Central Banker: The U.S. Could See A Sharp Downturn In The Coming Months

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Forecasting, Headline News | 8 comments

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    James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, said risks facing the economy include uncertainty over global trade policy and the slowing of the global economy. The head of the St. Louis Federal Reserve warned Tuesday that the U.S. economy could see a sharper slowdown than expected in the coming months.

    “Slower global growth may feed back into slower growth in the U.S.,” he said. “U.S. monetary policy cannot reasonably react to the day-to-day give and take of trade negotiations,” Bullard said Tuesday during a presentation at a conference in London, adding that he doesn’t expect trade policy uncertainty will subside in the years ahead.

    The Washington Examiner reported that Bullard said the Fed is attempting to alter the path of monetary policy this year. The Fed has cut interest rates two consecutive times, and Bullard, a member of the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee, said it “has tried to insure against this downside risk by dramatically altering the path of monetary policy” this year.

    Bullard voted against the Fed’s decrease in interest rates following its meeting in September, as he preferred a steeper cut. Because of the risks that remain high for the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve “may choose to provide additional accommodation going further, but decisions will be made on a meeting-by-meeting basis.”

    Trump Wants Zero Or NEGATIVE Interest Rates To Help With The National Debt

    While the risks remain high for the U.S. economy, some analysts say there isn’t really anything the central bank can do to stop or lessen the effects of the next recession. If the Fed is seeing the cracks, it’s time to be prepared for what could come.  No one knows exactly what the next recession will look like, only that one is coming, and those who are prepared will have a better chance than those who are not.

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      1. SHTF Website cold see a fast down turn is our post are not posting any more. Whats up Mac?. Look at the main site page. No comments post on any article.. Did the comment section get hacked again?

      2. Stores are peddling Christmas gifts already.

      3. And what gave that away? The 23 Trillion debt? The loss of our manufacturing base? What?

      4. Comment ………..

        READ MORE

      5. There is a 90% chance that there will be a forced recession in 2020, because the Feds are part of the new world order, and they do NOT want D Trump another four years.

        The demms are all about doing anything to roust him out of office as it is, and a recession will cause many to look at him differently next November.

      6. Ok, lets look at some numbers; market capitalization is 154% of GDP.
        In 2008 the worse number given for market capitalization was 147% of GDP.
        The Banks have been giving illegal immigrants mortgages in record numbers since Trump took office in an attempt to fast track citizenship; problem is its backfiring. The Illegals are defaulting. on those loans and there are ten of thousands of those loans on the books.
        It will be worse than 2008 and very ugly. The Bank crisis is expected to hit the mainstream around February of next year.

        The democrats and big tech are willing to tank the economy to stop Trump. problem is they will lose control and tank the country for years and years to come.
        Bottom line; If you want to survive then you need to be stockpiling food, medical supplies, ammo and building a 5-10 program.

      7. If you own a home most likely you have a lawn and other plants that are only there for aesthetic value when edible flowers and trees would be more practical especially if the economy spirals down.

        Every area has its zone where certain plants thrive. Plant only those that have the best chances to survive. Know what to do to make the most of them; how to preserve your harvest, how to use them. Fruit such as lemon has multiple uses. Nuts are good for weeks or months without canning or freezing. Lavender discourages fleas and ticks and attracts bees. Mint discourages mice, but it is invasive if not controlled. Mint settles the stomach. Ginger is good for many health reasons including motion sickness. It is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Herbal gardens can be beautiful, discourage unwanted insects, perfume the air, and add taste as well as health benefits to your food supply with very minimal effort. Does your home have at least a rosemary bush? I can’t imagine why not.


      8. At this point I don’t really care. I’m ready to hunker down and I’m pretty sure that I can weather any storm. What happens to the weenies that didn’t prepare for themselves is no concern of mine.

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