Coming To A Town Near You: Expert Warns That No-Go Zones Are Growing In America

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Headline News | 122 comments

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    Nothing epitomizes the failure of Europe’s immigration policies more than the notorious “no-go zones.”

    For decades the West has opened its borders to people who don’t share their values, and the West has utterly failed to encourage these people to assimilate. To even suggest that is now considered racist in many European countries.

    The lack of assimilation has reached a degree that many of these populations have become resentful of their mediocre status in society, and have actually become more insular. Younger generations of these immigrants are more likely to follow ideologies like radical Islam, and they’re less likely than their parents to interact with native born Europeans. Many of them don’t even speak any European languages.

    The result has been the rise of dozens of no-go zones, which dot the urban landscapes of Europe. These are places that act as ethnic enclaves within their host countries. They are nations within nations, where outsiders are routinely shunned, berated, and beaten if they dare enter. In addition to that, they’ve become hotbeds of terrorism and civil unrest. And believe it or not, these Islamic no-go zones are beginning to show up in the United States.

    That’s according to Raheem Kassam, a conservative political activist and author from the UK. He recently wrote a book on the subject of no-go zones, which reveals startling similarities between the Middle Eastern enclaves of Europe and America.

    Places like the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, where Shariah cops make house checks to make sure Somali refugees are not becoming too Westernized, and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers in Arabic and storefronts that once peddled Polish sausage are now brimming with halal meats.

    These can be the early warning signs of a budding no-go zone, says Kassam. But even more crucial, he says, is the level of assimilation by second and third generation Muslim Americans. If the experience of Europe is any indication, trouble is on the horizon for U.S. cities.

    Of course, America has always had neighborhoods that were predominantly inhabited by various immigrant groups. But over time those immigrants still assimilated. That’s not what we’re seeing is America’s Muslim neighborhoods.

    “But you look at the Muslim immigrants and they’re not doing that, they’re actually further ghettoizing, they’re moving inward, not outward.”

    Polls by Pew Research show a higher proportion of young Muslims backing terrorism, supporting death for apostasy [leaving Islam], death for homosexuals, and the idea that the woman must cover herself with the hijab or the burqa.

    So it’s the opposite trend of Little Italy becoming less like Italy and more like America.

    “You see a higher disposition than their parents who believe these things,” Kassam said. “They’re holding onto this Muslim-American sort of thing, and they’re being supported by the political left.”

    Kassam includes a whole chapter on Hamtramck, which in 2015 became the first U.S. city to elect a majority-Muslim city council. Several years before that, in 2011, the city approved the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers, effectively chasing away many of the last Polish holdouts.

    What’s going on in Europe right now should stand as a warning to Americans. Those countries have made a terrible mistake with their immigration policies, which they may be paying for over the next few generations. But unlike Europe, we still have time to change course. We can still adopt a sensible immigration policy that invites people who treasure our values, and turns back those who would have no respect for what we stand for.


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      1. “the West has utterly failed to encourage these people to assimilate. To even suggest that is now considered racist in the United States”

        • my house is already a no go zone

          • My area where the BOL and relatives are located is a no-go zone for unwanted visitors.

          • When I was in VN, we did not call them “No-go-zones” we called them “Free Fire Zones” I suspect they will be that in Michigan also. No-go-zones are for left libs.

        • mexicans are smart. the dont assimilate they accumulate. they own most of the nice homes in the farming areas here because a herd of them go in on making a community.

          • that is why i dont like mexicans, they are better than me

        • Islam is not here to integrate into our culture, it is here to assimilate us into their ideology.

        • “What’s going on in Europe right now should stand as a warning to Americans. Those countries have made a terrible mistake with their immigration policies, which they may be paying for over the next few generations”.

          This is a very serious social experiment TPTB are playing at, with potentially catastrophic consequences. I don’t want to take the chance when it’s our children who will pay for failure. And they will pay in blood!

          • If one pops up near us we are going in there and kill them all.

            • .

            • A muslim “no-go zone” is a go with rifles zone!

          • It’s not a “social experiment”, it’s about replacing you.

          • Yes Justice it should serve as a warning however the Progressive Ruling Class Liberal Communists want this in the US and 1/2 the country made up of Useful Idiots support the it.

          • It’s not an experiment, it’s a plan. It’s called “The Kalergi Plan”. Look it up on the net. The elite want to genocide whitey by forced integration and miscegenation to produce a dumb lower class that they can rule over, with the “Jews” as our spiritual advisors. In other words Kabbalistuc Talmudism and Baal worship will be the new religion of a feudal society. Most everyone will be a slave, but they will be so dumb they won’t know it.

        • I was looking for a friend in Washington DC and got off in the wrong location back in the early 90’s. As I was walking through the neighborhood, a kindly older AA woman came up to me to tell me I was in the wrong neighborhood and was in physical danger and needed to turn around and get back on the Metro system as quickly as possible. I have been in dangerous places around the world but I was was clueless! I heeded her warning as quickly as I could!

          Louisiana Eagle

        • True! And that is because a decease called “Liberal Humanism” is spreading all over.

