Chelsea Clinton Won’t Rule Out A Run For Political Office

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    The daughter of Bill and Hillary, two of America’s most shrewd political players in history, won’t rule out a potential political future.  Chelsea Clinton may still find the time and motivation to run for office, following in the footsteps of her corrupt parents.

    As reported and so eloquently stated by The Political Insider, Chelsea Clinton must know that she wouldn’t fool anyone by ruling out a future political career. Thus, she hedged in her answer, saying she has no immediate plans for a political run, but the future is full of possibility.  Several media outlets have tweeted about the possibility of yet another leftist Clinton sitting in a political position.

    While this should be terrifying to anyone who cares about their own freedom and that of future generations, The Political Insider puts it quite bluntly.  We should try to take into consideration Chelsea’s DNA.  As the daughter of two very corrupt and authoritative democrats, any negative answer from Chelsea would have been met with skepticism.  Politics (and this isn’t meant to be taken literally but figuratively) has been woven into the core of who Chelsea is; it’s a part of her genetic code to be a member of the elite ruling class.

    According to The Guardian, Chelsea has said she has not ruled out running for office one day, describing a move into politics as a “definite no now” but a “definite maybe” in the future, even though she “abhors” everything Donald Trump is doing in office.  “For me, it’s a definite no now but it’s a definite maybe in the future because who knows what the future is going to bring?” said Chelsea at the Edinburgh international book festival.  She was there promoting her children’s book about women who have “persisted against adversity.”

    At first thought, almost everyone kind of breathed a collective sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, the Clintons will stop attempting to become rulers in the authoritarian oligarchy. However, on second thought, after seeing Hillary Clinton lose so dramatically to Donald Trump in 2016, it might be incredibly satisfying to watch Chelsea suffer the same fate.

    But to her credit, Chelsea did speak in a very protective manner about Barron Trump, the son of the president.  Chelsea was 12 when her father, Bill, entered the White House. She spoke about how many critics made fun of her looks and referred to her as a dog during that time and that’s why she’s come to Barron’s defense. “I feel incredibly protective of Barron Trump, who is now 12 years old, the same age that I was,” she said. “I disagree with his father on everything but people have made fun of him [Barron], bullied him, for his appearance, or for him being more private. Equally, I have no patience for that because he’s a child and he deserves a childhood as every child does.”

    Of course, that statement doesn’t make her any less an oligarch.  We are simply giving credit where credit is due.


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      1. Yeah, Head Witch in Prison Cell block D next to her witch Mother.

        • Yep you hit the head on the nail.

      2. Damm that bitch is ugly.

        • ‘could damn sure eat corn through a picket fence with those ‘choppers.


        • JS, LOL! You nailed that one! Anyone who wants her is either extremely desperate or has no mind left.

          • And that Chelsea had tons of plastic surgery to make herself look like she does now. You ought to go look up how that horse face looked 10 years ago. I couldn’t do her drunk!

        • Chelsea is as butt ugly as one can get.

        • I try not to judge people on their appearance, but yeah, she is one ugly woman! I’ve heard it said that beauty is only skin-deep but ugly is to the core. Her core is showing, but what else can you expect?

      3. You mean Chelsea Hubbard.

        • Chelsea,another remnant swine from the loins of Beelzebub himself.

        • Hubbell (Webb Hubbell)

      4. Her “dna”?

        Chealsea is an almost tragic figure as far as I see. It has been stated by many that she resembles Mrs. Clinton’s friend and fellow lawyer Hubble. So, her dna is in question. But it is not her dna that is concerning. It is her parent’s political and financial backbone: Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds, and the CFR/Tri-lateral Commission/Bildebergers/witches/Satanists, etc.


        • Whitewater. Rhymes with whitewasher (see Teflon).

        • I suppose it’s theoretically possible for nastiness and corruption to skip a generation but leftishness usually doesn’t come out in the wash. I’ll agree that she’s almost a tragic figure but a big silver spoon goes a long way towards soothing any troubled feelings she might have had growing up.

