Chelsea Clinton Hints: With Scalia Dead, Supreme Court Will Make “Definitive Ruling” On Gun Control

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 164 comments

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    Ready for Hillary?

    If her daughter Chelsea is any indication, a Hillary Clinton president quickly become an even better gun salesman than Obama is now.

    The wife of the president who enacted the assault weapons ban in the 90s may well become the next commander in chief, and a Supreme Court without Justice Scalia is more likely than ever to uphold gun control – only this time in a way that sticks.

    Chelsea Clinton just said what everybody has been thinking – that the Second Amendment may not survive the next president or the next Supreme Court justice.

    Chelsea was on the stump when she shared some wisdom imparted to her by her mom — actually stating openly the advantage for gun control made possible by Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death:

    “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control.”

    “Sometimes the court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the court struck them down.”

    “So if you listen to Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign and the major efforts pushing for smart, sensible, and enforceable gun control across our country — disclosure [they] have endorsed my mom, they say they believe the next time the court rules on gun control, it will make a definitive ruling.” (via The Daily Caller)

    Watch the Video:

    Normally this falls under the category of things that are quietly done once the election is over; but to say it during the campaign is quite unnerving.

    There are many reasons to believe that the country may be too far gone already, but it may be unrecognizable in just a a few more years.

    Do you think the Second Amendment will survive the next wave of judicial activism, or a Hillary presidency (which is becoming increasingly likely as November approaches)?

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      1. That sure would start Civil War 2.

        Let’s hope it never happens.

        Know thy gun…

        • 100 million gun owners. 400 million weapons. Untold billions of rounds of ammo already in the hands of said gun owners. LOL to the fuckers whos job it is to take them. They will all die.

          • The fascist scum that rule america won’t try to “take” our weapons, they will tax them and freeze bank accounts.

            • These are weapons already in our homes and only fools have their savings in a bank.

            • They won’t try to take them until they can get more UN backing as they know most of the police(in the US) will not go for it as well! BUT they will continue to turn the screws, unless we get some good decent blood in the white house and i don’t see that happening, we will know for sure when it is election time, by either having a election or not or WHO ends up (supposedly) winning!either way it will get worse and worse.

              • It will be scum foreigners sure enough actually coming to our doors. It’s true that most cops wouldn’t try because they fear for their lives from a poodle in people’s yard, much less people intent on really killing them.

                • Heres how I would do it if I was a psycopathic dictator.
                  Multifront war. Drive up inflation. Drive up the cost of livjng. Create programs in crime stricken areas to trade
                  guns for cash. Then for food.
                  Make gun manufacturers liable. The manufacturers in turn advocate for the requirement of cheap, low cost, gun insurance.
                  Create a government based competitor. Drive the insurers out of the market after they put in the infrastructure. Buy it up for pennies.

                  Drive up the cost of gun insurance in light of “continuing and increasing gun violence.”
                  Create false flag events involving whites killing black, mexican, and people of various other ethnicity. Suppress and censor reports of the opposite. Work with schools to portray the gun manufacturers as “an industry that was designed to arm people who want to kill black and other races”, and cite the native american genocide as reference. Pay celebrities to support all of this. Compare gun owners to pedofiles, going so far as to plant ‘huge’ stockpiles in the homes of known scumbags, and then bust them, complete with media coverage of their “amassed arsenal”, while displaying two or three pistols, a single rifle, and 500-1000 rounds of ammo.
                  Start a hit or miss trend of no knock raiding the gun owning parents of children over reports of ‘concern’.
                  Pay fusion centers to make posts online by (fake) “gun owners”, including blogs, websites, facebook, etc, talking about ‘invisible missles’ hitting the twin towers, doomsday prophecies, radiation from cellphone towers being used for mind control, etc — mixed with lots of stuff that turned out to be true. Mix hard truth with things that sound absolutely fucking nuts, so people don’t know what to think.

                  I could go on and on. If you really want to remove guns, you need only two things:

                  *Associate guns owners, in the public mind, with a universally hated group (nazis, pedofiles, etc).

                  *Utilize economics. Find the weakest link in the chain of the one thing that guns rely on..ammo..and then buying it, or regulating it out of existence.

                  A double-dynamo strategy, economic, and social.

                  • Sounds like our present reality sure enough.

                    • Guns for food?

                  • Devilmaycry,
                    you got it, they been doing this for a very long time. most people don’t understand, anyone can eat a elephant as long as you take one bite at a time and they been at the elephant for awhile, but it appears that things are speeding up and i think something big is about to happen anytime now.
                    stay ready and keep your eyes peeled, time may be short

                    • Jackpot apache. You get it. That was exactly the point.
                      I’ve come to the conclusion, as far as predicting drastic changes (and this may cause some cognitive dissonance, I know it does for me), that if something is going to happen we’ll never see it coming. Point in case, all the predictions of doom never happening, no doubt a mixture of needing to keep ad revenue strong, and disinfo operations to enhance the fog of war.

          • menzo, spot on. Nobody’s taking mine, either.

            • Hi Braveheart!
              Here’s my anthem (to the Addams Family theme:)

              The father is a sicko,
              the mother is a lezbo,
              the daughter looks (and talks) like Fido,
              The Clinton Family!
              da da da um (snap fingers twice)

          • The nwo started 9/23 reaperishere.weebly top left video. if you still don’t believe it then watch the top right video.

        • How appropriate that Killary kills off owning a firearm. It’s obvious the government doesn’t want an armed citizenry with the brewing shit storm on the horizon.

          • All governments desire an unarmed civilian population unless they need them. As soon as their services are concluded give us back the weapons.

          • A trillion one dollar bills laid end to end would go around this planet 3000 times. Game over man Game over?

        • If that were to happen then the United States as it stands today, will not survive the next president or supreme court justice. At that point the social contract will be well and truly void and I will see no reason why I, or any other person should be constrained by it. Governments only exist because the majority of people continue to recognize their authority. When that recognition fails, so does said government because it becomes impossible to govern. What is needed then is for armed citizens by the millions to declare the government null and void. If enough of us rise up simultaneously, the police and military will see opposing us as futile and lay down their weapons, lest they die a pointless death. This would be similar to what happened at the fall of communism, so there is some historical precedent for how people in uniform respond to a simultaneous mass uprising. We shall overcome.

      2. oh ha ha, did you see that brainless dweeby looking husband of hers walking 2 paces behind her like prince Philip, wonder how long before his parade of mistresses becomes public.

