived through the horrors of war doesn’t mean you can’t keep a job. It’s a fact that whenever the unemployment rate spikes so do the applicants for ss. I’ve heard so many excuses by people why they can’t work. Shit I don’t wanna either but I do.

        • Ass hat your correct all those so called free benefits come with strings attached. If your mental health prevents you from working. Then you by your own admission are a crazy. And crazy folks don’t need guns. heres a question if on some days in not in my usual normally curmongeionly pissed off bad mood disposition. and im pretty happy and in a good mood. Does that make me Bi Polar? Or is that asidebenifit of drinking some beer?

      51. This is just some back door underhanded, bullshit way to try and disarm the populace. Next anyone that has an opinion that is not aligned with the status quo will have guns confiscated. Give a inch these communistic liberal bastards takes 10 miles. Saddle up, cause its about to get Western…

      52. Do they have any idea WHO they are talking to? Retirees? Gun owners and veterans who have served America? The elderly who have nothing left to lose because Obama gave it to the illegals? They would die defending America.

        My father who is a Vietnam veteran didn’t serve to defend THIS shti. Unless they bring in troops from around the world? We AREN’T giving up That easily!

        • I would say even if they do bring in foreign troops most wont give up as easy as these POS arrogant politicians think we will,
          4th generation warfare, they want top down, well give em top down

      53. The last 3 years in Ca, there is a special SWAT team that confiscates fire arms from people and vets that have been treated for depression and PTSD. they have acquired thousands of guns at last count. LOOK IT UP.

        • Sometimes this site doesn’t work well with LINUX.
          This is my comment;
          Earlier this week I was getting my yearly VA blood test. I was in a waiting room full of men and women that are older and younger than me. I notice most wore the same pants I do. They are generally civilian copies of a BDU in Black or they wear Levis 505 (for the ranchers).
          I suspect Gun grabbers will have a rough time against a WWII grandma
          that ferried airplanes across the Atlantic. She is 90 and doesn’t really care, even if she can’t remember her grandkids names. Don’t mess with old people, they will shoot you.

        • Well I’ll be damned! I take it back folks, IF you have guns and have EVER been diagnosed with depression or taken SSRIs hide the shit out of your guns NOW! AND GET THIS! In New York,
          From NY h ttp://

          “John Doe, an upstanding professional with no outstanding criminal convictions and no history of violent action received a letter from the Pistol Permit Department informing him that his license was immediately revoked upon information that he was seeing a therapist for anxiety and had been prescribed an anxiety drug. He was never suicidal, never violent, and has no criminal history. The New York State Department of Health is apparently conducting a search of medical records to determine who is being treated for anxiety drugs and using this as a basis for handgun license revocation.

          Those are the facts. Nothing more, nothing less.
          Now, before anyone trots out the old saw about how this is nothing more then a paranoid, unsubstantiated rumor on a “gun nuts” internet forum. I spoke to the Attorney of Record in this matter on the phone this morning and he confirmed that the above snippet is accurate and these cases are happening!


          OK Eppe, I am wrong.

          sumbitch sumbitch sumbitch.. Here is the easiest thing to do. STAY the FVK out of the dr’s office. buy otc sleeping aids and use pot for depression.

          It is on.

          • .02 – You are right, I heard about that a while ago. NazI ism.

          • It takes a big man to say he is wrong. Points to you sir.

          • The NY Safe Act fine print they wouldn’t discuss before signing it into law.

      54. Beyond Social Security, it is critical to avoid those online ‘health surveys’ your insurance company wants, to avoid giving your Social Security number to your insurance company, to ‘opt out’ of any Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) your health care provider joins, and to avoid the Mental Health benefits under Obamacare. Why? Anything you say can and will be held against you at some point. Disclose suicidal thoughts – then be ready to turn in your guns. Disclose any prior illness – then don’t bother trying to collect any insurance money. Fail to disclose a prior illness – go to jail or lose your health benefits.

      55. Earlier this week I was getting my yearly VA blood test. I was in a waiting room full of men and women that are older and younger than me. I notice most wore the same pants I do. They are generally civilian copies of a BDU in Black or they wear Levis 505 (for the ranchers).
        I suspect Gun grabbers will have a rough time against a WWII grandma
        that ferried airplanes across the Atlantic. She is 90 and doesn’t really care, even if she can’t remember her grandkids names. Don’t mess with old people, they will shoot you.

