Chance of Flares: Earth Directed Sun Spot “Harbors Energy for X-Class Eruptions”

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    Space watchers have warned that the sun may soon be waking up – as early as today – and it has the potential to direct high powered X-Class solar flares directly at earth.

    So far today, solar activity is low. However, that could be the calm before the storm. The magnetic field of big sunspot AR1654 has grown more complex. It is now classified as a ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field, which means it harbors energy for X-class eruptions.

    If there is a flare today, the blast would be Earth-directed.

    This sunrise shot, taken at dawn on Jan. 16th by Jan Koeman on the bank of the Westerschelde River in the Netherlands, shows how AR1654 (circled) is almost directly facing our planet

    AR1654 Photo via Space Weather:

    Though some ‘C’ and ‘M’ class flares have hit earth recently, none were strong enough to cause any serious, long-lasting damage, save some minor effects on satellites and radio stations.

    X-Class flares, however, have the potential to wreak havoc across the globe. Similar to the earthquake Richter scale, going up from one class to the next means that the flare is at least 10 times as powerful as the level below it, so an ‘X-1 Class’ flare would be 10 times as powerful as the strongest ‘M’ class flare.

    The effects of such a flare hitting earth could be disastrous, wiping out essential infrastructure components like power grids and utilities, satellite communications, cell phones, transportation systems, and the internet. It’s been theorized that a strong enough solar flare similar to the one that struck earth in 1859, known as the Carrington Event, could potentially wipe out modern day electronic systems and send human civilization back to the 19th century.

    In 1989, it took only seconds for Hydro-Quebec, the company that supplies power to the Canadian region, to fail when an intense geo-magnetic storm struck earth and caused a cascading breakdown in the electric grid. It is believed that the solar flare which caused the outage was rated at a class of X-15, and luckily only struck a small portion of the northern hemisphere.

    In July of 2012 an X-1 flare narrowly missed earth.

    Scientists have rated solar flares into different “divisions,” identified by a number following the letter class. In general, solar flare classes are rated from 1-9, but scientists have, as recently as 2003, measured flares that were literally off the charts:

    Then come the X-class flares. Although X is the last letter, there are flares more than 10 times the power of an X1, so X-class flares can go higher than 9.

    The most powerful flare measured with modern methods was in 2003, during the last solar maximum, and it was so powerful that it overloaded the sensors measuring it. The sensors cut out at X28.

    The biggest X-class flares are, by far, the largest explosions in the solar system and are awesome to watch. Loops tens of times the size of Earth leap up off the Sun’s surface when the Sun’s magnetic fields cross over each other and reconnect. In the biggest events, this reconnection process can produce as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs.

    Should one of these off the chart flares be directed at earth, we could be looking at an Armageddon-like event in its aftermath.

    According to Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, if electronic systems in the United States were wiped out, the consequences would be lead to a complete breakdown in society. Though Gaffney bases his assessment on the threat of an electro-magnetic pulse weapon, a powerful enough solar flare could cause similar destruction:

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity.”

    How likely is it that such a powerful geo-magnetic storm could hit earth?

    According to a recent research study published by Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications, the odds are not in our favor:

    By showing that the frequency of occurrence scales as an inverse power of the severity of the event, and assuming that this relationship holds at higher magnitudes, we are able to estimate the probability that an event larger than some criteria will occur within a certain interval of time in the future. For example, the probability of another Carrington event occurring within the next decade is ∼12%.

    It’s solar roulette and eventually our number will be up.


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      1. Could help level the playing field.

        • US,

          My thoughts exactly. Said that on another post here somewhere.

          • I said the same thing in another post. I’d love to see their surveillance grid knocked out, their drones nav systems disabled and their database links gone. WE CAN survive and THRIVE without the power grid, THEY, however, can’t maintain their technological choke-hold on us without it.

            While the big boys are probably well protected, their network of smaller contractors may not be. Take out the weak links and the network fails. We, as preppers, could only be so lucky as to get what we have been prepping for.

            • Ha, I am happy to hear that I am not the only one thinking that a powergrid wipeout would be a good thing for the earth.

