Central Bankers Have ALL The POWER: If They Stop Printing Money, Stocks Will CRASH

by | May 20, 2019 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    If the United States’ central bank, the Federal Reserve, stops printing money, the stock market will crash. However, the continual printing of money could cause a crash of its own. Either way, we are in a lose-lose situation when it comes to the decisions made by central bankers.

    Will the stocks crash in 2019? Or 2020? Perhaps, and there’s an easy way to tell.  “If the Fed stops printing money, stocks will crash. If central banks print money and the global monetary supply increases, we could see stocks rising. If central banks decide to print less money or even contract the money supply, stocks will fall. End of story,” said David Quintieri of The Money GPS. 

    Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell told reporters that after the Fed left its main rate unchanged, their policy stance is “appropriate right now” and “we don’t see a strong case for moving in either direction.” The central bank is urging patience.

    Central banks completely control everything that’s happening to the stock market. This is out of the hands of everyone else.  When the bankers decide to tank the market, they can do so.  When they decide to print more money, the stock market will go even higher.

    But the Fed “fears” low inflation with Powell recently calling it “one of the major challenges of our time.’’ That could result in yet another rate cut and more money printing, and an even higher place for the stocks to fall from.  The Fed is intentionally devaluing the debt that they owe by making low inflation seem bad.  How is low inflation bad? Not one single person would be upset if they paid the same amount for a gallon of milk today as their parents did in 1985.

    Quintieri is the author of The Money GPS: Global Economic CollapseThe Financial Crisis [The Great Recession] was intentionally caused by those in control behind the scenes. They designed the monetary system using private central banks, forcing the public to accept their fiat currency as legal tender. They loan it out at interest, creating a perpetual downward spiral of debt slavery.

    In The Money GPS, Quintieri covered the entire spectrum.


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      1. To see what lies ahead, look at what has transpired in the past.

        History repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

        Prophets are usually wise men with actual facts.

        The Iran situation is partially about securing oil for Israel and perpetual financial resources.

        The USA will not be able to provide for Israel if and when the USA is no longer financially capable.

        The USA currently holds up Israel with financial aid and other monies that wind up in Israel.

        The Rothschild’s are the founders of both the central bank system and Israel.


      2. let it crash. Way past time it was done. Just let’s try to not make the same mistakes next go-round. Heck, it’s why we all come to sites like this, is it not? SHTF and all that.

        • I agree. We don’t need money to live on earth. It’s just a scare tactics . We can’t eat money. Only food. Which we can grow.

      3. It’s all smoke and mirrors as money is an instrument of economic exchange not its former store of value; in fiat form it’s both expansive and contractive. Controlling an economy with money creates bubbles (expanding) and bursts (contraction) the former shown in rising housing, equity prices and debt, the latter with defaulted loans and deflation. Interestingly such intervention was meant, maybe ostensibly, to facilitate market calm over instability by shaving off the peaks and filling in the valleys. Such actions required increasingly greater involvement as the cycle fluctuations increased in both magnitude and duration. In effect “the cure” became the disease.

      4. Most of the world’s monetary system is controlled through the Fed via the FRN and the SWIFT system…for now. They are not concerned with gold bugs or silver bugs…they manipulate that fairly easily. They manipulate the FX and LIBOR. They manipulate the cost of money through interest rates.

        The one thing they ARE concerned with is cryptocurrency. They are afraid of it undermining the FRN. Some say the spooks created it, but I have my doubts. Brad Sherman, the congressman from California, is calling for a bill to ban Americans from purchasing or using cryptocurrency to nip it in the bud. Crypto has the power to undermine the international unit of account, the US dollar, he said. He also said if cryptocurrency undermines the US dollar, all sanctions will be null and void. The US will not be able to extend it’s power worldwide since all international oil and most other transactions are settled in the dollar through the NY Fed.

        See, these guys all work for the banks…don’t let them fool ya…

        • If or when the USD loses world reserve currency status and the US government and then by default its population has to live within its means (even those not in debt live off US debt) its “schools out”, “goodby”, “sayonara”. Governments are overthrown and wars are fought with the mere threat of using something else.

          • “Within our means”, when the SHTF, our means will be the ability to plant, harvest, hunt, forege etc.

      5. David Quintieri of The Money GPS is certifiably nuts. I listened to him several times, he Davy Crockett of shit.
        If a moon sized asteroid hits Earth…
        If a Gama-ray hit the Earth….
        If the Sun supernovas….
        If the Moon loses orbit and drifts out to outerspace….
        Ain’t gonna happen, and if you worry and live in fear, constant worry and paranoia you have no life!

        S&P 20,000, Gold $2,500, National Debt $75T, billion dollar baseball players are common, by the year 2050. No flying cars. US Cities 25k & higher all become 3rd world shitholes where 95% of the tax dollars are wasted.

      6. So, the stock market is rigged… why do people keep playing? Are they so brainwashed , that they cannot see?

      7. Crash is coming. Just a few more months and a repeat of 2008, possibly even 1929.

        Sell everything the last business day of August. Buy it all back the last Friday in October.

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