Confederate Flag Over NC Fire Department: ‘We’re Not Going To Take Down The Flag’

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 67 comments

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    The Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department is standing firm, and will not be taking down the Confederate flag that flies below Old Glory above their fire station. Even though they stand to lose funding over it, the fire department is holding their ground.

    Unfortunately, the fire department, which is located in North Carolina, stands to lose at least $19,000 because of its refusal to remove a Confederate flag from its property. But the firefighters still won’t take it down.

    The debate over the Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department’s flag has simmered for months but complaints about it go back years, according to several news accounts. “The flag is not hurting a thing,” Lee Hudson, with the Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department, told WFMY. “We are not a racist department. We are not in any way. Members or the department as a whole.”

    The Montgomery County Commissioners want the flag to come down and are set on financially punishing the fire department should they continue to fly the Confederate flag. “The Board of Commissioners stated their position, that they did think the flag was inappropriate and requested for the fire department to take it down,” Montgomery County Manager Matthew Woodard told WFMY. 

    The commissioners have even set a letter to the fire department demanding the removal of the flag, and stating the funding will be withheld until that is accomplished. The county will only be paying only for fuel and maintenance of the two county-owned trucks that firefighters operate until the flag is down. The county will also replace the Uwharrie name on the trucks with new graphics “in support of the county’s stance on equal rights and freedom of speech.” Do they mean the freedom of speech to display any flag that the fire department wants? Or no? Confederate flags must not be the right kind of speech.

    The Charlotte Observer reported that the Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department receives $19,000 a year from Montgomery County, plus $400,000 annually for fire trucks. The department was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1983.

    But even with the threat of decreased funding, the fire department says the flag will stay. “We would love to work with the county and for them to support us,” said Hudson. “But, we’re not going to move on the issue of taking down the flag.”

    Free speech means free speech. It means the right to offend. And if you’re offending the government, you’re probably doing something right.


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      1. What needs to happen is a graffiti champaighn. Get stencils and paint confederate flags on every public building bridge water tower ect. Cover the entire country. Drive the poltically correct Libturds nuts.

        • yep

          • racists

        • Old Guy, I like your idea. I’ll bet those dickheads in that county would stroke out.

        • Great idea Old Guy.

          I’m in a motorcycle club. When all this PC crap started with the Confederate flag and monuments, I got a Confederate Flag sewn on my cut. Never felt like I had the need for one before all this started.

          Tired of the PCBS.

          I’m shoving it back in their face.

        • htps://

          • They have some pretty cool stuff 🙂


        • Keep e’m flying !

      2. I forsee a Federal Civil Rights based suit that says something along the lines that this Vol FD is discriminatory in its firefighting activities such that PoC will not receive the same protective services because the Flag is present on the pole.

        Plus it will make PoC feel threatened whenever they drive by the firehouse or see the vehicles out on a call.

        With all that is going on that is much more important, this is just another scab somebody gonna pick.


        • Tell them you are taking it down they will never look up,they are to busy looking down because they found out they have no balls.

      3. Stand strong brothers!!

        • good for the firemen. Thank you.

      4. Better yet, Stencil every house they service…When the Libtards remove it, let’em burn. Sorta like no shoes no service!

      5. Good for them. It is about time to stand up to the stupid harassment from the left. They are there to serve the community when they need help, but some ignorant sissy doesn’t want you to fly a flag that represents their history! These wimps that complain all the time are the first ones to call for help! These men are real men, proud of who they are and represent. I am in Ohio (north) and will stand with them (south). If you don’t agree with them,,,,so what!

      6. Good to see at least one department standing up for itself. I like the idea of painting every where for these libturds to have to see it. Great effort and DO NOT knuckle under to these liberal SCUM.

      7. Its interesting that the President cannot withhold funding to sanctuary cities who violate federal law but a board of commissioners can withhold funding to a volunteer fire department. I’m sure they are the only fire fighters in the area and once again they’re VOLUNTEERS. I’ve been through fire fighting training both industrial and residential; its very physically demanding and dangerous. Firemen are the unsung heroes and volunteer firemen are at the top of the list.

