“This Is A Scary Time” – CEO Explains The Single Biggest Reason Why People Are Buying Gold And Silver

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    We can talk about technical charts, supply and demand fundamentals, and price manipulation, all of which point to significant increases in the value of gold and silver for the foreseeable future.

    But according to Golden Arrow Resources CEO Joseph Grosso, who is credited with the discovery of the largest silver deposit in history, the single biggest reason that retail investors, institutional players and governments around the world are gobbling up physical precious metals, resource stocks and ETF’s at unprecedented levels is that they are scared to death of the state of the global economy and where it will go next.

    Like an expecting father waiting for five years to see a baby being born, we are at the inception of a mining economy… There is a pause, a slight pause towards the U.S. dollar and that pause is allowing the oldest currency in the world, gold and silver [to rise] and that is now in favor.

    …Because there is fear. When there is fear, that’s when gold does best. 

    … Right now, this is a scary time… People want to hop out [of traditional assets] and find safety in precious metals. 

    In the following interview with SGT Report the level-headed Grosso explains that there is still hope for America and the U.S. economy, but there will be a lot of pain before it gets better, the consequence of which is an environment that has historically boded well for precious metals as safe haven assets.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    SGT Report: There is a web bot project out there that mines the internet for data… and the data mined by the web bot project suggests that some time in the future, because of worldwide monetary chaos, we will eventually see silver return to a 10-to-1 or 8-to-1 ratio… Right now the silver-to-gold ratio is hovering somewhere around 70-to-1… And you know as well as anyone, because you mine the stuff, silver is found in the earth’s crust much closer to a 10-to-1 ratio…

    Joe Grosso: What you’re saying is really what dreams are made of… I remember a time when silver was somewhere around 40-to-1 and then it gravitated to 80-to-1.

    So I do feel that there is a catch up for silver to come into a more humane ratio between the two, but it is of course the biggest dream that we will have a ratio of 10-to-1… this would make the silver price worth about $130 per ounce [at current gold price].

    We’d like to see a return in the next three to five years where a lot of mines had to shut down and they can re-open again. Unfortunately for some, they have been liquidating assets… and out of the spoils we are now looking at acquiring or merging ourselves.

    Silver… we’re glad to be in silver because it has two uses. One, as a precious metal. And second, almost 50% of the silver produced in the world is used for industrial use.

    As Joe Grosso notes, mining companies have been pummeled over the last five years, leaving many to be either completely liquidated, or pausing operations until such time that prices eventually rise as a result of either core supply and demand fundamentals, or outright panic buying during economic crisis.

    But unlike most proponents of a rising silver price, Grosso brings a unique perspective to the conversation, because he doesn’t necessarily see Venezuela-style meltdown, hyperinflation and chaos coming to the United States:

    I am firmly of the belief that Venezuela will not happen in America… I think the American people have been tried [historically]… It’s happened before and America came out of it… It will happen again and America will come out of it… It’s a tough time… The administration will be under a lot of pressure…

    But you do have what it takes. You have a fully developed economy which has been going for years… The comparison is pale in my estimation… The United States is in a much better position to recover.

    I think that America will come out of it. 

    America is America.

    … I really feel that we need to be grown up enough to know that in order to cure any illness, you need a bitter medicine. The more powerful the medicine, the quicker we will return to normality. 

    And America, I feel, will know that. You have the intelligence to know that. Not everything is only up and up and up and up.

    It needs to be dealt with, with stronger resolve. And I am sure your country will understand that the tough things that are to come is the medicine that is going to resolve the problem. 

    But if you don’t take it, you don’t resolve it. 

    The American people do, indeed, understand that the system is broken as evidenced by the rise of extremely popular anti-establishment political candidates on both sides of the aisle.

    It appears that, at least on some level, the people are willing to take the medicine.

    But whether the governing bodies dispense it is a whole nother matter.

    Failure to do so, says Grasso, means that things will only get worse.

    If and when things get worse, panicked and concerned citizens the world over will continue to shift capital into assets like gold and silver, which will be the only currencies left standing when it really hits the fan.

