CEO Warns Of Coming Monetary Chaos: “In An Inflationary Environment You Want To Hold Tangible Assets”

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    Recent weeks have brought forth a barrage of negative news about the economy. There are more Americans out of the workforce today than ever before and America’s top companies are set to layoff thousands more amid dwindling revenues. To say we are in a recession may be an understatement, as even mainstream economists and analysts are warning that we may be on the cusp of another Great Depression. Couple that with widespread geo-political tensions and sustained “emergency” monetary easing by just about every central bank in existence, and we have a recipe for disaster.

    That’s why Max Porterfield, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Callinex Mines, says that those concerned with the future and the uncertainty it will bring need to immediately consider diversifying their portfolios into hard, tangible assets.

    Obviously there are some issues that need to be settled in the global economy… there is still a hangover from everything that occurred in 2008… the rebound we had since then has not been on a good foundation and we’re seeing the signs of that.

    In an inflationary environment you want to hold tangible assets like gold and other commodities…

    There’s a reason that billionaires have been building remote retreats, stockpiling emergency supplies and rapidly shifting into hard assets like gold, silver and other resource investments.

    Watch the full interview from SGT Report for details:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    You can learn more about Callinex Mines, Max Porterfield and their latest strategic moves by clicking here.

    For more interview like this one visit SGT Report.


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      1. Look around and you’ll see it’s already happening.

        Only the death of the dollar will stop Fed money printing. That day is rapidly approaching. There will be total destruction across the western world before this is over.

        Standing by with beans, bullets, bandaids and popcorn.

        • This time will go down in the history books. Future historians will point to now as the starting point of the next great war.

          • ”Future historians”

            by the time this is over, there will be no historians left. or anyone else for that matter

            • he must have been listening to glen beck today

          • To summarize of what happened at the G20- The US dollar has less than 10 years life span. I would guess more like 5 years.

            Oh there are a lot of sheep asleep out there yet. Just talk to people and see where they are at. Most are totally clueless to world events or anything. One of my old buddy’s is still stuck in Total Denial Mode, thinks life is great and is voting for hillary. You know the dancing with the stars kind of dude, No guns, No PM’s, has all his cash in a safety deposit box, lives in the City where the population level is maxed out, massive traffic. When I say things like he needs to get a years of food supply, buy canned goods they last several years, He Says stupid things like, “I like fresh food,” and refuses to buy canned food. Very minimal at most. Refuses to even read any of the articles I send him, to prepare. He is hopeless.

            Then when I sent him that article about Wells Fargo creating all the fake accounts, I said he needs to get his money out of the bank including safety deposit boxes and diversify into things like Silver right now.

            He comes back with this statement. How about lets put up $1000 Gentlemen’s bet, and you pick the date the world is going to end, and if you are right you get my $1000 dollars. And if I’m right I get yours. I said how about I bet the economy will crash big time just after the election or near, if not you win. crickets…

            I also replied back. “I don’t want your money, it will not be worth anything,” I said, “you may as well be betting with toothpicks, as it will not have any value soon.” I said, “I did not say anything about the world was going to end. But some of those unprepared, it may seem the world has ended.” I said, “I was referring to all cash holders to diversify into other tangible items like PM’s, Land, Food, Tools, etc. and out of cash to preserve their wealth.” He thinks Cash is king, and avoids paying taxes, and why? He is a tax cheat, And has no social security benefits coming later on in life either, since he cheats bigtime every year for decades, and has not built up anything. He will be the old guy baggin my lobster and steak at the grocery store, 20 years from now.

            But this is how those in denial look at people sending warnings out, to get prepared, as its all going to crash. All the bubbles are going to pop.. They see us as doomsday trumpets, the World is going to end.

            I told him, let me know next year at this time, how your plan worked out for ya. A pile of cash in a safety deposit box less than 2 months away from the election. Like WTF, Clueless. And when I asked him why is he not going to vote for Trump, he replied, “What has Donald Trump ever done for you?”

            This is the Brain warp, denial, “life is great” sheeple out there running on the streets today. These are the types that will realize it is SHTF, the day there is no toilet paper left on the store shelf period, and no more is coming for months maybe…

            I hate to give up on these morons, and see them hit the wall, but they need to hit the wall hard many times to wake them up. And maybe next time they pay more attention to the world going on around them.

            ~WWTI… I know many of you, know people like this too. it is just funny how they rationalize their denial.

            • You’re pounding that dances with the stars ass aren’t you?

            • The thing i hear from people is ” the banks are all FDIC insured, our money is safe”
              Just doing some simple math with stats that are all easily searchable on the net will turn that on its head. If even 1/8 of the banks go belly up the FDIC will shit to cover deposits under 50k let alone everything up to the limit. People just font get it, they are do snowed by the gov that they have no clue

              • Hey Nail,
                You hit it right on the head as usual.
                My money is covered by the NCUA which is
                in much better shape. You are right that
                the system cannot payout, as it was never
                designed to compensate for a total failure.
                All insurance is a crap shoot
                that total failure will not occur.
                Prepare, invest in tangibles, and
                do whatever it takes to eliminate Democrats
                and we all will benefit when the SHTF.

