Central Bank of Central Banks Says “The World is Unable to Fight Next Global Crash”

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    According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the shadowy “central bank of central banks,” the world as it stands is incapable of combating another global financial crash – a crash that there is every reason to think is coming.

    That’s because the economy remains in the hands of the Federal Reserve and other central banks. The financial wizards in THIS VIDEO went so far to say that “we are all slaves to the central banks.” It wasn’t exactly hyperbole.

    According to the BIS, central banks have already “used up their ammunition” by driving interests to below zero, freezing investment for the important stuff like production and infrastructure, and instead fueling huge bubbles for wonder kids on Wall Street to play in.

    Now, everything is basically teetering on the edge until the music stops. According to the BIS, it will soon be time to pay the piper – as “persistent ultra-low rates” are poised to unleash destruction upon the economy like King Kong set loose on Manhattan:

    The BIS report described the threat of a new bust in advanced economies as a “main risk”, with many reaching the top of the economic cycle.

    The economies worst hit by the last crisis are now suffering the costs of persistent ultra-low rates, the organisation said, which could “inflict serious damage on the financial system”, sapping banks and weakening their balance sheets and their ability to lend.

    And worse, the advanced countries will be unable to fight back against the serious consequences, according to their 2015 annual report :

    • The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises.

    Central banks have backed themselves into a corner after repeatedly cutting interest rates to shore up their economies.

    Central banks may have contributed [to the coming crisis] by fuelling costly financial booms and busts and delaying adjustment.”

    In past years, the BIS has painted a clear picture of the bleak financial landscape brought on by central bank policy since the 2008 crisis.

    .  .  .  .  .  .

    It warned in 2013 that:

    Fresh action from central banks to kick-start growth may do more harm than good, by distorting financial markets and jeopardising stability.

    “Unfortunately, central banks cannot do more without compounding the risks they have already created.” (source)

    .  .  .  .  .  .

    In 2014, it found that central banks have failed to achieve a recovery, and are incapable of doing so:

    Robust, self-sustaining growth still eludes the global economy… Central banks cannot solve the structural problems that are preventing a return to strong and sustainable growth.

    “Most of all, central banks cannot enact the structural economic and financial reforms needed to return economies to the real growth paths authorities and their publics both want and expect.”

    What central bank accommodation has done during the recovery is to borrow timeBut the time needs to be used wisely, as the balance between benefits and costs is deteriorating.” (source)

    Given the unique insider position of the Bank of International Settlements in the global financial power structure, these are foreboding words to be met with mature concern. This is a tacit admission that the powers that be know the next big crisis is around the corner, and they are ready to watch us drown in it – this time, without reaching down to offer us up.

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    Stimulating growth threatens stability, central banks warn

    Warning: too much finance is bad for the economy

    Making the most of borrowed time: repair and reform the only way to growth, says BIS in 83rd Annual Report


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      1. Ever feel like we are being set up???

        • Eppe, yes, and I think it’s no accident!

        • Eppe,
          YUP. been watching it happen slowly over the years and was very frustrated by it as many did not see it back then and would look at a person like they were crazy to even mention something like that, well at least it is mostly out in the open for all to see it nowadays!! NOW just get this ball rolling!!

          • Apache54
            They still look at us like were crazy if you mention anything like this,,,,,
            I pretty much dont talk about any of this stuff unless its one of my friends i know gets it,
            The rest can just find out when TSHTF

            • The whole world works on faith.
              When that goes away, you don’t
              have much left. I have a small
              patch of land and a few friends.

              • Rellik – as much as I would like to believe that, my eyes tell me a different point of view.
                I see the World works completely on Greed and Corruption and it’s people like you and I who take the blunt force from it.

                • I think he means faith in the illusion, not biblical faith. You are both correct tho.

                  • I meant both illusion and biblical, faith. I have faith in God, but I keep my ammo at the ready and dry.

                    • …….and how will you explain shooting people to God?
                      Just wondering, since God would NEVER shoot another.
                      Admit it….you believe that you believe in God.
                      But in practice, you fall short.
                      We all do.

        • eppe

          Yeah..just ask the people of Greece…they were and are set up…
          Just spoke with Manos(chat)and its begun over there..

          Here’s a quick snapshot of what he said..

          Day 3:

          We are at the beginning of the bank holiday. I remember the endless discussions at Mac’s site, and i really need to laugh or cry.

          Half of gas stations all over the country are already out of fuel. The remaining have horrific lines of desperate citizens.

          Most ATMs are out of money, and they will start refilling them tonight. The daily limit per account will be 60 euros.

          Lines in supermarkets and grocery stores, increase from hour to hour, but still there are plenty of stuff to find.

