Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: “If You Don’t Have Your Money In Your Pocket It’s Not Yours”

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    (Image courtesy Dees Illustration)

    If there’s one thing that should be clear, it’s that nothing the government or their banking partners have done to solve the economic crisis has been for your benefit. They’ve enriched themselves, yet again, on the backs of the American people.

    All the while, they’ve told us that everything is getting better. But anyone who’s paying attention know that nothing of the sort has happened.

    We continue to shed jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people are still losing their homes. Personal debt is rapidly approaching 2007 levels. The U.S. government has borrowed more money than what we can ever hope to repay.

    We are still in the middle of it and it’s only going to get worse.

    If you think it’s over, that they saved us and we’re out of the woods, then you’ve got a lot of pain coming your way.

    And if you think you still have plenty of time to prepare, that it’s decades or years away, you’d better think again.

    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the collapse of 2008 in remarkable fashion. And now he’s warning of a similar crisis to come next year.

    There’s fear and hysteria running through the entire global financial community, because as everybody knows all they did was postpone the inevitable.

    [They’re going to] turn more of America into Slavelandia as well, where people can get those part-time jobs, have no insurance, no benefits, and not enough money to live on, and they’ll have to go on food stamps and other assistance…

    I’m saying to everybody out there, If you don’t have your money in your pocket it’s not yours.

    Any self-respecting adult that hears McConnel, Reid, Boehner, Ryan, one after another, and buys this baloney… they deserve what they get. 

    And as for the international scene… the whole thing is collapsing. 

    That’s our forecast.

    We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.

    It’s the militarization of the United States… because of the grand scheme. And that is, these people may be stupid – the people running government – but they’re very shrewd. And they know… that there’s no way to solve these economic problems.

    The mayhem that went on at Walmart when people couldn’t cash in their food stamps.

    Multiply that by tens of millions. Multiply that by a breakdown in society. 

    Look what they did in Boston. To me that was a test. They closed down a hundred square miles… to hunt for a 19-year old kid.

    Look at America’s most feared criminal of this last year. A 19-year old kids, Snowden, and Bradley Manning. Now there’s three faces of disaster you never want to meet in a dark alley.

    So, you can see how this society is being controlled because they don’t want anyone to get out of line.

    Watch Gerald Celente and Alex Jones discuss the coming trends and our future:

    (Video via Infowars)

    Make no mistake. It’s coming.

    And when it hits, it’ll make the crisis of 2008 look like a picnic.

    We survived that one, barely, but it took trillions of dollars just to stabilize, not fix, the system.

    This time around, our creditors and the people as a whole may well lose confidence. And once that is lost, look out, because as Gerald Celente notes, the happenings at Walmart when the EBT system crashed were just a prelude.

    Imagine that next time around it happens to not just EBT cards, but ATM’s and bank accounts, or that the U.S. dollar itself crashes to such an extent that it is no longer feasible as a mechanism of exchange.

    In such a scenario you can fully expect disruptions to food supplies and the normal flow of commerce.

    The only saving grace you’ll have are the physical assets in your possession – your arable land, long-term food stores, gold and silver, and the post-collapse labor skills you’ve developed.

    The time to prepare is now or you may well experience the horrific effects to come.


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        • My Gramma always used the cookie jar in the cupboard

          • I remember a woman that kept her stash in a money belt
            around her waste, and she always paid cash.
            This woman trusted no one, not even me (cough).

            • 2015. 🙂

              • “Trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the collapse of 2008 in remarkable fashion. And now he’s warning of a similar crisis to come next year.”

                OMG, I am so tired of Celente. He predicted problems in 2008. BIG DEAL. He missed in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and so far in 2013. Seriously? This guy has been predicting wrong far more times than he has gotten things right. He is not worth listening to. And then there is his recommendations for handling money and investing in gold. Hey Gerald where is your gold? In this article he is quoted as saying, “I’m saying to everybody out there, If you don’t have your money in your pocket it’s not yours.” He would know, he invested in paper gold and lost his ass. Note to Gerald, follow your own advice and have your gold in your hand.

                • Wilson,

                  I agree. I got the Trends Journal one year and it was the worst investment ever. It said nothing that he didn’t whine about in interviews. Then when IMF Global and John Corzide ran off with his money and all he could do was cry about how he lost his money, he should have taken his own advice. Go to the local shop and buy your metals and have them on hand like the rest of us. I will listen to Peter Schiff and others who seem better at calling things (in my humble opinion anyway)the way they are or are gonna be. Schiff got cut off by CNN in 07 when he was calling for the 08 crash (you can still find it on you tube). I know he is popular on a lot of sites, but I am tired of him and his whiney mouth (Celente).

                  I think he is right there is a crash coming (but most folks who are paying attention know this too) and those of us who are getting ready will survive and do well. Those who can tell us who is winning American Idol or dancing with the stars will be screwed…..

                  Just my opinion that is worth nothing.

                  Keep your powder dry,

                  • Listening to this was a waste of 45 minutes, That left two minutes of worthwhile comments. Mostly just a waste.

                • He’s answered that many times. He invested in Paper to eventually take possession.

                  He may sound like a broken record. So what. We all know the system is broken and unsustainable. We would all love a date set in stone for when it all comes crashing down. Not happening.

                  • Bingo, he bought a futures contract with full intent to take physical delivery.

                  • @anonymous, chip,
                    Instead of offering excuses for celente, accept the fact that he doesn’t practice what he preaches. It’s that plain and simple. Buying paper now to take physical possession later is NOT, “I’m saying to everybody out there, If you don’t have your money in your pocket it’s not yours.” He should follow his own advice.

                    Touche, Wilson!!!

                • Celente is a con. He hates the dollar but will only accept dollars for his Trends rag.His predictions are wrong. Celente needs to get a real job like making Pizza.

              • Hank,

                It is his military, it is his way or the highway, it is what any dictator would say, he owns this country because he can. I get sickened every time I see crap like that, we are now living under a dictatorial regime and according to them, we are the stupid little sub-humans that the special, superior humans must control.

                An honest and decent president would uplift all Americans, he would be humble, humane, fair, compassionate, have a military background and strive to bring us all together for the good of the country. What we have is the exact opposite. I personally despise what this man stands for and I am disgusted by his vanity and pompous display of arrogance. For me, he is a pathetic joke with an even more pathetic mass media following, they are his little minions, followers, groupies and scum cleaners.

                This country is so screwed up right now that anything can happen, there is no structure or sanity left so yes, prepare, hunker down and stand by your beliefs no matter what. God speed.

                P.S. Red thumbers can kiss my ass because you are just as vile as the dear psychopathic leader.

              • 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,…. He’s gonna be right someday. As for now… HURRY BUY ….. before it collapses nex thursday get your money out of the bank and into…..whatever.

                • Maybe we should REALLY worry when he says it WON’T happen next year?

              • I have been saying SHTF in 2015 for a few years now. My intel is good, my sources impeccable.

                Ignore my warning at your own risk. My info is free. I am not looking to make a buck from you; but only to serve you. No newsletter to buy, no subscription to make. No special offers and I don’t even ask for your email address.

                Engage your employees or be rounded up by them. 🙂

                • Sept 2015

                  • The 2014 elections are very, very important. Gun owners should not stay home this time. Your vote counts. You can make a difference. You might BE the difference.

                    100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

                    They have Free Trade. WE have FREE WILL. Use it. 🙂

                • For those of us newer to the site could you elaborate a bit about what you know? Scenarios? Sources? Thanks.

                  • Start with Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” and move on to “The Road to Serfdom” by economist Friedrich A. Hayek for explanation as to why, but not when, crash is inevitable.
                    Or go here for a cartoon version why and how:

                • Think I’ll agree with you. Especially if the stupid party wins control of the Senate. The PTB (i.e the more evil Wall Street players), will want the collapse blamed on Republicans.

                • I feel the same way dk, and I believe it starts ramping up in the spring of 2014 and radically gets worse before the spring of 2015.

                  If all the signs/indicators/markers/and precursors are correct; we could see the antichrist on the scene by summer 2015. Notice i said “IF” and it’s a big “IF”, that all things continue to line up.

                  People that want proof, are probably not really gonna see and feel the same as we do, even if they have the signs. There are too many variables to pinpoint one or two reasons or “proofs”, as i see them, to make others believe the same way. So, I just will suffice to say, watch and be prepared in every aspect of your lives.

                  I’m not just going on a hunch, btw, and I have not been a follower of Celente. I’ve been collecting data/information and observing trends for several years. It seems as though everything is aligning with biblical prophecy; even the sun and moon. The “birth pangs” are getting stronger and closer together.

                  I won’t be changing much starting in 2014, because i already made necessary changes over the past five or six years. If my calculations are wrong, so be it. It just means the world of shit keeps spinning for a while longer.

                  The difference between me and the Un-prepared; i won’t be walking around trembling in fear of the things yet to come. I will be welcoming them so we can start living again after SHTF. My fortunes aren’t built up in corruptible objects or things that can be stolen.

                  Just sayin’

                  • All of you that look for “end times” stuff read to read your bible. The antichrist already came. Read first john before you freak out. By the way, first john is almost to the end of the bible. You pass right over it everytime you turn to revelations. this isn’t end times stuff, its human stuff. We are doing this to ourselves.

                • How do I get your info?

                • What is your intel and who (not specifics obviously) are your sources…

            • OutWest

              I’m thinking maybe that was your wife.

              • You got that right, pardner

                She tosses me a bone like a
                miser doling out krugerrands

            • Waste? Waist!

              I know its pedantic, but words do matter.

            • “Around her waste”?
              That must have been quite smelly.

        • Soon, he can say my rope. Folks, hide/bury your PMs. Then they’ll try for our guns.

          • Well they can have the guns,
            Ill turn them over fuel first and at a rather high speed too, hope they can catch

        • Gerald is dee Man. Although I would NOT forecast a date as to when it will happen especially when you have a criminal gang running and controlling the world’s economy.