                • Im just curious to see what happens if hillery has to drop out because of her health, having a lyin democrat for pres is one thing, having a weekend at Bernies cant do anything in public one is unacceptible. IMHO the president needs to have some oomph,,,, im cool with a woman president, but this is ridiculous

              • Nail, The FDIC only has about $25 Billion in reserves to cover $12 Trillion in bank deposits. That’s what you need to say to those who think FDIC Insurance will be there to protect them.


            • Who-

              Exactly the kind of guy that will show up at your door step when it hits the fan… Bet he wont be a smart @$$ then.

              • USMC Valor Thief Troll. You know nothing.


                • Wow, stolen valor huh? Troll? I know this, someone hit a nerve….

            • Your remarks are typical when discussing with the denialist. But also consider the gravity of what this truly represents across America, even the world. Most families has a reported $16,000 in credit card debt; most families are in debt for thousands with homes, cars, trucks and school debt. Most families, even the young, are not making enough to make it worth while to “invest” in metals. In fact, investing all you have, even borrowing money to invest, what do you live on before the system falls and your investment increases in value? That is the position for millions upon millions of Americans. They are barely scraping by, working two-three jobs, both adults working and only surviving – what do they invest?
              The metals market is for those who has “surplus”money they do not need- have sufficient funds to stockpile food, ammo, etc.
              Just a wild guess, I would put that number at around 300 million. That may be low, since that leaves 30 million who have surplus money. If 1% pays the taxes for the country, the 1% are those who can invest large sums, store it and come out on the other side and sell for a 2-300% profit. Remember, even in chaos, you cannot eat gold or silver… You might consider investing in a crematory or water purification for long term investments.

            • I try to enlighten my family members every chance I get but am always met with “HERE WE GO AGAIN”. As a mechanic, I see it every day getting worse as more and more customers are bringing in their own parts to be installed and regular 30k through 120k services are being ignored. I am at the point of falling silent and letting those around me without a clue enjoy the fruits of their ignorance. I just want to say thanks to you for being one of the informed.

        • I have never been rich and it is fine if I never am. But I am definitely stocking extra “tangibles” in the hopes I can trade things like extra food, medicine and gold/silver for land and whatever else looks appealing when the time comes.

          • When shtf, you only own what you can protect

            • You better have a heck of a security plan to protect your house, yard and property when this hits the wall. Today, I cleared out my 350 Ft of Barbed wire fence line of brush and overgrowth, creating a clear shooting lane if needed. And at the end where the fence goes into the moat I added another 15 Ft of barbed wire strands on the water front bank side where the fence meets the water, so you just can’t walk around the fence and will encounter more loose barbed wire. I will do the other end tomorrow. Everything I add is another obstacle and layer to deter, slow down, stop or catch any intruders. Make them work for it. Also put up lots of No Trespassing signs and write “Video Recording” on the signs in the space. Makes them think about being recorded, and move onto a softer target.

              If all you got is a thin door and a deadbolt between you and the street, good luck with that plan, when it hits the fan.

              The more layers of security, you have the better, even $9 fake surveillance cameras, with the blinking motion detector light, helps at your front door. A barking dog, fences and locked gates, or thickets of briar patches are good too. I got those also and make great concealment positions. For cover get sand bags, as they will stop most bullets up to about a .50 Cal bullet. .50 Cal will plow through most everything. Good Youtube vids on ballistics of sand bags, or old tires filled with dirt and stacked for a fighting position LP-OP, trench for keeping watch.

              ~WWTI… Good luck out there.

              • it takes 8′ of packed soil to stop .50 cal. 3′-4′ for most other high powered rds . at least 2′ for large handgun rds .

                • Dirt is not sand. Go to Youtube and watch Sandbag ballistics. Where actual pistol and rifle rounds that are shot into sand bags filled with sand. Video proof of what works. It would be stupid to put dirt in sand bags.


            • could not have said it better!

          • I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and learned to be content either way. Lots of rich people kill themselves. When I had money I bought timberland and built a cabin capable of providing it’s own heat, meat, power, and water. Then I set aside a couple years food storage, provisioned an ample armory, purchased any other supplies I might need, and when finished bought a monster box of Silver Eagles last. Now I drive a Jeep with 160,000 miles on it and have to save three years to take my kid to Disney World, but I can sleep at night.

          • No, all of them were the right man at the right moment the capitalist bourgeoise needed in a moment of absolute crisis, when the only way to avoid a real popular revolution was to set up a rightist counter-revolution, aka civil warfare and then global war. Ie, Hitler seized the power thanks to all main bankers in europe and abroad, Mussolini was going to destroy mafia, but was obliged to stop as soon as at the top level he touched bourgeoise…

        • The only people who have ever stood up to the destructive and perverse Jewish influence on the West and won are Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Pinochet.

          And they did it by removing the parasites from society.

          • I don’t know acid. They all had the guts to try but lost. How can the Jew mafia be so powerful. Satans their father and he rules this world. But not much longer. Did you know the Star of David has nothing to do with King David . It’s the star of balphomet. Satanic. God said .. I know of the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan. They are not real Jews acid they are impostors. Trying to gain sympathy . While they do the deads of their father Satan. It is all written plain for all to see.

