Collapse Reality: “If I Had to Be an Animal, I Was an Animal. It Was About Survival.”

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    SHTFplan Editor’s note: Our friend Selco at SHTF School will change everything you may think about your life in a post-collapse world. For many of us, the idea that the world around us may fall apart and lead to the worst that humanity has to offer is mostly theoretical. For Selco, it was a reality. He experienced a total grid-down collapse in war-torn Sarajevo during the 1990’s – and he lived to tell the tale. He has shared his knowledge with our community over the last few years, and in the article below he changes our perceptions once again. Just because we are making preparations – stocking food, or supplies or guns – means nothing if the mind is not prepared to comprehend the absolute horrors that may come.

    Do you want to know what it will be like when law and order breaks down, when people turn on each other, and when there is no one to depend on except for those in your inner circle?

    Then keep reading.




    (Pictured: People scavenging for supplies run for cover in Sarajevo’s notorious Sniper Alley – 1992)
    (Courtesy: Felix Features)

    Walking the Line Between Human and Animal
    by Selco

    As many long term readers or members of my survival course know, I like to talk about the important but what some may call the “not so spectacular” part of survival that is not as much fun as, for example, talking about latest guns and gadgets.

    Today I want to talk about dignity and what it means in a survival scenario. Before I talk from own experience, read the extract below from the diary of Lieutenant Colonel Mervin Willett Gonin who describes what happened after his unit freed the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during the second world war.

    At the moment of his writing hundreds of people were still dying and it was place of pure horror.

    It was shortly after the British Red Cross arrived, though it may have no connection, that a very large quantity of lipstick arrived. This was not at all what we men wanted, we were screaming for hundreds and thousands of other things and I don’t know who asked for lipstick. I wish so much that I could discover who did it, it was the action of genius, sheer unadulterated brilliance. I believe nothing did more for those internees than the lipstick. Women lay in bed with no sheets and no nightie but with scarlet red lips, you saw them wandering about with nothing but a blanket over their shoulders, but with scarlet red lips. I saw a woman dead on the post mortem table and clutched in her hand was a piece of lipstick. At last someone had done something to make them individuals again, they were someone, no longer merely the number tattooed on the arm. At last they could take an interest in their appearance. That lipstick started to give them back their humanity.

    The importance of still being human and not becoming a complete animal is often overlooked for people who prepare for long term survival. I had over one year to fight against becoming like rats around our house during the war.

    Expect to become more like an animal

    You can have all equipment ready for SHTF – ammo, weapons, gear… you can even be perfectly well trained in lot of different skills and fields and still when SHTF you can end up dead in the first days just because you “refuse to believe” what’s happening.

    It is that state of mind when a man simply does not want (or is not able) to comprehend the new situation.

    It can be one quick life threatening situation like folks attacking your home and you just waited few seconds too long to shoot some attacker, and then you are dead, end of the story. Or it can be whole process of failing to recognize the new world around you and the new rules (or absence of rules) and then again you just not doing correct things for the situation, and again you end up dead.

    Example would be that when SHTF you are trying desperately to have and use power generator and light all rooms in your houses just because it mean normal life for you. And that normal life is gone, and trying to bring it back in that situation usually means more troubles.

    Holding on to all the comforts and behavior you are used to can be dangerous.

    To make a long story short, what I am trying to say is that you may be trained and equipped like a SEAL team member and yet you can still be killed easily from some 70 years old dude, with even older rifle just because you were surprised when SHTF with amount of destruction and violence and you did not seen that old dude coming (or being so evil).

    On the other side that old dude maybe lived through couple of SHTF events in his life, and he knows when it is time to act without hesitation and mercy.

    There is still a fine line you have to walk between losing your human side and becoming pure animal.

    One of the things that changed a lot when SHTF is fact that everything became really dirty.

    It was something like slow process, first people tried to keep it as clean they could, but without all normal services, like garbage trucks, running water and all other community services that make normal living soon it simple became impossible.

    Later all garbage was used somehow, but in beginning it started piling up everywhere, when you add to that ruins on the street, human waste and dead bodies it was very ugly picture.

    After some time, we started to accept dirt outside and it then was priority to stay clean and keep clean only inside that small circle inside your home, and when I say „clean“ I do not mean „clean“ like today. Maybe as clean as we could be.

    For example simply moving through the city in the middle of the night meant that you needed to crawl, jump, hide, walk or run trough all kind of things, and very often some real nasty and dirty things.

    Many times I was hiding on places so dirty that stench was almost paralyzing, once in the middle of the night I jumped behind some wall because sudden shelling, and when I jumped there I realized that I landed on dead guy.

    His face was smashed with broken wall, and partially buried, place there was so small that I had to actually lay on him for some 20 minutes. He died probably when wall from the house collapsed after some shelling, who knows.

    Fire from the shelling was so strong that I actually loved that dead guy and that place in that moment. I almost hug him while I was trying to be as small as possible because pieces of steel and rock were flying around me just like some crazy rain, while my stomach was rising and floating from the detonations and smell.

    All I was saying at that moment was „thank you, thank you, thank you“ like some magic words, and I even was not aware who do I thank to, that dead stinky guy, my brain for noticing that small space, or God for saving me.

    Today years and years later I still carry that smell inside my nose. But I did not move from there before danger was gone. It is survival and luckily I was already used to dirt enough to just stay with that dead guy.

    Some folks just stopped to care about cleanliness and hygiene completely. So for them washing and cleaning become something like not wanted luxury. They went complete animal.

    They simply stopped to care about these things, so I also knew some guys with look and smell so awful that even dead guy smelled like perfume store.

    It was easy to surrender to stuff like that, I mean in trying to keep yourself clean.

    But it was stupid not only in terms of the hygiene and illnesses, also by surrendering yourself you admit that you do not care anymore, and when you admit that you are only few steps from becoming animal with what you do too. People give up on themselves.

    For me being as clean as I could be had something like preserving one of the last connection with “normal” life, with life before sh!t hit the fan, when things like neighbors, breakfast, car etc, were just things we took for granted, like things that always gonna be there unchanged.

    Of course I was aware that being clean is important in order to stay alive because all diseases problem, no doctors hospitals etc. but on some psychological level it kept me sane and it kept me normal man.

    Even in survival situation you need to still care about few little things to keep your dignity, to keep spirit up, to not lose yourself. If you stop caring about everything it is like disease that eats you.

    When I came back from trading or scavenging in the city, I would clean or wash myself thoroughly in my yard before entering my house, again of course because common sense, hygiene and diseases, but maybe even more important I tried to keep all chaos and violence, suffering outside of my home on some psychological level.

    I try to stay out of the everything, or actually I tried to keep everything outside of my home, like some ritual. I would keep the clothes for outside in bag, my boots were in one corner, never entering my room in it etc.

    One of my relative wears pink slippers (mittens) when he was home sometimes, he would say that he just felt that everything is fine when he wear it. It was spooky and strange to see him in pink slippers while outside world is going to hell, but we all have some strange ways I guess to keep ourselves sane. Maybe wearing those slippers after he was forced to shoot some folks kept him sane, reminded him on some normal times when grandma wear it in the evenings.

    On the other side, like I said in beginning if you stick too much to old habits you are not doing best for survival too.

    So if I had to be animal, I was animal. It was about survival. For example there was a period when I eat just to survive, like animal, without paying attention what I eat or how. If I found some food I ate it in quick way, if there was some food with worms in it, I would eat it in dark, without looking what I eat etc.

    Point was (and still is) to be man, but to be ready to be animal if you are forced to be animal, and that’s it. It comes down to being flexible, adapting to situation and I hope this helps to crush the idea some Hollywood or fantasy survival scenarios show that survival is about being complete animal. No, it is fine line to walk.

    You can (and you have to) have as much hand sanitizers, soap, disposable face masks etc. as you can but you can still end up dead if you are not ready to accept fact that one day you might be forced to „hug“ dead guy in order to survive, or eat roast rat or pigeon.

    Once next collapse comes many people will wake up to reality and struggle to be human like they were or become animals and as skilled survivalist I hope you will walk fine line in between. The people who were walking that path were and I’m sure will be those who have biggest chances to survive.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 


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      1. Great site, he has been there, done that….

        • Big transition going from sheep to wolf,
          quantum leap for preppers, insurmountable for libs.

          • Absolutely right. forrest will be D.O.A. for sure.

            • Forrest will have top billing at the nearest fema camp, hearty entertainment for the troops.

              The best way to survive the cities is to leave now.

              ….BE FEARED……or be sheared….BA.

                • Informative. Also fun to read if you imagine it being spoken with his likely accent. It makes the grammar mistakes feel natural rather than annoying.

              • There’s way more to it than just leaving the cities.

                (BTW, speaking of which, I’m on one of my busy-as-hell jags again… and am currently in another city. More on that in a sec’).

                Living just outside of the big city may put you in just as much (if not more) danger than living in a suburb.

                The reason why? Answer this question: Where the hell do you think all those refugees will be going? Think about this for a moment. Now consider that you do NOT have the manpower, ammunition, or a rifle with a firing rate fast enough to keep such hordes off of your property.

                Now, the further out you are, and the more rugged the country, the better off you’ll be – unless you band together with neighbors (in which case a suburb would do just fine, so long as you and your neighbors can secure it.) The more obscure the route, the better your chances… to an extent.

                Then again, too isolated puts you in danger too.

                Ferfal nailed all of this awhile back – in Argentina, the most isolated ranches were the juiciest targets. Think on that for a moment.

                There’s a whole combination of factors, and simply living outside of city limits isn’t going to cut it. Not busting your balls, promise – just stop and think about it though.

                (‘k – traveling on business again. Got my bug-out gear, and a rental car that can take me close enough to family (who know what I’m up to and where I am) on a single tank of gas. I’ve gotten to the point where I avoid travel to areas, even on business, that would put me out and isolated. If I have no choice? My friends at UPS/FedEx/DHL help me pre-position some needed bits at the hotel I’ll stay at, and airlines are still cool with checking firearms as baggage, so long as you follow the simple and logical rules of doing so. When I go home, I ship my stuff back. It costs very little ($40 or so), and I consider it better insurance than, well… insurance.

                Anyrate, will check in again soon. Cheers, God Bless, and semper paratus.)

                • Depending on climate remote area’s are far better then cities or suburbia . No refugee, gangbanger or zombie is going to travel very far from their home base on cold dark unplowed roads in the dead of winter to get to your inhospitable location. If they try it more then likely they won’t last long enough to make much of a difference except providing the locals with tradable items taken from their dead bodies. Most people in this day and age have never even walked the length of a football field in the woods on a cold dark night in the northeast mountains. This isn’t Argentina and very few will brave the elements to venture north. Maybe a number of refugees will travel south but even that number will be much less then you think. After the gas tank runs dry they will be stuck on some interstate killing each other for a can of corn. No my friend, the city and the suburbs is not where you want to be in a zombie apocalypse.

            • No debate about it, 95-99% of human beings living the soft USA life will die, when the SHTF….The psychological impact will kick their ass, not to count the sedintary weakling frame…As said very few can prevail in the overall toughness that will be necessary to survive the first 60 days.This is the kind of circumstance, that has no Red Cross relief trucks arriving !..Maybe those still in shape that have graduated from Army special ops might make it…mind you those were all volunteers…When the SHTF …nobody will be a volunteer….nuff said

              • I read a book called The Forsaken about a group of Americans trapped in Stalin’s Russia who were sent to work in the Gulag’s under freezing conditions. It is a true story. The men who ended up surviving the slave labor/starvation conditions were not the big muscular tough guys you’d expect. Their type of build could not be sustained on the meager rations and they died off. So did the thinner men with more of an Asian build without an ounce of fat on their bones. The ones who survived were of a more compact stature somewhere between 5’6″ to 5’10” with what the author described as a boxers body. They were tough, or scrappy, and their frame didn’t require as many calories. I do understand the need to be physically fit in order to face what’s coming, but our bodies were designed to store fat for just such an occasion to use as fuel. I can’t help but wonder if it will be the over weight people who actually survive, especially if we are told to “shelter in place”.

                • I’ve read that having a lot of extra fat would not help you in a starvation scenario. It doesn’t really make sense, unless it’s that their weight bogs them down too much or something.

                • Fat people will be amongst the first to go. I’m afraid being able to move fast will be an asset. Why do you think part of the morning ritual in the military is running?

                  • Had a friend who was big and heavy. Had an MG-34 German machine gun, FULL AUTO. Twenty seven pounds of cold rolled steel. He could slow dance with it in his hands.

          • The difference between most animals and people are that people have minds. The best defense of survival that someone has is their ability to adapt and be inventive. NEVER forget to use reason and the superior brain that most people have to most animals. The life expectancy of most animals in the wild is very limited. Act like an animal might work, but think like a logical and reasoning human being.

            • Comes down to previous post….are you a optimist, pessimists or realist? Animals react…people strategically think. In order to survive, in a way, we must stop thinking and rely on instinct.

              • I once watched an animal control officer try to net a small poodle breed of dog. The chase went on for over an hour, with the little dog keeping cars, poles and other objects between her and the officer.

                Under one car, through the bushes, over the curb and back under another car…it was hilarious entertainment. The little dog seemed to outmaneuver the officer at every turn.

                My point is, either animals aren’t as dumb as we think they are, or animal control officers need more tactical training.

            • YOU TELL EM B.I.!!

              After all, you would know.

              YOu know everything.

              • @Yahoo

                Yeah, and look at all the “thumbs up” for that ridiculous post.

          • @OutWest

            This isn’t about “preppers” or “Libs.”

            It’s about Statism!

            It’s about the evils the State visits upon humanity!!!

            The Bosnian War was about GOVERNMENT PSYCHOS killing innocent people… for vanity… because they could!

            It’s called Democide! It’s what the State does.

            The State is in the business of killing people!

            Some here on this site worship and support anything the State (Amerikan) does… cause the State (Amerikan) they say, has a “legitimate” right to use force anytime, and everywhere under the sun.

            “People” vote for this shit.

            All moral persons should have an issue with this situation.

            It doesn’t have to be this way!

            • When studying the Balkan War, it is important to look into what really triggered it from a historical context, that war really started centuries ago, and was just the latest iteration; it was not simply “the state killing people because it could”, it was a bit deeper than that.

              • @JustMe

                You’re wrong! Government (the state) is to blame!

                It was “Government,” (the state) drawing arbitrary lines (borders) in the literal sand after WWI who forced people, who cared NOT to associate with one another, to do so!

                The result is as old and sad as the hills!!!

                Conflict. Governments (the state) thrive on conflict and war.

                The Treaty of Versailles (WWI) set the stage for the tragedy in the Balkins, not some ancient boogeyman!

                It’s called “Divide and Conquer,” and it will be visited upon us too.

                Do you really think Main St. USA is any different than Main St. Sarajevo?

                Do you???

                • This is why you see obummer and his people trying to divide the us, black vs white, hispanic vs everybody, gov vs patriots, libs vs conservatives.
                  There are many paralells, the goverent wants the people divided so it can try and control us through our division and weakness, plain and simple,
                  TPTB cant continue to take power until they figure out how to disarm patriots,
                  This will backfire, i see liberals waking up, but i dont really see any conservatives going liberal.

                  • @Kulafarmer

                    I agree with you!

                    But, it’s not a Liberal/Conservative thing. It’s a LIBERTY thing.

                    If you wanna be of “liberal thinking”… fine.

                    If you have “conservative values”… fine.

                    Just don’t use GOVERNMENT to impose YOUR values/ideas on other people.

                    IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

                    Remember, there are two kinds of people in this world.

                    Those who want to be left alone.

                    And those who will not leave you alone.

                    The question is: Which one are you?

                  • @YoMaWasWrong
                    I definitely want to be left the fuck alone!
                    Liberty or death!

                  • I’m with ya on that all the way to the grave!

                    Sadly, the vast majority are not, and that’s what we’re up against.

                  • Now if people will just listen. But they won’t! I hope to run into people like you when the SHTF. We need to work together to defeat these people.

                    Remember the statement that the senator made in the movie “Shooter”? he told Bob Lee Swaggert (Mark Wahlbergs character) that there are no Dems and Republicans, Sunnis and She-ites etc; there are only haves and have nots.

                    Hold on to that thought and we just might get through this. Peace

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  I don’t understand your fixation with the blame
                  being foisted upon the State. It’s not relevant.

                  The crux of the article is about surviving a
                  SHTF event, no matter who, what, where, or how
                  the circumstances came about. Laying blame on
                  an instigator is a rather moot point after the
                  fact the shit hits the fan.

