“Come And Take It”: Massive Virginia Gun Rights Rally Kicks Off In Richmond

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Virginia’s annual “Lobby Day” pro-second-amendment demonstration will be noticeably larger this year, thanks to the fact that the Democrats who control Virginia’s governorship and both houses in the General Assembly are plotting sweeping gun control legislation that could include red flag laws, limits on handgun purchases, universal background checks, and a draconian assault weapons ban.

    As we reported over the weekend, tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected to show up this year, far outnumbering the typical turnout of the annual gathering.

    In response, Gov. Ralph Northam last week declared a state of emergency banning guns in Capitol Square for fear that thousands of militiaman would storm the capitol.

    Police have scoured the web looking for evidence of violent plots among the many conservative groups who planned to attend, including several armed militia groups. Last week, the FBI arrested several alleged white supremacists for threatening acts of violence at the rally. Meanwhile, the state and the Feds are doing everything in their power to try and prevent another Charlottesville.

    Just as the 11 am rally was set to begin, President Trump fired off another message of support and advised demonstrators to vote Republican in 2020.


    Already, thousands of demonstrators have gathered both inside Capitol Square (where police have limited entrance points, creating long lines for demonstrators hoping to get in) and outside, where many wore camouflage and carried messages of support for President Trump while open carrying firearms.

    There are essentially two protests going on, as one journo noted on twitter.

    For an idea of just how massive the crowds are, see below.


    Offering further evidence that the crowd isn’t solely composed of militia members, a group of Virginia Sheriffs also chose to march, with one telling a reporter he wouldn’t enforce any new gun control laws because they would be “unconstitutional”.


    While the event’s organizers insist that Lobby Day is intended to be a peaceful demonstration and that hate groups simply aren’t welcome, members the mainstream press, including the AP, are already painting it as overwhelmingly white and male, in furtherance of their narrative that the event was intended as a haven for white supremacists from around the country.

    Over the weekend, a reporter at NBC News decried the rally as a white supremacist event, before swiftly deleting their tweet, as the Daily Caller reminds us.

    Teenage gun control activist David Hogg blasted the “white supremacists and nazis” who showed up to the event.

    But as they prepared to march, some black Americans who have chosen to participate in the rally have taken umbrage at these unsubstantiated claims of white supremacy.

    Though guns have been banned inside capitol square thanks to a state of emergency declared by Gov. Northam, thousands waiting outside the cordoned-off area are open carrying and hopefully scaring the bejeezus out of any would-be counter protesters.

    Even left-wing journalists covering the rally were surprised by the size of the crowd in the hours before the demonstration’s official start.

    Though the governor and at least one top Republican asked ‘far-right’ groups (including militias) to stay away from the event, some armed groups paraded up and down outside the capitol.

    Indeed, videos of armed groups flooded Twitter, accompanied by Liberal journalists whining about how these white militia men are better armed and therefore more than dangerous than the migrants and asylum seekers crossing the border.

    Several pro-2A groups petitioned a judge to try and overturn Northam’s state of emergency banning guns on capitol grounds, but the judge refused, claiming the right to bear arms is “not without restrictions”.

    Groups of demonstrators could be heard calling for Northam’s resignation. Some were caught on video chanting “Northam out.”

    The arrest of alleged white supremacists planning to participate in the rally has also further inflamed tensions between the state government and pro-carry groups.

    Though most of the demonstrators who chose to carry selected commonly used firearms, one man attracted attention and derision after bringing a 50 cal to the protest.

    Monday’s rally was organized, as the ‘Lobby Day’ protest is every year, by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. The issue of gun control was a key factor in Virginia’s 2019 statewide elections, and Democrats running in the state attracted considerable support from donors across the country.

    But the gun control push has sparked an unprecedented backlash, prompting dozens of municipalities to actively consider “2A sanctuary” legislation that would effectively invalidate state laws.

    Kem Regik, a 20-year-old private security officer from northern Virginia, brought a white flag with a picture of a rifle captioned, “Come and take it.”

    “I don’t like what the legislature is doing and I’m here to let them know that,” he said.

    Jesse Lambert was dressed in mix of colonial era minute-man garb and cargo pants, with an colt rifle strapped across his back. He said he traveled from Louisiana to show opposition to the gun control bills. He said their efforts would unfairly punish law-abiding gun owners, particularly those who own AR-Style rifles.

    “These are your average common people carrying firearms that are in common use,” he said.