        • Kevin2, if I was a liberal living in that area I would be watching my six. If my house caught on fire, most likely I could hang it up.

        • Kevin2, those county commissioners had better watch their step. I’ll bet if any of THEIR homes caught on fire, it might take those firefighters a lot longer to respond to their calls. I’m sure those firefighters have long memories just like anyone else.

          • In my 60 years on the planet and dealing with police (shooting friends and drinking buddies) and firemen (friends and somewhat professionally through work) fireman put duty first and foremost. I have seen some police have a bit of a bully vindictive streak. I never seen either with firemen. They’re aces in my eyes.

            • Kevin2, firemen and paramedics are the only ‘first responders’ that earn my respect because they always help people. Cops never help people; in fact they’re always out to hurt people. They have a total anti-public mentality and it’s a shame I have to view them the same way I view common criminals because that’s what too many of them are; crooks and thugs in uniforms. Law enforcement is in the same sewer with BLM, antifa, gangs, etc.

              • I wouldn’t go that far but I seen power abused and heard their conversations. We ended up at 3AM getting breakfast somewhere after boozing it up (they drove) and they got free meals (me too). They womanized big time. Maybe some were faithful but I wasn’t seeing them in those circles I guess. Different places are different. NJ had more tolerance for their shenanigans than Delaware where if an officer was offered a free meal he wasn’t allowed to even patronize that place again on or off duty. Rarely but I seen it where a Delaware cop was arrested for DWI. Never see that in NJ even if the guy was halted. Our daughter being rebellious decided to stay out all night at 14. The detectives (Delaware State Police) checked everywhere for her and called us several times. They found her and brought her home. She said, “My moms going to hit me” and refused to get out of the car. The officer
                told her, “you deserve it she was worried sick and if you want I’ll put cuffs on you but your going home”. To be honest I never seen a bad thing with Delaware officers but NJ is another story and Phila is worse.

                • Elsmere cops are the best
                  Revenue agents around here!
                  Like someone stated above, paramedics
                  And firefighters, real heroes!

      8. Ethnic cleansing takes many forms. This cultural genocide of White history.

        • Revolution has to start some where. I mean it. Why not in NC?

          I’m tired of these libs pushing us around. I live in a VERY southern and well known small city in SC. When they took the confed flag off our state house I was shocked. Our city is full of confederate statues and I HOPE they don’t start trying to take those down…would end the tourism business that supports this city and thousands of workers. Not to mention truly start a revolution. People come here to LEARN HISTORY not worship, condone, promote racism. Our town has a wonderful history and the blacks and whites in this town get along extremely well.

      9. “If you’re offending the government, you’re probably doing something right.” Hell yes you’re doing something right. Stand your ground, people. You’ve got Braveheart’s support.

      10. Damned shame that people get offended by a flag. Tthen they turn around and offend everybody else with their bumper stickers and political views. Snowflakes get their way again.

        • I’ll guess that they are the type that would rather see a rainbow flag. Now that is one flag that truly disgusts and offends me.

          • BlackMoe, I also hate the rainbow flag. I have a Gadsden flag in a front window of my home. I’ve had people come by demanding I remove it and I told them this is my home so I’ll have what I choose on it. I once had someone who thought he could just come into my home and remove it himself. My 9mm pointed at him made him forget that idea damn quick. And no I never caught any flak over that either, surprisingly.

        • Jim, it’s primarily blacks that get offended by that flag along with certain other things. They can take their censorship and stuff it. They can’t lecture white people about anything. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • “… it’s primarily blacks that get offended by that flag along with certain other things. They can take their censorship and stuff it. They can’t lecture white people about anything. They don’t have a leg to stand on…” Braveheart1776

            Braveheart, I have no truck with you – you are one of my favorite commentators. I’m using your comments as entry into this discussion.

            First, I’m a former long-term poster and woman of color contributor – not so much posting anymore. I was prepping before they labeled it. These last thirty-five years, I’ve lived and thrived at what some people only talk about being and doing. Self-sufficient and prepped for SHTF times.
            A full-time gun toting, RV trailer nomad, with wood-burning stove, wind and solar, mobile gardens, pulling a storage trailer of tools, water and wine distillers, food supplies and an extensive SHTF library. Looking at my set up you’d never guess.

