CEO: “Valuations Are At Crazy Levels… Like Nothing I’ve Seen Over My Career”

by | Jan 10, 2016 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    If the first week of 2016 has proven anything, it’s that the contrarian investors who have been warning of systemic breakdown in financial markets have been correct in their assessments that some of the world’s most well known brands and companies are significantly overvalued.

    But the crazy valuation levels aren’t just limited to Wall Street darlings who saw prices of their stocks rise to all-time highs in recent years. According to Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of one of the world’s top primary silver producers and founder of the First Mining Finance mineral bank, commodities, and more specifically silver and gold mining companies, have seen a comparable insanity but in completely the opposite direction.

    Since I have been in this business for 34 years I have not seen the hate [on silver and gold] that we are now experiencing. The valuations we are seeing in the mining sector are at crazy levels where you can buy ounces in the ground of gold for less than $10 which is nothing I’ve seen over my career.

    Watch as Keith Neumeyer and David Morgan get into the details of what we’ve seen thus far in financial markets, why we can expect gold and silver to become the monetary assets of last resort as panic grips the world, and how to position yourself to grow your wealth as the next leg of the global crisis takes hold:

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    What it boils down to for Neumeyer is that the across-the-board disconnects in global asset prices has created an unprecedented opportunity and he is actively taking advantage of it:

    The reason I put First Mining Finance together is because I am accumulating assets of what I perceive at or near the bottom at historic lows in the sector.

    Whether we are at the bottom or close to the bottom or a month away or six months away or a year away, to me I don’t really care because it’s a great time to be accumulating assets right now.

    This week we saw exactly how precious metals behave when broader stock markets come under pressure. As global stocks crashed, precious metals saw significant gains.

    This shows, as we’ve seen in prior crises, that when capital flight to safety begins amid widespread panic and chaos in financial markets gold and silver will be the go-to safe haven assets of last resort.

    Visit Future Money Trends for more videos, commentary and news. Click here to learn more about Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance mineral bank


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      1. I guess if you want to buy bargains at historic lows, you best get on with it. I’ll sit out this dance.

        • Kyle Bass is the hedge fund manager who placed some huge bets before the 2008 collapse and made a killing when mortgage backed securities and stocks crashed. He recently said that from now over the course of the next 6 to 18 months is the time to be picking up commodity related assets. His focus was on oil, but given the historic lows, I think all commodities are a safe bet for the long term.

          • Kyle Bass is one very, very smart man overall.

            A year or two ago he bought $20 mm in nickels. Think about it: if there is deflation, they are still worth 20m. If there is inflation, while you can’t melt them down legally, there will still be a premium for them. And for the average Joe, if you have a thousand bucks saved in nickels, you are going to be very, very hard to rob. Just sayin….

            • Re: commodities

              Five Days Down: Baltic Dry Index Falls Again to Fresh Low – 415

              “The index has fallen by more than 13 percent in 2016.”

              The Baltic Dry Index is the barometer that gauges shipping dry bulk commodities around the globe.

              These numbers indicates that the numbers of manufacturing ORDERS have DROPPED significantly. It is an indicator of the direction the global economy is headed.

              Many believe the Baltic Dry Index shows the true strength of the global economy.

              Gcaptain dot com

          • I have a question. If the presidential nominees have been selected and Election Day is getting near, what if one of the nominees were to become sick so that they could not continue. What exactly would happen? I guess I should know the answer but to save my life, I just don’t. Maybe I was asleep in gubmint class for that topic. Anyone?

        • We are indeed at some pretty significant lows here. As War Child said below, make sure you have your preps and if you do there’s nothing wrong with diversifying a little bit.

          We have, for example, college funds set up for the kids. We put in a few hundred bucks every month. Kind of a savings account. Right now there is absolutely no way I would feel comfortable with purchasing a Dow Jones index fund or anything that follows the “big companies.” Amazon is selling at 300 X their earnings. Netflix is the same if not worse. That’s insane to me.

          Buy low, sell high is what I have heard all my life. Right now I am seeing oil prices at $35… base and precious metals have been destroyed. Just look at the charts — it’s incredible, actually, that broader stock markets have risen so high and commodities have collapsed… The Baltic Dry Index hit an all-time low! It doesn’t make sense.