          My suggestion from within:

          1. Have the family car ALWAYS full of fuel.
          2. Have emergency food (frozen meat, cans, fruits, and freeze dried) for at least a month or so.
          3. Have emergency cash on hand, at least a couple of thousand dollars, hidden somewhere.
          4. Drinking water for at least two months.
          5. Basic medicines and baby wipes.
          6. Have an emergency backpack (food, clothes, medicine) for each member of the family.

          It’s not a matter of how shit happened, or the factors behind it.
          It’s a matter of when it’s going to reach you.

          God Bless you.

          a farce indeed, and a tragic attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government (even if i don’t always support its actions).
          Stay safe John.

          It’s starting.

          ok. take care.
          Chat Conversation End

          • Weren’t the Greeks already dewmed like 15 times now?

            How did they un-dewm themselves such that more dewm would actually mean anything at this point? And if they did un-dewm themselves, why’s everyone over there so unprepared this time through?

          • It is good to hear from Manos. Tell him our prayers are with him and his nation.

            Might also ask him for prayers for this nation since we just passed a national gay marriage law. God will not be tolerant of this.

            • Cara, unless this nation does a 180, it’s finished, I’m sorry to say.

              • Yup it looks like the peter puffers have won.

            • God might be. But I can think of about a million really pissed off goat herders that for sure won’t be.

              Me personally couldn’t care less. It was never the government’s right to have their nose in anything marriage related to begin with so whatever.

          • Possee, thanks for that report from Manos. He’s a survivor. He’ll get through all that BS somehow. It’s only a matter of time before it hits here. Just keep stacking.

            • Look at the bigger picture folks. The IMF is only a FUND as I have explained to Brandon a number of times, and LeGarde only a Fund Manager who is expendable.

              It (LeGarde) could well be the first fatality of the FED’s counter attack against the BRIC’s, with Venezuela and Argentina close behind. So much for biting the hand that feeds you and crossing the FED by cozying up to China.

              Greece is a symptom and a pawn in the Greater Game. Greece is not broke. They could sell offshore oil & gas leases worth hundreds of billions of dollars for pennies on the dollar in this contrived marketplace. 🙁

        • In more ways than one Eppe.

          Keep your eyes on Puerto Rico. We have our own Greece which is not just brewing, it is upon us within days.

          I really, really believe that the time for an economic collapse is upon us.

          The Confederate flag issue, a race baiting distraction to take your eyes off the real problems.

          The Gay ruling, ditto.

          It has become obvious that our politicians have been bought and paid for. Look at the trade agreement and who got what.

          The Supreme court is now ruling based on political considerations. What has Obama got on the folks>

          Add all of the above up and it spells a complete and utter disaster for the US of A. We are truly screwed.


          • It’s not what Obama has on them…It’s what the NWO has on them…It’s pretty much life & death at this point. AND, after the balloon goes up, they (NWO) won’t have any use for the SCOTUS, the congress or for that matter Obama…To the gallows with them…Same with the “Free Shit Army” crowd…no more elections…kill them all.

        • Oil down, market down, world wide economies crashing, damn man it looks like we might be into the reset.

        • “Beside the lines at A.T.M.s, people were also lining up at gas stations and in grocery stories. In the small town of Spata, outside Athens, residents had stripped grocery shelves bare by Saturday night. The local Shell station had run out of regular unleaded and had only premium gasoline to sell. “Doom,” the gas attendant responded, when asked to describe the mood.”

          YOU DON’T SAY


        • I’m selling all of my toilets. I have a whole yard full of them and have many that are in pristine condition. All have working floats and flappers and seats and stuff. If you are interested just reply to my post. These things are great for shitting in and also for storing ammo and gold in the back of them. I mean, who looks in the back of the toilet? I see a big collapse on the horizon and I also have perfected a new type of toilet paper that I call HybridWipe. It is made from newspaper and ground corn cobs rolled into a 8 by 10 sheet. You get 50 shit sheets to a pack. So that’s what I’m doing to prepare.

      2. Lots of similarities between the Dollar and Religion. Both are only worth something if you believe in them. Both are backed by thin hot air. The Dollar now only worth about .02 cents of its original value. The bible woth about 2 dead trees and a dime of ink. What cracks me up is the gullibles getting married in a church, and use a diamond ring which is several billion years old as symbol of the relationship, then the gullibles take a honeymoon to the grand canyon which is several million years old, but then the gullible preach to us that earth is only 5 to 6 thousand years old. Then the gullible posters want to bless and pray amd pidt this bible bable on here like they have the backing of God. Which has nevet been proven. Religion has destroyed many minds to distinguish between the reality of actual facts and fantasy. And if God was so great and powerful to move thecheaven amd earth but just cant seem to master thevprinting press to make their own money cause they beg for yours every sunday from the low IQ gullible. And when you die before your permanent dirt nap you can hold a bible in one hand and your dick in the other and see which one is real. And when you pass you will realize religion is one big masterful fraud. If you are a slave to your religious fraud, just shows your stoopid ignorance.

