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Colin Powell Dies Of COIVD-19 Even Though He Was FULLY VACCINATED

Mac Slavo
October 18th, 2021
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Four-star general Colin Powell has died at the age of 84, due to complications from Covid-19, according to mainstream media reports. The prominent politician had been receiving treatment at the Walter Reed National Medical Center and was fully “vaccinated” against the coronavirus.

Colin Powell, who was the first black person to serve as United States Secretary of State, has passed away, his family announced on Monday in a post on his Facebook page, according to a report by RT.  “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather, and a great American,” they said, adding that he had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but that it eventually took his life.

I’m sure Powell’s complications from COVID would have been worse has he not been vaccinated. Is there a medical condition worse than death?

MSM Propaganda: Man Who DIED OF COVID Could Have Had A “Worse Condition” If He Wasn’t Fully Vaccinated

Powell was a part of George W. Bush’s ruling class as the first secretary of state and, during that time, became the highest-ranking black public official. In 2003, Powell made his administration’s case for invading Iraq to the United Nations, citing faulty intelligence that Hussein’s Ba’athist regime was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

In a now-iconic photograph, he held up a model vial of faux anthrax in front of the UN General Assembly but would come to acknowledge the event as a “blot” on his record. What ensued was a ruinous eight-year war.

Powell was firmly a member of the ruling class elite and helped promote the left vs. right paradigm lie. The former military man became disillusioned by his party’s move to the right and even publicly supported Barack Obama in his bid for the presidency. Powell also endorsed Joe Biden’s candidacy to lead the country, stating that he would be “a president we will all be proud to salute.“

Any endorsement of any master to rule over anyone else is an immoral stance to take. So let’s look deeper. Is this a psychological operation? Maybe. Is it a plot to further cement people in the left vs. right paradigm lie? Maybe.  Considering the news is fairly new, we may not know for a little while.

Here’s an interesting take on Powell’s death:

Take that information as you will, use your critical thinking and discernment. But we should all be able to look at information and make decisions for ourselves.  Stay alert and prepared. Until enough people open their eyes, there is little else any of us can do.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: October 18th, 2021

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    1. Apache says:

      I bet he got he saline solution and not the vaccine, which would have killed him later anyway!

      • Appears that I’m not the only one surmising that the “elite” received saline injections instead of the REAL “vaccine”. Of course, I ask for: EVIDENCE. It’s one thing to speculate, but we need PROOF (yes, I’m aware of a fictional flag officer that ALSO demanded ‘proof’, and look what it got him).

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Alexandra Hunt is running for PAs third CD which is includes parts of Philidelphia. She is 28 years old and received her masters degree in public health last year. It is reported that she grew up in Rochester NY, home town and home state of AOC and the Rockefellers. They say that her parents were teachers, whose names I was unable to find. She is running as a Democrat. There was also a woman that died last year from Akron with the same name who would be the same age if she did not die. She went by the name of Alexandra “Alley cat”Hunt, and graduated from Green High School in 2010. Reportedly, the Alexandra Hunt that is running for congress was a stripper that believes that America is infected with the disease of white supremacy.

      I do not know much about these individuals named Alexandra Hunt that shared the same birth year other than that. It is very tragic that a 27 year woman named Alexandra Hunt old died last year though.

      Andrea Iravani 

    3. Menzoberranzan says:

      I guess he really wasn’t in the scum elite’s club, even though they more than likely told him otherwise.



    4. Uh-huh says:

      A moment of silence everyone. It’s always sad?
      when a war criminal
      drops dead.

    5. Hmm... says:

      How could this guy have
      possibly died? Haven’t we
      been told by our rulers and
      experts that anyone who
      takes the “not a vaccine”
      will not ever die of any cause and will live forever🙄

      • How did General Powell die? Eighty-Four and suffering from cancer. Methinks that there’s something wrong with the story, else, yet another sad anecdote that the vaccines are ineffective…assuming, of course, that what the General received weren’t just saline injections to keep the “elite” clear of whatever nefarious intentions are supposedly planned with the “Vax”.

      • Woogie says:

        He must have NOT gotten the Moderna gene alteration that has the eternal life Hydra parasite it it. It tells ya they eat their own and that’s how it will all come down to.

    6. Reprint says:

      gotta love
      these “vaccines”

      The vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to be vaccinated with the same vaccine that doesn’t protect the vaccinated.🤔

    7. Jocko says:

      “even though” or “because”?

    8. Anonymous says:

      It’s a small club.

