Charles Barkley Labeled a “White Supremacist” For Telling Black People to Stop Killing Each Other

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    According to left-wing website The Root, Charles Barkley is a “white supremacist” because he says black people should stop getting angry over old statues and instead concentrate on not killing each other and getting an education.

    “Why won’t Charles Barkley shut the fuck up?” asks a clearly triggered Michael Harriot, whose story is filed under the category “Stupid Negroes”.

    “Is there anyone who thinks that Barkley’s statements about race reveal anything other than his repeated willingness to throw black people under the bus for our stupid unwillingness to assimilate into whiteness?” he rants.

    Barkley’s thought crime was to encourage black people to concentrate less on getting angry over historical monuments and more on getting an education, working hard and being successful. He also said black people “need to stop killing each other.”

    “I think if you ask most black people to be honest, they ain’t thought a day in their life about those stupid statues. What we as black people need to do: we need to worry about getting our education, we need to stop killing each other, we need to try to find a way to have more economic opportunity and things like that,” said the former NBA star.

    The rest of the Root article is a rambling, angry screed about how Barkley is siding with the “oppressors of black America” because he is regurgitating “white-people solutions” to black problems.

    “He is a true believer in the infallibility and superiority of whiteness. Because Charles Barkley is a white supremacist,” Harriot’s unhinged rant concludes.

    Given that this is how the left reacts to a successful black person telling other black people to escape from the ghetto of grievance culture and permanent victimhood, is it any wonder that the black community continues to be stuck in a cycle of dependence and self-pity?

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      1. Remember when Ebonics was all the rage for blacks? Now they look like the good old days. Is there one advanced civilization where blacks thrived?

        • No

        • Is there one advanced civilization where blacks thrived?


          • They learned to sing in harmony while picking?

            • I humbly give you… the banjo.

              The banjo came to America with the slaves, and musicologists have long looked in West Africa for its predecessors. Much of the speculation has centered on the ngoni and the xalam, two hide-covered stringed instruments from West Africa that bear some resemblance to the banjo.

              Early, African-influenced banjos were built around a gourd body and a wooden stick neck. These instruments had varying numbers of strings, though often including some form of drone. The five-string banjo was popularized by Joel Walker Sweeney, an American minstrel performer from Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

              Joel Walker Sweeney, also known as Joe Sweeney, was a musician and early blackface minstrel performer. He is known for popularizing the playing of the banjo and…

              was the first documented white banjo player.

              • He might of been the first one to play it. But Earl Scruggs was the first one to play it well.

                • our good friend, Charlie Cushman, 2017 banjo player of the year

                • Earl Scruggs was the first person to play 3 finger blugrass style in the key of G.

                  Everybody else played “clawhammer” banjo.

                  • You’re wrong. My grandfather (b. 1886) was playing like that years before Earl Scruggs was even born (b. 1924). I have a poster for a fiddlers convention in 1917 in which my grandfather won a prize for banjo playing, as well as for fiddling.

                    Everyone else was not playing clawhammer style. Look up parlor style. Look up Vess L. Ossman on Youtube and listen to his records which were made over 100 years ago.

                    • Here’s a Vess L. Ossman recording from 1899, “Whistling Rufus.”

                      ht tps://

              • So really, a white person playing the banjo is racist?

                Stealing black culture?

                • JS, ain’t nothin’ wrong with white people playing a banjo.

              • The stringed instrument with echo chamber was not invented, solely, by blacks. Sorry, not sorry.

                Neither was secession, nor autonomy.

                But, if Barkely, or whomever, were to really listen, they would hear a nascent form of anarchism. They expect to provide-for and govern themselves, use their own licensure (if any) and currency (if any.)

                It is not offensive to libertarians, if they’re not taking from you, the independent means of production.

          • Kemit. Think they built a pyramid that’s still standing till this day!

        • in answer to your question–with a question…

          is there one advanced civilization where anyone thrived???

          be honest

          look at history

          every civilization i’ve ever read about has NOT thrived, or they’d still be here today.

          don’t matter what color ya are

          we are all good at destroying civilizations–this one included

          now isn’t that why we’re all preppers??

          preparing for the destruction-non thriving of our civilization

          prep your souls

          • Ya, humans seem to destroy more stuff dont they, i mean they have built some cool stuff, but always with the destruction

          • A Ponzi scheme, where none of the power is shared, and most of the people are downline.

