China Issues Dire Warning On North Korea: “Sooner Or Later It Will Get Out Of Control And The Consequences Would Be Disastrous”

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Headline News | 99 comments

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    north-korea-nuke-suicide-bombers(Pictured: North Korean “Suicide Bombers” Carry What Are Reported To Be Nuclear Suitcase Bombs)

    While the world watches in jest as  Japanese residents prepare for the possibility of a confrontation with North Korea by panic buying nuclear shelters and air purifiers, we may soon realize that their efforts to desperately acquire protective gear and equipment for nuclear disaster were quite prescient.

    Yesterday, North Korea successfully tested what is reportedly an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) capable of striking Alaska from the Korean peninsula. Coupled with their purported advancements in nuclear technology, North Korea may now have the ability to launch devastating attacks on their southern neighbor, Japan and even the United States. And if they have not yet achieved the ability to fit a nuclear warhead on an ICBM and deliver it effectively to its target, they are inching closer by the day.

    So close, in fact, that Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi’s recent remarks on the matter suggest that we are nearing a dangerous breaking point:

    “Currently tensions are high and we certainly would like to see a de-escalation,” Liu told a news conference at UN headquarters as China takes over the Security Council presidency in July.

    “If tension only goes up … then sooner or later it will get out of control and the consequences would be disastrous,” he said.

    Earlier this year President Trump deployed three carrier strike groups to the region, signaling the real possibility that the United States will no longer follow what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls a policy of “strategic patience” employed by Trump’s predecessors.

    Though the threat seems to be muted by global media, China and Russia appear to be taking it very seriously, with both having reportedly deployed tens of thousands of troops and equipment to their respective borders with the North.

    All of the signs suggest that military action is about to occur. And while most Americans may think that North Korea would be another Iraq, wherein the battle could be won in a matter days, the fact is that North Korea has a massive military and now, as confirmed yesterday, an ICBM capable of striking long-range targets.

    Now may be a good time to imitate the Japanese by preparing for the worst, because the moment the world realizes that war is imminent there will be a run on banks and grocery stores that will likely leave shelves and ATM machines completely empty. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the price of government recommended anti-radiation pills skyrocketed from $15 to over $200 per unit. We expect to see a similar effect in coming weeks and months for preparedness equipment like gas masks and NBC body suits as tensions on the Peninsula heat up.

    War is coming. President Trump has made this very clear and North Korea does not appear to be heeding his warning. All bets will be off once the missiles start flying.

    Because all three of the world’s major super powers will be involved in one way or another it is not only possible, but quite likely that things could spiral out of control very quickly.

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      1. I have no doubt Trump is willing and ready to take action. The “war” won’t last long though. especially if we or they start launching nukes.

        • they are going to have to distract the masses from the financial collapse later this year. Kim Jong Un is a perfect distraction from the financial rape and pillging that is coming to the masses. and if a few million of us die in a nuclear war, well hey, that’s just business as usual for the elites.

          • exactly. somehow fat boy is in on the scam

            • Here today and gone tomorrow!

              Louisiana Eagle

          • Agreed!

        • I’m tired of NK it’s time to make SK an island and go home.

          • The arrogance and ignorant hubris of you Yankee hamburger munchers is beyond belief. No wonder such Neanderthal knuckle draggers voted for a fool who thinks the world is an Americn business. It takes ignorant dupes to elect neo-fascist idiots as leaders, so indeed attack the North and watch what happends when China honours its military alliance commitments to the Nth. If you Yanks could not win in 1950 what hope do you have now? It would be laughable if it was not so sad and dangerous for the world. Chumps who destroy the world due to an insane ideology of Nazi style superiority. Enjoy the ride to hell as you all burn bozos; get a last hotdog before the nice red glow on the horizon blows the world away!

            • The world is your oyster!

            • Spoken like a true European. With two wars to your credit last century and a couple more the century before that, you really don’t have any room to talk, and no, I don’t like you either.

