China Will Use Blockchain To Collect Taxes

by | Aug 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 38 comments

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    The Chinese government listed blockchain in its “Thirteenth Five-Year” National Informatization Plan from 2015, and since that time the nation has been working diligently toward the incorporation of the technology into daily life. China has just announced that it will use blockchain technology for social taxation and the issuing of electronic invoices.

    The government’s announcement that it “will utilize blockchain technology for social taxation and electronic invoice issuance matters,” has been met with silence from the mainstream media. China has already launched a test of its own cryptocurrency based on the technology, so these initiatives should be able to build on each other.  This will also be a large-scale test of a government’s ability to collect taxes more efficiently, considering China has the biggest economy on earth.

    Moving forward, experts claim that we will all see more and more innovative uses of blockchain technology as its potential is more fully realized. Transparency and security are both absolute essentials in a digital age, and China appears to be recognizing that need and putting this powerful tech to use through policy, enforcing theft through taxation.  But it’s unclear as of yet, just when China will begin using Blockchain to tax. Blockchain technology has been proposed for use in elections already due to its potential for both transparency and security. It’s these features that make it appealing for taxation as well.

    Furthermore, we should also see implementation at the city level in China, as several local and provincial governments have recently promulgated pro-blockchain policies. In fact, a smart cities initiative has already enticed a Chinese automaker to integrate the tech into its business model. Additionally, blockchain-based industrial parks have gone up in Chengdu, Hangzhou, and other major cities, and agencies at different levels of government have created blockchain R&D teams. –Futurism

    Tax professionals in the United Kingdom have also discussed implementing Blockchain to ease the financial burden of collecting taxes from their peasants.

    With the good, comes the bad.  Once governments begin using technology such as Blockchain, they will do it with efforts to steal productivity or funds or liberty from civilians.  Governments around the world (especially the United States) are losing support rapidly and as such, implementing stifling means of collecting taxes will almost certainly rile up the masses.



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      1. Go cash only and get yourself off the grid. Opsec in your financial matters may be the most important opsec of all.

        • China will use machine guns and Feds to collect taxes just like amerikans do.

      2. Silicon money? Pay them with sand or better yet tell them to go pound it. Sound as a sand castle on the beach that idea is. A contractors back hoe accidentally cut a fiber optic cable in Nova Scotia Canada and shut down ATM’s and cell phones over the entire eastern seaboard of Canada the other day. It was pitiful to watch the look on the peoples faces at the ATM line holding up their useless phones. The stores quickly put up hand written signs “Cash Only” and suffered little business. Suspended reality has become the suspense of reality. Pray to ol’ Sol to cleanse us from this digital wasteland where everything will go poof in the blink of an eye. Block chain, the antonym of sound money.

        • “Accidentally cut a fiber optic cable”. Hmmm.

        • God, people rely upon technology way too much and all of those god damned annoying ass cell phone, good lord magnum! Of course I have a cell phone but I do NOT live on the god damned thing.

          • Wake-up-people…I read sperm counts are down 50% in America and other countries. Could be microwaves from use of gadget devices like I’m holding in my hand. Now 5G is the push with towers already appearing in some areas. Way back in 60’s the warnings were public, but alas the telecom giants in collusion with governments will get their way. The big rise in many ailments over the years are also attributed to microwave emissions. Hell, they are sickening and killing people silently. They have covered up the danger tightly. The silent killer is one big method of population control and a boost to medical and pill pusher types.

            • I DONT USE MICROWAVE OVENS, Aljamo, and my health is going down the drain, as is other members of my family (and I’m a health nut!). Also, my neighbors, landlord and the people I work for– all have lost family members recently (some had 3 family members die recently). Years ago, I read that our food supply has stuff in it that will start killing people off in droves. It seems to be coming true.

              • STILL, its real, real important to eat properly and exercise. Alaskans don’t have heart disease because of all the fish they eat. Mediteranneans are among healthiest people in the world. And in Okinawa(?), Japan, they have more centurians in their population than in the whole world. Read up on them.

                • Basically, whenever I give up and start eating popcorn (GMO”s if not organic!) and eat a lot of white crackers, white biscuits, etc, and lay around too much, I see the negative consequences. Real important to talk to a nutritionist and learn about REAL food!

        • Grandpa, you just said exactly what I feel. Blockchain will fail just like everything else they’re planning.

      3. Its gonna cause some people that think they are above us to suddenly discover they have holes through their bodies.

        • Doesn’t seem to be working that way in Venezuela.

          More the other way around.

          • That population is not armed to the teeth as this one.

      4. Eventually they will move from income to wealth.. They’ll track your level of wealth and decide how much they will leave you with. Hope that I am wrong.

      5. Hackers will ALWAYS find a way!

      6. Meanwhile in New Babylon America-a Military Junta, with treasonous seditious Globalist Fascist psychopath McMaster at the helm, now has complete control of the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government, so be assured complete Corporatist Fascist Totalitarian Control, Martial Law, and gun confiscation are now IMMINENT in damned and doomed Police State hell on earth New Babylon America.

        • After a little while, they’ll be short on people for the gun confiscation jobs because most of them will be dead and no one will do it anymore.

          • Just another job that Americans won’t do !!! 🙂

      7. Electronics are gonna do us in……..

        • Especially if you were to “electronic” yourself. Hmm.