                  Surviving a calamity is the meat of the article
                  and what people will have to do if there is any
                  reasonable hope of getting through it alive.
                  Whether most people will measure up to the task
                  still remains an unknown, or so it would seem.

                  • OutWest says:


                    I don’t understand your fixation with the blame
                    being foisted upon the State. It’s not relevant.”


                    Really?… “not relevent.”

                    @Out West

                    If you don’t understand the relationship between you and the State, (your government) then you are already dead!

                • I studied the origins of the Balkan War, it began centuries ago. What happened in the 1990s was the result of 2 things:

                  1) Long simmering hatreds held in check by communism, nothing more. The Yugoslavian people were primarily Serb, so yes, in that regard, the Yugoslavian government had the upper hand initially. I have no love for communism, or support thier military actions, but soviet-style communism was forced upon the people when Tito died, and for the Serbs, it became the only way to hold Yugoslavia together.

                  2) Something crucial you are overlooking, is the classic “Qi Bono?”, Who Benefits? Once you dig deeper you will find the same people who are running all of Western Civilization into the toilet. Look what happened to the Balkans after that conflict, you will find a handful of parasites now control the resources of the region, that alone should tell you who really won that war.

                  It is easy to write that war off as classic “divide and conquer”, the underlying motives were much deeper.

                  • @JustMe

                    It is Divide and Conquer!!!

                    Q: What keeps the “tribes” in this country from tearing each other apart?

                    A: The State.

                    Q: What “forces” the “tribes” in this country to “live” together?

                    A: The State.

                    In this country, we are forced to live and engage with people we would not otherwise live and engage with!

                    The vast majority of those posting to this site are “RACISTS.” We can all see this by simply looking at the posts!

                    Q: If I’m a white man, and I have a restaurant, and I choose not to associate with blacks, what happens to me and my restaurant in the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave” if I choose not to associate with blacks?

                    A: You know the answer. The State steps in to “correct” the problem.

                    The bottom line is this: The State forces associations where they otherwise may NOT exist.

                    e.g., The Balkans.

                    Forcing populations to commingle where they normally would not causes conflict. But, the state feeds off conflict because it can then position itself as a solution to the conflict.

                    This should be elementary to everyone. The exception being Statist Trolls and Sheeple.

                    Think about it.

                  • I will not continue to argue the point. I am a student of military history. I do see what you are saying about “divide and conquer”, again, it is much deeper than that.

                    It is important, in the study of any conflict, to study the roots of that conflict. Like how did the people in that conflict end up in the position they were in to begin with?

                    Are you aware the Balkan War was fought by people who began fighting centuries ago? Or that at the end of WW2, the allies herded vast numbers of Croats, and others into soviet capitivity, which had a direct impact on the composition of Yugoslavia? The role Marshall Tito played, keeping the soviets at bay, while striving for “pure socialism”? A very large book could be written about the origins on that war, but, it in the end, the people who fought it lost, and the 1% won.

                    It was a bit deeper than “divide and conquer”.

                  • Not to mention 500 years of Ottoman rule, with preference for Muslim minority and suppression of the Christian majority. Add Orthodox and Roman Catholic to the mix, and distinct ethnic groups as well, Serb, Croat, Montenegrin, Macedonian, Albanian, I’m surprised it held together as well as it did.

                • Who are the morons that gave you thumbs down. Accurate to the point post. Obvious even on a so called prepper site people are clueless. What do you suppose the result is going to be when the recent imports exceed the population of those being displaced. Amazing the American people are such stupid pussies. There country is being stolen from them and not a worry in the lot.

                  • John W.: Funny, that’s what the Indians said a few hundred years ago when the “white termites” arrived from Europe.

                  • Americans are commies and they elect only commies.

                • @yourmotherwaswrong

                  Actually you are both right.Some differences were there for centuries and some old problems too. Powerful people (politicians…) just use that things to fuel the rage and confusion.
                  But do not be fooled by thinking that war was something that happened (and happens) only in some weird countries. I was thinking exactly the same.
                  And no matter what the reason for SHTF gonna be some things gonna be the same, lot of people fighting for small amount of resources by all means. It can be weather event, or civil war. Some things gonna be different but main things are gonna be same. Weird people gonna gain power over other people lives.
                  Trigger was fear and hate, somewhere else trigger may be monetary collapse. Result is similar.

                  • Selco,

                    Thank you Sir. I am honored by your response.

              • Correct!

                The only thing that kept Yugoslavia intact was all of the different ethnic groups hated the Russians more than they hated each other.

                Once the Soviet Union collapsed ‘all bets were off’ and they got busy settling mellennia old grudges; with the predictable results.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  you are sounding like a broken record…..

                  I am relating to the article at hand about
                  surviving a SHTF catastrophic event that
                  SELCO is trying to convey about tactics to
                  help us get through an armageddon situation,
                  while you are out in left field debating
                  politics like a bush league DC neophyte.

                  • OutWest says:

                    “you are sounding like a broken record…..”



                    “like a bush league DC neophyte…”

                    … If you can’t articulate your thoughts, stay out of it.

                  • YMWW

                    As usual if people disagree with you they are dead or stupid. If you don’t want people to think for themselves then you are not for liberty. If you want to blame the government for everything that ails you then you are not taking responsibility for your life. If you don’t know the difference between the myriad of reasons SHTF and focus completely on blaming the government you probably aren’t going to be ready.


            • YMWW, that’s the first post you’ve made that I agree with. I’ve always said and still say that nothing this government does has any legitimate basis whatsoever. They’re prepping for war against the people and we all need to be prepping for self-defense against them. once they’ve declared war against us, IT WILL BE GAME ON. All of the old rules will go out the window. it will be kill or be killed. Everything will change after the balloon goes up. braveheart

              • Yup…. It”ll be game on and your gonna kick some old ladies ass right BH?

              • Braveheart says:

                “I’ve always said and still say that nothing this government does has any legitimate basis whatsoever.”

                Does that statement hold true for a “Republican Government?”

                Because if it doesn’t, you’re just whistling past the graveyard.

                • YMWW, that statement holds true for any government and it doesn’t matter whose party is in control of that government. We could have Mickey Mouse in the White House and nothing would change short of an all-out revolution. OutWest is right. you need to read the articles more carefully before posting. it’s simply about surviving a total collapse of society. You ought to go to Selco’s site. maybe you’ll learn something. braveheart

                  • For Bravehart-

                    YOU ought to go to a psychiatrist. YOU might learn something.

                  • Visiting Selco’s site is SOUND advice. I bought a membership and found the price well worth it.It’s one thing to read Rawles novels, and watch TEOTWAWKI movies and read the postings of armchair survivalist/operators, and quite another to read the words of Selco and listen to his interviews to understand, in the words of those who’ve actually been there, what it was like to stay alive when the shit hit the fan and society–and the safety net of grocery stores, 911 service and smiling, friendly neighbors–cease to exist…

              • Braveheart, what you said is why you and I have multiple caches whose primary content contains ammo and loading supplies. A few pounds of well protected jerky and multiple vitamins also comes to mind.
                Semper Fi

            • I totally agree..It is stateism all the way now….The people will believe and continue to drink the kool-aide…dumbed down by the government going on 5 generations now….a small core of the rural American still exists…but that is a very dwindling few

              • The majority of our people are commies. Stay away from them, but be prepared to defend yourself.

            • ““People” vote for this shit.”

              Well, sheeple vote for it. As has been said, “If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”.

          • The dear leader’s face is now taking the place of the stars on our precious American Flag. Right now, in DC, they are waving our Old Glory with the dictator in place of the stars that so many lost their lives over and so many revere as sacred. This evil leader has not served on day in the armed forces, nor has he ever had a real job. I believe MLK would be ashamed of them all.

            I am sickened by the way this vile, evil president is being revered as something that he is not and never will be. We live in quite extraordinary times, we can not compare it to anything that this country has ever been through before.

            I know that the elite will have all the essentials they need to keep their bodies and their living quarters clean but they will never be able to get rid of the stench that the devil has doused them with.

            Those who can see the evil now, will be able to improvise and prepare as best they can but those who worship this ungodly leadership are doomed to die with no dignity and they will surely pay the ultimate price when they are judged before the almighty.

            When a society worships and kneels to any mere mortal then they are sinning against the Lord. I can see all of the elite scum for what they are, playing God and believing they are above the Lord. Evil is among us but it can not touch your soul if you recognize it and prepare to fight it with all that you have.

            You won’t fight alone if God is in your heart, he will fight with you and never leave you.

            • I can relate to the article on one point. When traumatic things happen, we do odd things. When living in Alaska, we had a large earthquake, about an 8.9, with lots of after shocks. It was pretty scary and for the longest time I slept in my shoes, on the sofa, near the door. The most wonderful thing about the elite going underground to their city of refuge is that they will all be there together. I wish we would be able to hear what they say when things begin to fall apart for them.

            • The Devil is alive in America and living in the White House.

              • Paul: The guy in the WH is a puppet, not the master mind behind everything. Read USMC MGen. Butler’s book “War Is A Racket”. Big business has been running things almost since the inception of this country in order to increase their bottom line, at the expense of the average American who bleeds for his country. Iraq is the perfect example. N. Korea has been, and continues to be, a real threat to world peace but we don’t attack them for two reasons. 1-They’ve got a much bigger and more powerful military than Iraq. Yeah, we could defeat them but at a greater cost. 2-They don’t have anything in the way of natural resources that anyone wants, unlike Iraq which is 5th worldwide. N. Korea is not even in the top 100 countries with oil and only 19th in coal. The only other thing they have are millions of malnourished people. Our “country” is run by the few, the proud, the ultra-rich multi-nationalists. Citizen’s United was the final “TELL” for those who even have an inkling about economics and who really runs this place. If anything I said isn’t true then please, anyone, tell me the real reason we went into WW I. I would seriously like to hear from folks on this matter as this war, more than most, stands out as the prime example as support for my statement.

            • Mao, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin all rolled into one wonderful value pack. The dick wads who elected this guy will be regretting it.

              • Commies elected him.

            • Will be interesting to see if we start seeing more flags with O’s face on them.

            • “I am sickened by the way this vile, evil president is being revered as something that he is not and never will be.”

              Agreed… but such is the nature of deceivers. They always seem to find a willing group of idiots that they can exploit for their own vile purposes.

          • OW, that maybe true for the most part. But there will be those who will transition easily and even some that will welcome it. You will have to think like a wolf to kill a wolf.

            • I disagree. A wolf’s greatest threat is not another wolf and certainly not a sheep-dog. It is a man who has decided that the wolf needs to be killed and is willing to dedicate the time and resources to make it happen. You don’t need to think like a wolf, you need to think like a man who knows how and where a wolf lives.

          • insurmountable for libs

            Showing your ignorance again. This is one lib who would have no problem putting a round between your eyes if SHFT. Libs can be as ruthless as anybody. But go ahead, keep thinking that way, it will make it easier for us to eliminate you form the competition if SHTF.

        • If Hurricane’s Sandy and Katrina taught us anything, is that all of this is possible. Never wait or rely on the Gubmint to bail your ass out in a SHTF scenario. They will be taking care of themselves first and then their family and friends second.

          So in other words, tough shit if they finally get to you and your dead.

          • Speaking SHTF, King World News posted an audio interview with Eric Sprott who still believes and fears we are head for an economic collapse because of the massive derivatives exposures by all the Central Banks and the US in reality is already bankrupt. 😉

            • He did become a wealthy guy by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

              • did not, sorry

            • @Rodster…

              The US is already bankrupt by any measurement that can be used to tell if bankruptcy has occurred. The telling moment for me was when Obama came on TV a couple of years ago and said that the US could not pay its bills unless the debt ceiling was raised. This comment made 2 things clear immediately: 1) that the president of the US doesn’t know jack about economics; and 2) that making this statement is an admission of bankruptcy. People and organizations, including governments, are solvent when they can service all of their debts without the need to create more debt. What the US Gov is now doing is nothing short of using one credit card to pay off another credit card. This is not what one would call intelligent financial management. It does, in fact, reek of desperation. Owing more than one can pay off is a bad thing. Sooner or later, those bills HAVE to be paid or some bad s**t happens.

              The cavalier attitude of our so-called “leaders” is also pretty amazing in its lack of comprehension of the seriousness of our current financial condition. These people seem to think that they have all the time in the world and can handle our debt and deficit problems “someday”, “one of these days”, or when they jolly well get round to it. Not so. Anyone who understands how credit works knows that it is not the debtor who decides when to pay off their creditors. It is the creditors who get to decide this because it is their money that is at risk. There very well may come a day when people and nations refuse to lend money to any deadbeat government, including our own. That would not surprise me a bit. No, they do not want to lose what they have loaned us so far but there are limits as to what they can and will put up with in terms of delayed repayment. At some point, they simply will not be willing to send any more good money after bad and the current game of ever-larger debt will come to an end… and it WILL end badly. It did for the USSR and it will for the USA as well. Luckily for the Russians, they have a lot of oil, gas, gold, and other precious raw materials. Without them, they would now be totally blued, screwed, and tattooed.

          • I have lived without alot in my life, when I was small we lived in the mountains of North Carolina, no electricity in the house, only oil lanterns, no running water no bathroom, I survived. When I was 6 years old my mother was killed, I survived. When I was 12 years old I left home, My father gave me a twenty dolar bill and told me to be good, I survived. When I was twenty seven My husband and three children lived in West Va. Flood waters came and took everything we owned in this world, my husband and I lived in a camper shell on a pickup truck for a month in November, I survived. After that we rebuilt bigger and better in the mountains of Va. Since then my husband passed away, I survived. My childen are all grown now and all are sucessful, then 2 months ago my fiance of 6 years was killed in a farming accident. And so far I am surviving this too. not one time in all of my diasters has the government ever came to my aid and given me anything. If you have it in your soul to be a survivor you will be, but on the other hand not at any time was anyone ever shooting at me, not yet anyway.

            • Inspirational…

            • God bless you, Lady!

        • I bought three 36-roll packs of toilet paper at Costco, on sale even. That’s Peace of Mind! Let the shit hit I’ve got a few months of “roll” at least! A few for barter perhaps! I’ll be lucky to live long enough to use it all in a safer world, kind of eerie to think it actually might trade up.
          Peace All y’all.

          • Its cheaper to buy TP online and have it shipped to your house. Boardwalk Toilet Paper, Two-Ply, 4.5 x 3 Sheet Size, 500 Sheets per Roll, 96 Rolls per Case all for $43.87

            On the lighter side of things. Watch this video on the Gov.



            • Twisted, Thanks for the tip!

            • I currently have 420 rolls of Northern still wrapped up in 12 packs, stored in the closet, several packages of paper towels, several bottles of shampoo, and a few other items in the “several” category. All of it is shoved into a closet. While everyone at the grocery store is tearing each other apart for TP, I’ll sit back and lay low during the chaos.

              • @ScoutMotto-
                Boy, you are even more full of shit than that dude BI it sounds like. 420 rolls? Yeah…thats exactly what everyone will be scrambling for if the world is ending…toilet paper.
                You must be nuts.

                • @Yahoo –
                  We must be in the minority, but I don’t store much toilet people either. I store phone books and know where the rural branch of the local library is. It will probably be vacant immediately after a trigger event. I also know from working for the BSA that toilet paper gets brittle over time and I don’t have enough space here to rotate it out effectively.

                  If I get the last-minute opportunity, I will be scrambling for more of things that have a shorter shelf life than those in long-term storage like more cooking oil and multivitamins.

                  • Pastor-

                    Exactly. Lots of things to “wipe” with, including things that can be washed and used over.

                    I guess none of these people would know what a diaper service was!

                    Or that there was a time when TP didnt exist…

                    Sears was always good for ONE thing at least!

                  • Cannot reply directly to Yahoo for whatever reason…

                    Back in 80-s we used different kinds of paper instead of TP (except the newspapers – we knew they contain led ink). It was not comfortable, comparing to real TP, but as I see it now, problems we faced were decisively larger, than lack of nice, soft TP.

                    If one has diarrhea, nothing better, than to wash oneself with lukewarm water and some baking soda in it. Even best TP will be irritating after a while.

                    For myself I decided – whenever another anonymous prepper preaches about their collection of an upscale TP, I invoke a mental block against their future writings and advices. Their are either trolls, or uneducated – in any case, equally dangerous.

                    YMMV, see for yourself in due time 🙂

                • Yahoo are you stoned or just stupid?

                  • He’s just so full of it that he doesn’t USE toilet paper. One day he’ll just explode and everyone near him will think that the SHasHTF.

