Chinese Billionaire: The US Will ‘Suffer More’ Than China In Trade War

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    According to Jack Ma, a billionaire and the founder and outgoing executive chairman of Chinese tech titan Alibaba, it’s the United States that will end up losing out in a trade war with China. Ma said the U.S. would inevitably  “suffer more” and there was no logic behind the U.S.’s mass deployment of tariffs as a solution to the countries’ trade imbalance.

    Speaking at the South China Morning Post‘s China Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Jack Ma, along with Alibaba’s executive vice president Joe Tsai, said the cold-war style offensive by America is an ill-advised miscalculation that will cause pain “all over the world.” The warning comes from top executives of Chinese conglomerate and not long after large corporations such as Ford announced layoffs citing the tariffs imposed during the trade war.

    Tsai went on to say that the U.S. was reacting to its “unfounded fear that China’s rise is somehow going to threaten the national security and well-being of the American people.” The US economy had in fact benefited from its trade relationship with the US, Ma said, pointing out the Western superpower’s gross domestic product had grown steadily in part because of the outsourcing of jobs to China, according to Forbes. Tsai also declared the trade war had morphed into a “cold war or geopolitical war started by the United States.”

    And many economists agree.  This trade war will be paid by the American consumer first, and then by the American worker. Those who think China is “out of bullets” in the trade war had also better prepare themselves for some bad news.  The Chinese government eased the tariffs on non-American goods imported into the country recently to take pressure off the backs of the public.

    “It is really ill-advised for the United States to launch a war of some sort…thinking that they can treat China like the way they treated Russia by isolating the economy and bringing on pain,” Tsai said, as reported by the Post. “We are so integrated that the pain is going to be felt all over the world. Everybody is going to feel the pain.” And that pain has already started for some in the United States. Coupled with rising interest rates, the cost of living is about to go up while jobs are lost and pay goes down.

    In fact, last month, Ma declared that Alibaba would not follow through on an earlier promise to create a million new jobs in the U.S. because “the current situation has already destroyed the original premise” for that pledge.


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      1. Bring it on! They have been killing our jobs for 30 years; I don’t expect an answer to be painless in a few weeks. 2X the taxes on their stuff every month and throw their XXXX in the ocean.

        • Better yet, mix their stuff with cement and build the wall.

          • Call it the Great Wall of China’s Junk

            • Suffering ain’t so bad if we can re-industrialize and turn back into the self-sufficient giant we became by necessity with the onset of WW2 and after. China can kiss our American asses.

        • “Ma said the U.S. would inevitably “suffer more” and there was no logic behind the U.S.’s mass deployment of tariffs as a solution to the countries’ trade imbalance.”

          Pretty stupid remarks in the face of reality by a Chinese Billionaire. The facts are otherwise. This is Party Line Propaganda from a guy who doesn’t want to “disappear” like so many others.

          The DNC and CNN would be proud. 🙂

          • Couple all of what you said with the fact that quite a bit of his money will evaporate. As far as suffering, we ain’t gonna suffer any more than we did under the oppression from the previous administration. Get real

          • It’s no skin off our backs if China raises terriffs from 100% to 200%, in either case they never bought our goods anyway.

            The fact that we are the great TIT going dry does.

            China is a leach, not a true supplier. They have no fat to live on, they have played the numbers to the edge just to kill American industry, but without the Marxists running America, they can’t keep raping us, because under Obama it was voluntary.

            China is clueless, their banking system has no fat, they are about to starve.

        • It isn’t China’s fault that our greedy cocksucking corporate executives moved all the U.S. manufacturing jobs to Chinkland to raise the bottom line, go enrichen themselves and the vultures on Wall Street. Those fucksters need to hang for what they did to America. Let’s not blame the chinks for that.

          • No one is blaming the “chinks”. The culprit is the NWO elected officials on both the Right and the Left who facilitated the systematic dismantling of 70,000 American factories and tens of millions of jobs offshore.

            The reality however, is that the imbalance in trade with China represents a MASSIVE wealth transfer from America’s Middle Class to China that is unsustainable for the United States; if we are to continue as a nation state.

            It’s that simple. 🙂

          • I worked for a company that sold out to China, we were a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, now they are a dollar store in their industry, they sell junk, I saw it coming and fled. Just in time…..

            At its peak that company employed over a thousand, many highly paid engineers and machinists. Now is an oversized sales office with possibly 50 people tops.

            • Payroll was a special account, I always charted my paycheck number. My boss freaked when he saw me one day plotting the numbers. When the chart became a shear wall, I bailed.