        • Her non cloned mother was a Rothschild 5th covenant witch.

      5. Chelsea- “Equally, I have no patience for that because he’s a child and he deserves a childhood as every child does.”

        Yeah like all the children both her pedophile parents raped, sodomized and murdered over the years. Can you say “Lolita Island” Chelsea?

      6. How old is Chelsea? 36?

        That equals 252 in people years so she’s too old for president…

      7. I hear that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, former buddies, are not even on speaking terms. That would make Chelsea’s concern for Barron Trump suspect, if for no other reason than its genuineness.

        Of course if my daddy called your mommy a crook, and campaigned that her proper place was in prison and not the White House, that alone would tend to cool any relationship right there. Whatever happened to all of that anyway?

        Remember all those pictures of the Trumps and the Clintons all together and happy?

      8. Let her run. She will go down in defeat.

        • No, she will move to the most liberal part of the country, then run.

          • JS, Chelsea is already in libturd country, NYC.

            • With the most libturd governor ever running New York State — Andrew (gun confiscator) Cuomo. The Cuomo Mafia Family has been running the state economy into the ground since the 1980s. If ever there was a reason for term limits and limits against family dynasties the Cuomos are it.

              And then there is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s unelected, rogue billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, with a fortune, as of June 2018, estimated at $51.7 billion, making him the 8th-richest person in the United States and the 11th richest person in the world.

              Together they can (and do) buy whatever Constitution, Bill of Rights, and 2ND Amendment they want. New York City is a freaking nightmare, but New York State is a freaking insane asylum.

        • You have apparently been snoozing and therefore have acquired zero recognition of what is transpiring over on the Communist Democrat Party side of the political fence.

          The blacks and browns and the third world mystery meats (none of whom are White) are taking over the party, and pushing White liberals out the door. White male liberals and also White female liberals. Now, this is very interesting to those of us who are paying closer attention to it than you obviously have not been – primarily because blacks and browns do not get along well together, and there is a huge amount of resentment and animosity festering between these two groups.

          Blacks are not happy about not being the largest non-white minority group anymore – and resent that browns and other non-whites are now being pandered to and coddled by the Democrat establishment.

          I also suspect, that if the curious news articles we have all seen lately about Trump’s approval numbers among blacks has risen to almost unheard of percentages are accurate and not just fake news put out by the GOP establishment – that this bizarre state of affairs is very likely being fueled by the black perception that the Democrats are kissing the toes of Hispanics and illegal aliens and ignoring blacks, who got used to being the favorite minority group and who used to get all of their attention.

          Thus, with the Democrat party rapidly becoming a party of disgruntled, resentful, anti-White, White race and traditional America hating non-white minorities – Chelsea Clinton’s chances of getting the Democrat Party nomination for President are approximately equal to a snowball’s chance of surviving in hell.

      9. I certainly hope Chelsea does run.
        There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Clinton Foundation (which she runs) which would certainly come to light if she runs. Might be fun.

      10. Hillary was quite good looking when she was young. I wonder what happened! Some kind of horrible interaction of the DNA with Bill I guess!

        • WHAT!!!!

          Kill yourself now.

          Hillary is the ugliest bitch on the planet. And I have seen Rosie O’Donnell in person so I can speak with authority!

      11. Why is it some people hate a republic and try their best to raise up aristocracy over and over? Nepotism is bad enough, but morons insist that by virtue of birth, one person is better due to their last name, and thus is uniquely qualified for political office.

        Hillary Clinto began her career by ensuring a child rapist of an eleven year old girl…went free. Then while in offce okays a deal to sell a large portion of uranium to Russia. This would be bad enough,but took bribes which filtered through the Clinton Foundation. The same foundation that STOLE money that was earmarked for the Haiti disaster.

        Bill Clinton was part of the Mena Arkansas drug running ring and raped women. The man is thorough scoundrel.