        • This is likely one of the reasons so many top commanders are being cashiered, they did’nt pass obummer’s litmus test, so they won’t part of “his military”. obummer’s military will be the new Red Guard.

          • Bingo !

      1. This is becoming a dirty BS game that simply destroys the trust. I am not saying all is good, rather all is like S$#%# but c’mon, the same folks are just extending the END OF THE WORLD DATE by two more quarters? 2008 was the base and now is 2014? At the end of 2014 it becomes 2015….etc.?

        • Tactical,
          Good evening…I sometimes also think that all the hype and scare tactics are getting a little boring. They Keep moving the goal posts. Then I realize that something is definitely not right. Prices going up, packaging getting smaller, etc. Something big is coming and I agree that it is somewhat annoying how the timing keeps moving but it does offer more time to prep.

          • @Say When,

            Your points are very valid. I am not against anyone who tries to inform others about upcoming SHTF events and promotes readiness and preparedness. My point is the way it is being communicated will impact its intended purpose. Look at this site and what MAC does. He shares the news/events and let the readers to make their own judgments and decisions as how to deal with such. My issues with folks like Gerald and Glen Beck etc. is, when you repeat the same over and over by giving a definite dates of occurrences, it doesn’t server the intended purpose and many times has a reverse effect. We (normal folks) are dealing with international criminals who are in full control of daily events. These bastards are real planners regardless of their satanic plans and are playing the games to win. So far they are winning. The constitution is almost gone, Banksters made and still making their billions and their BOL is way more secure than the rest of us. Anyone who thinks we’ll face a Mad Max scenario is simply wrong. The SHTF doesn’t happen in one lump sum event, rather it is a gradual and well planned tactics as we are witnessing it. We can witness Government shutdown, good folks being mad as hell, having 20 AR’s, 30K rounds of ammo, 10 years of food and water supplies but unless we have a leader(s) with an honest heart and vision and a POA, taking the money from the banks, buying gold,silver etc.. won’t help. My concern is not to take my money out of the bank rather is the lack of a true leader to guide the country from the direction of hell to the way it supposed to be based on what we used to call THE CONSTITUTION. Fear mongering makes the people weaker if it goes on as a broken record.

        • Yes, “Collapse” is a fear-based, state of Mind, dis-ease.

          For some it’s already happened.
          For some it’s happening right now.
          For some, it will be happening.

          And yet, for those that have tamed the Mind, it may never happen.

          Depends where one puts ones attention. The World Is as you Are.

          • I would disagree with the inital statement, “Yes, “Collapse” is a fear-based, state of Mind, dis-ease.”

            “collapse” is not a disease, it is real to your situation.

            but agree with the rest.

            in Houston, things are going great and look like theyre going to continue ever better in 2014; but pockets of detriot, chicago and NYC have stories every day of the complete breakdown of society.

            the question is if that will reach all of the usa. i’m currently saying no but there’s plenty of things that could go real wrong, real fast to change that. looks to me like the next 3 to 6 months will roll along just like the last did, but i keep my finger on the trigger ready to hunker down and ride it out if there are signs of societal collapse coming to my neighborhood.

            • leena and ugly

              “Semantics” is/are always an issue on blogs such as this, even when we (I) think we speak the same language. Imagine everyone here meeting up, in person, some day, post internet, after the dust has settled, having a big laugh while drinking mapleade and eating fried dandelion roots. No more “mind fields” to navigate through.

              • EA.

                Agreed. Cheers to you and to all Americans and non-Americans around the globe. We all have the same concerns and needs. Good luck.

              • The collapse WILL be fear-based. That’s how deflationary spirals work. People fear that loans they made are worthless, and that fear becomes reality overnight. In our current regime, many banks and “shadow banks” (i.e. hedge funds and gold/silver funds) have used 90:1 leverage ratios to create $9 of “fiat money” for every $1 of real assets they hold. That private “fiat money” will simply vanish when the fear sets in. That’s deflation, and no amount of QE can stop it.

          • EA.

            It is only Fear Based when it does not happen.

            When it happens, it becomes Reality….

            • Well said Ugly. And besides that, fear is a waste of energy. Use the warnings as motivation to prepare for such a reality. We’ll be lucky to make it to 2014 at this rate of change.

        • TACTICAL….exactly… the other they don’t tell you is that Celente STARTED predicting the “crash of 08” in 2000.
          Right after he got done predicting the Y2K crash.

          Then he tells you if you don’t hole your money you’ll lose it… guess he would know, seeing he had HIS in MF GLOBAL at the time he was spouting that shit too.

          Him, Alex Jones, and MANY MANY others are profiting off all this. They say money is shit, but they want every bit of YOURS they can get.

          • Howdy, Rich98. yeah, it looks like everyone wants your FRNs as long as they’ll still buy something. As for me, I’m still prepping and getting all I can before the FRN dies. braveheart

          • Here’s the thing. Number 1) If you are truly paying attention, you do not need the Celentes or AJs of this world. 2) Here Mr. Celente warned us against the bad guys but didn’t have enough sense to see he himself was in danger … so I conclude that he is naïve. And if he is naïve about that, he is naïve about a few other things. 3) I do agree with what he says, but if you notice, all he does on these 45 minute videos is rant and rave…that’s all he truly does. Not sure that accomplishes much. I am a woman and I do not believe now is the time to get emotional. Now is the time to figure out self-preservation and problem solve – NOT WHINE. 4) Getting back to the naïve point – he is aligned with AJ, which to me speaks of his being naïve. 5) Ultimately, if you have been aware and are paying attention, you do not need to buy anything from these clowns…I’m pretty sure if you do, this puts your name on a list somehow. The truth is, whether he predicted something wrong or not – he is on the right track somewhat, but we can’t know truly when this thing is going to collapse so just prepare the best you can. That is all. No buying newsletters or gizmos…what’s coming is the Great Tribulation. Not many will survive. Prepare and get right with God. We’re close.

        • In 2008, I was able to take my money out of the stock market a little before it bottomed out and put it in cash. I never went back into the stock market after that. My wife kept hers in the stock market and it has appreciated almost three times now what it was before. That figures! At the time, I didn’t think BO was part of the Wall Street Fat Cat Cabal, but by pumping fiat dollars into the system they have managed to keep everyone happy and thinking that the economy is doing just fine and the stock market keeps climbing. Like Be Informed often says, it is e to the X!

          I kept thinking the system could not sustain such growth and the market would crash but it keeps breaking new records. I do feel a major crash is coming sooner or later and other than the fiat money I really don’t understand what is propping this economy up. The economy is just a house of cards waiting for a feather to knock it all down.

          The cash I once had is worth only half of what it was worth 5 years ago! Gold and silver prices have fallen by more than a half. I am no longer sure what is the best course going forward other than to prep and prep and buy more cold steel, precious metals and heavy metals, and perhaps dirt.

          • If you don’t understand an enterprise and how it stays solvent, you have no business putting your money into it. That’s true whether it’s a company, a sector or an entire economy. I, too, am having difficulty understanding what exactly is still propping up this garbage economy, but I refuse to participate more than I have to. I’ve now paid off everything but my mortgage, I’ve got a few months’ food and other consumables stored by and counting, a few guns and a bunch of ammo and am about to buy a safe and start accumulating bullion in earnest.

            Please God just give me a year or two more to get ready….

          • Understand that the stock market has been driven so high because all other forms of “investment” (i.e. bonds, bank deposits) have sunk to nearly zero. It has very little to do with the financial success of the companies whose stock is being traded. The economy in terms of employment and payrolls is not doing all that well, although here are bright spots. For example, my old employer is running record year after record year, but it’s only because manufacturers are is pouring millions upon millions through them trying to bring their factories into the 21st century. (This BTW is also one big reason why manufacturing employment is down. Automation is replacing workers as fast as the factory owners can arrange it.)

      2. I have always felt that 2013 was the last of the ‘easy’ years to get prepared for some economic issues. Now 2014 will get harder by the month. That doesn’t mean it cannot be done, it is just means that it will be harder and more costly.

        The next debt issue of govt is Feb7. Then probably another around June 2014. Notice how frequent those are.

        And if dems control senate and house in nov 2014, then its good-bye.

        • Ugly, look at the prices/availability of ammunition. This week I saw a brick of .22, 525 rounds, listed online for $129.00. It was listed by one of the retailers that is known for price gouging. I won’t name them. Could have picked it up for about $20 a year ago. Also, canning supplies have gotten pricey. Those Tattler, reusable lids really work and have become cost effective. You are completely correct about things getting more costly and harder to come by as time goes on. We are prioritizing now, putting in firewood, focusing on health, and paying down what little debt we have. Too expensive to add to some piles. To me, the opportunity to put back some things has passed.

          • Obtuseangler.

            You can still put some things away if you have been doing so for the past year or so. The beginner, or the person that won’t do it until too late, may be in trouble.

            Paying down debt is a smart item.

            I don’t want to be negative, but there are zero indicators out there that show we are in an economic recovery mode. All data when looked at honestly shows a massive collapse ahead. That will be tough even for those prepared.

            • Paying down debt is important in a deflationary spiral. If it goes to inflation/hyperinflation paying off debt with ever cheaper dollars is a plus. Figure two hours work (if you still have a job) to pay off your mortgage. Of course, I’m sure the banksters will change the rules since the US is no longer a nation of laws.

              • First, they have to give you that $50,000 an hour raise, though.

                Most of us don’t have enough cash on hand to stand more than the initial wave of hyperinflation, then we’re wiped out and they haven’t even started printing the $1,000 bills yet.

              • 55…everyone thinks that the bankers will still be in charge, changing the rules, blah, blah, blah…

                No one will be coming to save you, no one will be coming to collect the debt…if someone shows up, send them to hell.

                If a human is sent to collect from another human by the govt or the bankers, they deserve what they get.

            • Why is everyone so obsessed about paying down debt? When the crash happens what difference will it make? Why not go in debt up to your eyeballs buying everything you can to prep for the crash?