          • Yet we still cling to Republicans who support Big Corporate. Corporatism is just a fancy name for fascism.

            The good news is that we are now in a near free-fall toward the inevitable breakup of Lincoln’s Northern model of a highly centralized, supreme and tyrannical federal government. Prepare accordingly. Where do you want your loved ones to be when the breakup happens, an ‘Estonia’ or a ‘Tajikistan’?

            For those who can still think critically:
            Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Estonia is ranked #6 in Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation. The US is ranked #17 and steadily declining. Imagine if Estonia were God-fearing, shared Articles of Confederation with other States, adhered to a gold-standard, was large enough (think American Redoubt) to defend itself, and has plenty of trees from which to hang convicted traitors.

        • I hate to say it but it is the fault of us companies trying to make an extra buck, and the consumers accepting that outcome.

      2. He is right. China has all the means to ride this out and even come out the other side richer.

        Here is how China will do it:

        1) Resources: it has deals all over the world for oil, gas, copper, rare earth etc.

        2) Markets: they have the one belt, one road and Africa that will keep them busy for the next 100 years.

        3) Genetics: the Chinese are getting smarter and their women more beautiful. This is because of bettofood but also better breeding (no miscegenation).

        4) Science and technology: they now lead in most areas.

        5) Infrastructure: all of it is way better than the US.

        • Some good points, Frank, but their debt is astronomical at 250% of gdp and their GDP, which has been falsified for years, is TANKING, which will increase the debt to GDP ratio way beyond 300%.

          While China has deals all over the world for raw materials they will not need the raw materials if American Consumers are not buying their products. If American Consumers are not buying their products the House of Cards they call an economy will collapse in the biggest debt bomb in history.

          Fraud and corruption are systemic in China on a scale never before seen in history by many tens of millions of entrepreneurs wanting to get rich. When the music stops there is not going to be enough chairs for everyone to sit.

          The people along the “Belt & Road” do not have any money to spend, and their currencies are cheaper than China’s. China has benefited from cheap money (borrowing), a manipulated, currency (suppressed currency), the systematic transfer of American factories to China by the NWO Elite, and American consumers. Without American consumers, the “Chinese Miracle” disappears virtually overnight. It has already begun.

          China needs American Consumers much more than the American Consumer needs China. That’s the bottom line. 🙂

          • China can only live a lie for so many years.

            It will come home to roost.

          • China practically owns Australia now, after the contract they negotiated with Australia for, what amounts to, complete control of all their coal.

        • Sorry, Fake news.

        • China will ride it out, by letting Chinese workers starve to death.

          They have no wiggle room, the Chinese are opening reeducation sites for housing the millions who will be unemployed.

          Reeducation in China is code for they will kill unneeded people.

      3. I may have already commented on this, but a year ago I tried to buy some “Brand name” solar panels directly from China through Alibaba. Alibaba has a very good refund policy, I had to use it. I have never dealt with a more un-ethical bunch of people than the Chinese sales people. I learned a lot about importation of goods into America. No wonder no one wants to ship things to us! What a racket! $10,000 bonds have to be posted, agents have to be hired to get stuff through customs.
        I found a ship that goes directly from Shanghai to Hilo, I talked to our local customs guy about what I needed to do. I told the Chinese to use that ship and they managed to screwed that up!
        Through someone on this site I found solar panels on Oahu and got them for $0.60 a watt. Including the price of truck I rented to pick them up in Hilo.
        Panels are Hanwha( Korean company) made in China???
        America shoots itself in the foot. All due to Democrats
        and their politics.


        I needed to personally thank you for your post on the chi-com attack at the Arizona border. Kevin2 just go his ass handed to him. Chi-coms have set up bases in the US with full permission by Clinton/Obama factions many years ago, and these chi-com are who they plan to use to attack our Police officers, citizens and Patriots. You fucking chi-coms have no idea what you messing with. You may have crossed over in Arizona, but when you cross over into Texas, this is where your soldiers die. As for that little shit troll Jack Ma, Ma go fuck yourself. I heard that he is buying up a lot of land in the north American states. Is that where you plan to deploy and place your PLA troops Jack. How about a Patriot punch you right into your fucking little mouth. Fuck you chi-com.

        The miscalculated pain to your military will be .223/5.56 in your soldiers asses when they fuck with the citizenry. FUCK YOU CHI-COM.


        • HCKS, I wouldn’t mind taking that JACKASS Ma to the woodshed. That’s one ugly chicom bastard.

