China Has Been Creating Gene-Edited SUPER SOLDIERS and Brain-Controlled Military Weapons

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Belle Carter at Natural News, under the title: Investigative Journalist: China Has Been Creating Gene-Edited SUPER SOLDIERS and Brain-Controlled Military Weapons

    An investigative journalist of an independent news site believes that Communist China has been creating super soldiers for a long time now. During a recent episode of “Thrivetime Show,” Epoch Times contributor Nathan Su told host and “ReAwaken America” tour founder Clay Clark that China has been using gene editing and brain-controlled weapons to crush dissent.

    “It’s been happening for a long time. They are trying to create all these super soldiers. It’s just inhumane. Those stories have been there for a long time,” he said. “Americans have to wake up, we have to worry about the lifestyle of our children and grandchildren.”

    Su’s reaction came after Clark played a Fox News report from December 2021, saying that “U.S. intelligence shows China is using these advanced technologies to empower its battle forces for worldwide dominion.”

    Clark also cited a news article saying that China-sponsored hackers are spying on U.S. critical infrastructure as per intel alliance Five Eyes and Big Tech firm Microsoft. Chinese hackers are known to spy on Western countries but this operation was said to be one of the largest known cyber espionage campaigns against U.S. critical infrastructure. (Related: “Spy balloons” are part of global Chinese surveillance, US military, and national security officials say.)

    “The United States and international cybersecurity authorities are issuing this joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) to highlight a recently discovered cluster of activity of interest associated with a People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored cyber actor, also known as ‘Volt Typhoon,’” read a statement released by authorities in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    According to Microsoft, Volt Typhoon has been active since mid-2021 and has targeted critical infrastructure in Guam, a crucial U.S. military outpost in the Pacific Ocean. “Observed behavior suggests that the threat actor intends to perform espionage and maintain access without being detected for as long as possible,” the tech giant further said.

    For Su, the U.S. would not be able to “live without” China, because the Asian country is the main manufacturer of wars. “We’re still sending billions of dollars to invest in China to help the regime. Mainly, because China is the manufacturer of the war. So, we’re not able to immediately decouple from them, because so much supply chain is controlled by China,” he stated.

    Another point he emphasized is that the U.S. could not stop doing business with the communist nation because the U.S. has “huge corporate inches in China.” “Big corporations like Apple, Nike, and a couple of others, as much as they are American, you can call them Chinese companies. We have a capitalist market,” he said. Clark agreed, saying: “It’s pretty tough to find a basketball shoe not made in China at this point.”

    Body organs of prisoners are sold via the state-backed black market in China

    Elsewhere in the show, Su also noted how dependent the world is on China when it comes to “organ harvesting” and “medical tourism.”

    “The Chinese Communist regime has been killing its prisoners, then taking their organs and selling them to either rich people or high-level government officials or mainly, for a very long period of time, to the foreigners,” he exposed and cited a report back in 2006 by the late David Kilgour, an international human rights lawyer. At the time, Su said, there was a huge storage facility for the harvested organs. The investigative journalist also linked this to the secret “transplant tour” being held in some neighboring countries from 2004 to 2010.

    “If you go to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, they actually have a specialized travel agency to arrange that organ transplant tour. You go to China, to arrange your families and they all go there together. In two weeks, they will give you the transplant like livers, hearts, lungs, kidneys, and many others,” he explained.

    Check out for the latest stories related to China’s efforts to dominate the U.S. and the world.

    Watch the full episode of the “Thrivetime Show” with Clay Clark featuring Nathan Su below.


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