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Sputnik headlined that America’s wealthiest 10% own 90% of stock in America. Stock is I just do not something that I have the slightest desire of owning. I really don’t care if they own 90% of stock in America. You may as well start complaining that the top 10% own 90% of the horse feathers in America. Once you start talking about tangible assets, then I care. I do not even consider stock to be an asset.

      Andrea Iravani

      • All the Sputnik I launched on Oct 4, 1957 “proved” was that their chief rocket and spacecraft designer, Sergei Korolev, was a brilliant man, and he well-utilized the efforts of “their Germans” in cobbling together a compound rocket which somehow managed not to explode on the launch platform nor careen off-course, as so many of their rockets (and a few of OURS, unfortunately) did, and got a 184-lb flying radio into Low Earth Orbit. It was still about 30% of what then was estimated to be their lightest nuclear warhead, but it was postulated that they could yet modify the R-7 rocket (which they did) to get a warhead, with a yield of about 150 kT and weighing about 600 lbs, to reach targets in the United States from eastern Siberia. We still had a significant lead in the warhead weight versus yield measurement, already having cracked the 1 Metagon/ton(warhead weight).barrier, but figured it was only a matter of times before the Soviets did likewise.

    10. Christian Soldier says:

      Just another wicked pagan who now knows the Lord God is real…as he sits in hell in eternal torment.

      • Anonymous says:

        God gave you the power to judge others’ souls?

        Did he give it to anyone else as well?

        • Michelle says:

          This is what the word of God says about judging

          1 Corinthians 2:15 KJV
          But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
          My word: Not hypocritical judgement – RIGHTEOUS judgement

          Did you know as God’s child we are called to judge? This may be a shock to you, due to the fact that many Christians don’t study their bible aggressively. They are weak in apologetics in the defense of Biblical faith.
          Way to many times do we hear people wrongly quote the Bible, saying the scripture, “says not to judge”! I even here this from unbelievers, like it’s the only verse they know. What’s sad, is often way too many times, people misquote scripture. Saying something that’s not in context of the verse.

          John 7:24 KJV
          Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

          Zechariah 8:16 KJV
          These are the things that ye shall do; Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates:

          1 Corinthians 6:3 KJV
          “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?”

          NOTE: Judge not lest ye be judged is quoted out of context most of the time by people who do not understand the word of God on righteous judgement.

          Hypocritical Judging example:
          I’ll use an example, let’s say I’m parting going to the club and I go and tell someone else. Hey don’t go to the club, you know that it’s bad! Its unchristian. That person would respond in an unkind way, especially if they knew you were going to the club. See that’s my point, your being a hypocrite you cannot tell someone else to stop doing something you do yourself! Like smoking and many other examples..

          But what if I’m living for God? Im not going to the club and living in sin. I tell you that you shouldn’t go clubbing that it’s not a healthy lifestyle and that it’s a bad influence on your kids! I have ever right to tell you that you need to repent and not only that, God backs me up, because I’m practicing what I preach.

    11. Darth Skippy says:

      The first time I ever head the word quota case being used, a cultural Marxist was describing CP and did not even think it was pejorative, completely lacking self-awareness.

      A majority of your neighbors have to be demoralized past the point of earthy, Biblical parables and beyond Aesop, before a quota case can have the color of authority.

    12. Darth Skippy says:

      “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”
      — from Ecc 10

    13. Jimmy says:

      And now they are trying to feed us that he did not die from covid because he was vaccinated. Hah!!

    14. Anonymous says:

      Powell’s colon died?

    15. Anonymous says:

      We have to remember Colin’s criminal escapades in Vietnam, it had to do with what was being smuggled back to the states in the dead US soldiers bodies.

    16. Wojo says:

      I had a lot of respect for the man until he turned when Obama became president. Then he showed his true colors and they where not red, white, and blue.

    17. Anonymous says:


    18. Jocko says:

      According to the media, Colin Powell did not die, he was murdered by the unvaccinated! (sarc)

    19. Marcy says:

      Colin Powell was an old man who died of old age. Sheesh.

    20. Frank Thoughts says:

      Old man dies of late stage cancer. That’s the story. And considering the stress his body endured in a life in the military, he did very well to make it to 84.

      As for his legacy, he was a war innovator. His insights into how to fight and win modern wars were brilliant. He knew you had to fight at scale and with full total effect and do it fast. A complex military like the US, and a complex society like the US, can’t endure a long, dragged out war again like Vietnam. Sadly, his lessons were forgotten and we had the debacle that was Afghanistan.

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