China’s Military Deploys Dozens of Warplanes Near Taiwan

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    The geopolitical war tensions are on a constant increase all over the world. In what the United States will see as a provocation, China’s military has deployed warplanes hear Taiwan.

    The Sunday crossing comes just days after 37 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s air defense zone on Thursday. China also deployed four warships for “joint combat readiness patrols” in the area.

    In response to the warplanes, Taiwan scrambled jets as the Chinese war party crossed the median line for the second time in days. Taiwanese officials say they detected 24 Chinese fighter jets and bombers in the air, but only 10 crossed the median line. The line has long served as a barrier for both Taiwanese and Chinese forces, but Beijing has grown increasingly belligerent in recent months and has crossed the line multiple times, according to a report by Fox News. 

    The frequent median crossings come amid a wider Chinese campaign of aggression toward Taiwan, which has seen Chinese forces surround the self-governed island to simulate an invasion.

    China’s largest military operations in the region have come in response to meetings between top U.S. and Taiwanese officials. Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taiwan in August 2022, setting off the first wave of live-fire drills around the island. –Fox News

    Mainland China has long claimed Taiwan as its own territory. The island split from China in 1949, when democratic forces fled there after losing a civil war to the Chinese Communist Party.

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated earlier this month that a war with China around Taiwan would be “devastating” for the global economy. “The whole world has a stake in maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The security of commercial shipping lanes and global supply chains depends on it,” Austin said. “And so does freedom of navigation worldwide. Make no mistake: conflict in the Taiwan Strait would be devastating.”


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      1. The big brave Chinese PLAAF, a few jets cross the median line, but I will bet they are not brave enough to over-fly the home island, or even the outer islands that BELONG to Taiwan.

        The Sky Bow 3 will blow them out of the sky

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