The U.S. Economy Has Collapsed: “This Is A Monstrous Negative Revision”

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Headline News | 395 comments

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    economic-collapseFor months the administration, financial pundits and Wall Street analysts made it a point to inform Americans about the healthy state of our economy. One of the key metrics they’ve used as proof of recovery was the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which measures the productive output of the U.S. economy as a whole.

    Earlier this year the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis noted that this measure was showing positive growth. But now, after a second official revision, all of that purported growth used to goad consumers into spending more money on homes, cars and other goods has been revealed to be nothing but conjecture. According to the BEA, not only did economic growth stall during the first quarter of 2014, it completely collapsed, signalling a significant shift in consumption habits amid increasing food and energy prices:

    Real gross domestic product — the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States — decreased at an annual rate of 2.9 percent in the first quarter of 2014 according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    The government first made consumers believe that the economy grew. Then they revised this down to slight negative growth. The latest revision of -2.9% growth is significant, because even with official inflation at over 2% America’s economic output has declined. It seems that no matter how much money they pump into the system, it isn’t enough to offset the lack of income or job growth.

    This is a monstrous negative revision.

    A big part of it was non-residential fixed investment.  Rather than invest, companies have issued debt and bought back stock.  But this does nothing for the economy — it simply blows a bubble in the market.  How long before that comes home to roost?  Not long now, I suspect.

    If you think companies don’t expect a recession inbound, you’re nuts.  Inventory draw-downs subtracted 1.7% from the GDP number.  Companies don’t build inventories if they don’t think they can sell them — as such this is a forward indicator.

    Oh, and current production profits?  They’re down while current taxes were up.  Obamacare anyone?  Worse is that undistributed profits decreased too and this is the second quarter sequentially in which they did.  What does a company pay dividends with?  Undistributed profits.

    So for two quarter the markets has risen like a rocket while the fuel for that rise has been exhausted for the last six months.

    This will turn out well, I’m sure.

    Source: Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

    Officially, we have not yet entered a recession. That requires two quarters of negative growth. However, the current trend indicates that’s exactly what’s going to happen. In the next 30 days the BEA should be releasing the GDP rate for the second quarter of 2014. According to economist John Williams that will more than likely show a negative print and will lead to an official confirmation that the U.S. has entered another recession.

    What’s worse, unlike the previous recession that followed the collapse of 2008, there is no way out of this one.

    The reason for this is that the consumer is strapped… doesn’t have the liquidity to fuel the growth in consumption.

    Income… the median household income, net of inflation, is as low as it was in 1967. The average guy is not staying ahead of inflation.

    As a result – personal consumption is more than two thirds of the economy – there’s no way you can have positive sustainable growth in the U.S. economy without the consumer being healthy.

    As the renewed downturn gains wider acceptance or wider recognition, that will intensify the selling pressure.  When someone starts selling, it’s going to be a race for the door, and I am looking for a dollar selling panic to be the trigger for the onset of hyperinflation.

    I don’t see what will save it at this point.

    To cries of fear mongering and ‘doom porn’ contrarian economists and analysts warned that these numbers were being fabricated, despite the fact the the underlying fundamentals showed a clear draw-down in consumer confidence, company inventory, home sales and overall spending.

    Now all of those warnings are coming to pass.

    We have entered the next leg down and given that the governments of the world have pretty much used up all of the arrows in their quivers, there is nothing to stop what’s coming.

    And what’s coming is nothing short of a complete collapse of our way of life. Hard to believe? Yes. Implausible? No.

    It is so plausible, in fact, that well known radio commentator Mark Levin recently noted that the U.S. government has been actively preparing for and simulating the collapse of our financial system, as well as the widespread violence that will follow.

    I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating.

    The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.

    I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse, when people are desperate, when they can’t get food or clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protect themselves.

    There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the earth to adequately handle a situation like that.

    This is happening right here and now. The streets may not devolve into madness tomorrow or next month, but piece by piece the foundations of America’s economic health and social structure are crumbling. The time to finalize preparations for what’s coming is now.

    It’s going to go from bad to worse.


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      1. The truth can only be hidden for so long.

        What’s sad is that 95% of people have no clue. They’ll still listen to the mainstream and never see it coming.

        • Anonmo

          You are correct, it is so sad to see the people who think all is OK and are so brainwashed to sit on the couch and worry about the cable going off the air and that is there only concern!, If those same people would have been attuned and saw the real problems maybe they would have VOTED and changed this before it got this bad. I am afraid it has to get worse before it can get better and they will be hurting.

          • Just ask for a referendum, where the Americans would vote… Crimean style.

            • TJ that would be great but the votes would not be counted properly. These evil bastards must die.

            • They refused to “recognize” the Crimean vote because they didn’t agree with the result…we’d get the same thing here if we tried that.

              • It matters not who gets the vote. it only matters who counts the votes. There will never be an honest election in this country again, and there probably hasn’t been on the national front, for a long time.

          • So true anon…

            My brother is so greedy he will loose everything he has ever saved if the collapse happens within the next year. He has about a quarter mil tied up in one stock plan and because it is growing monthly, he won’t cash out one red cent.

            He has virtually no preps and sees nothing happening before he has a chance to cash out and stock up. He agrees things can go “belly-up” in a heartbeat; but he won’t begin to prep because of his greed.

            When and if, he looses it all, i will say, “tough shit” little brother. A lb. of beans and rice for half a days work or eat grubs, dumbass.

            We have sacrificed for way too long and way too hard to share with dumbasses.

            • I agree with you in that people have the means and have been warned, but refuse to act.

              My situation is different with my sister. She agrees that preps need to be done, but she doesn’t make much money. I’m ok with her moving back to town and moving in with me for her survival.

              • We gave up trying to talk sense into folks. Our grown kids are the only smart ones in our family so we got our group. The first cabin is finished now for 1 to move in when needed. After we take a break we start the second one. Nothing fancy, no indoor plumbing more like a rustic guest cabin but no guests allowed. The cabins are for the kids and there in the woods. We aint letting anyone outside our small group know or wed have inlaws and our own brothers here to mooch. No moochers at our place. You got to pay to play. They had there chance to help themselves but they had better things to do. We all decided this as a group. Its gonna get bad/ Worse than bad. Probably the worst our countrys ever seen and with these illegals crossing over by the tens of thousands, its only gonna take one or two acts of illegal violence to tip things.
                Tighten up the home front. Make the rules now or youll make stupid decisions later.

                • You just told the NSA everything they need to know about you and how to find you. Unlike the IRS everything you type and post online is traceable back to you and I mean your real name and address.

                  • Well in that case… I have a space shuttle.

                    No really. I do. I have a space shuttle. Want to come see it?


                  • really Vladimir. Your new made up ID told us more, troll.
                    Did you forget to forewarn every other poster or were you just wanting to call me out for getting something done? II built a cabin. Did you do anything, apartment girl? Im prepping before the collapse so our family can make it out alive. What did you do this month, except sitting around on your fat ass and pound out words on your guerilla keyboard there?

                  • Hey Vlad- Ever here of TOR? lol He just described your address.

                  • The government is going to disappear… that’s why the police state and everything else they can think of to try maintain control– their days are numbered and they know it.

                    Even Joe Romm, physicist from MIT who used to be secretary of energy under Clinton, has stated this– governments will not be able to withstand the impacts of things to come…like old dinosaurs, whose time has come, they will disappear.

                    A new and better world will emerge after the purification and the bastards at the top will be gone. I just hope I can be here to witness it. 😉

                  • Your IP address is your home address. You have already been databased, unless he is ex-military with special forces training. He is a a level 2 asset. What you are going to change your life because you are scared. Next Time put in your post in Big Fonts. You’re NRA membership, CCW, Church Membership, Census Tract, Search History, and political contributions have already classified you. Your 4473’s are already determine if you are gun owner or not. Do you receive Email blasts from Midway, Cabellas. Gee, most of Youtube stuff is Nutfancy, Survival Podcast, and others.

                  • so what your trying to say is that they already know that i had sex with there fat pig mother last night

                  • So what ! ? ! There are still more of us then them !!!

                • All I have to do is go to the supermarket and see the prices of everything and I or anyone else can say that the economy is in a tailspin. What you need to live and exist is the real key to misery that the common person is going to suffer. You look at the utility bills that keep giving excuses why they are raising the rates. It doesn’t matter why, they are added to that misery index. Inflation even mild, which it is not, HAS TO AT LEAST MATCH income received or people have to cut back or charge it to their credit and end up eventually suffering a lot.

                  This is really the bubble that everyone should be paying close attention to, personal credit. People just can’t make ends meat and yet this invisible monster is hanging over so many people that they don’t want to look at or even attempt to repair it. Balloons pop when they get too inflated or reach a certain altitude from the extreme low pressure. The economy and debt is no different. There is a breaking point, and it is very likely we all will see some false flag event or some war before this breaking point is allowed to be breached. WATCH FOR THIS as the economy begins to quiver in agony.

                  • BI, good evening, and once again you’re right on target. I just got home from getting some more preps myself and I’ve also noticed the price increases and certain items having less content than before. I don’t have to worry about credit since I DON’T USE IT FOR ANYTHING, PERIOD. I use cash only for all of my preps. No mortgage, no car note, not even a credit card bill to worry about. I’m debt-free and I love it. I can and do get more preps for myself at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. Braveheart never goes into any credit traps, period. Everyone around me in my neighborhood and at work are in debt up to their foreheads on one thing or another, but not me. I agree personal credit will be at least part of the downfall of many a person and they’re going to suffer terribly, but that’s on them. Planning another trip to the BOL in July to move more supplies there. We can’t be too far from the breaking point now. I do expect some false-flags before summer is over. Everyone keep prepping; don’t be inepting.

                  • BI,
                    very well said Sir, thank you.

                  • @ bravehaert and dmitry. Most people just don’t understand what credit with ANY interest means. It is not a loan, it is a loan TIMES something depending on the duration and the interest. The rule of 70 is simply. Take a loan of 7% and in 10 years you owe double. Take some of the credit card rates of say 18%. In less than 4 years whatever someone has purchased if not paid, that merchandize is not double the cost that someone got it for.

                    Compound interest is ugly, and even someone that purchases something on sale, after awhile that item could be costing the person many times what it was being sold for before the sale. Credit is pure poison to anyone that allows it to override to the next interest period. Credit is dangerous period.

                  • “There is a breaking point, and it is very likely we all will see some false flag event or some war before this breaking point is allowed to be breached. WATCH FOR THIS as the economy begins to quiver in agony.”

                    Exactly, they need a scapegoat to blame everything on, so a false flag will be needed.

              • That is the way to be scout,helping others who need it and realize potential hazards.You need to use the Warchild shopworn/tiresome but true phrase with her,”The smalls add up”.Even a few dollars a week buys some basic food for storage/basic first aid ect.Tis great you are willing to help her out but she may not be able to get to you,times get tough(tougher) hope she can.Might be helpful to get her a book on basic first aid or some other skill set that you are not familiar with that would help her but also help you as a group stay strong,just a thought.I would also work with her with what she has,find all sorts of uses for items she already owns that could be reused in tougher times with a different use,good for her and you as it gets one thinking outside the box,best of luck.

                • You cannot increase GDP when the NWO PTB continue to facilitate the transfer of the American economy offshore. Can you say, “Theft”? “Malfeasance in Office”? “TREASON”?

                  How’s FREE TRADE working for you, folks? Good or have you seen enough? Remember, its a FREEDOM you know, according to Lew Rockwell and Clark (helot). better get yet another moniker Clark. The links to Lew Rockwell give you away.

                  You ain’t seen nothing yet, My Peeps. The TPP is right around the corner. Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • BTW, EBT cards are the governments attempt at control over US and mitigate rioting over food at the same time. In a collapse, “no one will be able to buy or sell except without the Mark of the Beast”.

                    Engage these MFKRS or be enslaved by them, one Rule, Regulation, and Economic Policy at a time. TREASON. Pass it on.

                    Death to the New World Order. Engage!!! 🙂

                  • Many people think they’re profiting from the tsunami of illegals flooding the country. They really think Pedro is going to be content to see his son be some gringo’s gardener. Pedro plans to see the roles reversed.

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “How’s FREE TRADE working for you, folks?”

                    We don’t have “FREE TRADE” in this country DK!

                    We have Mercantilism/Crony Capitalism/Fascism!!

                    Fascism is a philosophy of state power. Fascism says that the state has a superior interest to the individuals who live under its jurisdiction. Anything that weakens the nation, anything that benefits individuals at the expense of the state, anything that elevates the judgment of property owners above the judgment of politicians and bureaucrats is considered by fascists to be an enemy of the state, meaning an enemy of society, meaning an enemy of the nation. Fascism is the philosophy of state legal sovereignty over individual economic authority. That is what we have in this country today DK!!!

                    “Free trade” means free choice. Mercantilists, Crony Capitalists, and Fascists hate free choice, so they hate “free trade.”

                    There is NO “FREE TRADE” occurring in this country, folks.

                  • We haven’t had free trade for well over 100 years Kidd. It actually started dying with Teddy Roosevelt. It had the stake driven through its heart with FDR when he created over 130 alphabet agencies to regulate and touch all trade of any kind. Even Steve Jobs, before he died had said apple would never get off the ground had he tried to start it now. Corpritocracy is what we have today the big corps buy a few politicians and get regs put into place that only they have the resources to meet cutting out all smaller competition.

                  • YMWW: The last time that FREE TRADE operated in this country, the Indians traded Manhattan Island to the Dutch for $24 in trinkets and allowed white Europeans to establish FREE TRADES ZONES upon their land. How did it work out for them?