        • time for meds??

          • ABC, yes it’s time for mommy to give acid his meds and put him to b ed.

        • The earth is billions of years old but it’s obvious that God designed and created everything.

          (Romans 1:18-20 NIV) The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, {19} since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. {20} For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

          • 2050… The US Census Office estimates that the US will have 138 million Spanish speakers, making it the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth, with Tijuana-Spanish the mother tongue of almost a third of its citizens.

            AND AMERICA WILL LOOK LIKE A THIRD WORLD GARBAGE DUMP TOO. A nation is only as good as its law abiding, hard working, legal, working taxpaying citizens. Out of the 325 million, I would guess that only 50 million are worthy.

        • If there is no God then nothing really matters, everyone should just do whats right in there own eyes. You and everyone in this room are a vapor and will be gone soon, and we amount to nothing. Why do you preach to people as if what you think makes any difference, are you putting yourself in the place of God?
          Tell me where you get all of these strong convictions from, do they just pop into your head, and why do you think its important that we know about them.

        • WWTI come on dude why you gotta start the religion thing again? We have different beliefs and I respect your right to express your opinion. But what is transpiring has nothing to do with God. (besides the good and evil part that is.) This is caused by men who have no God, and worship only money. God has taken his hand off this world as mankind has chosen to be evil. Read the bible you hate so much and you will see this all forecasted.
          I know blah blah blah written by man etc. I’ve heard your argument. Life is all about choices. I choose to follow Christ, you choose to believe what you want. I just don’t want to see it in every post. All humans are screwed but God didn’t do it, we did.

        • wwti,

          I hope you got several military grade gas masks and new cartridges for them, cause the swamp gas is already getting to ya.

      3. Greek banks are closed today.

        • Greek banks are closed for the next 6 days. China stock market is crashing and the Chinese are DEMANDING traders to be rational. Puerto Rico just called it quits on their 77 billion debt and folks, this shit is just getting started. Lets see if the fed plunge protection team can hold up global markets. I have my doubts.

          • .02

            Good heads up on Puerto Rico.

          • Guess that makes them Puerto Pobre now.

      4. Looks like it is starting MSM is reporting this morning that Grreek banks will remain close for six days. The arms there are running out of money and only can withdraw $67 per day. Other mews reported is that Puorto Rico cannot pay its debts.

        • It is actually 60 euros, that currently equates to 66 bucks in USSAG fiat dollars.

          Sounds kinda queer, banks closed for 6 days and only able to draw out the equivalent of 66 $$.

          There’s that ole 666 rearing it’s ugly head again.

      5. Followup. RELIGION and the DOLLAR. Both need each other to survive, as in God we Trust is printed as to confirm one wothless fraud backing and propping up the other, hand in hand. Many Gullibles believe everything they read.

        • Only a fool believes that God doesn’t exist. There’s overwhelming evidence that God exists and that He involves Himself in the lives of people.

          A great place to check out is:


      6. if every country in the world is in debt then who do we owe this debt to if it’s not Israel and it’s bankers.

        Nevermind money for nothing as they print it up because this I hope will end in rope for nothing.

        it’s not the single mum’s or immigrants that has screwed us up but the debt owed to the banks and the bankers filling the pockets of our politicians and thats treason

        • Right. Israel controls the world. 13 million Jews rule a world of 7 billion gentiles because they’re that good.

          • OK by me. Lot better than being ruled by Sharia, or at the other extreme by the Gay Mafia.

          • Eating too much cat food damages brian and makes people to be stupid.

            • Let the FED buy all US Debt outstanding. Then, when we default, the Gangster Banksters can go quietly into the night with their tails between their legs …….

              Or we can hang the bastards!!! 🙂

              • DK, I can live with putting a bullet in each bankster’s head I see.

                • Brave, It would be a good competition as who squeeze and trigger faster brother.

            • Yes, Brian has said on many occasions cat food has damaged him, along the lines of eating too much streusel causes Nazi brain waves.

      7. Eppe, the Global New World Order depends on disorder. The Financial Collapse is by design, ao they can move us all over to one currency. Digital. Backed by Less than thin air or paper. They will hand out plastic credit card type digital wallets, with God We Trust printed on the Card. We seen that ugly show before.

        Thx for asking about the BOL. We will finish the barbed wire fence today.

      8. Greek banks closed today to stop the withdrawal of cash. This does sound familar. Read that the Chinese market was down 20 percent. I guess we are close.

