Claim: America “Plotting Secret Attack on Syria” With 9,000 ISIS Fighters From Mosul

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 37 comments

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    How will the next phase of war in Syria develop?

    It appears that all new levels of chaos and worldwide danger are upon us. The writing is on the wall.

    A new claim from Russia suggests that the United States and Saudi Arabia, along with other partners, are planning to use ISIS once again to destabilize Assad in Syria.

    If the account is to be believed, U.S. and British troops will use the pretext of ‘retaking Mosul’ in Iraq – which is currently held by ISIS – to give ISIS troops escape into Syria under cover of being attacked.

    The implication is that they would bomb targets that are already emptied of jihadists, who will actually be helping to achieve their objectives in neighboring Syria.

    Sneaky, and begging for more blowback.

    via The UK Sun:

    THOUSANDS of ISIS fighters are to be given safe passage out of Iraq to fight in Syria, Russian military leaders claim.

    The jihadi army – and their families – will allegedly be let back in to Syria to battle president Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies.


    Nearly a thousand US and British troops have been sent to retake Mosul – the largest city under ISIS control.

    But under the supposed agreement – allegedly brokered by Saudi Arabia – the US-led coalition will only bomb targets agreed with the militants in advance…

    “In preparation for the operation in Mosul, US intelligence agencies and Saudi Arabia agreed that before the assault all militants will be offered a safe route to leave the city with their families.


    “More than 9,000 ISIS fighters will be transferred to the eastern regions of Syria to follow a major offensive operation, which involves the capture of Deir ez-Zur and Palmyra.”

    If this proves to be accurate, it will represent a new front in the Syrian war, and the likelihood of direct confrontation between the United States and Russia – as these ISIS troops would be taking on Russian troops as well.

    The duplicitous maneuvers depend upon a compliant and dumbed-down American population, which is readily at hand. The assumption is that no one is even paying attention to the lies and outright deceptions.

    This is a massive false flag in the making – perhaps the very one everyone has been warning about.

    Putin has already put Washington on notice that any direct strike on Syrian forces would be regarded as a direct attack on Russia, and retaliation would be in order.

    Russia is now being scapegoated in Western media, and both sides are conducting drills, upgrades and tests in case things go nuclear and all-out world war should result.

    As Joe Joseph reports:

    Powers That Shouldn’t Be Scapegoat Russia as Wussification of America Continues

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    There has never been a more dangerous time in our lifetimes.

    What is happening now will make the Cold War look like a game.

    Read more:

    Powers That Shouldn’t Be Scapegoat Russia as Wussification of America Continues

    US Complains As Putin Bombs its Terrorists: “ISIS Is An Intentional Creation of U.S.”

    Russia Fires Nuclear-Ready Ballistic Missiles: “Increasing Tensions With the U.S.”

    As Terror Attacks Hit Home, U.S. Caught “Bombing Syria to Aid ISIS”

    Russia Conducts “Nuclear Drill” With 40 Million As U.S. Pushes for War in Syria

    Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV


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      1. Vlad stated earlier in quote: ” I hope we don’t have to use nukes”. Well time is now to make 9000 useless soils to vaporize and then make glass out of Saudi and Israel.

        God Speed Vlad. Burn the Zionist blood suckers.

        • I agree Anony, and Obama needs to be put in a cage. And dropped into the sea with his buddy Bin Laden.

          Hillary is running a radio commercial with that freak CIA Operative Psychopath Mike Morrel who says Trump is very Dangerous. Like WTF? Of course Hitlery approves of that message. We are witnessing a freak show in Wash DC right now. The nightmare of shoeshine boy negro cant end soon enough. How these freaks are allowed to live is beyond reality.

          -WWTI… DAY #1 Trump Pres. Cut off all support to Zisraehell and let ISIS ATTACK THEM for the fun of it.

          Hey Putin do all Americans a favor and nuke Washingscum DC if Hitlery is announted. Thanks in advamce.

          Anybody who attacks Trump is a traitor to the USA and our Constitution.

          • Yes Vlad come on down to the plains of megiddo and bring all your followers with you, even those that comment on SHTF. The birds of Prey are waiting on you. See you at Armageddon! Trekker Out

            • Isa 7:8 For the head of Syria is Damascus…

              Isa 8:4 For before the child shall have knowledge to cry… the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away before the king of Assyria.

              Isa 17:1 ¶ The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

              Jer 49:23 ¶ Concerning Damascus…
              Jer 49:24 Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail.
              Jer 49:25 How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy!
              Jer 49:26 Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the LORD of hosts.
              Jer 49:27 And I (God) will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus…

              • That Assyrian King stuff happened as predicted Long ago too.