      3. Isn’t that adorably cute,didn’t realise chealsea running for office,fuck her and her mom!

        Uh Eppe,4th generational war is already here,just has not gotten too violent yet and for most part tis govt. that enacts/embraces the violence,violence certainly a part of 4th gen.The country will have another war of succesion,civil war means we want to take over govt.,succession just means leave us alone and all will be fine!

        • Warchild, same here. F#$% Chelsea and Hillary Clinton, both of whom are stinking communist and feminist whores.

          • Oh Braveheart,
            Silly little man-boy… men can’t keep their pants zipped and call women whores. Women don’t buy your bs on that silly name calling anymore. Amazing that they ever did, considering men have no morality and don’t want any… for themselves. All you whore callers need to attend to your own zippers and lead the way to a moral society.

            • “Silly little man-boy” huh.

              Hope you make a lot of money, twat.

              Die with your cats.

              • The Guy
                silly little man boy is much less offensive than whore… twat… and so on. Upset you, did I?
                No cats here, see Genius, he loves his cats and is still manly.

      4. After the fight, we shall see what is destroyed…

        Your guns are the ONLY thing standing between total control… Get your guns, they get your Money and Property and what will you do about it… NOTHING…

        Stand and fight for the 2nd or take it up the —….

        • just waiting, that was a good one. Stupid federal affirmative action retard.

        • Holy cow! That was PRICELESS!

          “Ima onee one innis room profeshinnal enuf to hold dis Glock 40!”


          • HAHAHA!!!! Great Ebonics translation! Nailed it!!

            • girl: “daddy, ken yo cum wif me to “sho & tel” at my skool”?
              DEA daddy: “sho nuff, wut I gots to do?”
              girl: “jus be stoopid, but brng yo’ pistol, otay?”
              DEA daddy: “sho nuff, honeychil”
              girl: “yo pistol be unloaded, right daddy?”
              DEA daddy: Ah thinks so, lemme pul de trigger…”


              DEA daddy: ah thinks we kin blame mah ‘discharge’ on dat whit teecher, cuz she bee hawt!

      5. From

        • Yeah bro , we will regretably have to deal with the rise of socialism in our lifetime .
          I for one will be front line cannon foder .
          Once we lose the right to protect ourselves , its over .
          Chelsea is so fucking clueless and entitled that reality dont even matter anymore.
          Flyover country will have other ideas about guns and self protection .

          • Hammerhead, spot on, but I still claim all the rights God gave to me and I don’t care what anyone else says.

          • Ditto,
            I dont plan on living a long miserable life under socialism, ill stay out of the way as long as possible but when it goes down im not just going to sit by, when the time comes it will be painfully obvious who our enemies are, most of us know already but are playing nice because thats what civilized folks do. Its a fine line and once crossed theres no going back.

            • Kula,
              I agree with you 120% and will be the same for me!

              • Uh- Rather than be shot down in the street like a dog I might opt to meet the Clintons for dinner at Ruth’s Chris and contemplate a high level administration job. Oh wait, they haven’t invited me.

          • What else would anyone expect to come from the spawn of Jezebel and the warlock protege of GH Bush?

      6. The supreme court said I had to engage in commerce and buy health care. And I did not buy any. When they get it wrong I will not comply.

      7. In my state they pass anti-gun laws with impunity, and seeking redress through the courts is impossible( 9th circus court). We don’t pop up on the news because it is expected for this state to be a lost cause.
        I would never violate any Federal, state, or local laws.
        I believe that the most dangerous job in the world will be the one where you go door to door to disarm my neighbors.
        This is a small population and we know where the cops live, where their kids go to school,where their wives work and go shopping.
        If you become the enemy all bets are off, and as immoral as it may be, their families are responsible for the sins of the offender.
        That is how you treat terrorists and traitors.

        • Relic:
          Speak for yourself, because you sure don’t speak for me. In times of war, going after school children is despicable. And wives are not responsible for the actions of their husbands in Law Enforcement. That’s cowardice. We will win fighting tyranny only if we remain ethical in war as well as in peace. You kill babies, I’ll kill you; regardless of who’s side you profess to be on.

          • B from CA

            There is a lunatic fringe posting on occasion that is close to reaching the point where I leave the BB. Its a shame because I have learned a lot from so many.

          • B from CA

            Ethical in war? Have to think about that one.

          • You haven’t seen a baby in a crib getting a flash bang in the face?
            Have you read about the woman miscarrying after SWAT stomped her so bad she miscarried.
            My war is aimed at terrorists and traitor enablers. Enablers provide safe haven for people that will gladly kill your family. I would have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, would you? We killed old men, women, and kids there. Were we cowards? This is war. If you think otherwise, go hide in the cabin in the hills.

            • In court, they blamed the baby for the injuries. Said it was his own fault for being there.

          • Hey B from CA,
            you also missed
            “I would never violate any Federal, state, or local laws”
            I never threatened to kill or hurt anybody, you assumed that.
            I think that living in fear is far more powerful than death.

          • Wake up, fool! That’s exactly the mindset .gov has (at every level). They happily kill innocents. You are too timid to admit it B from CA. You just want to further inflate your ego by telling yourself how morally superior you are.

            • dindu, you are correct! The first weapon that you refuse to use against the enemy will be the weapon they use against you.

              They will use our families against us. They do it *NOW*. Those too “morally” superior to return fire in kind have already lost the war. I hope it never happens but I realize the cost. You want your children to live or their children? Its a horrible thought and cost, but, in the end, THEY WILL (and do) USE ANY WEAKNESS YOU HAVE AGAINST YOU. They’ll murder men in cold blood (ask Finicum’s family) and not bat an eye. They’ll flashbang toddlers and refuse to appologize or even help pay the bill unless they are made too. When the war comes, they will use your families against you. If you fail to reciprocate, and that is what some are saying, you have already lost the war.

              Since I’m a pacifist, I can’t help anyone, nor can I be targeted. If I, or my family, were targeted, that could change. I obey every law, I pay every tax required of me and the facts I have state above make me physically ill to think about, however, facts they remain.

              • Net Ranger

                “When the war comes, they will use your families against you. If you fail to reciprocate, and that is what some are saying, you have already lost the war”.

                At the risk of being called, Baby Killer’s, again.

              • Net Ranger:

                You think being a pacifist is some kind of protection from being targeted? That borders on childlike foolishness/dumb as nails naïveté. They don’t care how innocent we are. They only care about their own plans and if you help or hinder their hidden agenda. Competition will be trampled. If you are in the way, they crush you. Pacifism doesn’t make you safe. In fact, they are probably more likely to go after you because the consequences to them would be negligible.

          • B of CA
            relic is a federal agent trying to sucker angry people into making rash statements. Creeps me out. No moral fiber.