        • Nuclear power plants = world destruction in this scenario

          • A superbly EXCELLENT point that is massively overlooked! My great respects to ‘Lightknight’ for this insight.

            With about 450 nuclear power plants scattered about the planet, the inability to maintain them at safe temperature levels would directly result in 450 Fukushima Daiichi incidents, which alone and to date, has released the equivalent radioactive pollution of a global thermonuclear war!

            Assuming all else would be recoverable over time from such a solar catastrophe alone, such a level of radioactive pollution across the planet would not be, and it would certainly spell the end of ALL life on the planet, without exaggeration.

            Perhaps this is why we find no other intelligent life in the universe. For soon after discovering nuclear power, prior to advancing beyond their own planet, every world is totally destroyed by it.

      2. I know this has nothing to do with this article but saw obongos speach and I have to ask,
        Am I the only one who caught this.
        Obamas words
        High capacity magazines are what allowed the government to shoot 70 ppl in aurora.

        • Drank some Peptol-Bismo and watched it again. He said:

          “the high-capacity magazines are what allowed the ‘gunman’ to shoot 70 people in Aurora.”

          That’s not to say the Gunman and the Government are one in the same.

          • Yeah, once it posted online I watched it again, thanks for
            The response.but I still dont feel any better. Lol

      3. I don’t worry about life changing events that I have no control over. Think about it, even if you manage to save your electronics, car, electric, how long before you have them taken from you? This is an end of the world scenario, not in man’s hands.

        Worry about putting food on the table, keeping a roof over your Family’s head, raising your kids, having faith and fighting for things that are within your reach. Nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while you can.

        • Amen Live Free of Die!

          “Perfect love casts off all fear.” This is the time to love our family, our friends and ourselves like never before. I’m often amazed at those who overuse one of the Scriptures. That one is, “you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Hmmmmm…. has it ever occurred to anyone that that particular Scripture has a condition? If we hate ourselves, are displeased with who/what we are, then how will ever be able to truly love others (including our spouses, children, etc)? Answer… we can’t! So let us see all that is going on in this day and age as a personal challenge of self-improvement through God and by faith!

          • or Die, I meant… sorry! 🙂

        • That’s Right, prepare for the worst, pray for the best

      4. Should an EMP of that magnatude come towards Earth, the results would be devastating. Grids down world wide, USA would be prime for the taking as all communications will be down. Think about the stone ages and thats where we would end up.

        • Probably more like 1850’s technology with 1930’s weapons.

          • Perhaps one should ask what would happen at the 400 nuclear plants in the Us or the other hundreds around the world if electric stopped and shut down the cooling systems? Would there be a livable world left in a few days? Think Fukushima and that was only 3 reactors and no spent fuel rods exposed. There are over 200,000+ TONS of spent fuel rods being stored in pools all around the world. Some 700,000+ of them. So you better be careful of what you wish for.

      5. One thing for sure: if it were to happen, things would happen “lightnin’ fast” and the days of incrementalism (i.e. Frogs in a Pot) will be over and done with.

        • @ Unreconstructed Southron,

          …that would almost be a mercy at this point.

      6. On another note, since it’s not posted yet.

        Of all the 23 Exec. Actions listed (headline on Drudge), at quick glance, number 4 and 7 are of primary concern.

        Please go and read the 23 EA’s (otherwise known as EO’s) that are soon to be hitting. Fact is, they are so broad this Marxist could do ANYTHING!!

        • Anon,
          Hate to go so far off topic, but After I heard the king speak, I threww up then went to my local gun shop to get some things. It is Wednesday and the parking lot was over flowing. THere were no AR style weapons left, barely any pistols left and they were running low on long rifles. I asked about M&P Mags, He said they have NO MAGS AT ALL! I picked up a couple of things for reloading, but most of that is gone also. I felt like I was at Lowes right before a hurricane. People were buying anything they could just to buy something.
          It is getting close folks. We are going to have to make a serious decision about our Libeties very soon. I hope for our children’s sake that we chose wisely.
          My line is drawn on this issue.

          • Mine has long been drawn!

            MOLON LABE!

          • @Bulldog

            “I felt like I was at Lowes right before a hurricane.”