          The U.S. dollar is strong now, but for how long?

          For our college funds and such, which have time horizons of 6 – 12 years or so, purchasing oil related stocks and mining shares seems like a fairly “safe” place to deploy what funds we can.

          I realize that a full-on collapse wherein we go grid-down for months or years, for example, makes those assets worthless, but that is a very low-probability event. In the event that DOESN’T happen, we’ll at least have some growth in the kids’ accounts in coming years.

          At least that’s my thinking and I think there are others out there with similar circumstances in terms of college funds, 401K, IRA’s etc. That’s why I find it necessary to post information like this from people like David Morgan, Eric Sprott, Marin Katusa, Rick Rule, Keith Neumeyer, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, etc. These guys are contrarians who have been right about the trends for many years.

          I’d rather put some of my trust in them than into a nameless 20-something year old on Wall Street managing retirement accounts.

          • The main problem i see with stocks right now is that they are WAY overvalued and the dividends are pennies.

            Buying mining stocks is no different than buying the overvalued stocks.

            Gold is gold. Gold in the ground is just dirt. Buying “stock” with the hopes that someone someday may dig it up does not seem like a good deal.

            With dividends paying next to nothing maybe treasury bills is the safest bet. You won’t loose principal, but the returns are very low. So low that the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of return.

            A lot of people are locked into the retirement accounts. They can not cash out until the retire, but they can move the money to treasury bills.

            If you have cash in hand, the best bet would be to buy gold or silver.

            A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

          • Mac,

            I realize that a full-on collapse wherein we go grid-down for months or years, for example, makes those assets worthless,

            Then why not make the fund 100% metals as they are NEVER worthless? And you don’t report anything and it’s tax free and private and safe…

            • Besides having your assets on paper stocks or whatever puts it all out on the table for the govt. pigs and lawsuit happy types and anyone who wants your wealth can sieze it. It is a public record asset that you might as well show the world. Metals are the safest way to hold wealth (and I don’t mean in a bank or safe deposit box).

              • This I agree with. When the government is broke, hold on to your hat, because it starts stealing everything not nailed down. We are about to go through asset confiscation.

              • If you can’t stand over it with a rifle, you don’t own it.

          • Just because we are at “historic lows” it doesn’t mean that these stocks and the underlying commodity prices won’t go lower.

            Now is not the time to buy. The carnage has just begun. 🙁

          • Commodities are at record lows, making the cost of preps at record lows. It’s a good time to shop for prep for sales and bargains.

            If the dollar ever loses its image of being the cleanest dirty shirt in the dirty cloths hamper, the cost of preps will climb. In a “Great Depression Two” between inflation of goods and deflation of salary, preps or even everyday food and life supplies will become very expensive, especially if there are supply interruptions in the standard “just in time” corporate supply lines.

            Watching the Greek crash was interesting to see food imports stop dead because banks were closed and harbor services wouldn’t unload ships without getting paid. The grocery store shelves were empty for weeks, while food rotted on ships in harbor.

      2. You have basic preps in order/live for a few months cash on hand if needed ect. nothing wrong with having metals as part of your preps.I would if can still go after basics covered land and other solid goods you can use things hit the fan but metals like gold/silver have survived the rise and fall of many empires.They should though be only one of m,any eggs in long term investment basket.

        On a side note,please sign petition to free the Hammonds if you have not already,thanks.

        • The Hammonds are pussies for giving up and giving in. Won’t be signing that petition for someone who chooses to surrender to tyranny instead of continuing to fight. Yes I know they’ve been fighting a long fight but it was their choice to give up.

          • Nobama,they were resentanced,thus fucked with as many by the system,you don’t want to sign fine.I say that the resentancing was bogus and by signing you are letting the feds know folks do care and pay attention.My guess is if both the men did not have families would have been a Waco style ending,anyhow,plan to keep pushing this as if we as a country can’t get 100,000 signatures we are screwed as a people,and you can put in your comments in response.