                Same with book of Danial so often mis-translated to mean things yet to happen by so many of todays apostates.

                most of those ancient prophecies already occured and most were refering to issues regarding the Original ancient 12 tribes of israel back then when wrote.

                And Per NT book of galatians, it is plain as day, as stated by Paul in Gal. The new covenant Replaced the Old one period end of story.

                Galatians has yet More info that states that unlike the Old covenant that specified One certain group of 12 tribed israel as a special to God group etc. NO Longer is like that. And that under the New covenant of christianity NO group or race etc of anybody at all is any longer a “chozen” or “special” group or person period.

                So bottom line is that while a small few OT books like Isaiah etc still contain a Few future yet to happen events…MOST of all those old prophecies and Every one that was Based upon the entire 12 tribed israelites Maintaining their part of the Bargain or old covenant, which we KNOW and the bible states it so, they Failed miserably to uphold it or honor that old covenant. Are Negated and will not happen. Not those based on Obeying God etc.

                Jeramiah speaks plainly and Harshly about this issue of israels Loss of covenant and how God was forced to disown it and Them due to they so many times failed and He finally had it with that bunch. And jeramiah warned them in Jeruselem that a New Covenant was comming soon and it is their last final chance provided they accept it fully.

                Well we Know they failed to accept that and Christ too.

                Even after 2,000 yrs very Few have done an Honest true conversion to Christianity and Christ. Yes the centuries has seen Plenty of “Cyrpto-Convert Christians” from amoung jewry…But as for real truthfull conversions and acceptance?…A Small Few only.

                And Now, every old covenant prophsy and promice that Depended totally upon maintaining the old covenant, has No future meaning other than as a Historic reading of what “Could have been” had the 12 tribes Obeyed God in the first place! Dozens of verses such as one that states, “the Kingdom shall be Taken Away from You, and Given to Another” Directly speaks of their Loss and the kingdom being Given to Christians! That was fullfilled 2,000 yrs ago at least as far as it can be in This lifetime on earth. No old covenant= No future blessings or promices done on issues Based on Obeying it.

                in Other words a reliance on Past prophetic events yet to come based upon that old covenant being Obeyed, which it was Not obeyed, simply is a waste of good time to wait for it to occure. It wont if it is any type promice based on what I stated prior. Obedience to God and the old covenant. Only One covenant exists and it IS the New one of Christianity outlined in the NT gospels and books.

                It is akin to waiting for some fed govnt actions to commence from the Old 1860 a.d. Southern states confederacy “fed govnt”…That is 100% Impossible since NO such southern confed govnt exists! only One usa fed govnt exists..Same for the biblical main covenant God made with His peoples. it Changed and Now is Christianity with the covenant. What is so difficult for folks to comprehend on that issue eh? Oh I know they wish there to still exist an old jewish covenant. But God never made a jewish covanant either! Yes He made one with 12 tribes of Israel. And with hebrews..Never did so with jews. And Now today it all counts as zero since we christians have the only true God pact covenant in existence.

                Why so many folks and pastors continue to wallow deep in OT issues, when christianity is based on and outlined in the NT books and gospels makes zero sense eh.

                Waiting for stuff to happen that has been Over rulled by a new covenant, and a New peoples of God aka Christians, which IS also plainly stated in the NT books, and Galatians especially, baffels the sane mind no?

                And it sure is proving pastor Chuck Baldwin correct, when his latest articles continue to place Much of americas woes Blame directly at the feet of duped christians in usa, that keep falling for that, and rejecting all truths or facts or common sense on these issues.

                a Great source of such biblical writtings and proof of how apostate wrong it all is can be found easy at a website called…

                judaism dot is

                It has Much bible/jewry/christianity infos as well as Much WWI and WWII and the holohoax events issues etc etc with Tons of documented proofs and outside Links etc.

                Perhaps to spend a couple days reading at that website would greatly enhance the minds of some folks that sure seem to need it eh? Every possible biblical and talmudic teachings is there and documented Via vetted and proven sources. The kind No sane person can reject or refute once they study it. Its free to read too so, get some!

              • Google “Damascus The Anti-Christ And Armageddon” for a proper interpretation of that text. It is not as you have been brainwashed to believe. At the end of it ALL those who have attacked Damascus will be blown away.

            • Mountain Junkie……. No need for Vlad to come to your POS location. He just sends a mice little nukie up to your ass. You may enjoy it btw.

              • Oh Vlad will come! he just can’t resist. It’s easy to see where your mind is, you speak as one with great mentality. Trekker Out.

