Civil Disobedience/Noncompliance are Damaging New Zealand’s Gun Control Efforts

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    If you want to know how to beat gun control, look no further than New Zealand.  Noncompliance with the new mandatory gun buyback law is kneecapping the government’s ability to enforce the law they wrote.

    As of last week, only 700 weapons have been turned over to New Zealand’s government under new gun control laws written in haste in the wake of a mass shooting at Christchurch mosques. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall.

    SHTFPlan mentioned the fact that Kiwis were disobeying the law, and things have still now changed.  Gun owners in New Zealand have all but officially nullified the law by ignoring it.

    And once again, it bears pointing out that responding to a horrendous crime by inflicting knee-jerk, authoritarian restrictions on innocent people proves to be an ineffective means of convincing people to obey the state.

    New Zealand Gun Control FAILS As “Kiwis” Ignore The New Bans

    Politicians are left scratching their heads and wondering why New Zealanders won’t comply with their authoritarian edicts.  The so-called “gun reform” was expected to rid the vast New Zealand countryside of most semi-automatic firearms, magazines over a specified limit, and shotguns. New Zealand’s political chatelaine, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, had an almost unanimous parliamentary vote to institute the gun buy-back, though as Liberty Nation Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza asserts, Buy-back is really a misnomer because the government never owned those guns in the first place.” –SHTFPlan

    New Zealand’s government also stepped up censorship and domestic surveillance after bloody attacks on two Christchurch mosques earlier this year, flinging itself into full-blown authoritarian tyranny. But that isn’t convincing the public that they need to obey the commands of the government.  As it turns out, people want to be free and noncompliance is the way they are maintaining a shred of their liberty.  Gun owners, at this point, will most likely never turn their now-banned weapons in either.

    Officials should have seen it coming.

    Police are anticipating a number of people with banned firearms in their possession won’t surrender them,” Stuffreported at the end of May, based on internal government documents. – Reason

    Kiwis have officially taken a stand for their rights against their own government. Since New Zealanders didn’t register their guns, cops have no idea where to find the now illegal weapons. And even if people started registering their guns going forward, confiscation is all but impossible.

    But [registration] that won’t help with gathering guns already in the possession of owners appalled by the government’s attack on the rights of innocent people—government attacks, it’s worth noting, that come in response to the crimes of one man who explicitly anticipated just such a response.

    “I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse,” the killer wrote in a document he released to explain his crimes. “The gun owners of New Zealand are a beaten, miserable bunch of baby boomers, who have long since given up the fight. When was the last time they won increased rights? Their loss was inevitable. I just accelerated things a bit.” –Reason

    Arguably, defiant gun owners are just being realistic in seeing little to gain by obeying the restrictive laws that have their greatest impact on those who pose no threat to their neighbors.  The “authorities” have invented stiff punishments for such a rebellion, complete with a trip to the gulag (a bit of an exaggeration, but worth it in context). Those who refuse to surrender their prohibited firearms could be sentenced to a five-years in jail.  But how do they find out who has those guns and go about kidnapping those who disobeyed their orders?

    They don’t. Maybe this happened so we could all learn a quick lesson:

    It could just be that these laid-back Kiwis are poised to teach us a lesson in how to resist the oppressive and ham-handed fist of a tyrannical government. –Liberty Nation



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      1. When a people wake up and realize THEY outnumber the thieving, lying, evil, degenerates who think they can tell everyone what to do, and steal, kill, rob at gun point because they are the gooberment, should start running now before they are all shot or hung by those silly dirt people who are now saying we out number you and fuck you!

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself. The NZ government IS THE ENEMY of the people.

          • comment censored
            why attempt post
            DEMAND Free Speech from Tech Monopoly Bullies.

        • This is something every freedom loving gun-owning Patriot, that WE outnumber them. But the Russian population outnumbered the NKVD under Beria, but it didn’t stop him from arresting and killing millions. The owning of a gun and the willingness to use them is two different things.

          My take on the New Zeelanders are that they’re probably going to hand them in eventually. The West worships pieces of paper and are gentle folk, not given to fighting back. I hope I’m wrong. I hope the New Zeelanders are not weenies and don’t bow down to this Globalist muzzie lover.