            I’ve choose to wheels down in a small community, high in the mountains known for its beauty and hell-a-ious winter weather. However; in this area there are no floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes (ancient rock.) Wildfires? Low possibility due to alpine rock and area vegetation. Being a solitary person, wind and snow provides hibernation time for reading and projects. Stocked up, no need to travel.

            I’m where I am now because of sites like SHTF. Then, it was about like-minded folks. Folks with skills, knowledge and experiences willing to share and trade, regardless of the color of one’s skin tone. It was about SHTF preparedness. What was it going to be? When and where would it happen. Where to be. What to have and who to be with.

            The who to be with seems to be when the wheels came off. Many years ago, on this site, we use to have civil discourses on race. We all had personal race experiences and differences of opinions, but there was agreement we were about the SHTF and if need be we were here to learn from each other and tolerated our idiosyncrasies.

            I hated seeing the Them and Us division creeping onto this site – it wasn’t overnight but the drum beat has been steady, regardless if one is a Patriot, stands for the flag and sings the anthem, fly’s the flag, supports veterans, the second amendment, boycotts the NFL and sponsors, a Trump supporter the day he came down the elevator and said Wall, no chain migration and Make America Great Again.

            But on this topic of the Confederate Battle flag being flown by a Volunteer Fire Department, receiving public monies, given the tone and climate here, I’m sure to be called a Nigger. Lumped in with the Thems.

            It’s why I don’t regularly post anymore. Not all people of color are the enemy. Those shiftless, lazy, waiting for a hand out hoards come in all different colors and flavors, but you can’t tell it from this site anymore.

            When it comes to government: City, County, State, Federal, no Confederate flag. No Nazi, British, Mexican, African or Rainbow flag either. Fly the Confederate and any other of those flags on Private Property. Over or in your business, car, truck, (not license plates) shirt, trailer, whatever turns you on.

            “…They can’t lecture white people about anything… They don’t have a leg to stand on…” What about history, Braveheart? No lecture here on the Confederate Battle flag -there is more than enough information on the internet about the history of it. My issue isn’t about its use during the Civil War and its symbolism for those that lost their lives for their cause, but the role the battle flag played and it’s use during the war’s bitter after math.

            The Confederacy lost the war, but those in power on the Confederate side were not content in just licking their wounds and moving on, they wanted those Mammy days and Black Code laws back. Free Blacks, with the same rights as Whites, reading and writing, owning property, livestock and arms, running a business, raising a family, voting, holding political offices, it had to be stopped.

            It did with the Confederate Battle flag, white sheets and Jim Crow laws with violations resulting in long prison terms for minor infractions by Black men. No gun ownership to defend life and family making it easy pickings for the night riding, home burning, livestock rustling, racist lynchers. No land ownership redress or inheritance rights. Sub par medical, educational and employment. I could go on and on. This was not a benign system, it was violent, bloody and unjust what was done to the African American.

            And all along that Confederate battle flag was prominently displayed in churches, businesses, schools, libraries, government offices and institutions, courts, prisons, transportation hubs, as a reminder and to intimidate Blacks on who was in charge, know your place and be afraid. Very afraid. I know because I grew up under Jim Crow. I know the message that flag was meant to convey.

            “… it’s primarily blacks that get offended by that flag along with certain other things. They can take their censorship and stuff it…” Braveheart, hopefully you will see something that adds to your viewpoint on this topic – thank you for letting me use your words.

            I don’t speak for all Blacks, but I’m not for taking down the Confederate statutes or renaming the schools, streets and battlefields. I do however, want an objective history lesson included. These were people of their times. What can we learn. I do like what has been done with the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

            There are Confederates that talk about the flag being representative of their heritage and culture. Heritage is practices or traditions that are passed down through the years. Culture are customs, beliefs and rituals, that distinguishes one group from another. They say the Confederate flag has nothing to do with slavery.

