CENSORSHIP: YouTube And Twitter Scrub Users Who Question Florida Shooting Narrative

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 30 comments

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    If those questioning the media’s “official narrative” of the events of the Florida school shooting needed any more evidence that they are on the right track, they’ve just gotten it. YouTube and Twitter are now scrubbing users who dare to question the students demanding gun control and the media’s account of the school shooting.

    According to Natural News, starting a few days ago, both Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing all videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting. Anyone who questions the wisdom of the school students-turned-propagandists (who were all probably eating Tide pods a week ago) is immediately banned and silenced with censorship. Only one side of this “debate” is allowed to exist: The side that worships the government and demands that all law-abiding Americans surrender their self-defense firearms because a group of traumatized school kids were shot at by their own lunatic classmate.

    Online platforms that once hosted conversations and debates are now nothing more than crazy liberal echo chambers of cognitive illiteracy combined with demanded obedience toward the government. All of these left-wing extremist tech companies have now decided to crush the speech of their political opponents and transform the entire internet into a totalitarian bubble of barely functioning idiots who literally believe that school children should not be protected by armed citizens.

    On Wednesday, Twitter Safety released a statement regarding the Parkland students. Anyone “harassing” (disagreeing with) the Parkland students demanding your disarmament will be banned. Twitter also said that they are using “anti-abuse tools to weed out malicious automation around these individuals and the topics they are raising.” According to Natural News, in other words, if you dare question or refute anything these teenagers say, you risk being banned from the platform. How dare you question the wisdom of children who didn’t know last week that eating Tide pods is dangerous, but have now decided what kind of gun laws you need to be regulated by.

    Twitter Safety tweeted: We are actively working on reports of targeted abuse and harassment of a number of survivors of the tragic mass shooting in #Parkland. Such behavior goes against everything we stand for at Twitter, and we are taking action on any content that violates our terms of service.


    When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”― George R.R. MartinA Clash of Kings


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      1. ANY taking away of free speech is reprehensible.it might be time to boycott them?

      2. Facebook is doing the same thing with censorship. Removing posts I commented on about “crisis actors”.

      3. Imagine that! Fake news now scrubbing talk outside the official lies of officially approved propaganda.

      4. Same thing happens every time, first they censor then they arrest then they execute.

      5. Land of the free? I think not. That place died a long time ago. You can’t even see it from here any more.

      6. Strange in the meeting televised with the President in that the parent could not remember the cemetery his daughter was buried in, already happened.

        Facebook and twitter censoring. Are you surprised?

        Not interested in hearing all the voices. Just validates the need for alternative news sources
        and still then, you have to be careful who is feeding you your news.

      7. I ditched Youtube, why enrich the enemy all the while providing them with intel? I switched over to Dtube, which is exactly like Dtube, but with no ads and no censorship.

        • Dtube is exactly like Dtube?

          • That depends on what your definition of “is” is.

      8. Reminds me of a school-boy profanity ditty: “…. there ain’t no soap this side of hell that’ll wash away the fishy smell”. Granted it was written about the media – social or mainstream – but it is appropriate now. For the ‘wound that’ll never heal’ part I left out is now all those complicit ….. pink pussyhat-wearing avengers of social wrong.

      9. The owner of this site, although not censoring comments directly, uses a form of censorship of his own by putting the comments of certain commentators and/or key words (using the posters ISP addresses as the censor) into limbo for up to 24 hours and has done so for years.
        Especially if those comments go against the majority thinking on the subject under discussion.

        By the time that the “censored” comments are posted things have moved on to the next fright story and are swiftly forgotten about.

        The disclaimer when you post is really a bit of nonsense, it’s another form of censorship, not moderation.

        • We do nothing of the sort.

          • I just typed a simple statement mentioning one of the banned words, and it was put into moderation.

          • The system even lied about why my message was put into moderation. It says it doesn’t recognize my IP address or email, when my very next message, without the banned word, went through immediately as usual.

            “Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.”

          • Mac Slavo – Don’t be disingenuous. It’s patently obvious that censorship is alive and flourishing on this web site.

            A comment I posted on Sunday didn’t appear until Monday, simply because I pointed out a blatant and easily checked mistruth by one of your resident idiots. The comment I made today appeared an hour or so later! You’re part of the fake media outlets – and you well know it.

            • We have to manually approve comments. We don’t do that 24/7. We do have lives. Come on now.

        • Isn’t Jew one of those banned words?

          • So this was moderated for a while because of a wrong word, not for the stated reason of unrecognized IP or email.

            • First Amendment is banned on this site.

            • Archivist – whether it’s one word or a whole book of words, this site indulges in something (censorship) that it hypocritically accuses others of doing. I still maintain that isp censorship is applied alongside key words. Normally I use a VPN which takes even longer for comments to be posted!

              Responses I posted last night (using my normal isp) have still not been added 18 hours later. I doubt if this response will be posted (if at all) until this topic is forgotten about. Critical thinking is not allowed or welcomed here.

          • Try the proper term for female dog ..censored

            try showing a posters Hypocrisy , that may have not played well with the stories narrative

            trust me , yer not wrong , but will get blasted and probably called a Bot by a few on here that just dont want to admit it

            ask me how I know

          • Everybody , we all should start putting a time stamp on our comments to hold Mac accountable

            • Do you think we are on here 24/7 just to approve comments?

      10. Quit using social media. We got along fine without them before and can do fine without them now.

        • Isn’t the shtfplan website a form of social media?

      11. I think the high school kids are upset that their “lunatic classmate” could murder them with a weapon of war that he bought just as easily as a pack of gum. This article is BS Mac Salvo.

        • Rationalist – Most of the articles published here are b.s. However, it can be amusing bull shit. Savo knows how to wind up and feed his useful idiots. There are not too many critical thinkers posting here!

        • Really!? As easy as a pack of gum you say? You sound like moronic liberal loon. I’ll bet you have never been through the process to purchase a firearm, have you?

          • Actually I own two guns and I strongly support the constitutional rights of law abiding, mentally stable citizens to own firearms for hunting, sport, and personal protection.

      12. O M G how right you all are !!! Mac knock off the BS and come clean with your own bias and just post what we say when we say it !!!

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