Coming To America: The Hoarding Begins: Greeks Rush To Grocery Stores, Gas Stations and ATMs In Anticipation of Collapse

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    greece-grocery(Pictured: Greeks rush to grocery stores to stock up on food and supplies ahead of bank holidays)

    What happens when your country collapses to such an extent that it can no longer pay its debts, your banking system is bankrupt and the populace loses confidence in its government’s ability to mitigate the crisis?

    The events taking place in Greece provide some insight and are a harbinger of things to come in America.

    It was a seemingly normal Sunday — except it was anything but normal.

    For many people in Athens, it was time to prepare for an approaching storm. A short walk from Plaka, a line of people waited to withdraw cash from an A.T.M., hours before the official announcement that banks would be closed starting on Monday. Some bank machines in central Athens had run out of money or were out of service, as screens blamed “technical difficulties.”

    Elsewhere, some people had started hoarding gasoline and groceries. “We don’t know what the new day will bring,” said Katerina Vorreadi, who was among a group of retirees waiting in line outside the National Bank of Greece on Saturday night.

    Source: New York Times

    Uncertainty breeds panic and if there’s anything that will get people lining up at local venues that provide essential services like money exchange and foodstuffs, it’s the fear of not being able to acquire those items when they’re needed most.

    And while some will argue that America is an advanced economy and Greece is not even on the same playing field, the fact is that as a country we are much worse off. In a country where nearly 100 million people are dependent on government monthly government benefits just to survive, even a short-term financial shock could lead to widespread panic.

    But how likely is such an event?

    Well, according to Representative Brad Sherman, during the height of the 2008 crisis Congress was told that if taxpayer funds weren’t used to bail out the system to the tune of trillions of dollars that we would literally have tanks patrolling the streets of America.

    Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

    House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
    Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

    It was a testament to just how bad things were and how much worse they could have gotten. But more importantly, it shows just how close to the brink of total collapse our nation was… and still remains.

    Just this week the Bank of International Settlements – essentially the central bank for the world’s central banks – said that governments and banks will be unable to fight the next financial crisis because they used up their ammunition fighting the last one.

    Keep in mind that these are the people that essentially control the monetary policy of the entire world. And they just said that once the next set of dominoes starts tipping over they aren’t going to be able to stop it.

    So the reality of the situation is that not only is this contagion soon to reach America, there will be no stopping it when it does.

    In his latest article Michael Snyder of End of the American Dream warns that Americans are woefully unprepared for such a scenario.

    While over 70% of people fear an economic crisis is coming, only about 3% of Americans have actually taken steps to prepare for it.

    Should America be faced with the same situation as Greece, we can fully expect similar results here.

    greece-atms(Pictured: Greeks line up at ATMs. Withdrawal limits were set to about $75 per day)

    People will rush ATM’s in the hopes of getting cash, but like Greece, they’ll be met with restrictions allowing them to withdraw just $75 a day.

    They’ll make their way to grocery stores hoping to buy a food supply for a week or two while things settle down, but they’ll be met with long lines and empty shelves, much like we’ve seen during previous emergencies.

    greece-shelves(Greek grocery stores quickly running out of food. Picture via Zero Hedge)

    And, just as we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, within 72 hours of a destabilization of our systems of commerce people will be facing starvation and supply shortages.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, explains the four stages of a breakdown and notes that by day three, things get very dangerous:

    Multiple factors contribute to societal breakdowns including failure of adequate government response, population density, citizens taking advantage of the grid being down and overwhelmed emergency response teams.

    3-5 days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens. A good example is the chaos that ensued in New Orleans following the absence of action from the local government or a timely effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In such troubled times, people were forced to fend for themselves and their families, by any means necessary. This timeline of Hurricane Katrina effectively illustrates “the breakdown,” and within three days, the citizens of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder (Source).

    If this scenario isn’t bad enough, at the end of this time frame, there will be an increase in illnesses due to cramped living quarters from emergency shelters, sanitation-related illness,compromised water sources and exposure to natural elements. In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, sanitation- related epidemics became a large concern for the disaster victims. In fact, the outbreak erupted into the world’s largest cholera epidemic despite a huge international mobilization still dealing with the effects of the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.

    Source: The Anatomy of a Breakdown

    We can pretend like everything is peachy and that happy times are back again. But even a precursory look at what’s happening around the world suggests that the global economy is derailing. Greece has essentially collapsed (for the fourth time in a decade) and China’s stock markets are in the midst of detonating.

    The situation remains fluid, but dire, because if China and Europe go, guess who’s next?

    Americans aren’t ready for it. As Michael Snyder notes in his aforementioned article, most people don’t have any emergency cash, or even a three day supply of food on hand in case something happens.

    Now, consider what happens when banks shut their doors for a week like they have done in Greece. Next, imagine a scenario where confidence in the U.S. dollar is lost and foreign creditors pull out.

    The result is an intense, almost immediate collapse of the system as we have come to know it. When the debt bubble bursts, notes analyst Greg Mannarino, millions of people could die:

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    We could be wrong, of course. But what if we’re not?

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      1. Socialism works!!!!

        See above pictures…

        • Well folks,

          I’m off to my great adventure. Vegas, Death Valley, Zion, Bryce, the Grand Canyon, Monuments Valley. You can bet your ass I’m not going in flip flops. I will be training hard.

          Hope the collapse doesn’t spread here while I’m away from my preps.

          But, SHTF don’t care if you weren’t ready.

          Happy trails.

          • Good luck out there AE.

            • “We could be wrong, of course. But what if we’re not?”

              If you are wrong and there is no major collapse or SHTF event the people who have taken their preparedness seriously will just have an easier time getting through life debt free, with acquired skills, some extra cash on hand, and hopefully a more independent (of the guvment) way of life. Not bad way to live. Not bad at all.

          • Acid, have a great time, take lots of pics…

            Have not had a vacation in years, enjoy it while you are young, because it is a bitch getting old…

            Bless all here…

            • Heck some say I’m old and I just finished 5 weeks and 5,157.2 miles of Capitol Reef, Great Basin, Crater Lake, Redwoods, Fort Clatsop, Astoria Column (a monument to a condom is what it looks like right now), Olympic and Rainier. I was a tad concerned things might dicey whilst I was travelling. But there is more to life than dread, fear, worry, and being miserable. It wasn’t a bitch at all. What did I miss? gays can get married and illegals can vote. What’s to worry?

          • Acid, have a great time, take lots of pics…

            Have not had a vacation in years, enjoy it while you are young, because it is a bitch getting old…

            Bless all here…

          • Enjoy and take lots of pics. Happy training… 🙂

            • “and within three days, the citizens of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder”

              That could’ve read: “and within three days, the POLICE of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder.”

              They left looters alone (unless they were competing for the same loot) and shot at hungry people trying to flee the area for safer ground.

              They went into untouched parts of the city and disarmed honest citizens who were trying to protect their property.

              The cops had guns—most of the people did not.

              That’s the truth about Katrina that most people avoid telling.

              • That and the fact that N.E. is a ‘diverse’ city.

              • As a member of the National Emergency Management group, I can tell you that there is a whole book’s worth of stories that were not told. Families abandoning their elderly in the hopes that they would die in the flood zones. Looters who went house to house, street to street in the French Quarter, stealing whatever was unguarded and assaulting anyone who guarded their property – even tho the French Quarter was basically untouched by floodwaters. Gangs invading the hospital, holding those on life support at gunpoint, demanding drugs from doctors and nurses who worked 3 straight weeks as the floodwaters rose – while the National Guard surrounded the city and denied doctors, nurses, and medical supply trucks entrance. Nurses in nursing homes who, left to their own devices, literally had to decide who would live and who would have to die. Rapes and murders went unreported, while hundreds of bodies floated for days, or were left rotting wherever the water left them. Many were never identified or claimed. FEMA personnel who came down to “assess the damage” and bought starving and homeless teenage hookers for the night. Buses from Chicago and New York that started coming down, fully loaded with looters and gang members, a full 2 days before Katrina hit, who stayed to increase the carnage. I still get goose bumps talking about it. It will happen – and much worse – if the S REALLY HTF.

          • Acid, I’ll wish you good luck out there if you’re staying off the internet for the duration of your trip. [JUST KIDDING] Acid, seriously, have a great time and be extra careful out there. This old fart really means it.

          • Keep hydrated.

          • AE why don’t you drop off your preps here in North Georgia and we’ll store them with the stuff CUZ has stored, and if the SHTF you can boogie on back here and share supplies with Cuz and y’all can bunk in the hay loft together. Preppers stick together, right Cuz!

        • The Hoarding begins? Don’t know about you all but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be late for this party!

          • Sunday I was fortunate to be able to purchase 50 more cans of vegetables, 50 more cans of assorted fruit, and for the first time to add to my preps 50 assorted deserts. Dollar Tree is hard to beat for prepping. Now I just got to find room to put all of it with the other stuff.

            Some one should do an article on storage of preps. I would like to buy an old U-Haul truck, medium size, that I could tow my travel trailer with. Just don’t have any place to park it. That would make one hell of a bug out package. As it is there is no way if I had to bug out that I could get everything into the back of my F150. Fuel, propane, food crates, hunting and fishing gear etc. It is not all going to fit.