          • Hitler was the only Guy to put a Bilderberg in Jail.

            ~WWTI… We need a lot more Hitlers.

            • Hitler then put a bullet one half inch above his right ear. Bang

        • Oh God, please not another sales pitch for gold stocks !!! Preppers on this site already have the gold and silver they need. If the shit really hits the fan the folks on this site should focus on food & water, solar power, and weapons.

          Those with an independent energy source will have a DISTINCT advantage over others and a better quality of life for the duration of the crisis.

          You will need weapons and ammo to protect yourself, family, and resources. Solar has never been cheaper. 🙂

          • Yep Solar is amazing, the Sun shines every day for free. I have not had, an electric bill now for 19 months. Add that cost up over 10 years.

            I also read or heard somewhere, cannot remember the source, but George Soros is pushing Obama to opened up the Vast Strategic Petroleum Reserve Storage Facility to dump more cheap oil onto the already saturated market to cheapen gas prices down even more at the pump, for the next 2 months to make Hillary look good. Gas may dip down to $1.50 gallon. Which for Preppers it may be good time to cycle out your Gas Reserves for fresher gas. Use PRI-G for gas, PRI-D for diesel as an additive for long term storage.

            Here is one quick link. – ht tp://

            ~WWTI… Its crunch time folks, Get busy!!

            • We haven’t had an electric bill in 6 years, and the excess we sell back pays for our propane use as well.

              • Good Job TnAndy.


        • Anonymous I give a thumbs up for popcorn






        • I don’t want a war on women.

          I want a war on feminism.

        • You forgot Beer…

      2. Pretty busy here for a Sunday afternoon.

        • The Hillary thing jolted me into action this morning and I’ve been trying to stay on top of it! (Plus I slacked a bit yesterday)

          I guess maybe I am just a little excited that Hillary might actually never become President. I mean, seriously, what better news could we have expected?!

          • i’d rather have obama turn out to be the anti-christ and stay in office than deal with her.. she’s so awful

          • If she died.

            • Wake me when she croaks.

              Same shit, another day.


          • Still any democrat elected to the presidency is a threat to all of us. Have to see how the chips fall.

            • You’re right, anon – any demonRat elected to the presidency is a very, very serious threat to all of us.

              But, here is the thing that we cannot continue to ignore.

              It’s this: If the transparently obvious threat to the liberties of all Americans, if the transparently obvious recognition of the mind-numbing, Soviet-style totalitarianism and vicious, downright ruthless intolerance of the left towards any opposition or disagreement with their destructive and culturally subversive agendas is not sufficient reason to motivate every last individual in America to oppose the DemonRat party – then, that means that very close to half of the idiots in this nation SUPPORT the tyrannical left’s agenda and welcome the imposition of Soviet style totalitarianism upon America.

              An agenda which includes: Abolishing the Second Amendment and disarming all Americans. Abolishing the First Amendment and then giving the jewish ADL the power to arbitrate what kinds of speech will be legal or illegal. Burying America under a never ending flood of low IQ, hostile, incompatible, violent prone, blood sucking, parasitical leeches from every third world dung heap of a nation on Earth.

              Thus, if the polls are accurate and if the loathsome and despicably evil Hildebeast has close to 50 percent of the country planning to vote for her in November – then, when CW2 finally erupts – there are a lot of enemies inside North America that are going to have to be dealt with.

              • Tucker.

                In the past six months or so I started saying prepare for war. That’s a hell of a note. The type of war can be civil unrest as factions are pissed off at who knows what. Then a civil or revolutionary type of war. Finally a world war. There are people who want to get shit started and have the money to fund insurgencies.
                When the reset comes I am done arguing. I would much rather shoot the person. Use this time wisely because if Hillary gets elected. Nothing but pure hell coming our way.

              • Tucker, spot on. My wife escaped from a Soviet-style tyranny in Cuba. What she went through under Castro was a total nightmare. Just like you and anon, when the reset comes, I won’t argue with any bleeding heart mofo, just shoot his dumb ass and get it over with. I’m sick of libturds and what they’re doing to my country.

          • Mac, let’s all hope you’re right. That video you put up earlier today was very telling. I’m still stacking and praying myself. Oct. can’t get here soon enough.

          • Mac I wish for Hillary the Same she wishes for America.

          • There are probably 1500 comments sitting in Moderation holding tank. Set them free, Set them free willy!!! lol


          • Mac
            Are you serious?
            After writing so many articles, you still can’t see why “TRUMP” is in the “PRESIDENTIAL” run?
            Sorry to disappoint all of you, but the Harlot is the chosen one even if she gets only 1% votes.
            She’ll get my vote, regardless of her medical condition and regardless of what all of you may think.

            Prepper in Philippines.

            • Great, now the Dems have registered New Foreign Voters in the Philippines.

              Remember Bobane, Republicans Vote on November 8th, and Democrats Vote on November 9th. As not to cause a ruckus at the polling sites on the same day. Pass this info on to your friends.


