China Is Literally Dragging People Out Of Their Homes And Sending Them To “Mass Quarantine Camps”

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream.

    How would you like to be dragged out of your home and shipped off to a camp?  Sadly, that is what is happening to countless numbers of Chinese citizens right now.  Anyone that is sick or anyone that has been in contact with anyone that is sick is being rounded up and sent to a “mass quarantine camp”.

    In some cases, people are literally being dragged out of their homes kicking and screaming.  If this virus was only about as dangerous as the common flu, China would not be resorting to such draconian measures.  Of course, once someone gets sent to a camp where they are surrounded by hordes of others that are already infected, it is inevitable that that person will become infected too.  So in a lot of cases, getting shipped off to one of these “mass quarantine camps” will essentially be a death sentence.

    At first, Chinese authorities were literally locking sick people into their own homes, but apparently they did not feel that was being effective enough.

    So now the communist Chinese government has ordered local officials in Wuhan “to round up all suspected coronavirus patients” and confine them in camps…

    China’s central government has ordered Wuhan to round up all suspected coronavirus patients as well as their close contacts in mass quarantine camps.

    Needless to say, most people are not going to come forward and willingly volunteer to go to the camps.

    So local officials will be conducting “door-to-door home searches” in order to find those that are ill…

    Chinese authorities in Wuhan Thursday said that they will conduct door-to-door home searches for people potentially infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and corral the sick into massive, makeshift quarantine camps around the city, according to a report in the New York Times.

    These latest extreme outbreak control measures are on top of already draconian travel restrictions and shutdowns of public transit, which have effectively isolated Wuhan—a city of 11 million where the explosive outbreak began—as well as other highly populated cities in the Hubei province. Overall, the lockdown has made it difficult to get food and supplies to Hubei’s 50 million residents, contributing to a humanitarian crisis that is now swelling from Wuhan in the wake of the virus.

    Vice Premier Sun Chunlan is in charge of the nationwide response to this virus, and she has identified four categories of people that need to be taken to the camps…

    Ms Sun demanded four types of people in Wuhan be put into mandatory isolation in quarantine stations: confirmed cases, suspected cases, people who have close contact with the former two, and those who have fever.

    Ms Sun called on a ‘people’s war’ against the coronavirus epidemic in a meeting on Tuesday.

    Of course, just about anyone could potentially fit into one of those four categories.

    Without any opportunity to appeal the decision, many will likely end up getting dragged away without ever being sick in the first place.

    At this point, a state of martial law essentially exists in much of China, and that is going to be the case for the foreseeable future.

    Sadly, grouping all of the sickest people together in one large facility is not going to help them recover.  In fact, it is quite likely to make them even sicker

    Moreover, experts fear that penning potentially infected people in large quarantine camps—set up in a sports stadium, an exhibition center, and a building complex—with minimal medical care could make the sick sicker and let the whole gamut of infectious diseases run rampant among the confined people.

    But at this point, Chinese officials are apparently willing to sacrifice them for “the greater good”.

    There have already been numerous videos posted on social media that show Chinese citizens trying to escape from officials that have come to round them up.

    In one, a man literally sprints away from local officials with “large metal sticks” that are trying to corral him…

    The clip, believed to be taken in Changqing Garden, Wuhan, shows a group of officials approaching the man who who is backed up against a wall.

    The man suddenly starts running away from the officials who rapidly pursue him.

    Some officials appear to be carrying large metal sticks as they run after him along nearly-deserted streets.

    I certainly can’t blame him for running away.

    If any of us were in a similar situation, we would probably do the exact same thing.

    Many of those that enter these camps will never come out alive again, and so this is truly a matter of life or death for a lot of people.

    On top of everything else, it is now being reported that Chinese citizens could potentially face “life in prison or even the death penalty” if they fail to report “recent travel to Wuhan”…

    A recent tweet from a Chinese advocacy group known as Himalaya Global eerily warns that the communist Chinese government is beginning to impose harsh new penalties for Chinese people who fail to report recent travel to Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    The video announcement was made by a Chinese judge who explains that all recent travelers from Wuhan must now report to the appropriate authorities or else be guilty of endangering public safety. At a minimum, violators could face up to 10 years in prison. At a maximum, they could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

    We have never seen China take such extreme measures before.

    So many people in the western world are comparing this coronavirus outbreak to the common flu and are telling us that we don’t have anything to worry about.

    If that is true, then why is the Chinese government getting so crazy about this virus?

    There seems to be quite a bit that they are not telling us, and a lot of people are extremely skeptical that the official numbers that they are giving us are accurate.

    We have seen video after video that shows people literally dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan, and the crematoriums in the city have been burning bodies 24 hours a day.  In fact, massively elevated levels of sulfur dioxide above Wuhan are creating quite a stir on social media.  As IntelWave has pointed out, the burning of organic matter produces sulfur dioxide gas.  Could this be evidence that the death toll is far higher than we are being told?

    Let us pray that this virus does not start spreading widely in the western world because some of the exact same things that are now happening in China could start happening here.

    Our society is rapidly approaching a major tipping point, and this virus could be a factor in pushing us over the edge.

    Whether this virus becomes a true global pandemic or not, I would encourage everyone to use this time to prepare, because I have a feeling that the rest of this year is only going to get even crazier.

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      1. imhblo, China was determining who is a useless eater, based on their social credit score, and exposing these people on purpose. They have intentionally put sick people among attempted escapees, afaic.

        “Let us pray that this virus does not start spreading widely in the western world because some of the exact same things that are now happening in China could start happening here.”