              • you’re a moron

      3. Just saw an excellent SHTF movie called “Right at Your Door” about a dirty bomb attack in LA. Highly recommended.

        • Eisen

          Man, I did not like that movie. It’s too real and it creeped me out bad.

          • When i see foreign troops trying to disarm american citizens it is game on for i meant the oath i took to protect our country against foreign and domestic enemies so if they are chinese, russian or whatever they are in for a rude awakening when they see how true american patriots will fight with all their might. God bless America!

        • Funny isn’t it, how things that happen in such movies end up happening in rl?

          • It’s called Predictive Programming.

            “They” also will show us what they’re going to do ahead of time via movies, etc.

      4. Celente is a doom and gloom guy, so take what he says with a grain of salt. However, though his timing may be, and usually is, off I believe that there is a lot of truth to this prediction.

        It wasn’t that many decades that our economic strength was our manufacturing base. It was decided that manufacturing was not ecologically clean. Oppressive environmental regulations, stifling labor laws, liability laws written by lawyer lobbyists, and labor unions ran up the cost of doing business to the point that the only way many manufacturers could compete was to move to other countries. As near as I can tell, about all we have left is agriculture, natural resources, and software.

        Our level of production cannot support our level of consumption. As a result, our national standard of living is propped up by debt. When there weren’t enough gullible buyers for this debt, the Federal Reserve stepped in to fill the gap with quantitative easing.

        The stock market no longer rises and falls based on economic indicators, but on the prospect of whether or not the Fed will continue to provide drugs to the party. This is absolutely unsustainable.

        We could grow our way out of this, but not with current federal policies. The lynchpin will be, I predict, the collapse of the dollar. Hard currencies (metals), hard assets, and food will be the only currencies that will have value. The charade of “free” stuff to keep the populace in line will come to an end. We will have an economic and cultural reset. I can’t say that will be a completely bad thing. I believe we will see this happen in our lifetimes.

      5. If you check Youtube you will see he said the same thing about Y2K. I must have slept through the blood in the streets.

      6. Opinions are good, usually whether we like the opinion or not there is usually some underlying truths. I think the decline will be like a thousand paper cuts, slow and painful. The talk and hype gets us to think it’s coming tomorrow and maybe it will, we just don’t know.

        There was a slow build up to 1929 then 1933 but when it happened boy did it happen. Economically we are in a chess game with multiple players, IMF, Illuminati, the Elites, China, Russia, India, Middle East, maintaining the US as the worlds reserve bl, bla, bla. This chess game will take awhile at the cost of citizens around the world.

        Then there is the game being played in the USA, Transformation of a Free Nation, the game of Risk within our own borders.

        Economically we could crash tomorrow, but I fear tomorrow will bring Revolt, Martial Law and the Constitution being destroyed first. Any of these will bring down the economy fast.

        Just Saying

      7. We are at the mercy of the other countries we do business with now. I mean as long as China wants to continue sending us cheap knives that were once made in the USA and half ass tools we can buy in Harbor Freight in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes – then nothing is likely to change fast. Same can be said for the Middle East oil producers. We send them FRNs and they give us something of value for it . . . hahahaha, they give us oil for FRNs. You think maybe there is some conversation going on? “Akbar, the USA says to send more oil – they don’t care how much it costs as long as they can pay with Federal Reserve Notes. The previous tanker came back full of freshly minted new $100.00 bills – this is good yes?” Poor Akbar, with all those treasury notes and green backs, starting to accumulate an impressive pile of them – so much in fact they decide to buy other things with them. It finally dawns on them that they need to swap paper for “stuff”. Then some other countries notice, and they decide to minimize their pile of green and trade it for “stuff”. Then everyone tries to have stuff rather than FRNs. Then “stuff” starts to cost a lot and eventually no one wants FRNs; just “stuff”. This is starting to occur, no one wants their FRNs to spoil because they have piles – so they slowly try to pull the pile down without notice.

        If QE stops – market plunges and folks in power suffer. If QE continues the game continues until Akbar decides they have enough FRNs. Just my opinion – but I like “stuff” over FRNs.

        Got Stuff?

        De Oppresso Liber – we are the oppressed

        • Nixon…”It’s our dollar, but it’s your problem.”

          Teacher: Johnny, can you name the three branches of government?

          Johnny: Ummm…Graft, Cronyism and Propaganda.

          Teacher: Now, Johnny, you know that’s not right.

          Johnny: It sure ain’t.

      8. Both dims and repubs moved the jobs out. They both equally drained the u.s. economy. We wait while the plunder continues. Now they will force cuts even heavier accross the board on middle and low incomes. Welcome to India.

        • At least India has curry!

          • Yoga is cool too.

            • Especially nude yoga,
              Well better clarify that,
              Nude yoga by young hot yoga girl!
              Sorry, i have pigish tendencies now and again, im 50, not dead!

        • Yup. Neither party has the market cornered on stupidity.

      9. I can hear it all, now:

        “……and to combat and protect the American people from identity theft, I have signed Executive Order 666 that establishes the mandatory requirement and installation of RFID devices within all American citizens.”

        “This is for your protection.”

        You all know this is coming as a result of all this deliberate buffoonery, right?

      10. No offense but I grow bored with these economic collapse articles. So I’ve been looking to find a prepper organization to join and I visited the american prepper network. There was nothing in my area. Any other ideas?

        • Sometimes you can find preppers in emergency relief organizations. (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)

        • @Indy Colt,

          I started a small group with really close friends. We have a monthly agenda that focuses in on everyone’s strengths and concerns. If I were you, I would look to family first, then friends. Any who lives near you or even better, anyone in your neighborhood. Good luck!

      11. I used to love listening to Celente until he just sounded like a damn parrot !
        Every year since 2008 was supposed to be the collapse and bank holiday and Martial law and GOLD $2000 ( who remembers that one )?
        I will say it again , this charade will continue for a few more years at minimum .
        They wouldn’t drag out COMMON CORE AND ACA just before a collapse , it would be counter productive and a waste of resources and money

        • Rich99, I’m actually starting to see the collapse like you do. Common Core and ACA appear to be just 2 more steps on the road to collapse. Looks like that road for them to keep kicking can down is longer than a lot of people thought.

      12. Well, I totally agree with one thing he says—“If you don’t have your money in your pocket, it’s not yours”. Same thing can be said about your gold, silver, food and water…

        • Sixpack, my food, water, other supplies, etc. are in my home so are in my possession. anyone who thinks they can come take them will become “ventilated”. braveheart

        • Can you fit all that in your pocket ?

          • No Rich99, it won’t fit in my pocket. Last time I checked, possession is still 9/10ths of the law. As long as I can still lay my hands on it and it’s within my humble abode, I can still call it mine. I bought and paid for all of it with my own money, not someone else’s, so yes it’s still mine. braveheart

            • Possession isn’t a part of the NWO. Prepare mentally and spiritually for that.

          • go away … adults are talking…

        • Maybe now-days it should be modified to say- if your gun is not in your pocket nothing is yours for long.

        • Problem was that he didn’t practice what he was preaching ……MF GLOBAL!!!!

      13. Does this mean I cant get my cheap Obamacare insurance? Ive been trying to get signed up but the web site is down.

        • I just want the free phone.

        • There are now basically two camps on the ObamaCare website fiasco.
          1)There is a camp that says that the site was built to crash and cause denial of service attacks on itself because the regime didn’t want people to see that insurance premiums are skyrocketing.
          2)There is another camp of IT guys that says that the entire website is a Potemkin Village – that it is just a front-end facade with a data entry form, and that there is no real code underneath the facade to actually sell people insurance on an “exchange”. The forms are just collecting data to use later against the subscriber.

          • JayJay a third possibility, the web site was built and worked then when shown to government, twenty five different agencies wanted changes, a hundred different special interest wanted changes and by the time the changes were made there was another five hundred million lines of code and then the whole thing became a monument to government intervention and the original program is so splintered that it no longer exist.

      14. The Feds boxed in. If they stop printing, market drops etc and if they continue the dollar continues to drop and that’s all it will take.Either way it’s over. Just waiting for the “WHEN”.

        • They planned their 100 year cycle very well. 100 years to break America morally, spiritually, physically, and economically. Karl Marx and Joe Stalin are laughing in their graves…

          • JustMe,

            They have been planning for a long time. Just look what they have accomplished in the past 50 years.

            “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism…” according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

            “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
            -Norman Mattoon Thomas (Socialist Party candidate – 6 times)

            Look how many of these “goals” they have accomplished!

            “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals, 1963
            The Communists Goals for America as discovered by, and published by the United States Congress.
            Congressional Record, Vol. 109, 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel 12

            Glennbeck dot com

      15. I think people that we must face the fact that these problems will never be fixed. No one is going to rise above the pack and lead us back to fair and responsible government. With our respective 2 party systems – the one in power pushing their agenda and wanting to stay in power and the other wanting to get into power so they can push their agenda – there will always be one or the other appealing to the masses by offering “free stuff” to get their vote to get the power.

        So, what we see now is what we will see continue and even grow – after all if you have people living on “free stuff” they become addicted to it and the only way to get their vote is to offer them more “free stuff”. And the party who got their vote, and therefore power, must give it to them or lose their vote and therefore lose power. So your welfare system (and ours too!) will grow. There are people who work for a living and people who vote for a living – the former are decreasing, the latter increasing through a gradual decline in social and moral standards.

        What’s going to happen? As it is obvious to anyone with a brain, no one can/will fix the system – it is irretrievably broken – so it will crash and burn. Sort of like a “Ctrl+alt+delete” when your ‘puter is playing up but on a worldwide scale.

        So prep – be part of the solution, not the problem. Wont be easy. Probably be incredibly ruthless, real survival of the fittest and most determined. From what’s left of the mess after the “reset” something worthwhile should come. Personally ‘m pretty sure I’ll be around long enough to experience the crash and anarchy. Dunno about the rebuilt world though, that could take a generation or more.


        • Here are several quotes. This post is a bit long, but these posts speak to your concerns.