          • NK has beaucoup rare earth minerals by the billions and much more that the Corporations and Banks want to profit from.
            This is all about stealing,which is what the US government and military do.

          • I know how you feel, I’m completely sick of the US constantly starting wars and sanctioning every nation that wont bow and scrape to the imperial throne in Washington. I’m sure some international power out there would love to make a great big hole out of the US and if the US attacks North Korea it just might!

        • Latest reports from CNN (Commie News Network) indicate that Mentally Il Kim Jong Un has – as he has not yet mastered the miniaturization of the nuke warheads – has planned to make miniature clones of Dennis Rodman and pack each warhead with one of those clones.

          Said Kim: “Even though they are our fellow socialists, we will still wage war against the running yellow dog lackey Americans. But as we don’t have the nukes perfected yet, sending over thousands of Dennis Rodmans will do more damage than anything I can think of. And if American wants to escalate, so will we. We will not shrink back from sending over miniature Kartrashians, tiny Miley Cysleazes, and maybe even a 100 megaton Lady Kaka or Mahdoona.”

          Hey… don’t blame me! I’m just reporting the leftist fake news todays

          • hehe

        • “Now may be a good time to imitate the Japanese by preparing for the worst, because the moment the world realizes that war is imminent there will be a run on banks and grocery stores that will likely leave shelves and ATM machines completely empty.”

          Fear porn.

          This will be a regional action that will be characterized by a well coordinated MASSIVE AMERICAN FIRST STRIKE that will dwarf the “shock and awe” of Desert Storm; eliminating much of the N Korean hardware in a matter of weeks if not days.

          Without “Dear Leader” to issue orders I suspect that N Korea will capitulate rather quickly, in a matter of months at most; but an extended conventional war would be good for the world economy. N Korea? Not so much.

          In any event, N Korea will be reduced to rubble, its powerful military reduced to a shell of its former self; and those military forces that remain will become “gangs” oppressing the population of N Korea even further to acquire the food and supplies necessary for themselves to survive the winter.

          It will be ugly … for N and S Korea. Japan maybe but not so much. 🙁

          • No. It will worldwide darkness and chaos.

          • Jeez, amerikaans are both stupid and arrogant

          • What an extraordinarily, optimistically cheery and sunny outlook! Will you be handing out lollipops if the war goes nuclear?

        • It is time that the US and the whole international community talk to North Korea and scale back the sanctions that is on North Korea. The US and the UN had been unfair to North Korea for over 65 years now. North Korea has every right to live in peace and prosperity like any other nation in the world.

      2. Good . Destroying evil is our only glory. Tell me what’s better. Love and loving evil. You will burn in hell. Good. You burn evil or you are evil. And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity. As written. Love it.

      3. Look at those stupid gooks. How long would it take us to exterminate third world people.brown is down . Good ridinse .

        • The United States has plenty of people that are either from the 3rd world, or they certainly act out like they are. Don’t think this country is so mighty with great people. It’s not.

      4. There are many brown people who are very nice. Collateral damage? We have one chance to end this .And if we don’t our grand children will? We must sacrifice our lives already over to our future. If we don’t we are complisid.. Don’t go of half cocked but be ready.. Be a smart vigin. The door will open . Keep the faith .

        • Traitor…….
          What are you saying?
          “How DARE those pesky North Koreans build weapons with which they can defend themselves from Bankster attack”?
          NK have EVERY RIGHT to build a weapon with which to defend themselves……just ask Israel if they too have the same right.
          Traitor…….you might think yourself “a good American”, but judging from the posts you have written above, I’d say you’re an absolute Kunt of a human.

          • I’ve read the reports of the treatment of ordinary citizens of NK who escaped.I can only imagine the treatment of the disedents like us?

      5. Have you ever seen a gook that was anything but a short stupid rat. It will be like party time. Can’t wait . Gook bring it on.