      9. Sure the Banks are to blame, so is huge Government spending. However I ask you this; ” Are YOU living on debt too”.

        Do you owe money on credit cards, car loans, or a mortgage? How many “toys” does your family have like TV’s, video games, ATV’s, snowmobiles, Harleys?

        Except for property taxes, we’re debt free and dam glad.

        • Yes me is debt free

          “Except for property taxes, we’re debt free and dam glad.”

          Owning property lets them have you by the balls and they can and will raise the taxes to the moon when the government becomes desperate.

          You don’t pay rent on something you own, admit it you rent the land

          • here is a game every one try and guess the president I am talking about here

            and who can we compare the one listed below too ???

            President ———————– is the worst political failure of the last
            year’s he has had incredible blunders Gaffes and ham fisted comments . and many people are wondering just what he will do next.

            president ———————– is losing control and lacks the ability to react intelligently
            and make decisions that will not damage the economy.

            its chilling to scan the daily press and see the mountain of disdain that president —————– is building for him self.

            and international and economic leaders increasingly see president —————————–as a two bit self righteous know it all who has no business sitting in the white house.

            they see him as unpredictable capricious spineless against the Russians aloof and uncaring toward this countries real friends.

            this president brags about his organizational abilities his high moral character
            yet he does not seem to know how any thing works his policies have every one off balance.

            he appears to delight in insulting those who want to help him the most .

            bankruptcies are up in ?????—————-

            and what really has me concerned is more lower skilled workers are being squeezed out of the work force and on to the public dole for you and I too support.

            we thought we had all the answers back in the 40s and 50s and now we have none.

            politicians make bland speeches and vaguely promise everything for every body
            and all things to all people
            our govt defrauds the money that it itself issues.

            our food industry is not safe any more and poisons us with herbicides pesticides colorings and enhancers.

            our education systems is in the hands of idiots and criminals are turned loose every day to prey on us again and again

            while those decent people are forbidden to arm them selves to protect home and life .

            who does this sound like ????

          • Smith
            Nope I own my land and have a deed to prove that I do. So why don’t you take your sick Nazi loving crap and puke it someplace else, O.K.

            God ordains Government, Governments pass taxes, and citizens pay taxes.

            If you own a car, you have both a driver’s license and plates on the car. So you pay taxes too!

            Nazi Libertarians, like you, suck dicks, and have delusions. Piss off and watch out fur them hogs.

            • The debt free thing is a good feeling.

              I have had it for many years, until my health went bad and I realized, OH SHIT, I don’t have insurance, and I’m not quite old enough for ss and medicare. Went through life savings like it was sands through an hour glass.

              It is crazy. Had to start going to a more “qualified” doctor for treatment of Diabetes. Not a specialist, but someone that has concentrated her medical studies towards geriatrics and diabetes.

              Just a fifteen minute question and answer session plus checking bodily sounds through a stethoscope, and writing prescrips. = $200.00+

              Lab work on two vials of blood = $500.00+

              Two of these sessions per year, and I’m not feeling any better and the expense is cutting out a lot of my prep funds.

              Just sayin’. Until the Greece crisis, crosses the Atlantic, I have my own crisis.
              Then comes the dreaded property taxes, plus Home & Auto Insurance, utility,etc,etc.

              So, we are never actually “debt free”, unless we live off someone else entirely, and don’t have a vehicle.

              We are forever cinched up by the gonads in this world, one way or the other.

              Make the best of it.

              • Hey there PassintheWind…

                I know everyone is different, and what worked for me may not work for you. I am a Type II diabetic and a low carb (30gram or less a day), moderate protein, and high fat diet has done wonders for my weight and blood sugars.

                For more info., check out diabeteswarrior.com

                It’s not my site, but that’s where I got turned on to this approach and it has worked for me.

                All the best. –SteelToe

                • Thanks, steel toe.

                  The local Health Dept. hired a full time Diabetes Nurse/Counselor for the flood of immigrants we have here.

                  They get free medical, walk about fifty yards and there is the free Social Services Dept. waiting for them with open arms. They get free vision care and Dental too.

                  Because I had inquired about a program that helps with paying a portion of costs associated with having tests done at the local Cardiac Care Unit here, the lady there somehow got my name and saw where i had inquired about discount diabetes testing strips.

                  She has been calling me and “counseling” me on diabetic’s meal routine and such. Never met the lady, but she is really nice and fun to talk with. She has helped me immensely. It just makes me wonder, why tf has my Dr. not told me about her, and why have i been paying out the ass to see my Dr. that has not offered to give me this kind of information.

                  Oh, I know why. My Dr. is under a Big Pharma controlled, University backed medical center, that wants to only use you as a pill dispensary. Keep those meds flowing.

                  • passing, I get generic strips on EBAY for 1/4 the cost.

                  • Your Doctor is probably dating her on the side and don’t want you to get in on the action.