                  • Those that can do,those that can’t enter politics or become internet trolls.

                • Yahoo, ScoutMotto is being very sensible. He’s a prepper.

                  • Sorry Bravehart, but Preparaed Pastor makes much more sense.

                    And btw…. I had to wipe with what was available at one point in life. They didnt issue TP with rifles.. Just the rifle.

                    Things worked out fine. You people can def over think shit.

                • Yoohoo – Read the article douche bag! It refers to being half way human under horrible conditions. You’ll just do what the dog does when the toilet paper runs out…. Why do you even come here? You’ll be one of the first bitches to cry for help when the SHTF!

                  • Seriously, 10% , Yahoo boy will not need TP. He will have lots of books and newsrags to use in place of Charmin:
                    1) Dreams of My Father, BHO
                    2) New York Times
                    3) The Advocate
                    4) Drift, Rachel Madcow
                    5) ANYTHING by Bill Maher
                    6) Gathering Storm, Morris Dees of the SPLC
                    7) Mao’s Little Red Book
                    8) The Quran
                    9) Earth in the Balance, Al Gore Jr
                    10) Shooting Straight, Piers Morgan
                    11) Communist manifesto, Karl Marx

                  • For 10%——– 10 per cent of what?

                    BTW…I’m not half way human in the BEST of times.

                    That simple fact has saved my life and sanity over a grueling 2 year period.

                    and You, Mister Patriot?

                • I freak out when my supply drops below 200 rolls. 420 rolls is totally reasonable.

                • Shows how stupid you are. TP and other everyday items we all take for granted will become very valuable. Yeah you are a YAHOO all right, more like a yay-ho.

                • Well, Yahoo, I would reply, but everyone else put it best. So, what they said.

                • “Yeah…thats exactly what everyone will be scrambling for if the world is ending…toilet paper.”

                  Heh…I spent time in eastern Europe with more than one ass-busting case of the shits. In tents, riding bicycles, etc. Sometimes I had to shit in the river while swimming. At other times, I WISHED I had some…you guessed it…TP.

                  Wait until the shit hits the…er, uh,…back yard at your house. What’re YOU going to use to clean up? Federal Reserve Notes, perhaps?

                • Yahoo: I’m going to cut you some slack because by your response to ScoutMotto I can tell that you’ve never been in the military, the BSA, or even camped much, otherwise you’d know that TP is worth it’s weight in gold when you’ve got to poop under field conditions. I remember that C-Rations had TP and so did MREs when we went to those, but it was never enough to do a good job. I learned fast to bring my own roll to the field. You’re also too young to remember the “Great TP Shortage of 1973”. Johnny Carson made a joke on the Tonight Show in December of 1973 and caused a nationwide TP shortage that lasted more than 3 weeks. He apologized a few days later but the damage had been done. Now fast forward 40 years and think how folks will react to ANY major crisis. TP is not a luxury item! By the way, telephone books make good backup TP. I save all my old phone books and put them with the TP. Do you know how to properly handle and dispose of waste should the toilets and water stop flowing? If not, then you’ll be one of the first to die.

                  • One time, while I was hunting, a simple fart turned into a mudslide. Cut the briefs off. A while later a second round came upon me and had to use a sock. Took the other one off and stuck it in my pocket (Reserve) as to not look stupid but as things will go, it was noticed I was not wearing socks when I cam back to camp.
                    Oh, Yeah ;0)

                • Yoohoo – I could not reply to your reply, I will do it here. First of all, that is Ms. Patriot to you. Second, 10% Off has nothing to do with a discount. Third, please do not imply that you are the only person here who has been through bad times and had to do things that were over the edge. We’ve all been there. I don’t wish bad things on anyone who is already down, but usually people who have been through Hell, don’t target others without knowing their situation. You did.

                  And I would have no problem telling you the same face to face. I don’t live in Mom’s basement hiding behind a computer screen.

              • TP? Hmmmf. There’ll be no food. So no need for TP. Wasn’t go in, doesn’t come out.

                • I’m into food storage so there will be food (and water and other provisions).

              • Thanks for supporting Northern, as that’s where my husband’s retirement is coming from.

              • @Scoutmotto,
                TP, canned meats will be about the most valueable as far as i can tell, cant grow TP, and anything that resembles meat will disappear, gotta poop and gotta have the protein and fats along with the veggies!
                Anything that can put out light will be up there too.

                • There are more importiant things than toilet paper. take a rag and water and wash your ass. Or wipe you ass with leaves or corn husks ect. the native americans never used toilet paper. build a outhouse. Besides you wont be eating copious amounts of food so you wont be crapping near as much.

                  • I lived in the USSR its last 3 months. TP, when available, was anything from rolls of newsprint-type-paper to something like crepe paper but with larger wood fibers visible. Milk was being sold which was labled “pasturized” but wasn’t really so until I caught on (and boiled my just-purchased milk for 1 min before cooling and storing) I had to deal with the trots, and extra TP use. So don’t count on low food supply to mean low TP use- if you get sick from bad foods you’ll wish you had more soft TP or at least Kleenex pocket packs as I did back then. BTW, I love Selco’s site!

                  • OLD GUY-
                    don’t try and use common logic with morons. It wont work.

                    They think toilet paper has always existed.
                    They will need to be more worried about getting ass FUCKED, than about cleaning their asses.

                  • The inner part of cat tails is similar to cotton, it could be used if no TP is around…just a suggestion. Also the dry husks of corn (the part that covers the corn) can also work.

              • Baby wipes are cheaper, you can get a case of 792 wipes at target for 13.00 they take up less storage space and if need be you can bath with them , rinse them out then wipe your behind or dust the furniture!

                • Gatheringbird those are some pretty good uses for baby wipes. Thanks for the ideas

            • Thanks, Twisted!

              Just ordered a case 🙂

            • Thanks Twister: Just ordered 2 cases.

            • Twisted, thanks for the link!!!!! LMFAO 🙂 that dude is Funny!!! Thanks again!!!

            • Amazon has the T.P. for $36.42 with FREE shipping…Can’t beat that!…..they also have some that is USED for just $22.99 a case…Hmmmm…..Decisions, Decisions!

          • Yeah I hear ya. I’ve lot’s of stuff I may never use but could be good barter, like Chef Boyardee, yum. I’m just hoping to catch someone who’s starving and willing to trade for some gold or silver. Now that’s desperate. 😆

            • From 2009, a very helpful article for anyone getting started.

              Preparing for Uncertain Times–A Simple Guide to Getting Ready, by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Patriot

              It has some excellent ideas about getting prepared. It includes basic information and lists for:
              ◾Food Storage
              ◾Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

              Included is a list for a Two Month Supply for Two People of Shelf Stable Grocery Store-Purchased Foods

              Survival Blog

              (direct link below)

            • chefbrd…no way anyone (that wants to live and prosper) would barter for that shit…unless you are weak. Real fucking weak.

              If you eat it, or are eating it or have eaten it in the last 30 years…you have less than no chance of survival.

              To those of you who think that you will survive on something out of a 16 oz can…amf.

              • lastmanstanding, uh, sorry, but I’ve had chefbrd products as part of my emergency food supply since the 70s and never had any problems with them. True, while some brands are worse than others, you just have to shop around. Dinty Moore beef stew is another good survival food item. Just finished a bowl for supper…YMMMMMMMMMM. Regardless of what canned goods you get for storage, of course periodic rotation still applies. braveheart

                • You just keep eating that gmo/fat/processed laden shit and your ass is toast.

                  I just had local fresh meat, grilled crookneck squash, roasted anahiem peppers and coleslaw from 3 kinds of cabbage and onions from my own garden.

                  Sorry to brag BH but I’m so far gone from this paradigm that I can’t see it in the rearview mirror…

                  Quit living in the past.

                • Bravehart-
                  Oh man you must be out there. You eat that crap? I bet Mickey Ds is gourmet to your hillbilly ass.
                  That is just the most awful shit with no nutritional value whatsoever. If the World were ending, I wouldn’t rob you for that shit if i was starving.

                  I might just on general principal for being enough of a nut to eat that crap.

                  YOU better get 420 rolls of toilet paper cause you’ll need it with that shit.

                  • all you red thumbers have no chance if your eatin that shit.

                    …and its because your to lazy to make the effort to grow your own food.

                    the real fact is that you still like being a sheep.

                  • Yahoo,

                    Listen up red neck, yo mama cooks so bad that your Family says grace after every meal.

                  • Gardening is for after the initial die off takes place. There’s no reason to have a garden the first year as it will only serve as a beacon to the starving. Better to hunker down and let the die off happen first.

                  • Yahoo and lastmanstanding, I’ve been eating it since the 70s. i’m in my 50s now and still alive and kicking. I’ve also been a meat eater since I was 4 years old and never had any trouble with that, either. I also consume a fair portion of fish and chicken also without any problems. I’ll grant you a garden would be great, but I have no room at my place for a garden nor do I have time for a garden. to be fair, I have tried a few organic products but they had no taste to them. maybe they are healthier, but I couldn’t stand such bland-tasting products. And, no, I don’t touch mickey d’s; I’m not desperate. Do what you want for yourselves. i’ll stick with what I have. i’m also adding some freeze-dried foods to my inventory.

                  • Did you two guys have an intense romance that went bad or something? Pretty pathetic. Eh, yay-who?

                • If you can stand DM beef stew, more power to ya! 😉 I’m picky so I prep accrodingly. The mate is pickier in many aspects, but we will both do what we must, so maybe a case of DM and some extra herbs and stuff to make it palitable is in order?

                  • BRAVEHART-

                    I guess if your stomach can take it, it works for YOU. I cannot see being able to SURVIVE on that crap. It is just horrible for you. You are immune by now I guess.

                    FREEZE dried is great. The meats especially.

                    Most cals will be in the ground meat and you can use it with rice dishes etc….

                    DM beef stew? I would honestly eat canned meat dog food first.

              • Drivel. You can survive on canned dog food for years.

              • I was unemployed for 5 months +, and ineligible for unemployment. At 88 cents a can I ate a lot of Chef Boy Ar Dee products, and even a pigeon or two captured with baited rat traps. Cooked in a crock pot, they come out pretty tender, and taste just like their wild counterparts.

        • Selco is an awesome instructor. Many of the things he speaks about are, and will be relevant, to what we will see. Many things he speaks of, are about his time and place, but the underlying lessons are very important. Selco’s lessons are worth the modest cost.

          • Braveheart — they’re just talking out their ass

            When things get dire enough, they will eat
            dog food out of a can, and claim it’s delicious.

            Talks damn cheap when times are good.

            They talk the talk, but do they walk the walk?

            • “It’s my snake! I raised it, I’m going to eat it! Better than your dog food.” – SkyCaptain to Max’s Dog, in The Roadwarrior

        • One of the best articles so far. All of the folks who go on about” fighting to the end”… “take it to the man”…. “they will have to come kill me”…. Well as I have been saying … THEY WILL.!!….. All the bravado of a select few will get them killed. As this man so eloquently stated… that carp will not work. You must adapt. If they come for your guns… have one that is registered and many they are hid. Give them the one and smile (like the song “silent running”). Don’t assume anything. When I was at hurricane Katrina I saw People do things that you only read about in places like Sarajevo. This was only after just a week of grid down. In Memphis during “Hurricane Elvis” after three days of no power in 95 degree weather I saw the same thing. Go camping (way out with just the backpack) for three to four weeks to get a feel for what it is going to be like. People are at their worst and the longer it goes on the worse they get. You must have a team (that you trust), tactical training for all scenarios, Good steer smarts, A knowledge of your area, A knowledge of how to move around discreetly and when, a knowledge of those that have things you may need and what they need (barter) and if you can trust them. You have to accept that you may have to burry your wife, husband, child, family pet… ect. You may have to turn your back on or kill your best friend to protect your loved ones. This is not going to be pretty. As I stated before it was bad during the great depression and people had a MUCH HIGER moral base. This will be much worse and most people are … well… dogs…. (in fact most dogs are better). You have limited time and you need to start to accept how things may end up. If two 15 year old thugs will beat an 88 year old man to death in a conservative northwest mid seized city when they have food to eat, smart phones, and a roof over their heads …. Imagine what it will be like if they have none of these…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS….

          • Yeah…beat to death in Jimmy Rawles’ “Great American Redoubt” where all the preppers can skip to market and trade goods for 22 ammo after the world ends.
            The GREAT Redoubt has crime? Now? You mean it might be even worse after?

            What a crock of crap all this is. You re safe nowhere if that happens.

            People profit form your fears and insanity.

            You all here are very good subjects.

            • I think Yahoo is Peterson

          • Man on the inside,
            I agree 100% people have to get there S@@t together , This is going to be worse than some can possibly imagine . Many will not survive it , it will be just like Bosnia.
            If you are in the DC DHS office your close enought to MAX V’s school in West Viriginia , great tactical firearms trainer former SAS guy ,US army Recon. Check him out.

            Remember people a thousand times more.



            Semper Fi 8541

          • We now have the snap/ebt in lieu of bread and soup lines of the last depression..

            This provides a 50 million plus army of co dependents loyal to the state..

            Add all the millions of federal and state employees.

            Add all the military and families..

            Add all the branches of the National Guard and their families..

            Add all the military contracting corporations..(mercenaries).

            Add all the Law Enforcement agencies nationwide and families..

            What we have here is quite a well armed, well financed, and well fed contingency to keep the rest of us in line in conjunction with all the databases and technologies in place..

            Now stack up all the odds..

            and no we are not Afghanistan..they have the drop on all of us..not unknown caves ,hiding places,and unfamiliar territories..

            When any societal collapse you really believe that the so called patriots within this vast web are siding with the populace,,or side with those who arm, feed , and protect them and their loved ones??

            Think again…the animal/survival mode will prevail..


            • Don’t count on everyone needing a hand-up as those who will be loyal to the government; same thing with those currently working for it. There are many who do this now to get by who are just as fervently freedom minded as those who don’t. As for the rest, when the system crashes and no more money is coming, they will turn on their former hosts; they will be the crazy-ex-girlfriends of the government and will go after them with a vengeance, especially if someone can give them food or money to do so. Remember all the talking points about how good Al Qaeda have been to the poor in other countries? How many factions might get the same idea? I expect that things will be a lot more complicated than your vision would suggest.

              • Actually, once Dear Leader realizes that the jig is up, and those EBT cards are going to bounce, you can be sure he’ll be on TV wailing about the Tea Party racists who won’t pay “their” taxes have caused the welfare program to collapse. Who do you think the holders of Obama phones are going to believe?


          • You sound like they will be after every living soul.

            Stay out of the way. Survive its death.

          • PAUL MASON-

            You are right also. That other kook who survived the Argentinian collapse did just fine in the city, and form perosnal experience, you are better off in a more populated area than less.

            (Im not talkin NYC……. just more general pop. They will be re supplied first.

            Bumfuck WY is going to be shit out of luck, and getting killed by someone they think is one of their best freinds.

            People do not know war unless they have experienced war.

            A collapse if it was full out would be worse than war in lots of ways.

            Selco profits off of fear is all.

          • Another advantage to the city is the “dead” zones for wireless communications devices caused by interference from infrastructure. Remember how long it took them to find that Boston bomber hiding in the boat? Oh, yeah–forgot–they NEVER found him. The guy whose boat he was hiding in found him and called the authorities to tell them where he was. If he hadn’t, they’d still be searching…

        • Stressors make good men better and bad men worse. Recognize the strenghts and weaknesses in yourself. Reinforce your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Keep your weapon and your bible close at hand. Your’e gonna need both !

      2. I don’t think most Americans today have the toughness that their grandparents had. There was a drive or fire inside to do what you had to do to survive. In today’s ‘gotta have it now’ society, people who are use to the comfy life are not going to be able to deal with any type of cold reality. Heaven forbid, but if there is an SHTF event, America would look like millions of people escaped a mental asylum at the same time. Not pretty at all.

        • Agreed, have spent 7 days deer hunting without a shower, stunk like a dead skunk, but that shower when I got home was great. Everyone need to get the portable solar heated showers for their preps, did not have one back then, have 2 now.

          • 7 days….try 6 months cleaning yourself with wet wipes.

          • There is a old trick that I have used before camping where you take several 50ft. lengths of garden hose, fill with water(and raise the ends to keep from running out)

            Let the hose sit out in the direct sun for several hours and then wash off!

            Best of Luck to ALL of Y’all!

