Chinese Space Station Will Crash To Earth Soon, Still Don’t Know Where It’ll Hit

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Although most of the Tiangong-1, the Chinese space station erratically flying through space toward the Earth, will burn up in the atmosphere, there’s a chance part of it will survive and make an impact.  But scientists still don’t know who could be near the impact zone.

    China’s prototype space station, Tiangong-1 or “heavenly place”, could re-enter the atmosphere as soon as this week. Scientists say that most of the eight-tonne spacecraft is expected to burn up as it plummets through the atmosphere, there is a chance some of it will survive all the way down to the surface.

    While most of it will burn up during re-entry, around 10 to 40 percent of the satellite is expected to survive as debris, and some parts may contain dangerous hydrazine. However, due to changing conditions in space, it is not possible to accurately predict where the module will land. “It is only in the final week or so that we are going to be able to start speaking about it with more confidence,” said Dr. McDowell. “I would guess that a few pieces will survive re-entry. But we will only know where they are going to land after after the fact. –SHTFPlan, March 8, 2018

    According to the Guardian, there’s no cause for alarm. In terms of size, Tiangong-1 is only the 50th largest spacecraft to come down, and there have been no recorded deaths or injuries from people being struck by debris from any of them. The largest uncontrolled entry was SkyLab, the 77-tonne United States space station, which disintegrated over Western Australia. It didn’t injure anyone but large parts of it were later collected.

    The other concern is the highly toxic waste on board the space station.  A toxic chemical known as hydrazine is being carried by Tiangong-1. Hydrazine is an inorganic chemical compound. It is a colorless volatile alkaline liquid with powerful reducing properties, used in chemical synthesis and in some kinds of rocket fuels. Hydrazine is highly toxic and dangerously unstable unless handled in solution.

    The changes of the spacecraft hitting anywhere populated are slim to none, but the toxic chemical hydrazine could still be damaging regardless of the place of impact.


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      1. I’m running the SHTF pool on where this thing lands. Send me $100 for each zone on the globe that you want to buy. 1000 squares available. Winner takes $100K. PayPal to Fritz.

      2. MADE IN CHINA! This is only one reason to make everyone question the quality of Chinese weapon systems, even their space-based weapons. If they can’t keep a space station in orbit for very long then do we really have a lot to fear from any of their space-based or other weapon systems?

        • A war with China has a high probability of turning nuclear. 1970s vintage ICBMs pose an enormous danger. Missile technology against aircraft carriers is simply mathematical. 500 missiles are cheaper than an aircraft carrier. Your overtaken with numbers. China can likely “own” the land it can walk to and they can walk far.

          The difficult if not impossible fight is weeding out civilian from enemy; its the strong suit of China.

        • DB, that’s very ostrich of you.

      3. Any chance this will hit Washington, D.C.?

        Is Congress in session?

        • You forgot to say ‘PLEASE!!!’. Add in the remark about the hydrazine being unstable….. gotta ask the obvious: a space station is coming in for a crash onto the earth, flaming to pieces, hitting at who knows what speed…. seems to me that is about as textbook definition of an unstable circumstance as it comes.

      4. US To Unveil China Tariff List “In A Few Hours”; Beijing Will Respond

        “… the US will release a list of products that it will impose higher tariffs based on 301 investigation in a few hours. China will put forward its retaliation list later.”

        ht tps://

      5. Dow’s 670-point surge belies fact that stock market is on the brink of an absolute breakdown

        ht tps://

      6. “due to changing conditions in space, it is not possible to accurately predict where the module will land.”

        Um what changing conditions in space?

      7. Wouldn’t the heat of re-entry cause the hydrazine to burn or explode?

      8. Can someone fly a bigger one, in the neighborhood of China. For peacable reasons, only. We can’t tell where and when, but there is no cause for alarm.

        Tiangong-1 or “heavenly place”.

        We could name it after the cloud level on Mario Bros, where there are floating gold coins.

      9. It’s going to land on a Wal-Mart.

        • Or in a trailer park.

      10. The U.S. is involved in war in maybe 8 small countries, and it’s unlikely they will take on China, Russia, Iran and Brics. And this time they will not have the “safe haven” tag to sell UST bonds to finance the aggression or the modern military/weaponry required and are at full stretch everywhere.

        N. Korea is happening because it’s the last country left which can be feasibly threatened – and war with NK would critically damage the global economy.

        The debt ceiling will be under scrutiny more than ever, interest rates may have to rise, and Congress is crippled.

        An inflating dollar is inevitable now, further souring trust and speeding decline in the reserve currency.

        It is the beginning of the End Of The Fed.

        Looks like the big checkmate to me

        • Old Guy

          Good analysis.

      11. I’m picturing a piece of junk with aluminum foil and duct tape holding it together. No wait that was Apollo 11.

      12. Like a lead balloon.

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