Claudio Grass: Change is Coming, The Great Awakening is Happening

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    In a recent interview with Claudio Grass on the X22 spotlight YouTube channel, Grass says change is coming whether we like it or not.  Not only is the Great Awakening here, but the financial reset to usher in the New World Order is also here.

    Grass breaks down the current event of the plandemic and how this event was used to control the people, remove their rights, and to push a new world order using military might. However, Grass also believes a great awakening is happening now and people are starting to see what is really happening, and change is coming.  Whether we like it or not, the United States as we knew it in January is dead.  But that’s a good thing because people are beginning to see the two choices before them: freedom or slavery, and enough are waking up that slavery looks like it could be a thing of the past.

    Change is coming. It’s up to us which way this ends.

    Governments all over the world are losing control of the narrative. That means they will all eventually fall under their own weight as more and more humans wake up from the slumber they’ve been put in. “The micromanagement done by those central planners is just ridiculous,” Grass says. But it’s having the opposite effect. More people than ever are turning away from government in favor of liberty, justice, and freedom.  “All these restrictions, social distancing and tracing apps…it could be possible that we are going to see a next wave of infections, you know…when they can abuse the flu based on…huge sociological experiment on a global scale. At the end of the day, what we are witnessing is a full nationalization of the economy.”

    Based on the data, the coronavirus panic was a joke. People still don’t realize this was a huge hoax regardless of the data and evidence that shows it as such. After the second wave, or possibly at the same time, Grass believes the famines will begin. This will be another attempt by the government to get people under control. Because of the centralization of industries, its ability to cause crisis after crisis in within the government’s hands. “We are in the quiet before the storm,” he says.

    “You have to destroy the old system to create a new one,” says Grass. But this change is permanent. The old system is gone.  How we handle the next few months or year will dictate whether we have a free society or a New World Order.  Grass has faith that the Great Awakening is happening and that we will all be free. “People have to lose faith in the old systems, that’s when the system goes down.” We just need to make sure that once this system goes down, we don’t put another one in its place by consenting to be controlled, ruled, and governed once again.

    “Decentralization is always more resilient for everything,” says Grass. “I have always been a fan of decentralization…certain companies can only become as big as they are because they received support from government. Decentralized structures prove this is a huge problem….we will see a reset. We are seeing a centralized system, centralized even further.”

    This is why Grass suggests breaking free of the system, not using their money (gold, silver, bitcoin), and educating yourself on how to localize and work together free from the chains of the ruling class. “I think a lot of people are waking up…there is really an awakening ongoing…I truly think people should think about how to opt-out of the system…the people who remain in the system are going to be even more enslaved.”

    At the end of the day, opting out means you go away from all of the control structures, including government. You need to stop allowing other people to rule you and control your life. “We don’t have to decapitate the king. We can simply ignore him…I’m not a government servant, I’m not a government slave,” Grass added. 

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    The main problem in our society today is that people want to rule over others. But people are waking up to the fact that that’s not going to work. They are tired of being slaves. Sadly, many will not wake up until it directly impacts them. As a KGB defector said, “Americans will not understand until the military boot crushes them.”

    Grass is “positive” that we will come out on top and be able to topple the New World Order and the control structures that have been in place for centuries. There will be a big crash, he says. Not just the crash of the central banking system, but the crash of all governments. At that point, it will be up to us to decide if we want no system anymore, one of complete freedom, or the New World Order and enslavement.  There won’t be a middle point.  This is an opportunity. We all need to figure out if we want in the new system or to not participate at all.

    “People are capable to think, at the end of the day.”

    Click here to read or see more videos with Grass. 


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      1. I am not sure why you wish that there are only two choices, freedom or enslavement, but you are wrong Mac Slavo. Decentralization means the end of the constituion and the end of constitutional rights. Every government person swore under oath to uphold and defend the constitution. My neighbors are more worse than and more abusive than the governmemt, because they break in, loot, vandalize, hack, spy, and gas light. So I cannot get on board with your dystopian anarchy, because I am living through it, although I did not choose to. Unfortunately, the psychopaths are not limited to the government. It seems to be the way of life for far too many people in this shit hole country. I refuse to buy into your false dichotomy. I know my rights. I refuse to compromise on that. There is no point in negotiating with a thief, because you only stand to lose by doing so. If someone is asking for people to abdicate their constitutional rights, they are a thief, and as far as I am concerned, it is like asking someone to tolerate being raped. It is best to not associate with them.
        -Andrea Iravani

      2. I am not sure why you wish that there are only two choices, freedom or enslavement, but you are wrong Mac Slavo. Decentralization means the end of the constituion and the end of constitutional rights. Every government person swore under oath to uphold and defend the constitution. My neighbors are more abusive than and worse than the government, because they break in, loot, vandalize, hack, spy, and gas light. So I cannot get on board with your dystopian anarchy, because I am living through it, although I did not choose to. Unfortunately, the psychopaths are not limited to the government.  It seems to be the way of life for far too many people in this shit hole country.  I refuse to buy into your false dichotomy. I know my rights. I refuse to compromise on that. There is no point in negotiating with a thief, because you only stand to lose by doing so. If someone is asking for people to abdicate their constitutional rights, they are a thief, and as far as I am concerned, it is like asking someone to tolerate being raped. It is best to not associate with them. 
        -Andrea Iravani

      3. We need to return to a government that serves the people that it was elected by the people to serve. Instead of that, we have a government that serves the corpoartions and foreign countries that bribed it, at the expense of the people.

