China Declares Trade War Victory: Gloats At US “Suffering” After “Crushing Counterattack”

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Barely a day after China dropped the hammer on US stock markets by unveiling retaliatory tariffs on $50 billion in US imports that – unlike US measures that mostly targeted obscure industrial products – actually struck at key industries like soybean farmers, automobiles and airplanes, the Communist Party crowed about what it already sees as its “victory” in the nascent trade war in an editorial published by the Global Times, China’s state-owned, English-language tabloid and extremely hawkish party mouthpiece.

    In the editorial, China swatted away US claims – repeated most recently by Larry Kudlow during this morning’s interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo – that China has somehow victimized the US via its trade agreements while gloating about the leadership’s decision to strike at a “massive weak spot” for the US economy.

    While the tit-for-tat tariffs could hurt both economies, the damage to China’s economy caused by the US’s Section 301 tariffs will “pale in comparison to the damage done to the US economy via China’s retaliations.”

    And just to illustrate that point, literally, a Chinese cartoonist showed that another way Beijing will hurt the US is by a “stockmarket squeeze.”

    Furthermore, in standing up to America’s “bullying tactics”, China warns that the pleasure the US had derived from its sanctions in the past “will now cause them suffering as their financial and political gains diminish to zero.”

    This is Beijing’s clear show of retaliation toward the proposed tariff list on Chinese products from the US. Beijing showed an impressive response time for its retaliation efforts, taking less than 12 hours to announce its trade countermeasures. Chinese officials agree that its country’s countermeasures match those imposed by the US and that they showcase China’s determination to win this trade war.

    It is worth noting that China strikes the US side by targeting its most valuable imports, such as soybeans, automobiles and chemical products. These aspects were targeted because they represent key pillars in the US imports and can create a massive weak spot for the US economy if their profitability is at risk.

    Although China will sustain financial losses thanks to the US’ Section 301 investigation tariffs,they will pale in comparison to the damage done to the US economy via China’s retaliations.

    China’s counter tariffs are a spectacular way of standing up to America’s bullying tactics, not only for itself, but for other countries threatened by the US’s new trade policies.

    And with China digging in for a long, protracted trade conflict, one from which it will never surrender, if it is indeed Kudlow’s – and the Administration’s – hope that China will concede to US trade demands, then there will be much disappointment all around.

    Underscoring China’s preparation for a “scorched earth”, and tit-for-tat escalating war, the Chinese government has told its citizens it is prepared to go toe-to-toe in its fight with Washington. In fact, more and more Chinese citizens think that an “epic trade war” is inevitable, which would knock some common sense into the US government so that it will change its way of dealing with China.

    Hawkish politicians in Washington have obviously overestimated the capability and endurance of the US economy in a trade war, since they believe they can do whatever they like. China has shown a great deal of restraint for now, but if the US persists in this trade war, China is ready to fight to the end.

    Washington will eventually see what they have lost, thanks to their actions, and it will only serve to embarrass the US. This trade war will serve as a good example to the US that it cannot use intimidating trade tariffs as a form of diplomacy.

    Before China announced its recent retaliatory tariffs on US products, Washington enjoyed crushing and threatening other countries on trade sanctions. Now, as China deploys its counterattack, the pleasure that the US achieved from those tariffs will now cause them suffering as their financial and political gains diminish to zero.

    If a trade war does happen, China has contingency plans to help its economy avoid a slump.

    And, in a dramatic break with precedent, China warned it could even take steps to weaken the US dollar, something that, if history is any guide, should be a concern to the Treasury market as it would suggest that China may be thinking of liquidating its Treasurys .

    Many believe that the Trump administration’s $50 billion tariff on Chinese products is meant to pressure China to submit to the US demands. If that is the case, the US will undoubtedly lose. This is because the Chinese government has rallied its citizens and is prepared to go toe-to-toe in its fight with Washington. In fact, more and more Chinese citizens think that an “epic trade war’ is inevitable, and could knock some common sense into the US government, so that it will change its way of dealing with China.