        Suspected spreaders are being “quarantined” in my liberal sanctuary state.

      2. Surving Female Dissenters = Destination> Inner Mongolian Autonomous District -Womens Prison

        where you will sew clothing for obese americans.

      3. it “APPEARS” the k27/28 trains from Beijing to Pyongyang NK
        and the k3/k19 Beijing to Moscow are running on scehdule.
        could be disinformation???

        I seem to remember Mr. Rawles mentioning train transportation as one of the last holdout public transportation in a TEOTWAWKI .

        just saying….not that we are there yet

      4. What else would you expect from ChiCom? China is Evil. Communist are Evil.
        ALL governments are Tyranical. Commie’s take it to the next level. Famine. Genocide. ChinaVirus bioweapon.

        Look at what commies have done to California.
        Look at Virginia currently.
        The communist/leftist/democrats/liberals/NWO globalist, are ALL the same by a different name. They are all COMMUNIST.
        * They want to dictate and control EVERY aspect of your life.
        * They take your free speech. Tech monopoly lefties/commies, will shut you up, shut you down.
        * They take control of schools. Brainwash future generations.
        * They take control of mass media. Brainwash the masses.
        * They take your money. Then give it to the non productive “entitled” class.
        * They will take your guns.
        You will either obey their “laws” or be locked up or murdered by thier goon enforcers in blue uniforms.

        Or you can stand up to them. And fight back.

        You people are too weak to face the reality of the very dangerous enemy in front of you. Communist were fought by Americans in Korea, Vietnam. Communist will likely be fought on US soil. Either give up the constitution. Give up your 2nd. Give up your free speech to leftie tech monopoly.

        Or fight for traditional American values.

        Know the enemy:
        Communist hate God.
        Communist hate Traditional families.
        Communist hate strong masculine males.
        Communist hate free speech.
        Communist hate armed peasants.
        Communist hate America.
        Communist hate freedom to think. They hate critical thinking people. That is why you must be vacinated, flourided, and drugged by processed food.

        China is an enemy. Very dangerous enemy.
        Leftie, Liberal, NWO globalist are enemy to traditional American ideas and people.

        Either Let them take everything that is America.
        Or defend the constitution, defend the republic, defend America, against all enemies foreign and domestic.

        just another censored comment by China?

        • Commies are everything I HATE. Kill a commie for Mommy !

        • Yes, China is a dangerous enemy. But communism was brought to the world by Joos. We defeated the wrong enemy in WW2, and we’re under their yoke more than ever.

          • I believe that Western Europeans are the half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, but that Nazis were suicidal ufo cultists.

      5. Just be sure to vote socialist democrat comrades

      6. Yellow Man Bad.

      7. Howdy Y’all,

        Xi of China is asserting that the effects of the nCoV originating (likely as a result of improper handling at the Wuhan BSL-4 facility located there) are short term…I beg to differ.

        A David Korowics published a paper back in 2012 which delineated the nature of the connection between the global supply chain and the economic systems which effect party satisfaction for all transactions conducted.

        Before proceeding here a bit about Korowics is in order. This gentleman began his career as a ‘Complex Systems Engineer’. Now, that doesn’t mean he worked on analysis of things with lots of moving parts…instead, what it means is that he worked on systems whose fundamental operation involved serious non-linear response patterns…arguably the most difficult engineering problems existent. Thereafter – for reasons unknown – he took up the study of economics, bringing with him all the expertise he had acquired in his previous discipline…and applying to JUST the interconnection between the JIT logistics paradigm which underlies a large portion of Civilization as we know it and the interconnection of that with the global systems with and through which suppliers are remunerated.

        The paper he released way back then is titled “Tradeoff.pdf” and can be had readily via Google search online. Unfortunately, said paper is a hefty read…coming in at 77 pages and I strongly urge anyone taking it up as reading material pay SPECIAL attention to the first thirty pages through which the author lays out the terminology as he applies it throughout the remainder of the piece. Without understanding – clearly – HOW he employs the terminology he uses you’ll find yourself hopelessly lost as you proceed to conclusion.

        Now, here’s the short version of that paper.

        IF the continuous interaction between just the JIT and the financial sphere is interrupted for more than a period of 7-10 days (significantly) then effectively the economic damage – be it regional or global – becomes irreparable.

        What we’re seeing proceeding out of China now is VASTLY more complex and nuanced than just the relatively simple cross connection that Mr Korowics previously analyzed in his paper…orders of magnitude worse point in fact. Therefore, inasmuch as the PTB ARE the Apex of the Information pyramid that has been slowly, diligently constructed over the last 100+ years you can be utterly certain that they are WHOLLY aware of the implications hereinvolved.

        Suffice it to say here, that anyone who thinks that there is a path back to ‘normal’ from this point forward is sorely mistaken. Furthermore, what we’re seeing NOW is only Wave 1 of the progress of this virus…once it passes through multiple sufficiently large groups of non-Asian phenotypes it is probable that it will further adapt itself the the broader human genome step-wise.

        Yes, that is exactly as bad as it sounds.

        Have a great days Kiddo’s


      8. In online gossip —
        1. Your cell phone can be turned off, arbitrarily, say, in case of civil unrest.
        2. There is a cell phone tracking app that reports-on people, who have broken quarantine, or who have accidentally wandered through a hot zone.

        In a perfect world, there should be an infinite number of beneficial uses for your digital devices. I am not morally against it, except, they are used against you, in online gossip.

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