        • It’s sad that we believe everything that is in the news. There is so much propaganda that I’m sure we’ll never know the truth. Calling people names is not helping the world find peace. Our individual thoughts and words are either helping or hindering all situations on this planet. War is not a solution for our problems. I’m hoping I live long enough to see people find better solutions. However, we can’t fight greed and that is what drives the vehicle that is war.

      6. China could solve this themselves. They can take out that fat dildo with the big mouth and install someone more pro-Chinese. That way they can still have their buffer zone between themselves and the US/ROK. Porky’s successor can also scrap the missile and nuclear programs which will make the region much more peaceful. It’s all in China’s best interests to do so. They have their own reservations about Porky.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          I believe that Kim whats his name is concerned about just what you said, a coup instigated from China. Of course China would deny everything.

          • K2
            check this out and provide input. You are usually spot on.

            I found these folks yesterday. They have some very interesting vid/news.


        • There is another possibility.
          Maybe the Chinese don’t think they can
          take down the North Koreans.
          Given all their blustering and threats,
          it seems it would be a easy demonstration
          of the “Shock and Awe” of the all powerful
          PLA, and eliminate an irritating problem.

          • It would be a deniable coup with a China hand picked successor. The top dogs would be heavily bribed. Even communists are personal capitalists.

            • China is propping up the country, and supplying them with Nuke and missile tech. Anyone who thinks NK is doing anything, other than what China wants, is sadly mistake.

              • Spot on sir. The North Koreans would be living in thatch huts without the Chinese as trading partners. NKs’ military would be using sharpened sticks without Chinese help. This has been the way of things since the Chinese saved the NKs’ from total destruction in the Korean War. Porky does as he is told by his Chinese masters. Anyone who thinks NK has an independent foreign policy is drinking the Kool aide.

            • Kevin2, agreed. Even top dog communists LIKE capital, no matter what they say to the contrary. I still say let China handle it. If we can stay out of it, so much the better for us.

          • I’d wager that China could own North Korea in a week, if they wanted it. Besides, it would give them practice in propping up “emerging democracies”…

            • They don’t want the refugees.

            • they already OWN n. korea. China is using them as a proxy. N Korea is China’s Pitbull

              • Not to worry! The liberals in the USA will volunteer us to take them all in here!

                • 100% Correct! Our snowflakes will be cheering on the communists instantly.

        • Donny “Art of the Deal” Trump, you’re up! The world can avoid a war by just pressuring China to get rid of fatUN. They can still put somebody they can live with in NK. Hell, give China ALL of Korea.

          This is a shit sandwich that should have been dealt with long ago. Look where “kicking the can” got the world.

        • yep , they didn’t hold back from taking over Tibet

      7. Sooty but I don’t like brown people. They are our problem . Isn’t it obvious? But we are cowards to get rid of them for now. But soon the Browns and the Jews will be goneThen we will have peace.

      8. If you have a child that has blond hair..look out . They want slaves. F you they are dogs. Get use to it. Your blond child is at risk. That’s your new world get use to it.


      9. Does anyone want blank children. Only the wealthy who can bail them out?zThe race war is coming . Weather you like it or not. Traitors will be executed. Like it or not . It’s a good thing?

      10. Awesome Possum(trademark pending)!I thought unlike NK would have nothing to blow up for the 4th!I found a gross of bottle rockets/half brick of black cat firecrackers,knew I had some stuff somewhere!

        Have a happy independence day all,we still have freedom to be armed/say what we want the battle is not over!And when we don’t……..,tis just the beginning of the battle!Citizens,get out there and celebrate,blow something up in celebration of this countries birth!

      11. Why Americans Feel Less Free Today Than 10 Years Ago

        “According to the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom, “The substantial expansion in the size and scope of the U.S. government, increased regulatory and tax burdens in many sectors, and the loss of trust and confidence that has accompanied a growing perception of cronyism have severely undermined America’s global competitiveness.”

        “Federal, state, and local governments spent an astonishing 37.7 percent of America’s gross domestic product in 2015.”