    For anyone who couldn’t make it to the rally, but would still like to experience a taste of what it’s like out there, Ruptly has posted a live feed. Watch below:


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      1. The deep state / zio-billionaires / leftist elements have underestimated resistance to their nefarious, unlawful, un-Constitutional plans to disempower citizens so that they can move forward to eventually complete the extermination of traditional and especially Christian culture of Amer. But it isn’t just their insatiable lust for wealth and power, it’s also personal, they are motivated by their implacable hatred of freedom loving Americans. Several politicians and MSM reporters tried to brand demonstrators as nazis and white supremacists.
        The ones at the apex of their hatred are straight white Southern Christian men. It appears by the demonstration in Richmond we are almost the only ones not rolling over for them. The citizens in Virginia are just not going to let themselves be steamrolled over. Many have said this is just the beginning.
        If citizens would stand up to like this in other states it would be a different country, and TPTB know it. That’s why they keep society divided with a vast number of divisive issues – divide and conquer. Society saps their strength and resources by endlessly fighting each other.
        The Dem.s have a bare majority in the VA state legislature now, that will change in 2022, and any laws they passed to limit people’s freedoms will be overturned then. Meanwhile the citizens will just ignore these new “laws”, and private gun ownership in VA, though already quite high, is expanding even more in leaps and bounds, including women and minorities.

      2. Start voting from rooftops. This VA Governor folded like a cheap tent, and this gun grab bill I believe of what I read so far, was taken off the legislative schedule. Another Commie State of Government cowards. And this Gov also tried to call in the UN for disarmament and Trump stopped that US invasion dead in its tracks. So I hear. Any news on that?

      3. I like the .50 Cal that fine gentleman is sporting in the photo. Hell yeah, reach out and touch somebody, a mile a way. Revenge is best served cold, with Hot Lead.

      4. Wonder how many participants stayed outside of the fenced area so they could both attend and have their guns with them? And were they counted by the media as attending it?

        I also wonder how many of all those that showed up, the Virginians anyway, failed to vote in the last election.

        There seems to be a rather large contingent of pseudo conservatives, people that claim to oppose the Left anyway, that don’t vote at all out of some kind of misguided principles and refuse to recognize that elections have consequences or that not voting against Leftists results in the Leftists gaining power as one of those consequences.

        • Anonymous, the VCDL has been lobbying and voting since 1994. Get it?

          Voting is an exercise to make slaves think they are free. The Slave Master keeps changing. The Plantation doesn’t. Ridiculous you say? Can you cite an example where voting made you free?

          Bill Buppert said it best, “Secession is the only vote that counts in history.”

          It’s TINVOWOOT Time.

          • Montana,

            I take it you have no problem with Leftists getting voted in and making you less free, as we see them doing now in Virginia.

            FWIW, there are far, far fewer regulations and restrictions on me now than before Trump was voted in, look up his successful deregulating record if you need more information. So yes, I can cite an example of voting making me more free and just did.

      5. One defends their soil from their own soil. Period. Force Governor Buckwheat’s or Orange Man’s mercenaries to come to our soil. Do NOT be the aggressor.

        Nullify and defy. Pray for partition. Prepare for war. If they start a war we fight like Matt Bracken advised. We fight like Mosby, NOT Pickett.

      6. I saw some videos of the chopper that was watching everyone at the gun demonstration in VA, and it had CANADIAN TAIL NUMBERS. Looks like the UN had something to do with the possible killing of unarmed people if it hit the fan.

      7. You don’t mess with people that are willing to die to protect their right, Are the dems willing to die to take those rights away? Nope…didn’t think so.

      8. There were 4 choppers and a drone clearly visible at the same time.

      9. T said, “The Democrat Party in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia are working hard to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.”

        He’s not a literal groyper, just watching powerlessly on msm, with all the other plebs.

      10. Howdy Folks,

        A rather delightful thought occurred to me last eve. Northam has declared the immediate Capitol sacrosanct and hence weaponless, right?
        Sure enough, so…here you have a whole BUNCH of rather disgruntled folks pushing right up against the designated boundary whilst a bunch of power mad democratic axxhxlxs cower inside the perimeter.

        Now I ask you…WHAT happens if those outside said perimeter elect to NOT depart in a timely fashion? Say maybe they organize a bit and keep a rotating armed cordon around the Virginia Crapitol indefinitely? If so, it’s surely not going to be long before tempers flare and some brighter than average individual on the ‘outside’ concludes that the individuals INSIDE ought to simply remain there until the People consent to them going ANYWHERE else.
        The People surrounding the Virginia State Crapitol are currently doing – fully – their civic duty in containing an otherwise criminal, unconstitutionally-minded group of ‘law breakers’, in effect.
        Sooo, if the ersatz ‘PTB’ so contained (currently…) really, really want to pursue their current Legislative Agenda then MAYBE, just maybe they ought to be considered semi-permanent residents in those buildings on the Crapitol with the Constitutionally correct Militia manning the perimeter decides that those INSIDE should remain INSIDE … indefinitely.
        You’ve likely guessed already where this is leading I suspect…and YES, it’s classically referred to as a “Siege”. The only question remaining to answer is just how “Siege-ey” things need to get before the SHITHEADS inside finally get the message being communicated to them by all those nice, HEAVILY ARMED People surrounding their itty-bitty Ol fiefdom of say, Oh 40-50 acres.
        To the fine, upstanding Patriots of Virginia I offer you a heartfelt SALUTE!!! Perhaps one or more of you might consider some of what’s put forth here as ‘technical support’ of a sort.
        Good luck to you all…if you need any help don’t hesitate to a ‘shout out’, eh?