            Anyone who “woke up” gets that feeling in their stomach. It’s been growing stronger in the last month, where I know know exactly what you are talking about. This calms me sometimes…

            George Washington’s Prophecy: The 3rd Peril of America


            • Iowa,
              Good video.
              I dont want to undo your calm, but our nation is as bad if not worse than sodom and gomora. I read somewhere “The Teacher is always silent during the test”.
              I am guessing 1. would be 1776, 2. would be the War of Northern Aggression, and 3. to be announced in the very near future.

              • Bulldog, I appreciate your reference to the Civil Wars as “War of Northern Aggression”. That’s exactly what it was and sadly, most Americans don’t understand what that means much less care about it. The Republic began to crumble as a result of it and the icing on the cake was spread across 1913 after which we were a full blown democracy headed in an unstoppable downward spiral. In 1913 most Americans had much more spine than they do today and even then they failed to stop the takeover. At this point collapse is imminent. I’m surprised it too a 100 years to finish.

                • Roger,
                  Folks were brainwashed in school to believe lies about the war. If Lincoln wouldnt have used an “executive order” to attack the Confederate States, we would be living in a different world today. Slavery was on the way out with the industrial revolution in the future and the Confederacy just wanted Liberty and not a tyranical government. Sounds a little like today. The only difference is the governors in the red states dont have enough spine to tell the fed to shove it.

      7. Happen to live in the vicinity of a Nuclear Power plant? Know what would happen to such a facility without electricity to run the cooling pumps?

        How many N-plants are there in America?

        • @ EA,

          112 to the best of my knowledge.

      8. O’Mighty Obama, Please issue an Executive Order that we might be saved, again.

        • Good one.

      9. …this is the most important article imo you have ever written mac……this threat from the sun is very real and most don’t pay any mind to it. The real danger here is the fact NASA knows EXACTLY whats going on here and the danger of it all and they say NOTHING. I’ve said this before and it needs to be repeated again…..if the sun unleashes an x-class flair that knocks the power out for months….they WILL blame IRAN saying they EMP’ED us. The scientists at NASA aren’t dumb and I think they KNOW another CARRINGTON event is upon us. That would explain the 2 billion+ bullets purchased by uncle sam, all the underground cities they built, why they want our guns so bad, what all the drills and troop movements have been about, the constant propaganda about terrorists with emp’s. TERRORISTS DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO PULL OFF AN EMP ATTACK. It would have to be state sponsored by a power that has the technology to pull it off. At the very least you need a ship, missle, nukes. you think your average terrorist has those items in his garage? Folks…they are FOR SURE preparing for SOMETHING…but what?? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT ARE THEY GETTING READY FOR?? Clearly the event they have been feverishly getting ready for hasn’t happened …yet. People in this country for the most part are SO FREAKING IGNORANT if the sun turned the lights out our loving government could tell everyone SANTA CLAUSE did it and most would buy it. Don’t expect the COVER-UP ARTISTS at NASA to tell the world it was the SUN. It will be up to people like us AS USUAL to try to explain to the sheeple what really happened. Of course if the power is out how will we do that??

        • it ain’t tofay Pup, relax…it may be coming but it just ain’t now. See below. Over the last 36 hours significant changes simplification HAS occurred, S’Ok?


          Fotnote: All else is as you stated, there simply isn’t ANYTHING that has the destructive potential of old Sol within several thousand of light years of us, and nothing Human can match even the slightest fraction of that potential….

      10. I could deal with no phones or electricity, the nuke issue sorta sucks but if you ask me was sort of stupid to design something that the biproducts can kill you over and over again, would actually be justice for our power company to get toasted and everything with any electronics be dead. If that happens, have a good one folks, its been real!

      11. Someone with more astrophysics than myself may need to explain this, but if the sun spot its directly aimed at us now and it takes 2-3 days to reach us doesn’t that mean the CME would sweep through the area we just left?

        For it to hit us doesn’t it have to fire off so the CME and us both reach the same point in space at the same time?

        Kind of like if you want to take down that running whitetail, you aim for where it’s going to be when the bullet gets there, not where it is mow?

        If I’m misunderstanding something I’m happy to be corrected. My EMP preps are as good as I can make them at the moment with the funds I have available.