        Obviously, the policy of insanity now only works for a very small number of people and at everyone elses expenses, not merely in financial terms, but in terms of liberty as well, which by the way was never intended to be interpreted as the liberty to spy on other people, or the liberty to loot other people, and the 4th amendment is explicitly clear on that.

        -Andrea Iravani

      4. well its happened they have gone after fudds guns. elmer fudd and yosemite sams guns. elmer will now have a scythe in place of the shotgun. they can still blow stuff up though its grandfathered. dont believe me look it up. its looking like all the guy who said shotguns are the last to go are wrong. they are coming for all guns. whos next slowpoke rodriguez.

      5. Obviously, public relations is not the strong suit of Minneapolis police that slashed every tire in the KMart parking lot. Did the police just escape from prison? Are they violent ex-cons? Sure act that way! Like a bunch of thugs! There have been other incidents of this anti-fa terrorist behavior from police in other precincts in America as well.

        -Andrea Iravani

      6. America can no longer afford to have a stock market. It must be shut down and outlawed. America proved that we can no longer afford to have a stock market after the inside job controlled demolition 9/11 attacks, with the various government agencies failing to hold the actual terrorists accountable, with knowingly and wrongly blamiling Muslim terrorist actors that did not have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, with knowingly and wrongly blaming seven countries for terrorism related to 9/11 that had nothing to do with it, which was really just from the dotcoms having a fraudulent business model, with the 2008 Wall Street looting, and with the coronavirus hoax, locking down the entire world for the sake of letting Wall Street save face, and then the Wall Street looting that followed, and now the George Floyd protests, with protests of a black man being murdered for two weeks, with police adding insult to injury during the protests by acting as violent, subversive, black block, anti-fa, agents provacateurs, with an economy that has been left in shambles, and with a government that refuses to hold the world’s most violent terrorists accountable for their crimes, and also gives everything away to Wall Street as a financial reward for being evil terrorists that have also destroyed our liberty with the Patriot Act, the American Freedom Act, and the Heroes Act which were all directly a result of the acts of terrorism committed by the psychopaths that work for Wall Street, or are financed through Wall Street. 

        This country is in many ways the worst country on earth, because of the people that live here and do things like this to America, which has all been aided by a psychopathic, pathological lying media, that has proven to be at least a thousand times worse than Donald Trump when measured in terms of collateral damage done to our country, as a result of the policies that they have pushed for, propagandized, as well as the policies and crimes that they have deliberately covered up and concealed from the public!

        At least everyone can now see that the federal, state, and local governments including the courts, the financial sector, technology sector, other corporations, healthcare sector, law enforcement sector, education sector, media sector, military, and global institutions are all throughly corrupt and totally rotten. It can no longer be denied by anyone expecting to maintain any degree of credibility. 

        Wealthy Americans were willing to sell their souls, and everyone else’s as well against their will, and destroy countries around the world, and the liberty of future Americans for short term gains in the stock market.

        -Andrea Iravani

      7. Have you noticed?:
        Have you noticed banned websites? Banned blogs? Net accounts with 404 errors? YES the net censor tyrants are at work. Trying to shut down any dissent. It is like a communist state censors. Is China CCP now in charge of net?

        Google will not return accurate search results on some topics now. (Is your computer being hacked and messed with like mine has bee?) Google needs broken up. Google are power mad TYRANTS.

        Have you noticed all the websites out of anything almost everything firearms related?
        Have you noticed no ammo on store shelves?
        I do NOT believe they sold out.

        Someone is withholding these items from the public.
        Is it the FEDS? Is it the AntiAmerican leftie commie corporate TYRANT Nannies? I don’t know. But I smell more Bravo Sierra and LIES.

        Have you noticed the “monitors” sitting on stools upon your entrance to retail establishments? At one store a fat very obese man was sitting at front entrance yelling authoritativly and rudely at customers as if they were children being scolded: “6ft apart” “social distance per policy”. The fat blob was acting as if he was a grade school hall monitor, on a power trip and king. When he yelled at me. I gave him the look. The glare. Then I deposited the armfull of items I was about to purchase in front of him. I said, “No.” Then left with nothing.