                    FREE TRADE as YOU define it was never intended by the Founding Fathers, as they understood that duties and tariffs were necessary to finance the nation and protect American jobs, and they embedded that economic reality into the US Constitution.

                    Read it! 🙂

                    FREE TRADE as defined by the Globalists (and Lew Rockwell) is the exploitation of a FREE American market for goods and services created by manipulated offshore currencies and cheap labor to the benefit of the investor class and Uber Rich. The stats speak for themselves: increasing income inequality near an all time high, the loss of the American dream, and the theft of the American manufacturing base.

                    Are you stupid or just deaf, dumb, and blind? 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “FREE TRADE as defined by the Globalists (and Lew Rockwell)…”

                    Lew Rockwell a Globalist??? That’s like saying John McCain is an American patriot, and that the people you “vote” to send to Congress operate on behalf of “we the people.” It’s laughable, right?

                    “…the exploitation of a FREE American market for goods and services created by manipulated offshore currencies and cheap labor to the benefit of the investor class and Uber Rich.”

                    And just who is responsible for that??? That’s right, the very institutions you so venerate… The State and it‘s Central Bank! How’s that “democracy” thing working out for “we the people” DK? And just think, boobs like you “vote” for it. The best con in the world is brainwashing people so thoroughly that they line up to support the “State” so that it can continue to suck the life blood out of each and every one of us in it’s death grip. Not to worry though, the Keynesian “beast” will collapse. It’s an unavoidable certainty that you can take to the bank!

                    “Are you stupid or just deaf, dumb, and blind?”

                    It would seem you’ve answered your own question.

                  • YMWW: LMFAO!!! Who do you think is funding Lew Rockwell’s organization? He is an agent of the NWO posing as a Libertarian.

                    WE don’t have a “democracy” dumbshit. WE have a republic, and a Republic cannot represent the will of the people if they are too lazy to get off their ass and go to the polls.

                    In the last election only 129 million voters went to the polls. White people stayed home. Worse, the ones that went to the polls voted for your hero, Barack Hussein O’Bummer.

                    The Keynesian Beast will NOT fall on its own accord. The dollar will not collapse. The economy will collapse but the dollar will continue to strengthen like it always does, and the NWO will make money whether times are good or bad. They just make more money in good times.

                    Lew Rockwell is a NWO agent for the CROWN!!! 🙁

                  • The Durango Kidd is a Troll.

                • D.K. you know it but I doubt the plebes will get it: If the Feds are ever forced to stop printing money to fund their mansions in Virginia welfare state, the GDP will instantly drop by about 6 to 8 percent. Because government spending is considered part of GDP. It’s as harsh as chemo for cancer, and it’ll bring on a partial collapse, but if it ain’t done, the patient dies.

                  • Exactly, it kills me that they can count gov’t spending in the GDP. If you or I did something like that with our businesses, we’d be in jail.

                  • Agreed Coach. 🙁

                  • Just remember: You voted for it!

              • Even on a budget she can save a couple months and then purchase a 50# bag or rice or beans or oatmeal. Have her look online for bulk food prices and check out the Mormon stores and restaurant supply stores. She will feel better if she can contribute. Also remind her she can hone any skills she has and bring those.

              • I’m guessing, according to your comment, nothing will happen until she’s desperate.

            • PassInthewind….I’m in an identical situation with my wife’s family. They also know the risks, but refuse to cash out their stock investments and, to the contrary, have put EVERYTHING they have into the market, as they are driven by greed. For their sakes I hope this house of cards doesn’t come tumbling down on them.

            • @passinwiththewind

              that is such a shame about your brother… you would think that if he had ANY sense at all he would hedge his bets. He wouldn’t even have to cash out everything; just some fractional amount to buy food, supplies, water, clothing, stuff that really matters. He could also pay off his house and cars, and pay off debts that a vengeful government or corporation would surely hire out mercenaries to collect in the event of SHTF. A SENSIBLE investor — even one who doesn’t believe that things are going to get as bad as we believe — would take steps to insure against catastrophic losses.

              In a sense, that is what we have all been doing: building an insurance policy against bad times to come. It’s a sensible and prudent course of action, undertaken by those of us who have taken a sober and realistic look at how things are, not how we wish them to be. Somehow, someway, that is why we are somehow “on the fringe”… surely an indicator of just how upside down our nation has become.


              • One would think….

                But; for someone who has lived the last 40 years of their selfish existence to think otherwise, is like asking the moon not to change it’s colors.

                Many people are “stuck” in a mindset that all things will only get worse in small increments; which gives them time to make adjustments without concern over things actually changing in a New York minute.

                We preppers know it will change, basically, overnight when TPTB, and God, wants it to collapse. Too many signs and markers are aligning, to ignore the facts of what is going on.

                We are compassionate enough to help those that were not able to help themselves prepare ahead. Those that refused because of greed and stupidity, well, lets just say, they will be on their own when SHTF.

              • Mac,bill collectors will be treated like any other marauder with bad intent,would supply way before worrying about mortgage down the road.

                • “bill collectors will be treated like any other marauder.”

                  i quite acknowledge the sentiment. though anyone contemplating that thought should understand that debt collectors of any sort are legal visitors.

                  if you or i incur the bill (that is to say, not fraud), then they are within their legal right to reclaim whatever it is we owe. the government, its police, its courts will all say it’s legal to send collectors after us.

                  no matter how much the economy falters & society collapses, every last creditor will survive that & try to get every last penny due to them, and perhaps more. and they certainly will be quite nasty in the process.

                  the only way things work out for a debtor is if the currency the debt is in was made worthless via inflation. one takes a ten thousand dollar car loan, pays back something like twenty thousand plus over life of the loan in normal times. the way that works for the debtor is if that twenty thousand plus, or even one-hundred twenty thousand plus is then really worth only a few hundred or thousand in formerly strong currency.

                  how this can blow up in debtor’s face is in deflationary scenario. then the payback amount of $20,000+ or $120,000+ is actually worth 2×3 times more in deflated currency/economy, the appreciated currency can buy that much more.

                  inflation & deflation are both used by the banking elite to crush anyone else who is not of that elite. best to not give them a legal claim on you if possible.
                  i suspect it’s ultimately wise to pay off any debts/notes/cards/mortgages sooner than later if at all possible & hold onto the receipts.

                  • Your receipts won’t mean shit, especially to the government. Sounds like the idea of ‘pre-paying’ property taxes. Any official record of that will go hang out with Lois’ e-mails.

              • IMPCALGI, spot on. I’ve always invested in food, water, water purification items, camping equipment, guns, ammo, hand tools, heavy-duty clothing, extra blankets, socks, underwear, coats for winter, etc. Things that I know will help me to survive any adverse situation that life throws at me. I’ve had many a personal SHTF situation and I SURVIVED each and every one of them because I PREPARED for them. I am a SURVIVOR. I am a PREPPER and will never apologize for it to anyone. I have a dividend from my investments called “peace of mind” knowing I’m prepared and can weather any of life’s storms. I have what I call “survivor’s insurance”.

                • RB, I fully agree with you. Being prepared also means you are in a position to help others in a time of need. One of my admonitions is; better to have it and not need it, than to need it and NOT have it. For example, better to have a sleeping bag in the trunk of your car and not need it, than to find yourself stranded in a snow bank, with temps falling and NOT have it.
                  I am suprised that two idiots gave you a tumbs down!

              • Help him find a tall building with windows that open.

            • I KNOW, PASSINGINTHE WIND! I have similar problem. While I spend what little money I have on some few silver pieces and stock up on food, my foolish younger sibling buys worthless sh– like new drapes or towels which he doesn’t even need! When SHTF, then what?! Just hope I have a place of my own by then, with a good companion– far away!

            • LOL.

              Sheez, a pound ain’t bad. He’s your BROTHER.

            • That’s called putting all of your eggs in one basket…he’s going to be in a world of hurt someday.

            • AMEN to that brother! Keep your powder dry!

            • It is interesting when you ask a rich man how much is enough? He says “Just a Little More”

          • Really? There is a financial colapse going on? 🙂

            Guess what? The Feds used up all thier bullets on the ’08 recession.

            Game over ! ! !

            Don’t mean to be smart ass but those of you who know me know I have been screaming this for the last 6 months or more. The SHTF long ago just nobody would recognize it. Or maybe nobody wanted to recognize it. Whatever, my preps are done just don’t have to use them yet.


            • No, it didn’t hit the fan yet. Stores are still open. You can still buy food. The nationwide power grids are still up and running. And food stamp cards still work.

              • No, it’s hit. We just don’t recognize it yet. It’s like Willy-Coyote over the cliff. The special acme parachute was an anvil, and we’re desperately dig in there for the spare (spoiler: it’s a tire). Its here, ground is getting bigger and bigger, and there is no changing course. We just have yet to feel the true pain…

              • Sorry Barncat, just because it hasn’t hit you yet doesn’t mean it hasn’t started. Examples:

                IRS at war with a targeted population.

                NSA reading your emails.

                A President who has gone rouge.

                A government who is killing veterans,

                1/6th (or more) of the people on food stamps.

                How big a list do you need?


            • You never have enough preps or room enough to put them…

              Got water… and the means to purify?… priority #1…

              • Jerrytbg, I have a Katadyn Micro Purifier with extra filters and it’s great. Made in Switzerland, not China. During the winter I bought a Sawyer and a Lifestraw I’m going to test out in July when I go to the BOL. For heavy-duty purifying, I’m looking at possibly a Berkey if they’ve solved the problems with their filters.

                • I have a Sawyer and I like it. I can hook it up to a plastic 2-liter pop bottle if I want to, or drink straight through it.

                  I’m getting a spare as soon as I can.

                  • 6,I am getting a few saywer’s after some research,will use at local river and if no “extended bathroom stays”will try again in other local waters.I realize they don’t protect against “heavy metals”but get along fine listening to Motley Crue and their ilk!I also realize will not protect against man made pollution/poisons.I will down road post results and hopefully do not have a run(runs?!) on t-paper!

                  • I have a sawyer and a katadyn in series to a bladder that can make ANY water potable…

                  • Warchild, you’re braver than me!

                • Got the same one, (Katadyn micro), and I love it! A qt/min.
                  Good for up to 13,000 gal. Got a spare cartridge too.

                  A tip in it’s usage: wrap a coffee filter around the pickup held in place with a rubber band… saves on cleaning it.

                • Bravehart- read up on British Berkfeld ( the REAL berkeys) and Doulton…… I think you will find both better. I have a berkey and dont know if filters are bad… the time you find out is when you need them and thats too late. If you open and use they have a life expiry.
                  I will proably buy some douton or british berkfeld filters for replacement. They re damn expensive. Berkey sucks and did not get behind people on those filters..they offfered me new ones for 80 buks or some crap? Really? Bad filters so you’ll sell me new ones?
                  Fuck Berkey, and espeically FUCK “the berkey guy”.

                  He is a scumbag vendor who sells the shit and does nothing if you have an issue. Figures…he is in California.

                • braveheart and jerrytbg,
                  I have a Katadyn in one pack and an MSR in the other. Then I have several LifeStraws. And a Big Berkey. And water purification tablets, and bags of pool shock.

                  Stoves can be used to sterilize water, and I have an MSR Whisperlite International Liquid-Fuel Stove, a Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Compact Liquid Fuel Stove, several Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stoves with Piezo Ignition, and a Solo Pot with a Solo Stove inside it. I have the Solo alcohol burner to go inside the Solo Stove and a bunch of bottles of Everclear, in case there is a shortage of wood or I don’t want to make a lot of smoke.

                  And a lot of 4 and 8 ounce propane/isobutane mix fuel canisters for the tiny Ultralight stoves.

                  There’s a good-sized creek within walking distance of my house.

                  It was pointed out to me by a neighbor that it’s not a good idea to use water from the Corps of Engineers flood mitigation features like the fake lakes near housing sub-divisions because of the insecticide and fertilizer runoff from residences.

                • Can you share more about the problems with the Berkey filters? I was planning on ordering one next week…..

                  • Anon- sorry i didnt see this till now. Google it. They were falling apart. Problem is you wont know until you USE it. THEN its too late.

                    Google black berkey problems. It was awhile ago but I would not put my trust in them. I had newer ones fall apart too,after problem was “fixed”

                    Berkey stole the name kinda… well, they want people to think they are getting the original british berkfeld which you are not.

                    DONT BUY BERKEY! The pots are ok, but the filters are suspect.

                  • ANON- Ps….if they fall apart and oyu dont CATCH that they are seperated, you will be drinking UNFILTERED water.

            • there’s not going to be any riots or SHTF from the welfare parasites until 2020 there will however be massive protests from every individual in America with positive net wealth held in an bank account IRA as these are going to be hit with a capital levy to bring down the national debt and continue the welfare state.

              since the fed is out of options this is going to be the 2015 version of a national bailout!

              • Bodyguard says… you have a point there. Los Federalies will indeed paste a lid on the underclass as long as a tax paying minority, net savers , retired soul with liquid assets can be found. This could take some time. I for one, wouldn’t mind them keeping the game going. Not avoiding the outcome… just want to take all the time I can get to prep for & pad the fall. Not that I wanna sound pes o mist tic.

          • Apache I respectful disagree with some on this site that say don’t vote, but it is an absolute shame that the USA has become as bad or worse than many 3rd world countries when it comes to voter fraud. Trekker Out.

          • Do you really think our “voting” would change anything? Our right to vote is a sham, to make us believe we really have a voice. We don’t. We are no different than any other nation with their “Rulers”. Everything has been a lie…our history, our healthcare, our banking system, our food & our wars. I can only hope for “divine intervention”.