        • Hi HisArmWide,

          YOU have just hiot upon an obvious flaw in the logic most would use to estimate things, good observation. Allow me to explain.

          Without going into minutae here, you are wholly correct, however, consider that the transit TIME depends on the velocity of the ejected mass. The CME generated a few days afo is of the ‘slow’ sort so that indeed the Earth will move by a few degrees of arc from the moment that the emission occured until the time that it physically arrives here to us. Specifically, the speed of saifdlasre in this case is being given as approximnately 371 km/sec. Obviously, each 24 hour period has the earth rotating in it’s path around the sun by approximately a single degree (not quite that simple since the orbit of the Earth is oh-so sliftly elliptic) given that the peroid is ! 365 fays while a circle has 360 degrees.

          Here’s where that applies to a much smaller extent; if a extremely energetic flare foes eject a mass in our direction it could be moving towards at a ferocious speed, well in excess of 3000 km/sec….at the low end of relativistic as it were. In that case the rtransit time from the Sun to the Earth could be as little as 2 hours. The fastest transit ever observed took only 14 hours…that should answer several questions pending openly here also.


          • Oops, correction here,

            “In that case the transit time from the Sun to the Earth could be as little as 12 hours.”


          • Cool, thanks for the information, it clears it up for me. And hopefully anyone else.

          • Sounds like BS…..
            PROVE THIS STUFFF……or stop it!!

        • If I’m not mistaken parts of the solar flare travel as fast as, or almost as fast as the sun’s rays, which is about 8 or 9 minutes.

          • No. They’re slower. They generally take a day or two to reach earth so we’ll have a little warning.

      12. I would hate to live in a world after an EMP event but it would be so gratifying to tell all those that called me ridiculous for setting “a little something” aside for that very rainy day, “I told you so now get off my land.”

      13. Perhaps the real fear would be if the grid goes down, how will the nuclear power plants be stabilized? They will melt down and our whole Northern Hemisphere will be destroyed by radiation.

        What safety measures are in place at nuclear facilities during a worse case grid down scenario to keep them from melting down?

      14. I live 4 miles from Nuclear Power Plant, bummer…
        IF they have a days notice, they can start shut down then, and battery power can help with cooling for a couple of days but after that, can anyone say Heroshima? As far as the back up generators that depends on IF they and the electronics to control them and the battery power have been hardened against EMP.
        How many want to bet they have NOT?

      15. While I’m here,

        In reference to the the current Solar state, in a word, “Not”.


        Relative to the CURRENT Solar State:

        Actually, No…unqualifiably. The current state of the only rwo solar regions capable of ANY significant flare activity – 11654 and 11652 – is that both have relaxed magnetically significantly over the last 36 hours. Additionally, neither at this time shows any high magnitude velocity gradients in the current Doppler (HMID) imaging taken within the last hour. It is also the case that one of the broad measures of solar activity, the Penticton Solar Flux measuremnent has decreased at least by 35 sfu over the last readings taken at 22:00 UTC on the 14th…last evening’s 22:00 measurement is the most current at hand as same are only posted 3 times per day; 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00, all in UTC time and as yet the figure for today’s 18:00, though imminent, has not been posted. I fully anticipate an additional decrease of between 5-9 points upon it’s release.

        A common mistake made by those who follow all things Solar is to take the daily figures and assertions of NOAA at face value: Typically, NOAA is ‘last to the party’, chronically as regards updates and general status all around. Solen-dot-info’s Solar Terrestrial Activity report is by far more timely and generally more accurate.

        In the last 36 hours it is the case that most of thre penumbral manifestations which would qualify 11654 as “Beta-Gamma-Delta” have vanished almost completely and the current obserrved level of polarity intermixing – always a significant measure of the potential of any region to flare – has resolved strongly to a more seperated appearance. It is also the case that the current postion of 11652 is far along towards the western solar limb while 11654 is already pasr the central solar Polar meridian.

        All told, as stated the evening before last, nothing of concern is present currently….”All Clear” as it were on the Solar front.