      2. Off topic:

        Buy American made products. These personal hygiene products are some of the best on the market. They are expensive to be sure. Tweezers are needed not only for removing unwanted hairs, but for removing splinters, glass, and bullets or shrapnel.

        Got presents ???


        • Yea

          • PS: You also cannot Change the biblical words of “Assyria” into “Syria’ of Today. Two distinctly different words, times, and nations!

            Works the exact same as when folks try to switch the word “israel” into the word of “jew”…That is wrong period.

            Yes most libs Loves to do many word changes so to change actual true meaning of a word..But when done with biblical wordings that spells “Apostate” methods.

            And to Date none are more apostate than guys like john hagee et al who teach that Two covenants exist at same time! IE: they say One covenant is for jews and other is Only for All Goyim aka Non jewish gentiles!

            Such pure total falsehoods eh…Yet 60-Million or more folks in usa adhere to it as hagee teaches it. How duped can one get after all? Try reading the NT books to better comprehend what christianity is really supoosed to consist of is a good start to discarding falsehoods like Hagee’s I rekon eh.

      3. They are not going to Syria they are going to Russia.

        • Interesting Perspective Sarge. I think the use of tactical nukes by Russia is not only justified but is a duty.

          I never though that one day the American Government to use Barbarians as their army but again it is not our real Government.

        • Thanks You Truth Finder for the video. The white helmets are the zionist supported killers of the US Government.

          It is unbelievable how much blood is on the US Government hand.

      4. Let the Russians obliterate them with their Frogfoots as they try to flee, they (Russians) will be shot down because “Russians attacked American forces” theres the pretext for war.

        Hold on Brothers and Sisters.

      5. It would appear that “mindlessness” is in full play. The past is prologue and the present is past.
        In other words, it’s going to hurt…and bad.
        Be well, keep prepping.
        And pray.

      6. It’s a plausible scenario and the plot doesn’t surprise me knowing the nature of the neocons. I actually hope the Russians bomb all those sandapes straight to allah {HELL}.

        • Brave, don’t hope since Putin will use tactical nukes to finish these sand apes. You can bet on that.

          Not everyone has the Ape in Chief running their countries.

      7. 18 USC 2331 Definitions; unequivocally defines all so called “moderate rebels” as terrorists!
        18 USC 2339 A-C makes it felony to give any type of aid to known or suspected terrorists.

        In the above article the admission of the US government that they are giving aid to terrorists, in violation of the US governments own laws. This proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the US government has become a rogue terrorist state!

      8. Dr. David Duke has been blocked on Facebook after pointing out Hillary’s private admission via E-mail that SHE created IS IS . No shit.

        That’s political incorrect for sure.

        Zuckerberg stole Facebook from the College boys he worked for. But when the Courts are controlled by your compatriots, fairness and justice goes out the window like the employees of the World Trade Center. But then again, what difference does it make ??


        • B from CA. It was clearly pounted out in the last debate Re: Hillary will appoint Supreme Ct judges who are Zionist and let they rule by how they feel or interpret the Law.

          Trump said he will appoint judges that will follow the constitution. A big clear difference between Hillary’s Tyranny and Trump’s true American Justice with law and order.

          Anybody who cant understand that difference is an ignorant fool or a traitor to our country.

          Traitors and dictators deserve death.


      9. The U.S. government has gone rogue and they NO LONGER represent American citizens. American citizens DO NOT want a protracted war in Syria. American citizens DO NOT support, arm, or fund ISIS/ISIL/Taliban/AlQueda. American citizens say STAY THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA. Syria did not ask for the U.S. governments help. GET OUT OF THERE!

        • Went rogue decades ago. Managed to hide behind the absurdity of being a ‘global policeman’ and projecting ‘freedum’ and ‘democracy’. Mainstream loving American’s love this story and the wonder why the rest of the world is getting more and more pissed off.

      10. Need to lock up the Psychopath CIA in Guantanamo Bay for starters. They are America’s Freak show.

        -WWTI… OBAMA with his Black Ghetto rhetoric says Donald Trump is Dangerous. BS, look at how many innocent people Globally, Obolo has killed illegally with his Drone Program. Tens of Thousands. And his zippo puppet masters are so proud of their black nut shill.

        • Hey wtti, been working trying to catch up.Sometimes you have really good posts,hate to say it!lol
          And yes another clock puncher,owned 5 businesses got tired of fighting the government!
          Let’s see,you get BJ from women in the bathroom,sleep with married women,yes one hell of a straight up guy!
          Have the perfect bol ,totally off the grid!
          IF you have,MORE POWER TO YOU.Moats,multiple fences and gates,NO you don’t stick out like a sore thumb lol!
          YOU CRACK ME UP!Good entertainment,Eppe’s jokes are better!
          Be well all! Except you of course! lol
          Maniac –out

      11. Timmmaaaay… Foooutballll

      12. You cannot make a deal with people who are determined to destroy you! This means ISIS! Don’t pet crocodiles or make deals with ISIS!