        • I have no issue with targeting the enforcers of unjust laws. Think about how much better off the world would be had people risen up en mass against their oppressors during Stalin’s purges or Hitler’s final solution and slaughtered the soldiers who were carrying out genocide. However, their unarmed spouses and children are not fair targets because they can’t fight back or are too young to understand. I do concede though that there are some people who are just looking for someone to take out their anger and rage on that will target these people. They should not come from our midst though and we should seek to protect the innocent, even if they happen to be part of a family from which one of our oppressors comes. Do not condone unjust actions, no matter who they come from.

          • Lincoln ordered Sherman to burn Atlanta .where there any woman or kids in Atlanta? Waco? Ruby ridge? Their hasn’t been a Waco since Oklahoma City..? What else will stop them? Harsh language? Or equal retaliation?

          • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
            ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

            • Anon5:

              Very, very excellent post.

              For anyone not familiar with the author, he was an award winning author, won a Pulitzer Prize for literature. During the Judeo led communist massacres of the white Christian Russians, he was sent to a Gulag (prison/concentration camp). He explains that their was no “Russian” Revolution. The communist takeover of Russia and the murder of the entire Russian Royal Family, was an invasion by Judeos backed by the Rothschilds and Judeo financiers in Europe and the US, who used the promise of better more equal conditions to seduce some fool Russians to join them in looting Russia and murdering tens of millions of Russian people. The reason most don’t know or care is proof, as Solzenitson said, that the perpetrators of the crimes now own and control the media and the press and publishing and academia, etc.

              • “the perpetrators of the crimes now own and control the media and the press and publishing and academia, etc.”
                Sounds like modern day America.
                I’m the Great-Grandson of a Polish Jew who served in the
                Imperial Russian army. Why am I so poor?
                You think my “people” would have helped me out.
                Anon5 is right, you must fight or you will die.
                Don’t blame it all on Judeos, vaya con Dios, amigo.

              • That’s why it was called the Bolshevik Revolution and not the Russian Revolution. Certainly some of the leaders were of Semitic origins, but Jews? Not in the least. To be a Jew means you practice the Jewish faith. As they were atheists, it is not proper to call them Jewish since it confuses the matter and unfairly slanders those who follow a faith.

                By the way, Josepf Stalin came from a Christian home and had trained for the priesthood in the Russian Orthodox Church before he became a Bolshevik and an atheist. Does this mean that Bolshevism was a Christian thing? Of course not.

                It is important to note that Bolshevism is different from Marxism in that Bolshevism tries to achieve communism in one country by the use of a vanguard party pushing the workers to revolution.(There were two communist factions during the revolution: the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. The Bolsheviks were led by Lenin and the Mensheviks were led by Trotsky.) Marxism, on the other hand, presupposes that the whole world is already industrialized and that the workers will rise up simultaneously against their oppressors and take possession of the means of production. They would then form collectives, known as soviets, where they would control the factories, farms, etc. which in turn would be responsible for trade with other soviets and providing for the needs of the workers. Marx saw efficiencies being added by ridding the world of militaries, religion, and wealth inequality. While Bolshevism supposedly tried to rid it’s country of religious faith and income inequality, it failed to be truly efficient because it still required military strength. This is why some lefties say that true communism hasn’t been tried yet. Also, not even the Soviets thought they had achieved communism (a classless society). They always stated that they had achieved socialism and were trying to achieve communism. Now I can get into all sorts of reasons why communism is a bad idea and is doomed to fail (books have been written on the subject), but the main reasons should be obvious and are not worth mentioning here.

                • Winston Smith,
                  All you say about Bolshevism is true. The corporate oligarchy is an epic fail and destroying this country, liberty, and spewing poison everywhere. We are no more capitalist than Russia was communist. I have believed in capitalism, but it appears that capitalists all want to oligarchs when they grow up.
                  Feel free to jump in here with a solution, because from my perspective, all roads lead to jackboots. Let’s see… military junta, socialism, theocracy, democratic republic, oligarchy.

      8. Anyone still believe that BS about no one wants to take your guns?

        The Dems are actively campaigning on it, this election is for all the marbles.

        A vote for Hillary is a vote for treason.

      9. Keep telling DHS what you will do when they come for your guns!

        More evidence to be used against you in a court of law when the time comes.

        • Anon, first someone would have to take us alive before they could take us through the ‘legal process’. And f#$% DHS. They don’t have a leg to stand on and are totally illegitimate. They don’t tell me what to do and I’m not scared of them.

          • Yes, but foolishly giving them intelligence only means that you can be neutralized before you ever have a chance to be useful in a fight. If you are going to die, die well but make it count. There’s no sense dying when you are coming out of a 7-11 after buying a bag of chips and the government’s forces are there waiting for you. If they choose to neutralize you alone, it will not be a fair fight as they will pick the circumstances. Don’t let yourself get painted as one of the bigger targets.

            • Actually, let those rant about what they WILL do. They will be canaries in the coal mine so to speak. If the they start getting taken out, there is no way to completely keep it quiet. Then you know something is afoot and can take appropriate action.

              • Unless someone is an agent of ussa, just posting here places us on their ‘list.’It matters what a man does in his life. How he acts, how he responds to threats to himself and his family. It matters if he fights for freedom, even if he dies. He is a free and decent man this way. Some of the people coming to our homes will be reading this. I do want them to know that I will kill them. Whether it’s here, on the road, at the store, at work. I’m going to be the same man anywhere they try.

          • brave, you’re so, so… consistently… rambo! it’s amazing!! you are one hardcore mofo, bro. damn! you bad, dude! sheet. i’m serious. shh fffff damn!!!


          • Be like Finicum,

            He set the terms, the government accepted them.

            You’re doing the same, will they accept yours as well?

            • At least he died a man on his terms. Depends on the person I guess. Most people are cowards. The ones making fun of people standing up for themselves are truly pussies.

              • To answer your question I’m counting on their acceptance.

      10. It would be unprecedented for two USSC decisions to be overturned within a decade or so from their ruling. Unprecedented doesn’t infer it wouldn’t happen as unprecedented – abnormal – atypical is the new normal.

        Up is down, down is up.

        These are some strange times we live in and they are getting stranger and more bazaar.

        • bizarre.

          • Actually either definition is correct as its just like a circus show bazaar and strange bizarre.

        • We live in unprecedented times. Just today I heard that Obama is circumventing Congress with regards to the Paris climate change treaty by calling his signature an “Executive Agreement”. So, he basically just invented a new power for himself and yet no one tries to remove this would be dictator. Do we live in a constitutional republic or a dictatorship? Sorry if I am confused but right now it’s hard to know exactly what kind of government I live under.