            • Survial life . Com has done several articles on the subject some are repetitive but good info none the less

            • Be careful of the dollar tree cans, they do tend to spring leaks after about a year. Also, in order to stage my preps, I have rented small storage units in towns where I have relatives, and given them authorization to access the units “in case of my death”, without telling them what’s in the units-I simply say I am planning on retiring near there shortly and am slowly moving my NON essential household goods over there. What’s in the units are sealed dark colored roughneck latching totes, sealed with duct tape and spread with peppermint oil—-NOT peppermint extract, that stuffs for flavoring, but actual really smelly peppermint oil which rodents hate and will avoid. In the totes I have vacuum sealed dry goods like pasta, rice, biscuit mix, soup beans, oatmeal, cans of soups and spam and chicken, dried fruits, toilet paper, blankets, cooking pots, BOOTS AND COATS in different sizes, seeds, water purification tablets and a couple big jugs of water, weapons (but not the “good” ones). The totes are all clearly labeled on the outside (so as to be visible to anyone looking in), as “Grandmas nightgowns”, “Grandmas Knicknacks”, “Grandpas old books” etc, anything fairly innocuous that would not incite curiosity. And on the top inside each tote I actually put a layer of nightgowns, books, knickknacks, hoping anyone in a rush will open it and move on thinking the top layer goes all the way to the bottom. Also, even a small vehicle can tow a smaller uhaul or open trailer loaded to the gills. Don’t forget the extra gas cans, and do NOT stop once you get goin–hopefully we will get out early enough to avoid being bandidoed along the way.

            • In my small town there is a guy who sells deuce and deuce 1/2. Hubby says they can run on used motor oil if need be. I remember seeing that on doomsday preppers as well. Just a thought.

            • Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have a room and garage full of preps, a travel trailer if leaving is necessary, even bought a 1 ton diesel truck to haul everything. Added a 92 gallon diesel tank to extend my range but don’t have enough room for all the preps even if I stacked my travel trailer full. Have 2 more trucks i could pack up, but they don’t have extra tanks to extend their range. I too am looking for a box truck or old school bus. Seems the more ready I think I am, the more I realize I need. One thing I’ve learned, you can’t be ready for everything and prepositioning preps is very important if possible.

              • Txprepper, in 3 weeks I make another supply run to my cousin’s BOL. 80% of my preps are already in a storage building on the property. I’m taking what I’ve bought over the past couple of months on this run. When it’s finally time for me to bugout, what little I’ll have left I can put in the truck in just minutes and be on my way. I first got this arrangement with my cousin 2 years ago in April and have made numerous trips there hauling supplies. Once I make the final trip, that’s the bugout, then I’m bugging in. No running away from the BOL for me. I’m not moving around like a damn gypsy. The BOL is where I’ll make my stand.

                • Good for you Braveheart. You don’t ever want to become a refuge. Keep up the good effort.

          • I’m with ya. I need a big screen TV and a carton of Kools!

          • A lot of theater going on over Greece.

            People hoarding gasoline, ok you fill your car and you fill a can or two that are in the garage! This is hoarding?

            There is nothing secret about Greece’s financial problems. Wall Street should have this whole mess priced in, if there is financial contagion, it’s all a fraud, more show!

            Stores running out of food, this happens where I live every time they predict a snow storm.

            People not being prepared for for an impending obvious disaster that’s been overtaking them for years……… perfectly normal………. Normalcy Bias!

            Greece is so screwed!

          • I just got back from Home Depot. Made a leisurely trip around the store and backed up my preps of all kinds of things. It was good to go up and down every isle and be reminded of “I need one or two of those” or “I don’t have one of those yet” I was thinking of how little of this stuff might be here if our situation was more like Greece. Better get it NOW while the getting is good.

            GOD BLESS you all.

            • You always need at least TWO of everything, 3 is better and if you get 6 or 10 you have some to barter.

        • The amount of attention Greece has gotten is absolutely beyond ridiculous. Like Brandon Smith said, Contagion is a lie and only drummed up by TPTB. We actually have real threats right here economically i.e. Illinois, New Jersey, California PUERTO RICO and cities like Chicago, Vallejo, San Bernardino and others.

          • “… imagine a scenario where confidence in the U.S. dollar is lost and foreign creditors pull out.”

            Gotta call bullshit on the demise of the dollar.

            Not gonna happen. Only a nuclear war, solar emp, or pole shift would erode confidence in the dollar to a point where you will need precious metals for commerce.

            Other scenarios, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, conventional war, and civil unrest might require one to shelter in place and live off of food stores.

            If any of those three major scenarios happen, you have two choices: just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, or look up your Redemption draws neigh. 🙁

            • PMs are a bunch of fucking bullshit. They just want your money.

              Who the fuck would you trade it to and for what?

              Try to sell it back, only the PM companies will buy it and for pennies on the dollar.

              It would make you a target in SHTF.

              You cant eat gold or shoot it.

              • AE: “PMs are a bunch of fucking bullshit.”

                You don’t use gold to buy and sell in a crisis. Silver could be used for buying and selling if absolutely necessary, but it is primarily useful for speculation if you understand the fundamental relationships between gold and silver, to increase your capital gains.

                You use gold (and to a lesser extent silver) to preserve a portion of your wealth THROUGH the changes that are coming, once you have your preps. 🙂

              • What’s with the nasty profanity?????? Tone it down how bout it.

        • How many more times are we going to hear that Greece is on the edge of collapse. First it was June of 2013, then May of 2014, then a major downturn in their stock market in Oct. 2014. Sounds more like some silly soap opera that just never ends because there’s always some new twist. And what if they do collapse? It’s not as though it will be the end of the EU. It would be like us loosing Arkansas or WV. Ehhh, so what!

          • hey gregory8 don’t you worry about Arkansas YOU ASSHAT,and you can bet your ass that many here are far better prepared for what ever may come so you can go to hell and kiss my Arkansas ass.

      2. I wonder how long till the USA will be seeing this???

        • Sooner the better I say

          • Kula and Eppe, it can’t be very long now. Also, make sure you have the means to defend your supplies. One morning we’ll wake up and become Greeks ourselves.

            • To make a prediction, without trying to sound like a “know it all”, I’d say, this Christmas will be unlike any other we have ever experienced since Christmas celebrations were established in America as National Observance Holidays.

              Some people may even get to know what Christmas was like for many of my relatives growing up. Their best Christmases were the ones where they received one nice gift, wrapped in a brown paper bag, like a new pair of shoes, or a pair of pants and mittens.

              Other Christmases, they only got a small bag of candy and maybe some fruit or nuts.

              Give that to kids today and they would throw it down on the floor and stomp it like piss ants.

              I say it is time for the reckoning to begin, and let the chips fall where they may. The shaking down will cause the separation of the sheep and the goats. And the good fig from the bad. The fruit bearing tree from the dead tree. The wheat from the tare.

              Amen! Hear that libturds? Amen!

              • Remember…about thirty days ago i said we have about 90 days, to get fully prepared, I believe.

                Now it is about sixty days and counting.

                Before you can blink, it will be down to thirty, and counting.

                • Remember…. slingshot made the comment, “ninety days, Jerry.”
                  In reference to the song “wnen you’re hot you’re hot”.

                  Funny man.

                  I hear that all the time from my better half. Especially when I remind her of the first time she farted out loud, after we had just started co-habitating seriously.

                  She was bending over the bathroom sink putting on makeup, getting ready for work and thought I was still asleep. I could see her from the bed. I was thinking how nice she looked and what a beautiful round butt she had when out of the blue …she let a 30 second ripper go, that echoed thru the high ceiling in the master bath.

                  I was shaking with laughter while keeping still and not sounding out, until i could no longer contain myself.
                  I said, “your voice has changed, but your breath still smells the same”. and burst into laughter.

                  Her head spun around like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist, and shot me a go to hell look, and the finger, while slamming the door.

                  ten minutes later i was still laughing my ass off as she stomped out the door to work.

                  Now, when i remind her of that episode, all she says is…”funny man”. lol

                  i say, “is that all you got, Ms. stompy pants?

                  We laugh a lot.

                  “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”.

                  • Passin, bad joke…

                    Asian couple on honeymoon night of wild sex.
                    Next morning she gets up to go to the bathroom.
                    On the way, she has a thunderous fart.
                    Husband gives her a strange look.
                    Then she says “Front hole soooo happy, back hole laugh out loud.”

                    • Eppe, I just spit up sweet tea into my keyboard on that one. Now THAT’S the Eppe I know and admire. Keep them coming.

                  • It’s been a long time since I had a good laugh like this. Thanks

                  • PWTW, you took the words right out of my mouth with all 3 posts, especially about Christmas.

          • I hate it but I have to agree. We have the luxury, of walking out to our front yard and picking out a pear(Avocado), or going to the freezer for a pound of hamburger, harvested from our “pet” Mogo the cow, or chasing down a chicken to find her eggs, somewhere in the grass. City people on the mainland are screwed.

            • Yea, i was doing “inventory” last evening enjoying walking around my place, eating nectarines off my tree, tried out a peach, realized i had 6 big bunches of banannas to cut, needed to strip leaves off 1/4 acre of my kale because sales are down and need to keep it picked, found a bunch of volunteer pie pumpkins and few hundred potato plants in an old field thats been fallow, guess they liked the rain, chased off a couple dozen pheasants that decided to camp in my corn, found a few dozen daikon that just keep coming up and spreading, then cut an artichoke, a few dozen asperagus shoots and went to make dinner,
              Think ill stay put n not worry bout what everyone eles’ problems are, going to sit by the pool and clean guns!

              • I REALLY LIKED THIS ARTICLE AND PLAN TO COPY IT. THERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE at Paul Craig Roberts’s website, called, “Capitalism Has Devolved Into Looting”. I copied all 8 pages!!

                In the article, he writes about the Greek situation– what’s been occurring behind the scenes for the past several months, the brilliant plan of the Greek government which allowed the people to get their sh– together before giving the IMF “the finger”, and the downfall of the elites– they did a sneak attack on the mother f– ers at the top!

                • I had a feeling that was what the stutter-step stalling was all about. Still gonna be tough especially on the older folks for awhile.

                • Looting. AKA “Obama cronies” like Jon Corzine and the Solyndra folks. And don’t forget Michelle’s vacations

                • Anon, it’s already official. Greece has become the first nation to default on IMF debt. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a rough ride.

              • Kulafarmer.

                How wonderful.

                • LOL

                • Gratitude, that was all i could think of after such a good day

                  • Kulafarmer.

                    I often wondered why some towns with their beautification programs do not plant fruit trees. A man down the street from me planted a orange tree off the easement and those that walk can take one to eat along their exercise route.
                    Would it not be nice to eat an apple, orange, plum or pear along the walking path or bike path.