    If the trade war happens, China will show that it has just as many reserve plans as the US, if not more. Chinese experts suggest that China could even take actions to weaken the strength of its currency. Since China is the world’s largest trading economy and the largest buyer of commodities like oil products, China could use its influence to push its own currency, RMB, in global markets to reduce the dominance of the US dollar. That would be a heavy blow to Washington.

    If this trade war comes to pass, it will be an evenly matched total war between China and the US economies, and not some small scuffle. It would be delusional for the US to think it will be victorious at the end of this trade war. China comes up with the conclusion in confidence, and will not shy away from letting Washington know in this situation.

    And while taking overt steps to weaken a currency would violate a G-20 communique agreeing to avoid currency wars through competitive devaluations, we doubt that would stop Beijing should Trump push it too far.

    Meanwhile, a greater – and more likely – risk than a Treasury dump by Beijing is another devaluation: after all the Yuan is already back to where it was in the days just before the Yuan’s 2016 deval. Fears about an impending yuan devaluation akin to the drop that unleashed turbulence across global markets back in August 2015 have historically had a negative impact. Traders will remember 2016, when markets got off to one of their worst early performances in decades as continued daily, if less acute, Yuan devaluations hurt stocks.

    While this warning appears to have been largely overlooked by markets, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.


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      1. China Declares Trade War Victory:
        They may have won a battle but the war isn’t over.
        Japan almost overtook us back in the late 70’s early 80’s. The USA kept her head up and now look at Japan.

        So the battles will be fought, and won, but the War isn’t over by a long shot!!!


        • China didn’t win shit. They’re talkin smack cause they know they’re gonna lose a trade war with the US. They’re talkin that smack cause they know Trump is building an army of country’s to support our efforts in this tizzy and they’re talkin that smack because the MSM in the US is overwhelmingly anti trump and will narrate as such. Think about it like this, if your neighbor owed you a lot of money, would you try to hurt him by causing him to lose his job? Newsflash people: China cannot win a combat war against the US nor can they win a trade war against us either.

          • Both of you guys have it wrong. The tariffs are part of the plan to speed up the takedown of the economy. There are 2 factions in this country that want to take the economy down in order to reset it. We will be in a new system after this happens. I’m listening to you guys &
            shaking my head. This ain’t about flag waving, rah rah rah, Go USA, lets kick China’s ass.
            Wake up. The Fed is raising interest rates because they want to take it down. They will
            blame Trump for everything. Trump wants to take it down his way and blame The Fed.
            There is a battle being waged between the 2 sides. If China uses the nuclear option and
            sells off it’s treasuries, it will bring it down even faster. That is what both sides want. The
            economic takedown IS the plan. The sooner this is achieved, the sooner we transition over to the new economic system. Look at the picture of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office.
            That should tell you something. Trump wants the central banking system gone. The Fed
            and the Deep State want Trump gone. If the central bank wins this battle, we will transition
            over to a new system where the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world.
            That is why all the manufacturing has left the US over the last few decades. It’s all part of
            the central banks plan. They knew our Petro Dollar system would only last so long. Trump
            wants us out of the Rothchilds banking system. You should too. They have been enslaving
            people and governments for eons. If Trump has his way there WILL be prosperity again.
            You think JFK was killed by the Russians? The Cubans? The mafia? He wanted The Fed
            gone and look what happened. The Fed IS the Deep State & the Deep State IS The Fed.
            Look at the BIG PICTURE is what I’m saying. It’s being played out right before your eyes.
            What we need to do is prepare for the hard landing of the economy. No matter which side
            wins, it will be a rough ride for everybody. If there is anything you need to get, do it now.

            • I get what you’re saying but I’m not waving any flags. The articles narrative is saying that we lost and China won. I’m stating facts. And interest rates need to come up. Bitch about it all you want but don’t you want to make money on your savings too?