          Most gun owners there are Males, like here. The female population there (like here) has been brainwashed in universities to support the likes of the authoritarian Prime Minister there, and to be majorically anti-gun. This ban is being done on the basis of support of socialist females, who there are slightly in the majority. 51% versus 49%. Like here the left uses genders, races, and economic status to divide and conquer, to gain a slight majority.

          A much better way to resist is full bore resistance. When they ban guns, you need to get them out and march with them. You cannot imagine how your world will be turned upside down if they are banned. Conservatives will be wide-spread arrested on bogus ‘Hate Crimes’. All of our conservative leaders will be de-platformed and driven from public and shamed, maybe complete with FBI door-kicks. Picture Rush Limbaugh and Hannity being raided by the FBI, as an harrassment. The follow the Bolshevik playbook comepletely.

          Essentially it is an attack on Christians and cultural christianity, the old morals and government structure, including a redefining of the family itself. What the Left plans is a horror show, eventually complete with genocide of everyone that disagrees with them. This should motivate ever Gun Owner.

        • Well said. Here in the United States I am constantly mystified about why 320-million American Citizens are scared sh*tless by the few hundred running the place. If the people ever rose up, we could “drain the swamp” in an afternoon.

          • So true, but the majority will not give up their 401k, 400k dollar house, two new cars. They want you to do it for them…

          • And I quote, “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

        • Millennials everywhere, not just theUSA, cannot understand any gvt’s plans until they see the gvt’s need! Gvt, and especially lefty people IN it, have one job: CONTROL of the population..whether they admit it or not. Does not matter what country!! 
          Those who support gvt control are willing dupes OR paid shills w armed guards. In America, lefties like Ocasio-Cortes, Hillary, Betoff , Christie or Shumer or Whoever are just gvt employees in a fancy suit…and most have armed guards we pay for. Why in h3!! do you THINK the lefties in gvt R pushing so hard to get the guns?? THINK!! 
          To paraphrase von Mises: ‘to control serfs, the cost to the population of revolting against the [insiders’] GVT MUST BE KEPT HIGHER THAN THE COST OF LIVING under THAT GVT system’.
          That leads to gvt’s pushing ridiculous electric cars(restrict travel)… ever-expanding “federal lands” (restrict travel again)….debasing the currency(inflation) and gvt trying to disarm citizens, all that to make the COST of a serf revolt higher. 
          Gun Control (GC) is not about ‘saving the chlidrin’ is about taxpayer-control. IF gvt folks wanted to “save childrin” they wd not be spending 500 millions of tax dollars per year on Planned Parenthood, while abortion kills a million US babies a year. 
          GC is not about stopping crime either.. Look, if the US gvt wanted to seriously reduce crime, they wd seriously punish criminals by swift execution, not by giving them “3 hots anna cot” nor by giving out free AC, free education and free medical care and even drugs in prison!
          IF gvt really wanted to punish criminals, you wd hear calls 24/7 for prompt, severe capital punishment on leftist CNNNBCABCWAPOONYT, etc.
          Remember this..1. weapons control ANYWHERE is about serf control..just as it was in medieval times. 2. A man who wants to take your gun is your…enemy.

      2. In the state of Hawaii every modern firearm is required to be registered. In order to purchase a gun you have to get permission from the local police, often including a doctors note that you are not a threat to society.
        They’d have no trouble hunting down gun owners in Hawaii.

        • rellik saw on the evening news where your having a big forest fire on one of the islands, anywhere near you? Trekker Out

          • Treker,
            Nailbanger is closer to the fire than I am.
            I think he lives way away
            from the problem. His is on Maui, where the fire is.
            I’m on Hawaii island AKA “Big island”.
            We get fires like that here, but nobody in
            the news cares.
            Thanks for the concern.

        • rellik, off topic. I’m on several survival-related site which all private messaging. IF you were willing is there any way we could communicate in private? Could Mac be given permission to disclose our emails? I understand that legality and/or OPSEC may preclude that.

          • MG,
            Sign-on to
            Personal message me,
            my name is groveler there.
            You will easily find me there.
            Mac probably has his hands full here
            and doesn’t find it profitable to
            support a lot of what most us are
            used to on web sites.
            I’d hate to see Mac’s electric bill.