      3. What better news you ask,that she fucking died!I get the argument to keep her going for election purposes a bit longer but fuck it,that bitch is responsible for so much evil her death really is the important thing.that said,tis a great start to the work week!

        • If these rich brats don’t get their way they will stab the ball.

      4. I’m actually filthy rich.
        I have land, staples, supplies, guns,
        and ammunitions. My neighbors are
        experts in medicine, farming,
        ranching, and a variety of fabricating skills.
        You guys in a city, governed by Democrats
        had better get the hell out like I did.
        I live on a very humble( but secure) non government
        income. My newest car is 14 years old.
        You have to tolerate Democrats, but you should
        prepare to live without them.

      5. Countin flowers on the wall it don’t bother me at all. enough of the B/s lets do this. All this talk getting boring. Dying easy its the living that hard. I’ve seem my feel as the old saying go’s for every season their a time under heaven.

      6. I have always said it you don’t hold it in your hand you don’t have it.


        • Sgt.: Just spent more than a day without electricity courtesy of a storm. Of course, for us, no electricity meant we could only run frig, freezer, light, toilet, water faucets, internet and DVD player on the jenny. Most of the rest of the “hood” was dark, with only a couple houses with their own generators. I can imagine what “garbage day” is doing to look like this week.

          So amen, if “you don’t hold it in your hand you don’t have it.”

          • “Of course, for us, no electricity meant we could only run frig, freezer, light, toilet, water faucets, internet and DVD player on the jenny….”

            Until your fuel runs out……

            • TnAndy,Me myself can’t afford full solar system and my Gen. Sure is nice when the power goes out,Keeps the kids happy.Figure with my fuel supply I can go for a month,probably won’t want to (noise) but it will sure help throw those last minute things together,smoke house,above ground rootcellar,etc.Power tools are your friend,have to be quick.After that have small solar set up for charging batteries,lights,radio and coms!
              Maniac –out

        • For those who don’t prep, all they will be holding in SHTF is their dicks. You can’t fake prepping.

          ~WWTI…. You can have a fake drivers license, even fake set of titties; but you can’t fake Prepping. Remember that.

          • Yup,
            Id rather be called a nut and have what I do than be one of the blind

        • Well then, at least nobody can ever say that
          I don’t have dick….. LOL

      7. Silver and gold ,Stocks and bonds? Or. Brass and lead , Beans and rice? But as always silver and gold will be good . until the food runs out. Then you will need brass and lead for the canibles.

      8. I’m sure you hold your little twister in your hand all the time,hey sgt.?

      9. Perhaps if Hillary gets in, then Bill will really run things behind the scenes because Hillary will just make appearances from time to time. Like the President whose wife signed his name to all the official documents because he was too ill.

        • That would be Woodrow Wilson’s wife that ran things for awhile.

        • Even if Hillary died, the DNC would have her stuffed by a taxidermist, add a set of roller skates to her dead corpse’s feet and push her around to every event up to the election. Add some coughing tapes into the audio system to think she is alive.


          • They will try anything that they think they can get away with…

      10. When the collapse hits the rich elites have $ to lose that I don’t have. I’ve always lived hand to mouth and scrounged the things I needed. Not a problem for me I prepared for this day for some time now. It’s gonna be amusing watching the rich people trying to survive. They will not even get advise out of me. I will simply say you got the $ to get it done nuff said.

      11. I was hoping to rise this morning and find PREPPING materials overflowing this site …yet notta. In ANY light, tis better than the infighting that nobody needs at this late date.

        WHEN you DO head into the woods, endeavor to NOT sweat (when water is at a premium). Breathe through your nose (keep your mouth shut to conserve water-vapor and reduce noise).

        Need wood for your campfire? DO NOT work your ass off ‘hand-chopping’ trees into “pretty-little-20-inch-logs” for the firepit. Find “punky” (fallen but not THAT badly rotted) trees and simply smash them/drop them on a decent sized rock to BREAK the wood instead of sawing or chopping. You can also use an ancient ‘trick’ using various lengths of downed trees. Drag them WHOLE back to the ‘pit’, and place one end into the fire, busting off ‘glowing embers’ as they form on the old log and as she burns just keep dragging the sucker into your ‘pit’ (it really helps to fashion yourself with a rectangular or ‘race-track shaped’ (oval) fire pit to accommodate as much log as you desire.

        If it’s cold, try building the fire close (but not TOO close), to a large rock (or pile of rocks) to help reflect the heat back at you, and for double the pleasure make your own ‘reflector’ to lean up against (which will act as a second reflector). Of course you want to ‘arrange’ everything so that the prevailing wind ‘hits’ a reflector as opposed to just blowing through camp.

        Never sleep on cold or damp earth (even if clothed well). Use cedar or most any evergreen ‘boughs’ (curved up-like a nest) to keep you off wet ground or snow or several smaller saplings (laid side-by-side) to get you OFF the ground. NOTHING is more important than maintaining your health “out there”!