        “As the Index of Economic Freedom also alludes to, the burdensome regulatory environment is a hidden tax on Americans. Unnecessary regulations prevent Americans from improving their lives by directing them to spend money on compliance costs that they would otherwise choose how best to deploy.”

        “As Americans prepare to celebrate this Fourth of July, it’s time to re-evaluate the size and scope of government relative to the economic freedom being taken away.

        Reforming taxes, repealing regulations, and getting the government out of the nooks and crannies of Americans’ lives—where it does not belong—is the much-needed and long overdue solution.”

        ht tp://

        • KY Mom:

          I bought Hydrogen Peroxide. It was 16 ounces. The old bottle was 32 ounces. Last week the 32 ounce bottles were on sale for fifty per cent less. The new 16 ounce bottles are the same price as the 32 ounce bottles were before the sale. The 32 ounce bottles had been half as much a year ago. If you followed this, in one year the price has quadrupled.


      12. I have a gut feeling that the more I see North Korea in the news the more I look towards Syria. Its that watch my right hand left hand punch.

        • Kevin,that tis one of those purchases were a dollar store comes handy,good deals on basic boo-boo stuff but as with all stores check dates,and well,it costs a ………….

      13. North Koreans are wonderfull people. Let’s exterminate them anyway.

        • I feel like we are now living in Orwell’s 1984 surreal world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation.

        • I think we should wait until they can hit New York City in which case it would happen then for surely

      14. Does NK also possess chemical and bioweapons?

          • Mac,
            This imbecile that goes by the handle of “Traitor Hator” is leaving a terrible stench here at your site.
            He is openly calling for the EXTERMINATION of human beings.
            If you don’t give him, at the very least, a proper warning, or ban him from the site altogether, well…….to me that means that you are OK with people calling for human extermination.
            And please…….don’t give me the 1st Amendment speech…….
            If this cock sucker wants to go around exterminating whole nations, for fuck’s sake, give him a rifle, parachute and a uniform and fuck him off over to NK where he can try his best.
            SHTF is usually a place where people can go over global events, globally.
            This asswipe doesn’t belong in such a forum.

            • the 1st amendment is the idea of George Washington who said, Without the freedom of speech we will become a nation of sheep led to the slaughter. However, he also said, All Jews should be hunted down and exterminated. He had a similar opinion of the Indians. Before a war the enemy is demonized, whether they deserve it or not. If you cannot stand the freedom of speech then get out of America and go back to the old country England where they do not have the freedom of speech.

      15. China wants to be a super power, they can reverse engineer everyones technology but thinking on their own to resolve a problem they simply can’t do. They are not a super power, just a thief of others technology.

      16. The evil war demons forces headquartered in the US are enemies of the overwhelming majority of rational Americans and other people of the world. I believe all of this is complete BS, completely fabricated to destroy this nations hanging by a thread freedom. An all out assault to prop up the greedy capitalists who care only about money and power, the disgraceful lot of psychopaths cemented permanently and apparently unmovable outside a supernatural event. Happy Independence Day, I want to puke at that utterance which is pure ignorance.

      17. This is not going to end well. Glad to know I am part of the 3-to-5% that are awake, aware, and ready.

        Have a good Fourth, everyone. You, too, Mac! Another good article when there is little to no real news in the US due to the holiday.

        • If you think 3-5% are awake, aware, and ready… You grotesquely underestimate the prevalence of human stupidity.

          You really think 10,000,000+ people have any clue want’s going on? Maybe 1% of that or .03-.05% of the USA population. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people may have given you an illusion that a reasonable number of people aren’t clueless. -_-

      18. Hey folks,
        First happy independence day to everyone!
        Heard a good one on the radio today.Red Skelton,explaining the pledge of allegiance,excellent listen!
        Be well all!
        Maniac –out

      19. It’s right around the corner……

        • Hmmm, I don’t know. I found Kim Jong Un’s source of nuclear weaponry and production facilities:
          ht tp:// I’m pretty sure he’s been planning this whole thing since childhood.

