China Has New Laser-Powered Rifle That Can LITERALLY Set You On FIRE

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    The newest Chinese rifle invention is not only laser-powered, but it can literally set a human being on fire.  Oh, but don’t worry too much; the Chinese government promises it’s not lethal.

    If you tick off the Chinese government, they just might send soldiers armed with “non-lethal” laser-powered rifles that will set you to fire to correct your behavior.   According to South China Morning Post, the new high-tech weapon is dubbed the ZKZM-500 and the “laser assault rifle” has similar dimensions to that of the AK-47. The weapon allegedly weighs about 3 kilograms (6.6lbs) with a “caliber of 15 millimeters” and it is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that allow for 1,000 “zaps” that last 2 seconds long each.

    From 800 meters (about half a mile) away or less, the rifle can burn through a target’s clothes and skin and, if their clothes are flammable, set them on fire, according to reporting done by The South China Morning Post. ZKZM-500 is reportedly now ready for mass production and to be used by China’s military and police only (not a big surprise there since we all know that the slaves don’t get any form of protection against the ruling class). But maker ZKZM Laser hasn’t found a licensed partner yet. so it may be some time still before the Chinese police and military start setting those who irritate them by living freely on fire.

    This is just another example of not-so-friendly tech coming out of China’s modern-day dystopia. The government plans to install RFID chips into new Chinese-market cars to track a vehicle’s location and has been using bird drones, each equipped with a high-definition camera, for surveying its citizens, each of whom it plans to give a personal score based on behavior by 2020. –CNET

    While it is true that the Chinese ruling class is creating a broader dystopia for those living under the current regime, all of those things are coming to the United States, and if one doesn’t “believe” that to be true, that person hasn’t been paying attention.


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      1. I stick with my Browning BAR 30-06

        • Yup!! Just pull out your big Mirror and reflect the laser back at them.

          • TSB, that’s what I was thinking. Take out the chi-com with that rifle and use it on his ‘comrades’, hahaha! It could also work on lefties.

          • the beam is not visible. your first indication that you’ve been targeted is when your clothing and skin catch fire…

      2. China is moderating itself and settling on State-run Capitalism, aka Fascism. And that is what’s coming on a global scale. It is fait accompli. They’ve already indoctrinated your children (yep, YOURS too) and you can’t stop it.

        We aren’t going back to the Const, as neither party, nor their sheep, are for it in the first place and it was long replaced by progressive fascism, in the second.

      3. Phased plasm rifle in the 40 watt range

        • Either that or a Reverberating Carbonizer with Mutate Capability.

          • “Aw, K, I got out of that business a long time ago.”

        • “Hey pal, just what you see, huh?!”

      4. I’m a little more worried about their rifles that can blow holes in me.

      5. Turn you into egg foo young

      6. Where can I get one of these rifles. Sounds like a great pronghorn antelope rifle.

      7. Well if those trillions of lost Pentagon dollars have not been spent on research and development of super-weapons, we are way behind the curve.
        If that money was lost during the Bush and Obama years, it went into someones pocket.

      8. Judging by the crap they export to us, I’d say half of of them will kill the operator
        … Ooohhhhhhh I’m so scared…..
        (in the voice of Wesley Sniped. In demolition man) ?

      9. If it’s anything like the crap they sell us. Half of them will kill the operator…
        OH….. I’m sooooooooo scared !!
        (In the voice of Simon “Wes Snipes” Phoenix, ..Demolition Man…?.

      10. If it’s anything like the crap they sell us. Half of them will kill the operator…
        OH….. I’m sooooooooo scared !!
        (In the voice of Simon “Wes Snipes” Phoenix, ..Demolition Man…?.

      11. I’m surprised that it took them so long.

        The US has had laser weapons at least since the mid 1970s. I knew someone in the government back then who said they already had deadly handheld laser weapons that ran on batteries.

      12. Will it cook faster than a microwave?

      13. I’ll bet a laser rifle would work great on Antifa…..

      14. Your attention is directed to a video on YouTube titled,(“Qanon-Bombshell-What really happened to the JetBlue plane at JFK”).This will show how the Chinese can control our aircraft,trains,and even ships.This could possibly vindicate my posts about the two Navy destroyers that I claimed,after lots of studying the pictures of the damage to both vessels,that they were dead in the water when they were rammed by merchant vessels.The Navy covered it up,understandably, due to “national security”. I hope the Navy compensated the crew-members who were unjustly blamed for the incident and shamed by the top brass.

      15. I believe China is the model for future Human Resource Management of the NWO / Globalists / TPTB or whatever name they go by.

        • Yup. The FoxConn type corps of China are going to be the lot in life for a lot of parasites in this country that thought they were going to be handed utopia.

          Especially after the global reset wave really crashes ashore and we’re all smacked in the face with what the new paradigm is going to become. (It ain’t the US Const)

          Not going to be a good thing to be a debtor in the plebe class during the reset.

      16. Anyone believing ANY of the bullshit propaganda about technical prowess the Russians OR the Chinese promulgate needs to give me a call. I have some prime beachfront property east of Reno, NV I can let them have for a good price.

        • (Can be used to cook dogs.)

          “…ZKZM Laser hasn’t found a licensed partner yet.”

          Also, there is actually nothing special about any of these parts. Third world “inventions” are always like this.

      17. Wonder how they say “light em up” in Chinese ….. haha ‘right em up’

      18. In the wrong hands, it would be possible to start dozens of fires in a short period of time without being caught.

      19. Armor made from ceramic tiles like the space shuttles…just keep walking at ’em…with your Bazooka…

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