        • Ignore Rell normall ik says:

      56. How many millions and millions of gun owners are there, in the U.S. Registered or not registered, pistol permit or no pistol permit. 300, 000, ? Just a guess. The militia, oath keepers, ect. If they come for gramps guns, they will be hidden or given to a family member or good friend for safe keeping . There are ways to skin a cat, get around the system.

      57. Notice we are using our first amendment to protect our 2nd. Soon it might be the reverse. Trust no one and be ready for anything. God bless,just a thought.

      58. This is intolerable and cannot be allowed to stand. Many here feel the government isn’t capable of a nation wide gun confiscation, and that IS an arguable point. The fact is however they ARE going to try. It is clear that this is a dramatic escalation in gun control, and if successful will lead its way to an attempt to take all our guns. I am hiding some weapons for operational reasons. I can’t really see myself giving up my personal weapons, but who knows what events on the ground may be like if that day comes. It might be in my best interests to live to fight another day, hence I will hedge my bets. Many here ask where the line in the sand might be. For me government confiscation of personal weapons is it. If this occurs I will resist in the most effective way I can devise. The 1and 2 amendments are nonnegotiable to me and the bedrock of our country, and if our government attempts to deprive me of them, my loyalty to it is at an end. I find this very sad as I once served in our military and the idea of fighting my countrymen is repugnant to me. It is not as repugnant as tyranny and slavery however. Mcauthur once had a prayer, ” May the almighty grant us the ability to see the light, and the courage to do what’s right.” I pray daily for it, I hope enough to of my countrymen do too.

        • Fantastic post!

        • When they come for you guns, shoot ’em. Won’t be a second chance. Part of their boarding party will shoot you if you so mach as blink. It’s the one with the intent and you’d better have it.

          Semper Fi

      59. If you haven’t stashed guns and ammo away from where you dwell you best go get on it and hide yourself some guns, magazines, and plenty of ammunition. The next thing they “that jug eared communist faggot POS” and his team of nwo parasites will attempt is to use medical records against people in order to disarm them.

      60. Typical government thinking, we can control you, because we are paying you. Sure, paying us our money back.

        If you think ISIS is scary, you don’t want to be in the same room with a bunch of Social Security recipents.

        Can’t wait to see what the wimps at AARP are saying about this, if they have the balls to say anything.

        • Most who are getting a crazy check are not getting the money they paid in back. They dropped out of the work force early and didn’t work until retirement age. They very quickly got every penny they paid in and then some. They are getting someone elses money. I know a guy gets Disability because he is Bi Polar. His fat cow daughters get a check because they are still in school. 25 years old living at home & staying fat and going to college on the taxpayer dime. Nowhere is it stated that the guns will be just taken. It will be done through the courts due process and all that.

      61. Welcome to the New World Order. Used to be a non believer, but now it is pretty obvious. After they attempt this they will start going after people based on their electronically databased medical records. It is unbelievable that we as a nation are allowing this hijacking and bankrupting of our country

      62. At 70 years old I was talking to another ‘nam veteran about the same age about the disintegration of America and taking guns. He joked with me and said “…so they arrest me when I fight them for my guns and I take out a few of them bozo’s. Then I get a life sentence. At my age like I should care. Plus I will probably get better treatment as they want to keep me alive to punish me…”

        • Actually, what I think they will do is start emptying the prisons by euthanasia…..just have a gut feeling…

      63. I hope this creates a s— storm like never before and does more for the 2nd Amendment than the NRA has in the last 25 years.

      64. At my age (70) like I should care if I get a life sentence for fighting them for my guns. Plus I will probably get better medical treatment as they will want to keep me alive to punish me…

      65. Geez, now one can be declared mentally ill if they don’t agree with government dictates. I guess there won’t be a way out of this bungled mess acceptable to the people. You know, of, by and for the people. So much for getting to the truth concerning 9-11, the catalyst of the present ongoing treachery.

        • Just like in communist russia where everything is a mental illness unless you’re putin’s puppet.

          Just like here. Time to take the mental health workers to the woodshed. Make little ‘uns out of big ‘uns.

          Health care delivery systems that ask questions about whether there is a gun in the house should be run out of town. And that includes those that claim to be a doctor.

          And used as decoration for lamp posts and things.

          f ’em

      66. im just curious and don’t mean any offense , but if the scotus ruled that marriage licenses have to be honored from state to state would this not also include CCW licenses or hunting /fishing license or you name the license from a state ? I mean am I not thinking this out clearly or did they open up a can of worms here? business license /docs license /drivers license omg I must be not thinking this out correctly they really wouldn’t have messed up that badly?