          • Ive camped and washed every day. I got in the creek when the weather was freezing. Not bathing and letting your self stink is slothful. The teeming bacteria is what made you smell. In a shtf situation you need to keep clean & healthy. Knowing how to stay clean in a difficuilt situation is paramount.

            • Your helmet makes a good wash basin. Soap down head to foot, every square inch, then rinse; even when it’s freezing.

        • Yo Wormdirt –

          The answer to this ‘issue’ is that everyone is going to have to harden their hearts and be prepared to ‘drop-the-hammer’; no doubts, no hesitation and without reservation. If I don’t know you ……. you aren’t getting any closer to me than about 25′. If you have something that you absolutely have to say to me; say it from that distance. Just wait until the drunks without alcohol, the druggies without any drugs, the hungry without any food and the ‘crazies’ without their meds hit the streets.

          Let the ‘good-times’ roll boys & girls. There are going to be a whole lot of very shocked and surprised people out there; please don’t be one of them. This isn’t just a simple paradigm shift that we’re looking at here either. It’s a whole new way of life headed down the road in our direction. God Bless & good luck.

          • @MadMark:

            Agreed Sir.

            Remember my friends, you are the weapon. At your disposal are the tools of the trade. Whether be zombies, pirates, raiders, looters, or rogue gubbermint trolls, be it gun, bat,arrow, fist or blade, dispatch without pause, rage against the night.

            Get the preps between your ears in order. This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no time for foolin’ around.[Talking Heads]

            …be the Wolf……..Honor…….BA.

            • I will be vigilently on guard for the wolves, there is no honor in being one.

              BA, become the sheepdog, not the wolf. I do expect however that most will become the wolf. It’s a fine line. MadMarkiem: while I can, to a degree, understand your point, don’t lose your humanity or you will lose your soul. What’s the point of survival without your soul? Our Lord Jesus Christ was not a wolf, nor would He bless one. His ultimate sacrifice was the pinnacle of what it means to be the sheepdog.

              We will see the true nature of humanity when coddled Americans are deprived of their TV, sports and party favors. I don’t think I will have enough rounds for all the wolves I may encounter. Fortunately, I live around quite a few sheepdogs, they don’t like wolves either and have lots of very sharp teeth…

              • @Sheepdog:

                With respect Sir.

                In a SHTF, I will not be tending the flock, I will be PROTECTING the pack. Any force or faction that intends injury to me and mine will be dispatched with prejudice, and run to ground.

                I want my enemy to know I have teeth.

                I will not be attacking the weak for food, I have food.
                I will not take from others, that which is not mine.
                I will not be the bully, I am prepped.

                In the flock, only the sheepdog provides the protection.
                In the pack, we are all armed.

                I don’t want people to say: “Watch out for that group up on the hill, they are a flock of sheep”, I want them to say: “Stay away from that group on the hill”.

                Comparing the life of Jesus to that of the average Joe is apple and oranges. Jesus had a special skill set, that none of us possess. Losing or saving my soul is a private matter, leave the fear mongering to the gubbermint. Remember, as a survivalist, Jesus sucked. He died.

                ….in a SHTF…….don’t be Jesus……BA.

                • Jesus chose to sacrifice himself to save you. He chose death, He chose the highest calling. If the Truth is fear then I am guilty. To compare my words to governmental fear mongering is sad. If I chose to walk in the light, then I am not an average joe in this doomed country.

                  Run with your wolfpack if you must. Better hope you can maintain your alpha male status, you will always be challenged. That is no way to “survive”.

                  • @Sheepdog:

                    Jesus never had a choice. He had a mission.

                    Death is not the highest calling. I choose life over death. Thank you Jesus, mission accomplished.

                    “If the Truth is fear then I am guilty.” I agree, you are guilty.

                    I never compared you to an average joe.

                    This is not a fight between saved and unsaved. This is a fight about free will, not chains, and affects all regardless of the status of their soul.

                    We should agree to disagree on the definition of a wolf. In my opinion, being proactive [wolf] instead of reactive [sheepdog] allows me to set the terms of engagement. Is not prepping about being proactive, taking on the responsibility of positioning yourself to be at the ready. It is always better to see the problem, before the problem sees you.


                    …If you see blood, make sure it is theirs……BA.

          • Just look at the pictures of bombed out syria and the hundreds of thousands of refugees.

            • Oh Kula! That just can’t/won’t happen in the USA!


              Started my fall kale today…parsnips, thinned my winter carrots, tomatoes/peppers, ready for salsa next week. Canning pickles, pickling beets this week, new racks in my root cellar for tatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, apples ripening in my orchard…acorn, buttercup, hubbard, spaghetti, squash, pumpkins…

              farmer to farmer…I feel those peoples pain. God help them.

              Not going down “without one helluva fight”

              • Root cellar! Now that is the biggest item on my wish list,
                Speaking of roots,
                My sunchokes and yacon and molokai sweet potatoes are all about ready,
                Wish i could do squash regular, big problems with mellon flies,
                Yep, i cant imagine what the syrian people are enduring and hope we never go there.
                If these jerks want a fight theyll get one.

                • I’ll be praying for your root cellar.

                  Sounds like we are twin sons of the same mother.

                  molon labe.

          • Mad Mark… is dead on… learn NOW who you can trust and add them to your team…. all others even a family member, your preacher, you local cop is considered suspect until completly veted…. I know this sucks but I did not make the rules … I have to just live by them….

          • @ Mad Mark…Thanks for the reminders because even I forget how vicious people can get, even on a good day. I am fortunate and or unfortunate enough to know all too well about getting screwed by family and friends…something about, with family like mine who needs enemies?!…toughened me in me ways early on…but I’m still a big soft heart and that shit has gotten me in trouble in the past…something about “no good deed ever goes unpunished” always rings a bell.

            When the shtf it will be a madhouse and the way I see it is, no matter how much prepping I do, it will be a learning process at every juncture. Nobody wants civil war or contamination and I truly want to live in peace gardening and working locally enjoying life. Reality is we are headed for our worst nightmares and every single day the cart ain’t tipped over is a blessing. Kulafarmer I wish I were hanging out up yonder for a spell…y’all is all right on man!

        • I was fortunate to grow up near my grandparents who lived on the family farm during the depression. They taught me a lot about food storage, gardening, animal husbandry, etc. The first firearm I ever shot was when we were slaughtering hogs.

          When I worked for the BSA I would spend all week at the outpost with no running water and had to take a shower when I got back to camp before they would let me in the dining hall.

        • Wormdirt,

          I could not agree more. My Grandmother made all the clothes for the family, had a huge (@1 acre garden), canned, baked, made her own soap & home remedies….

          A problem that I see is that sheeple today have abdicated and farmed out all of their responsibilities & work they should be doing themselves; education to the school, health to the doctor, etc., etc…. And Big Gubmint has been right there happily helping them to become dependent. No, these folks are in for a very rude awakening. A few will survive. Most…well, they’ll have eternity to ponder on the error of their ways.

        • Why would anyone think that a nations’ electorate that elected Obama twice has a chance of surviving the tough times. That goes for the preppers to. If things go South maybe ten percent will survive the first year. I could really do without an adventure like that.

        • Some of us do (have the needed toughness) and some of us don’t.

      3. I don’t know if Andy really said these things or not, but he should have.

        1. Andy Rooney on Vegetarians:
        “Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word meaning ‘lousy hunter.'”
        2. Andy Rooney On Prisoners:
        Did you know that it costs forty thousand dollars a year to house each
        prisoner? Jeez, for forty thousand bucks apiece, I’ll take a few
        prisoners into my house. I live in Los Angeles. I already have bars on
        the windows.
        I don’t think we should give free room and board to criminals. I think
        they should have to run twelve hours a day on a treadmill and generate
        electricity. And if they don’t want to run, they can rest in the chair
        that’s hooked up to the generator.
        3. Andy Rooney On Fabric Softener:
        My wife uses fabric softener. I never knew what that stuff was for. Then
        I noticed women coming up to me, sniffing, then saying under their
        breath, “Married!” and walking away. Fabric Softeners are how our wives
        mark their territory. We can take off the ring, but it’s hard to get
        that April fresh scent out of your clothes.
        4. Andy Rooney On Morning Differences :
        Men and women are different in the morning. We men wake up aroused in
        the morning. We can’t help it. We just wake up and we want you. And the
        women are thinking, ‘How can he want me the way I look in the morning?’
        It’s because we can’t see you. We have no blood anywhere near our optic
        5. Andy Rooney On Phone-In-Polls:
        You know those shows where people call in and vote on different issues?
        Did you ever notice there’s always like 18% that say “I don’t know.” It
        costs 90 cents to call up and vote and they’re voting “I don’t know.”
        Honey, I feel very strongly about this. Give me the phone. (Says into
        phone) “I DON’T KNOW!” (Hangs up looking proud.) Sometimes you have to
        stand up for what you believe you’re not sure about.” This guy probably
        calls up phone sex girls for $2.95 to say, “I’m not in the mood.”
        6. Andy Rooney On Cripes:
        My wife’s from the Midwest. Very nice people there. Very wholesome. They
        use words like ‘Cripes’. ‘For Cripe’s sake.’ Who would that be — Jesus
        Cripe’s? The son of ‘Gosh’ of the church of ‘Holy Moly’? I’m not making
        fun of it. You think I wanna burn in ‘Heck’?
        7. Andy Rooney On Grandma:
        My grandmother has a bumper sticker on her car that says, ‘Sexy Senior
        Citizen.’ You don’t want to think of your grandmother that way, do you?
        ‘Out entering wet shawl contests’. Makes you wonder where she got that
        dollar she gave you for your birthday.
        8. Andy Rooney On Answering Machines:
        Did you ever hear one of these corny, positive messages on someone’s
        answering machine?

        • Andy’s dead.

          sob was a communist who talked about the dumbest shit imaginable to take your mind away from those of us that watched about 58 minutes of c…bs.

          molon labe…don’t go down without one helluva fight.

          • lastmanstanding says:

            “sob was a communist who talked about the dumbest shit imaginable…”

            The Putsch has been in the works for decades now.

            Those who really control the State are just waiting for the perfect timing.

            In the meantime, keep on voting.

            • wtf is putsch…

              “those who control the state” are going to fuck up…then we’ll drag them all out of a hole…just like saddam.

              No one is going to escape this time…and fuck voting.

              • Best concept I’ve heard in a long time, last man.

          • Commies everywhere, lastman.

        • Andy Rooney was NOT an American. He was a jerk.
          Now he’s dead. Bye bye Andy.

          I wouldn’t quote that piece of crap ever if I were you.

          • Yahoo,

            Aren’t you the nasty little bitch.

            • I think Rich99 changed his handle to Yahoo!

              • Probably paid doctors to change more than just his “handle.”

      4. Being an animal is instinctual. Refraining from being animalistic is what defines us a ‘civilized’.

        Remove comfort and perceived security, and the animal comes right back out – and at warp speed.

        • Ca Res…being civilized is nearly over.

          Hope you are in a more “civilized” area of Ca…if there is one.

          • Civilization: mankind’s endless effort to remove itself from the effects of nature.

            • awesome ee! I will remember that one.

              Everyone forgets how the earth works.

              Especially the chef boy ar dee and dinty moore eaters above.

      5. Top ten indicators that a redneck has been working on your computer

        10. The monitor is up on blocks.

        9. Outgoing faxes have tobacco stains on them.

        8. The six front keys have rotted out.

        7. The extra RAM slots have truck parts installed in them.

        6. The numeric keypad only goes up to six.

        5. The password is “Huntin”.

        4. The CPU has a gun rack mount.

        3. There is a Skoal can in the CD-ROM drive.

        2. The keyboard is camouflaged.

        1. The mouse is referred to as a “critter”.

        • Once upon a time I did an install to a DOD system used for some pretty sensitive stuff. After entering the “Root” command in DOS when I asked for the password I was told it was beer. I suggested that they make it a little less logical.

      6. Lets face it Love conquers all. No matter what. With love in your heart,no matter what the circumstance, it will give you stability in your actions. With out love your common sense is darkend and you will soon fail. I truly think one must have eyes like a dove and a heart of a lion. When in a situation Selco was in the greatest survival tool to have is a clear head. Without it a person will never endure and fuction correctly in order to endure and last in a unthinkable scenario.

        • I think part of that love is shielding some of our loved ones from some the harsher realities of a temporary (even if it’s long-term) event. I don’t know that I’m a fan of the show Doomsday Preppers, but maybe watch it to see what people will say next. Although I know it’s edited for shock value, but it still troubles me to see the worried looks on children’s faces as their parents poor out their fears on national TV. I grew up in a household where my mother was always expressing her fears we would be killed by a tornado, lose our home to foreclosure, etc. and it steals part of one’s childhood.

          I suspect roles will most often revert to more traditional ones with the wife staying in a sandbagged home and comforting the children while the men go out as Selco describes. This will not be possible for unprepared refugees, and even those who are ready to go to ground for a couple years could become dislodged so throw an extra Yo-Yo or Slinky in those caches you are burying along your escape route to show a little love when it’s most needed.

          • You are so correct, but many will not be able to handle what will have to be done to survive.

            • I agree and think that includes a lot of preppers. I may be one of the few people on here who has actually taken a life and it takes you somewhere you can never come back from. I do not want my wife and children to go there unless absolutely necessary.

              • If you want them to survive, you will do it again.

                • I don’t judge people, but I’m ready, willing, and able to make the appointment when necessary.

                  • Anen

                  • I’m shoulder to shoulder with you PP.

                    Safety to you and yours brother.

                    lms…standing fast in the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America, a republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • Pastor- then you must have only taken one.

                It gets easier and is done without feeling anything after awhile.

                At least it is that way in War.

                • I mean no disrespect, but if it gets easier why do so many of our veterans have post traumatic stress disorder?

                  • Prepared Pastor,

                    Yahoo is just looking for a fight, there is no way he served in the armed forces or he would never make such a disgusting statement.

                  • Its because it did become so easy to do the deed. Living with later is why they need help now..

                  • For the money, it’s a scam.
                    Semper Fi

                  • Pastor-

                    MOSTLY…. again…MOSTLY….. A lot of the pTSD comes from living under CONSTANT stress 24/7 for a year or more in a lot of cases.
                    Also, a lot of ptsd is survivor guilt also. Taking ife or lives can also produce PTSD, of course.

                    But for all the guys that had bad PTSD there are LOTS more who did ok. Not GREAT, but ok.

                    SO when I say it gets easier, I mean that your first time you may flinch, and you may feel awful afterwards. You may replay it and feel sick. After more and more, you actually become desensitized to it.

                    I hope that makes a little sense of it for you.
                    I am not combative here, but some of these people actually no nothing about what they speak. They think a gun and food is all they need. “Groups” here think it is impossible to over run them.
                    That last part should tell you A LOT.

                • Sure that you are not talking about turning tricks.

              • The first one is easy it is the second and third that tests you. Then they become just another chore to do.

                And yes I know these feeling.

          • Just saying. I have plenty of love for the human race. Plus I have plenty of preps to keep that love intact. Prep ,prep and prep because without materials one can starve and freeze. Alittle prepping equals alittle time of safety. Alot of preps equal a greater amount of security.No preps. No luck. The more time you buy for yourself through prepping might bring you more opportunities for your survival. Love and preps go together like a horse and carriage.

          • Don’t forget to get a good sewing machine and make yourself about 1
            thousand sandbags to properly seal off the ingress and egress from your fall back zone. This is actually very easy to do in times of peace.
            When panic sinks in people will not be able to think their way across the road. You can buy 3 miles of polyester thread for the price of two bottles of Maker’s Mark and sew bags for half the town. Small things make the difference, and all will agree there’s an ill wind coming down the pike. Tool up while it’s still easy to get things.

        • finally, after 5 years, someone else wants to be the lastmanstanding.

          Love is good…but it will not save your ass.

      7. We don’t know what food rationing is. Even an American on welfare can have food. Sometime soon, that is going to be gone and then we will all know how valuable food is and also just how important agriculture is.

        Since the 1940s, our Nation has been very spoiled.

        It is time to practice. By practice, I mean using your food storage and also practicing on eating the edible plants in the wild.

        Our food system is being transferred from small American farmers to those of big mega-corps with big mega-bucks. Thus, they are controlling the supply. Soon, that will be controlling us.

        • ugly…not in my neighborhood…and I’m not far from you.

          Lots of folks away walking away from the system.

          Every damn day.

          • @Lastmanstanding.

            Thus, if you live in or near Pocatello, then yes you live near me.