                    We should all learn how to plant food.

                    Have a garden this year and I’m getting my hands dirty.

                  • Thats a good day Bud , enjoy it.

              • You have a pool? Mine is called a catchment tank! You are a better farmer than I.

                • Rel, seen pics of Kula’s place.
                  Would give my left testicle to live there…

                  • Hey Eppe, remember that doll “Tickle Me Pink Elmo” I heard the last thing they did before they shipped him out of the factory, was to give him two test-tickles.

                • Its my irrigation reservoir, just did a bunch of repairs to it like grouting the boulders i have lining the top of the liner, and completely cleaned it, put in a nice concrete patio and trellis so we can enjoy it, am running a pool pump, filter, automatic vacum, skimmer, and clorinator to keep water clean and algae free,i plugged up the drip lines on a field because there was too much algae in the water, the PH is out of wack too most months from the county system so this way i can keep it constant in a reasonable range and they keep changing their purification media so that causes problems depending on what i am using the water for, typically the algae is the biggest problem, am rotating back into alfalfa for cover crops since i cut back production so much, and am going to run drip lines in those fields rather than overhead, so only way to keep lines from clogging with moss is to eliminate the moss!

              • Kula, that’s a pretty cool repertoire of edibles. But what is daikon ? Hawaii only?

                • Daikon is a long cylindrical radish, the root is white, usually weigh between 1-2# are good stir fried or pickled, the greens are also edible, they were a variety that was in a seed blend i planted in my borders, now has sort of naturalized, so typically my borders go from rye, to nasturtiums to daikon to red clover then back again, need to re plant them because kikuyu grass is taking over will choke everything out,

        • Does anyone else find the timing for Jade Helm just a bit odd? Makes me think troops are in place to prepare for the riots that will follow a collapse.

          • No shit Sherlock, that’s the whole point.

          • Then “they” ought to be in the shithole cities of the east. Take your pick, they’re all shit holes.

          • And the FBI opening up fusion centers for the forth of july weeekend .
            All the threat levels being raised .
            Chinas markets still falling , Peurto Rico in financial trouble .
            Here in N central MI. , i kepp seein homeland security and border patrol vehicles .
            And the largest power co in the state just annouced that they were closing 9 coal plants next year to comply with EPA regs, HMMMMM.
            And i could go on to local level issues that are upcoming , but i think we all get the point.

            • Hammerhead:
              The FBI “fusion centers” have LONG been active for more than a decade now. They are staffed 24/7 and have been since their inception. That is not a “news story” because the media missed it a long time ago.

              • Nope , this is a new FBI gig.
                I looked for the link (briefly) and came up empty.
                Anyway MORE syops , more tyranny and more freedom suppressed , however ya see it.

              • TPS, I once heard all of those fusion centers were financed by DHS and each one has a DHS liaison assigned to it.

            • hammerhead- This is one sorry state of affairs to be sure.
              Tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife everywhere! Burning flags in NYC(f*ck you), America on same debt path as Greece, helium leaking from massive earthquake fault in La., drone knocks woman unconscious at Seattle Pride, Chelsea demands $65,000 for a ten minute speech (WTF?), GOP leaders skip signing of Obamatrade, human feces eating up pipes in San Fran, ISIS beheads woman and on and on and on………

              • Ya really cant even imagine this BS , everywere ya turn , more killing , more unconstitutional verdicts handed down by unelected judges who have NO rights to make law.
                Its f’n , f’ed up , and thats all i have to say about that!

                We are on the edge of history here, once the US succumbes to socialism , its all over.
                The US is the LAST country on this planet to have the freedoms we still posess .
                If we let it go …. Its our bad , damn sure.

                • That’s why our guns and ammo terrifies TPRB…

          • I do kinase. Very convenient.


          • Ray Charles could see what’s coming.

        • EPPE
          I my heart I hope we never see this. But I know we will and more than likely before the end of the year.
          The nice thing, Yes there is a silver lining. We here are prepared.
          We have our hearts right with our maker, (how ever you want to believe) Food, Water, Medical, ECT., ECT., ECT.,
          Now when this does happen we can set back with our Pop Corn and Soda or your drink of choice and watch.


          If God hasn’t turned his back on us yet. GOD BLESS THE USA!


          • You’re not going to be eating popcorn.

            You’ll be watching the streets.

            Don’t glamourize survival.

          • Happy fourth to you Sht,
            God bless you and up all in the USA

          • I finally found affordable housing in a very good location– tons of natural resources, away from the masses, walnut and hickory nut trees, national forests close by, etc.; its all pretty ideal!

            However, everything here is unbelievably expensive (in stores)! Will never be able to stock up because the stores rip people off horribly! Plus, it seems like Gestapo country with all the red tape! Everything you try to do, there are tons of red tape- which I abhor! Its really bad here!

            All my prepping stuff is still back home, hundreds of miles away, in storage unit. If I move it down here, it will cost a fortune. However, I am down here and its cheap rent. (Things are a million times cheaper back home, where my storage is and not much red tape there). Basically, there are problems wherever you go!

            Do I go back where my supplies are, bite the bullet and pay more rent, but still there will be cheap stores there. Or do I stay down here, spend a fortune to move my stuff here, and have to pay lots more for stuff here in the stores because of outrageous prices?

            • Anonymous:
              You need to be within walking distance of your stores. Either move back to where your stores are, or move them to where you are!

            • If you don’t move entirely you are not prepped, no way around it.

              Follow your head, not your heart. You can’t be in two places at the same time.

            • Stop second-guessing yourself, anonymous…. If you undisputably KNEW that the bottom was going to fall out in 2 weeks FOR SURE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Staying in a populated area, or getting the hell out to the less populated one? You already know the answer….You’re tripping yourself up over the details…
              Once the SHTF, you will likely be stuck where you are. Do you want to be stuck in a place AWAY from the masses, or amongst them?
              You want the right answers to prepping dilemmas, one only needs to ask themselves the right questions…. You KNOW what needs to be done here. Stop mind-f*cking yourself, and DO IT…..

              • @AKJOHNNY! Stop Mindf*cking yourself and DO IT…excellent advice. The graveyards are full of people that fell victim to that symptom. Oh, almost forgot, don’t forget the politically correct people…next time say, “Mentally seducing yourself”…lol

          • Just make sure its ORGANIC popcorn, Sarge, or you may not live long enough to enjoy the show! (GMOs in corn is a real killer- that is why Monsanto, who created the frankenseed, only eats organic stuff– never GMO stuff!)

          • Sarge, same to you. The 4th is BBQ DAY for Braveheart.

            • Urgh… BBQ’d Braveheart! Yuck.

        • Eppe; pick a week and it’ll happen sooner.

        • Obama still has about 18 months to go so I say between now and 18 months

      3. Time to start hoarding Feta Cheese and Greek Yogurt.

        • Solar power fridge – check.

          Lifetime supply of Chobani – check.

          Spork – check.

          • Mac, spot on article. At least some people in Greece ‘get it’ and are already prepping to some degree. My prepping is still ongoing and I hope everyone else’s prepping is also continuing. Those 2 supermarket photos remind me of Superstorm Sandy. Everyone get everything you can now while there’s still some time left. If you’re not prepping, you’re inepting.

            • many times i have heard “i can’t do anything about it” from my friends…i ALWAYS call them out on that statement(otherwise, they will come to ME when they got nuthin’)…there is a LOT you can do about it…if you can’t prep NOW, i can’t(won’t) help you LATER!….they have been warned, and did literally NOTHING!….and yes, we are MUCH worse off than greece. hope y’all got yer preps in order…and just in case it all comes down today, it’s been a damn good run, thanks to all my shtf friends that enabled me to be much better prepared for this muhfugguh….but who knows, they could keep these plates spinnin’ for a few MORE years, i suppose.

              • BCOD, I’m the same way. I tried talking to some people about prepping right after Katrina and I got the same stupid response. Never talked to anyone about it again afterwards. People love their ‘normalcy bias’. I won’t help out any nonpreppers either. I won’t even be around because I will have bugged out by then.

                • At a university, I mentioned a hunting trip I took.

                  A girl in my group said “whoa…that’s like a serial killer”.

                  And that was years before now.

                  Never said another word. Let the fucking morons die. They couldn’t even change a fucking tire.

          • Damn! you sent me to the internet. Spork, Chobani, I counter with Saimin, and Pok’e. I thrust and parry.

            • Yea buddy
              Some soyu ahi poke’
              Grinds, or tako poki,,,,
              Think ill grab some on the way home from town

              • Probably only you and I on this site understand what you just typed.

                • No, not the only ones,kauai here understands and agrees on those grinds. I have been watching and learning from all of you for years…just never had anything to say. So I say now it sure looks like we are close, take care all and God bless. Kyla, sure wish we were on same island..

                  • Right on Kauai,,,
                    Hope all is good over there and that you dont have to sit in traffic going through Lihue every day,,,
                    My pop was born and raised over there, Haena, we used to stay over there every summer, miss those days,
                    God bless and Aloha

                • Mahi Mahi — mo’ bettah! But tako poki ok if fixed right!

                  • Pukalani superette makes an awesom tako poki,,,juuuust right on the limu and green onion

                • You got that right Rellik… 😉

          • Mac
            I have a mini fridge that I use a 7W solar Panel, and a deep cycle battery and 650w Cobra inverter on and it works just fine. Been using it off and on at my Cabin at BOL#2 to just see how it works so I can use it here or at BOL#1 when the time comes.

            You might want to look into a mini Fridge that can be plugged into at cigarette lighter in you car. The Mini fridge runs on 12 Volts. It is a lot smaller but it would keep Meds cold. It can be hooked up to your battery and the battery can be charged by a small solar panel.

            Mac. Thanks for the INFO.


          • Ah, Chobani– I like!! But what the heck is “Spork”?!

