Chechnya’s Leader Claims “Russian Doomsday Device” Is Activated

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 73 comments

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    Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, gave a rare interview to a smaller media outlet in the United States that aired Tuesday, and what he said is taking many aback.

    While speaking to HBO’s Real Sports, Kadyrov denied that gay people are humans, that they exist in his region, and that his government regularly detains or tortures them, despite ample reports to the contrary. But that isn’t the news that’s riling up the masses, even though it is concerning that Kadyrov is more than likely committing human rights violations. He also made a troubling comment about his country’s nuclear arsenal and a Russian doomsday device.

    Kadyrov said, “America is not really a strong enough state for us to regard it as an enemy of Russia. We have a strong government and are a nuclear state. Even if our government was completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed. We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind.” That comment certainly puts the left’s insistence on a war with Russia in perspective.  And Kadyrov is probably being more accurate than not in that statement.

    According to The New York Times, Russia built a system in the 1980s that could do what Kadyrov described, known as the Perimeter System. Bruce Blair, the former US nuclear officer who broke the story of the Perimeter System for The New York Times in 1993, told Business Insider that the system works when it detects nuclear explosions. Only a small crew, deep in a bunker, has a hand in the otherwise automated system, according to Blair.

    Essentially, if another country conducted a nuclear attack that would destroy the government of Russia or anything a 1980s-era system would perceive as a nuclear attack, an automated system would empty Russia’s missile silos in an immediate counterattack. Blaire’s concern is the automation of such a system. “One concern is that it’s highly automated, and cyber attacks, for example, or other phenomena, natural or man-made, could set it off,” Blair said. “It poses a risk of accidental nuclear attack by Russia.”

    But there has yet to be an accidental nuclear attack and it’s been over 30 years since the system was first activated. But could the 1980’s technology pose a problem and cause an all out nuclear war? It’s hard to say, and experts are not sure either. “This was designed to retaliate massively against the US. What the specific targets are in this plan no one really knows, but it can be safely assumed it’s large-scale,” Blair said, adding that it would destroy most Americans and most large US cities.

    This is troublesome to many Americans, considering the US president is supposed to sign off on any nuclear attack to prevent accidental strikes, and the left is continuing to push the former Soviet Union increasing tensions with Russia. If Washington were incapacitated by a nuclear strike, it’s unclear whether it could respond at all. The US’s nuclear weapons are code-locked and absent the president and a backup in the Pentagon, the US may not be able to respond. Moscow code-locks its weapons as well, but this system would allow it to retaliate even after a nuclear decapitation.


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      1. I believe it’s called a spoilsport system and we have that also

        • And yet another teacher gets caught providing special services to her student. Sigh…

        • Well Paul that surely proves both governments are quite insane. I do not trust any of what we call technology today for this very reason. It is all subject to fail or be used against us in various ways. Humans have created all manner of shit they cannot actually control, like nuclear waste and psychopaths and sociopaths that run governments and control us ! Even simple things that seem innocent or good, like I-phones can be used as control mechanisms to dumb people, down and other nefarious uses. I think it is very likely what we call our technology may destroy us or at a minumum seriously harm us on a grand scale and this article seems to enforce such a paradigm. I see many people walking around in a fog glued to their phones saying absolutely NOTHING texting or talking. Just another way to create more brain dead zombies who are so fucking insecure they must be in contact with somebody almost continuously. Pathetic !

          The exact opposite of these truths, which is real knowledge and security of ones true identity and the world we all live in.

        • Doomsday device, code named “Democrat Party.”

        • The old Soviet, and now Russian nuclear missile launch system, is also known as “Dead Hand”.

          • Sounds like we will have a “mine shaft gap!”

            • “150,000,000 to 200,000,000 DEAD Americans TOPS, not saying we will not get our hair mussed up BUT,200,000,000 DEAD AMERICANS TOPS!”

          • Thought it was “dead man switch”

        • It’s a superior system. Ours is totally dependent on one person. If the suitcase doesn’t work or the prez is incapacitated we are screwed. What happens if Obama wouldn’t pull the trigger? What if Bernie got in there and refused to retaliate against Russia? We are entering into the era where a winning presidential candidate may no agree to protect the USA. Russia’s system would protect you against backstabbers at home.