        True story(shortened): At a summer camp, the 2nd night everyone departed for a short hike to then camp overnight “in the great outdoors.” The Counselor DID instruct everyone to “make a nest” but one kid said ‘screw it’ and laid out his plastic then sleeping bag on the ground, and the temps dropped during the night. He awoke sicker than hell and was taken to a hospital with severe tonsillitis (from just five hours of lying on cold ground) …THAT’s why you want to sleep “on wood” (or better).

        Did your motor just frigging quit in your ‘whatever’ due to a faulty wire (rotted through, shot through, or )? Keep in mind that vined-plants (and others-like dandelions), are filled with water or are quite wet and will carry ‘nominal’ currents. A wire made of dandelion ‘stems’ will carry spark from your distributor to the coil, or even to a spark plug – and remember to replace frequently as they’ll dry out fast. Vines last longer if such can be found in your area. *Cut the HIGH end of a vine first and THEN the bottom or “capillary action” will suck out all the water before you can make the lower cut. (Of course, that vine can still be used for ‘lashing’ and the like…).

      12. When you are running “off-road” – strange things can happen to your vehicle. For 4WD’s with a REAL clutch, often times the clutch plates will somehow get oil or grease on them and slip/smoke-like-hell or prevent you from moving at all.

        Grab your fire-extinguisher, find the access hole under there, (behind the flywheel), stick the hose up in a let-her rip. The extinguisher will freeze and blow off any crud, grease and oil and you’ll have your clutch back. *I’ve heard stories that lemon juice has been used for the same, but have never had the opportunity to see it work for myself. What I just described works (and lightens your load by one fire extinguisher). btw: The smallest of them is all you’ll need …a little ABC ‘rig’.

        • change out the rear main seal, you wont have that problem. while you are at, change the front tranny seal.


        Many ppl prefer to tie their paracord or ‘line’ into a ‘rope ladder’, yet that ‘gets old’ very fast, and many can’t climb a rope anyway.
        First, you’ll need two decent-sized saplings or ’rounds’ to act as your uprights. Then you will want to lash ‘steps/rungs’ to those uprights. Here’s one good way to go about it…

        Lay the two uprights so that the bottom is WIDER than the top by about 4 or 5 inches. Why? To keep your ‘lashed rungs’ from sliding DOWN your ladder and busting someone’s butt. If the ladder is too ‘springy’, lash 1/2 of an “X” between each ‘rung’ (meaning: lash a solid-stick under each rung so that it ‘spans’ to the other upright, that’s all). Keep an eye on all ‘lashings’ no matter what you’ve made!

        You may wish to practice this just once, for just two or three ‘rungs’ – – once done you’ll never forget it nor how to do it. Same goes with the various ways to make fire in the wild. Practice now so that you’ll not be scratching your head in the middle of nowhere… (You’d be amazed how many ppl carry ‘strikers’ (some call them ‘sparkers’), yet haven’t a clue how to get a fire out of them. (For one, the first thing I do is TOSS the ‘blade’ that comes with ANY of them, and replace it with a metal-cutting blade with small-medium teeth (the ones on the market have strikers too small for my hands, and barely have teeth! Try it and you’ll see lots more ‘action’ and have a fire that much quicker. *Use a knife to get some of that magnesium off the stick and into a tiny-pile (within your tinder) …THEN ‘strike’ into it and believe me, she’ll ‘take off’! (Oh, your tinder is wet? Take any dead (smallest) branch and use your knife to ‘pare’ away the wet wood, revealing the dry wood beneath).

        • Equorial – RE: 550 Paracord. Here in FL paracord lasts only about a year out in the weather and elements. Heat sun etc. I had lashed a trail cam with some WD Camo 550 Paracord to a tree. I was checking the Cam yesterday, and the cord broke off. It looks like the paracord hardened and got brittle and just broke apart in the middle.

          I had bought a 1000 Ft spindle back in 2010 before the price doubled and it got popular. The spool is still fine, but those who think, or are going to use paracord for shelter lashing, it should only be considered for short term temporary use. Next year when you go look for your shelter out in the boonies, it may have fallen apart. Anybody up in the freezing temps want to chime in? I would think if it gets wet and freezes then thaws freezes again, the life span is even a shorter period of time.


          • Plastic coated rope. Paint to your desired shades. 🙂

            • I’ve had no pleasurable experiences with paracord: ever.

              Nowhere in that SAS does it even mention the stuff, and so I didn’t either. (Trying to keep everything down to KISS ‘levels’ and what’s available that IS NOT man-made to construct various things. Grapevines (southern style ones) work best as do willow ‘saplings’ (Also, it’s a willow branch that is wet enough to act like car wiring …yet still will dry out every 20 mins or so).

              I just ‘breezed’ throw that manual to be sure, and when it refers to tying knots (KNOT TYING), it always calls the “line” rope, and I’m also pretty sure that “Lofty” was keeping it condensed to basically what is available in nature (aside from compasses, knifes, candles and the ‘elementals’ in general.