            • I think the Hammonds were actually very brave. It would have been very easy to drink the Bundy kool-aid and convince themselves that the Bundys would be there rescuers.

              The dad is sure to die in prison as he is elderly. Adding years to an already bullshit conviction then making the Hammonds buy their own plane ticket to fly to prison is the biggest screw you the Government could give them.

              Fighting the FEDS head on is the wrong way to go. A French Resistance style of fighting the FEDS will be the only successful way to fight.

              That, plus a Constitutional Convention of States.

              • Actually the hammonds being in jail helps show the injustice. It highlights it in fact. The Bundy’s keep the story in the headlines. In a strange way it works…

                • Genius, I agree. There is a long tradition in the US of people going to prison when falsely accused by the government. Yes, I am talking about Henry David Thoreau. And yes I am familiar with his life and his status as the son of a pencil factory owner so he was not some poverty stricken kid that went to live in the woods for a few years. Nonetheless his stance on civil disobedience has stood the test of time. By going to jail the Hammonds have become heros and martyrs for the cause. God help this country if one of them dies behind bars because that will be one more person added to the list of modern political martyrs in the USSA.

                  Two months ago Erwin Schiff died while manacled to a hospital bed. Erwin Schiff was the father of Peter Schiff, the owner of Euro-Pacific Capital.

                  Martin Armstrong was held in contempt of court for almost 12 years and was not charged with a crime. The contempt charges were rolled over and he was locked in a cell for 7 years. A city jail cell. Martin Armstrong refused to hand over his private algorythms to the US government. If you have not seen the movie, The Forecaster, I cannot recommend it enough. Beyond informative.

                  Why not go back a few decades and talk about the creator of an Orgone Energy Device. Wilhelm Reich died in prison after being condemned by the USDA / FDA for an “illegal” device.

                  In case some of you thought that political prisoners were only held in other countries, oh no, there are plenty of politcal prisoners in the good old USSA.

                  Of course this information is not in the MSM but you can certainly find information about the names I have listed above and verify the information I have provided.

                  • Wilhelm Reich was a nut job who tried to harness the Universe’s “Force”.

                    He was a forerunner of the Jedi.

                • 41 additional signatures since last night. Need more!

                  SIGNATURES NEEDED BY FEBRUARY 06, 2016

                  • can you post a link to the petition?

                    • ht tps://

                    • I signed the petition but it does not seem to be recording my signature.

                      I suspect the White House has turn off the petition signing for this petition so it appears there is no public support,.

              • I was thinking more like the Viet Kong or Taliban

      3. I Have a friend who is the Major share holder of a Publicly Traded company that is traded on NASDAQ. They havent even produced anything in the last 3 years and have no real new product in the pipeline. He Cant believe how high his stock is trading and is planing on selling out completely in the next few weeks. Even he says his company should be valued at 10% of what it is today. He is sure it will collapse soon. Perhaps tomorrow….

        About the mining stocks. Most gold and silver produced these days is a byproduct of Industrial mineral mining such as copper and zinc. Its not worth operating the mines without the copper and zinc sales. Crashed economy means no demand for copper and zinc so no operating mines. But gold prices are sure to rise.

        • Ed, I don’t think your friend’s company is alone. The majority of companies out there right now are overvalued IMHO.

          I agree about your assessment of Zinc and Copper… As these mines shut down or reduce operations you are going to see supply crunches… Now, demand may be going down as well, but when it comes back online, and you can be sure it will at some point, especially when China comes out of their recession/depression in a few years, then prices will consequently rise. Additionally, with the shutting down of these mines it will immediately reduce production of those key base metals like Copper and Zinc, so there is potential that supply crunches may begin even in the middle of a recession.

          Gold and silver production will be cut as well, but here is my view of precious metals — While there may not be huge industrial demand, as David Morgan noted in the video interview above, there will likely be MONETARY DEMAND for these assets… But with Zinc and Copper mines not producing, the supply will be limited.

          Throw panic buying on top of that and it’s quite possible that we have explosive movement in silver and gold in the near future which far exceeds what we saw in 2011 or back in the early 80’s.