            • Them Hogs, Would you elaborate on your name calling and labeling comments as Nazi Libertarians etc.? Is Ron and Rand Paul are Nazis?

              • Stolz – Ron and Rand should not be used in the same sentence for comparison. Sure, they share the same name, but Rand is nothing like his father, in fact Rand is a huge supporter for Israel, just like most of our Politicians are.

                Ron = Libertarian Rand = Back Stabbing Zionist Lover

                • Tony, You are 100% correct. My apologies. It was an act of desperation since I do honor his father and worked in his campaign but his son Rand is another zionist owned puppet who is using his father’s integrity and honor.

                  • Stolz – no need to apologize my friend, and I’m glad you do notice the difference between the two – unfortunately some people see the relation and think Rand is the same as his father.

                  • So that’s why his hair is so wadded up and curly. He’s a dam jew. I shoulda seen it by his nose. His full name is probly randstein.

                • Ron works for a KGB propaganda machine called RT, his son is just an idiot.

                  • Grasping for straws on the KGB comment Anonymous?
                    Well, at least you got the idiot part right about Rand.

            • Them Hogs – stop paying your taxes on your land for awhile, then update us if you still own your land or are being threatened. A DEED is just a piece of paper to them, in reality it does not mean a damn thing to the County Courts.

              You, like the rest of us are slaves to the TAX SYSTEM. It has been pay along, to get along or face the consequences.
              You cannot use a Car, Drivers License and Plates as an example to Land Ownership, there’s no comparison.

              Those are Privileges, it’s a choice to drive or not.
              Just like owning a home or choosing to Rent one, it all boils down to choice. Like I said above, your DEED is null and void to the Court System. Stop paying your taxes immediately if you honestly feel you are living DEBT FREE, otherwise – why are you paying them?

              To those that have their mortgages paid off, car loans and anything related to Debt Free are living in some kind of Fantasy World. You and I have been robbed and continued to get thieved in the form of TAXES. Sorry, but this is not living DEBT FREE – it’s Oppression and Looting of a Society and it does not resemble freedom.

            • Hey Hog, you didn’t get it. What Mr Smith is telling you is that you never really own your property b/c the .gov makes you pay property taxes and when they get desperate they will just raise them or annex the land outright. Get a fvking clue idiot. dumass

        • Debt free here too~ well, except for the taxes.

          On a side note, the little town we live in is operating debt free.

        • And that is the point, I new countless people draw equity out in their house to buy all sorts of things, this was just one of the big bubbles created. I was amazed at how quickly people would become slaves to the banks for a few toys.

        • @Them Hogs,

          TH, no one is debt free. Whether one has zero balance on their property matters not.

          Each and every one of us has SELF-CENTERED, SINISTER Debt. It’s the debt that we are passing on to our future generations….probably around 100,000 an individual at last count.

          We did this. The roads, the social programs (yes social security and medicare too), the emergency services, and everything else we need to live a communist, socialist, and capitalist lifestyle (Yes, we do live all three types…just in different percentages).

          None of us should look in the mirror with satisfaction, next time anyone is walking around, look at the young kids and know that we the people have used them in such a selfish manner…..much like is done when idiots send the youth into wars.

          • @Spider
            I see that you are “brain free”. You’re just splitting hairs

        • There’s a chance that your paid off mortgage won’t be honored. Mortgages have been bought and sold so many times that the bank you paid your mortgage to might not be considered the lawful owner. Or some other bank may claim to be the legal owner of your property regardless of who you paid the money to.

          • And on top of all these things we point out, what happens to your “ownership” when the mark of the beast is implemented and you cant pay the property tax b/c you are smart enough to not take the mark? Say good bye to anything that needs licensed, taxed or paid for in anyway. Wandering nomad lifestyle is what is in store for millions of people and then of course you will be delivered up by those that have the mark for a few credits in their account. That is when things get really ugly for Christians. Not like it is not ugly enough world wide already.

            • .02, I dare any mofo to try and ‘deliver me up’. They’ll get ‘ventilated’.

            • .02:

              Check out what Goggins has to say about the “mark”. You are so spot on with your remarks I know you will enjoy this site:

              No 501C3 church affiliation there and no PC.

              biblestudysite dot com

        • Them Hogs, I’m also debt free and won’t apologize to anyone for it. That’s why I can get more preps at one time than I could otherwise. Don’t want or need any stinking credit card, loan, etc. My prepping is my top priority and I won’t let any type of debt interfere with it.

      10. Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.

        There are no new frontiers left for the bankers. They have spread their Ponzi to all corners of the world. The debt caused by compound usury cannot be repaid. They have reached the limits of their debt-based monetary system.