            • You are wrong Joan, people of this country have had the right to own guns since the first people land on this Continent and we still do, even thou infringed. Many countries can’t. We still get on this site and others and complain about the Government and cuss and discuss the Leaders. Many countries can’t. So our voting must have some effect, as for me I’ll vote at ballot box until I have to vote with a different BOX. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • It is going to get much worse and we have to prepare for that. This is where we will be tested for our weaknesses and for our humanity. For this reason,after you have prepared for your own family,if you can, try to set aside provisions for the inevitable neighbors and strangers that will be in dire need of help in their time of despair. You will be rewarded richly for the pennies that you spare. Brothers and Sisters we have a calling and we are blessed to have the chance to make a difference when the SHTF. May Our Heavenly Father Bless and Protect you and your families.

          • Hey, I install cable TV for a living. I am making crazy amounts of money. I am making over 2k paychecks every two weeks, and it’s going up! And this is just like between 40 to 50 hours a week, not even killing myself. I get a chance to see people’s cable bills on my orders. I have installed people that are paying $300+ a month on cable! This is not surprising. The average is over $170+ close to $200. These people are insane. all they can talk about is their favourite shows and movies and sports. I go along with it and get paid on my jobs and spend my excess of money on ammo and food and almost close to paying off my land and farm. Some of these same high bills are the houses that are falling apart and need upkeep, but they spend their money on TV. I have also seen the Lone Star Card laying on their kitchen tables, that’s welfare card here in Tejas for those that don’t know. I have to admit most are not minority as most might think. They are my fellows, living in old trailer parks spending all their money on TV watching and cigarettes! Damn! They need to clean up too! They’re gonna be hurtin!

          • Voted for who? -Both parties in the USA are F@#$%d!

        • The world could be on fire and all they would care about is their next beer and ballgame!

          • Fema…The first or next beer is ok.To hell with the ball game.

          • I’ll keep prep’n but I’m still going to have a beer while listening to my Brewers!

          • The World has been on Fire for at least the last 6 years and there’s not enough Beer (Or Hard Earned, Er I mean Hard Printed Cash) to put the flames out!!! Hense what you said!!!
            The Titanics been sinking since 08. The IDIOTS have just been fiddling on the Bow!!!
            Those with eyes have been inflating their life vest’s!!!

          • Cold beer ,loose pair of shoe’s and a warm place to shit

        • Satori linked to this yesterday.

          If anyone missed this, take a look.

          As a former teacher, I think this would make a good article to read with your family (teens & up) and discuss with afterward.

          Get everyone thinking. Refresh and review plans to get home.

          Here are a few questions that it brought to mind:
          -Did you think the story gave an accurate depiction of what could/would happen?
          -If this were to happen in our area, what things would be different?
          -If you were away from home and this happened, what plans do have to get home?
          -What, if any additional items would you pack in your bug out bag.

          Aftermath: What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?

          Bugging Out After An EMP Attack
          Episode 1

          Episode 2

          (New episode to be added soon.)

          • Thanks for the links, mom. always ‘preciate the information.

            btw, this is random but i see it everywhere on here and other sites. What is ptb stand for and/or the other versions of it? (ptbt, maybe?)

            • Knot Really, welcome aboard, and it’s TPTB [the powers that be].

            • It’s TPTB’s fault we’re in this whole GDP mess. They are no longer doing their job.

              TPTB—“Too Poor To Buy”

          • Here’s my two word explanation on how Obama got elected:
            idiots voted
            A one word explanation: fraud

            • He wasnt voted in any more than the last 6 presidents, maybe even more

              he was chosen by those that wanted things to be exactly the way they are going.

              • The Zaphod Beeblebrox pResident. Placed in office not to wield power, but to draw attention away from those who actually do.

            • Here’s my two cent’s, er, I mean words!

              Well and Fare!
              Or Free and Shiite!
              Or Dumb and Arses!
              Or Mo and Rons
              Or Lib and Tards
              Or Shiite and Heads
              Or Bumb and Dastards
              The list is endless!!!


            • meh, with the 08 election, I can give them a pass for being gullable/stupid for electing him. for 2012…now those mufugguhs are a threat to the genepool! when I see obomber 08 bumpersticker….well, it just PISSES ME THE EFF OFF!

            • LOL! I love that theres 5 asshat trolls that down voted this! What effing losers!!!

        • This is what happens when the US Gov lies about the economy and the “Presstitutes” perpetuate the lie. Am I surprised by the -2.9% GDP in Q1.

          …..Phuck No !

          • Wall Street Blames it on the “Weather” Like everybody keeps talking about it but nobody does anything about it. lol. The Snowman ate my profits.

            • @ WhoWuddaThunkIt

              blaming it on the weather is how you can tell for a FACT that this is a monumental FRAUD. Bad weather… that’s what the Russian communists blamed 75 years of bad harvests on! It couldn’t be their insane policies that brutalize the people and attempt to stand the natural world on it’s head. Nope, its the weather.

              Same insane policies, different decade, different country.


              • Pete Santelli- Said it best yesterday on CNBC- paraphrase: He said, “The weather did not stop anybody from ordering products. Instead of getting the product getting delivered on the scheduled Tuesday, it gets delivered a day later on Wednesday. Weather has nothing to do with placing orders.” But this excuse seems to dupe investors as the marker scam continues to climb. Just watch the day coming, when the Central Banksters all the sudden, pull their $25 Trillion out of the market at the same time, on the the same day. And the regular 401K folks are all sitting there holding worthless paper.

        • I would like to make a smart-assed comment here
          but there isn’t anything funny about it anymore.

          This has gotten so serious that if people don’t
          prep now there’s probably not much hope for them
          in the near future, let alone the long term.

          • Defiant, you’re right on target. If they’re not prepping, they’re inepting, and they will pay for it dearly.

        • Just ask for a referendum where the Americans would vote, Crimean style.

        • you know why …..because most people won’t be alive if it does come !!!

          • That sounds like it might be the perfect plan for you too RICH99. Why prep when you have no plans for living. Is that what you’re saying? Sounds like it to me. It takes a lot more courage to live in a world of shit than it does to die in a world of shit.

            • Joe Republic, you tell him. Braveheart plans to live as long as possible and fight to take this country back. We’re already in a world of shit and it will only get shittier after TSHTF. I’ll still be alive and fighting because I have the courage and will to live, regardless of what happens.

            • No Joe ….what I’m saying is that by the time any if this stuff happens most of us will be long gone from AGE !!!

        • And what is not being mentioned by anyone is that the government changed the way they calculate GDP last year. They have added .5 for “intellectual property” so we are really talking about a contraction well over 3%.

        • It’s even worse than the numbers suggest when you factor in the value of the dollar shrinking over the year.

          • “It’s even worse than the numbers suggest when you factor in the” ——— TRUTH!!!!
            It’s all being Orchastrated, though — everyone has to know that?!!!

          • Against what? IT has stayed relatively stable against the Euro and the GBP as well as the Yen. We appear to be sinking together.

        • I would not say 95%. That is also part of the mainstream propaganda and tactic. They want more conservative thinkers to think they’re all alone. I would say AT LEAST 25% are fully aware of who POTUS is and how mainstream is completely full of crap.

        • Lock and load!

        • “So for two quarter the markets has risen like a rocket while the fuel for that rise has been exhausted for the last six months.”

          Its called inertia…rockets use it all the time to get to orbit….Its not REAL fueled flight per say because the rocket keeps climbing until the force exerted by burning fuel has already run out…the only thing left is the fiery re-entry fall….using the same analogy for our economic system is entirely APPROPRIATE.

          The Doomsday Preppers betting that the economic collapse theory were RIGHT, always right and always MOCKED and ridiculed because the wouldn’t listen to govt mouthpieces and media, but instead to independent sources not receiving govt money..good thing they resisted the Darwin Award masses collective moanings. They were right, and unfortunately, i think their estimates as to the danger they and we are in, were a bit on the short side. They couldn’t see the Traitor in Chief flooding America with a staggering number of illegals too. That makes their conservativve projections of dangerous people in a collapse,, well inaccurate to the LOW side. Man… we are so SCREWED….

        • Its hard to get a person to understand something . When their entire way of life depends on them not understanding .

        • one of the better articles ive read….you wont get this on cnbc

      2. The world-wide wall of dominoes is beginning to tumble and take the next domino down with it. You can only perform the smoke and mirrors trick for so long before the smoke dissipates and the mirrors break.

        2 such examples from ZeroHedge site:

        Boehner To Sue Obama

        Now that Eric Cantor is history, crushed by an unexpected Tea Party “David” (literally and metaphorically) as the US population finally begins to say no to an artifical “two-party” system which is quite united in only serving its Wall Street masters, it is time for that other republican, none other than the consummate folding lawn chair John Boehner, to scramble fearing for his own political career. And since the only way the GOP knows to challenge the implosion of the US republic is by making loud noises and providing hours of hollow theatrical entertainment, here comes Boehner with the biggest soap opera he could muster: moments ago the speaker announced he plans to sue Obama “on behalf of the House over his frequent use of executive actions that Republicans believe are beyond his authority.”

        and this one as well-

        Chairman Of China’s Largest Copper Producer Commits Suicide By Jumping From Hotel

        While news of high-ranking financial executive suicides in the west have become week to week news, the troubling trend has spread to Asia. A string of Chinese officials have killed themselves in recent months, with speculation linking many to a crackdown on graft. However, as SCMP reports, this weekend saw the head of China’s largest copper producer ‘fell to this death’ from a hotel owned by his company with a state-run newspaper claiming the 52-year-old committed suicide (due to work pressures) following corruption allegations. The timing of Wei Jianghong, chairman of state-owned Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group, suicide appears catalyzed by the growing anxiety over the widespread implications of China’s rehypothecation commodity-finance scandal. That leaves one question – what did he know that markets remain ignorant of for now?

        • More troubling economic news…

          In The First Quarter $250 Billion In Federal Debt Bought Negative $74 Billion In GDP

          “In Q1, US total Federal debt ROSE by $250 billion, to a record $17.6 trillion.

          This debt “bought” a negative $74 billion in GDP, which declined to $17.0 trillion. Said otherwise, this was the first quarter since the end of the recession when debt rose (by a whopping amount), and when GDP declined sequentially in nominal terms.”

          • What about the unfunded liabilities? For example, if we add in the Public Sector Pensions, would we have more than $17 Trillion in debt?

          • What about the unfunded liabilities? For example, if we add in the Public Sector Pensions, would we have more than $17 Trillion in debt?

        • Maybe our bankers and other financial folks could learn something from the Chinese Chairman, and follow through.

          • Oh Wilson, I think the Chicoms are very aware of the situation. Problem is they are in the same boat.

            Remember when a few people said we needed to let the banks fail back in 08 because we were just delaying the invetable (sp)? Well they were right. But social engineering won out over good old fashion capitalism and now everyone is going to pay for it.

            And by the way before anyone starts with this being God’s punishment in some form, Nope, this was all done by mankind and greed.

            Oh, but the stock market is up, nope, it’s just that the banks who have been given money by the Feds to pay them off for the bad mortgage loans have had no place to put the money. Anyone seen anyone getting a loan from a bank? Volume is down to it’s lowest point in years. Only the banks have money and that money is going to be worth zip – nada – jack nothing.

            Oh but the unemployment rate is going down and should at 5.8% by the first of the year according to the U.S. government. Sounds like some jacked up figures there. Yep, they are. Lowest labor paricipation rate in American history. More lies and/or deceptions by our goverment.

            How many other things that you have been told are nothing but lies? Oh by the way, if you can sell your house because within 60 days the housing market is going to crash again only this time it is going to even worse than the 08 – 09 time period. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the charts (GDP – Housing Starts – Credit Card debt etc) leading up the crash last time and look at the last 6 months and you will see almost the exact same pattern.

            This collapse is not going to happen overnight. The rich people have to have some time to get things in order before you will see the real collapse wqhich you will know when hyper-inflation kicks in.


        • The Western MSM have all been complicit in the catastrophic human die-off that will result from this unprecedented financial collapse. If you’ve been following ZH, shtfplan, GOVTSLAVES, and other similar news websites for any length of time, then you’ve no doubt seen this global disaster coming at us for a while now. We can all consider ourselves fortunate that we were given some time to prepare, however I fear that the time for preparations may be almost over. Things are developing rapidly on the world stage these days. People in general society seem to be more stressed out than ever before. I’m thinking that perhaps as many as 98 percent of the US population has absolutely no idea that their entire world is about to come crashing down around them. The level of horror and violence that is about to sweep across the US landscape will be beyond comprehension for many. The first few months will be the worst and will be the best time to isolate yourself and your loved ones from all outside human contact.

          • I agree: people are clued out and it is too late for substantial preps. Check this out on the latest developments worldwide from the religion of peace:

            Just imagine what mayhem these fanatics are going to stir up in the global economy.

            The agency I work for have been making preps for human survival post-collapse and the new world that will emerge – poorer, much poorer and more turbulent. We take it seriously and so should everyone else.

          • Hmmm… all this has a familiar ring to it. Oh yeah, I read something like that here:

            21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. — The Holy Bible, Matthew 24:21-22.

            Are you ready?

            Look up!


            • What’s coming isn’t even the Great Tribulation. It’s just birth pangs that lead to a one world government with the antichrist in charge.

          • The lamestream media have been complicit in facilitating the actions of the uber class since early times.

            Look for a quote from robert swinton on this.

            Operation mockingbird

            LOL half the shit ya see and most of what we hear is lies

        • I’m waiting for the rabbit in a hat trick.



      3. No real surprise here. One need only look around them to see what’s really going on.

        Besides, for real data I go to

      4. Zombie Apocalypse DEAD AHEAD.

        • The only problem I will have with the Zombie Apocalypse is pretending I’m not excited!!!