        Incident 2.
        These retailers in my area act like they are doing you a favor by taking your money. At a 2nd retail location a very excited large black security guard intercepted me as I just entered store. He was very excited. (He acted as if I had just broken redline on a naval base flight line”. He was Wearing a commie mask. (BTW: I was not excited nor will I wear a commie mask.) The large black mans words I could not understand due to his excitement and the commie mask. After he lowered mask, he pushed a paper into my hands. Was a page of “Rules”. Said I had to read and comply in order to gain store entry. He Said I had to “wait outside”. “Wait my turn. Said I “HAVE to wear a commie mask, for “safety”. Very calmly I said, “No, I will not.”

        He then stood back as if he was facing a well armed hostile platoon. He looked scared. (I almost felt sorry for this guy. He had a unpleasant shite job. It was hot outside. He was wearing a mask while hot. He was Just trying to earn money to pay his bills.)

        He said, “You need to go outside and wait in line.”
        This looked like a scene from 1979 in the Soviet Union. When people were always waiting in lines. Only to find empty shelves, once inside. (Is Amerikka now a full commie nation? No one sent me the notice.)

        What did I do at location number 2 above? I did walk back out of the store. Left location. Went to a 3rd store. There at location 3, A nice lady NOT wearing a mask, as per commie media instructions, smiled. She welcomed me to store. The store was large and mostly empty. Many shelves empty. But I did find what I went for. And some extras. I gave them several hundreds of dollars for the items I needed. The checkout was nice, helpful. Checkout thanked me for my business. I passed the greeter lady as I left. She again smiled and said, “Nice weeked.”

        So point is. You have choices. Exercise those choices. You DO NOT HAVE to do a damn thing. It is a choice. Comply or NOT. Complian media brainwashed sheep? Or a human being that walks upright, shoulders back, head up, alert, and NOT wearing the mask of commies-thugs-criminals-stage coach robbers.

        There is Not an “awakening” as per this article.
        There is a Tyranical Beast System that is spinning up.
        Wake up. Ready yourselves emotionally, physically, spirtitually.

        Some have taken an oath, “To defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Against ALL enemies foriegn or domestic.” Will these oath keepers “comply to commie media demands”.

        Nope. It will get interesting.

        -so censor that Tyrants-

      8. … then Show their Face, Salute the coming rider. Saying to all friend or foe. Here I am. Ready for Peace. Ready for combat. Your choice. I will not hide as a coward. But live, ride, fight, die as a man.”

        With the exception of those brave souls in the medical fields, Or Halloween parctitioners
        People usually wear masks because they are ashamed of their actions. Because they are afraid to be identified. Because they are about to do bad/shameful/criminal things. Communist death squads wear masks. Thugs wear masks. Cartel goons wear masks.

        or regular people wear masks Because they are brainwashed by media compliant fearful sheep.

        Did liar media really start the “mask” thing so as AntiAmerican commie poser “protestors” can do bad things?

        I Refuse to wear a mask, unless trapped in a desert duststorm, or doing open heart surgery. I have no intention of doing either.

        And allowing mail in ballots is stealing an election with Fraud.

        just something to consider.

        No there is not “awakening”. There is darkness on horizon. Manufactured Storms are coming.
        Ready yourselves. Raise that helmet visor, salute both friend and foe. Be ready for peace or war. The “choice” is the oncoming rider’s.

      9. They won, you lost.

        Get over it.

        • Anon,
          not sure if your post is directed towards my post.
          But I would say that business’s that are rude/unreasonable towards customers, “Lost.”

          The business that recieved my cash for office supplies was pleasant, helpful, not antagonistic, not rude. They won and I won.

        • I disagree with you. They won money, but lost credibility, which leads to loss of control, which leads to loss of power. They simply have not faced reality yet. Many of them still are literally mentally incapacitated that they got the 2016 election wrong. They obviously lack basic coping skills. They do not know what to do when they don’t get their own way because it is something that many of them have never experienced in their entire lives. They are still in shock from the 2016 election. The coronavirus and the lockdown and Floyd protests are just circus acts in their zombie apocalypse over financial fraud deliberately perpetrated by them. Daddy Daddy Daddy, can I please have six trillion dollars?! If I don’t get my way I will throw a temper tantrum that destroys the world!