    To learn more about Joe Grasso and his latest projects visit Golden Arrow Resources.

    For more important news updates and interview like the one you just watched visit SGT Report.


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      1. I understand what he is saying here and I hold out hope. But we can see how far hope has gotten us. Nothing changes. Nothing will change.

        Americans and America will survive whatever is coming. But I still think there will be chaos. Maybe even Venezuela chaos.

        If it does go down like Venezuela I want to at least have food and barter to last a few months.

        • They’ve printed trillions of dollars and God knows what else. The entire thing is conjecture. It will fall. Millions will die.


          • You [America] have the intelligence to know that.


            That’s funny shit right there, I don’t care WHO you are!!

            • Here we go again. RE: Massive Silver Shorting patterns.

              I said this last week. Right before 11:30 AM about 3 times a week this mass short comes in and Knocks Silver down about .30 to .40 cents right on time just before Noon Lunch. Look at this chart again today Monday May 16th. Same BS from the Asshats Hedge Funds at the New York NYMEX.

              Hey Feds do your Job, and throw these SOB in Prison.


          • No it wont be Venezuela here , and the one reason I say that is because were not giving up our guns,.. right?( theres only one good answer to that question)

            Now it could be worse then Venezuela , but it wont be like there.. it will be how it goes in this country and we really dont know what that is going to be like yet ..
            time will tell though im sure of it

            got guns?.. ya dam sure better

            • EOTS, I damn sure have mine. Anyone who doesn’t have any is toast.

        • We can hope but lets not let Normalcy Bias rule the day.
          It will fail, its unsustainable, period.

          The banks are setting up for NIRP and Bail-Ins.
          The Feds are setting for Civil Unrest and they will be merciless in the beginning… overkill ! Then the people not stand for any more of it. This is when things get real messy for 6-12months. Many will not make it.

          Have cash out of the banks – have food for 12months not 3.
          Food/water/land/silver/training & skills to survive as best as possible.


          • WOW this guy is amazing! Largest Silver discovery in history was Potosi in 1545, so this guy is over 500 years old; that’s amazing doesn’t even look 400.

            • 1998, 2004 and 2012… Watch the Video you dope. And they are still mining, which means the total projected haul can be more.


        • “Venezuela was seen as teetering on the verge of chaos on Sunday after President Nicolas Maduro ordered the seizure of paralysed factories, the arrest of their owners and military exercises to counter alleged plans for an “armed intervention”.

          “We must take all measures to recover productive capacity, which is being paralysed by the bourgeoisie,” he told a rally of his supporters in Caracas.

          “Anyone who wants to halt (production) to sabotage the country should get out, and those who do must be handcuffed” and imprisoned, he said.”







        • http://therightstuff.biz/2016/05/12/the-racial-tithe/

          Per Capita Budgetary Impact of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics in 2014

          White $2795

          Black -$10016

          Hispanic -$7298







      2. Medicine? yeah, they told us it was medicine but it is in fact rat poison. america is dying a slow death.

        • “Unfortunately for some, they have been liquidating assets… and out of the spoils we are now looking at acquiring or merging ourselves.”

          Sure , create “to big to fail” silver mines , then they can easily be nationalized .
          The government could do the best job controlling mining operations , silly capitalist’s .

      3. Why do people come here and rag on Mac because all they want to do is say that Mac is selling this or that or advertising. Damn, give it a break. Don’t like it move on down the road. We already have too much shit to screw with. Can’t eat gold or silver Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

        • I agree. If you don’t like the music, change the channel.

          • Mar Mar

            We have BIGGER fish to fry. ;0)

            • Funny you should mention fish. This past weekend I stocked up my East Texas ponds with catfish,Tilapia,bluegill and minnows. Trying to get a backup protein source in place at the BOL.

        • Anon, spot on. Mac will sell advertising to whoever he chooses. It’s his site and he has to pay the bills somehow.