        PS….maybe, just MAYBE this approach might have BROADER applicability? Just sayin…
        Adios Muchacho’s!! Andele, Andele!!

        • The besiegers would need their own self-armored outer patrols–those patrols having their own Advance, Left, Right and Rear Guards–to report of, and to form to the rear of any enemy advances toward the besiegers. Enemy positions and munition depots, including their supply lines, would need to be besieged as well, in the same fashion. The enemy would have to be the ones to be disarmed by the Militia, not the other way around. Laying siege would have to be beyond Richmond, Henrico County or even Virginia, since Virginia’s Government can call on domestic and foreign (federal, etc.) forces to form to the besiegers’ rear from abroad (“out-of-state” or further).

          The missing element in all we see is the “well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state” not appearing or being very (self-)well-regulated. Militia must not only drill but deploy in voluntary but definite, self-disciplined formations, prudently in extended order to accommodate modern weapons’ ranges–not as “‘backer-chompin'”, “yeehah” rednecks just looking for a fight (looking for their own whoopin’ by their disciplined betters!).

          Very visible self-discipline of the Militia will also go a long, long ways in reassuring the public and weakening any claims made about them by the enemy’s propagandists. That Militia discipline can (and must) begin anywhere–on any block by its Section Guide and, or, on any street by its Company Guide posting the State Color, emblazoned with the Regiment’s county name above (or, at least the Regimental Color being four feet broad), the Company’s street name below (or, the Company Color being two feet broad) or the Section’s block name (being named after the last street crossing it in the order of its addresses) at the hoist (or, the Section Color being one foot broad) with all such Unit names (if emblazoned on the Color) in “gold” (yellow) and drilling as a formation–in effect, trooping the color– regarding any armed or forceful challenge thereto as an attack upon the same, responding to such an attack commensurate to the level of the attack.

          Reconnoitering one’s block and one’s street to join up with encountered friendlies can be the first action taken by the self-well-regulated Militia towards defending the security of one’s free state.

          • All valid – possibly astute – observations Sir,

            I offer in return a single quote from Mr Herbert’s Dune Epic,
            “He who can destroy a thing, Controls a thing.”

            Those in Office currently intent upon diminishment or practical revocation of 2A would do well to remember that. The ‘system’ which is Civilization today is so incredibly frail – without the inbuilt redundancies that Mother Nature has so wisely incorporated into ‘ecology’ – that the slightest impairment of even one major subsystem would likely have inordinately severe results.
            Case in point, look up on Google, “Tradeoff.pdf”, I’ll grant you it’s a BEAR to wade through but after having VERY carefully done so three times in the latter part of 2015 I could not find so much as one flaw or incorrect assumption contained anywhere within the author’s analysis. A cautionary point associated with that piece; pay very close attention to the first 30 pages and his defining terminology, else you’ll be hopelessly lost.


      11. So far, we’ve not seen the People “come and take it” from the Government, the same way the Government would “come and take it” from the People.

      12. “In camouflage (uniform)”, and bearing arms–but, with no self-disciplined military bearing or military courtesies being shown to each other to evidence their worthiness or ultimate effectiveness of being “a well-regulated Militia”. Real, rightful government begins and ends with oneself.

      13. Those marching in formation in the video, and the general courtesy extended throughout the demonstration, are hallmarks of a self- “well-regulated Militia”.

      14. Current notions of “modern” (electronic) communications and other such military niceties (including big industry-dependent weaponry) will be increasingly obsolete, come the Second Civil War. For the enemy, such dependencies of theirs won’t be any real advantage to them–and, in fact, will be a pitfall for them. For the “rebels”, the age-old use of formation tactics (albeit at extended order), including the value of unit flagging for friendly troop movement identification and differentiation (in lieu of electronic, voice or hand communication at extended order)–the supposed but actually inconsequential enemy derivation of any useful intelligence for him from such unit and ever-changing position identification of his enemy’s self-armored, highly mobile and largely out-of-sight flanking forces notwithstanding–will be invaluable for low-tech warfare in which rebel forces can excel. As well, rebel forces will have to differentiate between bombardment (the age-old definition of “artillery”–whether heavy or, as will be the usual case with rebels, light artillery or, even more usually, grenadiers) and more infantry-related sharpshooting–both of which rebel forces can be more successful at deploying and sustaining indefinitely. Effective sustenance of rebel forces will be by the age-old means of the most basic rations (hardtack and jerky or meat/nut/fruit pemmican) and foraging. Government forces attempting to destroy rebel sources of sustenance and munition will find such attempts to be not only futile and self-defeating for their own sustenance, but too late–having long lost their own sophisticated (industrial and agricultural) supporting logistics, on which they’re woefully dependent, by strategic rebel action even before the tactical actions of the War had begun. The rebel forces will therefore have nothing to lose and individual liberty to gain–having already practiced and thrived by liberty in war, and before, in spite of futile threats by Government for doing so.

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