              I THINK (not at all sure), that those boys still jump using cables versus paracord (and cable isn’t all that user friendly, except for strong traps/trips, etc. Heck, fishing line covered in anything to protect from sunlight is splendid AND strong, and can be easily woven into any size “line” you desire…

              • EQ, use to make forts,spears etc pocket knife,vines bamboo brush what ever was handy,fun boyhood!Use paracord for throwing together a quick ground blind,but don’t leave it.Prefer nylon rope (black),or good ol balingwire if I want it to last!
                Took my kids out for fun taught them to use a striker,like to cheat and use cotton smeared with petro jelly,good laughs,learned why it’s called a striker not a scratcher lol The youngest picked it right up.
                Maniac –out

          • W,here in New England a above ground para lashed together bed spot has lasted 2 years thru the 4 seasons,I didn’t put it up but visit it regularly on ac ertain hike and still solid as sit and enjoy the view.

        • Equatorial,you getting oil in your fly wheel/or clutch plates you probably have a weepy rear main seal that when slow climbing 4 wheel allows a fair amount of oil to build up,less then 10 bucks but a pest to replace as have to drop tranny and if not a divorced from transfer case rig then tranny and transfer case drop,heavy,but can be done with a good floor jack.

          As for no prep material,well,worked on a new build and,well….,had to go to work!


        There are two ways to do it, but this is the fastest and assuming it’s daytime with sun.

        1. Drive a stick into the ground with a rock in any open area that is catching sunlight, then mark when the tip of the shadow of the stick is.
        2. Wait 15 minutes or so, then mark where the shadow has ‘moved’ to.
        3. Imagine a straight line connecting the two ‘marks’ you’ve made. Those indicate East and West meaning that at a 90 degree angle you’ll have North and South.
        *You can do this at morning (if stationary) and again at dusk, ‘draw the same imaginary line ‘through’ your two marks’, and you’ll have an even better indicator of North (or any direction for that matter).

        At night, learn to find and use the right stars of The Big Dipper that ‘point’ to the ‘north star’. Down below the equator, use The Southern Cross in the same manner (to find North as there is no ‘Southern Star’ (akin to our Northern Star).

        *Always carry a tiny sewing needle (meaning MANY!!!) that you have magnetized by stroking it on a magnet ‘one-way’ (about 50 times) …or ‘stroking’ the needle on real silk will also magnetize ferrous metals, such as a needle. Lay the needle on a piece of bark or anything that will float in a puddle or ‘tin’, and the needle will show you North/South (magnetic north) …so for true North it helps to know “the deviation” in your neck of the woods (globally speaking that is). **If you stroke the ‘ouch’ end, then IT will be pointed North, and vice-versa (but of course).

        • My apologies (pre-coffee). Meant to say “mark WHERE the tip of the stick’s shadow is, WAIT 15 minutes or so, and then mark it again (I use smaller sticks for markers cuz stones can be accidentally kicked out of position).

      15. Feel free to “do your own thing” with any of the above, as it is just the very, very basic shit (and there exists nothing that cannot be improved upon right)? Yah!

        btw: I was asked ‘ages ago’ (I’m older than a stump), “how in hell can I stand to eat a root I can’t even BITE”! heheh… I hear him! Well, after cleaning up a ‘tubar or edible root’, it’s best to boil it a bit (removes toxins-just to be safe), and when the fire is down to embers ‘poke’ a hole into the dirt beneath the embers, bury it and let it ‘roast’. After an hour or so it will be “tenderized” nicely.

      16. Everything I’ve posted above was taken directly out of the SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE (not word for word). It’s a pocket-sized manual that you should carry as surely as you do a sidearm and ammo.

        I strongly urge (read: beg & plead) anyone and everyone to supply yourselves with one …just in case (because there won’t be any 2nd chances on what is “incoming”). This manual has saved several 1,000’s of people from death after crashing a plane in the wilderness and other scenarios straight out of hell – literally.

        (And it covers ALL environments and scenarios and ‘global locales’ from The Arctic to The Rain Forests and ocean-going calamities such as “ABANDON SHIP”). Can’t beat it.

      17. ok you big “basket of deplorables”

        got some “fair and balanced” for you

        seems Hillary isn’t the only one who thinks less of you

        Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called his supporters: “downright nasty” & “skeeze”

        ht tp://

        and if you don’t know what “skeeze” means

        the Urban Dictionary defines it thusly

        “Slime-ball. Troll. Indigent or homeless. A Loser. Person that never has a real job or a needs to get a life.”

        that would be Trump’s campaign manager

        but now that she is on the Trump payroll
        perhaps her opinions have softened a little ???

        I’d love to see her defend that remark in an interview

      18. oh my
        say it ain’t so

        Trump/Clinton Connection Continues: Clinton Presidential Library Just Released a Bunch of Photos of Bill Hanging out with Donald Trump

        ht tp://

        interestingly enough
        Trump in past years was HIGHLY complimentary of Hillary
        both when she was a Senator and as Secretary of State
        guess they had a falling out???

        LMAO !!!

        • Satori:

          So what. That means nothing. Lawyers fight like cats and dogs in the court room and then have lunch together.

          The public gets emotional about politics the same way a sports fan gets emotional about his side, but for two athletes playing for opposing teams, they have more in common with the other sportsman than with the guy in the bleachers. That doesn’t stop them from tackling or if they’re boxers, knocking his opponent out cold.

