Conclusive Proof Europe Is In An “Economic Slump”

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Experts, Headline News | 13 comments

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    Data released on Monday showed that industrial production throughout the entire eurozone dropped sharply to a glacial pace of growth in the continent at the end of 2018. Not only that, but two of the four largest economies in Europe are now on the brink of recession.

    Economic data in China, the globe’s second-largest economy is showing significant signs of slow down while the trade war with the United States rages on.  According to the San Francisco Gate, the United States government shutdown is doing damage to the economy as well, however, most evidence points to the fact that government is unnecessary and private companies and individuals fill the voids.

    As economists, investors, and policymakers focus intently on what’s going on in the US and China, there’s another major economic crisis brewing.

    This time, it’s in Europe, where growth has slowed practically to a standstill, and two of the continent’s four biggest economies, representing a total GDP of more than $5.5 trillion, are on the brink of, or already in, recession. –SF Gate

    Eurostat, the EU’s statistical authority said on Monday that industrial production fell by 1.7% between October and November last year. “The numbers bode ill for GDP in Q4,” Andrew Kenningham, the chief Europe economist at Capital Economics, said in a note to clients. “While the eurozone may have eked out a small increase in GDP in Q4, it has clearly shifted down a gear. And there is little reason to expect a sharp rebound in 2019.”

    Business Insider predicts that when official data about economic growth is released in March, both Germany and Italy will almost certainly have fallen into technical recessions, defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Germany is the Eurozone’s largest economy while Italy is the fourth largest. France is also experiencing economic hardships.

    “Germany likely was in recession in H2 2018 … Yesterday’s manufacturing data in Germany provided alarming evidence of a much more severe slowdown in the second half of last year than economists had initially expected,” Claus Vistesen, the chief eurozone economist at research house Pantheon Macroeconomics said, according to a report by Business Insider. 

    Andrew Harker, an associate director at IHS Markit, which compiles PMI, said last week that it was a “worrying end to the year for Italian manufacturers, with firms continuing to struggle to secure new business. This is in marked contrast to the start of 2018 when the sector was experiencing strong growth. Moreover, with business confidence at a six-year low, there appears little sense of optimism that the current soft patch will come to an end in the near future,” he added.


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      1. In response to global economic issues, the German government and industry worked together to reduce unemployment BUT to accomplish that, held wages artificially low. In this way there able to retain employees but still allowed free trade with countries like China. There’s about that philosophy.

        But of course the result was less home ownership and more apartments. You have to realize that European countries have very high population density for their size. For example, Germany has a population of 82 million yet their country is as large as Montana. That is very restrictive.

        By comparison, the USA has 330 million and is 10 million square kilometers versus their 357,000 square kilometers. We’re HUGE compared to them.

        So when Germany allowed a FLOOD of economic migrants, they have little choice about where to send them. When we dispurse legal immigrants and refugees, especially the latter, they are dispursed over this giant area and so generally has a much smaller effect.

        The reason Europeans historically migrated to America is the aristocracy had taken ALL the land so it nigh impossible to own land. That was especially true in the UK, Ireland, and France.

        Merkel has admitted that her impetus to allow illegal economic migration was their version of Social Security was a major problem as the birth rates are low (often due to abortion) and so there are insufficient young people to collect taxes from so that pensioners can keep getting their pensions.

        That has TOTALLY FAILED. They did a study and after two years, a minscule amount of these economic migrants had found work. Yet Merkel had insisted they were highly educated!

        The situation is so bad that Germany is actually paying economic migrants to LEAVE. That is 3,000 euros for a family or 1,000 euros for a single person. Actually in the Middle East, the abandoned mother and kids are demanding their reckless father/husband come home as well.

        • When the European Countries joined the European Union and came up with one Ponzi currency, that was the end of their individual sovereignty. They were then forward just a bunch of national pawns at the whipping post for slaughter by the Globalists. NAFTA was similar. Also Never give up your Guns. Ever. An unarmed defenseless man is basically a slave.

      2. Germany bet the farm on illegal economic migrants which had an immediate effect on government services as they needed more teachers and LEOs and refugee/immigrant counselors. All of which was unanticipated and nonbudgeted. So that caused a mammoth drain on their cities. Then they had a huge uptick in crime and assaults. They even have no go zones where grenades have been used and found.

        Merkel’s actions did nothing to help Germany’s future but was an enormously expensive boondoggle.

        Frankly, Germany could have asked the USA to foster economic migration from Americans who are educated. And since Germans speak English, then it would have benefitted the USA and Germany. This would have been far more logical.

        The same is true for France or the UK.

        Right now, the USA has educated millennials with up to graduate degrees who are working at coffeeshops instead of fulltime in their trained area. Plus American millennials are often socialist, economically and politicaly and even spiritually like Europeans. It would be a good fit and far less destructive to European society and ethos.

      3. PROOF
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      4. This may be off-topic but it the shutdown is mentioned in the above article. This is from the Daily Caller. Here is a government official that is not paid because of the shutdown, but he has some real good ideas on how the president should proceed. Link to follow or if moderated go to the Daily Caller website to read.

      5. Those British UK housewives woke up and started prepping!
        ht tps://

        • Oh yeah they will take on the globalists with their round tipped butter knives. Good Luck there.

          • I am glad when beginning preppers buy a monthnofvb groceries for their pantry. The UK has horrible firearm laws. When they had riots in the last decade, sales of baseball bats went through the roof. In the UK, it’s illegal to have a hunting knife or anything similar, thus an increase in guys who are chefs who need heavy duty meat cleavers.

      6. The European Union cost Europeans a bundle of money and pass all kinds of regulations. Americans are asking questions about the size and roles of the Federal government. The Europeanss are asking the same questions about the European Union.

      7. This story is lifted directly from “The Guardian”. This paper depends on advertising from extreme left wing sources. If you’re a sociologist looking for a position as a gay transgender advisor for black liberals then this is where you look (and will usually find it).

        No ordinary British citizen reads this rag – except for a laugh. The title of the organization “48%preppers” shows what an undemocratic bunch of losers this lot are (48% being the total percentage of the ill informed idiots who voted to stay within the EU).

        Oh, and the idiot woman says she won’t be able to get her kids medication because it comes from Switzerland demonstrates that these people are plants and not ordinary Britons. For crying out loud, Switzerland is not a member of the EU!

        The Swiss, although geographically in the heart of Europe, very sensibly voted not to be controlled by Germany (which is essentially what the EU is, German controlled and run solely for the benefit of Germany (ask the Greeks) which in turn is ruled by an ex communist country member Mutti Merkel).

        Why did so many of my British forefathers die in WW2 with defeatists like this?

      8. Import another 50 million Aficans so Europe must build an additional 25 million homes to house these unemployable parasites. Economy will be booming!!!!!!!!

        We got 1.2 billion Africans still waiting for their new homes in Europe.

        Just bill it to the World Debt Card. Where Rothschild get 6% and doesn’t risk a single ruble.

      9. FUCK THE EU AND ITS LUCIFERIAN BABEL ANTICHRIST SYSTEM… there will always be an England!

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