      4. You can’t eat gold. You can’t use g old until things stabilize.

        • Brass and lead while the world is up shit Creek…. Barter will come next, then gold will be used when things stabilize…. But the brass and lead stage will be much longer transition than the Barter stage……

        • Whatever, This is truth. Most people that I know are preppers don’t really do much with gold and silver. Personally, I have quite a large stash but that was purchased after I got everything else in order. In the initial stages of collapse, PMs won’t do you a bit of good. Someone might sell you a loaf of bread for 100 times is normal value. I guess if you’re willing to pay then, whatever. Gold and silver is an excellent store of wealth. It is not, however, a good store of security or nutrition. And, it is exactly as you say: it won’t do you any good until things stabilize. Then, you may be sitting pretty.

          Good luck.


          • Your in for a surprise….. when the shtf millions of gun owners will want all you have…… your not taking silver/gold down any street…

            Civil war raging and your walking where? Oh I forgot your saving gas too…. your gonna drive your silver down the street…. you moving target you…..

            The nwo/revelations kingdom is Not going to Stabilize…..

            • Uh, who said I was going anywhere? I have 35 secluded acres. Not going to stabilize? Really? You’re another doom peddler. Of course it will stabilize. You are mistaken. It always stabilized. Do not confuse “stabilize” with “return to what it was” or “return to normal”. There will be a new normal. Guys like you have been screaming collapse for 40 years and its never happened. I can see that it may never happen. Its more like sinking into quicksand. The NWO? Hahahahaha! Don’t make me laugh. What are they going to pay people with? The entire world has been running on fiat currency. It will cease to exist. There won’t be nearly enough gold to do anything with and people on this planet at this time won’t work for just “survival”. Oh, there will be martial law and gun confiscation, etc, maybe, in the cities for a while. But, as soon as people realize its not a return to normal as in “return to what is was”, you won’t have any followers. It will last about a month and it will be contained all east of Ohio in the giant population centers.

              Look for a major crash this summer and evidence of the coming demise of fiat currency. The doom you whine about is fear peddling by the current establishment to make sure you don’t welcome in the age of real money which left the planet about 100 years ago. Your martial law / nwo survival fantasy is about as real as a star wars movie. I live in the real world. …and I just finished planting carrots, beets, turnips, peas and broccoli.

      5. This article brought to you by someone with something to sell. Hope Mac got advertising fees.

      6. “The United States is in a much better position to recover.”

        Iduno … I’m seeing something completely different from the above statement. In my 45 years of existence … I’ve never known this country to be doing much worse. This is only the beginning of the downfall of America – it will continue to degrade and rot from within from here on out.

        “I think that America will come out of it.”

        H’mm … that statement has a whole lot of optimism in it. Again, I see something completely different. Sure … America will “come out of it” in some sort of fashion, but something tells me it will not be for the betterment for those who reside within these boundaries.

        “The American people do, indeed, understand that the system is broken…”

        To this very day … you would be surprised how many think otherwise – though … I’ve noticed many waking up to our realities, there are still way too many asleep.

        “It appears that, at least on some level, the people are willing to take the medicine.”

        Agreed … and most are going to continue to take their shitty dose of medicine that the Establishment gives them … because interrupting their “normal” living routine is too much of a damn inconvenience to them.

        My post may sound pessimistic to some – but “hope & optimism” just gets in the way of Reality.

        • FTW

          I agree with your post. Until it hits home, it is business as usual.

          • Everything is Good…..until it not…

            Then it is too LATE!

            Gold and silver have been money since the beginning of civilization. Why would it be any different now?

            • I probably should say REAL MONEY

            • Because millions of gunowners will want ALL you have that’s how’s come…….

              • Why would those gun owners want your gold if you say it has no value in post SHTF???

        • No, you nailed it. So many people don’t want to face it. I have been a prepper for 4 years, and even my own husband says to me, ” when are you going to see that this thing will turn itself around”? He told me back in Nov. to stop buying silver, now he complains about food storage! But I have kids to think of, so the food won’t stop! He is a smart guy, just can’t imagine anything changing.