          • Mac, read my post to you above ^^^

        • Enron accounting.

      4. I am blessed to be able to buy precious metals at this time. If they never go up I will give them to my children. I fear they will sky rocked though. It is a weird situation. If they sky rocket that means we are all possibly at the event we prep for.

        • I agree Mike — I mentioned to my wife just the other day — “You know, if gold goes to $5000 than means there is a SERIOUS problem somewhere!”

          • Last time I bought gold it was $185.

            • Last time I bought gold it was 400. Then I traded it all for silver. Silver is much more undervalued and better for barter.

              • I agree. Keep it simple. It can walk with you if they confiscate your home. I still have a bit to pay on my land, but getting rid of the mortgage holder does not get rid of the ggovernment.

        • I feel the same way…love buying silver at these levels. I know most can’t wait for prices to skyrocket, but I’m in no hurry. Keep it right where it is…and lower prices don’t bother me in the least!

      5. Hey Mac P/E on Amazon right now as of Jan 10 2016 9:59 PM is 869.70. I have seen it as high as 925. YES nose bleed territory. Yet I still see people at work putting $100 dollars a week into their 401K’s and thinking it will all be good.

        They might as well spend it on hookers and blow!!!!!!

      6. Save your 81 and back pennies as 95% copper,may again get to a point where there is real value and easy to do,I do the same with nickels but even the nickel has either been/will be messed with soon as far as content.Also,the copper can be melted for say”jackets”,just a short money way to invest in metals.

        Metals rise very quickly won’t be worth more but will buy what their value will now,just a inflation hedge.The metals rise dramatically,well,going to be very interesting then.You buy obviously have metals in hand and some made like say a ounce of silver/gold credit card size with little bar grams easy to break off,might be valuable in trading and keep one from carrying larger amounts .

        • It’s too hard to sort out pennies. Nickels are better. Nickels are mostly copper.

        • WC, good advice. One thing you want to be sure of is that if you go to trade or sell metals you DO NOT just go back to your home! Make several stops and observe what is behind you and make sure no one follows you home! If someone suspects you have metals in your home they will home invade you or kidnap a family member to get the rest. Be a wise grasshopper 🙂

      7. The gyrations in the market are as the final spasms of a person dying. It is losing its sustainability. Unless it is to be resusitated and kept alive by more quantitative easing we will see perhaps more spasms but an inexorable decline. Precious metals are toxic to financial markets, it’s not the medicine it seeks, it needs fiat money to be revived, and lots more of it, so that won’t stop regardless of the news. However, don’t be surprised to hear major market insiders and investors are buying up vast quantities of precious metals, because many of them are doing just that. This shows they know what the future holds. I liquidated one of my IRA plans and have bought a large amount of gold and silver (the bank I had that IRA in made a fuss for me to close it out).

      8. Where does someone go to find a local resource of gold or silver granted I realize “local” is relative, but where do you even start a trusted search for a dealer these days? With the internet so full of BS, I would even know where to start if I wanted to go buy $5000 worth of physical gold or silver.

        Good comments tonight, makes for a good Sunday evening read. Hope all have a great week, I’ll be back to drilling for to-cheap oil very soon.

        • Jim, have had great experiences with Blanchard in New Orleans.
          Might still buy more from them.

        • I have ordered from Apmex and got exactly what I ordered in a timely manner. The only problem is that a local postal employee knows I got a really heavy tiny package that I had to sign for. But she did come to the back to door for the delivery rather than the front porch.

      9. RE: “For our college funds and such”

        There’s lots of info on the Net about getting a college education for free, or for half the price, or less. YMMV I suppose, and you’ll come across some awfully nasty & ferociously venomous people opposed to that, how-freaking-ever; the ball is in your court.
        The view from here is: a college education is worth way less than it’s made out to be. Do your own research and make up your own mind.

        RE: “as the next leg of the global crisis takes hold”
        As it all goes down, consider this, too:

        The Constitutional Convention Big Con

        “For a very long period of time we have had an extra-constitutional government, acting unrestrained by what Thomas Jefferson described as “the chains of the Constitution.”