      2. Could this be true? Not good.


        • An unused weapon is a useless weapon

          • Hey You miserable prick Gandhi:
            Once you showed up here and people did not run you off, I pretty much quit showing up. I do, on occasion, check in, and you still suck. What city do you live in? When you were a mathematician, just before you were a general, shortly before you lived in Montana, just before you were fighting sharks.etc-etc- etc- Yes, I kill coyote. Ain’t I been saying you pos?

          • one of the greatest movies ever.

            • Considering the source, I’m not sure of this but I agree Strangelove is one of my favorite movies.

            • Best part was Major Kong riding the nuclear bomb to the ground like a cowboy.

      3. The SSBNs of both sides all do the same job.

      4. The odds of an automated nuclear retaliation are extremely remote. The ‘outdated’ launch control systems are ironically impossible to hack due to the older technology. Case in point: Our minuteman III ICBM squadrons still use the old DOS floppy disks in their launch control facilities. Why? Impossible to hack into the system. Think of it as a hardwired control system, with multiple layers of security to prevent any accidental or deliberate launch…except if authorized by the president and JCS. Russia’s systems are similar, and likely even more secure.
        Nothing here. Move on please.

        • Hey J- This article throws in BS like hacking these systems- which could never happen of course- BUT if there were some sort of natural phenomenon the Doomsday Computer *thought* was a nuclear detonation, it WILL launch. Guess you missed that part.

      5. Better start praying. Prepping and get right with the Almighty.

        • “…let’s play Thermonuclear War.”

      6. Dr. Strangelove springs to mind…

      7. No one wins, for the survivors instant stone age.

        • And thats exactly what Putin said………The man is not lying…….the problem is with the West……..

      8. Wow, great news. I would not doubt this exists in real life…

      9. Welp
        Can’t live forever


      10. Nuclear war is unthinkable, just Fukoshima should tell us that. Fish stocks are being irratiated, radioactive particles have made it to the West coast aready. All life on Earth (“Earth? Might as well call it diirrt!“) not killed from the blasts would suffer slow deaths of radiation poisoning. The end of humanity.

        Consider the half-life of uranium, or plutonium. Tens of thousands of years would have to pass by before any attempt to repopulated could have a chance.


      11. I love the smell of fear porn in the morning!

      12. I’m pretty sure this utter destruction device has been tested on (no Republican mayor since 1960) Detroit. It is also working in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago, I am told by informed sources.

        If this device has existed, then why did it not deploy in 1983, during the Stanislav Petrov emergency, or similar false alarms? Perhaps this device didn’t exist then? Perhaps a launch after attack? But that doesn’t make sense, as a preemptive attack would presumably take out their retaliatory missiles.

        Either way, might I suggest the Russkies save some missiles, fuel, etc and just let the fascist LEFT take out, after Detroit and Chicago already done or in progress, other places like California, NY, Seattle, etc. That way they can save money, rocket fuel, etc.

        • If I recall correctly this system is referred to as the “dead man switch”, I believe there is a 5 or 10 minute delay so that there is time to deactivate in case of false alarm. Hence “dead man switch” if they get nuked and no one is there to turn it off then an automated response happens.

      13. Russia is a white Christian (Greek Orthodox) Country which was overpowered by Kazarians,aka ((( 3ews))), in what has been referred to as “The RUSSIAN Revolution”. Kazars are semi-Oriental (Russia is adjacent to China); and originate from an area of Russia which in the past was known as the Kazarian Empire. They were very warlike and hedonistic phallic (erect penis) worshippers. In order to tame them somewhat, their leader had them take up the religion of the Semitic (Sephardic) (((3ews))). The vast majority of what are now referred to as (((3ews))) are in fact these semi-Oriental (non-white) people. (((Hess, a 3ew))) was the founder of both Zio-ism and Communism. Marx was a student of Hess. Karl Marx was an intellectual writer. Lennon using the Marxist Communist philosophy and money from A New York (3ew) Jacob Schiffs, convinced gullible white Christians to join a band of American/RUSSIAN (3ews) to kill the Royal Family and overthrow the monarchy. Much like the French Revolution had been, it was a slaughter whereby tens of millions of white Christian Russians were killed.