            If you have a working lightswitch and potable, running water, you are closer to the top of the pyramid.

        • I love the “Chuckster”. He always tells the truth. My favorite quote is when he lamented: “If I was 7 feet tall, I would be illegal” !!!

          Sir Charles always speaks from the heart. Too bad there aren’t more black athletes and public figures with his courage. 🙂

        • Roger D
          Is there one advanced civilization
          where blacks thrived?
          Yes. America.
          Now they want to bite the
          hand that feeds them.

          • To clarify my remarks
            Many great Black folks.
            But the minority numskulls
            give them all a bad name.

      2. “The rest of the Root article is a rambling, angry screed about how Barkley is siding with the “oppressors of black America” because he is regurgitating “white-people solutions” to black problems.”

        Yeah…..because black people solutions have worked out SO well for them, huh ?

        Anytime anyone of any skin color starts talking common sense, hard work and personal responsibility, the left doesn’t want to hear it.

        • I wonder if Charles Barkley was a poor black person he would think different? Just saying. I hardly think Barkley is oppressed. lol Maybe depressed when he looses gambling. BTW/ More than 50% of all NBA Teams are owned by the (((YOU KNOW WHO’s))) Black NBA Players are still traded like cattle, but they are well paid cattle.

          BTW/ Black lives still don’t matter to Backs, since 75% of the shootings and killing are still blacks shooting and killing other blacks.

          Ban Blacks NOT Guns.

          • I will also add, it is nice to see Established Blacks like C Barkley speak out against this Hatred stirred up by the (((Soros Types))). Hope they connect with their own kind to chill the F out!!

            • CSS < I also stand up for Barkley. He's one of the good ones.

              • CSS, I’ll also add there’s NO such thing as ‘blacks being oppressed by whites’. GMAFB! Blacks get all kinds of special treatment under federal law like affirmative action, set-asides at colleges and universities, getting on the social programs, etc. Anytime any famous black people speak out against white people they get a free pass because they belong to a minority group. But let any white people say anything negative about blacks then it’s the end of the world. Like that old saying goes, ‘some people are more equal than others’. NOT!

                • On two occasions at work “My People” being oppressors was thrown in my face. I reminded them that not one of my ancestors stepped foot into the US before 1915 and no brass band awaited them. They were called Dago, Wop and Polack. I don’t have a nickel in the slavery issue.

                  “Like that old saying goes, ‘some people are more equal than others’. NOT!”
                  In the end however Cris Rock made a great point on stage. He said, “there’s not a white person in this audience that would trade places with me and I’m RICH”.

                  • That’s not because he’s black… it’s because he’s an imbecile. (Or has to pretend to be.)

                    • I differ in opinion as does every white friend I canvassed who seen this. Someone who goes on stage and in your opinion acts like an imbecile that has a worth of $50 million or more is fine to switch with. Think Jerry Lewis acted normal? A black man? No thanks.

                      Its a fact.

          • I think they’re confused because they keep trying to ban black guns.

      3. Most people, both black and white, didn’t really give a rat’s ass about Confederate statues and memorials prior to all this leftist bullshit. As usual the entire thing was orchestrated by carpetbagging liberals who want to cause trouble and sew the seeds of divisiveness. After the statuary is gone the next step is to change the names of streets, then towns and counties (“Jefferson” is a very common county name in this country), etc. You can never compromise with or appease these people so don’t waste your time trying. All they understand is getting slapped down hard so put your efforts into that.

        • Charles Barkley, GO GO GO! Tell it like it is. Whoever called you a white supremacist is another loser from Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter and can only get somewhere with a quota and a set-aside. Stupid nigger.

        • Well at least George and Wheezy got to move on up to the East side……..

          • now you’ve done it

            i’ll never get that theme song outta my head!

            • LOL, now I can’t either.

              • WE FINALLY GOT A PIECE OF THE PYYYY EEYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “sow” the seeds of divisiveness

      4. RE: Dumbed Down Public Education. Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? Do you know your American History?

        If you asked every American “Who was the 1st US President, I would estimate 90%+ of All Americans would say George Washington. George Washington was NOT the 1st US President. You say, oh really. I say Yep. There were actually about 5 other US Presidents before George Washington.