            • Spoon + fork = spork

              I don’t need any. I have stainless utensils that are so heavy duty they all count as deadly weapons. The spoons will not bend when you dip rock-hard ice cream.

              • Archivist, spot on about stainless utensils. That’s the only kind of utensils I ever use, period. Stainless utensils are THE way to go.

                • Titanium is the best combination of strength and low weight.

                  “Light my Fire” titanium spork is a best-seller on Amazon.

        • No need to buy Chobani. Just walk around school rooms from now on with a box or a bag to collect it all, because we all know how much everyone LOVES Michelle Obama’s school lunches (which now include Chobani).

          • Ugh… brain fart. I didn’t mean school rooms. I meant school cafeterias.

            • Just don’t take your spork to a school, they’ll put you in jail for sure.

        • Maybe Olive Oil….whole region

          • I understand that extra-virgin olive oil has a much longer shelf life than other oils, like vegetable or canola…is that correct?

            • Yes , it is. Mine is 4 – 5 years old and I use it daily.
              It has not gone rancid.

            • Uhmm you really don’t want to use “vegetable” oil (it’s almost always pure GMO soybean oil) or canola oil anyway. They’re both bad for you.

              Coconut oil keeps a really long time, though it’s usually a white solid most of the year here in Idaho, as does extra virgin olive oil.

              For the long term though we just got Jersey cows and make our own butter with all the cream. It’s really a lot easier than I would have thought.

            • Coconut oil!

      4. Very timely article…the sad part for us is, that nobody in the government will go to bat for us – they are all too concerned about their own welfare. Our country is in a sad state of affairs.You would think that even the most uninformed people in this country would see the hand writing on the wall by now. Keep up the good work Mac!

        • Phil, NEVER depend on government for ANYTHING. As individuals, we are truly on our own.

        • Can anyone say commoncore? They can see the writing on the wall, they can’t read the writing on the wall.

        • Who cares about the a$$es in gubbermint?
          They can all die in a firestorm for all I care

          • Hey, has anyone heard from Sixpack? Hope she’s OK.

        • “You would think that even the most uninformed people in this country would see the hand writing on the wall by now.”

          Phil, unfortunately the sad truth is people nowadays are clueless. I had a co-worker ask me today if homo marriage was legal. He said he kept seeing stuff on facecrack and two churches he went to on Sunday were both talking about it and he only realized today what had transpired last week!!

      5. So – bring in the tomato plants?

        • Speaking of Tomato plants, try mulching them with a red reflective mulch, peaceful valley farm sells it, think Johnnys does too, plants do incredible, set way more fruit

      6. I saw an interesting article with a gun store owner the other day. He made the comment, “I would lay down my life for my country, but I wouldn’t cross the street for my government.”

        The Federal Government is so out of control it is unbelievable. It makes me sick to watch the news.

        This is why Texas has established it’s own gold depository and is demanding it’s gold back from the FEDS.

        • Years ago, after having no TV in my house for ages, I had the opportunity to watch free TV at a motel. When I turned it on I couldn’t figure out if I was watching a commercial or the news… For real– it all seemed so unreal, phony, I wasn’t sure what it was!!

          Now, years later, I sometimes watch it at homes of relatives and it still feels me mostly with the same degree of repugnance. It just doesn’t seem like real news– probably because it isn’t!!

          • I did not have a television set in my 20’s, when I finally got one, I felt ripped off and insulted by the programming. The news was appallingly leftist, and even worse today.

            Got rid of cable 4 years ago, don’t miss it one iota. I can think of a lot better things to spend money on each month. Ten years of basic cable here runs about $7500. I know people spending $1200 a year and up on their cable bills. Doesn’t take long and you’ve spent your next car or emergency fund on your television set.

            • Soren Kierkegaard – 1813-1855, on the leftist lamestream media:

              “Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land…I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used.”

              No, Soren. Today they would, like Orwell said, FORCE you to watch it. Or even worse, dumb you down enough so that you actually WANTED to watch it. Will and Grace, Sex in the City, or 2 1/2 Men, anyone???

            • Smokey, I never watch TV anymore and don’t miss it one bit. I’m an internet freak.

              • I haven’t had a TV in many years. There is probly 3 channels that have something to teach you.

              • I just watch films now on disc, built a good collection. Don’t miss network programming one bit, either.

        • As a texan, I’m real glad to hear about their gold depository plans. I do however have serious doubts we’ll ever get our gold back from the federal Reserve in NY.

      7. Still working on getting a couple things, I’m hoping I have time ( three months maybe?) I hope so anyway, but who knows, the way things are going it could be tomorrow.

      8. To All

        I heard from people I know yesterday. I was told that in the next 6 months you will see the EBT system go down for two weeks. They will blame it on a computer glitch. Then it will be followed by interest rates at 18%.
        These are reliable sources. I cannot say who, what, or where I heard this. I am sure you can understand.
        I hope this does not happen. This comes with all the other things going on around the world.

        Something big is coming soon. You can just feel it in your bones. I have never felt a more foreboding or bad feeling. Please get ready. I so hope I am wrong.

        One last thing. For some time now our so called government has been moving section 8 housing into suburbs. This explains why! No EBT and your neighbor are middle class and have money.

        • And when it doesn’t happen in 6 months what will you do? Will you continue to believe such things or just move on with your life? I am tired of predictions that never come true.

          • RJ

            I don’t really care what you think. Should I not post if I hear things. There are people on here that matter. If it does not happen then great. I have never posted a prediction before. So get over it.
            Truth be known I hope it does not happen.

        • Thanks. But I dont follow. How is an EBT glitch related to interest spike.

          Maybe you are right, but unless you can provide something other than “Gee, somebody who knows somebody told me…” and posted on the internet is really not something any sane person would take action on. I have read stuff like this a million times. Come back with something more verifiable….

          • Test

            I cannot mention names on here for obvious reasons. I am only posting what I hear.
            The two are not related regarding one causing the other. I have just heard what some I know are hearing is the plan. You and everyone else can decide for themselves whether to believe it or not.
            I just would have felt guilty if I did not post it.

        • Thanks Mike for the heads up. Remember the last time when the EBT quit working? Yep, this old lady can defend herself.
          Take care all, stay aware of your surroundings!

          • I know you can MD (‘Mad Dog’ MommaD) LOL. If they catch you away from the house out in the garden, just break off a brussel sprout stem to thrash them with… no wait, I like brussel sprouts in a bowl with butter. Ah shoot, just use the hoe, rake or pitch fork. Take care!

            • Lol PO’d…
              I like them Brussels sprouts too. I ran into a copper head today while I was work in’ in my maters, he is no more.
              Dang it don’t mess with food.
              The Good Lord is good to me
              Oh it was my tater folk…!

              • Fork, dang it, my tater fork! Auto correct, sorry.

                • MD, luv Brussels too. Try this on the grill.
                  24 or more sprouts sealed up in aluminum foil with a shot of olive oil, teaspoon of bacon grease and sea salt to taste.
                  Can stay on heat for 1 hour or less, flip over 20 minutes or so.
                  Add any veggies that you enjoy in the package.
                  Your tounge will beat the top of your head for them.
                  Did this and took to deer camp, prepacked and would take coals from the bonfire for heat.
                  Made lots of buddies with that.
                  Damn, I love cooking… And eating…
                  Bless all here.

                  • Prepping tip for all.
                    Anytime you go out to eat, collect all condiments, napkins, salt, pepper

                  • Try that with asparagus spears, wrap in foil with drizzle of oil, sea salt added when done. Takes about 4 minutes on the grill or under a broiler.

                    • Same recipe but add some garlic!

              • Yesterday I found the golf ball that had come up missing from where I leave it in the shed to encourage the chickens to deposit their eggs there. A 5′ blacksnake had swallowed it and was having a bad stomach ache! After a little disagreement he surrendered his life and gave it back. LOL

              • Do you pick the spouts? Or do you nip the top and cut the whole stem?
                A friend tuned me on to nipping the top, is great if you want them all at once, like if you live somewhere that everything freezes during winter, but i can keep picking individual buds off for more than a year,,,havent tried to see how long exactly but i bet its like my kale, the brussels are tough to keep the aphids off though and once they get fouled by the aphids might as well just plow them under

          • Momma

            I learned along time ago not to go against any Mamma. If mamma’s not happy then no one is. You are welcome by the way.

        • MIKE
          Thanks for the INFO.
          Keep it coming we can use it to our advantage!

          • Sgt. Dale

            You are welcome. I will post anything I hear and pray it does not happen.

        • I’ve heard this before too. Though I can’t remember where from.

      9. This is a pretty big deal.

        This is the first nation I know of ever to say no to the IMF (a.k.a BIS, Federal Reserve). The people of greece no longer want to be subject to the everlasting debt cycle. Good for them.

        However, rough times are ahead for the Greek people. The IMF will certainly try to starve the Greek people and cut off their access to natural resources thereby all but shut down the country due to lack of electricity, etc.

        After a while though, the Greeks will seek out their own natural resources.


        Greece gets the power turned back on. ISIS becomes a “legitimate” nation state with state revenues (oil). And voila, a birth of a nation and an alliance occurs since Greece already has a significant Muslim population.

        If Israel decides they want to start a blockade of ISIS oil shipments (Israel is a big proponent of the IMF), War in the Middle East is sure to break out.

        Combine all of this with the Global Finance restructuring about to take place (Yuan as part of the SDR) and…

        Well, we might just be seeing the sparks that ignite the next world war.

        • Iceland did

          • Jailed their bankers and now enjoy the highest GDP in the west.

        • CS, we’ll all wake up one morning and discover we’re Greeks also.

      10. I got months of cash, food and water stored and years of bullets in case someone else decides they should possess it over me.

      11. The song for the people of tomorrow, following the bedt collapse; King of the road:

        Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents.
        No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes
        Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
        Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
        I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road.

        Third boxcar, midnight train, destination, Bangor, Maine.
        Old worn out clothes and shoes,
        I don’t pay no union dues,
        I smoke old stogies I have found short, but not too big around
        I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road.