        Lastly, there is a slow moving (371 km/sec) wavefront which was emitted some few days ago subsequent to one of the M-class emmissions which NASA/NOAA has updated to indicate that the body of solar plasma will pass by the Earth, peaking in density at roughly midnite (Central time) this evening. This is not expected to produce significant effect as the impulse from such a slow moving wavefront produces only small changes in the terrestrial magnetic field. Were it the case that such a wavefront were moving towards us at anything in excess of say, 1500 km/sec then there would be cause for significant concern, but not here. As an issue of estimation, the only noteable point here is that the current Enlil-WSA projections indicate that the average particle density – at peak – might exceed 30 particles per centimeter per second per steradian, which is somewhat higher than we would expect but, again, in this case not a cause for concern.

        Be a whole lot more concerned with Terrestrial matter folks, specifically what is happening to the second Amendment today…

      16. Like space weather? I like to watch YouTube postings by SuspiciousObservers, who post daily 3-4 minute “news” updates specific to space weather with a focus on solar activity. Good stuff!

      17. in addition, the SuspiciousObservers posting for today appears to disagree with the possibility of an X class flare. Still fascinating stuff to study, and solar weather is constantly changing, and has such a great affect on us.

      18. @ justoneguy…thats good news it ” settled down ” a little ( the sun ). I don’t mean to frighten people with my rantings….I’m just dying to know what the government has been preparing for lately. I firmly believe it’s some kind of natural disaster that will stem from all this solar activity. We may not get hit by any significant flair that will shut the power off. That being said I’m 99% sure we are about to see an EXTREAMLY LARGE earthquake somewhere like BI has predicted using his awsome system. I think he said a 50% chance of a 8 or greater by months end. The USGA as you well know has been spending a LOT of time at various faults doing readings and whatever else they do. Trust me….something BIG is on the way and they darn well know it. What? I have no idea….and the suspense is killing me!! Is it wrong to be ” having fun ” talking about these hardcore topics? :>) I don’t see how ANYONE could seriously talk about their favorate reality tv show, sports team, how many facebook friends you have, golf, and all the other distractions the AMERICAN sheeple seem to think is important with all this good stuff going on in the real world. I don’t think it get anymore ” real ” than our awsome sun and how DANGEROUS it really is. My god….i’m ranting..well..there you have it. :>)

        • Howdy Pup!,

          I know you were having a heck of a time a few weeks ago gettin’ in here, glad to see you got it all woked out! As far as the typing goes, believe me…I understand … I’ve been on a long string of 20 hour days for about a week now and my damn fingers don’t seem to hit the right keys NO matter what I tell’em. 🙂

          I understand your fascination with what’s going on around us (obviously!) and I too cannot fathom the minds of those who pay it no heed…it is a mystery to me…

          BI surely has an excellent rack record in things seismic, so much so that – in part – that’s why I ‘came out’ here (delurked) such as to provide a complement to those excellent efforts but in things solar. As I’ve said before, siesmic is NOT my forte, only another interest though a strong one. I will always defer to BI’s judgement in these matters. BI seems to think that the upshot of all this recent activity is centered around or about China, the Phillipines and such, perhaps.

          I TRULY hope that the focus does NOT turn out to be the Cascadia…more even than the New Madrid the Cascadia scares me silly, especially after seeing all the action North and South thereof over the last few weeks and days. Sorry I haven’t bespoke you the last several days…I too began having an ‘inordinate’ amount of problems getting my post into the site. Oh and BTW, supposedly Mac is preparing the “Earth Changes’ Perma-Forum for installation here, perhaps soon we’ll be able to RESALLY jabber through things in detail!

          Have a good one…till later. JOG

      19. USGS * i hate this keyboard!!

      20. …takes giant focusing device and directs it at Wall St, banks, Capitol Hill.
        Job well done !

      21. An additional post seems in order here,

        Both Concerned and Dr Blue express concerns about the post-facto events relating to nuclear plants. Here goes…

        Even under extraordinary conditions the whole of the reactors in the USA can SCRAM exceedingly fast, in minutes as it were. Is this a “full shut-down”? No, not at all. The SCRAM serves to prevent the further controlled evolution of new neutrons from the fissile material in the core proper….there is still a LARGE amount of interacting neutrons within the core and the residual heat to be contended with. When the rods ‘drop’ they effectively shut down the generation of newly produced neutrons within a short period ranging to upwards of 35 minutes depending on the design at hand. ‘Radiation’ measured within the assembly begins to decrease immediately. Think of the control rods as being 3-D Venerian Blinds, Eh?