          Time to think without emotion, who’s platform makes more sense. Once elected, how true are they to what was promised. Ronald Reagan promised to slow immigration, then gave amnesty. If it happens in the first term, don’t give them a second term. But no one knows until the cars are on the table after the candidate takes office.


      19. So now it is an emergency to get the prepper word out on how to survive. Better late than never. Tick tock, tick tock. What you have is what you got and that may be all you have when the reset gets here.

        Good to read about sandbags and hope many have used the Hide In Plain Sight approach in which building material for defensive positions are hidden in yard projects. Material like pave stones, dirt, gravel, cinder block and railroad ties.

        Alice and MOLLE gear is nice but did you manage to get body armor? Shin guards and maybe snake chaps. for protection from harsh brush.

        Not many think about CAMOUFLAGE PAINT. I am going to recommend this product. RUST-OLEUM Camouflage Paint.
        Hint if you are in a shady area used a light color undercoat/base then darken . If what you want to conceal is in a bight area used dark color first as a base. Variance/tone in the paint scheme, blending, can be done by adjusting the distance of spray to surface. Once you learn the trick of layering and blending it is fantastic.

        This shit works!

        Almost time for a review of Fire Fighting Procedures. A,B, C, and D fires.

        • Anon, I like to camo everything. I even camo’ed my Solar panel frames and base, so they blend in more from the satellite views.

          A new Google Sat over view came out about 4 months ago, and I used that overview, as a guide for what I needed to do yet to mask my footprint even more from above at my BOL. I had a couple of aluminum Trash cans I use for storing grain and feed, they looked like shiny eyeballs. So I sprayed the tops of the can lids green brown and lines of black. Also the sides from eye level view. Stock up on that 4 color camo spray paint bigtime, I have gone through about 80 cans out here so far. Only place that sells that Camo spray paint I found was Home Depot. Lowes does not sell it. And sometimes I went to buy more at HD, they were out, so get it while you can. Just like a hand full of No Trespassing signs. WTF, for like a dollar per sign to scare away intruders is a very cheap prep.

          Another thing is go buy a few large parachutes online or at army navy surplus stores if they still have any left. and spray paint them also in colors to your surroundings. I have a 35 Footer I could throw over my building to mask the green metal roof even more, if needed or as a sun shade in a sitting area, and another one to cover my Vehicle if needed. I worked on those preps when I lived in the city a few years back. I took before photos of my back yard, hung up the parachutes and took more after photos. It was amazing how much of the back yard picnic table trellis, etc, I covered up and made it disappeared as they blended in great with the trees and plants.

          Just because you still live in the city keep prepping for out in the remote country. I camo’ed traps, snares, acquired tools, all sorts of goodies. When I moved to my BOL I was already prepared with a lot of great preps all set and ready to go. Get a good 18″ – 20″ chain saw and an extra chain, Hand saws, wedges, a couple of Axes, splitter wedges, bar oil, small fuel gas cans and label it 2 cycle, etc. It will all be in place when you get to where you are bugging out to.

          RE: 5 Gal Bucket toilet seats porta-loos. Get at least one per person in your group, and make them responsible for their own. Including cleaning it out. Another words take care of your own shitter. And have them all ready to go, including a big zip lock bag with a couple of rolls of toilet paper stored inside the bucket. The seats too will wear out, so maybe get a dozen toilet seat lids that fit on the 5 gal bucket. I use grocery store plastic grocery bags that fit on a 5 gal bucket perfect. Put about 4 layers of bags, as some bags may have a hole in it the next bag below will catch the rest, and remove that tie it and dispose of it. Go grab a ton of plastic bags for fee at the entrances of stores like Walmart that people have dropped off for recycling. Most bags are in perfect shape. And they are free. I grab a few bundles on my way out of shopping there. When the grid goes down how are you going to shit? I am using this method until I can get my septic system dug. Even the grid down may make flushing toilets obsolete. Be prepared.

          I even spray painted the toilet camo colors for a small foot print. Its a work in progress at the BOL and I am doing it all solo. Good luck. Yes the clock it ticking and the Final Exam on your Prepping will come at any time. Stay alert.


          • A lot of good information, BUT “The seats too will wear out, so maybe get a dozen toilet seat lids that fit on the 5 gal bucket.”

            If my hard plastic toilet seat lid “wears out” it means I have lived to be way over 100 and/or I have been spending way too much time on the throne.

            Otherwise, really good advice. 🙂

        • IMHO I do believe that nobody was ever meant to win ANY election, because I’ve never been able to convince myself that Obama would have the gonads to do everything possible/or needed, to justify his pulling a 3rd Term.

          That alone would be more than enough of a ‘fuck you’ to spark all sorts of Sporting Events for us!

          He’s a trip…

          ANON: Whatever you wish to believe is fine with me pal.

          • Apologies, meant to say “…obama WOULD have the ‘gonads’ to try any trick in the book …and all of this has been the People’s Entertainment for 2016’s first nine-months. With three remaining, the bullshitting is over and ALL MATTERS become ‘deadly’ serious with no room for error.