              • Savings? Putting most of your money in the banks until the day comes when the banks close up and you lose your money for good? I’m poor and don’t even have a bank account anymore, but if i did i would take most of it out little by little and just keep enough money in there to pay the bills for the month. I never trust banks. I had an old friend who relapsed on his credit card payments and the card company froze his bank account and he couldn’t get ANY money out. He had to get a lawyer. He was on SSD so what they did was illegal the lawyer said and they unfroze his account. He then only kept enough money in there to pay the bills each month. Oh, and the lawyer friend? My friend inherited $10,000 from his dead aunt and gave it to the lawyer to hold for him instead of keeping it in the bank. The lawyer spent it all. My friend didn’t do anything cuz they were “friends” and the lawyer was sick and paid medical bills. So who can ya trust in the end? Only yourself.

              • You want to make money on your savings? Get rid of the Federal Reserve.
                Trump conceded that China won this thing years ago.
                Russian bonds are giving 10% yields. How’s that for savings?

            • you are 100% correct… if china decides to sell off its
              dollars our currency will be worth the same as the mexican peso

        • the state run newspaper claims “victory” in a “crushing counterattack”. Sure, no bias there 🙂

          Meanwhile, here on the ground, my latte is still three bucks.

        • Are you aware of the US Treasuries that China owns??Money talks,we walk.

        • let me ponder that gem of wisdom over a beer as I BBQ a bunch of steaks and roast some potatoes…
          yeah, this is really gonna pinch.
          Gonna want a second beer before I’m done…

        • Sargent Dale:
          I just watched this video. You might find it interesting. The best part is at the end.

          Jared Taylor Makes The Case For Eugenics-YouTube


          • The Chinese are practicing eugenics. They have raised the average IQ to 107. They’re ending retardation in the population.

            If we don’t rethink our opinion on eugenics and get caught up, we’ll get left in their dust. Trade is important. But this is more important.

            There are two parts in this one tape so keep listening to the second end.


            • I work with Chinese scientists all the time. They are so ahead on genetics it is not funny. The issue is implementation. You can see it in the population every time you visit. At one time the population was a bunch of skinny, half-starved buck-tooth shrinkle-skinned yellows in Mao suits. Now, you go there and you will see the most beautiful women in the world, in top designer fashion, and all are super-smart with PhDs etc.

              When I visit the US I am totally shocked at the physical health of the population. The obesity is gross and the lack of any human dignity (dressing well, not slobbing around with giant bellies) shows a country and population that can’t last through any serious conflict with a peer power.

              The US is toast, financially and soon, militarily.

      2. They won over friggin soybeans? Bull sheet dont buy our soybeans we dont give a fook eat your starchy rice only with no protien via soybean . Charge a tariff of 25% and we will double the price of them then still come out ahead. Kinda funny when oeople fook themselves china’s gov gonna have alot of hungry people. We can do without their crap well I dont know what Wal Mart will do now….

        • soy is for faggots….

          • Soy turns people into faggots.

            • So they buy Soy from Europe and we sell ours to Europe, BFD. They have a huge trade imbalance with us, so if all trade stops we win, I for one, am tired of having no choice but buying their junk. Bring it on.

              • Agree, China needs us more then we need them. So who will they sell there goods to? The U. S. is there biggest buyer of goods. Without the U. S. they are done!

            • I think it’s cuz soy has estrogen like hormones in it. Also my holistic doc says that soy interferes with the thyroid, but fermented soy is ok and safer to eat.

          • aaaaaactualy…

            soy is for animal feed. your manly steak is pretty much soy fed these days.

            Ditch biodiesel and quit growing corn and soybeans, go back to growing food.

            • I read that dogs and cats have a very hard time digesting soy and i never buy pet food with soy in it, or wheat, or corn or animal by products.

        • Then why haven’t we “done without the ‘Made in China’ crap”? We seem to have needed it real bad to buy all that “Made in China” junk and make Communist China so rich in the process. Then, “our” billionaires had to get “our” politicians to sign our names to the billions they borrowed from Communist China (that we gave them by buying their junk) to bail the billionaires out (and who won’t give us a job and, who’s pocketed government regulates us from doing for ourselves without having to grovel for rich man’s peanut paycheck working for him–if he’ll hire us, and only if we accept Communist Chinese working conditions). That’s like all the “they won’t take my guns” types on here that wind up surrendering when the big bad cops show up at their door, or stop them on the street and capture them. …All waiting for a signal from everybody else to “Charge!” Charges appear to have already been made. The media won’t tell you much– if anything, other than some spin– about it, though. Not even on here. Thinking really logically outside the box about what’s needed and what can work, and not what’s conventional, is what can make the real difference.