            This part of Idaho is a good area in that there are only 2 larger towns (Poky and IF) and many smaller and Ag-based communities. A 50 mile radius of any direction, there is about 800,000 acres of wheat and 250,000 acres of potatoes. Also, numerous dairies and cattle operations. Thus, prepping here should be easier if you work with farmers and have the ability to pay for the food.

            Glad to hear from fellow Idahoans. However, if you live nearby then that could mean Utah, Wyoming, Montana, or Nevada. Wherever, I must say Howdy to all my neighbors….

            • Ugly: Born and raised in Fairfield. Does that count?

              • Fairfield! Of course that counts. Now that is rural Idaho.

                Sometimes when I head to Boise and have time, I usually go up to Blackfoot and then to Arco and thru the Craters. Then of course Carey and Picabo enroute to your area and then Mt Home. Not a bad drive if time allows it.

                Howdy. Another Idahoan!

                • Northeast of Bonners Ferry. real close to Montana.

                  • I’m next door in Montana.

        • I think about hunger all the time.
          I am 63, never been hungry.
          In this house the term ‘get used to it’ is surfacing more and more.
          Oh, I’m prepped for a very long time. We do without nothing we need. I said need.
          But, there’s no harm in practicing.
          I can not even IMAGINE the spoiled kids on this street when TSHTF how they will live through it. No fruit roll ups?? You’re kidding. Mommy!!!!
          Limbs don’t fall far from the tree–that’s the biggest problem, right there.

        • I still have ration stamps from my time in the USSR. In December we had to stand 1 hour in line to get butter only to find they’d run out. Flour couldn’t be had unless you knew people. Sugar was by ‘special invitation’ only.

          In November 1991 we went to another town for the weekend; there only the pastry chefs still had flour, but not the bread bakers. We had cream horns daily, even with soup.

          My first week as a student I bought 10 eggs for 10 rubles (exchange rate made that $1). I didn’t know that was too much until a man on the street, looking like he hadn’t seen eggs in ages asked where I got them and how much they cost. Imagine a foreign student telling you nonchalantly that they’d paid $12 for a dozen eggs.

          This was while the getting was good.

      8. Hot water will make life a lot easier

        • I have an instant propane water heater and a couple 100 pound tanks in case it is too cold and dark for solar, but still too warm to use the cools attached to the wood stove. My water is pressurized by a solar battery powered 12 volt pump that only kicks on when the line pressure drops.

          Most preparations are culture shock absorbers to give us time to adapt to a new paradigm.

      9. if things went full-SHTF in short order….my wife would be amazed how quickly I would be fully adjusted to living at DEFCON-1 twenty-four/seven.

        She’d probably get emotional and accuse me of being happier living like SELCO and his neighbors had to.

        But then again, once my Lexapro runs out, that irritable edge of mine that makes me a bit aggressive and snappy (which I am convinced is mother nature’s carnal instinct being brought to the surface by the bullshit of everyday life)will probably keep me alive longer in a world where every day you can be a half-second’s indecision from being killed.

        And she would be right.

        I just can’t wait to see what a starving soccer mom prozac poppin’ pilates-training, former upper-class impractical and unprepared skank will do for me in exchange for a box of powdered milk and a can of tuna; assuming her husband can’t provide…got killed…ran off…or committed suicide.

        Now THAT’s something to look forward to WTSHTF.

        • It is amazing what some will do for comfort items.
          I myself plan on being the one who many come to for advice.
          I live in a neighborhood with sooooo many sheeple, that just knowledge will make me a leader. Not to be condensending to many, just stating the facts….

          • Healthy thinking…keeping your mind busy helping others will help you keep your mind.

          • They only thing I have stored for barter are WAPIs (water pasteurization indicators) which I picked up in bulk for 50 cents each be being in the right place at the right time.

            If I were going to store something else it would likely be rolling papers because of their size-to-value ratio. There are a lot of growers in my retreat area, but I do not know much about them. Can anyone with experience tell me if there are a lot of natural alternatives and if they go bad over time?

            • Frankly a pipe to smoke pot can be made out of almost anything. An apple, tampon paper, a crushed soda can, aluminium foil. It’s amazing really what people will smoke out of. Oh and I don’t smoke pot but know a massive amount of people who do.

        • You’ve got some baaaaad fantisies running around your head.

          • Just stating the facts….

          • not fantasies….reality as it has happened all over the world throughout history.

        • I really don’t think your heart is in the right place.

          • Obivously you have not been to Selco’s site, if you had, you could see what happens when the society breaks down. But since there are many on this site that no clue what could really happen, it will be a scenerio that you do not want to imagine. eppe is just stating what will happen if the world turns to crap. If you cannot handle it, well good luck to you, I hope you survive the upcoming poop that will be at your front door soon. Same to you “shady steve”

            • Selco is just profiting from his life experiences.

              Just another capitalist.

              I’ll most-likely catch a bunch of shit from that comment.

              Bring it.

              • I don’t know what kind of money Selco is making and don’t care, but I, for one, have been to his site and appreciate the service he is providing. All preppers would do well to check out Selco’s site and learn from his experience. he has already lived through MEGA-SHTF collapse of society. He’s already experienced what all of us will be facing eventually and I appreciate him sharing those experiences so I and other preppers can learn and adapt those lessons to our own situations once the balloon goes up. Any website that gives good credible information on survival-related subjects is worth checking out. braveheart

              • And bass pro is profiting from your ammo buys…. and lifestraw, and berkley, and burrbies seed, and so on…. Get the meat off the bones that will help you and this guy has some of the most real and smart things I have heard yet….

                • I haven’t supported corpco for years…I get everything that I need from small businesses in my town, state and adjacent state or 2. I collect my own seeds and made my own berkey fyi.

                  I don’t blame Selco for doing what he is doing and have seen his stuff…I’m just getting tired of it being repeated here about once a month.

                  The earth is going to be the more formidible force to recon with…unprepared people will be a piece of cake compared to the wrath of mother nature that most-likely be unleashed.

            • I joined SELCO’s over two years ago…I listened to every podcast. Is it supposed to turn me into some kind of trench-warfare ethicist or something if things get as raw and dirty as they did for him during the siege?

              Who do you think you are?

          • just trying to make a few of you hard-talkin’ softies think about where things will go when and if it all crashes down.

            Trust me on this, the scrappers, the bikers, the ex-cons, the vicious amongst us will survive. Makes me think about that line from Cloud Atlas….

            ‘The weak are mat and the strong shall eat’

            Just stating the facts here. You can pph pooh me all you want….but what you really need to do is learn how to throw a knife, choke someone out who’s trying to rape you, learn not only how to shoot a firearm but how to FIGHT with a firearm.

            Try to stay ahead of the learning curve here people.

        • Rifleman…melatonin??

        • RIFLEMAN—

          Poeple like YOU are the FIRST ones on their knees with their mouths open…

          and not to talk, either.

          Tough guy.

          • blow me douchbag…I didn’t say what I said to collect insults from keyboard commandos like yourself. I’m trying to make the women think about what happens when the men they have to rely on aren’t around….popularity on this board which is half-full of posers anyway is of secondary importance.

            So Yahoo….were you speaking from experience about getting your dick sucked for food during hard times? Is that what you’re trying to tell me mutherfucker?

        • OK OK OK OK OK…..

          I played the devil’s advocate here and posted some nasty stuff and pissed off a whole bunch of erstwhile right-thinking people on this site.

          I took insults, I gave insults…but the truth of the matter is, I purposefully wanted to ALARM and OFFEND some of you guys, especially the women who come to this site in order to stay ahead of the curve. Why? because I want you all, especially those of you who fashion yourselves as sheepdogs and shepherds, to really think about how raw and dirty survival can and will get when things get to the point where people like your neighbors are starving, and personal dignity and ethical consideration (for some) has gone out the window.

          That is when the wolves will come to the doors in your neighborhood, your town, your compound etc.

          Rape, sexual favors as a form of payment or to garner protection from the local tough guys have been a sad part of the human battle-zone since time began. This often leaves women pregnant without medical care, with STD’s and gynecological problems that can lead to sterilization and death, and an extremely high infant mortality rate for the babies born as a result of these encounters which under normal circumstances probably wouldn’t happen.

          If you have an interest in protecting women especially in your community, if and when TSHTF, from the predations of the wolves that dwell among us, consider stocking extra food, feminine vitamins, female personal items, hygene items, dried baby formula, cloth diapers, jarred baby food….anything that might spare your daughter, your neighbor’s daughter, the local babysitter, the women in your neighborhood etc. from venturing out if societal collapse has created an environment where sexual predators and thrill seekers can run rampant.

          Keep in mind that in some parts of the Balkans, people had to live with shell holes in their roofs for weeks or months during summer and winter because it was too dangerous to expose oneself by trying to go up on top and repair the hole. If you currently live in a suburban environment where community organization for mutual support/protection can assure safe passage through the neighborhood that’s a good thing. However, not everyone in that community will man-up or be willing to help out…in addition you will learn that we truly have psychopaths, sociopaths and extreme perverts living among us in suburbia every day; and given the opportunity and the right amount of stress they will make themselves known to the sheepdogs and shepherds sooner or later.

          Full disclosure here: I would never expect a woman in need to give me anything in return for food or my help except a thank you. I am married, Catholic, I have two children, I have PTSD (which is why I require Lexapro to keep my “amps” from going to eleven), I’m a veteran, a martial artist, I’ve taken over a dozen tactical rifle and pistol courses and I work out as if a village expects me to slay its dragon for them.

          I am fully prepped except for the biggest and/or most expensive pieces of gear (THERMAL NVG and riflescope, solar panel array with deep-cycle marine battery bank in faraday cage for off-grid, HAM radio) which I hold cash for up until looks like I ‘ve got to go out and acquire them, I consider my neighbors’ safety and adjustment to any new reality my responsibility b/c I don’t want to live in a ruined neighborhood once the disaster blows over.

          Therefore although I cannot feed all of them for 2 plus years like I could do for my family and extended family, and I cannot arm all of them although my class3 weapons dealer buddy down the block could….I will support them and get them on their feet without any expectation whatsoever except that they keep up their end regarding any community watch bill, child sitting, gardening, grass mowing etc.

      10. one thing there will be a huge abundance of WTSHTF….unskilled, hyper-dependent, psychologically traumatized pussy!!!

        • @ The Rifleman Next Door: The mere fact that this type of commentary garners a single “thumbs up” on THIS SITE, makes me wonder how much additional moronic filth is lurking in the shadows.

          You are not a prepper, but a simple parasitic disease that will hopefully be eradicated very early in the coming atrocity.

          If this is your sick attempt at humor, I’m missing it. If you are serious, I hope I don’t miss “the shot” when/if it comes!

          Infantile, moronic JACKASS! You claim to have a “wife”…if true, her photo is probably on a “missing persons poster” somewhere.

          You have brought absolutely NOTHING of value to this topic. Too bad “next door” doesn’t describe your proximity to me!

          • …well said, and I’m glad someone did…

            Even if it’s just a fantasy in his mind…
            It has no place here or anywhere I want to be.

            • On another thread on this site, someone claimed SHTF was his opportunity to loot, warlord, gather a harem, and commit murder at will from 300 yards, never mind how you determine intent at that distance. I call that sociopathic behavior and the opposite of what needs to happen.

              Sounds like it won’t be just the zombies hanging from the lamp posts, if that is going to go on.

              • I’ve heard that too especially from inmates in my prison ministry who are already getting early releases due to budget cuts. The smarter ones are using sites like to make maps to Ham radio licensees homes because they think they are more likely to own guns and store food they are going to want.

                Years before newspapers were publishing maps showing where people lived who obtained concealed carry permits, I was getting slammed for not getting any license of any kind. That doesn’t happen much anymore.

                • PS, that was on the ‘shortages’ article on the 8th.

                • And they dont think those armed ham radio operators wouldnt blast a 00 buck shot hole right through them? Not everyone is a easy target.

              • Smokey, if I’m correct, I think you’re referring to the troll that called himself KY [NOT Ky Mom] that was especially trying to give me grief. And yes it will be much more than zombies getting “ventilated”. braveheart

                • No, not that poster, another one, and just this week.

              • Smokey
                Eisen is the one who made that statement. That and others that lead me to believe that I would never turn my back on him or leave him alone around women. There are a lot of those types out there in “normal times”.

                • Sociopathic behavior is not going to be a desireable trait when we have to rely on each other.

                  • Too many kids today are sociopaths. It’s not “black culture” which lead to the beating death of the Vet in Spokane nor the beathing death of the 99 year old lady in Poughkipsee; those perps are black, but how many white kids have also done the unthinkable in recent times? The generation coming up who have been raised by a system where infants are regularly sent to daycare as soon as their mom can go back to work. Children who have more than 3 primary caregivers in the first 18 month of their lives are more likely than others to become sociopaths. Those who do are unable to develop proper compassion for others because they don’t have the healhty primary parent-child bond which is the foundation to a well developed mind. How many hundreds of thousands of people in each city in America fit that pattern? The book The Sociopath Next Door [Martha Stout] opened my eyes to what surrounds us. It also gives hope that it is possible for some compassion-challenged people to change.

                • “I would never turn my back on him or leave him alone around women. ”

                  Eisen was known on the econ collapse blog for stating that hispanic women were sub-humans, good only for the pooty.

                  You’d do well not to trust him.

                  • He also made a comment awhile back about giving it to a woman whether “she wants it or not”. Just in case anyone doesn’t know…that’s called rape. Rapists get their throat cut. So all those who think a WROL situation is going to be a fun time to indulge in whatever sick fantasies they’ve dreamed up are mistaken.

                  • “If you want to see why a race is so bad, you have to look no farther than their women!” – Attributed to Alfred E Neumann’s father.

              • Ive got lots of livestock. If someone tries to rustle it. Ill shoot them from a distance. Afterward Ill string them up someplace a good distance from my domain.. I wont tolerate thievery. Did you know its legal to shoot trespassers in Texas. my favorite movie is Lonesome Dove. I agreed with the part where Gus& Woodrow hanged Jake Spoon & the other bad guys. Those city folks are not welcome to take refuge out in the rural areas. I you don’t own property here stay away.

                • Don’t want to upset anyone here, but the roads belong to all of us tax payers. Leaving the roadways and venturing onto someone’s private property is something different.

          • Sorta like the guy in that book collision course, theres a lot of instances that animal instincts will be good,
            Taking advantage of people in a carnal manner should still get you a 175g SMK to the head.

          • Or she’s on the corner earning his keep??

          • He lives in his moms basemnt

            • Just keep preping and training and forming teams…. trolls will be the first to go….

              • yesssssss

            • no

          • 94 days and counting

          • “You have brought absolutely NOTHING of value to this topic. Too bad “next door” doesn’t describe your proximity to me!”

            if it did you’d be just one more unskilled, unreliable, gun phobe sissy I could only count on to knock at my door when the chips were down.

            If y’all self-riteous trench-warfare ethicists are stupid enough to project your high-minded sense of morality onto the rest of society, expecting the worst of situations to bring out the best in them instead of the animal… when the apple cart tips over, the law isn’t there, the strongest are determined to survive and the weak are at the mercy of a collapsed system….

            ugh! re read this article you idiot and think really hard about the vulgarity I purposefully posted here. Instead of insulting me like we’re on some AOL social chatroom, think about how many people out there REALLY think like that and get ready to face them if things come apart and your hometown starts to resemble Saraejvo.

      11. Amen brother, I hope to help others, but everyone needs to draw a line somewhere in the sand.

        • Eppe, jerrytbg, and yental, AMEN! I’ll take my chances alone before I depend on someone like rifleman next door. there was no cause for his comments. braveheart

      12. When one loses his since of humanaty and becomes an animal he will think like an animal and kill like an animal to survive. These “animals” you will need to steer clear of because you and yours will NOT be able to trust these individuals.
        Once human beings are reduced to cannibalism, humanity goes out the window cause then these individuals will eat the weak and old and they are reduced to animals.
        I beleive these individuals who keep eating human flesh become zombies. And you have to kill zombies.

        • T.P. investor: I can’t imagine eating people, even rats, cats or dogs, one reason they could carry diseases and main reason it’s repulsive. I’d eat horse,donkey, mule, goat, sheep, deer, rabbit meat and other select 4 legged herbivores if available. got to agree w/ mad markhiem too.

          • Laura M., I agree. I won’t touch human flesh regardless.

            • Braveheart… we my not but the unprepared will do ANYTHING to stay alive…. most are moral less, and God Less.

          • You don’t have to worry about eating human flesh. The flies will get them first, and the noise will get you second. Huh, you say?