      8. That’s what global warming is about. Taxing people for how much fuel and electricity they use. Probably water too.

      9. What kind of people put the picture one of the biggest mass murderers in history on their money? The Tares?

      10. When the 2nd amendment is violated and ignorant military are used to attempt to disarm citizens, it’s time to kill your families and die: in-other-words: fight to the death. They will kill your families, but you must sacrifice yourself, your family, everything is secondary to the fight for Liberty once the gauntlet is dropped and gun confiscation begins.

        The New World ORDER

        When slaves aboard ship struck a member of the crew, tried to escape, or otherwise caused trouble aboard 3ew-owned slave ships; they would cut the legs off the man in order to establish ORDER.

        Solzenitson writes about how he and others should have grabbed whatever and fought off the men who took them off to the gulag.

        There is a time for peace and a time for war.


        • There’s gonna be madness when they attempt to remove 400 million weapons from tens of millions of Americans that have access to tens of billions of rounds. I bet on us!

          • Menzo, I’ll make that same bet. And even then who will they get for that job? Most of OUR military is overseas. I believe it will be illegal aliens, including the muzzies, the gimmedats, other gangs, and “UN peacekeepers”. It’s going to be a target-rich environment everywhere.

        • B from CA, every person MUST establish a line in the sand and say this far and no farther. Either that or live as a victim.

          Gun confiscation IS going to happen. It’s 100% certain. The only question is what are YOU going to do about it. I am no better than a Democrat, because I wish Freedom was free. But there ain’t nothing free in this life.

          • I mean you, we, me, I.

          • Justice, just because gun confiscation will be attempted DOES NOT necessarily mean they’ll be successful.

            • No, but it will mean that it’s time to pay up and it’s going to be a big bill to pay. It’s best to start preparing now.

              • Justice, when the time comes, I will make the down payment, They won’t like MY terms.

      11. Block chain is just a fairly secure Database.
        I can’t put it more simply than that.
        I spent years learning how to design
        such things. I know how to break them.
        Most people think of Hash as a drug.
        I think of it as a really good tool.
        Since the government only hires idiots
        based on race, sexual orientation, and
        party affiliation, they will never put
        it all together, at least here in America.
        What I do know is “garbage in garbage out”

        Never comply with the law, when you can
        get away with it. There is really only
        Ten rules you have to follow.
        Get used to being a criminal.
        Keep a good lawyer on speed dial,
        don’t talk to cops, hope for the best,
        but plan for the worst.

        Started my Sourdough starter last night.
        I will see if the old west recipes

        • rellik, let us know how your Sourdough starter works out. I’m really interested!

      12. I can hear them on the bullhorns, give up your weapons or we will turn you to dust 9-11 style. Why are they trying to get rid of Trump? Afraid loose lips will reveal 9-11 truth? FBI Director Mueller was appointed one week before 9-11 to cement the fix. He barred NTSB from investigating the 4 alleged crash sites, confiscated videos of Pentagon attack minutes after the event, covered up fake Florida “flight schools”, actually CIA major drug import airstrips. Also did not investigate the proven lies about the phone call from “hijacked flight 77” and the truth of fake anthrax letters which the US government officially admits as a false flag to implicate muslims to begin warfare against them. Trump knows all of this. What a cesspool. I got this off veteranstoday.

      13. There is a reason why the East is pushing cryptocurrency so hard. We will be too slow in realizing why until it is too late.

      14. I will have to look into this area of programming. It might be a real “money” maker.

        • Here’s the first reference I found using Startpage and the search term “blockchain programming.”

          ht tps://

      15. Here is a video that explains blockchain and has an interesting take on what it means for everyone.

        ht tps://

      16. China is moving faster to embrace the potential of new technologies in the 21st century; this will give them the edge over the US. As somebody once said, arriving in the US at an airport feels like you are arriving in the 1980s; arriving in China or Scandinavia at the airport feels like you arrived in the 21st century.

        China is also introducing social credit with electronic checking. This mean everyone has a transparent social score and can improve it or abuse it depending on their actions and contributions to society and the economy. This information is shared so that everyone knows if, say, Bob is a bankrupt paedophile, whereas Susy is a small business owner, charity donator and softball coach. Apply this to the US, and the ‘ape’ culture would die down pretty fast as everyone could see on their iPhone’s if the dude in the hoodie is a criminal and a d-bag or not.

        As many say on this site, the US is suffering from extreme social decay and thus needs some means to re-introduce incentives for positive behavior. Digital social tracking is the solution. As an example, a person punches Jim at the local bar. They get a citation for the offense but the police officer also records it on Jim’s digitial social score. Jim is now banned for 2 years from accessing credit and must deposit $20,000 in social credit to unlock this ban. Jim can do this in many ways: he could clear snow for the local seniors, or help fix park benches. Jim chooses to clear snow for seniors all winter. This gains Jim $15,000 in social credit. He then helps at the local food bank and is able to clear the last $5,000. Free and clear, Jim has done 2 years of good deads for people and paid back for his punch up in the bar.

        Mary is a freshman who likes to get high. Mary is caught dealing Fentynal. She gets docked $40,000 in social credit. But because we are enlightened, Mary can make this back if she has social sex with older men. Not only does this cheer up lonely old men, Mary also learns to be more patient and appreciate life. After 2 years of social sex – and a very happy cohort of single men seniors in the community! – Mary has earned back her social credit and graduates university with a clean record.

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