          • The mental jump is the hardest part for folks,imagining the horror/challenges ect.I still work with those folks,have gotten em to take baby steps prepping in different ways,even a little could make a big difference,and,the more prepped,the better for all of us as a whole,tis frustrating at times but will not give up till it explodes,then,will roll a smoke and have a few hits of #7!

            • There are so many possibilities, it is difficult to envision but indeed, those who can’t project themselves into a future scenario will be in for difficult and dangerous circumstances.

            • Learn the Know how to brew your own beer. a barrel of bitters is worth more than gold. and if you can produce more of it that’s a sustainable prep.

          • Normalcy bias. My GF wont even talk about this stuff. Says it gives her anxiety,,, sheesh, wonder what shell get when things fall apart!

            • Kula.

              There is a good chance your GF will have a breakdown of some sort when visually confronted with what is imaginary now.

              It happens to some soldiers when confronted with their first enemy engagement.

              They are paralyzed with fear, and some go catatonic.

              Or… perhaps YOUR preparedness and confidence during uncertain times will trigger a switch inside of her, and she will have your back, using techniques you thought she ignored when you were discussing things with her before the suck.

              I am confident that you will adjust either way.

        • @ FTW… correct. the difference from the great depression and now is that gimmedats think they are entitled to everything without working for it. They expect the gov to provide for them. In the 30’s, people knew how to work and only went to the soup lines as a last resort. This time the shit will really hit the fan. A important part of surviving it is location and location. rural locations usually have people that will pull together and barter. Cities are …fucked, unless you have a tight neighborhood.

        • I also agree with FTW.

          In the 1920s and 1930s, the USA was 90 plus percent White European – and trying to compare the character, social cohesion, temperament and resolve of that era of America with this rapidly decomposing dung heap of a nation that has been importing millions of low IQ, parasitic, incompatible, lazy, good for nothing except leeching losers from every crap hole of a third world nation on the planet is like comparing apples to oranges.

          The one thing that is the MOST important and MOST critical for a nation to have, when faced with the kind of economic, societal, and cultural collapse that is heading our way – is that of a common, shared, and established foundation of societal cohesion – which is impossible to ever achieve in any nation that has been drinking the liberal kool-aid called ‘multi-culturalism’ and multi-racialism. Multicultural societies are inherently unstable and have always been consumed with bitter conflicts as each distinct racial or ethnic group competes for resources and for dominance.

          America is heading into the dustbin of history. Chalk up another mark in the book full of nations that have been destroyed by Satan’s spawn.

          • Very well said! Read a newspaper article where they interviewed people on the streets of Europe. The majority interviewed were not even European (no European name and not white) and most had clearly arrived in the last five years. What they said shows where this is going.

            Most see Europe as a giant supermarket of welfare benefits. They show no desire to build the place up. They also show great naivete in Europe’s history: any outbreak of war will drag them into the conflict just as much as white people.

            I see Russia having to grab large parts of Europe in order to save European culture and European people.

        • FTW, damn good points.

      7. Golden Honey never goes bad. No matter how much I stock, it always disappears as fast as it appeared. I believe if you want to invest in gold, buy chains, 14 carat, 18 carat, and 24 carat. But mostly 14 carat.

        • B from Ca.
          I’m curious why chains instead of rounds. Is it because you can divide it up easily? You are going to pay fashioning value way over spot. I would think that a Kt. stamp would be pretty easy to forge. I have heard people suggest this before but am unsure why.

          • I’ve talked to a couple jewelers who say that not only can the marks be forged, but the identifying link in a chain that has “14K” (or whatever) stamped on it, can be removed from a real gold chain and put on a plated chain very easily. Now you can sell/trade the real chain, which will acid-test just fine; and peddle the fake chain to some poor sucker.

            For fractional increments of gold, second-hand wedding rings can be obtained for close to spot value and make decent trade items. And with the divorce rate at 55%, there are always plenty of them around…

      8. I’ve read that some industrial use of silver is solar panels, not so much in states that the electric monopolies control and limit solar power as a widespread option, like Duke Energy who bought out Progress Energy based in St. Petersburg a couple years back. Florida Power and Light is the same nix on solar. This so called Florida Public Service Commission is anything but public serving, completely controlled by the electric utilities since forever. All this corruption in the Sunshine State. I think they need to change that BS slogan on car plates. Ya think changes are forthcoming, yeah right, the TPP will kill solar by mandating that these electric giants profits can’t be eroded.