        Here is a Factoid for you American History Buffs.

        John Hanson 1st president of the United States.
        John Hanson (April 14 [O.S. April 3] 1721 – November 15, 1783) was a merchant and public official from Maryland during the era of the American Revolution. In 1779, Hanson was elected as a delegate to the Continental Congress after serving in a variety of roles for the Patriot cause in Maryland. He signed the Articles of Confederation in 1781 after Maryland finally joined the other states in ratifying them.

        In November 1781, he was elected as President of the United States in Congress Assembled, and became the first president (third overall) to serve a one-year term under the provisions of the Articles of Confederation. While George Washington is recognized by historians as the first President of the United States, since he began serving when the current United States Constitution went into effect in 1789, some biographies of Hanson have made arguments that Hanson was actually the first holder of the office of president since he began serving following the first election for a full one-year presidential term once the Articles of Confederation was ratified in 1781.[1]
        President of Congress[edit]
        On November 5, 1781, Congress elected Hanson as president of the Continental Congress [6] (or “president of the Congress of the Confederacy”[3] or “president of Congress”[6]). Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States had no executive branch; the president of Congress was a mostly ceremonial position, but the office did require Hanson to handle a good deal of correspondence and sign official documents.[17] Hanson found the work tedious and considered resigning after just one week, citing his poor health and family responsibilities.[6] Colleagues urged him to remain because Congress at the moment lacked a quorum to choose a successor.[6] Out of a sense of duty, Hanson remained in office, [1][18] although his term as a delegate to Congress was nearly expired. The Maryland Assembly reelected him as a delegate on November 28, 1781, and so Hanson continued to serve as president until November 4, 1782.[6]

        The Articles of Confederation stipulated that presidents of Congress serve one-year terms, and Hanson became the first president to do so.[1][19] [20] Contrary to the claims of some of his later advocates, however, he was not the first president to serve under the Articles, nor the first to be elected under the Articles.[21] When the Articles went into effect in March 1781, Congress did not bother to elect a new president; instead, Samuel Huntington continued serving a term that had already exceeded a year.[22] On July 9, 1781, Samuel Johnston became the first man to be elected as president of Congress after the ratification of the Articles.[23] He declined the office, however, perhaps to make himself available for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election.[24] After Johnston turned down the office, Thomas McKean was elected.[25][22] McKean served just a few months, resigning in October 1781 after hearing news of the British surrender at Yorktown. Congress asked him to remain in office until November, when a new session of Congress was scheduled to begin.[19] It was in that session that Hanson began to serve his one-year term. A highlight of Hanson’s term was when George Washington presented Cornwallis’s sword to Congress.[26]

        Link: ht tps://

        • That would make a good tv show.

          Are you smarter than a darkie in Detroit?

          • JS< I know that I am, LOL!

        • I’ve got a better one: Why was their a US Civil War?

          Slavery? *ABSOLUTELY* nothing to do with it.
          As Abraham Lincoln said “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.”

          The Civil war was an illegal invasion by the North to enslave the southern states and take away their *LEGAL* right to leave the Union.

        • Thank you. I had no idea.

      5. Barkley I correct, but they want everything given to them and they don’t want to work of it or earn it.

        Barkley didn’t become a great B.B. player because he was stupid. He got an education and is a very intelligent man.

        I saw a black kid on T.V. the other day saying he didn’t get a Job. Then he stated. “Was it because of my color”.
        The turd had some kind of dredlocks going, big hole earring in, and a lip ring. A Tee shirt and pants off his ass. This was how he was dress for the interview. I wanted so bad to tell the kid. YEP IT WAS YOUR COLOR! DUH!!!

        Maybe we should shut up and let the bottom feeders in all races and religions kill each other off.


          • Funny shit,,,

              • I worked in Oakland. I think that dude was my supervisor!


              • PO’d Patriot, that dickhead called himself a teacher? I’d say ONLY because of affirmative action.

      6. “Black” people’s own solutions don’t seem to be doing much for them.

        Most inner cities where they dwell in mass look much like anywhere in Africa where Black’s are fully in charge. Poverty, disease, chaos and death.

        So, if they want to improve their lot in life, maybe they should start looking at what the White people whom they disdain so much are telling them about how to do it.