            • “groveler” LOL. You MUST be surrounded by democrats!

        • Lots of boats arrive in Hawaii, many not at any port of entry. Good luck.

      3. I purchased a March 1969 Playboy at a yard sale today for the article (really) on gun control. I wanted to see what they were saying 50 years ago. The focus was on registration and licensing of owners to stop crime with reputation of the gun owners fear of future confiscation. Same stuff five decades ago however the anti gun line has been discredited by subsequent events over those decades.

      4. As a refresher a failure to register a firearm cannot be legally applied against those already legally barred from firearm possession. To sum up it cannot be used against criminals. That speaks volumes.

        h ttps://

        • But they will bust you for illegal possession, a bigger charge. Was it Conneticut that banned 30 round mags and no one turned them in? Anyway a funny thing happened today, me and the wife went fishing at a local high mtn. reservoir and the weather started getting bad so we headed for shore (in our converted pedal boat with 30lb. electric solar trolling motor) and I was like WTF my steering is whacked and it isn’t moving very fast. When I got to the other side by the launch I realized I had the anchor out the whole time lol. Gettin old sucks but she caught a couple real nice trout! 🙂

          • Gen,
            I used to own a 45″ Trimaran sailboat.
            I know how to sail, build, and repair boats.
            My advice to you is to take the Coast guard
            recreational boaters course and buy a
            Chapman’s, before
            you kill yourself.
            Even a lake can present you with challenges
            you have never experienced!

            • 45 foot long sailboat, 26.5 feet wide.
              23.5 tons, not 45 inches!
              I wish this site had an edit function!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Thanks relik. I am not aware of the CG being anywhere around here, we are inland a long ways. The small lakes and reservoirs here aren’t big enough for sailing. What is a chapman? A book? Anyhow, the small boat is 62 inches wide which makes it pretty stable and we never go out in high wind or bad weather. Shore is never too far in the small places we go and I can pack the boat in the back of my truck on a custom made loading platform. Being that is motorized (barely) it has to have all the stuff larger boats do jackets, oars, lights, signal flag, etc. It’s just nice to putt around in and gets us out in some beautiful scenery. If a storm rolled in and the motor quit the wind would just blow us to shore in minutes. It’s easy, portable, unlimited fuel (solar), and catches fish like a madman lol!

                • Here it is…

                  ht tps://

            • I rented a house boat on Lake Powel.

              They run a huge 80 foot diesel power boat running tourists to a natural bridge. It moves at about 35 knots, and throws an amazing wake.

              I read that if you see this boat, head for shore and at the last second turn to take the wake head on.

              My golden retriever, saw what was happening and was first to climb onto the huge ice chest. Yes they know how to smile. I shut the sliding door as the bow dipped and was swamped.

              Everyone, but the dog got soaked…..

              No one minded it was 90 degrees, but it was scary.

              We were hit buy a four foot wake, it was big for a pontoon boat, but nothing like what New Orleans is about to be hit by.

            • If you live on an island or on/near the coast a sailboat would be ideal,but if you reside in the mountains,far from open waters,a Jonboat would be more beneficial than a sailboat..

          • Ahoy Matey!! At least you got more exercise dragging that anchor. Maybe a little of that “clear” had something to do with that. Anyway, glad you and the Missus made it back in safely.

          • Genius

            I’m not implying that it’s a way around the law but rather that the law was designed to be used against the law abiding.

            • K2, ya just like 99% of gun control, it only affects law abiding people. Criminals don’t give a rats ass what the law is. Just makes normal people criminals for some BS. A lot of gun owners are probably some kind of criminal and don’t even know it.

      5. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Give the dems a constitution and let them read it for themselves. Confiscation here would bring civil war…….

        • Jim in Va., failure to understand that Republicans are also an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into gun control. Sad but true.

          We can thank Republicans for bringing the wrath of gun registration, the FBI NICS system background checks and waiting periods upon Americans.

      6. Jim in VA, it’s sad but true. I take my hat off to the Kiwis for standing against their own tyrants on this issue. Any attempts at confiscation here will get people killed on both sides. I’m not giving up anything regardless.

        • Most Kiwis have no clue they are being played, by globalists.

