Censor The President? Democrats Want Trump SILENCED

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 28 comments

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    Democrat presidential candidate and well-known liar, Kamala Harris wants President Donald Trump’s account on Twitter suspended.  By suspending his account during times of accusations and impeachment rhetoric, the democrat would be actively censoring a sitting president.

    Is this the “democracy” democrats are constantly blathering on about? Harris has officially asked Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorset to censor the president of the United States. According to CNBC, in a letter to Twitter’s CEO, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris says Trump has violated the company’s anti-bullying policies and Twitter should consider suspending his account.

    Harris also says that Trump has attempted to “target” and “harass” the whistleblower who filed a complaint on the president’s July 25 call with the president of Ukraine. But unmasking and harassing whistleblowers is fine, as long as it’s a democrat whos doing it.

    Harris infamously claimed she had smoked marijuana in college while listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac years before either made music.  While the liberal media desperately wants you to forget this because Harris chose the D to put behind her name,  we think it’s necessary to know the content of the character that we are dealing with.

    It’s also ironic and quite hypocritical that Harris is saying Trump is “bullying” a whistleblower with Tweets as she attempts to bully a private company into censoring a sitting president. It would be funny if the entire state of the government wasn’t little more than a bad joke at this point. Besides, doesn’t’ Trump know by now that only democrat propaganda will be allowed on social media platforms?

    A White House spokesperson told CNBC in an emailed statement, “It is not surprising that Kamala Harris, someone who believes in bigger government and more regulation, would like to silence her political opponents. In fact, it’s rather authoritarian of her. President Trump’s use of technology to communicate directly with the American people and share his Administration’s unprecedented accomplishments should be praised, not criticized.”


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      1. The communications spectrum must be accessible to everyone. Thats the intent of the First Amendment. Hiding behind self ownership, when the corporate world has interlocking boards of directors and ownership that facilitates the control of the few is functional monopolization. Censoring the President is censors us all. Even those that disagree with him need to know why they do so.

        • Kevin2, AMEN to your comments.

          • Hmmmm, since I guess FUUUUU got scrubbed all I have to say is… MOOOOOOOOO lol.

            • Awww c’mon Genius…youd let her blow your whistle and you know it lol

              • Yeah, she’s bobbed knobs all the way up the ;adder. Why stop now?

            • So MOOOOOVE on…. nothing to see here lol.

          • I second that Amen!! There is another good article out today entitled “Impeachment Isn’t About Democrats Hating Trump; It’s About Democrats Hating You” … the author has some major good points.

        • Global Citizen said, “Two Nigerian State Governors Just Committed to End Open Defecation.”

          I believe that lefties are too-big-to-fail, fake wrestling “competition”, because the corporate world does have interlocking boards of directors and ownership.

          But, I do not believe that everyone is morally entitled to an opinion — particularly, where we can’t keep up with Nigeria.

          It is tempting to ask why they should be allowed to censor the Unitary Executive in Chief (or, why they should be allowed in public without a minder.)

          Then again, they belong to the same complex.

          Republicans believe in unconditional, moral equivalence — even with social undesirables.

          It is supposed to prove some kind of secular morality, when bad actors are allowed to waste your time with frivolous lawfare.

          In such a time as this — while the left and right hand of Communism are engaged in thumb wrestling (or whatever venal acts) — I suggest that we build independent platforms. They seem to too busy to mind, right now.

        • We see the propensity for Socialists in full dudgeon, trampling the rights of those they disagree with. This is what they do, steal, kill and destroy. They will always end up genociding their enemies.

          A socialist country must be run as a prison, where all of the citizens are lifers, and the proletariat are trusties.

          Needless to say, when socialism is introduced, at least a third of the population will perpetually be dissidents. You cannot send them to prison, they already are in prison. So what do ya do with them? You have to kill them. on an industrial scale.

          Once the Socialists have all of their dissidents silenced, they genocide. They always do. Genocide is simply the efficient mass production of murder. The Socialists who are trying to silence us today will be lining us up against a wall tommorrow.

        • Hopefully the military has balls and will step in before this fools mouth and high school like tweets gets americans killing americans which is what are enemy has been planning all along
          What a fool.
          Could u imagine if prior presidents did this
          Trump Barr and Pompeo are the deepest if the deep state

      2. If you’ve taken the bait, you were a useless eater and not an innovator.

        “Harris infamously claimed she had smoked marijuana in college while listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac years before either made music.”

        That stuff causes brain damage, especially while you’re still growing. (Rap music.)

        (Except for the Sherry Shriner-esque hazings) I think, the elite have a good idea, walling us out, most of the time, hoarding useful resources for themselves, saying that most people should not procreate, usually, and generally practicing self-improvement, while everyone else is either preoccupied or at eachother’s throats.

        In and of itself, this discussion is a fool’s errand, until either of these people provide me with an advantage, personally. I am asking what you can do for me, ever so shortly, before going on with my day.

      3. Jack Dorsey may be a terrific Dummycrat tool, but I doubt even he would be stupid enough to shut down a Twitter rock star like President Trump. He would just take his tweets someplace else.
        Point taken though about muzzling free speech, which wanna be tyrants like Heels Up Harris have always thirsted after

      4. Kamala Harris can go f#$% herself. She’s got no business trying to censor anyone. Who died and made her special? No one that I know of.