        Skip to Vladimir Putin and modern Russia. Some people think the 3ews in Russia have been stripped of their power. Not really. Putin has negotiated with them. They were allowed to keep their wealth. Money is power. Only 3ews who refused to go along with the Putin program for Russia went to prison. Most 3ews are still in Russia and still have enormous power there and around the world.

        There are some 3ews who want another world war whereby more white Christians will be locked in a deadly confrontation that will kill millions on both sides.

        Let’s hope this fratricidal insanity never happens again. ww1&2 were instigated to kill white people, especially white Christians. ww3 is being instigated for the same reason.


        • Seems more than plausible. Something to think about.

          • Haven’t heard that expression in a long while ! Although you spelled it wrong bucu.

        • Give this person a hand. 100% correct.

      14. That’s just wonderful. Heck, I can’t even escape by moving to the Canadian wilderness or some south Pacific island. With that many nukes going off nobody is going to survive. What an idiotic plan this is if it is true.

        • That’s why it’s called “MAD” Mutual Assured Destruction. It is a deterrent both Russia and U.S. have, although I believe U.S. went with minimal auto response silos and more with subs as they are mobile and not a stationary target if the “enemy” were to locate these silos.

      15. The maintenance on the launch silos is not automated. The missiles have to be maintained as well as the detonators on the atomic warheads.
        The blast cover on top of a silo weighs several tons and has to be moved mechanically using motors, gears, and hydraulic actuators. Without humans to keep these machines running, the computerized doom’s day network is little more than a collection of electronic gadgets that have a secondary function as space heaters.

      16. Its funny everyone here claims to “be in the know” and “awake”. How the hell could you folks NOT have been aware of this? Its common knowledge…. There was even an incident years and years ago that caused this system to go online and almost launched nukes at the US. Thank God there were some level headed people that shut it down in time. This isn’t fear porn, this is real.

      17. The oligarchs do not understand the term mutual as in assured destruction. They only understand the addiction of greed and how to hide it from those they make less fortunate. Which would be anyone but them.

        • considering all the horrible things the oligarchs have already done to so many people– starting with the American Indians and then to so many, many other countries, etc– I guess they feel they are invincible.

          • “American Indians”? Seriously? Get the fuck over that shit. Its called WE conquered them.

            • Hey dEmonic, you get the troll of the week award!!! YAY!!!

      18. The 1980’s technology may actually be safer than today’s technology.
        We managed to get thru the 80’s with 80’s technology.

      19. why are my comments NEVER published?

        • Because you are a fucktard? I dunno… And your previous comment is fucktarded, so maybe that’s WHY?

          • because they post the idiots before sane people already posted this once must have been put in moderation but that DMONIC idiot didn’t for calling you a name

        • They only post the comments from the idiots, not comments from sane people.

      20. If so how does the US get away with having their way so close to Russia, even against the longtime Russian ally Syria? The US and Russia probably in cahoots pretending to be enemies makes sense. This fear factor of Russia has long been solidly embedded into the American mindset. Like the most obvious fake 9-11 scenario spewed promptly on fake news as the event happened, most Americans ain’t that smart.

      21. For someone who hates gays, why would he make such a disgusting comment??! (Gross!)

      22. Yeah, I already knew about this technology– Putin said something about it.

      23. So what IS NEW? 60 years of this same old story, keeps the war industrial complex busy by creating an endless booogerman. The debt in the USA must only get worse, due to endless imperialism wars, unneeded immigration and cradle to grave full lifetime entitlements. FACTOID: US NATIONAL DEBT, year 1835 = $33,733. About the cost of a decent new automobile today. $100 MIL mark in 1815. $1 BIL 1862 [47 yrs]. $10 BIL 1917 [55 yrs]. $100 BIL 1942 [25 yrs]. $1 TLN 1981 [29 yrs]. $10 TRN 2007 [26 yrs]. ……. ??? $100 TRN 2033 [26 yrs] ……. ??? $1 QDN 2059 [26 yrs] It can and it must.