            Yep, there will be so many flies in the city you’ll hear them miles away as they feast on millions trapped in the high rises. It will sound like a tornado. Then, there is the smell…..

            You have a nice day Sir!

        • A lot of peeps on here like to point out the movie Idiocracy. In this case, I’d like to point out the movie ‘Trading Places’.

          Remember, they ruined Louis’s life over a dollar to prove that ‘breeding’ has nothing to do with whether a man will revert to his animal nature in hard times.

      13. I’d like to know if someone could quantify city size vs SHTF pain quotient if and when it does happen. I live in a town 2 hours away from the nearest big city in the southwest.

        The town I’m in, along with surrounding communities, is about 60K people. Moving to DeadCarp Idaho (population 250) ain’t in the cards for me as one of my sons turned type 1 on us two years ago. The town I am in is 96% Caucasian. Just wondering.

        • ziglvelt b. I would like to be able to tell you something good but it is not a good situation for you. If you are 2 hours from L.A. in a town of 60 000 it is a problem in a anarchic scenario. The fact your child has diabetes is not going to make it easier, no matter where you are. I wish you luck.

        • IMHO city size is not as important and population density given by looking up your county on Wikipedia and dividing the population by the area. Our home is in a similar sized area and is equally homogeneous, but despite having natural gas wells close so it isn’t electric dependent, deer walking through my yard daily, and 16 million gallons of water stored in towers on peaks around us I spent $10,000 building a solar powered, wood heated cabin an hour south where the population density is 1/6 as high. If you cannot do this perhaps you can rent a storage space at some country convenience store (I paid $30 a month while building my cabin) and put some old bunk beds, some water, old clothes, etc. in case you do need to leave, but have no better alternative.

          We lose power here for about ten days every few years so the people are resilient for the most part. Also we have more guns per capital than any other state east of the Mississippi so looting will be less of a problem. I’m not telling you this to brag, but to show you what I considered when moving to a small city in a rural state with two world-class hospitals, a 4.4% unemployment rate, yet rural enough they allow deer hunting behind my house every year.

          I think we have to make the best choices we can, learn as much as we can, and prepare to stay low as long as we can whatever we choose and not be so fearsome as to extend a life not worth living.

          • a town/city of 60,000 is dense enough. It is a problem. People will not cooperate. A town of less than maybe 500 or so, might have a chance of pulling together. Any more than that and frankly, there will be many problems to deal with. Likely too many in an anarchic scenario.

            • Twin Falls, Idaho is a community slightly larger than that when you consider surrounding communities as he described, but the county it sets within has a population of about 40 people per square miles which is about half the home range of modern hunter-gatherer societies.

              Lots of people agree with me that this is survivable including Strategic Relocation author Joel Skousen. It is also within James Rawles much touted American Redoubt.

              There are tactical teams that can totally obliterate communities of 500 if half of those are children or elderly. Every location has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which I believe are a better evaluator than just a number.

              • Just looked up our county 18/sq mi vs. Cook Co. aka Chicago @ 5,530/sq mi. Not sure I would want to trade.

            • I’m 4 miles outside a little town of about 6000.
              These people have no clue. Not one.

              • I live near Ft Campbell army base, so I’m not sure if living near a lot of military is good or not. I really hope more and more military begin to prepare everyday.

        • When it happens, most of us will have to stay where we are, and defend our communities. Being a refugee is much worse than staying put.

          Locate a site for multiple large garden plots and plan accordingly. Stock up, and look at your area from the standpoint of defense.

          The zombies and gangs and predators won’t last long.

          • I hope you are right, but there were over 800,000 new refugees worldwide in 2011 alone. I don’t know how many of them thought the same as you, but I think having an alternative is a good idea so I do. I’m very thankful that the only other resident on its gated road watches over it for me.

        • I am in the same situation. Our team figures in a real SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation… in the first 12 weeks that poulation will go from 60000 to 6000 then to about 1250 10 to 20 weeks later. We will stay high, shoot anyone coming up, and wait it out…. Then we help the good ones that are lift to rebuild and “take care” any bad apples left. It sucks but you cannot save them all…

          • Fix your posting name. I bet you are almost directly west of me. I got to stay away from USK if TSHTF.

      14. The Top 10 Good Error Messages On The Brand New $7000 Computer You Just Bought
        1. “That URL was not found because frankly, I didn’ try hard enough.”
        2. “If you continue to type that way, you’ll get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”
        3. “The Server is not really down, its just mildly depressed.”
        4. “Normally, I would complain but I’ll let that rough disk insertion slide this time.”
        5. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean up that beer stain.”
        6. “Its not a virus…its a STD(System Transmitted Disease).”
        7. “Remember Einstein, its point then click, point then click.”
        8. “That General Protection Fault is not yours.”
        9. “You’re using MS Word 5.0 and that’s a weenie version so why don’t I upgrade you for free?”
        10. “I hate to tell you this but you have already seen that version of the Pamela Anderson video… may I suggest another?”

      15. I’ve read the writers account before and it is very sobering. If you consider the life style we (Americans) have lived since World War II, it is unimaginable to have to live in the environment this person has. He has forewarned us. I have took his (Selco’s) message to heart. Let us hope and pray, nothing that extreme comes to America. But, considering how we treat one another now, in the times of plenty, I shudder to think what we will like 7 days after a major event(s) here that results in the shutdown of all service providers. Most people barely have 7 days of food in their homes or any other material item stored that they depend upon daily. For most of my friends, it is a week to week adventure to go to the grocery store to restock.
        If this was to happen, going alone will not work for most of us. We would need to be with relatives or friends for self defense,consolidation of resources and moral support.
        And yes, when it happens, have to put the game face on because it is on.

      16. I have a little practice at doing what I have to do, no matter how unpleasant it may be. I can do it again if I have to.

        “Dignity” is precious, but not mandatory for survival. It’s what is for dessert.

      17. We are a social animal, like it or not. We need to plan on working with others for security. Ain’t going to make it alone.

        • Smokey, you’re exactly right, but some people will refuse to work with others even if it kills them and their family.

          • Rambo is not going to last long.

            I’ve had team members who refused to become members of a team, working for the common goal. They ended up off the team and bait for the next downsizing. It’s always baffled me how some folks personal ego is allowed to get in the way of providing for their family and future.

            Even the introverts or the brilliant solo worker can be part of a team, just give them their parameters and goals, but some seem to be unable to suppress their petty nature and work it out.

            • Im not Rambo. But trusting the wrong folks will do you in very quickly. No group gets along for very long. its those folks who will kill & rob you. At present most folks usually are killed and robbed by folks who they know. Every crime & theft that has been committed against us was done By someone who we knew AKA friends neighbors,relatives. If you cant trust them now why should you trust them when SHTF? Ill trust my wife. and let the grandchildren take refuge. My non prepping children will have to lay in the bed they have made for themselves. If necessary Ill bug out and burn my buildings when I leave.

        • Smokey, you do make a valid point, but finding someone you can trust, i.e. a like-minded community of other preppers, that’s easier said than done. I have an arrangement to bugout to a cousin’s BOL in north GA at the first sign of trouble. they’re the only people I know I can trust in any situation. My whole neighborhood are sheeple. braveheart

          • Braveheart, you’ve got an alternative and should go with it, there is going to be a lot of ‘transfers’ to other locations when it’s necessary. Get something in writing from your cousin, kind of an entry visa, says he knows you and wants you there, may need to show it to someone before you get there.

            Me, I’m in my final location, hopefully, refugee status does not interest me at all. I think that like-minded community is going to have be built right here when it become necessary. If only 5% of us are preppers, finding two or more of us in the same spot is going to be difficult, we need to be the go-to person for some things right here, in my opinion. There’s no way 5% can outlast the 95%, isn’t going to happen. We need to work with that portion of the 95% that we can work with to rebuild when the time comes. That may be 20%, but it’s better than 5%.

      18. Thank you for the post. I think this is realistic information. It makes you wonder, who in your neighborhood will be animals, and who will show some kind of restraint.

        I had a dream months ago where my neighbors killed each other for food and water. These were not your average gang bangers, but accountants, school teachers, attorneys, and good Christian families.

        I hope my dream was just a dream.

        • Prepperdude,You cannot answer this question in advance. None of us know how anyone or ourselves will react when faced with certain situations. Many of us on here, may believe we will react with restraint, but when faced with a certain situation, no one knows for sure how they will react. Most people are social, as someone pointed out, and this is true, however in a situation like this, it is loners who will be more likely to show restraint without outside pressure or feeling the need for “advice” from people who potentially could hamper you. It is true. One will need to walk a fine line between being an animal and a human. And look out for those closest to you. It is all you can do really.

      19. Okie crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of twenty eight point three tractor trailers (trailers only) carrying Porter peaches, just shy of half a mile.

        • You been watching Shawshank Redemption?

          • That was our Okie?

      20. Imagine a world without institutions…There are no governments anymore, there are no schools, no libraries no archives, no access to any information whatsoever…no cinema, no TV. The radio occasionally works, but the signal is distant and almost always in a foreign language. No one has seen a newspaper for weeks. There are no railways, no motor vehicles, no telephone or telegram (Today read text/tweet), no post office. The only communication is through word of mouth.

        No banks, but that is no great hardship because money no longer has any worth. There are no shops because no one has anything to sell. Nothing is made here: factories and businesses that used to exist have all been destroyed or dismantled. No tools, except what you can dig out of the rubble.

        There is no food.

        There is no police and no judiciary. In some areas there no longer seems to be any clear sense of what is right and what is wrong. Goods belong only to those who are strong enough to take/hold on to them, and those who are willing to guard them with their lives.

        Men with weapons roam the streets, taking what ever they want. Women of all classed and ages prostitute themselves for food and protection.

        There is no shame.
        There is no morality.

        There is only survival.

        “We could see the physical destruction but the effect of vast economic disruption and political, social, and psychological destruction…completely escaped us”.
        Dean Acheson, US Under-Secretary of State,1947

        From the introduction to the book SAVAGE CONTINENT
        by Keith Lowe. Find out how easy it is to become an animal. WWII wasn’t that long ago and mankind has not changed. It is an informative read.

        • grandee…unfortunately, it may be the only way to fix things…It upsets me everyday.

          there is only survival.

        • Grandee, I fully expect what you just described will take place and it will be the only way to fix things. THERE WILL BE ONLY SURVIVAL. braveheart

        • Yup that happened, it was called the Dark Ages. And for a good reason!

          Did it happen in the past? Yes. Is it likely to happen in the future? No.

          Why? The collapse of the Roman empire was caused by many factors. The most interesting are: 1) The empire split in two halves (denying the western empire of the support of the richer eastern empire), and 2) the emigration of large, militarily powerful, barbarian groups when the empire could not ‘disassemble’ these groups and settle them on roman terms. These groups ended up ending the western empire.

          Is this kind of collapse likely for the US? No. Why?

          1) We control 25% of world GDP with 5% of the population, 2) We control the world’s reserve currency, 3) We control a vast continent with abundant natural resources, 4) We have an educated workforce, 5) Our workforce is one of the most productive on the planet, and 6) We are the sole remaining ‘super-power’ on this planet.

          The real question we have to ask ourselves is that with all of this power why is the average working person working paycheck-to-paycheck? Why are our health outcomes some of the lowest in the western world, even though we pay the most? Why are failing to invest in our infrastructure and productive capacity of our economy? Why are large sections of our country abandoned as ‘economic sacrifice zones’? Why are our education outcomes falling dramatically?

          The shortest answer that I can come up with is this. The people who currently have influence have never actually built anything. They are the second generation and have no connection with the things that were required to create the prosperity that they currently enjoy.

          A quick example: Sam Walton, who built Wal-Mart, died a multimillionaire. Until the end he drove a busted-up old Ford truck, lived in the same 1950’s ranch home, and remained married to the same wife. Its his children, who inherited their wealth, that drive the fancy cars and built the huge houses.

          Our biggest problem as I see it are powerful people who are in a hurry to get rich. They are willing to gut a company to get paid today instead of building a lasting, profitable enterprise. Its all about the short term. Long term thinking isn’t required in the age of ‘golden parachutes’.

          I have heard that in the ‘old days’ that a person’s long term respect was based on the long term performance of the companies that they ran. If the company you ran ‘cratered’ 30 days after you left, your name was mud in society. This is, obviously, no longer the case. Nowadays, you can pilot many companies right into the mountain and nobody thinks twice.

          Today success is defined SOLELY about how much money you have or ‘made’. This is clearly the wrong approach.

        “There are two Americas.” according to pretty boy John Edwards, an Ambulance Chaser. Now we know, and it’s a little bit too late.

        1. 🙁 The 1st America has a system with many loopholes, and with the elite’s SELECTED Prosecutors, Judge, Jury and Experts or the “Dream Team” attorneys. These guilty agents have always got away with everything. For example: cases against John Edwards, Dominique Strauss KHAN, Daniel ELLSBERG, George Zimmerman, etc…

        2. 🙁 The 2nd America for us, has a system which is set up for everybody (the Old World Sheeple.) The system is very tight and nearly flawless.


        THE SHEEPLE HAVE TO WALK THE LINE. And the system which would never fail to harm those that they want to use it against.

        • @ NMBC

          Uhmmmm….Zimmerman was doing his job when he was attacked after Martin mistook him for a target of opportunity. Zimmerman did right by blowing his ass out of the water.

          • Cal Resident, if I had a son, he would look like Zimmerman. If I had daughters, they would look like the female jurors who set Zimmerman free. braveheart

          • @ California Resident

            It’s in your LIBERAL mind, and the minds of the main-extreme-media and Zimmerman’s CREATORS as you said “Zimmerman did right..”

            Killing never has been accepted by mankind or in any civilized society.

            Since the people pointed out Zimmerman who is NOT white, so the media turned off their race baiting game.

            So the 2nd RACE WAR did not happened last month after the verdict was reviewed.


            You and the main-extreme-media are trying to twist the facts to look like something that it’s not.

            The extreme media went on RACE BAITING for OVER a year after the shooting and only to be SCREWED UP by the TRUTH. 🙂

            The ones who know the DIVIDE & CONQUER agenda of the NWO said it was all pre-planned.

            • @ NMBC

              Zimmerman defended himself against an attacker who was trying to kill him. That’s natural law in action, buddy. Killing in cold blood is morally unacceptable, I agree – but what Zimmerman did was right and righteous in the eyes of God; even if the man-made ‘court’ system had found him guilty.

              Notice that I never mentioned ‘color’ or ‘race’. Self-defense is everyone’s birthright.

              How you think that I’m a “LIBERAL” by thinking this way absolutely flabbergasts me.

              The fact that the country didn’t riot says more to me about the level-headed MAJORITY of its citizens then of the emotional provocateurs (Like Sharpton or The Black Panthers) and what they would have wanted.

            • Who killed Alexander Hamilton?

              • Aaron Burr

                • and the point I made?

        • The collapse of America was predicted in 1991, the same year as the collapse of the Soviet Union, aka The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

          Sheeple complain while NWO cabal forces sheeple to “WALK THE LINE”, they are looting the western world, African and Asian nations (except China, Japan, India..)
          They did not invent laws to govern, but they copied from China & Japan while they occupied the North of China and Japan after they invaded.

          🙁 Apprx. 1,000 years, history shows the Kazakhs or Ashkenazis occupied Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam & Philippines.

          The NAZI LOGO (aka The Swastika = the symbol of the 3rd REICH) was originated from China and Japan as a symbol of Buddhism. The Kazakhs’ idea to use it as

          🙁 The KNIGHTS of The Templars and the FREEMASON or IllUMANATI cartels were NEVER the same group as the main(EX)streme media who wants to change the facts or history.

          🙁 The illuminati and the Freemason steal the identity of the famous holy crusaders. One is Pro-Christ (Christians) and Illuminati and the Freemason are the Anti-Christ.

          Knights of the Templar were established by King Arthur 🙂 who fought the HUNS who tried to overthrow his kingdom several times.

          Safety, Justice and Happiness for us 🙂

          • Clarify:

            History shows the Kazakhs or Ashkenazis occupied Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam & Philippines, etc.. FOR apprx. 1,000 years as their histories reveal.

            As Mac Slavo said, Zimmerman was used as a catalyst, and that was true.

            The Zimmerman case was used to DEMAND OBAMA TO CONFISICATE GUNS besides the race baiting game. 🙁 Do you really think Obama would not use it if he could?