      20. NK is primarily China’s problem, not ours, because China knows their country will suffer if NK engages our military forces.

        Let’s pray that China has Kim arrested.

        Also, keep your eyes on the Middle East because as pompous as Kim is, we can’t afford to be distracted from the ever smoldering tensions in that part of the world.

        Let’s also pray that God grant the President wisdom in his international decision making and at the same time pray for peace.

        I guess it’s time to switch out the gas in the spare gas cans because gas is likely to become scarce, especially if a war originates in the Middle East.

      21. Quote of the month……”When You need less, you have less to fear”. Work on paying off those loans, become as debt free as possible.

      22. China uses N. Korea as leverage and an unstabling element against the U.S. And why shouldn’t it? The U.S. Empire has been pushing China around since WW2.

        Maybe if we just left them alone to have their ocean and just fought them in the economic realm, we would all be better off.

      23. Good quote!

      24. there will be no major war with korea

      25. The one good thing will be the draft of all the snowflakes and millennials. It will be a generation-shaping experience as they freeze their butts off in a fire base in North Korea; or boil their transgender nuts off in a Middle Eastern desert outpost.

        If there is another good we can do, let’s get all those refugees, ghetto junk and the Mooslimes into uniform and then send them to the Eastern Front in Russia. Burger meat their asses in a slow, grinding ground war with Russia: basically killing two birds with one tactical battlefield nuke.

        • Invade North Korea? Have another leech country bleeding us economically? This isn’t 1950 with the US as king of the hill. Draft? The political ramification would overturn both houses and the Presidency. Ain’t going to happen and furthermore it shouldn’t.

        • That’s some excellent ideas sir. Throwing the snowflakes against the crazy N. Koreans would be fun practice for the communists and a truly addition by subtraction for the USA.

          We both win!

      26. The G-20 meeting on Friday may well be critical. Yes, Beijing could install a new motly crew in NK. Will they do so? I wish I had a clue. I note that miniaturizing a nuke is rather quite simple, far simpler than a working 2 stage 4000 mile rocket. Beryllium has the fascinating ability to reflect neutrons. In the the Hiroshima nuke, only about 2% of the fissile material actually split. by encasing a nuke in Be some 50% of the fissile material will be split. Yes, it is that simple. I live not far from ORNL, have a cousin and two uncles who worked there. Actually been on a tour of Y-12 years ago.

        I suggest that folks get a copy of Kearny’s NWSS, make several KFM’s, get a TecSun PLLL 6660 s/w ssb capable radio, put it in an antistatic bag in a Faraday Cage.

        We’ve a 25 gallon steel garbage can filled to the top with small electronics in antistatic bags.

        Folks, there is a LOT more to serious prepping than beans, bullets, and bandaids. Consider 12 VDC CB radios for comms. Being able to listen to hams and truck drivers will provide invaluable info. I love the Uniden HomePatrol fire/police scanners. We’ve one with an outside antenna that looks like it belongs on a spacecraft.

        I’ve found that an antenna tuner for a s/w radio makes a world of difference.

        take care everyone, bad ju ju coming soon.

      27. time for action – Prez Trump’s credibility is beginning to smell like Obammy’s Red Line Warnings ….

        it’s not only North Korea – it’s all the crap enemy states – Russia in particular – Putin is beginning to smell wooose ….

        the US sword has been drawn – been awhile now – can’t really be put back in the sheath without some blood ….

      28. Listen to the arrogance of blood-thirsty Americans, most of who couldn’t find NK on a map. NK is of no constitutional concern. Bill Buffert retired career Army officer was absolutely correct when he said, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.”

        Ridiculous you say? I suggest parents Google ‘images victims Hiroshima’.