      3. China can’t win anything. All her armies are made up of soy boys.

        Now, when China liquidates all the U.S. Debt she carries, then she can brag about “victory.”

        • Yea if they start dumping bonds ect our asses will be handed to us for a minute.

          • Poor wal mart no more sucky fooky…5 dollar

            • Gee where will the retarded mormons shop if walmart closes????

              • Walmart? What about all the Dollar Tree stores? I like going there too.

          • Even IF they dumped our bonds, it would barely be a blip. Why everyone is freaking out about Chi-NA is beyond me….

        • China could dump all the US debt they hold on the secondary market, lose their butts, and we probably wouldn’t notice.
          Most US Debt is owed to US citizens, something like only 16% of our debt is owed to foreigners. China only holds a small percentage of our debt

        • More like collect on it by seizing assets (land) to make good on that “full faith and credit of the United States” collateral pledged to borrow the billions to bail out the failed billionaires of the crash.

      4. Sorry China. It’s too early to claim victory. Hopefully this little spat will turn into a win-win and we both go away better off and all lovey dovey again.

        Our small business were devastated by stores like Walmart with cheap Chinese crap.
        The Chinese people work like slaves to provide us cheap crap.

        It’s time for a rethink.

        Do we want or need China?

        Does China really need us?

        It’s a divorce, an amicable one, I hope. So sad. Transitions are painful, but we are strong. The changes may be difficult, but in the end, it’s for the best.

        Instead of growing soy, grow weed. CBD is gaining popularity. It’s all respectable. If you doubt it, research how the Kennedys bootlegged their way to the top. And Delano Roosevelt money came from Opium sales in none other than China. There is nothing new under the sun.

        Have a fruitful and blessed day. Shalom.


        • Shalom??? :O Anyway, what is long and black and smells like shit?

          The line at the welfare office!

          Too bad welfare naggers are soooo worthless and lazy as hell or we could replace slave chinese labor with black welfare labor. God dammit there’s gotta be something we can do… maybe make all the politicians our slaves! Bankers too! Payback that pays! Maybe I can grab that hogg kid and put a collar on him and make him chop wood 12 hours a day, hmmmmm

          • Genius: Oh my God, you don’t want to do that! Those savage apes would fall asleep while standing against the broom-stick and then they would rob you blind and the call out numbers would average a good 50% per day, per week. The world has never known such a disgraceful and worthless, low I.Q.’ed bunch as the coons!

      5. China won the trade war 30 years ago. They purposely manipulated their currency so the U.S. could not compete with all the regulations and high corporate taxes. Trump is doing what should have already have been done, unfortunately, the U.S. is really in no place to make demands. At this point in time we are simply too weak, both militarily and financially. A better strategy would be to stop buying their inferior garbage and tell them to shove it. The way things are taking shape, we’ll be in a hot war with them soon enough. Let them sell their U.S. treasuries, it’s worthless anyways. Bring businesses back to the mainland, return to the gold standard, end the Fed and fiat currency.
        When they run out of food, they’ll play ball again.

      6. Here is why China will WIN this trade war:

        1) Financial: London can easily replace New York and so can Frankfurt in Germany. These two Yuan trading hubs will be joined by Toronto and Vancouver giving China a mega presence in global financial trade.

        2) Technological: China is now at par with the US and in many cases well ahead of the US (AI, genetics, e-commerce etc.).

        3) Science: China is now at par or ahead with the US.

        4) Commerce: China doesn’t need US markets nor US resources. China has already built the networks and contacts to source what it needs from the rest of the world and it also has the markets of the global South and Belt and Road to buy their stuff.

        5) Infrastructure: Much of China is now 21st century with high-speed trains, modern airports, modern business facilities and robot factories.