        After the attacks of September 11, 2001, our government has engaged in systematic policies of torture, targeted killing, indefinite detention, and mass surveillance. It violated the rule of law, eroded many of our most cherished values, rights and liberties, and made us less free and less safe.

        Some of these policies, such as torture and extraordinary rendition, are no longer “officially” condoned. But most other policies—indefinite detention, targeted killing or assassination by drones, trial by military commissions, warrantless arrest and imprisonment without legal counsel, warrantless surveillance, and racial, religious, and other forms of profiling—remain core elements of U.S. national security strategy today.

        We have become an invasive leviathan state running out of control, with preemptive, undeclared no-win wars overseas, and a growing police state at home.

        Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbot has called for a new constitutional convention to ratify new amendments to give back more powers to the states and limit the power of the federal government.

        Governor Abbott is probably perfectly sincere in his naïve desire for constitutional reform but the totalitarian statists have been eagerly preparing for such a window of opportunity for decades.

        See [ Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America ]

        Review your American history. America’s original constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was ratified during our American Revolution from the tyranny of King George III and secession from the British Empire.

        Later the Articles were considered unwieldy and too restrictive of power by certain nationalists who believed in a strong consolidated central government. The plotters organized a special convention to meet in Philadelphia in 1787 under the pretext of amending it. Instead they executed a coup d’état. These nationalists met in secret session behind closed doors, completely threw out the Articles and created a totally different constitution and a new mechanism to legitimize their coup.

        A passionate and heated debate over the ratification of the plotter’s Constitution soon resulted between the Federalists (the nationalist supporters of the coup document) and the Anti-Federalists (the opponents of the plotters who supported a decentralized federal republic of explicitly limited power to the general government with most authority residing between sovereign independent states.) They believed that was what our Revolution from Britain had been all about.

        In any new constitutional convention as proposed by the governor and others, history could very easily repeat itself. Delegates could easily get control of the convention through spurious/rigged delegate selection process or parliamentary procedure tactics and substitute a new document such as the proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America referred to above. In one bold gesture it would not only be the end of the republic but of any remnant of liberty itself.

        We are under the most serious constitutional crisis we have faced since 1861.

        We ceased being a decentralized constitutional republic of independent sovereign states in 1865.

        We became a National Security State with the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947, which among other draconian measures, created the Central Intelligence Agency.

        See [ Supplanting the US Constitution: War, National Emergency and ‘Continuity of Government’ ]

        See [ The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay ]

        See [ National Emergencies and the Subjective Prerogative of the Sovereign ]

        See [ White House Continuity of Government Plan ] Is this parody or leaked expose?

        I believe that two related but seemingly independent efforts of subversion are underway by the statists to impose a fascist government, one openly discussed in the mainstream media – naïve but well-meaning efforts (such as that by the Texas governor) calling for a new constitutional convention (but not how these “reform movements” could be manipulated for totalitarian ends); and the other covert and undiscussed – national emergency planning under executive orders and continuity of government directives.

        We had our “Reichstag Fire” on 9/11 and the implementation of COG, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the various Military Commissions Acts and National Defense Authorization Acts, TSA dehumanizing gate-rape at airports, and the widespread use of SWAT teams and the increasing militarization of local police forces, propelling us into planned chaos and engineered insecurity.

        Calling a new constitutional convention does not address the most serious constitutional crisis we face – that of the usurpation of power and authority of the public state by the deep state.

        Professor of International Law Michael J. Glennon of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University has composed one of the most fascinating and comprehensive studies of what many policy analysts such as Peter Dale Scott are now calling “the public state” and “the deep state.”

        The Harvard National Security Journal online article is entitled “National Security and Double Government.” Glennon contrasts the “Madisonian” public state described in the first three Articles of the United States Constitution (and taught in junior high Civics) with that of the covert “Trumanite” National Security State established in 1947 (and rarely known of by anyone outside its inner clandestine corridors).