      13. Let’s not have a war to fix the economy. Let’s hang the bankers instead.

      14. Not the plan at all. The 9000 will be refugees headed to America!

      15. Guess it’s not much of a secret anymore, is it?

      16. This is no secret and the number i am told is 10,000 and will be provided with air cover by the US military up to the Syrian border but after that it will be like shooting fish in a barrel as Russia takes them out in open desert.

        Please send more because I would like to see Russia put a lot more boots on the ground in Syria and missiles in the air if the US wants to bomb in support of ISIS like they did last month when they attacked the Syria army who was fighing ISIS on the ground.

        Lots of beans are going to be spilit when some of these US backed terrorists are interviewed by Syria/Russia and then the world will see who the real terrorists are.

      17. Mr. Smith: Yep! And is why every DC political clown so Fears Trump as us prez!

        Because he is very likly to Force FBI to arrest and charge the clowns for their many varried criminal acts and treasons!

        OFF tv Camaras I wager most of the neocon repubs and libs, especially those 50+ Top Repubs that have stated on live tv news shows they are voteing for and fully support Hillary due to their hatred of trump..

        Are in a Constant state of abject Fear with huge sweat droplets pouring out from their every pore!

        Most have so long a criminal past history and NSA Must have it ALL on Tape or file eh!

        Just waiting for a true Populist pro american us prez to arrive on scene and then Order FBI and Military if need be to begin the round ups!

        RICO Act Fed Laws will suffice nicely eh! aka Racketeering and Influenceing Criminal organizations!

        if That RICO dont fully describe every fuckin usa politition Past and Present? Then nothing else ever will eh!

        I Pray and Hope to live long enough to see at least one single convicted clown like them HANG or get sentenced to LIFE in Reg normal Fed Jail like anybody Else would if they did a small portion of whats been done by these anti-usa-traitors….Then I shall know usa still has a chance at redemption.

      18. From your “comment Policy” : We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.

        OH, but you are CENSORING. I have tested you with perfectly VALID comments, over the past year, even, in some cases, where necessary,with links proving what I say and NONE get published.

        I am done with your site and shall make a point of letting my contacts, know about you

        The only conclusion I can come to is that you are probably CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and I shall make people aware of thst possibility.

      19. rom your “comment Policy” : We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.

        OH, but you are CENSORING. I have tested you with perfectly VALID comments, over the past year, even, in some cases, where necessary,with links proving what I say and NONE get published.

        I am done with your site and shall make a point of letting my contacts, know about what I believe about you

        The only conclusion I can come to is that you are probably CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and I shall make people aware of that possibility.

      20. America – Plot – Secret.

        The above three are constants. The only difference is Where – When – Why.

      21. I read a lot of articles on this site, mostly the prepping ones. But sometimes stories like these. It’s funny how so many post jibberish. I am in a country near Syria and work for an NGO. We regularly send people into Syria and I myself have been there twice. White hats as you call them are there and one of them was me. We wear white hardhats so that friendlies know not to shoot at us. Although friendlies is a very loose term. In reality it just means that half of the ones shooting won’t shoot at you. As for the US and Russia, the US is not arming ISIS. ISIS got their US arms from Iraq when they took over a lot of bases left by the US. They were supposed to be left to the Iraq army but then the Iraq army folded in most of the middle north and virtually all of the eastern part. They got uparmored Humvees, rockets, M16’s, everything. The US supports the moderate rebels. Once again confusing to those who doesn’t know the hundred different groups. Most weapons get into the moderate’s hands, but sometimes not. Battle lines are very very fluid and when the US airdrops shipments sometimes the drop zones have changed hands and the material is captured by ISIS. Even the roadblocks and security checkpoints we go through change, often by the week. That’s why we let the Syrians that work for us go in front, to see who is in charge. It’s dirty, dangerous, and even being an NGO we are targeted at times. People who have never been into Syria shouldn’t talk about something they know nothing about. I have another month here before I am back in US for 3 months, then back here again. Btw, to everyone who thinks there is no place to hide in the “open desert”? Have you ever freaking been here? Everyone travels and neither the Russians nor anyone else can stop it. And I do mean everyone. It’s easy to travel and hide and not be shot. In the end it just comes down to luck and tactics. If you get caught on a road through a pass and the enemy happens to be there…not good. On the other hand if you follow good tactics, then usually reasonably safe. Stop spreading Fake crap guys.

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