          • Have you noticed that Odrama is flying around the world acting as if he is the only authority figure that matters? That his word is the final say so. He is trying to dictate the laws of restroom etiquette to the states that are concerned for their citizens safety, by passing laws like the one in NC.

            The majority of the liberals don’t care if a man shows himself to a little girl in a public restroom, they just want to push their PC immoral agenda. Odrama as UN/nwo leader would/will, cause the final evil agenda to come to final fruition.

            Wait for it…..

            • Exactly. I mean, if a “man” has gone through the surgery to no longer have man parts then there probably isn’t much harm in him/her/it using a women’s restroom. Letting someone who hasn’t, though, unnecessarily exposes children to a rather weird and freaky part of human sexuality at a time they are not ready for it. Man do I hate the times I live in…

              • Exactly. And predators can dress as a woman, go into a women’s restroom to look for victims, and not be trans at all and never have the intention of changing. If confronted they will scream discrimination. No one will have to courage to say anything unless attacked, and the LGBT community will come to the defense of a Faux Trans, and demonize the victim. What needs to happen is an armed woman shoot one of these freaks dead if they feel threatened and make these trannys think twice about using a woman’s restroom while they still have a penis hanging between their legs.

            • In June the British people vote in a referendum to decide whether they want to be a colony of Europe or to regain their status as a sovereign, independent state.

              Your present leader, President Barry O’Barmy (he’s not really part Kenyan, more black Irish) is telling the UK electorate how to vote! He wants the British people to remain enslaved to a non elected regime, the European assembly and is using the British media to further his message.

              Well, I think that the USA should help form a super state with Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc and for the HQ of that super state to be based in Argentina who will then dictate policy/laws/imigration to the USA.

              That’s exactly what President O’Barmy wants for the UK! Doesn’t sound democratic to me though.

              Mr President, your interference in UK affairs is not wanted. You’re a lame duck – bug out!

          • “Do we live in a constitutional republic or a dictatorship?”

            If one has to ask the answer is obvious.

            Executive Agreement………yep thats a new one

            • I’m not an attorney but it seems to me that the labor law term of “Past Practice” may have a legal footing. If Executive Actions and Executive agreements aren’t challenged it seems plausible that future courts may use that as a precedent in future cases. This would in effect surrender authority and power intended for the legislative branch to the executive branch; permanently. Think of it as first creeping then codified by common law.

              If they hollow out the Constitution much more the walls will cave in.

              • That is why it is Congress’s job to back that MOFO up and say hell no. They are guilty of dereliction of duty, by letting this horse crap stand.

              • Exactly. I would liken it to copyright law. If a legal entity does not seek to enforce a copyright or trademark it owns then it is seen to have fallen into the public domain and cannot be defended again at a later time. Allowing new precedents to be set without a challenge only stands to nullify the legal standing of the entity which is being bypassed.

              • Kevin2,
                This is exactly how Clinton will evade punishment for email server at home… she isn’t the first to do that. She may be the last, but odds are she won’t go to jail, precedent.

      11. She is going to be just like her mom a lying thieving psycho piece of shit, who deserves to have here ass tar and feathered!!!

      12. I can’t wait till Hillary becomes president.

        • Aint gonna happen…..

          • Hammerhead.

            Chelsea is your typical American voting age woman.
            Woman are going to put Hillary in office. The first woman president. Like Obama the first black president. Next go round will be the first trans sexual president.
            Waiting for the first lady to be an ewe or goat.
            You never know!

            • Thank god the women around here aint typical .
              But Hillary would still be the first tranny goat woman !
              We can get it all outta the way !

            • Theo Adorno said, “We shall know when we’re at the end of the total destruction. We shall know when we’re there, when we have necrophilia, and it becomes the norm.”


              He hated the existing society of marriage and bonding and stuff like that. He wanted and believed the State should be totalitarian and rule every single individual.

            • Your right on that

        • hillary will be a “golden calf” and many WILL pay the price for their support of her

      13. Menzobarrazan…you ass is banned but your banned has been lifted.. welcome to the board.. If your were and Agency ass clown troll you might be pulling unemployment next monday.. welcome to the board..what a cluster phuck of and equation for and invading occupying army..good one let’s educate the United nations as to what American is all about…


        • Thanks HCKS.

        • HCKS, educate the UN? Yeah, they’ll get an education when they send in those ‘blue helmets’ to act against us. I, for one, will have those helmets in my sights and give them some free ‘air-conditioning’. LOL

      14. This will be a “boil a frog” operation. There will be no confiscation unless and until there is registration. That will occur incrementally, benign in approach. A few high profile crimes or terrorist actions will be “solved” or thwarted, “Boy were damn lucky we have registration” to validate its acceptance. Like the preverbal camels nose under the tent its then demonization time of “good gun, bad gun” and qualifiers for ownership.

        • Kevin:
          That is exactly right. Chealsea’s appearance is the emotional tug on your heart while the mother’s is more the foot up the rear.
          I used to admire the Clintons. I didn’t realize how dangerous their connections to the Rhodes Scholorship and ZioBankster billionaires from Israel, the Bank of London(Rothchild), Jesuit takeover of The Church of Rome and The Bank of Rome, and the Cocaine importing criminals who provide air passage into our cities of the deadly drugs. The hundreds of thousands of children taken from mothers should really keep this young mommy up nights with pangs of guilt knowing her parents active participation in the drug trade. Sandy hook was theater. Child Protective Services was real bad and planned to enforce fear into parents. Real terrorism.

      15. Chelsea Hubbell is almost as slimy and disgusting as her father, Webb Hubbell. Does anyone think she even LOOKS like Bill?

        • Seriously? says.

          You are correct…

      16. Even if Trump wins, he said his sister, a liberal Judge would make a great Supreme Court appointee. WE are screwed if Trump or Hilary wins on gun control.

        • Get a f-ing clue. His sister is in her eighties and he said it as a joke. No wonder you fools are so easily tricked. Dumb as stumps. If I was one of the intel weenies reading these posts I would be laughing at the stupid comments from those who will never do anything despite all their tough talk.

      17. Poor fool child is actually going to be surprised as she is led to the gallows.

        • I wonder if France would be willing to lend us their national razor?

          • If hobammys us supremes pick is confirmed…Then the us spuremes court of NINE justices shall be a composition of.

            4 Cathoilcs and 4 judiacs with a very Likley 5th judiac in SotoMEYER whom besides being a full blown femanazi lib kommie, is most likley also a Crypto-judiac aka catholic in Name only, or whatever other type so called christian she may claim to be if any.