          — quote I saw on a bumper sticker somewhere…

      5. I don’t know what it is or why but if the DOW hits 17,000, watch out. That number spooks the living shit out of the entire market. I’ve watched this number for two weeks now. The floor correspondence wildly masturbate themselves on a penance rally,of 20 or 30 points. The market will run up to a record high and retreat a 100 points. I love to watch those market touts. They’re in bed with the trading houses luring retail investors ( that’s you and I) in and setting them up for a skinning. Let those big trading houses feed on each other. I have heard that the 17,000 point mark is a trigger point. This might be bullshit, I don’t know but watch the DOW numbers and 17,000. Let’s see what happens.

        • As long as the Fed is pumping mega bucks into the markets they will go up. This is being done to keep the people who can cause real problems, the mega rich quiet. had it not been for the elites being able to make so much paid for by debt that the regular mopes will have to pay back Obie would have been sent packing a while ago.

          • “As long as the Fed is pumping mega bucks into the markets they will go up. This is being done to keep the people who can cause real problems, the mega rich quiet.”

            Don’t forget all those folks that make up the “middle and upper middle” classes. There are millions and they are spending lots of $$$. Most that are married with children, are still doing vacations in record numbers.
            As long as they can’t “physically” see a collapse they will spend, maybe a little more frugally. But they’re spending thousands on those kids to have a little fun.

            Granted; a big percentage of that “fun expense” is done with borrowed money. Why? Because they have the mindset like my brother, that everything will limp along and then get better like it was in the ”90’s. When things pick up a bit they see themselves as able to pay off that debt.

            Problem with debt is…… “the borrower is slave to the lender”. Any amount of debt that is owed and cannot be paid back is subject to cause a personal lein against any and all assets. Even “unsecured” debt like credit card debt.

            Earlier in this section, Warchild posed the question, wouldn’t it be better to buy preps instead of paying a mortgage. I say, in most cases, “yes”; because, it is better to not have a permanent roof over one’s head, than to starve to death, or have bad people beat and rape family members (because one didn’t prepare with weapons).

            In following the idea of “prepping up” with mortgage payments, one has to accept the possibility, even in a SHTF situation, that the occupants of the property in default, may have to pack up and relocate, even in a SHTF situation. At the very least, TPTB/banksters will cut off the electric and water.

            Then, it’s follow up with Plan B. If people don’t have a Plan B; then they are not fully prepared for when, SHTF.

      6. Re China’s rash of executive ‘suicides’, it should be noted that country is stillCommunist at heart. What better way to fill the State coffers with capitalist loot than arranging convenient accidents for the CEO’s in question? Nearly half of China’s billionaires have met similar fates over the past few months, and their vast fortunes invariably revert to government control. Motive, method, and opportunity. I’m honestly surprised the same sort of thing isn’t becoming more common in the US as well.

        • Simple why it isn’t happening more. Fascism is the merger of the socialist state with crony faux capitalists. Leftist use the money and organization of the large companies to rule. So, they need these cronies.

          • “Fascism is the merger of the state and corporate power”. Benito Mussolini

        • Would be nice if the MSM mega stars and the Hollyweird lefties met the same fate.

      7. No worries. The “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters have zero clue, and never will. These lemmings will jump off the first cliff the leftists tell them to, and thank them on the way down for their drowning.

      8. prepare like your life depends on it, cause it does!

      9. Tis no surprise,many I know laid off or business at least slower/some I know actually at moment booming.I do see though the closure of many local businesses/a lot of commercial real estate for sale/inflation in needed goods/house for sale signs popping up like shrooms after a good rain with few sold signs up.This is one of many reasons why I wear a tin foil hat and all that goes with it.

      10. It took three months for the true GDP number. This quarter has 4 days left. Will we get another BS reading until 3 months from now? I would say of course we will. They are going to feed us bullshit as long as we will eat it. Good luck out there.

      11. Something will be the trigger point that collapses our way of life….. Is this it?

      12. Is this yet another confirmation of the gut feelings we’ve all had? I think so.

      13. Not good, not good at all, put this with the UN article and it’s like an “OH SH##” moment!

      14. This would be a wonderful time to raise interest rates eh? This is that corner that we painted ourselves into, now it is coming into view. The federal reserve is like the squirrel that is caught in the middle of the road and keeps going back and forth because it just can’t decide how to avoid that big ass tire coming towards it.

        • The federal reserve is owned by the elite globalists that have engineered this entire mess. They know exactly what to do.

      15. Withholding judgment regarding this column, the day that many of us have blogged about may now be upon us? We may see if the efforts many have put forth to prepare will show fruit or fall through the floor.

        Well, I ponder if anyone has looked closely at the hearings regarding the IRS Scandal?

        One of the attributes of the those providing testimony is the smugness of their appearances and the arrogance of their answers. This is is a picture of an organization out of control with too much power.

        They seem to be playing a scripted part as if they already know the out come. I am amazed how badly congress is being dissed and they let them get away with it. I am more amazed that there are no street demonstrations. But, if you look at Watters’s World on Fox, you will see how stupid some of the American Public is.

        Returning to the column, the government, our current government wants incite a violent protest. This government wants bodies in the streets and martial law. They have been working real hard at it. The attorney general and the president, if you look at what the news is reporting, should be arrested and impeached.

        The collapse that is upon us will also include religion. The Pope is reaching out to all parties to bring them under on hat, one authority. As a matter of fact, Kenneth Copeland had a meeting with him and a few others. The goal is to bring all religions under one authority. There will be usage of force to do this.

        Another part of this collapse will include a cultural implosion. Expect to see and experience events never seen before done by the human hand.

        The final nail in the coffin that is upon us is the Earth Change
        events that are unfolding. Since the beginning of this Blood Moon Cycle on April 14th 2014, volcanic activity world wide has significantly increased as well as off shore earthquakes.
        It has been reported on Steve Quayles website that the seismic
        ground monitors have been turned off at yellowstone and at one time, all the monitors nationwide had been turned off for a period?

        I did not mean to write so much but, I would not let the events that are occurring in Washington distract me from what is really happening and what I need to do to prepare.

        Time is short………..

        The breakdown of everything we hold or know is at hand.

        The real prepping test will be the ability to mentality overcome the trials and survive each day……

        That is my opinion…

        • Totally agree, Watching and Waiting. It is my opinion that all is in place – all they need is a major crisis to tell us that the world needs to come together for a one world religion, a one world economy and government. People are sensing it.

      16. Will this nation EVER get back on track???

        Fire Chief Response
        A fire was reported last week in a three family house. There were many
        On the 1st floor there was a black family – 8 fatalities.

        On the 2nd floor there was a Mexican family – 6 fatalities.

        On the 3rd floor there was a white family of 2 – no fatalities.

        A reporter at the scene questioned the fire chief and asked why the family
        on the third floor survived the fire and the others did not.

        His response was……”they were at work”.

        • LOOOOOL. Good one.

        • SNAP

          • Really? I am African American and I WORK! I also PREP! Take your racism somewhere else.

            • I have been called many things, but I do try to be an equal opportunity jokester, if you look at previous articles, you will see that I joke about blondes, Italians, religions, etc. If this one REALLY bothered you, please accept my apoligies…

              As You Slide Down the Banister of Life, Remember :

              1. Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert have written an impressive new book. It’s called ‘Ministers Do More Than Lay People.’

              2. Transvestite: A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary.

              3. The difference between the Pope and your boss…the Pope only expects you to kiss his ring.

              4. My mind works like lightning. One brilliant flash and it’s gone.

              5. The only time the world beats a path to your door is if you’re in the bathroom.

              6. I hate sex in the movies. Tried it once. The seat folded up, the drink spilled and that ice, well, it really chilled the mood.

              7. A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression that he just cleaned the whole house.

              8. My next house will have no kitchen – just vending machines and a large trash can.

              9. A blonde said, ‘I was worried that my mechanic might try to rip me off. I was relieved when he told me all I needed was turn signal fluid.’

              10. Definition of a teenager? God’s punishment for enjoying sex.

              11. As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.

              Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us Some Email. Amen

              • As you slide down the wooden banister of life, pray you don’t get splinters.

              • Eppe, you’re the greatest. keep them coming.

              • I have a brain like a computer. I shut it down at night and everything is gone. United Negro College Fund: A mind is a terrible thing. Richard Pryor and Michael both did advertising for The Ignited Negro College Fund. Pryor got burned by coke. Jackson got burned by Pepsi.

            • Sorry Obama has already called us racist.

        • Eppe, that’s one of your best ones yet. I can’t stop laughing. Keep them coming.

          • yeehar,yeehar,yeehar…………

      17. I can still remember when the GDP was called the GNP(Gross National Product) The difference being the GNP included the trade deficit and the GDP doesn’t. Taking away another $40B a month would make a truer picture of where we are heading. That’s about a half trillion more off the bottom line.

        • The Gross National Product is chewing tobacco. Grossest one I know of.

        • I know a person who works in the industry. For his company, a good portion of that 70% has been realized in since ’08.

          • GM’s Ignition problem- The Ignition was mass produced in China. Got to hand it to outsourcing to save a nickle. GM has recalled way more vehicles this year, than they produced. 21 Mil now recalled.

        • I put in almost three decades in oil refining. You could gauge the economy on gasoline consumption and fortunately for investors the margins in the refining business. Granted significant improvements in fuel efficiency have increased MPG which at best MAY account for a 15-20% reduction (as many vehicles are still older). Refineries once running flat out have closed due to the lack of demand; consider it a bad ECG warning of a pending heart attack. We have seen the decline in the margins (delta between crude price and finished product) starting as early as 2006 early 2007. Its like a tremor before the earthquake.

          No doubt about it energy consumption is a very accurate measure of economic activity.

          • I resemble that remark. I’m retired, so have time to travel as much as I want to. I don’t. Can’t afford the gas.

          • I can’t buy the 15-20% reduction,K2.

            If you look anywhere across America, you’ll see just as many large SUVs and pick-up trucks as economy cars.

            People get conservative when the gas prices spike, and do a little less driving in the gas guzzlers.

            As soon as they get used to the added expense, it’s back to the riding around in the big guzzlers. Go to any kids sports events and look around the parking lots; big SUVs everywhere.

            Point is this… even with all those 12 to 18 mpg vehicles on the road, the USA total fuel consumption number is declining. That says a lot of people are not driving cause they can’t afford the fuel expense any longer.

            When the cost of the monthly grocery bill has increased by $100.00, and income hasn’t increased; the quickest way to offset that added expense is to keep the vehicles parked more often.

            Just sayin’.

            • People get conservative when the 13 year old car with 130000 on the clock is making noises , and it is most likely the last car they will ever drive.
              If okiehoma reinstated a yearly inspection , I bet half the cars would fail and get pulled off the road.

      18. Well, It’s CLEARLY George W. Bush’s fault….

      19. I take issue with the article’s conclusions.

        Yes, the GDP numbers indicate a significant downturn during the first quarter, but that was easy enough to figure out for ourselves given the weather during the first quarter, as well as the general decline year-on-year for Christmas-time spending. It was a very cold winter most places, and people had to conserve the family budget to pay for their heat bills, in addition to paying for the heat bills for all of the free-loaders on welfare who received “energy assistance” benefits.

        Yes, retail spending has declined and major retailers have reported reduced sales, owing in part to cutbacks in spending by welfare recipients.

        But to extrapolate that into “killing in the streets,” etc., is, in my opinion, a rather large stretch of the imagination.

        Look around you.

        Traffic on the roads has never been heavier, despite the price of gas. Try getting reservations at any of the popular U.S. beach resorts for this Christmas holiday season — good luck! New vehicles on the roads have never been more numerous. Construction companies are as busy as almost ever. Checkout lines still pile up umpteen-deep on weekends. Prices are certainly not coming down. Specialty, niche items such as specialty hobby equipment and supplies are selling strongly. Gun and ammo sales remain as strong as ever, and many of the smaller gun stores are expanding. High end and current-fad clothing sales are strong, with the exception of the teenage clothing market. RENTS are going ever higher — quite the opposite occurred during the 1930’s.

        This article is a bit of a fear-mongering stretch. I’m not saying don’t be prepared for a serious downturn, as the high-flying way things have been going is certain to reverse, but, to weave that into a picture of societal collapse is a bit much.

        • You can’t really blame the weather when you can buy everything online now. Sure your delivery might get delayed but the transaction has already taken place and counted.

        • Sand bags are still cheap.

        • Mac: “The streets may not devolve into madness tomorrow or next month, but piece by piece the foundations of America’s economic health and social structure are crumbling. The time to finalize preparations for what’s coming is now.”

          Anon: “This article is a bit of a fear-mongering stretch. I’m not saying don’t be prepared for a serious downturn, as the high-flying way things have been going is certain to reverse, but, to weave that into a picture of societal collapse is a bit much.

          I hope you’re right Anon, but my behavior and my thoughts have me prepping like Mac counsels his readers to.

          “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

          The challenge is to prep whilst not losing one’s joy and my family’s joy in the Lord.

          Too much worry betrays a lack of trust in God’s providence and sovereignty.

          • In Isaiah 45 God declares, “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God and there is no other” (v. 22). Our salvation is in the Lord and not in ourselves. Self-sufficiency is spiritual suicide. God cannot do for us what we try to do for ourselves. If you’re seeking purpose and significance apart from complete submission to Christ as your Lord and King (Galatians 2:20), you’re looking in the wrong place. But if you’ll walk through this day yielded to his Spirit (Ephesians 5:18), he will mold you into the character of Christ (Romans 8:29) and use your life for his eternal glory and your greatest good.

            To those who seek to hear and obey his voice, “your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it'” (Isaiah 30:21). Are you listening to God today?


        • I’m in DFW. I think Texas is holding it’s nose just above water.