        I know every engineer on every train
        All of their children, and all of their names
        And every handout in every town
        And every lock that ain’t locked, when no one’s around.

        I sing, trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents
        No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes
        Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
        Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
        I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road.

        Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents
        No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes
        Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
        Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
        I’m a man of means by no means, king of the road.

        • old worn out SUIT and shoes
          oh, and BTW…we are ALREADY there!

        • Big thumbs up on thatLena!

        • Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here (1975)

          So, so you think you can tell
          Heaven from Hell,
          Blue skys from pain.
          Can you tell a green field
          From a cold steel rail?
          A smile from a veil?
          Do you think you can tell?

          And did they get you to trade
          Your heros for ghosts?
          Hot ashes for trees?
          Hot air for a cool breeze?
          Cold comfort for change?
          And did you exchange
          A walk on part in the war
          For a lead role in a cage?

          How I wish, how I wish you were here.
          We’re just two lost souls
          Swimming in a fish bowl,
          Year after year,
          Running over the same old ground.
          What have we found?
          The same old fears.
          Wish you were here.

        • Lena, I was only 4 years old when that song was recorded. another reminder of how old I am. I’m starting to feel ‘Greek’ already.

          • You’re just a baby!

            I was 5 years old when it came out.

            I love being older!

            • Anon I left you a list for your trip when you asked for advice.

              • Thanks Mike, for the list and a reminder to check back:)

      12. Tomorrow’s paycheck goes to bills, the next four after that goes into silver.

        • During the last year Reb was down to a daily pint of cornmeal and a couple slices of bacon, but that was on paper. He starved and his horses were skin and bones.

          I’ll keep my flour barrels full and an edge on my knife.

        • guess you got enough beans,bullets,bandaids,beer(spirits in a bottle) to do ya?

      13. I think today’s events should wake up the sleeping dogs to put their prepping in high gear before we are in the same place as the Greeks are today.

        I must admit that I have put my prepping on a slower burner since our move to our BOL but come sun up tomorrow morning I am going to be on the road to the local grocery store, since we are quite far into the mountains just how far that may be is an unknown factor. However far that is and whatever I have to do to make at least a couple of trips to fill in the gaps will just have to be. We have so much to do just getting settled and starting to think about the coming winter that we have let the month of June just slip away, hope I don’t end up being sorry for it.

        Hope everyone on this site is ready to go and just finishing up the odds & ends before the big event.

      14. Meanwhile, the vile media frauds at Yahoo reported “unemployment down again.” Isnt that timely!”What a co-inky-dink that this news came out exact same time as Greek default.

        Man…leftist news utterly disgusts me.

      15. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everyboxy else.”

        Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

      16. We have about 2 months before the meltdown begins in the US.

        Please listen to a Prophetess who has been given visions and info on what is coming…

      17. The Greeks have known about this for how long and they’re just panicking now at the last minute? Typical.

        For the rest of us, the time to panic is now – not tomorrow, not next week, it’s NOW, before everyone else does. Then we will be ready and can sit back and watch the real honest-to-goodness freak-out panic of those who waited too long.

        Get ready, be prepared, get right with God, because it’s coming and it won’t be pretty.

        • Amen, sister

        • Can’t wait. Let the war began. It was foretold 50 years ago, that US would breack apart. Then as recent as 2 years by a Russian general. The south with Texas will succeed finally, leaving the others behind. Thus, once it is over, the blacks ,illegals, gays, liberals if any are still here and alive, will leave or will be pushed out.

          • You have that dream too huh?

        • Like the American Free Shit Army, they’ve become 100% accustomed to somebody else bailing them out every time. The very idea of have to take responsibility for themselves has never entered their tiny minds. Those Greeks who had any get-up-and-go have already got up and left.

          (Happen to have known a couple or three Greek engineers in my career. They all came here for school and never went home. “No job prospects there for somebody who can actually make or build something”, to paraphrase one of them who worked with me on one long project. He also said “the only way for an ordinary Joe to get rich over there is to become a limousine driver, a pimp, or a drug dealer – tourists always need transportation, hookers, and blow.” A good engineer, but cynical as hell.)

        • Amen
          Ann Marie!

      18. Someone please send all those leftist “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” lemmings on a one way trip to Greece.


        GO TO YOU TUBE




      20. People mock prepping. Ok, so Santorini didnt blow. But, tell us, oh wise leftist mockers: tho there was no volcano, EMP or the like, dontcha think just maybe a FEW of their preps could have possibly been used for this event?

        I continually remain staggered how utterly clueless the PC crowd is

      21. You would have to be foolish to believe that something like this could not happen here. On national scale like Greece? Anything is possible.

        • ANYTHING is possible

      22. Nah, that can’t happen here. Our devoted government officials, the august personages of the media have our best interest at heart and they say so. They’re not worried so why should we be? All we need do is stock up on Coppertone and suds. Oh and, buy a day pack and ball point pens for the school supply drive arriving soon.

      23. Prepping on. Grocery store for the things we use the most. Bulk items coming through food storage site. Spend you $s on what you need.

      24. No excuse now not to get ready.

      25. Ok now I know! This is what socialism get you. Nobody works and the guberment takes care of you. Then one day you starve to death or you become a Zombie. If they are prepping now they are all going to DIE!

        • No Sarge,NO!NO!NO…….Many folks just waking up,albeit a bit late,till the time comes one can prep mentally and with supplies.Any newbies here who want some ideas/sites like how to feed 4 for 300 for a year /med/weapons ect. just ask,folks will help ya’s help yourself.Sarge,folks can still do this,and,as always,well….,as a wise man says”The smalls addup”,sorry,had to say it!

          • WAR
            I didn’t mean this for folks here in the USA. It for the folks in Greece.
            If there are any Newbies here, now is the time to ask as many questions as you can to get ready.
            There is a lot of good folks here that will help.

            • For those who have trouble understanding the differences . . .
              Communism is where the government owns two cows and gives you a little of the milk.

              Socialism is where you own two cows, but the government comes and takes one and gives it to your neighbor because he doesn’t have one.

              Capitalism is where you own two cows, then sell one and buy a bull.

      26. We must have some time left. It is 3:50pm and the DOW is up 53 points. Yes, I know the stock market has absolutely no relation to the actual economy, but as long as the big bankers have a quadrillion to pump into the stock market, the facade will continue. This deceives many people and they will not prep. I do not feel sorry for them; no cure for stupidity, just stating a fact.

        • Wait and see what happens after the Asian market crashes in a couple months…possibly. Watch Japan.

        • It always goes up on Tuesdays.

      27. And on top of everything else, there is a movement to draft VP Bite-me to run in Hillary’s place. Just imagine how stupid his VP will have to be.

      28. Does anyone think there is going to be elections?

        The campaign trail might get a little rough if things start falling apart.

        Financial banking problems with EBT and Snap terminated.

        Are You Ready? Warnings on the 4th of July.

        • I don’t see the elections in jeapordy yet; though I do find it odd there is no urgency on the part of Dems to run people against H. Why are they so sure?

          The timetable seems a bit fast (Sept -Nov )for a crash. What will be the catalyst? And jh15,if it’s in place to mitigate unrest, are they lying about the number of troops involved?

          • The govt. is lying to themselves if they think martial law ect. will be a cake walk.

        • I’m not so sure any of these are bad things. Maybe it needs to happen, just like Greece.

          Nearly half of Greece is employed by the government, the national debt is equal to their GDP, and they’re being controlled by a cabal of socialist central planners.

          Not much different than here.

          We can’t fix it ’til it breaks, I’m afraid.

          • smokey.

            “We can’t fix it ’til it breaks, I’m afraid.”

            Good point. The system will run as long as it can. Till it comes so unbearable to maintain. Either by the atrocious banking deals or the system can not fund itself. Someone will get pissed off one way or another and the games begin. Lots of players and different games.
            Maybe Mother Nature will have a part to play.

        • Elections? I not sure ‘sling’ if it will be worthwhile to even get up to the polls early like I use to. ‘Course it might be what they’re hoping for. Think I might just show up for shits and giggles.

          • Sadly, and i do mean, sadly; if there were ever any hope of diggin out short of divine intervention, our best chance would be with…..wheuuuu it hurts to say it….the donald.

            he can’t be bought off.

            • “he can’t be bought off”

              In today’s political arena, that’s saying something.

              If he can’t be blackmailed or scared into submission, then we might get something accomplished before they assassinate him.

            • passinwiththewind

              YOU ARE FIRED!!! lol

              Sorry I just could not resist.

              • Thanks Mikey,

                I’ve been waitin’ to hear that for a while. lol. Seriously.

                Actually, I’ve been led to pass on what I have learned from the scriptures. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, especially the bible. However; many years ago I prayed for truth, and it was like, OK, but be prepared to start from scratch and forget everything you have heard and been taught for thirty years.

                As information and new understandings started flowing like a cool brook flowing through a meadow, a big picture of truth emerged like a giant gig saw puzzle. With over 15 years of researching and receiving gifts of understanding from the Holy Spirit, more and more of the truth flowed and made pieces of the puzzle that snapped right into place.

                Many, many times I have tried to quit, and I guess, get fired, by saying I am not worthy, I am just an old worn out truck driver with limited college education. I have had many other jobs, but nothing as complete as OTR trucking. Anyways, I kept receiving the same message…warrior…rally troops in the muck. Nothing spells muck like..shit..htfplan. It gets down and dirty here, and has since I first visited in late ’08, or early ’09; I can’t remember exactly. I do know the cussing/foul language has subside for the most part. I have never been one to use the Lord’s name in vane, but I grew up with a grandpa that cussed like a drunken sailor, and I never ever saw him drunk. He was the one born in 1891.