            Keep in mind that be it 4 or 5 judiacs, demographically they represent just a small 1.7% or less of total usa pop numbers….With all the leftistic kommie speak constantly of Quotas with afirmative actions etc and equalities..

            one is hard pressed to not notice that in all reality ANY group with just 1.7% total pop should have ZERO justices on ANY supreme ct eh.

            Yet we now have 3 and likley 4 of that group with the fifth one apointed by hobammy a few weeks ago!

            Keep watch for that elusive sharia law comming to usa soon eh, while you look to the left for that…What Is comming from the Right or from Behind will be Noahidic law based upon their talmudic kosherized courts and ideals.

            • Them Guys:

              I doubt that most people will recognize the significance of your post. Having recently learned about the communist and the Talmud, I understand your concern. It is terrifying.

              • B from CA: Indeed I agree. I also noticed how you recently seem to have greatly awakened as you stated of.

                Your replies have dramatically changed since you first posted here…this is very swell too!

                I also agree with your concerns that most who read what I write do not get it at all yet…My main concern on those lines is will they Ever get it finally?

                I for one think that on litterally every such prepper and patriot websites forums today, it seems the majority of forum poster folks are them what calls themselves “evangelicals” and/or the “Christian Right” which also has within that element an array of sub titles like Tea partys and various similar religious or family concerns right wing.

                And it seems that the articles that are really a long written AD for gold sellers and various other sellers of preps “stuffs” in general.

                Are doing the same type Preying on these folks as is being done by the too many to count usa apostate pastors as seen on TV aka TBN bunch EtAl.

                I think that is a main reason such ad-articles usually somehow manage to include a mention or two within said ad articles, something regarding the “biblical End Times” prophetic mantra info.

                Because the online ad seller types have seen how easy it is for such pastors to royally dupe and Keep that religious “Right” sector so deluded into faithfully paying their church “Tax” aka 10% of Gross pay every week “Tithes”….Which has created too many to count multi millionaires worth litterally several Hundred millions of shekkels value out of such apostate preachers.

                it seems all they need do to get them folks hooked forever is to defend israel state, and speak of end times prophesy and Bingo! Once hooked 99% of them never ever research whatever infos they recieved thru article ads nor pastors weekly sermons…It becomes an automatic belief and WOE! be it to We that do refute such infos.

                What Chuck Baldwin has Just this past week wrote of on how that israel-firster group is actually The most potentialy dangerous and deadly Threat to ALL individuals or groups etc whom disagree or worse yet whom actually write or speak publically to reject or refute their attitudes on the subject.

                I have been posting about for several Years now! I many times have related that “IF” we ever see a Real shtf events nationwide in usa?…Then IMHO the potential enemys I most am concerned of is going to be that huge 60+ Million member evangelical israel firster usa bunch.

                it even states in the bible somewheres by Christ’s own words, that “They Are going to also Hate You like they so hate Me for speaking truth, and as they also wish to Kill Me…so To shall the time arive when They will kill You too and They shall believe that gods gonna bless em for killing truth tellers off!”

                Well simply watch any avg john hagee weekly/daily TBN circus act show and when hagee begins to praise and worship Israel state in mid east, and also same praise and worship of jewish folks….Observe his audience!

                The crowd goes totally WILD!

                i saw a few yutube videos by some independant reporter type man, he went to hagees once per year CUFI-Org event in DC(?) with at least 25,000 attendees present.

                CUFI= “christians united For Israel”(the state and of course jewish folks globally too).

                Hagee raises massive millions per event to rebuild a third temple in israel so they there can resume Animal Sacrafices and Burnt offerings!

                Hagee Tells his peoples “Do Not ever try to convert any jews to be a christian, for the jews by nature of dna at birth, ALl ever born or to yet get born, gets into heaven FREE and only NON jews ever need be converted into believers of Jesus!..Because ALL worlds Goyim aka gentiles Must believe for gentiles are ALL under New covenant…However!…ALL jews that ever lived or shall yet live, right till final last day of this earths age, are All Still under the Old covenant and Christ is unable to save any jews”

                Thats not verbatim in context fully but Very close to hagees orig full statement as seen on another yutube video.

                if that, and He, aint total apostacy? Then tell me what else can be?

                Back to first guys yutube vids…That guy interviews Hagees attendees as they Exit that yearly CUFI Org event.

                he sticks a camara in their faces and ask each as they exit and are still in the event Lobby room,

                “Please give Your answer Mam or Sir to the question of: What If, it should ever occure that somehow or some way state of Isreael declared WAR on USA! or worse yet fired off a NUKE missle at USA Lands!….As an avowed Israel supporter which Nation of USA Vs Israel would YOU choose to Side with, if that was your Only choice option at that point”?

                EVERY single woman and man asked that question, 100% of them all asked and he asked quite a large number before finally got kicked out of event lobby…EVERY one asked Proudly and face aglowing Declared Unabashed, total Full 100% support for and said I shall chose Israel OVER the USA if it came to that choice!!!”

                okay now in my book and all I ever learned such fools are not just fools or deluded fools they Are also a TRAITOR to America and all its true Loyal patriotic poeoples period.

                yet even after that reporter guy said “but wont That choice mean You Are a traitor at that point”?

                Again every single one 100% all never blinked nor batted an eye nor stalled to think for the answer…as asap fast as he asked that final question…They simply stated “why Yes i guess that is true but I care not for I proudly stand with israel period”

                And of course each one also told that reporter their reason was “Bible says: God said we MUST Bless Jews or else gods gonna curce Us and usa nation”

                WELL I for One checked several KJV and other bible versions and they contains ZERO such bless jews verses period…Furthermore NO written word of “jew” can be found in any such bibles, Untill 2nd book of Kings, Chapter 16 vs 12 if I recall correct..

                Which in two of my bibles that verse is located on aprox Page of PG,485! close to 500-pages of old testement verses Before the very First mention of the word of “jew” can be located!

                yet just You Try to Tell such delsional fools these Facts!

                They will screw their faces into an ugly Mass of hatred for You, then Foam at mouth as if infected by rabbies or Hoof in mouth! and Yell an 1/2 inch from Your nose that you sir are a filthy Nazi, an antisemitic jew hate monger that wishes to kill off Another six million and should not be allowed to remain alive!

                Negroes in a real gone Hot Race War event yes real big huge trouble for whiteys of usa no doubt…

                Evil duped fed gov forces gone crazy at whiteys yes that too very Bad mojo…

                but unless and untill I witness a major Change in a vast majority of such 60+ million israel firster and haggeeites types?…I Stand by my IMHO that This is the worst of All crazy intent groups we need Fear of being killed by….And as Christ stated Yes they will believe that gods going to royally Bless em for killing Us types off Via them so defending all issues israel and jewish.