          There are a few hot spots in a sea of stagnation.

          • just putting off the inevitable is all

          • You’ll be underwater as soon as Obama get’s finished flooding you with illegals this month.

          • By the time Obammie gets through running illegals into Texas you will be underwater. You will be just like calif. but without the nice weather and scenery.

        • Anonymous, uh, sorry to disagree, but this society will collapse for a number of reasons. I see the decay all around me every day and I know it’s only a matter of time. It will happen and there’s no stopping it. I hope you’re prepping.

          • Yep yep yep, we’re all a gonna’ DIE right quick y’all. Cain’t say fer sure as when, but I knows it’s a comin soon! Ever day they’s just more doom n’ gloom, so we gots to be a dyin’ off right quick y’all.

      20. Well…Hopefully this is going to be the end of the story since we have heard the same over and over. At some point the actual collapse might be a good thing to clean up and to start all over again (MAYBE). However the satanic players and the planners won’t give up that easy so get ready to protect yourself and your loved ones as much as humanly possible since the rest is up to the God .

      21. It would be interesting to see prep companies like EE, RMR, Patriot Seeds, Berkfield Water Filters, Katadyn, Mountain House,Wise Foods, etc YOY sales figures and see how much sales are increasing, if at all, or if preppers by and large are also unable to purchase due to drop in income or increases in costs of other basic items like housing, gas, health insurance, etc.

        It sure seems that more prep companies are appearing and hawking their goods, so I would assume the trend is up, but by how much? Greater than the rate of credit card debt increase for example?

        It would also be interesting to measure this against guns and ammo sales, although I would expect guns and ammo to exceed the other preps because partially of the mindset of “pseudopreppers” who think if “I ‘ve got lots of guns and ammo, I am ready,” or alternatively, simply the fact that the government is threatening to strip people of their 2nd ammendment rights, whereas no such frontal assault exists against accumulation of other preps.

        • You also have to take into consideration the private transactions at gun shows aren’t counted so add maybe 10-20% on top.

        • They have been discounting quite a lot. people may want to buy but cannot afford it.

          • People may also be buying USED, and garage/yard sales are not counted either…

            • Neither is canning and dehydrating, foraging…

        • I’ve seen commercials for Wise Foods.

        • Darn JQP….each time you post the TRUTH you make the “thumb down idiots” really busy trying to stop its spread. But they are too late since majority of the people worldwide are awaken to see who the satanic SOB’s are.

          • Our economy was destroyed by the Shill Bankster Tribe, destin to make our population their debt slaves. Those who destroyed it were the first to get bailed out. The evidence is clear.

            • The Rockerfellas are Jews?

              • Some researchers say, “Yes!


                Marranos (subversive false converts) were one of the reasons that the tribe was expelled from Spain. The high profile ritual murders of Christian children, The Holy Children of La Guardia and Saragossa, were another reason.

              • It’s not the Rockefeller blood line. While very powerful and seemingly ruthless they actually have empathy and compassion. It’s the other one. They are totally psycho and seething with evil. This goes back centuries.

          • The Jews are walking around with ISIS cutting heads and shooting people in cars is that what you are claiming. You Jew haters should go to Iraq and see who the bad guys are. Your stupidity is all you have going for you.

            • @John W- Jack Ruby who killed Patsy Oswald was a Jew – His real name was Jack Rubenstein. You want to know “Who killed John F Kennedy?” Just go look at Kennedy’s Executive order – EO-11110 on June 4th 1963 – Basically outlawing the Federal Bank Cartel from being America’s Loan shark. Well the JEW Tribe did not like that and had him killed. Then Jack Ruby a Jew killed the Pasty before the assassination scandal unraveled burying the truth for decades. Of course the Hijacked Media went along with the Oswald story as the Killer. Or how about Go watch the Sinking of the USS Liberty on YTube. Or When 3rd party Candidate RON Paul called for ending the FED Reserve, he was banned by the MSM Mafia Media and some outlets would not even mention Ron Pauls name even as a presidential candidate. The JEWS are up to their Eyeballs in scandals and conspiracies in America Undermining our Democracy. Time to expose the truth to the light for all to see, and let them judge for themselves. Only people afraid of the truth are the perpetrators.

          • About as American as those who practice censorship.

          • John Q Public- Your RED Thumbs down Shill’s IP addresses originate out of Israel as expected. Americans are waking up to their scam.

            • @ WWTI

              Thank you for verifying that!

          • The Bible relates the story of a man who hated the Jews. His name was Haman.

            He was hanged on the gallows he had built for the Jews.

            Be warned –
            “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.”
            Zechariah 2:8

            • @ Grafique

              As usual, your biblical claims are phony—usually, as in THIS case, the exact opposite of the clear meaning.

              The second chapter of Zacharias prophesies the progress of the Church of Christ by the conversion of some Jews and many Gentiles.

              At Zacharias 2:4 read “Jerusalem shall be inhabited WITHOUT WALLS.” This is a reference to the spiritual Jerusalem, the Church of Christ.

              It is Christendom that is the “apple of His eye,” not “the children of hell” (Matthew 23:15) whose worship is “in vain” because they voided the Mosaic Covenant (Jeremias 31:31-32) and voided the commandments of God for their own man-made traditions. (Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7-13)

            • As for your amusing obsession with Haman (and your implied death threats), the biblical story of Esther has been usurped by the followers of the Pharisees.

              The tribe has named several from Hitler through Saddam Hussein and Ahmadinejad to posters on forums as the reincarnation of Haman (Did God teach reincarnation to the Israelites!).

              Examples abound. Anyone interested in such murderous nonsense of the tribe can search “Haman”

              • Haman, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do believe that you’re possessed by the same demon that possessed Haman.

                • As readers here have seen time and time again, what you “believe” bears no relationship to reality.

                  Recall that you are the drive-by liar and you are the one who has repeatedly made death threats.

                  John 8:44
                  You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

        • Most “journalists” don’t tell the truth.

      22. Just to show how manipulated everything is, the stock market is UP today on this dismal news. Losers, the whole lot of them.

        ……It’s not IF, it’s just a matter of WHEN…..

        • The when is now!. My family is the same way as most of the others have posted. Don’t believe anything is wrong, just keep plugging along and laugh at the old man and his food guns and ammo!Can’t take it with me but won’t let anyone else take it from me either!

      23. The economy die a long time ago and it has been on life support. The life support machine is ran on a 12 volt battery. It hasn’t been recharge and it is about to run out of juice.
        The only way to recharge the battery is to get Obullshit out of office, and stop with all the hand outs.
        Folks like our VET’s and folks that paid into S.S. should get their money.
        The Zombies and Leaches should be cut off now, All the Illegals coming up from south of the boarder should not be given rides into the central part of the US but back to where they came from. If I can’t help my own family how in the hell am I/or why should I help them.
        I can only do so much. MY FAMILY COMES FIRST!!!


          More illegal immigrants.
          More unemployment.
          More Debt.
          More E.B.T. and S.N.A.P.
          More Taxes.
          More Confiscation laws for our wealth. Banks Love It.
          More Free Housing.
          Lower More of the qualifications for specialized jobs.
          More Inflation.

          Besides those, all is well. Hope and Change Forever!

        • As they distract us with this hand, they are destroying us with their other hand.

        • The only way to recharge the battery is to get Obullshit out of office, and stop hillary from getting into the white house. If she does, there will be no hope of recharging anything.

          • Sixpack:
            I agree with you 100%
            My God what has happened. When I was growing up I looked forward to the good life here in the USA.
            I was only afraid of burning to death. I have been unlucky enough to have seen this happen 3 times. Now I’m afraid for my grandchildren. If things don’t change they have only three things to look forward to. #1 Civil War, #2 living in a third world country, and #3 living in a FEMA camp. I know I’m not going to live forever to fight for them or along side of them. This makes it hard to sleep at night.
            I’m going to keep praying! I’m still going to the ballot box, and if pushed hard enough, which they are now starting to do, go to the Ammo Box.
            AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!!!

            • Yeah, lets put Palin in!

            • Amen Sgt…I’ve experienced a few nightmares myself lately.

      24. It’s going to happen sooner or later, that is the SHF. So go to AMAZON and get, possibly free, a book called Yankee antii-zombie Servival Manual. You will find 101 rules that may very well save your life. It’s cheap or free.

      25. The Economy crumbled in 2008, after GW Bush Cooked the books and sprang that Housing Bubble on us a month before his term was over, which set up the great Fleecing of Tax Payers by the Banksters to get bailed out, the real culprits of easy money to create debt slaves. Now they pump up Wall Street and will bail out all at once, leaving 401K holders, holding the worthless bag of paper. Sell Now and Get out, pay off all debts. Prep like tomorrow is when the SHTF.

        • Bush did not do it he was as panicked as anyone else. Obama was put in office by a lot of powerful people. Seen his BC yet or his college records? Do we even know who he really is? Ask the Saudis.

        • @WWTI – Conspiracy theory hogwash.

      26. America gets a first hand look at how a negro operation works. Negro and women leaders are worst than a communist frontal attack.

        At least you have a chance….

        • This post comes from a man who does whatever his wife tells him to do.

        • Half of the ACLU corporate board is Run By Anti-Christian Jews -All designed to undermine America and Christianity.
          Most thinking people know that the American Civil Liberties Union is vehemently anti-Christian. What they don’t know is that 3 of 6 of ACLU’s top national leaders are liberal Jewish activists. Jews comprise only 2.5 percent of the American population, yet most of the largest anti-Christian “civil liberties” organizations are disproportionately staffed by them:

      27. I’d like to see a website that tracks GDP, unemployment, real estate, baltic dry index, etc.

        Just the facts.

        • Check out shadowstats, can get some content free but most you need to subscribe

        • >>Serria Dave<<<

          May I take your comment and expand it to read:

          "I WANT to find a source which will locate and
          report the accurate statistics of all economic
          and government agencies" You can throw in how
          these statistics were determined fifty years ago.

          In addition a source who will report on:

          How much in ounces of gold,'unencumbered',
          exists in U.S. owned vaults, Not in the Fed's
          vault, the US Treasury and US Mint only.
          None of the "Deep Storage Gold" as reported
          by .

          The person(s) reporting this information MUST
          be made aware this is a "Suicide Mission"

          Thank you Serria Dave.

          • This Shill on CNBC today was pushing his Spider ETF Gold racket, saying everything you buy in his fund is backed by the gold in the vaults of England. But he says you cannot take physical possession of any physical gold. Like what a F-n scam.

            • It’s just like the Amerikan dream…it’s a piramid scheme…

          • Sounds good to me.

            I know we’re heading to collapse. I’d like a snapshot of my web browsing to save time and be ready for my last grocery store run.


      28. Yep negative 2.9%. Thought i felt a chill.

        So we saw what happened at the Louisana? wally world when they had issues with EBT cards. Can you imagine how it’s gonna be if we actually cut off all aid to the entitlement bunch/future zombies.

      29. What will it all mean really when this next downturn gets priced into the real world? Maybe 60 or 70 million on SNAP benefits instead of the 50 million that we have now. Pile 20 million more onto the not-so-merry-go-round and it will slow down a little more. Chance favors the prepared mind. People like you and me will probably turn out alright.

      30. Good…..bring it on. Lets get this over with….I’m tired of waiting for it.

        Keep stacking those ASE’s

      31. The United States USED to be a great country that produced and made things.

      32. The United States USED to be a great country that produced and made things.

      33. I’m as ready as I can be at my age. All I can say is be ready and take care of yourself and family. I’m lucky I guess, no wife or kids to loose sleep over. Just me and my dogs. Hold the line , boys, hold the line .

        • good for you Chris, I hope you will extend your arms in helping the others… I mean us/preppers.

        • Me too Chris, I’m 48, no wife or kids, just my 4 little dogs. I’m praying for you, me and everyone else. I hope it never happens but I don’t see any way out of it.

      34. I can remember when I was a kid; I gave my grandfather a book for Christmas entitled; ” Oh; Those Inventive Americans”. What does the United States produce now?! Pizza? Crap Cars? Fat; Overweight lazy people?

        • Porn and drugs. Just look at all the high school and college kids doing what pros used to do and making videos of it. We are the world leader at that. Yipee.

      35. If you haven’t been preparing for the last few years, you’re too late…stick yer head between yer knees and kiss yer big arse adios

      36. What’s really bad for me and my husband is the fact that we live in Illinois. In a rural area to be sure but it is still Illinois. Chicago dictates to the rest of the state and that’s final. We have no clout whatsoever. Property taxes are 5,500.00 per year on our average house. If something terrible were to happen I can see them taking our house away for non-payment of taxes. We don’t have other debt but taxes kill us.

        • I saw Illinois corrupt and crumbling back in 1988 and got the hell out of there. Like when 4 of the last 5 Governors are in prison. Who do think will be holding the bag? Chicago is the next Detroit. Chicago= Aka: Barryland.

          • Why do you think Chicago is called the “crony” Capital of the world?

            Who would expect a couple from Chicago, moving into the Whitehouse, to act any differently?

            The dumbass people get what they vote for. Straight party votes based on ideology has cost this nation. Many in my wife’s family are hard core Dems. They would vote for a pig in a pink tu-tu as long as it was riding on the back of a jack-ass.

            The really sad part is…they call themselves Christians.

        • 2400 sq. ft. with one acre= $1250 property taxes in ky.
          Move from Illinois.
          Why?? should you pay for ‘pay to play’ schemes??

          Heck, I read two years ago millions were owed for water bills not paid for years by ‘privileged’ corporations and big businesses in Chicago. YOU are paying for that!!!

          • I live in ILL and it has been a long problem of the State not paying its bills….not to mention their cronies. The state exists for Chicago.