            Zimmerman’s shooting was used for political agenda, but absolutely NOT for self-defense. 🙁

            Citizens own guns and have owned them for hundreds of years or at least since they were invented. And I am and billions of other people are for people’s rights, the right to self-defense. 🙂

            When the main extreme media pops up with articles later as they’ve had in the past, which talk about the same subject (such as knights the Templar) to dispute your facts and to manipulate their propaganda, then you know you are RIGHT. 🙁

          • You just learned how to make smiley faces, didn’t you?

      22. Excellent article Selco – and very thought provoking. Similar scenarios have been played out in different parts of the world since time began, remember that. So the next Bosnia, Rwanda, Uganda, Cambodia is only a heartbeat away – and just because we are supposedly “civilised” here in the Western World doesnt mean we are immune.

        Excellent points too about retaining ones “humanity” which can be done in very simple ways. For me I have family photos copied and cached, also on memory sticks that are cached elsewhere with a 12v DC mini computer. I have little things that will make me feel “human” – soap and most important for me personally a good supply of disposable razors – nothing like being clean shaven to make me feel part of the human race. Hair shampoo I have stored as well – what woman after weeks of living like an animal would not get a lift in spirits if her hair was clean and soft again? Deodorant, toothpaste, floss, games that can be played on the mini computer. Books on CD. Coffee in bulk sealed cans, tea, TP, some bottles of spirits that last for ever, wines that are rotated every few years, cartons of cigarettes and a few cigars even though I dont smoke. Offering a packet of smokes as a gesture of friendship to an addict going through withdrawal is a gesture that will benefit both the giver and receiver.

        Dont misunderstand and think that because I have simple things stored in bulk now that will be a luxury later on that I am a wimp, I’m not, and if you threaten me or my family I’ll drill you front and centre several times without a nanoseconds hesitation or a shred of remorse and throw your body to the scavengers. It’s just that remaining a member of the human race is every bit as important to me as using my animal instincts to survive and protect my children and grandchild.



          Just be VERY VERY careful if ever dealing with addicts or alcoholics.

          They are not thinking like YOU.

          • Yahoo, AMEN to that. Ready down under, if at all possible, avoid addicts and alcoholics entirely. braveheart

            • NO YOU DIDNT BH !

          • Yep, addicts of any kind are going to have to be dealt with immediately, there is no way to rehab them, sorry to say. Once TSHTF, there will be no resources to take care of them. Keeping an addict tied up or locked up, fed, cared for, is going to be too much for the others to deal with and support themselves at the same time.

            • On the same page with you there guys, have dealth with addicts before. Treat with utmost caution and do not trust them under ANY circumstances. Where I’ll be though I dont expect to see any as I believe that sort will stay where they are most comfortable – the cities and towns. Unlikely they will head for the boonies on the off chance at the end of that awful dirt road miles from nowhere there is someone with a supply of powerful narc meds. They will hang around the cities preying on the vulnerable – natural attrition and the odd citizen with a weapon will take care of most fairly quickly. They may well be easy prey too – a junky on withdrawal is reckless and quite often doesnt think too clearly. An alert prepper should come out the other side of any encounter safe and well.


        • Some decks of cards, checker board and chess pieces, maybe a cribbage board or backgammon board, good cheap stuff for entertainment and also for barter.
          Gday mate!

        • Just a note on hair care post SHTF: If you have long locks, braids keep it cleaner longer.

          Out of shampoo? A solution of baking soda and water can be rinsed over the scalp alone to clean and degrease, then all the hair rinsed with vinegar and water to restore shine.

          Vinegar and soda are very useful preps and really need ot be on your list if they aren’t already. White vinegar is a great disinfectant and leaves no chemical reside on food surfaces. Soda can be used as tooth cleaner, antiacid, deodorant, etc.

      23. I haven’t prepared for 3 years just to give-up or get killed in the first 24 hours. I have a fluid-plan and will make adjustments accordingly. Trust no one except immediate family and your survival circle of friends.

      24. Consider some radios while you can. I have:

        – a police/fire/etc scanner,
        – a handheld CB,
        – a two-meter handheld ham radio (license required),
        – a multi-band shortwave receiver,
        – a hand-crank AM/FM.

        Radio will be king when it all hits the fan and phones of all types cease to function. If the internet goes dark, but power and phones stay up, consider using that old modem you thought would never be needed again, and sign onto a BBS or two. Egypt did this when their internet was cutoff.

        • ScoutMotto, on the shortwave, I believe it’s best to have one with single-sideband [SSB] capability for receiving ham and military broadcasts. Radio Shack has a few models for under $200. Or you can go to which has a huge selection of tabletop and portable shortwave sets and the prices will vary. Yes, radio will be king, but I foresee SHORTWAVE as being that king as it’s most likely that all AM and FM stations in the US will be dead in the water. that leaves ham operators and international broadcasters as the only sources for information anywhere.

          • BH, you are probably correct about all commercial radio stations when it all collapses. I’m just covering my bases on the off chance a couple commercial stations will be holdouts for getting news out to everyone. Since AM stations are cheaper to run, I suppose 1 or 2 of those will outlast all the rest in a given area.

            • Who told you AM stations are cheaper to run?

              Back in early 1990-s, during the USSR collapse handful of their AM transmitters were the first to shut down, due to the fact, that AM transmission is extremely power hungry (comparing to FM, or even better SSB SW).

      25. If collapse comes, the forces of the Obamoid-USan regime will be indistinguishable from those of criminal gangs (indeed, they will INCLUDE black and hispanic criminal gangs, armed and equipped by the Black-racist Obama DHS). These are the true “animals” who will be fighting Mr. and Mrs. Amerika in “Anytown, USA,” and they will attempt to reenact the HAITI massacre of ALL Whites on that island in 1804:

        The regime that is apparently OK with employing those who are calling for the deaths of all Whites in Amerika has just sent its forces into Syria to support AL-QAEDA (think of that next time your little girl is groped by an APE in TSA garb at an airport). Hopefully the warriors of Syria’s ally, Holy Orthodox Russia, will slaughter them ALL:

      26. Radio signals can be jammed and compromised and are useless without batteries or a power source. If the sun lets of a massive EMP, radios will be cooked.

        Survivalists are training for the wrong end game.
        They believe they will have to fight off crazed zombie like people who are after their stuff.
        The group of people you will most likely have to defend against are the ones that have a standing army and tanks and jets – the gubbmint. Stock up on tank piercing rounds and anti-personnel rockets. There’s your best defense. One or two guys might bang sticks on your cave but a whole army could really cream your day in the end times.

        • You don’t know about Faraday cages, solar power, or secret codes, do you?

        • We are so rarely successful in finding pot growers that it makes the front page of the news so we have to focus on the high profile troublemakers and hope that witnessing their defeat through the media will scare you into submission.

          Yes there will be media. It is what really controls you so we have plans to keep that operational at a reduced level.

        • A lot of myths out there about EMPs.

          It won’t fry local electronics unless they’re direct wired to long antennas or cables.

          If a nuclear EMP is strong enough to blow your SW radio thats running on batteries you’ll be hurting more from the blast and you you won’t give a crap about your radio.

          The fact is and EMP (whether solar or nuclear) will bust the grid and comm anntennas/lines. Sure, there will be some computer damage for various reasons but the main reason things wont work is because there won’t be any power. …and there won’t be any power for a long time. Whole sections of the country will be powerless for years pending long line transmission line transformers that take over a year to build and they don’t keep a stock of them around. 1 or 2 maybe but not nearly enough to replace DOZENS. Everything runs on electricity from the grid. Even vehicles are not totally dependent. Think: gas station.

      27. @ Everybody. Norse Prepper truly came up with the way a trolltard operates, they fish and when they get a bite they continue to fish. Trolltards are basically two types of individuals. Those that get paid by whomever or whatever to inflict problems to a web site that someone does not like. The other trolltard is the ultimate loser so desperate for attention that they make asinine and annoying remarks to irritate. You remember, 😉 the kid growing up with the 4 inch coke bottle glasses and teeth like a chipmunk that would make the most shrill noise like some trapped caged bird squaking at the top of their lungs to be noticed. This is the type of wart ridden dork that got daily ass whoopings and on occasion the royal flush head in toilet. This excuse for a life like Norse Prepper said is not worth your valuable time, only a red thumb to collapse the totally worthless comment. We all have too much else to worry about than some fly that decided to move from their horse manure pile.

        • Amen BI! Let’s keep preaching it!


      28. shtf ppl:
        Question – I got a new job, its $28,500 before taxes. I have no rent to pay (still live at home with parents). Student loans are $350 a month. My credit card needs to be paid off, I used it to cover everything for the last 5 months – it has $2,000 of debt. How much should I allocate realistically to preps per month?

        • Whatever you can get away with spending friend,
          Personally i will let bills slide if i need to get stuff, the bills will be there tomorrow, the preps maybe not, and maybe tomorrow the bills wont matter and the preps will!

          • @Andrew..

            Can you get your parents on board with your concerns? Do they have disposable income that you could “encourage”?

            All of you will need each other… try to get them on the same page.

            IMHO, a shotgun would be a better choice for a first gun.. because ammo for a 12 gauge is easier to come by and in a home protection situation all you have to do is aim in the general direction.. rifles and hand guns take more practice to hit a target under stress.. make those purchases when you feel comfortable.

            Hang in there…


        • Get $200 worth of storable food and hygiene items next month. A decent centerfire rifle and 250 rounds, visit the pawnshops, you can get a sportered Mauser or Springfield in .30-06 in nice condition for $300-$400. A Mosin-Nagant rifle will run about $180, but I’m not liking the ones I’m seeing from the recent batch of imports, and I am no longer buying them, in favor of a good used deer rifle instead, as long as it’s in .308 or .30-06, .270, some common caliber like that.

          Pay off your credit card entirely. Keep up on your loan payments. Build a 30-day reserve of expense money. Then a 60-day reserve. Pay your folks some rent, and stay there for another year. If things happen late this year or next, you need to be there with your family.

          Per month, $100 is about right until your cards are paid off. You can yard sale a lot of good items.

          • Some wise suggestions Smokey. Water storage too.

            • Hello good advice everyone

              I have a small amount of ‘gear’, a basic BOB kit that I made myself when I was in college. My parents don’t mind me getting equipment. And I can live at home as long as I help out some around the house. But, they draw the line at food storage. My dad thinks its too much like hording or that it will invite mice.
              I might have to buy dehydrated camping food and place it in my closet– expensive but it takes up less space.

              While in college I started buying an ounce of silver every month or whenever I would give something up.
              I think I will pay off the creditcard first, I think that will take me 3 months or so. While, I do that maybe I can put $200 towards preps and get my FOID card turned in. I will message back here once that is complete.


      29. Well if you have ever been in combat you likely know some of the sights, sounds and smell of mans inhumanity to man. Just reading the above sentence brings back that gag reflex.

        As prepared as I am I pray we can avoid a collapse, but I know mathematically that’s impossible. The first 90 days will be the worst and I recommend you lay very low during that time period. If you can isolate yourself for 90 day I think that’s best.

        Everyone will be overwhelmed except the sociopath. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that humans are the most dangerous animals on earth. Are we acting like humans or are we really animals that will revert to our past? I dare say we will revert to animals for a time.

        • The sweet sic smell. Sometimes out of no where for no reason.

      30. So, $1400 is the new line, what fools. Get sum.

      31. Sounds like you have to be the bigger animal. King of the jungle perhaps when they run out or go off their psyche meds it’s on. When they are jonesin for a fix or buzz it’s on Animals do not hesitate they act. That’s why wild animals are so unpredictable BE SAFE OUT THERE

        • Not true! I will be the squirrel, packing nuts away, hiding behind limbs where you can see me.

          But beware! While my teeth are good for opening nuts and my claws are good for climbing, if you don’t think I’ll use them to defend my “tree” then you’re gonna lose a couple of your nuts!

          Hide. If they start sawing on your tree, ATTACK.

      32. Many of us may die, make no mistake. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives” ~Braveheart

        That being said, there was a post on here at one time about the 100 non-essential survival items that are essential. The list was comprised of simple things like a bible, dice, playing cards, crayons and paper and the like. In a world gone mad, it will be important to not only survive, but remember why you want to survive. Many with small children will know all too well how hell on earth will be. I’m sorry for any of you in that situation, as I have a grand daughter to protect as well. We do what we can and as best we can. Nobody can fault you for that as you as long as you don’t give up. Never quit, never surrender. Fight them till the last gasp of your breath.

        Speaking of survival and such- @Mac- have you seen this yet?
        A lot of wisdom there related to the topic at hand.

      33. AH Monday, another week. Just wondering, I’ve heard they make RICIN out of Castor Beans, anyone know if they also make Castor Oil out of Castor Beans? Trekker Out.

        • Making dinner with chicken and some RICIN it.

          goggle: for info on NSA commanders.

          • Ricinroni

            • Here’s a storage tip. Rice A Roni is just rice and vermicelli (broken spaghetti) with a flavor packet. You can open a box and measure the amount of rice and spaghetti and write that down. Then open all the boxes and dump them into one storage container. Write down the flavor names on the packets and save a copy of the cooking instructions from a box. Then you can measure out and make Rice A Roni. This should save about 1/3 of the storage space.

              You can also make your own Rice A Roni cheaper by using rice and spaghetti with your own flavorings, such as onion and bouillon cubes. There are recipes online.

              I assume we have a new word of the week:

              ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin

          • I bet there is hippie out there that always gives me a thumbs down. Expose yourself at

            Be brave an open up.

        • The oil is expressed from the castor beans and the mash discarded. The mash is what contains the poison so never eat it! The oil can be taken internally as a laxative and/or to get labor started, but I think it used to be taken for other aches and pains back in the day.

          • Sigi, Just a short story, does anyone remember how good castor oil was at cureing illness as a child, Any time I wanted to play sick to keep from going to school, my dad would say, well we better give you a dose of castor oil. It only took one dose of that stuff, and after that even if I was sick just the threat of a dose of castor oil, and I was ready to go to school or anywhere else, I would have even taken some Ricin. Now days if you made your child take castor oil they would get you for child abuse. Trekker Out

      34. It’s really important to be prepared in all aspects. A person should have the enough knowledge and thinking when the worst scenario life can offer. Thanks for sharing this great article that will serve as an eye-opener to many including me.

        • It is pretty bad when Nibiru is your only hope. There really is no hope. Either we live in a squalor hell that the banksters have created or we die due to Nibiru. I think Nibiru is looking better all the time.

      35. It is so true never knowing just what you have until it is gone in an instant. I used to work in a residential treatment center and we would go winter camping near the rockies. Roughing it in temps sometimes -30C. Anyway it was amazing how many of the simple things we take for granted every day. A toliet that flushes, an actual chair to sit on, not a log, a light switch that turned on lights and appliances. Anyway the list goes on as I am sure most of you know, or I hope you do. Those trips were only 3 to 4 days and we had plenty of food and water. Now I can only imagine a whole winter in that situation. Those are the days I do miss Texas winters. I do enjoy when they post this gentleman’s articles, it does help to visualise the possibilities. God Bless and ya’ll take care. Just one thing I have wondered about so long is why do all my posts stay in moderation for so long? Esp with some of the garbage they actually let through here. Not to trample the first amendment but more people should actually think before they post. Is my post relevant? Just a thought.
        Ya’ll take care and God Bless.

        • Fill in the email address blank when you post. It doesn’t have to be real. Mine isn’t.

          • I’m using yours. . .

      36. Let’s see now. Most articles are saying that the U.S. is planning a srike of Syria within 1 week or 2 weeks. In 10 days there is a new moon. A strike on Syria means that Iran must respond in someway. A strike on Iran Israel and the U.S. would need dark skies. A strike on Iran means World War 3. On Sept. 5 the skies will be pitch black. The 10 day window of enough darkness in the sky is from August 31 to September 10. Again within that 1 to 2 week period given from today of a strike which would be September 2 to September 9. Could be the last Labor Day, the last summer, the last…………..

        • Our World has no light. We are already living in utter darkness.

          • @To All Patriots; We all seem to know who is behind this evil. IMO its past time to get behind iceland and now Hungary in ousting Rothchild bankers, IMF,and World bankers its the only way out of debt slavery for our children and grandchildren,and stop the wars!!Hungary Sheds Bankers Shackles

          • Our Creator is the light.

            • Oh, ricin is made by God..go figure!!

              • It is actually the result of genetic mutation from reproducing in a fallen world – like Ellen Degeneres.