        • We should be encouraging them to go home.

      2. This is such a massive disgrace and failure and so unacceptable! If you come to a damn country, you learn the damn language and you act civil. The US is not (not yet) some 3rd world shit hole, show some respect and decency. There are currently plenty of Black areas in the city that I will NOT go anywhere near and that has been going on for years and that is a huge disgrace as well. Worthless, no good, filthy rats.

        • You don’t assimilate if you intend to conquer.

      3. “For decades the West has opened its borders to people who don’t share their values, and the West has utterly failed to encourage these people to assimilate. To even suggest that is now considered racist in many European countries.”

        Think about that statement – very concerning my fellow American Patriots…

      4. Hamtramck has had the call to prayer playing over a speaker system since at least 2005.

        • speaker system invented by. . .??

          non-Whites have no right to White stuff

          how did they get ahold of it?

        • How ironic. Muslims living in a city nicknamed “ham sandwich”.

      5. Only one answer to survival: DEPORT every immigrant that has come here in the last 20 years that is on ANY type of govt assistance, on a watchlist, convicted of a felony, or an illegal. Back to the countries of origin. Then shut down every mosque and declare Islam an ideology akin to Nazi-ism (not a religion) demonizing it like they’ve demonized the KKK.
        Then, and only then, can America be saved from this invasion.!!!!!!

        • The countries these *people* come from don’t want them back.
          Tht’s an issue out gov is attempting to deal with.

          I think they should be crammed into a herc, a few hundred at a time and dumped off(on land)at the furthermost location
          in their home countries as possible.
          Like the mexican felons.. dump them at the southern most point of mexico not at out gates on the boarder.

          • Like any of these countries could stop USA from repatriating their living trash.

            What happens when whites are replaced? Technical innovation stops, then rolls backward. Within about 2 generations, the lifestyle of TPTB recedes along with it. Africans, muslims, and Latinos can’t even maintain what they have been given.

        • Speaking as someone with a legal immigrant family member, I can tell you the law states they can’t go on public assistance, lest they be deported. So it’s disgusting to see illegals come in and belly up to the trough for all the freebies, while my relative had to sponsor their spouse on their expensive, uncertain multi-year process of legal naturalization. Why should we import useless tax eaters instead of productive tax payers?

        • It would be easier to give the Illegals and immigrants and dual citizens in the last 25 years a choice. You get 48 hours to self-deport or face FEMA Camps and lets get back to forced slavery and chain gangs to work the county roads and build dams by hand and shovel. Make them work for their EBT freebee cards. Also shut down every synagogue and deport all the 3ews back to… Where ever the F*ck they came from. They have no country of origin as they are squatters destroying every nation they occupy on the planet and have been kicked out of over 100 countries world wide.

          • I know you are hating on THOSE PEOPLE for your own reasons. Do you understand that
            anyone born in America is an American? It’s not for you or me or anyone to determine who
            is not worthy to stay. If you are born here, it’s your right to stay. To the Seminoles, or
            whatever group frequented the area where you live, YOU may well be considered a squatter. To the native descendants, anyone of European ancestry may be considered a
            squatter. Just as so you claim that THOSE PEOPLE who seem to be destroying the entire
            world, have no right to live anywhere- can you see the shoe on the other foot? I think you
            have a hard on for THOSE PEOPLE because something happened to you in your life. Maybe
            you got fired. Maybe someone was mean to you ( aw…..). I’ll bet THOSE PEOPLE cant stand
            your monkey ass. Same as a lot of people here. Gentiles fuck up a lot of shit as well. I have
            worked for THOSE PEOPLE and I have worked for gentiles. THOSE PEOPLE treat their
            employees much better, IMHO. This nation has only been blessed BECAUSE OF its relation
            to ISRAEL. You are filled with hatred. Hatred for God. Hatred for his people. Hatred for
            seemingly anyone that disagrees with you. Ashkinazim this or that. Israel will be standing
            until the end of the age. Maybe there is a prepper website in Israel that hates on gentiles as much as you hate on them. But I doubt it.

        • If only this could be done. The “Left” and the ACLU would throw a hissy fit. Putin is right when he said, “We don’t need to go in to destroy America, they will destroy themselves.”

          Still asleep steeple??

      6. People better wake up fast. They don’t want to talk about it because of tourism but parts of Orlando, FL. are the same way. Tourists are even being robbed in hotels in the tourist district. We need to take our country back and make America white again.

        • I dont think making it white has anything to do with it,
          Making it America again does,

          • Making America WHITE has everything to do with everything!

            Imagine if America had no Whites from the beginning. What would we have today?

            See Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray. It could have been entitled White Accomplishment. . .

        • JAS, Nail, All,

          Make America Great Again by making it America again! Can that be done? We all need to become like the color of water. I am who I am, a seeker of truth, a lover of humanity, and an explorer of nature and the world. We are all God’s creation and share more in common than there are differences. I am proud to be an American and will support all who love America and desire to protect the country, its diverse people, and its wonderful ideals embodied in the Constitution.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • Once done with your Virtue-Signaling, and since you have many times professed to being christian…Try reading the biblical new testement chapter, if I recall it is located in book of Thesolonians 1 or 2 perhaps???…..Which discuses that there are TWO distinct types of peoples.

