Coincidence? The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are The Same Colors As The Palestinian Flag

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog under the title: Is It Just A Coincidence That The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are The Same Colors As The Palestinian Flag?

    I am going to share something with you that social media is really buzzing about right now.  If you go to Revelation chapter 6, you will find that the colors of the horses that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding are white, red, black, and “pale”.  But the ancient Greek word that is translated as “pale” in Revelation 6:8 is more commonly translated as “green”.

    In fact, the other three times that “khlōros” is found in the New Testament it is translated as “green” in the King James Version.  So if the most accurate translation of “khlōros” in Revelation 6:8 is “green”, that would give us horses that are white, red, black, and “green”, and it turns out that those are the exact same four colors that we find on the Palestinian flag.

    Of course, I do not believe that Revelation chapter 6 is talking about the Palestinians.

    But I do think that this is a really weird “coincidence”.

    And it has also been pointed out that these four colors are used on flags throughout the entire Islamic world.

    That is pretty amazing.

    And it really does appear that an apocalyptic war is about to fully erupt in the Middle East.

    Even though they claim that they want a ceasefire, on Tuesday afternoon Hamas terrorists launched another “massive rocket barrage” at cities all over Israel…

    Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage on Tuesday afternoon, injuring at least five Israelis, emergency services said.

    Israelis were wounded in separate incidents in Holon, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Be’er Yaakov, and Yavne while the barrage sent more than one million running for cover. All of the wounded were said to be lightly injured.

    And a team of Hamas scuba divers was intercepted as they were trying to sneak into Israeli territory…

    Hamas scuba divers attempting to sneak into Israel have been killed, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

    The news comes as the group launched a massive rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

    The IDF did not say how many divers were attempting to come ashore but local media reported that at least four terrorists were killed.

    They just won’t stop, and that is why the Israelis have no choice but to go in and take them out.

    It is being reported that the IDF has been dropping more leaflets warning Palestinian civilians to flee from the war zone while they still can…

    The Israeli military has told Palestinian civilians living in north Gaza that if they don’t evacuate to the south, they will be considered “an accomplice in a terrorist organization.”

    The warning was made in threatening leaflets dropped by Israeli drones over the weekend. “Urgent warning, to residents of Gaza. Your presence north of Wadi Gaza puts your life in danger. Whoever chooses not to leave north Gaza to the south of Wadi Gaza might be identified as an accomplice in a terrorist organization,” the leaflets said, according to Reuters.

    This would seem to indicate that a full-blown invasion is very close.

    But it hasn’t happened yet.

    The Biden administration has been pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for more time for hostage negotiations, and a handful of hostages have been released.

    Of course Hamas would be happy to keep releasing two hostages every few days for the next year if that would delay a full-blown invasion by the Israelis.

    But Netanyahu is not going to be able to delay this invasion indefinitely, because military officials and members of his own coalition are becoming quite impatient with him

    Netanyahu has drawn the ire of Israel’s military chiefs by delaying the invasion of Gaza to eliminate Hamas, with western allies in the EU pushing for a ceasefire.

    Israel’s Prime Minister clashed with leading figures in the country’s defence forces over his decision to delay the incursion, which his military chiefs are said to be eager to start, the Telegraph reports.

    Meanwhile some members states within the European Union have pushed for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and terror group Hamas in order to deliver more humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

    For now, the IDF has been relentlessly pummeling the Gaza Strip in anticipation of the coming invasion.

    It is being reported that the Israelis conducted a total of 400 airstrikes on Tuesday alone

    Israel said Tuesday it had launched 400 airstrikes over the past day, killing Hamas commanders, hitting militants as they were preparing to launch rockets into Israel and striking command centers and a Hamas tunnel shaft. Israel reported 320 strikes the day before.

    But airstrikes will never be enough to eliminate the threat of Hamas.

    In order to do that, Israeli troops must go into Gaza and dig the terrorists out of their tunnels.

    And that is precisely what the Israeli population is demanding.

    It would be difficult to overstate the rage that the Israeli population is feeling right now.  If similar atrocities had been committed in this country, the American people would be feeling the same way.

    Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy says that he will never forget the video footage of the atrocities that he has personally viewed

    ‘Seared in my mind are the bodies. Burned bodies, beheaded bodies mangled, bloodied remains of bodies. Bodies in open fields, bodies in blood covered bedrooms, bodies dragged out of cars, bodies lining the side of the road, bodies in body bags bodies in rows upon rows of body bags – so many that Zaka rescue teams went through four years of equipment in three days,’ he said.

    He went on to describe the bodies of infants burned ‘to a crisp’, so badly that he thought they were ‘lumps of coal’.

    ‘Babies’ bodies. We see the body of a baby shot in the head. Burned bodies of babies. I mean burned to a crisp. Burned babies plural.

    ‘I mean so badly burned that I had to ask the video to be stopped so that it could be explained to me that the piece of coal on the screen was the burnt corpse of an Israeli baby,’ he says.

    There is no going back to the way that things were before.

    The IDF will be going into Gaza, and the goal will be to completely and utterly destroy Hamas.

    In response, Hezbollah and other Iranians proxies will enter the fight, and then we will see the apocalyptic war in the Middle East that I have been warning my readers about.

    We really are living in a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, and the death and destruction that this war will cause will greatly shock the entire world.

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