            Sounds like a heritage and culture thing to me–with Southern men raping Indian and African women for decades and then passing on the belief it was alright for their sons to do the same.

            For the life of me I find nothing noble or celebratory about the traditions of raping women, with their having to live with their rapist and raise the children and the custom passed down to the next generation. Many slave women smothered their newborns, especially the girls
            There are Confederate soldiers in our family tree. When found, I’ve posted a Southern Cross on their grave site- three so far. I acknowledge their service for their beliefs. The Confederate Battle flag should be in a private sector museum, open to the public and flown accordingly to commemorate its history. But acknowledge the good, bad and the ugly of that period.

            P.S. Where I am now, I’m it color wise. There are preppers here, some unfriendly, but most hospitable. There is enough space to leave each to their own. The few incidents that did happen, I nipped in the bud. This past year, a major local acknowledged me as one of the community. I’ve helped when can, hired locals and payed/treated them well, always have a smile and can-do attitude. I call this home.
            Lady Hawk

      11. The “wasn’t real communism argument” —

        Were it not for human nature, market controls could favor exemplary people and high production standards. Were it not for human nature.

        White supremists, so far as I can tell, are just quota cases of a different color. They were originally Democrats.

        The state, which takes sides, in these arguments — particularly, by way of funding — is playing favorites. There are two sides. They are mutually exclusive, so can’t both be right, at the same time. You have to pick one or the other, or be disrespectful to both. Who has status and who gets demoted, demonetized.

        It works like a math problem.

        Also, the “heritage not hatred” people are just as batshit crazy as the “rainbow Confederates”. Both of those movements have an abject lack of objective morality.

        Deal with the tangibles, if you’re not liars. Be internally-consistent, if you’re not psychotic. The answers are simple and right under your nose.

        • Beaumont, don’t let the left brainwash you with that crap about white supremacy, white privilege, or even white guilt. That is something THEY invented to use against white people. It’s just as bogus as the day is long. And anything that comes from PBS is totally false.

      12. The irony of the Stars and Bars. If the liberals remembered their history, there were thousands of Blacks hung, tortured and abused in Mississippi back in the day. They were Democrats.

        • Besides that they were Democrats, it’s also ironic that the institution of slavery still exists, after the fall of the South.

          The plantations were justified, and subsidized, in the same basic way as our crisis houses, prison labor, and liberal work programs.

          Rescuing vulnerable people, using the ordinary means, would put poverty pimps in the same position as the plantation owner. To my eye, their charges were still psychologically abused and put to forced labor.

          Some of the main houses are now in the same, exact, Georgian, antebellum style, or look like the notorious missions, are surrounded by razor wire and seccams, in rural parts of greater San Diego and in Riverside County. This is a blue, border state, and they don’t see it.

          • Factual history only gets in the way of the left…

        • A few things. Thousands weren’t hung in Mississippi. Stars and Bars? The Confederate Battle Flag is not the Stars and Bars. The First National Flag of the Confederate States is the Stars and Bars. It had a blue field with stars in a circle (upper left), and three bars of red, white, then red. Thus it was called the Stars and Bars. Even the rectangular battle flag is some what incorrect. It is the naval version of the battle flag. The original battle flag is square. The battle flag was adopted because the Confederate Flag and the US flag looked too similar on the battle field from afar. Smoke from cannons and fog created confusion in the early morning battles.

          • This is why I fly the Confederate National Flag and not the Battle Flag. People are too stupid to know what it is. Therefore, they are not offended.

      13. Submit or be crushed

      14. I bought a confederate flag bumper sticker and a statue of Robert E Lee for my front lawn. I suggest everybody do the same. Don’t forget, its the flags and statues now….if this is permitted without a fight, then it will be your crosses, bibles, and anything else the fascists find offensive. Until the day comes when YOU are removed because being white is offensive. Mark my words: it not only can happen here, it will.!!!!

        • J, someone will do that to you ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. That’s what the 2A is for. I’ve already had to pull my piece on a snowflake this past summer who thought he could force his way into my home and take a Gadsden flag out of my front window.