            The survival situation will put you under physical and mental pressure (putting it mildly). You WILL have to overcome some or all of the following stresses:

            Fear and Anxiety
            Pain, illness and injury
            Cold and/or Heat
            Thirst, hunger and fatigue
            Sleep deprivation
            Loneliness and isolation (for many)

            Can you cope? You’ll have to.
            (Also from the SAS Survival Manual …and the last that I will post of it, since it is NOT mine to ‘spread around freely’ and isn’t getting a whole lot of attention anyway (for the majority that is). Perhaps this site should revert to “tooth & nail” infighting or political-speculation using lies for references? Or is it just me “misreading” great prepping advice ..dammit, blew it again. Oh well. Maybe the next ‘theatre’ I’ll finally get it right!
            To me, it means we are now down to far LESS than 60-days /// as it is no longer (apparently) needed as there just may not be an election (which was unforeseen, but perhaps is all part of the larger picture to purposely “dupe” The Sheeple (to them we are all Sheeple), then ‘yank out the rug’ and commence “things” sixty-days in advance of ANYONE’S expectations – which IS a distinct possibility given the circumstances (using even MORE lies to cover-up more than Hillary’s health concerns) …beyond any doubt.

            For OUR ‘monitoring’, it is now “hour-to-hour” as everything is seemingly “dropping in place” and on a schedule that we are ignorant of. (Just a ‘feeling’ and nothing ‘concrete’ here).

            I can only pray I am wrong and nothing comes of it. (Fat chance it seems). (Time tells all huh)?

            Feedback please? Thanks in advance.

            Molon Labe – NEVER QUIT! (To do so is useless as tits on a boar).

            • Eq, keep up the good work, it all helps, every bit of what you’re posting..
              You can never know enough or have enough “stuff” to get through all possible future scenarios. So, thanks for what you’re doing.

        • AA

          Good article.


        Believe me, they have plans. Try this for breakfast this morning. For all you trolls, with the “David Hodges lacks credibility” bullshit. See it for yourself.

        Everything we have worked for, all the plans we have made, and what have we accomplished? Now we die, and pay the price.

        CHI-COMS IN El Paso Texas.

        HCKS., yes they have goals.

        • Hey there Mr. HCKS. THANK YOU for the link(s) as it adds ‘solidity’ to all of the info we are trying to assimilate here …and sadly it is leading to the same damned end as the link implies (very clearly).

          F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck F*CK!!!!!!

          If I wasn’t pissed off enough before to make (at least) a dent in the bastards …I surely am now. Lying sacks of shit anyway…

          Stay cool and hide in plain-sight until you hit the city limits should it go down as depicted …it isn’t as though you are clueless as for what to do right? Don some ‘green, baggy skin’ and get out there and commandeer yourself a military vehicle WITH AUTHORITY! lol… (just may work)!

      21. Quote of the Day

        “When a candidate for public office faces the voters he does not face men of sense; he faces a mob of men whose chief distinguishing mark is the fact that they are quite incapable of weighing ideas, or even of comprehending any save the most elemental…

        So confronted, the candidate must either bark with the pack, or count himself lost. His one aim is to disarm suspicion, to arouse confidence in his orthodoxy, to avoid challenge. …

        All the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

        The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men.

        As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.

        We move toward a lofty ideal.

        On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

        – H.L. Mencken, July 26, 1920

        hat tip the BurningPlatform

      22. I truly believe this country is not going to make it another year.

        • Yeah “she” will see a great many more years and centuries as has the rest of the earth. It’s highly likely that it will not be as lovely and picturesque as now, but ‘she’ will endure, and so will the patriots.

          When OUR lives are being put on the line, we are the “known” takers of the many lives that attempted to take away our own.

          Even the best laid plans fail often, and there are so many facets to THESE ‘eff-ing’ plans that there HAS to be a great many ‘holes, cracks and crevices’ to annihilate their intentions for us in short order.

          Lay down your arms and it’s over (for you and yours). Give up and you’re out of the game forever (no 2nd chances in this type of gaming).

          Besides, for millions of us it IS NOT going to be our first ‘ride around the block’.

      23. Question.

        Are any of you color blind? If you are can you see the difference in color between live foliage and man made better that normal color vision.

        • No. And yes …”they” can, oddly enough.

      24. The correct way to say it is…….

        “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

        Hi there TN happy to see you.

      25. Whether there is coming hyper-INflation or DEflation but no jobs, we can’t be sure. Things could continue along the same path they’re on for years into the future. Unless you have a crystal ball or your hands on the money strings, we’re all just guessing and letting our imaginations run wild. One thing is for sure. Compound interest eats alive anyone holding it. If for some unGodly reason, you have loans with compound interest, make it your priority in life to pay off those loans and take a personal oath to never ever get tied to a loan with compound interest ever again.

        I believe student loans should never be allowed to have compound interest attached to them. It is immoral. It is theft. Compound interest should be outlawed. We should force these candidates to tackle this subject. I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, but it should.


      26. Nice to read everyone has their priorities in order.

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