                So to sum up here B from CA…Holy Cow! the prophesy of a futuree great Apostasy aka great Falling Away from true church teachings etc HAS happened and we are in the Middle right Now today of that event.

                And thats the 2nd to Last event Christ predicted to happen before his return.

                #1 was He said Gospel of Christ Must be taught globally.

                #2 there shall be a Great Falling away aka great Apostasy within the Church.

                And #3 Final issue is “The Man of SIN and son of perdition shall get Revealed to entire Worlds peoples!.

                and ONLY after these three things occures will Christ make His valiant return to earth.

                That also Debunks and Refutes a Pre Trib rapture event if folks has paid atten to whats written eh.

                Anyways B from CA Glad to converse with you and very glad to see a fellow american so wide awake as You now are!

                Them Guys.

                • Them Guys:

                  Just to cut this short. Which by the way, is your downfall in reaching the reader; imho, you go on and on. People have very short attention spans, including me. I know that is harsh. Take it as a compliment. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother to critique.

      18. The South will never give up their weapons, no matter what any court rules.

        Fuck you Chelsea. I can’t wait to see your mother hang for her treason.

      19. Chelsea. The only person more vile than Hilary

        I’m sure the hedge fund witch is protected by a SLEW of security people wielding guns. But, remember about the Learjet leftists like Chelsea, “Laws are for little people.”

      20. do the liberals actually think that people are going to just turn in their guns ? really ?

        • I find it interesting or perhaps, alarming that besides the klintons, al gores, trumps and a few more names I now do not recall of have had daughters or sons or Both that have been kosherized converted prior to their weddings.

          And even more alarming is the fact that so far most if not all, but trumps kids, has married into the famous Goldman sachs gang of lawyers and honchos..

          Trumps daughter’s Both I think, have married famous kosherized husbands in the New York Manhatten Real estate bunch…Trumps son also got kosherized prior to his wedding if I recall correct(?).

          Maybe with america now being a colony of israel state, they plan to soon get a job as some type Barron/barroness, or Land Lords or maybe as an Earl or Prince that answers to bosses in telaviv huh?

          or else they All just know full well whom butters Their bagels eh?

          • Them Guys
            They want their grandchildren to survive on with the global masters. It is the only way for that to happen. Chelsea is just another tool of the masters.

      21. I find it quite interesting and very telling that a Rock Superstar gets an autopsy within 36 hrs… obvious overdose.

        Yet…Someone who is key to THIS argument is afforded no such relief…


        • So true jerrytbg, makes you wonder why he did not go down in a plane crash like the others…

        • jerrybtg, you mean Prince? F#$% prince. Never cared for his crap he called music anyway.

          • I agree Brave he’s a piss ant…
            My question is why didn’t Scalia get an autopsy?

            • He spoke in public about chem trails. No one big lives long after that? Charlie sheen ? Now R .Denero ? Adian Quin? Watch the movie Bullworth. Ann Colter opened here mouth about them. Seen her lately ? Marlon Brando opened his on Lary King didn’t last long after that. Watch what you say on the phone it is recorded and stored. Threatening the life of a Federal employee . Is a biggie. And there’s plenty of room in the FEMA slow starvation camps for the survivors .

          • to each his own…

      22. Mommy doesn’t like guns. She has a lot a men with guns to protect her.Hmmmm…

        • Mommy has “men” w/ guns to protect her????

          …betcha some serious “Yellen script” most of them think they’re being punished by their supervisors…for being assigned to guard the
          insane “carpet-munching carnivore”

      23. Pardon me, but the Constitution has already made a definitive decision about gun control. Chelsea needs to get blind drunk like she did the entire time she was on scholarship in England, where she was nothing but a recurrring headline joke as she got rolled into limo after limo imitating daddyo’s previous scholarship days there. Then they should just roll her lame a$$ back to Arkansas, give her a bag and a shopping cart and tell her to hit the streets with her parents.

      24. I’m not sure most people in this country understand just how important this election is. And if you really take a step back and LOOK at who’s running for the top office in 2016, well it’s going to get real, REAL fast after the election. Hitlery has been working on the worst kind of gun control WELL before running for President. And she will set her plan in motion as soon as she gets elected. She WILL be elected due to the RNC and their complete stupidity. Trump will probably run as an (I) and split the vote securing a Clinton victory and we all KNOW what that means. She will FORCE a massive tax on all firearms, BAN lead ammo, and most likely BAN ALL semi-auto handguns and rifles. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t know anyone who plans on obeying any more unlawful laws concerning the 2nd Amendment. And those who will be tasked with any future confiscation plans better be prepared for, well lets just say severe pushback. I’ll leave it at that. I just don’t see a good outcome from all this. Bravo225

      25. W0W! -Didn’t see that coming…/sarcasm/

        I’d say ‘go fuck yourself hitlery’ but I know she would do it.

      26. She looks exactly like Webb Hubbell. Her mother is a freaking criminal, the fix is in no matter the vote. Bush Clinton Bush Obama Clinton, each worse than the last. Jeb’s son George P. running in 2024, fluent in Spanish. Does that P stand for Prescott?

        • Yes, it does.

      27. Give it another 25 years of public school indoctrination and nobody will know that the 2nd Amendment assures the benefits of the remaining Bill of Rights. Progressives demonize an inanimate object, a firearm, then convince useful idiots to get rid of the inanimate object.

      28. Chelsea….. Happy birthday
        Love from daddy..

      29. Not voting for Hillary.

      30. you can only police & tax a people to the extent that the subjected people allow any governing body to do so. When and where that line is crossed is the question. I suspect that a over reach in gun control will be that point for many individuals. 50 years ago a city expanded its city limits. The expansion took in thesmall farm of a elderly 80 year old. The city had a no hunting in the city limits ordance. The Old guy was out walking on his place with his bdouble bbl 12 guage. a local cop showed up and pulled his revolver and told the old guy give me your gun. The old guy replies yes I will give it to you . and he shot the cop in the guts with both barrels. And The jury found the old guy not guilty. When confronted on their very own turf (home land property ect.) any person likely will fight to the death to protect their rights to quiet enjoyment. ive seen a tiny blue bird fight off a big hawk to protect its territory. Any paid enforcer who goes looking for trouble & tried to confiscate guns would place themselves in great danger. And yes terrorism is sometimes the only viable avenue left. You burn the jackboots homes cars ect. If nothing else saw down the electric poles or stack a pile if burning tires around the electric poles in the early Am. At the Leo,s home. That’s will serve as notice that their transgressions will not go without repercussions.