          Hell, most people don’t know what a globalist is….

          We live in dangerous times, never give up a firearm or any ammo,

          • I might give up some ammo if ya catch my drift lol. Kel Tec has a new pistol out, it is a 22mag 30rd. capacity semi auto. Very light (90% polymer) with glo sights and no bigger than a normal handgun. I WANT ONE!

            • Genius its a good pistol but very light almost like a toy be careful with it around kids. Shooting it at night will scare them to death even if you miss. The rifle round coming out of a pistol leaves lots of power to burn after the bullet leaves, results in a 2 foot fireball. Don’t shoot if you are trying to hide.

            • Genius, we’ll all have to ‘give up some ammo’ to protect our loved ones and everything we have. I know damn well I’ll have to.

      7. I have the video archived for safe keeping. It clearly shows it was staged. They used CGI to make it and did a very poor job.

        The big give away was the second mosque, where he shot through the windshield but it never so much as cracked.

        Then I watched the arrest video taken via cellphone, and the windshield again is clearly fully intact, not a crack in it. Proving the whole affair was a false flag.

        I’m sure plenty of Kiwis saw it as well.

      8. Above being simply a metaphor to say that as we monitor our televisions and various media devices our nation’s founding principles are in jeopardy.

      9. Hope. At last.

      10. Bravo Kiwis. This BASIC HUMAN RIGHT for the oldest, smallest & weakest CITIZENS to have the ability to protect themselves from the meanest & largest thugs should never be infringed. Brain-dead-fools on the left think government can always protect them. Their delusions should not put thinking humans at risk.

        In an era where criminals are protected & law-abiding CITIZENS are merely an afterthought to leftists, don’t expect cooperation when trying to remove BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

      11. Civil disobedience only works in the short term, never for the long haul, it only works in the short term until you can remove those that impose the restrictions and the law can be repealed. As in New Zealand, once the law is in place you can never freely use your Firearm for anything other than to overthrow those that are in power, you can not hunt with it, you can’t travel with it, you can’t target practice with it, you can’t even use it for self defense, under any of these circumstances you will be criminally charged and Fined, Imprisoned or both. So may we never let this happen here in the U.S.A. Trekker Out.

        • Good post Mountain Trekker. Well said old chap!

      12. Mountain Trekker is correct.

        In another article on the “buyback”, I read that the police wired the payment directly to the bank accounts of those turning in said firearms. Directly into their banks accounts. Isn’t that convenient?

      13. Why should anybody be surprised by how fascist, dictatorial, and authoritarian New Zealand is. The place is run by women. Here in the US we just witnessed another week of government by hysterical, sobbing, deranged women over “The Children! The Children!” Not my children. Imagine if men carried on like this. Not my government. Over throw this mess. Ban women from government. Women aren’t set-up for it — emotionally, intellectually, or any way.

      14. Better vote red and hope everyone who you talk to gets off their asses and votes red too.. if dems take control you will be giving up more than your guns.

      15. Ok probably might not work everyplace. However in the USA if they ever decide we must surrender our firearms. Get them out and use them shoot every transformer and telephone linr you can. shoot the glass insulators on the high tension lines. Grid down will start the great culling that is the only viable solution. You never have to shoot anyone. All you need is to be able to survive a grid down situation for a extended period. Its been stated a drunk with a 22 can take out a transformer.

      16. Way to go, Kiwis.
        Of course the same thing is happening in parts of the US.
        More power to all of them.

      17. Quote: As of last week, only 700 weapons have been turned over to New Zealand’s government

        I would be willing to bet not even 10% of those guns turned over are in working order. What a great way to get money for useless, worn out, inoperable or unsafe to fire guns.

      18. Clint Eastwood is Quoted as saying turning in guns or participating in a gun buy back. because there are too many crimes. Is like castrating yourself because you think your neighbors have too many children.

      19. They will do it incrementally like here in the usa. Through traffic stops, search and seizure. Police called to your house, search and seizure. We have people here getting charged with illegal firearms during traffic stops just watch 30 min worth of live pd and you will see how their guns get taken.
        Whats the point of hiding your guns if you never get to use em and if you do you go to butt pounding jail. Either fight it or say fuck it

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