            The one is christians and Paul explains that we are Of the “LIGHT” aka The TRUE Children of God….The others/rest are of the “Darkness” side and YES that darkness group is well defined by aprox 15+ seperate catagories…And YES like it or not it Does include those Babalonian talmudics too…

            And after a full discussion on who is darkness Vs. Who is Light and Gods peoples….it All comes to an end sentence that states..”Therefore as Gods children of Light….From such(those of darkness) TURN AWAY FROM THEM!!!

            Which basically disproves to the proverbial T, such nonsensical blatherings so many deluded folks claim…IE: That somehow we are ALL children of God and are all Equal etc etc.

            No…No we are Not all the same period, and as written in The Main manual so called christians are supposed to direct their life and ideals and beliefs by.

            ALL=Equal was a false invention by bolshevik chewdeo kommies such as Leib Bronstien, aka Leon Trotsky and his fellow traveler soviet chewish pals that invented and ran communisim in russia, and the entire eastern euro nations.

            He also coined the word of “Racist” and his Only Boss above him, Lennin, made as his first official State soviet Law, in 1922, five years after the start of the chewdeo bolshie kommie takeover there, the state Law that banned Every/All forms of what they termed as “antisemitisim”…Which started with monetary fines, and quickly graduated to Death Via back of head bullet method for Anybody just “suspected” of possibly thinking of having a mind thought such as “Gee truth is this evil they call communisim is a chewish invention and run by mostly chews”.

            Heres how it all worked out…Neighbor calls CHEKA secret police, aprox 300 members, with 99+% chewsih, and states that Neighbor Joey looks like he’s thinking communisim is Bad or Evil…..3 A.M That night, checka cops enter with ZERO warrent, Drag every member out of home and shoot em all in back of head….Ergo no longer will Any others in that hood think bad thoughts of communisim or chewry!

            And first complaintant neighbor that called check police to alert them, gets One Extra Lb. of Real Butter next Month allotmants! See how that works after all get convinced all are “Equal and Same”?

            Indeed everyone is the same…As officially written of in their Protocols of elders of zion…Where also written is the Fact that the protocol writer zios stated that they Knew Nothing in entire universe is Equally the same period…But they will promote it and insist upon it becomeing State Law Globally to fool the Goys of the world, and make it far eaiser for their zio controlers to control so Many Goyim globally.

            Racist and equal etc etc are simply Anti Gentile and especially Anti Whitey fabrications…And just look how swell it has so far worked on aprox 99% of usa and global populations eh!

            Let Us coin a New ideal and phrase such as perhaps…

            Hey Whitey’s!! WAKE the Fuck UP already eh!!

            And remember Study all that Paul Listed as Darkness side and from such “Turn Away From Them!” Because The proper full interpretation states it as TWO groups very distinct from each other…AND combine that with Several Other verses that fully Tell you whom are Satans actual offspring/children(John 8:44 and Rev. 2:9-3:9)…Then study Parable of “Wheat Vs Tares” to get a Full GRIP of who are the Tare Weed Imposters that look so like whitey wheats, yet are nation wreckers and an ethnical group of parasites basically, that self worship and also worship Mammon(Cash Money!)….it’s very Easy to accomplish if one trys to do so…Then it ALL begins to make Sense eh!

            • Some of the Visible Christians are no better than the non-believers.
              You know, the televangelist blessings folks. Give me 50 dollars and your blessings will
              increase tenfold. Making money off Jesus is a racket unto itself.

      7. Chicago has had no go zones for decades. Black gangs and black crime are so bad in some areas that the police have to go in large numbers. Englewood District on the south side of the city is a classic example. Even in the day time a police officer can find himself surrounded immediately by 60 adult shit heads. The housing projects were notorious no go zones after dark. I had to make medical deliveries in the projects in the 1980’s. My safe window of opportunity was 11AM to noon. Period. Before 11AM most people were still asleep. After noon the bad guys began to stir.

        • yes, and rich people have the biggest no go zones. try getting past the guard at the gate near al gores McMansions.

        • Law of the jungle, my friend. Hat tip to all cops that work in the jungles.

      8. Who profits from this intolerable situation and allows it to continue?

        The answer to this question answers many other questions.

      9. When I moved from Iowa to Nashville TN in the late 1960s, I ended up at John Overton H.S.

        I was told NOT to go to “the hill” behind the school, ever.

        That was where the black students and hippies hung out.

        I was warned that I would be attacked by the black students with their “afro pick” and stabbed.

        I never went back there, ever. My sister did tho. She was a real hippie. Funny, no black ever attacked her.

        • Yep. I was an army brat and wound up going to high school in late 60s right outside camden, NJ. You just did not go into Camden for any reason.

          • Has anyone else yet considered that, despite what all them TV(talmudevision) Preacher’s such as Hagee and Robertson Et Al claim/teach/preach about the biblical Statue in Danials Dream, with a head of Gold, Chest of Silver etc etc….

