Censorship: TikTok Will Silence Those Who Challenge The Ruling Class On “Climate Change”

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Headline News

Climate change is a hot topic right now. Many are beginning to figure out that the “man-made” climate change we are being blamed for is a tactic of war being used to control us. Because humanity is waking up to this gigantic scam, TikTok must silence those who call the world’s ruling classes out.

Dane Wigington: The Geoengineering Kill Switch Has Been Activated

TikTok will begin censoring all videos that dispute the ruler’s claim that man-made climate change is going to kill us all unless we become physical slaves in addition to the mental slavery they’ve already got most locked into.

According to a report by Summit News, the censorship changes will go into effect on April 21st to “celebrate” Earth Day. The social media giant will crack down on “misinformation” (information harmful to powerful interests) about climate change and elevate “authoritative information” (information amplified by powerful interests invested in pushing the man-made climate change hoax).

Is The World Waking Up To The Climate Change Scam?

The company announced its new censorship policy in a blog post which said the goal was about “driving sustainability awareness” (brainwashing people to be hysterically afraid of the ‘climate crisis’ ending all life on earth so they will willingly accept the chains of their own oppression).

“Denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it” will lead to videos being “fact-checked” by biased organizations that routinely pose as front groups for the environmentalist lobby and governments (the masters).  Information that will be censored includes any claim that “undermines well-established scientific consensus” (despite the fact that the entire premise of “science” is that it’s constantly evolving due to new ideas and criticism of old dogma).

TikTok said it believes it has an “important role to play in empowering informed climate discussions,” that role being to silence anyone who challenges prevailing mainstream narratives and ban their accounts.

The video platform will push, “Several initiatives that will help reduce harmful climate change misinformation while elevating authoritative information year-round,” states the post. -Natural News

The new scheme will represent yet another effort by TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, to appease Western governments’ demand for more censorship. “They’re obviously just copying these policies straight from Google/YouTube,” writes Chris Menahan.

“As a Chinese company, TikTok is responding to “market incentives,” which in this case is the U.S. government threatening to ban them entirely.”

RESTRICT Act Is Orwellian Censorship Grab Disguised As Anti-TikTok Legislation

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