            • I live on 18.63 wooded acres joined by 93 acre open farm
              land. I have a 2400 square foot ranch home and a 3600 square ft home based business. all of this backs up to the blue ridge parkway. I pay 2300.00 a year in property taxes, move to rural Virginia!

          • My Buddy up in Rockford IL, 2nd largest city in IL, his house and property is worth maybe $85K total. His property tax is $3600 a year. That’s scandalous!!

        • Haveyou heard of this great company called UHaul? They sell boxes too. Vote with yer feet, and leave that commie state.

      37. Now it makes a great Taco.

        • Not even that…Mexicans won’t go to taco bell, they say we can’t make a taco right…that’s a fact.

      38. When will the government tell the people the truth about the ongoing collapse? When will the people come to the realization that the planned collapse is actually happening? When will the people decide not to be divided and conquered and join together to rout out the criminals who caused the collapse? When will common sense prevail? When will American citizen’s have their constitutional rights restored? When will the police state lessen it’s tyrannical grip on innocent people and go after those who took oath’s to serve and protect and defend this nation’s people, only to have now done the opposite? When?

        • Aljamo;

          Your answer is NEVER. I hate like hell to say this; but your AVERAGE American is dumb as a box of rocks; lazy as hell; self entitled; bloated sense of self worth; doesn’t know history; and doesn’t care to; arrorgant; has no critical thinking ability; and could really care less about anything truly important in life. Your pretty much on your own; pal.

          • Amen to that.

        • Government is the problem. The only legitimate function of governemtn is the protection of individual rights. Faith in the constitution is part of the problem. The constitution was signed by only 39 of the 55 attendees. The founding fathers voted against the inclusion of the Bill of Rights 10-0. These people were elitists; they believed in settling matters of ‘honor’ with duels. Alexander Hamilton died because of this. The school system does not educate; it values conformity above self responsibility. A liberal is one who believes in no class distinction; that is to say, equal rights for all. What is described as liberal today is not liberal at all. A conservative is someone who tends to their ownd needs and does not interfere in the affairs of others. There is nothing about conservatism that is in any way opposed to the principles of true liberalism.

          Of course, there would be no need for government if we all cooperated with each other. This is why the language is corrupted: to cause unrest in order to justify government. They say the words have changed as the language has evolved. But this is false: evolution of the language would require that new concepts be given new names. The changes are programming intended to pervert the true concept into a new control system. If someone knows you better than you now them, you can influence them. If someone knows you better then you know yourself, they can control you. This is the reason for all the spying. This is the reason for all the tests you took that they gave you a #2 pencil for. The idea of the tests was to know how well you accepted the propaganda. The people who write those tests consider it a successful year if they can come up with one new question that passes all their validation criteria.

          They are as interested in the wrong answers as they are in the right answers.

          • Excellent post, Robert…

      39. Current status is:

        – 1.5-2 years worth of food stored up for one person, but will share with family.
        – better than seven thousand rounds or varying ammunition types.
        – Two choices to bug out to, but both are a four-hour drive away.
        – Maps updated in GPS.
        – Cash on-hand.

        Ever feel like your place would be a looter’s paradise?

        • At SM. Drop the GPS get maps. EMP and your Vehicle and GPS are useless. Better yet, burn your maps at the first sign (for OPSEC) because you have memorized the route. Have maps cached there. No one needs to know where you are going or where you came from. Cash may be good for a while, but silver coinage has more staying power. Are you really going to try to move 2 years food supply? Cache some along the way, in case you are afoot. and cache the rest at destination..
          Once I explained a years supply of freeze dried food could be given to our grand kids because of the shelf life, she was on board. A few thousand dollars in long term preps is really cheap insurance.

          • Oh I’m totally with you Tex, I just didn’t list everything. I have gold and silver out the yin-yang in a variety of forms. When the plastic stops working, cash will be king for a while. I’m drawing a cue from Argentina and Ferfal on that one.

            I admit I do need a couple good maps though.

            Almost all of my food is #10 cans of freeze-dried varieties. I’m running out of room in the basement. How do you cache food along the way though? Bury some in various locations, and note the spot?

            • SM, this is just a rough guide. Friends places are good if they are sympathetic, or burial where it’s not likely to be found, such as X paces, Y degrees from a natural landmark. For example an intersection of two creeks, 100 paces @ 247 degrees. If you are walking and to come to Brushy Creek, follow it up stream to the intersection, then 100 paces @ 247 degrees. Take a picture of the approach to the actual cache after caching, so you have some idea of the right terrain. The exact location will probably be burned into your memory. By caching around creeks you also have water. Lone hills, waterways, notable rock formations, whatever can be used. Avoid man made objects as they will attract undue attention and are likely under observation. By selecting natural features your later cache checks and photos are just part of hiking. Make a cache portfolio of the printed picture of the cache sight with bearing and paces on the back, but coded with an offset. A picture of the cache sight with the cache number with an offset of 36, becomes 37137283 for Cache 1, 100 paces 247 degrees. You could carry a map with the landmarks marked by stray pen marks or folds. if your map is compromised, its meaningless as are cache photos. Check them periodically, so you will know if they have been disturbed. Just a casual walk by is all that’s needed. If it has been disturbed, DO NOT stop and dwell, just keep walking like you are “hiking”. You only need to cache enough supplies to get to your next cache. Spread the caches only far enough that the slowest member of your party can reach in one day or two days. Good luck.

        • About 6-8 months food stored
          Multiple long guns and handguns
          8+ thousand rounds
          Sufficient metals
          Standby gen set with 500 gallons propane
          Two bug out locations if needed

          And a bunch of people that think my wife and I are nuts…oh well if we are then my son will get a lot of cool stuff when I reach room temperature…

        • I agree. we have plan A then plan B we can take care of our group, but are planning on helping others through the church, of which my husband is the pastor. Our bugout locations are 13 miles and 30 miles away. We hope we can stay where we are and help others and take care of ourselves also. We have been preparing for that scenario.

      40. I’m old enough to remember the Y2K scare. I was completely oblivious in terms of prepping. All I did was fill up the bathtub with water on December 31,1999.

        I had heard about some very small segment of people doing all sorts of things, like selling their homes and moving to rural areas and in hills, stocking up all kinds of stuff. Ready, and almost sure that so many computers and networks were gonna crash because of the Y2K bug.

        Nothing happened. And I almost felt sorry for them. Like I feel sorry for the believers in the Harold Camping rapture predictions or in the Mayan 2012 thing.

        So here’s my inner voice:

        “Why am I prepping (actually worried, really worried) this time, but not those other times?”

        “Aren’t I justified in being more concerned, and taking action to REALLY prep this time, as opposed to ignoring all those other predictions in the past?”

        “Why does my gut say it’s the real McCoy this time, and time is real short now? Is it because I’m older and see things more clearly now?”

        • You seem to be connected to the “Universal Truth”. Call it GOD, CHRIST, and/or the HOLY SPIRIT. Call it too many M&M’S, the label is ultimately irrelevant. The “feeling beyond simple emotion/OVER-reaction” is the KEY!

          NOW is the “real McCoy” and the support, justification, and SIGNS that support “your gut” are unmistakable.

          NEVER DOUBT YOUR GUT, especially if it is as old as mine. There is much WISDOM that has it’s genesis “in your gut”.

        • @Freeslave…your comments made me laugh! We did the same thing before we left the house to party for New Years at sister in laws. I had to have my work computer updated to accept the new “0 & 1’s” and I didn’t really believe the world would end, just mabey it wouldn’t be the same as it was for awhile. So…just in case…we filled the bathtub and when midnight struck, it was “ha! the lights are still on, everythings cool”

          Today, after the GDP, I was afraid. Really afraid. Kind of like you know something bad is gonna happen but not right now and you don’t feel it. Today…I felt it. I bought some more #10 from Mountain House. And a couple of Life straws. We got plenty of streams and rivers here…but just in case.

          See, in my part of the country, life is just as usual. If you lived here you really wouldn’t see all of the crap you read on the internet that is happening in other parts of the country. It is deceiving and makes it hard to explain that to friends and family that I preach prepping to.

          I believe my inner voice is God. He is telling me what I need to do. He hasn’t let me down ever.

          I figure this way…if my preps are not for us…then they must be for those who exist after I have gone home. It is His will.

          Bless you all.

          • AMEN! :)!

          • God does not choose the prepared, He prepares the chosen.

            • Calvinist!

              • @ FS – Lutheran, actually. The statement has nothing to do with Heaven, rather more to do with being a Sheepdog and helping and protecting those we can.

            • hehehe, yep. Agreed.

        • I know what your saying..every now and than a small voice tells me to reload a bunch of ammo

      41. How many earners were there per household in 1967 vs today? Does anyone actually think there are the same or less now?

        Does anyone not realise that the government lies so much to paper over their kleptocracy that we can’t even believe their own statistics, howover bad?

      42. the median household income, net of inflation, is as low as it was in 1967.

        How many earners were there per household in 1967 vs today? Does anyone actually think there are the same or less now?

        Does anyone not realise that the government lies so much to paper over their kleptocracy that we can’t even believe their own statistics, however bad?

      43. I’m having a ball watching the silent generation die off.

        I don’t like that generation.

      44. Mark this date: July 1st, 2014…

        On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill “H.R. 2847” (aka FACTA) goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of Americans poorer, overnight.


      45. GDP is negative despite adding bogus things like the value of owner occupied rent. Owner occupied rent is the idea of adding to GDP what your home would rent for if you didn’t live in it, despite the fact that you DO live in it. According to John Williams at shadowstats dot com, real GDP has been negative every quarter except one since about 2000 or 2001. In some quarters it was negative by less than 1% but it was still negative.

        I expect second quarter GDP to be even worse, if the sales volume of my business is any indication.

        • They want to start taxing those who own their homes outright with no payments claiming that the payment free setup is actually taxable income. Just wait.

          • Oh great! Where did you hear or read this – do you have a link?

      46. Have you had enough?

        There are many of us that have been around this block many a time. It is amazing most are not insane as some claim. Each day is a new domino in the game so why has it not all fallen to the ground.
        All the stats. Baltic dry index. Consumer price index. Interest rates, National debt. Price of Gold. S&P, Nasdaq, Dow. LIBOR, SDR”s Derivatives. Housing bubbles. War and Police actions all over the world. Food and water scarcity. FUKISHIMA on the back burner.

        All this and nothing is fixed? No energy plan. Piss poor management of the nations money. Nobody looks ahead. Thirty second sound bites and where is my cell phone.

        The stock market had no reaction to this news of -3%. They will paint it over. Look for the Dow to hit 17,500 Nas. over 5000 and S&P over 2500. These numbers will be over the numbers when the Dow Crashed. Watched for the Pump and Dump.

        No mention of the Banks OFF BALANCE SHEETS. Russia and China doing a good job of off setting the dollar as the world reserve. Germany is not going to get all its gold.
        Nice world we live in. A Government I can not trust. Filled with the most incredibly stupid people.

        Just a small recap.

        • The real obama will be revealed pretty soon. You haven’t seen anything yet. Small arms is the next big agenda. KY Mom was correct. Do Chinese citizens own guns? What about russian citizens? Korean, Iraqi, Iranian citizens? Our “leader” is in cahoots with the UN. The UN wants zero small arms in the US. The UN is soliciting DDR officers domiciled in New York. Has that ever happened before? These are hired guns. Our government is being “run” by communists. There is no difference in “parties”. They are the same…..

          Man up, ammo up, gun up. Protect your families and property. It is coming to this…….

      47. Nation is Race, Race is Nation! can anyone deny that we were once a great Nation! That was before, Diversity is our Strength, That was before the Multicultural paradise that we all live under! That was before every sonofabitchin race was brought into this country, by whom?, telling us all that we were no different, that we were all the same, by whom? Who was it that decided that a black Somalian was absolutely no different from an American of Scottish descent? You didn’t decide that, nor did I but someone did! Who was it? It was the Jews who decided that Americans weren’t just Americans but just citizens, no different from any other peoples who happened to occupy the geographical area of the United States, whom by the teens of the twenty-first century, numbered in the millions! Sooner or later and let us hope that sooner, our countrymen will see that actions must be taken against the Jewish Zionist destroyers who revel in the fact that they are so very successful to date! There is hope, but one must change one’s perception of his race, crippled over the last century by the ownership of the media, to the perception of the greatest race yet produced on this Earth and the race responsible for the civilization enjoyed by every European race on Earth!!

      48. you wanna know why all these illegals are coming into this country now, and so fast?

        its because the collapse of the United States of America wasnt happening fast enough

        and they thought this would give it the boost they desperately want.
        and it just might.

        • The illegals are actually skilled labor. Somebody needs to work America’s new growing pot fields. The only green shoots in the economy with positive growth numbers. Colorado is flush with new cashola off the pot tax.

          • Marijauna is already the number one cash crop in the nation and has been for decades now. The hydroponics market is huge and growing. It is being fuelled by small ebay and internet sites. People are not returning to the workforce. When the system collapses, those who are the most dependent upon it will fight each other and finish themselves off before the few survivors can turn their attention to those who were aware. The British passed laws years ago to gas the survivors of nuclear war if they rioted. At least that was the official reason. The big cities will be the worst place to be. Most, if not all of the police and the armed forces will abandon their positions. The banksters know this. That’s why all the drones are being deployed, but even they need operators.

            The best hope is that the masses start to drop out of the work force and begin to live lives based on tending to their needs in cooperation with their neighbors and stop using cash. Bitcoin might totally collapse, but the idea of non centralized, local currency would kill the banksters in their tracks. Barter will do the same and would likely be the transitional step. How much junk do people have that they could trade or share with their local community members? Things they don’t even care for: extras or unwanted presents, etc. But something that the neighbors might value.

