China Warns Australia’s Military Is “Weak”, Will Be “First Hit” In Any War With Western Alliance

by | May 29, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Following now completed joint war games held by the US, Japan, France, and Australia in the East China Sea off the southwest coast of Japan earlier this month, China has lashed out particularly at its large regional neighbor Australia, calling its military “weak” and “insignificant” at a moment the two are locked in a severe trade and diplomatic tit-for-tat dispute.

    Beijing voiced specific threats and warnings via its state-run English language mouthpiece Global Times, which recently wrote, “Australia’s military is too weak to be a worthy opponent of China, and if it dares to interfere in a military conflict for example in the Taiwan Straits, its forces will be among the first to be hit.”

    ARC 21 exercise off the coast of Kagoshima, Japan in mid-May. Image: US Marine Corps

    “Australia must not think it can hide from China if it provokes,” the report continued with its threats. “Australia is within range of China’s conventional warhead-equipped DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile.”

    Exercise Jeanne d’Arc 21 – or ARC21, as the Western alliance called it, also featured rare amphibious assault landing drills, which is seen as aimed at challenging China’s expansive claims over regional island-chains and contested reef areas on which it’s built up military installations.

    Here’s more from the GT column’s response

    The ongoing joint exercises by Japanese, US, French and Australian troops, claimed to “serve as a deterrent to China,” is only symbolic and of little military significance, as the drill was put together by participants that have different agenda or are too weak, experts said on Wednesday, while slamming Japan’s outdated mindset of rallying alliances for confrontation.

    The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) doesn’t even need to make pointed responses to the joint drill since it’s insignificant militarily.

    Japan was also focus of China’s media attacks over the exercise as it was warned not to let it’s historic “militarism come back to life”.

    Also at a sensitive moment it’s hosting the summer Olympics is in question, the article called for Tokyo not to get distracted from the more pressing pandemic and health crisis in its midst:

    Despite its severe domestic COVID-19 situation, Japan remains stubborn in hooking in “like-minded” countries for joint military exercises, which is an outdated Cold War mindset and will only build divisions and confrontation, Zhang Junshe, a senior research fellow at the PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

    As an invading country defeated in World War II, why is Japan holding offensive exercises like this? Zhang asked. “Japan should learn from history and not let militarism come back to life.”

    All of this comes as the United States also this week announced it will send its only Asia-Pacific carrier presence to Mideast waters in order to assist with the Afghanistan withdrawal this summer – a move which Republican Congressional hawks lamented as leaving the US exposed in a “priority theater”.

    Rabobank noted on the USS Ronald Reagan’s impending departure from waters off Japan that “For the first time in a long time, the US has no aircraft carrier in the Pacific. The symbolism is clear: and it leaves some wondering what might happen if push comes to shove.”


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      1. Fucking China. Always wanting to murder others. What a horrible breed of creatures.

        • The Chinese people like all people are wonderful.
          The Chinese Communist Governments like most governments are evil.
          The first domino to fall will be the world economic collapse – Than you can worry about war that will soon follow!

        • Mirror, Mirror on the wall……why look!!!!…..another fucking imbecilic American……that’s all.


      3. Sounds like Australia needs to bulk up on anti air, air to air, and anti missile missiles. They are in a spectacular position to thin the chinese herd!

      4. So we are down below the one carrier per ocean level? We need 6-8 fully stocked carrier battle groups to stop a chinese attack. And then! We would need carrier aircraft that actually had the range to reach chinese territory from outside chinese sub controlled waters. We have none of the above, due to communist democrats and the pelosikovs.

      5. Mirror, Mirror on the wall……look…..another fucking imbecilic American……that’s all.

      6. It would be very dumb of the Chinese to do that, to have hope of Defeating the Western Alliance would be to take out at least 1/2-2/3 of the American Fleet at least 8 CV’s. Two days after invading Australia, America would own the sea between China and Australia.