      5. This is not about making China suffer.

        No one is interested in hurting the Chinese. Let them flourish, just not at the expense of the USA being self sufficient. We want our own factories. We don’t want to be slaves in Chinese owned factories here in the US or eating off plates made in China.

        No Chinese billionaire is capable of understanding the Western mind. We are adventurous and inventive independent people. We can not be made into slaves as easily as the Chinese are. We want to restablish our own means of production if it kills us. So you waste your breath, sir.


        • B, well said! The chicoms aren’t half as smart as they think they are. None of them, especially the billionaire, is capable of understanding the Western mind.

      6. If the US will “suffer more” then why doesn’t China just ignore it and drop the American market in favor of all the others that will make our market of little importance?

        Because they like us so much they don’t want to see us suffering strictly for altruistic humanitarian reasons?

        • China is spewing their lies to brainwash Americans into believing we will be ruined because of these tariffs. China will suffer if the USA stops buying their products all together, and they know it. That’s why they need to keep telling us how this will backfire on the USA. Even if we in the USA do suffer somewhat, it’s better than helping China in our own demise by letting them take over all the benefits of being a most favored trade nation. We have already contributed to our own demise all these years, and it’s time to stop.

      7. Bfrom CA is correct. Trump had some new green colored hats made up. They say Made in the USA. Good slogans. Make America Great Again. And Made in the USA are spot on.

      8. You should studiously avoid shithole countries, when you shop, and notice the difference in quality. I have never once felt regrets when doing this, like I had missed out, because it wasn’t Chinese.

        • Debters always hold the power. Always.

          Loan sharks hurt but never kill, they want to get paid.

          • If debtors hold all that power, the United States going further and further into debt is a very good thing.

          • “the borrower is the slave of the lender” – Proverbs 22:7

            • In Mosaic and Noachide laws, an ox is entitled to eat from the mill, which he treads. You don’t eat his limbs.

              (I am writing this as a statement about debt peonage.)

              A sheep is shorn, not skinned alive.

              It is prophesied that some decadent merchant nation, epicenter of moral apostasy, military hammer over all the Earth, who has made the foreign govts gone mad (whichever nation that is)…

              …is hated and consumed by some red beast of burden, which once carried her.

              Our ostensible labor colonies.

              We’re happy for a type of king Cyrus. What did he do? He repatriated captive peoples and sent their treasures home with them. That magnanimous gesture would send a consumer economy (it’s collateral) into receivership, imhblo.

            • Yes, but if I owe you $1,000, I’m your slave. But if I owe $1,000,000, you’re my slave.

              • Clever saying. I liked it.

                no collateral, no plantation.

                Dissolving the deep state, no matter how unseemly, is like dissolving the foundation of a house, or the frame of a car. You remove the sawhorses, from behind a facade, and, then, what is left.

      9. Yeah, good luck, China. America can afford to pay a little bit more for our cheap electronics and clothes, for sure. China depends on our purchases. We’re still number one in the world as far as economy goes, with a bullet. This bleating of Ma’s sounds like straight party propaganda, which obviously it is. They want us to ease up and let them keep ripping us off and trading unfairly.

        Not happening.

        Time to grow up and play with the big boys, China!

      10. Trump’s Lubavitcher-inspired isolationist policies are not some heroic attempt to save America. No, it is the exact opposite.

        Those that he serves (the parasites) have made it clear that it is time to change hosts. They are finalizing the removal of our wealth and are about to turn the reins over to the new world leader… Israel.

        The new Israeli-Russian-Chinese alliance is the N(j)ew World Order.

        Trump ain’t your friend, peeps.

        • You just wanted to use the word, Lubavitcher. How is not footing the bill for other countries an example of isolationism. Or, what was your example.

      11. When the two largest economies (China being #1; US being #2), have at each other in a trade war everybody suffers. Everybody. Trade wars are never local. This trade war, especially, will be a world trade war.

        No one ever wins in a trade war. No one ever has. All we can do is sit back and see how the suffering plays out.

      12. Since the end of WW2 America has transitioned from an export economy to an import economy. Negotiating trade agreements as an import economy is negotiating from a position of weakness. The argument that China needs access to America’s market is ignorant. As China looks inward, its own domestic economy has become its largest & now fastest growing customer.

        The American market presently consists of well below 50% of China’s total global exports & continues to shrink as the cash strapped American consumer wrestles with covering existing credit debt under rising interest rates.

      13. Yea Jack, what threat could Communism be to our liberty?

      14. The bastard is panicked!

      15. Well I guess will have to wait and see, huh ?
        Nice try Jack.

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