          • that Pot tax will dry up as fast as it came, with no jobs and no fluid cash moving around soon enough no one will be able to afford the inflated prices of mother natures weed

            I said it and have seen it come to truth, that the price of pot was going to go thru the roof, and as far as Im concerned its already doing just that.

            If you cant afford to feed your family, or all your disposable income is crashed by this greedy government what will you use to buy weed with? no money, no product, no tax

            • the government will kill it just like everything else they touch

              • Uh,like tobacco those that want it will grow their own,cut out the taxman completely.

                • the government wont allow that, you know better then that

      49. Well I’ve got good news box store down road has bricks of
        22 back in stock
        Bad news is its already hyperinflation they want $129.99 per box
        Plus tax
        I’ve got some from y2k with $8.99 on em think I should sell yet??
        Hell no I bought some more the whole 1 box they let me buy

        • ammo situation continuing to improve here

          most rifle and pistol ammo available

          .223 still in very short supply

          and absolutely no 22LR at all

          • satori Tennessee wally world loaded down with 223 no 22s

          • Satori,the net is your friend,will risk the tracking of online orders over lack of food for the guys.That said,wally world seems fairly well supplied unlike say 8 months back.

          • You need to look around. Sportsman’s Warehouse Casper, has .223 to the roof. Still short 22

          • Go to a Tanner Gun Show in Denver, next time they have one. I guarantee you will find gobs of 22LR and 223.

      50. Think about this: one part of calculating GDP is government spending. With government spending going through the roof it shows how little actual production is taking place in the economy.

      51. Avon laying off 600. Elizabeth Arden closing their Puerto Rico operation. Even with all the tax breaks there they couldn’t make it. Half of all mortgage apps are re-financing. Part time employees don’t buy homes. And on and on.

      52. I have not heard any mention of the fact that the Government changed the way they calculate GDP the past three quarters and have added .5 to the number for the value of “Intelectual Property” in the US, so the number really should be worse.

        • That’s the reason for all the fuss over the Redskins name. An appeal to emotion as justification for government approved speech: totalitarianism. No mention that of protection from being offended anywhere in the constitution. No mention that the name Redskins was chosen because the first coach was a native American who called himself a redskin, therefore Redskin’s.

          Same deal with the notion that freedom of speech doesn’t extend to yelling fire in a crowded theater. Never mind that nobody is going to run unless they see flames or smoke. And pay no attention to the fact that any prohibition of any part of the language precludes the concept of freedom entirely. If you don’t believe in the inalianable rights of even your self declared enemy, then you don’t believe in inalienable rights at all.

          The war has already started. They are losing entirely to the extent that violence has been refrained from. This is the reason DHS had to buy 10 billion rounds, even though they can’t even take delivery, let alone use them all. World War 3 has been a non starter and the military industrial cronies of govzilla are too inefficient to sell the lead to the police or realize that the police will abandon them in a heart beat if and when the feathers hit the fan. The Chicago cops refused to go into Cabrini Green when it was stll standing unless they had to retrieve a body.

      53. The brakes don’t seem to be working….and things are speeding up.

        • There aren’t any brakes. It’s all an illusion. It’s why they have the cops wearing the Darth Vader gear. They are trying to intimidate the nation. The Zulu warriors are losing their fear. If they truly wake up, the illusion will disappear.

      54. Learning new stuff every day. I think I found where the MBS part of the FEDs QE is going. MBS = Mortgage backed securities. That is what the FED is buying from corporations such as Havenbrook Homes, Blackstone Group LP (BX), Colony Capital LLC, KKR & Co. (KKR) and Starwood Capital Group LLC. These folks are who are buying up the majority of foreclosed properties in the US making housing unaffordable again and making Americans into renters. In short the government is going to own a large part of the homes in the US and allow you to rent them. Or live in tents. And the SOBs are doing it with our future money. Some gall, huh?

      55. Lets all have a beer and get ready to party AR style

        • Of all of the hemorrhagic fevers, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan are amongst the worst WRT high numbers of fatalities. The pathogens which cause Ebola infection are indeed extremely communicable, however this is accomplished mainly through direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids (mainly blood). The regions of Africa where Ebola infections are likely to break out tend to be populated by fairly primitive cultures. Some of the specific burial rituals which are practiced by the indigenous societies require a thorough cleansing of the deceased person’s remains. This ritual is usually performed by immediate family members and without any type of protective clothing worn. Consequently, the incidences of infection tend to quickly multiple at a geometric rate.

          There is much information available on the web about Ebola, Marburg, Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, and other such highly virulent diseases. Fortunately, the outbreaks caused by these particular pathogens are relatively rare, and the extreme virulence of Ebola causes any local epidemics to quickly “burn out”. The infected patients simply die very quickly once they become symptomatic.

          Having said all that, this news might be the pretext needed to stage a false flag attack and justify a massive quarantine being implemented across large regions of the country.

      56. Being aware of the present situation does not diminish my hope that mankind will find a new way of surviving. Instead of buying our way out of trouble, how about trying to pay it forward. What if the next time the economy collapses (and it will) we throw a party and start to love our neighbor as ourselves, instead of rioting and throwing in the towel.

        • Exactly. What’s wrong with a friendly barbeque and some talk on the lawn, at the beach, etc. And how about getting rid of the idea of working for the big corporate monsters just to pay tribute to govzilla? How hard would it be to start a small auto manufacturer? Maybe it would only be capable of producing a solar recharged equivalent of a golf cart, but how much do you really need for most of your mileage? And growing your own food would make for a very attractive garden when you get good at it. Not to mention the benefits of healthy eating and working to live rather than living to work, Peace is the one thing that govzilla is not equipped to deal with. They don’t get the concept at all. All they see is the emperor’s new clothes.

      57. The “Vineyard Saker blog spot, will help you understand what’s going on in the MiddleEast and the Ukraine. The economic perfect storm is going to hit right here because all that money is being spent on wars. No food, no water for you, but champagne and caviar for the two percent at the top.

        • Not if we quit making the champagne for them and quit harvesting the caviar. If we are going to make the champagne, we should drink it ourselvesand charge them for whatever extra we produce. Same with the caviar.

      58. The economic collapse seems to be gaining speed. For some of us older folks, things will never be the same. We will not be able to recover because there is not enough time.

        • Recover what? The tyranny? This was bound to be coming our way when they ran out of other targets. Where I live, it wouldn’t be that difficult to quit selling the gas to others and build electrical generating equipment or cogenerating equipment to replace the utilities. Water purification and waste handling would be the only other thing needed beside food production. Food production wouldn’t be that hard, either. There is till farmland. The biggest threat would be from the city. But I think they have several suburbs to fight their way through if they don’t kill each other off right in their own neighborhoods. There won’t be any big box stores left, but they just sell junk anyway.

      59. Cashed out my 401K, IRA and removed all monies from the bank accounts. It’s all in preps now and that is where it’s gonna stay.

        Sam R.

        • That’s pulling the rug right out from under them. I have decided to never work for a corporation again, and I am pulling my money out, too. I’m as ready as I feel I need to be. I’m uncultured, so there’s not anything I will really miss. This is what they are truly afraid of: drops outs that keep living without joining in the banskter wars.

          • Ive not only quit working & paying taxes. I don’t keep but just a very little money in the bank. And I am now drawing a check from the social security PONZI scheme. And I try to buy online and from places (blackmarket) where cash is preferred that don’t charge sales taxes. Im also producing a large portion of our food. No taxes on that! so im now receiving more from the govement coffers than im paying. of course my little bit wont change anything. the government will just keep piling up debt & the purchasing power of the dollar will continue to dwindle. However it makes me feel better.

            • You’re ‘little bit’ changes a heck of a lot more than you give yourself credit for. First of all, not using their debt based currency means that the FED won’t be making interest from it. You’re also supporting the alternative economy and I suspect that the people you do business with would tell you it means quite a bit to them. I don’t want to go into the actual full economic implications of this, even though I’ve studied international banking and finance. I found out it was all just a hoax and I flummoxed the professor (Ivy League ‘educated’ PHD candidate) and the rest of the students even though I had only a macro economics class before this. All I did was make a simple statement that the teacher had an immediate response to. However, It was apparent from her body language after making the reflexive response that her programming failed and the message had caused enough conflict that she cut off the debate saying it was a long argument.

              The real value in your actions, however, is this: economics is a psychological war. You have choesn a path of non violence that leads away from that war. There are two modes of living: peace and healing or fight or flight. By choosing the peaceful path, your body language will spread the message. Your words will have a credibility that the politicians and their minions can not realize.

              And you said it all when you said ‘it makes me feel better’. If that alone was the justification, what more would be necessary? Why participate in a system that makes you feel worse? It really is that simple. It’s a psychological war and the ‘benefits’ for the participants is misery. They refuse to think for themselves and can not see this.

              Your contribution may be small to you, but so was your contribution to the system. And the system wasn’t doing you any good.

      60. Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

        “Right now, the Federal Reserve tells us that the inflation rate is sitting at about 2 percent.

        But according to John Williams, if the inflation rate was calculated the same way that it was in 1990 it would be nearly 6 percent.

        And if the inflation rate was calculated the same way that it was in 1980 it would be nearly 10 percent.”

        • Why would anybody believe anything govzilla says, ever? You might as well believe in Santa Claus.

        • Its impossible not to feel it. It takes a big set of gonads to make the claims they do when the truth is so obvious. I do think the general dumbing down of the population contributes because 2% and 20% is misunderstood by too many. They do know that the month is either getting longer or the money is getting shorter.

          The only thing not inflating are your wages.

      61. is it too dark at the end of the tunnel?

        • dmitry, You didn’t get the notice? The light at the end of the tunnel was turned off to save on energy and reduce the carbon footprint. Or maybe it was one of the new ones, it got broke and no one knows who to call to clean the toxic mess up. Or maybe Obama stole it like he has the basic principles this country was built on. I don’t know. All I do know is you can’t see it anymore.


          • BigB,

            yayy!. that Bloody Obambam!

      62. A New Recession and a New World Devoid of Washington’s Arrogance? — Paul Craig Roberts

        “The negative growth rate of -2.9 percent is itself an understatement. This number was achieved by deflating nominal GDP with an understated measure of inflation. During the Clinton regime, the Boskin Commission rigged the inflation measure in order to cheat Social Security recipients out of their cost-of-living adjustments. Anyone who purchases food, fuel, or anything knows that inflation is much higher than the officially reported number.

        It is possible that the drop in first quarter real GDP is three times the official number.”

      63. No there is a light,of course,tis a freight train coming your way!

        • I think the train has run off the tracks. It might be difficult to make it through the debris, but I don’t think it’s going to get through the tunnel.





        • Cleaver house continued…..

          As June walks “slowly” around the breakfast table to pour Ward more coffee, she exclaims; “Ward, i think you were a little too hard on the beaver last nite!”

          (couldn’t help it)

          • WHICH BEAVER ????

          • AND THE BEAT GOES ON

      65. Has Obama given a speech telling us how the imploding economy, and the inevitably increasing numbers of unemployed Americans, makes the massive number of unskilled illegal aliens invading our country necessary, yet?

        Next, he can mandate that fire fighters use gasoline on fires, rather than water.

      66. I’m not focused on when.

        Rather, I’m focused on the WHAT!

        What I need to do.

        What I have to do.

        What I must do.

        So when the WHEN comes, I will have done my best to have been as prepared as I can be

        within my means,

        within my OPSEC,

        within my values,

        within my Faith.

        Time is precious.

        Energy is precious.

        Funds are precious.

        Time to think in solitude is precious.

        Time to pray is precious.

        Thinking about the “when” is NOT precious.

        “Jesus, we trust in You!”

        – the Lone Ranger

        • @Llone Ranger,

          Roger that loud and clear. thanks

      67. One other item I am doing to prepare is to get fit. I push and pull weights in a small gym at work to get myself in shape. I started eating better to and have lost 15 pounds in the last couple months.

        • Make sure you do a lot of stretching. Strength without range of motion results in loss of control. I also recommend a good amino acid complex, as well. My veins were never prominent at all until I started taking aminos. The effect is almost immediate. I was very surprised to find this. I was taking them for varicose veins and noticed the side effect of my veins showing up. I thought that required seriously strenuous exercise.

          • Got the preps handled…been doing crossfit for 8 months now. Good physical conditioning will do much for you and help emotionally if when it goes sideways.

          • I started up with the weights again, too. The BCAA might be a good item to stock up on too.

            With the GOP joining with the Dems to crack down on nutritional supplements, those items may be taken off the shelves.

            Nah, it can’t happen here! FDA SWAT teams with MP5 submachine guns, beating up the employees at the local health store, herding them into the back room for hours with no bathroom breaks. Erasing the flash drives on their smartphones, cavity searches, handcuffs, prison sentences for the owners who sold those dangerous protein powders and 85% cocoa bars!! Seizing computers, pointing Glocks in the faces of unarmed employees.

            It can’t happen here!!

      68. I have been saying it for years.
        “Hell on Earth is Coming, With A Vengeance”.
        Get ready because cannibalism will become the new normal. Mothers and Fathers will eat their young just to live.
        No food, No Power, No Society, No Police, No Walmart, No gas, NOTHING not even your Cell Phones or TV will work. And even IF your at home, you still got NO air conditioning, no heat, no running water, no sewer (you will be lucky if raw sewage isn’t backed up into your home. Where do you take a crap? What do you wipe your ass with? And where is your next meal coming from? What do you tell your crying children when they beg you for food? Your water will come from a ditch or a swimming pool (if your lucky). Either way the water has not been treated or filtered and so you are playing Russian Roulette every time you take a sip of water.
        We will reminisce about the good ole days when we ate wildly all kinds of fruits, hamburgers, sodas etc. But those days are gone now it’s earthworms, bugs with some grass mixed in, while we comment how that Johnson boy looks mighty yummy.