        • I believe a Canadian Company bought out TECO. TAMPA Electric.

          I bought my own electric company for Off the Grid. I now have 25 years of free electricity from the Sun. Maybe after 10 years I might have to replace the Solar Battery Bank. Panels have a 25 year warantee. Like what other product out there gives a 25 year confidence warrantee on their product? It’s a no brainer. Yep FL is the Sunshine State. That’s your first clue to go solar.

          -WWTI… BTW/ any of you drunks out there ever ask your kidney what it functions best on? Beer or Water?

          • WTF, I have a relatively small solar array for back up power and another for water pumping.
            When you say it’s free that’s not true, period.
            I’ve been through 2 Aims inverters (3000w. pure sine, junk, piss poor quality)) and have replaced batteries recently, (not because of problems, just age, in addition to buying a decent quality inverter, along with replacing charge controllers.
            Now, things are working fine, but it wasn’t free, it was a few grand to start with and another grand to replace.
            All told, it would have covered about 5-8 years of electric bills with the money spent, at least.
            Solar is great for backup power and stand alone small installations but it will not be cost effective in our lifetime, when you’re talking 14-18% efficiency ratios. I know people say well, they’re getting 20% now. That’s an 80% rate of loss= inefficient.
            And it isn’t FREE.

            Combine that with wattage loss over the life of the panels after say, 10-15 years and you have a system that slowly loses power and efficiency.
            And there’s that damn 2nd law of thermodynamics. Solar will never live up to the hype.

      9. When I was a kid St. Pete was known as Wrinkle City. There are a few coin stores around and I’m itching to go see what they have and how much over spot they want. I find it hard to believe that there is said to be a shortage of silver and the price is not higher. If it had such an upside why would they sell it?

        • Alj, ever eat at Gigi’s Italian restraunts?

          Old friends of my family…

          • eppe… no I haven’t eaten at Gigi’s, don’t really eat out but once in a blue moon. Besides, around these parts the newscasts often lead off with dirty dining segments about the latest eatery closed down for roaches in the kitchen and running across the dining room tables while people eat. Home cooking, I know the ingredients and how they were prepared. Not to say that Gigi’s wasn’t a fine eating establishment. A quote: Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not and a sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is. – Oscar Wilde

        • The “paper” silver trading is controlling the market price.

          People sell anything of value because they see a profit opportunity. They are buying low and selling high every day. Then they keep the profit. We don’t know how much the dealers have stashed away that they’ll never sell.

          That’s just like wondering why grocery stores sell groceries. They buy low and sell high, but they still have groceries at home.

        • Aljamo – Check out Gainesville Coins in Lutz FL It is North Tampa. They sell Silver .999 fine Rounds for as low as .65 Cents over Spot. You can buy on line as well, even with a credit card or wired cash if you want, and they can deliver to your door in a discrete box if you are not in the area. I bought over the phone, held by credit card, and paid cash when i picked it up. And the nice Armed County Deputy will even carry your Silver purchase out of the store and put it in your vehicle for ya. Like as if I wanted to carry the 32.5 Lb Box to my Vehicle. lol… That was the first purchase. My total stash, I am averaged in, including commission costs is at $16.74. I am now in the profit zone and loving it.

          Looks like Monday May 16th Silver’s Opening will be up at $17.30-$17.40 Range. Lets see, at a 10 to 1 ratio or $130 an Oz – I will be a whole lot wealthier and could go buy a few week groceries with one ounce of Silver at that ratio. Yeah you can eat silver too.. including Silver Colloid that you can take by teaspoon to fight internal bacteria viruses in your digestive system. WhoWuddaThunkIt.