          “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays

          “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed.” – Ayn Rand

          David Rockefeller : “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries…We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

          The common man is unjust, but not on principle; he is selfish, but is incapable of the imperative. He lacks any sort of honor, and will submit to any humiliation rather than revolt — it is always leader natures who revolt. He gambles in the hope of winning, and if he loses, he whimpers. He would rather live on his knees than die on his feet. He accepts the loudest voice as the true one. He follows the leader of the moment — but only so far, and when the leader is eclipsed by a new one, he points out his record of opposition. In victory he is a bully, in defeat he is a lackey. His talk is big, his deeds small. He likes to play, but has no sportsmanship. Great thoughts and plans he castigates as “megalomania.” Anyone who tries to pull him up and along the road of higher accomplishment he hates, and when the chance offers, he crucifies him, like Christ, burns him, like Savonarola, kicks his dead body in the square in Milan…He does not care if his countrymen are spilling their blood as long as he is secure. He is everything mean and unheroic, but he lacks the mentality to be Iago or Richard III. He has no access to Culture, and, when he dares, he persecutes anyone who has. Nothing delights him more than to see a great leader fall.He makes up the constituency of all parliaments everywhere, and he invades all councils-of-war to advise prudenceand caution. If beliefs to which he was committed become dangerous, he recants — they were never his anyway. He is the inner weakness of every organism, the enemy of all greatness, the material of treason. -Francis Parker Yockey

        • Personally, I don’t prepare so I will survive the collapse (which is in progress)- I’m already doing that. I prepare so I will be able to teach and assist those who will bear the heaviest burdens of the rebuilding (which is also in progress).

        • There is an answer. Understanding that party politicians are the root cause of the problem, and the electorate demanding that their elected representatives place their duty to the electors (all of them) ahead of party dictates.

          The only way this will come about is if the electorate insist on independent, non aligned representatives who present all electors concerns (not just the ones they support), debate the issues openly and honestly and make decisions for the common good (not the party sponsors).

          No changes to democratic systems, just using them properly.

          I have given it a name. INDIPOL.

          We are, collectively, the answer to the problem. All we have to do, collectively, is realize it.

      16. I’m just waiting to see if anything cooks off after the first of November. I read today that food stamp funds are going to be pared down by approximately $36.00 a month (average) for a family of four. Maybe interesting see how this cut is received.

        • PO’d Patriot ……..even IF they cut their benefits ……what do you think its going to be L.A. RIOTS all over again

          • Rich99, the EBT holders have been going on Twitter making threats to riot if they have trouble with their cards again. that weekend when the cards went down in 17 states came very close to being SHTF. good thing they got the system back up in service when they did. Last I heard the benefits were to be suspended starting Nov. 1 until further notice. haven’t heard of any change in that. we’ll find out for sure Nov. 1.

          • As long as the riots are NOT in my neighborhood,

        • The tea party guy just said on cAvuto that DHS is deploying $80 million in anti riot assets in NYC for November first.

      17. I like Gerald Celente but I wish he didn’t make spurious claims about FDR’s rip-off in 1933. Gold went from $20.67 to $35. That is NOT a “70% reduction in value” of the dollar against gold. It’s a 41% reduction in value, which is bad enough.

        • He’s right, it’s 70% reduction. $35-$20.67=$14.33/$20.67=70%. It took 70% more dollars to buy the same ounce of gold as it did the day before.

      18. Putting a date to when this will all crash is folly.
        Celente makes some good points, but that is his business.

        Bottom line those of us who read this and other prepper websites know the numbers..unsubstainable, only question is how long can the can be kicked.

        Our politicians don’t take responsibility for anything, nor will they step up when the next collapse occurs.

        Leads me to believe it will be part of a geopolitical event. Using a ready made boogey man.

        Listening to the news in my good ear, probably nice folks, just trying to earn a living, however they are so out of touch with how people really live and overall clueless about what is coming.

        We all know something is wrong , however none of us have a crystal ball.

        • “Leads me to believe it will be part of a geopolitical event.”

          and/or geophysical…don’t count that out…please…
          “They” may just be waiting for it…then, all bets are off…

          • They didnt spend trillions of our money building D.U.M.B.S for nothing.

            • makes you wonder doesn’t it…

        • “Putting a date to when this will all crash is folly.”

          However, in the words of one of the Rothschilds, when asked how it was that the family inevitably made money in bubbles, “We always sell too soon”. Trying to time the exact peak of a market run-up is always stupid. As my financial son-in-law says: “Bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered.”

          Point being that, if you are well prepped for a crash, it doesn’t matter when it happens.

          And the actual event may well be triggered by a “Black Swan”. An unforeseen accident, like a solar flare EMP, or a bigger and badder intelligence/policy failure like Benghazi, or some Iranian ayatolla getting a “message from Allah”. There really is a category called “unknown unknowns”.

      19. Celente on Alex Jones?? SHOCKER Didn’t read the article but I’ll bet 2014 is the year everything explodes…… really…. this time he’s sure. Sorry but he cried wolf constantly.

        • I’m becoming more and more convinced that Alex Jones is a plant. Agent provocateur in French. He somehow muscled his way, uninvited, onto the platform at the San Antonio 2nd Amendment Rally last weekend, and his rant is all the MSM would talk about. Without him the rally would have been far more effective in showing the peaceful intent of the organizers.

        • And when I have been saying the collapse won’t be for years , I was attacked and called every name in the book

      20. Where’s the post?

      21. I seem to remember this guy talking about how solar panels from Solyndra were going to revolutionize our nation.. Yea right…He’s fun to listen to though

        • what language were they speaking?

      22. What is Dick Cheney doing on 60 minutes spouting more lies? How can this thoroughly corrupt warmonger actually show his face to the public? Talk about career politicians, this treasonist murderer was Ford’s chief of staff. The nation can’t get rid of these in our face power hungry scumbags. The government is a revolving door of insiders. Cheney has a lot of nerve to show his face after the wreckage he committed against America.

        • What wreckage? What treason? Links, please, and don’t cite Alex Jones.

      23. Yes, the collapse is coming. Everybody with the same information sees the same thing. The million dollar question is, WHEN??? It could still happen this year if there’s a black swan event. Put it this way, if there’s nuclear false flag attack on US soil it would cost the country trillions. It would collapse the stock market, the economy, and faith in treasuries and the dollar. With the economy imploding the way it is, I don’t know how we go another year without a collapse.

      24. Expect bail ins. Expect the government to have a one time wealth tax as a percentage of what everybody has in their bank accounts. Expect the government to go after your retirement. They’ll probably force fund managers to have a certain percentage of their funds in worthless government bonds. And with all the drills coming up, I expect something unexpected to happen. Like a nationwide power outage.

        • Yupper. Already done in Argentina, Cyprus, and most recently Poland.

      25. Hey Mac…
        I want to entertain that you’ve not flagged me as spam and crashed my “machine”… it was ugly…

        • If I had those kind of skills I’d be working for the NSA! 🙂

          • Mac, you could never work for the NSA, you have a soul.

          • What I meant was my comment was first deleted then my vitals were…then my Machine crashed… it WAS ugly…
            I swear… ‘)

            • A note on the second box to ck…

              I’m just glad it’s not those wavy numbers and letters…
              After a few…they make me seasick…not that I’ve ever been… ‘)
              and I almost lost it again…aha…it was my fault to begin with…damn…glad I’m not driving…

          • If I did I’d be working for myself.

      26. OH NO… they’re messing with me again….why???????

        I’ve been a good boy…didn’t threaten anyone…well…

      27. I’m concerned about a slow collapse that takes a year or more. Right now I have savings. That might not last long if the economy gets really bad and food prices skyrocket.

        Another thing: the dollar index dropped 44 cents today. If it continues to go south we’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

      28. Here is the timeline I am expecting between 11/01/13 and 01/01/14:

        a- World-wide Currency &/or Bank Collapse (Maria, Leary)
        b- Globalist-caused Hunger, Famine, Riots (Maria, Leary)
        c- Possible Pandemic virus released through Chem Trails (Leary)
        d- WW III (Maria, Leary)
        e- Possible EMP in Fema Region III (Grid Ex II’s MASKED reason: POSSIBLE False Flag)
        f- THE WARNING (on the heels of the 11/28 Ison Comet which is turning red and scienctists do not know why, but Maria was told that)– Maria/Leary
        g- MARTIAL LAW (it’s coming- Leary; hundreds of thousands of foreign troops here- (Quayle)
        h- Leave for REFUGE PLACE (Leary) [NOT to be confused with refuge camp of ANY kind!]
        i- Civil War in America of people at this site versus chipped soldiers

        a, b, d, g and h are Definites.


        • Whoops, “f” is also a definite!

      29. Seems we all bitch about things and blame others.
        The way I see it…they can keep their interest and dividends.
        I buy metals. I buy ounces….and they turn into pounds of God’s money.
        Roll the clock ahead a few decades…. and it all evens out.
        The dollar shits and it takes more to buy Gods money.

        I know a guy who was buying silver when it was just $4.

        I don’t worry about retirement…I just keep working.

        Rossie the Riveter is still working…

        In the old days….on the farm…you worked until God took you.
        If you could not work… you sat and snapped beans or sharpened tools on the porch.

        You keep buys.

        Fuck the entire concept of “retirement”.

        Find what you like to do and be the best…then you will like it.

        It’s a long life.

        I see guys retire all the time…then I hear they die of a heart attack five years later.

        My grand dad ran his business until 88.

        Any questions?

        I love going to work.
        I work with pretty young girls…and I dress like a prince.
        I walk the halls and get respect.
        All the assholes are gone.
        I out lasted them.
        My crew got in power and we did a job on the remaining jerks.

        So there you go.

        and always wipe your ass from front to back. ha
        Go ask your Mom why.

        • I was with you up until the butt wipe came in. I dont like crap above the belt line!

        • I was with you up until the butt wipe came in. I dont like crap above the belt line!