        • Hopefully you saw my earlier post. It upset some but they did not read it closely. We think a lot alike. I did not think about the tires at the power pole. Good one! But it is illegal. Once half of Seattle was shut down by a legally parked car with the word Bomb painted on it. It was not a bomb. You can paralyze Liberals with fear, and not harm anyone. The media is the trick to spreading paralyzing fear when there is no harm.

          • This country gained its independence by acts of terrorism. throwing tea in the harbor. tar & feathering the Tax man. Hiding behind trees and sniping at the redcoat solders. those where a few of the tactics. I would bet solders that where quartered in citizens homes where often poisoned. There are no innocents or rules when its all out war .

            • Washington crossed the Delaware and attacked the British on Christmas Eve? Not very Christian?

      31. Damn, you have to give them credit for their dedication… They did a helluva good job brain washing their own daughter. Heartless bastards…

      32. Odrone’s nomination for the vacant supreme court tyranny rubber stamper seat is bad news for freedom loving Americans. Everything I’ve read about his past spells anti freedom for the masses. Oliar was born in Kenya, now the world head fascist figurehead. Killary will finish freedom off.

      33. The average wimpy “leftist, communist, socialist” doesn’t understand that for me to give up my means of protection is to give away the control of my life…

        TPTB wish this only to implement their own immediate rise to absolute, unopposed POWER and TYRANNY…

        What the average lefty doesn’t comprehend is that they too will be consumed by the system. Like when the lady came out and said she had wanted obolacare for everyone, but hadn’t realized she would personally be billed…

        I expect the supremes or a global treaty to outlaw all personally owned firearms in my lifetime…

        At that point you will either say no or comply. They will freeze bank accounts, cost you your job, take your land, deny you healthcare, pick you up at a check point or any number of other things…

        Comply and become a slave, resist and go out of this life free…

        Decision has been made here and I know where most of you stand here. I think things may go south sooner than one might expect…

        Nowdays, I always got my 1911 with 2 spare mags on my side when I get up and keep my “muzzle loaders” in strategic locations about the property…

        May God watch over you and yours…

        • Vet1, Same to you Sir !

          • Same to ya brother…

      34. I said what you have now there is no safe way for tptb to come and get the guns you have now. But they will tax the sale of guns and ammo so high that the poor cannot get guns. That $300 surplus gun will cost $600 due to a 50 percent tax to the gov they will use it to destroy gun rights further. Ammo will be a registry system you will be able to buy a box of ammo it will go into the registry the boxes will be numbered and when you shoot it all off at the gun range which will be the only approved place to shoot it will be subtracted so you can buy another box. No one will be buying huge stockpiles of ammo in the future. They will make owning a gun such a hassle it will discourage ownership. Next they will take away your right to self defense this will make the need for firearms unessasary. Rich people will always be able to get guns as $ is not a problem. If you think I’m kidding about any of this I’m not. I will say it now if you don’t have a firearm but want one get your ass out and get it. i just don’t see them taking everyone’s guns not gonna happen. Smart folks will hide guns I’m sure there is a shitload of hidden guns out there ready to resurface. Good luck writing legislation that will not work but if it makes lawmakers feel good do it.

        • You’re correct, someplace here just instituted a $1000 weapons tax when purchasing a firearm…

          The object of the game is to have what you need now…

      35. Gun control is a delusional Utopian vision pushed off on us by the communist/socialist/progressives. They want us to believe that once all the guns are gone, violence will suddenly disappear from our society. We know better. Guns are illegal in Mexico. No violence there right? If and when the .gov starts taking guns away from citizens, it will be the excuse/reason for the Mexican gangs to bring back the untold numbers of guns and ammo they’ve been smuggling into Mexico back to the US. Given our border is not really protected to any extent, it won’t be too hard for the gangs to accomplish.

        The CSPs are going to turn this country into a pitiful backwoods third world country. Why…because they won’t listen to the citizens. Unfortunately, even Republicans have succumbed to the constant drone of the commies. Stockholm syndrome I guess.

        When the gov who is elected by the citizens to do the work and will of the people will not listen to the people, it’s time for them to go.

        To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless. Lysander Spooner (1808 1887)

      36. She said…”My mom has a strong record fighting the NRA.”

        Too bad she doesn’t have a strong record fighting the NWO.

      37. Gun control is a delusional Utopian vision pushed off on us by the communist/socialist/progressives. They want us to believe that once all the guns are gone, violence will suddenly disappear from our society. We know better. Guns are illegal in Mexico. No violence there right? If and when the .gov starts taking guns away from citizens, it will be the excuse/reason for the Mexican gangs to bring back the untold numbers of guns and ammo they’ve been smuggling into Mexico back to the US. Given our border is not really protected to any extent, it won’t be too hard for the gangs to accomplish.

        The CSPs are going to turn this country into a pitiful backwoods third world country. Why…because they won’t listen to the citizens. Unfortunately, even Republicans have succumbed to the constant drone of the commies. Stockholm syndrome I guess.

        When the gov who is elected by the citizens to do the work and will of the people will not listen to the people, it’s time for them to go.

        To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless. Lysander Spooner (1808 1887)

        2nd post?


      39. By this interregnum tyranny that was once our country’s federal government, it may well come to pass that ‘they’ will try to strip our rights, especially since there is such a high percentage of people who will let them, but remember this:

        1. The SCOTUS never had the authority to pass law, except that which they granted to themselves.

        2. The SCOTUS never had the authority to abrogate the Constitution, or any part thereof.

        3. At one time, the federal government was a creation of the States, sovereign in their own right. The sovereignty of the federal government comes from the States; the slave cannot be greater than its master, unless the master has become so much besotted and docile that the master allows it.

        4. The States are us.

        • David:

          Is that “implied consent”? Because you failed to “just say NO”.

          If it is, I would like to go on record. Nien. Nada. Nooooo!!!!!!! No! No! No!!!

          • SCOTUS – (S)upreme (C)ourt Of (T)he (U)nited (S)tates

            besotted – drunk/intoxicated, very infatuated

            • interregnum – pause, interruption, time between two governmental regimes

      40. I serious do not think that the POLICE, NATIONAL GUARD, MILITARY,

        or ANY FOREIGN MILITARY is going to come, and take anything away.

        They know what will happen.

        I think the CLINTONS should be the FIRST to knock at someone’s door of some GOOD OLD BOYS and asked for their FIREARMS.