          I believe the current Silver and Gold Markets are being manipulated by or State Sponsored by the US Government to suppress the values, all to help keep the phony US Dollar Propped up. Otherwise we would be seeing many of these Hedge Fund Paper shorter’s being arrested for trading without proper asset backing. One dirty Fascist hand washes the other. Whats new. But it cannot last forever… As the World demand for Silver skyrockets. That is why I believe Silver will slingshot to the moon very soon. The expanding Solar Panel Market demand too, will take silver up to the stratosphere as well.

          Watch Obama let the US Economy unravel just before Trump Takes office, to keep him busy for years. Just like GW Bush did for Obama. Hid all the bad news just before the election. America will survive, if we can kick all the Zionist Parasites out of the country. They love feeding off dying corpses they stabbed in the back. They have done the same thing to every host Country they Occupied for centuries…. We need another Hitler to clean house here in the States of these POS ZOG Commies.


        • Their income is based on the spread. They make small % on both ends.

          They have numismatic profits as well, on some coins.

          They game the order system to purchase more of certain US Mint sets and special coins.

          Sometimes they invest to have certain coins/rounds graded by NGC or PCGS, and hope to enhance the value with a MS70 or PF70 grading. Collectors do the same thing on a smaller scale.

          Many times folks bring in rolls of brand new, never circulated SAEs, and they send those out for value enhancing grading and holders (slab).

          It is difficult to pass a counterfeit anything past a meticulous coin shop owner.

          It happens, but more often it is stolen goods that cut into a dealer’s bottom line.

          In some states, a dealer must hang on to items purchased off the street to allow time for stolen items to be recovered. If items in a dealer’s inventory are found to be stolen, the dealer loses the inventory, with no recourse to recover the investment.

          MANY shop owners will sell to you for spot+, but charge you no tax, and off the books, if you pay with cash.

      10. Every day more and more people become dependent on government handouts. We are in a deficit every budget requiring borrowing and printing as the budget increases every year. One day that is going to end when printing more currency is not worth the cost of the paper its printed on or creating more digital currency simply leads to even more inflation. It will be pure hell to live thru and many will perish…

        • the federal gov. has not signed off on a budget in eight years…..altho a budget is required by law…yearly….

      11. @aljamo – because they are retailers not investing funds, they are middle man between mint and smaller buyers. That’s their business model.

      12. Food. Water. Shelter. Ammo. Silver. In that order.

        • AP,you didn’t mention med gear,always before silver/gold.I would say you want water before food,live longer without food then water.

          • Fair enough.

      13. Copper and Old guy I just red your comment.. this message is for Sarge, Brave and others..a major situation is brewing with the Saudis, they are getting ready to dump the dollar, more. Economic callapse is on hour horizon and much more.. prep and get ready is that when it hits your ready.. that all I can say for now.. Venezuela?.. look at that.. that’s all I have to say for now.


        • HCKS –

          It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the Saudi’s were to do that. As I have always thought – “The Bretton Woods Agreement will not last forever”.

          If this were to happen … then everybody can expect the US Military putting Boots on the Ground in that filthy rotten country.

          – The Typical American Business In Foreign Policy –

          George Carlin: This country is only two hundred years old, and already we’ve had ten major wars. We average a major war every twenty years in this country. So we’re good at it!

          [laughter and applause]

          George Carlin: And it’s a good thing we are. Can’t build a decent car, can’t build a TV or a VCR worth a fuck. Got no steel industry left, can’t educate our young people, can’t get health care to our old people. But we can bomb the shit out of your country, all right!

          [laughter and applause]

          George Carlin: We can bomb the shit out of your country, all right! Especially if your country is full of brown people. That’s what we’re good at, bombing brown people. Can you remember the last white people we bombed? Can you remember *any* white people we’ve ever bombed? The Germans! Those are the only ones, and that’s only because they were trying to cut in on our action. They wanted to dominate the world. Bullshit, that’s *our* fucking job!

          [laughter and applause]

          George Carlin: That’s our fucking job!