                Anyways, I wanted so bad to just live out my retirement fishing, camping, a little hunting, riding my Hog thru the countryside, etc, etc. After driving for about 2 million, (accident free miles), the last thing i wanted was to travel again, all the time. Why couldn’t somebody else with more knowledge and education, and definitely more spirituality do it? And it kept coming back, that I was not gonna let evil or demonically controlled liberals get away with anything thrown at me. I have not and will not. They are like snakes under my feet crawling in the dust of my path.

                And that is true, I get my grit from my grandparents and my Creator, so here I have been all these years. Now I have received the words I have been wanting to hear, “you are fired, and it is time to pass the torch”.

                Oh I don’t plan to leave this site and all my friends right away, but the last article/piece will be my last big post here.
                I never intended to appear as a site hijacker as some have claimed, and prayed about what to say to Mac about it.

                God said it’s all mine, mac doesn’t own anything, I want you there. I’ll handle Mac and the others. Remember, God uses whomsoever He will, and He is still on the Throne.

                God sent me to a Big website many years ago, and I could not understand why. The preacher and radio show host is internationally recognized and the Ministry following was huge. So were the dollars flowing into it. So was the twisted messages. Some straight out lies that were not biblical but just the interpretations of this minister, and more specifically his wife and her girlfriend. Anyways, when God led me to explain truths and folks started questioning their leaders deceptions, all hell broke loose. I was chastised and threatened, and then eventually banned. Then “their” chastisement started, and it was costly. God sent a literal fire down from heaven and cost them tens of thousands. I can’t get into details, but eventually their whole internet ministry was shut down for a good while, because they had been..”exposed”.

                Like i said, I was led to that site for a reason, and led here for a reason. So, all that have come against me personally, you better make sure you are in God’s good graces.

                Remember, God has said..”Touch not mine elect”. That is not a holier than thou statement from me, but one of humbleness as being chosen as a servant of my Heavenly Father.

                So carry on people.

                • Passininthewind

                  Thanks for sharing. I have been saved since I was around 12. The closer you come to him the more he leads. I cannot tell you how much your post meant to me.

          • PO,always vote,even a write in.I do know the system 2 party rigged,but whether they were right or wrong folks fought in wars to a degree believe they were protecting our freedoms,hence,I vote out of respect for them.Thus,choosing the lessor of two evils still choosing evil usually do write ins.

      29. “a line of people waited to withdraw cash from an A.T.M., hours before the official announcement that banks would be closed starting on Monday”

        Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I would join a line if it ever happened here and bitch loudly about how I am out of everything. And leave before the riots start on the 2nd or third day.

      30. This is SHTF on a global scale. It’ll be here soon enough. Times almost up. Obummer has a trip to Kenya on the 25th of July. A woman posted a vision that she had, posted on Z3 News.of obummer being assassinated in Kenya, but that he was healed of his head wound. Just like the Bible says of the antichrist. It could get very real here in a heart beat. Have your eyes and ears wide open.

      31. Part of me is OK with the idea of the financial titans imploding. Currency creation without productivity to back it up has to end at some point. It would be fun to see the grievance and entitlement professionals forced to accept responsibility for themselves. Not so fun for folks in urban areas, I suppose.

        Time to fine tune. Working on physical conditioning now, arguing with myself to stay on a routine. Got my bicycle back on the road. If gas is $20/gallon a bike will be priceless.

        Some backups are gone. Need to go to Sam’s this week.

        Silver is cheap. Guns and ammo are available if you feel the need.

        This is a good week to inventory and fill gaps. If nothing happens re Greece and Puerto Rico, then no harm no foul.

        Otherwise, in a better position than most. We are on good terms with good neighbors and very far from large cities. No need to panic. May need to pick up popcorn at Sam’s so we can watch the show if the banks here crash.

        The country will be fine. Understand that country and government are not synonymous.

      32. I’m curious on how long everyone has prepped for. I got 90 days worth of food, water, batteries, some cash, etc. Pretty much of what I read here.

        I’m going on 70 and I have some medical issues. I figure if everything falls apart at the seams and it’s not getting better after three months then I’ll most likely not make it long term anyway.

        • Lost Karma.

          I prepped out a solid six months. Can extend that to a year by rationing. You have done better than most people. There is a lot to learn about eating habits. Eat when you are hungry. Cut out the snacks. Essential caloric intake for work.
          Know what will happen to fast food and restaurants. Then the SNAP and EBT at supermarkets. Ninety days is a major milestone.

        • I’m prepped for one solid year, maybe more. I have extra on top of that in case I have a stray guest that I can use or to barter with. Then I have my backups, alternates and spares.

        • I probably have two years worth of food. Three months of water with a creek 100 yards away. Four different methods of filtration. Enough first aid supplies for a good sized hospital. Toilet paper for two years too.

      33. Been lurking on this site for a few years. Learned a lot, and prepped. We finally were in a position to sell the house. Goal is to pay off all our debts, live modestly in an apartment for a year, while looking for a place outside of a large city, pay cash, and where we can be self reliant. I must say I am a bit nervouse,….hoping our closing date in mid August arrives before the shtf!!!! On my way to fill up my gas tank, and get some more cash on hand…

        • Smart woman.

      34. This may be our last 4th of July as we know it. I don’t feel a whole lot of pride, thanks to the Scrotum court, obama, and 99% of the politicians that have turned their backs on the Constitution. The military is quickly become a joke due to the Pentagon fags gone wild as well as religious leaders who “embrace” the new morality. Oh Lord, pour out you’re wrath, let it begin and end when the Lord Jesus appears in the eastern sky.

        • Well Confederate,then I say we have a hell of a celebration with friends/families ect.I love blowing things up in celebrating the birth of this country which I love,just hate govt.s.

          Lets all try and enjoy this years $th,tis the last have some good memories of what was and perhaps even dreams becoming reality of what can be again.

          I will stay sober this 4th unless it hits the fan,that old #7 has my name on it end of days!

          • I’ve got a friend who’s running some ‘wash’ and hope to be sippin’ some ‘clear’ for the fireworks show.

      35. Greece will get another bailout, this is just all part of the negotiations. If they default, Greece better become Russian vassal PDQ.

        • “Greece better become Russian vassal PDQ.”

          That is why another bailout is gauranted , Greece flirts with Russia and the EU gets scared and bails them out.
          Time and again , same as it evr was.

      36. beam me up scotty


        What the hell was i thinking that was going to just leave the office and go workout. No, i had to look at this site again. Jesazzz Koverist, here we go again, they are cleaning out the stores.

        Buttcrackofdoom, whats happening bud. Your timing is none the less, unpresidented. Yes, we are literally facing the Buttcrackofdoom. Welcome back.

        Hopefully we dont get the “gay agency azz clowns” hitting up on you because your handle. First i must thank Mac, the master of DOOM for posting this picture and artilce. As i said before, we are literally surfing THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON. Now that the event has hit. Buttcrackofdoom, your post connects the dots and your timing and post sincronizes wonderfully. WE ARE GOING TO DIVE INTO SHTF anyday now. I was told like many, that from the moment you see Greece calapse, and that from the moment you see that, get all the food and supplies and get ready for civil war, total all out calapse. The citizens of Greece will need lost of grease because they are getting f…ke…d globalist style. Gee what a wonderfull start. They dont call it Greece for no reason, the economic azz rhealming engineered by the globalist rapist pedofiles has begun.

        The ideotic clowns attack me, tell me that i forgot my meds, need meds and all sorts of crap, then i ask myself, is that not a line of people buying up food and supplies. GREECE JUST CALAPSED. That proves that most people are not preppers. Oh, we must do what the agency azz clowns told me on this site, to stop talking crap that i dont know about, throw away my supplies, take medication, and chill out and that it wont happen. WELL IDOETS, IT WILL HAPPENA DN IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND WHEN NOVERMBER 2015 COMES AROUND YOU WILL LITERALLY SH….T YOUR PANTS. Well, i hate to tell you gay agency pedofile ideots, i am not going to listen to you. I do however recomend that you listen to us, your agency employers wont be coming to your rescure. The situation is that these guys and on this site because of Mac and this site is why when SHTF COMENSES, I WONT HAVE TO SLEEP UNDER A BRIDGE AND DO WITHOUT EATING FOR 2 WEEKS, AND IN this case of end game calapse, starve to death or get eaten by black dred lock felons and other criminal gansta rapist felon thugs coming for me and my supplies post shtf.


        Engineered economic calapse, Nubiru, environmental distructions, bio-weapons, fractural pole shift of 24%, tow north poles forming, flooding in mass, Jade Helm 15 citizen attack and capture operations with Walmart. Isis cakes baked at Walmart. Jihadist trainng camps in mexico, and advancing army shooting at border patrol hellicopter, F16 shot down in Arizona Mexico border. WW3, Civil War, revolutionary war, leading to the ROAD. You name it. Its here folks. One day in the near future, the grid will go down by design, this site will be gone, we the preppers are the remnants of the post civilzation.

        Cliff High from says it best.


        • What happened to the reptilians? Can’t see to wrap my head ’round that one.

        • Your posts, Houst/Cypress/Katy/shtf make utterly no sense whatsoever.

          • Cocaine Katy embroideries on my jeans…

        • Katy- Bar the Door!

        • ewww that smell
          cantcha smell that smell
          ewww that smell
          the smell of DEBT surrounds yoouuuuu
          doing ok here in so cal…fer a minute, anyways, houst…thanks for the well wishes…and yup, this greecefire aint goin’ out anytime soon! stephen king couldn’t write a better story than what’s about to happen.
          and remember…see sumthing, say NOTHING, because you KNOW obama would KILL for another one o’ them peace prizes!

          • Hope you got yer bo bag ready and a full tank of petro, or at least enough to get to Phoenix, or Flagstaff.

            If predictions are correct, the big one could hit so cal before christmas.

            Just sayin’. I sure did enjoy Coachella and Pomona when i visited.

            • i’m about as ready as anyone can be livin’ in hell(well, you can SEE hell from my place)…would love to leave this communist state, but i got kids here…and a business…all that said, i’m STILL looking at relocating….and many of U.S. might just go through a FORCED relocation sooner than we know! godspeed!