        It seems that this website has become a haven for statists and right wing religious zealots. They continually hijack the thread. You cannot legislate morality…surely you realize that is a slippery slope?
        Morality comes from within, not from anyone (including .gov) forcing it on another.

        Shame this used to be a libertarian leaning site.

        • Hey JRS, Who do you think ripped off the most people of the world more over the Centuries with Fraud?
          A: Religion and Religious Organizations, or
          B: the Banksters?

          • WWT, You need a 3rd choice. C: All of above

          • WWT – I had never noticed a difference, all this time I thought they were one in the same. In a way different, but with the same goals and agendas.

        • The government MUST legislate morality. That’s why we have laws against rape, murder, robbery, and child abuse. All of those crimes involve MORALITY.

          • Very interesting Barn Cat –
            “The Government must legislate morality”

            Are you even paying attention? When has the Government lived and ruled by “morals”?

            1. The Government MUST stay out of other peoples business!

            2. The Government MUST be run with people who have morals, ethics, and compassion for others.

            3. The Government MUST run and operate under the laws of this Nation and abroad.

            The fact is, the Government does neither of those 3 above, yet you talk like we have some kind of honorable structure of Governance – that to me is incomprehensible!

            Morals come from within an individual – knowing the difference between right and wrong.
            Choosing to do wrong on purpose and realizing it makes a person out to be an asshole.

        • Infinite growth isn’t possible but there’s certainly room for economic growth in America. After tax wages in constant dollars peaked in 1974. The government allowed Japan to keep its markets closed while it destroyed much of our industry. Then NAFTA came along and free trade with China accelerated the deindustrialization of America.

          I think America’s standard of living would have doubled since 1974 if those things hadn’t been implemented.

      11. “Money for nothing and the chicks for free”.

        Dire Straits.

        Are you ready????

        • Free Chickens?!……I’m in.

          • You crack me up Hogs. I’m currently fencing an area on my acre to keep the dogs out, and building a small coop for about 6 or so chickens. Had them as a kid and once again about a decade ago.

            The trick is to not have to enter the roost to get the eggs, keeping feed and water off the ground so they don’t spill it and shit in it, and not keeping a rooster around that pisses of my sleep patterns and the neighbors!

            • Tow saver,
              Rabbits are easy and very quite and produce a lot of meat and take very little room.

              • Rabbit – the other other white meat!

                Thank you MommaD, I should look into that as well.

      12. Yesterday we reached peak humanity. The frenzy of theft now starts in earnest.

        • Yep, Grandpa,

          I have sort of made my statements of what America has evolved to, through my USSAG tag.

          United Socialist States of Abortion and Gaymorrah

          Now that that actually, and totally describes this nation, we are in for changes of the tenth degree, or better said, the 33rd degree from the freemason/illuminati/satanic controls through gov.

          With the killing of innocent lives somewhere between 55 and 70 million, in the past hundred years, and the millions of misguided citizens giving in to a liberal homosexual, pc agenda through support or actual practicing of the sinful acts, we are at the very pinnacle of inhumanity.

          • A friend wrote this:

            “I woke up this morning and realized I am now an unwilling participant/prisoner in Sodom Gemmorah”.

            For a lot of us that statement surely rings true. There is no where to run to, no where to hide. America and the world has been swallowed up by evil and we are going to pay the piper for handing over control of our nation to gangster/Zionist banksters.

            Quote after quote from real patriots since the beginning of our nation can be found warning us what would become of America if we allowed private control of our money. And for generations, including now, we paid no attention.

            Greece is just the beginning…..

            • Yeah, and everyone here will go along with the program, whatever it is, because it’s bigger then internet chat rooms. we will all wait for the end while posting comments.

            • POG, Great to hear from you again. Don’t lose hope friend. There are many awaken Americans who I call them the silent majority and fully aware of who the real enemy is. Once they can’t feed their kids then the open season will start. It would be a vicious battle but when your enemy is a blood sucking monster then using any at all means will be justified to defeat it.

              BTW..Have you heard anything from our friend Hunter? I wish him the best and miss his truthful comments.

              • SV, you just reminded me of a good poster I’m ashamed to admit I had forgotten about. I hope he’s OK and starts posting again soon.

              • Stolz:

                I believe he is ok. His posts were so hard hitting and truthful that I am sure with the “new” policies here he would probably be muzzled. No fence rider there. I am sure he would be pleased to know you are thinking of him.

                He certainly is one to have your back when this “game” all falls apart.

                I look forward to your posts also Stolz. I hope that ‘silent majority’ comes out with a vengeance.

                As JQP says, punish the guilty….leave the innocents alone.

                I look forward to your posts also.

            • Granny, it’s true for all of us. Once I get to the BOL that’s where I’ll remain for life.

              • Braveheart:

                I will be relieved to hear that you have decided to make your final trip to your BOL. Don’t wait too long old friend.