      15. People and government are ridiculous, its a fucking flag, let em fly it, who cares

        • Nail,
          I see upside down Hawaiian flags all the time. Hopefully they aren’t in distress, because nobody pays attention anymore.

          • Same here, i know a few of them, they are basicly on the same page as us with regards to the BS. Most are tired of being tied to DC and the corrupt state and federal political machine. Theres really no good options, just my opinion.



        • Amen!

        • they should not be allowed to fly any stupid flag like that at tax payers expense. i say replace the fire department personel pronto

          • Gandhi, the only good communist is a dead communist.

          • Gandhi, if you’re just being sarcastic, OK. But if not then STFU.

            • If you are truly a “gandhi,” go the f*** back to s**thole India where you belong, and STAY THE F*** OUT OF REAL AMERICAN”S BUSINESS.

      17. Someone please teach the firefighters about Gofund me.
        They will easily make up the 19,000. Isn’t the county extorting the fire department? Some call the D.A.

      18. The Con federalists were against an overpowering federal government. Con means against. I believe the reason why the Germans overrun the polish and French armies was because they wanted them to run out the communist. But we helped the communists rape and enslave them. Now look what we have? Isn’t it obvious? All lies is called truth, and all truth is called lies ? Tell the big lie . It’s too big to believe a lie. Satans greatest weapon is the lie and the children of Satan will fool even the elect. And look where we are now. All good is called bad, And all bad is called good. Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44. Take the mark , And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity.

      19. Rev. 14:11.

      20. Attention all snowflakes: you have no RIGHT to not be offended. Learn something about history and find out how frequently you offend citizens that can think. We don’t burn you to a crispy-critter. We grin and bear It, then identify you as another libtard.

      21. Has everyone read how Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli gov’t to deport 40,000 black Africans and to improve a barrier to keep them. Why aren’t the progressives raising hell about this? Why must it be only European or Christian countries that have to take all immigrants?

      22. For some reason it’s okay to fly all kinds of flags including ISIS, antifa, BLM, Cuban, Mexican, rainbow, whatever, but never ever fly the Confederate battle flag. We are the only group where it is okay to have our free speech rights denied.

      23. some local patriots need to take one of the county council members on a country ride and encourage him to change is position

      24. I propose the American flag design be replaced with a large peace symbol just to piss off the warhawks. The history of America has been anything but peaceful, more like cutthroat treason without fail. It’s an ugly flag, why do so many nations go with red, white and blue flags? Stars and stripes, I’m proud to be an American, at least I know I’m free. We’re going to bomb the shit out of them.

      25. I think it was said best. “Free speech means free speech. It means the right to offend. And if you’re offending the government, you’re probably doing something right.” We all have the right to voice our opinion and raise any flag we see fit. We will not make everyone happy all the time, but free speech and expression is in our constitution. We must put a stop to all this bickering, and stand up for the constitution of the United State.

      26. Next they will want to remove the NC state flag.

        Telling the county commissioners to kiss their ass is grade A #1 in my book. All the county commissioners want to do in any county in NC is raise property taxes.

      27. well now these people fight fires. please tell me what race is a fire? and I am sure they will have a good excuse to the next citizen who has a fire that has a burned down home for lack of equipment. all because of a flag that has been there for all to see for how long? now we have people who are offended? it is time for these people who should serve the citizen stop their hissey fits and serve not rule

      28. The left has moved us to the left , and they want to keep moving left. Eventually we will either have to take a stand as Rebels or leftists. Where is that Rebel flag I know it is here somewhere?

      29. Go to membership/ subscription service. The fire mark could be the Confederate Battle flag with a number under it. When the call comes in and the residence is not displaying the fire mark only assure life safety and then let it burn. The fire department would not be beholden to the county and it would give the snowflake apoplexy.

      30. What EVERYONE fails to realize if that the Confederate Flag is the BATTLE flag out the south, so it wasnt confused on the battle field. It is in NO WAY racist, but assclowns all over have turned it into a racist symbol. Thanks you dickhead KKK and neo-Nazi pricks!

      31. I also hope those cocksuckers on the council have a fire they need put out. Give them a big middle finger and watch it burn! Because hey, the firefighters are racist, right?

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