        • They have to have a court case to rule on first, but, your’re right.

          So far the appellate courts have upheld the so-called compelling public interest that keeps nationwide carry from happening.

      67. Captain Communist will NOT get any of my guns or my compliance on ANYTHING, nor will the democummunistrhino party.

      68. Start with our fearless leaders and their paid body guards ,first in line for gun ban. How stupid can they be thinking this will fly with the baby boomers……..

      69. They are scared of the sick with nothing to lose

        so if grandpa decides hes had enough of politicians fucking up his world for his grand kids , has a terminal sickness , he might just go pop off a senator or politician ..

        cause hes got nothin to lose

        let the truth be known im sure they lose sleep over this possibility

      70. Tyrants love an unarmed populace. The article on the whole?I will believe it when i see it.

      71. you know how they say your never more then 4 feet from a spider no matter where you are in your home ?

        you should make that the same for your guns ,, even if that means having them safely stashed ..

        I always have one on me , so the ones in waiting, dont have to be out for easy pickens ..

      72. All while increasing illegal immigration, releasing violent convicted criminal illegal aliens back onto American streets and now purging the prisons. Simply astonishing the malice intent towards the American people.
        Enemies foreign and domestic. Any of you oath takers know the dam meaning?
        Right now you are all oath breakers.

        • Exactly! Crime is going up all the time, there is a steady influx by the day of homeless people as well as illegal aliens all around here. Two men were murdered in a coin shop in Cheyenne WY this last weekend. The signs are defintely starting to show that we are in deep s*** as a country.

      73. Molon Labe!

      74. Buy more guns any way that you can.Do NOT register them.Those fuckers will come first to the homes with registered guns.They are beginning the take down.

      75. THERE is no danger because you cannot figure out your finances you cannot own a gun. Because then the entire government should not have an armed military.

        So, this does not make any sense. UNLESS they are planning to crash the dollar and want to make YOUR civilian army smaller for defeat!

        But here’s the clicker. They CANNOT disarm the populace like that because it is unconstitutional! Therefore, they will have committed treason and you may arrest them, including their “magical” negro.

        What you want to do them after is up to you.

      76. We the people should demand to have Obama removed from office asap for completely stepping over the constitution. If he does not and plays games like he would then the public need to have him removed from officer and taken to jail. We are under assault from this man. We will defend what is ours and legally ours. This will cause a firestorm like no other.

      77. Just saw this in youtube comments: It won’t just be people on SS! Beware of Snitch-trained (brainwashed) doctors & nurses! >

        MrJim217 (1 hour ago) Get this I took my daughter for her yearly checkup she’s 13 and the doctor now asked the parents to leave the room and they asked the children if your
        parents have any guns at home this is bullshit
        people need to get on this and stop this crap now.
        William Walsh (59 minutes ago) +MrJim217 Never leave your child alone, especially when they ask you to leave. Don’t go to that doctor anymore.

        The video was unrelated to guns but re the White House Chef Mysterious Death: .com/view_comment?v=zplyRm08j9s

      78. Should produce a firestorm, but might not for the first few weeks…..THEN “it” will hit the fan.

      79. Will this be a law violation of SS & IRS?


        • Obama- you are a traitor and a disgrace and some. We will defend ourselves. I hope you police officers and ATF understand your breaking the constitution and we are not that stupid to fall for that “cant take care of themselves crap.” You will be at fault for this and responsible for your actions. You could easily go door to door to gangs first or violent extreme groups from foreign countries in America and most of all you should be all getting illegals out of our homes and our land first.

      80. Next it will be all blue eyed people, then all green eyed and finally all brown. Someone take that pen away from that guy and arrest him.

      81. The bullshit you morons believe is astounding. There will be no confiscations, no FEMA camps and no martial law. The only place where these things exist is your deluded brains. How have you idiots survived being so stupid? No the USA is circling the toilet, a significant portion of its population lives in some mythological fairy tale land of delusion devoid of verifiable facts. Too bad the shit will never hit the fan because you idiots are too stupid to survive so sane people would be rid of your lunacy. Before you flame me, ask yourself, how many of these wild ass predictions have come true? Not a single one.

        • Quite a few of them have come thru Skeptic. I have to question the motivation of a person who comes to SHTF PLAN and then tells us we are all ignorant pieces of shit. Why are you here, your arrogant superior preening is not appreciated nor wanted. We don’t come over to Move On .Org and harrass you and your ilk. The saying, ” better to have it and not need it,than need it and not have it”is the watch word for most here. As for you why don’t you run back to ostrich .com and eat some earth worms.