            That the final end part where it speaks about all that remains of the statue now is the Feet and Ten Toes of Iron and Clay?

            Now Gee…Can it be possible all those Apostate fraud pastors who are actually chewdiazers, have it All wrong?

            What if what is really meant by “Ten Toes of MIXED Iron and Clay” really refers to as sme folk say when they speak of colored folk ethnic groups as “Muds” which is just a wet version of CLAY….Really means this Current situation of…

            IRON means White Folk Vs, that Clay or aka Mud folk.

            And when one considers how it also says that Iron Mixed with Clay/Mud WONT Bind Nor Work out period…And when tried as state policy and state craft Law..

            The entire whole shebang of society infected by such a Mixture WILL Fail and do so in the abject Worst ways one can possibly think of!

            SEE; Ground Zero Detroit Mich(where I was Born in 1953 and lived there 43 yrs), then See, since and after Detriot…Every Major and now also every Medium sized City in Amerika that this “Iron and Clay/Mud Mixture” has been foisted upon Us for further reflection on such an idea, of apostate pastors are wrong and This is what it really speaks of and means.

            By the way…This agenda of state law policy is Also an invention of and Run by and Profited by, self chozens and self worshipers same as the many other forms of “soft-kommie-takeover”. AKA Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School of it that came to usa in Mid 1930’s.

            And headed straight into Major Universities asap once offshored here from Germany, after Der Fhurer Man gave em Das Boot out.

            Took only One Generation of teaching univ studet teachers the whys and Hows so they too could then begin to teach/Infect usa public school’s with frankfurt school cultural marxisim….Fast Fwd to 2017, and litterally at least a full 90-95% of usa population is now also thusly infected….and 99% of That bunch don’t even yet realize it!!

            But some folk like many Here this forum are well awake and aware to it all…Therefore it is You awake one’s Duty to never halt effort’s to awaken as Many others as possible and as quickly as possible. And Never let (((Them))) Stiffle or Silence You Via their Weaponized word’s of…”evil nazi” or “Racist” and “chew-Hater” and (((Their))) all time favorite weaponized word of “antisemite”!….Just Laugh out Loud everytime they attempt to stiffle or silence you that way.

            Or just Kiss usa gone for good, and think up some fancy explainations to tell Grandkiddies as to why america got so fucked up for when it is Their Turn to inherit america.

            Think perhaps maybe all the too many to count Laws and Policies like Afirmative Action’s and Hoax-Museums, and private pro ethnic Orgs that exist to benifit a few particular ehtnic group “minorities” will remain standing to benift…White’s like Your Grandkiddies once they are the new Minority?

            Because if various so called “experts” on Populations etc are correct?…We are on track to witness this new minority of whiteys within NO more than 20-30 Yrs Tops!

            And for those reading this that are real Dreamer/Utopian types and cannot Think proper if their life depended upon doing so….NO is the only correct answer to the prior question asked regards “will afirmative actions etc policies and private orgs switch over to assist white’s” in every way as now benifits those “Other” minorities.

            • Kazar:

              Those guys, the iron (white people) and the clay (mud) (black people) must refer to the homes they build. Africans build huts of straw and clay mud, while white men build skyscrapers and apartments with iron/steel beams.

              Glad to see you are still around. Hope you are well.

              Many of the esteemed and accomplished black men such as Frederick Douglas were children of white plantation owners and their mulatto slaves or descendants of such and being mostly white can inherit higher intellectual capabilities.

              I think good people do not want to be unkind. Which is understandable. Good white folk find it hard to judge a person by the color of their skin. But skin color is only an indication of DNA and inherited charisteristics. What you can’t see is the mind and attitude. A light skinned individual with black may hate whitey more than a darker skinned black. Likewise some darker skinned blacks having lots of white DNA may have the brain of their white ancestor yet look more black on the outside.

              Having dark skin is only one small difference between us and them. When whites hear that sub-Saharan Blacks have very low intelligence and high propensity towards violence, most white people find it difficult to believe. I did. Then as I studied this subject I realized that it was no different than white families with dumb people. Low IQ parents tend to have low IQ children.

              The only reason white people got so smart was because the dumb ones died out due to the harsh conditions in Icelandic areas of Northern Europe and Russia, as well as China where it snows you must be smart or your genes die out. Not so in Africa which is rich with all manner of plants and small animals for food, and warm weather.

              White people are being deliberately dumbed down by the (((PTB)) because their intelligence will eventually free them from the oppression of the (((PTB))).


      10. better support TRUMP then! sounds EXACTLY like what he’s trying to do…..why, oh WHY, can’t these dims SEE that? poor simpleton americans….

        • They cant see it because they are delusional, this freakin thing is broken, there will be no fixing any of it, just a continual degradation from the country you and i grew up in and knew, none of it ends well for any of us

          • They are delusional.

            What you leave out is how they became delusional. A lifetime of (((thought control))). . .(((fluoridation- crimps the thyroid))). . .other chemical alterations to alter/reduce brain function. . .

            • i blame the smart(dumb, actually)phone.