      24. The Matrix is in charge. Destroy the Matrix and live forever.

      25. Did you ever go back to school and look at the little chairs we used to sit in? I wouldn’t fit under them anymore. The nukes would get me for sure!

      26. War and Rumors of War!!!!!!

      27. Why does anyone think that we can trust the leader of Chechnya?

      28. Dead hand?

      29. It’s very clear who’s here, real preppers and others. It’s become very easy to spot those fakes: I use to pick on one years ago (long timers know). It also seems easy to pick out young’ins, those of you without acquired knowledge from the school of hard knocks. Issues as gay, matrix, I’m never published, fear porners:. There were folks here like Eppe that would enlighten us and humor us, people who looked at situations and gave reasonable (sometimes) synopsis of an event (I’m probably guilty). I’m over 50, if you are 30 or less and never started a fire without a liquid (or gas), never changed you’re car’s water pump, never cut off the gas or waterline to your house, never killed or skinned a wild animal, never have had to take a cold shower, never have had to have a misameal, NEVER got smacked on the side of your noggin for doing something bad, never fired a weapon… Then you should just shut the F U . CK up and pay attention. My bet is that those who know, don’t want to help those who THINK they know, cut the BS! If you’re here to learn, then let’s learn, here to bitch, find the back door, let’s cut this bs. There’s slot of knowledge through this medium site, let’s try to maximize the time we have remaining. Nelson, Bay of Quinte Mohawk, Six Nations Canada

      30. The old tech is good. Not hackable. A lot of the US power grid uses old tech & is also not hackable for this reason. But, I wonder if an asteroid or meteor impact or explosive breakup in the air but low enough could trigger the auto sequence? Hopefully it needs more than one explosive reading before it kicks in.

      31. So easy to forget that THE sovereign Creator-Source, a most fantastic being of indisputable Intelligence, Patience and LOVE has managed to keep life enduring despite its frailties of seeing its weaknesses and still allowing themselves to procreate
        into better beings – usually in technology, a few into decent, caring people. Methinks this ratio keeps our Creator-Father smiling and continuing His watch care. Therefore my surety is that His Helpers in many and strange places have a last day surprise for you who think you have won a life long, millions of years game of brainwashing and takeover game.

        Antarctica is but a part of the drama, the dark part-up
        North is His Paradise – Agartha-Shamballa, home of spirit-technology to make you stutter. And beauty, magnificence in size and plenty to make you blink. I have seen it. Those residents will stop any nuke activity, have already neutralized the dreaded Fukushima scare. Despite your news-views. Prepare your hearts and minds and morals for pleasant times ahead. All of the Biblical-Armageddon scene is just the evil element playing out what they presented as prophesy. You watch it -you fear it -they gain power. Simple? No fear…Forget Mosaic gods
        and Abrahamic near sacrifice types of setups to gain your worship. Father doesn’t work that way. Some of us know this more need taught by, not by churches but by Angels who are the Silver Starships -NOT UFOs which are govt-made sick copies.

        When an Old Testament god asks for animal sacrifices and mundane human items (Read it for your awareness) for his solace and enjoyment, you must know he is a bad alien seeking to copy the Ultimate Creator. Only puny minds accept such religious ploys. Ask then of yourselves what all that lead to in later religious pursuits manhandled to trap and rape your minds and purse and freedom. Do your homework but do it soon for a change is coming you will weep over or rejoice over – not like you have been expecting…Sorry for the Truth but it has to be
        available to you because of His concern for all of His kids.
        Roy-David Woodward

        • I have this new E mail address, have no website, my only spiritual connection is following Truth Beauty and Goodness which at 90 I finally was blessed with by knowing these are His traits and desires for all of us. [email protected] Thank you.

          I am available for correspondence and any help I might give -free of charge. Roy

        • Damn this AI commenting software is getting good.