        • Anonymous, that’s right. And they damn sure won’t listen to any advice from white people. Can’t fix stupid.

      7. My daughter is black. I absolutely forbid her to ever step foot in any gathering or place that does not allow people of any race to attend…that includes BLM and similar despicable outfits. She will never accept money from any organization like the UNCF. I will pay for her college, and if I can’t then SHE will, and she will pay back every red cent she ever borrows from anybody for any reason, preferably early. She will never use race as a dating litmus test. She will never raise a hand to anyone in anger regardless of who they are, unless it is in self-defense and then I expect her to finish what the other person started by any means possible. She will try again if she doesn’t succeed, and keep trying until she does.

        Are these “white solutions”? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m white, and they’re sure mine. But it really seems like if all people of all races adopted solutions like these, there would be a heck of a lot less heartache in the world.

        OT: bought a bunch of Mountain House cans of meals in about 2009. Last night broke a couple out for the first time, just to try preparing them and see what they taste like.

        1) Holy CRAP they are easy to prepare. Truly, just add hot water and wait.
        2) Probably as tasty as most similar meals prepared the usual way. I so far tried Chili Mac and Teriyaki Chicken, both passably decent.
        3) Small amount of storage for many decent meals. I’m in an apartment now, and I could easily store a year’s food for just me in the closets. Have about 3-4 months right now…need to order more.

        • Good to hear. Been looking at the single packs to put in all our BOB’s

        • ?????
          Good post

        • Jaxx,

          I’ve tried and tried, and tried to eat foods such as
          Mountain House. I reserve that stuff for when I’m two weeks starving, they make me gag. I really liked military “C” rations
          to put it in perspective.
          I just don’t see how people can eat most freeze dried entrées as part of a regular rotation of their food stash.
          Do you do anything special with them?

          • Huh. I actually tried C rations a couple times many years ago, and by my taste MH was at least as good. Didn’t do anything outrageously different, just what I normally add, like pepper, a little hot sauce in the chili Mac and like that. I honestly liked it okay.

            • Thanks for the input!

            • Jaxx, I also discovered it helps to have certain spices on hand for the MH. Hot sauce does help, LOL.

        • “J”
          I have 2 weeks worth of M.H. at my #2BOL.

          We tried some two or three years ago at camp because it go so cold that if froze up the canned food that we had setting outside of the cabin in a cooler, and we didn’t want to wait to thaw it after a long day of hunting.

          I like M.H. better than Wise Food, but Wise isn’t bad. There are some Wise food that are better. That is what I have found. To each their own. Furguson Farms makes some pretty good stuff also.

          You are RIGHT Just Add Hot Water and Wait about 10 minutes. I let my set and shake it about every 2 or 3 minutes.


          • I can my own meat in a pressure cooker. Deer beef chicken etc. Will last for years. Really helps make the freeze dried stuff taste better.

          • Sarge, I’ve been having some MH out of my storage at the BOL lately. I’ll take that brand over any other freeze-dried foods out there. I tried an MRE once many years ago and ended up spitting it right out. MREs are a waste but that’s just me. I’ll stick with MH.

        • Did you adopt your daughter or is she mixed?

          When is it that mixed leans towards white instead of default black when describing them?

          In other words, if a person is half white and half black, why aren’t they ever described as white? why always black?

          • Daughter is adopted. By my info, she is 1/8 white, 1/8 Native and 3/4 black.

            • sounds like she got lucky when you adopted her. my best wishes to her and you!

      8. The truth sounds like hate, to those that hate the truth. Anonymous source.

        • “The truth sounds like hate speech
          to those that hate the truth”
          Ryan D. Christian

        • LIBERALS supporting Trump? Sounds like they’re waking up. I hope for their sakes they really do.

      9. Of course Barkley is going to take this stance, he is a millionaire still stacking beaucoup dollars from his tv gigs. Won’t bite the hand that feeds him so richly.

        • Funny how that turns a person.

      10. Options?

        1. Tell them to stop.

        2. Encourage them to continue

        3. Deny it’s happening.

        For liberals only # 1 is unacceptable.

      11. To be honest the number of white people who are no good culls is rapidly increasing. I prefer to call them Wiggers. It think the steady decline of the USA and the quality type citizens will continue. There are black individuals who do tell it like it is. E T Williams makes videos goes by the Name the Doctor of Common Sense he tells it like it is. The fact is a good person is a good person no matter what their skin color. A person soul don’t have any color.