              • Im in the same boat,,,

      38. It’s going to happen, it always does. Don’t need a crystal ball, The Wall Street Journal, or Zero Hedge article to know this. Economies fail, wars happen, disease happens. The Four Horsemen I think.

        Bad Government, like we have now makes it worse, just like Greece.

        Beans, bullets, Band Aids, God, Guns, and Guts.

        Until it does, watch out fur them hogs!

        • woof-woof!

        • what’s gonna happen, is gonna happen,…..just don’t let it happen to YOU!

      39. I don’t feel badly for those who could have prepped, but didn’t believe they needed to and just didn’t bother. But I do feel badly for those who can’t make ends meet and don’t have the means or the money to prep. I’m sure there are people who exist day-to-day and who really want to prep, but are simply unable to. I think we need to keep them in our prayers and be grateful that we have the means to prep.

        • Common,tough times bring out the best and worst in people.I will to best of ability try and help others,one way or another gonna die but till then will do the right thing.
          Then,I sit on the rock in hell and watch the faces of the evil fucks come in while laughing my ass off with a beer and smoke.
          I believe when given a safe chance(or as safe as reasonable),others will help others,otherwise,no point in even surviving till it hits.

      40. I love you right wing Chicken Littles…Counting and cleaning your guns, “keeping your powder dry,” and the pathetic attempts at harvesting the land thinking it’s all going to spare you…Regardless of the subject matter, it always becomes you chicken littles patting yourselves on your backs for your collective delusional thinking that you got all these events covered. Just keep paying your taxes, lemmings, I may need a new pair of Nike’s for the summer….Yes, I’m that “SHTF” boogeyman…I collect a pension and live in an urban environment…And never tire of reading your delusional “sky is falling” proclamations as I live off your taxes…Idiots.

        • LAL, I’ll take the bait.

          Are their people who post on this site whose views make me uncomfortable? Sure. But that’s ok. Uniformity of opinion only exists in authoritarian regimes and leftist social circles.

          A common, commendable characteristic of posters is a desire to be as independent as possible. If you want to be dependant on “taxpayers” and a complex urban environment that’s fine. Don’t care, really. We just percieve the risks differently.

          Spent most of my life in a very urban area. Got tired of the crime, the race based politics, and being a cash cow for various taxing agencies. Also, got tired of working on a treadmill, commuting to buy crap I didn’t need.

          It’s possible to unplug from the matrix.

          • Obtuseangler

            I really could care less how you live. Freedom for everyone is what I say. You just don’t get to live off of my taxes for much longer.
            That is when the system crashes just like Greece. To many people taking other peoples money. When that happens my friend you are on your own.

        • allrighty then, You keep thinking that.

        • Even a squirrel is smart enough to store up nuts for the winter! Unlike squirrels, liberals poo poo the concept of being prepared for obvious coming storms and harsh seasons.

          Clearly it follows squirrels are smarter than liberals and progressives!

        • LAL, go f#$% off and go somewhere else, freeloader.

        • Havent made enough to have to pay taxes in 8 years so it aint me your livin off butthead!
          All by design, nobody said i had to make a big progit and im cool with being at a subsistence level,,,,
          People like you are why i am how i am,

        • LaL, your welcome.

        • You’re so cute!

      41. PO,good response,I bark at people when they piss me off!I have always been in many ways more canine,dogs are loving and protective,and will eat/fight/play/fuck at the drop of a hat,they live in the moment,thus,not sure dogs prep much.

        I have my sealed bottles of #7,it hits one final blowout,then,probably die trying to help others and off to the rock in hell.As always,Warchild has given this a lot of though and unless I suddenly find meself needing to adopt orphan kids or some such thing(would be patently unfair but would do it)will see some evil happening and whatever the odds going for a “Fuck It!”moment,final act of defiance and all!

        • Flute playin’ on old vinyl and good whiskey…

          Whatta way to go…

          • JR,we need to party a bit when the storm hits,final preps,mental!

          • JR,we need to party a bit when the storm hits,final preps,mental!I think we both could deal with the others choice in music!

            • WARCHILD:
              I’ll bring the music and the black light
              N. Reb

              • Black light?OK Reb,this time you did age yourself!

                • War, still got 2 lava lights from the 70’s…
                  Trippy man, trippy…

                  • eppe.

                    “Fill you head with hair. Long Beautiful Hair”.

                    Oh, Boy.

                  • Eppe, damn, you bring back memories with that. the wife and I had several black lights. Damn, I’m getting old.

            • Warchild

              Can I bring my bottle. Would love to have a toast. At that point you can play whatever music you want. I will just keep sipping.

        • WC, #7 will do but G. Jack I prefer on the rocks. I was picking up some refreshment today and saw a large bottle of GJ with a 59.00 price tag on it. Yikes!

          • PO,buy and shelve,heck,all works out will just be better aged,falls apart a few nice final drinks not a bad thing,then to quote a tireless old man,”Time to make the donuts!”.

      42. Greece, “DID NOT” make their loan payment to the IMF.
        Now watch the riots in the streets when they don’t get all their government free-be’s. Now how is next to default. It has started. time to top off gas cans, ammo cans, bean cans and any other can you would like to top off. Get ready I believe it has started (SHTF) and it will be like a snow ball rolling down MT. Everest by time it gets here. with only 3% to 5% prepared. I hate to say it but there will be smoke across the water and fire in the sky.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Northern Reb.

          Shades of Deep Purple.

          • How the hell did you get ahead of me in response line.Dammit!Even the time shows I posted first!Warchild says as he stomps his foot like a petulent child!

            • WD

              Na, na, na, na, nan, na. Hahahaha!

          • Machine Head. Since I lived on a farm during that era, that 8-track tape was my first taste of rock music. Found it in a box of books someone gave away.

          • Are you sure it was not Fifty Shades Of Gray? lol

            That would really cause some Smoke On The Water.

      43. The domino’s seem to be falling. I have to say Puerto Rico was a surprise. Stepping up the preps.

        • These “kids” will die off when TSHTF…

        • bUlL sHit. this Is hoxE

      44. Reb,quoting Deep Purple eh?They were a great band,saw em live a few times,loved how that song came about!

        • Warchild:
          I love deep purples music. I remember when that song came out. I was dating ONE HOT BLONDE and when that song came on the radio, well, lets say it was a great night for a new song!;-]
          Now I’m really showing my age!-;}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Whiter shade of pale-Procol Harum

          • Po’d;
            Plus a little Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Jopplin. Grassroots, Iron Butterfly, The How.

            • Plus Tommy James and the Shondells(sp), The Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Momma’s and Poppa’s, And there are some other greats that I can’t think of right now.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • I can come up with many bands that hit their stride the best in the 70’s.I would say Jethro Tull comes to mind Dammit!

            • Iron Butterfly…it was only months ago my aunt shared that was my dads favorite group. I’d never heard of them.

              Dad died when I was 5 so I really don’t know much about his tastes.

      45. Tis all right,saw em a bit later without Ritchie,though,did see Rainbow with Ritchie along with ARS/Sweet(loved em!) and the indomitable Foghat!Airport Jam 1977,so,aint a spring chicken perhaps but not yet ready for the stew pot!

      46. ALL IS WELL…

        proud to be among the 3% prepared since 2008.

        glad i invested the time and money into filling up my prep closet and building my prep library.

        happy to be as snug as a bug in my bugout lo-cal far removed from major cities and racial hot-spots.

        very prepared for the local unprepared zombies to come looting when the shtf.

        *remember and practice the 3.S’s SHOOT, SHOVEL, SHUT-UP!

        *everyone should invest in affordable night vision and weapon mounted strobe lights for night action. that is the time most dindu’s nuffin’s home invader’s become active.

        ;0) half the battle is won by proper preparation.

        the other half in knowledge and experience.

        • Remote motion sensors,
          Trip wires
          Battery operated motion lights wired to lights and doorbell chimes,
          Stay the hell away from my farm, unless of course becoming feedstock for my long term compost pile is your desire,,,,

      47. I picture Manos sitting in a straight back chair next to the front window, keeping one eye on the road, and the other, the pathway to the front gate.

        Next to him on the small table is a plate of tart apple slices and salty cheese rind to hold him over as he assumes second watch.

        The light of the moon, the only light visible, reveals the sheen of his well oiled coach gun.

        “Come and take it”, he whispers to no one.

        Best to you and yours Manos…….BA.

        • Ive been wondering about Manos…anyone heard from him? REB

          • Reb, 2 or 3 articles back, possee posted an email he received from Manos. He’s OK.

      48. If or when what is happening in Greece comes to the US the entire world with little exception will be in the same fix. While everyone looks domestically, the world runs a very high probability of global war, as nations reach across their borders to solve their immediate needs like food and energy.

      49. Reb deep purple do you realize how long ago that was . Man you need to move on from the 70s . My wife talks about the old days I tune her out I don’t want to hear it. She still talks to people from back in the day. I have completly forgot those people. They have done nothing with their lives bunch of gov dependants. I don’t have time for nonsense. Maybe you had better times than me hey that’s good . I only knew dopers.

        • Asshat:
          Yes I do, 40 plus years ago. I graduated From High school in 1972, and married to the same lady sense 1974. I was bore in 1954.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Ear buds playing MP3s of Jobim…
          Hard to cool off with the grid down, but a small DC fan blowing on wet bed sheets top & bottom actually works to keep you cool.

      50. Jenn Michelle Obamas lunches that’s funny 80 percent of the kids are getting free lunch beggars can’t be complainers true. I don’t like yogurt yuck not for me but I’ve seen the welfare parents feeding their kids cookies and other garbage these little ghetto kids need a good meal at least once per day. Look at all the free shit people a lot of them are totally unemployable. The bitches all look like their face is sunk in you know that crack head look. Ive seen women as old as I am that behave and speak like a 14 year old. That is sad grown adults with the mentality of a kid and they can vote and have a say in how we are governed. We are doomed humanity is a joke some people are a waste of resources. I’m tired of these useless eaters partaking in the fruit of my labor I can’t wait till the shit hits. We need to take out the trash of the world.