        Thereafter the concern is that the remaining thermal energy contained in the core, some of which continues to evolve as the remaning neutrons trigger some further fission does not rise beyond design safety levels. THAT is what happened in Japan, at TEPCO’s Fukushima facility. Before proceeding please note that TEPCO was notoriously badlt mismanaged as were probably EVERY reactor in the nation there…the rack record of localized Japanese nuclear accidents is awful. In this country, nearly every reactor operator is aobtained from and by those exiting the US Navy submarine fleet or carrier duty and they have embedded throughout that experiance a rigorous attention to detail and procedure.
        Inasmuch as Japan doesn’t exactly have a large NUCLEAR navy I’ll leave you to consider the personel difference there.

        Ig the grid is operant, the power to the pumps to maintain the requisite cooling in the core is maintained thereby. Obviously this would not be the case in the scenario here, so what does happen? As a strictly obsrved rule of thumb almost EVERY nuclkear system in this country is TRIPLE redundant….a back-up got every back-up…that’s just how it’s done HERE. In this case very large diesels on te order of megawatt class present at all licensed facilities are engaged immediately the instant the SCRAM itself is initiated automatically and typically bothe the primary and secondaty BOTH are brought up simulataneaously to ensure that no lapse occurs in the event of a failure of the primary. No lapse can occur…ever, thus the design.

        Here’s where we get to the thick of it. Diesels run on fuel – of course – and as such have a limited run life but typically, in excess of two weeks of fuel is stored on-site immediately adjacent to the areas of the emergency back-up generation facility. RARELY, it might be the case that something less than that is on hand due to a variety of reasons.

        THE absolute primary concern is what happens in the scenario posited, a massive EMP from a solar source. In this case the issue is NOT how fast the reactors can be taken off-lone but instead HOW dast can the multitude of irreplaceable – literally irreplaceable – UHV and VHV transformers be isolated from the grid, each other and from the ground plane. Incidenatlly, UHV and VHV stand respectively for Ulra-High-Voltage and Very-High-Voltage transformers. IT IS these that actually transfer energy from poinmt A to point B along the ‘Grid” and without them nonesuch exist…period. Without the ability to move electrical energy thusly each nuclear generation facility stands alone once the fuel runs out. It is within the power of the utility companies to effect very good shileding against all but the largest solar flares related grid-surges (think an X-60+) but to date few have done so citing cost, downtime and etc. ICSA posted a report several times showing the astoinishing damage done to the unit in the Canadian segment of the NE grid when the 1989 solar storm blacked-out most of New England and Eastern Canada. Said damage was effectively full incineration of the 65 ton transformer as I recall: the pictures of the remains werre jaw-dropping, literally nothing salvageable left after the fact.
        The rate of production of these units is only a few per year and the order to delivery lag is in excess of two years FOR a SINGLE UNIT. Get the picture?

        In time to come – shortly, I hope, Mac will be installing the new Perma-Forum, “Earth Changes” wherein it is likely that Be Informed and myself will regularly reside. Detailed explanations and discussions are to be expected and welcomed there. As a last thought, it IS neccessary that we all get accurate information…how else can one judge good or bad, right from wrong without such? Unfortunarely, much of what is at hand on the open internet is purely fantastic, flights of fevered imaginartion….then again some isn’t. Hopefully in the future we can all start getting a clearer picture of what is…and isn’t.


      22. I am watching the earthquake activity from this. The past polar earthquakes recently are just too many not to have something quite large, or a few 6.5-7’s. Within Jan.24 there should be a good sized one, by jan.30, almost certain. Watch China, Japan, Indonesia, South America to Mexico for the best chance of a big one. Other areas I mentioned before are also quite possible.

        • you including cali. on that list too? maybe, at least, feinstein?