        Not some spineless liberal.

        LOL LOL LOL LOL…………..

      41. If Caucs wanna start a second Revolution, let em. I for 1 don’t feel the need to take up a YT man’s cause. MayB losing Ur guns, (as well as Ur rights) will get U to understand 1/10th what people of color has 2 deal with on the daily.

      42. They will never get my Dads guns, they wont get mine, they wont get my sons… This is the issue that will finally be the end of ultra liberals. This is something that these liberals do not understand for sure, they can pass all of the laws they want. Inaliable rights….


      43. The Con federals. Tried to stop the Pro federals. In the 1860s . Didn’t go well for them. With forced draft and the threat of execution if you don’t shoot at fellow Americans. Men just trying to survive a nightmare. In the north there were draft riots . Not in the south. I think it was mostly about stealing southern land. Handicap the people raise their taxes confiscate their land for non payment of taxes? Watch Gone with the wind.

      44. Molon labe you cabalist rat bastards. Seems like a threat to the American people, their families and their children and loved ones.. but what do you have to worry about, you got your ticket to the underground bases and to the off world bases on Mars.. well looks like I am going to have to shoot downs the Cuban paratroopers when they deploy over Texas.. and finish off the fuckers on the want war you got that cop joked about in the academy, there is a lot of cutting, stabbing and carving up coming up.. poor cop can’t even find a pocket knife.. I had to refer him to Wes Kibbins.



        • HCKS – I thought you were checking out. Too frightened?

        • Come on up to the Rocky Mountains man. Houston is no place for humans

      45. TPTB will not waste a lot of assets/time/materials in taking weapons en masse and why should they. They have stated their intent clearly for years….depopulation. It’s literally written in stone. They will exert their control only as long as it’s feasible. Once the fires are large and numerous they will retreat to their bunkers and let it all burn. America will become one large hurricane Katrina aftermath or Somalia or fill in the blank with your favorite disaster/3rd world nation. Once they believe enough of us “bitter clingers” have perished and won’t pose the threat to their usurpation of power that we currently do, they will emerge like the roaches and vermin they are to re-assert what they believe is their “divine” right to rule over those they consider to be the great “unwashed masses”, myself and many of you. Yes they will most likely use a multi-national force to enforce their will at that point as the world will likely have gone thru the metamorphosis necessary to bring about a one world government. It all has to burn down first kids so they can raise something new from the ashes and the natural fallout from this is massive deaths. I am talking about the culmination of the first 4 seals…25% of the earths population dead. That makes it easier for them to deal with those that are left. The next seal opened speaks of souls gathering under the altar which indicates Believers being hunted and killed, i.e. the anti-christ is now in power. He may be on the scene prior to coming to power but he is only allotted 3 1/2 years. So that indicates that the first 4 seals take place over a period of 3 1/2 years, so I personally believe that the burning down process is going to take a while. And for any of you out there hoping for a pre-trib escape from all of this, wisdom dictates that you also prepare for the possibility of a post-trib rapture. It’d be foolish to do otherwise. I also have a theological brainteaser regarding the potential timing of a post-trib rapture and the reference to cutting things short for the asking…if anyone is interested.

      46. There is Obama’s propaganda and then there is reality. The charts in the article are worth 1000 words as to Obama’s wonderful “legacy”.

        Obama’s Legacy, In His Own Words: “I Saved The World From A Great Depression”

        “As part of his World Apology Tour visit to Britain, President Obama took time to answer questions from London students.

        When asked about his presidential legacy, Obama said he was proud of the healthcare reforms, and added that “saving the world from a Great Depression – that was quite good.”

        ht tp://

      47. prince died

        he got an autopsy right away

        but not scalia

        and now chelsea says that with him gone they can do the gun control theyve always wanted to do but couldnt

        nothing to see here

        move along

      48. Every time someone from this commie-corrupt regime speaks on gun laws, sales go way up. Guns and ammo will be the new gold.

        • Cool. I’ll be loaded then!

      49. Hillary has been crisscrossing Connecticut whining about gun control, all the while ignoring the fact that less than 10% of firearms identified by the state as scary “assault weapons” were ever registered as required by CT’s newest gun control law.

        All this talk of gun laws makes me want to run off to my favorite store and buy something really special for 2016! And a case of ammo. And some optics, and another holster……..

        • You wouldn’t go wrong in a .338. Savage 110 is like 1400 bucks

          • A 338 Lapua is very attractive, but where I live there are virtually no vantage points that would exceed the range of a .308 and the ammo is way more expensive and hard to get.

            I was thinking an M1A tuned for accuracy.

            • I say a Remington Model 700. .308 caliber, and pay the extra for the better barrel ! Poor mans Lapua…

              • I’ve got a Savage bolt action in 308 that provides close to 1/4 MOA. It could probably do better in the hands of a better shot. It came with functional optics that I changed out for another scope I had hanging about. It’s a very inexpensive rifle, but shoots well. It was my intent to get a better 308 to be an upgrade, but the savage met my requirements and will make a great handout weapon if the SHTF.

                If anyone has a weapon and wants to make it shoot better, consider shipping it off to be cryogenically stress relieved and tempered. It will also add life to the barrel since the process makes the steel harder. Shooting 308 or bigger is hell on barrels.

                308 hurts to shoot more than about 30 rounds, 338 Lapua has to be murder! I like adding a Sorbothane pad for the butt of the stock. My range has a concrete pad for shooters. I laid out a blanket and started shooting prone. Both elbows were bleeding when I went home, so now I bring a cheap yoga mat. It helps.

      50. Finally bimbos realize that rape means herpes syfalis AIDS. So they want guns .? Their not as stupid as they ounce were. Unless they rig the elections. They won’t get what they want. A easy to tax to death population?

      51. re; The majority of the liberals don’t care if a man shows himself to a little girl in a public restroom.

        please calm down.

        the intentional showing off of genetalia, is allready illegal.

        even if it is a man in the mens room, or a woman in the womens room.
        it does not matter.
        it is allready illegal.

        re; guns;
        they are using ‘background checks’ as the ‘thin edge of the wedge’, because it sounds ‘reasonable’.

        but ‘background checks’ can only work, if the gov’t. has a file or ‘dossieay’ on EVERY person, not just the criminals.
        because the criminals can just get a fake i.d., and it will not show any convictions, warrants, etc.

        but if the gov’t. has a file on EVERY person, they will know that the fake i.d., is for a person that does not exist.

        and even that will not work,
        the criminals can just pick a name out of the phone book, for the fake i.d..

        but they do not care if it will work,
        they just care about increasing their power.

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