          • I think you got it wrong talked to an old friend who works in Saudi for ARAMACO.
            The Saud’s are selling everything down to the gold plated rotary phones.
            They are parking their money mostly in London.and moving their wives and children their.
            They are expecting to lose control of the Saudi government and when they do they is gonna bug out.
            Watch when this happens shit hits the fan as 1/8 of worlds oil supply goes offline.


          • George Carlin was a piece of FECES

        • HCKS
          Thanks for the Heads Up!!!!
          Ready now and working hard to get even more PREPPED!!!!

          I think right now the wife and I have enough P.M.s. But now for the Lead and Brass. Got what I need but you can never have too much.

          Again Thanks for the Heads Up!!!!


        • I think congress needs to release all the info on 9/11
          If indeed the saudis were insturmental it would be a good teaching moment to turn them to glass

      14. This guy Grosso is in obummers camp. The voices on shtf plan are peddling fiction according to them. It’s the same fake it till you make it crap. Except people aren’t making it. I see people picking through garbage bumming $ on the street corner. Record unemployment and he’s saying America is in a good position. Well the more people I see and know that are struggling tells me I need to hold on to my $. Obummer and Grosso live in portfolios of numbers not in the real world. Believe none of what you hear and all of what you see. I see a slow economy I’m a trucker I should know it’s dead now. The truck is just about empty it’s just a matter of time before they lay people off if it don’t pick up. They can just add someone else’s load to mine and let someone go. It’s totally doable. The company is not stupid and will do what it takes to survive. They’ve been around for 85 yrs they have been through downturns before. ive been in freight for 20 yrs I know what I’m talking about. I’m not fudging some numbers I’m telling it as I’m seeing it. I have nothing to gain by deceiving people. I’m not trying to sell anything or everything by promoting prepping to fuel spending. I don’t make up shit about a scientist friend saying crap. Everything I say is what I see going on. The bullshit people spill to get people to buy gold and silver guns and all this survival crap is at epic levels. Buy silver cause it’s gonna go up soon blah blah these people are just trying to part you from your$. I don’t stand to make a dime of anything but working. You can believe all their con schemes and run out and stock up on stuff you don’t need or you can sit back and watch history repeat itself. Get your basic supplies don’t get carried away folks.

      15. Metals have stood test of time/empires for 1000’s of years.You really well stocked otherwise a little might be useful in 2 ways.

        1.What it will buy you today will buy you tomm. as a inflation hedge to a degree,at least shorter term in break down.

        2.You make it to other side(do believe multi gen. 4th gen. warfare,but,if wrong,you or your kids ect. might have some jump start capitol on the other side.Thus if water/food/defense/tools/med. ect. covered,get some metals.

        • Im thinking high carbon steel will be more valueable locally, i would bet power will still be available after a collapse or disaster of any sort but raw materials that are not produced locally will become very valueable, hence, leather, high carbon steel, a gun will draw attention, but a well concealed ninjato wont even be noticed, i like the idea of having a longer blade, a stand off as it were, a thief with a knife comes up against you, you pull out a bigger knife,

          • “That’s not a knife … This is a knife!”

            Crocodile Dundee – (1986)

      16. No its not gonna turn around. We are in decline . There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. The Free Shit Army. Gimmie Dats, and Wigger Land Wales make up the large part of our population. The majority are complacient parasite oxygen thief sheeple.When its all said and done it will be those who are willing and have the know how to do whatever is necessary to live another day. The soft hearted compassionate service to other oriented types will quickly perish. It will take a certain kind of mental fortitude. And forget about water purification. Learn how to brew beer and don’t drink water. Only drink beer its healithier and it will be a much needed comfort item. Say after the SHTF collapse some dumbass has something I want. I would act stupid & friendly & give them beer. and after they became drunk slit their throat and get everything they have. And they will not be telling others anything about me. Why would I do something like that? because If they lasted that far & long they are a dangerious sort and I will not take the chance. DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. Try and trade your shiney PM,s with a mean ass hole like me and see what happens?