        6) Workers and brains: America does have very smart people but there are just not enough of them. The rest of the US population is made up of ignorant n#ggers, low IQ Hispanics, and whites hooked on drugs. How on earth is that population going to trade and work their way ahead of China?

        7) Hot women: China has them by the bag full as well as in all the places China trades. If an army marches on its stomach, an economy marches on the quality of its pussy. And if that pussy is fat and ugly (the US) then there is little incentive for American men to crawl out of their mother’s basement and get working. Whereas, horny Chinese men have a lot of great choice since they can source from the world.

        • Frank Thoughts

          You left out that the Chinese population is hungry for opportunity.

          • K2,
            Frank mostly got it wrong, but you nailed it!
            They are hungry for opportunity.

            • relik, what was he wrong about? Just curious.

              • Gen,
                Just because I like your comments,
                In a general sense Chinese are not innovative,
                as it is bad culturally to stand out from
                the crowd so they steal ideas. The
                guys that have original ideas are suppressed.
                it is kind of like Blacks suppressing other
                blacks for acting “white”.
                In other words they steal everything. That works,
                but if the Golden goose is killed it ends.
                My example is one time I had a paper published.
                I had to present that paper at a conference.
                There were Chinese papers also published, but they
                never showed up to present them. They were really
                good papers. But they would not defend them
                in a public forum.
                They aborted a significant portion of their baby girls,
                they have babes, but they don’t have a Kate Upton et al.

        • Ok Chinaman, to get paid you need to get through our military. You build much but don’t fix anything. You cities are full of dirt hungry slaves, smog and chemical waste. You killed all you little girls and now their are no women for men. Now your men shop for brides in Africa. We learned that Nixon was an idiot.

        • Frank: Maybe but they still stink, weigh an average of 125lbs. and eat fuck*ing cats and dogs!

        • Man, you drank the commie kool-aid didnt you?

          Technology and Science- the commies never met a technology they love to steal. Same with Science. They are idiots, that’s why they NEED to steal from the US.

          Commerce? Who gives a shit about chinese commerce? Does nothing for us.

          Infrastructure? REALLY? 90% of china is POOR. They mirror the Norks in so many ways….

          Workers and brains? Yea, they may have a lot of SLAVE workers, but they don’t have ANY brains.

          Hot Women? Apparently you aren’t Conservative and haven’t met any Conservative women. ESPECIALLY in the south. We have PLENTY of hot women, with nice curves and T&A. Chinese women? Yea, NOT so much.

          You used to have some intelligent and interesting comments. This one though- not your best work.

          • *That they did’nt love to steal.

          • Frank can’t hear you right now. He’s getting his balls oiled up at the massage parlor.

          • There is a chinese restaurant here where we go to. The man is real cute and handsome. The woman is skinny as a nail and homely as all hell. We joke and say that he reached into the bottom of the barrel when he found her. Thank God the boy and girl are very nice looking. The girl tho – i see her doing her homework every single time i go there, and she also helps out when the phone rings. The boy? He must be 14 now – he is always sitting at a table and playing video games and never helps out at all. He should be in the kitchen helping out and learning how to cook. His dad and mom slave all the time. The only job the boy has is to fill up the trays with the little packets of sauces and half the time he won’t even do that. And then he goes and bothers his 16 yr old sister by sitting in her chair when she has homework to do and she asks him to move like 6 times before he does. He is worthless and i don’t know why the parents don’t make him work. I also NEVER ever see him with ANY homework at all! All he does is play video games on a little pad. Used to have a computer there, but the parents took it away. I never see the girl on a cell phone or playing video games. She always has a lot of books and such out on the table. I asked her if she was gonna take over the place when older and she said NO. She said she hates that place. They are always there after school. They never go out to hang with friends and the parents won’t leave them home alone. They are stuck in that small place all the time. I feel sorry for the girl. I don’t like the boy cuz he’s very lazy., and yet i never see the mother yelling at him. Spoiled rotten i guess.