      7. China better watch what they wish for……Japan made that mistake 80 years ago…nukes fly both directions…..

      8. Hi guys, as reported here a cyber pandemic is on deck. You can read about the timeline of events leading up to it here (remove spaces):

        tritorch . com /fl

        If you find this information worth sharing, please do so.

      9. I read this very carefully three times, and it became apparent that Xi Jinping’s lips are the perfect shape for sucking penis.

      10. Australia has become a woke, liberal, weak country like europe and the US. While our politicians debate ” trans” issues, and destroy our own economies, and create division with non existent racial issues, the Chinese are living in grown up world and playing for keeps.

      11. Australia has no nukes. And the “U.K.” is not coming to the rescue.

      12. The Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty (ANZUS or ANZUS Treaty) is the 1951 collective security non-binding agreement between Australia and New Zealand and, separately, Australia and the United States, to co-operate on military matters in the Pacific Ocean region, although today the treaty is taken to relate to conflicts worldwide. It provides that an armed attack on any of the three parties would be dangerous to the others, and that each should act to meet the common threat.

      13. One day it’s “Slavic man bad”.

        Next day it’s “Mongoloid man bad”.

        Who knows what is up or what is down with all this propaganda. Eddie Bernays would be proud of today’s media.

        The Spratly Islands were originally China’s. After WWII, the Potsdam Declaration returned them to China from Japan. Japan’s Constitution forbids them from warring or even keeping a standing army or navy. What business does the US have over there? Troublemakers. The US (along with it’s NATO partners including Australia) has invaded at least 4 countries in the last 20 years and killed and maimed millions. Who has China invaded in the last 20 years? Or Russia, for that matter. You are being groomed by the western media for confrontations with both Russia and China…just like they did for WWI, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

        Better look to bringing manufacturing back home before poking the world’s factory in the eye. China actually accepts unbacked FRNs and sends REAL goods back in exchange. They could cut off imports to the US and then where would you be? Better to learn how to compete in manufacturing and tech rather than being the biggest bully on the block. To paraphrase Jefferson…”Trading partners with all. Foreign entanglements with none.”

      14. The Australias mutual defense treaty with the US ANZUS is in and of itself a massive deterrence.

      15. No one in my Western highschool:
        — knew how to interpret a ruler or measuring tape
        — exercised, rigorously, over Summer break
        — could find their family’s country of origin on a world map

        ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

        The superpowers had not always been disappointed, to the point of cultural suicide. They blamed Communism for their demoralization and were superior to China.

        “Japan should learn from history and not let militarism come back to life.”

        Should we go down the list of other victors?

        What were examples of exceptional psychology, vs. a mindset of defeatism.

      16. America can’t win against China. The opportunity to do so was around 2014. But now, with the first bio weapon attack still underway, and probably more to come, the US is unraveling.

        The US is now dependent on Asian brains and manufacturing to survive. Just as the US created its post World War Two wealth on Nazi tech, so it now needs Asia. Blacks do not offer the brains or the social harmony to be of use to the US anymore.

      17. Carrier battle groups are effective against 3rd world countries. But with peer adversaries, it is useless and a big graveyard in the sea. It is an anachronism.

      18. If you want the truth (“You can’t handle the truth!!!!”) it is this: the heads of the US AND Chinese militaries said they are working in concert and there is no dispute at the highest levels. China also said yes it is a bioweapon and yes they won the war and China is now on the trajectory to be the number one economic and military power.

        If you are serving in the US military right now, your commander and chief is Xi Jinping. A telling image was released by the Pentagon: a really fat, lazy US navy sailor with his feet up on the ship’s railings and slugged how the US navy was keeping an eye on China. That image said it all: it is all BS and theatre.

      19. do you really think the government officials care about war casualties or disabled. you are a tool nothing more. you are a sucker that was born to do what they had you do. just like slaves throughout the ages you are used then casted aside when no longer useful.

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