        In many ways he is reaffirming what the great Old Right libertarian Garet Garrett prophetically observed at the creation of this monstrosity. Glennon strips bare any illusions as to where the true source of power lies. His descriptions of the inner workings, motivations, bureaucratic inertia, institutional loyalties, of this “double government” are brilliantly outlined. He conclusively demonstrates that although the transparent public face of power in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches may change with each new presidential administration or rotation in office of elected congressional officials or appointments to the courts, the faceless elite forces shaping national security policy are deeply entrenched, unapproachable, and unaccountable.

        This parasitic deep state feeds off its public state host, (and in turn off those hapless tax slaves who sustain both of these ravenous leviathans in our midst). An expanded book-length analysis is also available.

        For the past fifteen years the momentum has been building for a deadlier transformation.”

        – Charles Burris

        I wonder if 50 individual nations is the better route? What do you think, my fellow helots?

        If you don’t know what a helot is, you might want to look it up. If you’re reading this, like it or not, you’re one, too.

        • Thank you.

        • When Huckabee started talking about selling Americans into slavery, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. He wasn’t kidding.

          • We have been slaves since 1933.

            • Correction….We’ve been slaves since 1913.

              • “The Constitutional Convention Big Con”. Yes it is. The same treasonous vermin who run our two political parties and state legislatures, will control the Agenda at any Constitutional Convention.

                Before its over the commies will have eliminated many of our God given freedoms and they will be stricken from the New American Constitution; particularly the Second Amendment which will either be rewritten to allow hand guns in your home only, or confiscation altogether.

                A Constitutional Convention will, in the end, pave the way to a North American Union. The problem is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not followed now by our government. We don’t need a Convention. We need the Constitution to be followed by both Parties.

                Resist a Constitutional Convention with your GUNS !!!
                Death to the New World Order. Its TOTALLY Constitutional !!! 🙂

        • Helot: Brilliant. Thank you for a short explication based on years of reading and research.

        • helot

          *a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens.
          a serf or slave.

          *a subjugated population group that formed the main population of Laconia and Messenia, the territory controlled by Sparta.

          *a member of the lowest class in ancient Laconia, constituting a body of serfs who were bound to the land and were owned by the state.

          *Helot, a state-owned serf of the ancient Spartans. The ethnic origin of helots is uncertain, but they were probably the original inhabitants of Laconia (the area around the Spartan capital) who were reduced to servility after the conquest of their land by the numerically fewer Dorians.

          • *a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens

            So middle class,,

            • state owned.


      10. Crude is just over $32 a bbl. Silver around $14. Gold at $1100. I’d say it’s time to gas up the truck and go shopping!

        • I say the foxes are circling the coop and the chickens are getting edgy. They’re not frantic but are making some low noises. Just enough to let you know something lurks.

        • Smokin
          Good to see you back, old friend!
          The wife and a member of the group and I went out yesterday and did just what you suggested.

          Got some more 22 where we could find them. Could only get 200 rounds or one box of 333. No brainer there. 333 pack was $20.00. Picked up a new set of boot (to be set aside). On Friday the wife just ordered another $400.00 in silver. Also got a years supply of vitamins. With a different or less means just might need them. And last but not least band-aids, Ect.

          Things don’t look good, but as long as I’m on this side of the grass I’ll keep prepping and Praying. I thought that 2015 just might be the year, but I was wrong! Thank God! 2016 has started out worse than 2015. We will see.

          Again good to see you back. missed you.


      11. I guess I just don’t understand this investing logic.

        NO-ONE has any capital to invest. If one takes their current liabilities mortgage, living expenses, future expenses like kids college, taxes, etc. you’ll come to the stark conclusion that your net worth’s are -$100,000.00 at best.

        There is no money for investing and any investment you make won’t outpace asset depreciation or interest on your liabilities.

        Precious Metals and Equities just aren’t outpacing your accumulation of debt. The reality is, a homeless person has more net worth that 80 percent of us.

        • Yes, a homeless person is ahead, they already gave up the burden of the criminals. They are such a heavy weight we will be lucky to be homeless instead of working in the slave camps to pay off bankster debt. A reset to zero would favor the bottom… but the only debt to reset would likely be bankster debt. Hard to say because IMF uses debt to control countries. Reset would not mean I would not have to repay my last bit of mortgage.