        • I always get a chuckle out of people like you. You claim intellectual superiority, but can’t seem to do basic math.

          We as a nation make less than the interest payments on our bills. Making money from nothing and pretending “good faith and credit” doesn’t work anymore.

          In your fairytale world, how do we get out of that?

      82. Next with the elderly will be removing their canes!
        (Could be used as a terrorist weapon)

      83. Although I am not in this demographic yet (creeping up quick)–my response is the same–come get em–aim just above the plate and right below the nose, and use ballistic tips, Federal Premiums are my choice in .308–any half assed marksman can do this–won’t be long before they reconsider their poor judgment. About 1/2 way thru the B’s on the alphabet list I suspect and oh, when there are no LEO’s left to carry out their thugery what are they gonna do, REALLY, turn the military loose lol. Good chunk of those boys WILL honor their oath. This socialist, muslim retard we got running things needs to go the way of the dodo. Extinct. I never thought I would see anybody more useless than Jimmy Carter—I do stand corrected. God I get OhSoTired of this shit– Take as many as you can when they come–every one counts–if these retards don’t honor their oaths–may they burn in hell gurgling on their own blood (see above for the proper aim point). May seem a bit insensitive–may seem little harsh–but–TPTB don’t seem to concerned about our sensitivities–SOOOO I certainly am not concerned about theirs. The taxation thru citation is enough for me to have a very negative opinion of our current LEO situation. Add in this shit and my, my, my, their life expectancy is going to be less than that of a 2nd LT in Vietnam (18 minutes–give or take). STUPID is always rewarded with a swift departure from this world. I do miss the America I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. AND–for the record–in basic training in 79–I had bullets on guard duty–REALLY–a raghead retard kills 4 marines and a navy man and 2 of them have to fight a fight with personal handguns BECAUSE they don’t have any military weapons with rounds on them–disgraceful–at a minimum–brings a tear to my eye–get your shit together people–times running out.

      84. Anything can be rationalized…anything can be justified…taking guns away from crazy( old) people sounds really rational and reasonable,till youre the one declared crazy by the powers that be simply because you dont tow the line youre supposed to and you know youre not crazy…remember the folks deciding these things are always rationalizing their own insanity to justify their evil deeds…SOOOOO,LETS BE VERY CAREFUL AND VERY RELUCTANT TO GIVE THESE BASSTURDS WHO STEAL LIBERTY ANY CREDIBILITY OR PERMISSION IN ANY MANNER based on anything even if it sounds really reasonable…THEY MEAN TO KILL AND ENSLAVE US ALL! REB

      85. You cannot have old people with just a few years to live having guns after the banks have ran off with there pensions.

        Hell no, they might decide its time for payback if left in pain because they cannot afford that other rip-off, medical bills

        Much safe to have young people with guns because they have all been sedated from birth with something the government has been putting in the drinking water or food supply.

        • Mr. Smith – Not sure if I heard sarcasm or not, but you bring up a very important point nevertheless.

          We live in a medicated society. From toddlers given Ritalin, being poisoned with flouride, and fed God-knows-what kind of medicated GMO food, to the adults, many who are young, complaining of depression so they can get mind-numbing anti-depressants. Many who peruse these boards no doubt have had, at least some time in the past, experience with these legal prescription mind-altering concoctions, not to mention the mind-altering illegal drugs and of course alcohol.

          I submit, to this board, that the VAST majority of gun-related crimes, and I hesitate to even mention guns, because guns are a tool only, are perpetrated by drug-enhanced, or drug-withdrawn individuals who have lost the capacity to make good judgments.

          Okay, after we take away guns from old people, let’s take guns away from anyone who is on anti-depressants, right?

          No, dumbshit! STOP MEDICATING OUR SOCIETY. These meds constitute billion-dollar industries, and just like the banks enslaving us, now the pharmaceutical industry is enslaving us.

          “Yes, Mr. Government Warlord, you may have ALL of my freedoms. Just please make certain that I can get my prozac or paxil. And when I get mad, stop taking the drugs that I am now biologically addicted to, and go off the reservation and kill a bunch of people at a movie theater, it’s not my fault! It’s the fault of guns, the NRA, and the GOP, and the Tea Party, and the Confederate Flag, Christians, conservatives, anyone and everyone but me.”
          Collusion? The PTB are pushing us to the very edge of our limits, so that they can forcibly [attempt] to disarm us. If true, it’s brilliant, and we (not most of us here) are willing participants. What they don’t see, and they NEVER see, is that their quest for ultimate power always fails. Just ask Nicolae Ceausescu, Mr. President.