      30. I am in very bad mood after talking to the ultimate retard. When you get into a discussion with someone else about preparation and someone overhears you and starts telling you and the person you are talking to that prepping is crazy, you get pissed. First of all it is none of someone’s business that is not interested and irritating when they start with their pro BO rhetoric.

        First of all they bring up that the stock market is at 15,400 and some change and that everything is improving. That the safest place for money is a bank because the federal government guarantees that up to a certain point you will not lose your money. That gold and silver is more convenient when you own it on paper. That you will always be able to use any good bank credit card to purchase what you need. They said if you don’t like credit cards then get a debit card, just like cash. Okay, and this point I am ready to vomit. Then they say that preppers are nuts and all their stockpiles are cast in dust and mold.

        It gets worse, then they say that survivalists or preppers are extremely dangeorus ready to flip out and cause chaos when disasters don’t happen. That preppers should have all their guns taken away and all of us need anger management courses. Okay, that did it. I get pissed, and then I get pissed. I went into the debt crisis and e to the X debt flying off to space and the U.S. dollar, but I really went into the fact that anything could happen to the world and WILL. They did not want to listen to the logic of viruses of all species, the Sun, geophysical, or war. Talking to someone like this is a waste of time.

        The best course of action is what I do to the truly stupid, hand them a brochure from Smith’s grocery store and tell them to eat the pictures of the food, because that makes just as much sense about the idiotic notion of thinking that money will always be able to purchase your food and other needs in all times in the future. Then walk away from the ass monkey with their mouth open trying to think of a clever comeback. That was classic and felt good, still makes for a really bad day to see how truly stupid the government and BO has made so many. Guess you can’t fault the truly stupid, they are just that way. The government you can fault for preying on the mongoloids of society.

        Anyway, number 22 just hit between the Antarctic plate and the South America plate. This lead to a 7.6 in southern Alaska in 1972, a 7.4 in the Philippines in 2000, a 7.5 in southern Mexico in 2003, and this is the third time that there has been a precurso quake before the 8.1 in Samoa in 2009. I have to admit it sure feels better to get back to earthquake forecasting after seeing how truly pathetic the society has become. I mean you try not to have some understanding for all the propaganda that this government has fed the people. It still is very irritating when someone says that preppers are crazy and problems to others. I bet many of you all out there have experienced similar episodes of retardation.

        • Don’t let them take your energy. Most people are conditioned to prefer bs to raw truth, that’s just a sad fact of life. When TSHTF, they will perish, it is what they prefer.

          As for potential quakes, what does the Cascadia Fault look like these days in relation to all other activity?

        • BI,

          I am sure that was an incredibly maddening and frustrating experience for you…just do what we in the South do when we talk to idiots…we just pat them on the arm and say “Awwww….bless your heart.” 🙂

        • Preppers are crazy , and today I enjoy my insanity . )

        • BI, good evening, and I do understand your frustration with the retards. I had this problem back during my years in FL in the 70s and 80s, when we had Carter, then Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. retardation is not a new phenomenon. As hard as we may try, there’s no cure for stupidity. It’s tragic what propaganda has done to people over the years and it goes way back before the BOY in the WH. I keep thinking back to your article of 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonpreppers?” BTW, to all newcomers of this site, I highly recommend going back into the archives, look up this article. It is one of BI’s best. Yes, BI, I experience similar episodes of retardation on prepping and other things as well. Don’t let it eat away at you. Just continue doing what you do best. You’re one of our brightest lights here. braveheart

        • “many of you all out there have experienced similar episodes”. EVERYDAY. If I allowed it to influence my daily activity…I would join THEM.

          EVERYONE that still can’t/refuses to see wants a day, hour, and minute of “the disaster”. THEY are looking for the “hook” to discredit the alert and call-to-arms. The obvious is comfortably/intentionally hidden. What is discounted and forgotten is the massive quantity of alternative information that has obviously delayed, or even stopped some of these “predictions” dead in their tracks.

          Obama’s “Syria conundrum” is a classic example: But Israel may still trump “that card”. Intentionally deaf, dumb, and blind is the ordained and preferred “order of the day”.

          All of the “ducks” are in the designated “row”. Nothing has changed in terms of the basic dominoes ready to fall in rapid and successive sequence.

          SOMEONE simply has a “finger” holding the first domino from falling. When THEY DECIDE, THAT THE TIME IS NOW/RIGHT, THAT FINGER WILL BE REMOVED.

          WHEN? When it happens. I am ready…and that is what matters.

        • BI

          I have experienced it a lot, hence i dont talk to anyone unless i know they are on the same page or its all just chit chat,,,
          I have had to ditch a few people who i thought were friends because they dont look at reality and i get that dont worry about stuff you cant do anything about,
          That is exactly why we are in such a mess,
          Ignorant apathy!
          But hey, whatever, im still going to stock up on whatever i can and keep an eye on everything in the perifory theough alternative media.
          Its sort of a trip how MSM really doesnt publicise a lot of dayly occurences that would make one pause and go hmmmm?

        • @BI
          Thanks for your vigilance with regards to the earthquakes,
          The earth moving and shaking and tsunamis etc are more why i prep, have lived through a few mini disasters and narrowly missed a few mega dizasters and know all too well how fragile the balance is.
          ALL of our power generation systems, comunications hubs, transportation and cargo handling here on Maui are in a tidal flood zone, one wave like fukushima and we will be on our own for a long long time because it will hit ALL the islands,
          If that happens anyone who doesnt have food, fuel, water and all the other stuff we talk about are SOL! These tsunami warnings are something to really think about but most just dont get it, most of the sheep that is, there are those of us who do and live wayyyy above the high water mark.

          • @ Kulafarmer. You are up 3200 feet aren’t you. I used a calculation on the Purdue University for asteroid impacts, as this would be the only way a wave would reach up that far and that inland. It would take a 2 mile wide rock hitting the ocean at about 500 miles away that would produce a 750 foot tsunami that would have enough energy behind it to be enough to run it up the side of the mountain to 3200 feet up. As long as you stay in the highlands you are very safe from almost any earthquake. About that cretin. It was just one of those days in which people felt like butting into business that was not their own.

            @ Southern Gal. That is so hilarous, be nice to half-wit and pat them on the arm and ask God to help them. As God would have a real job with a couple of these characters.

            @ Braveheart. Sometimes people just keep talking like a mynah bird without knowing what the hell they are saying. Just making sound because they like the tone of their voice. This is where I really get upset because unless a person has brain destruction they can think and reason. They just choose to be mentally lazy and go throughout life letting other people and rotten governments do their thinking for them. I use to get so pissed I would be yelling at such utter stupidity. Now I try to keep the chimney just smoking rather than blowing it out. It just is not worth it. I use to give people the bird in traffic, not worth it to get someone so enraged that you both end up in court only fighting and assault charges. Too much is coming for problems, there will be a bumper crop of problems for all of us soon enough. Just isn’t worth it to let my big mouth get totally out of control.

            @ M. Yes, I will enjoy my insanity also. They are coming to take me away, ha, ha, they are coming to take me away, ha, ha.

            @ JustMe. I save this comment for last because it affects a lot of people. There is a lot of energy being focused towards the Cascadia fault, but even more so towards Alaska. IF the earthquake in the Aleutians WHEN it eventually happens is more than the underlying rock strate, deeper section of the crust, then it will be focused with this surplus of energy to the surface and rapidly uplift the ocean floor like it did in Indonesia and Japan. Dynamic overshoot is just like running an engine as high as it will go until it blows. This is like when an earthquake has so much energy that it “overshoots” the area affected and goes elsewhere, right to the surface.

            A 9+ will cause a lot of destruction on the Cascadia fault, especially with the amount of time it would shake. The tsunami though from a super mega quake in the Aleutian and southern Alaska region could reach almost the same size as a tsunami nearby from the Cascadia to the west coast. The area is southern Alaska and the Aleutians is realistical only one of five locations in the world that could get a 9.5+ earthquake. The one in the 50’s was only 8.7 and did not quite reach that level of dynamic overshoot, as well as the one in Chile at 8.8 did not. It seems to have to reach 8.9 or larger to cause that undersea uplift unless the quake is ahllow in depth. Then even a 8 or high 7 could cause a decent size tsunami. Today there was another quake, number 22, that says a huge one is coming or possibly a whole string of smaller high 6 to low 7’s. I still see a bad trend towards China/India region and Japan as the best chance for something horrible to inflict the worst suffering. The San Andreas has been upgraded from little chance to a moderation chance of going as many of these precursor quakes are pointing to Mexico and southern California.

            • BI
              If a rock that big hits us…..
              I hope im dead on impact and it lands on my head!
              REALLY dont want to be around after that!

            • Bi
              Are you a ham?
              If not a call sign of a friend to get a message to you if we ever did get hit by a big wave?
              Have a friend who is a ham o and i have a hand held but no license,

              • @ Kulafarmer. Just have shortwaves, never got into ham radios. I am not liking what I am seeing, it seems like the Pacific from about tropic of Cancer to about 60 degress north, not quite to the Arctic circle, seems to be gearing up for something large. Honestly, there has just been too many of these divergent quakes that in the past 22 out of 24 that say something very large is coming. I would definitely be on watch the next 8-9 days. Now looking for one of two more of these precursor quakes to say that is it.

                • Yep, agree, was looking at the map and its quite a lot of activity, oh well! Will just wait and see!
                  Thank you

        • This reminds of a joke….It’s ongoing at work..

          These two women were talking between the fence on day…

          My husband just bought me a new car… 2nd woman “Thats nice”

          and my husband just remodeled my kitchen… 2nd woman “thats nice”

          well, What has your husband done for you. 2nd woman “He sent me to charm school.”

          and what did they teach you? 2nd woman “to say thats nice instead of “FUCK YOU”

      31. http://www.xmasclock.com/

        This year…just give someone something VERY special and save your money.

        What’s the #1 present all guys want to get…think about it.

        No credit card required if you have a happy marriage.