      13. The main problem is that Free Markets dont exist. Way too much manipulation, fraud, bubbles, laws, no ramifications for bankers, free pass, like oops. Will tariffs, bans, taxes, subsidies, wars, thieves, and I just read where John Kerry, is profiting off the Palestinian Gas, that Israel stole. These tyrant criminals need prison. So go figure how our foreign policy promotes and reflects, criminal activities.

        • I read several articles about the gas fields and here is the actual information: The entire Eastern Mediterranean coastline extending from Egypt’s Sinai to Syria constitutes an area encompassing large gas as well as oil reserves. Israel is developing the gas fields off its own coastline. Gaza hasn’t done anything about theirs. So Israel is not stealing Palestinian natural gas–that’s nothing but propaganda.

          The problem is that most people–you included–only know how to repeat what you’ve heard without bothering to check the information. You’re especially stupid if all you do is use the computer to bitch and moan when it only takes five minutes of googling to learn something instead.

          • Wrong Sharon sided star. You sound just like a Jew Steal and occupy their land cause, they are not using it at the moment. The Zog who occupies Palestine has no rights to any assets or land. But of course robbery and theft is condones by the sided star. How about I come over and take your car since you do not use it at night. You need to Google more that the Zog propaganda milk and honey web site.

      14. What will we be forced to accept? A new world currency? Gold backed Chinese currency? No paper money, only card transactions, for total control? Please master, tell us.

      15. It’s insanity I tell you! Insanity! Somebody make them stop.

      16. There 75 million baby boomers in the US. Most of us will be dead in 20 years. Our grand children will crap on our graves for what we didn’t do to make a good future for them.

        • Prophet – Grand Children will not crap on our graves, they themselves have been or will soon to be drawn into the grand illusion of AmeriKan Policies. To them, this is or will be normal living arrangements that the Government has designed for them. They will know nothing of previous “truthful” History, as it is and has been in the process of being re-written.

          Point being – why is our Military personal to this day staffed so well?

          With all of the bogus lies that the Government has perpetuated over the years to get moral support from the populace, 18-20 something adults are enlisting in the Military in droves.

          Why would anyone involve themselves with an organization that habitually lies and bombs other Nations because they do not want to follow US/Allies protocol?

          (A) these kids are clueless and dumb
          (B) the parents are just as bad or worse
          (C) can’t fix stupid
          (D) all of the above

          Answer: D

          • Or could it be E) The jobs available suck unless you join the military to learn a trade/skill so you can earn a decent living when your time is up.

          • Tony Montana:

            Glad to see you are back posting again. “D” certainly is the correct answer, unfortunately.

            • POG – thanks 🙂
              .. and it’s good to see you too!

          • TM, D is the correct answer, unfortunately. Let me add that the military is notorious for using people. It will be a miracle if any of those kids live to talk about their experiences.

        • Have you met your grandchildren?

          My oldest boy of 17 couldn’t figure out how to cook himself a meal, do laundry or keep a part time job.

          I blame myself. I should have not allowed him to have a childhood.

          My father died when I was young, and the school of hard knocks was there to fill in everything he couldn’t. My son’s biggest worry today is how to find gas money so he can go drill his cheating girlfriend.

          I’m not bitter.

          • Ouch. I’m sorry. We all make mistakes in the raising of our children, it happens. All we can do is move forward and change our approach.

      17. Don’t really like this site mostly because of the ignoramus white trash that frequents this site. But I thought I would clue you idiots in on something. This guy knew something about what is coming, he’s dead now, but his words are true. http://www.ubm1.org/?page=wilkerson

        • BaxterJew, go f#$% yourself! If you don’t like our site or white people, then move your ass on, and don’t let the door hit your stupid ass on the way out. go back to Tel Aviv or something.

      18. The question roiling superior minds is, When the banksters dive out of skyscraper windows will they bounce or will they go SPLAT? They might make good hunting but they won’t make good eating. Am well supplied with popcorn. Let the games begin.

        Your retail banker in the bank on the Corner of Main and Forsythe isn’t a bankster. He’s a working stiff just like we are. So is his boss. But the families who own million share blocks of bank stock … them are banksters.

        If he can dial his US Senator directly, invite him to lunch, and it happens … he’s a bankster.

      19. When the social security checks, state pensions and other govt. payouts cease, no taxes of any kind will be paid. No property, no license/tags for vehicles, no house insurance or vehicle insurance, no sales tax since the govt. is determined to eliminate money as we know it and to go to a chip or plastic form of currency. If the govt. doesn’t “put out” citizens won’t “put out” either and that’s when the “fun” will begin.