          • ‘becca if we get into a reset, the collectors would have to burn the stumps and sift the ashes to find me.

            • You are making me laugh over here. Good imagery.

      12. Just a note, David Bowie(Rock Singer) past away from cancer. One strange dude. Had a few good songs.


          • Patriot,Bowier had many great songs,was lucky enuff to see him two nights in a row with friends 1977 tour,again,thanx Dad for treating me and my friends to so many great shows.I could give you a list of great songs,the song “Heroes”about love across the Berlin Wall many said after wall came down it lifted the spirits of those on the eastern side,was the soundtrack to the breaking apart of wall by crowds.Yes,a different man but a very talented one,did a good job in the movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth”,RIP David,and thanks for writing songs that were part of the soundtrack of me life and helped me when feeling blue!

        • Thank you for posting this link. It sure puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? That big pile of derivatives that is mostly fraud and hot air is what Boehner Obama pushed on to the American taxpayer to guarantee our banksters bailout. Too big to fail? Too big to bail out. Either way it is the law of the land. Yep, treason and criminals.

        • “At this point & time, what difference does it make?”

          – Hitlery Klingon –

        • grandee,


          From the president who took 83 days off on 13 vacations in his first term. Remember this?

          “But I want you all to know, I will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream,”
          Barack Obama (2009)

      13. Based on today’s breaking news not being reported by WAPO HRC now has much more to worry about than running for president. The FBI is now looking at bringing corruption charges since it appears to the FBI that the Clintons solicited donations from people who coincidentally went on to be awarded lucrative contracts with the State Department.

        It’s time for HRC to exit the race and concentrate her efforts on keeping herself and the rest of her family out of prison.

        we could only be so lucky

        • Shit they’ll be having parades for her. That she bitch feline has more than nine lives.

          • Biden has already expressed his heartfelt wish to be Prez.

        • As much as I would like to see charges being implemented against the Clinton Gang & CO. I strongly believe nothing will be resolved here.

          The FBI are also the ones who have been protecting the Clinton Inc. and other notorious gang associates for a long time. If one Family Crime organization goes down, so do others as well … this is simply not going to happen.

          What I see is more of the same political theatrics (the typical dog & pony show) that gets thrown around every so often. The Mafia Organization called Government are the Untouchables … they are above the laws, rules and regulations that people like you and I are suppose to abide by.

          We all need to be honest to ourselves about what we are up against … and that is …

          “The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History”

          If the above wasn’t true … then why haven’t people like Bush Jr. – Cheney – Rumsfeld and other collaborators have not been indicted for Crimes against humanity?

          Rule Of Law is null & void in America – why would anybody support, glamorize, and idolize these people who continue to destroy our way of life?

          “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

          Mark Twain

          • It is hard to bring out the truth and have it accepted because who wants to admit being a stupid fool? I just say I lost my rose colored glasses a couple decades ago. It is also why I don’t hate anyone who still has theirs on. I don’t know every crime organization, but it is not a shock to hear of another one.

            • “I don’t know every crime organization, but it is not a shock to hear of another one.”

              very much agreed – In fact, it seems that the American Mafia Organization have all been locked up, died off, or moved underground to continue their activities.

              I don’t see it that way – These Families are very much alive and well. They have not only moved into places like Washington D.C. – They also occupy in all 50 States, residing at every Capital.

              That’s how I view Organized Crime.

              • I hear ya. A gal I know claims that the Mafia got tired of the FBI and went into banking… she never gave cites on that, but… blood brothers? Not counting my son who is now a recovering bankster.

                My best one is that all the professional torturers went into medicine…. blood brothers? Not counting my favorite lifesavers out there. But you know them when they get hold of you.

      14. Baltic Dry Index is at 421! Lowest in history. Websites that track dry freighters show no ships at sea in the Atlantic. None! Shizzam!

        • Freight within the US has collapsed as well. Yet we are told that things are just peachy. How can that be so if there is little commerce going on? Something has to give soon.

        • We might get to have made in America again, aka bartering.