      32. I just don’t trust anyone who says, “Here’s what’s really happening! I have the inside scoop! I have all the truth!” and then shows a slick ad to sell me survival supplies.

      33. I can not believe that my last post was considered spam and rejected. You need not worry as I simply will not post here any longer. It does piss me off. Thank you and God bless everyone.


        • mikeincanada,

          Did you check on the box to prove you weren’t spam? Hope you don’t bail out, I am sure you have a lot to contribute so just keep trying, never give up without a fight for what is right.

        • Mike,

          If you give up that quick on a website, I’d hate to see how you would react to a total blackout for 1 year.

          Things happen. Keep going and blog your opinion.

          Also, make sure you check your email in the dialogue box. Sometimes it disappears and you have to use the exact email.

          Good luck.

        • Mike, just check in the box to prove you’re not spam and the comments will go through easily. I’ve been using it since it started with no issues. Don’t give up on us.

      34. “Look what they did in Boston. To me that was a test. They closed down a hundred square miles… to hunt for a 19-year old kid.”

        If Mr. Celente had ever spent ANY time in combat, he would know that wars are fought by 19 year old “kids”, and that they are some of the most dangerous people we will ever meet. They have the physical strength, training, and weapons to kill other people but not the mental capacity to understand just how wrong that is.

      35. Though things can go bad today until they do still time.As have said before,realize folks on a tight budget,but remember,the smalls add up.Do what you can while you can to have that spare tire when things go south.lets face it,things for prep for most part used anyhow whether food and other supplies/items.You really have enuff money having the gold/silver will help in long term if and when things stabilize.I and friends/family(some finally!)have seen the light that things can go bad quick.That said,will live for today and enjoy and prep for tomorrow,a day I also hopefully also enjoy.I will also scour the net and keep putting up good news,it happens and we need to know!

      36. I can’t take his whining. He and Glenn Beck ought to open a bar.

      37. This guy always forecast a collapse right around the corner. If you want to say he was right in 2008 then my response is a broken clock still tells the correct time twice a day. A breakdown is coming but when we put a date on it you only make a fool of yourself. There are just too many variables that are constantly changing to make an accurate assessment.

      38. In a 2014, we took a little trip….
        Along with Real American’s, to take the country back,
        We took a little anger and lots-a-flu-stra-tion,
        And we caught the bloody communists beating on their drums.

        We fired our guns and the Marxist kept a’comin.
        There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
        We fired once more and they began to runnin’ on
        the d.c. highway to the Gates of in-fer-no.

        We looked down the river and we see’d Obama come.
        And there must have been a hundred monkey’s beatin’ on the drums.
        They lied so much and they took the U.S. down
        most people stood by, and didn’t make a sound.

        We fired our guns and U.N kept a’comin.
        There won’t be quite as many as there was a while ago.
        We fired all together and a became-united.
        takin back our country, sayin never-again!

        Old men said we could take ’em by surprise
        If we didn’t fire our AR’s ’til we looked ’em in the eye
        We held our fire ’til we see’d their faces well.
        Then we opened up with all our guns and really gave ’em … hell!

        We fired our guns and we took our country back.
        singin pledge of allegiance, and never lookin back!
        We fired once more, protecting… con-sta-tution,
        you’ll have-to-take-it, from…. my cold dead hand!

        Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
        And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
        They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
        but three-percenters are here to make them go!!

        We fired our voices ’til Obama shut us down,
        So we grabbed all our weapons and fought another round.
        We filled the people with respect, and not to buy the change.
        All the people with closed eye’s , are really quite insane.

        we fired our guns and Obama kept running.
        he wasn’t quite as scary as he was a while ago.
        We fired once more and then became a new day,
        with all our freedom’s, and the prayers of the day.

        Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
        And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
        They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
        but three-percenters are here to make them go!!**

      39. Okay — I guess I am a little confused. What happened with the EBT was the computer program that controls EBT went down. They found a willing sucker (Wal-Mart) who let them steal. I don’t really find that to have been an “event” BECAUSE it was Wal-Mart who panicked and made an ILLOGICAL business decision, allowing itself to be robbed…held up by grocery cart.

        We all know there’s tons and tons of debt, but as long as all the players continue to play the game….

        Ever play Monopoly with a modification on how the bank is run? You just keep track of who owes what to whom on a piece of paper, never making any player go bankrupt…the game never ends.

        …unless you are China and take the board home with you.

        • I dunno about the “willing” part. My guess is that when the store called corporate figured that letting FSA rip off some merchandise was better than having some of their employees (ok, “associates”), get hurt or even killed in a riot. Discretion being the better part of valor, and all that.

          • My understanding is management made the call when there were only X amount of shoppers inside, who then made their SmartPhone, etc., calls to their homies and spread the word, who then showed up in droves and tried to rob the place blind.

            If it was so desperate a situation, why was this the ONLY report of such in the 17 states that were affected? Answer: That Wal-Mart’s management’s poor business decision….with a healthy dose of “political correctness” and being the “poor’s benefactor”…and it backfired.

            Otherwise, riots would have ensured in multiple towns in multiple states.

        • Kind of like feeding the local squirrels, until they no longer know how to forage for themselves…lot’s of that in America. We have 3rd generation welfare recipiants, who have zero intention of doing an honest day’s work.

          In a mass disaster, it should be interesting when 10 million people try dialing 911, expecting emergency services to show up on demand.

      40. Third repost…

        Solar Update,

        Slightly more than 4 hours ago – 2120 UTC – an M-4.2 ‘spike’ type flare was recorded by the GOES platform. The genitive source is – as expected – NOAA 11875.

        This region remins undiminished in it’s overall magnetic complexity and APPEARS to have grown marginally throgh the past 24 hours. On close inspection of the asocciated HMIB(C) imaging I count at least 7 regions (small area’s) of distinctly ‘trapped flux’ in the lead most section of the spot group.

        Overall, 11875 is a MESS as far as it’s structural complexity is concerned…we haven’t seen much of anything on this order of sheer chaos through nearly this entire cycle. That said, there is a noteable, rather curious anomoly here involved; the associated HMID imaging (Doppler) shows only the failntest trace off the area of concern…this is not particularly ‘usual’ and may ne directly compared in the same image to the large, docile spot region to it’s south-east…which DOES demonstrate relatively high velocity gradients. Purely as a conjecture here I will guess that whatever is operant in the spot group is pprimarily sub-solar in nature…deeper than normal, as it were. Nothing more can, or should be said at this point thereon….


        PS: this group will be on the Solar Polar meridian in just a handful of hours from now. To be read as: “The point of MAXIMUM potential should a CME be ejected.

        • Wouldnt that be something if it just blasted an X45 at us all!
          Now that might get a few peoples attention!

        • If you see: Just One Guy; say hi. Wish him well.

          • Howdy Paranoid!

            Been a bit, No? As well, Howdy Kula-Bro! Hope you guyts are well…most certainly we ARE just that, here as well.

            Enough pleasantry’s here Guy’s…NOAA releassed a corresponding type II radio alert or the flare noted above…nothing unusaul in that certainly; HOWEVER, 11875 is quite NEARLY on the line that stretches frorm the North to South Solar Poles, which is the ‘Solar Polar Meridian’ …for those here who might otherwise not keep abreast of such things (no fault there, the worls is BIG place, no?)

            What is here POSSIBLY cause for concern is this: the ejected mass – as indicated by the type II warning (in the body of the warning itself) states that the plane-of-sky speed of the ejecta here IS IN EXCESS of 1900 Km/Sec! That is really, REALLY fast Boys and Girls. ;(

            Such as THAT has not been seen since late 2011, early 2012…Boys 1900 km/sec IS FAST for any matter stream being ejected by a solar event. as usual, keep an eye on SolatHam…specifically, for the WSA-Enlil projection …which SHOULD be ‘current’ with this event in about 3 more hours (neccesary calculation time here).

            Kula….”You ASKED for activity? How’s that for a start Bro?

            In truth, 11875 is wierder than anything I have seen in years; it’s complexity is ‘freakish’ and I fully expect that what we have seen (as yet) is far from the last of the activity it is LIKELY capable of…just sayin Y’All.

            Hope things are going well for both of you. As I said, things are quite well here..especially since the ‘rear eschelon’ troops arrived; we are now, “Completed” and things are proceeding as smoothly as I could have asked – or PRAYED – for! Still having some issues with my net access…as soon as I get something a bit faster and more stable jury-rigged I’ll take up chatting with everyone again.

            So then, till later All! 😉 🙂


            • Things are real good bud,
              Really cant complain,
              Are you folks building a log home? Always wanted to do a Swedish cope long log structure, somewhere way out in the toolies

              • Howdy Bro…I TRIED getting this in quite a bit earlier, but the board seems rather squirrley these paat 12 hours or so….

                Not exactly ‘Log Cabin’ type of construction… something a bit different! The type of construction we are using here – thanks in no small part to the presence of a ‘headrig’ (think: big…REALLY BIG, open-throat bandsaw here) and the gens to run it), we are using the ‘heavy timber/beam’ approach for the walls themselves; literally, walls made for huge beams stacked one on top of another, then another…that is largely what allowed us to build so very quickly. That entails racking the raw timber piece and simply cutting it square to the largest dimensions feasible, uniformly. The result is HUGE pieces that are easily assembled with little or no extraordinary skills (in all cases you DO have to ‘pin’ the segments in place (steel rebar driven in to secure it together), as well as provide a interstitial material, here strips of fiberglass ‘batting’….that compresses VERY well under the weight and yet will expand if neccesary later as the pieces age. It was however, a bloomin B_TCH getting all the support gear and material into this place… literally weeks of damn near night and day transport. Imagine my delight when some sevral days ago some of our party were doing some long range ‘exploring’ – here, about us – and discovered an OLD logging trail ‘network’ that is all but invisible from the ground (there is SIGNIFICANT over/under-gtowth to contend with, but it ain’t like forcing a trail THROUGH the unmolested WILD!)…and which DOESN’T appear on ANY maps; I KNOW that since I spent so much time sifting through everything that was available map-wise before the fact. That still doesn’t allow us to bring in a variety of really heavy stuff…I found a guy – up here – who bought the motorcoach for a VERYy good price, knowing prefacto that we’d never be able to GET THAT in to ‘here’, (even with the new trail network a a known thing, still too rough, too far)…from THERE. S’OK though…THAT is no longer ‘needful’, Eh?