      11. This isn’t new. Gangs in Shitcago have been doing this for 40 years or better.

        • Sarge, I argue just about every major American city has no-go zones in it.

          “These are places that act as ethnic enclaves within their host countries. They are nations within nations, where outsiders are routinely shunned, berated, and beaten if they dare enter. In addition to that, they’ve become hotbeds of terrorism and civil unrest”. This sounds like blacks in the city too me.

          People say America was an example of successful immigration, but I say that it was successful because we integrated OTHER WHITE CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS who shared our CULTURE and VALUES.

          • I remember when it was stated there will not be anymore immigration from traditional sources. I remember when it was declared that there is now a new world order. I also remember when honesty and integrity were held in esteem. Who designs and initiates these social constructs and under what license? No one stands to account for these actions that run afoul of established norms and then go haywire. That is what enables us to become undone. Unaccountable, seen any examples of that lately?

          • People say America was an example of successful immigration, but I say that it was successful because we integrated OTHER WHITES who shared our CULTURE, VALUES, AND GENETICS.

          • most places are no go zones if you cant afford the rent money.

          • Well, back in the 1800’s, I wouldn’t want to be an Irishman walking through the Italian ghetto. Or a Native American walking down the streets of most American cities. Or a Frenchman walking into an English pub during the French & Indian war. Just think, if we get invaded by hostile space aliens, you would probably feel good about meeting any humanoid earthling, no matter what color they were, just as long as they didn’t have reptoid scales all over their face.

        • Well, east/southeast Texas is a no-go zone for blacks. They just had a lynching out there not too long ago. 1998- Jasper, TX. Crazy hillbillies in east Texas….

      12. Who cares they have just killed dems living in cities

      13. Didn’t know this site was racist and bigoted. Not using it again.

        • Islam is not a race. It is not a religion either. It is an evil political system. Therefore, it cannot be racist to hate that system.

          If you can’t see that, bye.

        • Good.

        • TEL, since you can’t handle the truth, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          • The truth is not always what YOU think it is. Later, cockroach.

        • See ya then Dingleberry… ??

        • “racist and bigoted”—ad hominem. name calling. all you have?

          Do you know the median Intelligence Quotient of blacks [real blacks, not mulattoes] in Africa? Sixty-seven. Yes, it’s true.

          With brains five cubic inches smaller than Whites, on an average basis. Proving there is no substitute for cubic inches. . .

        • They seem to thrive on the anti-Semitic tip. This is the grand wizard site of prepping.

        • Wake your ass up, TEL!

          Black Lives Matter
          La Razza (the Race)

          Just a few examples of racist organizations. Whites better BECOME racist or they will become extinct. On today’s trajectory, Whites will pretty much disappear from planet Earth in about 120 years.

        • The Hasbara above forgot to include the “AVIV” part to “TEL” eh?

          PS: Racist is just a weaponized word that really means “Anti-White” and “Anti-Goy(gentile)”.

          But You probobly know this already right.

      14. Check out Islamberg, NY

      15. Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

      16. Native American “ethno-communities” were busy killing each other when the white man started coming over from Europe in large numbers. These groups used white rifles and the support of white people to genocide other Natives with whom they had long standing disagreements.

        It is precisely because of this in-fighting between various Natives that white Europeans were able to finally overcome them, and drive them back into ghettos, aka reservations. And it was because of the same type of in-fighting between various European Countries that Europe has fallen under the control of alien Banksters orchestrating the demise of Europe via open door sabotage mass migrations of hostile alien non-white, non-Christian armies.

        The same has happened here.

        Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act.


        • Could not have said it better: you nailed it!

          White European Christians are the ONLY group of people in the world to create successful diverse free-market societies. All others (China, Japan, South Korea etc.) are successful ethno-states with next to no diversity (and, importantly, next to no blacks or Muslims). The Chinese at this moment are throwing the few pockets of blacks in China out because the crime and sex assaults are stirring up the local populations.

          But as the saying goes, “they will never thank you for it”. Who gets the greatest criticism and vitriol and hatred from blacks and Muslims? White Christian men.

          The only plus side? Fewer gay bars: in every city where these populations have their crime-ridden no-go zones, the number of gay bars has been shrinking quickly. Muslim men don’t need them because they get that kind of action at home, and they do not like effete men hanging out together because Islam is a macho culture on the surface (wearing beards, looking like GI Joe etc.).

          • “Wearing beards and looking like GI Joe”.
            You must be talking about most of the white men in The South.
            The ones here certainly THINK they are GI Joe. If only in their minds.

          • Islam only prohibits homosexual acts between adult men or women. Pedophilia or beastiality are fien, and widely practiced.

            The White race is the only race of humans with any diversity to speak of:
            Blond hair
            Red hair
            Brown hair
            blue eyes
            brown eyes
            green eyes
            pale skin
            darker skin (still white)

            All other races are pretty much:
            black hair
            brown eyes

            • Dude, I’ve seen Mexicans with red hair and freckles. Phuck you talking about.