      15. Stock lots of lead, wheel weights and tin. Make your own bullet metal.

        Cast your bullets for weapons that fire bullets that weigh between 150 grains and 500 grains. Cast your own 00 buckshot out of pure lead.

        Jacketed bullets are very expensive and it may be difficult to find jacketed bullets soon so your rifle must be capable of handling heavy cast rifle bullets, minimum weight 148 grains, up to 500 grains at velocities of between 1,700 fps and 2,100 fps.

        The ideal bullet for rifles of 30 caliber is 170 grains at 1,900 fps, but better to use Elmer Keith’s recommended combination for the rifle (.338, 35 Winchester, 35 Whelen, 375 H&H, or bigger with a 250 grain bullet at 2,100 fps.

        Handgun cartridges should also be of hard cast lead. Revolvers will handle heavy cast bullets of 150 grains to 250 grains with velocities between 800 fps and 1,500 fps depending on the caliber and the make of the handgun. Semi auto handguns do not handle lead bullets well (feeding problems), but revolvers shine with hard cast lead and in my experience are 100% reliable, if the handgun is made by a reputable maker.

        The above information is the reason to have heavy bullet shooting weapons in your battery. That is, if your weapons won’t handle cast bullets as described, then please keep in mind that the heavy cast bullet is the Last Boy Scout’s best tool.

        Committee of One
        Semper Fi

      16. Many of you are aware I support some gold and silver for preppers. One of my main justifications for this is, minted silver and gold coins will always have a basic value for barter even if the underlying currency of the nation of origin no longer exists. It’s a viable foundational value that will work everywhere, except in a Biblical starvation situation, where a bag of beans and rice will be worth more than its weight in Gold.

        In the news I’m hearing that in besieged towns in Syria (especially Christian towns) a small bag of groceries costs thousands of Euros. Notice In Syria the Euro is what thieves want in exchange for food, not Syrian money. Syrian money is now worthless to them.

        Please listen to this YouTube interview of Harry Dent ht tp:// it’s long sorry, H. Dent doesn’t even start until minutes into it. ( remove the space from “ht tp” to make the YouTube link work )

        Harry Dent builds his financial predictions on demographics, or the study of population spreads + average ages + spending habits. It is one of the few true scientific methods that can predict international economics.

        A few key predictions from Harry are: a big global debt bubble crash is inevitable, it can’t be stopped, possibly delayed only. The longer delayed, the bigger the crash. The crash will be deflationary, so yes things like Gold and Silver will lose value, cash in a high end currency may be a better holding. Gold and silver is protection against your currency totally failing, thus the suggestion for a 10 to 20% holding in precious metals.

        Per Harry; The big crash will start in China in 2016 or even early 2017 and spread worldwide, China will try to stop it like the US did in 1921, but that will just delay it. The Chinese stock market crash will take half a year + – to spread globally. The market crashes will spread to real estate, that will take a year and a half + – based on historical models. At this point failures or bankruptcies will happen all across the economy, contagion will spread.

        Developed real estate will lose the most, NY or other big city real estate priced by the foot will lose 80% of its value. Rural, farm, and undeveloped real estate will be the most stable.

        There are opportunities to profit from being in the know, and preppers are in a great position to profit being realists and people who watch and learn all you can. A high end stock like a 3M, dupont, etc may be available at pennies on the dollar in the crash. A few hundred dollar investment could grow to tens of thousands. Don’t be obstinate to the possibilities. Until the AntiChrist is actually revealed, don’t assume the end is neigh, yes we may be close, perhaps not, Lord knows, and he will let those that know him, know!

        I expect preppers to be leaders, a bit of profit allows you to do more with less. I expect preppers to be smarter, faster, better, leaders. Interesting point of Harry Dent, the ultra rich will lose everything in the coming crashes (plural intended). The world will be in turmoil, but preppers well based, and with a bit of padding the average person lacks. When the world is insane, preppers are a light, that is why the government and the left hate you. Be a light in the darkness.

        • These economic crashes have happened regularly in history. If the end comes, it comes.
          Most governments and rich oligarchs know a crash is coming and arrange a scapegoat for their self-protection. My guess is they have arranged Muslims to be ours. Muslims are cooperating well.

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