        • These SOB’s had this shit planned for some time. The US gov has been sucking up a supply of atropine as evidenced by the backorders that we are seeing right now. Then they have the CIA light off a gas attack just as the UN inspectors arrive in country. Boy they really have confidence that we the American sheeple are just that damn dumb that we will fall for this shit. Makes me sick. Send us back to war so that we can all watch more Wounded Warrior commercials. Why in the hell can’t the US just take a damn breather from war for a few days. Oh yeah, that’s right, if the boys came back home, they would soon hit the unemployment lines. Keep’em busy.

        • Rosh Hashanah starts the evening of September 4. Yom Kippur starts the evening of September 13.

          ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin

          • backpack, pressure cooker.

      37. Sorry for the link its at ; if anyone is interested?

      38. What is the difference in Rican and anthrax, and can they both be stored in a pressure cooker?

        • Good one anonymous

      39. You might want to have plenty of wood cut and stock up on long johns, etc.

        “Farmers’ Almanac” predicts a “bitterly cold” winter

        CBS News

        • Woolen socks- try to get some that are made in America, there are a few small industries who do this. Make sure you have hats and layers. Never underestimate the power of a vest to keep you warm indoors when you don’t have much heat. Stock up now on cocoa and “Russian” Tea ingredients- a nice hot drink can be very effective in bringing up morale.

          • Sigi speaking of Russian, weren’t they the one that used the cane with the ricin in the tip to kill the spy here in America. Trekker Out.

          • SIGI-

            Merino wool. I wear them winter and summer and wore them overseas…keep your feet dry in 110 degree weather, as wool wicks GREAT!

            Lifetime gurantee on darn toughs.

        • KY Mom, Out here in the Western States we have a lot of beetle killed pine, and the loggers are cutting it and selling it by the truck load to individuals. Don’t know what a truck load sells for, but some of my neighbors have bought a load and had it dumped in there yards, may not do much to enhance your landscape, but sure is handy when you need fire wood. It’s well seasoned and all you have to do is go out in your yard and cut your firewood as needed. Wonder if ricin would have any effect on pine beetles, they sure have devastated our white bark pine. I heard there was 10 to 15 cord of wood in a truck load. Trekker Out. GOD is GREAT.

        • @KY MOM: They say that it will more than likely be dead winter when they declares Martial Law on us, could just be this winter. Be prepared.
          PS. I like your posts!

          Keep the FAITH

      40. Good Day to everyone at SHTF.

        Been away for a few days to go on a mini vacation. A small family reunion and things were fantastic. I am well burnt from the sun and somewhat tired as the 5 mile walks everyday along the ocean, I was not used to doing. For those four days or so I was a “Sheeple” again. In the Land of the Sheeple, everything is still bliss. I watched as many would bring so much STUFF to the beach. Umbrellas, coolers, chairs and floating gear. I was content with a hat and sunglasses, wearing just a bathing suit. In the warm sun. Listening to the waves and the smell of the ocean. The seagulls and pelicans flying overhead and picking up seashells. Doing things with family.
        I do not post this to poke a stick in your eye but use it as a snapshot on how it could all change. Enjoy what you have now.

        • Oh am I jealous! We planned a vaca to the beach this summer, to take the grandkids. I could smell the salt and beach smell just from your description – I always wanted to be a “beach bum”. So what did I do instead? Had a heart attack, and an angiogram that went wrong and blew out the femoral artery. I not only missed what was probably my last chance to go to the beach, but now I’m laid up recuperating and hoping like heck that I’m more back to healthy when tshtf. I really need to make some grocery store runs, but just can’t manage the walking right now. Grrrrrr……

          Like slingshot said – enjoy what you have now. It could all change in an instant.

      41. I just have to share this…

        Early Saturday morning 4am, we were awoke by the sound of shattering glass.

        Actually when I awoke I was not sure that I “heard” glass or “dreamed” it. A few seconds pass as I process it in my mind. Then I wispered to my husb, “what the hell… did you hear that?” he answered quietly “sounded like glass”…

        We both get up, still kinda groggy with adrenalin pumpin’, I asked “where’s Gretta?”(GSD) he said “right here”.. “ok”..

        We both head to the end of the house where we thought the sound came from, half naked… checked the windows and patio door, “they’re good”… “turn on the lights”.. There it was, a framed picture had fell off the fireplace mantle, glass everywhere..

        I turned to my husb and said “we f^%ked up” he said “why?”… “If this was a real situation we would be dead”… He said “Yep, should have grabbed a gun”….

        –> So Just Like Selco Said… You Can Have All The Preps In The World… But You Fu#k Up Once.. U R Dead.<–

        Hope this makes you think twice, it may save you someday.


      42. Sunflower Seed Soup

        2 cups of sunflower seeds, hulled
        6 cups of chicken broth
        3 small green onions, thinly sliced
        2 tablespoons of chopped fresh dill
        Salt and ground pepper to taste

        Place the sunflower seeds in a large saucepan.
        Add the chicken broth and green onions.
        Cook, uncovered, over low heat for about 1 hour.
        Stir in the dill and season with salt and pepper to taste.

        Serves 4 to 6

        Rice Pudding

        3 tablespoons white rice, uncooked
        1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
        1 quart milk
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
        2 eggs
        1/2 cup raisins or soaked dried apricots

        Rinse rice. Add all other ingredients except eggs. Separate eggs and beat whites until very stiff. Beat yolks and fold yolks into rice mixture. Fold in egg whites. Spoon into casserole. Bake in slow oven (250-300 degrees) for 2 hours, stirring several times.

        Peanut Soup

        2 cups of dry roasted peanuts, finely chopped
        2 cups of chicken broth
        2 cups of milk or cream
        2 teaspoons of snipped fresh chives
        Salt and ground pepper

        In a heavy saucepan, combine the peanuts, broth, and milk.
        Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring. Simmer for 10 minutes longer, stirring occasionally.
        Sprinkle with chives and season to taste with salt and pepper.
        Serves 4
        Indian Fry Bread #2, Navaho

        3 cups Flour
        1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
        1/2 tsp Salt
        1 1/3 cup Water;warm
        Vegetable Oil; for frying

        Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together Add the water and knead the dough until soft. Roll the dough until 1/4 inch thick, then cut out rounds 4 inches in diameter. Fry the bread in 2 to 3 inches of hot oil until puffed and browned on both sides.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Excellent, Watchman.

      43. Indian Fry Bread 1

        1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour sifted
        1/4 teaspoon salt
        1/2 tablespoon shortening
        About 1 cup hot water
        Shortening or oil for frying

        Sift flour and salt into a bowl. Add the shortening and blend well. The water should be hot, but not boiling. Add water a little at a time, blending well. The dough should be soft but not sticky. You may need a little more or less water. Blend well and knead for 1-2 minutes. Turn out on to a floured board and knead until very smooth. Divide into little balls. Cover and let rest for 3040 minutes.

        Roll out each ball as thin as possible, into about 4-5 inch in diameter circles. Heat 1/2 cup shortening or oil in a skillet and drop each piece of dough into the fat. Press down in the center with a spoon. Release. When they are puffed up, turn and brown on the other side. Drain them on paper towels and serve hot. May be made in advance and reheated.

        Makes about 24 pieces
        Indian Corn Sticks

        1 Cup Cornmeal
        2 Cups Molasses
        1/3 Cup Flour
        2 Teaspoon Salt
        1 Cup Milk
        1 Egg
        2 Tablespoons Lard Melted

        Mix cornmeal, flour, salt. Add milk, egg and lard; beat until smooth. Fill well-greased cornstick pans almost to the top (or pour into a greased 8 in. pan). Bake in a preheated 425 oven for 12 to 15 minuets. Serve with molasses or maple syrup.

        Indian Black Bean Soup

        1 cup sliced leeks
        1/3 cup oil
        2 cloves garlic, crushed
        2 lb canned black beans
        1/2 cup water
        1 tsp salt
        1/8 tsp fresh ground pepper

        Saute the leeks in the oil in a large saucepan until golden.
        Add the garlic and half the beans with their liquid.
        Mash up the beans with a fork.
        Add the rest of the beans, with their liquid but do not mash.
        Stir in the water, salt and pepper, and simmer, covered, for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot.
        Indian Beans

        1 diced onion
        1 green pepper, chopped
        1 medium sized can of tomatoes
        1/4 cup of brown sugar
        3 tablespoons of molasses
        2 cans of pork and beans, drained
        2 can of lima beans, drained
        2 cans of kidney beans

        Brown onion and green pepper in oil.
        Drain and add tomatoes.
        Mix together brown sugar and molasses.
        Add beans.
        Mix together and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.
        Inagami-Pakwejigan (Soft Bread)

        1 3/4 cups Water
        2/3 cup White corn flour
        3/4 tsp Salt
        Margarine or shortening
        Sunflower seeds

        Bring the water to a boil. Mix together the flour & salt. Pour the boiling water onto the dry ingredients while stirring. Continue to
        stir until the mixture becomes thick & uniform.Serve in a bowl topped with margarine & the sunflower seeds.

        Corn Pone

        1 cup corn meal
        1/2 tsp salt
        1 tsp baking powder
        2 Tbs bacon drippings
        1/2 cup milk

        Mix corn meal, salt and baking powder. Stir in bacon drippings and milk. Grease a large, heavy skillet with bacon drippings. Drop batter from a tablespoon, shaping into 4 pones. Brown on both sides. Serve hot with lots of butter. Pones, or flattened cakes of corn meal and water, were the basic, everyday breads of southern tribes.

        Keep the FAITH

      44. Comanche Stew

        5 lb Beef, stewing
        3 lb Bacon or salt pork
        1 ea Hen (4 lb)
        12 1/2 cup Tomato, canned
        7 1/2 cups Corn, kernel
        7 1/2 cups Peas, green
        2 pt Oysters
        4 ea Onion, large
        3 ea Chile ancho
        8 lb Potato
        1 Salt; to taste
        1 Pepper; to taste
        1 Cayenne; to taste
        1 Rabbit (opt)
        1 Game birds (opt)
        1 Squirrel (opt)

        Put all meat and the chiles in a stew kettle in boiling water to cover, and cook for two to two and a half hours. Then add potatoes, tomatoes, and onions, and cook for about half an hour before adding the corn and peas. The oysters should be added about 15 minutes before the stew is removed from the fire, and may be left out entirely. The stew should cook in all about four hours.

        Cherokee Pecan Soup

        3 1/2 pounds of stewing chicken or rabbit parts
        3 quarts of water 1 onion, chopped
        1 cup of chopped pecans
        Salt and ground pepper to taste
        1 tablespoon of minced fresh dill, optional

        In a large stock pot, combine the chicken, water, and onion.
        Bring to a boil.
        Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 3 to 4 hours.
        Remove the chicken from the pot.
        Once cool enough to handle, shred the meat and discard the skin and bones.
        Return the meat to the pot.
        Stir in the pecans and simmer, uncovered, for 5 to 10 minutes longer.
        Season with salt, pepper and dill.

        Serves 6
        Cherokee Corn Cob Jelly, Cherokee

        12 Ears fresh corn
        4 cups Water
        4 cups Sugar
        13 fluid ounce package of liquid fruit pectin

        Cut corn from cobs and reserve for another use. Place cobs in water and bring to a boil. Cover and cook for 12-15 minutes. Remove cobs and strain liquid through cheesecloth. If neccessary, add water to make 3 cups. Place liquid in a saucepan and stir in sugar. Bring to a boil and cook until sugar is dissolved. Stir in pectin and cook 1 minute longer. Remove from heat, skim and spoon into sterilized jars. Seal and store.

        Makes 3 cups.
        Cherokee Bean Bread

        2 cups of seasoned cooked pinto beans
        1 cup of liquid from beans
        2 cups of cornmeal
        1 teaspoon of baking powder
        1 teaspoon of salt
        2 beaten eggs
        1/2 cup of milk

        In a large bowl mix cornmeal, baking powder and salt.
        Stir in the milk, eggs, beans and bean liquid.
        Pour into greased pan.
        Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes or until done and lightly browned.

        Apache Indian Bread

        3 cups of flour
        1 teaspoon of salt
        1 teaspoon of baking powder

        Mix these ingredients, add water settle at time until it becomes doughy, if it becomes sticky add more flour.
        Roll to 1/4 inch thick with rolling pin.
        Fry in skillet with melted lard 1/4 inch deep until golden brown.
        Top with honey.

        Keep the FAITH

      45. Will the damage be reversible?

        That will depend on how much Humanity is left after we experience the horrors. Hard to say when the healing will begin, if ever. Anyone consider it? At what point will we be able to lay down our arms and get a good nights sleep. What vision do you have when it’s all over?

      46. I always liked selco, but then I heard he was kicked off survivalistboards for being a hoax?

        • That bunch, SB, thinks “Doomers” are a bunch of crazy people keeping the sheep from becoming preppers.The worst they think will happen is a few days with no power or a short term of unemployment.

          Someone like Selco throws reality in their face and they scream like little girls.

        • Disinformation? Someone masquerading as Selco?

      47. OK OK OK OK OK…..

        I played the devil’s advocate here and posted some nasty stuff and pissed off a whole bunch of erstwhile right-thinking people on this site.

        I took insults, I gave insults…but the truth of the matter is, I purposefully wanted to ALARM and OFFEND some of you guys, especially the women who come to this site in order to stay ahead of the curve. Why? because I want you all, especially those of you who fashion yourselves as sheepdogs and shepherds, to really think about how raw and dirty survival can and will get when things get to the point where people like your neighbors are starving, and personal dignity and ethical consideration (for some) has gone out the window.

        That is when the wolves will come to the doors in your neighborhood, your town, your compound etc.

        Rape, sexual favors as a form of payment or to garner protection from the local tough guys have been a sad part of the human battle-zone since time began. This often leaves women pregnant without medical care, with STD’s and gynecological problems that can lead to sterilization and death, and an extremely high infant mortality rate for the babies born as a result of these encounters which under normal circumstances probably wouldn’t happen.

        If you have an interest in protecting women especially in your community, if and when TSHTF, from the predations of the wolves that dwell among us, consider stocking extra food, feminine vitamins, female personal items, hygene items, dried baby formula, cloth diapers, jarred baby food….anything that might spare your daughter, your neighbor’s daughter, the local babysitter, the women in your neighborhood etc. from venturing out if societal collapse has created an environment where sexual predators and thrill seekers can run rampant.

        Keep in mind that in some parts of the Balkans, people had to live with shell holes in their roofs for weeks or months during summer and winter because it was too dangerous to expose oneself by trying to go up on top and repair the hole. If you currently live in a suburban environment where community organization for mutual support/protection can assure safe passage through the neighborhood that’s a good thing. However, not everyone in that community will man-up or be willing to help out…in addition you will learn that we truly have psychopaths, sociopaths and extreme perverts living among us in suburbia every day; and given the opportunity and the right amount of stress they will make themselves known to the sheepdogs and shepherds sooner or later.

        Full disclosure here: I would never expect a woman in need to give me anything in return for food or my help except a thank you. I am married, Catholic, I have two children, I have PTSD (which is why I require Lexapro to keep my “amps” from going to eleven), I’m a veteran, a martial artist, I’ve taken over a dozen tactical rifle and pistol courses and I work out as if a village expects me to slay its dragon for them.

        I am fully prepped except for the biggest and/or most expensive pieces of gear (THERMAL NVG and riflescope, solar panel array with deep-cycle marine battery bank in faraday cage for off-grid, HAM radio) which I hold cash for up until looks like I ‘ve got to go out and acquire them, I consider my neighbors’ safety and adjustment to any new reality my responsibility b/c I don’t want to live in a ruined neighborhood once the disaster blows over.

        Therefore although I cannot feed all of them for 2 plus years like I could do for my family and extended family, and I cannot arm all of them although my class3 weapons dealer buddy down the block could….I will support them and get them on their feet without any expectation whatsoever except that they keep up their end regarding any community watch bill, child sitting, gardening, grass mowing etc.

        • Goodonyer. I hope our neighborhood has a few like you when it comes down to that.

          We need to work together or we die alone.

      48. We have cats and a year’s supply of cat food. When you’re holding your cat and he’s purring it makes everything feel better. Yesterday my wife came home from her factory job. She was tired because it was so hot yesterday. She fell asleep on the couch and her cat fell asleep on her.

      49. SHTF : Be a Warrior not a Worrier. Read, learn, practice.

        Constitution : Read, Learn the spell, practice the magic.

        Bible : Man does not live be bread alone. Eat the words have long spiritual life.

        • Demoncraps? – You put the Demons in, you get the Crap out.

      50. dobro sta radis ka nema nisa rakia,pusenje trava , cekaju kas pas , been there and done that remember number one rule watch were you shit and clean your hands or your be dead quick , that is true selco bog pomoci ce nam

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