      7. Yea I’ve so noticed it….. uh, no I haven’t.
        Chinese propaganda and the Chinese people haven’t the freedom to know it’s not utter hogwash…. sadly we are nearing the point where we don’t either.

        • the questions are ‘what are we going to do about it?’ The need to win this trade ‘war’ is going require sacrifice from us all. I’m willing. Willing to build my own things. I do it for others as well as myself now. I’m willing to sell for less to my fellow Americans as long they’ll do the same in return. I’ve known hunger, loss, lacks of all kinds and I’m still here. I don’t owe anyone nor expect to be owed by anyone. I can do without. The Chinese can too. Call me an isolationist; but, to my mind it is not necessarily such a bad thing. There is not one thing made in China we cannot make here. So the next and last question is “will Trump have the balls to win this fight he seems to want to start?”. I hope so. If he recants his purpose – …… what am I saying? Of course he will. He already has on the 2A. And that was just nothing but a basic right. I’m buying another rifle. What the hell.

          • I’m too old to give a fook and have no kids that I would be putting through the coming hell on earth. Imma just get drunk and have fun and not support the a-hole people. The toilet level is low and the turds are swirling quickly just before going down the pipe. After I die Im not coming back to this retard ranch, there HAS to be a much more intelligent hangout in the universe lol. Well like I say…. When the goin’ get’s tough, the tough go drinkin’!

      8. The Chinese should have asked their starving swine who is winning the trade war!

      9. The two worse things as I see it, would be liquidating our debt and getting more countries to go with the Chinese Yuan instead of petrodollars. We make a lot of money when countries have to convert their currency to dollars to buy oul. Apparently, Russia has already agreed to accept the Yuan. As far as prices going up due to tarriffs, I don’t buy much anymore, but for a lot of young working americans, it is going to be tough. You can say what you want about walmart, but for most young workers it is a godsend.

      10. The scum politicians who sold out years ago to China and all the American companies that left are the cause of this. They
        make huge profits by not having to pay skilled workers or have environmental or safety rules like if they are here. Many Americans will cave without their cheap Chinese crap. It all points to war of so sort.

      11. China needs our markets more than we need their crappy products. So what if commodity prices go down. that means prices here will become lower. a 50 pound bag of feed corn retails for $5.20. that’s pretty high.

        • Lucky you
          I’m about 2 times that, when I can get it.

      12. China dominates the solar panel market, thanks in large part to their lower wage rates. Researchers are using the technology associated with 3d printing to effectively print solar panels on plastic film. The process doesn’t require much human labor and it could revolutionize the solar energy market. China’s hold on the market can change very quickly. It really looks like solar energy might finally be coming into its own.

      13. One thing we are missing here. China pays for its energy now with its own “printed out of thin air” currency. Since the government in involved in most of the largest business, it is essentially running their country on free energy, as of March 26. This will accelerate their economy regardless of what the US does. They have the whole rest of the world to sell to. The US government had this monopoly for 46 years, but it has just ended. Interesting times ahead.

        • Its the digital USA petro dollar that isn’t even printed. Digital money created out of thin air backed by nothing .Except the USA military enforcing that oil be only traded in Petro dollars. The Yuan is backed by gold they have two gold exchanges where you can tradeyuan for gold . one in Hong Kong and the otheris in Benging

      14. Well have gotten way too close to these filthy, vile, dog and cat eating ba$tards!! They have been blatantly ripping us off for years and years. It is way past time we stop this garbage, F@CK China!

        • I once knew a 7th day Adventist doctor who traveled to China a lot for missionary work. One time she showed me pictures of dead dogs laying on tables in the open market. They were for food. The dogs were all the same. White and short fur. I never forgot those pictures.

      15. See what our wonderful “Politicians” have done for us America over the past 50 years or so, open your eyes and your minds – ALL levels of gov’t have FAILED us Miserably period!! F*ck them all!!

      16. American tech is designed for obsolescence.

        China manufactures the bootleg version of our designs, under the gun.

        If you want to damage China, invest in enduring quality, and be greedy with your intellectual property.