        • The creator or God is us ! That is the secret most cannot face !

      32. Awhile bsck there was a test testing the theory of cars going down after an emp attack. Most cars still ran with no problem. Stop thee fear porn.Your cars and trucks will still run after an emp

        • Modern cars running after an EMP? I don’t think so.
          Virtually all cars made after 1985 have systems that are controlled by electronics that will be completely fried by a purpose designed EMP pulse. The “test” you reference was conducted with a relatively week pulse. A number of cars died, a few still ran so it was deemed inconclusive.
          Since that test, cars increasingly rely on electronics. Traditional relays used in cars are now all H Bridge relays that fail with fairly modest spikes. I have seen it happen.
          If you don’t believe me, look at the specifications for any H Bridge relay used in 12 volt automotive applications. Check the capacity it has to manage spikes. Then see if you think it will miraculously “heal” or reset after a spike that will be easily 10 times its rated capacity.
          I wouldn’t bet on it.

      33. The fear mongers are shills for the military industrial complex companies. If any one remembers history, Eisenhower warned us about these companies in his farewell speech in the 1960s. Kennedy came along and embraced many of these companies to bring the USA into the 20th and 21st century. I remember all the praise for Kennedy and the fact that he was an intellectual and that he surrounded himself with all these “brains” from corporations and “think tanks”. The Truth was that this was all manufactured by Corporate America. The Military Industrial Complex companies really run the show. The Congressmen are lackeys, prostitutes who do anything for the money handed out to them by the corporations. If you are interested you can read some books “Advise and Dissent” by Sen James Aborezk of S Dakota and ” Throw them all out”….a scary review of dirty dealings by our Congress and how they become rich. Years ago , there was a Sci Fi movie called “Rollerball”. In the future of the movie ( see the first one with James Caan, not the remake), gov’ts have failed and corporations run the world. We are getting to that Sci Fi treatment. Corporations rattle sabers, and every one gets scared. This just makes politicians ” do something” and spend BILLIONS on new war toys so the Military industrial Complex gets richer…WW1, and WW2 made BILLIONS for many corporations and 1%ers. All the Mid East wars did was keep our hand in the mid east oil a little longer. We should GET OUT of all foreign entanglements. If the Arabs want to kill ea other…the Shiites vs the Sunnis or vice versa, we ,the USA do not need to be there. WE don;t need any bases in Europe, or Asia, or the mid east. Bring all the military and their families home. Get rid of the dead wood in the military and just have what you need to protect the USA….we do not need to intervene any where. We do not need the mid east oil any more; see the progress we have made in fracturing and solar….We can be energy independent and even sell energy and the technology to the world instead of selling our debt. Lets get real, folks. Next time the military industrial complex companies scare us with Russia, or N Korea or the Mid east…tell them to drop dead. Stop the flow of money for these ridiculously over priced weapons that will never be used. Stop our debt…every one should pay SOME TAX. No more NEGATIVE TAX Laws ( where the gov’t actually pays money to companies to help technology….Real Capitalism does not work that way…its either a private venture, it either succeeds or fails)…..We can live a good life…but I fear unless there is radical change the war mongers and profiteers will push us to WW3. just to make more money for them selves at the expense of billions of people…we,.. the 99%ers….

      34. Does anybody have a problem with The NY Times being the main source of validation for this article? While I have little doubt that such systems are in place, there had to be a more trustworthy source to back up the claims. -Hale

      35. What faith can you place in the leader of Chechnya. They hate the Russians and want to make as much trouble for them as possible. The United States, Russia, China, and other countries have secret weapons that they haven’t revealed. These weapons are far more advanced than the ones they have revealed. The real restraint is with weapons that would kill the persons who use them as well as their victims. Take away all these super-bunkers for the leaders and you take away the temptation to launch a first attack. What’s the point of being able to kill millions of people if you are killed as well? No survivors, no preemptive strikes.

      36. OR, they can just detonate upon launch, its ~7,000 nukes (and it only takes 100 to wipe US ALL 0ut on teh planet!). ANY Provocation is Nuking FUTS, folks !

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