      29. Leave it to China to be handing out warnings on where North Korea is going. North Korea has the GDP of Kentucky. North Korea is so poor that they cannot even afford to keep the lights on at night. It is China that feeds North Korea, and supplies them with all this missile and nuclear technology. If you took those missiles apart you would find “Made In China” stamped all over them. North Korea is a vassal state of China, a convenient excuse for saying “No my fault” when nuclear war does breakout.

      30. All this bravado is like a dog huffing and puffing towards an unknown trying to make itself seem bigger than it really is. We all know who the true warmongers are and we are spineless in taking a stand against them. As the American Pit Bull rounds the corner to confront what he thinks is a Miniature Pinscher he discounts that it lives near a bear. Three quotes from Putin seem to have been downplayed and must be acknowledged:
        “I don’t know how to get through to you people”
        “There will never be another war fought on Russian soil”
        “One thing I learned growing up is that if there is going to be a fight one must be the first to strike.”
        I hear him loud and clear but people who believe that North Korea should be eliminated do not realize who their true masters are. As the warmongers promulgate the end of the peak of humanity we succumb yet again to their methods and cheer on a confrontation close enough to singe the bear. The time is now to resist the warmonger. As the final grains of sand fall from the top of the hourglass remember that only you have the ability to flip it over. Just say no and recall your attack dog while it is still only huffing and puffing. You do not want to be witness to this dog fight. Yet as we assemble around the pit in anticipation of the fight we must realize the one who profits from the bets are the same ones who organize and advertise for the fight. They should be the real target of your indignation. Retake your own government before taking on another. The warmongers bluff is about to be called. We must make that call or others will do it for us. For those who disagree take comfort in the fact we over estimate our ability while we underestimate the ability of those who stand opposed. Yet another error from those seek profit above all else. Our fatal error is to be sitting when we should be standing. I would wish that we have Congressional approval to fight the big one. That we do not will be the reason that we will.

        • excellent sir

      31. blame-e very funny no my fault

        we are in for some scary times ahead – need to buy more water

      32. theres a really easy way to bring this to a head

        send in a few operators that look like they are North Koreans ..
        set him up with a bunch of women for his “enjoyment” and as he is too distracted

        kidnap the fat one , and watch his entire regime dwindle to nothing

      33. Let’s take this in another direction, just for some perspective. What if Kim Jong Un is going along with the Globalists on this thing? What if they’re just playing the world for suckers? The big guys sit around the table and agree that none of them will be hurt and that there’s a lot of big money to be made on a war and the rebuilding afterwords. The North Koreans seem to have been successfully black mailing the West out of money for decades. Maybe this is all theater. Just a thought. “You pay now!”

        • Things can quickly get out of control when reality has been suspended as it has been now. If it breaks all bets are off. At that point any promulgated future would be blackened out marked “there be dragons”. If we do not lean on our Constitution and stop this now, when would we? The patriotic fervor we experienced yesterday was for a country that doesn’t exist and never did exist as intended. Instead the aggressors have progressed to the status of rogue operating within a suspended reality. Good plan there boys. I have a better one, it starts out like this: “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another”.

      34. Those are not nukes, just cardboard and shiny tape. Total joke.

      35. And we patriots will give you chi-coms a notice. You enter into Texas, and we will shoot to kill your soldiers on site, and now you Xi Jing ping and your chi-coms have now been put on notice. You think this is fucking Hong Kong. What are you going to do, kill 100,000 protesting citizens.

        What are you going to do, come get me in my state and have your chi-com agents arrest me. Watch yourself chi-coms. You EMP”d the destroyer, and you rammed out ship, and our lying piece of shit media told us that the ship accidentally hit a cargo ship.

        You chi-coms fuckers are now on notice. Between us the citizenry, the cops, the veterans, and the patriots. We are coming for you.


        Kung Fu versus Gun fu, you be the judge.