      12. You can’t choose your race but you can choose your culture. If you wish to shun Jeudo-Christian culture and practice something else, don’t be surprised if you repeatedly fail in a Jeudo-Christian culture. As far as I know, initially, Jeudo-Christian people were not “white”. Most “white” people descend from northern Europe peoples and were called Barbarians.

        America is unusual in that it allows perverse cultures to exist and prosper, as long as you “assimilate” by being law obedient. If you cannot obey the laws, then you will suffer here.

        • Yes whatever society you live in if you don’t follow the allowable parameters of acceptiable behavior they will not let you peacefully exist there. Im not a Christian. My ancestors for the most part where the Barbarians. However I don’t argue religion or politics with anyone that I need to get along with. Some folks I really don’t have any use for. But they haven’t a clue what I actually think of them. And there isn’t anything wrong with being a racist.

          • I have no problem with racists who don’t go out of their way to make trouble for my daughter or make her feel bad. People have a right to their own thoughts.

            • People should be judged by their actions, nothing more. This tells the whole truth about a person. People can be evil in thought and actions, but people can also change for the better. There are good and bad in all races, and we are all equal and deserve humane treatment. I choose not to be around mean people, and I limit my association with seemingly good people. I have a more important relationship to concentrate on, and that would be my spiritual relationship with my God. I admire people like Jaxx and his outlook on life, Jaxx shows his inner self.

      13. Aw Hell I Want the Everyone to Kill Each Other I Don’t want to Sound like A Racist

      14. Playing the victim card while victimizing your enemy is the strategy of the (((you-know-who))); and it has worked stupendously well for them. While they are the biggest murderers in history, via such vehicles such as Communism, they have succeeded in leaving the impression with their victims, white and black and yellow, that they, the 3ews have been persecuted for no reason whatsoever. The difference, however, between these two professional victims, blacks and 3ews, is that most blacks really believe what is primarily a clever con, while 3ews, for the most part, recognize this as a con, a trick played on non-3ews in order to keep their enemies held back by feelings of sympathy and guilt.


        • good info! but what is a 3ew?

          • A word that gets past moderation filters.
            Why do you think everyone uses “Amish” to describe
            black thugs when they really want to use

      15. Do these people ever listen to what they themselves are saying?

      16. One group never indigenously built a sea faring vessel or a building with two floors. The other has been at the forefront of science, mathematics and medicine. One has a significant percentage of their population involved in violence. The other has a very small fraction controlling a vast amount of wealth with virtually the rest shunning violence. Its difficult to connect the dentist to the globalist banker but relatively easy to look at 25% of a young male population with a felony record frighteningly.

        Given any standards I’ll chose one group as a neighbor very willingly while steering well clear of the other.

        • If blacks want to kill each other then it is not for us to say no. The newspapers are always filled with the daily head count of dead blacks, 99% killed by other blacks in some turf war.

          Whites need to stay away from the black community and tend to their own business. Stick with doing white things (working, studying, saving, building) and leave the tribal peoples to do their thing (fighting over turf, procreating, killing etc.).

          • Frank Thoughts

            The black on black crime rate is a separate individual statistic that for effective purpose cannot be included in the overall violent crime rate. The excuse for firearms prohibition (It isn’t mere control) is predicated upon this phenomenon when its root causes are not linked to the greater society as a whole. There is a cultural deficiency in the black community that not only accepts but practically demands violence as the primary tool in settling disputes. Drug wars are only one component as “street respect” is likely the leading cause. This mindset carry’s over outside of the ghetto. I worked with very together black men that in every respect were the equals of anyone in both work ethic, knowledge and home life. They saved, invested, educated their children and could be referred to as pillars of their respective community’s which was suburban and mainly white. Their propensity however for the acceptability of violence as a tool to settle disputes was far more common than with white people. The “I’ll kick your ass” would come out of their mouth as a tangible even in their middle age years. I never once heard that uttered in three decades by a white guy at work.

            I dislike no person because of race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof but I run my life constantly computing probabilities as we all do. Do you cross the street now or when traffic subsides? Using logic keeps me avoiding demographics that have a higher probability of danger. Its not racism its realism.