        So of course this makes Chelsea Clinton qualified??? Why?

      12. There are plenty of open cells for her in the same facility Obozo, Her mom , Lynch, Comey and Holder should reside.

        • No, they should all be swinging on ropes

      13. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      14. I’d bet every penny owned that Chelsea is not the daughter of Slick Willy, but Hubbard now she’s a dead ringer for him. Teflon Clintons and Teflon Bushs are above the law criminal goons, murdering innocent people brings stature and respect from the dumb masses. It is no wonder this nation is falling to third world status, the people are easily fooled and will continue to be. The devilish madman or evil witch Hagathas can easily win, that’s right all of them in nearly 40 years fit that description, I know from the beginning. The usual suspect drives this despotism. No family member of any president should ever be allowed in any political office, which is plain common sense, a trait wiped from humanity. Boohoo, no stupid wasteful military parade of further ignorance. Waiting for the people to show some evidence of a backbone by resisting looks futile considering the force stacked against them. Martial law effectively already being exercised by police killing innocent people every day.

      15. How will she explain mommy and daddy in Gitmo?

      16. Something needs to happen to the entire Clinton family. This country can’t take any more of the Clintons’ BS.

      17. she’s dumb as fn stump

      18. The Clintons are members of the Rockefeller CFR along with George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. See lists in the CFR annual report.

        Chelsea Clinton is also vice-chair of the notorious Clinton Foundation. See her page at the clintonfoundation website, if you can stand it.

        • If she’s the vice-chair, she’s going to be in the Gitmo Family Plan. ahahaha:)AHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      19. Chelsea will be a front for her mother (and maybe Bill, her adopted father too) who will be the real presidents working behind the scenes. Those two will really be running the show, especially Hillary. So if Chelsea is elected (highly doubt it) Hillary will be our secret behind the scenes POTUS. A frightening thought that just ruined my day.

        Another thing, FYI, Webster (Webb) Hubbell doesn’t talk about it, but Hillary has openly admitted Bill was infertile and that Hubbell is Chelsea’s bio father. Bill agreed to this because they wanted a child together but Bill was infertile and they didn’t want to adopt.

        Webb Hubbell did not want anything to do with raising Chelsea or supporting her as he wanted to get married and start his own family. So it was a private arrangement between all three of them. Chelsea has known about her bio father since she was 7 yrs old when Bill and Hillary told her. It’s not openly discussed, but it’s also not a secret.

        The other thing that is very concerning is that Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky is a crook and a criminal, just like his father. He’d be worse than choo-boy Jared Kushner in the White House. But I don’t think the country is ready for Chelsea as president. So it’s a mute point.

        • The correct term is “moot point”.

      20. Chelsea would be just a stand in for Hillary. Hillary would be running the Presidency. Chelsey isn’t smart enough and people know it

      21. It’s absurd to consider someone’s appearance as a qualifier as numerous people from history had less than ideal levels of personal charisma, yet were extraordinary leaders. How puerile and impotent to jeer…as it is irrelevant. Frankly it’s right out of high school.

        These are the problems. We elect faces and we elect old money and we elect members of political families. And look at the damage to the American republic.

        The primary necessities for candidacy should be citizenship, pragmatism, land ownership, and ten years of work experience. In my opinion, a Christian is foolish to vote for a non-Christian unless they are NO other options.

        What has happened? Becoming a politician is such a repugnant role that no sensible person desires to be one. Only the glory hound and power-mad will take on the job. And it leads to corruption as equivocation and compromise become the chief outcomes. Why? Because politicans end up becoming high paid lobbists and members of the board for corporation. Examine the finances of politicians over time and they will use insider information to enrich themselves as if by supernatural means.

        Washington is a place for squealing piglets to grow fat sucking the teats of the American economy. Who would ever desire their children to take on that role?

        And so the corrupt sociopaths and even outright psychopaths do it, as it is in their nature to acquire power. It’s what they lust for.

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