        • The Purge/Culling will take effect immediately.
          Confiscation will be implemented soon after an area has been deemed safe for TPTB to do it’s cleanup.
          Restoring Order and re-establishing the new slave laws will be implemented.

          But not I – these laws and the New World Order will not personally affect me and others like me. Many of us will in time engage the system when we have nothing else to lose.

          • TM, Braveheart will also engage.

        • You called it, Confederate.

          My Grandpa, God rest his soul, was born in 1891, and heard all about the Civil War because of relatives dying in a senseless gov, initiated and enhanced war against southern sovereignty.

          He lived through four more senseless wars, before he died, and he hated politicians with a vengeance.

          His monthly ss retirement check was about $120.00 each month in the late sixties. it wasn’t much but it kept he and granny alive, gas in the ole pick-up, and the lights on.

          When they pull the plug on cash, anyone that receives a gov check, will see insurance payments, property taxes, medical bills, electric bills, and any other bills that are connected indirectly with the NWO, deducted each month, before they will be able to access those funds for buying anything else. And don’t forget about the automatically drafted funds for the New world Church. gotta pay the poop.

          Anyone that tries to “not” donate will be labeled a “Decenter”, or possible terrorist, and with the push of a button, has all funds locked up in a months worth of red tape and bureaucracy, until they kiss enough ass, or something more protruding.

          They would control almost every facet of Americans lives, from cradle to grave, if time would allow for it.

          It won’t. Time is like sand, and it’s slipping through the hour glass of this age, and there isn’t much sand left.

        • Confederate, you forgot the EBT cards. When those quit working, that’s when the ‘fun’ starts. My ventilation team will be ready and willing to take on the free shit army.

      20. Having a good laugh at the crap being thrown out there:

        Gay Pride People….Of What? Taking it up the poop chute?

        Black Pride Folk…..Say what? Welfare or prison %’s?

        Don’t Tread on Me…..Or what you paper tigers?

        Tea Party?…What have you accomplished?

        And it goes on………

        A Very Disgusted BigB

      21. Even if there is a horrible crash, on the plus side, at least Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama will STILL be able to take her monthly uber-luxe vacations, along with all the other Learjet leftist cronies

      22. And this is new news?

        we all knew this back in 0’8!

        the only option they have now is GLOBAL WORLD WAR!

      23. You don’t own anything that is taxed property savings and anything else that is taxed. They will raise your taxes to keep you a slave. When the economy crashes they will do it if you don’t pay your house will become property of the state. If you die without any family the state gets your estate. They are the default for any unclaimed property as well. Look at the direction they are taking us. Obummer can take everything you got with the stroke of the pen. We all know what is going on here. Now who’s gonna step up and stop it. It’s gonna take violence and war rich people will have to die. When everything collapses just remember the rich people caused it and we need to take it out on their asses. The rich know they fucked up big so they gotta try to cause a race war then they will slip away underground or to some private island that they have well protected. Forget all the the stupid news story’s they are a distraction from who the real enemy is the elites. I don’t care about the two prison escapees they talked about it all day for a few days straight while other shit was going on. The police kept coming on telling us how dangerous these guys were. Another fear tactic of course. I mean what are we supposed to do forget our friends and family are living in poverty with no jobs. who the hell cares about a jail break when your eating ramen. They are regulating $ that the Greek citizens put in the bank 66bucks a day I’d be there every morning as soon as the bank opens just to take my $ out of the hands of banks. But hey these guys that broke out of jail are extremely dangerous .

      24. Dow jones down 350 pts.(1.95%) Nasdaq down 122 pts. (2.4% ). S&P 500 down 43+ pts. (2.09% ) Greece and Puerto Rico can’t or won’t pay there debt. I know i’ve said it before but here it is:

        “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency (Federal Reserve, central bank, IMF) , first by inflation and then by deflation (Economic bubbles), the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless in the streets.”
         Thomas Jefferson

        “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt

        I say the c banksters go first. WW3 is the starting gun!

      25. The most disturbing thing is their usage of the phrase “the new normal.”

        Specifically: “The unthinkable risks becoming routine and being perceived as the new normal.”

        When I hear the financial world using that phrase – “new normal” – I immediately think that an impending financial catastrophe is at the city gates.

        A bit farther on, they state “This malaise has proved exceedingly difficult to understand.”

        In other words, they don’t have a clue what is going on. This does not inspire a high degree of confidence in them. Hope everyone has a parachute, because I think we’re going down.

      26. This may sound crude, but we could probably get a grip on the global debts if the IMF’s Christine Lagaarde did a series of porn films Emmanuel-style where she bed female leaders. Think about it: Lagaards and Denmark’s leader go on a sexy date, ending with passionate cunnilingus. Or Thailand’s former leader hooks up and they go swimming in the ocean before retiring to a grass shack and a night of humping.

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