                In any event the processed timber – as stated’ allows us (after treatment and sealing) to build MASSIVE walls capapable of standing up to anything weight-wise…the roofing, however, was a different, more complicated matter; that involves a heavy beam approach/technique which one of my nephews is thoroughly skilled in. There it was neccesary to use all the closed cell foam that we had brought with us to insulate under an outer shell of sheet tin (another of those items whose WEIGHT adds up VERY quickly relative to attempting it’s transport) supported by ‘lathwork’.

                Anywho, all is settling in here for the Winter nicely…frankly that is my favorite time of the year…I LOVE snow! T’ain’t here yet, but it WILL BE soon; I can hardly WAIT to try the ‘Cat’s’ out with the Camoplast tracks on..this is GOING TO BE FUN!! 🙂

                So how’s life in the Islands of late? I know I NEEDN’T ask about the weather…it’s ALWAYS the same there, Eh? 😉 Instead, how is everything else there ‘going’? How are people acting/going through daily life… anything ‘new’, you DO live in a place EVEN more expensive than this far northern realm…how are the folks there holding up with whatever changes they have had foisted on them lately?

                In truth I am trying to get a ‘feel’ for how things are going for a lot of folk (that is broadly; Europe is a CLEAR mess, South America has it’s own problems with inflation at stratospheric levels in every major developed economy there) since I am now beginning to beleive that THAT might actually be ONE way of measuring how fast this is proceeding…Nez Pas?

                Well, everyone is rousing here for the day (still DARK!!), as we have another hunt/scouting expedition today so I’ll bid you ‘Good Day’ Friend, Adios!


      41. hmm.

        Let’s see..

        Celente warns..

        “off with their heads 2.2″

        ‘riots in the streets”

        ‘martial law”

        “last train to Auschwitz”

        “collapse 2010”

        “collapse 2011”

        “collapse 2012”

        “collapse 2013”

        now collapse 2014

        it’s like the rest of the doomsdayers

        Bernanke.Yellin and Diamon..oh my!

        Give me a friggin break already!

        Hell..at least dancing with the stars is accurate and entertaining for idiots..

        Celente is an idiot as well..

        Keep on believing..

        “hope and change”Obama

        “mission accomplished”Bush

        “either your with us or against us”Bush

        Fools all..


      42. Friends…its gonna happen someday sometime…and then we will all have to deal with it on our own terms but besides being ready both spiritually and physically and even mentally there isn’t much else to do…don’t let it kill you and wreak your health/life/marriage ect…gotta live…gotta breathe…enjoy this gift called life…its too precious to allow it to be wasted fretting over every possible thing that could maybe go wrong 🙂

        • Howdy REB!

          How goes it Friend? Much of what you say here ia wise, that is as idf it came form “The Voice of Wisdom”; I would, however, take a single exception with what you here post….”..there isn’t much else to do.”

          I disagree – politely – with that alone, here. BI goes to GREAT length to apprise everyone here of the danger inherent in even simple existence…as do I myself. What will come soon, whether it be by Natural agency or by the result of Humankind’s abject stupidity remainss to be seen…but the magnitude – by any realistic estimation, in any “FALL” now that occurs – that I can arrive at – is simply ‘TOTAL’…such was the case in my mind (to a LESSER degree) aroound the time of our departure and since, with the events which have transpired since are now ‘SIMPLY AWFUL….NO HOPE’ with repect to the prognosis for Hunmanity….

          Already Friend…I GRIEVE for what WAS, all that will soon be gone. Think about this for a minute: when yo go shopping and see the variosu people that you encounter…do you see these people flourishing in your mind, a year from now…or do you see ‘Dead People Walking”? If the latter , then ACT, now Friends…get to safety…safety which does NOT lie anywhere near to the abodes of MAN…but farther out, away therefrom.

          This, then is what I counsel instead: Whatever your plans are…begin to implement them SOON….if the genesis of the impending destruction occurs as a result of man’s own efforts then it WILL occur in the Winter…since that IS THE ONLY time that those who engineered it have any surety of SAFETY…that they CAN escape. Else, if it occurs by natural cause then it will come in the ‘blink of an eye’…and you will find yourself left with no possible path to secure YOUR OWN safety.

          I PRAY nightly, ere I lay my head to the pillow, that MANY are EVEN NOW acting ‘pro-actively’. Friends, it will take MANY surviving people to ensure that we do not ALL later perish for want of a sufficiency of genetic diversity. FOLKS we – Me and Mine – NEED you to to act, soon. Thu and so, I will berate none here anymore this eve. Be at Peace Friend, with Him.


          • JOG…hey man, good to hear from you, Im well as I trust you and yours are…what I meant when stating “there isn’t much else to do” is assuming that the person has already prepared and implemented the plan they have for their own survival…such as I myself have done… Ive stated here before I am not a prepper… Im not getting ready…I am ready ,I am living it as a lifestyle so unless I get hit directly with a bomb or a astroid Im able to just keep on as I am without too much change in routine,in other words in my own life I am at the place where I can afford to spend more time enjoying life on this farm and not worried that I wont be ready…is there more I can do…Im sure Ill find something but to be honest its wont be much,and sometimes its easy to forget that almost no one else around me is anywhere near where I am lifestyle wise…that can cause misthink sometimes…if a person isn’t ready both spiritualy and mentally(along with their physical preps) then theres a lot to do and get done, I submit that the mental/spiritual preparedness may actually be more important in the long term than the physical preps because a person can have “everything” to work with and fall apart when crunch time comes,not knowing what to do… of course having “stuff” or “tools” as I prefer to call it is important too…that includes everything from a hammer to a homestead…once a person has done all the above,then the statement I made would come into play…”theres isnt much else to do”…and mainly I mean that worrying wont help…that taking time to just enjoy life and your family should then be a priority(again only after youre as ready as possible in your own situation)…I hope that clarified what I meant a bit better…I also appreciate your efforts in the sunspot forecasting and BI and his earthquake studies…be well my friend on the path you have chosen and thanks for your comments 🙂

            • Well said Friend…yor clariication is perfect, truly,
              and so I stand corrected…and well-impressed aa well!

              “…once a person has done all the above,then the statement I made would come into play…”theres isnt much else to do”…and mainly I mean that worrying wont help…that taking time to just ENJOY life and your FAMILY should then be a priority(again only after youre as ready as possible in your own situation).” (Emphasis added, YES, indeed!) 😉

              I was yet unaware of your relative state of ‘readiness’
              and ee from your reply thayt you are rapidly approaching the point of “Prepper Satori”…the BEST place to be og all. What is delightful from my perspective – here, FAR from ‘it all’ – is the pure ‘peace’ of Spirit that I have only recently re-discovered; as have you yourself, clearly. In my mind I envisage what that will be when spread out over the face of the Earth, upon those who remain…to be sure the horror of the ‘culling;’ will be indescribable…but neither Thee, nor me, mnor your’s nor MINE created this Abomination that surrounds us today; therefor when it has PASSED, I will remember the fate the World met, a a consequence of it’s foolish actions…but I WILL NOT mourn it’s passing, quite the contrary in fact…for then shall PEACE REIGN over all…not in a ‘Biblical’ sense, but instead as a matter of that being all that anyone will WANT for – having seen what PRECEEDED it. That ALONE is worth ‘wishing’ for, contrasted with the ‘mess’ which is the World today.

              I am delighted to hear that your state is so well-advanced Brother; it sounds as if you are ‘there’.
              Thus, Godspeed to you when it is required…Live LONG, in the fullness of JOY therefor and abide in Grace! Amen.


              • JOG…thank you for your kind words…I wasn’t thinking of “correcting” you my friend, I understand where you were coming from…just wanted to “splain” myself more clearly…I am truly blessed in my lifestyle choices…every choice has consequences as we know and right and wrong discisions are why we are where we are…whoever we may be…I chose the old way…thus Im an old hippy living on a farm(homestead) in the woods….the only thing Id change would be if I could move this place to a even more remote place…like say Alaska 🙂 in that I admire and envy you my friend…theres things that could be better…could use an income stream for instance and sadly there aint any gold in these local creeks(and yes Ive panned them just in case :)…so like Ive said before I chose to build a life where money wasn’t quite so important…my Lady has a job she likes even though the pay isn’t real good…I run the farm and raise most of the food,keep the place together and the tools sharp and engines running…I also try daily to learn a new skill set something that will lend itself to more independence…Im a bit slow but I enjoy learning hands on…have I got more to do and more to learn…I hope so…life is good regardless of the circumstances around us…I pray that others can find their way to independence before it all crashes around them…I will try to impart some of my knowledge to anyone who will learn…hope some of this helps someone here…take it easy JOG!…and again, thanks! REB

          • ‘We pray for the key of hope to open the door of faith that YOU will bring us to the winning path of victory in taking back our country so our freedoms, liberties, and rights can be restored, embraced, and enforced.’

      43. You see this: http://money.cnn.com/2013/10/22/investing/stocks-markets/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

        Stocks rise on hope of more Fed stimulus will continue. Not stocks rise on high number of new jobs all over the country. Not stocks rise on high retail sales. Not stocks rise on mass foreign surplus. Not stocks rise on strong new manufacturing or other industry. No, stocks rise on hopes for more welfare money from the government.

        Then these trolls come on to this site and talk about how well everything is doing in the business world. The stock market is dependent on government checks to go up. Do you know how totally FU$%ED that is. I mean FU$%ED with a big fat flaring F. never would I think I would see capitalism and the U.S. Business world dependent on its survival from government welfare to keep a crash from occurring. Oh BO, “you are doing a real fine job”.