          • so macho they have sex with goats

        • Excellent post, BA. In Canada, the Cree got guns before more westerly tribes. Look at maps, and a few hundred years later, they had expanded FAR westward at the expense of other tribes. Indians would KILL Inuit on sight (even today, part of the split up of the NWT/Nunavut is due to that issue – and I have a family member who lived for many years in the Nunavut capital, Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay on old maps) Who scouted for Custer? If I recall it was Crow Indians. Truth is, whites did a lot, but so did Indians. And much of this was simply cultural misunderstandings. E.g., one plains war started with Indians took a cow from some immigrants passing through. Think of this: To the Indians, it was just a wondering cow, almost a buffalo. To the settlers, this was outright, blatant theft, and could even threaten their ability to survive. Worse, they didn’t know each others’ language. This ended up starting a war, and to be honest, both sides were equally to blame.

          The first school massacre? Not Columbine, but when a few Lenape Indians walked into a school and massacred a bunch of innocent white children.

          Much of the Indian deaths were due to disease. And ignorant leftists blame whites for that? Really? TRUTH IS, GERM THEORY WASN’T DISCOVERED UNTIL **YEARS** LATER (think Louis Pasteur), so don’t give me this garbage about intentional dissemination of germs, and no one knew about germs until years later.

          Don’t get me wrong. There was much done by the white side – generally types who were as “Christian” as some of the people you see today who go to church maybe one time a year. But the Indians were equally complicit, some tribes more than others – and of course MANY tribes were just as busy murdering their fellow tribes. Eg., in my area of British Columbia, the Haida would raid the Salish, and take them off as slaves.

          People also miss the fact that REAL Christians, like David Brainerd, gave up their very LIVES trying to bring health, education and faith to the Indians.

          The issue is very complex. Dee Brown, a Native Indian who wrote Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee years ago, did a very good job going through the mish-mash of the Indian situation, ranging from bad American generals to another one armed general who walked into a hostile Indian camp with his Bible, utterly risking his life, to bring peace. And he did.

          Some interesting tid-bits: the Haida on the Queen Charlottes (now Haida Gwaii) are the only tried never to have signed a surrender document. Custer? He declined taking Gatling guns, so the Indians actually had more advanced weaponry at Little Big Horn! The vaunted Indian pony? We talk about the “native way of life being sacrosanct,” yet the horse did not exist in N. America until the Spanish brought them over. If Indians could change to work with the horse and integrate them fully into their lives an culture, why not other changes?

          I worked a lot with the First Peoples in Canada. I have a lot of sympathy for them, but do NOT excuse them carte blanche. And there WERE a LOT of bad things about their various cultures — including horrible cruelty. And oh, BTW, did I mention they were not pro-feminist or gay? So would the fascist left say the Antifa, it it were around then, go after them?

        • And it was one black tribe capturing blacks from other tribes who sold their captives to the Jewish slave traders. It was the Jews who got rich on the slave trade. The Carnegie Institute had a collection of 300 ships logs on display some years ago. All the ships were owned by Jews. With Spanish names.

      17. “So it’s the opposite trend of Little Italy becoming less like Italy and more like America.”

        Italians love the US. The first generation born here were told by their parents of the great opportunities in the US as opposed to Italy. My father a first generation American who flunked first grade because he didn’t speak english says, “The best Italians came to the US”; “the ones that stayed in Italy were lazy”.

        Regarding No Go Zones they been here a while, Camden NJ, West Phila / Germantown (hint , no Germans there). The Islamics go out of their way not to assimilate but US culture will get more than they lose. The personal freedom is just too enticing.

        Agree, repeal the 1965 Immigration Act. When things get tight you don’t “adopt” more. Exporting good jobs and importing bad people is opposite of what should be happening.

        • Italians made the modern US identity: Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, film directors, actors, Las Vegas, amazing food culture, beautiful women, handsome men (John Travolta etc.).

          • Don’t forget those spaghetti westerns, ah yee ah yee ah, wah wah wah.

          • Italians happened to fall into a unique wave of immigration. Unlike others that were persecuted and by just arriving to the US, sans persecution their dream was fulfilled. The Irish were starving to death with the potato famine. The choice was stay and possibly die. Germans came from almost day one. Personally I think their imprint of thrift, hard word and discipline molded the US very positively. Italians were eating in Italy, they by and large weren’t persecuted, they came here for economic opportunity exclusively and arrived at a time (1880-1923) that it was there to be had as manufacturing was taking off. The cream of the crop came here and they had pride. They were artisans and craftsmen. I seen great portions of food thrown out because it wasn’t made to their enacting standards, stone masons that prided themselves that the joints between pieces had such a little gap. My father a barber washed the windows at the age of ten. One streak and he had to do them all, even the perfect ones over again. There was no “second best” as best is only first. Even their criminals were the best at what they did making empires like Al Capone not mere bank robbers. They were go getters.

            • Italians were galled “WOPS” With Out Papers, and created the Mafias and underworld. Elliot Ness exposed and dismantled many of them. Most Italians are greasy fat slobs like Al Capone, not John Travolta types. Frank Sinatra was part of the Mafia and abused women.

