Censorship And Suppression Of Free Speech Online Is A ‘War Against Ideas’

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 16 comments

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    Online giants such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been known to censor and suppress free speech that isn’t leftist in nature.  But it’s worse than that according to The Media Research Center, it’s a war against ideas.

    Obviously, that’s harmful in and of itself.  It denies humans their most basic right: to be free to choose.  Of course, no one is saying one shouldn’t face the consequences of a wrong decision, but making the call for someone before they may even weigh all options for themselves is the height of a controlling master; one who seeks to become an even more tyrannical authoritarian.

    The Media Research Center’s stunning new report titled “Censored! How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech takes a long hard look at the pervasive and deeply unethical censorship of conservative, libertarian, or voluntaryist viewpoints by major tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube.  Basically, if you aren’t a leftist, your ideas of liberty and freedom cannot be heard, according to those same tech giants.

    Among the many findings, Media Research Center analysts describe many of the tools used as nothing less than indoctrination via censorship, aka, a war on opposing ideas.  Such as, how these major tech companies work with groups that hate the right like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    The report also details that 12 of the 25 United States-based members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council are liberal and just one is conservative. It also focuses on “shadow-banning” and how it affects all of us – yes, even those liberals whose ideas are not currently under attack.  A Twitter engineer even bragged how about this nefarious practice could suppress and silence conservative voices.

    But it isn’t only conservatives that have had concerns about censorship.  It’s anyone not professing leftist or pro-government ideals such as opposing a bigger and more powerful government or survivalism suggestions. People are actually being arrested for posts that aren’t violent on social media for having a clear liberty-minded ideal toward a government-free society, but in the meantime, preparing for the worst.

    All this is going on while the entire state of California is seeking full-blown online censorship and the banning free speech altogether.  Meanwhile, people flee the state of California to escape the tyranny of the tax burden and a horrifying housing situation exponentially amplified by the leftists already in power there.

    But of course, according to media giants, it’s “hate speech” to suggest that bigger and more government is not the solution to the problems wholly created by the government in the first place. Those who believe tyranny cannot come to the United States should take a look around because it’s already here and as of right now, has a strong hold on most of the population.

    To say that censorship and free speech is a problem only conservatives have is incredibly disingenuous. Anyone who doesn’t tow the line and back up the mainstream media’s official narrative conveniently packaged and handcrafted by the government are all staring at the effects of tyranny right in the face.


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      1. Ok, here is free speech. Not that I discriminate but I read that 90 Muslims https://counterjihadreport.com

        Islamic invasion: More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office across the U.S. to include local city councils

        Creeping Sharia:

        Sharia law is incompatible with The U.S. Constitution

        • Watching and waiting, no matter what happens, I don’t recognize Islamic law and won’t follow it. Null and void.

        • It is not only incompatible, it would be the end. That same thought needs to be also applied to socialism, communism and any other dictatorial rule of law. We are either free or we are not. There is no middle-ground. No grey areas. As the phrase goes, “it is better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees’.

      2. I’m more or less a Libertarian.
        Anyone operating a site has the right to
        regulate it as they see fit. It is expensive
        and they are laying out a lot of money to keep
        the bigger ones going.
        If Facebook and Twitter become the “Democrat
        only” sites then so be it.
        I’ve been banned from some “Conservative”
        sites, they tend to be very sensitive.
        Brits are full on nut case even
        threatening to turn me into the police.
        Chinese government sites will typically leave
        my China critical remarks up for a few days
        before they remove them.
        Most guys have read my comments here.
        I’m careful not to advocate
        un-constitutional stuff.
        But I do not support much of Federal
        State or local government activities
        or their agents.

        • Rellik, same here. Everyone here knows my views on all of the important topics. The ‘conservative’ sites you mention must be liberals in disguise. I’ve already banned from every MSM site you can think of.