        • “Mothers and Fathers will eat their young just to live.”

          I call BS on that one. Think about the poverty in Africa for instance. Everyone is dying of starvation and disease over there…when’s the last time anyone heard of African parents eating their own children?

          You don’t hear of it. Instead, you hear of men, women and children dying where they sit. Children dying of starvation, in their parent’s arms.


          But they are not doing it, even though they are dying of starvation.

          …unless you really think we are more savage that them…

          • Long pig,the other/other white meat!

          • Sixpack-

            I think I agree with you but Americans are so spoiled and impatient I wouldn’t be surprised if groups formed during times of severe starvation that chose human flesh. Though you make a good point about the African’s starving, I just get the feeling that those tribes respect each other and their loved one’s enough not to look at them as an ends to a means. Whereas so many Americans expect that the people around them are their ends to the means.

            • Good point. Kinda makes you keep a closer watch on the periphery, huh?

          • Some of us are more savage than them.

            • agreed. Ever wonder why they really call it “black friday”?


        • I love me an optimist. Good job. I like your vision. Lots of death ahead I agree, but I don’t think it will be quite as bad as you say. Shovels will get overworked for sure. But fortunately we have a lot of land in this country to absorb a lot of our problems and a good climate to mitigate a lot of the effects and disease. It won’t be fun or pretty, but we will manage. Like I said before, once the killing begins, start with the political leaders and work your way down. Have mercy on some and no mercy on others. Keep your guns accessible at all times.

      69. There is NO light at the end of this tunnel

      70. used to flip houses and made damn good money doing it then came along the housing bubble and it killed it so wife and i bought a 12 unit apt bld and rented them out while we remodled them one at a time that took 4 years but then the rental market became flooded with rentals and other land lords started giving 1st month rent free and no damage deposit just to get people to rent so we sold out and made a decent profit to get totally out of debt I always said two things people need is a place to live and food well ive come to realize that food is the one thing that every one needs even homeless people need to eat so we have purchased a consession trailer

        • I know it might be a little different than a restaurant
          but Ive heard that the best day in a restaurant owners life is the day he sells the business , non stop work, and for very little money

          I dont know that this is true, but from looking around me I see a lot of them out of buiz, and not many new starting up. could just be my area.
          and with food prices they way they are going, many restaurant goers have slacked off big time because they can no longer afford for people to make their food for them.

          hey good luck on that anyways, gotta do something eh?

          • I used to work for an accounting service. 90% of all new restaurants close within the first year. Some keep going until the owner can no longer borrow money. Then they’re left with $25,000 owed to the IRS in payroll taxes that bankruptcy won’t clear. Some restaurants are gold mines. Many but not all are national chains. I had one client that made $125,000 a year in the early 90s.

            I expect a collapse of the restaurant market soon. A lot of people can’t afford to dine out anymore. The economy continues to collapse.

            • The medical industry, one way or another, will do this country in. I have been saying that for years now and it seems more likely every day. The shit simply cost too much and the cost does not make sense at so many levels. Healthcare will break the camels back eventually. Something will have to give and I think it will start with good ‘ol discretionary spending because we are too broke to buy anything but essentials.

            • I look at the sector of restaurants that the mid class earners usually eat at..few years ago places were packed, had to wait in line especially on Friday nights..

              Not any more. ( i hear Olive Garden is having a tuff go this year)

              when it cost you over 60 bucks to feed a family of 3 that gets a bit ridiculous
              60 bucks I could feed my family of 3 for a week, and that is taking into context the inflation of groceries..and that my friends is also getting way out of hand

      71. ‘Alas! regardless of their doom/The little victims play. No sense have they of ills to come/Nor care beyond today.’ -T. Gray

      72. but was not it caused by that bad winter? Witch proves climate change.

        • Witch?? What in the heck does Hillary Clinton have to do with changing weather patterns. Weather changes have been a part of the earth’s 4 billion year history!!

      73. Come on people if you think that the Mid-Term Election will change anything, well think AGAIN! Just look at the primaries’ and see how the Mid-Terms will go. Same old Shit and same OLD SHITERS, now if there are Mid-Terms your guess is as good as mine. We all know that something is in the works just what only a few know. Watch the power brokers move closely they will not be caught in the middle of whatever is going to happen to us poor folks. When more than a few are leaving the U. S. watch out. Cities will be and are death traps for the start of anything. Last of warnings to get out while you can. Now for us in rural areas we will have a little more time to prepare for the events, but make no mistake we’re for the most part on our own. I for one believe there will be no Mid-Term Elections and more than one major city will have a False Flag to start it off. When this happens MSM will pour out the BS like you would never believe. Then it’s BLACK OUTS, no news, cell, net, etc. So when you hear of cities troubles the time has arrived. As the Government says “See something, say something” very good advice for the pepper’s it is called Intel for us, any little thing you see just may not mean anything to you but it might to someone else. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle that has not been fitted together. With what precious little time we have left to help one another, please pass on tips, Intel, well you know what I mean. Mac has a great web site and we need to use it a little more wisely (my thoughts) and I’m guilty as charged. Thanks are to you for allowing this little rant being preached to the CHOIR! Again Intel, Intel, and more Intel.
        Remember: WISDOM NOT SHARED IS WISDOM LOST! Standing on the River Bank watching as the time flows by.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      74. Just for the sake of debate has anyone looked up previous bad winters and an associated drop in GDP? I’m not implying that Uncle Sam could be telling the truth but its interesting when their own figures don’t support their claims.

      75. Anonymous Says was correct. As bleak of a picture the coming collapse will be, 95% of Americans are clueless. Just give them Bread & Circuses. World Cup today, 12 noon. Didn’t somebody bite somebody? Well pretty soon the starving populace will be biting each other for real. Link to this website that made 10 summer predictions, most already coming true, oh, and buy food and ammo while you still can.

      76. There has been climate change since the planet began. Its arrogant to think we can control the weather. Can we pollute less? Yes

      77. The way things are accelerating I have to wonder if the collapse is this year. V the Guerilla Economist claims that based on insider information, metals prices will explode starting on July 15th. That in turn will kill the dollar.

        • I agree that metals will explode this summer, once the Fed announces that we need to prop up the economy again (short term, of course).

      78. Get it before it’s to late and you’re up the smelly creak without a peddle. This was written by a Russian who servived the economic emplosion of the Soviet Union and the zombie chaos that followed. The Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual at AMAZON was written for Americans that are about to experience the SHTF. The manual is either free or cheap, 101 rules that will save you and your family when the big boys flush the toilet. Read, your life depends on it.

        • probably a good read and all. and im not discounting your post by saying this..but reality makes me say it.

          101 rules when the SHTF?

          there will be no rules when SHTF..

          • Better late than never……friend !

      79. and yet another serious blow to the petrodollar

        Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

        Obama’s main legacy may very well be the total destruction of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency

        thanks for nothing you imbecile

        “In retrospect it will be very fitting that the crowning legacy of Obama’s disastrous reign, both domestically and certainly internationally, will be to force the world’s key ascendent superpowers (we certainly don’t envision broke, insolvent Europe among them) to drop the Petrodollar and end the reserve status of the US currency.”

      80. Movie Quote time…..”WE’RE ON THE EXPRESS ELEVATOR TO HELL..GOIN DOWN!!!!” -Hudson-Aliens.

      81. A Review of The Phoenix Program

        if the government could ban books
        this would be on their top ten

        they did make numerous efforts to suppress its publication
        and the author was eventually “blacklisted”

      82. Another reason for Gold/Silver –

        Suppose that no massive societal collapse occurred, but instead we only saw runaway inflation? In this case metals would be almost indispensable.

      83. Faster and faster. After all these years. It comes. I can smell the fear on the street. The MSM will fail to hide it this time. Save at least one bullet for the MSM.

      84. Something interesting to note. There has been a precursor earthquake in the Owen Fracture Zone off of Yemen. Only twice in recorded history has this spot been hit, Jan.5, 1994 and Dec.7, 1995. In 1995 the major earthquake waited about 17 aqnd 1/2 days before hit east Indonesia with a 7.1. In 1994 four major earthquakes hit with 15 days, 6.7 to 6.9. The really significant quake was the Southern California 6.7 in Northridge 12 days later.

        Further earthquake precursors will show if California is in the bull’s eye again. Most actitivy still point to the Austrlian, Nazca, and Cocos plates right now. This could change as very rare precursor earthquakes like this pinpoint certain areas specifically. Southern California with this spot that was about 5 and 1/2 miles 20 years ago as it was today. Very close, and it could be pointing to California. More precursors should show this. I would up the awareness level of California for earthquakes from a 3 to a 4 on a scale from 1-10 though.

      85. Get it before it’s to late and you’re up the smelly creak without a paddle. This was written by a Russian who survived the economic implosion of the Soviet Union and the zombie chaos that followed. The Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual at AMAZON was written for Americans that are about to experience the SHTF. The manual is either free or cheap, 101 rules that will save you and your family when the big boys flush the toilet. Read, your life depends on it.Get it before it’s to late and you’re up the smelly creak without a peddle. This was written by a Russian who survived the economic implosion of the Soviet Union and the zombie chaos that followed. The Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual at AMAZON was written for Americans that are about to experience the SHTF. The manual is either free or cheap, 101 rules that will save you and your family when the big boys flush the toilet. Read, your life depends on it.

      86. This is off topic: Anyone old enough to remember the Watts riots of 1965,it started with a simple stop for drunk and disorderly conduct of a black man outside a bar. 24 hours later Watts was burning and the Guard was called out. I’m saying this because the next riots we have, and we will, will not start with something so garish as a door being kicked down at 0 dark thirty in the morning. It may be something as simple as a parking ticket. People are that much on edge.Be careful out there.

      87. Wow. Just saw this comment over at the ZeroHedge site and it ties into this article directly. Does *anyone* have anymore information to verify this? If so PLEASE post it and sound the alarm bells. Also Spain just enacted a ‘tax’ on peoples bank accounts there (ala Cypress, anyone). Americas days are truly numbered.

        “There is growing evidence that the US has plans in place to implement a two tiered currency before the end of this year – FRN’s that are to be used only within the continental US and the “regular”/existing FRN’s that will only be used, or honored, outside of the USA. The new “in-country” FRN’s (called the “Shit Dollar” by the GoldenJackass, Jim Willie) will be immediately devalued versus existing FRN’s by 30-40%, and ultimately to be devalued by close to 80%. Welcome to hyperinflation in the good old USA.”

      88. “Negative Growth???” Haahaaaa….

      89. If voting changed anything, it would be cancelled. Can someone show me a single example of any society founded in a nonviolent way that has endured? Not a monarchy, or oligarchy, or other elitist minority, but a republic or federation of free and eual citizens.

        Perhaps Switzerland, but there was violence at its birth and for centuries after. And please note: “After a century of agitation, women were finally granted the right to vote in 1971.”[]

      90. The next quarter will confirm we are in a recession although the USG will continue to lie about the official stats.

      91. Big deal. Capitalism is ALWAYS in some type of crisis.


      93. This proves that Obama has been lying about the economy if not since he was elected, then since he was re-elected. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention since 2008 knows he has lied just about nearly everything. Therefore all his appointee’s have also lied just about nearly everything.

      94. I am am a young man just barely starting to prep now…
        For years I have scoffed at any idea that the system we live in is going to collapse someday – until I started keeping myself informed with accurate information rather than looking to the lamestream media. I understand that I have to prep now, but I am extremely worried. I have some food saved up, but is is nowhere enough, and I am worried that time is running out. Since i started to prepare (albeit minimally), i have had high anxiety and can’t sleep at night. Can anyone give me advice on what to do ? I apologize if this is annoying, but i (personally) feel i need a peace of mind to give me the strength to prepare for SHTF. Thanks.

      95. high anxiety is a normal feeling when jumping onboard something new and unknowing. it doesnt go away. keep prepping because you will never have enough. learn a real trade.

        • Thanks for your advice. It does help. I’m hoping I still have time to at least get a small little pile to build up on. I’ll try and see what trade provides the best chance of success.

      96. This is An old Economey predition look at the Date this guy may be right.

        Oct 8, 2012

        The united states has a national Debt that with current goverment spending. The intrest on the debt

        By united world news

        Millions of Americans can not afford to eat. Due to high Gas prices. Food costs america spiral out of control. The United states has 14% inflation over the last 3 and one half years On food and Gas. the united states has a national Debt that with current goverment spending. The intrest on the debt yearly will equal the GNP of the united states by early 2015.


        Swenson at his vermont compound

        American citizens poorest ever Under Obamas Regime. Millions of Americans can not afford to eat. Due to high Gas prices. Food costs america spiral out of control. Homless rates up 34% in last three and one half years. Job market floundering and slipping as americans run out of unemployment benefits. In reality The United states has 22% inflation over the last 3 and one half years. the united states has a national Debt that with current goverment spending. The intrest on the debt yearly will equal the GNP of the united states by early 2015.

        A change of current policys must be made now to avoid bankruptcy of the united states. Which would lead to a total collapse of the world economy and monitary system. Over a million Americans Have Been Making ready to survive in isolated areas. They are stockpiling Supplies to last years.The 3 best spots to build a refuge are Montana Vermont and Colorado. Anyone who fails to prepare is going to not weather the Economic crash. Predictions range from 2012 to 2016. arthur Swenson predicts Febuary 2015 as the final collapse. The date Americas debt interest will equal the GNP product. A fast downturn will start end of 2014. Swenson states I started hoarding supplies last year and expect to have 10 years worth at My Vermont refuge.

        By united world news

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