      17. Many interesting opinions on China here.
        Who is going to make the cheap crap you buy for everyday use? Americans are consumers. In fact we’re the biggest gotta have shit I don’t need society this planet has ever known. We buy crap for ridiculous many holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. cause that’s what we do. Eventually it lands in the trash, then a landfill.
        Outta sight outta mind.
        Nobody forced you to go to Walmart and buy the stuff they got cheaper. Markets dictated it. The global market. All about supply and demand.

        Chinese people think they are living large right now. After the oppression of Mao they should. In reality they are conniving thiefs that friggin lazy. If there is a corner to be cut, they’ll do it. Stealing is the easiest way. Hell, we made it easy for them and and actually have agreed to govt and corporate policies that allowed it. How rediculous is it that in order for a non-Chinese business to do business in China they have to turn over the intellectual property. They steal the rest they want or need.
        USofA doesn’t have but a few friends in this world and all of them are already lined up to sell the Chinamen what we say we’ll tariff. Think Brazil doesn’t grow soy beans? Argentina will sell em all the beef and pork they want. Chile will sell em fruit and wine. So will any European country.
        Every company is a slave to the bottom line and to it’s shareholders.
        Interesting the Chinese that come to the states buy infant formula cause the stuff they get in China is tainted. Amazing they poison their own people. The air is so polluted as is the water. The general populace lives in an apartment the size of my family room and they squat over a hole in their bathroom and get water from the one sink the have and pour down the hole to ‘flush”.
        China is a force to be reckoned with though.
        With 1 Billion more people than in the US how could they not be? With a government that has clear cut goals on how to dominate the world that they encourage by any means.
        MAGA? Naw, our best days are behind us. Tariff or no tariff

        • Amazing they poison their own people. The air is so polluted as is the water.

          And what are the kemtrails over our skies with poison dumps daily????? a mere crimes against humanity? Killing own populace is not cool no matter what country!

      18. My neighbor is smart. She works on computers and sometimes travels for the work. She went somewhere in the middle east last yr and said the bathroom just had a hole in the floor to go in. Wow. She was in a nice hotel too. I wish i could remember what country she was in. Will have to ask her.

      19. Amazing they poison their own people. The air is so polluted as is the water.

        Same being done here, daily, just look up will you?

      20. China does not dare drop the value of the Yuan. If they did, the world would never go to the Yuan as a reverse currency. Also, selling off their Treasury paper would be kissing their most deadly weapon goodbye for the next round. They have to take their medicine and live with it. If they do enough tariffs on Chinese goods in the US, they would destroy their biggest market in the world as American stopped buying Chinese. Who pays you people to print this rubbish, Hillary Clinton or George Soros?

      21. Many have stated the obvious, everything Americans are buying now at Walmart, dollar stores, Target, etc. comes from China. Stop buying anything made in China and it will hurt them big time. America is still a pretty well to do country and has the dollars to spend on merchandise. Buy from somewhere else or do without and show China Americans do make a difference. US TRADE IN GOODS WITH CHINA 2018: Jan. exports 9,835.3 imports 45,788.0 BALANCE -35,952.8 Feb. exports 9,806.1 imports 39,067.6 BALANCE -29,261.5 TOTALS exports 19,641.4 IMPORTS 84,855.6 BALANCE -65,214.3 America is getting screwed over. Americans need to learn to sacrifice when necessary for the betterment of the country. It appears in black and white that China needs us more than we need them.

      22. Under Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese government instituted a program called “The Great Leap Forward”. This movement was supposed to turn China into an industrialized nation. Overall, it was a failure. Currently, it is trying to double its gross domestic product by 2020. They’re forcing a hundred million farmers off their farms to move to the cities to work as cheap manufacturing labor. Many farmers, who have been forced off their farms already, moved to the large cities. They found whatever work they could. This wasn’t good enough for the government who wants them in smaller cities. Underemployed people are seen as a threat. Especially, young, unmarried men.

        The farmers are given like sixty days notice and moved whether they want it or not. They haven’t learned that people aren’t just livestock. Their government, like ours, has made some serious mistakes.

      23. What are we suppose to do, keep kissing Chinese ass?

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