          -Andrea Iravani

      10. Antifa is not to be feared, it has been shown again and again when a force is organized against them they flee. They would rather, smash, destroy, loot, and burn than confront a capable force. They always attack persons that are alone, or few in number, or women and children, even people in wheel chairs. Really quite pathetic. Equally as pathetic, they don’t even realized they are being used.
        Furthermore, these useful idiots don’t realize they are considered disposable by the top hidden faces who really organize the rioting. If the US was brought down by these goons/thugs (this is how leftist elite leaders actually refer to them privately), they would be the first to be eliminated, and that doesn’t mean sent home. Persons like antifa are revolutionaries, once that goal has been achieved they serve no other purpose, they would be rounded up and shot en masse.
        In all the revolutions of the 20th century the leaders or party had to build a national thug class/army to do the dirty work. This goes for Hitler, the Bolsheviks and communists, and Maoist’s. Once these thugs served their purpose they were considered undesirables. This happened in the Soviet Union and China and else where, these millions of useful idiots were utilized to help a small elite achieve their goals. After the establishment of the new order, the elite did not want millions of revolutionaries at large that posed a possible threat to them. The new order literally had them shot wherever they were found. Any contribution made previously by a revolutionary to help attain the new order was considered irrelevant.
        They (antifa) of course won’t succeed anyway. They will just go on to have meaningless, boring and fruitless lives. Years from now, they will look back impotently and wistfully, and still believe they were doing something useful in smashing things and attacking people in the street, still deluded they were doing something important. Yes, very pathetic indeed.

      11. Our philosophers and high-minded have never conceived of anarchy as an aquarium stocked with incompatible species.

        In that other zoo exhibit, in that other artificial habitat, those other simple creatures are offered a version of bread-and-circuses, to be kept from eating eachother, outrightly.

        Decentralization is the status of Africa, described by the anti-abolitionist authors, and the status of the Mid East, before the time of the Old Testament judges.

        To wit, what appears to be Molech worshipers —
        h ttps://

        Public schools are named after theses teachings —
        h ttps://
        “The Nation of Gods and Earths teaches that Black people are the original people of the planet Earth, and therefore they are the fathers (“Gods”) and mothers (“Earths”) of civilization. The Nation teaches that Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, a set of principles created by Allah the Father, is the key to understanding humankind’s relationship to the universe. The Nation does not believe in a god but instead teaches a form of Apotheosis, that the Asiatic Blackman is God and his proper name is “Allah”, the Arabic word for “God”.

        Five Percenters have culture-specific names for certain cities. The New York City areas of Harlem (“Mecca”) and Brooklyn (“Medina”) were named after notable Islamic cities by members of the organization.[17][18] Other areas include Detroit (“D-Mecca”), New Jersey (“New Jerusalem”), Chicago (“C-Medina”), Queens (“the Desert”), Connecticut (“New Heaven”), St. Louis (“Saudi”), Seattle (“Morocco”), New Rochelle (“Now Rule”), Dallas (“Sudan”), Baltimore (“Born Mecca”), Atlanta (“Allah’s Garden”), and Milwaukee (“Cream City”).”

        “At the end of the day, opting out means you go away from all of the control structures, including government. You need to stop allowing other people to rule you and control your life.”

        Why can’t there be a control structure, in which *I am the protected class.

      12. Have you ever noticed that all the dialog is in answer to radical narratives and never in respect to furthering traditional conservatism (or, your own personal cult brand, whatever that may be.) Just saying. It’s a focus group. Your focus is on one thing. What do you think of this one thing, only. (C-Medina).

        If you were that colonizer, if you were resourceful and acquisitive, if you thought that life may go on, you might ask what leverage is available to further yourself, independently of D-Mecca.

        • “When a thug has a Gun in your face.
          There are only two choices:
          1. Die
          2.or Kill the Son of a Beach”

          When rioters looters burners murderers are allowed to control six blocks of Seattle. Anarchist-Communist-Rioters now controlling six blocks of an American city. Allowed by pro commie local Politicians. Was up on Drudge web site.

          Trump should IMMEDIATLY call for US troop deployments from Ft. Lewis, nearby base south of Tacoma WA. Retake Seattle from communist anarchist rioters with force. Why are commies allowed to control 6 city blocks of American city?

          Ft Worth Texas Police “pardoned” the crimes of recent rioters.
          You people in this state and country have absolutely LOST your minds. I want out of here. Yesterday.

          Violent criminal Police are not a Black problem. The violent thugs in uniform are an American problem.

      13. I am not the world’s best example, but Jer 10.

        Evangelicals use the term “Jesus bubble,” disparagingly, but should obviously prefer some version of dominionism over the great falling away.

        You haven’t been evacuated, if you are reading this. If you are reading this, you haven’t been doing anything constructive. Ask for help, if that’s what asking is for. Are you supposed to have an inside line and not use it.

      14. What an extremely intelligent piece of writing…thank you my brother

      15. Do you seriously think Trump is one your (our) side? I say this because of the big green call to action at the bottom of the post. Trump is just a zionist puppet. I hope you are aware of this.

        Also, I know what’s coming..More Bullshit. Everything you see happening right now has been orchestrated by the powers that shouldn’t be. They are not losing control of anything.

        Take care Brothers & Sisters.

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