China Will Attempt To Dissolve The Trade War With The U.S. Ahead Of G20 Summit

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    China is said to have outlined a few concessions for the Trump administration to consider, in an effort to diffuse the quickly escalating trade war between Beijing and Washington. But it’s still going to be a long road, as the concessions will fall short of president Donald Trump’s demands.

    According to three people familiar with the discussions, the talks are constructive and ongoing, as reported by Bloomberg. One of the people said that it raised doubts over how substantive a deal Trump could make with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping when the two leaders meet later this month on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit (G20) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two other people familiar with the ongoing talks also said that the Chinese offer was a sign of what they characterized as “constructive discussions” between the two sides ahead of the planned G20 meeting between the two leaders.

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Xi’s main economic emissary, Liu He, spoke last Friday for the first time in months. Since then, lower-level discussions have been held and Larry Kudlow, the head of Trump’s National Economic Council, on Tuesday said the two capitals were in touch “at all levels,” Bloomberg further reported.

    The trade war has already started to affect businesses and the costs of goods in the United States.  From layoffs to higher prices, and food spoiling, Americans have felt the pinch.  Coupled with rising interest rates, the trade war has been a recipe for economic disaster.

    But the battle to end the disastrous trade war has only just begun. Mnuchin is seen as an advocate within the administration of a deal, while others such as Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, have been pushing to continue raising pressure on Beijing to try to force the Chinese to make “more meaningful reforms.”

    “Mnuchin and Kudlow cannot create a trade deal. They are not capable of it,” said Derek Scissors, a China expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, who pointed to the two men’s lack of experience in difficult trade negotiations. “Until I see Lighthizer ordered into the fray I don’t think there will be a trade deal,” Scissors added.

    And the longer the trade war goes on, the less optimistic many have become about the ruling class ending the pressure on our wallets.


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      1. No one, on either side of the globe, can account for the dignity of labor. So, by first world standards, neither partner is credible. Dog-eat-dog money is dirty.

      2. The names of the people in this article are interesting.

        Scissors. There’s a name.

        Which reminds me that most scissors are made in China and not good. Like good knives, good scissors are important.


      3. Was watching CNBC the other day and they were talking about how China’s stock market was going down and their economy was having problems. Looks like it’s working as long as we have the nads to stay with this for a little bit longer. I know some people are getting hurt more than others but in the long run it’s a win for the whole of the country. China has been screwing us for years with their cheap junk and stealing of intellectual property.

        • The part that’s really going to fry your brains is that maybe a third of their “crap junk” is designed in the US to our requests. And in my experience they do a very. Exact. Job. So… you might look at blaming the education system in the US as well while you’re at it.

          (Yes, Chinese steel sucks. They do have an issue with materials. And the supply chain is such that often you can’t get the good shit over in China without paying through the ass).

      4. China sells its shabby, toxic crap to the US while keeping its high-end products for domestic consumption. I wonder why they do that? As the Pentagon revealed, most electronic devices have a backdoor jacked into China. All electronic communications pass through Israel before reaching the US. Israel sold China all its surveillance hardware.

        Looks like the US is the weaker hand in these negotiations.

        Squinty eyes is watching your wife on web cam, while the IDF is data mining her habits and launching memes at her.

        • “Looks like the US is the weaker hand in these negotiations.”


          The US has by far the stronger hand and TRUMP will bring China to its knees before he agrees to a deal, so no one should expect anything significant to happen for at least another six months. By then China’s economy will be shattered and it’s currency confetti. Pain is about to be inflicted upon China like they haven’t seen in a generation, without a single bomb dropped.

          China refuses to play by the RULES of the Most Favored Nation status the US gave it, and access to the world economy. It has refused to abide by those RULES for decades, despite repeated reminders by the USA. Now it will pay a heavy price for its insubordination.

          Trade has become a symptom in the competition for dominance. The real issue now is: who is going to be the SUPER POWER ??? For all of it’s historical patience, China has become impatient. They should have waited another 20 years to openly tout their desire to be ON 1 in EVERYTHING.

          Now it’s not gonna happen. America made China and we can break her. The NWO NEOCONS would LOVE to have a war with China while it still has the upper hand militarily. 🙂

          • The communist party of China fears its own people more than anything else.
            They will end the tit for tat economic games. There will be some kind of agreement soon.

            • “The communist party of China fears its own people more than anything else. They will end the tit for tat economic games. There will be some kind of agreement soon.”

              Any AGREEMENT that is going to eliminate the $400 billion dollar trade deficit by a very significant amount will require a HUGE drop in value for the Yuan, meaning massive inflation for the Chinese People and sparking protests all over the country that could culminate in a new Chinese Revolution.

              That event would only delay the inevitable. 🙁

              • I said some kind of agreement could be reached.
                I didn’t say anything about the goddamn trade deficit.

          • I’m with you kid! China wouldn’t even pretend to talk if not worried about the cost to them in consequences from a trade war with the USA. I just hope Trump’s ego is big enough to hold China’s feet to the fire. Need to call in Robert Lighthizer NOW!

      5. The price at the Chinese Buffet will go way up…….

        • Only for the Chinese. My Orange Chicken is home grown and locally sauced. No worries. 🙂

      6. Balls of steel man.

        If this works I won’t doubt him twice.

        If it doesn’t of course it’ll be a disaster. I wouldn’t want to try living this guy’s life. I’ve had to do stuff like this but never for these kinds of stakes and there was always some kind of escape hatch for me, even if it sucked.

        • As a “nationalist” and patriot, TRUMP has little choice if the USA is to remain a viable, powerful nation. No nation with the kind of power and influence that the USA has will give up their dominance without war.

          That’s really the bottom line here if China continues to push their advantage, which the NWO in the Oval Office gave it originally.

          There is a new Sheriff in town and he is a Patriot. 🙂

          • Stop beating the war drums. Not going to be a war. Trump is not about regime change.
            The New World Order is not in charge anymore. They are on life support.
            This is the Battle Of The Bulge for them.
            They are praying for cloud cover so the patriots cannot bomb them.
            There are only a few angles they can work, short of assassination.
            They can fund some caravans and stage some mass shootings. They can hack a little bit.
            When the NWO is officially toppled, meaning, Guantanamo for the criminals,
            then the rest of the world will know they are finished.
            Then the patriots in those countries will topple their own criminal cabals.
            Then the world can move forward in the direction of peace and prosperity.
            Protect our planet, eliminate scum.

      7. That said:

        Get out of debt and save 8 years worth of subsistence level expenses. Now would be good.

        As a general rule I think things are just going to get more and more out of our control. It’d be nice not to have to freak out over whether decisions made 100 levels above our heads and without our consent are going to work or not. And this is going to happen. More and more. This is just the first I think.

      8. Don’t give in Trump……keep fucking them!

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