      3. Like Alex Jones always says, ‘there is a war on for your mind’. No one tells me what the f#$% to say, think, etc. I don’t even recognize the concept of censorship. They need to drop that idea altogether.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          They don’t need to censor you personally to effect you. If they manage “the news” you don’t know what is going on. They have the Main Stream Media locked up. If they gain control of the alternate news sources, like this venue we’re all blinded.

          1984 was meant to be a futuristic novel not a templet for society.

          • Kevin2, agreed. They’ve already had MSM locked up for 3 decades now. The alternative media needs to fight back or die. I listened to Mike Adams of Natural News being interviewed by Dave Hodges last night. He surprisingly got his youtube channel back but most likely only temporary. Adams is starting an alternative video site on July 4 called Real.Video. Anyone with a youtube channel who is interested should contact Mike Adams. An alternative to youtube is sorely needed.

            • ” An alternative to youtube is sorely needed.”

              Freedom of choice, competition, the cornerstone that made the USA great.

              The Telecommunications Act Of 1996 needs to be repealed and a Sherman Anti Trust Act is needed for the communications “industry”. I hate using the word “industry” in any reference other than its rightful place, manufacturing.

              We’re damn lucky that the Internet made its appearance just when TPTB had the traditional Main Stream Media completely in their pocket. It bought the masses some time. Imagine King George owning all of the printing presses. Thomas Paine “Common Sense” would never have circulated. We’re on the cusp of that happening in the electronic medium.

              • Kevin2, I’ve only been on the internet since 2005. Somehow I’ve always suspected that someday the net could be taken down somehow. So I have kept a couple of shortwave radios in storage as backup just in case. I test them once a month just to make sure they still function properly. That’s what alternative media used to get their message out on and I can picture them going back to it one day. Shortwave radios will eventually become a very valuable and important item to have. Ebay carries a lot of the old, better made radios like Grundig, Sony, Panasonic, etc. The tabletop radios cost more than the portables but the portables will do the job well enough. I have 2 old Grundigs and they are great radios. When you store them be sure to remove the batteries first because over time the batteries can leak and put corrosion on the battery contacts. SW radios used to be my primary source for alternative media before I got on the internet. Those older radios were made in Japan and Japan was MUCH better with electronics than the Chinese. Grundigs are German and are among the best in the world.

      4. All social media is for losers – I never joined any of them and never will.
        People do not understand that digits live forever and like a bullet can’t be taken back

      5. This is why the communist CFR US government is moving in the direction of the mental health blocks for firearms.

        They are moving to put these blocks in place so they can target anyone who speaks out against the NWO. Similar to Europe in how the target and criminals anyone who speaks out against the muslim invaision.

        • In the Soviet Union they put government critics in ostensible “institutions” (prisons for political prisoners) because if you disagreed with communism you must be crazy. The supposed majority determines what is and isn’t normal in a democracy. Its tyranny of the masses. We never hear of Republic. Its Democracy, Democracy, Democracy.

          If you send your children, or in many of our cases grandchildren to public school you need to first de-educate them and then re-educate them in history and civics. Actually they have found a way to even screw up math today so one plus one isn’t necessarily two. I kid you not.

      6. “All Disease is caused by a mineral deficiency”

        Linus Pauling


      7. “All Disease is caused by a mineral deficiency”

        Linus Pauling


      8. Youtube and Twitter aren’t the only outlets for videos and conversations.

        There are mailing lists, such as Gary North used to have, which use email to get the word out. There are other video sites and blogs, like this one.

        There are Usenet newsgroups on any subject you can think of. It is pretty much unregulated, and you can download messages and files without much chance of anyone knowing. I have been getting files and information from newsgroups for 20 years. Newsrover is a good inexpensive software to access newsgroups. If you want to download a lot, you might want to subscribe to Giganews, which can give you better access than your local internet provider.

        Anyone who wishes can create their own website for next to nothing and publish anything they want. I have a number of websites and put whatever I want on them. 1and1 is a good and inexpensive website hosting company.

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