              • Regardless they were at the top in their chosen fields, Capone made $105 million in 1927 selling beer and liquor. They put the big O in Organized crime, no second place for them. They dominated the music industry from Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Frankie Valli, the list is way too long. They weren’t just good, they were fantastic. As Bing Crosby said, “Once in a lifetime a singer comes along like Frank Sinatra”, “Unfortunately it was in my lifetime”. Their food, unrivaled across the board of ethnic cuisine. Fat? They’re the fattest, second place is for losers. They had running water and a sewer system while everyone else besides the Chinese were wearing animal skins. The country is named after one and that wasn’t an easy map to draw. The first nuclear reactor, Enrico Fermi, electrical pressure Volta, Marconi the radio. One more thing, I’ll place odds that the Islamics will not create a no go zone in an Italian neighborhood. “Yo, Muhammad, like to talk to you”, “Lets go for a ride”.

                If one word can describe Italians its passion. How its manifested is debatable but they’re not mediocre people.

              • One of my English ancestors came over on a boat with the first Italian to stay. That was about 1630 or so, and they lived around Oyster Bay, Long Island. His last name was Alburtus and their is a plaque in his commemoration somewhere in NYC area. Verrazano was sailing here in 1527 but he didn’t stay . Alburtus was the first Italian to stay in America.

      18. The USAs different cultures is not what bothers me and people need to be free but muslim trash have no business here whatsoever as their religion/political system commands them to convert or kill us. They will never be a true part of us and mark my words there’s already going to be a ton of blood to get rid of this vermin.

      19. ANY ZONE, town, or city with population density in collapsing Police State hell on earth New Babylon America is already a dead zone, and for anyone interested in surviving the future they should already be “No go zones”,

      20. Night of broken crystal yea that works ….for starters then escilate to night of long blades followed by burn it burn it all

      21. Seen where there could be another hurricane in Atlantic heading for NY and jersey 2nd week of September? ? Who else in the world has harp technology are we getting the crap slapped out of us by another country or entity. Devil’s work or God waking up people

        • The good book said it would get really bad for a while and whats up with sept 23??

        • Tropical Storm Irma is expected to become a hurricane on Thursday.

          One bad hurricane in over 12 years is not exactly “getting the crap slapped out of us.”

        • Just Call…1-800-ORKIN, Man!!

          And…Tell them to…SEND Those BIG TRUCK”S!! PLease HURRY!!

      22. When the grid goes down, the cockroaches will come out. They have to be exterminated or the disease they spread will kill us all.

      23. I find that dirty kinds-of things take up residence, where there is no human presence, maintaining it, and instead of Mad Max, all it would take is white people, “adulting,” or not being such masochists. I think the concept of moral free agency can’t work, where a majority of people are too tepid.

      24. I really feel as though I could keep myself busy, preoccupied, to myself, doing something, constructive, at all times. I see useful, intelligent kinds-of things, all around me.

        Most of you need some white version of this, here —
        “Shariah cops make house checks to make sure Somali refugees are not becoming too Westernized…”

        I find that dirty kinds-of things take up residence, where there is no human presence, maintaining it, and instead of Mad Max, all it would take is white people, “adulting,” or not being such masochists. I think the concept of moral free agency can’t work, where a majority of the people are too tepid, demoralized, or in identity crises.

      25. Godsoldier, I heard something involving North Korea is going to pop off.Steve Quayles site

      26. It’s a good thing the mosques in Houston aren’t “no-go zones” because they’re helping a lot of people in the wake of Harvey.

      27. Everything is being manipulated and two can play at that game. A group should form called, The Love and Peace Coalition. Make up signs, put on a fruitcake uniform and protest along with the more established progressives at one or two of their functions. Once seen then focus attention upon the injustice that gays and women are getting from the Islamics. Protest in their neighborhoods. Take a few lumps, video everything, become sand in the gears. Derail, “The Movement”. Force this issue into the “Progressive” culture.

      28. I don’t comment often, prefer to learn from others with more wisdom. I must speak NOW. If the righteous normal Americans do not soon contact there reps, etc. this country will soon turn into a third world shithole due to muslims , ms-13, ignorant blacks, hispanica , and whites. IF the normal Christian people do not start pressuring their reps and senators for what is RIGHT (derived from righteous according to the word of God) then we will soon be forced to deal with what we thought would never happen here. For one- my weapons are locked and loaded, I Will take down anyone that tries to take my US Constitutional rights from me, not their “supposed rights”, and that includes local, county and state law enforcement( which by the way my brother is a Law enforcement Officer), you people had better start contacting your reps or we will lose. I welcome any email responses- my email is [email protected], you are welcome to email me, however, show up at my property and you will, if you have malfeasance in your mind , be appropriately dispatched with. F-ck you and have nice day

      29. Brother’s And Sisters Dip Your Bullets in Pigs Blood If God For Bid We Have to Send Muslims to Hell. I Want to Make Sure they Get there

      30. This government is feeding the growing police state military hardware again, gave them updated rights to steal your money and would like nothing better than to chop off you head for free speech expression critical of their corruption. Pushback against this is nonexistant. The people have zero power and go along with their destruction. Totally controlled with thinking voting will change anything, it has not and will not. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the American way.