      23. Good Evening BI,

        The ‘feel’ here is not good is it? I am partly heartened that you didn’t explicitly mention here the Cascadia…I’ve got a wierd feeling about that right now, though as you may have noted above…such is thy endeavor and not mine…

        The events of today are disheartening…I remember as a child how awed I was that America could do all the things it did when I looked around at the world….today we can’t even get a person across the street safely, let alone a man back to the moon. I greive for what has been lost I’m not fishing for a reply here Friend, just saying.

        One last time: It’s been a VERY long week here in JOG-ville folks, again I beg Y’All’s pardon for my poor typing skills this eve.

        “Guten Nacht zu Alles, JOG”

      24. @ Be Informed – I answered your question about New York and Cumos legislation. I put it up at the most recent post by Mac. Agreed though, it is tryanny. I live in
        Upstate New York, between Buffalo and Syracuse. I would like to hear what you have to say in reply.

      25. I hate to sound so fatal, but I strongly believe our civilization has grown beyond control. We have exceeded our limits of comfort and sustainability. There are simply too many of us living in too complicated of a system to allow for freedom.

        I long for collapse. It’s time to reinvent ourselves on a smaller, local scale with simpler living and closer relationships.

        All I see when I look around is insanity, insane levels of pollution, insane levels of hatred, insane levels of environmental destruction, insane levels of consumption, insane levels of corruption.

        We have become a plague upon this planet.

        • Government is the plague upon this planet. Just about any of the societal and cultural ills you see today can be directly traced back to governmental policies…. lame-brained at best, and downright evil at worst. Take for instance the famine in Somalia in the 90’s….direct result of the Somali warlords preventing donated food from getting to the people. Stalin starved the Ukrainians.

          And the problems we face in this country today (other than natural occurring problems like earthquakes and storms)can be directly attributed to the meddling of our own government and the global banksters.

          The problem is not too many people, or that the planet cannot sustain the population. The problem is the stupidity and evil of government.

          • Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true. Unfortunately reality has a different take on things. For instance we use an unlimited growth paradigm to sustain our civilization yet we live on a finite planet. Eventually growth hits limits which are exactly what is occurring right now.

            You can’t blame politicians for the lack of oil in the ground. Unless you want to blame them for encouraging growth in the face of declining resources.

      26. Awesome post. This is the danger that most people are completely unaware of. I swear, most average people think food comes from the grocery store and there is an inexhaustible supply. SEMPER PARATUS!

        • You mean food doesn’t magically materialize on grocery store shelves?

      27. Hey b&tch, dont screw with my Daisey Red Ryder. I can shoot U in the eye at 20 feet.

      28. Nigel Tufnel: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and…
        Marty DiBergi: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten?
        Nigel Tufnel: Exactly.
        Marty DiBergi: Does that mean it’s louder? Is it any louder?
        Nigel Tufnel: Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it? It’s not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. You’re on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you’re on ten on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?
        Marty DiBergi: I don’t know.
        Nigel Tufnel: Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?
        Marty DiBergi: Put it up to eleven.
        Nigel Tufnel: Eleven. Exactly. One louder.
        Marty DiBergi: Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?
        Nigel Tufnel: [pause] These go to eleven.

      29. @justoneguy….yes…i did have few problems posting a while back….I was having “posting withdrawl” during my down time ….emailed mac and he fixed it eventually…..:>) sorry to hear of your posting difficulties…I know how that is. Earth Changes forum sounds cool..count me in

      30. An EMP False Flag?

        As the political puppets are fond of reminding us, we are in an age of global terror. As they are fond of leaving out, however, that terror is usually generated by them. Today on The Corbett Report we examine a possible vector for the next false flag attack: an EMP pulse.

      31. Not surprising, ignorance on display here. If you understood Newton’s Square Law, you would know your fear mongering is a waste of time. But, you count on the ignorance of your audience to buy into your crap and line your pockets.

      32. The sun is the microwave that percolates extreme weather events and those may crack the insurance companies and then everything will melt down. A couple more hurricane Sandy would bring the world to it’s knees. Better stock up on gear and food.

      33. The sun and its flares will treat the earth as a vessel, subject to its waves. Prepare for a grand voyage.


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