        • Wine will work too, if you don’t have beer on hand 😉

        • Old guy, thanks for that possible scenario. If I were to trade with you, or anyone for that matter, it’ll be at the end of a 12g barrel, in my hands of course.
          The only way precious metals will work in shtf is, like has been said, AFTER things have calmed down and returned to a semblance of normal.
          That’s why I will not buy any more PM’s and will stay with more food, but I’m running out of places to store it!! (sort of, wife thinks we have enough, but one can’t ever be sure, especially in remote locales like we are)

          • Yup, island with 100,000+ full time residents and a few dozen k tourist here at any given time and less than 17% of all food consumed here is grown here. How long till that runs out? Plus the producers wont keep providing, the ones i know will sit tight and take care of what they have rather than heading to a store, only a few dummies think they will be like gods, imho they will not live long


        • Old Guy.

          You have no idea how much I appreciate your post.
          Deadly Honest and a very cautious warning of what there could be out there.

          I am not going to throw stones at you. You have a good idea what happens in a collapse that many would not believe can happen to them. Goodie Two Shoes per example.

          If they have lasted as long as you have is a point. Caution should be taken.

      17. But beer’s place in the development of civilization deserves at least a raising of the glass. As the ever rational Ben Franklin supposedly said, “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

        • You old bastard, you are the kind of guy that needs to be purged before shtf…and whoever does it will get your beer as a bonus.

          • Mark

            Nothing wrong with Old Guy. You have to adjust your plan. Maybe he’s giving warning to not stick your nose out in places you don’t need to be. A few raiders would have a problem with him. He is part of the puzzle.

            To be honest. I am not far behind him. There might be many more.

          • The exact thing happens to people all the time at present. They go looking to purchase drugs or sex and get robbed mugged or killed. After SHTF everyone will be paranoid and just a laugh at the wrong moment could be misinterpreted and things go south. Im not worried about my life or my wife. Its my grandkids who I prep for. And anyone who steals my preps will not know which contains the poison. Boil a Newt (salamander) the water can be injected through a small hole in a canned good. and the hole soldered and the label reattached undectable! Im not gonna go looking for others to kill and rob. Unless that is a very last resort. however Im not going to take a chance even trying to trade with others. Try and picture the first white men who ventured west looking to trade with the Indians. It was a iffy gamble that he could trade whatever he had to them for furs. They often just killed the white man and got the trade goods for free. Nothing has really changed human nature in the last 200 years.

      18. The wise know that all systems come to an end and recognize the signs of their coming end. They prepare for it.

        The foolish do not, some because they simply don’t understand and others because they desperately need to cling to the idea that they are safe and everything will continue to be as it has been all their lives. They are destroyed by the change when it happens.

        Decide which to be, it is your choice and no one else’s to make.

        Live within the system as it is, but don’t expect it to continue that way forever. Be ready to move on to the next one when it shows up instead of fighting to maintain the old one as it goes away.

      19. After storing food, a water purification system, weapons and ammo, and PMs, the next thing would be as much whiskey, wine, and other spirits.
        I remember as a boy listening to my grandfather and others who had lived through the depression speaking about what it took to survive. One thing they all agreed on was if you had whiskey or other alcoholic beverages you could trade for just about anything else you needed. So for those that don’t think you could possibly buy food or other items with precious metals this would be a great option.

        • On target, Mark.

          Along with spirits, cannabis buds will have barter value.

        • Spices are good trade items in a depression collapse situation as well.

          They cost less to stock up on and take less space and are easier to transport than liquor.

          However, beer, wine and distilled beverage making would be a good skill to have during any long term collapse. Moonshiners will be in demand the way they were in the ’20’s.

      20. “Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction. A good form of government may hold the rotten materials together for some time, but beyond a certain pitch, even the best constitution will be ineffectual, and slavery must ensue.”
        —John Witherspoon (1776)

        Note: “Manners” here means “morals,” exactly to how William Wilberforce used the term in that day and age.

        I would comment more, but I have to race out to Target to buy a new TV so I can sit on food stamps all day and watch re-runs of Jerry Springer, Will & Grace (aren’t gays CUTE!), and the vile Two and a Half Men with AIDS infected Charlie Sheen

      21. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI08BKgT8MI

        Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention.

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