      31. The next generation will ALWAYS assimilate. It’s not our excellent philosophy and values but our McDonalds and Netflix. I cannot think of even one case of people I know where this has NOT happened. People like western culture (even if they ‘hate’ it)… Air Conditioning and Sports Center.

      32. Moderator- what is your problem with my post?

      33. The hell if I will put up with muslim no go zones, or any other terror activity! No go zone is a go with rifles zone!

      34. Speaking of no go zones, Hillary Clintons criminality just landed in one. The FBI says the American people now no longer have any interest in pursuing that angle. That translates into if we chop down that crooked tree the whole corrupt forest is at risk of being clear cut.

        • aljamo

          Agree 100%, its not Hillary. When you hand out bribes for favors both the individual seeking favor and the official granting are guilty. Once the door opens on Hillary the entire system, predicated upon lies and corruption are at risk of exposure.

          Corruption isn’t in the system, corruption is the system.

          • Kevin2, I heard many times during the campaign last year that if Hillary was taken down ALL OF DC would fall right along with her.

      35. M-1 tanks, Apache helicopters, bull-dozers. No more “no-go-zone”.

      36. The Obama imported Somalis are driving out the Mexicans from the town over.. there is a undeclared “gang war” going on.. the Latino’s are moving to my town and setting up shop.. I don’t really mind them.. most are good hardworking people.. 3rd and 4th gen Americans..
        They are bringing a warning about the Somali’s and their Islamic cult and tribal warfare mentality.. getting interesting in Nebraska..

      37. California is a no go zone,New York, N.J., and Illinois aren’t far behind because of the political corruption.

      38. Off topic, but I went on a road trip yesterday and filled the gas tank. I went out this evening to refill the gas tank and overnight the price of gasoline had jumped 26%.

        I’m in the Northeast and I have to say we have our own refineries that are unaffected by the hurricane. In fact it’s likely crude prices are dropping because there’s a glut of raw crude with Texas refineries using less. So how did my gasoline prices jump 26% overnight even before the the fuel in the distributor tanks bought at much lower prices was used. It’s just greed and gouging.

        There may be a chance of shortages until Texas is back on line. Make sure you keep your car and any gas cans you have full. You can’t bug out if you don’t have fuel.

      39. What assimilation?? The borders have been wide-open for the last 50 years and there is no longer any assimilation, that is long gone. Ever been to 3rd world dumps in this ‘nation’ like Miami or Houston? Give me a frigging break and open your eyes for gawd sake. Many parts of this nation are 3rd world slums with people that cannot even speak a word of English but still they have jobs, go to school and benefit from welfare,all along as they form their own large communities. This is not what the Founders had in mind or for that matter anyone who has a mind.

        • (((the devil))) is engineering this- the only “engineering” it can do.

      40. Some background on the referenced slimy politician:

        ‘Donald Trump on steroids’: The controversial rise of Farage favourite and Breitbart UK editor Raheem Kassam

        And then there’s this:

        Why the Muslim ‘No-Go-Zone’ Myth Won’t Die

        Anyone who thinks the Muslim population in this country is big enough – or COULD get big enough – to make “no-go zones” is a lunatic.

        Besides, we already have plenty of black and Hispanic “no-go zones” – and always have had “no-go zones” in places like New York and Chicago since time immemorial.

      41. Det här är detsamma som i Sverige – en katastrof

        This is the same thing as in Sweden – a disaster

      42. 10-80-10

      43. Such a thing as autonomous regions exist, independently, but the no-go zones do not provide basic goods or services for themselves. Noone finds that fishy, or noone can figure out what to do?

      44. The only way to stop this is to go in heavy and stop with the “rules of engagement”. People have to know when to be subdued.

      45. Forty years ago we here in our town of 40,000 had a “no go zone”. It was a low rent apartment housing project called Shawnee Heights. 99.9% black. Taxis and pizza delivery would not go there, only the cops would go there and with plenty of backup.

      46. I waited until yesterday to go out and check the gas prices, funny thing they had not budged from pre hurricane prices at $2.24 a gallon, that up from $2.13 a week ago at some stations when I filled up. I expect sticker shock soon. How about big pharma sticker shock, a new cancer treatment for only $475,000.

      47. Like the Chinese.
        Everywhere they go in the world they set up countries within a city.
        Open Immigration Act of 1965 was designed to do what it has, destroy America. Europeans had a very hard time immigrating to the USA, but if you were from the 3rd world “Come on in.”
        If you want to know who the traitors are, go look back to that bill and see who pushed for it.
        White liberals think they are going to run this but they won’t, they are using these people, these people know it but it is just temporary.
        I recall white libs bashing America back in the 60s claiming we had no culture, everything American was worthless to them.
        Cultural Marxism was used to soften up the base, see how well it has worked in Europe they vote for the people like Merkel who today says she would do the open borders all over again.
        Father of 16 yr old medical student raped and murdered while working at a refugee center said “Please donate to a refugee center so that we can get more of them.
        Father is German and a high level EU official.

        • Ted Kennedy, we owe you so much.

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