      36. Yes they can strike Alaska or even Hawaii. Targets that dont provide much military advantage. while the human cost would be high the loss to the N Korea would be entire. Russia would stand back and not get involved because they would still to be around to pick up the pieces. China has as much to loose as the US. what china doesn’t realize is they no longer have a politician in the white house. he has installed a military leader and given him instructions to win. China may have large military power. remove the seat of power and the way to deliver support to it and it falls. America has subs that are hidden with instructions and enough power to take out both China and Russia without the possibility of stopping them. when I joined the Navy in 61 I was short enough to qualify for the subs. I asked which sub would I be assigned to I was told it doesnt exist. I tested for extended time by myself to see my mental stability. both nations also have these subs so with all the posturing they will retreat and remove this pimple for he causes too much risk

      37. I hope you chi-coms just read what Grandpa posted. Grandpa, your 100% on the money. Now the chi-coms think they own the sea of Vietnam, the entire ocean and of course the United States. The subs has the capability to pre-empt. The F35’s is another deadly surprise that people keep taking lightly. Its not a good dog fighter, but its the best strike attack aircraft. Its only flaw is that the top end is only 1200 mph, but its ability to surprise attack the enemy country with tactical nukes makes it and effective platform. That’s why we are placing them in Taiwon, and the chi-com leader is getting all bend out of shape, because his entire navy can be nuked by that jet at sea, and will be sinking to the bottom of the ocean if they make the wrong move.


      38. Love him or hate him that fat little savage has got huge balls.
        I don’t know how he manages to lug those nutz around there so huge.

      39. a policy of “strategic patience” employed by Trump’s predecessors.

        in other words the useless obama administration did diddly squat for eight years.

      40. being brave in heart, having balls etc isn’t in chum kunt chow or whatever his name is…hes just too young, too stupid, and odds are possibly insane. Who knows, the maggot might have went a few minutes without devouring meal and might have eaten his balls.

        Avid Reader and Email Subscriber

      42. Get the THAAD up, pop em out of the air when they’re launching, and glass that fucking place.

        Glass it.

        Oh and for fuck’s sake just impale that fricking satellite of theirs. Now.

      43. Look you know the real answer?

        Everyone points everything at them. That means both the US AND CHINA. Assure them that the first artillery shell fired will result in the nuking of every major city in that festering shit hole.

        And then.

        China… hello you listening? Offer refugee status to EVERY NORTH KOREAN CITIZEN, and blow the piss out of any Nork officials near the border that ATTEMPT to stop the mass exodus.

        He will contain it, I’m sure. I’m counting on it.

        And then.

        His own citizens will rip the fat fuck limb from limb.

        Watch. Try it and see what happens, it’ll totally work.

      44. Look on the bright side. It could eliminate world debt!

      45. Between the end of World War Two and the Korean War the United States did everything in its power to stop a vote in Korea on re-unification because the Korean people would have voted in favour of re-unification. When the Korean people began peaceful demonstrations against the American interference in re-unification, the C.i.A. created death squads who murdered around 30,000 Koreans in the South who wanted re-unification. Soon after the North Koreans learned about the death squads they invaded the South to end the slaughter. I like to think George Washington would have done the same if he was Korean. The C.i.A. got what it asked for.

      46. We say that NK is just a little guy, with no friends. Then, we negotiate for peace, with China. This discussion stereotypically deals with the capabilities of the “Hermit Nation” (socalled) but not of the Communist bloc.

      47. I’d say the Chinese are admitting in a backdoor fashion that while they pretend to have influence over the Norks in reality the don’t. The Chinese have pretended for a long time to protect North Korea because it was a client state and beholden to them. In reality it’s far more likely that the Norks are getting the technical/military help they need for their WMD programs from Iran and the Paki’s and China is out of the loop. They don’t want to openly admit they have no control however as that would be a loss of face….something Chinese don’t like. But they are sure hinting loudly.

      48. If NK launches atomic missles against any atomic capable nations and they retaliate then China will have to deal with NK. Or risk the fallout in their own country. Any atomic strike against NK will not be contained to just NK.

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