      51. Grand Funk Railroad is one of my favorites.
        By the way look west at sunset. Star of Bethlehem to be seen tonight. venus and Jupiter within 3 degrees of each other, combining light is what scientists are saying was the star.
        Last seen 2000 years or so ago.

        A little up on the dow for a little bit then death spiral. Hang on.

      52. …and at the last minute, they’ve agreed to another bailout. The theater continues. All hype, not followthrough. Another day in paradise.

      53. Economic failure ALWAYS follows the moral failure of a country.

        I doubt there are many head-in-the-sand types here, but if you DO know of any, enlighten them with the following:

        Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement. And we can only assume the book burnings will begin any day now for those the advocate for freedom of conscience. After all, it is to these people as their leftist hero Herbert Marcuse said: “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        1. Valerie Richardson wrote today at “When Melisa Erwin called the Giffords about using their upstate New York property for a same-sex wedding ceremony, she apparently knew in advance that they would refuse. For one thing, she and her fiancee recorded the conversation. Even so, an administrative judge with the New York State Division of Human Rights ordered the Giffords to pay $3,000 to Ms. Erwin and Jennifer McCarthy for “mental pain and suffering,” in addition to $10,000 for violating the state’s human rights ordinance. In a brief filed Thursday, attorneys for Cynthia and Robert Gifford argue that the state’s ruling violates the First Amendment, but they also criticize the same-sex couple for what they describe as an “orchestrated set-up.” “The evidence, however, indicates that Respondents were aware of the Giffords’ beliefs and chose specifically to call and record Mrs. Gifford for the purposes of documenting the Giffords’ policy,” said the brief filed by attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom. “Such an orchestrated set-up can hardly form the basis for ‘mental anguish’ and suffering,” said the brief, which was submitted to the New York Supreme Court (hey! Only spilling hot coffee on yourself qualifies as mental anguish and suffering).

        2. Idaho City’s Ordinance Tells Pastors to Marry Gays or Go to Jail: By Cheryl K. Chumley wrote at“Coeur d‘Alene, Idaho, city officials have laid down the law to Christian pastors within their community, telling them bluntly via an ordinance that if they refuse to marry homosexuals, they will face jail time and fines. The dictate comes on the heels of a legal battle with Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post wedding chapel in the city, but who oppose gay marriage.” See also These fascists want to JAIL 68 year old Don Knapp for his right of free conscience Y’know… from these gay hypocrite advocates for “compassion.”

        3. Supreme Court Rejects Christian Photographer’s Appeal of Lesbian Wedding Verdict You MUST agree with the gay Brownshirts. It is, as the New Mexico Supreme Court told Huegenin, the “price of her citizenship.” or
        4. The Nazis used Brownshirts to destroy the windows and businesses of Jews. The fascist gays use blackrobes (activist judges) to fine and destroy businesses of anyone who DARES disagree with them. This couple was fined $135,000. Don’t’ worry. You may be next. Christian Bakers who Refused Cake Order for Gay Wedding Forced to Close Shop Then, of course, there is the violence and threats to them from the “love wins” gay hypocrites, as here: The Times reports they “have been hounded by vicious phone calls and emails.” Just more of the usual from the radical gays.
        5. But the best example of the Brownshirt gay Nazi judicial Kristallnachts is grandmotherly 70 year old florist Barronelle Stutzman. No, the leftist media won’t tell you about her, but I will: Stutzman had employed gay people before, and sold gay flowers to at least one gay couple for a decade, when asked to do a gay wedding. She politely demurred. You know the rest. She was sued, and the judicial activists won. These new masters of moral conformity are demanding obedience at the point of a gun – or at least a lawsuit. Just as all tyrants do. One story at

      54. from the 2008 crash

        Burr told constituents not to mob ATMs

        ht tp://

        the average person has NO idea how very fragile the financial systems have become
        but “they” do

        • Burr is a scumbag lawyer…He sucks

      55. Extra credit:

        Typical gay H8TE: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” was among the massive number of threats Memories Pizza in Indiana got for disagreeing with gay fascism. Owner Kevin O’Connor shut his pizza parlor down until further notice after his family began receiving threatening phone calls and social media posts. When Kevin and his daughter Crystal O’Connor answered truthfully that they wouldn’t cater gay “wedding,” if asked the threats from the “tolerant” Left were so vicious — everything from burning down the pizza parlor to killing its owners — that the O’Connors closed the store and went into hiding. The response to the H8TE-filled radical gays? “ I’d do the same thing again,” Kevin O’Conner explained. “It’s my belief. It’s our belief. It’s what we grew up on. I’m just sorry it comes to this because neither one of us dislike any of those people. I don’t hold any grudges.” Leftists actions? More dirty pool, such as flooding the store’s Yelp page with negative reviews trying to destroy his business. Homoerotic photos were posted to embarrass them, of course. The usual H8TEful stuff from the radical gays and radical left.Oh yes. Memories Pizza in Nichols WI was also got hate messages from the gays, as reported on WGN TV April 3rd on their 10 PM news, even tho they have absolutely nothing to do with a tiny mom and pop shop two states away. Pretty much clueless on just about everything

        Then there is this: 12 year old boy twerking (thanks, Miley Cyrus) at gay pride festival. Disgusting. Or this; well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.

      56. Ferfal, who survived the Argentinian meltdown, has a good summary at today on Greece, BTW

      57. This is coming to the former USA very soon. That includes Texas too. Prepare now while you are still able to prep.

      58. Gonna try to water can some veggies from the garden this year it’s new to me never did it before being able to preserve my hard work to save for later I feel will be vital. Last summer I gave a shit load of veggies away because I didn’t know how to preserve them. Seems like a skill for the ladies so I’m trying to get the wife into that. I like doing the garden. All these ebt free shit people are gonna wake up and the free meal train is gonna come to a halt and they are gonna be screwed. Most of these people live in a subsidized hosing project with no area to have a garden. This is what you get when you want to live on public assistance. The gov don’t want you to be able to produce your own food you might not vote for the free shit politician they don’t want you to be able to get your own housing they won’t be able to control you. I think all these type people are in for a very rude awakening. At some point the gov will have to make a hard choice to cut programs because it just won’t be possible to fund the free shit lifestyle. The day is quickly approaching.

      59. Test thanks for posting that video. That rally shows how stupid and ideotic people really are..

        Now for you agency pricks who keep posting comments.

        Anonymous, my post makes now sense to you because you have sh…. t for brains. You are busy living with your faggot lover taking d..
        K up your azz and you are talking to me. Your reasoning and writing skills versus mine. I live in Texas and am a red neck.

        The real legitimate shtf comenters have read what I have been posting for over two months since i got on this board, so piss off you moron Agency azz clown. LAL, you are a total complete gay, Agency azz licking clown. Eat sh..t ideot…when people are standing in line emptying the atm and cleaning out grocery stores, this is a very serious situation..apparently you are in the military and signed the litmus test signing off that you will fire on Americans, if given the order to do so. good luck to you, got your ticket to the under ground base eh. My post makes no sense. You have a f…k…g reading disability..this ain’t a college paper so I don’t give a rats azz about grammar. you fools think that pointing out my bad grammar and type errors will make well known posters all in a sudden stop listening to what I am posting, you see ideots I read every legitimate posters comments because I learn from them. take this and shove it your azz ideot nd go marry your faggot lover while it a still legal. F…k you LAL. America has less than one month supply of food in the warehouses, and when calapse comenses it will run out. New York has 4 hrs. Yes 4 hrs. I have a friend what lives there who ate out of garbage cans and lost starved to death he, his wife and kids he manages a company division for a major insurance carrier. Your taking sh…to to me boy. if you don’t need to prep then don’t prep stupid, we are not asking you to prep, why are you posting here. Dumb down people don’t visit these sites, they don’t at all. So you people are military. I am much
        More intelligent than you anticipated.

        • If you were any more intelligent than I anticipated, you’d outsmart the fruit flies in my kitchen for a bite at the apple. Other than that? I hope my correct spelling and punctuation doesn’t affect your (lack of) reading comprehension. If you’re an example of what a prepper truly is, I and my buddies will have it made knocking you down and stealing your precious preps. Like an adult lunch money strong arm thing. Keep prepping, lemming.

          • LAL,

            Is this maroon great or what?! He always makes a point of telling us he works in an ” office” for a living. When I point out that even the lowly mail delivery boy has to have better command of reading and spelling than he does, I ask him what kind of office he works in. His response is always the same, he runs away to the next article and pounds his chest about how tough he is. You’re dealing with the end product of several generations of inbreeding when you try to communicate with ” it”, so yeah, I’ll take the flies outsmarting him and even give odds on it too. They really should throw the net over this one once for all, if anything, before he actually hurts himself by banging his head on the wall too much.

      60. Greeks had better become independent of Germany’s federal Europe. Living off the land of Greece, like their ancient ancestors, is the way for Greeks to regain their independence from Germany’s European Union. Americans had better take note, for their own survival and independence from their continental and now, also, world Federalists.

      61. The Greek crisis is self inflicted and the extreme of problems in America. The Greeks will work sort of, and will get to it when they get to it. Their tax system was similar to liar loans (stated income) in the U.S. All programs were supported by people living in villas and reporting 10 k incomes a year.
        The Greeks do not give a shit and a land of everything for nothing. It is extreme to compare the U.S. to them.

      62. Have you ever read “The Harbinger”. What is in it is true. This year is the 7th year and something is going to happen just like all of the last happenings. These happenings in it concerns America. Something is going to POP this year.

      63. Ray, you are right on the money, it’s going to happen. I have been to this. I am not even respond to these previous idoets.

        • Are trying to call us “idiots” or “poets?” You’re incomprehensible attempt at an insult is tough to get angry about when laughing ones balls off.

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