        • Tupac


        Here are the REAL Topics SHTFPLAN should cover/do articles on:
        * World economy on edge of collapse. World wide economic collapse. Economic house of card implosion is near.
        * CERN is working on Literally Destroying the world. Opening Portals to Aliens/Demons.
        * Japan Fukishima is still leaking radiation into oceans. How long before the other reactors go critical and leak? Of course it will be covered up. Japan ALWAYS lies and covers up.
        * Pakistan and India seem to want to start a Nuclear war amongst themselves before the next big war. Global disaster.
        * China-Russia-Iran-North Korea, Five on One against USA. That will be next BIG war.
        * China-Russia intel operatives are all over North Texas NOW. Marked China National police cars are running around un California and Texas. Other places too? I saw one of these marked China National Police cars in Dallas.
        * China is importing Fetenoyl to USA, to kill our young people.
        * Mexican drug cartels pay off Politicians, Judges, Police, in USA. Texas-New Mexico is corrupt with paid off cartel drug money.
        * Fracking shale oil wells has destabalised the Earth’s mantle. You might wake up one morning and find half of a state literally swallowed up. Already “earth quakes”in Tx/Ok.
        * Fracking is destroying fresh drinking water from wells and Aquifers. Before his recent death, the bully bastard T. Boone Pickens was buying up all water rights in Texas and Oklahoma. Fresh water more valuable than oil.
        * Surviellance society where you are controlled by AI and murdered by robots is in your very near present/future.
        * AI and Robots will make you jobless. AI-Robot will be used to controll and then to kill you. Genocide by those 3% at the top of the economic scale. You worthless eaters will be dealt with by the “elite”/”deep state”/NWO. Read their Georgia Guide stones.

        THIS is only PARTIAL what is going on.
        YOU ARE BEING DISTRACTED and Punked.
        * Economic Collapse
        * Man made Earth changes. Man made Weather modification. Resulting in Famine.
        * World wide warfare. Nuclear war.
        * War against Humanity by the 3% rich.
        * War against reality by CERN. Demoic/Alien portals opening to other dimensions.

        A very big mess is ahead.
        Get ready for a rough ride sports fans.
        Get squared away.
        Say your prayers to the God of Jesus Christ. You will need help from God. We will live in interesting times. Don’t be distracted. Get ready.

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        You are to be kept in the dark. No critical thinking allowed.
        Wolves don’t like armed sheep knowing that THEY are what’s for dinner. Stay calm mutton. The wolves have decided.
        – – My comments CENSORED on this site.
        Notice views are now hidden on this site.

      6. Seems the Democrats have a great deal to fear.

      7. Trump says the Dumbs want a Coup not an Impeachment? Sounds right.


      8. She looks like a guy in a dress. Eeeeek.

      9. This web site wants you silenced.
        This site hides views because NO ONE sees your post.
        You are being shadow banned.

        Look up these terms to educate yourself:
        * Look up term, “Targeted Individual”
        * Look up Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030
        * Find YouTube video, “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 Exposed”. She explains in clear terms your future.
        * Find YouTube video, “Are Chinese Men Cowards”. (This video will explain methods that are now being used on American citizens by the sick Soros funded lefties.)

        -comments censored-

      10. Choosing from two of the same is no choice at all. The only candidate that differs from the pack is Sanders. Therefore he is the enemy of both pretend establishment sides.

        • “The only candidate that differs from the pack is ….”

          None of the above. Not one candidate (including Trump) believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Trump supports “Red Flag” and “Stop-n-Frisk”. Both policies are unconstitutional on their face.

          It’s time to sweep this federal, international crime syndicate out of our country. Now. Right now. They have no legitimate right to continue in power.

      11. Don’t be specific, but keep on prepping.

        The democrats would have you dead. We are in dangerous times.

      12. The rule of law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms.

        The democrats have failed us, the republicans have failed us and on 8-5-2019 Trump failed us when he called for gun control and a change in our culture.

        We are a people without a legitimate government.

        Even republican politicians are now calling for gun control.

        Market capitalization is now 150% plus of GDP. The 2008 crash was 147% of GDP
        The world is in an economic collapse.
        The collapse of Central and South America is now underway. This will led to the collapse of the USA.

        Time is so short to prepare or to finish preparing. You must take action now!!!!!!!

      13. Trevor Louden ala Dave Hodges at thecommonesenseshow.com has listed Kamala Harris as a communist or has having supported communism, along with many other members of Congress.

        Hodges also alleged, I believe, that Harris has been involved in human trafficking. That’s quite a serious allegation. But lamestream media has suppressed a lot of the truth.

        And as Aeschylus said, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”


        Either it has to do with the Cascadian Subduction about to go off OR it has to do with an attempted Coup of President Trump given the huge number of U.N. Vehicles spotted in the past two weeks in the United States.

        Watch your Six and Pray for the President’s protection.

        – the Lone Ranger

      14. Today is Oct. 7 but still Oct. 4 articles are the latest to appear.

      15. Your comment is awaiting moderation because BS.

      16. The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution dictates that Demonrats may not silence the President or any other law-abiding American. These brain-dead-fools I call Demonrats have no understanding of our country’s founding documents. You will often see them try to shout down opposing views from folks like D’nesh D’Souza, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, etc.

        The anti-American left is on the verge of a beating they cannot imagine. That’s why we’re told as little kids “Don’t poke the big animal with a sharp stick – it has big teeth.”

      17. I must be striking sensitive nerves since no updated articles since Oct. 4. Anybody else seeing the same?

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