          We live in a sick society and a sick world, and we are sowing the seeds of own demise. It’s too late to change direction. Go to any big city, and you will see hundreds of thousands, or millions, of drug-enhanced latent psychopaths.

          Maybe it’s time for nature to start over. I cannot imagine, in any manner, how this ship, which is steaming at full throttle toward the iceberg, can possibly stop, or even change direction in time. We’re out here shouting with all our might that there’s an iceberg out there, and the captain is demanding more power and has locked the wheel in place.

          God Bless all of y’all. I hope we survive, so that we can try to rebuild [again].

      86. Our Bill of Rights does not have a age limit on them.
        “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.” – Frederick Douglass

      87. Absolute bullshit. This is ageism and against their natural God given right. My grandfather was a wwll vet, lived to 82, mentally fit despite a stroke…kept his guns till the day he died.

        How many damned seniors are out shooting up people?? Got plenty Muslims and wackos tho. Take their guns!!!

      88. We have to stop this bs now. I hear they are going to keep people from getting health insurance if they own guns….and of course that backs you into a corner being we are mandated to have insurance. They are proposing this. The walls are closing in ppl

      89. The notion that 4 or 5 million geezers who are old enough to be collecting Social Security are somehow some kind of major ‘threat’ to public safety because some of them have an old shotgun or a deer or a squirrel rifle collecting dust in their gun cabinet – is so ridiculous on it’s face that anyone who believes this idea has to be seriously retarded. In cases where someone comes down with Alzheimers – the responsibility falls upon the family to take the proper action to secure the firearms that might be still in the household.

        I’ll tell you what the real motivation is for this Obongo maneuver. I saw a recent study by some anti-Gun liberal Commie pinko ‘think tank’ the other day and according to their suspicious ‘analysis’ – the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans who own guns are, you guessed it, ‘White males over the age of 50’, and most of those guys are probably White Southerners. Who also own and love the Confederate Flag, you see. Not so coincidentally, this demographic group happens to also be the least crime prone and, much to the dismay of Obongo and his gun grabbers, the most law abiding.

        This means that Obongo has to invent creative ways to strip these people of their Second Amendment rights. Such as declaring them senile. So, aside from the simple fact that Obongo and his Commies hate the idea of citizens owning firearms – what other reason might these conniving commie shitbirds have up their sleeves by targeting SSA recipients? Here is your answer:

        For those White males, and this is especially true for White male Southerners, who are reaching the twilight of their lives, when they decide it’s time to croak – they have traditionally passed down their firearms to their children and grandchildren, right? This is a huge tradition in the South and I am convinced that these commie gun grabbers figure that they can eliminate this tradition by confiscating the firearms that anyone on SSA might own before they have a chance to bequeath them to their descendents.

      90. I don’t believe that .gov has the ability to do this. The left has used scare tactics in the past to get votes. Now they will use the same tactics to get your guns. The .gov is hoping that people willingly do what they are told so the people won’t loose their benefits. States have already been told to F-off.

        Look at the successful scams against older folks who supply personal info during a phone call. Then they get ripped off and can’t remember how that happened. .gov operates the same way. Shame on them.

        Something big is coming down the pipeline real soon and these compliant idiots want to make sure that more of us are vulnerable to whatever happens. More intense rhetoric about guns, sniff out the patriots, sniff out the survivalists, sniff out the vets, expose every one of them as a domestic terrorist.

        I can neither confirm nor deny ownership of guns. No, you can’t come in. No, I don’t use SS. No, I don’t use drugs of any kind, nor alcohol. Do you have a warrant?

        First and foremost, the cities and towns with a decent size population will be marked. However, that may be the last place they operate in. Kind’a validates the reason for leaving the city, don’t you know.

        Fair winds and Following seas,

      91. What guns?

      92. If having the mental capacity to be financially competent is a requirement for gun ownership, DC should then be the first to be disarmed.

      93. Then by the same reasoning, anyone on any form of government subsistence should not be allowed to own a firearm, as they have proven that they cannot control their finances.

        Let the law be debated.. and add that simple part to it. It would kill off a big part of the Progressive agenda if it passed.

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