        • I love how the debt clock climbed over $1,000,000,000,000,000+ in less than a week and
          Bo has the audacity to state that he has cut deficits in half.
          Wonder how he got that new math to work,,,
          Buncha freakin fools in gov.

      44. I paid $5 a pound for ground sirloin, yesterday,which was a significant sign for me. Canning jars are usually on sale after harvest, but prices have stayed at the original start-of-season prices. Bought four more dozen, but resent it. I did get the last three cheesecloth packs they sold, as last year’s prices. Bought four dozen pair of undershorts for my husband, in diminshing sizes, and ditto for myself. Also bought material on close-out, patterns in increasing sizes,(grandchildren) buttons, needles and thread. I have a working foot peddle Singer sowing machine. Bought hundred bars of Fels Naptha, Borax and Washing Soda, 100 bottles of Castile soap for hair and bodies. 24 gallons of vinegar and 24 gallons of Clorine Bleach. 48 boxes of baking soda, 24 cans of baking powder and 110 bottles of hydrogen peroxide. The clerk looked at me very strangely as I asked her for collodial silver. They carried it, and I bought the last two dozen cases they had on hand. Finished it off with four tarps, eight pillows and twelve wool blankets, eight boxes of “strike any where” matches and every candle in the store. We have two “Alladin” lamps which provide wonderful heat and light, but they’re expensive and will have to wait for another time. My question is where can one find a large cast iron pot for under 2K? I need one for laundry. Already have the wash boards and plungers, just can’t find a pot. Also bought two dozen containers of salt and two dozen packages of house brand coffe. They make excellent barter items. On what are you working?

        • Try here for the cast iron pot: https://www.lehmans.com/

          I still need to find a Dutch oven.

          • Got me a #10 Griswold “Tite-Top” dutch oven that’s in perfect condition and another one that’s okay…both for free…thrown out for scrap…Ive also gotten several nice fry pans(cast)in the same manner…Thank God I saw that #10 before it was broken…they come in handy!

          • Got me a #10 Griswold “Tite-Top” dutch oven that’s in perfect condition and another one that’s okay…both for free…thrown out for scrap…Ive also gotten several nice fry pans(cast)in the same manner…Thank God I saw that #10 before it was broken…they come in handy!

          • The old coach try lodge they are the best for cast iron cooking stuff. last a lifetime for 3 gens and still goin strong wildman out

          • Other uses for Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap

            •Old-timers use it as a laundry stain remover and pre-treater, a general laundry soap, or to wash off poison ivy resin after contact

            •It can also be used as a general cleaner for floors, tubs and showers, or dissolve it in water and spray as an insecticide in the garden

        • Try Planktown hardware in Planktown Ohio. It’s not that far from you. Likely SE. Mostly West, and a bit South of Wellington. Also an interesting Amish Store and auction there.

        • If you have a Tractor Supply in your area…they always run a sale on canning supplies during the middle of the season..it’s too late now, but look for it next year. This year, they were $2.00 lower than other stores’ prices during their sale.

          PLUS…sometimes if you live by an Ace hardware store, you can get canning jars delivered to the store for pickup at sales prices.

          • I got $7 pint jars at Ace.

        • I too, am gearing up for hand washed laundry. I just found a retractable clothesline and I got a stand alone version for in the house. I’ve got a 5 gal bucket and a modified plunger.

          I learned how to make my own mayonnaise and I’ve known how to churn my own butter for a long time. These little things will help make life more livable in the future.

          • 2 huge tubs from Tractor Supply, one for wash, one for rinse; scrub board; 2 plungers with holes; an industrial mop wringer from chinamart; indoor drying line; outdoors retractable line.
            Get good clothes pins at Ace Hardware–cheap ones break apart on first use.

            • Be sure you make your own detergent using Borax, Arm and Hammer washing sodas, and shredded Zote.
              They don’t create suds–hand laundry does NOT need suds for extra rinsing.
              Trust me on this one.;-)

        • Vicky….perhaps you can find a person in your area that fabricates metal and have them build you a “vat” out of stainless steel that would do the job…maybe you could even locate a stainless steel 55 gal barrel and cut it down for a laundry tub…cast iron is nice but heavy expensive and itll rust…sounds like youre getting stocked with goodies though…good luck! 🙂

        • Vicky,

          You go girl! Great list of preps! 🙂

          Our local Lowes sells stainless steel wash tubs. My husband said they are just like the ones his Grandma used many years ago.

          If they don’t have them in the store, you may be able to order them on their website and just pick up at the store.

          Take care. Keep prepping!
          KY Mom

          • GO talk to your local scrap metal yard. Let him know what you want and tell him you will pay 3 or 4 times the scrap metal price. If he is half a business man he will call you back. We always did.

        • Vicky you laughed at me when i built a gas powered wringer washer! now i got 5 more orders for the damn things hehe Im glad no one here in hicksville even looks at me sideways when i order what i need cause i caught em orderin just as crazy stuff too. take a look around for them kawasaki powered mowers. the motors run longer than the mower works. Time for 3 finger single malt wildman out

      45. The quote about- “Even a broken clock is correct twice a day” is very true. *Newsflash* There are people who will profit over doom and gloom and ride that gravy train all the way to the end. If you want advice take it from neutral parties or people without cards in the game.

        Others keep shouting from the rooftops “Buy Gold!” or “Buy Silver!”. This to me sounds a lot like the zealots in the Monty Python movie, ‘The Life of Brian’, whereby the followers are shouting out “Follow the gourd!” and others yelling- “No, follow the sandal!”

        The point is- those are *all* just ‘things’. People who hoard PM’s thinking they will be able to use them ‘when the ‘reset’ is complete and some normalcy is on the horizon, are in for a rude awakening. After the SHTF 100% there may not even be a ‘normal’ again in your lifetimes, or beyond. It’s a nice dream, for sure, but the actual reality of the dream will probably be nothing like any of us have imagined.

        As far as ‘The collapse’ and it’s timing goes…it is already happening. Look around you…do you even recognize the countries you live in anymore? People are animals and becoming more rabid each day. Your money is worth a lot less, yet we have neater ‘things’. Our morals and values are down the toilet…yet we have brand new iPhones and big screen TV’s to captivate and entertain us. This is not humanities finest hour.

        The big ‘collapse’ may not be that big. It may be the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ we have been experiencing all this time. The ‘frog in the boiling pot of water’ trick. Every single day, it just keeps getting hotter. We are all tired of being slowly boiled to death, but it appears we cannot jump out of our pots either. We have to earn money to eat, drink and live

        So…what do we do? You live life to the fullest. You appreciate every day you wake up and the sun shines. You hug your families and others and help them in any way you can. We cannot help everyone, but almost everyone can help someone, somehow.

        The sheeple don’t like hearing the doom & gloom story all the time, even if it is true. You have to temper your message and timing, else it falls on deaf ears. And like Gerald Celente keeps yelling about the ‘Sky is falling’… people get tired of hearing it. Are we guilty of driving away friends and family and others the same way? It is easier to attract the bees with sugar water…than vinegar, after all. People who ‘get it’ have been given a ‘gift’. Don’t make it a curse.


      47. “[They’re going to] turn more of America into Slavelandia as well, where people can get those part-time jobs, have no insurance, no benefits, and not enough money to live on, and they’ll have to go on food stamps and other assistance…”

        Ugghhh, I’m reminded of the movie ‘In Time’.

      48. “Second quarter 2014”? If I had a silver coin for every time someone cried about a collapse in the next 6-9 months I’d be ready for a collapse by now!
        We were promised for sure that “something big” was going to happen in October….well 8 days left, where is it?
        Crying wolf every 3 months just so you can eventually be right (because yes, one day things will fall apart) is a sad way to make a living.

      49. Well, Mr. Celente is one of many forecasters calling for the S to HTF by the summer of 2014. Get ready, folks. And use the time you have left wisely.

      50. Remember, Obamacare passed the Supreme Court test as a TAX. Obamacare is going to be managed by the IRS. Because it is a Tax. Perhaps the largest tax increase ever. Except the fact that the monetization of the debt is an even bigger tax. Printing money to pay for stuff you couldn’t possibly get the voters to vote for. That is also a tax. A hidden tax. The housing market is going to take another hit soon. Why? Because most new jobs are part time. Part time employees don’t (can’t) buy homes. They can’t pay rent. The slow motion collapse is picking up speed. The runaway garbage truck is getting closer. I can see the front bumper now. Obama is at the wheel. He’s picking his nose. I step to one side and flip him off. He moons me and keeps going. Right into a mob of Acorn activists. I stroll into a nearby tavern and buy everyone a shot and a beer. It’s a good day.

      51. Predictions are exactly that predictions. I predict that I will use the toilet eventually. I too am tired of Caliente’s predictions which keep getting put off again and again. Lets hear from Jocko the clown instead. Anyone with vision can see what’s coming. Does anyone have a can crusher I can borrow?

      52. Jerald is not tell those how know, know that the SHIT IS GOING TO HIT T5HE FAN!!!! IF IT HAPPENS IN 2014 OR 2015 WHO CARES ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. PREPARE DAMN IT!!!!!!

        • Absolutely keep preppin cause this damn thing is gonna turn into a shootin war just you wait an see. when the shit hits the fan its gonna be praise god n pass the ammo, cause TPTB aint seen shit yet, just you wait an see. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DILLON MINI-GUN now that would be the cats ass!!!!!! wildman out

      53. Wasn’t this the same guy that said a collapse would happen in the summer of ’12. Then fall of ’12. Then spring of ’13. He missed fall this year, at least that is reassuring.

      54. To the government monitoring all that I type…

        I just farted.
        It smelled like the shit coming from Obama’s mouth.

        I’m not going to take a shit, and go to bed.
        Put that in your log.

        Anyone notice Obama is starting to look like a pimp?

      55. Anytime now would be good…I’m not getting any younger.

      56. Celente makes this prediction every six months. The guy is a joke.

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