      17. Barkley is a logical thinking great American. His clarity of thought would have made him succesful in many enterprises. His physical attributes and other basketball abilities made a sports career the best choice. Why blame him for being succesful? He’s just trying to get other Americans to think for themselves and not accept the plantation drivel.

      18. No white supremacist is going to tell black people to not kill other black people. White supremacists see black people as vicious animals who belong in the jungle. They believe that it is is the nature of black people to kill people. All people have violent tendencies; given the provocation, we kill. The right message is “we should work together to find non-violent solutions to the problems we share”. Of course, we share problems better than we share resources.

        Watching FEMA officials talk about Hurricane Harvey, reinforced my distrust of authorities during a crisis. The top FEMA official spoke of the need to “break the rules’ and “the need to get the job done”. If they encounter anyone with needed supplies and preparations for SHTF, they will simply take them. The best defense is to not let them know such things exist. The more in the dark they are, the better.

        • ” All people have violent tendencies; given the provocation, we kill. ”

          That is 100% true. Its also true that all animals will attack and kill given the provocation. Its just that the amount of provocation needed for a rabbit and a lion are different; same here.

        • Brian, I’ll simply shoot anyone who tries to take my supplies no matter who they are. I’ve put too much blood, sweat, tears, and FRNs into prepping to simply just let some POS take my supplies. Knowing how Texans are I’m sure they’ll do the same thing. FEMA had better forget that idea.

      19. Cracksomeskulls, Css, You are a prick at times and like to talk shit to me all the time, but this time I have agree with your findings, and I hate to say this but your 100% on the money. I see that you are doing good research, and I like that. What you mentioned about the presidential History is a fact. John Hanson was elected in Stealth, with Washington as his successor, since the founders, congress was in the process of organizing the New government. They hadn’t figured out term limits, etc at that time, since they were about to go to war with the british. They had to wipe out the fuckers first, sink their ships and kill out the rest of them along with the Germans allies, then get things done correctly and in writing. America was evolving at that time, with a lot of uncertainty of the future. The country had to get its act together. That history, it’s actually true, and I was told about it from a source. The title President of the United States, this term did not exist yet. The founders had not publically declared that they had elected a president, its was after the revolutionary war, that George Washington was elected and went Public as president, took on that title to let the Reptilians, excuse me the King of England know that a leader, “president” was elected by the American people. It’s going on again right now incase something happens to Trump. Another leader is being put in place just incase 1776 commences again. We are living in some interesting and perilous times. Now Its airoplanes, battles ships, cars, internet and cell phones, the new tech erra and not a damn thing has changed. The American white man is realizing right now that he is the new American Indian. Had someone from the future tell the Indians that the white man would join them in the future to fight a revolutionary war, they would have laughed.


        • from FOX news:

          A tornado touched down in the Katy, Texas, area, just west of Houston, uprooting trees and tearing apart the Trailer World dealership.

          “It’s shocking,” BJ, who manages the business, said to Fox News. “The office is gone. The front gates are gone. Thank God nobody was here.”

          you ok out there, HCKS

      20. Looking at all these remarks about Blacks and whites I can see why this country is on it’s knees.It’s the old game of divide and conquer. Blacks and whites, Democrats and Republicans, Protestant and Catholics. Can’t you see these are invented to rip us apart so that you won’t see how the rich Bastards in this world are screwing us every way they can.The people need to unite as one,and rid this world of Wall Street criminals and greedy bankers. This is where our anger should be centered and not on each other as we are all in the same boat, and it’s sinking.

      21. The Left now says anyone who isn’t in lock-step with them is “racist”, “white supremacist”, “Nazi”, etc. True Libertarians will see the Right and the Left as being government supremacists and both as their enemies. Most Right-wingers think they’re libertarian. The Right wing is NOT libertarian. Neither, of course, is the Left.

      22. Democrats scream about old images in parks but why are they not yelling about stockholder of these prisons that want to have 90% full cells? Mostly full with black men and women. These are the new slave owners to my mind. They get money for seeing those cells full. And they should be call the KKK or white supremacists. Because why would anyone from those group care about blacks getting educated or if blacks kill themselves.

        • Its not what the Democrats scream but rather the story the MSM wants to promote. There are no doubt Democrats that can’t get traction with that issue. We literally live in a real time movie set.

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